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Declare Independence From Outer-Directed Power  /  December 8, 2014 at 10:58 am 

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Dear Ones,

It is time to emphasize independence from yourself. Perhaps that statement appears a bit silly for how can you separate from yourself? Such is not a physical separation, but separation from 3D fears.
You have read of the importance of self-love and self-worth throughout this transition. This is a different type of independence. This is separating yourself from society in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Such a statement appears counter-intuitive for you know all are one. But the logical 3D conclusion of the belief that all are one is that you must accept everyone even though they are not of your frequency. That you must care for everyone even though they are not caring for themselves. That somehow your love will push them into new earth.

Such is not true. For this transition is more similar to understanding a drug addict or alcoholic must decide to obtain treatment before treatment is effective – than it is that just by being you will somehow shift the beliefs of all.

That last statement may make many of you angry for you have such high hopes that your bright beacon is all that is required to move all to new earth.

Your beacon is extremely important. Those who are lost and want to see the light are finding it through your beacon. Your beacon is their ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, their hope.

But you cannot and will not shift those who do not wish to shift for whatever reason. If you continue to believe your beacon is enough to shift all earth entities, you will become frustrated and move yourself off track. You are ONLY responsible for yourself. No matter how much you wish to, you cannot force loved ones to live in and experience joy.

Many of you nod your heads in agreement. Yet your actions do not match your nod. Just because you are part of this new earth transition, you do not have power to shift everyone to new earth. Such is not true for a number of reasons, most important of which is that the path of others is not your concern EVER.

It is delightful that you join various groups to send peace and love throughout the globe. But such declarations are only heard by those who wish to hear it.

Now you are thinking that your big dream is world peace and joy so how can you be denied that dream? Such is so because the dream you are speaking of crosses borders of those who have different dreams. Your dreams – whatever the size – are only applicable for you.

Such a thought is perhaps a bit hazy for you assume that your dream is correct if it is your dream. Such is your independence. You cannot create dreams that interfere with the clearing, cleansing or dreams of others. You must be your own being. Those who wish to be with you in a similar dream will find you.

This transition is not about forcing others into your dreams, but instead creating your dreams and drawing in those who have the same or similar dreams.
Forcing others into your dreams is exploring new earth with outer-directed power. Creating your dream and allowing all who are attracted to that dream to experience it with you is inner-directed power.

Many of you believe that to maintain your life as it is – whether a job, relationship or country or to create a better job, relationship or country – you must force others to believe as you do. Such is not only inappropriate in this new earth, it is not a viable option.

You cannot combine outer-directed power with your new skill set. Anymore than you can run a 128 K Macintosh computer with the software you use now. Even though both computer components produced what you needed in different times and environments, they are not compatible now.
You must declare your independence from outer-directed power and then create your dreams. You cannot create your dreams with outer-directed power – no matter how minimal or important your dreams are to you.

Declare your independence from forcing people, places and things into your picture of perfection. Allow those who want the same to find you.

Outer-directed power is no longer effective once you exit your cocoon. And inner-directed power is extremely difficult for those who do not wish to participate in new earth.

Does that mean financial/philosophical warmongering in all forms will continue? It will for those who wish to remain in those arenas. But as is true for you now, it is your choice if you wish to join those groups or to live with independent thoughts and actions.

Stop trying to control others in whatever form. Allow yourself to dream your dreams both for you and those who wish to join you. No more and no less.
Declare your independence from outer-directed power and all those who wish to remain so. You are a new being with new thoughts, beliefs and actions.
Outer-directed power in any form, no matter how that power is described – including saving the world, negating poverty or toppling conglomerates or governments – is no longer appropriate or effective. Believing that outer-directed power remains effective means spinning your wheels with little or no effect. So be it. Amen.

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Trevor Smith – Peeling Back the Mask – Reconnect With Your Authentic Self – Tiny Buddha .com –

Wearing a Mask


“You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You can find yourself by coming into the present.” ~Eckhart Tolle       


It was 3PM on a Wednesday and I had nothing to do. An empty schedule with limitless potential. 

I was miles from home in the freezing fog of San Francisco. The bustle of traffic reminded me of my hectic life back home, but I wasn’t bothered. I had nowhere to be and nobody to answer to, just like the day before and the next day. I was free.

I brought my favorite travel companion along with me to aid in my journey of self-discovery: me. Not the busy Account-Manager-me. My true self.

Last year was painful for me. Like many others, I found myself ebbing and flowing with the tide that is the nine-to-five. Living for the weekend so I could escape the grind and live outside the snow globe even if just for a moment.

Life is more than clocking in and out with dead eyes and a slack jaw while counting the milliseconds as they fade toward your Friday night. I’m on this earth to be—not to be someone else for a paycheck. In recognizing that I needed a vacation, I downed a bottle of wine and booked a two-week trip to my city by the bay. Fourteen days of sweet liberation.

Maybe you can relate to my reality.

Back home, Rebecca in accounting is a constant complainer. She brings you down like an iron pair of boots. You’ve got to grin and bear it because she processes your expense reports and you see her every day. You’ve gotten so adept at feigning interest that you’re losing sight of what’s underneath the mask.

Rebecca gets the sympathy mask. Your boss gets the I’m-passionate-about-my-job mask. Jackie in distribution gets the I-like-politics-because-you-like-politics mask. We wear whichever we have to in order to make things easier. Nathaniel Hawthorne said it best: 

“No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” ~The Scarlet Letter

Two psychological terms stand out as they relate to being someone you’re not: cognitive dissonance and the act of compartmentalization.

They go together like a cerebral peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To understand our challenges, we must first define them. Enter Merriam-Webster:

Cognitive Dissonance: Psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

Compartmentalization: Isolation or splitting off of part of the personality or mind with lack of communication and consistency between the parts

When was the last time you spent an entire day doing exactly what you wanted to do? Said exactly what you wanted to say? You have a belief system, a rule set. Stuffing these things in a box and being someone else makes you exactly that. Someone else. This is compartmentalization.

It’s a defense mechanism to combat the cognitive dissonance you feel when you have conflicting personalities—when there’s a difference between who you are and who you become in certain situations.

When faced with a challenging situation, a compartmentalized person has to decide how to act. Quelling the reaction most natural to their authentic self, they respond inauthentically because they’ve developed a completely separate personality.

We must be mindful of who we really are—and we get to decide who that is.

“We are our thoughts” isn’t just Eastern voodoo wisdom. The word “brainwashing” has a negative connotation, so let’s call it brain painting. Painting your mind with things you love is a surefire way to become a happy you. This is nothing more than surrounding yourself with people, books, subjects, and thoughts that make you smile. Be selective and consistent with what you allow in.

It’s important to take time to harbor your own well-being in a world that demands so much. Almost two thousand years ago, stoic philosophers like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius told us to retire into ourselves. Frequent self-examination has been a practice for thousands of years.

Being comfortable with and conscious of what you find is the definition of knowing who you are. Constantly look within and connect with your mask-less you. We can nurture our inner authenticity by being mindful every day.

  • Meditate. You don’t have to have an Om tattoo and a stick of incense to find a quiet place to look inside. Take a twenty-minute vacation inside your own soul. Be cognizant of what you find.
  • Observe. Take a walk and leave your phone at home. Look at everything around you with child’s eyes. Notice the beauty in the trees or the vastness of space. Be a living part of your surroundings.
  • Create. Doodle something while your coffee brews in the morning. Take a few minutes to write something meaningful. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it comes from your own creativity. Exercise your mind, amigo. You’ll be surprised at how out of shape its gotten.

Traveling solo isn’t an escape. It’s a small opportunity to delete distraction. Lucius Seneca said, “All of your problems are with you.” Running away from them is impossible. But we can, for a time, run away inside our own soul.

I spent my favorite day in San Francisco walking through the residential Noe Valley and Dolores Heights. A simple stroll down sidewalk after sidewalk, without a boss barking orders or my phone buzzing with e-mails. Just me and my smile to enjoy the cool breeze.

It wasn’t so much the city I enjoyed, as it was the chipping away at my mask. Each footstep, a small victory at finding myself underneath it all. I remembered not who I was, but who I am.

Though I’m back to the doldrum routine of my everyday life, I’m still the same human I was in San Francisco. Underneath the demands of a challenging career lies the same person that wandered those sidewalks so many weeks ago. A smiling nomad. He who digs coffee shops. The one who loves wine.

We have the tools and presence of mind to make our journey for authenticity a daily practice. Recognizing when we’ve strayed from our true selves is the first step to staying the course. No one can be you better than you can. Look inside, befriend yourself, and be free.

Photo by Frank Kovalchek

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 About Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his dog and guitars.

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Innocence – 11-13-14


Innocence need never be lost, for you can always find it, or sense it, within you. Like a buried treasure at times, it requires your quest for the vision to see what is buried deep. Innocence is associated with youth, as if they do not know better (meaning worse) yet. However, your young ones come in with a wisdom of the Love of life that the older ones have buried deep beneath fear, regret, trauma and pain. The natural progression of life is that the old ones have the potential to become wise ones as they observe life, begin to make personal choices and find the wisdom in all that they have experienced, even the things that were denied or challenging.

Your innocence is your ability to sense a loving potential within all experience and seek that treasure. Innocence experiences a flower with the exciting play of senses mingling. Innocence experiences anothers anger as confusion and fear being louder than their loving heart. Innocence experiences challenge as a puzzle with solution available piece by piece. Do you meet life with Innocence, dear one; extrapolating the treasure in every moment, even if it is past? Perceiving the treasure in every aspect of Life even if it is buried deep beneath a façade of fear? It is how your beloved jewels are formed, under great pressure, time and interaction with circumstances. Strong bonds are formed with great strength, even in the lightness of a butterfly’s ability to fly. It is the strength of the jewel that Innocently allows delicate light to illuminate its beauty. Do you let your Light shine through?

As we sit to Blast Innocence, we are perceiving Life in a new Light – that the pressure of opposition builds our strength and beauty, thus we are supported to interact with all aspects of life on Earth. We are opening our hearts to the wisdom that is deep within as we see Love in the most unexpected places and faces. We are quick to forgive and slow to anger as we see the brilliance of each jewel reflecting Light in various ways. We are sensing solution within challenge, as life builds strong bonds that support Love’s beauty. We are boldly childlike as we play without apology for not letting the challenges in life bury our Love. Blast on!

Ute Possega-Rudel – Our God-Self – Your True Nature Is Beyond Change – 10-28-14




What are you waiting for?
Don’t you know that I AM always Present, Unchanging, in the midst of constant change?

Change is the inherent nature of duality and happens in your mind. It is you who wanted to experience change, to know both sides of the coin, light and dark, and – as you call it – good and bad.

For Me Who Is Beyond of it all, it is a mere play. But for most of you who have chosen to live apart from Me, these opposites are experienced as serious realities, evoking pleasure and pain, happiness and misery.

I AM your God-Self, your True Nature and Reality. For Me ascension is just part of the endless happenings in My Domain, but which do not touch Me, which do not change Me, because I AM beyond change, and so your own True Nature is.

Is it not, that you even do not need to wait for a new world or higher density, to be truly Happy? Because you can BE again the Consciousness you ARE, and always will BE, to observe the constant currents of the eons as Me, untouched forever in Your indestructible Bliss.

Don’t you know Me? When the worlds seem to stand still and are being Breathed by Me, when there Is no separation in your mind, when there is only Feeling to Infinity and Knowingness, don’t you know that in that Very Moment there Is Only Me, your True Self, recognized?

But then you forget. And you cling deep to the ups and downs of happenings.

Presently you all are waiting for the up, the event of ascension. But who is waiting? Will you in your experience of separateness hope for better times than they are now?
Don’t you know that I AM ALWAYS Perfect right now, when time is not, when mind ceases to be and I Arise as the One Whom you always have Known?

While you allow Me to Be Who Is You, as Divine Consciousness, as the One Who Is Love and Who Is Bliss Always, you do not seek for betterment, you do not seek ascension. You do not seek for a “better” world or God, because then you know that there Is Only One God, One Divine Consciousness, One Light of lights, in Which the notion of light and dark arise, of “good and evil”, of your personal “likes and dislikes”.

To be aware of Heaven on Earth is always possible when you remember Me, your True Nature and Identity. There Is Only Me when you remember Me, and when you release the dead end of your identification with the body-mind, Beloveds!

Do not forget that you ARE not embodiment. You have chosen embodiment to experience duality. The body is not the experiencer, nor the senses are. I AM. Whether your experience is of this dimension or any other dimension. It Is Always Me Who Lives Alone and Single. I AM all of That. IS ME.

When you dream the separate one, that one is not Me. But still I AM you even when you imagine a life apart from Me.

When will you be wise, to live the world as My Fullness, now. It can be done whether ascension arrives or not. All is a matter of Divine Consciousness Only, prior to the perception of the brain. Live As Me and the world changes, right now, to balance and dignity. To Fullness and Truth in which all other dimensions and experiences appear.

Why do you still deny your Divine Throne? Why seek for the lesser things! Why not allow Me Alone to Guide your Happiness?
Why don’t you desire to Be Who You Are in Reality!

I Bless all your adventures, because I AM You! You Are All Beloveds of Mine! Calling your Happiness Eternally!

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2014. All rights reserved. / link to original article
Published from my mobile phone

Bashar – Be Yourself


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Shanta Gabriel – Feeling Free to be Yourself is the Greatest Gift you can Give – 8-4-14

Mario Gattoaladino

listering video and reading: http://federazionegalatticadiluce.blo…

Shanta Gabriel

Maryann Rada – Engage Your Inner Authenticity – 6-8-14


We have a lot to say to you today, so sit in a good spot to get the most enjoyment in this moment that we share together. We love these times where your consciousness engages with our communications, and the thoughts that live in the space between the here and there generate realities of potential where, for the most part, you welcome yourselves into a future of empowerment and harmonic inter-awareness. By extending your ability to comprehend the impulses that take the form of words, it may be necessary to come face-to-face with the sentries of belief that safeguard the inner sanctum of your mind. In such a case, remember, there is nothing to fear and everything to celebrate, for you are in that encounter meeting an opportunity to rebuild your framework of understanding and, in a sense, polish the lens through which the light of knowingness shines from within the heart of all. Such guardians of the mind are constructs of protection, yet if you have no need of safety in a singularity of knowing yourself as love incarnate, they are without a purpose and can retire in peace to the land of outworn modalities, there to dissolve in the reverberations of “job well done.” So, if such a chance encounter pops up in the course of contemplating our message, be assured it is with all due respect that we say, do the thing that leads to greater understanding, notwithstanding the old beliefs that served a limited interface of times gone by. Be bold, dear ones, and let your truth reveal itself in greater brilliance to you.

One day, in the deep shadows of a cryptically quiet forest, dwelt a little man in a cottage he had fashioned out of the twisted branches he had found in abundance near the banks of a stream. Long, long ago had he labored to weave together the intricacies of nature’s growth into sturdy walls and roof to give himself a quiet place amid the quiet outside. A place to think it was, and a place from which the revelations of light periodically could be gleaned from where the sun pierced the open spaces in the walls where the branches didn’t quite fit together. He loved his little cottage and found it to be comfortable enough even in the storms that blew through with increasing regularity. Though the winds would shake the very roots of the cottage, he believed the foundations of the place were strong enough to hold his little though-space intact.

Little did he know that on the horizon, a storm was brewing that would shake the forest itself to its core, and when in thundering suddenness it struck, he found himself surrounded by a pile of sticks with a very few pillars and joists still maintaining their vigilance in being the framework they had been set to be. As the sky cleared and the immensity of the storm began to become apparent all around him, he furiously began to gather what sticks remained and piece them together into some semblance of the structure they had been before. It was no use, he realized, and as he dropped to the ground, exhausted and bewildered, the remaining particles of his home crashed around him in a cloud of dust. So he sat and contemplated in a puddle of sticks and sunlight, for the winds in their fury had stripped the forest of its canopy of leaves and now the light from above was streaming through unhindered. As the warmth of the sun’s rays penetrated his bent and bowed neck, some part of his inner-ness began to relax. There was little he could do but receive the light. There was nowhere else to go.

As he sat, he settled into a realization that everything he had relied upon to protect him from the elements was suddenly and most assuredly gone. Could he blame the wind? What good does that do, he said to himself in quick reflex. Surprising even himself with such a candid answer, he let his thoughts flow… there was no one to blame. The wind was stronger than his carefully constructed walls. That was simple and complete. The wind had no expectation, and so, he decided, neither should he. He sat and released all the mental files in his memory banks that held the blueprints for his former cottage and directed his attention toward the photonic stream of data that was pouring into him from above. His form became filtered into pure energetic self-sufficiency and around him swirled the particulate matter of reflected OM-stuff, itself glowing in the sun-infused space where he sat. This continued for some time, and when at last he opened his eyes, he gasped! All around him now appeared a home without structural supports, without beams, without nails, without the girding and gaps that his last home had. Arcing overhead from every side was a perfectly parabolic dome, the shape of a mindspace with the toroidal emanations of his heart magnified in all directions. It was lit from within by a soft yet persistently powerful glow that cast no shadows and revealed an opalescent shimmer of living energies coalesced into a thought-enhancing field. What a place in which to dwell! he thought, and instantly found himself at peace.

We hope you enjoyed our telling of this tale. Our intent beyond helping you relax for a moment from the day-to-day excitement of living in the matrix of Earth was to instill the imagery of what it is to live in the era of sudden relinquishment of structure, whether that is of beliefs or of some physicality. Your world is in flux in so many ways, we see, and we understand the stresses that the winds of change can bring upon a mind grown comfortable in a set of structured beliefs, no matter how sturdy and deep the foundations. The difference between belief and knowingness is like the difference between living in a house or breathing one’s life within a fabric of elemental unification so shimmering with light that all else blends in seamless understanding into a living opalescence. It is the difference between self-expression and self-integration, the subtle shift from perception to seeing in the timeless moment of now the eternity of Now outside of time’s confines. In fact, it is the movement from within definition into “is.” Strip down all of the layers of definition with which you interact in your various spheres of influence, and you will approach authenticity of who you are in the context of knowingness, in the “is.” In truth, “is” has nothing by which to define itself, yet it is itself knowingness unencumbered by the weight of belief. It is in knowing that you are.

What happens when all of a sudden, the rug is ripped out from under your feet, your carefully laid plans go flying away on the wings of the unexpected, and you find yourself amid the rubble of a once-sturdy belief structure? You have options. You are certainly able to say, well, after all, I did save some memories to comfort me in whatever comes next. Or, you can walk away from everything and trust that the winds that follow will bring with them a good reason to keep living. Or you can simply mourn your misfortune for the rest of your days. There are many options, and while moments of mourning do follow loss, there is little need to think that the loss of belief is equivalent to the loss of one’s life and breath. You have, many of you, mourned the loss of belief in mythical figures conjured in adult minds to aid children’s behavior, with the promise of sweet surprises. Likewise, many of you have taken that further, and let go of the belief (and good riddance) that you must deserve some reward before receiving it, based on the judgment of an outside, superior authority. How many of you have gone yet further, and relinquished the comfortable belief that all will be well, that your prayers will be answered, and that in the end, there will be some triumph of good over evil with happiness forever after for your soul’s rest? If that suggestion shocks you, let us continue with the counterpoint, which is, have you entertained the thought that in place of such a belief, that a knowingness of love’s succor will sustain life in all its forms and varieties? Ponder a moment the implications of such a swap, and take another look around at the walls you have constructed over time, no matter how temporary you told yourself they might be, no matter how absently you allowed the bricks and mortar of habitual thought to stack up around you in an invisible, yet very limiting cage. It doesn’t take long, you know, just a hope untrusted, just a tiny thought that someday, something good might happen… after all, you deserve it, after all you’ve been through. Dear ones, listen: You have it all already, in the timeless now from which you source. If you don’t see what you want, know it is in some form already there, at the end of a path or already in the palm of your hand, hidden perhaps in something you don’t recognize. If you can know in your bones that the future is bright, you are able to be there in the now moment you occupy, for there is no separation from the “is” other than a matrix-space of temporality, and that is merely a function of experience. You are always in connection with the authenticity of being and in truth, you are a representation of that in your reality, now. Do you know that? Tap into your heart, dive past the gateways of belief, and see what you find there. In the face of engagement with your truth, no wind, however fierce, and no act of unplanned impermanence will touch you. In the face of the authentic self, a zen calm penetrates even the most turbulent chaos.

“God knows,” you are fond of saying in various ways according to the belief structures upon which you drape your language. Are you willing to step away from that? Do you believe you will fall into a chasm of perdition if you do? Or maybe it’s like taking a step away from the Easter bunny, which you know doesn’t exist, at least not in the traditional coloring-book kind of way. Heck, while you’re at it, step away from that circle of thinking where you believe that we exist, too. We don’t ask you to believe in us, in our reality, or even in our words. We would much prefer that you rely on your knowingness for such things, for we don’t want to bear the weight of helping you construct yet other structures to shelter your mind from the light of understanding itself. When you step outside of such thoughtforms and patterned dances of mind, pure knowingness engages with the light that lives in every particle of your beingness. Engage with that authentic self, and remember who you are. The times that are coming will be easier to navigate, the lighter you are.

Anthony Robbins – Asking the Right Questions


Lessons in Mastery

A Meditation by Almine – Coming Home to Yourself – Living from the Core of Authenticity

Almine Wisdom

This meditation, originally created to work with the Haaraknit, can be used to find your center. Living from your center is the key to authentic living.

Sylvain – The Seven Shaman Principles – 7-7-14

  1. The World is What You Think It Is

    Positive thoughts attract positive people and events, and negative thoughts attract negative people and events.

    Corollary: Everything is a dream

    Dreams are real and reality is a dream. The only test we use for a reality check is whether or not someone else experiences it. Hallucination means “your dream doesn’t match my dream.” “Reality” to a shaman is a mass hallucination, or a shared dream. If this life is a dream and if we can wake up fully within it, then we can change the dream by changing our dreaming.

    Corollary: All systems are arbitrary

    All meanings are made up and the Absolute Truth is whatever you decide it is. What matters is how well the system works for you, not how true it is (which is an arbitrary concept).

  2. There are No Limits

    We experience two kinds of limitations: creative and filtered.
    Creative limitation assumes the purposeful establishment of limits within an infinite universe in order to create particular experiences, made by God or our own Higher Selves. These enable us to experience life as humans on Earth (to play by that particular set of rules – breaking the rules changes to another game).

    Filtered limitations are imposed by ideas and beliefs that inhibit creativity rather than enhance it, like beliefs that engender hopelessness, helplessness, revenge and cruelty. They generate focus without the potential for positive action.

    Corollary: Everything is connected

    The usual metaphor is a web of interdependence.

    Corollary: Anything is possible

    All you have to do is believe. However, because you are not alone in the Universe, the degree to which something can be shared depends on the beliefs of others around you.

    Corollary: Separation is a useful illusion

    Pure empathy makes you as helpless as the one suffering. Fear make you lose sight of your role as dreamweaver.

  3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

    Meditation and hypnosis are simply different techniques for doing the same thing – refocusing your attention toward more positive beliefs and expectations. As states, both are identical conditions of sustained focused attention.

    Those aspects of your present experience which seem enduring are the effect of habitual sustained focused attention carried on by your subconscious.

    Corollary: Attention goes where energy flows

    Attention is attracted to all kinds of high energy intensity.

    Corollary: Everything is energy

    Thought is energy and one kind of energy can be converted into another kind of energy.

  4. Now is the Moment of Power

    Karma exists and operates only in the present moment. It is your beliefs, decisions, and actions today about yourself and the world around you that give you what you have and make you what you are.

    Thanks to memory we may carry over habits of body and mind from day to day, but each day is a new creation and any habit can be changed at any present moment – even if it isn’t easy.

    You select out of the immense resources of your gene pool those characteristics that best reflect your present beliefs and intentions. Your parents/social background have nothing to do with your present, but what you believe about them now and how you react to those beliefs does.

    Corollary: Everything is relative

    You define “now” based on your focus (second, hour, year, lifetime).

    Corollary: Power increases with sensory attention

    Many people living today aren’t even here – most of their attention is focused on the past or the future. To the degree they diminish their awareness of the present moment, their power and effectiveness in the present also decreases.

  5. To Love is to Be Happy With

    Love exists to the degree that you are happy with the object of your love. The unhappy part comes from fear, anger and doubt. To be deeply in love means to be deeply connected, and the depth and clarity of the connection increases as fear, anger and doubt are removed.

    Corollary: Love increases as judgment decreases

    Criticism kills relationships; praise builds and rebuilds them. When you give praise you reinforce the good and it grows. When you criticize you reinforce the bad and it grows.

    Corollary: Everything is alive, aware and responsive

    You subconscious takes any praise or criticisms it hears to heart, even if it’s directed elsewhere, even if you’re saying it. Each criticism separates you from and decreases your awareness of what you criticize, until you end up responding to a secondary creation of your own that may no longer resemble the original. When someone criticizes you, praise yourself to counteract it.

  6. All Power Comes From Within

    For every event that you experience you creatively attract it through your beliefs, desires, fears and expectations, and then react to it habitually or respond to it consciously. This does not mean that you are to blame for your abuse or injury, because you were probably not conscious of your negative beliefs, attitudes and expectations. It also does not mean the other person is innocent.

    Corollary: Everything has power

    You do not have ALL the power in the world – everyone has the same power. The good news – you can work with these powers.

    Corollary: Power comes from authority

    Confident authority is the key to conscious creation.

  7. Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth

    The means determine the end, not the ends justify the means. What is really important is what works.

    Corollary: There is always another way to do anything

    Every problem has more than one solution. If the goal is important, you should never give up, just change your approach.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Enthusiasm is Essential – 7-7-14

Oversoul Teachings: “Enthusiasm is Essential” Channeled through Wes Annac, July 6, 2014 –

As long as you make an effort, you can sharpen your ability to be receptors for the energy and information of the divine, and in doing so, you’ll find that you’re infinitely able to connect with us and use this connection for the benefit of the conscious public.

You have to be able to believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities before you can enjoy the fruits of such a belief, and we’ve said plenty of times in the past that believing in yourselves and your abilities is key to using them to help others.

Some of you tend to feel as if your creative spark has burned out; as if you can’t contribute to humanity’s evolution in the immense ways you’d like to be able to. You’re in control of your energy and depletion, and if you choose, you can be filled to the brim with elation.

Your resulting enthusiasm to contribute to your planet’s evolution will grow immensely, and we can envision waves of seekers stepping up to offer themselves to your ascension when they realize just how infinitely capable they are of using their gifts and talents to contribute to the restoration of consciousness.

Spiritually Inspired Creative Works

More seekers are becoming aware of spirit by the day, and as they do, they seek to offer themselves to your ongoing evolution with creative works that are inspired by spirit. Every seeker has the opportunity to start contributing to your ascension in immensely potent and helpful ways, but if you aren’t enthusiastic about helping humanity evolve, you might experience a distorted creative flow.

Enthusiasm is essential to doing or being anything, and along with believing in yourselves, enthusiasm will help you strengthen the potency of your creative works and make it far easier to get into the creative flow so many of you enjoy being in.

Channeling is one of the best ways to find and remain in this flow, but there are plenty of things you can do to access and benefit from it. Whether you write; channel; play music; paint beautiful pictures and landscapes, or do anything else creative, they contribute a lot to your collective evolution.

Every creative work that’s intended to help humanity become aware of spirt is greatly needed and greatly, greatly appreciated, and we seek to help those of you who are dedicated to using your creativity to assist in your planet’s evolution.

We’re doing everything we can to help you act on your respective creative flows as much and as often as possible, and if you decide to act on the advice and guidance we provide, you might find that your creative ventures are a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Those of you who enjoy writing, for example, can pick up on the energy of your guides and have them ‘write’ through you if you want.

You don’t have to limit yourselves in any way, and your ability to use your creative works for good depends on how open you are to the influence of spirit and how willing you are to access a deeper part of your consciousness and use it to strengthen your creativity.

The famous seekers throughout your history who used their talents to help uplift and inform humanity were tapped into a deeper and purer part of themselves, and you can each access your inner creativity and use it to help the rest of humanity find a higher vibration, spreading as much love and knowledge as possible in the process.

You’re on the earth to help humanity become aware of spirit and, eventually, ascend, but it’s important to remember that you’re also ascending. Give plenty of time and focus to your own ascension paths, and understand that your creativity is very important to finding a higher state of consciousness.

The more creative you are, the more you’ll strengthen your higher-dimensional links, and if you’re particularly inspired to create and use the influence of spirit to assist such creations, you’ll find that your ability to reach a higher state of consciousness grows.

Those of you who are particularly creative are encouraged to meditate before and after you work. Meditating beforehand will boost your creativity when the time comes to put it onto paper, and meditating afterward will expand on the energies you were able to bring through and make your next creative venture more enjoyable.

Focus, Commitment, and Dedication

Those of you who are using your creativity for the benefit of others will begin to find it much easier to reach the deeper states of consciousness that seemed so difficult to reach in the past, and with focus, commitment, and dedication, your creative and meditative flows will be stronger and smoother than they’ve ever been.

We note how ready some of you are to experience the greater states of consciousness you’ve heard so much about, and this is one of many reasons we recommend meditation or another, similar practice that helps you perceive and anchor a higher vibration to your planet for yourselves and the rest of humanity to benefit from.

Some seekers understand the benefits of meditation, but a lot of seekers are still in the dark about just what it can do and provide for you. Meditation provides a very direct link to the other side of the veil, and the same can be said for channeling and other, similar higher-vibrational practices.

The more you practice these things, the easier it’ll be to re-find the higher vibration you seek, and when you’re in a particularly pure state of mind and heart, everything you seek – creatively or otherwise – flows very easily and smoothly.

The clear and pure flow so many of you seek can be found in a higher state of consciousness, and those of you who are interested in discovering your passion and flowing from there are, again, encouraged to meditate on your talents and use such meditative time to reflect on what works best for you and what you enjoy doing the most.

If you find something you enjoy and you feel like you should use it to help your planet, nothing has to stop you from doing just that. If you become enthusiastic about a certain creative project or venture, there’s no reason not to embrace it with every facet of yourselves.

Ego-centered thought forms may try to convince you it isn’t worth your time and you should simply give up, but you won’t do yourselves or anyone else a justice by letting them influence you.

Instead of following the guidance of these thought forms, who want the awakening public to retreat back into their shells, you can transcend your perception of limitation and greet the newer, constantly expanding versions of yourselves that are unfolding for the rest of creation to behold.

Despite your infinite capabilities, we encourage you to find what works best for you and use it to help others become aware of the sacred truths of your existence, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen humanity’s overall link to the higher realms and make it easier for waves of potential seekers to open up to spirit when the time comes.

All of humanity is destined to open up to spirit and the greater perception you’re each starting to tap into, and we’ve said before that the goal of the Company of Heaven is for all of humanity to ascend this time around. We aim to achieve this goal, but provisions have been set for earthly souls who subconsciously decide not to ascend this time around and to experience their lower-dimensional growth in other realms and on other planets instead.

Many of the souls who are passing on from your world have chosen to stay in the fourth dimension and complete their life path work from there, but others have chosen to live on other third-dimensional planets, the conditions of which are much easier to exist in.

These souls will grow back into the higher realms in their own time, and it might take some of them a few lengthy life cycles to do so, but this is their choice and it’s honored, respected, and loved.

We can’t and won’t force any soul to lighten their vibration and ascend, because the choice is entirely yours and we have no desire to change this. Freewill is absolutely and unflinchingly honored through the universe, and whether it’s the lower freewill to hurt others or the higher freewill to remain in a certain state of consciousness, it’s honored.

We’re all facets of Source; of our creator, and this is in part why we respect and honor each other so much. We’d never take an earthly soul off of a path they’ve chosen for themselves, and those who don’t choose to ascend this time around will eventually be able to.

An Element of Harshness

The purpose of the lower dimensions is to provide the souls who travel there a harsh environment to grow and learn lessons in, but most other lower-vibrational environments aren’t nearly as harsh as the earth’s.

The earth’s environment has always had an element of harshness to it, with the exception of when your surface resonated unflinchingly with the fifth dimension, but in the past millennia of your time, the darkness and density have been turned up to extreme proportions as the surface of the earth became a hub for self-serving forces who sought to use her as a physical farm and humanity as a physical/energetic farm.

These forces sought to control humanity by forcing most of your society into seemingly moderate forms of slavery, and the masked system of indentured servitude most of your developed world is under wasn’t always as ’fair’ and ‘equal’ as it is now.

Indeed, it still isn’t nearly as ‘fair’ as a growing number of seekers would like for it to be, but the method of slavery you’re under today is less oppressive than the slavery that was common in plenty of other centuries of your time and, unfortunately, still is in some parts of your world.

The method in which you’re forced to give your energy away is due to change, but it can only change if you can all raise awareness about it and do the inner work that’ll help transform the collective consciousness.

If everyone on your planet stationed themselves on a higher vibration, myriad important changes would be able to be made in an easier way than if your vibration remained the same.

Indentured servitude has to come to an end before you can construct the brimming, galactic society so many of you are so ready to see, and this is why we implore those of you who’ve discovered spirit and the unfairness of your current system to work as hard as you can, raising your vibration and transforming everything about your planet that doesn’t resonate with the ideals of the new society you want to create.

The ascent of your collective vibration will be synonymous with your construction of the society of your dreams, and it’s becoming obvious to more and more seekers that the life path work you do is the biggest determiner of the progress that’s made on the world stage.

It might seem strange for some of you to comprehend that living in love and raising your vibration will be a more direct and helpful way of creating change than, say, firing all of your self-serving governments, but this is indeed true.

The changes that need made to your physical reality will follow suit when every seeker makes a potent effort to raise their vibration, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless encouragement to continue raising and refining your vibration in preparation for the events that are to come, which, of course, you’ll create.

We can’t express the importance of living in love and orienting to the divine qualities enough, and if you could view your planet from our perspective, you’d see that the things you do and feel within are more important than most anything else.

You have the ability to completely transform your society and the defunct manner in which it operates, but to do so, you have to transmute whatever defunct energies and emotions remain within. You can do it, and you have the assistance of the entirety of the Company of Heaven, which you can draw on when you feel depleted or as if you aren’t achieving the missions you set out to achieve.

You’re making far more progress than most of you realize, and we’ll continue to cheer you on from the sidelines, happily and enthusiastically waiting for the day when our communication can be more direct.

This day isn’t very far off from our perspective, and it doesn’t have to be from yours either. Patience is as important as any other divine quality, and the harder you work in this and every moment of now, the less time that’ll seem to have gone by before we’re face to face.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site. The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future. I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter. Photo Credit:

Anna Merkaba – Sirian High Council – Awaken to Who You Are – Message to the Ground Crew – 5-22-14

sirianhighcouncilSome of you do not know that you are you do not consciously understand what significant roles you are playing in the ascension, in the changing of the world organizations for you are not to consciously to know who you are, you are not to reveal your identity and hence we do not wish to inform you in person that you are who you are, but those that are going to read this message and feel within their hearts that they are being spoken to directly, are the key persons that are indeed involved in the reorganization and change. You are who are reading this message, you are who are heeding the words of this message are the ones that are in control of the destiny of the humanity .

Know this that those who are in power are being brought into the chambers of light for healing and transmutation, know that the new world government is about to unfold before your very eyes and you are going to be in awe and in shock of the changes that are about to occur, know this that it is indeed so that we are speeding up the consequences of everything that you are believing to be true, and know that we are by your side, we are descending or rather you are coming to us, many of you are going to be seeing more of us, for we are in your territories right now, and in the next few weeks you are going to see many more of so called UFO’s appear in the sky, and many more such stories being reported for we are making ourselves visible for the time has come and we are going to be showing ourselves to you, to the key ones that are playing this game with fierce heart and open mind, we are spreading this message far and wide but know that those of you who are going to be reading this message and feel a zing or feel a shiver go down your back, those of you are the key leaders of the new earth.

You will not know this in your waking hours and you will continue to believe that you are not In fact the ones controlling the outcomes of the entire civilization but it is not so, for you are merely being protected and you are to stay under cover, for many years must pass before your identities will be revealed to you completely, before you will be able to walk into the light and take your righteous place amongst your brothers and sisters, but for now, your souls are doing all the work, while your body remains anchored on earth as if nothing is happening but that is not so, for you are great indeed.



Many of you are wondering whom we speak of, but those to whom we are speaking right now, are the ones that are to remain calm, all of you light warriors, are the ones in control of your destinies, and the destiny of humanity, but here are those amongst you who hold a special key a code within their DNA, that is enlightening the world, a code within their DNA that is waking up the humanity without them even realizing that it is so, for that is how it must be, for that is how it is to be and so it shall be, for now.

For you know who you are deep in your hearts you know who you are, deep in your hearts you know you are being called to rise up and take control over the shadows, you are hereby announced, you are hereby reinstalled, you are hereby given the kingdom of light and you are hereby to take control over the shadows and bring your people into the light, bring your people into the light, for when they will be in the light your job will be completed but for now, you are to lead the way for them out of darkness and into the light.

We leave you with this message of love, unity and hope, for the new earth is coming to you, and you are to do your part and you are to rise up and spread your love love love for love is truly the only way to solve all that has occurred on planet earth, we are not going to be using violence to assist earthlings, for there is plenty of it already, we are going to use the love frequency to not only raise the vibration of the earth but also to break the barrier of those that cannot hear, and this frequency will cleanse those all that stands in the way of love.

We love you, we leave you with a message of strength and love we love you goodbye for now.annamerkabadistantenergyhealer

Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Eckhart Tolle – Ego Self and Cosmic Being

The Vibration Nation·72 videos

What is “ego” and what is the Universe? Who are you?

Polona Aurea Dawn – Divine Love is Authenticity in the New – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my video about authenticity in the New. What does is really mean to be authentic? It is so common nowadays to hear the words: “Just be authentic. Just be yourself!” It has become such a common phrase. The fact of the matter is, that most often we don’t go deep enough into that statement and explore the energy dynamic behind it, when those words are being used. A lot of times we believe that simply doing what we love means to be authentic. Is that enough, is that all that is to it?

Authenticity in the New equals being in a sacred space of Divine Love all the way. This means being in alignment with the Integral Whole, not just the individual self that we often perceive ourselves to be through the aspect of our personality. When we perceive ourselves as a consciously aware Soul Essence, we also perceive ourselves as One with all Life in Creation, which includes everyone else and all other Life forms. This means that we don’t just do things that please just us, for we walk in Grand alignment with All That Is, through utter Divine Love of our Being. When we are authentic in our Hearts, we are authentic in living as an embodiment of Divine Love … each in our own unique way, through the individual Soul expression that we embody.

But being authentic doesn’t just mean bluntly doing or saying anything that we feel without Grace, especially if that comes through lack of integrity and at the expense of hurting others. When we hurt another through negative patterns (such as judgment, blame, jealousy, spreading lies, rumors and gossip, etc.), we actually hurt ourselves first. So authenticity in Divine Love means standing in our Divine Grace, walking the path of spiritual mastery, adulthood and maturity. It means owning our energy, mastering our lower self in order to live our Higher Self. It means to love all without any conditions and to serve the bigger picture. It is only then, that we can actually become the real us … our Soul, for our Soul knows only benevolence.

When we are authentic in Divine Love, we live through the Soul Essences such as Beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, Honor, Dignity, Courage, Power … to name just a few. We live in Love and as Love embodied. We become pure Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Wes Annac – Awaken to Your Infinite Capabilities – 5-5-14

Matt Muckleroy·1,387 videos

FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014
Wes Annac ~ Spiritual Guidance: We’re Sending You Codes and Information
Thanks to Méline Lafont:
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Wes is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
Wes can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.


Wes Annec   –   Awaken to Your Infinite Capabilities

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

It’s time to let yourselves awaken to your infinite possibilities and capabilities, and we’re ready for all of humanity to see that they are and have always been divine souls who are capable of everything they seek to achieve. Humanity has been able to achieve a lot of things in the various civilizations that have existed on Gaia’s surface, but the achievements you’re poised to collectively make go beyond what most seekers expect.

You’re able to do far more than you realize or give yourselves credit for, and we strive to help you understand your potential and the divine feats you’re each on the earth to achieve.

Understanding your power and the fact that you’re poised to make the greatest changes the earth’s yet seen will motivate many of you to start acting on your potential, and we’re doing our part in guiding a process that can only be achieved by the seeker who hopes to achieve it.

We’re offering more assistance than most seekers realize, but we aren’t as directly involved in your earth’s ascension as each of you are. We’re doing everything we can with the nearly infinite tools we have available, but your work is far more important to focus on because you have a lot to do and a decreasing amount of your concept of ‘time’ to do it.

Opening yourselves to the influence of spirit will help you immensely in your achievement of things that seem impossible from your current perspective, and with the connections you can now make, you’ll be able to do anything and everything you’ve previously thought impossible.

Increased Abilities

Your extrasensory abilities are coming online with increased rapidity, and even though your individual paths are moving along a similar cycle and set of events, you’re the ones who steer your extrasensory development and you’re the deciders of how slow or fast this process is.

Following your intuition and the nudges of the open heart space will help you develop these abilities, and in turn, they’ll help you anchor a higher vibration and make the planetary changes you’re destined to make much easier.

You’re destined to completely transform the manner in which your society currently functions, and one of the biggest items on humanity’s and the Company of Heaven’s agenda will be the replacement of finite natural resources with infinite ones that don’t harm your environment or pollute Gaia in any other way.

The spirit of your planet is ready for her surface to heal the pain she continues to experience, and in time, all of humanity will understand how your society’s intended to function. You’re all intended to have equal prosperity, and no soul’s intended to go without when there are plenty of resources for everyone to live comfortable lifestyles.

Every soul will live an abundant and enjoyable life in the new world you’re each contributing to the creation of, and nobody will be forced to go without or lack the resources you’re all intended to have.

We aren’t the sole creators of change on your world, but again, we do what we can to help you become aware of spirit and your immense abilities to be divinely inspired forces for change. Our communications are intended to help you become aware while simultaneously delivering energy to your evolving minds and hearts, and your reception of this energy grows with each attempt you make to connect with us.

Your reception grows slightly each time you absorb a pure communication that’s encoded with the energy we’re sending you, but you’ll benefit far more from connecting with us yourselves and reaping the flowing benefits such a connection offers.

One of the prime purposes of our communications is to eventually nudge every soul who reads them to start making their own inner connections. Whether these connections are personal or public, we intend to help every soul connect with their respective higher selves and guides, and our messages are only one out of many sources to help you do so.

There are an infinite amount of ways you can pick up on spirit and find the greater connection you seek, and a lot of developing seekers are led to channel our energies and impressions as they open themselves to spirit more and more.

Illusory Misconnection

Other souls have chosen different methods of connecting that are just as efficient, and no matter which route you take, you’ll all eventually re-reach spirit and work from there to find ever greater and purer states of consciousness. No matter what route you take, you’re each connecting with us in an increasingly clear and pure way, and you’re intended to understand this in your moments of seeming misconnection.

Many of you go through ups and downs – in regards to connecting with our energy and in general – but if you remain in your sacred center and understand that you’re given far more spiritual assistance than you realize, you’ll diminish the lower, misconnected moments and maintain a constant and active spiritual connection.

Some of you out there already have such a connection, and we’re working with those of you who haven’t yet found it to make your own connections and reap the flowing rewards that result. More and more seekers are poised to start connecting with our energies and impressions as time goes on, and we can feel the joy many of you are starting to access as you maintain your constant connections.

We’d like to let those of you who are particularly interested in channeling our communications know that as you continue to develop your abilities, you’ll eventually be able to channel us for hours on end if you so choose.

We can foresee many developing channels scribing their messages for certain prolonged amounts of time, instead of striving for the communications to be of a certain length. Some developing scribes are concerned with how long or short their messages are, but this is a mental concern and holds no true relevance to the purity or helpfulness of the communication itself.

We can, and do, channel two or three sentences through a budding scribe and still retain the purity of a long, flowing communication.

From our perspective, what matters more is the amount of your illusory concept of ‘time’ and of energy you spend connecting with the higher realms. The more effort you make, the pure and more flowing your connections can be, and already, many channels are able to spend long amounts of time flowing with our energies and impressions.

Many of these souls have started workshops and conferences wherein they channel us or certain well known entities for quite a long amount of time, and those of you who are particularly interested in developing your channeling abilities will be able to reach such a point if you commit to consistently practicing them.

With every message a scribe channels, they’re practicing and sharpening their abilities to connect with us and bring our communications through.

Challenge Yourselves

Even though we don’t encourage making channeling a mind-centered process, we do encourage those of you who are particularly interested in the development of your channeling abilities to set certain amounts of time for you to channel our energies.

Challenge yourselves if you feel inclined to. See if you can connect with us for, say, half an hour of your earthly time, and next time, make it thirty-five of your minutes. Why not challenge yourselves and see how far you can take the development of your abilities?

Practice always makes perfect, and those of you who are worried about the length of the communications that result can feel free to divide them into shorter messages if you so choose.

Again, what matters from our perspective is your development of and commitment to the act of channeling our energy, and while we’re patient with every soul who wants to develop their abilities, we’re as serious as joyful and elated souls can be about communicating with and through humanity.

This is because of our aforementioned desire to help you become aware of spirit in any way possible, and while we’re in no way mind-centered beings, we do want you to know that we have a lot to offer you in this avenue. We have a lot of information and energy to help you learn and absorb, and we intend to use the temples of those who are committed to the channeling process as much and as often as they choose to allow us.

We’re here to help you learn about spirit – not to become gurus who you should aimlessly follow, but to act as the intuitional voice that helps you understand things in a greater way.

We don’t encourage attaching yourselves to our or any channeled communications as a sole source of information or energy, but rather, to look within and see that the ability to connect with the higher realms lays in each of you, waiting to be discovered and utilized.

Some of you will choose to channel us as a simple hobby, and we’re fine with this. We’ll offer our energy and information nevertheless, with much happiness and appreciation for your efforts.

However, we do seek souls who are committed, ready, and willing to channel us for long amounts of your concept of time, because swimming to the deep end of the channeling pool is much more rewarding and enjoyable than wading around in the shallow end.

What we mean is that lightly connecting with us for a short amount of your concept of time will help you in its own way, but staying committed to channeling us will produce much more information, energy, and insight that you would’ve never expected yourselves to pick up on.

This is why we encourage you to challenge yourselves and take your channeling abilities further than you would’ve ever expected to, but no matter what you do, we’ll happily be here to offer our guidance and advice. Whether channeling becomes a hobby or a life passion for any of you, we’ll always be here to do everything we can to help you lighten your vibration.

We can’t lighten your vibration for you, but we can offer energy and advice that’s intended to uplift you and help you do so.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with respect for the paths you each decide to take and the work you’ll do from here on out to help others become aware. The work of each of you is poised to increase, as we’ve said in the past, but it can’t do so unless you strive to expand it.

It all comes down to how much effort you want to give for humanity’s evolution, and at the end of the day, no decision or amount of work is appreciated less than another. Thank you for your efforts thus far, and feel free to expand on them when you feel like challenging yourselves.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

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Genele Boyce – The Chuck-It List – Golden Age Of Gaia – 5-10-14

cutmypic(1)Steve Beckow: Genele is a Seattle Intuitive and Transformational Life Coach. I suppose I just chucked a great deal, proving the value of what Genele says here. (1)

The Chuck-It List

by Genele Boyce, Heartmind Life, May 1, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

The other night, while having dinner with a friend, the subject came up of bucket lists, along with my friend’s palpable disdain for them. Suddenly he announced, in his usual witty way, “I’m not interested in bucket lists, I’ve created my own personalized chuck-it list.”

This, of course created a direct hit to my funny bone. Unable to contain my laughter, he continued, “ No I’m serious, I’m interested in what I can do today that makes my life better so I’ve started making lists of those things I cannot stand to do any more or ways of being that no longer serve me.”

For example he said: “I hate mowing my lawn, so I chucked it to a gardener, who now mows it for me.” I asked are you serious? And he said, “Yes, I add to it every day and constantly check things off. You should try it. It’s very freeing.”

Suddenly the light bulb went off in my heart, so I asked if I could borrow it. What I love is that these are doable daily choices with no expectation of outcomes inherent with bucket lists. He was absolutely right. It’s empowering and it’s freeing.

Years ago when I made a conscious choice to live my life from the inside out, I realized I had some spring cleaning to do. It took a lot of diving below the water line, chucking beliefs that really weren’t mine. It took letting go and getting clear about who I am. And, it taught me how to create the life I want to live.

This process takes courage and much self-awareness.  Now, I focus daily on what’s working instead of what’s not. I identify those things I want to create more of.

Why not go ahead and create your own chuck-it list? What a wonderful opportunity to become more aware of the choices you make and the habits and behaviors you’ve got. Look at everything  and chuck what you’ve outgrown, things that don’t serve you or who you’ve become.

Every moment of every day we make a choice, whether we’re aware of it or not. Some choices are conscious; most are not. Many are reactions to the world around us. Others may be based on false or limiting beliefs, and many are the invisible ways we think.

But there is only one way to get you to where you want. That’s awareness, clarity and alignment with who you really are and who you’re not. How can you get there when you carry a heavy load of things you can chuck that you didn’t even know about?

Now here’s your litmus test: What isn’t working, what do I want instead, and is it aligned with my heart or my head?  When you catch it, grab a pen and put it on your list, take action and chuck it instead.

Chucking can be so liberating. I invite you to chuck whatever’s limiting. Chuck old beliefs, clothes, shoes that don’t fit. Chuck clutter, baggage and the trash in your can. Chuck fears and worries, anxieties and hurries. Chuck have to’s and should’s, I can’t’s and if only’s. Chuck regrets, the past and things you can’t change. Because, If you don’t chuck it, you’ll create more of the same.

Be bold with your own chuck-it list. Write it down and put it on your fridge. Remember what you resist persists; what you perceive you receive. Get clear, take action and chuck all the rest. Start living from your heart and not from your head. Focus on what’s working and what you want instead.

And that, beautiful beings, is a choice.


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Ariah Velasquez – Being Your Amazing, Unique Self – 5-8-14


Hello! I’m back. Until…well, the next time.  Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I know they are helpful.  This is one of my ways I have been called to be of service.  So enjoy, this latest infusion of honesty, spirit, and insights.  I have undergone my own metamorphosis, lightening more of my human load. May this translate into a balance between joyfulness while holding the “seriousness” of these matters 🙂.  You could say, it was the Mystic Christ that did it, deepening my love for all, and for self.  And that Mystic Christ is me and you.  We are the living body of the Christ manifested now in several forms.  Or the living body of whichever Ascended forms you relate to.  Perhaps it’s the Buddha.  It’s all one anyway. Basically we are ascended humans living in bodies…at least we always are in one time and space.  You see, all time is now. Multiple realities exist all at once.  It’s ok if you don’t believe this fully.  Try the idea on for maybe a day, and see how it feels. See if it allows you to live life more as the way you want to live. And that leads me gracefully into todays topic.


It’s not always so simple to be you; to live life functioning in a way that works best for who you and I are as individuals, with our own design.  This week, the theme for my work with clients has been living life exactly in a way that supports who you are, and what you are here to do.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it? I mean, it’s YOU. Shouldn’t it be easy to just do what you were put here to do?  Oh dear, but then there is that unconscious mind. Oh, and don’t forget the pesky samskaras trapped in our nadis.  If I have lost some of you with this Hindu lingo, please do look it up.  Oh, fine,I’ll just tell you. It’s the karmas that get trapped in our meridians.  It is often, the blocks that hold us back, that we don’t even know about.  That’s why mantra and meditation is so darn helpful.  It works it’s alchemy into those nadis, and brings in more light to the darkness.  One of my favorites for this is Sai Baba’s version of the Gayatri Mantra.  Boy, is that powerful.  Or girl, is that strong!

I hear so many want to change jobs, or do something they have always dreamed of to finally be happy…and yet there is something in the way from actualizing it.  One of the biggest things in the way is simply fear.  And another is lack of commitment for doing what it takes to make it happen.  These two reasons result in the environment, or your reality, blocking you from the very thing you want.  It will show up like an impossible mountain that is not your fault.  It will show up as a life circumstance that keeps you trapped in the old home you used to live in, or the job that no longer serves you.  It will show up as a health issue that hinders us from having energy to do it. And it will show up as a childhood experience that taught us the wrong way to be.  Are you getting the picture?  It shows up as something outside of you that stays the reason why you can’t do that very thing.  It is conniving, and a trickster.  It makes us think we are powerless for this change.

OK, well, the beings of light, spirit, and our higher selves have come to kick some butt today.  They are here this week starting NOW, to awaken us to our personal power to change our reality by uncovering where we have placed blame on the external.  So right now, summon your divine team to intervene.  Ask your divine team, to help you witness where you have blocked your path.  Then simply acknowledge what you learn, and then love it.  Yes, LOVE IT! Love the blocks like they are your little children wanting to be held. And in a very short while, if you really, truly love what you dislike, it will melt away in the arms of your divine presence.  At least the first layer of blockage.  Then do it again, and again, until you have emptied out that area in the being.

Do pay attention when you are getting closer to releasing the stagnancy, because sometimes you may get a reaction from people.  They may see you are about to change, and they may criticize, get angry, or even appear as a scenario where you are being asked to let go of something.  For example, one client was told she was not good at her current job.  This is because she is meant to actually move to a higher position in her job world, and so the Universe is making it uncomfortable to stay stuck in the old.  Does this make sense to you?  It’s your time now! You never know what each day holds, or when it is your time to leave this planet.  Don’t waste your days feeling trapped and afraid.  We are meant to fully live now.  It’s ok if you don’t have a desire to move mountains (something another client said to me).  Perhaps, your gift is to love.  Just to purely love your family.  Maybe the happiness will be fulfilled not when you change jobs, but figure out what is blocking you from fully loving.  Ask to see what it is you are truly unhappy about.  Is it only appearing as money or a person?  It may be actually where you haven’t put your attention.

As usual, I send my light to you in these words.  If you have read this today, you must have really needed it.  I put a transmission of my love from my Mystic Christ lineage in this today.  I don’t always do that, but for some reason, I thought you really needed it.

With light and humor (alway),

Ariah Velasquez


Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com,


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