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Jesus via Sheryl Pederson – Merging With Your Higher Self – 11-7-09


♥ Whenever you begin to have doubts about who you really are and why you are really here, you can just take a moment and remember home. When I speak of home, I am referring to what some of you may call heaven or the world of spirit or the other side of the veil. What you call this dimension does not matter.Home is the place where you go between lifetimes to rejoin loved ones and be renewed before you begin your next mission as a human in pysical form. It is a place to reconnect with the love and light that you truly are, the part of you that you split off from when you come into physical form.

Now with the changes in energy, you can reconnect with that part of you, that you may call your higher self, your soul or your God self. This is the part of you that knows itself to be one with God.

There is an opportunity in this new energy for you all to reconnect with this aspect of your being, to bring that part of home here with you in the physical plane. In truth, this part is always connected to you , but there is a veil that blocks this from your awareness. Now is the time to remove the veil.

This can be done by simply setting the intention to merge with your higher self. You can ask God, your guides, angels and beings in spirit to assist with this merging process. And, you may determine the speed of this merger for the process can occur quite rapidly, or more slowly.

This part of the process you can control simply by asking for it to speed up or slow down. You will know what is right for you in your particular circumstances. There is no right or wrong way to do this. And if you choose not to make this connection, that too is perfect.

When you do make this decision to merge you will begin to have access to your soul, to the vast storehouse of knowledge that you have while on the other side of the veil, at home. This part of you that knows itself to be a part of God is a valuable guide for you as you walk along your journey on earth. Just imagine living your life with total wisdom and the ability to really KNOW which steps to take every moment.

As you move into this way of being, you truly will know what you are here to do. You will know that you are here as a being of light, that every situation that you face is perfect and that there are not right or wrong choices. You will know that you are here to be the best that you can be in every moment and that your main role is to love, both yourself and everyone and everything around you.

It will be easy to be love when you know that this is truly who you are. You will be walking around knowing that you are an important part of God, being the eyes through which he/she sees, the hands through which he/she touches and the voice through which he/she speaks. You will be the heart through which God touches others with love. That is your mission and your higher self knows this to be true.

And as you know yourself to be a part of God on the planet, this divine aspect of you will guide you every step of every day in the perfection of life. So much will change as you lose the judgment of right and wrong and know that everything is as it is and is part of your soul’s divine plan and choice.

You will have the confidence to make decisions from your heart, doing what you know is best for you which is also what is best for those around you, for you can only help others to heal and grow when you first help yourself. Love begins at home, within your own heart and made manifest in your own life.

There will come a time when you face each day with confidence, knowing that you are a divine aspect of God and that you are love and you are loved. You will do what your heart guides you to do in every moment and you will joyfully live in your world knowing that all is happening in a perfect way.

You will be fully empowered, knowing that you can choose what you experience and that you have the strength and resources to participate fully in your life. You will be easily able to set your intentions for what you truly want and let your higher self which know it is a part of God, guide you to the perfect outcomes of every intention. You will know how magical it can truly be living on this planet. You will learn at last, to truly enjoy the ride.

If you are ready to move into this kind of change and merge with your higher self, just set the intention that this occur, that you are ready to bring home into your life on earth. And once the intention is set, just begin to tune into your own highest wisdom and proceed on your journey, one step at a time.

It is time and the energy is right for you to move through the veil and have the experience of living at home and on earth at the same time, merging heaven on earth. In truth you have always done this, but now it will be with your conscious awareness. What a glorious change this will be as you become true representatives of God through living your life to the fullest.

We on this side of the veil wish you love, light and joy as you continue on this journey. We wish that you could only see what a difference you have always made to the world, making it a better, more loving place for yourself and everyone and everything around you. Soon, you too will have this awareness.

Enjoy the ride and intend only the best for yourself. You truly deserve to live in abundance in all ways because you are a beloved part of God.

With love and deep affection,

Your Brother Jesus


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By Dingane, – Who Is This Higher Self? – 3-5-15

Higher SelfBy Dingane, In5D, March 5, 2015

There is an aspect of ourselves that iS invisible, yet very real. This dimension of ourselves that is such an integral part of each and every one of us has been called many names.

The higher self, the sacred self, the inner self – all falling short of sufficiently describing what this dimension really is. Along with discovering your highest and most sacred self comes an inner knowing that probably best describes this mysterious invisible aspect of ourselves. Discovering your highest self is at the heart of living a spiritual life and is the key to higher consciousness.

Since the beginning of time humankind where left in awe at the magnificence of creation. The sun, the moon, the seasons, wind, fire, a flower, the birth of a child…and the list goes on. But as astonishing as these things may seem, it’s the invisible world that has captured our attention even more than anything else. We arrive in this life not knowing why we are here, where we came from or where we are going. We live our daily lives and go about life in a very permanent manner, yet deep down inside we know that we are not here to stay.

Who Is This Higher Self? | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseFor many people the realization of their spiritual dimension never really dawns upon their consciousness. It seems like our fascination with the physical world has created within us a bias for that which we can see, touch, hear taste and smell. The common belief is that what we can perceive is real and that the invisible is unreal. In spite of this our scientific advances are revealing new truths about this ‘invisible world’ to us all the time. With recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics it is slowly dawning upon us that the invisible world is in fact the only ‘thing’ that is real.

One of the age old spiritual truths is that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. What we really are is not the physical aspect of ourselves, but that non-physical part that is the very essence of our nature as human beings. As you reflect back on your life you can discover just how the ‘you’ never really changed even though your appearance, your personality and almost every physical aspect of yourself changed. With a little introspection you will soon discover that your body is nothing but a ‘garage’ for your soul.

Who Is This Higher Self? | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseSo many people believe that spirituality is something that is to be found outside of themselves and that God is someone they have to go and find in a building, on a mountain retreat or in some organization. The higher self, that invisible part of yourself is nothing but the presence of God within you. Deep within each and every one of us is that Divine spark from where we came.

This invisible dimension of ourselves is connected to a higher reality – to God. When you get in touch with it you will discover that there is a wisdom that is far greater than what exists in the realm of the physical and material world that’s so dominated by rational thinking and analytical observation. When you reconnect with your higher self, you reconnect with your source – you reconnect with God. Higher consciousness is a consciousness and an awareness of your higher self and it is a spiritual consciousness that transcends the limitations of the physical simply because it is not limited to the physical world of perceptions. This infinite world is availableto you only when you start to live from your highest self.

Your higher self is not just a part of you, but it is in fact you. The ‘real’ you at least. Everything about you that you can see, touch and feel is constantly changing, but your higher self never ages. It’s always been ‘in there’ looking out – quietly observing. You are a spiritual being. You simply have to quiet your mind and look deep within yourself to discover who you really are. In the New Testament Jesus underlined this great truth when he said: “…don’t you know that ye are all Gods”. More recently an Indian saint was asked whether he was God. He replied by saying, “yes I am…and so are you. The only difference between me and you is that I know it and you don’t.”

Lincoln Gergar – Integrate the Dark Shadow Side of our Psyche – Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self


Melchizedek via Anna Merkaba – I stay – A Step by Step Guide – How to Connect with your Higher Self – 2-18-15

Anna Merkaba


How many times have we stared at our selves in the mirror? But we have not truly SEEN our selves as we are? Ignoring to truly look into our soul. This is a very intense and brilliant experience, which will truly get you to tune into your own self. And when you do, you will bring out the Melchizedek within your own self, of your very own soul. And through this cleansing, you will tap into the universal knowledge of incredible proportions.

~ P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpre

~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker-Author. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://acredascensionmerkaba.wordpres

Thank you everyone for your beautiful artwork which I have found through google pictures search, though I do not know who you are who have made these publicly available to all of us, I do appreciate your beautiful work of art for enlightenment of the whole planet. Thank you!

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Michael Roads – The Difference Between Soul, Spirit and Higher Self – 2-20-15

The Difference Between Soul, Spirit and Higher SelfWritten by Michael Roads, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, February 18, 2015

You and I are souls clothed in both a physical body and identity. It is soul that is supposed to incarnate from one so-called lifetime to another, but the words we use to describe this tend to create a false picture.

The suggested image is that we die, then through rebirth we incarnate onto Earth once again. In other words, the image is birth, death and rebirth, over and over. This image is false.

Body dies, identity clings, and soul continues forever. Our life is actually the continuity of soul, using one body/identity after another to continue our journey of soul growth, of expanding consciousness, of Self awareness. I mostly describe this process as a movie, The Continuity of Self.

Who we are never dies, thus is never reborn, but continues on in a greater frame of timeless time. Soul/Self has no linear measure of time. Body/identity measures the passing of linear time by the ageing of the body, for physically we live in a linear reality. This gives us “cause and effect” and “polarity”, both wonderful tools for the growth and expansion of our human consciousness.

Unfortunately, however, it has also caused us to believe in our mortality, to believe and accept that we actually die. For many people death means the absolute end, while others think that we lay in a grave waiting for a clarion call to rise again from the dead. Yet others think that we live in heaven… or hell… all according to the way we conducted our single life. And, oh so many people believe in a judgement day by some vengeful God.

In a Greater Reality all time occupies the same space. I call this Spherical time. It means we live in the eternal moment. Both soul and Higher Self know this, but soul moves in and out of linear time as part of its growth process. And during this growth process, which in linear terms can span many thousands of years – while in a greater reality occupies the eternal moment – the soul forgets its Truth. Soul forgets, so it depends on identity to give name and meaning to life. But as soul grows, so it gradually – or suddenly – connects with its greater Truth, and soul knows itself as Self. In this process, identity/ego no longer has any true meaning, no longer serves us the daily fear and illusions of separation, for Self knows its Oneness with all life.

Personally, I do not like to use the term ‘Higher’ Self. Higher Self implies that the identity – I/me – is a lower self, and this is not true. You and I are soul/Self on a journey to discover the ‘I Am’ Self through the experiences of the identity/soul self. This is why we are here. There is no other reason. Ambition, goal setting, and all the ‘trappings of success’ are exactly that, subtle traps that feed the fears of identity/ego while further trapping identity/ego in illusion.

Okay, how can financial success feed a fear when it would appear to alleviate it? Fear is always based in falsity, in illusion. So anything that makes fear appear to go away is feeding and nourishing fear. Many years ago I kept pigs. When it was their mealtime they would scream in loud and piercing shrieks for their food, and with over a hundred of them I would hurry to get them fed to stop the ear-splitting crescendo.

Of course, the peace lasted only until the next mealtime. This is how fear is. You buy the meal ticket to stop fear screaming, but the moment you can no longer buy the next meal ticket, the screaming begins again. And during this whole process the appetite of the pigs/fear gets bigger and bigger. You can see where this leads. It leads to lifetimes of conditioned reaction to doing anything to stop the screams of fear that echo through your very Being. This is the journey of soul when the going gets tough.

The Difference Between Soul, Spirit and Higher Self

I look at some of the people who consider themselves very successful, and I am aware that in their self-delusion/illusion they have no idea of the process of soul/life.

They are driven to make more money, to create more financial security for their ego/identity driven fears that many of them do not even recognise. This condition keeps the hospitals full and busy! Blind faith can be a temporary fix, but it offers no permanent solution.

To make matters even worse, most people in this situation – and they number billions – have no idea of what the situation truly is. Their whole focus is the illusion/problem, rather than the Truth/solution. An intellectual approach will offer nothing, for it is the intellect that believes in and creates the self-deceit of illusion. Intellect is a long- established isolationist, while intelligence expresses through and from wholeness.

When, or if, we use intelligence to deal with fear, we quickly find that fear has no foundation within itself; it has to be created. Wholistic intelligence never gives any valid reason to create fear; isolated intellect creates fear by following a negative “what if” set of worst possible scenarios.

Before I leave this I would like to offer the way out of fear. Trust! Trust in Self. Trust that despite all possible evidence to the contrary, you are both adequate and capable. Trust that the immortal Being you truly are has the intelligence to deal with anything that comes into your life. After all, you are the author of the book of your life! Trust that you truly are a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional Being of Love and Light. This is your Truth. Trust it.

In all life there is spirit. You are a spiritual Being. The soul whom you are is the growth of the individualisation of spirit. In every moment of your life you are expressing spirit… and all spirit is One. Spiritually, you are One with all life, with every person. Positively accepting or negatively critical, the way you think is the way you will treat yourself and other people, and it is the way you will create for life to deal with you. Every life form in Nature is an expression of spirit, the same spirit that expresses in you.

Through spirit you are connected to everything. Nothing is outside Self, for Self is a boundless and measureless expression of spirit. When soul withdraws from the body, spirit remains with soul, for just as soul is an expression of spirit, so is body an expression of soul. Spirit cannot die, life cannot die. All that happens at so-called human death is that consciousness/spirit/soul withdraws from the physical body, continuing as a metaphysical Being of Love and Light on a non-physical level of expression. You are an eternal Being of Love with the freedom to express Self in whatever way you care to imagine. Your imagination is creation; whatever you continually imagine you will eventually experience. Be careful with your imagination. Look on imagination as meaning; the inner images you create will invariably be part of your life. Imagine yourself as a Being of Love and Light. That’s wisdom!

In Love and Light,


Stepping… Between… Realities…

Michael Roads’ latest book “Stepping… Between… Realities…” is available now on Amazon.

Michael Roads Stepping Between Realities book cover It Really Is Time To Wake Up WorldIn “Stepping…”, Michael’s metaphysical adventures take him to the galaxy in which we physically live – a galaxy with which we have only a remote relationship. He metaphysically enters a black hole for an experience beyond his wildest imaginings, encountering amazing astral worlds and meeting a galactic Being who is a galaxy within itself.

Michael explains, “Over my lifetime I have learned that it is possible to move into my metaphysical Light-body and access that greater reality. I step between realities. This book is filled with my own insights gained by metaphysically journeying into realms and realities beyond imagination. My consciousness-expanding journey into the dynamic, living energy we call our sun, is just one such indication of the miraculous universe in which we live. The galaxy is not dead matter and endless space; it is filled with consciousness, purpose, direction… life!”


Stepping Between Realities is available on Amazon in softcover and kindle editions. You can also check out Michael’s back catalogue of books here.

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Michael Roads 150x150 It Really Is Time To Wake Up WorldBorn in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller.

After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2014 marks his 23rd year of travelling around the world giving talks and 5-day intensives on unconditional love and emotional balance.

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Anna Merkaba – Melchizedek – Step-by-Step Guide on How to Connect with Higher Self – 2-19-15

melchizedekistayWhat I am being explained is that although these words are channeled through me by Melchizedek, and he is speaking to us directly, he is speaking about us, he is speaking about EACH and every one of YOU. What the ascended masters are trying to say is that YOU ARE MELCHIZEK.. or the TEACHER OF RIGHOUSNESS! YOU ARE RIGHOUSNESS! You are the ONE and it is YOU who carries the energies of the cosmos within you. What they are asking is for us to look deep within… look into our own hearts.. look into our own EYES and through our own gaze.. we shall see our very own selves transformed. By facing yourself in all the formats, be it emotional, mental, we must also face our selves literally by gazing into our very own eyes, as the energy that we emanate, will cleanse us out.

And as we do so, we are invited to repeat the words of the channeling that you see below (that you will hear after my message)

And when we look at ourselves in the mirror, If we notice that we are sending “negative” energy through our eyes, transitioning, transmitting negative energies, we must keep cleansing our palate. We are called to gaze at our own selves.. deeply.. and to see how it feels when we look onto another, to see how we feel about our very own selves, to stand naked before our own selves and to acknowledge our own divinity, to see our selves as we are, without anything but that which we are.

To do so you must truly be brave… as the energy coming from your eyes, may surprise you.. and yet you will learn so much from doing this exercise. Looking into your very own eyes, with your eyes being reflected back at you through the mirror, which shall act as a prizm.. magnifying everything back to you..

How many times have we stared at our selves in the mirror? But we have not truly SEEN our selves as we are? Ignoring to truly look into our soul. This is a very intense and brilliant experience, which will truly get you to tune into your own self. And when you do, you will bring out the Melchizedek within your own self (the Melech Tsadik) of your very own soul. And through this cleansing, you will tap into the universal knowledge of incredible proportions.



We are asked to look into our own selves, and be our own teacher, to wait not for another to show us the way, as we are the ones CREATING this way.. and yet if we still need help.. we can receive it, simply by tuning into our own selves.

The times are changing.. and in order to receive any information you are asked to look into your own self.. literally.. and then you will know all the truth that you need to continue on your own path of creation.

I stay and I stay upon you, through the glorious continuation of the times that have passed, through the yesteryear of the consciousness of the beholder.

I stay, and I stand before you, glorious in the moon, and glorious in the sun, partaking of all the energies of the cosmic flares. I stand before you, naked, I stand before you revealed. I stand before you, and I, offer you the glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes.

I stand before you as I am, for I am. I stand before you today on the edge of the new world, and I ask thee to look deep into the abyss of that which ye has created for thyself. I ask thee to look deep within into the abyss to examine closely that which ye have created for thyself, for indeed the question of ye consciousness shall arise, the question of ye consciousness shall spring anew and birth a new cognition, of the benevolent creation of that which ye are. For the cognition of your earthly abode shall begin to swirl in the understanding of informational decrees. Shall being to take a new route, a new route into the prowess of ye hearts.

I ask thee to look past all the obstacles, I ask thee to find my hand and I ask thee to follow me into the heart space of ye own creation. As I stand before ye, revealed, as I stand before ye naked, as I stand before ye with the accompaniments of the creator.

Yes I the gaze through the realm of the divine unfolding. I stand before you naked as I am. Naked as I appear to be, naked of all the glory, naked of all the ego, naked of all the energies of the past , I stand before you as I am, as nothingness, as a void, I stand before you as the creator, and as a whole.

And when you shall look into the gaze of my eyes, and when you shall gaze upon me, and when you shall gaze into my eyes, you shall see the benevolence of all that indeed you are, when you shall gaze into my gaze, you shall be transformed, transformed for through a prism of your understanding of thyself, you shall find the true meaning and core of that which indeed you are!

For I stand before you naked, for I stand before you cleansed of all , for I am nothing and I am everything, For nothing I am and Everything that I am is me. For I stand before you in the void of your creation. And when you shall gaze upon me, you shall see yourself through a prism of your own creation.

For I bring with me the pureness of all that is, for I bring with me the purification of that which you indeed have been longing to uphold, for I bring with me the purification and I take upon  me that which is, and I transmute all that is, and I break through the barriers and I walk thee on the path of righteousness the path of righteousness I walk thy path.

Heed my words child of the gods, heed my words for through my gaze you shall be transformed, through my gaze of nothingness’ you shall be transformed and birthed anew. Gaze upon me whenever you wish for I stand before you transformed.

Essentially what we are asked to do is to repeat the mantra that you have just heard as we gaze into our own eyes as we stand before a mirror examining that which we are. It is not necessary to repeat it word by word, the idea is to remember the essence of this message, to understand that you are a master of your own creation and your life. You are a very powerful being, who has come onto this plane to assist others in remembering that which they are. You are asked to remember this, and to work with yourself, in clearing away the underlying waves and emotions that may be hindering your progress, that may be reflecting upon others the negativity which is within your heart. You are asked to cleanse yourself yet again, through this exercise.

To do so, find a quite moment in your day, and stand before a mirror, really close to it, so that you can see your eyes, then look into your eyes. If you feel any type of discomfort or fear wash over you. Correct these feelings by telling yourself that you are love, that you are loved and that you are divine. Tell yourself that you are the violet flame, and that you are swirling in light and positivity. Send this love to yourself through your eyes. Focus on that, and you will see how your eyes will begin to shift and transmit a different type of frequency. This is a very healing exercise and at the same time a disturbing one, so please only proceed if you feel you are ready to do so.

Once you master the adjustment between the “dark” and “light” energies emanating from your eyes, you will be able to use this technique to completely restore your balance at any given moment in time. I hope this helps all of you to come into your power! I love you all so very very much and am so humbled and grateful to walk this path with you!


P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :


~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

CALL TO MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE – The Rainbow Scribe – February 2015 Decree – 2-9-15



“My Mighty Christ I AM of my life, I call to you to expand your Flame of Divine Love that is within me into a Golden Sun’s Presence of your Cosmic Christ Love and release it out in all directions a thousand feet, a thousand yards, a thousand miles and more, for I remember that this becomes a constant healing, lifting, loving and protecting and perfecting activity to all life within and outside of me.

My Beloved Christ I AM Presence, you are my Source of my life, you have a Divine Plan for my life on Earth, a higher purpose. I call forth the Divine Plan of my life to express through my life stream into my mind, heart, feelings as that Inner Voice that guides me perfectly each day. I call forth the inner knowing of my Inner Light as the Perfect Presence which guides me within my feeling side of life. I hold myself open & ready to receive more of your Presence, Beloved I AM, that I may evolve and expand.

I turn to my own Higher Christ Intelligence and I call forth the inner revealment of all it wants me to know each day. Mighty Presence of Life, show me what you want me to do, speak to me, guide me in all things and in all ways. I love and bless and thank you for the Life you have given me and I call forth your guidance in all things each day and in my outer affairs.”

“Beloved Christ I AM, Great Host of Light, charge all the conditions of my physical life, all the activities and affairs of my life with your Sacred Fire Love, Purity and Power, with your Light, your beauty and perfection. Reveal yourself to me in all things; release the sunshine of your Light inside my mind and the healing of Love’s Eternal Presence within my feelings. I call forth your Garments of Light around me and I turn to you for the release from all limitation. I love life, I honour life, and I choose to release feelings of pain, fear and struggle that has been held in the emotional body. I say ‘yes’ to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine within my feelings and I choose to heal and release those emotions that limit my life on Earth.

Beloved I AM that I AM, release the sunshine of your Light, your Sacred Fire Love deep inside my mind, in all places throughout my feeling side of Life and my physical garment. Expand your Light from out my Heart’s Flame and set me free.

Beloved I AM that I AM, I love to acknowledge and accept the Great Infinite Love Flame that you have placed within my heart and I accept that Great Love Flame as a Source, a lantern of Light and spiritual nutrition to my outer self on Earth. I acknowledge you, my Beloved Divine Christ I AM Presence, a Being of absolute and infinite love, joy, wisdom and perfection and I call upon you to enfold and strengthen me each day in a Cosmic Armour of Light; hold me invisible to the discord that yet exists in the outer world, enfold me in your Armour of Light that makes me more sensitive to your Presence, your promptings, guidance and your inner voice that guides me each day.

My Beloved Christ I AM, I acknowledge your Presence within me and around me and above me; let me feel you, let me know that I am turning to the highest source and power through this outer self as I choose not to do things the difficult way any longer. Charge my feelings with your Flame of Divine Love. For me calling to my Presence and the Ascended Host is the most practical way of Life. Help me to fully realize this so I know and accept and feel this is the most practical way to live life. Make me such a Cosmic Sun’s Presence of your Cosmic Light that I cannot possibly re-qualify the great energy as it flows through me from you. Open the floodgates of your Great Cosmic Gifts of Life.

I acknowledge the Master Presence of Life within my heart and I call forth the seamless Light to express out from my heart into every cell of my physical garment. From my own Christ I AM Presence, I call forth greater streams of pure health into my body, I call forth from out my own Heart Flame, the Light of Illumination into my mind.

Oh Beloved Christ I AM, Great Host of Light, take up my calls, expand your Light within every cell of my body, and I ask my body and my feelings to accept this Greater Light as I consciously choose to release into that Light all the shadows that do not serve my Higher Purpose. Come forth Beloved I AM as the Love, Wisdom and Power expressing through this Earthly Self. Mighty Light of my Life, I open my mind, my feelings and my desires to you, I open my thoughts, my thinking, I open all the places inside my physical garment to you, the Light and Love of my Life. Great God I AM, Mighty Eternal Flame, enter into my mind, my body, my feelings as Love’s Great Correcting Presence, Love’s Eternal Presence.

Beloved I AM within and above me, I adore you, I love you. You come first. In all of my days to come, you shall come first. As I awaken in the morning I shall always turn my attention to you, Mighty Christ I AM within and above. Come forth and glorify your Presence through me, through this Earthly Self, until there is none of me and only Thee. I thank you.

I Am so grateful, I Am so grateful, I Am so grateful, And I Am so blessed, so blessed, so blessed.”


Higher Self Teaching via Fran Zepeda – On Wholeness – 2-1-15

lotuadeepblueThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

All are Whole to begin with, from the beginning of time. It is just from there an add-on of experiences, a retreat back, and ultimate revealing and illumination process to bring forth the dormant and to transmute the illusion and parts that do not live fully in Love.

And it is that process that you all are going through, the revealing, illumination and acceptance of all parts, all aspects of you to make up the whole, to illuminate and transmute all that is not fully in Love. In that there is a revealing process of that which is not Love, that which is not the True Divine You, that which is covering up the Full Illumination of You.

And the process is long for many, it is difficult for many, it is necessary for many to linger at areas where they are not truly authentic, for to cling to those unauthentic parts has been for some purpose necessary to protect, or to bring one to the revelation of the nugget of truth that has been hidden.

And in that process, it is more enriching than having everything illuminated and apparent at once, for it is a journey wherein one can explore and decipher and realize who they truly are in intimate experience and expression.

This journey is the jewel in your life. It is the gem of your existence. It is your essence becoming manifest in sometimes slow but always deliberate means.

Sometimes one will become astray – or go astray – from their journey, for it may be too glaring and provocative to enter into that wormhole of truth. However, that too is part of the journey to Ascension and complete Enlightenment, to realization of your Wholeness. Mind you, it (Wholeness) is already there but just has not been fully realized. Two different things these are.

What sews and connects together all your parts in your Wholeness, is Love. It is the glue and the motivation and the foundation of who you are. It is the tool to illuminate and transmute all that is not of Truth and Authenticity within your Wholeness.

Having Compassion for yourself is the helper in this process. For it is what leads you to fully love and accept yourself. Forgiveness comes with that; it is the oil lubricating your Compassion and Love for yourself.

And Grace is a key player in that. For in fully realizing your divinity, and accepting your Full Divinity, it is only a matter of time before your True Self will be presented to you in loving form, in complete Wholeness.

Life becomes beautiful and whole when one allows the Grace of God/Creator to enter into one’s life in immediate and open allowance, becoming one with that aspect of oneself, to allow it to bring forth all the parts of oneself to fruition and Wholeness.

This is a gradation, and gradual process, however for many it is speeding up. As all aspects of Creator are accepted and integrated into one’s Being, and as all parts and experiences of the incarnate you become illuminated, healed and integrated into a cohesive whole, all sides of the coin – all aspects of each illusion and miscreation – are being revealed as their true core and being, transmuting to the divine love it really is – your True Self thus merging and emerging as more powerful and complete than when those miscreations were first formed. They were for a purpose and the purpose is revealed.

Ponder this when you think you are not whole. For the Wholeness becomes manifest in illuminating that which does not appear whole in the first place.


Thank you to my Higher Self,

Fran Zepeda

“Higher Self Teaching: On Wholeness,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, January 29, 2015, at

If you wish to read this message in its original form, please visit: Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Appearance of “I Am”, Mauro Zappaterra – 1-23-15


Certain traditions believe there is a ‘step-down’ process or condensation that occurs from the Source to our physical self. As this energy condenses it becomes more differentiated and visible to the human eye as physical form. As this condensation occurs, certain traditions believe that the initial ‘step’ into the body occurs at the third eye, or the brow center.

At this same location is the third ventricle, a space in the middle of the brain filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). As the energy from the Source condenses into physical form, the ‘step’ into the physical body may be into this fluid that bathes the entire inner and outer surface of the brain and spinal cord. Nisargadatta Maharaj said, “fluids come together and the ‘I Am’ appears.” The CSF may be the fluid through which the ‘I Am’ appears. The CSF is a conveyor of energy. An adult produces 500ml of CSF daily. While the CSF is 99% water, the CSF is also rich in proteins, ions, lipids, hormones, cholesterol, glucose, and many other molecules. The CSF is home to many neurotransmitters and signaling molecules providing an elaborate range of biological functions. The CSF utilizes volume transmission and its components can potentially be dispersed quickly and target key brain regulatory centers simultaneously due to its fluid nature. Moreover, along the third ventricle, the pineal gland makes direct contact with the CSF, and releases information directly into the CSF for volume transmission to the rest of the brain. In addition, the CSF contains the ‘spirit molecule’ DMT that is released by the pineal gland. Therefore, the CSF may serve as a vehicle for immediate signaling to major control centers of the brain and may be significant in regulating consciousness and the sense of ‘I Am’.

Gregg Prescott – 7 Secrets to Knowing Your Higher Self – – 1-18-15

7 Secrets to Knowing Your Higher Self

1. Belief & Expectation: Transform Your World View!

The first step is to BELIEVE that you have a Higher Self to establish communication with! Then EXPECT every day that this communication will improve as you focus diligently on inner growth. Without these two essential pre-..requisites, it is hard to achieve anything at all in life, even on the physical level. For inner growth, these two qualities are essential. So set a GOAL to achieve contact with the Higher Self, review that goal daily, and maintain your purpose with determination until success is yours.

We are brought up with a primarily materialistic world view that neglects the role of Spirit. To establish close contact with spiritual realms, we need to have our entire being – conscious and subconscious – congruent with our goal. In any major activity/goal, you have to establish the rules of the game and the way it is played. Contacting your Higher Self is the same. Therefore, seek out writings and teachers that expand your understanding of the universe as fundamentally being a realm of Consciousness and Mind.

2. Solitude & Meditation

Higher Self, spiritual, Contacting your Higher Self, meditation, dreamsMake regular time for yourself where you can be totally alone. A quiet place is preferable. Just sit quietly with no expectations. Do NOTHING. This may feel very uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. Persist. You give time and space for the inner voice to make itself heard. It will do so either during that quiet time, or else during the events of the day. A synchronistic event will occur; someone will tell you exactly what you need to hear; you will get a sudden flash of insight. All the great geniuses of history have found times of regular solitude and silence for themselves. You should too.

In meditation, you work to discipline your mind and silence the internal chatter that constantly fill it. You create a pure vessel for the Higher Self to fill. Following your breath is an excellent meditation discipline, as is concentrating upon a candle flame. Or visualize a golden ball of light in your Solar Plexus that fills your whole body with energy and healing. There are many practices that you can study and use.

3. Journal

Record your feelings, emotions, dreams and insights every day in a journal. This will help you to come into closer contact with your inner intuitive depths. You can ask the Higher Self questions here, and then later on record whatever insights/..answers you receive. If you do this regularly with belief and Higher Self, spiritual, Contacting your Higher Self, meditation, dreamsexpectation, you WILL receive the answers you need.

4. Inner Dialogue

Conduct a regular inner dialogue with your Higher Self. For the next 40 days, decide to keep in contact throughout the day. Say to your Higher Self, “I know you are there and I want to get to know you and pay attention to you. Please begin to speak to me and guide my life.” Don’t worry if this dialogue is entirely one-way to begin with. Remember that you have been out of touch for decades. It takes a while to clear the cobwebs! Persist with this inner dialogue as if talking to a friend – chatting, asking questions, sharing your hopes – and begin to listen for answers. They will come.

5. Life Lessons

Look upon life as a Mystery School. Believe that the whole of your life – events, situations and people – has been structured PRECISELY in order to teach you exactly what you need to know right now. Approach life as if the whole of creation is conspiring to do you good! Whenever something happens in your life, for good or ill, ask yourself what the lesson is for you. Even unpleasant people/..situations have been deliberately placed there as a challenge to help you grow. As you begin to view life as a drama in which you are play the starring role, the role of the Higher Self will become increasingly evident in your life. Record your findings in your journal.

Higher Self, spiritual, Contacting your Higher Self, meditation, dreams6. Dreams

Expect your Higher Self to speak to you in dreams. Before going to sleep, do some stretching and bending to relax your body completely. Ask your Higher Self a question and expect an answer. When you wake up, recall whatever you can of your dream and write it down in your journal. If you are not used to remembering dreams, this will take time and persistence. However, with patience, you will begin to recall your dreams AND receive answers from your Higher Self.

7. Mindfulness

Focus upon living more and more in the present, on the NOW. When you are eating, be aware that you are eating. When you walk, know that you are walking. The only real moment is now – the past is gone forever and the future has yet to be. Therefore, work to clear your mind of concerns, illusions and extrapolations… Clear the mental clutter from the mind and create space for the Higher Self to fill.

Patience Is The Catalyst To Progress!

Remember, you may have spent your entire life out of touch with Source. Therefore, it takes time to learn how to re-establish contact. Anything worth doing takes time and practice. Be vigilant and practice these seven steps every day, and you will receive the answers you need. Remember: The Higher Self WANTS to be in contact. In fact, to even speak of it as someone apart from you is contradictory.

The Higher Self IS you! The real you.

So get in touch with YOU!

Saint Germain – Invincible I AM Presence

saint_germain_by_frangomesdBeloved Saint Germain:

Beloved Ones! surely you must understand that you cannot serve two masters and gain any victory ahead. Having free will, you must choose. If you choose the outer, forgetting your “Invincible I AM Presence,” then My Love goes with you, enfolding you in Its Mighty Mantle of Protection until such time as you choose to return to the One God.

If you choose your “I AM Presence” and adhere to It, then your struggles are soon over, and you will find yourselves moving in that Sphere of Peace, Harmony and Perfection wherein you look upon the outer world with great compassion—but never with that human sympathy which would stifle your own growth.

This reminds us of the old, time-worn Statement: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all the outer things are added, or given into your use, under your command. That Kingdom of Heaven is the “Great I AM Presence,” the only Reality of you—who is the Owner and Giver of all created and manifested things.

Is it not strange, Beloved Students, that one will so long wander about in discord and limitation, when the Master Presence of Light, the “I AM Presence,” walks by one’s side at all times, waiting one’s decision to turn to It and receive Its Radiant, Glorious Blessings of Perfection in all outer manifestation? Such is your privilege, O Beloved Ones!

Wes Annac – The Voice Within – You’ll Learn the Truth – 1-16-15

4e877-there_is_a_lightStay active, stay receptive, and know that as you at least try to do your best with your time on earth, you’re making a bigger internal and external change than you realize.

The motivation many of you are feeling to examine your habits and tendencies and ask yourselves if they serve or hurt your spiritual growth are leading you to make potent inner changes, and these changes will allow you to contribute to your conscious revolution with more enthusiasm than you have so far.

For this reason and plenty of others, you’ll always be encouraged to continue learning, growing and developing. The best thing that can be encouraged at this point is to keep your mind and heart open and refuse to let the usual distractions keep you from doing what you’ve come to earth to do.

Don’t let the distractions and pitfalls of life on earth keep you from raising your vibration and the vibration of the rest of the world with the various creative and spiritual practices you’ve come to resonate with, and know that as you stay dedicated and refuse to wane, you make it easier for others to discover their spirituality and eventually traverse the path of enlightenment.

Getting others to traverse the path you’ve chosen isn’t necessarily your reason for being on earth – uplifting yourselves and everyone around you who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower vibrations is.

As you continue to motivate yourselves to wholeheartedly contribute to your conscious revolution, you widen the ascension portal and help others find a higher perception that’s free of the painful yet ultimately illusory shackles that have bound you to your physical reality.

As long as you stay attuned to your intuition and stay confident in yourselves and what you’re doing, the amount of people you’ll awaken and uplift will surprise you.

You just have to be willing to keep your spiritual and intuitive connections strong with constant practice, and you’re encouraged to practice every day if you want to hone your spiritually rooted talents.

You can take your evolution (and the creativity that comes with it) at whatever pace you want, but the more consistently you practice, the easier it’ll be to use your talents to awaken others who are just starting to free themselves from the self-imposed illusion you call consensus reality.

Stay strong and willing to contribute in the face of all adversity, and know that you can always call on your inner voice for support, guidance and assistance with any difficult aspects of the spiritual path.

You intuition is more helpful than you realize, and when you can let go of the ego’s overbearing influence, you’ll open up to the pure, unfiltered guidance of the soul self; the higher self; whatever you want to call the aspect of your consciousness that’s rooted in the higher realms and seeks to assist you along your growth back into these realms.

The intuition, along with the soul self it connects you to, are realer than you can imagine, and the same can be said for what you’ve called your ‘spiritual guides’. Your guides are as real as each of you, and yet, they’d seem like pure fantasy if most people on your planet were introduced to the idea of their existence.

You’ll learn the truth in due time, but for now, continue to be as strong and active as you can and know that you’re making a difference, even if it isn’t readily apparent.

By Wes Annac, January 16, 2015,

Suzanne Lie – The Breathing Mind – Our Higher Self – 1-14-15




Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference.

  • Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation…
  • Feel how your face, and body, constricts…

Now think about a Multidimensional experience…

  • Feel how you relax.
  • You may even feel inclined to take a long exhale or sigh.

It is the obligation placed on you by the illusion of “others,” as well as the “time” constraints that must be met that creates the constriction of third dimensional thinking. On the other hand, Multidimensional thinking allows your consciousness a higher perspective and an inner place to relax.

For example, think about visiting with a Light Being and feel how your mind expands. Follow your Multidimensional thoughts as they carry you on a cosmic journey into the unknown.

However, this “unknown” is the “well known” to the higher expressions of your SELF who flow through Multidimensional waves of reality that is beyond all illusions of time. Feel how these waves of travel from the back of your head, to your forehead, and back and forth again as they undulate through and synchronize the myriad synapses of your brain.

Can you experience how these waves of thought open your High Heart and lead you into the feeling of Unconditional Love?

Soon these thought waves will no longer be bound by the encasement of your small brain to venture out into the Collective Mind of all humanity…

  • Then they will expand into the Planetary Mind of Gaia…
  • And into the Galactic Mind of the Milky Way…
  • They then soar into the Universal Mind of your Local Universe…
  • And settle into the Cosmic Mind of the All That Is…

As you follow these Mind Waves you extract information from the molecules of reality through which you travel and incorporate them into the expanded reality that YOU are creating.

As you revisit these great Minds, your mind expands into pure consciousness, which is unencumbered by any form of encasement. Your personal consciousness is related to your current embodiment.

Conversely, your Multidimensional consciousness intermingles with the Flow of the realities you experience and the thoughts of the great Beings you visit. You also feeling the “breath” of Beings that have lived as pure consciousness and who have not held embodiment for millennia, or have never held a form.

As you allow your consciousness to intermingle with these formless Beings, you feel their energy flow through you like a warm breeze. As you breathe in their conscious memories of life after life, you gather their gifts of knowing.

Do NOT collect these memories. Instead, exhale the myriad pictures, feelings and thoughts into the collective energy field of all that you have experienced in your many third dimensional incarnations.

Allow these vanishing memories to wash up on the shores of the ONE so that Source can enjoy the myriad experiences of incarnation. With that release, your consciousness expands even further, and you find that you are among the ONES who have overseen your many incarnations.

You feel your great consciousness intermingle with the countless expressions of your Multidimensional SELF having the experience of form. Bless these forms, as you perceive them Flowing through an endless ocean of Light.

Within this observance, you receive vivid pictures, thoughts and emotions of your myriad incarnations in your higher or lower dimensional realities. Do not try to contain these sensations, but let them Flow through you like the Light of dawn flowing through the trees.

Each “tree” represents your many dimensional incarnations. The Light is the energy field that Flows through every experience allowing you to share your myriad realities with the ONE.

The ONE breathes in these experiences and shares them with the consciousness of All That Is. In this manner, all life breaths as ONE great Being that inhales the realities of all creation and inhabits each experience with its cosmic exhale.

Do you realize now how reality is ONE breathing Being with infinite personal experiences? In fact, every physical person, place and thing serves as a Portal through which the ONE can experience the worlds of form.

Meanwhile, back in the third dimension on a small planet called Earth in the Solar System of Sol and the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, a Light is expanding beyond the planet, beyond the Solar System and beyond the Galaxy.

A small Light that was once limited to a clay form has been freed from its confinement and soars beyond all that once constrained it. This small Light joins many other, similar Lights to become a glow.

As more and more Lights are freed from their confinement, the glow becomes a great beacon of Light that guides other small Lights to be freed from their lower-frequency forms.

Gradually, the frequencies of separation intermingle with the frequencies of Unity to create a Flow of Ascension that becomes irresistible.

Even those who have been trapped in the illusions of time and separation for millennia are awakening to the constant Flow of Unconditional Love. An ocean of Light is arising as that which was separate is returning to that which is ONE.

The ONE is calling its volunteers Home into its SELF.

You have served the ONE by creating new realities, which you will contribute to the ONE upon your return. As the Ocean of Light Flows back to its Source, that which cannot be incorporated into the new wave of reality is released.

What will you need to release to join this wave? What will you need to release to breathe the Cosmic Breath and become ONE with the shores of your new reality? This question can only be answered from deep within your Inner Knowing.

You are in the process of choosing to release that which has held you back, that which has made you suffer. The choice may seem clear, but suffering has become one of your best friends. When you suffered, you were a “good person.” You were NOT those who made “others” suffer. In fact, you fought against those who created suffering.

But now, you are at ONE. You are at ONE with the suffering. You are even at ONE with those who created your suffering. Can you release that suffering and replace it with the feel of the Light as it nurtures, informs, protects and expands your consciousness?

Suffering binds you to that which you fear. To be free of suffering, you must loosen that binding by releasing your fear. Yes, fear and suffering have told you that you are a good person and that you are trying hard to be better.

But now you KNOW that you were always better and always good. In fact, you know that the terms of “good” and “better,” and even the term “suffering” are ALL illusions of a reality that is coming into its completion.

Can you choose to release all fear and FEEL the Light as it flows through you with your every breath? That choice sounds like a simple solution, but fear and suffering have been your “red badge of courage” for most of your Earthly incarnations. How do you release that which you believed made you “good person?”

You Release it by Surrendering to the Flow of the ONE!

The Breathing Mind – by Our Higher SELF. By Suzanne Lie.

Lincoln Gergar – Remove Emotional Blocks – Creating Your Universe – Chanel Higher Self – 11-31-14

Channel Higher Self

Every human being has been given creative freedom over their emotions, but few understand how to create with this energy. Video #5 in the Higher Self mini-series to help you remove emotional blocks teaches how you create your inner universe of emotion and energy, and how you can master this process.

At the most fundamental level, we are beings of consciousness. Our awareness, intelligence and creative energy flows through us from spirit, to mind, to emotions, to body and then to this world. The ideas we hold about ourselves, our lives, other people and reality shape our emotions. Together, mind and emotion determine what we create in our bodies and into this world. Understanding your inner universe is the key to creating the life you truly want to live.

Many people hold the idea that the world controls our thoughts and emotions. People often say “he made me feel this way” or “she caused me to do this”. We are conditioned to let the external universe create our internal universe of thought and feeling. But it does not need to be this way. With proper knowledge and little practice, we can regain complete control over our thoughts and emotions and end the world’s control over us.

This Channel Higher Self video teaches you inner mastery of your self and your life. By understanding the functions of your mind and emotions, you will gain a more powerful ability to think how you want to think and to feel how you want to feel. By living with confidence, knowledge, peace and happiness, you will experience an outer life that is truly fulfilling.

Blessings and Love.

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

October 23, 2014

Suzanne Lie – Message from the Inner Self – Inside/Outside – 11-16-14





Listen to the new message of Dr Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie

Inside/Outside – Message from the Inner SELF

11-16-14Do you remember when OUT SIDE us was real and IN SIDE was, well we did not know what it was. Yes, we did know. OUT SIDE us was real. No one talked about IN SIDE us as being REAL. Inside us were organs, bones, cells, and blood, but they were not sentient. WE were our body! INSIDE our body was what kept our body alive.

Our aura was outside of us, and everything, religious, spiritual or multidimensional (a term we had not heard of) was outside of us. We believed that we were our body and all the spiritual/religious elements of our lives were outside of us and, usually, far above us. WE were only our body.

We had been taught that our inside was not important. Besides, our outside/real self was so busy trying to survive that we had little TIME to search for an inner essence. If we were very good, then we might be able to pray to Heaven far above us to ask for help. Then, when we died, we could go outside of our bodies and travel far UP to Heaven where God lived far, far, above us.

Our Spiritual Guidance was not IN us. In fact, it would be shocking and conceited to even consider such a notion. We were JUST humans. For many incarnations it was punishable by death to say that we were connected to a higher being. Thus, in order to survive and to protect our family, we told our children that their inner power was just their imagination.

The real world was outside. The real power was outside of us. The REAL world was outside of us. For untold incarnations, these lives of living on the outside repeated themselves. Sometimes we were the heroes and sometimes we were the villains.

Then, during a very special lifetime, we had an opportunity to actually perceive our own inner SELF inside of our Earth Vessel. We found that this inner perspective was wise beyond our years and would ONLY speak the truth.

Now truth was a problem because we had been raised on lies and illusions. We would have to LET GO of everything we had ever been taught was REAL and look inside to perceive our outside reality from the ‘control tower’ our Inner SELF.

Of course, this perspective did not make us feel special. In fact, most of the time it made us feel crazy. However, if we went back to our old way of perceiving, then we REALLY started feeling crazy. Something was happening to us.

We did not know what that something was, but it was scaring, exhilarating, beyond words, euphoric and made us disassociate more and more the 3D rules that had always controlled our consciousness. When we were just our outside self, we believed these 3D rules, but now this new, inner self made us feel and act different.

Our different feelings created new actions, as well as an ever-expanding consciousness. We discovered that as our consciousness expanded the “need to survive” was augmented by the “need to know.” This urge to “know” made us look beyond the confines of our local reality.

As our world got smaller, we became exposed to other cultures that told us to go inside. So, we secretly looked inside. It took more courage than we thought, but as we went deeper and deeper inside our selves we discovered a certain feeling that we could not find on the outside.

We then began to differentiate between the inside of us and the outside. This differentiation was a big step on the path to higher consciousness. This Inner Path led us to discover a living essence inside of us that was NOT found outside.

Then, after many years of meditation and going inside, we began to discover a SELF that knew everything that we had ever experienced, learned, suffered and loved. In fact, this Inner SELF had a totally different perspective on life.

Rather than focusing on survival and what the outside world told us to think, do, feel and have, we began to recognize our own INSIDE thoughts, feelings and desires. This focus placed us in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Then we really began to change.

When the “they” outside of us were the bosses of our life, we had to work so hard that our reality became very small. We had to get enough money to survive, or to get rich so that they (meaning those on the outside of us) would like us more, be impressed or whatever.

As we kept going inside and talking to our Inner SELF, the urge to “get money” because of “them” began to diminish. Slowly our old urge to “get more money” was replaced with the urge to “get more wisdom.” It was then that we began to look outside, not with the intention of wanting, but with the intention of giving.

What we discovered was very shocking. The sky was polluted, the food was poisoned, the water was tainted and the “healthy” wheat, corn and vegetables were genetically altered. Wars were almost continuous. Famine was common. Storms were bigger than ever, and species after species of plants and animals were endangered or gone forever.

“What HAPPENED?” we asked our selves. “Where was I when all this was happening to my world? How could my world fall apart like this? What did I do wrong?”

“Did you mean to ask, ‘How can I help?’” we hear our Inner SELF ask.

“I am just one person. How could I help?” we ask, trying not to hear the anger in our voice. But there was no answer to our anger and fear because these emotions lowered our connection to our Inner SELF. Then, we fell back into the belief that we were just human.

The fear and anger began to completely overtake the higher consciousness that we had fleetingly visited. Far too quickly we forgot all that we had remembered while we enjoyed the connection to our Inner SELF.

We had slipped into the “Dark Night of the Soul,” but we didn’t know that because we had stopped reading and listening to all that wonderful information we had eagerly embraced while in our state of higher consciousness.


Then one day a small boy rode past us learning how to ride a two-wheeler. He fell off the bike again and again and again. He hurt himself, cried, and then got back on the bike. Every time he fell off, he learned something that he didn’t even know he was learning until he fell off the bike.

“Why can’t I learn how to stay on that stupid bike?” the boy asked.

“Because then you would not learn to remember how to keep your balance,” the small boy heard an inner voice say. No one had told him about inner voices, so he thought it was normal.

“I don’t want to learn about my balance,” yelled the small boy because he had FAILED again to stay on his bike. He stomped the ground, kicked the “stupid bike,” and ran off, embarrassed because he had failed again.

“What is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep my balance like that inner guy said?” the boy mumbled.

“I am happy that you believe in me enough to hear my words,” said the boy’s Inner SELF. “Do you want us to tell you about keeping your balance?”

The little boy thought that it was really weird that this inner voice was talking to him, but he really did want to know about balance, so he said, “OK.”

“Balance is about the ability to listen to your inner SELF while you also pay attention to your outer world. You did not hear me, your Inner SELF, say, ‘You CAN do anything you want.” You only heard your outer self saying, ‘Why can’t I ride this stupid bike?”

“How do you know what I was thinking inside?” the boy asked with an angry tone.

“Because I am you on the inside. Because I am inside you, I can see both your inner and your outer world. I am the inner you that can only say the truth and remembers every one you ever were and every thing you ever did.

“Also, I am connected to all the versions of your higher dimensional SELF that are all INSIDE of you. When you can remember how to balance me, your INNER SELF, with the YOU, your Outer Self, you will be connected to your entire multidimensional world.”

“What is a multidimensional world?” asked the small boy.

“Join me, and I will show you,” the Inner SELF whispered into the small boy’s heart.


Wes Annac – Intuitive Guidance, Creative Inspiration of Higher Self – 11-19-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

When we open up and let the worries, concerns and judgments of the mind fade away, we open ourselves to the influence of the higher self – an infinite entity who we’ve been gifted by even higher aspects of our consciousness who wanted to give us some assistance along our growth and evolution.

We can all connect with the higher self, and all that’s required is to continuously empty the mind and open up to the flowing energies and expressions of the heart. The heart will also need to be opened in a sense, because it’s through the heart (and subsequently, the intuition) that we connect with the higher self.

Both the mind and the heart will need to be open if we want to make a pure connection, and we’ll know when our minds are closed by a few telltale signs. Our creative links will seem to have run dry, for example, and we’ll have difficulty doing anything creative or spiritually inspired.

We won’t feel very open to the love our hearts constantly express through our open minds, and even though this love will still flow through our minds on a certain level, keeping the mind closed keeps us from feeling it (and the creativity that lies within it) and using it for positive and progressive purposes.

Like I’ve said plenty of times, I think we’d all benefit from opening up to the higher self, and when we do, we’ll access and communicate with a constant creative link that’ll enhance our spiritual/creative works and make it far easier to reach the flowing creative ‘sweet spot’ we enjoy so much.

Love and creativity go hand in hand, and you may notice that your creativity’s enhanced when you’re in a pure, loving space. From experience, I’ll say that this is because we connect with our higher selves when we’re in this space, and if we want to maintain this connection, all we’ll have to do is let our inner love constantly flow.

To stay connected with the higher self, we’ll want to do two things:

1: We’ll want to follow the constant intuitive guidance we receive. We’re given constant impressions from the intuition about the choices that are and aren’t the best and most helpful for us to make along our paths, and if we continuously follow this guidance without missing a beat, our connection with our higher self will strengthen.

2: We’ll want to stay as open to our calm, loving center as we can.

You’ll notice that when you’re in your loving center, ‘time’ as we know it seems to dissipate, along with your perception of it. You no longer rush to complete whatever it is you’re doing, and your desire to do things ‘correctly’ is replaced with the desire to enjoy them – to use them to express as much and as pure love as you can.

The more love we feel and express, the greater and purer our connection with our higher self will become. I’ve quickly become very passionate about connecting with the higher self, because I see that it’s the greatest source of personal, intuitive guidance we can receive and its messages will help us greatly along our evolutionary path.

All of humanity is believed to be experiencing a gradual and ongoing spiritual evolution, and in time, everyone will be aware of spirit and the reality of the greater connections we can make.

This can only happen if we stay diligent and remain connected with our higher selves, however. Instead of distracting ourselves or falling away from the greater spiritual connections we can make, let’s recognize that we’re as infinite as we allow ourselves to be and use our opening and expanding hearts to perceive and act on our infinity in a real, pure way.

We’ve just begun to do all of the wonderful things we’re on this planet to do, and with the loving assistance of the higher self, our ability to use our spirituality (and creativity) to create positive change will be endless. We’ll accomplish far more than we expect, and we’ll be very glad we went out of our way to remain connected.

The higher self, if properly connected with, will expand every aspect of our creativity. Personally, I strive to remain connected with my higher self so I can communicate its constant impressions via the creative work I put out for all of you to hopefully benefit from.

We have an infinite ability to creatively express ourselves, and the more we foster and maintain this ability, the more direct and potent it’ll become. It’ll eventually reach a point where no obstacles will stop us from constantly accessing and feeling it, and when this happens, our ability to create positive change will increase tenfold.

This’ll happen when we’re ready for it to – not a moment sooner – so let’s continue to keep our minds and hearts open to the flowing energy of spirit and use the raw, creative energy and potential that result to uplift the minds and hearts of every person who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower vibrations.

Our future depends on our ability and willingness to remain intuitively connected with our higher selves and follow the constant advice we’re given, and after all of the affirming and creativity enhancing experiences I’ve had with my higher self, I’m not about to sever this connection.

The greatest challenge we’ll experience in staying connected with the higher self is to continuously follow its promptings, and while this may not be easy in some cases, it’s only as difficult as we allow it to be. As long as our minds and hearts are constantly open, we should have little difficulty following the higher self’s intuitive guidance.

We’ll be glad we constantly received this guidance, and we’ll especially be glad we followed it. We’re headed for the higher realms, and in my humble opinion, staying connected with the higher self and channeling the energy/inspiration that results into ceaseless creative works will deliver us back into them.

Some seekers use their creativity to find a higher state of consciousness, and I don’t know about any of you, but this is what I strive to do in emptying my mind and staying connected with the higher self. The benefits of maintaining this connection are endless, and every seeker will eventually realize this.

For now, those of us who have realized it are tasked with acting on it, and as always, our positive influence will radiate out to everyone who’s had trouble connecting with their higher self or following the intuitive promptings they constantly receive.

Stay strong, fellow seekers, and know that as long as your minds are open, navigating this otherwise difficult planet will be a breeze. We just have to be willing to stay open when it’s easier to get distracted and close ourselves off from spirit, and with time, effort and patience, we will achieve our dreams.

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While you’re surfing various spiritual websites, you can also check out Oversoul Teachings, which is a blog I created for the guidance I intuit from my higher self.

Collective-Evolution – How To Start Connecting With Your Highest Self – 10-28-14

Higher Self 333

There is a lot of talk in the self help/spiritual/self improvement circles about how to tune in and connect with your ‘highest self.’

Most of these ideas are centred around the idea that we must connect with our higher selves in order to become a ‘better person’ to have more to give, to have more to offer the world.

The Reality Of Your Higher Self

I personally believe that connecting to your higher self is actually more about allowing you to live in a state of peace and harmony within yourself – which will then naturally allow you to offer more to the world.

I believe that connecting with the most wise, liberated, loving portion that already exists within you is not about becoming better – because there is really no thing that must be ‘improved’ within you. It is simply a matter of returning to who you have always been, and releasing all those things that never had anything to do with you in the first place.

Essentially, connecting with your ‘higher self’ is simply you remembering who you are. It is you returning to a state of flow, and exiting a state of resistance. You do not have to try to be a good, caring, genuine person. You are those things already. You just have to release the blocks that have been built up in your emotional/mental/energetic bodies that prevent you from being who you are.

The Five Steps

These five steps are the easiest, quickest ways I’ve found to return you back to your center, back to your knowing, back to who you truly are and always have been –your highest self. These steps may seem overly simplistic, but give them a try and see how magical they really are!

Step 1: Acknowledge Where You Are In This Moment

The first thing I invite you to do when you want to move closer to being your highest self, is to simply make peace with where you currently are. Sit for a moment in silence and just allow yourself to arrive in this moment. Remove any expectation, even if it is just for a moment, and be. Feel the peace that comes with this allowing. Even if you only do this, and forget the rest of the steps, you have already shifted your state and raised your vibration. You have already made a step towards your highest self just by stopping the resistance to where you are. Pretty cool hey?

Step 2: Send Yourself Love & Compassion

The second step is to love yourself in this moment. This is most likely what I like to call a “pattern interrupt” for you. For most, when we feel ourselves not living up to our potential, not acting or thinking or speaking in alignment with our highest good, our knee jerk reaction is to beat ourselves up. You are most likely used to berating and abusing yourself. This self-punishment will never get you to a place where you are aligned with your highest good. The reason? It lowers your vibration too much! When you are shaming, blaming and guilting yourself you are re-creating the exact environment that took you out of alignment with your highest self in the first place. By consciously choosing to love yourself where you are at in this moment you take another step up the vibrational scale, bringing yourself one step closer to your highest self.

Step 3: Send Your Behaviour/Thought Pattern Love & Compassion

The third step is to send love and compassion to your ‘negative’ behaviour/thought/belief. Like with step two, you are most likely in a habit of hating your negative behaviours – getting upset with yourself that you constantly run to food to numb your emotions, hating that you speak badly about people, judging your actions. If you can instead send love and compassion to your negative behaviour, you may notice that it is actually there with a positive intention. You may discover that your over eating is simply there to help you deal with your negative emotions in a way that makes you feel like you have some power and control. Perhaps this over eating is a protection mechanism that is helping you so that you don’t just drown in an emotion you don’t know how to deal with in this moment. By bringing your negative patterns into the light of love, you will see them for what they really are – and in that you will have the power to start transforming them into self-loving patterns.

Step 4: Tell Yourself What You Would Tell Your Best Friend Right Now

Next, speak to yourself the way you would speak to your most beloved friend if they came to you feeling or acting the way you are currently acting. There is a good chance you are not going to tell them that they are dumb, stupid, selfish and awful or any of the other harsh things you most likely tell yourself.  Meet yourself with understanding and compassion. Meet yourself with the words you wish someone would say to you as you are feeling the way you are feeling. Meet yourself with this love and see how it automatically lifts you.

Step 5: Choose An Activity That Makes You Feel Good

Finally, choose an activity that you know lifts your energy – lifts your vibration. Ask yourself “what would someone who loved themselves do right now?” and then do that! Understand that your highest self is the self that fully, totally and completely loves and accepts you and everyone else. So by engaging in something that aligns with what you would do if you loved yourself, you are aligning yourself with the behaviour that reflects your highest good. Your highest self. Choosing to act from a place of love, rather than a place of fear in this moment IS you living as your highest self.

Remember, your highest self is already fully formed and fully active within you. You may just need to remember how to connect with this portion of yourself. Take some time to consider how little beating yourself up does for you, and to consider that acting in a loving and compassionate way towards yourself –especially when you are at your worst –may be the exact thing you need to do to connect you with your highest good.

Vía Collective-Evolution

John Holland – Accessing Your Higher Mind – 10-25-14


The more we stay connected to our higher mind – which we also call the universe, the source, or spirit – the more we strengthen and build that crucial bridge between ourselves and our higher consciousness.

While we’re all born connected to this divine awareness, we have a tendency to pull away from what was once natural. It’s reasonable to assume that when we become disconnected from our higher mind, the source that once nourished us will be replaced with another source or substitute. In other words, the connection could be with food, alcohol, nicotine, co-dependency to someone or even work – hence the term workaholic.

Many of us spend our lives trying to fill that void which was created when the link was broken.

It is possible to get reacquainted with your higher mind again.

As you develop the ability to raise yourself above the conscious mind and all its impulses and distractions, you’ll find that place of stillness and peace and possibly… some answers. This is the part of yourself where you can gain a sense of the bigger picture. It’s the place where mundane details seem less important. It’s also the part of you, that wants nothing more than to assist you in being happy, and to put you on the right path for your psychic and spiritual development.

When you face difficult situations in your life, try to remember to consult with your higher mind. Let yourself and your higher mind communicate with each other once again. After all, it’s always been there and always will be part of who you are!

Many years ago, when I was studying and developing in England, I was fortunate to learn the following technique, which deals with the same principle. It’s another clear example of how we draw back from our higher mind. I learned from my British tutors that when people are worried, depressed, unsure of themselves or confused, they have a tendency to think down. How often have you heard someone say, “I’m feeling down”, or “I can’t get out of my own way”?

What they’re really saying is that they can’t get out of their own head and their thoughts seem to be trapped in their own mind and body. When this happens, we intend to repeatedly dwell on the same thought, a bit like a broken record. This then leads to stress, worrying and often results in a sense of confusion. I know we can all relate to all this!

The tutors taught us how to think up! Even when you’re feeling down, try to bring your thoughts up and out of your body.

The following exercise will assist you to access your higher mind and to think up. It will also be beneficial during those times when you need a little extra guidance. It will empower you to connect with your higher consciousness, and to get out of your head.

The all-intuitive higher mind is there to assist you, and put you back on the path of clarity and purpose.


So let’s get started.

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax. You may want to try the “Relaxing the Body” meditation before you begin this exercise.

* Bring your awareness to the bottom of your feet. Let your breath assist you in transferring the relaxing energy up through the bottom of your feet.

* Slowly, work your way up your calves, your thighs, your abdomen, chest, your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face, right to the top of your head.

* Now at the top of your head I want you to imagine there is one big funnel starting to form, which reaches out into the universe. Think of it as a vortex of energy reaching upward.

* Let your awareness constantly flow up and out of your head and into this funnel that’s opening up above you. All the information you want can be accessed and brought to you. You may want to imagine a shimmering ball or cloud of white light above this funnel.

* Now reach up with your mind, as if you are floating and blending with this brilliant white light. Slowly merge yourself into this space, as you continue to reach up and out of your body with your mind.

Take a few moments with this energy, and feel what it’s like to be calm and centered, to be one with your higher mind.

Now it is time to ask your higher mind a question. For example:

~ Is there someone you would like to get along with but you’re not sure how to go about it?

~ Is there a question about your job that you need guidance on?

You can even ask if there’s something that your intuition has been trying to tell you.

Ask your higher mind how you can be more receptive when it’s trying to communicate with you.

You may want to ask, “What steps can I take to improve my life and spiritual development?”

Ask one question at a time, and wait for a response. Take whatever answers come to you.

You may receive a SYMBOL, WORDS or even a FEELING.

Don’t be surprised if your higher mind also chooses to make known a certain area of your life that you’re neglecting. Sometimes you don’t always get what you asked for – but what you need.

Remember what you have received so that you can bring the information and answers back into your conscious mind.

It’s now time to bring your awareness back into your body. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to go back to this special place anytime you wish.

Slowly take a breath and let it assist you in coming back to the present. Feel yourself shifting down into your body, entering through the open funnel. Move your fingers and toes, and slowly open your eyes to become fully aware of your body and the room around you.

Don’t worry if you feel as though you did not get an answer immediately. You may get the answer another way or even a day or two later, or maybe even from someone else unexpectedly. Be open to let your higher mind speak to you in various ways.

As always, keep your journal at hand for when you come out of the meditation, so you can take the time to interpret what the words, feeling, symbols mean specifically to you.

I often teach this technique in my workshops, but in the early stages of development, I encourage my students to start-off by asking small questions at first, so they can familiarize themselves with the meditation, and learn to differentiate their conscious thinking from their higher minds.

You’ll know when your higher mind is speaking and answering your questions, because you’ll feel a sense of smoothness to what you’re receiving. The answers will not sound like your regular mind chatter.

I want to stress again here, that any information you may receive from your higher mind should always be of a positive nature. Ask yourself the same question once again, “Is this coming to me or from me?”

This meditation can be used as a mini-meditation anytime you need it – especially during stressful times in your life, when you may need an intuitive solution.

Try to get into the habit of shifting up and accessing your higher mind at least once a day. With practice, you’ll be able to seek insightful guidance anytime you wish.

By using the meditations and exercises from this chapter, they will give you a sense of transformation and inner wisdom that can reach into every aspect of life, and could possibly be the key to open the door to an old friend – your spirit.

The above article is an excerpt from the book Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance by John Holland.


John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium who has been lecturing,
demonstrating, and reading for private clients for over 15 years. He’s dedicated to the ongoing development of his unique gift and takes his work very seriously and with the utmost integrity. John says, “If I can help people connect with someone on the other side, and bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure – then I’ve done my job.”

Lincoln Gergar – Connect Quickly to the Higher Self Within – Guided Meditation

Channel Higher Self

Here is a simple and direct guided meditation to connect you more fully to your Higher Self within. By watching this video you are connecting directly with the energy of the Higher Self and this energy will take you deeper within.

In modern times as humanity is awakening as a whole group, people are becoming more sensitive to the non-physical energies. It is easier to feel our emotions, our chakras, and our energy pathways (meridian and nadhis). We are all learning that there is a deeper language of energy that is far more important and powerful than the meaning in spoken words. Energy communication is more direct, more honest and paints a great picture than spoken words alone.

In this video the energy of the Higher Self is present to guide your mind, emotions, energy system and body deeper within…. past the inner silence into the radiance of blissful Divine Love, where the individual human self meets and marries the inner Divine Self. Enjoy this Higher Self guided meditation and allow yourself to know more of who and what you are.

Many blessings and much Love!

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

Arcturus Ant – The Ego And the Higher Self


Surrender yourself to the stream of infinite intelligence.
This is not new age philosophy. This is quantum physics and scientific truths that all energy is extended from the singularity of experience.
many times we get identified with the third dimensional, mental counterpart of our existence, often creating drama, static and separation in our lives.
But to remove that static, seperation and limitation, we must focus our consciousness from the perspective of the singularity, the still, ocean of electromagnetic potential that holds all of infinity.

Don’t resist the stream. Flow. Love is the key to higher guidance.

Higher Self Message via April Bender – Divine Wisdom – Collective Confrontation of Light vs Shadow – 7-21-14

aprilHigher Self Message: Divine Wisdom and the Collective Confrontation of Light vs. Shadow, channeled by April Bender, July 20, 2014   –

Before the resolution and/or reconciliation between light and shadow may take place, first the conscious acknowledgement observance of the current interplay between the two must unfold, to a certain degree, within individual/collective awareness.

This observance/acknowledgement is precisely what has been slowly bubbling, rippling, and streaming across the 5-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life most intensely the first half of this year (previously outlined as the Sequencing Process) and has lead to now – the culmination period (the summer solstice until the Lion’s gate and beyond) of such conscious confrontation and enlightened reflection of what is, what has been, and what can be, if only a different choice and commitment of expression is made/co-created.

It is the outpouring of Divine Wisdom in which I speak, as received from me, your Higher Self, as well as your soul/star family lineages, which now finds complementary flow/function within your newly empowered Center, higher Will, and expanded field of Vision, all sustained by the life giving pulse of your high Heart and overall co-creative efforts.

For just as you as an individual continue to rebirth yourself anew or to “ascend,” so too does the Collective on various levels (mind, body, and soul). For you and other Warriors of Light serve as the highly powered nodal points across/within the Collective Higher Mind, whose uplifting energy/vibration spurs the whole onward and upward in evolutionary consciousness.

On the one hand, this wisdom is garnered from the Collective Mind and Soul continuously viewing themselves from newly evolved vantage points, (growing and refining themselves into a Collective “Higher” Mind and Soul, if you will), and on the other, it is found in the individual movement inwards towards soul-retrieval, growth, empowerment, wholeness, and the reclamation of Divine Birthrights such as freedom, self-sovereignty, etc.

Which in turn, continues to nourish the further growth/refinement of the Collective Higher Mind and Soul. Divine Wisdom is the understanding and ground of being necessary to look honestly and candidly at all that now exists, in the context in which it exists, and to choose consciously whether individually and/or collectively to continue to feed/perpetuate/energize what individuals/humanity have long outgrown, and that does not serve or empower the whole, such as fear, separation, and oppression. Or to instead utilize the advantageous time/space that you are in to co-create a new ascending evolutionary order/way of being, expressing, and creating together. One that promotes freedom, self-sovereignty, wholeness of experience, unity and equality. Moving humanity from the age of Me to an age of We.

All that I have described are activities/perturbations/permutations that serve as signposts as well as catalysts to the leaving behind of one age/consciousness/way of being and the entering into another. And this is why step-wise revelation and the clearing away of old remnants, untruths, false beliefs, and twisted perceptions one layer at a time, was/is entirely necessary. For as Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level in which it was created.”

Therefore, a new level or foundation, both individually and collectively, needed to be established in order to first seed/envision the new and secondly, to bridge the distance from the old to the new. The latter, the bridge, is where the collective now stands as it actively confronts and seeks to integrate both the shadows of yesterday and the light or promise of tomorrow. The resulting wisdom of which, will continue to enliven, inform, and ascend the Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life and individual/communal experiences woven within it, in the days/months to come.

So all that to say is it no wonder that things seem to be heating/amping up on the world’s stage? As the Sequencing Process continues to play out in full force, shadows will be further revealed, and everything that is “wrong” will continue to be brought to the forefront for confrontation.

The Collective in this case is being prompted to: 1) bear witness and give testament to said revelations of the shadow; 2) rally together in shared awareness (light) to neutralize future shadow expressions, and 3) search for new ways to manifest the wisdom/learnings it is gleaning through such revelations instead of simply reacting to them.

As with countless individuals, the Collective still needs to commit to a new vision or new way of being, and this will emerge through the further confrontation of the shadow elements on your world, and the unifying/rallying impetus that is then catalyzed within the Collective.

The Warriors of Light are asked at this time to continue to hold the line, to whole-heartedly stay in their center/thrones of divine empowerment, and continue to engage in their personal re-birthing processes. For many of you are ready, are simply waiting, for the Collective to finish confronting much of what you’ve already known and for them, or at least a large majority of them, to be ready to commit to the new.

Many of you have already been exploring, and are being given nuggets of divine wisdom concerning many of the 5-7D concepts of tomorrow, such as freedom, wholeness, unity, self-sovereignty, harmony/balance, authenticity, co-creation, inter/inner dependence, not to mention what it means to be human, and how all Life can co-exist in greater harmony.

This wisdom comes to you from your own personal inner clearing, reconciliation, and soul-retrieval work , and this is also why the Higher Collective needs you, the frontrunners, now more than ever during this most vulnerable period of mass confrontation of the shadow.

Therefore, any lingering pettiness, competition, and divisiveness between lightworkers MUST end. For now is the time of gathering, blending, and uniting diverse lightworker energies across/within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, as through this merging process a new more wholistic template, overlay, or expression is formulated/co-created (from the ground up) that becomes the seed or early standard for 5-7D communal living.

In plainer terms, you are being prompted to BE (together and united) the “model” of change (from Me to We) for an entirely new age of human evolution! Therefore stand tall and united in love, promise, and purpose. You’ve got this!


Lincoln Gergar – Higher Self Connects you to your Spiritual Heart

Channel Higher Self

The deepest part of your human self is the Spiritual Heart. It is the doorway to your Eternal Self, Atman, Soul, and God Consciousness. In this Channel Higher Self video you are taught about the Spiritual Heart and guided deeper into it.

For years the Higher Self has recommended specific spiritual practices and emphasized specific teachings. The Spiritual Heart has always been one of them.

The human being has 3 bodies — the physical body of flesh and bone, the emotional energy body with it’s chakras and channels (nadis, meridians), and the mental body that generates the aura. Beyond and also within these 3 bodies is Spirit or Consciousness. Our eternal Self is this Consciousness. It is the Awareness, Intelligence (different than human mind and thoughts), and Creative Energy of Life — also called Sat Chit Ananda.

The deepest energy center in the human being is the Spiritual Heart — located in the center of the chest (a little bit to the right side), in the mental body layer. The Spiritual Heart is a door way through which your Eternal Self / Spiritual Consciousness enters the human experience. By meditating upon the Spiritual Heart and by having a strong desire to know God, Truth, one’s True Self a person will enter genuine Enlightenment and Self-Realization. There are many energy centers and doorways in the human being, but only the Spiritual Heart takes us to our Source.

In this Channel Higher Self video teaching you will learn more about the Spiritual Heart, as you are encouraged to develop a daily practice of God-Self meditation, devotion and surrender.

Blessings and Love.

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

July 9, 2014

Higher Self Connects you to your Spiritual Heart

The Higher Self Teachings are presented by Lincoln Gergar, the channel for Higher Self. Since 2007 Lincoln has shared nearly 2,000 free spiritual teachings to help human beings evolve on their spiritual paths. The Higher Self Teachings provide a direct spiritual path that will connect you to your Higher Self, increase your experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power. The Higher Self is our Inner Guru, our connection to God Within.

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Suzanne Lie – Communicating With Your Higher Self – 6-1-14


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Original meditation by Dr. Suzanne Lie
Background music by Chris Mariotti @edgarallanpoets

A journey into the energy of the subconsciousness.

In Greek mythology, Gaia also Gaea, or Ge was the personification of the Earth,one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus . Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.


Simon Nightstarr – Divine Self – Genuine Good Intentions Do Not Equal Deception – 7-10-14


Divine Self:

Genuine good intentions do not equal deception. What this means is simply that whenever you are aligned with your Higher Self’s integrity, which is actually a state of peace and joy, while in this empowered state you cannot be self-deceptive, you cannot be self-deceived, nor can you possibly be deceptive to others.

Many of you believe that a person may have what you term “good intentions” and then somehow be duped or led into deception by another. This cannot occur when you are very conscious and aware of your power.

You may only be deceived by your own ego, even in cases of so-called “demonic” influence or manipulation involving another. It is universal law that no being may “influence” you without your own soul’s agreement. This is why, for example, what many imagine to be “demonic possession” is not actually possession at all. There is only one Universal Substance of which all beings in creation are made of, and this Universal Energy is really what you all “possess” and are “possessed” with.

What you may call a negative influence, being, entity, thought-form or person is simply another vibrational form of the same Universal Energy. This is all very basic, and most of you reading this do not find disagreement with it, even though at other times you may forget this universal truth and speak of ridiculous things such as “demonic possession” as if it were empirically true based upon actual “solid” or absolute knowledge of the True Nature of what you call “reality.”

You cannot actually be “taken over” nor “misled” by any other being, precisely because separation is not real. If you are “misled” it is ALWAYS because you carry a disempowering belief that is the actual cause of the misdirection. Misdirection is caused by the belief in a separate “I.”

If you while in your human state were to clearly perceive the transparency of the ego, the “I,” you would not be prone or susceptible to any “negative outside influence.” This is not to say that no one would react negatively, but simply that you would not perceive yourself to be a “victim” of any negativity, for you would be very clear that EVERYTHING you experience is literally manifested by your own consciousness.

You may indeed have good intentions, and on a Higher Self level all of you do, yet if in any given moment you are not FIRMLY GROUNDED in this energy, in this awareness of your True Self, then you are indeed “misguided” to some degree by your own “unconsciousness,” your own ignorance of your Divine Integrity. This is why in order to feel “protected” it is imperative that you love yourself unconditionally.

What most humans do is very often PROJECT much of their attention upon others, upon “external reality,” thus giving more energy to the “reality” of their senses, and if the reality of your senses is something that you react fearfully to, you are only ADDING to the “solidity” of that “reality.”

Perhaps some of you may be seeing more clearly now how it is impossible that having good intentions may attract or manifest an unwanted result. That is, unless those “good intentions” are not as “good” or pure as you thought they were. True good intentions do not place one person above another. True good intentions do not make lofty claims about one person being more “special” than others.

And true good intentions do not cry out for “justice” through insisting that “others” must atone for their errors so that the ego may be “happy” again. It is not the human persona that is the real generator of pure intent. Again, it is not the personality as you know it that is the source of positive intent.

It is that which may be called your “Higher Self” which is where you all channel your good intentions from. You are all channels in the truest, broadest sense of the word, and your human responsibility is to be as clear and pure a channel as you can be for your own Higher Wisdom to flow through you. It is obvious that a “positive” thought, a “positive” intention, meaning one that gives you a genuine feeling of love and expansion, absolutely cannot produce a “negative” outcome as long as the integrity of the energy is sustained.

It is very important that you be very alive to the present moment, for in this way you sustain the integrity of your well-being. 🙂 This is indeed an art, the art of savoring the vibrant energy of your Divine Inner Being. I suggest that you bask in your holiness, children of God!

Really take a good look at that very common human belief, that oft-repeated statement that many of you make, “I believe [insert name] means well, but…” But? But what, My children? There are no “buts” when it comes to genuine good intent. Your intention is either love-based or fear-based. There is no middle ground, no fence, no neutral half-way point between love and fear, and in fact LOVE is the only true intention that ACTUALLY exists. If so-and-so has good intentions, then by universal law he or she absolutely cannot, CANNOT karmically create a negative result from that good intention.

A true good intention is a God-Intention. 🙂 This is simple physics, simple mathematical AND metaphysical logic, that you cannot manifest BAD (meaning painful results) from GOOD (meaning joyous results).

There has to be a shift in the vibrational spectrum. For example, a thought that feels slightly uncomfortable will open you up to possibly choosing thoughts and feelings that are slightly MORE comfortable than that particular thought, as well as thoughts and feelings that are slightly LESS comfortable. You NEVER jump from genuinely feeling empowered (positive intentions) to its opposite, yet most of you have this popular belief in your human society that says that this is possible, and THIS ERRONEOUS BELIEF IS WHERE VICTIM-MINDEDNESS COMES FROM! I ask that you be VERY AWARE of how this dynamic works.

If you TRULY believe that someone has a positive intent, you would be wise to leave it at that. Following it up with a contradictory statement to complete the thought, such as “…but this awful thing has happened” or “…but so-and-so [or “they”] did this to [insert name]” is not an empowering thing to do, helping neither you nor the person in question. Now, if you are not feeling very certain about someone’s intent, especially your own, it is wise to center your attention within yourself to establish a clear sense your own inner peace, your own well-being. Making your business all about “them” is not self-empowering.

All actions arise from the “self,” no matter if you are focused on helping another or yourself, for it makes no difference. There are no “selfless actions.” Many of you have highly misinterpreted the idea of “selfless” as taught by such wise ones as the Buddha. The ONLY sense that this idea of “selfless” contains is in referring to a lack of ego identification, which clearly is a very positive thing. That is, yes, you peacefully accept the basic premise of having a “self,” because you obviously must have an ego, an “I,” in order to experience your physical reality that is centered around the sense of existing in/as a body, yet at the same time you are very clear that you are not dominated by this finite “self.” YOU, as Consciousness, are the motivating force. Your human body/mind is seen as the faithful servant of your True Self, which ultimately means Oneness, God.

Many of you have yet to let go of the “poor-little-ol’-me” syndrome, which may disguise itself as “hopeless,” “weak” or “depressed,” or even as “pompous,” “boastful,” “arrogant” or “superior.” My children, there is actually nothing more arrogant than denying your Divinity! Many of the most arrogant human personalities (and this is not a label of what any of you really are, just a description of a type of BEHAVIOR)…

Many of the most arrogant personalities are those who often speak of their own disempowerment, because what really makes an arrogant belief is any thought that the ego has that portrays itself as “less” than the creator-god/goddess that it is. And understand, My children, that even those whom many of you may see as negative “controllers” of “power” in your world ARE REALLY DEATHLY AFRAID OF THEIR OWN TRUE, CREATIVE GOD-POWER, which is exactly why “they” have sought to “steal” energy and resources from the masses, while wearing masks of “power,” “wealth” and “high status,” even those who exist at those particular “levels” where they “conceal” their “high status” from the general public.

It is all a masquerade ball, this exciting game of “human life” that all of you wonderful souls are playing. If you would remember this as you engage in your journeys of exploration and expansion, you would certainly be at peace with your ego while happily offering it in service to your Higher Self and thus all-that-is. 🙂

If you engage anyone or anything with suspicion, it is better to be suspicious of your own ego’s intentions. Have you noticed that most of your talk of “discernment” concerns discerning “others”? This is projection, making it about “them,” and not really getting to the point of what discernment really is. True empowered discernment is “What am I really intending here, now?”

That is REAL discernment, you see, shifting your concerns back upon the SELF. You lose much vital energy when your focus of discernment is largely centered on the words and actions of others. Yes, you may speak of how you feel in reaction to another, yet if your predominant focus is not upon your WELL-BEING then you are actually enlarging the “problem” (your fears) instead of being a conscious and clear channel for the SOLUTION.

The power is YOURS! I AM very pleased that you are all performing your chosen roles of “exposing” your fears so that they become much more apparent to you for your own healing, for recognize that this is what you are really doing during your disclosure campaigns, whether very actively in the “outer world” or not. It really doesn’t matter in itself what you SAY you are bringing to light, because true disclosure is about BRINGING YOUR OWN FEARS TO THE DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD.

You are all exposing your own “stuff,” each and every one of you, no matter what it is, whether of high integrity or not. In truth, more of your Inner Light is being exposed in terms of the “Big Picture,” ultimately speaking. My children, I call upon you to rejoice in this!

It is time that many of you really begin to QUESTION your attitude of “Oh, that poor [insert name]!” Such attitudes like that are NOT the highest and best that you can offer from the Spiritual Heart. You did not incarnate in your world to have a big pity party. 🙂 (Well, that is PART of why you came, but really it was simply to expose, experience and ultimately learn to ENJOY the expansion as you allow your Higher Selves to educate you in regards to ESSENCE.) Learn to never leave a statement on a “sour note.”

Accentuate the LIGHT in yourself and others, even when you expose “darkness” to that Divine Light. Purify your “pity,” those times when you shake your head (so to speak) and feel bad about some “misfortune.” Your POWER is in EXPOSING YOUR DEEP COMPASSION, YOUR TRUE SELF. 😉 I AM happy to see that most of you are truly choosing this for yourselves with increased willingness. Amen.


Archangel Michael – Etheric Retreat with Sananda/Jesus – Becoming Your Higher Self – Channel Panel – Host, Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May –


Dr. Kathryn E May

Click Here To Listen To  The Broadcast

Today we will be joined by Sananda to help us understand our Ascension, and to bring us up to date on the massive changes that are occuring across the Earth.  A trip to Archangel Michael’s Etheric Retreat over Lake Louise is featured, along with training by Michael in how to link with and become your HIgher Self.

Co-host Meg Davis brings her humor, penetrating commentary, and extensive knowledge of alternative healing techniques.

You will learn how to heal your physical illnesses, raise your vibrations, leave old patterns behind, and understand why this is so important for all of us right now.

Planet Earth is moving, elevating herself to a higher dimension, and we must do our own work to stay with her on our way to the 5th dimension, where we will once more experience peace, harmony, love and prosperity for all.

You may listen in on BlogTalkRadio, or call in on the guest line with help and comments.

Looking forward to a huge and successful turnout and a historic healing for all!


Matt Kahn – Freedom From Adversity –

Bashar – The 3 Aspects of You


Lisa Transcendence Brown – Your Higher Self Activates Your Own Light – 6-20-14

Image Source  –  Lisa Transcendence Brown


Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment

that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world.

The moment you go inward, you change your reality.

Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love,

you are changing your reality.

Your DNA is re-mapping, re-structuring

and for every human belief/system you release,

refuse to participate in, refuse to believe anymore….

every time you refuse to support separation andchoose to unify,

YOU activate your dormant STAR BEING DNA inside of you.

Every time you do this,

you are literally restructuring inside at the sub-atomic molecular level.

YOU do this, by choice.

Your reality OUT THERE is being transmitted from within you.

From that which you hold inside.

Your connection AS your HIGHER SELF/SELVES activates your own light.

Your sleeping allows for integration and merging to occur.

Your realities flip/merge as you sleep and when you awake,

LOOK for the NEW.

You birth this from inside of you.

YOU hold all of the power by letting go and

honoring all that is sacred inside ….


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