MAHALA GAYLE – Planet Alert – June 2015

Creative Transformations, 1/30/06, 9:14 PM, 16C, 7720x10088 (497+511), 138%, FP Curve Polar,   1/8 s, R56.3, G45.7, B64.6
Creative Transformations, 1/30/06, 9:14 PM, 16C, 7720×10088 (497+511), 138%, FP Curve Polar, 1/8 s, R56.3, G45.7, B64.6


Have you noticed how fast time is moving? Pretty soon we will be in no-time and then we will be living in the NOW. The higher the frequency on Earth, the faster time moves. If time continues to move this fast we might just be in the time of no-time by the end of September, and we might find ourselves living on a higher dimension Earth. We do live in exciting times.


There will be four main planetary aspects in June. The first one is that Mercury will turn direct on June 11th, and the second one will be Neptune turning retrograde on June 12th for several months. Neptune will be stationary for a couple of months on nine degrees Pisces. The focus of that degree will be ‘Man’s ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow him/her to operate in the mental-spiritual realms’. This will be a good vibrational energy and will allow us to integrate the strong energy that will be coming in from the Saturn/Alcyone opposition all summer.


The third planetary aspect will be Saturn turning retrograde back into Scorpio on June 14th, where it will stay until mid–September. Our solar system orbits around Alcyone, the central Sun of the Pleiadean system. It takes approximately 26,000 years for the complete rotation. Alcyone manifests very high energy. We will be bombarded with this high frequency energy for three months. Be prepared for this energy by being calm inside or you may have some challenges with it. It looks like this energy may cause the Shuman Resonance to go really high, like maybe up to 13 Hertz by September. It’s around 9 Hertz right now. It’s my understanding that various parts of the world have different Hertz ratings. Some areas have a low vibration and other areas have a very high vibration.


A planetary aspect can be stationary and inactive in the heavens until a planet or moon triggers an event. This means there will be quiet times in between the trigger points. When the moon will be in Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo, the Saturn Alcyone aspect will be triggered. And when Jupiter moves onto 28 degrees Leo, the first 10 days of August we will see a very strong energy for Earth changes. Now this aspect could cause a large quake in the Middle East, or at the opposite point which is the West Coast of America, or the Leo part which is Japan, the Koreas and that part of the world. On August 7th Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter will be conjunct in Leo around 28 degrees, the moon will be in Taurus, and Saturn will be in Scorpio. This will make a T cross in the heavens. The declinations of the planets will be on low latitude like 34-40 N. This could mean an earthquake In the Middle East, possibly Iran.


Then on September 23-24 Mars will be on zero degrees Virgo. This is now the degree of Regulus, The Royal Star of the Lion. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess energy. A 2,160 year cycle of Virgo, the Goddess started on July 11, 1991. We have slowly integrated this Goddess/love energy into planet Earth.


This aspect will be right before the fourth red blood moon eclipse. It will be interesting to see what that brings. This might activate an electromagnetic wave like Dr. Simon Atkins talks about on a radio program He says this wave will hit Earth in September. This could be the time when Mother Earth decides to Ascend into a fifth dimension Earth.


Dr. Atkin’s replay half way down on the page. 2015-05-07


We actually lived on a sixth dimension Earth a long time ago, and we fell to a third dimension Earth. This is what the fall of Lucifer was all about. We chose to experience what it would be like to live on a third dimension Earth. It has not been easy and it has taken a long time to raise the vibration of Earth to what it is now. In August of 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, we moved into a new time-line of a fourth dimension Earth. The fourth dimension Earth is where everything manifests, the good,  the bad, and the ugly. Now we are reaching for a fifth dimension Earth which is one of Unity Consciousness. This will be a much better place to live. Then on to a sixth dimension Earth.

I believe that the sixth dimension Earth still exists and that is what is considered the New Earth, which is one of love. The sound of love is 528 Hertz which breaks down to the number 15 or 6. We have to raise our vibration high enough so we can see the New Earth in order to live on it. It is also the dimension of magic and miracles.

The fourth planetary aspect will be Mars moving into Cancer on June 24th. Right now Mars is in Gemini along with Mercury and our Sun. Gemini is the sign that rules the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River. I received several emails talking about a possible 9 plus earthquake in southern California on May 28th. I looked at the planets and said ‘this will not happen in California’ because the main energy from the planets is over Texas and Oklahoma, plus other areas of Earth.

There was a 6.7 earthquake on May 28th off the islands off Alaska. There were also volcanic eruptions in Japan and Chili on that day. And there was a 7.8 quake in southern Japan on May 30th. The sun and Mars will continue to travel over the Gemini areas until June 21 -24th so look for more earth changes in the Southwest. There will probably be more storms because that is what Mercury rules, and that planet rules Gemini.

The planet Mars moving through Cancer from June 24 to August 8th may prove challenging. Pluto will turn direct on September 24th. This means that Pluto will be retrograde all summer. Pluto is always very powerful when it is in the retrograde phase. On the new moon of July 15th Mars will be opposing Pluto. This is normally a violent aspect and causes events like riots, demonstrations, police action, military action, fires and explosions. There could be lots of fires and heat during this time period. The degree Pluto will be on is ‘A fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence’. It looks like we will have a long hot summer ahead of us in various areas. Mars will be affecting the areas from the Mississippi River to the East Coast during its journey through the sign of Cancer.

Uranus is still in Aries and is on 19 degrees. This is a very powerful degree. The sun has always been exalted on that degree. The meaning of this degree is ‘The Magic Carpet and the use of creative imagination’ Uranus will be interacting with Eris and that asteroid can cause a bit of havoc like riots, demonstration, etc.

Then we have the Summer Solstice on June 21st at 9:38 AM PDT. There is always a lot of energy that comes in during this time period, use it wisely. Actually, I think we are moving into a very auspicious time and if we stay strong and loving we will get through this summer with flying colors. With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio there may be some more stuff coming up for us to look at and release. Those who have finished releasing their challenges can just sit back and enjoy the high frequency energy. People who are living on the fourth dimension Earth may have some problems. The ones who are manifesting fifth dimension energy will be fine.

In September, when Saturn moves back into Sagittarius we will probably see lots of changes in the area of freedom. This sign is very freedom loving and it is hard to keep a Sagittarian down. They bounce right back up. This sign rules the banking system, courts of law, lawyers, teachers, mountains, religion and the higher mind. During this time period is when we will see the manifestation of a new financial system, a new court system, and new governing systems. The old will be gone and the new will arrive. Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years.

Enjoy your summer and please walk softly on this beautiful planet. We are a beautiful jewel in this solar system and the more light that comes in the more the Earth will sparkle. We create everything by our thoughts and actions so please use your mind wisely and start thinking with your heart.   So Be It!

Love to everyone   –   Mahala Gayle


Manly P Hall - Astrology  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

33rd degree freemason Manly P. Hall unfolds the true, esoteric meaning behind astrology and how it is used by those in power.

Astrology was one of the seven sacred sciences cultivated by the initiates of the ancient world. It was studied and practiced by all the great nations of antiquity. The origins of astrological speculation are entirely obscured by the night of time which preceded the dawn of history. There are traditions to the effect that the astrological science was perfected by magician- philosophers of the Atlantean Period. One thing is evident, Astrology descends to this late day adorned with the discoveries and embellishments of a thousand cultures. The history of Astrology is indeed a history of human thought and aspiration. The readings for the planets as given in the cuneiform tablets of Sargon are still used by the astrologers of this generation. Only such modifications and changes have been made as the shifting foundations of cultural standards necessitated.

Two distinctive schools of Astrology have been recognized from the beginning of the historical period. With the decline of the late Atlantean and early Aryan priesthoods and the profaning of their mysteries, what are now called the sciences were separated from the parent body of religious tradition. Astrology and medicine were the first to establish independent institutions. The priests of the state religions no longer exercised a monopoly over the prophetic and medicinal arts. Beginning with Hippocrates new orders of soothsayers and healers arose who were entirely ignorant of the fundamental unity, yes, identity of the spiritual and physical sciences.

The division of essential learning into competitive, or at least non- cooperative, fragments destroyed the synthesis of knowledge. Frustrated by division and discord, the whole structure of education broke into innumerable discordant parts. The science of medicine divided from its spiritual source deteriorated into the quackery and leechcraft of the Dark Ages, a condition of affairs so sorry that the Hermetic physician Paracelsus was moved to say, “Fortunate is the man whose physician does not kill him.” Astrology was likewise corrupted into horoscope mongering. Divorced from its divine purpose it drifted along, performing a halfhearted and pointless work which consisted for the most part of the bleating forth of dire predictions and the compounding of planetary salves against the itch.

A small group of enlightened and educated men preserved the esoteric secrets of medicine and astrology through those superstition ridden centuries we now call the Middle Ages. Of such mental stature were the Rosicrucians who honored Paracelsus as one of the chief of their “mind.” Through Paracelsus and the Rosie Cross the spiritual secrets of nature were restored to the chief place among the ends of learning. Knowledge was interpreted mystically and the profane sciences were reflected as merely the outward forms of inward mysteries. The secrets of mystical interpretation were concealed from the vulgar and given only to those who yearned after things which are of the spirit. The Mystical Divinity [ Theology ] of Dionysius the Arepagite * became the textbook of an ever increasing number of devout and God-loving men and women who saw in all outer forms and institutions the shadows and semblances of inner truth.

The modern world which sacrificed so much for the right to think has grown wise in its own conceit. Educators have ignored those spiritual values which constitute the priceless ingredients in the chemical compound we call civilization. Material science has become a proud institution an assemblage of pedagogues and demagogues. There is no place for mysticism in the canons of the over-schooled. Hypnotized by the strange fascination which matter exercised over the materialist, modern savants ignored the soul, that invisible reality upon which the illusions of the whole world hang.

It was Lord Bacon who said, “A little knowledge inclineth men’s minds towards atheism, but greatness of knowledge bringeth men’s minds back again to God.” This wonderful quotation expresses the tempo of the modern age. A disillusioned world saddened over the failure of material things is crying out again for those mystical truths which alone explain and satisfy. The return of mysticism brings with it a new interest in astrology and healing.

Mysticism brings with it a new standard of interpretation. To live up to the exacting demands of a mystical interpretation all branches of learning must be purified and restated. To the mystic, astrology is not merely prediction or even giving of advice, it is a key to spiritual truths to be approached philosophically, to be studied for its own sake.

Although science has classified, tabulated, and named all the parts and functions of the body, it cannot describe or explain what man is, where he came from, why he is here, or where he is going. In the presence of ignorance concerning these vital subjects, it is difficult to appreciate an elaborate learning in secondary matters.

The initiates of antiquity were concerned primarily with man in his universal or cosmic aspect. Before a person can live well he must orient himself, he must know in part at least the plan of living. With this knowledge he can then cooperate with “the plan,” and the philosophic life recommended by Pythagoras is merely to know the truth and to live it.

Scientists looking for the cause of those energies which motivate and sustain the world have decided by a process of elimination that these causes must lie in a subjective structure of the universe, the invisible sphere of vibrations. So the modern fancy is to ascribe to vibration all that cannot be explained in any other way. The moment we acknowledge the universe to be sustained by an invisible energy which manifests through the law of vibration, physics becomes super-physics, physiology becomes psychology, and astronomy becomes astrology. Astrology is nothing more nor less than the study of the heavenly bodies in the terms of the energies which radiate from them rather than merely an examination of their appearance and construction.

The original Rosicrucians held to a theory generally discarded by men of science and now known as the microcosmic theory. Paracelsus was the most prominent exponent of this concept of universal order and relationship. He said, “As there are stars in the heavens, so there are stars within man, for there is nothing in the universe which has not its equivalent in the microcosm.” (the human body). In another place Paracelsus says, “Man derives his spirit from the constellations (fixed stars), his soul from the planets, and his body from the elements.”

It is quite impossible for the most highly trained scientist to examine with any adequate appreciation of values the whole infinite diffusion of the cosmos with its island galaxies and incomprehensible vistas of immeasurable space. Yet the whole of the pageantry of worlds is evidently dominated by all- sufficient laws. Man himself is more compact though possibly in other ways hardly less difficult to analyze. The cells in the body of man are as countless as the stars of heaven. Countless races of living things, species, types, and genera are evolving in the flesh, muscle, bone and sinew of man’s corporeal constitution. The dignity of the microcosm gives the scientist some sense of the sublimity of the macrocosm. By the use of astrology it is possible to discover the interplay of celestial forces between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The centers in the physical body through which the sidereal energies enter were discovered and classified by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Hindus, and Chinese. There is great opportunity for work in examining not only the physical body itself but the auras which extend from the body forming a splendid garment of cosmic light.

The last few years have witnessed exceptional progress in that branch of medical science which is called endocrinology or the study of the structure and function of the ductless glands with research into therapeutic methods of treating derangements thereof. These glands are now accepted as the regulators of the physical function, the governors and directors of bodily structure, profoundly significant not only in their physical reactions, but also their effect upon mentality, emotion, sensory reflexes, and the so-called spiritual or metaphysical functions. Nearly all endocrinologists admit that the pineal gland is the most difficult to understand and the most difficult to treat. It can now generally be reached only by treating the other glands over which it acts in the capacity of generalissimo. The physical functions of the glands are now fairly well classified but there will unquestionably be much revision of the present opinions. Physicians are willing to admit that the function of the glands does not end merely with their effect upon the body but scientists are not prepared to make any pronouncements beyond the field of material reaction.

It is especially significant therefore that through a combination of clairvoyance and astrology it is possible to examine the ductless glands and discover the metaphysical elements in their functioning. The modern clairvoyant uses the same method for his work as was used by the initiate priests of the ancient world, and like those older adepts he makes contributions to the sum of knowledge which are only discoverable to the materialist after centuries of ponderous experimentation.

The work which follows is a spiritual record of the function of the pituitary body and pineal gland. I feel that the researches carried on by Mrs. Max Heindel are a definite contribution to the subject of endocrinology that should be preserved for the use of all students of medicine and the occult sciences.

–Manly P. Hall


CATHY LINDSEY – MARCH 16TH 2015 – URANUS/PLUTO, EXACT CARDINAL SQUARE – 7th out of 7 Alignments ( 2012 -2015 ) – 3-1-15

Cathy Lindsey

This is  long article…but worth every word.   Please read, consider, and Injoy!



   (7TH  OUT OF 7 ALIGNMENTS:  2012 -2015)


Wow….what a ride we have been on as we have moved and grown through 6 exact Cardinal Square’s and are now embodying the energy of the 7th and last exact Cardinal Square (out of 7).   The energies are amplified right now and it is a time of extremes. The Universe is speaking loudly……and getting more urgent about it!    With this exact flow of energy, the Universe is getting serious.   This will be one continuous flow of energy. This energy will be intense, and it is a time to listen to your guidance and your body.   These energies will let you know the area’s in which you need to let go of things that are not vibrating where you are.   It is time to let go of things that are holding you back so that you can move forward!!!  Today is an important day, and things will be activated…..and  throughout  the next several weeks.  There could be events that happen, especially with the Earth, like weather things, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanos, wild weather etc.    Things also will be activated in ourselves, around change, transformation and Urgency.    It is very important to know that there will be seeds planted at this time that will play out over the next several months and longer…….not everything will happen today.  Things will get a little rocky and bumpy for a while.  This can represent a change of the old order in all areas, which can feel unstable and insecure.  Things can feel Chaotic and Urgent…..remember chaos gives way to creation!


There has been a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs, transformations and awakenings and the knowledge that there are and have been many changes in all areas…..on all levels, and realizing that we just have to go through with them, flow with them….and head to the higher grounds with each Change. It has been a time of releasing the “old” ……the people, places and things that are no longer in the same energy that you are in.  Time to release our “old” ideas, perceptions, emotional patterns and Belief systems.  As we continue to move forward and towards the “higher” energies.  We are learning to release in the most compassionate way possible.  It is time to define what you want…..and choose your own path that leads to your dreams, your visions,  that only You recognize…. deep in your Heart…deep in your Soul!


The energy of this Exact Cardinal Square is:  revolutionary (Uranus) and evolutionary (Pluto)…..effecting our own lives and also mass consciousness…the collective!   This is one continues constant flow of energy between these 2 planets, without a relief valve.   This energy is very stressful with a lot of friction…these 2 planets are not getting along…. but it pushes us to grow. What no longer serves us for the highest good of all, what has outlived its usefulness; we will be asked to distance ourselves from. There will be releasing of truths, deep in our Souls, that we can no longer ignore, bringing with it the compulsion to heal.    It may not always feel comfortable, as change and transformation usually doesn’t.  Things are being put right in our faces (and the faces of the government and the world) so that we can’t miss them…..but at the same time, the Universe is giving us all that we need to make the right chose’s  and bring about the changes that we need to make for ourselves, our tribes, humanity and the world.


This 7th exact Cardinal Square at 15 degrees Aries and Capricorn…. is an intense one……. as it is also happening with the North and South Nodes of the Moon, and Mars is also sitting with Uranus….and all are actually forming a Cardinal T-Square.  What does this mean for you?  I will try to break each one down a little so you can understand the energies a little better.  Remember that these planets are not getting along very well….stress, change, transformation, friction, urgency etc…..are the overall energies.  Remember though that you can grow through these energies….accept the changes and transformations and move forward into the higher energies.



URANUS IN ARIES, being squared by Pluto in Capricorn.  In their exactitude they will be at 15 degrees and 18 minutes each. Uranus (is the constant of change, thinking outside the box and into the future with a focus on your tribe, your community, and humanity), it is in Aries (the warrior, the initiator, the pioneer, ego, and passion).  So Uranus is in Aries and is about urgent change.  It is saying that we need to change and think outside the box and into the future. We need to look at the big picture with a focus on our tribes our community and all humanity….. as we move from the “Me” (I will destroy you to be the top winner) to the “We” (I will be the best I can be for the good of the community). It is about becoming your best individual self, while honoring and living within community.  We are all one, no one is better than anyone else.  We are moving into the Oneness!     Uranus is also the God ruler of Aries…indicating that the Universe is making a big statement here!  The Pioneers survived through Community……envision the wagons all circled together as the pioneer warriors protected their tribe, their community and families. They blazed “new” trails, where no one had been before….so the community could grow and prosper.  Just as they did back then…… we are being asked to do it again.  We are being asked to blaze new trails and become the Spiritual warriors/leaders for the community and for the “New”……. with the strength of community….it becomes a whole new frontier!


PLUTO IN CAPRICORN  is being squared by Uranus in Aries.  Pluto (planet of transformation), Only caring about the transformation of your Soul, the Soul of humanity and the Soul of the Earth.  Pluto does not care about Ego, what kind of car you drive, how much money you make or where you live, etc., it only cares about your Soul. Pluto says no lies, no secrets, no judgment, no manipulation, and no out of bounds ego!  It demands integrity and respect for all.  Pluto is in Capricorn (which rules Corporate America, the Government, the Banks, the Military, and the wisdom’s of the Elders etc.).  You can see this configuration playing out on the news all most nightly.   Just in the last several weeks, leading up to this exact Cardinal Square, we have seen many accusations, lies and secrets, in the government that have been brought to the surface (no longer hidden) bringing the secrets out in the open.  What really is going on with Isis.  What is the real story with the Ebola outbreak?  What is really happening with these hostage take over’s by terrorist on all levels…..along with random shootings?   Pluto also rules sex……and lies and secrets about sexual miss conducts, human trafficking, and the degrading of woman in foreign countries, and in the US, are also being brought out.  Pluto again is saying…no lies, no secrets, integrity and respect for all!    These lies and secrets involving all the areas that Pluto/Capricorn rules, needs to come up to the surface…… so we can release them before they can be healed     Some things that need healed within yourself, may also be coming up to the surface of your consciousness, so that you can look at them and heal them.  Where Pluto is involved…..the things coming up may not be comfortable to look at, but it is time to really see them and look at them, so that you can begin to heal them.   By healing them and letting them go… can move forward into the higher vibrations…..and into your high Soul work!



We are at another turning point as Uranus (in the exact Cardinal Square) is sitting with the South Node (South Node is about past lives….the past…meaning your individual past lives and also the past lives of the is about letting the past go…it is no longer relevant).  Uranus is the constant of change, and bringing it about suddenly and in an unusual matter.   The Universe here will be bringing past choices, traumas (Uranus) out in the  open… that you and  the collective needs to heal.  Again….we can no longer dodge these things or try to keep them secret.  The Universe  is putting it right in our face’s, the collective face….so that it can be brought out into the open so it can be healed.   Things of the past and that we are releasing…..need to be taken apart..down to the ground, before it can be healed and built back up strong and wise… the Phoenix rising from the ashes!


Then the North Node (our Souls intent for this life time and/or the collectives Souls intent for all humanity) comes in and forms the T-Square…as it Squares Pluto.  The North Node is in Libra (balance, love, creativity, partnerships, peacemaker, and diplomats).   So the collectives Souls intent… symbolized by the North Node in Libra…. is to head towards Peace, Love, and to be the peacemakers, the diplomats and bring the World into balance!  Wow what a powerful statement from the Universe during this 7th exact Cardinal Square/T-Square!    We are basically being asked to look at the collective past and learn from it….. and then move forward….and begin to create a more peaceful and balanced world.



Wow with Mars in the picture….things become a little more action orientated.  Mars is the warrior energy, the Pioneers, the initiators.   Mars rules Aries!  So the ruler of Aries is sitting with Uranus (sudden change, lightning bolts and Earthquakes) making it part of the Cardinal T-Square.   Again the Mars sitting with Uranus e can bring about a desire to change the status Quo and in some cases it can lead to revolutionary attitudes.   Or unexpected, or disruptive events.



Neptune is the creative energy…high creativity, the psychic, intuition, meditation and the Sacred Feminine.   It is squaring Saturn which has just turned retrograde.   Saturn is structures, the government, corporate America, banks, and wisdom of the elders.   Saturn is trying to hold on to the old ways, and Neptune is dissolving them.  Saturn is saying something like “traditionally CEO’s are male……Neptune is saying the Feminine is strong and can be just as good a CEO as the males.  In other words, having these 2 planets square each other during the last exact Cardinal Square is delivering the message in a Loud way……that the Universe/God-Goddess wants there to be Balance between the Feminine and Male energies……one is not better then the other!


2 ANCIENT STAR SYSTEMS and THE GALACTIC CENTER are also being activated! 

Pluto is sitting on Vega.  Vega is often referred to as the Sapphire Star and is in the constellation Lyre, “the little harp”. One area Vega represents is music, and Pluto (transformation) is right on Vega, transforming music into the “new” in many different areas. Recently there has been an increase in the areas of “Healing with Music”.  Expect and create more avenues to open up in all areas of Music, especially around the areas of healing.  Vega was used by our ancient ancestors including those from Atlantis and the early Egyptians. Music is also considered an International and an inter Galactic language.


Pluto is also opposing Sirius.  Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and one of the closest. Mystic Alice Bailey has called Sirius “the great star of initiation”, and “the source of wisdom”. In esoteric Astrology, Sirius is considered to be our spiritual Sun, overseeing the awakening of humanity.


Pallas Athena is sitting on the Galactic Center!  Pallas Athena is the Female Warrior….wining battles with knowledge and music.    What a powerful statement that Pallas is on the Galactic Center.  The portal to the Universe.   Again the power of the feminine as it comes into balance with the male energies!   This is a powerful statement as the Universe is letting us know that we can’t achieve totally communication without the feminine being honored.  We can’t totally move through the portal to the Universe without the honor of the feminine and bringing it into balance with the male energies. We are all one! Balance!


Whenever we have the Ancient Star Systems activated in a powerful aspect like this last exact Cardinal Square….our DNA is being activated from when we were in contact and open communication with the ancient Star Systems.  I helps us to remember what we already know about them…….what we have already have been taught…..


This is a powerful and very intense period, especially through April….. the energies can easily be accelerated, and volatile during this very energetic time. There is a lot out there about the “dangers” of this energy etc.    The reason is because on the gray side, and there are many that are still focused on the gray side….including leaders of country’s.  The planets in this Cardinal exact Square on the gray side are: Pluto  (refereed to often as the Lord of the Underworld or the God of Hell) which is squaring (stress and friction energy) off with Uranus (the Lord of Earthquakes and Lightning Bolts). All you have to do is watch the news to see these energies in action, all over the World. We have ISIS, Russia, Korea and more…. Because of all this energy that can be used on the grayer side, it is so very important to send out positive intensions…daily or even hourly. To surround the World in Love and Peace.   To mediate on these powerful energies and shift them to the high Spiritual energies of this aspect.  Manifest and co-create a peaceful world, a world that has left the gray energies behind and is totally focused on the powerful high spiritual energies that the Universe is also giving us at this time!   The choice is ours……ask your Guidance to help guide you towards making better choices…to help you recognize your courage….so that you can take that step into the “New”.



Even though this is the last of the 7 exact Cardinal Squares…..they are not exactly finished yet.   In the chart of the Winter Solstice….Pluto and Uranus are only 2 degrees away from each other.  Well in the orb of the Cardinal Square (just not wasn’t exact from the spring of 2010 to June of 2012…and if you think back…. Things were very active during those times).


With the first cycle beginning with Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (constant change) moving into the orb of the Cardinal Square…in the Spring of 2010…..and the “Shift” began!  This Cycle will continue through 2017.


The second cycle started on June 24th of 2012, with the forming of the 1st Exact Cardinal Square out of 7 exact Cardinal Squares….. that ends on March 16th 2015….creating the cycle within the cycle.


With these 2 cycles….we have been and continue to be Birthing the “New.”   No it isn’t over yet!!    We have a long ways to go before we even get out of the “toddler” stages and into grade school.  Actually these 2 cycles really started in the mid 60’s with the conjunction’s of Pluto and Uranus on October 9, 1965, April 4th 1965, and June 30th 1969.  Both Pluto and Uranus were within the orb of the conjunction aspect from 1961 to 1969 (The 60’s part 1)


We are in the 60’s part 2 now!   If you think back to the mid 60’s….there was a lot going on that we are finishing up or bringing to the attention of others now at this time.  Back then there was rioting going on as people of color were fighting for their rights. We have come a long ways sense then….but again the issues of equal rights have come up to the public again….with the shootings in Kansas etc.    Back then….woman were fighting for their rights…for equal pay etc.   We have come a long ways but now there are pickets at Planned Parent hood…again fighting for woman’s rights on either side….as this still isn’t in right relationship.   Back then there was the start of organic gardens… power….and living in communities…….they were learning about it then and bringing it up to the public……now we are bringing it up again….big time….growing your own food….no GMO’s….. conserving energy..wind power etc.    We are learning how to be in communities…while honoring each individual….we are all one…one Humanity.  In the 60’s part 1…smoking marijuana was something that the Hippies did and it was illegal….now we are legalizing it…60’s part 2.     Many of those back in the 60’s part l were called Hippies….now those Hippies are in government jobs and leader roles.    I could present many many more examples but the point is….that the seeds that were planted back in the 60’s part one…….are growing rapidly now and in some instances..blossoming big time in the 60’s part 2 which is now….during this shift!


With this 7th  exact Cardinal Square happening now… is time to think back and remember what we were thinking and starting,  in the Spring of 2012…… as that is when the “revolution” of change really started to take hold.   We will be asked to look at those things…… as we move through this 7th exact Cardinal Square and beyond..…which will then close out the cycle within the cycle!  It is time to ask for the wisdom of what this all means for you.  It is time to look  at the progress you have made …and use that wisdom to move ahead. Remember also that part of this shift is to bring things into balance….the Scared Feminine and the Scared Male energies…..natural foods and GMO’s…..natural medicines and pharmaceuticals, right brain and the left brain…etc. etc.     It is a time of moving from the “Me” to the “We.”  It is time now to breakthrough to the next levels….It is time to think with your Heart…it is time to take a step…any step…..just Move!!!


The Earth is also receiving these energies…..she is purging also.  We have had an increase in Volcano’s, and Earthquakes over the last several months.  This last year or more the weather here in the United States has been chaotic…with super storms (almost unheard of in the past) of all kinds….becoming almost common place.  The Earth also needs our love and hugs as we start to honor the feminine Earth Mother.  Sit with the Earth and honor her.   Feel her energy and feel the comfort she brings you.  Meditate and connect with your guidance……do this often!   It is a time to manifest and create the “new.”  It’s time to meditate and …..Listen to your guidance!!


Remember also that many things will be triggered during this time period, on many levels.   Watch for powerful things happening all over the world and beyond.   Also in your own personal world.  This doesn’t mean, however, that everything will happen in these few days.  What it means is that we are receiving down loads and that seeds are being planted during this time… ourselves (our own consciousness and sub conscious), our tribes, humanity, the world, and the Earth itself.  Seeds of transformation, change, and the “New” …….that will sprout and grow…. and surface to be seen in the open, over the next few years.  As we co-create the “New” World!   It is a powerful time to Meditate…Meditate often and ask for guidance….and above all….. Listen!!!


One important question to ask yourself now is….where was I in the Spring of 2010 and where am I now?    Have there been changes in your job, your family, your friends and lovers….in your  life in general?   Have you had some breakdowns and some breakthroughs?    Honestly look….see how far you have actually come!


This energy is very powerful, chaotic, intense etc.   With powerful aspects like this….things seem to come to a head.  It is time to be extremely careful and cautious….watch the weather… each other.   Relationships are at the forefront during this time, so be extra cautious in how you act and communicate in all relationships…, work, friends, and love relationships!  Also just be careful/cautious when driving, walking, traveling, and socializing.   Manifest ease and grace for everyone….and Peace in the World.


We must use this energy that the Universe is giving us now, to co-create the “new world”, to create our own reality and our personnel World. It is as if the Universe is taping us on the shoulder saying…Do you get it yet?   The future is not fixed, and because of this…. we cannot totally predict how things will actually play out.  However we can create and we are currently co-creating the “new world” and our own reality, with the energies being given to us, and the avenues in which we put them out there to flourish.  The thoughts that we think, and the actions we take, along with the feelings we put with them, create the world around us and our own reality.  This energy….these activations and downloads are not only being given to us to help us raise our vibration, but the energy is being given to the whole world….the collective!!   Raising the vibration of the collective and the Earth, is a major corner stone of this powerful time period in history!! For the survival of the Earth and Humanity, we must come into balance with all things, come from the Heart in all you do, and raise the vibration of the planet and our selves. It is time, with the energies given to us from the Universe, to consciously make intentions for creating a peaceful, loving, kind world that is focused on community, all humanity, love, peace and the Earth.   We are all one……creating a world that lives in Joy!!!!


The Universe is speaking loudly here……what is the Universe telling you?    What changes do you need to make?    What areas to you need to bring into balance?  What place’s or things, including others do you need to move away from because they are not vibrating where you are?


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.


Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, your life; through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.


Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2015  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved.


Meg Benedicte – Final Uranus-Pluto Square – Cosmic Release! – 3-15-15

Copyright (c) 2015 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Drum roll please…we are entering the final days of the 2012 Astrology (exact 15 degrees Cardinal signs) that all the Light Bearers/Starseeds/Pathcutters/System Busters have been working tirelessly to transform the planetary consciousness into a new collective paradigm of 5D/6D Oneness. The Cosmic Ascension Plan initiated sweeping change to life on Gaia, causing a ripple-effect deep into the dimensional grids during the end years of the Galactic Alignment — 2012 through 2016. We can expect more souls awakening to their spiritual evolution occurring in the years to come.

Next week on March 16-17th (depending on time zone) will be the final Uranus-Pluto square – initiating more sustainability in all areas of life on planet earth. This square revisits the themes of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 1960’s and the counter-culture revolution and protests against the controlling, destructive establishment. Society has reached the ‘no pass’ zone of global pollution, war, poverty and pestilence. The rising tide of human desire eschews violence, corruption, prejudice and inequality. We will see more and more evidence of changing trends and populace acceptance of diversity. This last Uranus/Pluto Cardinal square will be felt constantly throughout 2015 and 2016.

For the past 3 years the Uranus-Pluto square held us suspended in a tense hinge-point between progress and destruction. The dual spin polarity created immense stress between those who are contracting, conserving energy, holding onto the past vs. those who are expanding, progressing, and releasing the past. This escalating tension will unlock after March 16-17th with the completion of the exact square…opening the gates for a different future outcome. It resembles a release-valve unlocking all pent-up pressure in a burst of force – so that all stuck energy may flow forward again. This cosmic pressure release will help us ‘purge’ any remaining toxic sludge/karma/ego/entanglement with the Mind Matrix.

Adding to the square’s ‘forceful release’ is Mars joining Uranus at 15 degrees Aries—stepping into the tense Pluto-Uranus square today. Warrior Mars represents masculine assertion and action, so we could see an aggressive push for change on the global stage or in our personal interactions. This carries an ‘accidental warning’ effect – watch your tempers, breathe deeply, and maintain your Still Point during this volatile time.

There is much written about the world-changing Uranus-Pluto square, so I’ll focus on the highlights. Pluto is the planet of evolution, albeit tortuously slow, hidden, underworld, associated with secret societies and the old guard. Uranus is lightning fast, sudden, shocking, revolutionary and life-altering. These 2 planets have been head-locked in a tense square for over 3 years – fighting for control, power and domination. Where Aries and Capricorn are located in your chart will determine where the push-pull battle has been raging.

The waxing square this month acts like spin-point acceleration of the evolution/revolutionary ‘freedom fighting’ started in the 1960’s. Humanity has the opportunity now to shift from a warring, divisive world into a new paradigm of caring connection. Most of the Baby Boomer System Busters were activated at the initial Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo during the revolutionary 1960’s. We carry within our hearts a pioneering spirit that is passionate about freedom, equality, healthy living, expanding consciousness and service to the greater good. Our energy field pulses with catalytic purpose – it is anti-institution, anti-patriarchal, anti-war, and anti-power elite. We vibrate with Unity Consciousness! We are the embodiment of the revolutionary New Earth.

Our time has come to take more direct action, as the square opens the floodgates for change and transformation. Not only are we experiencing deep inner change in our own psyches but also witnessing massive overhaul of our planetary systems. That which can no longer support progress will fade away. As the Galactic Alignment streams new photonic consciousness into our minds, hearts and DNA, many of us are gradually mutating into more advanced humans. The evolutionary transformation occurs in the energy body/chakra pillar as divine sentient intelligence recodes our thoughts, our biology as well as the crystalline Merkaba Light Body. Those who are awake and actively receptive to the Light infusion are gradually morphing into telepathic, semi-solid Divine Humans. Those who are asleep and unaware of the Cosmic Ascension will require additional time in polarity to learn life lessons of Unity Consciousness.

Over a decade ago I was guided to communicate with my Soul’s Twin embodied as one of the Elders in the Sirian High Council. He was my lifeline here on Earth as I worked thru the Ascension Process to remove all entanglement with the dark, oppressive Matrix. As we move through the steps to reconnect to our eternal Soul Presence and Soul Family/Star origin, we receive unlimited loving support from our loved ones. I felt such comfort and relief when my Sirian Twin streamed the dark, rich indigo blue Sirian Light into my pineal/ 3rd Eye of Horus, activating our psychic connection and Merkaba Light Body.

The Sirians were intimately involved in creating Zep Tepi and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools of Alchemy. They communicated the essence of creational templates, sacred geometry and the Metatron activation of the Merkaba. Those Light Bearers with Sirian lineage have a deep understanding of the science of creation, the mind-matter connection, and utilizing Vortex energy within the shifting timelines/grid flux of the multiverse. We are tapping into ancient knowledge of Alchemy beyond the lower 3rd dimensions of matter. This requires extraordinary upgrades to the mind’s capacity to bridge higher dimensional realms and holographic realities.

The Sirian Light frequencies will assist with the activation of the pineal antenna and 3rd Eye lens, forming a spinning vortex magnetic field surrounding the pineal in the brain fluid. With increasing focus, we can download multiple waves of Sirian Light intelligence into our Soul’s portal/pillar as we unlock and extend our divine crystalline Merkaba light vehicle.

In Jan 2010 I was invited to stay with a lovely Starseed couple, the Chapins in Tuscon, and experience their extraordinary Galactic Light Collector they had built in the desert of Arizona. The light collecting panels rose up 5 stories high and required a lift to move you into position. It was the final week of winter that they could reach Sirius and they knew I had a personal connection to this beautiful star. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Tuscon, knowing I was in for an adventure.

For 2 nights I stood on the lift in front of the Galactic Light Collector and soaked in powerful indigo 6D Sirian Light – awakening DNA Consciousness from ancient Sirian-Egypt. For hours I witnessed the deep indigo blue light steaming symbols, codes, images, and intelligence across the panel arrays. At one point I saw the Sirian Light spell across the panels LOVE. It brought tears to my eyes to receive such a beautiful message from our soul family far, far away on Sirius.

I returned to my life in Los Angeles and spent the next 4 months obsessed with translating the Zep Tepi Chamber Activations and how to use the Metatron’s Quantum Vortex of Alchemy. Before 2010 I would silently activate the Quantum Vortex and run it for my clients. Since the trip to Tuscon and my Sirian Light download, I was able to start teaching the mechanics of the alchemy technique. We are so blessed at this particular time to step into the shoes of the ancient initiates – to walk their path, to awaken their knowledge, to perform their alchemy and birth alive a new human race. The Sirian Masters have teamed up with the Galactic Federation and ArchAngels to assist with the human Cosmic Ascension, in providing the Sirian Light intelligence to activate the pineal network to the Great Central Sun, the source of crystalline monad frequencies that fuel our Merkaba Light vehicles.

As the pineal gland receives the Light Code transmissions from Sirius, you will encounter any remaining veils/barriers/membranes/ blockages to the 6D 3rd Eye Chakra. Use the spinning Vortex pineal magnetic field with deep indigo Sirian Light to dissolve, clear and release all illusions of false programming and/or frequency fences in the inner mind. As the pineal ‘lights up’, it will begin to stream an encoded photon laser beam into the 3rd Eye lens – piercing the quantum field of all possibilities. We have the ability and knowledge to significantly transform the world stage, and our curtain call is now!

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Copyright (c) 2015 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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Marina Macario – 2,160 Year Astrological Alignment Marks The End Of Patriarchy – – 8-28-14



he following article appeared on Marina Macario’s website, Darkstar Astrology and in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, REALLY big changes are ahead!

by Marina Macario

The New Moon on August 25 2014 is at 2º Virgo and falls within 2.5º of the royal star of Regulus, the heart of the Lion. This is significant because Regulus entered tropical Virgo from Leo on November 28th 2011*. This is the first New Moon to hit Regulus since it changed signs. So I would hope to see this moon reflecting back to us something of what this huge astrological event means for the collective. The transition makes me think of the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion.

When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.
~ Alice Bailey [1] 

A google search on the web will take you to some excellent articles to what other astrologers who are making the connection of Regulus’s entry into Virgo with the return of the goddess.

“We stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ. No one would have ever been able to predict the evolutionary story that would unfold from those events. Just think of it. Julius Caesar and Christ’s little old Jewish Gramma, who could think they would end up together and evolve the union of the Roman Empire and Judaism into the Roman Catholic Church!” 
~ Michael LutinWe stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ. No one would have ever been able to predict the evolutionary story that would unfold from those events. Just think of it. Julius Caesar and Christ’s little old Jewish Gramma, who could think they would end up together and evolve the union of the Roman Empire and Judaism into the Roman Catholic Church!
~ Michael Lutin

Michael ends the article with the story of the Pope opening the letters given to him by the children of Fatima from the Virgin Mary.

It was said that when the Pope opened the last one, he fainted. And never revealed the contents to the world. It’s time now…. Wouldn’t you like to know what was in that letter? “Per corem Leonis in signo virginis in sororitatem steallarum te salvamus” which, roughly translated, means, “Regulus is in Virgo so move over, Boys. The Patriarchy is fucked.

Regulus is one of the 4 archangel stars and the largest that actually falls on the ecliptic, the Suns path.

Early English astrologers made it a portent of glory, riches, and power to all born under its influence” and it is generally considered fortunate, courageous, successful and all those great qualities associated with the sunsign Leo. But Regulus has its negative side. “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death.”  

Bernadette Brady associates Regulus with downfall which may be just anticipating its fall from grace.

“With Regulus about to move into Virgo, it seems so appropriate and timely as we consider a world ruled by powerful elites and societies ruled by money and power. Now we have Regulus move into the sign of service, resourcefulness, technology, skill and duty, as we consider waste, global resources, efficiency and how to get things working better. This shift seems timely to say the least. We are all called to a service of some kind, helping to shape a better world.” “With Regulus about to move into Virgo, it seems so appropriate and timely as we consider a world ruled by powerful elites and societies ruled by money and power. Now we have Regulus move into the sign of service, resourcefulness, technology, skill and duty, as we consider waste, global resources, efficiency and how to get things working better. This shift seems timely to say the least. We are all called to a service of some kind, helping to shape a better world.
~ C*I*A 


For approximately the last 600 years or so Regulus has been in Leo decan 3 which is ruled by Mars in both Chaldean and triplicity rulership. This makes it doubly aggressive and only amplifies Regulus’s conquering and pillaging side further. I decided to use the year 2000 positions of Regulus because most people reading my blog are going to be of the generation of Regulus in Leo (For now!) so my appraisal of Leo decan 2 includes the influence of Regulus.

They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as betrayal. Loyality, loyality and more loyality, this is the number one demand of their loved ones. In return for their devotion to you, (and by golly they are devoted), they expect you to defend the values of the pride to the nth degree. Any deviation is a sign of rebellion and must be crushed… Bottom line, the lion is a man-eating beast. It can be bitterly cruel when threatened. You really want these folk on your side for they will fight and defend you until they have spilt their last drop of blood….

This new Moon falls in Virgo decan 1 which is a totally different creature but is still ruled by the Sun! (and Mercury by triplicity). The energy is still regal but Queenly rather than Kingly.

These seers usually develop their sensitivity after a period of suffering, dutiful caring and even a broken heart. These folk are good at medicating those who are grieving. They become the opiate So as a result of 2000 years of bloodshed and suffering, the human race has through a broken heart, learned to open its heart chakra. It has also individuated and developed an ego. We are all one yes, but we are all unique individuals also. I like to think of the Suns symbol as both a halo and an eye. Mercury has the healing influence and we may go through a stage of self-medicating to get over the trauma when it becomes apparent just how badly we as humans have been abused.for their patients, friends, lovers, children, parents and any neighbour hood strays…

So as a result of 2000 years of bloodshed and suffering, the human race has through a broken heart, learned to open its heart chakra. It has also individuated and developed an ego. We are all one yes, but we are all unique individuals also. I like to think of the Suns symbol as both a halo and an eye. Mercury has the healing influence and we may go through a stage of self-medicating to get over the trauma when it becomes apparent just how badly we as humans have been abused.

There is both a Yod and learning triangle in the New Moon chart. Attached to the Yod is Venus/ Lilith in tight square to Mars/Saturn. A battle of the sexes? The Saturn/Mars on Zubeneschemali could prove interesting as Robson says with Mars it brings:

High ambitions, success through energy, influential position, forceful writer and speaker

and with Saturn:

Cautious, reserved, studious, economical, analytical, good chemist or detective, good judge of human nature”.

Both the Goddesses are greatly empowered by the star Merak in the heart of the great bear. Merak brings command and domination but is also empowering. I think the mix of fiery goddess energy plus quiet caution and sound judgement mean that through conflict, understanding is found and it all ends well and amicably.  The Yod points to Uranus Rx on Alpheratz, still awaiting to break free of its change. You can see the very strong theme of the transition at this New Moon. It shows the evolution of humans being of service (Slaves) to the Sovereign to one of being sovereign beings in service tohumanity. This New Moon gives us a glimpse of the future where there shall be sovereignty for all!

So what’s so special about Regulus? He is certainly of our time. He is the X factor and the superstar. The Elvis of the fixed stars. He ranks as ultra-fortunate, the most benefic star in the Universe. Medieval astrologers said it would bring glory, riches and fame to all those born under it, and that it was the “Royall Starre”.In a different article, Marina stated:

So what’s so special about Regulus? He is certainly of our time. He is the X factor and the superstar. The Elvis of the fixed stars. He ranks as ultra-fortunate, the most benefic star in the Universe. Medieval astrologers said it would bring glory, riches and fame to all those born under it, and that it was the “Royall Starre”.

Astrologer Anne Ortelee stated:

Regulus the fixed star of kings, the heart of the Lion, Part of the Royal Cross in the sky, described in the Book of Revelations as the Lion in the South, one of the Persian Watch stars, leaves Leo, where Regulus has been for 2160 years and moves into Virgo. We can expect Kings to die. We can expect the peasants to assume the power. Workers will become the leaders. As a collective, we are experiencing an empowerment of the servant class and will be developing a new way and understanding of how we look at power over the next 2,160 years as Regulus moves slowly through Virgo at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years.

In5D Addendum: The timing for Regulus entering Virgo is ideal with Pluto in Capricorn until 2023. The energies are ripe for an amazing transformation of consciousness while toppling down the patriarchal system that has brought us war, materialism, greed and ego through various divide and conquer techniques.

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Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope – Grand Cardinal Cross, Ace of Swords – 4-24-14

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David Palmer Astrologer – Grand Cardinal Cross – Mercury Conj S.Node – April 22 2014

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Carl Boudreau – Astrology of April 2014 – New Paradigm

April has been heralded as an important month, with its two eclipses and another one of those Grand Crosses in cardinal signs, and I discuss that.

I think it is probably more important because it marks the official roll out of the New Paradigm and the promise it brings.

This video is somewhat speculative and, after I present my case, I leave it to the viewers to decided if the New Paradigm is a real thing and if it functions as advertised.

[A couple of settings on my videocam were bogus, hence the “irregularities” in the intro and outro.]

Astrologer David Palmer – Moon In Aqua, Pisces – 3-27-14

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Daily Inspirational Astrology Horoscope: March 27 2014 Moon In Aqua Then Pisces

From beyond the dimensions of time and space, a King rises from the past and has come back from the future, to brighten up the dawning of a new age on Earth. Using his charm, ancient tool bag and positive energy, the Leo King reclaims his throne and sets on his quest to lead the new world into illuminating its individual and collective consciousness.

The Leo King’s quest takes him on a journey of brightening up the world with his music, astrology and inspirational speeches in order to change your life and bring you into spiritual ecstasy.

Astrologer David Palmer – Full Moon In Virgo – 3-15-14

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Astrologer David Palmer – Leo Trine Uranus In Aries – 3-12-14

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Astrologer Salvador Russo – March New Moon in Pisces – A Season Of Miracles

During the twilight hours of March 1st amidst momentous shifts in planetary energies we will all enter a season of miracles beneath a New Moon in Pisces.  Between the flux of Mercury’s prograde in Aquarius on February 28th, Mars’ retrograde in Libra on March 1st, Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio on March 2nd, Jupiter’s prograde in Cancer on March 6th, and Venus’ entrance into Aquarius, also on March 6th, expect the month of March to usher in hope, grace, promise, and divine joys.

I predict the following events during the New Moon in Pisces cycle:  obvious signs of divine intervention, freedom from self-defeat, terminations to hopeless circumstances, majestic spiritual empowerment, grievous exposures of duplicity, the revealing of secret enemies, powerful guardianship of the innocent or helpless, a growing global sense of active spiritual warfare, the unravelling of corrupt media, security enhancement through great resource allocations, explosions in supernatural phenomenon, and profound gravitations into the realms of spirit.

In our horoscopes Pisces reveals where we can find God.  Through investment in the House where Pisces is found a soul can find success in the ancient quest to unify with God.  This New Moon brings special attention to our brothers and sisters of the Tribe of Pisces who are all destined to find God within themselves whereas we of other Tribes find God through indirect experiences.  The energies will soon be ripe for the ultimate mystics of the Zodiac, our beloved Pisces, to make great personal strides in their reach for God.  Famous Pisceans include Manly Hall and Edgar Cayce, men who most certainly found God within.

A karmic return of epic proportions is upon us as an effect of this New Moon in Pisces.  The sum of our entire lives has been factored in Heaven so that what we deserve according to spiritual laws will soon rush into our lives wherever our Pisces is found.  The horoscope becomes invaluable at these precious times.  I encourage my audience to identify the Pisces energy in their lives, through their horoscope, and to observe how life unfolds in the weeks ahead.  This will help you all to develop cosmic consciousness and to gain enlightened bearings on your spiritual standing and overall place within the grand scheme.

What is one to do with all these imminent cosmic events?  Here is my counsel for the world:  open yourselves to faith in unseen forces that love and fight for our sake and future.  Open yourselves to selfless service and sacrifice as life presents to you.  Open yourselves to universal love and intelligence that permeates our world.  Open yourselves to all change that must occur for evolution to succeed.  Be conscious of karma recognizing and respecting her balances.  Transcend mundane thoughts knowing that super-spiritual energies will carry us furthest now.  And perhaps most importantly, work to restore hope wherever it has been lost.

The angels are coming, the angels are coming, the angels are coming!  Angels obey all cosmic laws meaning that although they may desperately want to intercede in our lives they must patiently wait for their cosmic times to come.  These times are always when Pisces is active so with this New Moon just days away believe that the angelic presence on Earth will drastically increase in the weeks and months ahead according to Law.  Watch as mysterious and beautiful photos manifest throughout the mediascape in the near future.  The angels will be showing signs to develop our faith and prove their presence.  They will show you their light…

Restoration to seemingly hopeless matters and bizarre episodes of self-ruin will define this lunar cycle which will culminate on September 8th, 2014 with the next Full Moon in Pisces.  If you are one on the fringe of hope or tragedy have confidence that the time is upon us where the roots of your suffering will be addressed by divine powers.  Maintain your faith and believe in miracles because the season for them is soon to begin.  Faith enables miracles and God keeps count of those who keep faith and those who don’t.  Perhaps the angels already know who is who and who needs what.  If your heart swells to these words believe that your name is kept.

Angels know who’s good and bad, who’s lost their joy and who lives sad.  Hope is coming with great force, with light and joy through Heaven’s course.  See the lights and keep your faith, the truth is simple: God is great.  With intervention coming soon we’ll all remember this New Moon!  The tides are changing oh so fast, the grip of evil just won’t last.  They’re weighted down while we are blessed, keep your strength and stand the test.

The path is lit with cosmic wealth, it comes so heavy, it comes in stealth.  Jump for joy if you love God and as for me, I’m beyond awed.  With nothing flawed my words are true, the Moon that comes has mystic hue.  And that’s my cue, it’s time to go, I hope you love how my words flow.

Enjoy the future,  Astrologer Salvador Russo

Onefeather and David Palmer – Horoscope – New Moon In Pisces – 2-21-14

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Carl Boudreau – The Astrology of March 2014 – Realignment

Carl Boudreau·35 videos

Transformative forces now specifically target the structures, patterns and attitudes that define our identity and all of our relationship, at home, at work, in the world at large. Social, political, economic and cultural alliances and alignments go into flux. The psychological disorientation many are experiencing deepens. People work overtime to keep their personal and social affairs in order.

Accelerating transformation at the individual level psychological level supports accelerate change at the macro level.

Somehow it all adds up to progress as the demolition of old structures clears the way for progress.

David Palmer – Horoscope – 2-12-14

Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for February 11, 2014 ~ Tom Lescher

David Palmer – Astrology Horoscope – Jupiter In Cancer Trine Chiron In Pisces – 2-5-14

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Daily Inspirational Astrology Horoscope: February 5 2014 Jupiter In Cancer Trine Chiron In Pisces

From beyond the dimensions of time and space, a King rises from the past and has come back from the future, to brighten up the dawning of a new age on Earth. Using his charm, ancient tool bag and positive energy, the Leo King reclaims his throne and sets on his quest to lead the new world into illuminating its individual and collective consciousness.

The Leo King’s quest takes him on a journey of brightening up the world with his music, astrology and inspirational speeches in order to change your life and bring you into spiritual ecstasy.

Ask Teal – What Is Mercury Retrograde – What Does It Mean For Me

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In the new age, spiritual and astrological community, mercury retrogrades have a bad reputation. Mercury retrogrades are famous for effecting electronic equipment, causing travel delays and cancellations, influencing breakdowns in communication such as things getting lost in translation, pieces of information going missing, the inability to finish sentences, arguments arising out of nowhere with seemingly no provocation, the inability to form a coherent thought.

Retrogrades can create some serious confusion. It also causes indecision. You may notice things getting lost and luck may seem to be against you. In fact, mercury retrograde can be seen as the planetary manifestation of Murphy’s Law. Meaning that it can feel as if everything that can go wrong…. Is going wrong. It is famous for causing delays and postponements in all areas of life and this feeling of fighting upstream can lead to a sensation of severe restlessness and frustration. Mercury also particularly effects a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations & anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office & cabs so if you have to interact with any of these industries, you can expect some mix ups to occur.

But… The good news is, there are some distinct advantages to the mercury retrograde! In this episode, Teal explains what these advantages are and how to use them. She then provides a list of tips for how to enjoy and benefit from the mercury retrograde.

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