Archangel Michael via Ronna Star – Fine-Tuning Your Spiritual Awareness – 3-29-15

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, let us pause for a moment before we begin our discourse. Close your eyes and allow the sense of time and space to fall away.  Envision streams of Love/Light radiating from within the wellspring of your heart center, and see them flowing forth to encompass everyone and everything on the Earth. Via your inner vision, watch as billions of various size streams of Light radiate back to you from every sentient Being on Earth. Let go of your fear, judgment, and your different beliefs as you connect with the Core Essence of your brothers and sisters around the world.

Every person on Earth is unique, and yet, deep within your Heart Core, you are all the same. Every Sentient Being is composed of the same substance as that of our Father/Mother God: the pure Divine Essence of the Supreme Creator. You, as a manifested physical Spark of Light, are encoded with a Divine Blueprint, which consists of specific vibrational patterns and enough Divine Light Substance to fulfill your current earthly destiny.
Allow your consciousness to be lifted to a rarified place where you are a soaring, radiant Being of Light, connecting to every other Being of Light within this solar system. There is no separation. There can be no separation, no matter how far you journey forth from the Heart Center of the Creator. It does not matter what assignment you have accepted down through the ages, or the appearance of the cloaks of flesh you have assumed; it does not matter how many times you have divided your Soul Ray into smaller and smaller fragments, you have always been connected to your God-Seed Atom, your Divine I AM Presence, and ultimately, to the Creator. There is also a minuscule Stream of Creator Light which connects you, one with anotherTHE CONNECTION HAS NEVER BEEN BROKEN, AND IT NEVER WILL BE.             
Breathe deeply and slowly, as you sense multicolored, luminescent waves of Light, filled with the Love/Light and the virtues of our Father/Mother God, surrounding you. Within these rarified streams of Light are all the energy and components you will ever need to build your field of dreams; to establish your personal foundation for the New Age to reclaim your Mastery of Self.  Know that the barriers between us no longer exist, even though we were never truly parted. Because of the pre-ordained evolutionary process now in progress, for many years now, we have been strengthening our connection with each of you, moment by moment, day by day.
No longer are you children stumbling through the dark on a path to nowhere.  You are awakening, and you are remembering that your many past worldly experiences have all been a part of a grand experiment. You are aware that the era of the past several thousands of years is swiftly coming to a close.  No longer do you feel as if you are pawns of fate.  As you fully claim your God-given rights as a cocreator, no longer will you create that which brings pain and suffering. Why would you when just as easily you may create joy, peace and abundance? All you have to do is give us permission to become an integral part of your life. Will you open your heart and your mind to the possibility that we are real and  that we are ready and willing to guide, direct, inspire and protect you to the limit of Universal Law?
Make it your goal to move into the magical realm of harmlessness, whereby you no longer feed the negative-energy, Astral Plane force field of the Third and Fourth Dimensions. Instead, add your vibrant, loving energy to the auric field of Love/Light that surrounds the Earth‒the Iridescent, Crystal Grid of Illumination.
Your old world and limited reality are swiftly slipping away. The negative thought forms of the mass consciousness belief structure that were captured within the lower Astral (emotional) Planes are swiftly being dissolved. The broad-spectrum game of duality / polarity is gradually losing its hold on you as you slowly return to balance and harmony, thereby loosening the grip of your shadow-self, which allows you to project more and more Light into the darkness. The rules of the game also change as you move up the Path toward en-Lighten-ment. It is often called the narrow Path, and this is true. Each of you is held accountable (not judged), according to your level of awareness. Your Guardian Angels and Higher Self constantly present you with opportunities or challenges to assist you in your awakening process. As you become the observer and begin to operate within the Universal Laws of Creation and the rules of cause and effect, you begin to see the wisdom and justice in all that occurs within your life.
If you are to become the master of yourself and of your world, you must begin to fine-tune your spiritual awareness.  Constantly, you will be presented with many levels of choice. Know that no choice is wrong, unless it harms you or others. You will find that there are good choices, better choices, and the highest / best choices. Your choice spectrum will change as you move up the spiral of higher awareness.
Allow us to give you several examples. We will designate the range of choices (or choice spectrum) as one percent to one hundred percent. Becoming a master of your destiny means your choices will become more subtle, and not so easily defined. Therefore, you must sharpen your discernment and objectivity, and please take into consideration that you may have to rise above a situation in order to get a greater overview and clearer picture. Compassionate detachment is also required.
Our first example will be a person who has chosen an existence of deprivation, who is functioning mostly within the frequencies of the instinctual nature / sub-conscious mind as he strives to learn the lessons of the Third and lower Fourth Dimensions, and as he struggles to survive. His negative choices would have a vibratory rate of up to 50%, and his positive choices would be in the range of 51% to 70%.
Our next example is a person who has chosen a lifetime in which there is an opportunity to experience the riches of the Earth Plane, and she is ready to begin the process of spiritual awakening. She has stepped onto the Path of higher awareness, and as we explained some time ago in a message called The Golden Promise, she has drawn forth a greater amount of the Essence of Self, which her God Self / I AM Presence will hold in reserve until she is ready to begin integrating the multiple Facets of her Higher Self. Because of this, gradually over time, her choice spectrum increases in refinement and vibration to, let us say, 70% to 85%.
Greater awareness begets greater opportunities, but also requires more responsibility. The spiraling journey homeward can be a gradual climb or a swift one: however, it entails making the right choices within your current level of enlightenment, as you strive to enhance your abilities to the highest obtainable potential.
Our last example will include most of you who resonate to our messages. This group includes those of you now firmly on the Path‒those of you who have experienced many trials, tests and battles with the ego-desire body in order that your personality could become honed and disciplined, and once more, become a servant of the Soul. You have sought, tested, rejected and refined what you now accept to be your truths, thereby creating your new reality along the way.  Through trial and error, you are learning to become proficient in the use of the Universal Laws of Manifestation. The results of your choices are quickly being brought into your awareness so that you will know that the laws of cause and effect are immutable, and that you really are the creator of your reality, and the world around you. As you become a Master of Self and your world, your choice spectrum changes so that the frequency range of choice is of the highest order: from 85% to 100%. When you accomplish this, the blessings of our Father/Mother God will surely be showered down upon you.
As you become attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will become accustomed to the flow of Sacred Fire Breath, which has been called the River of Life/Love/Light.  There is a hidden, powerful, radiant current of knowledge encoded within this Living River of Life.  It is a code of creative genius; however, you must tap into the wisdom of the Sacred Mind and your Soul Self in order to access this inborn power.
We also wish to remind you that your hands are one of the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands.  They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel.  That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch.
A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle.  It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.
You, the StarSeed, are awakening to the awareness of your Celestial Heritage, which has been encoded within Atom Seed Crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind.  Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution. You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities, which have been dormant for many ages. However, it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom, the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness, and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It develops into a constant State of Being and not just an occasional practice.
It is apparent in every facet of earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation.  You are laying the foundation for the coming decades of change.  As we observe, we can see the energies which form your probable futures, and how they change through the use of your free will. That is why no one, and we repeat no one, can predict the future with certainty, for the use of free will is always the determining factor. We fervently ask you: “Are you willing to take full advantage of your God-given gift of free will? Are you willing to endeavor to make the highest choices available to you?”  In doing so, you will add your energy to the highest potential future for all humanity. You are much more powerful than you realize. As you join together in prayer for the greatest good, you have the potential capabilities to divert wars, stop the devastating destruction of the Earth, and assist in creating peace and abundance for all.
Each and every one of you is responsible for the energy you draw forth from the Cosmic Bank of Divine Life Substance, the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance?  As we embark on this important phase of evolution together, please take time to define your commitment to yourselves, and to your spiritual family.
When you allow the shackles of time / space, and the density of the lower Dimensions to fall away, your visions become sharp and clear, and you will place no expectations or restrictions on how or when they will manifest. Your resolve will gain strength, and you will confidently move forward with ease and grace, for your constant mantra is: “I ask for the greatest good for all.” 
Join us, beloveds, in manifesting the highest choices within the Creator’s Divine Plan for the coming Age. We began this journey together in great joy and expectation, and when we come together again in our victory celebration, we will add:  Well done, brave warriors of Light, well done!  I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.
​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :

Wes Annac – The Voice Within – Cherish the Excitement – 3-26-15


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The following is an intuitively channeled message from what I call ‘The Voice Within’, which is also known as the ‘higher self’.

You’re free to believe whatever you want and take whatever path you want as you continue to refine your understanding of the spiritual nature of your existence, but know that if you take a certain path (or if you choose to merge various paths), you’re still tasked with respecting and accepting those who’ve taken other paths that resonate with them, even if the differences between your philosophy and theirs is particularly unsettling.

Everyone’s free to find the path that works for them and wholeheartedly pursue it, and as long as you have faith in your heart and the genuine intent to connect with a higher aspect of your consciousness, the route you take to get there will matter little.

All that matters is that you have love, faith and dedication, and when you can maintain these qualities, you’ll find that your spiritual, creative and expressive cup is constantly refilled with divine energy and inspiration and you never have trouble using your creativity (or anything else) to expand your consciousness and awaken/uplift others.


Your Purpose on Earth


Your main purpose on the earth is to discover your spiritual essence and the fact that beyond your body, you’re infinite beings of pure consciousness who can tap into this essence and use the inspiration that results to uplift everyone who’s been too lost in their self-instated unawareness to realize that spirit is a constant aspect of your reality.

You don’t have to strive so hard to do or complete certain tasks each day to prove your worthiness in the eyes of Source, and you’ve always been worthy of the love and praise a lot of people seek in external, material things that help them feel whole and complete for a moment before they require something else to fill the gap that’s caused by the failure to realize how connected they are with Source.

You’re constantly connected, even when you feel further away from your creative and spiritual essence than ever, and staying creatively active is one of the best ways to maintain this connection – but it isn’t required.

Again, you aren’t required to do anything in your time on earth, and as long as you can keep in mind that you’re infinitely worthy of Source’s love, praise and awareness, anything you do will be to appease this everlasting awareness and not to prove your worthiness or gain some sort of acceptance that you already have.



Cherish the excitement you feel to explore your consciousness with meditation, creativity and whatever else helps you feel aligned, because this excitement can lead you to do truly great things. You aren’t required to do ‘great’ things to gain Source’s love or praise, but if this path resonates with you, you have every reason to embrace it.

No matter what path resonates with you or how you want to express your spirituality, you’re encouraged to embrace it and use it to uplift as many fellow seekers as you can.

Everyone on your evolving planet is looking for a way out of the limited experience they’ve been immersed in for so long.

Those of you who’ve become aware of your essence and the things you can do to bring your planet into the light have, in many cases, incarnated on your planet for the specific purpose of helping awaken everyone who’s been too lost in their own unawareness to realize that something exists beyond their conscious perception.

Something definitely exists beyond the mundane realities of life on earth, and those of you who’ve awakened are answering the call to share your awareness with the rest of your planet, who’ll awaken in their own time.


A Refined Understanding

Everyone will awaken when they’re ready, and in the meantime, those of you who’ve begun to awaken can do as much as you feel called to do to help everyone reach a greater, more refined understanding of themselves and the spiritual nature of their existence.

The passion so many of you feel burning deep within can lead you to fully and enthusiastically embrace your creativity if you let it, and as you’re learning, your creativity is one of your most potent avenues back into a higher state of consciousness.

Creativity is useful in a number of ways, one being that it helps you connect with your essence and another being that it allows you to use that connection to help others become aware of their spirituality and the fact that they too can embrace their creativity and flow like never before.


As long as you don’t put too much creative pressure on yourselves or worry endlessly about what your family or the rest of society will think about the spiritually inspired works of art you produce, you can use multiple creative routes to raise the awareness that so desperately needs raised and ignite the flame in the hearts of billions of people who are subconsciously ready to understand their spiritual nature and, as a result, embrace their creativity or anything that helps them feel aligned with their Christ consciousness.

You can use creativity to nourish your soul and the souls of everyone who’s either unaware or is just starting to realize that life is nothing like they’ve been led to believe, and in all things, your enthusiasm is essential. In everything you do, the aforementioned flame that burns deep within is essential, and without it, you might have trouble creatively flowing your using your awareness progressively.

Within you exists an infinite wellspring of creative and spiritual inspiration, and tapping into it is one of the best things you can do for yourselves and the rest of your planet, who, if this hasn’t been made clear, will benefit tremendously from your inspired, impassioned creative and spiritual work.


Enthusiasm and Patience

It’s essential that those of you who want to uplift your planet and everyone on it tap into this wellspring, and this is one of the reasons enthusiasm is so helpful. Patience is another important aspect of using your inner creative wellspring to uplift your planet, because there will be times when it seems all but dry and empty.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is relax and maybe take some time for yourselves before returning to your work with more vibrancy and passion than ever.


You and everyone who benefits from your inspired work will be glad you took that time for yourselves, and until you can realize that resting every now and then is as important as continuously working hard, you might have occasional trouble calling on your creativity and expressing it in the massive ways some of you have become used to.

As long as you can embrace your creativity and the practices that help you stay aligned, like meditation, you should have little difficulty raising awareness and helping everyone understand the true purpose of your existence, which, again, is to rediscover your innate spiritual essence and the fact that you are Source in an incarnate form.

Everyone will discover this in time, and the aware among you will likely continue to work hard to share this truth, thereby inspiring themselves and everyone else to act on it in increasingly pure and potent ways.

Embrace your skills and talents, and remember to embrace your inner silence as well because it has much more to offer you than the social and cultural distractions that vie for your attention each day.

Your connection with your creator is more important than anything you’ll ever find in your society, so keep this in mind when you face temptation to give in to things that are widely accepted by society but keep you from shining your light in the incredibly pure ways you can now shine it.

It’s time to free yourselves from the self-imposed and culturally enforced illusion that’s trapped your minds and hearts and kept you from understanding that despite what society tells you, you’ve always been worthy of love, praise and universal assistance.

As you continue to transcend your society’s limitations and distractions, you’ll realize that you were never meant to be imprisoned in the first place.

Now that you’re exiting the prison you’d created for yourselves, which your society tends to reinforce, you can start to tap into the truth of your being, which will introduce you to further truths and revelations that’ll open and expand your chakras and make your heads spin.


Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward – 3-25-15

Matthew Ward 222With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Evidence of the ever-growing light can become obscured by what may seem endless turmoil, and we know that in those moments it is difficult to keep foremost in your thoughts: the light is victorious. In the months ahead, you shall see this more clearly as discussions behind closed doors start bearing fruit that you will heartily welcome.

On behalf of souls here, I am happy to address questions and comments that accumulated while my mother was visiting our family in South America. Concerns most often expressed have to do with ISIS, whose actions are keeping this group in the global spotlight. This is where it must be, where the weight of the world is against barbaric behavior and your society can see the need to eradicate the roots from whence it springs—foreign invasions, vengeance, bigotry, poverty and ignorance.

Do not be misled by those who misguidedly point fingers at Islam as the cause—ISIS’ atrocities violate the most basic tenets of that faith. Just as one can cite passages of the Koran that call for killing ‘the infidels,’ so can one cite passages of the Bible that justify the killing of people who don’t embrace Christian precepts; and, despite all omissions and distortions of the original records that became those holy books, they still contain passages advocating love and respect. The dawn of belief in one supreme deity quickly was perverted by the darkness, and religious dogmas devised by power-hungry, greedy individuals, NOT by persons ‘inspired’ by God or Allah, became the most divisive force within your civilization and the grounds for centuries of unspeakable persecution.

Now then, your universal family cannot halt ISIS’ path of death and destruction because they are not permitted to interfere in the free will choices of any individuals except those who attempt to send nuclear warheads into space. Yes, eventually heightening vibrations would topple the Islamic State, but in the interim, ISIS would continue exemplifying the basest of third density behavior. Never do we favor, much less suggest combat, but we understand that stopping that group’s progress requires a coalition of troops from directly-affected countries and their neighbors, with other kinds of assistance from other nations. We are not underestimating ISIS’ military strength, funds, recruiting success or determination to keep expanding their territory, but with dissension emerging within the leadership and the rank and file, they are not as indomitable as they want your world to believe.

I’d like to know Matthew’s opinion of this part of a posting about Gordon Duff’s speech at an international conference in Damascus about terrorism.

What is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. That is, it is the works of an international Crime Cabal which has gotten control of the American Congress. Duff identified this Crime Cabal as Israeli and pointed out that this is Worldwide Crime on a scale never experienced before.

Duff explained how the Supreme Court Decision of Citizens United made it possible for an Israeli-American Organized crime magnate now operating out of Macao, Sheldon Adelson to essentially buy control of both Houses of Congress in the last election and being able to bring Congress under control of this International Crime Syndicate which specializes in human trafficking and narcotics.

What we say about the cited part of the posting is not opinion, it is our knowledge that the information is factual. While by no means is it the whole story, that fragment is indeed true, and the only ‘editing’ we would offer is citing terrorism for what it is, a crime against humanity.

Will the cabal be removed this year with a new governance in place? First we say that the cabal, a common term for the disparate groups under the Illuminati umbrella with the common aim of world domination, isn’t a tightly-knit force operating as a single organization. It is an international network that infiltrated governments, banking and commerce, corporations, education, religions, the media, military forces, legal and justice systems, medical establishment, entertainment fields—every organization, agency and institution that impacts life on Earth.

That global network cannot be removed or replaced in one fell swoop. Ridding it entirely from your world is a process, and that process has been underway for the past several decades, incrementally weakening the cabal’s powers by ‘bringing to light’ their deceit and corruption of longstanding. Also, in recent years the ever-increasing light has touched some cabal members and they left the ranks; some had such change of heart that they became enthusiastic lightworkers while others just stopped participating in activities intended to have negative outcomes. Pockets of strong influence remain, but as the planet keeps moving into levels of successively higher vibrations, those pockets will either crumble or continue ebbing until they’re nonexistent.

Is ISIS acting under Illuminati control?  No, because that isn’t necessary for Illuminati purposes. Dark minds feed on the energy of fear, and ISIS and other tyrannical regimes and groups are creating the abundance of fear energy that keeps refueling the Illuminati’s strength.

What are Matthew’s thoughts about House Speaker Boehner inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress? This is purely political in nature, and, as stated in previous messages, souls at this station are apolitical. So it is without judgment or partisan favoritism that we agree with your analysts who interpret the invitation as a ‘slap in the face’ to President Obama for continuing negotiations with Iran instead of taking the harsh steps that Netanyahu favors and so do some members of Congress.

Some congressional members are Illuminati themselves and many others are controlled by Illuminati via campaign funding, blackmail, bribery or dire threats; and some of the small number who aren’t in Illuminati clutches one way or another have closed minds about resolving issues by any means other than their narrow perspective. This is why, of all governments that you call democratic, the one in the United States can be called ‘the most badly broken.’ Contrary to what is perceived by many of the citizenry, ever since President Obama took office, he has been endeavoring to ‘fix’ the government by ridding it of the Illuminati influence that further enriches the wealthy and strangles measures that would serve the needs of the people.

Is Netanyahu in the Illuminati or is his bellicosity due to his serious responsibility for Israel’s safety?  He is at the peak of the Illuminati and so are, or were, all of his predecessors in that position. As stated in prior messages, the Illuminati never have served the best interests of Jewish people in Israel or anywhere else in the world—the Illuminati instigated all the pogroms in Europe and their Nazi element carried out the Holocaust.

Using Judaism or Zionism as justification for their actions, the Illuminati have long kept the Mideast boiling, and they have discredited anyone who questioned their war-mongering by labeling those persons ‘anti-Semitic.’  Masters at creating divisiveness, the Illuminati initiated an assortment of labels for different religious beliefs, forms of governance, theories, philosophies and ideologies. Largely through religious and academic teachings and mainstream media, which have been under Illuminati control down through the years, your society has been carefully taught to scorn everything outside their own labeled category; and the Illuminati successfully instilled the mindset that anyone they labeled ‘anti-Semitic’ is a hateful person who is against the wellbeing of the Jewish population.

But Netanyahu does indeed take very seriously ‘Israel’s safety.’ Long before the 1948 establishment of today’s Israel, an Illuminati intention was to make Jerusalem their Mideast headquarters to expand their economic and political entrenchments in the Vatican, London, New York City and Washington, DC.

Does Matthew know if ‘reassessing’ US-Israel relations means that in order to keep getting financial support, Israel has to stop oppressing Palestinians and finally there can be peace in that region?  We don’t know what provisions would be included in any ‘reassessing.’ What we do know is, when the Illuminati hardliners in Israel’s government and military are uncloaked, so to say, there can be cooperative relations between Israelis and Palestinians. As vibrations continue heightening in your war-weary world, peace and harmony will come wherever oppression, battling or tyranny exist.

Is there more significance to NBC’s Brian Williams’ Iraq war story, perhaps something karmic, or is it as simple as he told a lie and got caught?  Although this topic no longer is headline-worthy, the question offers us the opportunity to show how karma is not set in stone, but rather offers considerable flexibility in the means whereby it is experienced. Speaking of Mr. Williams, we know from colleagues in Nirvana that he chose as his primary mission ‘to educate the public.’ He could have done that as elementary school teacher, college professor, trade school instructor, writer, environmentalist researcher or newspaper editor, as examples; but he followed his interests that led to television news reporting.

There is the same flexible latitude in experiencing a chosen karmic ‘lesson.’ In that context, perhaps Mr. Williams agreed to the humiliation of the discovery that he had falsified a war story to show the public the importance of using discernment about mainstream media information. It may have been a strong statement to media that reporting must be accurate or credibility will be lost. It could be that the emergence of his story years later would serve as an example that eventually truth will come out. However Mr. Williams views what he did and the consequences, it’s in line with his soul contract choice ‘to educate the public.’

Several readers expressed concerns about vaccines and the ongoing controversy about their safety vs risks, and one wrote: Why did just a few cases of measles become an urgent vaccination situation? This isn’t a deadly disease!  As far as we know, none of your doctors has explained why they were urging vaccinations for such a mild disease or how a disease that purportedly had been eradicated in the US suddenly popped up. Your medical establishment is ‘in bed with’ the companies that manufacture vaccines; and, a few children were inoculated with potent doses to ‘give’ them measles, from them a few children with low immunity systems ‘caught’ it, and some passed it on to a few others who also had compromised immune defenses.

The earliest vaccines were developed by scientists whose purposes were benevolent, and the use of vaccinations was too. However, the Illuminati saw that vaccines could achieve one of their major goals—eliminating most of Earth’s population—thus they were used to cause the diseases that the public was told they would prevent. During the past half century or so, a variety of viruses developed in Illuminati laboratories have been released to initiate a pandemic, and in previous messages we have explained why in recent years all of those attempts failed. [The August 12, 2014 message has the most comprehensive information.]

For readers who asked if vaccines cause or contribute to autism, I asked my mother to copy our reply to this question in a prior message.

Is the sizable increase in autism related to the shift in consciousness?  Not at all. The growing numbers of children who have symptoms that are similar to autism is due to toxins in inoculations, and the symptoms are exacerbated by pollutants in air, water and soil, and chemicals in food preservatives and prescribed drugs.  True autism, which is far rarer, is the soul’s choice of experience, to which all others sharing that lifetime agreed. And neither autism nor its look-alike condition will prevent those persons from physically ascending with Earth unless a short lifetime is part of the soul contract.  [February 13, 2011]

Thank you, Mother. We don’t know if Greece’s new government can turn around the country’s economy during the loan extension period, but it is most unlikely. The severity of that economic situation and other nations’ similar woes are a necessary prelude to ushering in a new global economic system. The current rampantly corrupt system, designed and manipulated by Illuminati, has to collapse to make way for the new that is based on precious metals. Behind-the-scenes progress is being made to bring this to fruition in a transitional process that will minimize the likelihood of chaos.

Maybe because I hear or read the same thing over and over, I’m giving credibility to information that doesn’t merit it. For instance, is Putin as ruthless as he is portrayed by our media? Are he and Obama really working at ‘polar opposites’?  The answer to both questions is ‘no,’ but these closely-related situations beg explanation.

Both presidents are faced with serious national situations that in large part are the work of the Illuminati, but blame falls on the presidents, whose actions often are publicized as ‘too weak’ or ‘too aggressive.’ Both leaders are in the position of having to spout political rhetoric to show their respective nations’ strength and resolve. Neither Mr. Putin nor Mr. Obama wants to precipitate conflict or cause economic hardships in other countries, much less wage war; and off-stage, so to say, they are cooperating in efforts to achieve world peace, global economic stability, and the elimination of disease, impoverishment, crime and corruption.

A reader in Spain wrote about trees in Madrid. Mother, please copy the pertinent part of his email and my reply.

“A huge percentage of trees of our city are suddenly extremely ill for no apparent reason. Two of them collapsed last year killing 2 people, so that the city council is planning to cut off thousands, up to 20% of the trees in some areas.

“I heard the same information from 3 different persons who communicate with guides: Madrid is suffering an energetic attack to leave the trees lifeless and disconnected from each other, and the next step is doing this with the population. Many people say Madrid is a hub and what happens here has many consequences nationally and internationally.  We are creating awareness about this here, but I think we could use help from other friends abroad who can send us their prayers.”

“Matthew said he wasn’t aware of this situation and would speak with colleagues in Nirvana. They told him that in an arrangement with Gaia approximately 10 years ago in linear time, the trees volunteered to absorb negativity originating primarily from fear-based thoughts, feelings and actions of people in Madrid.  This was so effective in raising vibrations that the trees offered to attract and absorb negativity arising well beyond the city. Eventually assimilating negativity’s low vibrations around the country severely weakened the trees. They willingly gave their lives to assist Earth rid herself of negativity so it didn’t accumulate and adversely affect or destroy human lives. All along trees have assisted the planet and the human population health-wise, but this was an extraordinary effort to aid planetary and personal ascension. In time humankind will understand the interconnectedness of all life on the planet, that all are souls, and feel grateful for the many contributions of the plant kingdom and all animal life.”

Thank you, Mother. Every life form on Earth is an aspect of one intricate synergistic organism and all have important roles; however, if there were no trees, there would be no life there at all. Countless souls with ancient wisdom embodied as trees to serve the needs of all other life forms, and some of your oldest, largest trees have such high-level consciousness that they raise the consciousness of other life in extensive areas. As this awareness grows within your society, trees will be honored for their indispensable services. We hold in high esteem all who are endeavoring to save your forests and educate the populace about the importance of ending indiscriminate logging.

Lighted beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward and many are right there among you, helping in numerous ways to hasten your journey toward the full glories of Earth’s Golden Age.



Suzanne Ward

Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, February 8, 2015, at

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Bob Fickes – Taking care of our Inner Child

We have talked so much about our Inner Master, but equally as important is nurturing our Inner Child. This is the part of us that carries all the feelings from our childhood, all those times when we couldn’t express our self honestly and had to stuff our feelings down inside. The Inner Child is that part of us that we neglected to nurture when we needed it the most. Your Inner Child needs your love and acceptance.
The best way to nurture your Inner Child is at night just before you go to sleep. Imagine your Inner Child sitting in front of you. See your Inner Child as you were when you were two or three years old. Ask your Inner Child, “What do you want to tell me? What do you need the most?” Let the feelings come up honestly and truly. Feel love for your Inner Child and reach out with your arms and imagine that you are holding this lovely child and giving it love. Then slip down into the bed embracing your Inner Child and go to sleep with your child in your arms.


This is a powerful way to nurture your Inner Child and help it to heal. When we give it love, our Inner Child can begin to have more confidence and feel more natural. When our Inner Child is healthy, we feel more natural and have more confidence to trust our feelings and be more authentic in our daily life. Jesus once said we have to be like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Nurturing our Inner Child allows us to experience our adult life with greater joy and peace. We accept our childlike nature and become more authentic in every relationship. We trust our self and never beat up our self for feeling weak or sensitive. Inner sensitivity is a great gift that opens our heart to experience the beautiful reality of the spiritual world. We love the angels and Masters more and more as our Inner Child wakes up and feels more healthy. When our Inner Child is healthy, our Inner Master comes out more powerfully and more lovingly in everything we do.

Steve Beckow – Towards a New Integrated Spirituality – 3-22-15

BhaktiWe live in a unique spiritual era as readers of the Golden Age of Gaia and listeners to Inlight Universal must be well aware of. Perhaps you’d allow me to share one reason why.

In previous eras – let’s take the example of Hinduism – some spiritual seekers would study Advaita Vedanta, a non-dualistic path, and others would study Bhakti or devotion, a dualistic path.

A bhakta, a follower of the devotion path, was a bhakta and a jnani, a follower of the wisdom path, was a jnani and never the twain shall meet.

But today we in the lightworker community don’t maintain distinctions like that. We talk freely about the Divine Mother with love and as love, which is devotional talk.

But we also speak a straight non-dualistic version that includes unitive consciousness, sahaja samadhi (a stage of enlightenment that follows Ascension), and the Triflame (the Company of Heaven’s version of the Trinity: in Hinduism, Brahman, Atman and Shakti; in Christianity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost).

What we’re taught by the Council of Love through Linda Dillon, Saul and Jesus through John Smallman, or the Galactic Federation through Mike Quinsey would pass muster with any terrestrial non-dualist – or dualist, for that matter.

So many distinctions are no longer being made or maintained by our guides.  The approach that emphasizes the differences doesn’t stick any more, according to Archangel Michael. Without the elements of control and conformity, it just falls away.

It’s as if we’re all doing a job here and there’s no time or space to get doctrinal any more or to form camps like “Bhaktas” and “Vedantists.”

What’s that job? We lightworkers are assisting the unawakened to awaken and the newly-awakened to prepare for Ascension. To do that is an inspirational and integrative form of work.

Sri Ramakrishna came to Earth to create one spirituality from many streams. He realized God by many paths.

There’s a story concerning his non-dualistic guru, Totapuri, that illustrates the divisions he found in religion. It tells how Totapuri would spurn dualistic forms of practice, such as worship or ritual. He laughed at Sri Ramakrishna for believing in the Divine Mother.

One day, having decided his work was complete and that he’d shed the body, he waded into the Ganges, but he couldn’t find a spot deep enough to drown himself.

He walked all the way across to the other side of the Ganges in amazement.  Then the Divine Mother announced herself to this disbeliever:

“Suddenly, in one dazzling moment, he sees on all sides the presence of the Divine Mother. She is in everything; She is everything. She is in the water; She is on land. She is the body; She is the mind. She is pain; She is comfort. She is knowledge. She is ignorance. She is death. She is everything one sees, hears, or imagines.

“She turns ‘yea’ into ‘nay’ and ‘nay’ into ‘yea.’ Without her grace no embodied being can go beyond Her realm.  … Yet again, beyond the body and mind She resides in Her Transcendental, Absolute aspect. She is the Brahman [God, the Father] that Totapuri had been worshiping all his life.” (1)

Just as Totapuri saw the walls of his compartmentalized spirituality fall away with this realization, (2) so we ourselves need to let go of any remaining tendencies to compartmentalize and just see love and knowledge and realization as they are. They are the property of no religious authority, no spiritual teacher.

I’m probably aware of this because I, a student of jnana yoga, the wisdom path, (3) have now had my introduction to love, normally considered a concern of bhakti yoga, the devotional path.

The heart opening I experienced on March 13, 2015 is not the end of the story for me. My heart may be open but love doesn’t automatically flow if it’s neglected. It needs tending and attending to.

Consequently I felt drawn to the tools and rituals of Bhakti, which is something I’d never respond to in the past, thinking it a different path than mine. I’ve had to go through feelings of disloyalty to Jnana because I’m tinkering with Bhakti.

But those feelings need to go and I need to draw on whatever tools work for me at whatever place I am on the path. All tools are needed.

I no longer recognize doctrinal authorities or authoritative pronouncements. I can take hints from them but they no longer set the agenda or decide the issue for me.

Seeing things this way leads me and others to want a new spirituality. I used to talk in terms of cross-cultural spirituality but where we’re headed is bigger than that.

It isn’t simply Earth’s cultures that have to be integrated. It’s Earth’s spirituality as well.

Recognizing this need, we discussed on our weekly InLight Universal call last Thursday how we lightworkers need to spearhead not just a cross-cultural spirituality, but an integrated, direct and unitive spirituality.

We need to do so to help awaken the large numbers of people whom we intend to travel along with us in this larger Ascension effort. We need to create a more viable, flexible and simpler spirituality suitable for the newly awakened.

I’ll be talking more about that in the days ahead because having an all-inclusive spirituality is vital to having a world that loves and hence a world that works. That makes having a globe-spanning, non-doctrinal spirituality an idea whose time has come.

What Are Walk-in Souls? – What Do They Do? – – 3-21-15

What Are Walk-in Souls And What Do They Do?  in5d

From In5D, March 20, 2015

Q: What is a walk-in experience?

A: This is where two individual souls have agreed to switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, permission has been granted in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transference.

Q: How do I know if it has happened to me?

A. You usually feel totally different. You will not necessarily recognize the people around you. You may have lapses of memory of the other occupant and will not be able to recognize the reason you came. It is usually quite a shock to the body especially if this has happened due to a car accident, operation, or a very long illness. You will feel somewhat estranged from everyone around you though you retain the memories of your body’s past history. After all, you are a totally different entity.


Q: What happens to the other soul?

A. The other soul continues on its journey, either to be together with a loved one or be sent to another place to continue learning. They will at this point in time not be back here.


When the individuated, embodied part of Spirit, the Soul, has completed what it set out to accomplish in alifetime, it has three basic options: take on a new life goal (Reincarnation-in-Same-Body), die, or walk out. If the Soul chooses to walk out, an agreement is made with another Soul to walk-in and continue the embodiment. This is not possession. It is not a requirement that a person be a walk-in to ascend. It is simply an individual agreement and another way of entering onto the planet.

The walk-in experience is so very individual that it’s difficult to give a definitive description. Here is an overview of possible experiences.

Usually, there is a “try-on” period of a few days or weeks or months when the new soul tries on the body before the actual transfer. The personality may or may not be aware as it often occurs while sleeping, meditating or channeling. There may be a feeling of someone hanging around or loss of time.

The new Soul is getting the feel of the body. Remember, some beings coming in have never been in physical bodies and may need to get the feel of being so densified. The new Soul is also reviewing the DNA encodements and the existing energy patterns stored in all of the bodies and deciding what to keep or release.

Sometimes, right before a walk-in, the personality may feel a sense of completion with the lifetime. This may manifest as extreme fatigue, severe depression, or suicidal feelings. This is the personality’s way of interpreting that a transfer is about to occur.

The personality may or may not be conscious during the actual walk-in. If unconscious, the transfer often occurs during a deep trance or sleep state. On occasion, the Soul chooses to manifest trauma to the body such as: accident, illness, coma, concussion, or emotional shock.

This allows the new Soul to more quickly integrate to a deeper level. Because all of the body’s systems are disrupted from the habitual patterns by trauma they are, therefore, more receptive to the new Soul.

In the past, this was the most common route the two Souls would undertake for the transfer of energy.

Now, the walk-in process is somewhat easier for several reasons. Everyone on the planet has begun the Lightbody mutation. For a walk-in, this means that the physical body is better able to accept a new energy at the cellular level and the personality can adapt to a new identity. Also, now there are support systems and integration services for walk-ins so the rationale of changing through trauma is unnecessary. More and more walk-ins are fully conscious through the whole transfer.

At the time of the walk-in, the old spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are released with the original occupant and the new spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are attached to the physical one. New patterns and emotions are brought into the etheric blueprint bodies and some old patterns are released. The etheric and physical bodies are what keep some continuity.

The overall feeling for the previous life experiences is one of neutrality. Most walk-ins retain life facts without emotional attachments. Memories of the previous Soul’s experiences are much like watching a movie with the emotional sound turned off. This neutrality often means a feeling of detachment from emotionally significant people such as: mate, children, parents, and friends. The old issues, unresolved situations and personal difficulties of the previous incarnee are often easy for the new walk-in to handle. They are likely to leave the unsatisfying marriage or unfulfilling job that the previous occupant could not resolve.

Much to the dismay of the people around them, a new walk-in often goes through strong changes in personality. The personality is completely malleable at this time and the new soul tries on new character traits until a good combination to serve the new life goal is found. Also, changes in personal preferences are common such as liking different foods, colors, clothes and lifestyle than the original occupant.

A new walk-in is like a newborn baby. Because the emotional and mental bodies are “new”, they have not yet been imprinted from the environment. Like a baby, a walk-in is a sponge for the emotions, traits and beliefs of the people around them. It is vitally important that a new walk-in choose carefully the people they spend time with for they will be imprinted with those people’s qualities and biases, good and bad.

The most difficult situation for a new walk-in is to be around people who pull on them to be or be like the previous incarnee. This can be very tough because those people were usually emotionally significant to the previous soul, i.e., mate, parents, family and friends. They may not realize or believe that a transfer of Souls has occurred. When these well-meaning people project their emotions and pictures of the old occupant on to a walk-in, an overlay of the old energy called “ghosting” occurs in the new energy bodies. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a double image. This is so stressful to the physical body and personality that the walk-in may become ill or feel quite crazy.

The bottom line in the process of the integration is the physical body. Most of the body’s consciousness has nothing in its cellular memory banks for the walk-in experience except, “I’m dying.” If the body strongly believes that it is dying, it may begin to shut down the entire system. Also, the body may reject the new Soul at a cellular level, much like it can reject a new heart or liver. This usually manifests as rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and the pain, swelling and inflammation can be sudden and severe. In extreme cases, partial paralysis can occur.

The other common manifestation of body rejection is severe allergic reactions to food, soaps, clothes, plants, household cleansers, the environment, and yourself. Sometimes, usually in the very beginning, a new walk-in may have epilepsy-like seizures as the brain waves and electromagnetic functions of the brain change.

Often, a walk-in experiences psychic or multi-dimensional openings as the 7th (Crown) chakra is usually stuck open from the transfer. Sudden opening may make a person feel crazy, disoriented or spacey. They may be channeling constantly and have some difficulty knowing their own energy. As strange as it may seem, it is really helpful for a new walk-in to wear hats to protect their crown chakra.

Like a child, there is often an innate spirituality to a walk-in. This spirituality assists in the integration process as a person may turn to prayer or meditation to sort out all of the “Who am I?” questions and give the body a rest.

Most physical and personality symptoms of rejection and disorientation pass very quickly with a little integration. But the process of releasing the dysfunctionality and obsolete pictures of reality of the previous occupant may take years. Strong grief states are common as the body releases these old energies. The trick is not to resist and express the grief fully as it comes up. Then it seems to pass quickly.

Most walk-ins have a new life goal and bring with them new skills and abilities to assist them in accomplishing it. Also, usually an embodiment is chosen that has skills the new soul can use toward their mission.

If a walk-in was unconscious, there is usually the feeling, “I have something very important to accomplish—if only I could remember what it is.” As frustrating as this feeling can be, having a veil over the life goal for a year or so can be a blessing. It allows time for integration of the body, personality, and the lifetime.

When a walk-in is a fully conscious one, he or she often hits the ground running, so to speak. Usually, the veil over the live work is not present so they may not take the time to integrate the body. Often, “burnout” occurs and they may become sick at about the one-year point.

Some walk-ins never know what really happened—just that they went through a dramatic life change. The range of awareness spans across the board. Some Souls may just have a major karma that they wish to complete. Others, perhaps coming in from other dimensions or universes, may be here to assist in this planet’s transition to Light. There are many reasons for a Soul to walk-in but the main one is that it is usually quicker to integrate a new Soul into a new body than it is to grow a body from scratch.

Each walk-in experience has its own unique qualities. A person may experience all, part, or none of the things described here.

The one thing that walk-ins have found necessary is to be very gentle with their physical bodies. The body is not a vehicle but a co-creative partner in our life experiences. It takes time for the physical body to work through feelings of dying, rejection, abandonment and grief. But when the body consciousness understands that the walk-in Soul consciously chose this body, loves this body, and is willing to work as a partner with this body, then miracles can happen.

Within the first three years it is an asset for all walk-ins to have some integration assistance.


Dr. Keith Holden – The Intuitive Mind – Eight Steps for Honing Your Psychic Abilities – 3-27-15

Dr. Keith Holden, The Mind Unleashed, March 16, 2015


As I lay there on a massage table, I began drifting into a deep meditative state. Based on my education and experience with meditation, I knew there was a predominance of theta waves occurring in my brain.

It was so peaceful, an almost dream-like state, and I could feel the wonderful effects of endorphins being released in my body. I had just met Brenda, the therapist, and really didn’t know much about her.

Just as a I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I heard “Andy, Andy,” and then I heard “Andy’s sister.” Hearing this pulled me to a slightly higher level of consciousness, which stopped me from falling asleep. I let myself be pleasantly curious about what I was experiencing, and then I heard it again. “Andy, Andy,” and “Andy’s sister.” This voice wasn’t male or female; it was just there, but very adamant. I made a mental note to ask Brenda about Andy once we were done, and then I drifted off to sleep only to be awakened by the sound of my own snoring.

After I got dressed, I met Brenda outside in the waiting room, and I asked her “Do you know a guy named Andy?” Brenda said, “No, but my best girl friend in Maryland is named Andy.” It kind of takes your breath away when you have an experience like that, and then I said, “What’s going on with Andy’s sister?” Brenda responded, “Her sister just entered hospice with breast cancer.”

What I just described is one of many nonlocal intuitive experiences I’ve had in my life. Nonlocal intuition is an unexplained knowing that defies logic and is not explained by pattern recognition or memory retrieval. It’s one of the great mysteries in life that is so unexplainable, professional skeptics weigh in by saying that the possibility doesn’t even exist.

I’m an advocate of healthy skepticism, which is a key part of the scientific method. The truth is that the scientific method is limited by the technology and methods through which it is applied. Just because we don’t have scientific evidence for something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. A lot of skeptics sometimes forget that part of the equation in their quest for truth through a lens of academic arrogance.

As a physician board certified in Internal Medicine who graduated with honors from medical school, I understand and appreciate the scientific method. I also appreciate the great mysteries in life, and am humble enough to admit the possibility something does exist even when I don’t understand it. More important, when I do have an experience that defies logic, I’m going to do my best to try and come up with a rational explanation for how it might have occurred, however silly it may sound.

When someone who is mentally sound has a personal experience that defies logic, they know it happened because it was their experience. So when I hear someone say that the parapsychological phenomenon of nonlocal intuition doesn’t exist, I remind myself that they have either never had the experience, or they had a nonlocal intuitive experience, but the phenomenon is just not part of their belief system.

It’s your choice what to believe, but if you take skepticism to the point of cynicism about nonlocal intuition, it shuts you out of very real experiences that have the potential to empower your life. After all, having powerful intuition lets you become your own authority on many levels.

Nonlocal intuitive experiences happen every day to ordinary people. Research suggests that you can improve your chances of having nonlocal intuitive experiences by honing practices associated with mindfulness and meditation. (McCraty, 2004) Science is finally proving what the ancients taught over a thousand years ago by documenting clairvoyance as described in the Yoga Sutras.

The third book of the Yoga Sutras described siddhis, or supernormal powers, that can be attained through meditation. These powers, such as clairvoyance, are actually normal powers of every human, and can be honed through various mind-body practices.

Most people who have nonlocal intuitive experiences write them off as coincidences, when in fact, those experiences involve simply tapping into an energetic field of information that is available to us all. This energetic field of information that permeates the entire universe is called the unified field, and scientists are struggling to come up with a mathematical model to prove its existence.

The method for tapping into this energetic field of information varies from individual to individual. Some people, such as legitimate psychics, are naturally good at it. Other people have to work at honing this skill, but everyone is capable of it. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but I’ve had multiple experiences like this.

If you want to sharpen your skill of tapping in, I suggest the following:

(1)  First, truly believe this is possible. Belief produces resonance, which facilitates an alignment of energies for an optimal exchange of information to take place.

(2)  Know that you are an energetic being in a universe that is made up of energy, and that all energy contains information.

(3)  Eat healthy and exercise regularly as these practices support the energies of your physical body. Food is energy, and the study of epigenetics shows that the phytonutrients in food literally turn your genes on and off to create wellness or disease.

(4)  Regularly do some type of mind-body practice, such as mindfulness and meditation, as this helps you to focus your energies for tapping in. When you practice mindfulness and meditation, you are creating coherence in your body’s systems and training your consciousness, which is energy, to align. Coherence is like when members of an orchestra play in tune and at the same tempo.

(5)  Set the intention for your Higher Mind, also know as your Higher Self, to align with the layers of consciousness contained in your physical body. The study I cited showed that it is the consciousness of your heart that initially receives the nonlocal intuitive information, even before the consciousness of your brain.

(6)  Get really good at triggering your relaxation response, which is the opposite of your stress response. Triggering your relaxation response with any mind-body practice causes your autonomic nervous system, your autopilot, to go into a state of balance. You can trigger your relaxation response by simply belly breathing instead of chest breathing.

(7)  Set an intention to receive nonlocal intuitive information when you do these practices.

(8)  And finally, practice, practice, practice:)

Belief, intention, and trust are keys to being successful at this. You can do it!


Mccraty R, Atkinson M, Bradley RT. Electrophysiological evidence of intuition: Part 2. A system-wide process?. J Altern Complement Med. 2004;10(2):325-36.

About the Author:

Dr. Keith Holden is a physician who is board certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Functional Medicine. He has a special interest in parapsychology, mind-body medicine, and spirituality in medicine. His popular course on“Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” teaches how to use the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Spiritual Contract Revocation – All Architecture Programming – by Andrew Bartzis

NOTE:  Andrew Bartzis is a Galactic Historian. He gets concerned about incarnates on Earth (Us) getting locked into soul contracts for future incarnations.  Complex Soul Family agreements,  and outside manipulators,  can cause You to be locked into an agenda you might not like.  In Ascension,  your Higher Self integrates into your body.  In the 5th Dimension, you have re-acquired your personal freedom, your Sacred Sovereignty.  Andrew Bartzis believes in the importance of making clearly-worded, recited out loud   –   in Your full I Am Presence   –  the document shown below this introduction.  Spiritual Contract Revocation, composed by Andrew Bartzis, is spoken aloud as a declaration to your Higher Self, Your Soul Family and the Universe.
Please read this, save a copy on your computer desktop,  have a meditation  consultation with your Higher Self for Guidance on this.  Your answer may be in the form of Intuition.  It is very important to live in Your Own Truth.  This document is a tool.
You can watch  a 20-part interview on YouTube between Andrew Bartzis and Lance White.
Thank You, Duane
“Alchemy” by Teal Scott

Frequency Artwork by Teal Scott

Spiritual Contract Revocation   –   All Architecture Programming   –   by Andrew Bartzis

I call forth a proper spiritual court of equity to hold space for the declaration of the I am presence.

In this ever present co-creative procreative moment I call forth all of the ‘I am selves”, so I may find remedy and resolve with all foundation architecture programming. I call forth the founder beings of earth. I call forth earth mother and all other beings holding space for unity consciousness, I call forth all ancestors past, present and future, to hold space in this spiritual court of equity.

I call forth all the programming of all architecture to be removed from my ‘no-time’ presence. I call forth all foundation architecture programmers, past, present and future. You are here by removed from any and all service past, present and future. I here by delete, all foundation architecture programming of the entire system of domination and control. I do not consent to the insertion of any programs that is not in complete and total flow with unity consciousness. I demand the instant and total removal of all programs from my soul matrix, I am presence, and all other versions of me existing in this dimension, time stream or any other dimension or time stream in this universe or any other universe.

I do not consent to any foundation architecture programming that re-sequences my DNA to match or mismatch my DNA for soul family representations. I demand the instant cessation of all attacks in this time stream and any others “I” may exist on. I do not consent to an covert or overt move through unprotected proxies or protected proxies. I do not consent to the use of any type of program insertion system in any way shape or form.

I here by declare in the mighty I am presence, I accept no part, bit, byte or soul formatted language that creates a back door for off world alien architecture. I do not consent to any off world interference. I do not consent to any form of manipulation for the purposes of creating victims or victimization programs. I do not consent to any form of archetype programming that causes me to do any harm to any sentience in any way shape or form.

The idea of a sacred space defines itself on many planes of existence. It represents the human need to have possession’s that help ground us in the world. Sacred space is the room we give our selves to be. We learn at a young age about beliefs people hold to be true. We continue to learn about others sacred space. At times we get confused about what is “your” sacred space and what is “others” sacred space.

It’s time to mark your space with your essence, your love and your human needs. It asks you to know who you have given permission to be in your sacred space. It asks you to tell those who are not welcome to leave. It asks you to stand up to your convictions and respect your sacred space. Enforce the rules you have set up. Release the rules that have allowed others to steal the serenity of your sacred space. It asks you to honor the sacred point of view you have been co-creating with mother earth.

The way of 2legged has come to a generational jump in wisdom once again. Every human being incarnating on this world has a great journey ahead of them. This next leap into evolution is similar to the process of returning home to that sacred space within each of us. This place of new found innocence in the great web of life that interacts with all living things.

Our 2legged habit patterns have changed so much in the last decade alone, one can barley recount all of the changes in one sitting. Here are a few, Cell phones and all the extended ways of communicating and conversing with cultures world wide.

Computers and the internet, connecting 2leggeds into a world in a global market of information and and monetary exchange for goods and services. Cable and satellite broadcasts connecting the global ideas of entertainment and learning to even the most remote areas of earth mother’s spine. 24/7 news stations recounting the smallest detail from the smallest corners of the world.

All these new tangible and intangible things weigh down 2leggeds spirit, defusing the earth mothers energies with 2leggeds desires before their need. When our needs are not understood on a primal connective level with the place we live in – a separation begins to take hold.

Separation pro-creates an uneasiness that eventually devolves the human spirit into a distilled human essence trying to figure out what is real and what is not real. This unending process continually breaks mother earths links to her children and grand children.

Time is a paradox, stretching between a “past and future” that have no reality except in our own minds. The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a true social agreement. Here is the deeper truth, “We have only this Moment”. You can think and visualize the past and future, but you only can live in the present moment.

Time is a social agreement dating back to the dawn of mankind. This agreement has been passed down from generation to generation, civilization to civilization since Time Immemorial. Time is now quantifiable and measurable by the millions of previous past generations Core Knowledge Distilled down to a search-able database of Time-models and concepts. Time is mankind’s greatest gift to the multi-verse.

When the first sentient human-ancestor encountered the second sentient human-ancestor; they exchanged the basic understanding of daylight and darkness. From that point on a all encompassing social agreement was devised to promote breeding and healing for countless numbers of tribes spread through out the world. The First generation of human-ancestors began to perceive the world they shared many different understandings of time. Fast forward to our present generation.

What is Time?

When human ancestors began theorizing time travel did they see time as we do today?

The rules for karma in 2012 have changed. The whole world vibrates at a much faster pace now. The world will be the same to us from a perception perspective, though it will cycle life story’s much faster –now that the human species can exchange information in seconds rather than weeks or months. Just be who you are and continue to love all earth mothers creation as free willed beings exploring the multiverse with hands, feet, mind and spirit.

Whole new realms of exploration are with in 2leggeds grasp. It will take thinkers, mathematicians, atheists, scientists, philosophers, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists, native American and the rainbow warriors of the 5th world to come together as families, clans, states, nations, and all of 2legged kind to manifest peace, unity and harmony when we heal our earth mother as complete beings recycling the gifts of life.

Recycling the gifts of life is the key to understanding this day, moment and second we perceive time as an omni-directional social agreement that extends to our brothers and sisters beyond earth mothers blanket of protection.

Great mystery reminds us we are freewill co-creators in this dance of life. Sometimes the dance comes to a rhythmical pause. Can you recognize the pauses and sudden starts to this dance of life. When the fire of ceremony has ended and you’ve returned to your home, can you still connect to the dancer, dancing this dream we all live in?

Great mystery lives with in every thing and every one. The forms may change but the energy of creation remains the same. Great mystery created great spirit to be the creative flow of the uniworlds, which include all levels of the universe and all understanding about the creative force of life. Great mystery will never be solved.

Today at this moment in time the healers of the southern skies call to your inner child looking at the nighttime sky. We ask you to use this frame of spirit-time as reference to rekindle the youthful spirit who is able to look at the sky with ecstasy and the joy of a creative exploring mind. Let your mind wander above the coming winter clouds. Soar above the city’s and freeways. See the complete interconnectedness of the whole world acting in symphony with all creature kind.

This interconnectedness is the root of spiritual evolution, expansion and development. All things born of earth are her children. All her children are blood relatives and kindred spirits exchanging life force as a community of spirits expressing free will on this planet we call Earth.. Some are aware and some are unaware. It is not your place to judge or misjudge.

We look into the fires of creation past the point of no return in a world of infinite energies in continuous evolution and expansion. A single frame of human reference comes forward. Image of a Human and his interconnected DNA intertwines with all life force expressing freewill. All incarnated beings can commune with their genetic code on a deeply spiritual and human level if they should choose to explore in freewill the metaphysics of mind body and spirit. We ask you to include this into your weekly development patterns.

As the winter solstice draws near people will begin their process or recalling the last year, freeing up stagnant energies from months past. All experience this recalling of energy in a different way. Its written into our DNA – so we can connect with the past events to learn, evolve, create and co-create with all creature kind.

As the days get shorter and shorter the veil will be lifted from the eyes of many people. This veil will reveal the early twilight of winter nights. This veil will be the cycle of night and day. It has no more meaning than the rise and fall of day and night. A cycle that has been played out since man has looked at the stars.

During the winter solstice is the time and place to learn where the magic still lives in your soul. Belittling this times takes away form our ability to understand our creative force with in. Learn to recall energies during the dawn hours. Make a conscious effort to let go of old habit patterns as the light of a new morning cycle comes over you. Learn how to let go of unanswered prayers as the sun goes down. There are times when we pray and yet do not send it to our highest level of spiritual expression.

These prayers get stuck in the heart, cause strife and metal misconduct if they are left to fester for to long. Each prayer needs time with the placenta of great mystery. – Allow this time into your life. It is not a striping of Id, Ego or personality. It is the recalling of life events or memories in long term storage – Let the stars above your head or the clouds floating in the sky be the silent auditors of your past years fate, destiny and expression of day to day life. This is not for those who use ceremonial time as their only means of spiritual expression. You must be ready with a system of prayers that help define your year and upcoming year. Healing is a process not an event like the shortest day of the year.

Now is the time to reclaim the prayer pipe from your medicine allies. Relearning to pray in a whole new way that interconnects all past systems of personnel prayer with your current method of spiritual locomotion. For a short time the coming winter spirits will provide 2 opportunities to commune with the winter thunder beings. It will be your service to mother earth to be aware of thunder on the distant horizon. Thunder and lighting in winter is a rare gift of medicine during these times of personnel change. Each rumble of thunder and flash of hidden light will be your opportunity to express to all living things your true nature unhindered by the camouflage of civilization. Each crack of winter storm thunder will aid you in understanding the self created illusions – friend dragonfly will be your guide during these moments. She will come to you in spirit form because her body is now hibernating in egg time before she hatches a new generation of dragonfly. Learn from friend dragonfly during these times. Let her show you the flowers on the spirit trails or the waterfall where great clouds of gnats form a food chain cycle each time they gather in-mass.

What waits for you is a time of confusion as new abilities and understanding take root. Learn how to tell your ever evolving story to the winds. It will be your greatest service you can provide to mother earth. Tell her your alive. Tell her your life story in spirit song.

As you learn to walk in balance friend whale will come to your medicine spread. Her song will touch parts of your body with vibration. This vibration will start a process of remembering your past. Take time to heal, learn and prosper with friend whale as your new medicine teacher. Swim with her as part of the great pod of spirit whales exploring the universe with song.

Dream on brothers and sisters. Me dreaming you and you dreaming me. We are the dreamers and the dreamed, dreaming this co-creation in an ever present procreative moment of infinity.

Frequency Artwork by Teal Scott

Lincoln Gergar – Spirituality According to the Higher Self

Channel Higher Self

Millie Mestril – The Need for Rituals – 3-7-15




By Millie Mestril, The Master Shift, March 6, 2015

Every morning I have a sacred ritual. I get up around 3 or 4AM, go into the living room, light some candles, and say my prayers. I sit quietly, conscious of breath and the sounds in the room. I feel presence…there is always sweet presence.

Some days I sage or light an incense, others I just allow the higher guides to take care of any energy that doesn’t belong in my space. It’s rare that I feel any kind of negativity. I call on my higher self, God, and proceed to enter the space of love.

My heart is always the most opened during these times. It doesn’t take long for me to leave this realm. I don’t look at the clock. I allow Spirit and Source to guide me. I might have a long meditation, or short prayers. I make time to ask and be blessed. I might even just sit in the darkness and watch the light outside welcome me home again.

Then again there are mornings, when its warm, that I grab a chair by the pond and allow the light of the world to engulf me with its grace.

Rituals and ceremonies are needed as reminders of sacredness, faith, and awareness. You can do this anywhere you want: a bathroom, dining room table, set up an altar in your garage or basement, have space in your garden, make a small labyrinth in your yard, etc. What we do need are moments of conscious awareness, acceptance, letting go, and shifting to Divinity.

I am a morning person but if I was a night owl I would be doing the same before heading to bed.

The best prayer there is to enter the world every morning is being in full gratitude: you have been given another day in this journey. And, when you get used to a ritual it is hard to be without it. I feel “off” in days that I don’t get my morning time. I need my cup of tea or coffee after my rituals and return to the humanness of the space I get to call my own.

Allow space for guidance and divinity. Carve sometime for you and your higher self to speak…even if it’s in traffic. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the universe. Use your voice. Use your power. Open your heart wide.

We need time to connect with our nature, our yearnings, with the little voice inside that pushes and pulls for truth. You are authentic. You are divine. You are light. You are love. You are pure wisdom and you have all the answers you will ever need. It’s important to remind yourself of this every single day. Have a blessed day~!

“The Way to do is to be.” ~ Lao Tzu

About the Author: Millie A. Mestril

After raising six children, working in the corporate world, and being part of a relationship for eighteen years, I found that happiness was not consistent in my world. I left the business world, ended a relationship that was deteriorating and headed to the mountains. My best friend and I bought a small motel in the middle of gorgeous country and began the greatest journey. What started as a visit to Asheville in May of 2010 became a permanent home for us.

Now with only one teenager at home, I am able to be part of a wonderful world of meeting people from all walks of life. We’ve transformed an old gem of a place into a sweet and quaint oasis for others to find peace. To those looking into our lives it seems we saved Peaceful Quest Retreats, but the reality is that this place saved us. Every day brings joy, inspiration and a zest for life I never knew existed. The lessons have not always been easy but the ride has been scenic and delightful. I can’t imagine ever returning to a life that was not authentic to my spirit. ~ Millie A. Mestril

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Coast To Coast AM – Ancient ETs, Spiritual Evolution, What Happened To … – Guest David Wilcock – 2-25-15

Conflict February


Coast To Coast AM – February 25, 2015 Ancient ETs & Spiritual Evolution

Filmmaker, author and researcher, David Wilcock, discussed a variety of topics including ancient civilizations and ETs, the secret space program, Genesis & End Times, as well as spiritual information about soul growth, ascension, and the evolution of consciousness. According to his “insider” contacts, the secret space program has conducted missions not known by the public, including a visit to the rings of Saturn, which are a kind of ruins. What they found there were the remains of gigantic rooms made out of glass-like material that were designed for people 70-100 ft. tall, he revealed.

The aliens that built these rooms, along with a massive ring-like project around Saturn, were descendants of a prison colony that were banished to our solar system millions of years ago, he explained. Their enemies became concerned that the rings they were constructing could be used as a resonance-wave weapon to destroy any planet in the galaxy, so they ended up demolishing their project, Wilcock continued. Back on Earth, according to Wilcock’s contacts, there are many covered-up mound builder sites in Canada that contain secret research– including stasis bubbles with 24 ft. tall beings, some of whom have recently reawakened.

Further, Wilcock reported that around 100 enormous spherical ships around the size of Neptune have recently come into our solar system. It appears that four different types of beings from the ships have had contact with Earth’s cabal, most prominently the Blue Avians– who are 8 ft. tall, have bird-like heads, and bodies covered with bright feathers, he said. Yet, Wilcock reported that intelligent alien life is essentially human, with their DNA differing at most 4% from ours.
Disappearance of MH-370

First hour guest, investigative journalist and retired police investigator who specialized in crash scene and forensic investigations, James Sanders, discussed the latest on missing flight MH-370, as well various theories about its disappearance, such as featured in the new book “Someone is Hiding Something.” One explanation is that the plane actually landed on Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean. But Sanders doubts this because it would mean there was a government reason for doing that, and news from the military base on the island would have likely leaked out. He finds it more likely that the jet was taken to either Yemen or Somalia for possible future use in a terrorist attack.

Teal Swan – Spirituality 2.0, 3.0 – How to Set Yourself Free

Spirituality  3.0

Spirituality 2.0


Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

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The process of spiritual awakening happens in three steps, I have named these steps spirituality 101, spirituality 2.0 and spirituality 3.0. Indeed, in the future there may be many more steps. But like the holy trinity, let’s explore these three principal steps that add up to awakening. First, comes spirituality 101. In spirituality 101, you see the possibility that you may be free. You are confronted with the idea that you just might create your reality. So you start to create! You go in direction of what makes you feel joy. You become less powerless. For once, you do not resist your own happiness. You go in the direction of your positive emotions. You prioritize how you feel above all else; in fact your life is dedicated to feeling better. You finally let yourself have what you want. But still, you want those things because of aversions to other things. You are still running from feeling crappy. You begin to feel deep down that this is an endless cycle of aversion and craving, unwanted and wanted. No matter what you get, you want more. This is no longer as satisfying as it once was. So, it is time for the second step, Spirituality 2.0.
In spirituality 2.0, you realize that the answer is to turn around and walk towards your aversion instead. You learn the art of allowing (and thus non-resistance) relative to your negative emotion. You integrate and you start to become whole. The unconscious is becoming conscious. Craving is becoming pure desire. You are becoming whole as the shadow is no longer separated from the light of consciousness. Instead of feeling better, your aim is to get better at feeling. When you feel negative emotion, you do not immediately try to think or do something to feel better, you remain open to what that “negative” state has to teach you. You end up in the present moment. With no aversions and thus no craving the past ceases to motivate you towards the future and you are left squarely in the present moment. You catch a glimpse of peace for the very first time. And then you are ready for spirituality 3.0.
In spirituality 3.0 you can choose to create your reality through the use of deliberate focus but now your choices are no longer the byproduct of aversion and so there is no craving. Instead of craving, we recognize our infinite creator nature and CHOOSE. We choose to be wealthy or not. And we do not choose from a place of pain. In other words, I don’t want money because I’m poor; I want it because I am saying “yes” to that perspective in much the same way that I would say yes to strawberry ice cream. I don’t want strawberry ice cream because I so so so so don’t want chocolate ice cream. Inspiration is what causes our movement towards things that we choose. We are completely in the now. No past is projecting into our present or future. This state of spirituality 3.0 arises organically, as a result of shining the light in the shadow.

Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

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Upliftment – Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – 1-24-15

Angel of Light - gabriel - marlene

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as  upliftment. This quality within an individual allows them to experience a wide range of emotional experiences and still have the ability to create some of the most inspiring creations.

They believe that the best response to any situation in life is to be patient, grateful, gracious, and most of all, positive. These individuals believe that an uplifting attitude is beneficial to them and is inspiring to those around them.

They believe that all good things belong to them and that even situations that are not ideal will work out for their benefit in the end.

One must always look for the good in others because they know that pointing out the good in others uplifts their spirit and makes them feel valued. Their family, coworkers, and community members know that they can count on this person to have a positive point of view in every situation.

Their attitude towards all situations in their life is infectious and causes others around them to become positive towards them with an outpouring of love.

Their uplifting attitude ignites others to emulate them and reciprocate their attitude by being pleasant toward them. Such uplifting spirit is strong because they choose to remain positive, regardless of the circumstances they may face.

Uplifting emotion is a creative force which uplifts an individual and takes them on a journey of discovery and delight into new possibilities. It is the doorway to new perspectives; the doorway to change.

It creates a powerful and positive momentum by maintaining a moment-to-moment awareness and a focus on feeling good. When an individual carries an uplifting attitude each day and practices unconditional self love, it uplifts their emotions to a higher level of positive optimism and utmost freedom.

When they interact with others, they make it a point to genuinely compliment them. They recognize others for their good heart and kind spirit, making every effort to focus only on the positive attributes of others instead of their shortcomings.

The giving of one’s loving efforts to help others makes one feel powerful and uplifted. These individuals count their blessings and spend more of their day thinking with gratitude about the things in life they truly love.

People who are grateful for what they have are more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive, and energetic than people who do not count their blessings.

By maintaining this quality of love called upliftment within them, everything that happens is viewed as an opportunity to provide and experience contentment, understanding, perspective, and guidance to the people around them.

It is up to each person to be responsible to live their best life. One becomes very careful what they think about, and very selective as to where and what they give their time and attention to.

It is important that one’s thinking involves their heart. When one is in harmony with spirit, nothing can hinder them, as they always do what makes their heart sing.

When they give someone a hug or a smile, it uplifts the atmosphere. Their soul is expanded and they discover that they love every moment of their life.

By creating this important shift in one’s personal consciousness and taking a moment often to be still, to be quiet, and to just be, uplifts their emotions and does wonders.

Indulging oneself by basking in the sun, going for a walk in nature, absorbing the wonder and amazement of the beauty of the world around them creates a spiritual upliftment within them.

By changing one’s attitude, everything else in one’s life improves. One’s attitude is the key to creating behaviors in life which are highly effective and lead to the greatest happiness.

Genuine happiness is a state of mind, and is always a personal choice that an individual makes. They have the courage to follow their own heart and intuition. Their genuinely good character always radiates from within them and uplifts and inspires throughout their life.

Everyone values the gift of unexpected assistance and those who supply it. When one makes a positive impact in someone else’s life, they also make a positive impact in their own life. All are uplifted and empowered to a higher level of feeling.

By sharing the rich experiences of one’s life and the wisdom that comes from one’s unique point of view, by being vulnerable and willing to share one’s failures as well as one’s successes, others will relate to their example and be inspired and uplifted.

Others will understand that they are not the only ones with challenges. Being happy with whom one is now, and letting their positive attitude inspire their journey into tomorrow, helps encourage and touch those around them.

Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad; it just depends on one’s personal perspective. And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should.

As an individual stays positive and appreciates the pleasant outcomes and learns from their every experience, they can uplift themselves in a greater, more expansive way.

What people must realize is the tremendous amount of influence they can wield on those who surround them. What an uplifting person does best is to make everyone they interact with feel empowered or validated.

They are pioneers of the new age. Their job is to heal the world and elevate and uplift everybody. They pay attention to their motives and look for ways to uplift and purify them to a state of love.

They find happiness just from doing something well or from finding ways to give happiness to others. Everyone wants to feel valued and validated. Taking one’s time to talk to someone about their interests, their goals, and their talents places confidence where it was potentially lacking.

People always do better and thrive with compliments and positive direction. One’s emotional state and their thoughts travel out from them like ripples on a pond.

They radiate energy that affects everything and everyone. Their happy emotions radiate outward and affect those around them in a positive and uplifting way, and contribute greatly to the future unfolding of the higher destiny of the planet.

May your hearts stay uplifted and inspired as I take my leave.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

“Archangel Gabriel: Upliftment,” channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, January 22, 2015, at

Source Link: The Rainbow Scribe: Archangel Gabriel 2015

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Caroline Diana Bobart – The Wise Woman Within – 1-17-15

Caroline-Diana BobartThere is no denying this powerful truth – as a woman, a Spirit manifesting in this lifetime through a female body, you are much more intuitive, wise, dynamic, creative and capable than you are externally given credit for – not least, perhaps because you haven’t really yet settled into a true, complete and grounded understanding of this within yourself.

I know this because it forms the very basis of the work I do with female clients. Every day I speak to strong, magnificent, intelligent, educated, self-motivated women who despite the brave face they show to the world, feel frustratingly disempowered inside.

They are earnestly searching for the gilded route back to an understanding of themselves in which they can reconnect with their inner knowing and literally ‘crack’ the holding pattern that will liberate them from the ‘crosses’ or otherwise soul-stifling situations they can no longer bear.

These crosses are generally what contribute to their feeling of being ‘stuck’ – self-imposed inner limits on what they have been able to enjoy, do, be, have, and create, as well as externally imposed expectations, identities and limits that make them feel boxed-in and labelled by those who simply do not see the golden value, inherently free nature and deep truth of the Wise Woman within.

If you identify with this portrayal and are one of these women yourself, consider this…

The disconnect between who you have been conditioned to portray and believe you are, how you are treated and viewed, and who you really are – therein lies a place of pain.

The reasons for this disconnect vary and at first glance often appear completely unique. Women can come from happy or troubled backgrounds, they might be in supportive or troubled relationships, fulfilling or unfulfilling careers, effectively coping or struggling to maintain the intricate balance between motherhood, running a household, self-care and pursuing a career. The vast majority of us exist within some subtle, unique combination of the above.

What is not unique however are the feelings of being unseen, invalidated, misunderstood, and frustrated that these disconnect s cause. They are the same for each of us as women regardless of the subtle blend of contributing factors that give rise to this point of pain.

If this resonates with your own experience, take a moment now to close your eyes and offer gratitude for having arrived at a place with these words before you. You see, your Inner Spiritual Light, your intuition – despite the fact that you feel so disconnected from it – has quietly guided you to these words and thoughts. Ponder that this article you are reading may now simply be a mirror that reflects back to you your innate understanding about who you really are.

And So The Journey Began…

What if you were born into this lifetime because, as a spiritual being, you ‘knew’ it would help you to heal some of your past hurts and traumas so that you could more fully step into your magnificence and become more self-actualised than before?

According to this theory, you chose the precise family/social/cultural/economic situation, geographic location, prevailing influences and circumstances that would trigger your Spiritual unfolding and actualisation, and we all have just the exact combination of factors before us working together to illuminate our connection and soul-level understanding of our real self.

It might be a bitter pill to swallow to think that you ‘chose’ a lifetime of unhappiness, hardship or suffering but herein lies the key to its lesson… The only way you can truly change your situation, your relationship with yourself and your life is to take ownership of it as though it was a ‘choice’, and determine that you are going to do something about it. You can choose to be a victim of circumstance or you can step out, be brave and change your life.

Spiritual Restlessness Is The Key

Spiritual restlessness is the key that unlocks the door to the greater freedom, enjoyment, fulfilment, purpose and peace that you have been longing for. And in order to find that door, you must journey inward and be willing to behold, claim and love all of yourself, your lighter, capable, everyday characteristics as well as your deeper submerged pain.

You can only step into the life you dream of if you are able to reach a place of true appreciation, love and acceptance of exactly who you are, as you are. This is where your treasure, your sacred message and gifts lie. This is the version of yourself that it is absolutely imperative you share with the world.

And in spite of this, the funny thing is, we often feel a need to adapt ourselves, dim our light, not be so ‘in your face’, to become what we perceive as being more ‘palatable’ or acceptable to others. But remember, when you do so, you start going down the slippery slope of selling yourself short.

In sharing a lesser version of yourself, you create for yourself a certain level of separation, grief and pain. When you misrepresent and undervalue who you really are, you create a divide between the part of you that instinctively knows who you are and that part of you that seeks validation and approval from the outside. When you unconsciously share only the part of yourself you feel deserves to shine, to succeed and be seen, you often have the sense that something is not quite right, neither on the inner nor on the outer. Life and its experiences just don’t seem to ‘flow’.

The moment you decide however to embrace and express the entirety of who you are, not only does your spiritual information and innate knowing about your life’s journey emerge more readily, the sacred path begins to reveal itself and beckons to you as well.

You may find yourself creating ways forward where previously there was no discernible way. You step into life’s creative flow and begin to harness your intuition as you move down the path towards the relationships, situations and experiences that are ready and want to support you in your process of ‘becoming’.

And so if you are ready…

Imagine that you can create another way of doing and being which honours both your highest vision for yourself as well as your deepest soul-level needs. You can imagine this as a point of light that you are instinctively being drawn to, like a moth to a flame; to a place of greater ease, alignment, simplicity and peace. These are states that are natural to your inner Wise Woman.

Give yourself permission for them to emerge from your depths and to speak to you, to guide and lead you more consciously and intuitively towards the relationships, situations and spaces that honour and celebrate the silent knowing within you – and away from those that don’t.

If you are ready, recognise that you are at a place of needing to draw on all the reserves of courage you can muster as you prepare for the journey into a future unknown. You are readying yourself to embark on an adventure where there are no guarantees and where each and every experience and encounter that comes to you is a reflection of your intuition in action, consciously creating for you new experiences, new ways of being, doing, viewing and responding to the world. You are reaching the end of your relationship with the former limits that kept you safe, yes, but stuck and smothered too.

“The Wise Woman Within,” by Caroline Diana Bobart, January 15, 2015 at

Original article: The Wise Woman Within

Wes Annac – Angels and Spiritual Evolution – 1-8-15

Credit: Dave McClellan

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

One of the ideas that’s tossed around the conscious community is that there are other planes of existence beyond the physical earth. With dedication, effort and patience, we can raise our vibration and become higher-vibrational beings who look upon the earth (and other lower realms) with the desire to help its people evolve.

Some people think there’s more to life than our human level of existence, and beyond this realm exists other, more advanced ones that boast the ‘angels’ we’ve heard so much about from religion. I’m open to the idea that angels exist, and I think they’re higher-vibrational beings who do what they can to help us understand our spiritual nature and let the divine into our lives.

In order to raise our vibration enough to find enlightenment, we’ll have to open our minds and consider concepts we might not have taken seriously a short time ago. The conscious community’s nothing if not open-minded, but every now and then, I notice an element of close-mindedness with some seekers.

Some are unwilling to open up to concepts like angels that are associated with contemporary religion, but others have considered that higher-vibrational beings like angels, archangels, etc. exist and could want to assist us.

We rebel against contemporary religion in this day and age because of its obvious falsities and the things its leaders do to control people, but this doesn’t mean some religions don’t contain glimmers of truth.

I think there’s a difference between genuine and distorted spirituality, and one of the things we can learn about if we open our minds a little is the existence of ‘angels’ in higher states of consciousness.

We can also grasp the idea that we become angels by raising our vibration and spiritually evolving, but becoming angels isn’t actually our goal. The goal of the seeker who wants enlightenment is to reach the highest, purest state of consciousness that can be attained, which exists beyond any higher realm we’ll reach anytime soon.

Complete, unhindered union with Source takes place on a level far beyond the angelic realms or any other higher realms, and to merge with Source requires us to transcend every lower and higher realm and reach this indescribable state of consciousness where we’re one with our creator and our individuality has ceased.

The purpose of this article isn’t to focus as much on Source as the idea that we’re incarnate angels who, with focus, effort and a little patience, can rediscover our angelic heritage and raise our vibration to the point that we reassume the angelic form we left behind when we came to earth.

Depending on how heavily you want to humor certain ‘new agey’ concepts, you could say we all came here from higher realms wherein our form was more angelic than human. Again, I think ‘angel’ is just a label to describe a higher-vibrational being who’s focused on helping earth.

Those of us who are here to raise the collective vibration could very well be angels who wanted to uplift humanity, and when our job is done, we’ll return to our angelic form and continue up the ladder of spiritual evolution until we reach the pure, unified state of consciousness where we give up any limited labels, judgments or perceptions.

Various spiritual teachers seem to agree that there are realms beyond the physical earth that boast higher-vibrational beings, and we’ll hear from a few of them here. I’m interested in the idea that angels exist, and I’m especially interested in the idea that some (if not most) of us were higher-vibrational beings before we incarnated on earth.

I think some of us left the angelic realms to come to earth and help its people find the light and eventually evolve, and we’ll learn a little about these realms here.

Zarathustra tells us that the seeker who’s realized God ‘remains in all glory’ with the angels.

“For ever and everlasting [the God-realized one] eternally remains in all glory with the Spiritual Angels.” (1)

An anonymous teacher, who inspired me to remind us not to focus solely on becoming angels, encourages us not to fix limits for our growth.

“Fix no limits for your growth. It has no limits, except those you create by your own willing and thinking: therefore think only of growing, and never of being full grown.” (2)

If our goal is to become the angels we might’ve been before, we’ll miss out on the chance to raise our vibration further once we ascend into the angelic realms. I’m sure those realms are plenty blissful and heavenly, but once we’re there, we’ll realize that we still have more growing and learning to do.

The angelic realms are a great evolutionary destination to focus on for the time being, but we’ll see when we’re there that growth and evolution are infinite. We’ll continue to evolve until we’re back with our creator, and even then, we might decide to come back and do it all over again.

Some spiritual teachers have told us that the evolutionary process basically starts over again after we’ve been back with Source for a while. Despite the sheer bliss that’ll likely permeate us when we’re back with Source, we’ll still want to go through the process of rediscovering ourselves as God again.

Some people might think it’s egotistical of so many spiritual teachers to claim they’re God incarnate, but most of us still don’t understand that we’re all God incarnate. We’re all incarnate embodiments of our creator, and as most of us know, we create our reality in every realm we incarnate in.

Thus, it doesn’t seem so wacky to consider that some seekers have discovered themselves as God in a more potent form than others and are willing to proclaim their godliness.

I think we should all proclaim our godliness to a degree, and even though most of us haven’t enacted the discipline so many God-realized spiritual teachers have, we’re still worthy of calling ourselves God because no matter what form we embody, we’re God at our core.

We are and have always been our own creator, but when we raise our vibration to a new level of consciousness, we’ll realize that we’ve also been angels all along. To be angelic is simply to be God in a lesser form, and the same can be said for being human.

In a famous quote I’ve shared before, Rumi tells us about the evolutionary stages he remembers experiencing.

“I died as mineral and became a plant. I died as plant and rose to animal. I died as animal and I was man. …Yet once more I shall die as man, to soar With angels blest; but even from angelhood must pass on: all except God doth perish.

“When I have sacrificed my angel soul, I shall become what no mind e’er conceived. Oh, let me not exist! For Non-existence Proclaims in organ tones, ‘To Him we shall return.’” (3)

I don’t think ‘non-existence’ means we actually won’t exist – it just means we won’t embody the identity-based form we recognize here on earth, which is the same form we’ll recognize in higher realms as it grows and evolves.

Only when we’re ready to be back with our creator will we transcend this identity-based form once and for all, and until we do, it’ll continue to evolve and take on greater, more angelic versions of itself.

Franklin Merrell-Woolf tells us that there’s ‘no conceivable end to evolution’.

“Beyond [the sage’s attainment], whatever it may be, there lie further mysteries awaiting his resolution. In other words, We find no conceivable end to evolution.” (4)

No matter what spiritual source we hear from, they always tell us that there’s no real end to the evolutionary process. Even when we’re in a blissful state of consciousness that’s free of the worries, pains and stresses we’re used to on earth, there will still exist more advanced planes to eventually access.

We don’t need to be in any hurry to evolve from the earth, however hellish some people think it is, because we aren’t doing all this for the conclusion. We’re doing it so we can enjoy the journey back into our godly essence, and it’ll be quite a while before we reach the end of a pretty much endless cycle of consistent spiritual evolution.

There are plenty more quotes we could examine on this subject, and I might revive this discussion another time because a lot more could be said about it. Hopefully, you’ve all gotten the point this article’s meant to convey, which is that there are higher realms beyond our human perception that we’ll reach as we understand ourselves as God in purer measures.

In my opinion, the more we realize ourselves as God, the more we’ll raise our vibration and evolve our current forms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It takes a lot of discipline to truly embody godly qualities on earth, and it’ll require us not to fall into the fray most of us easily fall into time after time.

We’ll eventually get there if we’re dedicated enough, and along the way, we might discover that we have an angelic lineage, which we’ll reclaim as we grow through the various dimensions that stand between us and full union with our creator.

We can embody the form of angels (or of Source to the best of our ability) right here on earth if we’re willing to discipline ourselves, and we might be glad we did. The bliss we’ll enjoy will be worth any effort we made to attain it, and we’ll eventually be open, receptive spiritual seekers who understand our godliness and are willing to use it to help others.

Mooji – When Resistance Comes – 1-1-15



The pure Self in the play we call existence gets identified with the person, then it has some affection for what I call the ‘infection’, and it deeply believes it is a person.
To walk in the forest of mind is a very unstable place.
Be bold and courageously say, ‘I am the Self’.
I am not asking you to perform any spiritual gymnastics.
Just quietly within your own being allow my words to point you to the place that you can never not be.

A video extract from the Satsang DVD
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
27th September 2014 Session 1

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Wes Annac – 8 Signs You May Be A Mystic – 12-16-14

feature_image_templateWritten by Daniel, Expanded Consciousness, December 15, 2014 –
Here’s the definition I use for the word “mystic”: a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

I understand it’s not a word everyone is familiar with. Buddhism is my path, but it’s not really correct to call it my religion. It’s a mystical path, not a religion. At least, that’s how I see it.

I realized not too long ago that I had a mystical worldview. Mystics have been present throughout human history. Mysticism pre-dates organized religion, but it’s something that has been almost lost in the modern world.

Here are some signs that you may be a mystic like me.

1) Personal connection rather than texts and doctrines.

Mystics want to personally connect with spirituality, rather than relying on someone else’s spiritual experience. They like to hear about the experiences of others, but aren’t tied to them.

2) Always Questioning

By nature, mystics are iconoclasts. They ask questions that some think shouldn’t be asked. They wonder about the nature of humanity and the nature of existence. For this reason, mystics are often uncomfortable with systems of authority, especially religious ones. Mystics are the ones who challenge authority and the status quo. The mystic isn’t attached to old paradigms.

3) Relying on Intuition

Mystics have an ability to rely on insight and intuitive perceptions. These are essential for a spiritual seeker.

4) Seeing the Truth Within

Mystics measure successes on the spiritual path based on their own internal guidance, rather than some external forms and rituals. The only purpose of ritual is to trigger some insight within.

5) Looking up at the stars in wonder.

Does it take you out of yourself when you look up at the sky? Even if you aren’t thinking about the vastness of the cosmos, this is still a sign of the mystic worldview. This means you’re connecting to deeper truths in the universe.

6) Feeling a lot of empathy, often too much.

The mystic has a tendency to transcend the ego, so the boundaries between Self and Other are a little more thin.

7) Connection to nature.

A feeling of relaxation when you are away from civilization is normal for the mystic. Not only because of the isolation, but also because the wonders of the natural world are manifested before us when we aren’t distracted by the city.

8) Devotion to Truth.

A love of facts and knowledge, as opposed to opinion and conjecture. A real seeker of the truth is rare.


Saint Germain – Love is the Hub of the Universe Upon Which Everything Revolves


Volume 3 – Discourse #12


  1. Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence, Thou All-Pervading Intelligence!

  2. Thy Love, Wisdom and Power govern all things.

  3. Thy Divine Justice is ever operating in the lives and worlds of those who look to Thee with unfailing determination.

  4. We give praise and thanks that Thou art the Ruling Power and Governing Intelligence ruling all things.

  5. We give praise and thanks that in our world Thou art the ever-sustaining, Invincible Power.

  6. We thank Thee.

  7. God always finds a way to help those whose hearts reach out to Him.


  8. The seeming mysteries of Life with their attendant experiences are, when rightly understood, blessings in disguise; for any experience that causes us to turn more firmly to the One Active Presence, “I AM,” God in Action, has served us a wonderful purpose and blessing.

  9. The unfortunate situation in which personalities find themselves exists because they are constantly looking to outside sources for Sustenance, directing Intelligence, and for the Love that is the Supreme Presence and Power of the Universe.

  10. It matters not what the conditions are that we face, at no time must we lose track of or allow ourselves to be drawn from the Great Truth that: “Love is the Hub of the Universe upon which everything revolves.”

  11. This does not mean that we shall love inharmony, discord, or anything unlike the Christ, but instead we can love God in Action, the “I AM Presence” everywhere present; for the opposite of hate is Love, and one cannot hate in any sense without having loved deeply.

  12. The Admonition that Jesus gave was truly this idea.

  13. Each human being is a power, and is intended to be the governing principle of his Life and world.

  14. In the recognition that within each human being is the “I AM Presence of God” ever acting, then everyone knows that he holds within his outer hands the Scepter of Dominion, and should use his conscious determination in knowing that the Invincible Presence of God is, every moment, the Intelligent Activity in his world and affairs.

  15. This keeps the attention from becoming fixed on the outer appearance, which is never the Truth unless illumined by the “I AM Presence.”

  16. No matter what the problem is to be solved in the individual’s Life, there is only One Power, Presence and Intelligence that can solve it, and that is the individual’s recognition of the All-powerful Presence of God—with whom no outer activity may interfere—unless the individual’s attention is knowingly or unknowingly drawn from his central recognition and acceptance of the Supreme God Power.

  17. The Principle of Life, always active, is ever striving to pour Itself forth into expression, thereby producing Its Natural Perfection; but human beings, having free will, consciously or unconsciously qualify It with all kinds of distortion.

  18. The individual who stands with his attention fixed firmly on the “I AM Presence,” on God and with God, becomes an Invincible Power with which no outer manifestation of mankind can interfere.

  19. In the recognition of: “‘I AM’ here and ‘I AM’ there,” friends wherever needful will be raised up to one’s assistance, for: “‘I AM’ the friends brought forward whenever and wherever it is necessary.”

  20. The release from all outer dominion or interference can only come through this recognition of the “I AM Presence,” God in Action in the individual’s Life and world.

  21. Many times this requires strong determination to hold unwaveringly in this Presence when appearances seem to be dominating.

  22. However, such is never really the case.

  23. The old saying, “An individual is never licked until he gives up,” is quite true, for as long as an individual looks with full determination to God in himself as the Governing Intelligence, there is no human activity that can long interfere.

  24. The Mighty Outpouring of Light flowing about each individual—through the activity of the vision, and knowing of Its Presence—can be made as invincible as a wall of steel about one, in fact more so.

  25. Ever down through the centuries have the majority of mankind given their attention to the outer appearances, thereby inviting all kinds of discord and distress; but today there are thousands who are coming to understand the God Presence within themselves as Absolutely Invincible, to the extent that they are steadily being raised above the injustice, discord and inharmony of the outer creation.

  26. Until mankind or individuals hold their attention on the “I AM Presence,” God within, long enough and with sufficient determination, they will find themselves surrounded by the undesirable; but through this “I AM Presence,” each one has the power to raise himself above the discord and disturbance of the outer creation.

  27. At first it does take determination to hold fast when the seeming storm clouds hang low and the outer appearance seems overwhelming; but with a dynamic conscious attitude and the attention fixed upon the Presence of God within, it is like the lightning flashing forth from within the storm clouds, penetrating and dissolving the storm that seems so threatening.

  28. As one advances, he finds himself becoming more and more Invincible to this outer creation of mankind which brings such great distress.

  29. The Statement of Jesus: “Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free,” was perhaps one of the simplest and greatest Truths to ever be uttered; for the first fundamental of knowing this Great Truth to which he referred was to know that you have within you this Invincible Presence of God.

  30. If you know that and are certain of It within your own consciousness—I mean by that, standing with firm determination in the face of everything—then you know you do have that Presence within.

  31. Your next step is to take your stand: “‘I AM’ the Illumining, Revealing Presence, and no outer activity that I need to know can be withheld from me, because ‘I AM’ the Wisdom, ‘I AM’ the Perception, ‘I AM’ the Revealing Power bringing everything before me—that I may see and understand, and be able to act accordingly.”

  32. It is so easy, when you once understand that: “‘I AM’ the Only Intelligence and Presence acting,” to see how you have the Scepter within your own hands, and through this “I AM Presence” you can compel everything you need to know to be revealed to you.

  33. I assure you, this is not in any way interfering with the free will of any other individual.

  34. It is time that the Children of God who are looking to the Light awaken to this Dominion.

  35. I assure you, it is no wrong nor mistake to claim and demand your own.

  36. In doing this you are not in any way interfering with any other individual.

  37. If at any time there are those who through their outer activity attempt to take from you that which belongs to you, then it is your right to command through the “I AM Presence” that the whole condition be adjusted and your own brought to you.

  38. In this we must be very careful that when we have set the Divine Law into motion and Divine Justice begins to take place that we do not become over sympathetic and thereby interrupt the action of the Law.

  39. When human beings are governed entirely by the outer self, and when they have no consideration for the Power of God which gives them Life, they are easily led to commit any kind of injustice; but does that mean in any sense that you shall allow them to do it in your world?

  40. Not when you know that you have the Mighty Power of God within to command and demand right and justice from everywhere.

  41. I want to cite you an instance: One of my students was going through a very trying experience, and the nature being very spiritual, I told her to demand right and justice.

  42. She did as advised, and presently things began to happen to those who wished to do her injustice.

  43. Through kindness of heart she began to relent and wish that she had not demanded justice.

  44. She came to Me and said, “What am I to do?”

  45. I said with no uncertainty, “Stand by the decree that you have issued. You are not responsible for the lessons these individuals have to learn who have wronged you, so let them get their lessons and be undisturbed.”

  46. When individuals start to do wrong, that moment they set in motion the Great Universal, or Cosmic Law of retribution, and they can no more avoid retribution striking them sometime, somewhere, than they can stop the action of the planets.

  47. To the innocent victim, retribution sometimes seems a long time coming, but the longer its arrival is delayed, the more powerful it acts when it does arrive.

  48. There is no human being in existence that can avoid this Law.

  49. Many times students and individuals have thought that something could be imposed upon them.

  50. Such, I assure you, is not the case.

  51. The only way one can open himself to undesirable thought is by entering into condemnation and hate.

  52. If he has done this, he has generated the thing in which he believed.

  53. The student who knows the Power of God within himself need never fear anything from anyone.

  54. The individual may, if he or she choose, experience the Fullness of the Activity of God in his Life and world.

  55. It is simply a matter of choosing what you shall have.

  56. If you want peace and harmony, know: “‘I AM’ the Power producing it.”

  57. If you want adjustment in your affairs and world, know: “‘I AM’ the Mighty Intelligence and Power producing it, and no outer activity can interfere with it.”

  58. From out the seeming mystery of Life’s ceaseless activity there is the Illumining Presence of the “Mighty I AM Within” that stands ever ready to bless you with untold, inconceivable Blessings—if you only let It.

  59. How do you let It?

  60. By the joyous acceptance of the Mighty Presence, that you have this Mighty Power within you; and then do not hesitate in every detail of your activity, no matter how small it seems, to call It into action; for there is no energy in the Universe but God to act through your consciousness, your mind, your body, your world.

  61. Say often: “I AM the Presence” in everything you wish to have done.

  62. This opens the way for the Power of God to act and bring you justice.

  63. Have no sympathy for the outer that in its ignorance does the wrong thing, whether in yourself or someone else.

  64. Keep calm and serene, knowing: “God is the only Intelligence and Power acting in your world and affairs.”

  65. “I AM” in you is the Self-sustaining strength and healing, manifesting in your mind and body.

  66. This keeps you in greater attunement.

  67. Face God!

  68. And the Energy always surges forth to command every situation.

  69. Individuals who understand this Law are not subject to injustice and the conditions which the outer selves of other beings try to impose upon them.

  70. Keep the outer reminded of this often.

  71. Be sure always within yourselves that there is only the Presence and Power of God acting in you and your affairs.

  72. Keep using the statement at all times that: “There is nothing hidden that is not revealed to me.”

  73. This is always necessary.

  74. However, no matter what individuals want to do, your safeguard is always to pour out the Love of God to them.

  75. When individuals try to enjoy something through injustice, without question, they never enjoy it, for they always lose some faculty by which they could enjoy it.

  76. Other personalities always have the same privilege to stand with God that you do, and if they do not choose, that is not your business.

  77. God is the All-knowing Presence and Power, knows and discovers all things.

  78. You may say for another: “Mighty Master Self, the ‘I AM Presence’ within this individual, come forth in Thy Conscious Power, with Thy Mighty Insight and Foresight, with Thy Wisdom and Directing Intelligence; and see that all things are adjusted for her, and that she is given the peace and rest she so much deserves.

  79. ‘I AM’ the Commanding Presence directing and commanding this to be done, and it is done now.

  80. Lift the consciousness into the Full Dazzling Light, where she may see and know the repose, rest and beauty that is hers by her own creation and service.”

  81. It is a mistake to let sympathy draw you into conditions that are very destructive.

  82. Take the stand: “ ‘I AM’ the only Presence acting there.”

  83. For helping those who have passed on through so-called death: “‘I AM’ the Presence holding that individual in the sphere where he belongs, teaching and enlightening him.”

  84. If the student can get the correct idea of pouring out the Love to his own Divine Self, he will receive complete relief from every discord.

  85. To perfect conditions say: “‘I AM’ the Presence there—governing and healing the situation.”

  86. Mankind in general and the doctors have distorted things pitifully.

  87. The individual who wants to rise into the “God Presence” and live there needs the energy he wastes.

  88. The very energy individuals waste is the force and strength by which they are enabled to hold fast to the “God Presence.”

  89. This Energy is the Life they need to enable them to turn and hold steadfast to the “God Presence.”

  90. When the outer self has for centuries used Life’s Energy to create wrong conditions, that waste of the energy becomes a wide-open drain upon the consciousness of individuals.

  91. Doctors are responsible for much of this terrible condition, for they teach the gratification of the sex appetite, and that is the greatest avenue of waste with which human beings have to contend.

  92. This is what makes it impossible to hold fast to the “God Presence” long enough to attain the Mastery.

  93. It is ninety-five per cent of the cause of old age and the loss of sight, hearing and memory—as these faculties only cease to function when there is no longer a stream of this Life Energy flowing into the cellular structure of the brain.

  94. You cannot tell this to individuals until they have had such hard knocks that they are almost desperate with the misery of their own creation before they will listen to you.

  95. The will is absolutely nothing without this Life Energy.

  96. There is only one possible way to change anything which has been created and directed into a wrong channel.

  97. The attention is what holds it fast to the wrong use or expression of it.

  98. Instantly direct the thought to the Higher Self.

  99. Many people get the idea that they can control it by sheer force of will, through compulsion.

  100. This cannot be done, for you but dam it up, and it only breaks out somewhere else.

  101. The only permanent way to overcome it is to change the attention and rise out of it.

  102. Use the Statement: “‘I AM’ the Governing Presence of this Energy and the only Power that can raise it.

  103. ‘I AM’ the Presence raising and transcending it, and that action is forever Self-sustained.”

  104. Know: “‘I AM’ the Presence doing this, and therefore it is done now, for God’s Activity is always instantaneous.”

  105. In any wrong condition, the first thing to do is to call on the Law of Forgiveness.

  106. Remember that when a thing has been set in motion or energized, it simply acts.

  107. The physical body is the vehicle for contact with the sense world.

  108. When nearing the point of precipitation, continue on using the physical vehicle for doing the ordinary physical service.

  109. There is the Inner, the mental, and the physical world.

  110. The physical body has been created to act in the lower rate of vibration and is the natural vehicle provided.

  111. To direct and handle physical objects by the mind alone needs an accumulation of Electronic Force in the Electronic Circle of the individual.

  112. When using the energy below the Ascended State, this consciously generated energy is held within the Electronic Circle which surrounds every individual to a more or less degree.

  113. This accounts for some individuals seeming to have a limitless amount of energy, for that which is accumulated in one lifetime is carried over into the succeeding lives.

  114. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate things in which human beings live is the man’s so-called legal right to bind another individual in the sex activity when the other wishes to rise out of it.

  115. Even in the ignorance of the outer mind, some natures have a powerful development of the Love Activity.

  116. The Pure Love of God never goes below the heart.

  117. True Love never requires sex contact of any kind.

  118. The Great Ascended Host of Light are ever with those who want to do right.

  119. Send your thought out to Them, and you shall always receive help.

  120. You have an Invulnerable, Invincible Power when you know you have the recognition of the “I AM Presence.”

  121. The Law of Forgiveness is the wide-open Door to reach the Heart of God.

  122. It is the Keynote and Hub on which the Universe turns.


  123. Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence of God!

  124. We give praise and thanks for Thy ceaseless Ministry.

  125. We call Thy Blessings, Thy Wisdom, Thy Intelligence to act through each one, giving peace of mind, peace of body, and joy of heart, to go forth the Ruling, Conquering, Victorious Presence over all things.

  126. We give praise and thanks that the “Mighty Presence I AM,” God in Action, governs all official places, causing Thy Perfection to be ever-operative and Self-sustained in Thy Name and through Thy Presence.

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Channeler, Healer   –   Andrew Bojarski

Steve Beckow – Spiritual Evolution – The Divine Plan for Life – 12-4-14

EvolutionReposted as a companion piece to the article, “The Perennial Philosophy.”

Life has meaning. It has order. It has a purpose and a process.

That purpose and process can be, and have been, known to all of Earth’s sages and to the galactic ascended beings here to help us with our Ascension.

The Divine Plan for life can be expressed in words, though it is very unlikely that those words actually can or do capture it in very much of its original and total glory. Our explanations will be biased and partial. But it may be better to have rough approximate statements and keep improving them than to have no idea whatsoever and wander in the dark.

So here is a rough approximation of it, which I expect to have a very short shelf life and to be soon replaced by a better expression of it. This statement of it draws heavily on what I learned from a vision in 1987 and from subsequent research, described here: . These points also summarize what is said in the book, The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment.

Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life

1. Every man, woman, and child on this planet is God. Every man, woman, and child lives forever, through countless physical lives.

Everything known and unknown, everything that is and is not is God. There is nothing that we can see or not see that is not Him (Her, It – God has no gender. I’ll follow the conventional use of sages here and refer to God as a “He”). That being the case you are God and I am God and everyone else is as well. Being God, we’re not capable of being destroyed or ceasing to exist. We’re therefore eternal, though our physical bodies are not.

The “immortality” that such teachers as Jesus spoke of is not immortality of the soul, which is already immortal, but the cessation of the need to be born into a physical body again. As it happens we reincarnate endless times until we reach the point of needing no more to be reborn physically. But that is not the end of spiritual evolution, which continues until we return to God, whence we came, through a virtually endless process of successive enlightenments.

Spiritual evolution means that, not simply the physical body evolves as Darwin said it does, but the spiritual bodies that we also inhabit do as well.  We journey through lifetime after lifetime, learning , discriminating, improving our ability to discern the Real from the unreal, until finally we realize the One fully. We have then progressed from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness of our nature as God.

2. The purpose of life is enlightenment. The purpose of life is that God should meet God and, in that meeting, taste His own bliss. For that purpose was all of life made.

God is One without a second. In His highest expression, God is formless and thus encounters no forms and can draw on no tools or technologies. God is alone in the universe of form and beyond. There being no other, there is no one to know God and no means for God to know God.  In light of this, to satisfy a desire to know Himself and taste His own bliss, God created life forms and assigned them the task of knowing their true nature, their original identity.

He implanted in them a longing that can only be satisfied by the realization of their identity as God. He created universal laws that aid the individual being in the journey from God into the world and from the world back to God again. Each time a life form realizes its true identity as God, God meets God, and for this meeting was all of life created.

3. All of us have journeyed out from God, by His command, and will be liberated from the cycle of physical birth and death the moment we know that everything in this world, including us, is God. Hindu sages call this level of enlightenment vijnana (perfect wisdom) and sahaja (or natural, permanent) nirvikalpa samadhi.

When all movement in the mind stops, when the spiritual heart (or hridayam) opens and never shuts again, the individual being realizes God in sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi, the stage of liberation from the need to be physically reborn (or mukti).  This level has been called vijnana (or perfect wisdom) by some and nirvana (or cessation of movement).  But spiritual evolution does not cease here.  Only the need to be reborn in this Third Dimension stops. Orders of existence stretch on in an endless vista, through dimension after dimension, universe after universe.

4. The Father created the domain of the Mother (mater, matter) as the setting for our spiritual journey and education. We wander in this material realm lifetime after lifetime, constantly learning.

The first creations in life were what Christians call the Holy Spirit and the Christ or Son and what Hindus call the Divine Mother or Shakti and the Atman.  The first is a primal universal creative vibration known as Aum/Amen, the Logos or Word. Known to Solomon as “Wisdom” or Sophia, to Lao-Tzu as the Mother, this level of reality is the Phenomenal world whereas the Father or Brahman is the Formless Transcendental, beyond the Phenomenal world.

The Christ or Atman is “the Father in me” or “Brahman-within-the-individual,” a “fragment” or “spark,” metaphorically speaking, lodged within the body (or bodies), which are created by the Mother. One cannot know the Father without first knowing the Son in a moment of enlightenment. This first sight of the Light grows, with meditation, till one day it becomes the sight of the Father’s Light.  The Son is the Father but the Father is greater than the Son. The Father is in me (in the heart of the individual) and I am in the Father (as are all things).

Neither is the Father male nor the Mother female. These designations were conventional teaching devices used by sages of old. There is no cosmic male, strictly speaking, and no cosmic female.  The difference being pointed at is the same as the difference between movement (Mother) and rest (Father), sound and silence.  Only the Father is not physical or material; everything else, no matter at how sublime or refined a level it exists, can be said to be physical or material when compared to the Father.

5. The Father made the material domain lawful. The most important law for us to know is the Law of Karma, which requires that what we do unto others shall be done unto us.

The material domain is the only domain in which law applies. Law does not apply to the Maker of the law, although He may submit to be governed by the law as in the case of an Avatar. The Mother is the “Voice crying in the Wilderness,” the sound of Aum/Amen echoing throughout the Phenomenal domain as the music of the spheres, which creates, preserves, and transforms all things. The Father is the Wilderness in that no law can bind Him.

The most important law for us to attend to as Third-Dimensional beings is the Law of Karma. The Law of Karma is like guardrails which prevent a vehicle from leaving the road. It keeps the individual soul from going too far to the left or right and ensures that the individual keeps moving forward towards the destined return of the Prodigal Child to God, once it tires of all experiences in the material world.

6. The form of our total journey is a sacred arc, like Jacob’s Ladder, away from and back to God. But, day by day, we also follow a spiritual spiral, returning to the same karmic lessons repeatedly until we learn them.

As Jesus said, we come out from the Father into the world, remain for a while, and then return to the Father in what can be conceived of as an arc. When I had my vision of the purpose of life, in 1987, the form of the individual’s journey out from God and back to God again formed a wide arc or circle.

Nonetheless, the Law of Karma ensures that we return to the same lessons again and again until at last we learn them and this return through successive lifetimes can be seen as a spiral.  Thus the shape of life, if you will, can be visualized as a spiraling arc or circular coil.  This virtually endless journey is depicted in many religions as a ladder of consciousness or a stairway of existence which we travel down and then up.

7. From one day to the next, we may expand or contract, but all the while we are cosmically drawn back to Him by a sub-sensible, eternal longing, planted there by Him, for Him: a longing for liberation (for more on this, see “The Longing for Liberation”).

The longing for liberation is just one of the design elements built or hardwired into life forms. Most people, experiencing this subsensible tidal yearning, try to fill it with possessions, experiences, relationships, and so on. But God so designed life that nothing will satisfy it except the return to God. We go through life endlessly acquiring, enjoying and casting aside, ever unsatisfied, in an endless cycle of desire. This develops discrimination in us. Gradually we are made aware that nothing but God will satisfy our ineffable thirst and hunger. Then we develop detachment. At that point we cease to be prodigal children and begin our return to the Father, who welcomes us with open arms.

This longing then acts as a homing beacon or magnet on all life forms, no matter how exalted, drawing them ever onwards until they merge again with God. Hence the love in the eyes of saints towards God and the deep devotion of exalted beings, in whom the longing for liberation acts more strongly than in us.

8. In the cosmic Drama, there are three Actors we must realize: God the Father, God the Mother, and God the Child. These are the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental in the Phenomenal. Christians call them (note the change in order) the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Hindus call them Brahman, Atman, and Shakti. The Formless became two Forms. The One made trillions of forms through the agency of the Two and then mysteriously entered into them. We are required to know that Trinity.

The “Holy Persons” are not persons, but levels of reality. They can be described as the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental in the Phenomenal. We are the Transcendental in the Phenomenal, sparks of divinity who reside in the womb of the Mother until our divine birth. The Mother educates her children in the school of life until they are ready to be brought to meet the Father.

All religions have a conception of this Holy Trinity, though it may take some digging to correlate terms. We “know” the three levels in successively-higher experiences of enlightenment. We know the Son, Christ, or Atman in the experience of “stream entering” or “spiritual awakening” when the kundalini reaches the fourth or heart chakra.

We know the Mother in an experience of savikalpa samadhi or cosmic consciousness when the kundalini reaches the sixth or brow chakra (and the Third eye opens).

We know the Father first in an experience of kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra and permanently in an experience of sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi when the energy reaches the spiritual heart or hridayam.

The Christ or Atman is often called the “Self,” which leads us to say that we cannot know God until we become knowers of the Self. Translated that means we cannot have the experience of seventh-chakra enlightenment until we have the experience of fourth-chakra enlightenment. Therefore know Thyself. Meditate on the Self that is known and it will become the knowledge of God. All of Jesus’s parables about the treasure buried in a field, the pearl of great price, the mustard seed, and the measure of meal concern this journey of enlightenment.

Knowledge of these three levels of Reality is required of all beings before they graduate from humannness.. Their knowledge represents a progressive accomplishment. There is not simply one enlightenment or one level of enlightenment, but many. And beyond humannness there are also many further gradations of life.

9. Everyone will reach Him – some in the morning; some in the afternoon; and some in the evening. Experiences will vary, but all will eventually know God.

No one will fail to return to God. Even the very small number who choose such evil that they are liquidated can be said to return to God.  For all the rest, they journey at varying speeds to enlightenment. I’m led to believe that God does not worry about the time it takes us to return. There is no dishonor at taking more time than our neighbor. Moreover, different beings are created at different times. Those who are reaching enlightenment when we do not may have been created earlier than we. Those people who reach enlightenment without rigorous discipline probably  practiced rigorous discipline in other lives. Others are already enlightened and return in an unenlightened condition to serve by demonstrating what spiritual practice looks like.

10. Every genuine path will work. God plays all roles and observes all actions. He has become many; next to Him, there is none.

There is no religion or spiritual practice that is invalid, if genuine and sincerely followed. Some cults and orders may have dark purposes but the spiritual experiences of all genuine masters, translated into religious teachings (if rendered and maintained purely) are all acceptable in God’s eyes. There is only one God. The God of the Christians is the God of the Muslims and God of the Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, Sufis, etc.  God is One but His names are many.  Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God. The Lord is One, without a second.  There is none else besides God.

Some will see Light; others will see a “form” of God; still others may have an intuitive sense of knowing. All genuine paths sincerely followed lead to God. God, through the Mother, designed the many paths to suit the various tastes of seekers, but all are efficacious. There is no ground to say that one religion or path is superior to another. There is nothing that supports the belief that the earnest followers of one religion will reach God and the earnest followers of another will not. God is on no side and on all sides.

11. In His love, He is universal, impartial, and supreme. What He wills must happen. He decreed this Drama for His own Pleasure. Each time someone knows its Self — “Oh Thou I!” — God meets God!

God loves all life forms – human, non-human, subhuman, superhuman. He makes no distinction among life forms. His Will must prevail. All is happening within His Being. He created the drama or lila for His own pleasure, a game of blind man’s bluff (or buff), in which God plays all roles and is the object of the search as well as the searcher and the search.   Only God can realize God. Whenever anyone realizes God, that one simply realizes itself and the Self that it realizes is God.

Max and Lana – Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are Not Good Enough? – 11-29-14


Everyone on this planet understands that being human involves moments of self-doubt, hesitation, and/or wondering if we are “good enough” to reach our goals and fulfill our desires. However, for “light workers” or those on the spiritual path, these feelings are often more pervasive, intense, confusing, and even paralyzing. Rather than fleeting moments of feeling unsure, our episodes appear more difficult to overcome, and almost foundational or at the core of our awakening process.


by Max and Lana
guest writers for

Everyone on this planet understands that being human involves moments of self-doubt, hesitation, and/or wondering if we are “good enough” to reach our goals and fulfill our desires. However, for “light workers” or those on the spiritual path, these feelings are often more pervasive, intense, confusing, and even paralyzing. Rather than fleeting moments of feeling unsure, our episodes appear more difficult to overcome, and almost foundational or at the core of our awakening process.

As lightworkers, most of us consider ourselves to be human beings of powerfully energetic and universal fabric; connected to all on this planet and beyond; and part of a bigger picture regarding the future of our  species, our planet, and the cosmos. So, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we tend to over-think, feel insecure, dwell in self-doubt, or get overly impatient with ourselves–even in situations where we would likely show understanding and compassion for someone else doing or thinking the exact same thing?

It is true that we can point our fingers at different life events or critical people whose hurtful words and unkind actions may have nurtured our sense of uneasiness or “unworthiness.” However, a root cause that all of us in the awakening process seem to share is the feeling of “not fitting in,” no matter how good we are at faking it. Why? Unfortunately, being more “awake” on this planet still means being truly different than 99% of the population in genetic frequency, “sensitivities,” and perspectives.

Even armed with this important awareness, we still yearn to be understood; to “belong” here; to feel like we are using our talents effectively; and to experience true love for another, mutually and unconditionally. These goals may sound basic, but in reality are all very “awakened” concepts that the 3D world has yet to fully revere and embrace. So, it is natural for light workers to feel isolated, discouraged, and unsure when the frequencies of our partners, family members, and friends don’t match ours; when so few people “get us” or know how to make us feel complete; and when–on top of what we already endure from our own human experiences—we have special “talents” that involve sensing the pain, pressure, and problems of the people and world around us.

The following list will hopefully offer some tools for light workers to better understand the more universal sources of their loneliness, confusion, and self-doubt, as well as offer tips to avoid the self-defeating cycles, negative thought patterns, and pitfalls we all know so well…

Contributing Factor #1

Esteemed leaders, respected mentors, and beloved idols whom we trust in our homes, schools, governments, religious institutions, and even the metaphysical world are still very human—and can let us down. When they tell us intentionally deceptive information, are simply misinformed, fall from grace, or do not prioritize our best interests, we second-guess ourselves. Even the most well-intentioned, educated, and/or experienced people will make mistakes or may spread disinformation. However, we often criticize OURSELVES for not predicting it or not seeing through it or for having resonated with the person or philosophy in the first place. We then lose confidence in our more “spiritual gifts,” including clarity, judgment, and discernment. In other words, we seriously doubt OUR abilities to sense the truth intuitively and to make conscious decisions.

TIP: Remind yourself that intuition (like logic!) isn’t emotion. It may cause an emotional reaction once processed, but it is not emotion So, the more emotionally vested you are in a particular person or philosophy, the more clouded your intuition may be. Just because you were captivated or convinced by a person or theory that wasn’t what it seemed, doesn’t mean your radar or intuition is damaged. Due diligence is key; determine more about what you are being told, who is telling it, why, and why now. Ask yourself these questions: Does what I’m being told resonate with me because it is convenient and what I WANT to hear–rather than what I know and need to hear? Is it verifiable; can it be demonstrated? What is the proven track record of the source and how accurate have his or her predictions, information, and claims been until now? Is the message one of fear, powerlessness, and blaming other forces, or is it one of inspiration, transformation, and proactive change?

Contributing Factor #2

Most light workers lean toward “perfectionism” in at least one or more aspects of their lives, such as health, fitness, beauty, work, parenting, the arts, relationships, organizational skills, etc. Through the light worker lens, we see details, perspectives, and possibilities that many others may not. We envision amazing outcomes for ourselves and our world, and are always frustrated when, regardless of how we may try,  life isn’t perfect at all or involves harsh trade-offs. We then wonder if we are trying too hard, not trying enough, or if the problem is within ourselves because we missed something, or aren’t capable enough, or aren’t deserving enough of that “perfect picture” we believe is possible.

TIP: Keep in mind that we remember in our souls how great, vast, and powerful our energies truly are when not trapped in this imperfect human form and in this very imperfect 3D world. How can we not feel frustrated, disappointed, and impatient with the limitations of human minds and bodies when we know our essence is so much more? Although the confines of our human existences make it virtually impossible to maintain a constant sense of limitlessness and perfection, there can still be great fun, meaning, and purpose in falling short of perfect. As a matter of fact, in this reality, it is the imperfections, obstacles, “accidents,” and stumbles that truly guide us on our paths, help us assist others with sincerity, and deliver us to incredible places and surprising achievements we might never have imagined otherwise.

The more that we “wake up” to the world around us, the more we feel and react to the frequencies of other people, the planet, technologies, and the cosmos. Another way of describing this extraordinary gift is that we pick up, sense, and take in diverse frequencies from friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances around us; from personal technology devices and creature comforts, as well as larger electrical grids, power plants, towers, and systems; and from the gravitational and other effects of lunar cycles, solar flares, planetary alignments, etc. As a result, some of us may experience physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, allergies, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, joint pain, organ failure, and on and on. Others may experience major mood swings that seem out-of-the-blue; increased anxiety and irritability; trouble focusing; extreme sadness or depression - or a combination of all of it. On top of that, we may have strange dreams, suffer from abnormal sleep patterns, sense an invisible presence, hear bizarre noises in our ears, or have other experiences that others don’t. How can we not doubt ourselves and wonder if we are sick or crazy or both? Of course, those thoughts are scary and make us feel more vulnerable, weak, confused—and even more sick, crazy, or both!

Contributing Factor #3

The more that we “wake up” to the world around us, the more we feel and react to the frequencies of other people, the planet, technologies, and the cosmos. Another way of describing this extraordinary gift is that we pick up, sense, and take in diverse frequencies from friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances around us; from personal technology devices and creature comforts, as well as larger electrical grids, power plants, towers, and systems; and from the gravitational and other effects of lunar cycles, solar flares, planetary alignments, etc. As a result, some of us may experience physical symptoms  such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, allergies, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, joint pain, organ failure, and on and on. Others may experience major mood swings that seem out-of-the-blue; increased anxiety and irritability; trouble focusing; extreme sadness or depression – or a combination of all of it. On top of that, we may have strange dreams, suffer from abnormal sleep patterns, sense an invisible presence, hear bizarre noises in our ears, or have other experiences that others don’t. How can we not doubt ourselves and wonder if we are sick or crazy or both? Of course, those thoughts are scary and make us feel more vulnerable, weak, confused—and even more sick, crazy, or both!

TIP: For at least a couple of weeks, keep a recorded or written journal of your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms, as it will help you see correlations. You will better understand what you “pick up,” when, and how. Chances are there are many energetic influences each day that magnify your own feelings and ailments, or create symptoms that aren’t really “yours” at all. For more details regarding this phenomenon and specific tools to make the most of it, check out: Is What I’m Feeling All ‘Mine’?

Contributing Factor #4

In addition to the effects of their EMF and radiation frequencies, technological devices can assault us mentally as well. No one will argue against the fact that our rapidly advancing smart phones, ipads, watches, goggles, laptops and more connect to us vast amounts of data and can make aspects of life so much easier than most of us dreamed. However, we can’t deny that technology DISCONNECTS us from the people and activities in our immediate vicinity, as well as disconnects us from heart. As light workers, we feel disconnected from most people anyway–only to have someone looking down at his or her phone while we try to have dinner together or engage in a conversation or enjoy a movie together or lock down a business deal. When others around us are distracted from our time together, we feel even more alone and unworthy of undivided attention. As if that isn’t rattling enough, our own devices have a constant stream of misinformation, as well as people’s “perfect profiles” and “marvelous moments” on social media. How can we not compare our lives to what appears to be theirs – and not feel like we are missing out or underachieving? We know that the glamorous or enviable snapshots we may see online do not depict that person’s true life and challenges. Nevertheless, seeing others feeling happy, fulfilled, and seemingly “perfect” can fan the flames of self-doubt and self-criticism.

TIP: Be mindful of the amount time that technological devices infiltrate your daily routine. How many hours each day do you open yourself up to the misinformation, contradictory values, and Photoshopped images that bombard us online? It’s great to be as excited as the next person about seeing pictures of weddings we didn’t attend and cute kids we will never meet but, unfortunately, it’s often at the expense of the people who are right in front of us. Perhaps we consumers should demand technology that helps us better communicate with and connect to the humans around us – as well as fortify our own bodies and systems? What if popular technology helped us decipher the body language, tone, and personal frequencies of the people in front of us; alerted us when our bodies were deficient in nutrients or fluids; gave us information to prove or disprove another person’s argument or stance; and clued us into what the consequences of our exchange and decisions might be? Technology choices don’t need to be about making each one of us plugged into cyberspace and painfully accessible to the world 24/7 – but can be about making the time we are plugged into it much more effective. Technology needs to be about helping us make the most of our human interactions and experiences, not avoiding them. Technologies in the near future can and should  help us better communicate with, understand, and relate to people in front of us; help us enjoy being active and involved humans; help educate us; and connect us to – NOT DISCONNECT us from realities at hand.

More and more, people on the spiritual path are finding themselves involved in twin flame relationships, and/or deep soul connections that mimic them. It is no secret that these relationships are exceedingly difficult on the heart, mind, body, and spirit, especially in the “runner phase.” The runner phase occurs when one partner becomes overwhelmed by the power and connection of the relationship and then literally and figuratively runs form it.

Contributing Factor #5

More and more, people on the spiritual path are finding themselves involved in twin flame relationships, and/or deep soul connections that mimic them. It is no secret that these relationships are exceedingly difficult on the heart, mind, body, and spirit, especially in the “runner phase.” The runner phase occurs when one partner becomes overwhelmed by the power and connection of the relationship and then literally and figuratively runs form it. He or she may do anything to sabotage the relationship; distract from it; attempt to rebel against it; and take efforts to move forward without it. Although the true twin flame runner typically does not realize it, these efforts stem from his or her own fears, insecurities, and vulnerability. In response, the twin “waiting” for the runner often experiences even more discomfort ranging from anger, depression, and anxiety to devastating disappointment, confusion, and emptiness. The partner waiting for the runner is left second-guessing everything—the powerful connection he or she felt, self-worth, judgment, clarity, and the ability to fully love anyone else again.

TIP: These relationships are real and are meant to strengthen us, inspire us, transform us, and give us tangible glimpses of what’s possible in love and life. However, the process is very much like working out a muscle, because it tears us down before it rebuilds us to a more vital and resilient state. Whether or not we reunite permanently with the partner on this plane, his or her energies and connection are an undeniable and pivotal part of our personal journeys and our purpose here on the planet. For more specific descriptions and tools regarding the twin flame experience, check out:

Tips for Navigating the Twin Flame Experience and Why Isn’t My Twin Flame Relationship Working?

As harsh as society or other critics may seem, we know that we light workers are often worse to ourselves. Perhaps we forget that we are not here to single-handedly “save the world,” but to make a difference in our own little worlds? Light workers are not here on this planet to bury our heads in the sand or lose ourselves in perpetual bliss. We ARE here as pioneers, forging a difficult path. It is important that we allow ourselves to be joyful BUT also uncomfortable–so that we are able to identify and change the destructive ways humans treat each other and this planet. In embracing our own variety of emotions, senses, sentiments, and experiences, we better understand what it means to be human and we better use the powerful gifts that we are “remembering” along the way. Although we may feel like the “crazy ones” at family gatherings or office parties, light workers are the ones just crazy enough—and insightful and open and visionary enough—to make a difference.

Last week, we corresponded with an amazing light worker who was doubting her own abilities, timing, and decisions. The response to her seems to sum up what all of us light workers need to remember and do:

You are not alone in how you feel, including the conflicts and contradictions in your relationship with yourself as well as with others. Since you aren’t alone, what do you think others need to hear in order to feel better and move forward? What do you wish you were told or shown that would’ve made progress easier, now or earlier in life? What makes you laugh, smile, and feel good? What makes you feel most like you, even in this limited human form and imperfect (3D) experience?

However we answer those questions for ourselves, those answers are the keys. They are the keys that enable us to trust, love, and honor ourselves much more fully, and help others do the same. We may hesitate, doubt, or second-guess ourselves every now and then, but when we pinpoint why, we are able to quickly adjust, fine-tune, and continue our important progress.

Max, known as the “Healer’s Healer,” Lana, and LOC Group ( enjoy working with others to better understand and make the most of this human experience.

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Steve Beckow Creates Wiki – 2012 Scenario, Golden Age Of Gaia, Brother Anonymous – Spirituality, Ascension, First Contact – 11-23-14

Steve 104

Steve Beckow   –   Author, Spiritual Guide

Biography   –   Bibliography   –   Introduction

Image Source



Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life
The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment
On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit
From Darkness Unto Light: A Dictionary of Enlightenment
Other Dictionaries of Enlightenment
Treasury of Enlightenment
New Maps of Heaven: The Conditions of Life on the Spirit Planes
Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth
The 2012 Scenario
First Contact
Ascension and the Golden Age
Spiritual Essays
Ending the Global Persecution of Women (2007)
The Impact of Automation on Work


First Contact

Wes Annac – Spiritual Condemnation, New Age Maze



Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness


Recently, an article was posted by Era Denmark entitled ‘The New Age Maze – Fantastic Beasts and How to Lose Them’.

Even though it was very critical of a lot of ‘new age’ concepts that I and plenty of others have advocated, I was deeply intrigued by it.

I’m always interested in finding out what other conscious individuals have to say about some of the things that are advocated in the ‘new age’ movement, and it seems that some are pretty against the idea of higher-dimensional entities who communicate with humanity.

The author has studied Theosophy, which is one of many belief systems that empower the awakening human as opposed to higher-dimensional entities. I’ve never studied Theosophy, but it seems to endorse the idea that we’re our own teachers and following the advice or guidance of a supposed higher-dimensional soul will lead us astray.

As quoted in the article from H.P. Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, “Those who fall off from our living human Mahatmas to fall into the Saptarishi – the Star Rishis [higher-dimensional entities], are no Theosophists.” (1)

The author goes on to tell us, “Throughout her writings, Blavatsky repeatedly emphasized that the ‘Masters of Wisdom’ with whom she communicated were Tibetan and living human beings (she called them Mahatmas) and not the so-called ‘Ascended Masters’ that the New Age movement champions.” (2)

Again, I’m no expert on Theosophy or any given belief system, but it seems to empower living, human teachers while encouraging us not to give our power away to any higher-dimensional messenger or any belief system that leads us to put our faith in anyone but ourselves.

This quote from the song ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ by Bob Marley (who wasn’t a Theosophist by any means), runs along the same lines.

“Most people think great God will come from the sky

“Take away everything, and make everybody feel high

“But if you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on Earth” (3)

A lot of things the article’s author said resonated with me, but there were some things that seemed a little coldhearted toward fellow seekers who, like her and everyone else, are simply finding their way back to the higher realms in the ways that work best for them.

I’ve said before that I think every belief system, even if it’s inherently distorted, can lead us back to the higher realms as long as we, the people who advocate them, have a good head on our shoulders and a clear, discerning mind.

The author seemed concerned that so many seekers line up at the door of belief systems that could mislead them into giving their power away, but if we genuinely seek spirit and our intentions are good, I don’t think we’ll be misled by any belief system.

Quite a few seekers have been, however, which is why some aspects of the article resonated with me. This, for example, makes perfect sense:

“Spiritual development requires ongoing effort. It’s an artisanal work of creation and refinement. Beliefs, inasmuch as they’re convictions, have very little to do with it. If anything, the less you believe the more you grow. But examination of our belief system requires work and clear thinking.

“Lucid examination of concepts and their implications combined with a healthy dose of skepticism are two of the most important traits a seeker can develop at the beginning of his or her journey. Self-transformation and mastery takes years at the least and multiple lifetimes at the most.” (4)

Couldn’t agree more! To successfully traverse the path, we’ve been told by various spiritual teachers that we’ll want to empty our minds of any beliefs or concepts that could hinder our growth and evolution. If we’re stuck on certain beliefs, we won’t make any clear or discernable inner progress.

There were other aspects of the article that made perfect sense, but what I want to address here is the tone with which it was written.

Certain aspects of the article were very critical and condemning of ‘new age’ concepts, such as this snippet.

“Humans have an almost innate tendency towards fantasy. Our ability to imagine is a wonderful tool when used correctly but most will never learn this skill or even attempt to. Imagination combined with a lack of willingness to work towards spiritual attainment makes one prone to fantasy.

“Believing in ascended masters, ascension, extra-terrestrial baddies and their Pleiadian counterparts is so much easier, especially when there is no shortage of other believers to support the delusion.” (5)

I can definitely agree that a ‘lack of willingness to work towards spiritual attainment’ has caused some seekers to embrace beliefs and concepts instead of the inner work that’s required to find a higher state of consciousness.

The last thing we want to do is distort our spiritual evolution by putting all of our faith and energy in beliefs, and a lot of seekers have unknowingly done this.

Beliefs, no matter what they are, can liberate us or trap us. They can set us free and encourage us to embrace the spiritual path, or they can cause us to halt our growth in the name of supporting, advocating or attempting to expand them.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with belief systems – it’s what we do with them that counts.

Respectfully, I think this is what the author has failed to realize. Even the ‘new age’ beliefs that have to do with channeling, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, etc. can liberate the seekers who resonate with them if these seekers recognize the importance of doing the inner work that’s required to find enlightenment.

Any belief system can cause us to give our power away, and beyond its more sensationalistic aspects, I don’t think there’s anything about the ‘new age’ movement that sets it apart from other belief systems or disempowers the seekers who resonate with it.

Every belief system has empowered and disempowered its followers at times, and this is because we determine the progress we make, no matter what beliefs or concepts we advocate.

Yes, the ‘new age’ movement (and everything that comes with it) could coerce a seeker to give their power away to apparent higher-dimensional entities, but so can any other belief system.

Certain belief systems encourage us to give our power away to living gurus – people who claim to have a greater link with spirit and should be followed by their ‘disciples’.

The article’s author encourages us to put our faith in each other as humans with a growing spiritual link instead of entities who already claim higher-dimensional status, but many of our living, human gurus have claimed Godly status and advised us to see them as embodiments of God.

These quotes from Paramahansa Ramakrishna attest to this.

One must not look on one’s guru as a mere human being: it is Satchidananda Himself who appears as the guru. When the disciple has the vision of the Ishta, through the guru’s grace, he finds the guru merging in Him.” (6)

“It is Satchidananda that comes to us in the form of the guru. If a man is initiated by a human guru, he will not achieve anything if he regards his guru as a mere man. The guru should be regarded as the direct manifestation of God. Only then can the disciple have faith in the mantra given by the guru. Once a man has faith he achieves all.” (7)

What’s the difference between this and the idea that higher-dimensional entities exist and can be followed by seekers who want/require a little extra assistance along the spiritual path? There’s very little difference in my opinion, except for the idea that, again, these teachers have already done the inner work that’s required to become exalted.

These teachers tell us that faith – in ourselves and them – is necessary to get the most out of their assistance, and anyone who advocates ‘new age’ concepts will tell you that this is exactly what a lot of channeled sources encourage.

Yes, there are a lot of obvious fallacies in the ‘new age’/channeling movement that shouldn’t be overlooked, but this doesn’t have to discredit the potentially genuine work that’s been done by various ‘channelers’ in connecting with entities who could potentially be from the higher realms.

In regards to eastern spirituality, there are plenty of false gurus out there who only want to gain followers or make a quick buck. Should this invalidate the teachings of Ramakrishna, Bodhidharma, Krishnamurti or any others?

Only if we let it.

The point I want to make is that we’ve all embraced different beliefs that, if we’re diligent enough to do the necessary inner work, will lead us back into the higher realms.

We don’t gain anything by rebelling against beliefs that don’t resonate with us but could very well help others, and all we do is feed the same old religious/spiritual division that’s caused strife and war for centuries.

I’ve said before that I think the conscious community should come together in love and respect for our diverse beliefs instead of fighting over them or claiming certain beliefs are incorrect. Love and respect are more important than a lot of seekers seem to realize.

We won’t make any progress if we continue to fight over our beliefs, and instead, we can recognize that even though our beliefs can assist, they aren’t inherently necessary or required to help us along our spiritual growth – our awareness is. No matter what beliefs we empower, we can either make progress or remain stagnant.

Our beliefs don’t determine the progress we make – only we do.

For example, I’m sure some followers of eastern spirituality have given their power away to gurus and stalled their spiritual growth for years, whereas some followers of certain ‘new age’ beliefs have quickly recognized that it’s up to them to find a higher state of consciousness.

The situation could be reversed – eastern spiritual followers could quickly excel while followers of ‘new age’ material could remain stagnant or continue to give their power away to channeled sources. So we see, it isn’t the beliefs themselves that determine our spiritual growth, but what we do with them.

I didn’t write this to rebel against what the article’s author said, however, and I noticed some startling similarities between what she said and what I’ve noticed in my few years observing the ‘new age’ corner of the conscious community.

Like this:

“Over the years many have encountered various New Age gurus and others who fancied themselves, ‘star seeds’, ‘guardians’ and the like. They all seem to have two things in common:

“Very few (if any) of them had undertaken the study of existing philosophical and spiritual texts available to mankind written before the New Age movement began. Neither had they taken up a sincere practice of self mastery and development. They accept concepts without ever researching where the concept or idea originated.

All of them believed they were special somehow. Not like the rest of humanity and yet were full of insecurities and fears.” (8)

I’ve noticed a lot of this flying around the ‘new age’ corner of our community – people who’ve discovered certain ideas (or were told certain things by a medium) and suddenly emerged as apparent exalted spiritual figures, even though they, like everyone else, still had a lot of growing to do and a lot of issues to resolve.

If any of you read my work when I first started out, you’d think I was the biggest ‘new age’ fanatic around. I fell into the very trap this author mentions here, because I discovered various concepts and quickly embraced them without doing my homework or learning their history or anything that could’ve changed my perspective on them.

I started channeling the Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Hathors, etc. and I wholeheartedly felt that I was doing the right thing.

Those of you who read my material today might be surprised to learn that I was as deep into these beliefs as the biggest ‘fanatics’ out there, but I soon realized that inner work is far more important than leaning on the advice and guidance of anyone who exists outside of me – even a higher-dimensional entity.

Yes, a lot of seekers who resonate with ‘new age’ concepts are probably still trapped in certain limited beliefs or mindsets, but I found my way out of the apparent ‘new age maze’ pretty easily. I did this with the intuitive assistance of my higher self, who I think we should all connect with before we try to connect with any other entity.

The article’s author may not realize that even the craziest ‘new age’ beliefs have still helped a lot of seekers liberate themselves. It isn’t because these beliefs are somehow ‘better’ or ‘realer’ than others – it’s because we’re all searching for spirit and with determination, we will find a higher state of consciousness, regardless of the beliefs that lead us there.

Most seekers who criticize the ‘new age’ movement seem worried that it can cause others to give their power away instead of recognizing that the task of spiritual evolution is up to us. They’re right to be worried about this in a sense, because some are more interested in waiting for channeled predictions to manifest than doing the necessary inner work.

You can’t paint everyone in the ‘new age’ crowd with the same brush, however. Many ‘new agers’ (as the article’s author referred to them) have transcended the limited beliefs that once held them back and embraced the idea that spiritual evolution is their responsibility and no higher-dimensional entity can change this world for them.

We’re all experiencing spiritual evolution, and it starts off shallow for any seeker but eventually grows deeper and more refined.

Many ‘new agers’ first start out with the idea that higher dimensions exist which boast entities who want to help us along our spiritual growth. Some will follow the words of these channeled entities without question, and they might even wait around for predictions to manifest or something bold to happen before they inevitably start their inner work.

There’s a next step in their spiritual evolution, however. They don’t just stay at the shallow perceptual level they initially occupy, and even if it takes years, everyone eventually finds their way to the deeper, more liberating and empowering concepts that encourage them to take responsibility for their own evolution.

I honestly think the intention of channeling is to get us to connect with our intuition; our higher self; whatever you want to call the innate Christ consciousness we can all access and communicate with.

Yes, some seekers start out on this path with airy, almost fictional concepts that are hard to take seriously, but the idea that these beliefs somehow trap them or coerce them to give their power away for eternity is a little insulting and disempowering.

I think we should have more faith in the conscious community – even those among us who advocate concepts that run the potential of discrediting spirituality in the eyes of the rest of the world.

I think these beliefs are catalysts that are intended to lead us to connect with our intuition; our Christ consciousness. Instead of rebelling against them or judgmentally crying foul at the seekers they resonate with, we can recognize that they, like every belief system, are necessary to get us where we’re intended to be.

To rebel or express judgment against beliefs that we think are outlandish (but that actually help others) is to feed the division that’s held us back for centuries. Instead of fighting each other, let’s recognize that we’ve all come here with different philosophies and respect our differences in belief.

After having advocated a wealth of sensationalistic ‘new age’ concepts myself, I’m ready to lay all of it to rest and, to quote Ziggy Marley (Bob’s son), embrace love as my religion.

This simplistic outlook on spirituality is so much easier to manage than any claims of an exalted higher-dimensional status. Until we can all see that our beliefs are intended to lead us to embrace love and our intuition, we’ll remain stuck on limiting beliefs and we’ll continue to fight against other beliefs in the name of our own self-righteousness.

I started out as one of the biggest ‘new agers’ you’d ever see, and this path led me to embrace love and my intuition. I don’t regret any of it – not one channeled message from an ‘Ascended Master’; not one ‘new agey’ article about walk-ins or anything else; none of it.

I recognize that it was all necessary for me to reach the place I’ve now reached – a place where I don’t wholeheartedly embrace any concept or idea, but simply observe it all. I think this is a great way to live, learn and grow, because it doesn’t entail attachment to any limiting or confining belief system.

It doesn’t lead me to give my power away – to a medium, channeler or their higher-dimensional ‘source’; to a spiritual teacher; or to any figure whose put on a pedestal. It’s love, unity and acceptance, plain and simple, and I’m happy to say that embodying the archetype of the annoying ‘new ager’ is what led me here. I couldn’t feel more liberated.

No matter what belief system you advocate right now, I hope it helps you reach the place I’ve reached – a place where strife, disharmony and the desire to argue over my spiritual philosophy have dissolved into dust.

I can read articles like Era Denmark’s without descending into hurt feelings or thinking I should ‘fight’ the ideas she presented. I can simply observe all of it, taking what resonates with me and letting the rest fall away with the knowledge that what doesn’t resonate with me will resonate with others.

I used to fight about my beliefs, but now, it doesn’t really matter to me whether or not others believe or feel what I do. I recognize that nobody has the full picture, because none of us are in the higher realms.

We could grow into these realms and find that any Ascended Masters, Pleiadians/Sirians/Andromedans etc. were completely fabricated from the beginning, and it wouldn’t bother me one bit because I have no beliefs or philosophies to protect or hold close.

We could reach the higher realms and find that all of these entities are real and genuinely wanted to assist us, and if this happened, I wouldn’t stick my tongue out at those who didn’t believe in them or say ‘na-na-na-boo-boo!’ I’d simply think ‘oh, neat’, and be on my merry way up to more and purer dimensions.

We really don’t know – even those of us who are convinced we do – and we’ll only know when we’re back in the higher realms. For now, let’s recognize the importance of unity and transcend the perceived need to rebel against beliefs that might seem fantastical to us.

Beliefs we think are crazy have helped others find a significant degree of liberation, and nobody here on earth has the one, perfect truth that could never be opposed. There are flaws in every belief system, and yet, any given belief will lead us home as long as we recognize the importance of doing our inner work and refusing to give our power away.

The best things we can empower are love and unity, and they’re realer and more graspable than any belief system. When we rebel against beliefs that don’t resonate with us, we fall short of our loving and unitive potential and we hold the entire world back from the very things we seek to help them find – unity and spiritual liberation.

Let’s think about this the next time we want to descend into judgment over the beliefs of another – even if the beliefs seem particularly airy, vanilla coated or sensationalistic.

Panel Discussion on Refined, Celestial Perception – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


Also see…

The iconography and texts of most spiritual traditions depict and describe a realm of physical existence more subtle than ordinary sensory perception reveals. The most commonly portrayed phenomena are halos in paintings of saints. But in addition to this evidence of the human “subtle body”, the traditions are abundant with paintings and stories of subtle beings such angels, gods, devas, demons, etc.

Is this mere mythology or does it suggest that subtle perception is part of spiritual development? So far, the non-dual community has not discussed this at all. The New Age community has, but often in a fanciful way that the non-dual community has, perhaps wisely, chosen to eschew. Yet many who have had abiding awakenings that non-dual traditions predict and respect discover, in time, that subtle perception begins to dawn. They begin to perceive auras, angels, devas, and the like as routinely as most of us see other human beings.

This panel discussion assembled five such people:

Francis Bennett
Harri Aalto
Kristin Kirk
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria
Stan Kendz

All, with the exception of Ruffina, have been interviewed on BatGap. (She’ll be interviewed in August.) See alphabetical menu on right to find their interviews.

We discussed. what subtle or “celestial” perception is, its relevance to spiritual awakening, whether it is an inevitable development on the path, or a special aptitude like musical or athletic ability, the nature of our relationship with the beings which reside on subtler levels of creation. Do we and they support each other in some way? whether subtle perception should be intentionally cultivated or whether it will develop on its own if and when it is meant to. If it can be developed, what are the prerequisites to and stages of its development?

Discussion recorded 5/24/2014

Paul Levy – Spiritual Awakening – Spiritual Emergence – 10-31-14


 Image Source

In a spiritual awakening, the old and antiquated structures of the psyche are breaking down, which can become a breakthrough, however, depending on how it is contained and related to by the surrounding community and unfolded. The dis-integration of the personality can be the beginning of a coming together at a more coherent, and unified level of consciousness. When someone is having a spiritual emergence, it is as if they have snapped out of a life-long spell and are beginning to see through the illusion of consensus reality which is woven all around us; because of this they are typically in an incredibly open, vulnerable, fluid and fragile state.

When the person who is spiritually emerging is being judged and pathologized by the world, their friends, their family and “the authorities,” i.e., psychiatry. However, this can literally evoke the pathological part of their process to manifest, which simply confirms to those who are pathologizing them the objective truth that the person is indeed in a pathological state, as they now have even further evidence to prove the rightness of their judgment, ad infinitum.

This process—a self-perpetuating feedback loop—can quickly become a nightmare for the person who was waking up, as it can literally make them sick. Before my awakening got violently shut down by psychiatry, my inner subjective feeling was that my prayers were being answered—the trauma from my father was being released and liberated.

In a spiritual awakening, an enormous amount of psychic energy and latent creativity is released, as if a beach-ball that was being held under water had been released to its natural buoyancy. Talking about the birth of the true personality and its “therapeutic effect,” Jung writes that it is “as if a stone lying on a germinating seed were lifted away so that the shoot could begin its natural growth.”

As is typical when something is long-held down and suppressed, there can be an over-compensation in one direction until “the shoot” sprouting out of the germinating seed of the personality naturally gets in balance over time. Typically, the person who is waking up can become quite “enthusiastic” (“en-theos” means to be filled with spirit) about the “good news” they are realizing which can easily be interpreted as being a form of “mania.”

In its initial stage, a spiritual awakening can, and often does look like and mimic a nervous breakdown, as the person’s habitual structures of holding themselves together fall apart, as their inner constitution is being rewritten. Indigenous cultures the world over are more aware than our modern, industrial society that when someone begins to act a little “weird,” it might be the beginning of their call to potentially become a shaman or healer, a role which would benefit everyone.

Once my spiritual awakening became ignited, I have no doubt whatsoever that all I needed was a number of months, maybe even a year, to have a safe container, supported by friends, family and mentors to help me to integrate what was being revealed to me. Instead of being pathologized, medicated and all the rest, which simply aborted a deeper process that was emerging, all I needed was to have my process held in a certain way so that it could creatively unfold itself and be naturally metabolized and assimilated.

Paul Levy

What Is Spirituality? – Galactic Free Press – 10-28-14



What we need the most right now is a paradigm shift, we need new and original ways of looking at things. What’s often sold to us as “new” in our society is really just repackaged forms of old ways of thinking, and this is especially true of spirituality. Now what is spirituality? There’s a word that means a whole lot of things to a whole lot of different people. I’ve heard it defined recently as a personal relationship with God, and that is something very beautiful. I wish that was all the word meant.

There are thousands of people and groups promoting forms of spirituality that are really just the beginnings of new religions. In fact, the main difference is simply that they lack the popularity and influence of the mainstream religions. Some of these are relatively harmless, while others are run by psychotic  leaders who need others to follow them to fuel their ego’s sense of importance. Especially within the “new age” circles, these groups will be all about love and oneness on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, it’s anything but love and oneness.

The old paradigm: “Here’s a list of rules you need to follow to get to God.”

The “new” spiritual paradigm: “Here’s an updated list of rules you need to follow to get to God.”

And many of these rules just follow the societal trends at the time, do this, don’t do that, don’t eat this, don’t drink that. It’s just an updated version of the old rules, it’s another ten commandments. After thousands of years of this approach not working, people continue to try it! It’s not a personal relationship to God, it’s a personal relationship with a belief system that’s supposed to get you to God. Yet nobody ever found God in a belief system, because God isn’t in your mind, God is in your Soul. God Is Your Soul.

Part of the problem with the old paradigm approach is that it puts the cart before the horse. Take the idea that you always need to tell the truth if you want to get closer to God. It’s not bad advice, and I certainly wouldn’t encourage lying, but you’re not going to reach the Divine through that belief. It would be better for you to lie, to realize what you’re doing to yourself by misleading others, and to learn from that, than to simply never tell lies because you’re following some spiritual teacher. If you believe that’s going to get you to God, you may never tell lies to others, but you’re still lying to yourself. I’m not going to give you a list of rules to try and prevent you from stumbling along the path. It’s okay to make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over them, but be aware, and learn from them.

It’s been said, “The best teachers show you where to look, not what to see”. If I tell you what to see, what to do, what to think, then I’m making you dependent upon me. Watch out for these kinds of “teachers”, it’s a form of codependency. Personally, I want to tear down everything that separates you from God, especially belief systems, but that’s not something I can do for you. You have to do that for yourself.

Of course, if I’m going to talk about spirituality, I have to mention the spiritual ego too. There are many for whom spirituality is just a more elitist version of religion that makes them “better” than others. The vast majority of people still live so deeply in unconsciousness that being marginally more aware than the average person can lead people to believe they’re “Awake” or “Enlightened” when they’re really just beginning the path to those states of Being. Hopefully, it’s just a temporary phase, but sometimes a person will go their whole life believing a small jump in awareness suddenly qualifies them as an “Enlightened Master”. Religions have even gotten started this way.

So what is spirituality? Well that’s really up to your subjective interpretation of it, meaning that it means whatever you believe it means. To me, a personal relationship with Source is called Life, it’s simply the natural state of Being. No need to apply any special labels to it. I generally don’t use the term spirituality, because so much of what’s considered spiritual is more about style than substance, more about appearances than what lies underneath.


The Galactic Free Press
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1 Cib, 14 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you feeling joyous! Events continue to move forward. The time comes to bring forth announcements accompanied by the beginnings of a global prosperity. Several nations dedicated to bringing you a new financial system are ready to make a series of vital announcements that are to change forever how your realm uses its many currencies. In addition, a number of up-to-now secret gold and silver depositories are ready to put your global economy back to a worldwide precious metal standard. These events are to cause a temporary deflation once the new currieries are in place. Global fair trade can begin in earnest. These changes are to set the way for new governance. The corrupt and one-sided policies of government are to cease as the globe returns to a general standard of cooperation and world peace. It is time to alter how your world is run and prepare each of you to become participants in how government operates. This is just the first step to your many new responsibilities.

   The world, which is now envisioned by Heaven, is to become fully participatory. You are to be educated by your Ascended Masters and by the temporary leaders of your national and local governments in a number of new realities. Further, the law is to switch to common law and to a faithful following in the intent and wordings of your constitution. This process is to be both fruitful and confusing to many. This new epoch is to culminate in our arrival and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. The present is therefore a critical time in this process. The globe is changing from a place run ruthlessly by a series of dark masters to one where you can freely and responsibly express yourselves. This new realm is one in which you need to better understand what is to be expected of you. Hence, it is necessary that a period of weeks and months be employed to assist you in this grand transfer of power from the dark to the Light and each one of you.

   You are to be readied to become mature, able Beings of Light, who gladly accept all that is expected of you. This process, as we have stated, requires you to take on a great deal of new knowledge and learn how best to use it to carry out the marvel of your life contract. You are to be provided with the counseling you need to carry this out successfully. The universe is about success, joy and an honoring of who you are. Each success leads to another. You are to build up a quiet confidence and to understand how this process operates. These energies drive our numerous galactic societies. The degree of mutual love and respect constantly grows. We know how each individual works to provide for the greater One. This grand sacred collective encompasses all humans and all Beings of Light. Out of it comes a divine service, which aids the Divine in unfolding the divine plan for physicality. We are deeply dedicated to this, and come to return you to your true and natural state.

   This shift in your consciousness is just the start. Your present state of limited consciousness dropped your body and mind frequencies to an extremely low level. Heaven has been gradually raising this over the last four decades. Yet you are still far below the minimums required. This is why you need to use a Crystal Light Chamber to regain full consciousness. Full consciousness makes you knowledgeable about Spirit and the infinite realms of Heaven. During your three days in this living marvel, you are to discover your origins and become privy to your previous life contacts. You are also to learn about your Soul family and why you initially migrated to this solar system. You are here as a special collective, to look after Gaia and her many sister worlds. Once this solar system is restored, you are to learn about the amazing diversity of life that exists not only on this world, but also on the other water worlds in this Solar System. Much lies ahead for you to learn and master!

   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with much good news! Our associates are now completing a number of projects which are to lead to the distribution of all funds. At present, the last emissaries of the dark are doing everything they can to block this vital, sacred process. This operation is not to be stopped. The Agarthans and our space family are busily intervening and turning back the heinous acts used by these emissaries to prevent the proper delivery of your blessings. Our main heavenly counsels are most pleased with how these events are going. These things are also to lead to new governance, accompanied by a new prosperity-oriented financial system. These coming events are to aid in a broad healing of Gaia and your various societies. What is next is for us to put together and then present a number of specific lessons on the new realities. These are to set the stage for a number of subsequent events.

   These coming events are to feature a global disclosure of not only our blessed space family, but also a full disclosure of Inner Earth. These new realities require that you open your hearts and minds to an entirely new picture of your living home, Gaia. Inner Earth is home to Agartha and its capital of Shamballah. Many religious societies have long known of Agartha and how the Anunnaki and their Earthy minions hid these realities from all of surface humanity. Those avatars sent to you by the Agarthans paved the way for us to find a secure refuge in these most gracious lands. Once there, we discovered a land of blessed ones who deeply support our mission to you. To aid this mission, the Agarthans send special Beings to explore the realities of your realm and assist us when necessary. We are most grateful for their actions.

   The time ahead is to be one of specific actions to prepare you for the start of a prosperous and Light-directed realm. This realm is to reconnect to its ancestors in Inner Earth and restore direct relations with your spiritual and space families. Remember, dear Hearts, the long dark night of the Soul is ending. Heaven tells you that a time approaches to return to full consciousness. This process is to be completed in a number of simple steps. The initial ones are currently under way. When these first steps are completed, you are to be judged ready for first contact. Daily, we practice special prayers and ceremonies directed to the swift successes of these initial steps. Here, we ask you to graciously focus your energies along with ours to achieve these divine successes for this realm. Let us all be free and prosperous in this realm! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   Today, we continued our messages. Let this one lead to prayer and a grand focus by you so that this global collective of humanity be set free and achieve the resources to carry out its grand destiny. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Commentator Ron van Dyke – Red Dragon Spiritual Training – 10-20-14


Part 1 training took place on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 for 4 hours. It focused on spiritual warfare from Ephesians chapter 6. Part 2 training took place on Saturday, October 18, 2014, again for 4 hours. This time the primary focus was casting out evil spirits, Python and Jezebel. Jace is the translator for these classes: English/Spanish. In each part, one of the Latin American pastors who take part in the training gets to share a bit of his testimony. The Ambassador and Ron each share a little bit.


Michelle Walling, CHLC – Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know – 5-20-14


by Michelle Walling, CHLC

As a person climbs the ladder of spiritual progression in this lifetime, there are particular terms that describe various stages of development. In order to maximize the opportunity of this lifetime, there are at least thirty important spiritual terms you should become familiar with. All of these terms are part of the reason we incarnated and mastering the meaning of each of these is likened to initiation. When you master the initiations you prove that you are ready to move to the next experience.

The following are the top 30 spiritual terms you should know:

  1. AwakeningAwakening is the realization that you are more than just a human and you are here to accomplish more than just being a slave to the system. Awareness arises when your codes are activated with photonic light in order for you to begin to realize who you are and what you came into this lifetime to accomplish. Awakening symptoms are described here.
  2. Vibration– All matter is energy. Atoms are electrons oscillating back and forth at a certain frequency. The measure of speed of this frequency is known as vibrational density. We are awakening to the need to raise our vibration from a third dimensional frequency to a fifth dimensional frequency.Vibration- All matter is energy. Atoms are electrons oscillating back and forth at a certain frequency. The measure of speed of this frequency is known as vibrational density . We are awakening to the need to raise our vibration from a third dimensional frequency to a fifth dimensional frequency.
  3. Soul– the ethereal substance or spirit particular to a unique living being. The soul is immortal and its energy can be seen around the physical body as the aura. The soul is an aspect of energy consciousness from a larger essence of a monad and has a personality that continues to exist after “death” of the physical body. The purpose of your soul is evolution through the guidelines of Universal Law.
  4. Higher Self– The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment.Higher Self- The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment.
  5. Monad– The monad is the “oversoul” which created the aspect of consciousness of your soul. A monad consists of a male and a female aspect, and when incarnating into a lower vibrational density these two split up and continue to split further into lifetimes. Imagine a wooden wheel of a bicycle where the hub is the male or female part of the monad and the spokes are the aspects of soul consciousness, or lifetimes. All lifetimes of the monad occur in the “now”, outside of space and time, and the experiences of all parallel lifetimes can be accessed by each soul once the connection is recognized and strengthened.
  6. Creator/Source– Creator is a term used to describe “all that is” within our experience. The Creator of everything is an energy source that created angels and dimensions and then sent forth aspects of itself (Creator is both male and female) into the lower vibrational dimensions in order to have experience and to know itself. These monad aspects then sent forth parts of themselves as souls as so on. Creation is infinite and cannot be fully understood in third dimensional thinking. Regaining the knowledge that you have an aspect of Creator within the human body is the most important awakening realization.Dimension/ Multidimensional- The Creator created dimensions in order to experience various vibrational levels because it is so big that it cannot experience it any other way. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional. There are many levels within each dimension.<br /><br />
  7. Dimension/ Multidimensional– The Creator created dimensions in order to experience various vibrational levels because it is so big that it cannot experience it any other way. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional. There are many levels within each dimension.
  8. Soul Group/Soul Mates– When Creator created monads it created them out the rays of its white light. When this light is differentiated it becomes the colors of the rainbow. Monads were split into groups of colors known as rays. For example a blue ray monad will have a purpose or characteristics different than a green ray monad. Blue ray monads have more in common and vibrate at the same rate as other blue ray monads, thus they are naturally attracted to each other. Furthermore, monads split into souls and vibrational groups are formed within each soul.  These souls incarnate together in order to help each other spiritually advance. Soul mates from a particular soul group recognize each other when they meet in this lifetime. A soul mate may incarnate as your mother or father in one lifetime and then they may switch it up to be the daughter or son in another lifetime. They could be husbands and wives or they are an influential person in your life that helps to balance a past life energy or lesson. Soul mates from a soul group love each other so much that they may have volunteered to be a difficult aspect of your lifetime, which is a blessing in disguise as these lessons catapult you higher on your spiritual path.
  9. Dark Night of the Soul– The Dark Night of the Soul is used to describe a process of cleansing and clearing that involves facing your shadow self. Your shadow self is the aspect of your soul that carries the darker or lower vibrational experiences. In this phase it seems like everything is going wrong and that you are being abandoned by your guides and angels. It is what prompts questioning everything and leads to solving your issues. Once you emerge from this dark night of the soul you look back upon it as a blessing, feeling lighter and clearer than ever before.Dark Night of the Soul- The Dark Night of the Soul is used to describe a process of cleansing and clearing that involves facing your shadow self. Your shadow self is the aspect of your soul that carries the darker or lower vibrational experiences. In this phase it seems like everything is going wrong and that you are being abandoned by your guides and angels. It is what prompts questioning everything and leads to solving your issues. Once you emerge from this dark night of the soul you look back upon it as a blessing, feeling lighter and clearer than ever before.
  10. Spirit Guides – In addition to mapping out our Blueprints before coming here, we make sacred contracts with entities on the “other side” to watch over us, protect us, help and advise us, through this earthly journey we have chosen to undertake. These are our spirit guides.

The most intimate of these advisors helps us to conceive and review our blueprint with us and is at our side every step of the way from incarnation to “death”. Besides this dedicated guide, we have other guides that can come and go depending on their specialty advisory field.  Every one of us has a guide that is someone we were very close to and trusted with our soul. All spirit guides have spent at least one lifetime on Earth.  Because of this, they are able to empathize with the mistakes, problems, fears and temptations, all the frailties we encounter in the human world.



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The spirit guide’s job is to urge, encourage, nudge, support, advise and guide us on our life path. Spirit guides send you messages, often through your subconscious mind.  What you have always accepted as instincts or your conscience or unusually vivid dreams are your spirit guides sending you messages. Spirit guides and all other transcended spirits are either male or female. Spirit guides can also be higher vibrational aspects of yourself, or parallel lives. Spirit guides are always ready and waiting for you to contact them but cannot interfere otherwise because of the Law of Free Will



Guardian Angel- Creator first created the angels to mirror love back to itself. This was how it would get to know itself as ultimate love. These angels have a great desire to serve Creator in any way because of the great love they have for Creator. Sometimes these angels take on specific assignments in service. Guiding humanity is one way angels can be of service. These angels act as guides but are of the highest vibration of love. Some angels actually do incarnate but most do not. To go forth into a lower dimension, and angel must send forth an aspect of its consciousness, just like a monad does. Angel consciousness aspects are always around us holding the space for the creation of love within our hearts. Angels can create miracles, which is just a way of changing the reality that one experiences into a favorable outcome. Just like spirit guides, your guardian angel is awaiting your recognition and request for service.

  1. Guardian Angel– Creator first created the angels to mirror love back to itself. This was how it would get to know itself as ultimate love. These angels have a great desire to serve Creator in any way because of the great love they have for Creator. Sometimes these angels take on specific assignments in service. Guiding humanity is one way angels can be of service. These angels act as guides but are of the highest vibration of love. Some angels actually do incarnate but most do not. To go forth into a lower dimension, and angel must send forth an aspect of its consciousness, just like a monad does. Angel consciousness aspects are always around us holding the space for the creation of love within our hearts. Angels can create miracles, which is just a way of changing the reality that one experiences into a favorable outcome. Just like spirit guides, your guardian angel is awaiting your recognition and request for service.
  2. Twin Flame– A monad is an aspect of consciousness of Source that has a female (yin) polarity and a male (yang) polarity. Upon descending into the third dimension, these aspects get separated although they stay connected on the higher monad level. We are always yearning for our polarity aspect to fulfill a need to be complete; however the experience of separation from our twin flame and our Creator catapults us in our spiritual growth and understanding of who we are. Twin Flames rarely incarnate into the same lifetime because of the need for diverse experience, however recently more twin flames have incarnated together in order to assist each other in ascension.Free Will- We exist in a free willed Universe. This Universal Law allows us the power and responsibility to choose how we define and perceive our reality. Free Will is responsible for the allowance of darkness on the planet and thus throughout the Universe, as Creator gave all souls the ability to create whatever they choose. The greatest irony of free will choice to be other than light/love is the threat of destroying the experience of living in a free will existence. Universes that are not free willed operate through goals and agreements through a group high mind consciousness which gives them direction toward experience.
  3. Free Will– We exist in a free willed Universe. This Universal Law allows us the power and responsibility to choose how we define and perceive our reality. Free Will is responsible for the allowance of darkness on the planet and thus throughout the Universe, as Creator gave all souls the ability to create whatever they choose. The greatest irony of free will choice to be other than light/love is the threat of destroying the experience of living in a free will existence. Universes that are not free willed operate through goals and agreements through a group high mind consciousness which gives them direction toward experience.
  4. Universal Law– A set of guidelines agreed upon in a particular universe that guides a soul along the highest path of evolvement. It is what defines evolution and existence, and should be the laws of Earth as we move toward higher consciousness. An example of 20 Universal Laws can be found here.Ascension- Ascension is the term used to describe moving from a lower vibrational consciousness to a higher consciousness. It involves acknowledging standing in your full power of who you are as you co-create the illusion of separation while existing in a high vibrational state of love. It is accomplished by consciously connecting with the tools and experiences of your akashic record held within your DNA with the help of your higher self. This is done by merging and balancing the high vibrational essence of who you are into physical manifestation. More simply stated, ascension is recognizing who you are and connecting to that aspect of yourself by raising your consciousness through vibration. For some people, the main purpose of this lifetime is to ascend. A free comprehensive e-book on ascension can be found here.
  5. AscensionAscension is the term used to describe moving from a lower vibrational consciousness to a higher consciousness. It involves acknowledging standing in your full power of who you are as you co-create the illusion of separation while existing in a high vibrational state of love. It is accomplished by consciously connecting with the tools and experiences of your akashic record held within your DNA with the help of your higher self. This is done by merging and balancing the high vibrational essence of who you are into physical manifestation. More simply stated, ascension is recognizing who you are and connecting to that aspect of yourself by raising your consciousness through vibration. For some people, the main purpose of this lifetime is to ascend. A free comprehensive e-book on ascension can be found here.
  6. Incarnation– The act of a soul sending forth an aspect of its consciousness into a physical body. The soul comes into the fetus in the womb of the mother before the baby comes through the birth canal. When a soul incarnates in this manner, it takes a risk of not remembering that it is tied to its Creator. The purpose of reincarnation is to provide an opportunity for soul evolution, however by incarnating a person can get stuck on the wheel of karma.
  7. Soul Contract– Before we incarnated, we planned out certain events which would lead us to be able to accomplish things we agreed upon in our soul contract. Some of these things include who are parents or guardians are, what type of socioeconomic situation we will be born into and what energy signature we will have by being born into a particular zodiac sign. There are many people in this lifetime that we made soul contracts with, from our parents to our spouse to our first grade teachers.

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  1. Life Purpose– A person’s life purpose is the main goal or goals that they chose to accomplish before incarnating. A life purpose can be a career such as the goal of being a famous musician bringing the beauty of music to the planet. It can also be a balancing act such as reincarnating with another soul mate and serving a role in order to wipe the slate clean of karma between the two souls. There can be many tasks involved in a life purpose leading up to a bigger task if all of the other tasks are performed. For example there may be several tasks of awakening and healing involved and if all of them are successfully completed, the end result might be ascension. If a person does not complete a life purpose they usually reincarnate to try again. Understanding one’s life purpose is easier than most people make it out to be, for it is usually what they enjoy doing the most in life. A general guideline to a theme of a life purpose can be found in a person’s life path number, which you can find here.

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  1. Karma- Newton’s law states that for every action there has to be an equal or opposite reaction. When we incarnate into a physical body and live a life under the veil of forgetfulness, we can incur karma if we do not treat others with the same care and love that we should treat ourselves. Thus we end up incarnating over and over in this school of life to eventually learn the golden rule. This has been termed the wheel of karma and because we are coming to the end of a cycle of reincarnation, transmuting karma in this lifetime is usually one of the main life purposes of many people. Fortunately we have a tool called the Universal Law of Wisdom to help us complete this task by allowing us access to all of the accumulated wisdom we gathered in all of our lifetimes. One of the most important tools of this law is forgiveness, which stops the pattern from repeating and thus neutralizes karma. The laws of karma can be found here.Karma- Newton’s law states that for every action there has to be an equal or opposite reaction. When we incarnate into a physical body and live a life under the veil of forgetfulness, we can incur karma if we do not treat others with the same care and love that we should treat ourselves. Thus we end up incarnating over and over in this school of life to eventually learn the golden rule. This has been termed the wheel of karma and because we are coming to the end of a cycle of reincarnation, transmuting karma in this lifetime is usually one of the main life purposes of many people. Fortunately we have a tool called the Universal Law of Wisdom to help us complete this task by allowing us access to all of the accumulated wisdom we gathered in all of our lifetimes. One of the most important tools of this law is forgiveness, which stops the pattern from repeating and thus neutralizes karma. The laws of karma can be found here.
  2. Chakra– The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘vortex’ or ‘wheel’.  The chakras are energy centers within our physical bodies.  There are seven major chakras between the crown or top of the head to the base of the spine. 

There are many also many minor chakras that regulate energy within the body. Each of the seven chakras correspond to a major endocrine gland in the body and each of them controls specific physical areas and functions.

Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know |

  1. DNA Upgrade– Our DNA is the genetic code that makes up our multidimensional existence. Besides the non physical higher dimensional pattern, DNA contains the instructions needed for a physical living organism to grow and function. DNA is found in the nucleus of every cell in our body except in red blood cells, and is fully repeated in every cell. The dormant strands of the higher vibrational DNA in our cells have been termed “junk DNA” by scientists. One of the goals most of us made in for this incarnation was to receive the DNA upgrade that is available to us as we astrologically move into the Golden Age and out of third dimensional density. This DNA upgrade will open the door to experiencing multidimensional life while existing in a physical body, which is unique to physical beings in our Universe.
  2. Meditation– One of the most powerful spiritual tools. Meditation is a ritual that creates a state in which the body is consciously relaxed, and the mind is able to become calm and focused. Preparation for meditation includes grounding, breathing deeply, and asking for spiritual guidance and protection.



A goal of meditation is to quiet the left brained thinking (monkey mind) in order to allow for right brained information from higher vibrational aspects of yourself to bring clarity in life. Another goal of meditation can be to have conversations through telepathy with other spirits or guides. Meditation can also be used to clear negative energies and to bring more light into the body.

  1. Aura– The aura is the energetic field that is part of a living being. Your inner aura is a reflection of your spiritual health aura and your outer aura is your luminous energy field. Both of these auras emanate from your skin outwards.  Your inner aura will expand anywhere from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from your body while your outer aura will extend several feet from your body. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a color that matches the emotion.

Aura- The aura is the energetic field that is part of a living being. Your inner aura is a reflection of your spiritual health aura and your outer aura is your luminous energy field. Both of these auras emanate from your skin outwards. Your inner aura will expand anywhere from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from your body while your outer aura will extend several feet from your body. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a color that matches the emotion. With practice, one can see another person’s aura colors in order to identify unbalanced energy within the body. A weak auric field can make a person feel drained, and it is a good spiritual practice to keep your aura protected and strong.


With practice, one can see another person’s aura colors in order to identify unbalanced energy within the body. A weak auric field can make a person feel drained, and it is a good spiritual practice to keep your aura protected and strong.



  1. Spiritual Protection/Clearing– Our spirit guides and angels can provide spiritual protection from interference in our Spiritual Protection/Clearing- Our spirit guides and angels can provide spiritual protection from interference in our energetic field as we progress on our path to a higher vibrational way of existence. Part of the learning process of this lifetime involves being subjected to low vibration in order to learn how to identify, transmute, and clear lower energies that may exist in our auric field. These energies may have been a part of a past life that we carried forth into the next lifetime and cannot be carried forth into the fifth dimension, or they may be hitchhiking entities that can sneak into the auric field through fissures. The clearing of these energies is necessary in order to move into the vibration of love of the fifth dimension. Once they are cleared, asking for protection from other lower vibrational energies and entities helps to continue to raise one’s vibration. A guided clearing meditation is one way to clear and protect. Water is an excellent cleansing agent when infused with love and intention, and sea salt baths with baking soda can also assist with cleansing. Crystals are also an excellent way to clear and protect, as they can absorb and transmute energies.energetic field as we progress on our path to a higher vibrational way of existence. Part of the learning process of this lifetime involves being subjected to low vibration in order to learn how to identify, transmute, and clear lower energies that may exist in our auric field. These energies may have been a part of a past life that we carried forth into the next lifetime and cannot be carried forth into the fifth dimension, or they may be hitchhiking entities that can sneak into the auric field through fissures. The clearing of these energies is necessary in order to move into the vibration of love of the fifth dimension. Once they are cleared, asking for protection from other lower vibrational energies and entities helps to continue to raise one’s vibration. A guided clearing meditation is one way to clear and protect. Water is an excellent cleansing agent when infused with love and intention, and sea salt baths with baking soda can also assist with cleansing. Crystals are also an excellent way to clear and protect, as they can absorb and transmute energies.
  2. Merkaba– “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba, or “chariot of ascension”, means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, the merkaba field is a permanent and highly ordered Merkabic structure of inter-connected electro-magnetic counter-rotating energy spirals (wheels withint wheels)that exist as an integral part of all creation. The activation of the merkaba field within our bodies will allow us access to the higher dimensions through consciousness. The activated merkaba field looks like a multi-colored spinning orb.
  3. New Earth– This is the term used to describe the fifth dimensional Earth that will be accessed through the shift toward ascension. The requisite for experiencing a New Earth will be the vibration match according to the Law of Vibrational Attainment, as the New Earth will be vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency.



  1. ForgivenessForgiveness is an act of kindness that we may extend to ourselves or another in the process of healing. Forgiveness is also an important part of transmuting karma between other souls. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness used to correct the things that went wrong in a person’s life. Forgiveness can be achieved either face to face, by silent thought and intention, or by writing a letter and burning it as a way of ritual. Forgiving yourself is a high vibrational way of loving yourself and is important in moving up the ladder of spiritual ascension.Love/ Loving Yourself- Love is the highest vibration attainment. Love is all there is, literally, as it is the vibration of our Creator. Loving yourself is an important part of healing stuck energies as we move toward fifth dimensional existence. As defined by the Law of Attraction, when you love yourself you open yourself up for being able to receive love. By receiving love, we are able to exist in a love vibration in alignment with the New Earth.
  2. Love/ Loving Yourself– Love is the highest vibration attainment. Love is all there is, literally, as it is the vibration of our Creator. Loving yourself is an important part of healing stuck energies as we move toward fifth dimensional existence. As defined by the Law of Attraction, when you love yourself you open yourself up for being able to receive love. By receiving love, we are able to exist in a love vibration in alignment with the New Earth.
  3. Gratitude– On the spiritual path, gratitude goes hand in hand with attracting abundance. Everyone should give thanks for the abundance and lessons of opportunity one receives in life. The power and vibration of gratitude can be defined in the way it can affect water in Dr. Masuru Emoto’s article “The Miracle of Water”. . Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational acts of love that a person can exhibit. Giving thanks can be achieved by intention and prayer and is best verbalized.
  4. NDE/Life Review– A Near Death Experience (NDE) can occur when a person’s spirit leaves the body and crosses over to the other side and then returns to the body to live another day. NDE stories are useful in realizing that our souls do not die upon the death of the physical body and that we are spirits having a physical human experience. This helps a person transmute the fear of dying which is an important aspect of spiritual progression. People who report about NDE’s often talk about having a life review which is a movie of everything that has happened in their life. This brings about the realization that everything we do is important is our life and is recorded in our akashic records. We are the judge during a life review and part of spiritual wisdom includes realizing that we can atone for our actions now thanks to NDE experiences that have explained life reviews.



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The awakening process is the soul’s realization that raising one’s vibration is necessary with the help of their higher self in the ascension process. This will allow life on a New Earth that is built upon Universal Law. We are all connected to a Creator Source that created our soul and our monad or multidimensional conglomerate of our past lives. We incarnated with our soul mates, and with the help of our spirit guides and guardian angels we will complete our soul contracts and fulfill our life purpose. The dark night of the soul brings up opportunity to transmute karma and clear our chakras. This will allow our DNA upgrade and cause our merkaba to spin. Through NDE’s we learn the importance of forgiveness, loving ourselves, and having gratitude in this lifetime. We can heal our aura through meditation, which will protect us as we climb the spiritual ladder and move toward reuniting with our twin flame to enjoy a higher level of existence of love and free will.

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About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Radio Host on The Cosmic Awakening Show.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings – Life Is Meant To Be One Big Spiritual Party – 10-9-14

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

From our perspective, serving others is one of the best and most fulfilling ways you can occupy your time on earth. Not only have many of you made it your mission to offer yourselves in service to the evolution of humanity – you’ve also come to use your time on earth to create as much love, joy and positivity as possible while you’re there.

We highly recommend seeing the importance of your earthly presence, and it isn’t necessarily egotistical to grasp the fact that you’re needed on the earth.

The service you render to others can help them (and you) find the higher vibration that’s clearly missing from the minds and hearts of most of humanity, and as always, the more willing and enthusiastic you are to serve others, the more you’ll naturally get done and the more the importance of your earthly presence will increase.

Even though you’ve come to earth on an inherent mission; with an inherent purpose, and this automatically makes your presence there important, the importance of your presence will increase with each bit of service you perform for the evolution of humanity.

The more inspired you are to serve others in monumental ways, the easier it’ll be for them to find a higher state of consciousness and eventually offer themselves to humanity’s evolution as well.

Helping the World Open Up

Everything you’re doing is for the purpose of helping the world around you understand that spirit does indeed exist and can be tapped into to produce a unique and unprecedented universal flow, and it’s important to act on this universal flow yourselves if you want to help the rest of the world open up to it.

You’ll have to understand certain spiritual concepts in a real and pure way before you can help the rest of humanity understand them, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with going out of your way to learn certain things about your reality or the various higher dimensions that exist beyond your conscious understanding.

Even though you’re on the earth to work hard and serve others, you’re also there to enjoy yourselves and gain as many unique experiences as you can. While working hard is important, we also recommend enjoying yourselves as much as you can.

Do little things to refresh your perspective and enjoy your lives – even if it’s only a little more than you enjoy them now. Take trips out to nature and enjoy the good vibration that permeates everything around you. Enjoy time with your family and friends, and make sure to laugh often and create good memories while you’re on the earth.

This raises the collective vibration as much as any spiritual work you feel inspired to do, and as you continue to work hard and enjoy yourselves along the way, you’ll eventually find that you raised the collective vibration exponentially. Above all, the best thing we can recommend at present is to transcend your surface perception of the reality around you.

What we mean is that you’re intended and encouraged to go deeper in this transformative time. Explore yourselves and your developing divine abilities in greater ways than you’ve let yourselves so far, and do it with love in your hearts and the willingness to explore what the next, deeper states of consciousness have to offer.

Your inner exploration’s more important than we can express, and you’ll realize this as you continue to evolve and greet a plethora of inner bounties that you’ll be very glad you went out of your way to explore.

Everyone has the potential to explore their consciousness in your day and age, and this is because the vibrations you’ve subtly felt are being purified and magnified to an inexplicably enormous extent. Everyone’s slowly yet surely re-finding a higher state of consciousness, and as they do, they become activated for their mission in helping humanity become aware.

We can’t express the importance of the things you’re doing on earth enough, and if you ever feel depleted or unsure of yourselves or your missions, keep in mind that you’re being loved and supported by a plethora of higher-dimensional guides and angels who watch you experience the trials of the earth with compassion and willingness to do whatever we can to assist you in every moment.

Call on us when you don’t feel like you can reach the pure vibration that helps so many of you thrive. Request our direct presence and the assistance that comes with it, and know that as long as you’re willing to make this connection and you carry an adequate amount of love in your heart, the connections you seek can and will be made.

As with anything, believing in yourselves is essential to connecting with the higher realms in a real or pure way, and as long as you can believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities, you’ll find that you’re able to do and be anything you desire.

You’re completely infinite, and all you need to do is realize it. Most of humanity has yet to realize just how infinitely capable they are of connecting with the higher realms – realms they’ve been programmed to believe don’t exist – and perform the miraculous tasks that seem like science fiction from most people’s perspectives.

Most of Humanity Isn’t Yet Aware

Spiritual evolution always comes about gradually yet with leaps and bounds, and you can’t suddenly expect the majority of your society to be awake and aware of concepts that have been directly suppressed on your planet for centuries.

They’ll become aware as the conscious public continues to do everything you can to raise awareness and raise the collective vibration by living in loving joy and serving others, but the majority of your society won’t become aware until certain bold events have happened that’ll shift your collective perception to a whole new level.

Most of humanity isn’t expecting the revelations you’ll learn in the future, but your collectively expanded minds and hearts will be able to take in a greater amount and purity of information than even the conscious public is currently able to fathom.

All of humanity will be awake and aware of spirit and the necessity to do everything you can to create a new paradigm in due time, and with the extent to which more souls are becoming aware and using their awareness for positive and progressive purposes, it shouldn’t be much longer before the ripple effect you’ve started to create spreads to the rest of humanity and everyone’s able to find the clear and pure state of consciousness that helps you thrive.

More earthly souls are becoming uncomfortable in the limited vibrations of the earth, and this is partially because they don’t yet recognize that something much greater exists beyond your surface perception.

In most cases, the souls who seem particularly angry, exhausted or frustrated are wishing for a better or easier life – a life they don’t know how to pull to themselves, and you can help them simply by lending an ear in their times of trouble.

You can help others simply by listening to the things they have to say, and we note that in most cases, people on your planet simply look for someone to hear them out; to listen to their problems or concerns so they can get them off their chest, so to speak.

You can be the ones to provide an ear for those around you who seem lost in the darkness and difficulty of the earth, and it’s very important that you do.

We don’t recommend being overbearing in your attempts to listen to others’ issues, but if you’re asked to lend an ear, know that it’s for a clear purpose and provide others with the listening they sometimes need to make their issues or difficulties easier to handle.

You’re capable of far more than you realize, and one of the greatest things you can do is help others through the pain and stress that could easily bring them down.

This, along with continuing to work hard and play hard, is among the best things you can do to raise the planetary vibration, and we mention raising the planetary vibration so much because it’s very important to your ascension and the eventual ascensions of various other realms and planets.

Everything you’re doing at present is geared toward helping raise the collective vibration, because the purer it gets, the easier it’ll be for the rest of humanity to become aware and begin constructing a society that takes every citizen’s needs into account.

The sooner the collective vibration can be raised and purified, the sooner the immense changes you’ve heard so much about will be able to manifest, so continue to do everything you feel inspired to do to help others find a higher state of consciousness or, at the very least, see life through new eyes.

You’re Meant to Enjoy Life

Even in the lower dimensions, life isn’t meant to be something that drags on your spirit or your sense of wellbeing. Life is meant to be as enjoyable in the lower realms as it is in the higher, and you can anchor the higher realms to yourselves and your planet if you make a simple meditative effort.

You’re never meant to be stressed out to the extent that you can’t enjoy yourselves or your existence, and as strange or naïve as it might sound, life is meant to be one big spiritual party.

You’re meant to feel constantly jubilant and uplifted, and while you’re also meant to deal with the negative emotions that come with existing on earth, they aren’t intended to bring you as far down as they’ve brought many.

They’re meant to test you; to present you with a challenge that you could perceive as very difficult if you let yourselves, but by no means are they meant to bring you out of your center or keep you from feeling and experiencing all of the amazing and wondrous things you can now feel.

Embrace life, dearest souls – never hide away from it. As easy as it could be to stay in bed and sleep your days away, we wholeheartedly recommend jumping out of bed with enthusiasm every morning and happily tackling the tasks and challenges that are before you each day.

Many of you are reaching a place where you’re able to enjoy your lives and the work you do each day, and you can enjoy them even more if you constantly remember to incorporate love into your day.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the reminder that you have an unprecedented opportunity to feel a wealth of pure, mystical vibrations as they descend onto your minds and hearts and positively influence all of humanity.

The opportunities you now have are greater than we can express, and we’ll continue to encourage you to act on them and find the greatest and purest state of consciousness you possibly can while you exist in the dense and difficult vibrations of the earth.

Continue to enjoy your lives, and remember that challenges aren’t meant to bring you out of your center – they’re meant to help you soar.

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll enjoy your lives far more than many of you currently do. Enjoying your lives is as easy as you allow it to be, and we know you’ll each see the importance of enjoying them in due time.

You have a choice between depression and upliftment, and we know which choice resonates with each of you the most. Choose wisely, and remember that you’re constantly guided and supported by every higher-dimensional soul who watches your ascension play out with love and compassion.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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