Manel Blanco – What to do when Your Partner is Not on the Spiritual Path – – 10-1-14




by Manel Blanco

Whether we know it or not, we all are in a spiritual path. It might not seem so seeing how some people lead their lives, or what their interests, characters and behaviours are like; but everyone wants a better life. Everyone hurts and everyone suffers. The spiritual awakening happens at a different stage for everyone, and all of us are waiting for that miracle. They might not admit it, but the fact is that everyone has a soul, everyone is a soul and in one way or another we all feel it pushing through.

The fact that one lives in denial due to life long exposure to a set of beliefs usually causes others to resist the beliefs of others. When we initiate the spiritual path openly, our attention is focused on these practices. Wanting to evolve in the spiritual journey  is something that should come from within. We can never force anyone to take it. It does not work in any other way.

It is very common that people in relationships are affected by this. The number of women interested in spirituality is far greater than men. I know of many women who suffer due to such imbalance. In order to change attitudes towards spirituality we have to integrate the beliefs of others, not to dismiss them and accept people as they are now. There is always a good reason for people's attitudes and behaviours. Men have not been trained to seek the spiritual; our attention has been directed towards a more material life, so as to be providers, but in a world in which currently most people provide for themselves, this idea is obsolete. Yet, many men are following the spiritual path. Everyone wants to find inner peace and men are not the exception.<br />
It is very common that people in relationships are affected by this. The number of women interested in spirituality is far greater than men. I know of many women who suffer due to such imbalance. In order to change attitudes towards spirituality we have to integrate the beliefs of others, not to dismiss them and accept people as they are now. There is always a good reason for people’s attitudes and behaviours. Men have not been trained to seek the spiritual; our attention has been directed towards a more material life, so as to be providers, but in a world in which currently most people provide for themselves, this idea is obsolete. Yet, many men are following the spiritual path. Everyone wants to find inner peace and men are not the exception.

The first thing we have to do is to look at ourselves. In ‘How most people sabotage their spiritual growth’ I gave a few reasons as to why spirituality is not taken seriously, neither by those who practice it, not by those who see it from non-practicing position. A partner that challenges our beliefs is still a valid partner. Why are they challenging us? and why did we attract and felt attracted to that person in the first instance? If you are in a relationship, you chose to be with that person.

There is at least one belief and one activity that the non-spiritual follow which can be related to. Pain and suffering is the same for everyone even if expressed differently, and neither can be removed There is at least one belief and one activity that the non-spiritual follow which can be related to. Pain and suffering is the same for everyone even if expressed differently, and neither can be removed without seeking truth within. There are several problems when we disagree on these matters. We need to explain processes, concepts and practices clearly. If we cannot do so, we might not understand it fully. I do remember years ago someone looking at my writing and the only thing they could say was that they "only believed in the universal truth". When I asked them to expand on it, there was a silence that continues until today. Of course, they never were given the opportunity to give a glimpse at my writing again.without seeking truth within. There are several problems when we disagree on these matters. We need to explain processes, concepts and practices clearly. If we cannot do so, we might not understand it fully. I do remember years ago someone looking at my writing and the only thing they could say was that they “only believed in the universal truth“. When I asked them to expand on it, there was a silence that continues until today. Of course, they never were given the opportunity to give a glimpse at my writing again.

This is another problem. There are people in the spiritual path using the theory against others, instead of treating them with love, kindness, understanding and compassion. At least once a week I  receive a comment from an occasional reader throwing these theories like knives. I call this the ‘Text Book Syndrome.” And the only intention is to prove others wrong. More to it, the comments are usually off topic and I know they have not even read the blog post. Whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion, using our knowledge to try and harm others has nothing to do with spirituality.

A person could be doing their own research in many different ways. To give an example, I have been a keen reader of classics and contemporary literature, but also in philosophy, economics, politics, art, psychology, plus a long list of disciplines including theory of mathematics, which is not my forte. In the end all that mattered to me was to live the experience, not the theory, as this is what made a difference in my life. Spiritual or self-help books hardy ever got my attention. The interest is in the universal and all answers can be found in any book if read with intention. Find the intention of your partner and together, begin to work with it, not against each other.

Open new channels of communication and find out what your true intentions are. Are you trying to change your partner? Whilst this intention might seem very loving, it is not. Only when someone Open new channels of communication and find out what your true intentions are. Are you trying to change your partner? Whilst this intention might seem very loving, it is not. Only when someone decides to grow spirituality a change will occur. Let's change ourselves first and when we do, others will follow. When we try to change a person against their will, the reaction is defensive and causes them to close down. No one likes to be told what to do or that they are doing it wrong. There is a time in life for everyone in which we do realise our own truth and that we might have to change it, but it is always our choice.decides to grow spirituality a change will occur. Let’s change ourselves first and when we do, others will follow. When we try to change a person against their will, the reaction is defensive and causes them to close down. No one likes to be told what to do or that they are doing it wrong. There is a time in life for everyone in which we do realise our own truth and that we might have to change it, but it is always our choice.

We cannot force our beliefs and opinions on others. Give space, but also make sure yours is safe and respected. It is possible to be kind and loving and still stand our ground strongly. It is not a battle, but a strong belief in your convictions. Watch for that belief that is being challenged and ask yourself why without reacting to it.

Sit down for thirty minutes with your partner and express your feelings, emotions and ideas and what you would expect from a them. It is essential that we do not to give ultimatums, such as, “you do this with me or else!” It is important to get it out of your system. Ask your partner to listen to you without their comments and opinions. Being spiritual does not make us better than anyone else. No one is above or below, we are just different and we will continue being different regardless of how much complicity we find in others.

This is an exercise to express yourself. A time to be listened to. It is also important that you are not interrupted. Ask your partner to do the same, to express what they feel about themselves, not about your beliefs and practices. And listen, do listen and stay with your feelings and their feelings.

It is not about correcting the beliefs and ideas of others, but about listening to each other with It is not about correcting the beliefs and ideas of others, but about listening to each other with respect, hence the importance of no interference during this process. It is very rare to listen to our partners or to talk to them without interruptions for such length of time. Once again, be flexible and decide in which way you want to do it. Don't prepare a speech, be spontaneous and express what you feel at the moment. Preparing for this exercise does not work. You already know what you feel and what you want to say. Say it! It is not a time to throw accusations either, but to express your feelings and what it means to you regardless of what happened in the past.<br />
respect, hence the importance of no interference during this process. It is very rare to listen to our partners or to talk to them without interruptions for such length of time. Once again, be flexible and decide in which way you want to do it. Don’t prepare a speech, be spontaneous and express what you feel at the moment. Preparing for this exercise does not work. You already know what you feel and what you want to say. Say it! It is not a time to throw accusations either, but to express your feelings and what it means to you regardless of what happened in the past.

If you are reading this blog post is very likely that you are facing this situation right now. Use this opportunity as a constructive tool to improve the situation and create a new reality if possible. When you have gone through the experience, answers and insights will undoubtedly come to you and you will know what to do next. Sometimes relationships have to end, but if there is love, doing anything you can to improve it and take it to a different level of understanding might be worth the effort.

If they love you, they will understand the concepts of love, respect, understanding, kindness and compassion. If they don’t and you are attacked, ask yourself why it is happening, and most importantly, is it worth it?

About the author: I am here to assist others in their personal transformation in order to realise your natural abilities and to show everyone that we all are natural born leaders and through your own personal experience that life is full of beauty and magic. Manel Blanco’s website

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DL Zeta – Spirit Journeys to Future Timelines – 8-18-14

Spiritual Journey
Image Source

Spirit Journeys to Future Timelines

Our consciousness is not limited to physical reality. Lightworkers have known this for some time and we are still finding new horizons for exploring the potentials of spirit travels. The energies now make it easier than ever before to travel time and dimensions to facilitate healing and make expanded realities more accessible to others.


As shamans of the new time, lightworkers are able to undertake spirit journeys by entering a meditative trance state and traveling through the doorway of the imagination. The information from these journeys in consciousness has the power to transform the spirit traveler at all levels. Sometimes these journeys yield gifts the traveler shares with the world. A single image shared from a spirit journey can open doorways for many.


Stepping beyond Time and Physical-Based Realities


We are able to undertake spirit journeys when we step beyond time and physical-based realities. While journeying in consciousness, we can track the threads of visions and intentions to the life tracks where they are realized. Once this connection is made, we are able to ask our ‘selves’ residing along those life tracks to teach us the steps to activate them. Through spirit journeys, we are able perceive and activate timelines where the seeds of our visions are nurtured in the rich soil of our subconscious and loved into being by the bright sun of our highest intentions.
Traveling the Energetic Thread of a Vision


Working with the imagination is essential to journeying in consciousness. It is through the doorway of the imagination that dreams and visions are downloaded to us. When we receive an image that excites us at all levels we can learn more about it by entering a meditative state, becoming deeply relaxed, and releasing our hold on the world. From this state, we can follow the energetic thread of our vision to the location in consciousness where it is realized. Traveling energetic threads is a skill you can practice as you go about your daily life. For example, when you go for a walk in nature you can pick up on the essence of various life forms. Every life form, be it animal, plant, or mineral, emits a spark that contains an energetic signature.

The energetic signature of a hibiscus flower is different from a magnolia tree, a stone, a bird or a lizard. Practice feeling the energetic currents within all living things. Expand your awareness to sense the energetic threads that arc from tree to tree. Close your eyes and follow the arcs in your mind’s eye.


Exploring Life Tracks where Visions are Realized


Once you have tuned into the frequency of life forms in your environment, you are ready to follow the energetic threads that spin off your thoughts, beliefs, visions and desires. You are able to track these threads into the future to see where they will take you. If, for example, you hold the vision to use your intuitive gifts to help others, find the golden thread of this vision extending from your present moment into the future and follow it.


Allow your imagination to take you on a journey to life tracks where this vision is realized. Images of moments and milestones will unfold, offering glimpses of the realities that reside along the path of this thread. When you make a practice of journeying in consciousness you will find you are able to track the energetic signature of all your dreams and intentions. This allows you to clarify and fine-tune them before they crystallize into physical reality.


The Future Seeds itself within a Past Moment


Sometimes visions reveal the steps you will follow to create something new. This might be a soul mate relationship, a book, a work of art, or an invention – the possibilities are limitless. In some cases and especially with creations of greater complexity and magnitude, you may need to pay numerous visits to the life track where your vision is realized in order to learn the steps of its creation. This is one example of the future seeding itself inside a past moment. Time is a mental construct that does not exist in the higher dimensions. All of these moments – past, present and future – are occurring simultaneously in one eternal moment. When we look through this window, it’s easy to see how simultaneous moments enable timeline “bleedthroughs” via frequency and resonance.


Establishing an Energetic Connection with Future Timelines


Returning to our creation process, if your imagination brings you an image of a reality where you have developed a unique healing technique, sit with this vision and hold it in awareness. Feel the energy of it and set your intention to follow the thread of this vision to the location in consciousness where it is realized. Imagine this golden thread extending through time, into the future. You may receive actual visions of this reality or you may experience it as a feeling state.


Ask your Future Self to Download the Steps to Realizing your Visions


You can speak to your future self – the version of yourself that resides inside this timeline – and ask this self to download to you the steps you took to arrive at this life track where your vision is realized. You may see images of actual steps or you may simply be guided within the moment by your intuition to make the decisions and choices that will bring you to this life track.

Let whatever happens on your spirit journeys be perfect for you. Sometimes all you need to accomplish initially is to establish an energetic connection with the location in consciousness where a vision, creation or intention is realized. Once you find this location, you can return here as often as you want, immersing yourself in the energies and feeling states of this space.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta  

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on healing the past, see Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks by DL Zeta


Suzanne Lie – Jaqual’s Story Part 3 – Becoming A Spiritual Warrior – 8-11-14

Dear Jaqual, I have needed some “time” before I could hear the next part of our story, as I remember that it was not pleasant. Perhaps that is why I “lost” that section of my writing. I am calling you now because you actually contacted me. I was meditating, but having difficulty releasing my thoughts and emotions.
When I finally relaxed into the NOW of a calm center I heard your name. Therefore, I have returned to ask you to continue sharing your story. Perhaps the passage of “time” since I first received, and lost, your message in the mid 1990’s has made me brave enough to keep this communication and even share it with others.
I am Jaqual. Yes, I came into your meditation because I knew it was the NOW to continue my story. Suzille, I agree that you have you been avoiding the story of my going into battle? I can see that you tire of ALL third dimensional battles. You have remembered and continue to remember myriad lives in which you battled to the death. In some of these lives you fought to conquer, and in others, such with my story, you fought to rescue.
Since fear is the worst enemy when we face a confrontation, before going into any form of battle forces we need to confront all your fears. The physical world in which you now live has many battles. Some of them are hidden and some of them are well known. Therefore, it is, indeed, the NOW to continue my story.
I am still within the Temple of Remembering. As I stand at the threshold to the Third, Yellow doorway, I know am ready to remember how I became a Spiritual Warrior. I will first recount becoming a Spiritual Warrior. In later visits I will share how becoming a Spiritual Warrior is quite different than “living” as a Spiritual Warrior who is free of ALL fear.
“Free of ALL fear?” I ask my self. How can that be possible? I know that I must walk the yellow hallway to find my answer. When I step across the yellow threshold, I find myself in the ship my Father invented….
I have set the ship on autopilot while I move toward my rendezvous with Commander Malteese and his companions. I must go deep inside my fifth dimensional SELF the guidance I seek. I was just preparing for my warrior training when the Dracs invaded our world. Therefore, I have not received any outer training. Thus, I must find that that training within my Higher SELF.
I find that meditation is coming to me slowing, as my mind is filled with the doubt and confusion. Fortunately, my Father taught me to meditate by merging with my consciousness to guide me. Hence, I decide I re-live that NOW…
“My son, turn around inside your mind to look into your higher frequencies of self. Imagine that you see a long tunnel of light. Good, now calmly walk into it. At first you may see only the darkness, as it an area of your SELF that you have not yet explored. Therefore, be still within the darkness and make it your friend. The dark is just a component of your consciousness to which you have not yet awakened.
“As you bravely feel the darkness all around you, look inside to find your own speck of light. You will find it within you heart nestled in the love that you have for your people and the love that they have for you. Feel the warm comfort of this love and allow it to slowly illuminate the darkness with its ever-expanding light.
“Remain detached as you observe as the light emanates from within your core to fill your tunnel with light. The tunnel has changed from black to bright yellow, and your body has shifted from it dense physical form to your Lightbody. As you stand within your tunnel find the peace within your heart, which maintains the frequency of your Lightbody.
“When you go into battle, your best tactical advantage is to remain in constant connection with your Lightbody Self who over-lights you. You are NOT your physical form. You are wearing your physical form. You ARE your Lightbody. Do you feel this truth within your heart?”
I am so deeply within my experience that I hear the voice of my younger self say, “Yes Father. I do feel that experience. In fact, I also feel my Lightbody over-lighting me.”
“My son, when you feel your Lightbody over-lighting you, you slowly release ‘time’ and return to the NOW of the fifth dimension. With practice you can learn to shift your consciousness from your physical shell into your Lightbody SELF. Then you will have the experience of “being” a Lightbody over-lighting your physical self. Can you do that now?”
I remember how I tried and tried to move my consciousness into my Lightbody but could not do so. Then, I felt my Father gently touch the area between my heart and throat, which I later learned was my High Heart. At first, I barely felt his touch, but his hand increasing grew warmer and warmer until it actually became hot. I was about to pull away from the heat when I suddenly felt what I would now call an orgasmic feeling.
Suddenly, I was inside my Lightbody. OH what a glorious feeling. I have no idea how long I had this feeling, as I was clearly resonating to the NOW of which my Father had often spoken. I gradually became aware of a dense form that was under my care and protection.
The form was very small as I was still a child. As I looked at the child I could see a few health issues, which I instantly repaired. I remember wondering what it would be like to wear such a small dense form when suddenly I WAS the small dense form. “NO,” I said out loud, as my eyes flew open to see the smiling face of my Father.
“Very good Son,” he said. “With practice you will remember how to experience both your Lightbody and your physical form within the same NOW. Go home and practice this skill. When you return next month I will teach you more.”
But, I did not return to learn more. My Father became increasingly distracted and almost fearful. Then a month later we were invaded. I know now that he had seen that possible reality. That was the last time I say my father alive to his physical form. Somehow, I also knew that had spent almost all his remaining physical time on finishing the ship I was now flying.
My brain wanted to come out of the meditation, but I felt my Lightbody over-lighting me and telling me that I must complete that lesson NOW. It took great concentration for me to keep my eyes closed, trust the ship, trust my instincts and release the attachment to my physical form. I felt fear wanting to invade my experience, so I surrounded the fear with yellow light to transmute it into power.
I was wondering how I knew how to transmute fear in that manner when I heard/felt my Lightbody say, “I just told you how to transmute energy, but you must be connected to me in order to be free of time. Transmutation takes too long while your are surrounded by time.”
I was enthralled by the concept of being “surrounded by time” that did not quite register that I was actually communicating with my own Lightbody. I had heard of that type of communication, but it only occurred after decades of study in the Temple. “We do not have the liberty of time,” spoke my Lightbody.
In a flash, I was surrounded not by time, but by my Lightbody. Oh the feeling of being Lightbody was almost more than my physical form could contain. I felt myself begin to leave my physical body when, instead, my Lightbody left me.
“No,” I heard it say from above me. “It is not your NOW to leave your physical form. You are needed to complete your mission. Feel me, your own Lightbody, hovering above you in a higher resonance. You can do so by imaging that I am above your head.”
I obeyed my instructions and imagined that my own body of light, my Lightbody, over-lighting me while I remained fully connected to my physical form. It was a great sacrifice to belay my experience of being that Lightbody, but I knew that my people needed me. Little did I know how many long years it would be until I could return to being my Lightbody. However, from then on I could feel it over-lighting me
Suddenly, my focus returned to the ship as it was informing me that we were approaching our destination. I send out my telepathic call to Commander Malteese, and he instantly replied. “We have arrived at the determined location. We did not want to use our technology to determine your location.”
“Yes,” I telepathically replied. “I am just landing now.” From that moment on I was a Spiritual Warrior. I landed my ship and invited the twelve members of Commander Malteese’s crew to join me in our conference room. When they arrived they listened as I gave the details of what had occurred on our world. They all controlled their emotional reaction to harness all their energy for battle.
Shortly we had a plan. Do to our telepathic communication with one of our captured people we knew the Dracs were sending our people to their different colonies. We had to help them before they were sent out. We were about to close our meeting when I felt/heard/saw a message from my Lightbody.
I briefly told the warriors of my experience, which they all had heard of and understood. They listened closely as I allow my Lightbody use my physical vehicle to say,
“You unity consciousness is your greatest tool to defeat the Draconians.” There are many of them and few of you, but your power is united, and NOW you can think as ONE mind. They must operate as individuals and can only do what they have been ordered to do. On the other hand, if you can all remain joined in unity consciousness, you can act as ONE being with many expressions.
“Your plan is effective, but impossible unless you remained joined into ONE being. Therefore, we require that all of your connect with your Lightbody in the same manner as Jaqual.”
My Lightbody led us through the process I had just experienced. Because we were all willing to face our death, our limited thinking was released and we were able to experience our Lightbody over-lighting us. Since our Lightbody resonated to the ONE of the fifth dimension, we were all joined in unity consciousness via our ONE Lightbody.
None of us knew how long we remained in this group meditation, as our Lightbodies took us beyond time. However, we all returned to our physical forms to find that only a few minutes had passed. “How can that be,” we wondered with our group mind. Smiles from each of us relayed the knowing that we had left time.
It was then that we realized that all Spiritual Warriors are united within the NOW of the ONE. This bonding was the manner in which we could be successful. As we returned to our individual ships, we all knew that some of us would lose our physical forms. Thus, we promised that if we left our physical body, our Lightbody over-light our group until our mission was accomplished.
While I spoke through my Lightbody, I experienced complete freedom from all fear. I had become a Spiritual Warrior and instantly knew that death only meant a return to Lightbody. Unfortunately, I was later to learn that there were things worse than death.

Lincoln Gergar – Channel Higher Self – How to Begin a Spiritual Path

Channel Higher Self

99 Days 99 Channels – Video 64

Let the Higher Self guide you on how to create a spiritual practice.

Move beyond the confusion in the spiritual marketplace that sells you so many methods by promising you happiness and enlightenment.

Let the Higher Self help you understand the goal before you create a path.

Avoid spiritual paths that lead you to particular experiences of a separate self. Begin on the path that takes you back to you, as a whole complete being.



One Who Has Served via Elizabeth Ayres Escher – – 7-18-14

Discovering Your Starry Origins

A Child Of Two Worlds





Posted on Jul 18, 2014  – by cosmicgaia

by Elizabeth Ayres Escher  /  July 18, 2014


Recently I was informed that I was / am a walk-in, entering into a human body during infancy. Believe me, this was an eye-opener to be sure, but there was a still greater shock still awaiting me, but I’ll leave you in suspense for the time being…

When I entered into this lifetime of service upon this planet, I came in determined to balance my karma, the karma of my walk-out and what I could of others, to enable those whom I came to serve to finally come into their own. As a consequence of this soul decision, it has often been a difficult life. It has only been in last couple of years that I can say with any degree of certainty that I have finally reached a place of self-knowledge and balance in my life.

Due to the spiritual amnesia that I agreed to upon entering that childish body, I temporarily “forgot” who I was and had to walk through this world believing that I was a human being. It has been a challenging, difficult journey this time, but one well spent. Yet, always there were threads of understanding that echoed in my heart and led me in several different directions.

Some light-workers have forged brilliant straight paths with their work, becoming world travelers, presenting material on stage and being well-known. I was a wanderer, never quite settling on one way of doing things, but always attempting to listen to an inner feeling that seemed to guide me. I discovered that I “knew” things that didn’t make sense to my family and friends. Not only did I “know” things, but I acted upon that knowledge. Little did I realize but I was teaching myself how to listen to my own intuition.

Puzzled for a long time why I didn’t settle down into one teaching, I found myself sampling many rather like a butterfly, flying from one flower to another and then moving on, yet again. It has only been recently that I have come to understand that these teachings have not been for me. Mostly they served to remind me of what I had “forgotten” in the course of becoming veiled. And, seriously, some of the teachings currently available within the new age movement are limited in scope, coming from an earth-bound perspective. You begin to realize this once you contact other star-born and aware beings… folks from Home.

With the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all the ancient predictions from seers and prophets about the wholesale destruction of the planet came to naught. Humanity had passed a major collective milestone whether or not they were aware of it in the outer. While there was still a lot of work to do, those who sought ascension during this cycle were now free to pursue it with all their hearts. Along with millions of other volunteer light-workers, we had finally succeeded in permanently anchoring the Light of the Christ upon this planet. Now humanity was free to pursue their evolutionary goal of eventually becoming a galactic civilization.

Since about 1987, I have dealt with many of the vast list of possible ascension symptoms, starting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Curious, I just realized that I started having these “problems” when the Harmonic Convergence took place. I was living in the hinterlands of Montana at the time and had little contact with the outer world. And I was learning about the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Hierarchy during this time, knowledge that would serve me well later when I encountered some of these unseen folk in new and different ways.

From those days, I traveled many inner paths, consciously clearing, encountering and passing through the early stages of awakening when the “lies” that have been propagated upon humanity suddenly come to the forefront of your awareness. I passed through anger, frustration, loss, betrayal… a long gamut of human emotions. As I stepped out of the unseen bounds of “normalcy” I began to be identified by my earth family as being “odd” and found myself cut off. I learned to cope with rejection and then finally to accept it as a badge of honor. I was just responding to a call from within and felt compelled to heed it rather than the concerns of family or friends. As a result, since the death of my parents, I have lived alone and have come to enjoy the quietude that a solitary life can grant one.

Since about 1980, I have known that I carry “great light”. I was told that by several people. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what they were talking about – now I do. Since 1994, I have been aware that I “anchored” the light. I didn’t understand that concept either; now I do. I have been given keys to future understanding all along the path that has led me to move through my fears so that I might share a little of my journey with others.

This past spring I experienced a lengthy illness which prevented me from working for a couple of weeks. It was about this time when I “met” online some friends and relatives from Home. Revelations have been coming fast and furious ever since. It was through this new connection that I first learned that I was, in fact, a walk-in. While I had met other walk-ins and read about them, I never thought that I was one, also. To find out that I was a walk-in, was a bit startling, but it was what I was told next that really startled me: Not only was I a walk-in, but I was scheduled to “walk-out” this year.

While at first this was a bit of a shock to me, the more I thought about it, I knew it was true. My approaching departure explained a lot about my inability to plan for the future or to involve myself with the plans of others. It was not that I didn’t care about people, I just didn’t “see” myself working on all the projects that need to be undertaken to bring the New Earth into being.

So there it is, my great revelation: I am scheduled to “walk-out” this year, to be replaced by another Pleiadian, who will carry on with the mission that I have started here… by writing these pages and expanding our service on this planet. As my cousin, Rananda, wrote in a comment, these words are a prelude to Disclosure. That is a mighty big statement to make, but I can see what he is getting at… Folks like us, who appear very ordinary, who work, eat, wash the dishes, fill-up the car… we are doing extraordinary things outside the scope of understanding of most humans.

By being willing to be and appear as human beings, as well as sharing our adventures on planet Earth, we will have lessened the emotional impact that WILL occur when Disclosure truly happens and the first mass landings take place. Believe me, dear ones, it will be somewhat of a shock to look UP to an 8-foot man in a silvery jumpsuit looking down at you with a gentle smile, emanating a soft golden aura. Most humans really are not ready for disclosure, so have some patience. Those of you who are aware that they are star-seeds and light-workers, it’s up to you to open up and share about YOUR experiences here. With each personal revelation, the awareness that we are ONE will grow.

Back to the subject of walk-ins / walk-outs, my Sirian friend, Trillia, wrote in a comment to the first portion of this story, “I wish to add that each walk-in knows the soul that is walking-out very well as (they are) usually close friends or family from higher realms. The walk-in agreement or soul contract is lovingly designed by both parties involved and must also be approved by our Karmic Board.”

My designated walk-in is a Pleiadian sister of mine, so I know her well and our soul energies match up pretty closely, as well. The process of braiding has now been going on for a couple of months, as my walk-in comes and goes, adjusting to the feel of being in a rather (for her) cramped space. She stands 7’8” in her bare feet, while my human vehicle is only 5’8”. And she must learn to adjust to our culture, my job and daily life, our language… just a huge assortment of things that we usually take for granted.

Of course, as a walk-in, my Pleiadian sister would have received prior training, but still, when finally arriving “in” so to speak, it’s a new and strange sensation to one who has been used to a more refined, loving environment such as the Pleiadian Isles and life upon the ships of the GFL. And on my side, I’ve had to become accustomed to the concept of “leaving”.

It is taken me some time to come to grips with this realization. I have done a lot of inner checking and know it to be true. One of my recently recognized Kumaran cousins has just undergone the walk-out process himself. With this living demonstration, I feel compelled to believe that I will be soon undergoing a similar process. I am fortunate to have Him as an example, and as well as another mentor in the person of another bright Light, Trillia Gia, a dear friend and emissary from Sirius A. I am grateful to have these friends to advise and teach me of the new world I am soon to enter. It’s almost like we planned it this way… and we did!

One doesn’t just decide one day to leave the planet and return to the ships. I’m close to ascension now; I can feel it and since I am now fully accepting the change in status, the process is beginning to accelerate for me. I am in the process of letting go of everything… It is this detachment that is required in order to be cut loose from what ties me to the Earth and allow me to re-ascend gracefully to my new assignment on board the great mother ship, The White Winds.

As a soul aspect, I will be and have been in the process of re-blending with my Higher Self. I have written about the importance of bringing these essences within the physical vehicle, which is what those who are intending to live in the New Earth will need to do. Instead, I will be reuniting with Higher Self and blending into Her essence within 5D / 6D off-planet, with my knowledge and experience augmenting Her own.

Rananda has written about His own early experiences in re-blending and opening up to His 5D senses once again. At the end of this article, I will include a link to the website where you can read His story yourself.

In the future, I can teach others what I have learned here, but it will be up to another generation to take up the mantle on Earth that I am soon to leave behind.

Although most of “me” will leave, for a time there will still remain a small portion of soul material (2%) that will enable me to communicate through my walk-in. In fact, you may not even notice that Eliza is gone, until my walk-in feels more comfortable with making changes and expanding her service on the planet. After about a year or so, all of “me” will have re-blended with Higher Self. Yet, even then, I hope to continue working with and communicating through my walk-in, sharing my story of life on the Ships and on other worlds. In this way, I will be contributing in my small way to the process of Disclosure.

In the last 100 years or so, the original light-bearers from Venus and the Pleiades (as well as other primary worlds such as Sirius A, Andromeda and Arcturus) have been greatly assisted by the efforts of many more recent “volunteer” light beings from near and far. Many of these beings make up the Second Wave of Light Workers, who will continue on with the work started long ago by Sanat Kumara and others. It is these souls and others who continue to incarnate (or walk-in) who will lead those who within humanity are ready for ascension. It is these ones who will contribute greatly to the creation of the culture of the New Earth during this next great cycle.

Humanity is young and for a long, long time, my people have watched over you. Now, you have ones who will become the Watchers, who will guide and protect, teach and show you how to move into the new world that you are creating together. The time of my people being here is nearly at an end. Some of us will remain for a time, but I’ve been given my traveling orders.

Do not grieve for my passing from this world, for I leave it in good hands… yours. Treat her well, and treat yourselves well. You deserve a world that is a gracious place filled with beauty, abundance, joy and love. It has not been that for me, so I am tired, but will soon recover in the healing rooms of The White Winds. And when I have opened up to my 5D senses, I will be fully integrated with my Higher Self, Lady Tazjima. So I will continue to serve as part of the overall awareness of Lady Tazjima, doing whatever it is that she does. I have it on good authority that She is one busy Lady who, along with Her friends and relatives from Venus, the Pleiades and other Star Nations, have been contributing to “Project Earth”, aiding the evolution of planet and of all life upon it.

In your dreams and astral travels, you may see me amongst the teachers at the University of Spirit aboard the great Pleiadian mother ships in the skies above your heads. Visit us at night, dear ones; I will be there soon, serving among family and friends from across the Galaxy and Universe.

Other members of the First Wave, who have been on Earth for a long time in terms of your linear years, will also be departing in the coming weeks and months and years. Part of the reason for writing these pages, is to begin to prepare the minds and hearts of these brothers and sisters who will not be staying with the New Earth, but who are slated to return to their Home planets or to go onto other assignments yet unknown. Those who especially resonate to these words, will begin to know for themselves that another mission is about to reveal itself to them.

We do not leave you entirely bereft, dear ones, as several of my Christed Sisters and Brothers will remain, holding offices within your Spiritual Hierarchy until such time as Christed earth-born sons and daughters can replace them. And beyond time and space as you know it, we are truly one in the Creator who made us all.

I must say that I never expected to leave so soon. I can’t say that I am sorry, for it has been a difficult and lonely tour of duty. I’m eager to go Home. At the same time, I will miss some of the friends that I have made during my tour of service here. I have been fortunate, indeed, to serve on such a beautiful planet. I will return to New Earth when 5D is anchored upon the surface and the great Crystal Cities are revealed as I have many relatives and friends currently serving in the Etheric Retreats already existent around this planet.

Like the High Elves of Middle Earth, my time here is nearly done. It will soon be time for me to return to the Land of Light, which for me is the planet Venus, and the Pleiadian Isle of Medina, as well as the great mother ship of my uncle, The White Winds. There is a white ship for me and it will carry me away for a time, but my Higher Self will be ever present within your heart of hearts.

My love and devotion go with you always, those who have become my sisters and brothers through the long ages of my sojourn among you.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara

Here is a recent blog posting by one of my Kumara cousins, Rananda Kumara, that explains more of the re-blending process. One of his former earthly aspects is well known as Master Kuthumi, who recently took over the Office of the Planetary Christ from his mentor, Lord Maitreya:

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Alan Watts – The Spiritual Journey As The Self


Spiritual Master – Free Spirit – Astral Journeys into Other Dimensions – Visiting the Central Galactic Sun – 6-30-14

Free Sppirit


Source is the origin of all conscious awareness. Deep within our being this Source awaits to be rediscovered, the love experienced and the vibrations assimilated in order for us to ascend to a new level of consciousness where the Source is ever present and ever visible.

In the beginnings of our spiritual journey the vibrations of Source are felt vaguely, and guide us on the path. Later on we can begin to actually see the Source upon the awakening of the Pineal Gland and Higher Heart Center.

Pineal Detoxification can be accomplished through the avoidance of heavy metal toxins such as lead and mercury, as well as avoiding the intake of fluoride from tap water and toothpastes. Mercury leaches from amalgam tooth fillings and is also present in many vaccines. Fluoride can enter our skin through shower water, hence mains filtration is well advised. These toxins calcify the Pineal Gland and prevent us from perceiving the higher dimensional planes beyond the Astral (required in order to visit the Central Sun)


Journeys into Interstellar Space

The awakening of the Higher Heart Center comes about after a period of emotional purification and healing. Childhood wounding, harmful relationship patterns, fears and resistances to love are all things that require healing at this time in order to move deeper into our heart center and open up the gateways to the higher heart. Kindness and forgiveness are useful vibratory medicines for healing the heart – for holding on to any negativity keeps us trapped in fear consciousness. Forgiveness for self and others opens up the gateways to the angelic realms, wherein we can receive blessings of grace and love from the beings of light who reside there.

If we are able to release our fears of love we can receive deep healing from 5th dimensional angels and 6th dimensional Rainbow Beings (aka Star Beings, ETs, Immortals, Ascended Masters). Their love can help us journey deeper into their realms and to ground in dimensional awareness in this reality. We can heal the fear of love by learning to trust love as harmless and as something that heals. Part of this work is to take down the walls and masks that we enact to protect ourselves from love, and to dismantle the control dramas that we engage with in our lives. Embodying angelic love calls for us to surrender all control issues, as well as not allowing ourselves to be controlled by any kind of victim consciousness. This process brings about empowerment – coupled with Pineal and Higher Heart Awakening – we then become spiritually and dimensionally aware.


You Tube Video – Journeys into Other Dimensions



We then discover a window looking out upon an amazing inner landscape of magic and wonder, colour and luminosity, loving beings and angels. In our dreams we are able to unlock dream gates and portals and travel far into the astral planes. As we reach the Upper Astral Planes we are welcomed by the Immortal Rainbow Beings of Light, and they can take us on journeys into their cities of light. They populate vast numbers of higher-dimensional worlds throughout the galaxy. The dream-world is the first point of contact with these beings, however as our pineal glands become fully operational we can begin to parallel (being aware of two or more dimensions at once). Astral awareness then becomes unified with waking consciousness and the veils dissolve.

Astral Journeys to other Worlds

Then the Rainbow Beings can be perceived and communicated with in waking consciousness. They can channel love, dimensional wisdom and healing into our daily lives. We see the reality of immortality and a life beyond the body, as well as life beyond the Earth. Our journeys can present us with contact with hundreds of different races of immortal loving light beings – some of them highly advanced with the ability to transcend time, travel through stars, leave galaxies, transmute matter and even create planets. The scope of their wisdom and ability is mind-boggling as we deepen the contact with them.

The Spiritual Light of the Galactic Dimensions (which then filters down into the Astral) heals and charges our vibrations as it emanates from the Source itself. After a time one wonders where the light actually emanates from. From my experience and understanding the light of the Source emanates from a ninth dimensional Central Sun at the Galactic Center. To see the Galactic Suns one needs to be able to travel beyond the astral planes entirely. This can be achieved by engaging with the Guardians of the Gateways that exist at the furthermost reaches of the Upper Astral Plane. Invariably we are sent back at first, in order to purify our being further and release more Earthly karma. This acts as a safeguard, otherwise our spirit body would disintegrate as it would not be able to handle the intensities of the Galactic Planes (Dimensions 7 – 9).

As we deepen our inner work we can have the experience of a white, golden or rainbow sun rising over an inner sea. What we are seeing here is our own inner essence which contains a Divine Piece of the Source itself. As explained previously, seeing our inner essence is a work of vibratory purification which includes a thorough cleansing of the heart of negative karmas and emotional toxicity caused by fear, resistance to loving and lack of forgiveness. If our hearts still contain impurities we may have the vision of the Source/ Central Sun but we cannot get very close to it. We will reach a certain point and be repelled, and then we may feel an instant fear as the unresolved emotion is suddenly brought into awareness by the strength of the Source. The more we journey consciously inward toward Source, the deeper is the purification, and over time we can begin to enter the corona of the Central Sun.

The intense luminosity from the Central Sun bathes the DNA strands and one can have the experience of ones DNA flooded with all kinds of strange symbols, imagery, light codes or rainbows. Innumerable Star Beings (dimensional light beings who live in Stars themselves) inhabit the corona of the Central Sun and here we can meet many benevolent and loving intelligences and receive deep healing from them.

As we continue to work with our pineal detoxification and clean up the channel from there to the higher heart centre we begin to perceive the Central Sun very intricately and as an intelligence itself with many layers of light, like the layers of an onion. Working with our fears and embodying more love, we can learn to be fearless about becoming intimate with this Source energy and the layers peel away unleashing vast amounts of energy into our DNA strands, our being and our heart. By this point we may often feel like the physical body is being purged, as this kind of energy will instantly dislodge cellular toxicity as it tries to recalibrate and heal our DNA strands so we can become more aligned with this energy.

Over a period of what may be many months the Galactic Dimensional Journeying continues ever deeper into the Central Sun. What lies at the very core is beyond the scope of this blog (read Keys to Immortality)..but after many journeys into the coronas one begins to be able to handle the vibrations without being repelled and one day one penetrates multiple layers to find oneself inside the Central Sun itself with the light energy around oneself – and when one looks to the center a dazzling rainbow globular object appears taking on the appearance of another Sun. Here all kinds of dimensional vibrations are flooding ones DNA and one can travel into the DNA strands themselves -seeing the dormant parts being activated, reactivating dormant memories of past lives, existences in other planes, and enabling the awakening of a very profound love that emanates from the Rainbow Sun. Cancer causing agents and other toxins in the DNA can be seen and instantly transmuted.

Closer to this Inner Rainbow Sun deep within the Galactic Central Sun the surroundings take on a deep violet hue, with silvery luminescent strands floating around, having the appearance of being studded with coloured jewels. As for the Rainbow Sun itself, many orbs and spherical flying objects can be seen coming out of tunnels – with purposes unknown. The vibration here is particularly intense and one is sent back many times.. Entering into the corona of the Rainbow Sun is like being plugged into an indescribable bliss, a knowing, the experience of Oneness and tasting the vibration of immortality. The love here moves effortlessly through the heart – one with no fear can assimilate and integrate these vibrations of love into their being and become more in alignment with this place.

Rainbow beings who are part of the intelligence of this Rainbow Sun channel loving energy through ones being, and one can often have the experience of seeing a flashing cadaceus or the kundalini swirling and spinning with rainbow light.

They carry a vibrational medicine of immortality that is extremely etherically purgative, eliminating denser vibrations and sometimes triggering physical cleansing too. They appear with cups of this shiny sparkling liquid, allowing one only to have the smallest amount, as this etheric medicine carries the ability to slingshot one into far out planes beyond the Galaxy (10D and beyond) and the body whilst in 3D can only assimilate a little of this vibrational input at a time. This liquid appears to have the purpose of preparing ones DNA for immortality, purging DNA toxins and healing aberrations in the double helix. It is only the errors in DNA replication that create aging and death, along with the damage caused by environmental, chemical and dietary toxins. At a certain point on our vibratory journey our DNA heals and begins the work of purging toxins so we can become immortal beings again. The cleansing of the physical DNA also activates the dormant metaphysical strands and completes the work of integrating the physical with the spiritual.

Upon the completion of all DNA activations, matter and spirit become one, duality is transcended, and every single particle in one’s body becomes aligned with the vibrations of Immortality.


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