Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn – Transformation – The World is ready to see your Mastery in its New Light – 2-27-15 Credit

Channeled through Sharon Taphorn

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You are coming into your own

Like the butterfly, you are emerging from your cocoon and now you will be experiencing new talents, skills and venues in which to perform your feats of magic. Continue your movement forward and know that with this change, new contracts and relationships are being created. Let your diplomatic self help you speak your mind with confidence and overlight it with the energy of your heart. You are surrounded by love and support so seek out assistance and advice from those you hold dear and reflect the values that match yours.

There is much to celebrate and good news is on its way. The world is ready to see your mastery in its new light and that is a part of why you are here experiencing a human journey. Keep balance and consider the emotional responses with your mental acuity and trust you intuitive brilliance. You have the ability to be compassionate and impartial all at the same time and this will serve you well in the coming times. Continue moving forward with courage, skill, and strength as you have only just begun to tap into the magic, and you have something important to achieve and you will be triumphant.

Affirmation: “I am ready to reawaken into this new energy that has been created because of the choices and the work that I have done to live my life in a better way.”

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels and guides


Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
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Christine Day – Breathe…and Let Go: An interview on Self-Transformation in 2014 with Christine Day – 8-29-14

day Breathe…and Let Go: An interview on Self Transformation in 2014 with Christine Day – Part 1

Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States, in Brazil and internationally.

In multiple interviews over the past years in The Edge, Christine has revealed her personal journey in becoming who she is, as well as insight into what she describes as The Great Shift, the steady shift in vibration on planet Earth from the third dimension to fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy and the resulting transformation occurring within each and every person in the world.

On her website at Christine Day online, she regularly guides participants in guided meditations that support the body’s ability to adjust to the changing energy on the planet and the process of self-realization. She also has launched a new webinar series online, called “the Galactic Series,” which transmits even higher frequency energy (from the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions) through communication portals being established at her center in Grand Marais on the North Shore, Minnesota.

On October 11-13, Christine will lead a three-day Pleiadian Seminar on Self-Mastery at the Ramada Mall of America near the airport in Bloomington. She spoke by phone from her home in Grand Marais about the upcoming seminar, as well as the incredible transformation she has been going through personally while going through a sequence of energetic initiations to enable her to create the communication portals.

How are you, Christine?
Christine Day: Very well. I’m going through a lot of transformation right now and I’ve been home for the last three weeks, so it’s been a very powerful time for me. Now, I’m home for the rest of July as well, which is most unusual.

Aren’t you usually down in Brazil?
CD: Yes. My guidance was really to spend some time up here and I’ve really gone through a tremendous awakening in the last week, so I’m just still in the middle of that, but I’m just going with the flow. That’s all I can do. You just have to let go and allow yourself to do what’s happening. You really can’t do anything about what’s going on. So, that’s what I’m doing.

It’s an ongoing process, right?
CD: It is an ongoing process for all of us. We’ve started the Galactic Series up here with the communication portal, offering live webinar classes with people worldwide, and that has been just profound. We also have a Lemurian portal opening up directly out in front of the house in Lake Superior and we’ve been building this communication portal for the last 12 months in readiness for these live webinars that I am transmitting directly from that portal out to everybody. So, I’ve been going through a very rapid transmission to be able to hold all those new energies that are coming onto the planet. It has been a lot, but it’s not too much. It’s just part of the evolvement.

Is the key to have patience and just move step-by-step?
CD: It is really about moving into a place that is unfamiliar — and then there is no choice, because you are in the middle of it. It’s like going on a roller coaster ride at a fun fair. You can’t get off the ride once you’re on it, so I think we’re all on a ride right now. (laughs).

Listening to your latest transmission on your website, it seems like the big news relates to the lifting of the veil.
CD: That’s right, the great shift of energy that is happening right now.

Will you speak to the importance of that, and what the veil signifies?
CD: Yes. I think this is a really important topic, Tim. The great shift began June 16 and it’s going right through to December 29 this year. Every three weeks, there is a lifting of the veil for 10 seconds.

The Pleiadians give me a picture like we are sitting in a theater when the curtain goes up. What is revealed behind the curtain is the truth. It’s like an awakening from the dream, realizing that we have been living this dream in the third dimension and we begin to remember and glimpse an aspect of our higher frequency of self from a fourth- and fifth-dimensional perspective. It’s like being engrossed in a dream at night and then suddenly realizing, “Oh, my gosh, this is only a dream.”

That’s really how the spiritual realms see our experience here on the Earth plane, that we are in a dream and there is a huge illusion here in which time seems to be endless, but actually, it is a very short time that we are experiencing this illusion — and we’re awakening from the dream.

So, what’s been set in place is a series of lifting of the veil for 10 seconds. It doesn’t matter what path you’re on. During this lifting of the veil, we all come back into remembering and glimpsing ourselves from that fourth- and fifth-dimensional perspective.

We said to the Pleiadians: “10 seconds? Oh, my gosh, that’s nothing.”

But the Pleiadians talk about the moment, that one moment when you align to it, where you’re not in the past or the future, but you’re actually being in the moment. It actually opens to a multidimensional experience of timelessness. So in reality, the lifting of the veil 10 seconds results in 10 individual moments — and each moment is unlimited.

Part of what I’m doing right now is teaching people how to come back to the moment of the experience, because there is no time and we can reconnect back into an experience of that moment and allow ourselves to revisit those seconds when the veils lifted and allow a further birthing within the multidimensional moment. There is really an unlimited amount of time and space for us to revisit that energetic experience. You bring your awareness to the specific feeling you had within the actual experience and allow yourself to move deeper into a further understanding and receiving of that sacred self, and that awakens you further.

Part of my role is to bring this understanding to people so they understand how to work with this new dimensional dynamic, and to announce when the next veils are lifting. July 6 was the second lifting of the veils, and three weeks later (July 27), will be the next one [August 17 will be the fourth one]. I’m just bringing the information from the Pleiadians and giving people an understanding of where we are, and as those veils lift how we re-enter and open to what is revealed so we can connect and transform.

Would you describe this process that you teach as an inner journey?
CD: It’s an inner journey, but it’s also connected to the human aspect. There are some key pieces we need to be doing right now in our lives within the third-dimensional experience to support this self-transformation.

What is being called for right now is a willingness to let go and allow ourselves to open our attention to the moment, to be aware of what’s around us. They’re calling for us to break our rituals down. As human beings, we have lots of rituals: the way we take a shower every morning, the way we eat, the way we do everything. That keeps us almost in a dissociative state from being present. We go into automatic.

So the Pleiadians are suggesting that we stop the rituals, that we consciously choose to change the way we do things, even the simple way of what we do in the morning. By just changing the order in which we do things, it will move us out of that dissociative disconnection from the moment and start bringing ourselves more focused on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and what is taking place around us right in this moment of time. It’s about being aware of our physical body, the noises outside, our environment in the moment.

That is a very big factor to starting to awaken from the dream and making a conscious choice to do it differently. That will help us open up and align more to our spiritual nature and be aware of what we’re doing and what we’re feeling and how our bodies are feeling in the moment.

They are saying to break down even the spiritual ritual, and this is something I have done. I’ve been on the spiritual path, I work with the Pleiadians, I know my truth, I know the truth, and I’ve been asked to let it all go, to be willing to drop everything I believe, all the structures, all the things I do in my ritual for connection — to just let it go. It’s almost like opening a new page in a book or a new canvas and allowing myself to be moved.

This is part of where I’ve gone through this tremendous awakening in the past two weeks. I let everything go. I just dropped my ritual, dropped my truth, and opened up to not knowing, to allow myself to move in a new direction, but not try to control it. You now are a blank canvas, and if you have dropped essential truths, they will come back. This process allows for this great shift energy and the magnificence of our pure source energy of our Higher Selves to come in and start operating through us so that more can be revealed.

I am working with people through the free video broadcasts on our website, helping them work within the moment and work with the lifting of the veil times. I am offering specific tools on how to come back into that multidimensional moment and allow the full experience and how to participate through conscious choice in this great shift time.

Removing the rituals seems like it may be a difficult task for people who have been on the spiritual path for quite a while.
CD: You know what? It puts you off center. It really is disarming, but it’s not a bad thing. If we think we know, then we can’t take on anything else. The ego loves to know, and it loves to be right. It’s invested in being right. The key is being willing to release being right. It’s quite a concept, I know.

I find, too, that some people on the spiritual path may not be aware consciously that they have a spiritual pride about themselves and put themselves above other people.
CD: There’s an arrogance.

So, I think this process is a good thing.
CD: It’s a powerful, empowering thing. When you hold onto your spiritual arrogance and cling to it, it doesn’t allow for the energy in this great shift time, in the new dawning, to come in. For those of us who have prided ourselves with knowing this and being able to do that — well, we have to laugh at ourselves for taking it so seriously and in being right and being on the right path.

Behind it all is the magnificence of our self.

So for two weeks I have been letting go and I was taken to the higher realms beyond where I have ever been to — and it’s very emotional for me. I came into a reconnection with a much higher Source of myself, to another level, what the Pleiadians call a different authority of essence.

It has not left me, and it’s taken me into a total tailspin, I have to tell you, where I’ve been really incapable of doing much at all. I found myself trying to get integrated in it so I would come back to something I could recognize, but that’s not happening, and I am not integrating, I am in a place that I do not recognize. It’s not comfortable, it’s totally unfamiliar, and I know I’m just going to have to adjust to being here — and I’m not at that place yet (laughs).

So I take another step forward, and that’s where I am now — totally disarmed, on another level after dropping all my rituals and just allowing myself to not know, and now I’m in a deeper space of not knowing (laughs). I don’t know where this is going to end, and, of course, my ego mind wants it to come to an end, but I don’t think it’s going to. I’ve had to accept that. And yet, I am still looking for something that will bring some sort of relief to me from an ego perspective — and I know it’s not going to happen. I will adjust. I don’t know when.

I can only liken it, Tim, to the time when I met that Pleiadian ship 22 years ago, when I turned that corner and that space ship was there and the Pleiadians were coming out transmitting to me. I was bedridden for two months. The fact is, I’m not bedridden now, but I probably haven’t been in a state like that until now. This is equal to that on some level.

A common instruction you offer during your transmission is, “Breathe and let go.” Can you talk more about the letting go process and what it really means?
CD: Yes, these are simple words, but the process itself is not. It actually is so simple it is difficult for a human being to comprehend, the letting go of everything that we hold to be true, like the rituals we were just talking about, letting go of the past and the things that we have chosen to blame ourselves for. That keeps us in this separated state, so that we are caught up in this vicious cycle of self-condemnation and blame and guilt and shame.

With this changing dimensional energy, none of those things matter anymore. All those experiences have brought us to where we are right now, but they were only experiences.

Say I had a dream last night and I did something in the dream and then I woke up and with relief thinking, “Thank goodness that was just a dream!” Well, it’s the same for our lives. Everything we’ve done here is just a moment in time. It’s just a dream to have an experience, and yet we still cling and hold tight to it.

Letting go is that conscious breath in and out the mouth that assists that energy not to recycle through the body, but to really leave the body so that we can start moving and aligning to the truth of the dimensional energies that are connected with the lifting of the veil. We can allow ourselves to begin to move into the truth of what is real — and that is our fourth- and fifth-dimensional pure source of light energy, that Higher Self energy. Begin to open into the flow of that.

But while we hang on tight to the past, we cannot enter that flow, and we really remain stuck and separated with the self-condemnation. The Pleiadians talk about changing this relationship with ourselves and our experience of being human for lifetimes, transforming that relationship of self-condemnation to a place of love and compassion and patience for all that we are now, for all that we have gone through, for the courage it takes to live out this incarnation. It still takes courage, but the fact is, we have another element that we have never had in any other lifetime: the awakening of our sacred natures, which is here for us to reach for and to align to now, like never before, with the lifting of the veils that has begun.

The Pleiadians call this time a turn in the wheel of our destiny. That letting go energy is becoming more and more potent in this new energetic setting. Through conscious choice, through our own stepping up and reclaiming ourselves, we let go and allow another turn in the wheel for ourselves at this time.

Some who are new to the process may wonder if there is remedial instruction required to get up to speed, or can anyone jump in and move right into your current broadcasts that you offer?
CD: Anyone can jump in, because it’s simply the time when everyone on the Earth plane right now has said yes to being here now. It’s everyone’s destiny through conscious choice to begin to reclaim themselves.

The Pleiadians are really stressing the importance of bringing all our focus back to ourselves, that everything comes from our own pure source of light, from the very center of ourselves. It’s so important right now that everything arises from the center of ourselves, from our pure source of light. It’s important to move our focus and attention from outside of ourselves to knowing that everything comes from our central self. We need to bring our focus and consciousness back, and from there we can source all that we need.

That is part of the three-day Pleiadian Seminar coming in October, which is called The Mastery Class. It’s a self-mastery activation. The Pleiadians are going to be creating processes and bringing tools to people so they can re-align back to their self-mastery energy. Part of our destiny in this lifetime is to reconnect to our self-mastery energy — and this is the first time it’s been offered in the Pleiadian seminar. The time is right, with the great shift and the lifting of veil.

Those who take part in the Pleiadian seminar will leave with tools that support self-healing and self-manifestation and being able to source from that central place within themselves through the activation of that self-mastery. It’s going to be one of the most powerful seminars we have had up to this point. We’ll be giving out handouts and step-by-step processes with those tools so people who come will be able to continue the unfolding of this pure source energy of their Higher Selves.

It’s also part of what the Pleiadians are saying, to stop bringing your focus outwards into the world to save people and save the planet and come back and reveal the sacred nature of yourself. That’s the hardest thing for a human being to do. We want to escape and not come back to ourselves. We want to take the attention off ourselves and bring it outward. But it’s time to move our focus back to self, and that’s part of letting go.

Continue to Part Two

Higher Self via April Bender – Inner Shifts, Transformation, Restructuring in Progress – 6-3-14

aprilHigher Self: HS Message – Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring in Progress, channeled by April Bender, June 2, 2014 at

It has been a rather peculiar week for you, has it not? In a purely inward sense. As previously announced, the new moon energies that permeated your physical realm as well as the layers of your light/solar body, brought with them the impetus for another mighty in-breath and/or ‘inner gateway opening’, which brought in a higher quality multidimensional flow of information, memory, light coding activations, and/or ‘fire letters‘.

Each prior in-breath has grown in depth, intensity, and expansiveness to bring you, and therefore the Collective, to the greatest in-pouring of higher (Christ) consciousness experienced thus far during this grand ascension cycle. It is this in-pouring, that you are in the middle of processing/integrating within all aspects of Self, and therefore, the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life at this time.

It is also the effects of this in-pouring, that will see your very relationship to these aspects of Self, and how you relate to/commune with those aspects – shift, change, and deepen.  For they will begin to interact/overlap with one another much more seamlessly – as you’ve either purged or transformed so much of what once stood in the way of this type of healthy interaction/communion between aspects of Whole Self and Creation.

Though the new moon has technically passed, its energetic influence will continue to affect you today and in the days that follow, as you seek to integrate, reorder and utilize within.  ALL that has been moved, activated, reconciled, reclaimed, renewed and transcended within Self as a result of these heightened inhalations/infusions, and the further completion/refinement of the overall Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

As a result of this colossal amount of inner-shifting and lifting, you personally have felt somewhat ‘fragmented’ lately, as the familiar worlds and the lattice structure/framework of them that previously existed within you, have been temporarily dissolved, and/or separated, while they further shift, transform or birth themselves anew into a higher and more efficient configuration or octave.

The same also holds true for all your previous patterns of reaction and response, all your belief systems, even memories…all that you believed you were or contained. All these have recently been mirrored back to you, and then abruptly dissolved, so that you might choose to restructure and/or rebuild them using your newly acquired higher energetic materials/substances and/or information/codes.

The subtle, but far-reaching shift in perspective, awareness and/or consciousness that will naturally unfold as a result of this new vision or vantage point created through the Self being re-envisioned and remade.  This is required for full passage through the fires of ascension/transmutation/resurrection.

For…  ”The soul must devote itself completely and solely to what you have determined shall exist within it.” – Rudolf Steiner

This larger movement or impetus will also quite naturally lead to the full spectrum activation and luminescence of your DNA, and that of other Warriors of Light, which will in turn ripple out with a beam-like intensity across the Collective Mind/Web, as their/your light codes or ‘fire letters’ are shared/expressed outwardly during the next exhalation/full moon phase and beyond.

You’re actually already emanating these from your aura/light body now, though to a small degree. However, once you’ve finished assimilating them, the potency with which you emanate them will be a thousand fold, further fueling and aiding in the ascension of the masses/Collective.

In conjunction with all of this overall activity, various higher chakras are also opening/blooming within Self and the Collective Higher Mind/Web.  While at the same time, energy flow is being greatly increased, magnetized, and subtly refined within the base chakras, especially the heart, throat, solar-plexus, crown, and third-eye regions – further refining/boosting your solar/light body and/or merkabic vehicle.

So while these changes feel good overall, (you feel lighter, internally stronger, more spiritually connected than ever), they can easily lead to feelings of temporary mental/spiritual confusion, fatigue, blips, disjointedness, and/or an overall sense of fragmentation, especially while engaging in day to day activities/relations. These side-effects, so to speak, will last until a greater measure of integration/reordering can be attained by and within Self, and within Gaia as well. Don’t forget She is also going through her own such restructuring/reordering process in tandem with your own.

Your greatest asset to you at this time, beside your good intention, is your WILL. This is why I have harped endlessly on the need for you to stay in your throne/seat of Divine Empowerment or WILL… your solar plexus. However as you know, your solar plexus must be properly aligned with the (high) heart chakra. For it is not My Will, but THY will be done.  This is a very important distinction that I want to make sure all who may read these messages understands.

It is an alignment, this Reclamation of Divine Empowerment, co-created through love, purity, oneness/communion, faith, devotion, and service, for and within the great Mother/Father God and overall Divine Plan. For without such alignment, one would surely become imbalanced within their center, allowing the little ‘I’, or negative ego, to regain a foothold over one’s spiritual development/advancement by becoming the main source of a Being’s empowerment and sense of identity.  A false, distorted, or unrighteous form of empowerment and identity at that.

I mention the importance of this alignment because with the culmination of the overall ascension process, many, many gifts, capacities, and abilities once natural to the human condition, will again become available to you and to all ascending ones.  (Telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, various forms of projection/travel, the manipulation of elements/forces, contact, etc.)

But your reclamation of these divine birthrights, (so often spoken of in previous messages), is simply the first step.  In order to wield them – you must WILL them into use/application. And in truth, the human Will is the weakest of all muscles due to humanity’s lengthy years of environmental suppression/oppression.

This is why I encouraged you to begin by simply standing in your center, and willing yourself back in, should you be knocked out of it. For before you exercise your Will in such a tremendous and powerful way, you should be standing in your center/seat of Divine Empowerment (right alignment). Not only does this help to keep your movements/activities righteous, but also aids in the proper and safe movement/execution of these abilities and expanded capacities.

In the days to come, you shall imagine, and/or find, many many ways and opportunities in which to test and refine your Will in very specific ways. And know that in all seriousness there is no way around this lesson. For to Will is to Move and to have your Being within Creation post-ascension.  You yourself began learning this lesson early with all your lucid dreams and astral travels, but now is the time to move into mastership (to a certain degree) of the Will, and to work more consciously and intentionally with it before passing through to the next threshold of experience.

And remember, while we’re talking about breathing cycles, that each and every breath is a precious gift/tool to be utilized. With each inhalation, see incoming light or higher energetics fill your chest cavity.  With each exhalation, see the release of any dross expelled completely from the body/mind, and either returned to primordial source or transmuted through a violet flame.

We’ve focused the majority of today’s message on the personal/individual side of ascension, but this in no way implies that movement within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life has abated, or that any information in my prior messages has changed.  In fact, quite the contrary is occurring.

Since individual movements are reflected within the Collective Mind/Web, and vice-versa, it stands to reason that a tremendous amount of activity is rippling within/across it right now. It’s just that since this is an in-breath period, the activity is mostly directed inwards, though the fruits of such activity will surely manifest outwardly during the next expression phase, and perhaps sooner, so potent is this infusion.

All in all, this is another tremendous opportunity to let go of all that you thought you were, and to simply embrace and BECOME all that you ARE, and were meant to BE. Simply allow the reordering to take place… lean into it, as they say.

Until next time…


Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Mastering the Laws of Change

Channel Higher Self·1,779 videos

As you create changes within yourself, the world will change around you. When our lives change it can be difficult to stay on the spiritual path of growth. Learn how to work with changes in yourself and in your life to achieve your goals with ease.

Often we fail to reach our spiritual goals and life goals because our minds and egos resist the changes that we are creating. The ego depends on the illusion of permanence and change terrifies it.

For example, a person may start to create affirmations or perform energy work. As they change themselves, their relationships with other people will also start to change. How they view their jobs and lives will change too. If a person is not ready for these changes, fear and insecurity can arise (root chakra issues) — which can cause the person to abandon their spiritual path and stay in their old patterns and habits.

In this video you are taught how to understand the laws of change (karma) — both inner and outer. You will learn how to anticipate these changes and how to best work with them so that you can succeed in all that you do.

Ultimately change is good. The entire Universe is always in a state of change. However it is change that our ego’s fear most. Even the ego structure itself is built on the false belief that we do not change — holding onto fixed beliefs, fixed emotional patterns, fixed behaviors and a fixed identity. Often these fixed ego patterns cause us great suffering, yet we rarely overcome them. This video will teach you how to purify your ego and live in greater spiritual mastery.

The entire Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation mini-series is based upon our spiritual ability to consciously change our lives. This video helps you make all of these video exercises more successful — by you understanding how change happens and how to best work with change, even as ego challenges arise.

With a new video each week, Lincoln Gergar of Channel Higher Self personally guides you through the process of self mastery, personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment. Every video contains useful information and direct practices to gain the necessary skills to master your human experience. Every part of the human experience — from spirit and consciousness, to mind and emotions, to the body and this world — is examined and mastered. The goal of these Higher Self teachings is genuine spiritual awakening and total mastery of the human experience.

Many blessings and much Love!

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

June 13, 2013

Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation — Step 21: Mastering the Laws of Change

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