RT.com – Sonic Tractor Beam – Engineers develop device to Manipulate Objects, Defy Gravity – 10-30-15

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RT.com   –   Sonic Tractor Beam   –   Engineers develop device to Manipulate Objects, Defy Gravity   –   10-30-15



The same sonic tractor beam which flying saucers are equipped with in movies has been developed in real life by a group of engineers who say the prototype device can pull, push and generally manipulate objects using ultrasonic waves.

A new system that creates “sound holograms” in midair and traps objects inside, keeping them from falling, has been designed by a group of researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Sussex, in collaboration with Ultrahaptics, sciencemag.org reports.

“In our device we manipulate objects in mid-air and seemingly defy gravity,” said Sriram Subramanian, Professor of Informatics at the University of Sussex, comparing the technology to the “beam effect” shown in Star Trek or Star Wars movies, according to the University of Sussex official website.