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Take a journey deep within yourself to address hidden limitations holding you back so you can increase your frequency of thought. Cameron Day addresses topics such as how to put your ego mind into it’s proper place in your consciousness, how to strengthen your connection to your higher self, how to safely and effectively disconnect from harmful external energies and people, how to reclaim your energy and power from limiting beliefs, and much more. Visit to access a free version of the Ascension Help Self-Clearing System.

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Alan Watts – Time to Rise – Wake up call – The Real You

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Lisa Gawlas – Winds Of Change Are Within Us – 11-22-13


I started writing this blog Tuesday morning, but the bitter cold got the best of my fingers and I tapped out for the morning, expecting to just pick up where i left off on Wednesday.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  The air was way to cold for productive typing, but also, something was happening within me too.  I want to call it a void, but that would really be an inaccurate description.  Maybe, a “deep within” would be more accurate a description.  I am still going to share all that I had written Tuesday (which will be in italics) and fill in the rest of the day, the day of my dads funeral, after it, but first, I want to talk about these last two days.

I knew things were changing Monday, at least with my father’s voice.  In life, he had a deep, kinda gruff voice and that is the voice I had heard even after he passed, at least, until Monday morning pre-funeral.  He started to change the way I heard his voice, taking away the gruff and even most of the deep, giving him tones of communication that I am familiar with when I hear “spirit.”  He had said the reason he was changing the way I hear him was to remove the energy that was so familiar in his voice… judgement, anger and a lot of hostility.  I was fine with that, if not even a little thankful.

When I sat down to the keyboard Wednesday morning, besides my fingers being instantly frozen, even with two sets of gloves on, my mind was non-responsive to sharing.  I just stared at the screen blankly.  I decided to go inside, maybe I could plow thru the energy in the house to write a blog, nope.  I finally gave up trying and came back outside to at least have a smoke and surrendered to being in the void.

Over the last 14 years, I have been in and out of the void more times than I can even count.  I have always known (well, at least eventually understood) these absolutely needed down times I call the void, have everything to do with being “upgraded,” what I never seen before, was what happens to us here on earth during these upgrades.  My Dad was very happy to show me, because he too, was going thru an upgrade as well.

I was shown a room, like a domed room that had thick clearish, bluish energy for walls and all these points, that if I had to relate it to anything on earth, it would be kind of like electrical outlets.  The room itself I would consider to be small, just large enough to house the core soul energy within it, and that energy filled every nook and cranny in this energy room.

The soul, in its natural state, has no form at all.  It is a mass of energy, reminding me of the most beautiful cloud ever seen.  The core itself, it always on the other side of the veil.  I am being shown a picture of a tree, with the trunk representing the “core” always connected to Source, the branches connected to every incarnation, the leaves we can look at as spiritual growth thru it all.

I watched as these outlets started to produce energy into the soul and the soul itself started to radiate an intense thread of super white / blue energy stream from every outlet.  I also started to feel the surge of that energy run thru me, gently, but excitedly.

Going back to the analogy of the tree, this energy from the core is available to each limb, if the incarnated limb (aspect) allows for it.  The allowing comes in many different ways: Being open to change.  Releasing more density from the incarnated mind (ego.)  Sitting still for as long as is needed (within the incarnation.)  Just to name a few.

If this wasn’t exciting enough, I was also shown a massive choice point, one of those points where you can only go one way or the other and there are no do-overs.  For me, it was coming here to Pennsylvania.  However, I did not come here alone.  For all those that helped us on this journey, you consciously choose too.  Your prayers, financial assistance, love, prayers (I know I said that twice, because it was that important) meant as much (spiritually speaking) as me getting on the plane.  So you too, are in a domed electric room within the core of your Being (or will be.)  We will talk more about this once I get back home to New Mexico and my fingers don’t have to keep thawing out as I type (smile.)

I sat again yesterday, trying to finish the sharing I started on Tuesday, but frozen fingers and sluggish mind just kept it at bay.  Once I gave up trying, again, new news was on the horizon from my father, or should I say, the soul who played the part of my father on earth.

His voice change was a purposeful ploy on his part to help me move thru this transition.  He explained yesterday that altho he played the part of my father on this earth stage, on the other side of the veil, he is a very close soul mate and not a father to me at all.  I had to smile at my silly self, I knew that, but it is funny how easy it is to forget that.  He reminded me that life is very much like a play or a movie, where the actors get in character with each other, but once the movie or play is done, they really are much more to each other than the roles within the show.

This is kind of exciting because now we get to live large, beyond the confines and constructs of father and daughter.  But, because of our human relationship and the heart bonding that took place these last 18 months (and especially these last 6 weeks) our connection and ability to communicate and experience whatever is to come, is powerful.

Had we (me and you) not taken this journey together at this critical choice point, well….

So, let me continue the sharing I started on Tuesday (in italics) and finish it up from there.  The next time I write again, will be from New Mexico (I arrive Monday night.)

I suppose, school has officially started for both my dad and I.  My only grumble about it, it’s freakin night school!  On Sunday morning, about 2:15 am, I started waking up, looking at the clock, closing my eyes, flipping around like a fish trying to find my way back to sleep.  I would finally doze off for 10 minutes and wham… awake again.  My father had already told me he was going to be busy this weekend and would be back stronger than ever on Monday, so he didn’t even cross my mind.  That is, until he woke me up at 1:30 am on Monday.  He was standing at the side of my bed, half in his human form, half in his light body, just kinda look at me.  I simply said, I will see you when I wake up… and rolled over.

There are some qualities that my dad decided to keep in his energy field, getting what he wants, is one of them.  I found my way back to sleep for 10 minutes when I woke up with such a strong feeling of heart burn in my gut… just shit, gotta go get the pepto bismal and start the coffee. I was awake and it was just 2 am.  It was my fathers funeral day and the last thing I wanted was to be draggin ass, but dad really didn’t care about that.

He reminded me of a kid who just learned how to ride his new bike and was gonna pester his parents until he got to ride it again.

I slugged my body out onto the porch, coffee and computer in hand, and walked out into some serious rain and wind.  I was bummed, I already sent out the request to the “weather gods” (smile) to have a clear sunny day for dads funeral, a warm day would be even better.  

I sat out on the bench that’s on the front porch re-schooling my dad about time and sleep.  I was quite peeved to be awake this early after not getting much sleep the night before and I really wanted my psychic antenna’s fully energized for this day.  He could care less!  However, he eventually told me why the middle of the night was important for him.  This goes for our guides that wake us up in the middle of the night as well as the paranormal activity that gets stronger at night…

When the sun starts to come up, it changes the electromagnetic energy on the earth.  As more people awaken for the day, it puts kind of like little divots or hmmmm dimples in the energy field that surrounds an area, making it more difficult (especially for a for the spirit remembering how) to interact with the density and diversity of life on earth, more difficult.  

As I sat there, having no desire to even open my computer, I just looked out into the yard and grumbled.  My eye was suddenly caught by a single leaf on a bush that lost all its leaves, save three, spinning like mad.  There were two other leaves on either side of this spinning one that were completely still.  I paid attention to the air, the wind was not blowing… what the hell!!??  I suddenly felt my fathers joy and he said, he is remembering how to interact with the energy and material matter of earth.  How flipping exciting.  Ok, I will stop grumbling at being awake so flipping early on the day of your funeral.  He did, after all, forewarn me he would be back in full this day, I guess I was just expecting it to be at his funeral and not in the middle of my much-needed sleep time.  I should know better than to expect anything to be a certain way.  

He played with that darn leaf for a good half hour, enjoying it like crazy.  Suddenly, big gusts of winds would start to lift up and hit my face and I would grumble cuz it was cold.  He reminded me of his connection with the wind, even his email address was windwalker and he said he is remembering how to interact with the wind and concentrate its flow where he wanted it to be.  I was so excited for him, shivering…. but excited.

He then redirected his focus back to the last two days he was alive, Wednesday and Thursday.  He made the conscious choice to move into the end zone Tuesday evening and made sure he told his wife.  He told her (again) that he just cannot take the pain any longer, she told him she understood and to do what he needed to do.  

He then showed me how little he was inside the body, but was surrounding it with his soul energy, sidestepping the actual pain that intensified on Wednesday morning.  He said his body, what we know as the ego mind was what was going thru the moans and motions of the pain, but his consciousness was not feeling it like we had thought he was.  He was busy slowing down the body functions and would pop into his body for very particular moments, to tell his daughter Hopie he loved her, to hug his wife and his son, to sing a lyric to me, to send a wave of love to his grand-daughter and so many other moments in between.

He also made sure to tell me, that all this was possible because of our conversations of who he really was outside of the body, how he worked outside of the body.  

That crazy leaf on the bush in the yard kept spinning like crazy.  Suddenly, he and 6 of his spiritual team donned their light bodies right there in the yard and started clapping and bowing to me.  Celebrating.  I did my Namaste bow, then in a split second, they were all gone and about 10  feet above the house across the yard, a streak of light went zooming.  At first I thought it was a shooting star, but realized, it was my dad.

The rest of the morning was rather quite until we got inside the viewing room at the funeral house.  He had this grin on his face, like the cat that just ate the canary.  It made me laugh, coupled with the fact, there he is, laying in his casket holding his cell phone.  His wife kept her promise to him to put his phone in the casket incase what I was saying was correct and he could call her.  I took pictures!!

Once I sat down, there is my dad, yapping in my ear.  He was telling me how good he looks, considering how he looked at hospice.  We sat with his body at hospice for 6 hours before the undertaker came to get him.  By that time, he was rather yellow and blowing bubbles from his lips.  Altho in life he was pretty set on not having a viewing at all, he really was grateful that this grinning dad, husband and friend was the last image people will hold of him.

At his graveside, the wind was blowing like crazy, a signature of his I am coming to recognize more easily.  In life, he related himself to a brother of the wind calling himself “windwalker” and he is that in full now.  The winds of change are blowing….

I will see you all in New Mexico (and some of you in Denver on Monday… hurray) and I will catch up on all the emails sitting waiting for my fingers to thaw out.

Thank you from the depths of my soul for Being here with me and for all of us.  We all love you so much and honor your loving presence in ways that is yet to come and be shown!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude, wonder and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am offering my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.   All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at

Daniella Breen – My Higher Self Is Descending Into My Body – I AM Presence Integration – 11-19-13

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This one’s a bit of a checklist of things I want to share including the experience of the I AM Presence integration work I’ve been going through these past few days. Enjoy!
Here’s Me: Daniella Breen

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – 11-16-13

Following Another
Sweet, sovereign Being; you have been graced with Life in individual form for your courage to do so.  It is not something you earn, for you have asked; it is something you answer.  You are at a poignant point of discovery at each moment.  In your current expression, you are discovering the Self as it relates to the Whole.  You are discovering your answers beget the question, and the discovery of Life continues.  Wholeness is the nature of Life, though that entails the seen and unseen, the spoken and the unspoken – the connection of duality.  Duality can be an ease or a disease, it is for you to answer that question of Life.  Duality is merely two opposites, Wholeness is your sovereign choice to be empowered enough to integrate both within you.  What then does Following Another have to do with this?
Following is a refinement of allowing.  To become Whole, you Allow Life to flow along your path and you direct/choose it into empowered expansion.  You direct and allow, allow and direct.  The circle encompasses and blurs the point of separation, as the beginning and the ending merge into Oneness.  This then is the benevolent Truth of Following.  It is not the giving up of the Self to another’s authority.  It is the Self creating a path of Life.  Allowing is the opening, following is the flowing and choosing, a simultaneous act of observing and desiring, that desire stirring the next path of flow.  Life will never ask you to Follow to your detriment, though that is a choice you can make.  Life will continually seek to flow you to your greatest path, such that a new path begins.  So as you Follow Another, you are recognizing the sovereignty in all, open to the flow of Life, and choosing for the Self.  In this way, you understand the interdependence of Life and you actualize the independence of Self.  The two are co-creative, creating a Wholeness that blazes a new trail for another to choose to merge.  This merging, from another perspective, creates a fork.  The beginning and the ending blur into One, Another One.
In Following Another, you are merely observing the reflection that Life is presenting to you.  You are the question in form, the answer forming.  Another reflects for you clues to your choices, that is what you Follow.  As you observe and choose, you are an Empowered Sovereign that is creating with the wealth of information that Life makes available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As we sit to Blast Following Another, we are empowering our internal choice with external information, the two becoming One to create anew.  We are Allowing and directing our own flow of Life with the wisdom the past brings into the now.   We are the wayshowers of Loving Life, such that the clues we leave upon our path Light the way of Love for another.  We are the answer on a quest for Grace.  The path follows the heart.  Blast on!

Dr Dain Heer – How to make quantum leaps in your life – Interviewer Lilou Mace

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Shift Is Now – Attaining Happiness by Knowing Ourselves

All too often, people look for happiness outside themselves. They search for someone or something to fill the void they feel they have within their being. Some fill it with money and physical possessions. Others fill it with friends and lovers. What such individuals should realize is that the place they should look in order to feel a sense of purpose and hope in life is within themselves. Being one’s own best friend and knowing everything and anything about oneself is pertinent to a successful and healthy future for oneself.

Acknowledging and facing any fears, inhibitions, dispositions, and ego-centric thoughts that one may have, he or she will be able to fully understand the mechanisms behind such forces and realize their effect on themself. There may be some hesitation or fear at first, and this is perhaps why many people do not form a healthy relationship with their own selves. This fear has to be melted away because if not, very little success can be achieved in a person’s goals of self-actualization and Self-realization. A realization of one’s true self can be made. That Self is the semi-hidden ‘I’ that exists as the reality that the ego pretends it is.

Once a relationship is mastered with one’s own self, then strong and healthy relationships with others are able to be made in a healthy manner and an understanding position of awareness. Without such mastery, relationships can crumble just as fast as they were built. As the hermetic adage goes, “Man, know thyself.”

The above was an excerpt from the book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

The Golden Age Daily – You don’t have To spend big bucks to enjoy some Me-Time


From  The Golden Age Daily

Mind Body Green

We all know the importance of taking some time out, and we all know the importance of self care yet somehow we’ve forgotten how simple it can be to do it on a regular basis.

You only have to flick through a travel magazine to see countless ads for retreats, spas and adventures to far flung shores to find peace. Don’t get me wrong, these things are awesome, but they’ve added to the myth that you have to go far or spend big bucks to enjoy some “me-time.”

Somehow we think that working like a crazy person and saving all our hard-earned cash to go on a zen retreat in India is the only way to really reconnect with ourselves.

Not true.

In fact, with just a little planning, you can create the perfect self love staycation, a retreat at home filled with all the elements required to nourish and nurture your soul. It’s a really simple concept that can have an amazing impact on your life. I try and plan one of these every month. A total switch off and recharge for mind, body and spirit.

Here’s a simple 7 step guide to creating your most awesome Self Love Staycation

1. Schedule some solo time for your staycation.

How long should it be? Go with what feels right—maybe a full weekend, maybe a half day, whatever works for you. But here’s the thing: once you decide, stick to your decision! (This might require you to say no to invites/requests of your time.) This in itself is a great lesson in self-worth. For me, one full day is the perfect amount of time to completely bliss out and recharge.

2. Do whatever you need to do to clear the space.

That could mean shipping the kids and husband away for the weekend, ensuring you’ve cleared your diary, or telling your nearest and dearest that you won’t be available that date. Another important thing is to literally create the space. Make sure wherever you plan to spend your day is clean and tidy. You’ll struggle to feel zen if you have a massive pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes waiting for you.

3. Stock up on the good stuff.

Maybe you’ll want to stock up on veggies for your green juice, a new journal, your favorite bath oils, or soothing candles. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need, but also that you don’t end up spending a zillion bucks. If you spend a ton of money, you’re just giving yourself an excuse not to do it regularly. This needs to be an affordable treat.

4. Don’t go too crazy planning what you’ll actually do.

Leave some space to just be. Ask yourself what your soul vitamins are, and then just see how you feel. It might be that you’ll wind up taking a long bath and reading a book. Or maybe you’ll make juice and do some yoga. Think of it like a room service menu at a lush hotel…. give yourself a heap of options, but then just go with what feels right.

5. Set an intention.

This is your theme for the day. It can be whatever you want it to be. I normally go with a feeling—say, abundance orgratitude and then spend some time contemplating what that means to me. Another idea worth exploring is using your favorite personal development book. Have a notebook on hand, and give yourself the time to really delve into it. You’ll be amazed how much deeper you’ll go when you’ve created a heart centered space with no distractions.

6. Switch off.

Yup, you know it … no phone, no TV, no laptop. This is a sacred time to really invest in your own wellbeing. Checking your phone every 10 minutes will totally kill the vibe. The world will not fall apart because you unplugged, trust me.

7. Shift your mindset.

The last thing to do before you start your staycation is to shift from your head to your heartYou’ll notice when you’re “in” your head space because you’ll have a busy mind, lots of internal chatter and dialogue. Overthinking, analyzing, and worrying are telltale signs of being in your head space, as are terms like should and have to. So, in order to shift into your heart space, (which is an awesome place to be) start your staycation with some form of mindfulness exercise. Again, do whatever feels right for you. Meditation, yoga, tai chi or just some quiet time in nature. The aim is to go from a place of thinking to a place of feeling.

What are you waiting for? Grab your diary and schedule your staycation. Treat this article as your permission slip. You deserve it!

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To learn more about meditation, check out The Essential Guide To Meditation With Charlie Knoles

From  The Golden Age Daily

Re-post – SacredAscensionMerkaba – What is Ascension – Question Of A Lifetime – When it will finally happen – Guidance by Anna Merkaba


Anna Merkaba

A reader of my blog named Robert has asked me a very interesting question that I think most of you have in the back of your mind. He asked “I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Just don’t know what to believe anymore and like so many other readers and followers I am more than frustrated to just keep waiting for a date and when nothing happens then conveniently some new date comes up and this has been going on for so long. So my question is if we are going to ascend at all then when do you think its gonna happen? If it is so difficult to give a date then is it possible to atleast give a time frame? So many people who are working as channelers and light workers, how hard can it be to just get a date?”

Based on everything that I know, and all of my encounters, private and public channelings the answer is this..

The reason that there is no date and the difficulty is that humanity as a whole is the one responsible for their own ascension times. Its not going to happen over night, every day there are slight changes and energy influxes to assist us in ascension process. However, it’s strictly on individual basis. Some of us have chosen to ascend in groups, and thus there are waves of awakened ones that will continue to go on and on for a while. If you read my channelings you will see that it is mentioned quite often, DO NOT WAIT FOR ANYTHING, start acting NOW. Live in the present reality and if you don’t like it CHANGE IT. The point of ascension is not to wait for someone to come to you and bring it to your on a silver platter, or for the ships to land. All that will happen, the ships will land eventually, of course we are not alone in this vast universe and our galactic families are nearby. BUT they are not going to ascend for you, and it’s your responsibility and yours alone.

So many are confused about ascension, and really its nothing more than finding the balance within and realizing that your EGO is not your enemy, it’s your friend you just have to keep in in balance. It’s a realization that you are not your body but your soul. Its a realization that we are all ONE and are here to learn lessons, and as such we all must FORGIVE each other and our own selves. When you finally stop running after ascension and waiting for something grand to happen, but instead allow yourself to just be in the moment and listen to your own intuition and your own heart it’s then that you are going to feel that you have ascended. You will treat yourself differently, and others around you as well. Your heart will no longer focus on the revenge but mercy and forgiveness, complete understanding and unconditional love. Your life will begin to flow as it was meant to be, and if you don’t like it you will see that you are powerful enough to change it.

So do not wait for any particular date. As I said, all of these are PORTALS that bring influxes of energy in order to help us here and assist us, with this light, the energy that is brought down to earth, opens up a lot of peoples energy gateways as well as brings DNA upgrades with it. So when you see another channeling saying that a portal has opened up, take the opportunity to allow yourself to experience the light and love that comes with it. Open your heart to this divine energy and allow your life to flow the way that you meant it to be before coming here. Wait for no one, YOU ARE your own savior and messiah. And when you realize that it is so, you will see the changes that you are seeking. In the meantime take this time to let go of everything that you have within you, let go of all the blame, let go of anger, and resentment and self pity. Allow yourself to walk into your own power, because YOU ARE truly a powerful being. Each and every single one of you are!

I hope this helps make some sense of Ascension for you. Love & Light to you all ! – Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Eliza’s Journal – What we can learn from the Phillipine Tragedy – Entry 11.10.2013

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Eliza’s Journal @ Blue Dragon Blog

Journal Entry 11.10.2013

A brief glimpse at the headlines and anyone will recognize that there has been a great shift in the consciousness of humanity.  The shattered disaster of the Philippines in the wake of the immensely powerful great wind, Typhoon Haiyan, leaves an unequivocal testament to the statement that there is no going back.  Nothing can withstand the change that is now occurring over the planet’s surface and within the heart of its people.

And yet, we need not fear.  Although the images of destruction and mayhem are frightening to the human ego and personality, they are nothing to the eternal soul.  It is apparent that humanity is still in need to overcome its fear of dying, of the loss of its physical vehicle, the body.

Yes, you need a body in order to be here, but we didn’t come here just to eat chocolate, talk on cellphones and text each other.  We came here to transform a world and our physical bodies along with it.  We came here, chosen for this very specific task, to master our fears, to release them, to integrate the dark within with the light that is incoming from the heavenly realms… so that we would be able to raise the frequency of both our bodies and the planet.

First, the light workers and those star seeds, walk-ins and other beings who came from other worlds, dimensions and Universes, are leading the way, not for our own amusement, but for the indigenous population that lives here and has been stuck here in the lower frequencies of the third dimension.

Time is quickening and collapsing into the eternal Now.  The pace of change also quickens.  Each day there will be more change; get used to it and learn to adapt.  There is no longer any waiting period for your karma to catch up to you; it is now instantaneous in its manifestation.  What you think, what you allow yourself to believe, will be played out for you in living Technicolor, and in brutal detail if you persist in living in denial and resistance to the need to purge yourself of all that remains of the old heavy energies, whether belief or habits or both.

Energy cannot be destroyed.  You are energy.  You are a singular frequency, a single instrument being played by the symphony of Creation.  You are here for a purpose, to master your emotions, to come to a place where you are centered and at peace with yourself and all that you are and have been during your lifetimes spent upon this planet.  You, as you stand here today, are the culmination of lifetimes of experience and preparation for this very moment in the eternal Now.  You are a master and know what to do, for you carry within the ability to connect with the entirety of your Being.  Move through your limitations, through your fears, and embrace the changes that the process of ascension will demand of you.  You can do it for you have undergone ascension on other worlds, but this time is different.  This time you will retain your body and go forth into the higher dimensions, one increment of frequency, one step at a time.

The process will have its trigger points, where more humans will be given the opportunity to begin moving into self-acceptance and compassion for others.  This storm and the damage left in its wake, is just such an opportunity.  Embrace the change and move into a state of releasing all that remains of the old paradigm for it is not you and never has been.  You are eternal beings.  Acknowledge this wisdom and let it fill you up with the creativity and desire to demonstrate what you can do, for yourself and for your world, for you are One great being made up of precious little beings, each a jewel of frequency and light.

Go in peace, beloved ones.

Note to reader:  I just can’t seem to write a “regular” piece today.  The energies are so strong and just need an avenue of expression.  So be it.

Enjoy the energies of 3.3.3 that are present today.  The angels are with us.

Much love to all,


Eliza’s Journal @ Blue Dragon Blog

Alan Watts ~ The Spiritual Journey As The Self

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When spiritually oriented people are exposed to the information that has been provided, they show a measurable elevation of consciousness. Before and after each lecture, the consciousness level of the audience is calibrated, and it generally shows an increase, on the average, of between ten and forty points for the audience as a whole. This may vary individually from a low of four points to as high as hundreds of points. Within the group, however, there is great variation due to ‘karmic ripeness’. The majority of spiritual seekers goes through a variety of stages that may range from despair to high joy or even ecstasy. There are also long periods where nothing seems to be happening and the person feels they are not getting anywhere. These are interspersed with periods of what seem like stagnation, frustration, self-blame, and even hopelessness. All these periods within the overall process are normal. Perseverance and dedication carry one through. The way is easier if a true teacher or a dedicated group is available. The pathway of nonduality, which depends primarily on meditation and devotional dedication, takes perseverance and self-discipline to achieve the necessary ‘one-pointedness of mind’. If a spiritual aspirant is devotional and aspires to God through selfless surrender, much can be bypassed without necessarily understanding its structure at all. Unknown to the aspirant is the past karma, which is also an influential factor. Therefore, one cannot compare oneself to others or expect some fortuitous suddenness such as that which occurred to the well-known teacher, Ramana Maharshi. While just an ordinary teenager, he suddenly fell down and felt himself dying. He then went into a state of oneness and silent bliss that calibrated at over 700. As a consequence, he was not able to speak for two years. If we research this story with muscle testing, we learn that he had spent many previous lifetimes in spiritual endeavor, and his seemingly sudden enlightenment was actually the fruition in this lifetime of that effort and dedication.

Accepting Oneself – Sri Bhagavan

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Question for Jim Self – Why is This Shift All Good – On Ascension

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Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

11:11 Talk Radio, hosted by Simran Singh
8/15/2013 episode: Jim Self – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?…

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Lightworker Wayshower Bill Ballard – A Vision Quest – New Monetary Energy Exchange – 11-7-13 – (Not Recommended For Most People)

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Brother Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you Experienced?” Well, quite certainly, I AM! I found that I am perpetually in the frequencies I so was seeking during my vision quests of the 1970s and 80s. I have not done one since the early 90s until this past week. I found I am so very “there” now. The experience last week showed me all the spiritual work of chakra activations, initiations and LIGHT BODY EXPANSIONS into my layers of Higher Self has all paid off and the magical mushrooms can no longer take me into higher frequencies. IM THERE NOW which was my intention for so long.

In this video I describe the experience I had with a friend, and what I felt from her as she had a 2nd experience where I felt I had no need to participate other than guiding her through.

During this past week I also know that it is time now for me to begin helping individuals for a monetary energy exchange to support things and some luxuries for my experience as we wait for humanity to collectively go through their ascension process. I have not been asking for anything other than donations until now as my focus has been to create a world without use of $$$. But, my level of energy I have to offer is at the leading edge of LIGHT and Higher Dimensional Frequencies in my personal field which is in the leading edge and greatest abilities from most any others on the planet at this time.

As we are in a holding pattern waiting for the collective to go through their individual ascension processes which may take some time to come, it is time to use my abilities to help others teaching the ways in the New Age industry, so I too can have some of the pleasures of life I have been holding myself from these past years while I kept my focuses strictly to Mother Earth’s clearing and ascension process. That is done now and it is time for me to work with other individuals for monetary energy exchange.

New Physicalization Begins – Ascension – Energetic Synthesis .com

For many years now I have been deeply aware that the biological codes for the Christ consciousness race was required to be fully “physicalized” into the human fleshly body as a part of the Ascension plan and upgraded future timeline. With the levels of carbon based density and dark cellular memory embedded in the human being’s physical elemental vehicles, this is not an easy task for most Starseeds that have come to earth to be an Ascension prototype.  As we are being sequentially activated with increasing solar mass ejections and higher sound frequencies, we are slowly becoming progressively less dense in our carbon based 3D forms. These frequency activations are ultimately serving to transmute the human race bodily form into a new model of silica based biology.

This transmutation process also allows a whole new set of neurological plexus and energy receiver matrices to be activated for our new bodies to perceive and transmit within multidimensional layers of consciousness awareness. It has been mentioned several times by the Guardians that we have an unprecedented opportunity to access a level of Ascended Mastery in these new forms that has not been possible before in human evolution. There are some smaller groups of us in the Starseed lineages that are evolving into the new ascension prototype templates for the human species during this time. The goal is to physicalize the Cosmic Christos Crystalline Template (The Kryst) into the human body thus anchoring the instruction sets into the entire planetary grid. We are in a stage of acceleration in the embodiment of these new prototype templates which create the necessity of an intense spiritual initiation period. A part of this process that is required is a type of purging that is referred to as the Patriarchal Exorcism. The impostor spirit must be revealed to the surface view and then through the process of inner alchemy the shadow parts must be purged at a molecular, atomic and subatomic level. The Galactic Starseed “pathcutter” group may have felt they descended into the hell realms recently as this may be experienced as a phantom death sequence. Be diligent, stay the course and take care of your body, this too shall pass.

Another wave of Lightworkers on the Ascension timeline are going through the Ascension initiation of their Monadic body integration, which is when the Oversoul Identity begins to start to merge with your personality/physical/gender parts of identity.(The Oversoul is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels) This can feel strange and disorienting. The power of the Monadic body can be experienced very forcefully in its strength as it is merging with your physical body, producing great energetic surging and the need for long hours of sleep or napping. This purging process also brings to the surface, as if in a deep detoxification, many items all at once that were embedded in your cellular energetic matrix that need repair work and re-templating. Holographic memory bits from other timelines or other identities may start to play out in your surface consciousness, and it may be a strange feeling like sleepwalking while in 3D or watching your life as if it’s a movie projected upon a screen. This is common sensation while your consciousness identity stations are getting used to their new “broadcast” frequency level and are in the process of merging with several identities into one integrated body. In many ways this state of being is the NEWLY BORN ASCENDED as you may feel like a newly born baby in certain ways. As your life undergoes deep shifting questions like; What do I need to eat? How much do I need to sleep? What do I do during the day? What is my next level of creation or assignment? How am I being supported in all of this change in my life?

We have crossed into a major frequency split and intersection in the time zone fields. This is the divergence of time and also the convergence point within our multidimensionality that we have not yet experienced as spiritual consciousness before in a 3D body. The time divergence point creates many more synchronous events manifesting in our lives as the time zone fields collapse. We are getting major consciousness upgrades in so that we can graduate to exist and navigate ourselves smoothly in simultaneous space/time zones. Recently this has brought up many old circumstances, acquaintances, family, places and scenarios from the past to resurface currently into an energetic resolution in the “now time”. Any unfinished business or incomplete exchanges are returned to us to be resurrected into new circumstances. This process brings us to the end of the entanglements in so that we may experience energetic completion and in some cases, it is the opportunity to say “bon voyage” as we move into our new energetic reality.

The recent gateway of energies acts as a great dimensional doorway of energetic completion from our ancient past histories. Also, the recent radical influx of frequencies combined with the “global brain” upgrades which are transmissions to the planetary logos, have been confusing to our brain wave state and its chemistry as we learn to adapt. Many of us are feeling less mental acuity and more brain fogginess while we are acclimating to this new brain wave state as the planetary brain undergoes so much shift and code induction. Some days it feels as if we exist within a “dream state” even as we are moving around physically in total wakefulness. The vibration of the fields have drastically shifted in so that many times when “awake” we are consistently experiencing the “Theta” brain wave state which is a deep state of meditation. This “witness” state is when tasks become so fluid that one can mentally disengage (the ego levels) from them when in the activity. The thought patterns that can take place during the theta state are often free flowing and occur without censorship or guilt. Theta is a brain wave state of flow, moving meditation and consciousness stimulation. The Alpha or Beta brain wave state is what our brain had originally recognized as a state of “wakefulness” and being alert. As we receive these new neurological entrainments, our brain is reformatting itself to this new frequency range in the planetary brain (logos) to fully function in meditative states as an “awake” and active state of being. For now as we are attuning our brain, we may feel sleepy, head pressure, forgetful, and fuzzy! 

We have been aggressively working to transmute the energetic records from eons of time resulting from the accumulated patriarchal creeds enslavement dominions and its resulting masculine polarized energetic imbalances. What has been purging and is representative of the “big burrito” of all clearing releases is the current phase of which the human species and planet are undergoing as the “Ancestral Patriarchal Exorcism.” These ancestral patterns exemplify the patriarchal imbalances that crucified the female attributes of God Source from its ability to be fully creatively expressed into the physical realms. This latest planetary clearing has been the crux of the abuse patterns created from the corrupted power structures of the imbalanced masculine forces that sought to suppress the spiritual (vertical) power that emanates from within the female bodies. (and thus also prevented the male body from its ability to balance into wholeness within) This was an enslavement of both genders by suppressing the possibility of sacred union within and with God Source directly. This is has been used as the ultimate manipulation tool to experience separation from God source and thus the dark cycle of patriarchal domination holds much pain for humanity. These enslavement programs were designed to suppress consciousness and exist in every possible level in our form, as it also permeates through all energetic templates of the entire planetary hologram creating miasm and disease patterns. These vast schisms of our perceived “separation” created karmic distortions in the way the light of our consciousness refracts within the energy template of our personal hologram which is our energetic aura. This distortion in our energy template then created a distorted view of perception in how we actually saw ourselves and related to others in the external world. We then became asleep to our Oneness and interconnectedness with all Life. Humanity then digressed into a collective group soul that disconnected from life and thus became increasingly hostile and at war with itself.

The long history of our species living in war with itself has created thick iron veils of dark painful memories embedded within our cells and that of the planet. Many of these iron veils (doorways) came to a shattering crescendo with the collapse of many shadow dimensions and the underworld realms recently.

Much of the Galactic Starseed “clean up” crew that is on the Earth is now helping to cross over huge amounts of wounded souls, soul fragments, and those that have been stuck in lower dimensional realms for eons of time these spaces are referred to as the “Underworld” regions. With recent ancient doorways opening there has been a big push to get the “transits” to move quickly, especially as dimensional spaces are rapidly collapsing into simultaneous time/space. As these hidden dark records and miasma surface they appear as tarry black goo, energetic and/or physical parasites, soul fragments, astral debris and repellent death and phantom energetic recordings. Some of this will be purged within our own bodies energetic templates (and throughout our soul extensions). There is much psychic pain attached to these consciousness units and as they are revealed to us, at every level of our awareness, whether conscious or unconscious of this event, we may be experiencing a sympathetic response.

Many of us can feel this purging as an amplified intensity in the mass negative consciousness fields now. Intensified anger, frustration, anxiety and the victim-victimizer belief patterns are rip-roaring into the larger unconscious collective human environments. This phantom death energy is very present and is influencing the masses to create a belief in “death” rather than the correct view that the human species is “rebirthing”. If met with energetic resistance this latest round of amplified energy will constrict the bodies greatly and will increase molecular compaction. This compaction of our cells when partnered with imbalanced belief systems create intense fear, and may then manifest as illness or a disease pattern in the physical body very quickly.

It is extremely important now that you understand how to care for your physical-energetic body and to not fall asleep to the truth of who you really are. This phase is not for the faint of heart. These times will test your ability to surrender fully and trust in your process as released into the hands of God Source. There is nothing to fear, however you will need to be armed with some framework of comprehension that this is a necessary process of the human shadow’s alchemical transformation into its pure light source. Stay Steady in your Inner Light and discipline your mind to remain in stillness no matter what it appears like externally. You can change and shift anything in the light of pure consciousness with dedication to the God Spirit living within you.

The energetic and emotional clearing of our own bodies clears the distorted patterns for many soul groups, planetary and otherwise. One will find many parallels of this “patriarchal exorcism” in your own recent experiences of emotional clearing, such as; facing your father, father figures, authority figures, patriarchal issues that sought to enslave or suppress one from the true inner knowing. It is not personal as it was the circumstances of which we are in agreement to heal in this dark cycle of creation. However, you will find the personification of this in all areas of your life in the form of symbolism. Many Starseeds with these specific healing niches had this mirror of corrupted masculine energy in our own father or male relationships. This has met at a huge crossroads of change and of which we are undergoing a drastic purging now.

During this phase, we are witnessing more “imbalanced” or disease patterns manifesting in our physical bodies around our sexual reproductive organs. The source causation is a direct energetic and deep psycho-emotional wound embedded throughout our mass consciousness belief systems and programming around our perceived gender roles, our interpersonal relationships and sexuality. Our creative forces that empower our sexual and sacred union with God Source have been harnessed for energetic control and manipulation through the ancestral record and the Negative Alien Agenda. As we are working to free our own creative intelligence forces to be directed for our personal spiritual liberation, we will encounter blockages in this sexual organ area. Remember to maintain your equanimity when and if you come to face this as an energetic blockage that has manifested physically. It is NOT exactly what it appears to be at the physical level and you may need to address it aggressively and from a multidimensional consciousness perspective. Take ownership of your multidimensional being by stating your command and intention to do so. Call upon all of the evolution teams to support and direct you to the most effective ways to cleanse this pattern of pain from your body, with full confidence and take immediate action. Know that many of us now are going into the phantom death energy to emerge renewed and reborn into the new energies. This is the spiritual ascension process of the human species undergoing the “alchemy of the shadow” which leads into the new frequency reality of the Newly Born Ascended. Be strong and do not fall emotionally prey to the surface of what may appear and maintain your inner connection and spiritual practice.

This is an extremely powerful time that we are witnessing in all of its symbolism, as the return of the Female Principle of God Force, Mother Aurora is being made fully now. Hence we are undergoing an intensified process of the patriarchal exorcism from the planetary fields at this time. The balance of power is energetically being restored to reflect sacred union within.

The Ascending Universe will not tolerate ego distortions nor impostors in the return to the patterns of living light perfection as the Inner Christos. The One Eternal Living Light Source is here to reclaim its creation into its original divine blueprints of perfection, saturating us in the eternal life rainbow currents of full resurrection into our new identity. The false identity, the false prophet, the impostor and illusory are revealed as the veils are rapidly disintegrating and there will be a time nothing can hide any longer in shadow……

(Source : Adapted from Patriarchal Exorcism, 2007)

Zulma Reyo – Feminine Mysteries – Interviewer Sienna Lea

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In this 2-part series Sienna discusses Feminine Mysteries with Zulma Reyo M.A., who lends her exquisite and seasoned wisdom to help us understand:

– The eternal feminine power and how is it magnetic and electric
– Using woman’s power to attract whatever is necessary for our world today
– The secrets of how women grow and sustain power
– The essential steps are needed for women to reclaim her sovereignty
– The shadows women need to illuminate
– The lies women need to release
– How male power differs from female power
– And so much more!

Zulma Reyo is a native of Puerto Rico. She speaks many languages and has founded The University of Inner Alchemy (UNICA); a program with five departments, specialized in training students in the management of energetic frequencies and multidimensionality. Her first book, “Mastery, The Path of Inner Alchemy” was a best seller in Brazil and Argentina for many years, followed by other books published in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Russian. Currently Zulma is hosting the Feminine Mystery School in Mallorca.

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Death, Rebirth of Self – Madisyn Taylor

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eva sophia’s blog    /   11-1-13  /  Galactic Free Press

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life.

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life. Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don’t realize what’s happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us. These shifts happen throughout the lives of all humans, as we move from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond. With each transition from one phase to another, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old friend, the identity that we formed in order to move through that particular time.

Sometimes we form these identities in relationships or jobs, and when we shift those areas of our life become unsettled. Usually, if we take the time to look into the changing surface of things, we will find that a shift is taking place within us. For example, we may go through one whole chapter of our lives creating a protective shell around ourselves because we need it in order to heal from some early trauma. One day, though, we may find ourselves feeling confined and restless, wanting to move outside the shelter we needed for so long; the new part of ourselves cannot be born within the confines of the shell our old self needed to survive.

We may feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of ourselves that is dying and make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. We may find inspiration in working with the image of an animal who molts or sheds in order to make way for new skin, fur, or feathers to emerge. For example, keeping a duck feather, or some other symbol of transformation, can remind us that death and rebirth are simply nature’s way of evolving. We can surrender to this process, letting go of our past self with great love and gratitude, and welcoming the new with an open mind and heart, ready for our next phase of life.

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Jesus – Feeling We Are One – Harmony Among Races – Finding Your Own Path – 10-29-13


George Kavassilas – Ascension Update – Deep Personal Journey – Interviewer Sienna Lee

Archangel Michael – You asked for a New World – Why would you expect it to include your old lives – Channeller Ron Head

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael  –  10/27/2013

We speak today of the seeming lull which so many feel yourselves experiencing at this time.  Many of you feel detached, feel as if you have lost your way, feel as if suddenly the goal is shifting and you cannot perceive it.

We come to tell you that indeed you are correct in a way.  And to tell you there is nothing to worry about.  You are receiving a short respite, a rest as it were, after several months of heightened internal changes, many of which you are not even aware… yet.  And there have been lately a few weeks of even more stress upon your systems.  You needed this rest time and you need also to take advantage of it by enjoying yourselves in whatever you find most rewarding.

There is rapidly approaching another surge, another wave of change, more energy for you to take on and which will continue the changes to yourselves and therefore to your world.  As you change, so will your surroundings.  As the changes in you become more pronounced, so too will those around you.  If you have not quite seen enough yet to make you want to begin your quiet internal celebrations, let us assure you that you soon will.  Sorry, we know how very much you love that word ‘soon’.  What we are observing is that as more and more of you change, the change reaches out to more and more of you.  Your word for that is ‘exponential’.

And for those who still feel some impatience… we are grinning here because we know none of you are impatient, correct? … for those who feel some impatience, we say do your best to increase the change in yourselves, as that is overflowing into the rest of your world more and more.

Also, we referenced above a change in goals.  What is happening is that many of you are now holding so much more of the energy of your highest and best selves that you are more able to see and feel abilities and possibilities that you could not grasp before.  We congratulate you.  Possibly those seem a bit unlikely, even impossible, at present.  That is alright.  Just set them on a mental shelf and do not rule them out just yet.  After all, you did not expect to be where you are now just a few short years ago, did you?

You asked for a new world.  Why would you expect it to include your old lives?  See yourselves there as the highest and best versions of you that you can imagine because, dear ones, that is exactly who will be there.

Now, since some of you do not yet feel us around you, or have not learned to understand the feeling, imagine the kiss on your brow and the hug we send you as we wish you good day.  We will speak again soon.

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Karen Doonan – Breaking out of the shell that was created For You – You create your own reality – Focusing on New Earth People in times of chaos

Karen Doonan’s Blog  –  Truth Codes   /   10-26-13

Energies over the past linear few weeks have been intense, at the moment many of you may FEEL that you have no idea what is going on in your life and at times may FEEL almost at the mercy of all that is now unfolding. It is to be remembered that YOU create your own reality at ALL times and that your SOUL is guiding you, whether you are conscious of this or not makes little difference albeit becoming more conscious of this TRUTH will help you when all begins to unravel. It is the unravelling that is now unfolding, for in order to live in TRUTH and to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH you must first of all dissolve all that you have been taught that you are within the old 3d earth paradigms.  As this is done person to person then the outer waking reality in which the human race has been taught to stay within will begin to break down and crumble.  This is a result of the increase in awareness of the creation of reality at a personal level. This is not something that is happening around you, it is happening within you. I have touched on this subject before and this blog will address it once more for it is relatively easy to fall to the illusion, especially at this time when all APPEARS to be crumbling and the outer waking reality begins to shift continuously.

It is the shifting that will unnerve you at a human conscious waking mind level, within the old 3d earth you were taught to continually reference the past in order to create your reality, but this creation was always distorted, for the past is not real anymore than the future is real, these are constructs created by a logical mind that has been TAUGHT to act this way. The mind is not your ally in all of this process for the mind cannot process the layers of reality that in TRUTH exist.  For many of you the moving to a higher frequency will result in moments where you cannot recognise anything around you. This may be sudden, in which case you may feel a very real sense of anxiety and panic arise within you or it may be more subtle. Personally when i have increased in frequency I let it all go, I may eat, may sleep, may drink but I allow ALL ELSE just to flow for as long as it needs to before I can make sense of it all again. This is a way of working with energy that I have begun to use regularly over the past few weeks. Acknowledging that often in a movement to a higher dimensional timeline there is a sort of “catch up” for the human vehicle.

Personal interactions with the realms/races are now preparing me for the next part of this human life experience. The guidance more and more clear and this will now flow out around the planet, for ALL who are here to work to birth the New Earth in TRUTH will be made highly visible both to the human race and to each other. This will cover ALL sections of human society not just what is termed the “spiritual” community and becoming more aware of this will help you at this time. THERE ARE MANY, MANY people in the world who CARE and who are anchoring LOVE and COMPASSION and it is now the time to place your focus on these people and NOT that which is dissolving. In order to illuminate the old 3d earth many took a stand and they are continuing to help those who are what is termed “asleep”. However at this time there are TWO WORLDS that exist, the old 3d earth and the NEW EARTH. BOTH are working at the same time, for many of you this may be a wander back into the old 3d earth in order to understand the reason for the New Earth and this see-sawing may occur for some time. The key to all of this is balance, reference the old 3d earth dying but do not attach to it, ENERGY FLOWS where YOUR FOCUS GOES.  So focus on the NEW, the LOVE and the COMMUNITY that is planet earth.

There will be times when the old 3d earth discovers what I term ” a chink” in your armour, this is the deepest fear that you have and it will be used against you by the old 3d earth. It NEEDS the fear to survive, working to move through any fears by pouring the LOVE that IS through them is key in this part of the process.  This should be taken for the confirmation that is needed at human conscious waking mind level that YOU ARE shifting and into a higher dimensional timeline. CHAOS is the precursor to a movement in your energy signature. Acknowledging the chaos but not emotionally interacting with it is the key.  It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and to wait any longer, birthing your dream into the waking reality requires movement at human conscious waking mind level.  Something the old 3d earth will try to confuse you with, as you interact with the drama but DO NOT EMOTIONALLY CONNECT then you will find the miracles that are there waiting for you, for your SOUL is trying to show you TRUTH at all times.

There are huge changes now unfolding around and within YOU, YOU are the key to your life experience at ALL TIMES and that key is now beginning to unlock others around you, for as you change your energy signature you affect all that is around you. There is no “future” that is planned and that you are aligning to at a world level, this is a concept that is created from the old 3d earth paradigms, many are looking for the bigger picture whilst filtering out that the bigger picture is whatever YOU want it to be, for only YOU are having this life experience at this time on this planet. ALL may share your reality but only YOU are YOU, again I would ask that you process my words through the heart space for this concept is something the human logical mind may try to filter out completely. YOU can have the life of your dreams, if you could not then you would never dream it.

YOUr SOUL at this time is now trying to manifest that dream, letting go of how you EXPECT it to be delivered is key, for the universe is abundant in LOVE and miracles, your human logical mind has NO reference point for these miracles for you have never experienced them before. Perception is a key also at this time, look at what is unfolding but also look beneath it, we lose no one, we lose nothing, for ALL JUST IS.  TRUTH will remain, all that is not TRUTH will dissolve, look to who remains in your life experience and LOVE that is all that is asked of you at this time. LOVE is the answer, no matter the question and LOVE is something that your human logical mind cannot feel for that is not the role of the mind. ONLY the HEART can FEEL LOVE, open your heart and LOVE SELF and then allow this LOVE to flow freely out into the world. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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Polona – The Beloved Energy – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Do You know your Beloved? A better question to be asked here, would probably be: “Do You know your own Self?” There are many who will tell You, that we are all One, and that there is no Beloved, because Source Love is all about Being One. But then let me ask You this: “Why are we each so unique?” There are those who will say, that we are our own Beloved, and that there is nothing else. Yes, a part of this is true. We truly are, indeed. But there is a deeper Truth here, one that is only felt by those who know the experience of it. How can You know about something, if You have no experience of it? Wisdom is only born out of knowledge that is sealed through direct experience. And many have forgotten, and they do not know. But everyone does know in their deepest Truth of the Source Self. So in order to know that You also do have a Beloved, You need to remember it through your own Soul. It needs to come through You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

100 Reasons To Meditate – Ascending Starseed Blog

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Ascending Starseed Blog

Physiological benefits of Meditation

1- It lowers oxygen consumption.
2- It decreases respiratory rate.
3- It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4- Increases exercise tolerance.
5- Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6- Good for people with high blood pressure.
7- Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
8- Decreases muscle tension
9- Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
10- Reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
11- Helps in post-operative healing.
12- Enhances the immune system.
13- Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress
14- Enhances energy, strength and vigour.
15- Helps with weight loss
16- Reduction of free radicals, less tissue damage
17- Higher skin resistance
18- Drop in cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
19- Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing.
20- Decreases the aging process.
21- Higher levels of DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
22- prevented, slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases
23- Makes you sweat less
24- Cure headaches & migraines
25- Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning
26- Reduced Need for Medical Care
27- Less energy wasted
28- More inclined to sports, activities
29- Significant relief from asthma
30- improved performance in athletic events
31- Normalizes to your ideal weight
32- harmonizes our endocrine system
33- relaxes our nervous system
34- produce lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity
35- Cure infertility (the stresses of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation).

Psychological benefits:

36- Builds self-confidence.
37- Increases serotonin level, influences mood and behaviour.
38- Resolve phobias & fears
39- Helps control own thoughts
40- Helps with focus & concentration
41- Increase creativity
42- Increased brain wave coherence.
43- Improved learning ability and memory.
44- Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
45- Increased emotional stability.
46- improved relationships
47- Mind ages at slower rate
48- Easier to remove bad habits
49- Develops intuition
50- Increased Productivity
51- Improved relations at home & at work
52- Able to see the larger picture in a given situation
53- Helps ignore petty issues
54- Increased ability to solve complex problems
55- Purifies your character
56- Develop will power
57- greater communication between the two brain hemispheres
58- react more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.
59- increases one’s perceptual ability and motor performance
60- higher intelligence growth rate
61- Increased job satisfaction
62- increase in the capacity for intimate contact with loved ones
63- decrease in potential mental illness
64- Better, more sociable behaviour
65- Less aggressiveness
66- Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
67- Reduces need and dependency on drugs, pills & pharmaceuticals
68- Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation
69- Require less time to fall asleep, helps cure insomnia
70- Increases sense of responsibility
71- Reduces road rage
72- Decrease in restless thinking
73- Decreased tendency to worry
74- Increases listening skills and empathy
75- Helps make more accurate judgements
76- Greater tolerance
77- Gives composure to act in considered & constructive ways
78- Grows a stable, more balanced personality
79- Develops emotional maturity

Spiritual benefits:

80- Helps keep things in perspective
81- Provides peace of mind, happiness
82- Helps you discover your purpose
83- Increased self-actualization.
84- Increased compassion
85- Growing wisdom
86- Deeper understanding of yourself and others
87- Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony
88- Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation
89- Increased acceptance of oneself
90- helps learn forgiveness
91- Changes attitude toward life
92- Creates a deeper relationship with your God
93- Attain enlightenment
94- greater inner-directedness
95- Helps living in the present moment
96- Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love
97- Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego
98- Experience an inner sense of “Assurance or Knowingness”
99- Experience a sense of “Oneness”
100- Increases the synchronicity in your life.

Ascending Starseed Blog

SacredAscensionMerkaba – What is Ascension – Question Of A Lifetime – When it will finally happen – Guidance by Anna Merkaba – 10-17-13



Anna Merkaba

A reader of my blog named Robert has asked me a very interesting question that I think most of you have in the back of your mind. He asked “I have been reading several ascension blogs. Most of them have info that humanity would ascend on 21DEC 2012 and since then the dates simply kept on changing and even the so called channeled info from higher dimensional beings and ascended masters is wrong so many times. Just don’t know what to believe anymore and like so many other readers and followers I am more than frustrated to just keep waiting for a date and when nothing happens then conveniently some new date comes up and this has been going on for so long. So my question is if we are going to ascend at all then when do you think its gonna happen? If it is so difficult to give a date then is it possible to atleast give a time frame? So many people who are working as channelers and light workers, how hard can it be to just get a date?”

Based on everything that I know, and all of my encounters, private and public channelings the answer is this..

The reason that there is no date and the difficulty is that humanity as a whole is the one responsible for their own ascension times. Its not going to happen over night, every day there are slight changes and energy influxes to assist us in ascension process. However, it’s strictly on individual basis. Some of us have chosen to ascend in groups, and thus there are waves of awakened ones that will continue to go on and on for a while. If you read my channelings you will see that it is mentioned quite often, DO NOT WAIT FOR ANYTHING, start acting NOW. Live in the present reality and if you don’t like it CHANGE IT. The point of ascension is not to wait for someone to come to you and bring it to your on a silver platter, or for the ships to land. All that will happen, the ships will land eventually, of course we are not alone in this vast universe and our galactic families are nearby. BUT they are not going to ascend for you, and it’s your responsibility and yours alone.

So many are confused about ascension, and really its nothing more than finding the balance within and realizing that your EGO is not your enemy, it’s your friend you just have to keep in in balance. It’s a realization that you are not your body but your soul. Its a realization that we are all ONE and are here to learn lessons, and as such we all must FORGIVE each other and our own selves. When you finally stop running after ascension and waiting for something grand to happen, but instead allow yourself to just be in the moment and listen to your own intuition and your own heart it’s then that you are going to feel that you have ascended. You will treat yourself differently, and others around you as well. Your heart will no longer focus on the revenge but mercy and forgiveness, complete understanding and unconditional love. Your life will begin to flow as it was meant to be, and if you don’t like it you will see that you are powerful enough to change it.

So do not wait for any particular date. As I said, all of these are PORTALS that bring influxes of energy in order to help us here and assist us, with this light, the energy that is brought down to earth, opens up a lot of peoples energy gateways as well as brings DNA upgrades with it. So when you see another channeling saying that a portal has opened up, take the opportunity to allow yourself to experience the light and love that comes with it. Open your heart to this divine energy and allow your life to flow the way that you meant it to be before coming here. Wait for no one, YOU ARE your own savior and messiah. And when you realize that it is so, you will see the changes that you are seeking. In the meantime take this time to let go of everything that you have within you, let go of all the blame, let go of anger, and resentment and self pity. Allow yourself to walk into your own power, because YOU ARE truly a powerful being. Each and every single one of you are!

I hope this helps make some sense of Ascension for you. Love & Light to you all ! – Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Amateo Ra – How to Let Go – Clearing Your Consciousness of Unwanted Programs

Amateo Ra·73 videos


Suzanne Lie – An Unexpected Arcturian Message

Note from the Author

My mind has been going round and round the concept of simultaneous perception and creation. However, my original intention for this article was to write about being a channel. But first, I wanted to ask the Arcturians about a statement I read which was “our senses are projectors rather than receivers”. This statement seemed to somehow address the possibility of simultaneous perception and creation, but I did not know how.

The answer to my first question was so detailed that it became the entire article. In keeping with my original intention I would like to say that when your higher guidance speaks, LISTEN. In fact, that statement is the baseline for all channeling. In closing I would like to add that channeling is actually a conscious connection and surrender into a higher frequency expression of our Multidimensional Self.

My Question:

Dear Arcturians, are our senses of perception projectors or receivers?

Arcturian Answer:

Your senses are actually both projectors and receivers, but they are projectors first. You project your sensory expectations out into your reality and then you receive the perception of that expectation within that reality. Please remember that your state of consciousness determines what you will perceive.

Thus, no matter what expectation you project, if you are in a third dimensional state of consciousness you will only perceive the third dimensional expression of that expectation. However, your projection leaves an imprint on your etheric aura. Once this expectation is imprinted into your aura it is influenced by your personal history of desires, failures, successes, moralities and limitations.

The Imprint

This imprint then moves into up into frequency to interface between your aura and the fourth dimensional matrix. As your expectation moves from the etheric plane into your fourth dimensional astral plane the imprint of your expectation is affected by all of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives.

This imprint is further altered as it moves into your fourth dimensional emotional body to be influenced by all the emotions of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives. This imprint then moves into your fourth dimensional mental body in which all the thoughts of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives influence the imprint.

When the imprint of your original expectation resonates to the frequency of your upper fourth dimensional spiritual body it barely resembles your original desire. If you are in communication with your I Am Presence at the threshold to fifth dimension, you will be able to halt the imprint of this expected perception, as you will realize that your expectation has been invaded by the virus of your past.

On the other hand, if this expectation is of a desire in which you have had great success in your current and/or past/future lives, it will likely move through the fourth dimension with more clarity rather than distortion. It is for this reason that you can easily perceive/create that which has historically (in this life and in other lives) been successful.

Your unconscious memory of success protects your original projected expectation with the power of your BELIEF that you deserve to be successful. Hopefully, the projections/expectations that went awry in your fourth dimensional history of failure and fear do not take form in the physical.

Fortunately, if you can maintain a higher state of consciousness, you can gain a detachment from the dramas of 3D life and realize that you will need to change your approach toward manifestation. So, what is one to do? How can you avoid your long third and fourth dimensional history of failure to expect and receive successful manifestations in your life? The answer is quite simple.

The FEEL of Dimensions

You must learn to differentiate between the feeling of the third, the feeling of fourth dimension and feeling of the fifth dimension. We say “feeling” as opposed to “perception” because fifth-dimensional perceptions are FELT with your entire Lightbody.

3D Perceptions

On the other hand, your third dimension FEELS like you are limited to third dimensional boundaries of separation between persons, places, situations and things. To rise above this feeling of limitation, you must release your attachment to third dimensional belief that you can only perceive that which resonates to a small range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

4D Perceptions

When your fourth dimensional perceptions come online to your waking life, they are similar to your dream images. They still appear somewhat separate, but they are of mutable shapes that waft in and out of your perceivable timeline. Thus the density and boundaries of third dimensional perceptions are quite different from the mutable and flittering perceptions of the fourth dimension.

In the third dimension you “feel” a perception by touching it, talking to it, hearing it or interacting with it in your physical timeline. In the fourth dimension, your perceptions are clear, yet mutable, as you are usually dreaming or in meditation. You may, also, have a fourth dimensional perception of sight, hearing or touch that blinks in and out of your physical life.

5D Perceptions

Fifth dimensional perceptions are only perceivable when you are meditating or holding a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, which is usually delta wave consciousness. While in delta wave consciousness you usually have your physical eyes closed and your intention placed primarily on your inner world.

However, with practice you can remember the FEEL of Unconditional Love and Unity with all life that wafts into and through your higher consciousness. Then you can open your eyes while communing with this frequency of your Multidimensional Self.

Differentiation of FEEL

Third dimensional consciousness reminds you to be alert to ALL fearful stimuli so that you can protect your physical form. Perceptions from your fourth dimensional consciousness will not harm your physical form, but they can give you warnings to protect yourself. Therefore, both third and fourth dimensional consciousness can have varying degrees of the feeling of fear or warning.

On the other hand, the fifth dimension resonates to a frequency beyond harm and, hence, beyond fear. Instead, fifth dimensional consciousness feels joyful, blissful and filled with Unconditional Love. These three sensations are seldom felt in the third or fourth dimension, so you can use them to identify that you are within a fifth dimensional, or beyond, state of consciousness.

Once you can identify your third and fourth dimensional history, you can learn from the failures and/or traumas of your past and raise your consciousness into the NOW of the fifth dimension. In this manner, you can bypass your third and fourth dimensional history to attach to the virgin expectations of the timeless fifth dimension. Understand that if there is no time there can be no history.

Even though your lower dimensional history is an obstacle to your return Home to the fifth dimension, it was the collection of a “history” that was one of your primary reasons for your first incarnation in the lower worlds. We can say “first incarnation” because incarnations in a time-bound reality can be counted in a sequential, numerical manner.

You, of course knew this before you entered your first incarnation, but having never experienced time, you had no idea of the consequences of having a “history.” In your timeless state you were forever new. Thus, you did not have your myriad experiences in time-bound timelines in which every reality was separate from the others.

In the fifth dimension you experience myriad realities within the NOW. All of these realities are connected and intermingled in the ONE of your flow of consciousness. You are not a person, or a place or even a thing. YOU are pure consciousness. Form exists in the higher worlds, but only as a created package for your Light/Energy field.

Being Pure Consciousness

As a Being of pure consciousness, your sense of Self is not the form you are wearing. Your Self is the energy field that animates that form. As the energy field of your consciousness adds and subtracts unique forms to your HERE of the NOW, your consciousness expands and contracts depending on your choice of in-flow and out-flow, which easily occurs in the same NOW.

However, in-flow and out-flow are not separate in the fifth dimension and beyond. Instead they are undulations of your consciousness, energy field, and Self. Of course, Self is not an individual term in the higher worlds. In the same manner as grass, air, water, fire are not individual terms, your Self is not an individual term.

Grass is not a tiny blade of grass, nor is fire a small spark or air and water just one molecule or atom. In the higher worlds a “Being” is a multiple term. Your Self in the fifth dimension and beyond creates and is simultaneously created by the myriad dimensional experiences to which your energy field is attached and/or calibrated.

Hence, the sense/perceptions of your fifth dimensional Self are projections of your energy field intermingling with the reality/realities that you are expecting to perceive. This expectation flows in unity with the fifth dimensional’s perceptual field that your expectation instantly creates. Hence, expectation of a perception creates the very perception that is expected.

An Infinite Circle

Higher dimensional realities flow in an infinite circle that never begins and never ends. Perception in these realities is a KNOWING that that which you desire to perceive instantly flows into your awareness. Every perception already IS for there is NO beginning and NO ending in an infinite reality.

Think of yourself walking through a huge store in which everything you could ever want is available for your instant purchase. However, in this store, everything is stored not on aisles or shelves with different forms of identification. Everything in this store is pure potential stored as possibilities.

You do not need to walk up and down the aisles of this store or ask an attendant where you must go to find a certain thing. Everything is everywhere in a formless state of pure potential patiently awaiting an expectation to call this potential into manifestation.

Therefore, you do not perceive anything in this store before you expect/desire it. Then, your expectation/desire instantly calls this possibility into manifestation within your energy field (being). Unconditional Love is the bonding force of the Multiverse. Hence, your Unconditional Love for this manifestation bonds it to your energy field.

Once you release your bond of Unconditional Love for this manifestation, it returns to the formless potential that flows within the infinite ONE of the NOW. Since there is no time in this NOW, there is no space, as there is only HERE.

Be Here NOW

Even in the third dimension, it does not take time to be HERE NOW. It is for this reason that we of the higher dimensions of reality can instantly be within your consciousness in the NOW that you expect to perceive us. Also, since there is no space, we are not separated from you in any manner.

We, your higher expressions of Self are infinitely HERE NOW. However, if you do not expect to perceive us, your energy field will not resonate to the frequency in which you can perceive us. You see, your expectations also calibrate the frequency of your primary state of consciousness.

If you expect to commune with your higher expressions, your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension because of your BELIEF. If you do not believe you can commune with the higher worlds, you will not expect that communication to occur.

In the same manner, if you BELIEVE that you can perceive the higher frequencies of light/life (as light and life are synonymous at that frequency) your consciousness will remain calibrated to that frequency of reality for as long as you are free of ALL doubt or judgment. Once you feel any doubt or judgment, which are both created by fear, your consciousness lowers into the third or fourth dimension.

Unconditional Love

It is important to remember that you CANNOT perceive the fifth dimension and beyond while in a lower state of consciousness because your sensory preceptors are not calibrated to that frequency. Fortunately, Unconditional Love for yourself will expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

While in this expanded state of consciousness, you can choose to simultaneously use your fifth dimensional consciousness to perceive the higher worlds and your third/fourth dimensional consciousness to ground those perceptions into your third/fourth dimensional form, as well as into Gaia’s planetary form of Earth.

This task takes practice and a strong connection to the Unconditional Love of the higher frequencies. However, once you regain your multidimensional perceptions, you become a portal opener. As a portal opener you continue to wear your Earth vessel while you simultaneously ground your fifth dimensional perceptions into the body of Gaia. In this manner, your fifth dimensional perceptions become third dimensional creations.

Your expectations of fifth-dimensional perceptions activate your multidimensional consciousness. Hence, you can perceive the higher worlds as they intermingle with the 3D Matrix. This intermingling of the fifth-dimensional frequency with the third-dimensional matrix destabilizes the 3D Matrix and allows the higher Light to bleed through into your physical reality.

In fact, this bleed through of higher Light is occurring within your NOW, and is a huge component of planetary Ascension. We will go into detail on this subject at a later date in your 3D time. However, you can always expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and ask us yourself.

In closing, we ask you to be patient with yourself, as you have been trained to believe that you are only physical. Therefore, remember that Unconditional Love for your Self expands your consciousness and attaches you to the higher worlds of your Multidimensional Self who is eagerly awaiting your communication.

All you need do is BELIEVE in your SELF.

The Arcturians

An Unexpected Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: Simultaneous Perception and Creation « Golden Age of Gaia

Méline Lafont – The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE – Channeled from Self



Meline Lafont  /

As we allow the current flow of energy to merge with our authentic being, we still find ourselves very much attached to strings at times, where the web of illusion is desperately trying to hold on to our being in order to be fed. On the other hand the freedom and its smell are very palpable and can be tasted in the form of Light and Love, as it smells like flowers and stardust, where the frequency is so high it is beyond tangible in your life stream. You are starting to find yourself within the stream of unimaginable energies that form your current reality within.

The giant Cosmic Web of I AM Presences is now ready to be launched on your world for it is completed and formed with all of your beings into One. As this web descends into your collective being it forms a new way of interaction and abilities for the entire Hue-man race and its home star, planet Gaia. The formations of the old are crumbling step by step and it is allowing the new to enter its shores. It is allowed to take place because the human race is transforming its DNA and quantum field into a more Galactic Hue-man race where you will be all aligned with your own true Selves on a Galactic – and even on a Master level of frequencies.

As the giant Cosmic web of creation aligns with the giant Cosmic web of the I AM avatar race, which is you, tremendous amounts of creations, abilities and co-foundations are at hand for all of you by allowing yourselves to be your true nature of being and by surrendering only to Love. Inner trust is of much importance in this time of co-creation and of alignment to Self. Such great Love and the extension of its sister, called the practical Love in life, shall lead you on the way to your home, which is you as a matter of fact. There is no place like home means there is no other place than you! Your own being, your own individual energy, your own heart which is the center of your Universe.

Now that the I AM avatar race is expanding its Light frequency to the highest vibration that matches your coherency and truth, there is an inner expansion and growth allowing you to move forward ahead on the path to wisdom, integration, radiance and sophistication of your own individual Self. Your frequency starts to match its intrinsic energy field that is employing the embodiments such as you are in now, as this is where you are coming from as a descendant. There is no more room for the dualistic field that is losing its grip and expansion day by day, for the force of your own being is growing at a tremendous fast pace that only Light can maintain.

The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE for it took hundreds of years to build upon this energy frequency that was enabling the reform of this grid again around an Earthly plane. Now its there to descend and to merge with each individual of the collective human race to become the re-birthed HUE-man race on a Galactic -, Solar – and even on a Cosmic plane. There is much at stake here for it’s all done by the power of Light, Love and Being and it is a life changing, planetary changing course like no other. And the most exceptional part of this all, is that it is done by the heart, through the heart while being in physical embodiment.

See how exceptional each of you is and all of you are and how powerful your own thoughts, feelings and creations can be. This all has led you to where you are standing today: on the threshold of a big transition of Earth and of your own individual selves. As we continue to move up this Planetary Ascension into an alignment and connection with the giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences it is required of you to achieve a balanced state where awareness is important, where you can be the observer and the observed at the same time whilst channeling these energies into this Earthly grid and formation of Oneness with the I AM Avatar race of your authentic being.

It is a great time to start listening to your inner heart and body language for they are going through a serious amount of changes that demands a lot of focus on yourself and on your inner heart space. Align with your avatar I AM Presence now by allowing this field in your heart to expand and become YOU. It comes from the heart and through the heart as the heart is the only gateway and highway throughout this Ascension. Attention and focus will be needed on the depths of your being and not on the ego. Shine truth, radiate Light and Be Love, always.

Eyah Asher Eyah
Méline Lafont/ Lady Portia

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered  /

Archangel Michael – The Physical Body and the New Energies – Ascension Update – Channeller Celia Fenn

LoveGraceLight Blog  /  14 October 2013

“As the deep shifts occur, your Physical Body will begin the process of adapting to the New Reality and the Higher Consciousness Grids. There are two processes involved here. The first is a very deep cleansing and throwing off of anything that is heavy, low frequency, toxic and limiting to you and others. You may notice your body seeking changes, in diet, exercise, sleep patterns and ways of expression. This process of ‘clarification’ is necessary for the next step, where the body begins to ‘breathe light’ in the Cells.

“‘The process of “breathing light’ is a Cellular Process and it occurs spontaneously in the Cells when the Body is at a High enough Frequency and ready to make the switch. At this point, the Body will derive about 50 percent of its nutrients from Light in an intracellular synthesis process, and about 50 percent from Physical Nutrition.

“We would say, however, that this shift only occurs when the Body is clear, grounded and aligned with the Light Body. It is a Spontaneous Evolution and occurs when you are ready. At that point you become a ‘Shining One’ as you begin to radiate Light and Energy from your Cells. This is the First level of the Shift from the old Carbon based Physical Form to the New Crystalline Light based form.

“Beloved Ones, we ask you not to try to force this process, but to listen to your body and what it needs. If you are not ready for the Shift you may still need more traditional methods of nutrition until your body is ready. Even after the shift, you will need to monitor your nutrition and energy levels to ensure that your body is maintaining its new pattern of energetics and radiance.

“Once you have made the shift you will find it very difficult to be in close proximity with people and environments that are toxic and polluted. Your new energetic structure is designed for the New Earth and desires clean air, light and nutritious food, and a light filled and harmonious environment.

“This shift of the Physical/Energetic functioning will also be felt on the Emotional and Mental levels. Your Emotional and Mental energies my be unstable for a while, and fluctuate quite widely as your System integrates accelerated light energies travelling through the nervous system and firing the hormonal system and the brain cells. You may find yourself responding very swiftly with strong emotions in some situations. Just know that it will take a while to adjust to the accelerations in your system.

“Beloved Family, over time we have shown you how to ground yourselves into the Earth Star Chakra and the Earth Center, and how to align with the Cosmic Heart. This is an essential daily practice as you work to integrate the light breathing and the acceleration of light impulses in the nervous system.

“When this process is complete, you will feel yourself aligning in to a new sense of yourself and your power as a Master of Light. You will have more confidence in your ability to manifest abundance through working with the Divine Light and shaping it into Co-creations with the Divine Source.”

LoveGraceLight Blog