Alex Teplish – The Epic of the Anunnaki – ET First Contact Radio

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This time I interviewed Alex Teplish, author of:
In The Beginning : The Epic of the Anunnaki
Graphic Novel / Ancient Astronaut Theory
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Colleen Thomas – Pleiadian Disclosure – History of the World, ET Connection – 2010

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Colleen Thomas stated, “The slavery of this planet is over with, the Dracs trusted the Anunnaki and they were let down. The Federation way outnumbers the enemy in raw numbers and outguns them in technology. Those like me do not even need technology any longer and folks, I and those like are just an older version of most of you (we have many plants among your numbers), sorry we could not be more public sooner. Our lives would have been lost had we not all come to at about the same time though, blindness was essential.”

Colleen recently received a “galactic download” in which she completely understood physics, literally, over night!. She also connected to her higher self in a previous lifetime as a Pleiadian warrior who is currently on a mission of disclosing the mysteries behind zero point energy and much more!

From Colleen’s Facebook page: Divine love entered me on Jan 31st 2010, on Valentine’s day two weeks later I awoke knowing antimatter physics intimately and am now about the business of being a theoretical physicist and inventor of several key technologies that will make all humans equal with abundant riches, free energy, health and ease of transportation issues with anti-gravity. It’s all in acoustics my friends, phonon power.


Bashar – How Did We Get Here

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Bashar – Hybrid Races – Earth’s Future – Published 2012

NOTE:  In 2013,  much has happened to encourage our positive timelines. The future dates Bashar references are conditional upon his 2008-10 understanding of where we had developed.

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Bashar – Hybrid Races and The Earth’s Future (Part 1 of 4)