Sananda – Freedom Requires Service – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 7-18-14

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Channeler Kathryn E May

Channeler: Kathryn E. May


We promised you a message every day until the Revaluation, and we have done so all but one day when our dear channel needed to travel all day. So here we are, after the beautiful message from Mother God and St. Germain on last night, to bring you one more note of encouragement, hope and joy. (

For us, it is a time of great pleasure, since we see the events we planned together unfolding. There have been fits and starts, which is only to be expected when we are dealing with more than 7 billion beings, all interacting with one another, having their own say about how this drama should unfold. This is as it should be, since every single one of you has free will, as your contract requires, and each of you is learning crucial lessons about your own soul development as you move together toward the historic shift which will blossom soon.

We are trying to prepare you, the leaders who will take the reins the in the days and months to come, to be ready for anything. We want you to be independent thinkers who are capable of following your own hearts; we encourage you to question, search always for the finest and highest level solution to all questions or problems. Yes, you have been tested. We have given you opportunities to look for new answers and to weigh all options in your lives to decide for yourselves what suits you, and what provides for the Greater Good.

This process of choosing what suits you is a lifelong exercise in soul development and personal growth. You are now learning the deeper lesson that what truly suits you – what makes your heart sing – always coincides with the Greater Good. It takes maturity and experience to come to this, given the temptations of life and the unlimited options presented to you at any given moment.

One of the greatest obstacles to change for all of you has been the old fear patterns which kept you locked in a feeling of worry and desperation about money. It prevented you from making great leaps and changes out of fear that you would not have enough – enough money to provide for yourself and your families, enough hours of work to provide sufficiently, and a high enough pay scale that you could work long hours and still survive to spend a few hours with those you love.

It has been a grinding existence for many, filled with feelings of malaise, unsatisfied hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Here in the illusion of finite time, you have only this short life to accomplish the goals set out for you by yourself, your parents and your culture. Many of those goals are unrealistic, given the state of the world. For instance, not everyone is going to be wealthy, given the rigged system in which the most wealthy and powerful became more so. In a finite system with limited resources, the deck was stacked against all but the tiniest proportion of the planet. And still, you managed to create options for yourselves to expand and grow.

The Prosperity Programs we have in store for you are designed to provide you with much more than money. We are helping you to buy your own freedom from drudgery and oppression. This is why they have been linked to the new blossoming of true freedom in your systems of governance. You will see rather sudden and somewhat disruptive change, as many begin to feel their own power to demand dignity, independence and free expression of their own needs.

Initially, you will notice that many are confusing the idea that doing, saying and demanding anything you wish at any moment is freedom. Of course, freedom is a much more complex state of being than just grabbing the attention of others, or loudly expressing opinions about various things against which you happen to feel dislike.

It does not involve rebelling against everything that represents authority; neither does it require that you take the position of opposition to all those who have ever or might ever cause you pause or pain. That is a child’s version, like the insistence on eating as much candy as you want, regardless of how it affects your body or who might be affected when you create unpleasantness for others.

Freedom is the achievement of a delicate balance between authentic self-expression and service to others. Yes, I include service to others, because this is the only way to achieve real personal freedom in the context of living graciously in the company of others. It is the only way to achieve personal fulfillment and therefore peace of mind. So, you see, being of service to others is not an extracurricular activity. It is the fountain from which all high vibration flows, the source of deep kindness and Love.

What is service to others? Let’s first clear away what is not. The work you do for which you are paid is not service to others. However, the attitude and emotional tone you bring to your work, the love you express through your actions is extra, like the nurses who express love and nurturance toward their patients, apart from attending to pills and schedules. Being a teacher who is in love with her/his students, or the chef who beams with pleasure and love over the plates of delicious food – all these are acts of service to others.

There is one rather tricky element we much clarify here. Smiling and pretending friendliness when you are angry inside does not count as Love or as service to others. It is simply deception. Only caring which comes from the deepest part of your happy heart is authentic feeling. If you are angry, you must learn to say so, to yourself and others, but that is another lesson. In the meantime, know that smiles and sweet sayings are not equivalent to love; neither are wordy reassurances and syrupy tones. Love is simple, direct, and it always feels good to the receiver. If it creates division, confusion and pain in your heart, it is not Love.

So many of you have been raised in conflict, anxiety and pain that you have come to expect those feelings, even in loving relationships. I tell you, Beloved Ones, there is no heart-wrenching pain in a genuinely loving relationship. There is also no jealousy, no need to control the other, and no fear of separation or abandonment. Those too are childhood feelings. Even in separation or in death, loving partners continue to feel the deep and secure connection which is the earmark of true Love, and it sustains them through anything.

When we find ourselves in a dilemma, for instance when someone you have loved does something you find abhorrent, either to you or to another, what do you do? Many of you have been taught to forgive and send love. That is good advice, but it should not come first. First you must express your feelings toward this person, if you are physically able. Unless you do so, you will never feel complete about it. Tell them, without being judgmental, without expressing an opinion about what you think; instead, tell them what you feel, you personally. How did their action affect you? For instance, do not call them names, even tangentially. “I felt hurt when you left me” is far more powerful and honest than “I always knew you were a cheater.”

There is a terrible tradition of name-calling and verbal abuse in your Western cultures. Even people who consider themselves loving, giving Lightworkers fall into the trap of saying things to others or about others which cut deeply. Beloved Ones, there is no room in the life of one who truly wishes to be of service to say things to another about the state of their heart, or the quality of their personality, or their underlying motivations, unless you are specifically asked to do so. It is not your province to evaluate others and proclaim their worth. As we have been showing you, the Company of Heaven, of which you are a part, accepts you without condition, without condemnation, ever.

Even in your darkest moods, or your brightest moments, we love you endlessly. We see your transgressions, and we send you even more love, to help you restore your faith and overcome your fear, for we know that any aggressive act is really an expression of self-doubt and fear. We know that the cure for anger, hatred, divisiveness and conflict is Love. This day, send your love to Gaza, for the calm resolution we all can envision for the future.

Now, we must be clear here. Even the Company of Heaven does not accept or endorse your behavior when you do things that are hurtful to others. We will simply turn away from the destructive behavior, while we embrace you. We know that in the cycle of living and returning to higher dimensions, you will learn what you need, and the lessons of the present will become a part of your greater wisdom. We do not punish, but it is part of our angelic service to humankind to protect the innocent. These angelic interventions are rarely obvious, but you can feel the effect of our presence if you are open and aware.

We are encouraging you here, Dear Ones, to review your own attitudes, beliefs, actions and feelings to root out all old resentments and fears. We have given you, with each message, a different window through which to look at yourselves and others. We encourage you always to clear away these archaic ways, but now it is particularly crucial for you to do so, because when the tsunami of energies washes over all, we do not wish to see you swamped, or worse yet, jumping overboard because of some old idea of unworthiness or fear. It is time now to “hang tough”: wrap yourself around our Love, and you will float above the fray, seeing your openings, playing the waves rather than drowning in them, and finding your opportunities to be of service to others all around you.

Be of stout heart and tender loving feelings. Raise yourself to see beyond the moment, beyond yourself and your own concerns. Fulfill your promise to bring Love to all you encounter in this life, regardless of what they bring you. If you cannot muster the full compliment of Love for those who have made themselves enemies to you, then be neutral. It is not your work to condemn, punish or disapprove. Leave all that to the elegant system of Life, which will eventually right all wrongs. You, in your human capacity, can uphold justice by speaking clearly of your own feelings, by protecting others, especially the children, to the best of your ability, and by working to change the systems which promote unfairness and inequality. This is your great gift to the world.

We now draw close to the New Day. The first light of dawn is beginning to brightening the sky, as it turns from dark, deep blue to the clearest, bright blue of brightest daylight. You see, you have already come out of the darkest times. The Light of God, which is Pure Love, sweeps across the planet. Much of this awakening is because of the dedication of you and those you have brought here and to the other positive, uplifting communities of Light. We have come through more directly in recent years as the Veil is thinning, but it is you, and your ability to maintain your faith and joy in a life well lived that has been the inspiration to others.

We thank you for your stalwart dedication through difficult times. It is a mark of your Mastery that you have persevered without complaint or doubt, moving always instinctively to the Light, and to our awaiting embrace. Continue, Beloved Ones, continue to walk along this path toward the Light, and I will be always at your side.

Remember with me the beautiful 23rd Psalm, which says, “Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me…”

I am with you always, Beloved Friends, as we bring into fruition the Dream of our Hearts: Peace on Earth, and Abundance for all.

I am with you in Love,
Your Sananda/Jesus

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 17, 2014, 12 PM, New York

Saul Channeled By John Smallman – War Has Become Unfashionable – Will Shortly Be Unthinkable

John Smallman

05/15/2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s progress towards awakening is proceeding apace, and that is because you have reached the point in the process where you had previously decided to allow an enormous acceleration to occur in the rate at which you accumulate knowledge.  Knowledge accumulation reduces ignorance and the limits that ignorance imposes.  No longer are any subjects taboo.  No longer is there any prohibition that prevents researchers from investigating the fields that interest and intrigue them.  This freeing-up of orientation is accompanied by enthusiastic encouragement for those with new ideas that they wish to develop, leading to a mushrooming, expanding flow of information between diverse fields of knowledge, which further accelerates the accumulation of knowledge.

In your present state of limited consciousness – soon to be dissolved – ignorance has been one of the overriding limits that you imposed on yourselves.  It is a very strange limitation because it encourages you to believe that all you know is all that there is to know!  And your egos defend this belief most strenuously, hence your constant need to make the choice either to be right or happy!  When you admit freely that you do not know something, you expand your sense of freedom, you allow yourselves to learn, and that makes you happy.  The ego does not like that because it reduces its power over you (admittedly it is power that you gave it), and as you are well aware no one likes to lose any of their power, influence, sense of importance, or personal autonomy – which in some instances has been known to persuade people that they are above the laws that bind everyone else.

And of course it is well acknowledged that knowledge is power, so those who possess it have been, for the most part, very reluctant to share it.  However, over the last forty or fifty years, a growing number of very intelligent and well-meaning individuals have been making it a career choice, making it their vocation to develop new ideas and concepts and to share them freely and without restriction in a most humanitarian manner.

The results of engaging with this kind and loving attitude is most apparent in your modern communications technologies which have grown and developed far more effectively, efficiently, and faster than would have ever been possible had those individuals chosen in any way to restrict the knowledge that they were so freely sharing.  And of course others, the majority, who were also developing new ideas, were frequently very threatened if not outraged by this (as they saw it) completely irresponsible and patently insane behavior – this giving-away of power – which was so damaging to the established order and all it stood for.

Nevertheless, it is quite apparent now that these courageous individuals demonstrated great wisdom in their decisions to share their knowledge – knowledge they had worked long and hard to uncover – because of the enormous knock-on effect it has had.  When you share knowledge freely and easily the knowledge base expands exponentially and everyone benefits.  This expansion in humanity’s field of knowledge is one of the stimulants, one of the catalysts that is leading you rapidly forwards towards your inevitable awakening. Why?  Because it is readily apparent that humanity has to cooperate generously and harmoniously if it wants to survive, and to cooperate harmoniously is to stir towards awakening.

You are now evolving spiritually at a rate that could not have been imagined just fifty years ago.  The major wars in the last century were also major triggers to awakening because so many of you suffered and experienced at very close range the horrors to which aggressive and egoic agendas inevitably lead, and you resolved not to allow it to happen again.  That resolve is now bearing fruit, even though violent conflicts are still occurring in many places.  The utter insanity of war is now fully acknowledged and the concept of a “just war” has been most clearly demonstrated to be oxymoronic.  Yes, some with strict, inflexible, and misguided opinions still believe that war can be justified, but few of them remain in positions of power or influence.  War has become “unfashionable” and will shortly be unthinkable because you are currently evolving into a space which has no place for it and which will not permit it.  A place in which a call to war would go unanswered even if it were made.

In the run-up to awakening, continue to remind yourselves that Love is the answer to every problem – without exception!  In your quiet times of prayer, meditation, and reflection, focus on forgiving yourselves for any shortfalls or inadequacies you find within yourselves, and on forgiving others for theirs.  Doing so will strengthen and nurture your sense of peace, of acceptance, and will encourage you to look for and see the positive signs and achievements, the indications of the major changes that are occurring all across the world as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer.

With so very much love, Saul.    [There is now a new page on my blog “Contact John.” Please feel free to do so.]