Integrating the I AM Presence

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Integrating the I AM Presence
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Daniel B. Holeman
by Aeoliah
by Josephine Wall

Humanity has recently experienced very powerful shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness. This has allowed us to transcend our human egos. Now our I AM Presence, our true God Self, is taking dominion of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. As this integrating process unfolds day-by-day, our lives are being transformed.

Through the consciousness of our I AM Presence, we realize that we are One with ALL Life, and that there is no separation. We clearly understand that with every thought, word, feeling, or action, we are either adding to the Light of the world or the shadows. We now know, that our belief in separation is what has caused the pain and suffering people are experiencing all over the world.

It is time for us to accept our Oneness with ALL Life. And it is time for us to give our I AM Presence supreme authority in our lives. This will allow us to experience a new level of Divine Intelligence and Reverence for ALL Life.

Now, we must be PRESENT in every moment of our lives, and feel aligned with our I AM Presence BEFORE we respond to any situation. We can accomplish this by saying…

“I AM my I AM Presence.”

“From this level of Divine Consciousness, how will I respond to this situation?”

“How will I add to the Light of the world with my thoughts, words, feelings, actions, beliefs, and attitudes in this instance?”

Then with listening Grace, we will hear the Divine Guidance of our I AM Presence.

Without the interference of our human egos, we can communicate with our I AM Presence in new and profound ways. In the past, this was extremely difficult, but that is over. Everything has changed! Now we need to just listen to our hearts and trust our I AM Presence.

An easy test to be sure we are responding to the guidance of our I AM Presence, and not merely connecting with the past etheric records of our human egos, is to ask ourselves…

“Is this response free from fear?”

“Is it the most positive way of handling this situation?”

“Does this response involve the highest good for all concerned?”

“Am I adding to the Light of the world by responding in this way?”

If our answer is “NO” to any of these questions, the guidance is not coming from our I AM Presence. We are just responding to the memory and the residual habits of our obsolete human ego.

Instead of responding from that old habit, we need to center ourselves and ask our I AM Presence for guidance once again. We can do this as many times as we need to until we are able to answer “YES” to all of those questions.

Our I AM Presence is very practical, so the guidance will involve viable options and solutions that will enhance our lives and the lives of others. The inner guidance from our I AM Presence will always reflect a Reverence for Life and the highest good for all concerned.

The Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection is the most powerful tool available to help us accelerate the integration of our I AM Presence. It is the perfect balance of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power and Divine Will, and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life. This Sacred Fire will transmute the etheric records and memories associated with the negative behavior patterns that were left behind by our human egos.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – The secret of the Lotus Sutra

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Nam Myoho Range Kyo

Millions of people have revolutionized their lives through this dynamic Buddhist practice. It is a living, dynamic Buddhism.

The ultimate teaching of all Buddhas, of the past, present and future, is Nam Myoho Range Kyo. This teaching is the core and heart of all wisdom in the universe. It enables the ordinary human being to look within in order to seek the wisdom and inspiration to solve all life’s problems.

The teaching is based on chanting Nam Myoho Range Kyo to the Mystical Mandala, or Gohonzon, inscribed by the Buddha, Nichiren Dai Shonin in his highest state of enlightenment. Chanting to The Gohonzon, enables us to polish our life and see the Buddha state within.

As we develop our practice, all life around us seeks to support and nurture us, and our lives change for the better with meaningful coincidences. We begin to understand that we are part of an interconnected web of meaningful, enfolding and compassionate existence. Obstacles become fuel for growth and transformation, and all illnesses can be overcome. This teaching is about life, existence, reality, and compassion. It is the culmination of the lineage of wisdom and teachings, begun by Shakymuni Buddha 2,500 years ago.

The ultimate reality is a loving compassionate reality made of the light of consciousness from which all the universe manifests as a creative field of essence.

As Practitioners of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, we have direct access through our chanting to the Gohonzon to this vibrant dynamic field of potentiality and illumination

This gateway is known in many ways, through various esoteric path ways. We need to respect all cultures and all paths which are based on this compassionate view of Humanity and the Universe.

The Buddhism of Nam Myo Renge Kyo is esoteric, and gives us direct access, without any intermediary, to the ocean of universal enlightenment. Our aim is to focus solely on the Dai Gohonzon and chant for World Peace and Unity. We are each privileged to establish our unique connection with the Mystic Law

Nichiren Daishonin states—The sutra says: “Rely on the Law and not upon persons. Rely on the meaning [of the teaching] and not upon the words. Rely on wisdom and not upon discriminative thinking. Rely on sutras that are complete and final and not on those that are not complete and not final.” The meaning of this passage is that one should rely not upon the words of the bodhisattvas and teachers, but should heed that which was established by the Buddha

We must seek and stay with the truth and not follow dogmatic Leaders and Hierarchies. Rely on the words of the Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin himself and seek the most perfect understanding and interpretations of these teachings, which align with modern thought and contemporary science. All the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin are based on literary (written), theoretical (scientific) and actual proof.

What is Truth and what is God?

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“If I take a lamp, and shine it toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp, is our search for truth, for understanding.

Too often we assume that the light on the wall is God. But the light is not the goal of the search, it is the result of the search.

The more intense the search, the brighter the light on the wall. The brighter the light on the wall, the greater the sense of revelation upon seeing it. Similarly, someone who does not search, who does not bring a lantern with him… sees nothing.

What we perceive as God is the byproduct of our search for God. It may simply be in appreciation of the light, pure and unblemished, not understanding that it comes from us.

Sometimes we stand in front of the light, and assume that we are the centre of the universe. God looks astonishingly like we do. Or we turn to look at our shadow, and see that all is darkness.

If we allow ourselves to get in the way we defeat the purpose, which is to use the light of our search to illuminate the wall in all it’s beauty, and in all it’s flaws, and in so doing better understand the world around us.”

Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn

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Buy the Audrey Hepburn biography DVD The incomparable Audrey Hepburn. In her Emmy® Award winning and final performance before the camera, Hepburn brings nothing less than a transcendent dimension to this highly acclaimed, en plein air series.

Visually lush, richly informative, refreshing, beautiful, Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn serves up a veritable treatise on our most illustrious cultivated environs.

Each episode sets forth a different garden theme — informed by broader concepts of aesthetic, historical or environmental importance, from masterful archetypes of the Italian Renaissance and 17th Century France, in Formal Gardens, to the world’s first great story of urban renewal, “The Greening of Paris,” in Public Gardens & Trees.

Please visit Janson Media for more information:

Beautiful Butchart gardens

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A video of the photos I took at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.

Japanese Gardens and Japanese Music

Spiritual, Spacious Sedona

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The wonder of Sedona as captured by the 2007 and 2008 Capture the Wonder photo contest entries provides the powerful images that are combined with a haunting sound track Adiemus by Karl Jenkins to complete your visual journey of the Red Rocks of Sedona. Turn up the volume, sit back and take a magical journey with us.

We created this piece to raise awareness of the movement to make Sedona and the surrounding area a National Scenic Area. Please visit our website at to learn all the details about the movement to preserve the scenic wonder of Sedona. 

A Song of Sedona

Join in a journey of the spirit through the beautiful soul of Sedona. Visit to see spiritual growth, healing, and retreat programs in the majestic setting of Sedona, Arizona

Vortex Hiking in Sedona Arizona

theVibeRider·140 videos — Join me, Q from The Guru of You TV SHOW, as I bring you along for a hike in Sedona Arizona on a Vortex Trail. Have you heard of the Sedona Vortexes? Come along for the ride as we explore Sedona on this beautiful hike!

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*CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION* Ep 1 “Opening your heart, Source/God, Unconditonal Love, Energy/Essence”

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Host Megan Amigo and guest Andrea Nicholas discuss spiritual experiences, how to emanate unconditonal love, opening your heart, transmuting negativity, the awakening process/ journey, Source/God/Christ Consciousness, and life energy/essence.
This is my first episode of Conscious Conversation! (-*-) I originally uploaded this video on my other channel Megamim972 back in July, but I felt I should upload it here as well ^.^
I made this video with my beautiful friend Andrea during my “Spirit Quest,” when I traveled 12 hours to Tennsesse on a whim, to essentially meet her for the first time, as we really did not know each other very well. I knew I was meant to go see her and that we would activate within each other certain dormant aspects that would help us excel in our journeys (-*-) It was a beautiful experience and this magical co-creation took place during my adventure! 😀 She is a beloved sis*star and I love her deeply (-*-)

If you are interested in being in the next episode of Conscious Conversation with me, let me know and leave a link to your channel! I will be doing some traveling around the world soon and I would love to connect with ‘like-hearted’ individuals! (-*-)
namaste angels

Mahakumbh Mela 2013 | Moksha Ki Kamna – Massive Spiritual Gathering To Cleanse Karma

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Watch this Full Movie – Kumbh Mela (Mahakumbh) 2013 only on Saregama Devotional Channel.

The Kumbh Mela, believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth is held every 12 years on the banks of the ‘Sangam’- the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. The Mela alternates between Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar every three years. The one celebrated at the Holy Sangam in Allahabad is the largest and holiest of them. The Mela is attended by millions of devotees including Sadhus. A holy dip in the sacred waters is believed to cleanse the soul. The Sangam comes alive during Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh with an enormous temporary township springing up on the vacant land on the Allahabad side of the river.

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Loreena McKennitt The Mystic`s Dream Live at the AlHambra


Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences – FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY

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Connect with your Soul Group or find your Soulmate at in5d Connection http://www.in5d.NET EVERYONE is welcome!

In loving memory of my sister Lola, July 12, 1958-December 30, 2011

in5d UPDATED DAILY! The Internet’s largest Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database!

There is a spiritual awakening going on right now in mass proportions and is growing exponentially. By the end of this video, you’ll have no doubts about our true, divine reason for being here. You’ll feel uplifted and re-energized! Please share this with others!

For more on spirituality, near death experiences, 2012 and meditation, please visit and

There are many commonalities amongst virtually every person who has had a near death experience. This video encompasses these commonalities to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is so much more to our existence than what we can perceive on a third dimensional reality.

Love Your Body By Drinking Distilled Water!

by because it’s time to Wake Up!
From our Need to Know Topics – To see more topics and Need to Know subjects, just visit our site.

“As some of you may know, your pineal gland (also called the third eye by some) is responsible for producing Melatonin, melatonin is a hormone which as its primary function regulates the humans sleep-wake cycle, which inevitably also impacts your mood and emotions.  Now as you grow older and consume bad stuff (tap or bottled water, pop drinks, fluoride etc…) that will reduce the functionality of this pineal gland as it calcifies it so to say. When referring to the pineal gland as the third eye, well, a calcified eye will not see much.  Distilled water will help you clear and flush it out.  Not mentioning all the other things it will help you clean, detox and flush out of you!”

Distilled Water vs. Spring Water   –  A Kitchen Science Demonstration

ageingwellguide·102 videos   –   Dr. Cromack offers water education tips for staying healthy and hydrated

Leave Your Conscious Body And Journey Into Astral Zone

William Buhlman on A Fireside Chat – Out of Body Experiences

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Guest WILLIAM BUHLMAN is the author of two books on Astral Travel, Out-of-Body experiences and methodologies: “The SECRET of the SOUL” and “Adventures Beyond the Body”. With over 30 years of personal experience, associated with the Monroe Institute and via Global 6 Day Intensives, he is a leading expert on how to actively engage “other worlds” as real as this one! We discuss vast civilizations which exist, peopled by beings at every level of development. He is interviewed in the DVD, “THE PATH”, which I highly recommend. To learn more, go to his website here:

Feel, Listen To A Real 5th Dimensional Human Angel

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 1 of 3

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Meet shaman, Kiesha Crowther also known as “Little Grandmother”, as she speaks about the recent, worldwide Return of the Ancestors gathering.
At age 30, Kiesha was told that the supernatural lessons she had been taught over a very difficult childhood, all had a purpose.
Her purpose makes her one of today’s leaders showing the way toward a lifestyle we must adopt to continue on this planet.
This short, moving presentation was followed by a description of the Santa Fe, NM gathering that Kiesha was told to convene in summer, 2009. 

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 2 of 3

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 3 of 3

Harpo Marx – Guardian Angels (1945)

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Harpo Marx performs the Guardian Angels from the movie War Bond Drive (1945). Composed by Harpo Marx.

If Gardens Can Be So Beautiful, Then Humans Must Be Angels

Gardening brings out both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculune. 

Loving, nurturing care, lots of Imagination, science of Botany,  Responsibility of frequent supervision, Protection against nasties, Ensuring of sun, food and water. 

Sounds a lot like bringing up Children!  Truly, We are Co-creator Angels!

Spiritual Love – Raising Your Vibrational Frequency Into A Field Of Pure Love Raising your vibrational frequency into a field of pure love and loving vibrations

Landscapes Art Exhibition – Part 1 – Overall and Photography Categories – March 2012

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its March 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The basis and theme for this month’s art exhibition was “Landscapes” and artists where asked to interpret and depict the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ and any related landscape subjects.

An art competition was held in February 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 14 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 33 different states. Overall, there were 808 entries from 209 different artists that were judged for this art competition. Due to the volume of entries, the gallery decided to create 2 media categories and make awards for each, along with an Overall Category which was selected from the 2 media categories

Music To The Glory Of God! – J.S. Bach. Magnificat – This will take you there!


Magnificat re major (Koopman)

Magnificat en Re Mayor de Johann Sebastian Bach por el Amsterdam Baroque Ensemble, dirigido por Ton Koopman. Grabación realizada en la misma iglesia de donde Bach fuera “Cantor”, St. Thomas de Leipzig. 

Magnificat – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

In May 1723 Bach was appointed Kantor of St Thomas, Leipzig – we would probably call him the Director of Music – where he remained until his death in 1750. It was a hugely demanding post, involving teaching at the church school, playing the organ, training the choir and composing the music for the city’s two principal Lutheran churches as well as supervising and training the musicians at three others. Despite this enormous workload and recurrent disputes with the city authorities, Bach composed some of his greatest music during this period. His choral compositions alone include such towering masterpieces as the St John and St Matthew Passions, the Magnificat

The extraordinary impact of Bach’s great choral works derives essentially from his remarkable ability to balance, yet at the same time to exploit to the full, the spiritual and dramatic elements of each text, whether it be one as concise as the Magnificat or as monumental as the St Matthew Passion.


Kitaro – Chinese Bamboo Flute

Basho Matsuo

An old silent pond…

A frog jumps into the pond,

splash! Silence again.

Yosa Buson

A summer river being crossed

how pleasing

with sandals in my hands!

Natsume Soseki

Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in  rage

with no leaves to blow.

The Psychic Heart: Part 2 (of 3): Scientific Proof Of Our Natural Abilities


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Pleiades By Wendy Kennedy – Changing Collective Consciousness


Ascended Masters’ world message for 2012-2013 regarding the Earth changes

The Internal Observer

3rd Dimensional Shift

#rd Dimensional Shift

The Shift Is Up To Us


Waking Times

To address the media hype around Dec 21, 2012, it will be important for us to hold a positive energy and convey an optimistic message. We really don’t need to repeat the fear that Y2K created. To that end, we would like to emphasize that there is a shift occurring, but how that shift plays out is up to us. The emotions and intent we send out into the universe will either maintain or transform our frequency, and thus our vibration. Which earth would like to be a part of?

The galactic energies of 2012 are stronger than ever. They started to arrive almost three decades ago. It is a continuum of energy that we are in and it won’t just take place on Dec. 21, 2012. The decreasing magnetics of the planet, along with increased solar flares, have already been impacting our consciousness, global warming, and Earth changes. We have witnessed the dismantling of structures that no longer work such as Wall Street and the Berlin Wall.

From a spiritual perspective, this time is associated with the co-creation of New Earth which has been happening over the last several years. There will not be a marked delineation of Old World / New World on the planet, but rather a spectrum of energies. Some countries will carry more Old World energy and others will have more New Earth energy. Some will be more receptive to the infusion of light and some will remain in the dark. Within our cities there will be pockets of light; even within our neighbourhoods there will be folks of the Old World and those who carry the vibrational signature of this time onto 2013.

Within yourself, you will have parts, sub-personalities or archetypes that have ascended to the New Earth, and others which will live in Old World energies. Some aspects of yourself may still be influenced by the negative ego or resist transformation. These energies will co-exist within you, and for those on a spiritual path the balance will definitely favour the resonances of the New World. In this sense, the microcosm always mirrors the macrocosm. This is not an all-or-nothing event. We are in the process of being reborn as the Sacred Human as we acquire more light. The esoterics say a gradual transition from Homo Sapien to Homoluminescent will occur. It can only occur through a deeper intellegence and collective consciousness.

Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is a mode of awareness that emerges at the first transpersonal stage of consciousness, when our identities expand beyond our egos. A crucial capacity that accompanies this awareness is the ability to intuitively sense and work with the interactions between our and others’ energy fields, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For example, just as Gene Rodenberry imagined a future where Star Trek’s Spock could “mind meld” with others, more of us are now becoming aware of our capacity not only to intuit each other’s thoughts and emotions, but also to consciously think and create together without communicating through our five senses.

Collective Psychosis

C. G. Jung, the great doctor of the soul and one of the most inspired psychologists of the twentieth century, had incredible insight into what is currently playing out, both individually and collectively, in our modern-day world. Jung never tired of warning that the greatest danger that faces humanity is to unwittingly fall into our unconscious en masse such that we become instruments for a psychic epidemic to wreak havoc in the world, just like we see today

Jung writes that psychic epidemics “… are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes. The supreme danger which threatens individuals as well as whole nations is a psychic danger.” We are in the midst of a collective psychosis that has become so normalized that very few people are even talking about it, which is itself an expression of our collective madness.

How things actually turn out depends upon how consciousness responds to the situation. During a collective manifestation of the unconscious, the great danger is a mass movement where millions, or even billions of people fall into their unconscious together, igniting a psychic epidemic which spawns an apocalyptic war that ravages life on earth and destroys the biosphere of the planet. To quote Jung, “the unconscious works sometimes with most amazing cunning, arranging certain fatal situations, fatal experiences, which make people wake up.” Catastrophe can only be avoided if enough people wake up to what is being revealed to us as we act out the unconscious, and then connect with each other so as to de-activate, assimilate, and transform the potentially deleterious effects of the activated daemon. We can then, under the guidance of the Self, our intrinsic wholeness, help each other to usher in a new era of sustainable peace, understanding and mutual co-operation. Our very continued existence as a species on this beautiful planet depends upon this realization.

Blessings in Drag

When we become taken over by the unconscious, to quote Jung, “… the unconscious in large measure ousts and supplants the function of the conscious mind. The unconscious usurps the reality function and substitutes its own reality. Unconscious thoughts…manifest themselves in senseless, unshakable judgments upheld in the face of reality.” When we find ourselves ignoring factual evidence and holding a “magical” belief that we rationally know not to be true, we are under a spell, being “driven” by the unconscious, which is at that point in the driver’s seat. The psychic factors which make possession possible are suggestibility, lack of critical discernment, unwillingness or inability to self-reflect, fearfulness, propensity to superstition and prejudice. The contents that take us over when we are possessed by the unconscious appear as phobias, exaggerated affects, peculiar convictions, idiosyncrasies, stubborn plans, compulsions and obsessions, all of which are not open for discussion or correction.

We must realize that every moment of our experience is inseparable from our own consciousness, which is to recognize the fluid, non-objective and thus, “dreamlike nature” of reality. Just like figures in a dream, the way we observe the world literally evokes the very world we are observing. This means that it is through our awareness itself that we can intervene in the underlying matrix of creation and find the leverage point where we can change the waking dream we are having, which is “evolution-in-action.” Interestingly, we wouldn’t have woken up and had this realization without the antagonistic co-operation of other forces that are secretly allies in disguise, catalysts of consciousness appearing as adversaries, blessings in drag.

Duality to Oneness

As we connect to higher realms of consciousness, we move beyond the existence of a polarized world where things are only black or white, good or evil, and instead we experience a continuum of energies. To transcend our duality, we need to move to a state of unconditional love and non-judgment of our self and others. For our planet, we will overcome duality with the archetypal blending of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

Karma and Ego

When we are living in higher dimensional energies, the law of cause-and-effect or karma takes a back seat to the law of attraction. The magical process of synchronicity guides the art of co-creation and manifestation. If we are creating from a conscious, enlightened part then our results will be magical, and without the burden of unfinished business and painful lessons. We are learning how to manifest from light, love and joy.

If we are creating from an unconscious part, then karmic lessons and transforming shadow will be involved. Due to our wounding and the resistance of the negative ego, our lessons may be challenging and painful. But there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once we transform our darkness, that aspect moves into light.

We are not trying to kill or annihilate the ego. The ego should be the willing servant of our soul. We want to be soul-guided as opposed to ego driven. The egoic selves are transformed through the process of love, pain and suffering. Love moves us beyond narcissistic self-absorption. The higher purpose of suffering that coincides with difficult lessons is the transmutation of the ego. With the loss of the egoic selves comes a void and emptiness. Replenish this void with the higher octave emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, and energies currently present as we approach 2013.

Descending Heavenly Energies

The current alignment we are experiencing through the process of transformation enables us to bring more sacred, heavenly energies to Earth. They move down to us, allowing us to connect more consistently with Source energy. We don’t need to die and “go up” to experience facets of heaven on Earth.

We are meant to rejoice in these divine vibrations, celebrate the rebirth of Paradise within, and create beauty and harmony in our lives. Let’s remember this is not a polarized experience, but one that lies on an array of frequencies. We will still have bad days. We can slide up and down this spectrum based on what level of consciousness we are coming from.

As messengers of these energies, we don’t need to convert others, but through role modelling, a ripple effect will occur. Those who are ready but not there yet will be magnetized to this higher energy through the law of attraction and synchronicity. These are indeed exciting times to be living and at times they are tumultuous. Remember, this event only happens every 26,000 years. Aren’t you glad you showed up for it!

In conclusion, then, it is of the highest importance for our individual and collective flourishing to appreciate the importance of global consciousness and spirituality in opening deeper access to our encounter with Reality. There is more to Reality than any one cultural, religious or disciplinary narrative. And awakening the global lens, the global heart and mind has been a perennial concern of our great spiritual traditions through the ages. Our future now depends on making this shift together.

Chi Energy Amazing Footage

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In’ by The Fifth Dimension, was a hit song in the sixties, with very intuitive lyrics, that carry great symbolism & significance in the times now at hand.

Sarah Brightman – Angel