Steve Beckow – In the Service of Ascension – Part 3/3 – 6-7-14


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I’d like now to turn to another manner in which higher beings incarnate and that is as a composite or group soul, such as Merlin and St. John the Baptist were.  AAM explains.

“Let us first speak of this composite, or what many refer to as ‘group souls.’ Because this can be confusing. On the one hand, we are telling you — and the Mother considers you — beautiful, unique energy that is well defined and different than anything else throughout her omniverse. And then we say, ‘But that was a group soul.’ So let us explain.” (1. All quotes from Archangel Michael here come from this same source.)

These usually occur where “there are undertakings or situations where the task at hand is so pivotal to the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, or to the change of direction when a civilization, perhaps, needs to be redirected or reworked, that a group of souls will come together almost in a bidding war, if you think of it, to say ‘I will go, and I will play that role.’”

There are also times, he tells us, when “because of history, of pain, of mayhem, of abuse, … it is more beneficial for a group to come together and to support one another in that undertaking of that particular life.”

Usually there is what we would think of as “a lead soul.”

“And that soul can be thought of as the administrator or the supervisor of this collection, although it is far more cooperative than that. And in that time, perhaps there is a soul that has a very particular talent or capacity or completion or mission to accomplish during that participation in that now-human being’s life.

“So they will come to the forefront during that particular phase. So that is one way in which it occurs. The other is that the entire group is there as a support team throughout, but again, they either exchange places or they support the lead soul in a mission is of such significance that a group is preferable.”

He gives the example of bringing “an intergalactic and an Earth-keeper and an angelic together to participate in something because all these variations are required.”

A braided walk-in is one example of a composite soul. Archangel Michael describes that form of being.

“The braided walk-in is the conscious awareness, and the inter-twining of a number of souls, usually two or three, into a unified whole where everyone is conscious and participating.

“Again, it is very unusual. A braided walk-in is very, very unusual.”

When souls are at that level of commitment and love, “there is a merger of those energies, that you are working as a group.”

Being part of this incarnation “does not mean that they were always and only part of that group soul. They are still maintaining their unique spark.”  After the death of John the Baptist, for instance, the group that formed him dispersed.

“Now, can there be reunion, because they worked well together, and there was cooperation, and that is a good combination to come together for a future or a past undertaking? Yes, but it is not required and it does not always happen that way.”

There are numerous archangels incarnated on the planet at this time. I’ve heard the number 21 but I haven’t had confirmation of that yet. What happens in that case? AAM explains.

“The human being is what we would say over-lighted on a continual basis by that being, by that archangel. Now, the archangel does not over-ride the human choice, the free will. So you will say, ‘Well, I can’t possibly be an archangel, because look at that time when I did that, and that was a horrid thing to do!’

“Well, that is not so. And we have a long history of archangels falling off the path and doing horrid things. The key to this is non-judgment, is it not?

“But when the archangel incarnates or over-lights the energy of that being, it’s first, foremost and primarily of that archangel. It is that simple.”

We may notice “that there is a different quality to those individuals.” Nonetheless they may be unaware of their origins and unable to access their full capabilities,. he says.

“It is not a case of the person being the fullness, because the archangel still hovers above.  They cannot — well, they could, but they do not — fully embody in the individual, although there are moments when the fullness of that presence is known and felt, and celebrated. It is a very unique, and very uncommon, situation.”

Moreover, higher beings such as angels and archangels can “apparit” or briefly appear before us.  The Lord Maitreya discussed how higher beings may do this.

“We have the capacity to assume missions and purpose which are in alignment with who we are in our divinity and essence and how we have expressed in and out of human form or elsewhere, over time, or what you think of as time.

“But we also have the ability to come and be in form not simply as an aspect or an emanation — which I have done many times — but to be in what you would think of as human reality, form, but also to be present in that form with the full awareness of our being.

“So that is part of our rules of engagement and how we re-manifest and re-enter and come with great excitement and delight to walk this beloved Earth yet again.”  (2)

In this series, we’ve seen that many of us are emanations of angels, archangels, or other types of higher-dimensional beings. The greater part of ourselves exists on the higher planes of life.

These selves overlight us and can at times merge with us.  In some cases, it isn’t one individual who has incarnated; it may be a composite or group as in the case of Merlin and St. John the Baptist.  In other cases, a higher dimensional being may appear or “apparit” temporarily for a special purpose.

More and more of this knowledge is being revealed. I’ve been told by Archangel Michael that, at some point after Ascension, we’ll experience the return of our native capabilities and powers, at which point the fulness of our identities will become known.

Steve Beckow – In the Service of Ascension – Part 2/3 – GoldenAgeOfGaia – 6-6-14

Angels 214

Continued from Part 1

Yesterday we discussed how the higher-dimensional beings we’re aligned with can overlight us. Today I’d like to discuss how they and we can at times merge. This is not something that I’ve had experience of so I need to allow our sources to speak for themselves.

But before going into the subject, I should add that the type of merging that is discussed here is not, I think, the type that we consider when we contemplate, for instance, merging with God at the end of an individual’s total journey of life. It may be more of what happens often on the higher realms in the life after death, as Julia Ames discussed in this passage from New Maps of Heaven:

“The limitations on the interpenetrating, all-surrendering, all-possessing union of beings on this side are removed. We neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels in heaven, free to mingle and to merge our being in their whole totality with any other Being or Beings with whom the vibrations of our souls coincide. The ecstacy of such union transcends the ecstacy of physical love on earth.”  (1)

Moreover, we are also merging aspects of ourselves together as part of the Ascension process, as Archangel Raphael here describes:

“The human being physical body part of you that lives on Earth is a small particle of your entire being, and what is occurring now during this time with those who are awakening and coming into enlightenment is a unification and merging with all aspects of your multidimensional self, which includes your higher self.” (2)

So merger on many levels is very much a part of our whole Ascension experience.

Archangel Michael discusses how the higher beings can merge with us.

“The other thing that we do, in meditation — again, on a regular/irregular basis, primarily depending upon you and your requests, is we merge. Now, you think of this as overwhelming, and it can be, and as a very sacred gift, which it is, to you and to us. But I also wish you to think of it in a more common way.”  (3. The remainder of the quotes in this article come from the same source.)

He reminds us of that we merge to a greater or lesser degree in many of our love relationships.

“Think of the range of interactions, relationships, that you have with those you love, from the very intimate of, say, sexual partnership, to your best friend, to your closest sibling, to your parents, and then on out into the community.

“So, say, when you get together with your beloved one, and you are physically intimate, but even more importantly, if it is a genuine relationship, you are heart intimate, you share the secrets, the desires, the yearnings, the joy, the sweetness of your heart, and you merge.”

We also merge with beloved siblings and friends.

“It is the same with a sibling you love. It is not physical, but it is, more importantly, spiritual and emotional. It is mental. It is the same with your best friends, your sacred circle, of those that you cannot imagine going forward without.

“You merge  your energies all the time, and it is beautiful, and it is sacred.”

He tells us that the mighty beings or archangels merge often.

“And so it is with us. We do not live in a situation, environment or a state of being that is in separation or in isolation. Are we unique expressions of the Divine? Yes. But we ebb and flow and merge together all the time. It is the sweetest gift of the Mother.

“And so we also like — love! — to do it with you. And so we ask you at times in meditation, in sacred undertaking, in ceremony, to allow our energies to combine. This is what happens in true channeling.”

What happens when merger takes place?

“It fortifies. It expands you. It brings you to a greater level of inspiration and understanding, not only of who you are and how things work upon Gaia, but who we are. So we fill you with our love and presence. But, dear heart, you also fill us. It has never been a one-way street. It has never been a simple one-way exchange.”

This has been happening more and more frequently, he says, and will continue to do so in future.

“When you give your heart to us, when you welcome us within your sacred space, it is a merger and it is a union, and it is a reunion. And this has been happening more and more frequently, as you realize that you don’t need or choose to live in isolation or separation, that you wish to embody that ebb and flow. You wish to have the Divine partnership with us as well.”

Tomorrow I’d like to look at the subject of composite beings in incarnation.


(1)   Julia [Julia T. Ames] through W.T. Stead, medium, After Death. A Personal Narrative. New York: George H. Doran, n.d.; c. 1914, 191-2. In “The Christ Sphere,” New Maps of Heaven, at

(2) “Archangel Raphael: Healing Across All Time and Space and Integration with Your Higher Self,” channeled by Goldenlight, August 13, 2013 at

(3) Archangel Michael in “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, at


Lucas – The Intent And Events To Come – lucas2012infos – 2-24-14

Observations from my view from the skies show me again a lot is on the move and changing. Certain things grab my attention in observing that now a lot of people are finding out how difficult it is to have a real intent or not.  The ones not having the real intent are still showing it by giving priority to personal interest over all human beings and the planet. Intent can be initially  shown to be for humanity as a whole but still somewhere along the road the old structures, patterns, use to do stuff is still creeping in. It makes it so hard for people to be living really their pure intent or be living a lie and keep hiding what still will get revealed in the end.

You can always change your positions or intent as it is a personal choice as well as having another perception is also your own doing not someone elses. It is thus up to you and not somebody or some outside force to make changes.  It is about you being accountable for all you do and be. Being also your genuine being, your authentic self.  It does not mean you need to be like others or some prevalent way of being, of thinking, of feeling, or doing or believing. We all are our personal creator beings going through our own process.

Working together just requires you to be you and some other(s) that in some sort of way resonate around a certain process, project, idea that can be together manifested into being. It still is about  input of all of your individual creations together.  We can do this only if we move away from self-interest, profit, gain, value, cumulation of wealth and or things that are done foremost for the I and Me parts of the ones creating.  It is not about that anymore.  It is about YOU ALL, the We and US.

The more we see that creating for all will be beneficial to all and thus also yourself in the end than you will get maybe the feeling of where this goes. The more we all create for all of us without the intentions of the self, or just a little group or groups that benefit or prosper from it, the more we will see equality, abundance and happiness for all coming about.

We have to step away also from the labeling all in ism’s and other stuff. It is not about labelling just seeing what we as our self-governing creating beings can create together from a conflictless and cooperative state of being. I see that becoming free from the old fears and survival mode is for sure not easy as well is it not easy to set aside old habits and also the conditioning of your brain to think and do things in a certain way. It is about really unconditionally going for what your heart says is for all the best or humanity and the planet to do.

Lots of projects are struggling as well as people are struggling finding the balance where all is just neutral and  can be created and done for all effortless.  Allow yourself to be and know there are no mistakes or bad choices only different choices or new choices . There is always a way and sometimes that way is just doing the unexpected. Sometimes it is just letting things find their natural flow again.  The brain wants to understand,  want to analyse, and want to get things. Chaos is not a state the brain can handle well.  It always will look towards bringing order and structure back and that is where your brings leaves a signature.

It makes it difficult if things are more and more about sensing and letting things flow without knowing what will be or even where it started from. The only important thing is to see things in the now  and initiate that what you want to create. It will bring forth from chaos new opportunities, people and options to make your manifestation become. It is not, it becomes, it forms from sequential happenings. We are going to do things different for sure. What it will be we will create and the sequential process initiated will slowly or quickly bring about what it is as it will manifest somewhere along that line.

A lot of people still though talk about an event that will bring with a flick of the switch us into an other state of being or some instrumental help will do it for us or a saviour will come in to do things for us. It is though disregarding the fact we are going to make all that change ourselves happen. That implies the event is us. We are still the ones we have been waiting for… We forgot to see it is us.

We the ones that slowly change and shift and elevate step by step towards the point we all are ready to jump together as one happy individual bunch into the new.  How you call this it is not relevant. There is already enough semantics and language (written or spoken) that has been corrupted and it even serves no purpose in some ways as it can not explain things in full anymore.

Let us all find back to genuine intent to do all from our heart for all humanity and see those that are trying to be that already. We all are for each other in some way mirrors or example in being genuine.  You all can learn to make new choices that match your real intent resonating with your heart-source. It will give you much joy to do things for other than self-interest and profit reasons because it expresses more the doing and being  from your core self. This maybe a good reason to change position or your perception.

Maybe try to see what your own intent is, see things can be perceived different by changing perception or your view on things or at least be open for those new perceptions and views.   The choice is as always yours. Choose wisely!

Love and Light,


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(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

Jesus Sananda – Serving Without Expectation – Channeler Jahn Kassl – 2-4-14

Serving without false intention, giving without expectations, to give what one can give – without wasting any thought about the reward.Beloved Ones, I am it JESUS SANANDA

He who receives his reward on earth,

Will be empty-handed in Heaven

Why is it as such?

Everything in Creation searches for energetic balance. If this has already occurred on earth, there is nothing more that needs balancing. And if a human Beings aims at receiving the balance

here on earth, it applies even more.

Meaning, the lack of expectations is the fulcrum for all activities on earth. To do and create without expectations because each human Being always receives his appropriate reward and it is the greatest, when you have given, have done and have been out of a pure heart. That does not mean that every doing should be subjected to an unconditional “lack of intention”? No. Rather it means to act intentionally in love, act intentionally through your light, act intentionally for the benefit of all human Beings – yet remain free from any thoughts about expectations which are created on the level of the ego, because it is those intentions that block your path into the Light.

He, who gives out of a pure heart and already receives his reward on earth, also will again be given in Heaven, because this reward will be multiplied.

Yet he, who acts in false expectations, which come from the ego, will be empty-handed – and even on earth this reward for a human Being will be less. These human Beings always complain:

“How much I do, and how little I receive for it in return.” This is how these people talk and they calculate quite correctly what they do and what they let go, because there where there is nothing to get they leave quickly and will go to new sources where they can satisfy their lack of abundance and lack of love.

Yet these sources always dry up, yes they have to, because the constant flow of life that can only be maintained out of a pure, from low vibrating intentions liberated heart.

Yes, children of God, He, who harvests today, because his life was oriented toward this harvest, misses the true harvest time.

The time when everything happens as by itself, because one did not block the events. Because false intention is a rock that blocks the path.


When you give do not expect anything in return. Give totally and freely, in love and with a thankful heart how you are supposed to give.

When you work in the vineyard of the Lord, work on account of the work and not on account of the reward that you wish to receive.

When you serve mankind then you serve with an inner fire that never extinguishes and you look forward to when the day is close when this fire has spread everywhere.

The greatest reward is the one that God has placed into a human heart. It is the assuredness that God loves you and that God cares for you in all matters.

So say good-bye to all calculating thoughts and from feelings that are founded in false intentions. Remain firmly anchored in the intention, to serve life and the world, so that the light and the love may spread. This kind of intentions stems from the level of your Higher-Self and is free from low vibrating ego-motives. Therefore discern also while doing this, because truly:

Those will inherit the kingdom in Heaven, who expect the Creator every day, yet are free from wanting to please the Creator.

Be the rock, be the light, be the love. These are the criteria for a fulfilled life.

Because when the Lord cometh (comes?) he will not consider the ones who shout: “Look Lord what I have done!” rather those who work on the vines in silence, in the knowledge that they will be called by the Lord and that thus nothing except their work will be done.

In Eternity,

The light carriers, who expect a reward, will be left behind empty-handed. The light carriers who give and donate free from expectations will arrive directly with me in the Kingdom of God.

I am the infinite Love

Of all Worlds, of all Life.



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Maya Angelou – Power Of The Word

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Excerpt, “Power Of The Word” taken from Dr. Maya Angelou’s audio book, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”.

You Are Love ☼

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Lifescapes: Music for Stress Relief / Meditation 2

Twin Flame Confusion – Polona of Ascension Pioneers – Divine Love


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is the reason that leads to “Twin Flame confusion”? The answer is simple … the illusion of forgetting who we truly are and living our unique vibration! It is the learning and growing process that we are undergoing on our Soul journey. Everything within our sacred Divine Reunion serves the purpose of embracing ourselves as we truly are and stepping into our authentic Divine remembrance. There are many relationships that are preparing us for our Divine partner, if we are meant to be with one in this life. Please know that a Twin Soul relationship is that of wholeness, service to all Creation and creating something new … it is about a new birth! There are many steps on our journey of Divine Reunion, which always begins with our own inner knowing. On this journey, we cannot skip any steps that are preparing us for it. With a Soul longing often comes yearning for that “special someone”. That is why we oftentimes meet people who will reflect that desire four our sacred partner … and although we wish them to be that, they are simply not. We are neither mistaken or wrong, because they do reflect back at us what is needed for our journey at that time, and that is why there is a desire to be with them anyway. They are our Beloved at that time. That is why we wish to have this experience. But when we complete the lessons within this relationship, we will still feel there is more … and that this is simply not it. These relationships are usually our pre-Twin relationships, and they help us to step into our wholeness, which is what the nature of a Divine relationship is truly based upon. It is neither about karma or learning lessons … it is about the perfection of Divine Love that we are in Source Essence. It is about mirroring that to each other in perfect balance and wholeness. And every confusion serves a purpose of coming into an even greater clarity and inner wisdom. All is purposeful, and everything is for a reason. In fact, every relationship that we ever experiences serves the same purpose … to bring us deeper within and remember our Divine Reunion.

Within Divine Love, Polona

The Oracle Report – Wednesday, April 17, 2013

God Consciousness

The Oracle Report   –   Wed, April 17, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

As the “strike point” continues today, we need to make sure we are not striking against ourselves.  Today’s energy brings the tendency to self-sabotage and to direct anger inward.  Some people always respond to this type of energy by acting it out or projecting it onto others, so be aware that anyone can become the object of this.  But more serious damage is done when we inflict criticism and harsh judgment on ourselves.  This cuts to our soul. (For an explanation of the “strike point” listen to the audio from April 4, 2013, linked above.  I discuss the massive astrological influences that are now underway, as well as how they would be used to produce false flag type events.)

This entire lunar month is simultaneously like a battle on a battlefield (Eris astrological effects) and a descent into the underworld (Black Moon astrological effects).

The catch here is that we really aren’t descending into the underworld, the underworld is rising around us.

The “underworld” is two very different things.  It is the energy that we identify as archontic and it is literally the ground beneath us – Gaia Sophia.  As the archontic forces rise up, so too does the divine being embodied as the planet.  And she takes us with her.

If you recall, I discussed how a major “upgrade” to our personal energetic frequencies/signatures would begin in earnest this lunar month.  This is happening at the subatomic levels of our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  It’s all based on electromagnetics and light.

Then we have the Mahavidya who rules this month, Chinnamasta, blowing out the crown chakra so that we don’t implode from the upgrade.

While individuals and the human collective at large go down fighting today, we rise with the power of all that is beautiful, good, and fierce.  We have on battle armor and a shield (protection that we mentally establish and maintain) but we rise above the scene.  We are elevated by wisdom – the wisdom goddess herself.

As we rise above the scene, panoramically, we recognize that sometimes a player jums up and tries to take hold.  This is archontic energy trying to attach in the form of an actual attack from someone/something or self-criticism.  The battle can take many forms.

Here’s the thing to remember: we are not alone.  We are intimately connected with our creatrix and through two-way commnication (which is happening on several levels of awareness) we are affecting the battlefield (the matrix) in real time.  It is important to note that we are neither engaging in the fear battle that is being waged right now, nor are we passive. TWe are awake and aware.  We respond when we are personally moved to action.  This is different for everyone but takes on a general wave of action.

This report will take a couple of reads, and you may want to revisit it later today for fuller understanding.  And be kind to yourself.

Sacred Cosmic Fire – Spiritual Truth – Divine Justice

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The sacred Cosmic Fire of Spiritual Truth and Divine Justice
Mp3 download
Elders Channeling…

Let the Light of God forever be our guiding Light,
as Spiritual Warriors of the Light,
as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

As we now merge with our Beloved I Am Presence,
and connect to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High,
and the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light,
we are surrounded in the copper-gold and pink-gold sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta,
and the knowing that we are guided through the principles of Spiritual Truth, Divine Justice and unconditional Love.

Holding the Sword of Holy Truth,
we cut through the lies, deceit, fear and violence,
as One Unified Field of Light,
as One Voice in Unity Consciousness.
Surrounded by the Legions upon Legions of Light,
walking behind us, next to us and in front of us,
we assist in guiding all Life into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As defenders and advocates of Justice and Truth,
we stand in our power, in our glory and in our Light,
defending the innocent, the helpless, the homeless and the weak.
Crumbling the pillars of corruption,
we lead the way in this new Golden Age of Light,
to reveal the Light of God to every man, women and child.

The Truth and Light sets us free,
and in freedom, in integrity, in Divine Justice, peace and unconditional Love,
we express the utterance of our Spiritual realities,
standing steadfast in the Light,
as the I AM Avatar Race,
as the way showers, light workers and star seeded ones,
leading the way through the Cosmic embrace of unconditional Love, Divine Justice and Spiritual Truth.

All that is not of the Light is unveiled,
released, and transmuted now,
through the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta,
these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Solar Christ Consciousness.

We are now surrounded in the Violet Flame of transformation,
of alchemical magic and transmutation,
assisting in the breaking down of old structures,
and paving the way through our radiant hearts;
through the Love of ourselves,
and the Love for all Life.

We are the sacred warriors of Light,
the guardians and advocates of change,
and to us falls the honor and privilege of standing in our Light,
as custodians to Mother Earth and all her Life.

And so it is.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek
Music by Thaddeus

Sioux Chief – Sun Will Help Evolution of Love

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To order passes or Livestream to Phoenix Star Knowledge Conference:…
Chief Golden Light Eagle will host many Chiefs, medicine people, and wisdom keepers at the next Star Knowledge Conference.

Sacred Beings of the Earth

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We were created in a loving atmosphere, loving care, and with lots of grace. We are sacred, we are blessed, but many have lost their way. Lets tale a journey back home

Universal Consciousness

wifink·217 videos

A photo from the black hole at the center of our Universe (with courtesy from ESA) will change our consciousness.

Symbols of the Universal Peace Calendar and an improvisation on piano of the World Anthem “We are one” played by Kevin Reid support the message.(

“Wave of love song” from Shawn Galloway promoted by

The last painting is from a young indigo painter named Akiane (see

she will be one of the next ambassadors of love & peace honored by the Universal Peace Calendar

Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences – FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY

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Connect with your Soul Group or find your Soulmate at in5d Connection http://www.in5d.NET EVERYONE is welcome!

In loving memory of my sister Lola, July 12, 1958-December 30, 2011

in5d UPDATED DAILY! The Internet’s largest Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database!

There is a spiritual awakening going on right now in mass proportions and is growing exponentially. By the end of this video, you’ll have no doubts about our true, divine reason for being here. You’ll feel uplifted and re-energized! Please share this with others!

For more on spirituality, near death experiences, 2012 and meditation, please visit and

There are many commonalities amongst virtually every person who has had a near death experience. This video encompasses these commonalities to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is so much more to our existence than what we can perceive on a third dimensional reality.

Feel, Listen To A Real 5th Dimensional Human Angel

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 1 of 3

MrSon2k·185 videos

Meet shaman, Kiesha Crowther also known as “Little Grandmother”, as she speaks about the recent, worldwide Return of the Ancestors gathering.
At age 30, Kiesha was told that the supernatural lessons she had been taught over a very difficult childhood, all had a purpose.
Her purpose makes her one of today’s leaders showing the way toward a lifestyle we must adopt to continue on this planet.
This short, moving presentation was followed by a description of the Santa Fe, NM gathering that Kiesha was told to convene in summer, 2009. 

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 2 of 3

Little Grandmother Kiesha “Return of the Ancestors” 3 of 3

Pleiades By Wendy Kennedy – Changing Collective Consciousness

THRIVE Theme Song

Introduction to “The Code” – Foster Gamble

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