Peter Russell – Science, Spirituality, Origin of Consciousness

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Peter Russell discusses the crumbling barriers between science and spirituality, and what contemporary research may be telling us about the origin and nature of consciousness.

Western science has had remarkable success in explaining the functioning of the material world, but when it comes to the inner world of the mind, it has very little to say. And when it comes to consciousness itself, science falls curiously silent. There is nothing in physics, chemistry, biology, or any other science that can account for our having an interior world. In a strange way, scientists would be much happier if minds did not exist. Yet without minds there would be no science. This ever-present paradox may be pushing Western science into what Thomas Kuhn called a paradigm shift — a fundamental change in worldview.

Peter is one of the leading thinkers on consciousness and contemporary spirituality and author of a number of books including From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness, Waking Up in Time: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change and The Global Brain: The Awakening Earth in a New Century. He believes that the critical challenge today is to free human thinking from the limited beliefs and attitudes that lie behind so many of our problems — personal, social, and global. His mission is to distil the essential wisdom on human consciousness found in the world’s various spiritual traditions, and to disseminate their teachings on self-liberation in contemporary and compelling ways.

Peter is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest.

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Lisa Gawles – Shift of Time and Energy – Fractals, Phase Conjugation, Electromagnetic Pulses, and Sine Waves – 5-12-14


I swear the sandman was ever-present in every single reading yesterday.  Each reading I did, I got progressively more and more tired.  By the time I got to my last connection of the day, my eyes were burning I was so tired and connection was impossible.  I rescheduled, hit the couch and fell fast asleep… until 7 flipping pm at night!  I woke up thinking it was the next day and then realized, ohhh shit… I slept right thru the soul gym time.  So to everyone who was looking forward to ET Sunday, I am so sorry for being a no-show.  No more naps for me on soul gym days!!!

However, I know it is the increasing intensity, thickness of the incoming energy.  Whatever that “influx” of energy spirit has talked about coming in May 14th thru the 16th, is already underway.  Kinda funny to think about how linear our brains still are.  We look to a “future” date on the calendar and think, well, that day does not exist yet… when in actuality, it all exists already and is very much underway.  Of course, this is what allows us to see future events, they are already happening.  But even this, can be a bit deceiving, simply because we have the ability to change our mind instantly on where we are heading.

Imagine your life is really just a footpath you are walking.  Suddenly, you come to a point in that footpath were it branches out into several different directions… any reader picks up the energy from the present moment with the current strongest potential of which branch you will take.  Change your mind, your direction along the way, that obviously changes the outcome of the path taken.  So really, there is no path, just bubbles of (non) reality all linked together so the mind does not miss a beat.

The way I “see” these bubbles of (non) reality is housed in terms of months.  May is the present moment, June is the next reality potential… an energy field all its own.  Some people may choose to never leave the energy field of May (not really a month, but a bubble of frequency, of creation itself we call, Life.)  You can look around at the outside world and see what timeline they are locked into (by choice, no shackles exist except in the mind itself.)  Some very much aligned with the 1930′s or 40′s, some, the mindset of the 1800′s (beliefs, world views, etc) is still very strong.  Then you have the wonderful crazies called US, that know even this moment is mutable and we have absolute control over any given outcome within our personal life (bubble of creation.)

Now lets take this one step further.  Let’s say we have taken ourselves out of the illusion that life has to happen as it always has.  That we KNOW we create our reality, day in, day out.  This is where the game gets fun, and the ability to see beyond this month, this moment, becomes difficult, if not impossible.  Many of us have taken ourselves off the hamster wheel and put the magic wand of creation into our own hands.  The more we use that magic wand (the emotional field of the heart) the more energy comes into assist whatever the desires of our hearts are.

This is exactly what that influx of energy is here to do.

I am so blessed to be able to read, to connect to the most powerful people on the universe… YOU!!  But even more than that, we are ALL blessed.  The more you try to figure out how you work now, the more we get to understand ourselves too.  That is a blessing beyond all blessings and the whole universe/multiverse, owes you a debt of gratitude.  Soon to be paid off… 😀

These last few days in reading land, once again we are getting bombarded with science.  Fractals, phase conjugation, electromagnetic pulses, and sine waves.  Of course, thru the last couple years, we would get wind of these things thru various readings, then (from my stand point) thank god it would leave as quickly as it came.  Ohhh my sleeping scientific brain lol.  But now, it really feels more important than ever to take what quantum science understands and go beyond that into the realm of metaphysical, if we really want to be creators in human guise.

I am not just talking manifesting, that is attraction.  Creating is, well, creating.  Manifesting is drawing something or someone to you that is already in the field of creation.  Creation on the other hand, is producing something that a moment before, did not exist in the created world.  Fully using the field of energy that is surrounding us.

But first, we need to know the elements, the tools if you will, of creation.  Before I got doused with intense sleepy energy yesterday, I got the most profound ah-ha I have had in a while.  Each one of you that stands in the field of light (my back yard lol) and gets these instruction sets, visuals that go with the instruction set, is a major key to bringing the full understanding into our collective consciousness.

I suppose, it is easier to work one part of the machine than try and learn the whole thing all at once.  But good for all of us, the moment you understand your tool, that becomes part of the collective and we all know it too.  Suddenly, our tools become more functionable because you took the time and energy to understand your part.

Maybe this is why, over the years, this information came in in bits and bursts.  We just didn’t do the full ground work of understanding, so it comes up again and again.  Cycles within cycles until we get it, fully.  Equally, somethings seem to get handed off to others.  What I refer to as the back up plan to the back up plan.

It donned on me after I published my last post, those curlicues I was seeing coming out of my pores were actual fractals, spirals of energy elongated.  Then, someone showed up in the field that same day, with a massive fractal coming in as wind blowing from the deep west to their center field (body.)  When this intense wind (again, coming in like a spiral) connected to their body, there was this…. hmmmm… fusion happening starting at the feet and fusing into each major energy center in the core of the body.

So, I started to look up how to use fractals in energy itself.  Beyond the pretty and consistent design, I really am understanding (sorta) that there is a use, a mobility to this energy spectrum.  I found a simple website on fractal field theory that took me to yet another rabbit hole of phase conjugation.

There are also two very important power centers within each and every one of us, a gift of wisdom brought in by one of the ETs.  Our mental mind is an absolute crucial generator in creating in this field of matter.  Not the ego, but the power of the mind without the goo.  It must be a co-partner with the mind of the heart (spirit) which really fuses together the divine masculine (mind) with the divine feminine (heart.)  Lovers, creators, fertility at its max!!

And then this man shows up, a wonderful virgin upon my field (new to having me read for him, smile) putting out the energy of what looked like an EKG read out, but in an intense metallic spectrum of color.



This energy stretched from his deep west field, across his created life field and merged with the area of May 14th thru the 16th (which is now a band in most everyone’s reading.)  So I did what I do best, tip-toed to google and look up the very specific words his team laid out: electromagnetic pulse.  Yup, yup, yup!!  I see a story unfolding.

Lets keep in mind as well…  last year as the readings unfolded, in the deep west that thing I started to call a silo, where all your/our mastered energy (to include, wisdom, abilities, good karma coins and stuff) was stored for future use became prevalent.   Then towards the end of the year, what I called a nuclear generator appeared behind the silo of your personal energy stores, with the understanding that this generator was taking the energy in the silo’s and transferred it into usable energy as you progressed.  (Just a side note, for those who have done nothing with it, it still sits in waiting.  For some, the timing of release had to wait until NOW.)

Then yesterday, we start off with the energy of a sine wave, coming out of the deep west of my lady’s field, stretching across to the center of may.  The golden yellow of her sine wave really brought home the understanding of the power cells of both the central sun and her nuclear generator as a alloyed energy.

The one thing that became super clear for me, was linking the micro with the macro. The fractal energy coming out of the very pores of our skin must be connected to the incoming energy from the deep west, harnessed with the energy of our emotion, plugged into the electromagnetic pulse of the (higher) universe, and set into motion of creation.

This, is getting exciting… even if it is a bit…. sciency!!

I love you my beautiful, radiant, POWERFUL co-creators!!

((((HUGZ))))  of pulsing energy to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Russellian Science – TEC Part 17 – The Electric Nature of Magnets

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This Unit conveys Walter Russell’s concept of magnetism as being a condition of electricity, not a separate force. The One force, electricity, is all man has to deal with in an electric universe. Recognizing this fact of nature will further mankind’s understanding of the reality in which he finds himself by a thousand years. Correctly perceiving this universe of temporal motion will help to unlock the many mysteries that now has science groping in the dark for answers that Russell provided back in 1926. SIMPLIFY-UNIFY.

Produced by – Robert Otey & Matt Presti

Music – matt presti

1st track – Know the Source
2nd track – Mind Source
3rd track – Still Magnetic

Spirit Science 27 – The Vacuum of Space

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There is some really exciting information available these days about the structure of the vacuum of space. Essentially – the structure by which molecules, atoms, and pretty much everything grows to try and replicate this fundamental pattern.

It is beautiful by design, and represents a perfect phi-based harmonic flow of energy and information through the vacuum that reality exists within.

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This video was created by Team Spirit – Jordan, Ray, Celine and Kris. We put it together over the course of this week, and we’re working hard on next week as you watch this!

A lot of the information was based on Nassim Harameins work and the documentary “Black Whole”, but there are also some clips from another youtube video called “The Infinite In-Between”, check it out, it’s really fun.

Oh, and before I forget – If you want to learn about time traveling particles, do a search for “Tachyons” or just google “Time Traveling Particles”, that’s a good place to start ^^……

We made a video last week for Jamie Janover for the Sonic Bloom Festival coming up in a few months. If you’re into the festival scene, you’ll have a great time!!

Mind Science – We Are Vibrational Beings


The Search For God Eventually Leads To Love – Alan Rowland’s Weblog


Alan Rowland   /  10-8-13

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 The eye of God in outer space / NASA photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope has been labeled the ‘Eye of God’ by frequent forwarders.
God is NOT a particle, God is love, a loving plan in action ~ an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators. Only by fully surrendering to love do we begin to realize our part in a universal loving plan: Allen L Roland
We are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love: William Blake
The external search for God is the ego’s yearning for spiritual validity but doomed to failure ~ for God is only revealed from within by surrendering to love.

Hadron atom smasher Collider in action

A dramatic example of the celebration of our external search for something that exists deepest within ourselves is the Higgs Boson ~ it took nearly 50 years, but Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for ‘apparently’ figuring out how the universe’s most basic building blocks acquire mass and form the world we know today.
As the AP reported ~ “To track down the elusive subatomic unit ~ sometimes referred to by laymen as the “GOD particle” ~ thousands of scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, had to build the world’s biggest atom smasher. The $10 billion Large Hadron Collider operates in a 17-mile (27-kilometer) tunnel beneath the Swiss-French border. Englert and Higgs were trying to provide an answer to a riddle: why do certain fundamental particles have mass. They proposed the existence of an invisible field(like a field of molasses) that sprawls through space like a net. The building blocks of matter, they suggested, acquired mass shortly after the Big Bang, when they were trapped by this field. Much later, as the universe cooled, they formed atoms. To detect the field, the scientists suggested looking for the Higgs boson, because all fields are seemingly associated with a particle.”  See AP report ~
In that article, I explained that The basic underlying and uniting force of the Universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness (the Unified Field) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite. (By ‘psychic’ I mean inexplicable by natural laws).I have proved this for the past 38 years in my role as a heart centered transformation therapist and counselor with both emotionally wounded civilians and combat veterans with PTSD.
So what about all that unaccounted for space in the universe?
Scientists have predicted that space is filled with an invisible field that gives particles their mass. They’ve dubbed it the Higgs field. In 1966 Peter Higgs (University of Edinburgh) proposed that the universe was full of a field called a HIGGS FIELD. Supposedly disturbances in this field, as particles move through it, cause objects to have mass. They postulated that the Higgs Field consists of countless Higgs particles (called Bosons) that act like a kind of cosmic molasses that fills all of space. As objects move through space they have to ‘wade’ through these Higgs particles that ‘cling’ to them, causing a drag that shows up as mass.
A Cosmic quantum field of molasses ~ give me a break!  And scientists, of course, have all been hot on the trail to find this elusive particle and are spending billions of dollars in the process. The July 2005 issue of Scientific America highlighted this search in a lead article entitled The Mysteries of Mass ~ where they announce “Scientists are hunting for an elusive particle that would reveal the presence of a new kind of field that permeates all of reality.”
Despite the questionable Nobel Prize, the Higgs Boson has never been actually found and actually represents a hope ~ much like Obama’s Nobel Peace prize !  In 2011, CERN scientists declared that over the entire range of energy the Collided had explored ~ from 145 to 466 billion electron volts ~ the Higgs boson is excluded as a possibility with a 95% probability.
Obviously, Particle physics has reached a dead end. Once again, scientists are still looking without, through one eye, for an external physical particle and will never discover this elusive field unless they look through their other subjective eye and acknowledge the within of things and the universal urge to unite.In other words, we are not all floating around in a static and disconnected Higgs quantum field of molasses but, instead, are all swimming in a Roland Unified Field of love, connection and soul consciousness ~ that permeates the universe.
Now all we need is a recognized physicist to question the limitations of the quantum Higgs Field of static molasses. Dr. Wulf von Bonin does just that in his brilliant paper The Picture of Current Cosmology and Questions to it In his section Problems with the “Higgs Field Bonin writes; “If the “Higgs field” is rich in energy, enables expansion, materializes itself in particles of heavy masses, and is able to mediate masses for other particles, it has to be already “dimensional”. It already possesses the characteristics of cosmic dimensions. It has to develop historically from a universal and non-dimensional basic status and this status has to differ significantly from the “Higgs field”.   
As Amir Aczel writes in Scientific America on August 23, 2011 ~ But if the Higgs doesn’t exist, where does mass in the universe come from? Theories that go beyond the “standard model” of particle physics may be necessary
And here you have a proven theory ~ the Roland Unified Field  of love and soul consciousness differs significantly from the Higgs Field because its driving cosmic dimension is the universal urge to unite which permeates the universe and also exists deepest within ourselves ~ and it most certainly goes beyond the standard model of particle physics.
As such, the Higgs field of static molasses now becomes a Roland Unified Field of dynamic cosmic interconnections fueled by the universal urge to unite ~ and we all participate in this evolutionary process or loving plan as co-creators.  
Stephen Hawking wrote in BLACK HOLES AND BABY UNIVERSES about his concerns about a grand Unified Field: “And even if there is only one unique set of possible laws ~ it is only a set of equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to govern? Is the ultimate Unified Field so compelling that it brings about its own existence?”
In response to Hawking’s query ~ This Unified Field of love is that compelling and it does bring about its own existence because it is deepest within us all and is the virtual plasma of the universe. Hawking also posed that there ought to be something special and simple about a theory of everything ~ and what could be more special and simple than LOVE.
Watch this one-minute time lapse film taken in Mauna Kea, Hawaii of the thickness of our Milky Way galaxy in plain sight. The canvas overhead will surely spark your sense of awe and wonder and then realize that you and I are connected to all of that vastness through a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness as well as a universal urge to unite.
But love, in its mystery, has its own power. It alone gives us meaning that endures. It alone allows us to embrace and cherish life. Love has the power both to resist in our nature what we know we must resist and to affirm what we know we must affirm: Chris Hedges
Allen L Roland

Bruce Lipton – As Above So Below – An Introduction To Fractal Evoloution

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Sonic Geometry – Language of Frequency and Form – Eric Rankin, Alanna Luna

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Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form.
How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation…. again?

(This Video has been cut for youtube requirements, please stay tuned for a full 11:11 minute version of the sonic tones! Thank you for watching…)

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Eric Rankin is available for speaking engagements and appearances:

Bashar – Animal Consciousness

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A segment from Rising from the Ashes 6-12 All copyrights reserved. Bashar Communications. Full DVD at This segment is for educational purposes.

Gregg Braden – Walking Between the Worlds

Part 1

Part 2

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Pineal Gland – Seat Of The Soul

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Supporting material from Magical Egypt with John Anthony West

PDF E-Book (Work In Condensed Form) @
Public Link To Diagrams:…


Understanding 4th & 5th Dimensions

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Ra Imhotep on, What are dimensions and how will the 4th and 5th dimensions be experienced? Will humans have physical bodies on 4th and 5th dimension. For more information visit

Water Consciousness – The Shape of Love – Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Work

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Does prayer actually work? Is there a powerful force taking place when one person prays to another person? The beauty of this is that, there is.

I invite you to take a journey with me and explore the unimaginable world of focused prayer. Through the foundational work layed out by world renowned water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, we begin to see that water is alive, it is intelligent and it is conscious.

This film is dedicated to others out there who know of the importance of healing our water, to expand this idea presented before you and to forward the knowledge to the greater whole of the planet.

Soundtracks used in this film:

1. Neverwinter Nights OST – Heart of the Forest by Jeremy Soule…

2. Neverwinter Nights OST – Forest by Jeremy Soule…

Dr. Masaru Emotos book The Hidden Messages in Water…

Henry Seltzer – Enlightening Transformations Of May, 2013

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The Astrology of May features Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto plus two eclipses. Mercury runs through Taurus during the first part of May, being conjunct to the May 9th Solar Eclipse taking place in the 20th degree of that sign, which also conjuncts the South Node of the Moon and makes a quintile aspect to idealistic Neptune. Mercury then enters Gemini, the sign of its rulership, on the 15th, just in time to host the Sun for the powerful GeminiSagittarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of May 24th, the third eclipse in just this one thirty-day period, encouraging us to think as well as feel our way through. Eclipses are more intense lunations — as recent headlines also indicate — making these transformative times that we are currently managing to live through even more poignant and accelerating the drum beat of change.

The big news this month is the converging of Uranus and Pluto for their third encounter of the close kind. This happens on May 20th. There were two previous exact hits last year of their revolutionary and pressure-packed square, out of a total of seven, with reverberations echoing down to the final years of these “Turbulent Teens.” We are, all of us, caught up in the vice of change and we might as well acknowledge this simple and straightforward fact. No one will emerge in the same condition as they started. The culture itself will undergo massive and radical transformation before we are finished, or else we are finished in quite another sense of the word. We must hang together now in collective action that is both local and ultimately global, or we will dangle separately.

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Russellian Science – Creator’s Still White Magnetic Light of Omniscience

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Defining the term Magnetism of Russellian Science and the “still magnetic light” which is the source of all Mind Idea behind Creation.

@1:25 Please note: this should properly read “The word Magnetism “FALSELY” connotes a physical attribute. We had trouble with the original line and edited it, but created a meaning which was unintended and inconsistent with what we are trying convey. Magnetism is not a force, nor is it material or physical. It is spiritual, being that it is of the Creator’s still magnetic light of zero curvature, stillness and abosolute cold, which is the Magnetic Universe that controls and dominates the electric Universe. It is the immutable fulcrum of enery power, kowledge and love which creates all electric motions that give form to our Electric Universe.

This Part quotes “Atomic Suicide?” and teaches the fundamental principles that help to define the Still White Light of the Creator’s Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Mind (Heaven) as authored by Dr. Walter & Lao Russell to mankind. Mind may only be known. It cannot be sensed or measured with any devices of mankind. It may be known through the use of mankind’s own mind as an extension of the One-Mind of the Creator.

“It (Science) is, at long last, realizing that the action universe of motion must have a fulcrum which does not move. This will lead to the placing of energy in the fulcrum Source of this universal mirage of motion instead of in the mirage-extension where Science now places it. When that day comes, science will first question the universal vacuum for CAUSE rather than search within effect for cause. When this transformation takes place in man’s thinking science will have leaped ahead one thousand years in that day.”
~ Dr. Walter and Lao Russell – from “Atomic Suicide?”

For a deeper examination of the term “Magnetism” used by Walter and Lao Russell, which is radically different and bears no similarity to the academic defintion, see this three part series:…

Produced by:

matt presti & Robert Otey

Music – “The Divine Iliad” by matt presti

Pleiadian Message – Alaje – Consciousness

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