Sunanda Sharma – Twin Flame, Telepathy, Third Dimension – 4-13-15

twin-flame_OMTimes_bigstock-Textured-faces-of-surreal-male-20142005-copy-750x400Twin Flame, Telepathy and Third Dimension

by Sunanda Sharma

Twin flame and telepathy are made for each other – one is the other’s strength and even the head is not spared. Does this sound like a twin connection or more than that? Twin flames are the same energy beings divided into a male energy and a female energy, which are derived from the same core source. They are just too similar that the pull is similar to that of a magnet. If one is happy, the other feels the happy ripples, and if one is sad, the other too is down in the dumps. This sensing irrespective is where the two chose to incarnate on planet Earth. The twins may not have met formally, but will still feel the other’s emotion, thoughts and energy. In fact, the presence of the other twin is so strong that it’s almost like being with the other half all the time on an energetic level. Sometimes, you may find the energy envelope so intense that it seems as if the other half has literally teleported themselves to your base station! This placement can get a little intense since you actually find yourself talking, laughing and giggling to this other half of your energy being all the time to the utter disbelief of those who may be observing you. You cannot explain much to those non-believers in regards to how the twin flame phenomena works. However, you can surely count your blessings when you discover this rare find that the universe chose to align you with!

There are some alignments where the twin flame has an option to be one in this very lifetime. Perhaps, if they are lucky, they will be lifelong partners. Sometimes, one individual is already committed in a marriage, and then the other will still give that one the much needed strength to carry on and vice versa. Sometimes, divorces and separation occurs if the soul of each of the twin flames decides to gravitate towards the other for completing the soul agenda. All these movements are decided as soul contracts by the twin flames before they incarnated on planet Earth. The twin flame’s reunion may seem like true love or a romantic union, so to speak, but there is a flipside to it. The reunion can be highly challenging and wild at times. These unions will trigger you to live your highest destiny and one may say walk on fire yet thankfully surrounded by love!

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite a path!

With that being said, what is the level of telepathy one shares with their twin? The head connection or telepathic connection is so strong that one twin can read the mind of the other even if they are based in two different continents across the globe. They can almost hear each other out loud and sometimes even see each other across distance. This is possible because both the twins are highly evolved human beings with strong psychic senses and sometimes very powerful psychic ability. If for some reason they do not join together for the incarnation, they will be a walking, talking guide to the other through their journey in this lifetime.

Does the third dimension reality support such unconventional relationships and unions? It’s very difficult for the people who are still restrained by the third dimensional facade to welcome or comprehend the twin flame reunion. Twin flame unions are the union of energy, which is the merging of the shiv and shakti as they say in Hind. Such mergers are not for the faint hearted, but for the non-conformists .This is the real true merging of souls in divine timing and in accordance with an outstanding divine plan. That is why the pretenders, conformists and the body lovers may not stand a chance here. For here, physical appearance does not matter; the energetic wavelength is what pulls the twins together – one just knows the readings and every beat of the other beyond the comprehension of all the physical senses! Those who have walked this path would vouch by its feel.

Twin flame reunions have a divine purpose to live by. Universe will heed their plea once both acknowledge and realize that they are incarnated here for fulfilling a very spiritual mission and agenda. They are individually very powerful beings, once together the power is manifested. Similar to two laser sharp rays merging and decrypting the profane from the planet, some metaphysicists have pronounced the twins as ascension masters. Their reunion all over the world will replicate the source energy and ascend the planet to higher dimensions. More reunions of these divine mates is now taking place on Earth as our planet is gradually lifting its vibrational frequency to fifth dimensional frequency. Hail the twins, for they are the fore runners to the next dimension!

About the Author

Sunanda Sharma is a professional tarot card reader, psychic, author and life coach. A published author, she has written two books titled, Inspiration from the Spirit Volume 1 and Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II, which are available on and

Romeo Baron – How Soul Growth Affects Relationships – – 3-31-15

How Soul Growth Affects Relationships in5d in 5d

by Romeo Baron

Thousands of people all over the planet are shifting into higher states of consciousness and this is reflecting in our everyday relationships with people and society all around us. A lot of relationships are falling apart, mostly because one of the partners is starting to vibrate at a much higher frequency then the other. This is true for families and friendships as well.

Many will want to stay stuck in the negativity, they fear to shift into a much higher frequency. This is their soul choice. What will happen is those individual souls won’t be able to adjust as the higher frequencies of divine light vibrates through the outer and the inner earth.

Under such circumstances, one partner will be stuck or hung up about material satisfaction and very much into dense forms, and not at all activated from deep within their inner core being, while the other partner will be very much activated. Eventually all the glue in the world will simply not hold the relationship together.

This is part of the soul growth transition. One must understand that all marriage contracts and being bound legally have no jurisdiction in the higher realms of being.

Divine love vibrates at certain frequencies. A true partnership happens between two people who are on the same vibrational frequency wavelength, Like attracts like, and their coming together will be in higher service with such a bond that will not disintegrate because of having the same values and same being, seeing and experiencing spirit in action.

Those who have been through deep inner core shifts in higher consciousness in the last few years have this inner knowing that there is a deep divine love within them that is above and beyond words.

Dana Mrkich – Relationships, Shifting and Triggering – 3-30-15

Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich

A couple of people emailed me a similar question last week about big changes that are happening in their relationship. One has ended a long-term relationship, while the other is in a good marriage yet has found there is a strong energy connection with someone else. Both asked if there were any insights that could help their respective situations. I’ve covered this topic in this week’s Let Love In webcast, but here’s my response in case you are going through something similar: 

Essentially as one person awakens or has a “growth spurt”, one of two things are tending to happen: the relationship (and partner) is called to shift to a higher, deeper level or one person shifts while the other doesn’t (or they shift in different directions), triggering the end of that union, or resulting in an uncomfortable experience until something changes.

In this new evolutionary cycle we are experiencing the end of karmic relationships and dynamics..that is, the end of the relationships primary purpose being the healing of old wounds and issues, healing inner child and past life stuff etc. As we move into wholeness and are taking greater responsibility for our own emergence, we are connecting in a new way. Our relationships are more now about supporting and encouraging each other to expand into our wholeness, to be all we are here to be, rather than fill someone else’s “hole” or hold their stuff for them.

It is also common to meet someone who triggers all of this for you, and increasingly this is happening while people are in relationship with someone else. This then forces the question for people: am I happy in my relationship, am I not? If not, why not? Is there something my partner and I can do/need to do to regain connection and intimacy or is our time done? These triggers are ideally used in a conscious, responsible way. That is, they are an opportunity for a new level of conversation and connection in your current relationship.

Sometimes those coming along are your next mate, albeit unexpected and unplanned, other times they are a soul ‘trigger’ mate, destined to come along to shake things up and turn you toward your new direction – in love, and other ways also.

Are you finding that there are lots of relationship shifts going on in your lives and around you?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

Nanice Ellis – Conscious Commitment – Why Relationships Fail – How to Make Them Work – 3-22-15

Nanice EllisHave you ever considered that perhaps we are too quick to make commitments of the heart? With uncountable divorces and break ups, maybe we should just stop for a moment and take a closer look at the concept of commitment.

If commitment were the answer to happy and lasting relationships, wouldn’t we have more lasting and happy relationships?Why do we make relationship commitments?

Commitment can lead to a beautiful union but we often make relationship commitments for all the wrong reasons, such as:

•  External obligations: it is expected by family, society or religion.

•  Ultimatums: our partner gives us an ultimatum and we fear losing him/her if we don’t commit.

•  Insecurities: we feel insecure about the relationship and we want the other person to commit to us, so we commit to him/her.

Last but not least, somehow we have gotten it into our heads that love requires commitment, and if there is no commitment, then it is not real love. “If you love me, you will marry me.”

Commitments often don’t work out because they are forced, premature or for all the wrong reasons.

Even if we make commitments with the intention of strengthening a relationship, commitments can be relationship suicide because they often cause us to go unconscious. Many times, commitment causes a couple to take the relationship for granted and not pay attention. When we stop paying attention to our relationships, sooner or later, those relationships deteriorate.

The truth is, how do we know how we will feel next year or in twenty years? How can I make a commitment for my future-self when I don’t even know her yet, and, what if a commitment that I make today does not support my future-self in her journey and desires?

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with commitment. When both people consciously choose to commit, something very beautiful and sacred can be created. The problem is that our traditional approach to commitment creates dysfunctional relationships.

How can you be true to yourself when you are entangled in a commitment that wasn’t based on truth to begin with?

In the name of commitment, we disregard our own hearts and, in some ways, we disregard the hearts of those we have committed to. If I am only with my partner because I made a commitment, but my heart is not in it, then I am keeping him in the relationship under false pretenses. I especially don’t want a partner to stay with me only because he is honoring a commitment that he no longer feels an allegiance to.

We often make commitments because it is easier to commit once and then be dishonest about the relationship; in other words, once we commit, we can disregard how we really feel about the relationship and about our partner, because “the decision has been made.”

It is as if commitment gives us permission to negate our thoughts and feelings – giving us no choice but to stay in the relationship. This might also mean that we embark on certain behaviors that are deceitful, rather than speak our truth, or take actions that support our greater good – and the greater good of our partner.

Or, worse yet, maybe we pressure someone else into a commitment and then blame them when they fail to keep it. Many times commitment “sets us up” to become out-of-integrity with our own selves.

When we are asleep and unconscious in relationships, we are asleep and unconscious in our lives.

Commitment to Self

The real problem with making commitments to others is that we don’t first make commitments to ourselves. How can you make a commitment to another without ever having made a commitment to yourself?

If you have not committed to your own life, you lack the foundation to commit to another. If you have not committed to take care of yourself, how can you commit to care for another? If you have not committed to love, honor and cherish yourself, first and foremost, you have no business making commitments to do this for anyone else.

Commitment to Self creates the foundation for all other relationships.

If you do not commit to your self, you ultimately create a relationship with the expectation that your partner will meet your emotional needs and give to you what you do not give to yourself. This creates dysfunction and co-dependence, and why most relationships, in the end, fail.

Conscious Commitment - Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work!

Making Conscious Commitments

From a foundation of self commitment, you are able to make the conscious choice in committing to another. But, even then, your commitment to another must first be a commitment to yourself about the other. In other words, your commitment is a promise that you make to yourself regarding your relationship. This means that commitments can only be made to ourselves.

Do I commit to me that I will be faithful and loyal to you?

I may say the words or I may even say “I do,” but if I don’t first and foremost make that commitment to myself, my commitment to you is void of any real meaning.

We can only create Conscious Commitments when our connection to who we really are and our commitment to ourselves is the foundation, and remains the foundation, throughout the history of the relationship.

Many Gifts of Conscious Commitment

When you have two people who are each committed to themselves and they come together in Conscious Commitment, you have the making of an Evolved Relationship based on openness, honesty and trust.

True commitment is not about staying together, come “hell or high water”, as much as it is about being present with each other, and staying present in whatever may come. This might mean that one or both of you may decide that the relationship is complete and it is time to consciously move on.

Of course, uncoupling is a possibility whether you have a traditional commitment or a Conscious Commitment, but with a Conscious Commitment, you know that if your partner is with you, he or she really wants to be with you, and because communication is open and honest, there is actually more “space” to resolve and heal any issues that arise, therefore strengthening the relationship.

This type of commitment keeps you focused on making the relationship work – invoking deeper intimacy and heartfelt honesty. The point is, Conscious Commitment keeps you both awake and conscious – and this is the making of a relationship that has the power to last and grow stronger year after year.

Because Conscious Commitment allows you to have a deeper experience of love and communion with another, and build a relationship based on integrity with yourself, your personal and con-joined growth and awakening becomes exponential. This is the evolved purpose of intimate relationships. In lower consciousness, relationships are designed for us to work-out our personal issues, but in higher consciousness, relationships are intended to support our growth and awakening.

An even greater purpose of creating conscious relationships is that we also support the planet as we contribute to bringing forth the evolution of humanity – what we do for ourselves, we also do for each other… so beautiful.

“Conscious Commitment – Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work!” by Nanice Ellis, March 21, 2015 at

Original link: Conscious Commitment – Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work!

Judith Kusel – The Way of the Mystic – Sacred Union – 3-11-15


There are always those who seek the higher pathways in life, rather than the lesser.  They seek the ultimate state of Being, which then becomes the quest to experience the Divine essence, the infinite state of bliss, or existence itself, through the medium of going ever deeper within.

It is that reconnection with the soul, the soul group, but more than this, the reconnection with that energy which is the pro-creative energy, the alchemical fusion which transform the mundane into the extraordinary, the sacred, the magical, and therefore the sublime.  Once one experiences the supreme state, one cannot walk the lesser pathways for one has spanned the higher octaves of Being, and therefore has glimpsed the ultimate bliss – that state, or consciousness of the Divine.

The Ancient Mystery schools knew this, and therefore the High Priestess at the birth of a child, would not only read the soul records, but would confer with the Astrologer Priests and birth crystals were programmed to accompany the child for the rest of its life.  With this reading it was already defined if the child had incarnated to be trained and to contribute to humanity by serving in the temples themselves.

There were certain pathways within Mysticism which followed the higher pathways of sacred sexual union in what we would today understand as sacred marriage, and they were trained from an early age, in the various branches of the mystic paths. They would however only fully merge in sacred union when the call for higher service was there.   It was understood that the sexual energy itself, could be channeled in a supreme way, which not only ignited the fires of illumination, but ignited the higher pathways of service.  It was considered the ultimate union of male and female, as their two flames merged, into the ultimate third, and it was then that they certain portals opened up, which ignited the service work being done.  One then became an expanded being – thus one’s soul purpose and mission became ignited, and expanded beyond the norm.

In these schools from an early age then one would be already identified as being called on this pathway in order to serve, and one’s soul partner would be identified as well, and thus trained, would then merge in alchemical union, which was a deep honoring of each other, and very deep and profound union of body, mind, spirit and soul.  These two would share thus the greater calling, vision, and most of all, the higher service to the Divine.  Here two souls were on the same frequency band, and anyone of lesser would distort the energy, and most of the energy would disperse and not ignite the fires of Illumination, but quench it.

The Mystery Schools had their own distinct branches and each one had a symbol worn in the form of adornment or bracelet, and in the case of those who were trained in this mystic art would wear an arm bracelet in the form of a serpent – depicting the spiralling energies ignited, as in the kundalini energy but in a different form in the course of orgasms the female would erupt in a writhing movements which was serpent like – the result of alchemical fusion as she transmitted the higher powers into him, for she was what ignited the fire of illumination and higher service in him.  In this way both of them literally fused into one and entered that state of Divine bliss – the marriage between the masculine and feminine – the God and Goddess as in the Divine, the supreme state of Being and consciousness.

The female was considered to become the Goddess – thus merging with the Divine Feminine and in these transmitting immensely powerful energies through her, and into the partner.  In this way, he, if he was a Master Alchemist or Teacher, would be ignited and his mission illuminated – through her.  The one ignited the other and thus their calling to higher service became AS ONE.

This higher pathway is not for everyone, mainly because it strips open the soul to the very core.  There are not hiding places anymore.  As much as one is naked in body, one is naked in mind, in spirit and in soul.  All that is not loved within one will come to the fore, until it is loved and only in that it is loved, one can open to the other totally.

It was known that there were 7 gateways to sexual alchemical union, and each gateway represented both the shadow and light within oneself.

Very few people can reach these higher states of alchemical union, and it is a path of dedication – not only to each other, but more than this to the highest service, for here one ignites the fires of Illumination, and if not in highest integrity these fires burn – literally singe what is not of the purest intent.

The greatest gift of union, is that experiencing of Divine joy, the delighting, and the supreme bliss, euphoria, and that utter At oneness with the cosmic energy field itself, that Divine state of Being, consciousness – thus that Christed consciousness, the ultimate state of Being.  When this is used in higher service, something profound happens and more than this it was known to be an elixir for rejuvenation and life expansion.

(For reference read “The Magdalene Manuscript”, The Gnostic Hieros Gamus, Isis Initiations, Kabbalistic Higher Sexual Practices etc.)

In Eastern tradition, more or less the same practices were used but differentiate from those used in Atlantis, Egypt, etc.  It is the path of Tantra that originated in India and dates back thousands of years, and incorporates practices such as yoga, meditation, visualization, ritual, transformative touch, and spiritual sex.  Tantra as Sanskrit word, has been interpreted to mean “a loom” or “to weave.”  Such definitions speak to the fundamental Tantric concept of continuity between an individual’s energy and the Universal energy.

It is a spiritual system that sees sex as sacred.  In fact, the act of sex is worshipped as a path to the Divine.  During Tantric sex, lovers harness sexual energy to merge not only with each other’s bodies and beings, but also with the Divine Cosmic Consciousness.  They reach a state of ecstasy that is a sacred experience.  Sex therefore has a spiritual dimension, leading Tantric lovers to the ultimate experience of the Divine.

In Tantra, sexual union merges the masculine and feminine forces in the Universe by bringing together Shiva, the Hindu god, and Shakti, the Hindu goddess.  When the separate energies of these entities unite, they assume wholeness and commune with the cosmic consciousness.  In the way when a mortal man and woman come together sexually, they become one with each other and the cosmos feminine as much as the masculine, it has helped many women achieve harmonious sex lives.  The unique and egalitarian sexual union leaves lovers with profound respect, deep trust, understanding and enjoyment of each other, thereby strengthening the integrity of their intimate relationship.

When one seeks the ultimate union, one seeks a partner who is on the same frequency band and therefore the same octave of Being, and more than this the sacred path which leads to the highest states of conscious awareness, as one becomes the God and Goddess.

For Twin Flame Soul Readings which focus on relationships, and Soul Readings which focus on your own soul, its gifts talents, abilties and higher soul purpose and calling, please visit

(Judith Kusel)

Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Eclipse Cycle Preparation – Imagining More Fulfillment – 3-16-15


Message from the Archangel Michael   –


Beloved Friends,

Today we turn our attention to those you love, to the people closest to you.

For some of you those relationships have not tracked with your own growth as well as you might have wished. For some of you, you actually have a void space in what we might think of as your closer relationships for you don’t have closer relationships right now. They don’t exist. For others you have perhaps consciously chosen or unconsciously chosen not to create partnerships or relationships out of a sense that your emotions and you, will settle at some point and then these things will happen and then you will find your tribe.

We want to start out our conversation today by saying any way in which you are waiting for something to happen does not serve you.

We would also like to say something else and this will be a catalyst for much of what we talk about over the next week together and that is this. Sometimes the reason that you hold yourself back is you don’t have the confidence to create what you really want.

Being sovereign is best described perhaps as the way of discovering how to be fulfilled. We have talked about this quite a lot and really this is about how to become fulfilled in your own unique way in the ways that really meet you as you are. This might be the most powerful way to think about becoming sovereign, to be more and more skillful and clear, aware and capable of understanding and creating your own fulfillment.

We also want to acknowledge today something unique about the realm in which you are focused because it is an essential component of your lives. For all human beings connection is an essential component to feeling happy.

What kinds of connections, are unique to you. How much connection, is unique to you. How you wish to create connection is unique to you. Yet all of you in your embodied human focus share a deep, fundamental need to experience connection in order to have embodied happiness. This is just part of the nature of your realm.

The human body is created in such a way that it actually needs touch. The human being, which all of you are in this particular experience of focus, therefore, needs to be connected not just for touch but for many other reasons with other humans. Again, the ways in which you choose to do this and what fulfills you and how much of this you need will vary based on each of you and your own personal indicators for this are your happiness.

We would like you to consider all of these things as we talk today a little bit about the various ways in which you are connected and what ideally we sense would be most supportive and wonderful for you.

We would like you now to imagine this inner circle of your life, this inner circle of your life, this day to day connection possibility. This would include the people or the animals closest to you or that space, that they might be in if they are not currently there. Imagine this space however filled with a few people or perhaps a few more than a few if you like and if you wish to put animals in the mix that too.

Imagine this inner circle of your life, the part of your life, the people, the animals if you choose, that you see daily. This is an incredibly joyful circle. You have regular, wonderful, uplifting interactions. You feel entirely supported. There is a deep sense of trust. You have each other’s backs. You can count on each other.

All the other nuances of this are particular to you. But those are the ones we would encourage you to include.

Then there is another circle of connection, what we might call your friends. People you see perhaps weekly or talk to on the phone. People you love dearly who make you laugh, people who really get you. People you share important news with, people you love to support and cheer on. People you comfort when they have had something terrible happen, people who comfort you. People you intrinsically trust. People who respect you and care about your happiness. People you can count on and they can count on you too in all of these ways.

Imagine and feel the fullness being generated by considering these layers of connection.

Then there is another circle. Let’s call them perhaps your acquaintances.

They are people you see less often but you like them and they like you. They know your name and you know their name and you know something about them more or less depending on how often you see them, but you see them less often. Maybe it’s your hairdresser or your accountant, your doctor, people who you see when you go on vacation because they go to the same place you do every summer. People you know online in a casual way. These people never have given you any reason to not trust them. You enjoy them. You feel uplifted. The experience is good to wonderful. They are an additional supportive element of connection in your life.

Then there is everybody else. People you have met, people you have not met. Some may fit into these circles but you haven’t met them yet. Some you may know well but they don’t really qualify these circles if this is the criteria for who is in these circles. That’s something to consider.

This is a way of considering the fulfillment of your relationships and since being connected is an essential component to being human and your fulfillment is the pathway to sovereignty we cannot have this conversation with you without talking about the way in which your relationships currently exist and the way in which your relationships potentially might exist.

You see my friends taking care of your fulfillment is how you become more unconditional with others and more importantly with yourself.

Becoming sovereign and unconditional does not mean spending time with people you don’t trust or making people who are unreliable members of your own most treasured inner circle. Being sovereign actually is supported by your circles of connection being much more like what we have just described. Reliable, consciously chosen, created for your joy and the joy of sharing and supporting. Revealing yourself and knowing you will be honored and knowing you will do the same for another is a powerful way in which your world is being uplifted.

When you are in that kind of relationship there is more openness because you are more open and you are how the world changes. How you are you is the only way you can change the world.

Since we have shared that connection is an essential element to being human why not choose to consider all of the relationships in your life and the various layers we have talked about today and see how you might make them something that you treasure.

We would like to focus on creating a radiantly happy and fulfilled life and we would like to focus on how you might do this by consciously creating more connection and support for yourselves.

We are not advocating leaving existing relationships, unless you feel that is right for you. We are talking more about how you might view your relationships. The kind of expectations you might have when you envision new relationships that you hope to create and to consider how you might increasingly harmonize your experience by creating the kind of relationships in your life that will be increasingly sovereign too.

All of these qualities that we have described of the ways in which you relate to people in different levels of intimacy, in different rhythms, in different levels of closeness are empowered by sovereignty. There are people in your lives who are sovereign without even thinking about it in that way. They are just people who have learned how to take care of themselves and how to be with others in the way in which both of you feel free.

We hope you notice that when we talked about all of this we did not talk about who is spiritual. We didn’t talk about people who shared your beliefs. We didn’t talk about any of that. We talked about the way in which these people can be present in your lives and the way in which you can be present with them. This leaves it wide open for tremendous diversity in the way in which you enjoy creating your relationships. What you enjoy doing. What you enjoy sharing, the kinds of people.

There is tremendous opportunity for you to connect with lots of different people but many of you throughout your experience of awakening have gone through tremendous changes in your relationships. One of the most difficult and painful parts of opening up to a fuller expression of yourself has been handling the emotions that you have felt as relationships moved in and out of your life as you saw things more clearly, as you discovered that something you thought would last actually didn’t, as you discovered your beliefs around these things and began to learn how to let go, how to let things rise and fall, how to be more open to the fluidity, how to identify more with your eternalness.

We have talked about all of these things together for a couple of years now. Now we would like to encourage you to consider how would you create the most abundant constellation of connection and support for yourself in your life?

What would that look like?

What relationships would you like to have that you don’t have?

What might they be?

Today we are hoping you might begin dreaming. Not feeling bad about relationships you have in your life that perhaps don’t meet your standards yet. Maybe they never will.

What if today you let all of that be just as it is and you consider, “What kind of connections do I choose to create now so that I can experience an abundance of fulfillment and satisfy my inherent human desire to share?”

I am Archangel Michael.

Selacia – Soulmates and Destiny – Bonds Over Time – 2-21-15



February 17, 2015

Relationships play a key role in your joy and success in 2015, and some soulmate connections can be pivotal influences on your longer term destiny. To understand this, be prepared to expand your view of what a soulmate is and how the two of you help each other over time.

What is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone you bond with on a soul level. It’s a person, or even a pet, that comes into your life for a special connection that greatly enriches your life and helps you grow. This is someone who helps you see yourself more clearly and more lovingly – this helps you to progress spiritually.

Potentials for 2015

This year, with its lighter energies and more potentials for moving forward, your soulmate connections could be a significant component of your success. After all, soulmates help catalyze full expression of your life purpose. They provide helpful support in obvious and not-so-obvious ways – like soothing you after a tough day and introducing you to someone who can open new doors of opportunity. A soulmate can remind you of your good qualities too.

Soulmates are not random. Since the connection is at a soul level, the two souls are involved in orchestrating the meeting and other happenstance. It’s common for this connection to occur over a number of lifetimes, resulting in a strong bond. That’s why when you first meet someone you can feel like you are old friends – there’s a comfort level that comes from long experience. What happens is that by knowing them in different circumstances over time, you bond and help one another grow. Your strong bonds over time magnetize you together again and again.

Types of Soulmates

From a quantum perspective, we indeed have more than one soulmate. There are different types of soulmates too. The type most people think of is a romantic partner soulmate. This type usually comes from a past bond created in another lifetime. Some lifetimes, you could be with them in a romantic partnership, and then other lifetimes you might be best friends, siblings, parent-child, or business colleagues.

Some romantic partner soulmates will be in a lifelong relationship. This isn’t always the case, though. From the perspective of the two souls, their having a larger view, your romantic partnership may not be destined to last an entire lifetime – for many reasons. Sometimes your paths move in different directions, each of you needing to experience something new. In this case, each of you later on could connect with another soulmate – coming into your life at the perfect time.

Special Bonds with Each Person

Being with one soulmate rather than another does not take away from the special bonds each partnership has. In spirit’s view, there is a unique purpose to each connection and it stands on its own.

In our conventional society – with linear black-and-white thinking – there’s a tendency to think we have only one soulmate and that we can be happy with only one person.

Pets Can be Soulmates

Also, people with a linear view tend to discount that even pets can be our soulmates. In reality, the soulmate bond is not just about human-to-human. When we get on the other side and have spirit’s view, we can see this clearly.

On the other side, too, we have a higher view of why some soulmate connections involve ongoing friction and upset. In fact, soulmate romantic partnerships sometimes are quite explosive and other times the initial sizzle fades before a commitment is made. This can be quite puzzling and frustrating, to say the least!

Indeed, the strong attraction between people is no guarantee of a smooth ride. People in love often have the incorrect assumption that being with a soulmate is like a fairy tale with a lifelong commitment and no disagreements or problems. Of course, this isn’t true.

Sometimes, as mentioned, the partnering was never meant to be really long term. Also, as long as either person has unresolved issues or life plans, they will tend to get played out with whoever is closest – in this case with the soulmate.

Gifts of Soulmates

From a cosmic perspective, you are an eternal being having a series of experiences in this physical reality. Sometimes you grow the most from conflict that catalyzes a deeper inner questioning. A soulmate you bonded with numerous lifetimes could feel safe enough so that you let down your guard. Perhaps one gift of knowing that person again in this life is that he or she helps you to be more authentic and to take back power you have given away to others.

This gift may not be obvious, of course, until long after you have learned these things. By then, the two of you may no longer be a couple. The key here is to see and appreciate the gift of the relationship in the now. Then it’s much easier to let go of clinging to what was and move on.

Tip: be present and heart-centered with each person you meet. Think of each person as part of your human family. Over time you will discover soulmate bonds with a number of people. Do your best to learn from each one, listening to what your heart tells you about the connection and what it means in the current moment. Think of each soulmate bond as another opportunity to be loving – to yourself and others. Love is what matters.

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Teal Swan, Spiritual Catalyst – The Great Rescue of Relationships

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

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Most people are rescuers in relationships and they don’t even know it. The people we are inexplicably drawn to have the same wound that we do. And because they have the same wound that we do, it causes a flare up in the wound we both share.
Here’s where the rescuer dynamic comes in. In this episode, Teal explains that on a subconscious level, you have always wanted to heal your wound. But you are unconscious of that wound. And so the only way to see it is to step in front of a mirror. The mirror is your partner. And when you step in front of your partner and recognize the wound, you then start to try to heal the wound in the reflection. Thinking subconsciously, “If I can just heal that wound in this other person, I’ll have healed it in myself.” You are insatiably attracted to people who provide you with the opportunity to become aware of and heal that wound, thus becoming a rescuer to that hurt aspect of them and you.
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

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Saint Germain – Relationships – via Méline Portia Lafont – 8-22-14



Saint Germain ~ Relationships
Saint Germaine
Saint Germaine
Channeled through Méline Portia Lafont / Friday, August 22, 2014

Greetings, I AM Saint Germain

Let us speak about relationships. Ah yes, the eternal fairy-tale and a mystery for many to understand. Allow me to share about relationships from my knowledge on this, as I have experienced many upon your Earthly shores in the past present.

There are various ways and levels of relationships and different types of relationships you all go through in order to, at the end of the day, reach the understanding and the knowing that all you have been doing is actually having a relationship with yourself. You see, relationships are here to share beautiful moments and less beautiful moments as well with each other, and to reflect upon one another who you are and what you are made of: pure Love!

So another you, in the form of another physical expression or person, comes into your life and you decide to enter into a relationship that is based on various ways of expressing this and of sharing this with one another. So you have relationships based on friendship as to where there is no romance in life but a deep and profound connection based on respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the expression and personality one is. Friends do mirror energy signatures of your being of what is going on in your inner planes and support one another in that same resonance. So you find that you attract friends into your life that will go through the same deal, that share the same thoughts and interests, to some degree if not all and so friends may support that which is actually been going on inside of you and they enhance everything. Hence that those energies on your inner plane that needs to be transcended and letting go of is being enhanced as well than, as you support one another’s resonance and thus share and enhance that what actually is being asked from you to let go of.

Than you have the relationships in romance and deep Love, the one in a million kind of relationship you never believed could come to pass. These are the actual mirror relationships that show you where you stand in life and in your evolution as you attract what you are in an awakened state. Ah yes, now we get to the point of the real deal. Let us speak more of this holographic reality of mirrors.

Often romantic involvements that are of the deep kind and nature, as to the one in a million feeling, are deeply soul connected. You can be sure that when such a feeling is shared, accompanied with a deep recognition in one another, that you have shared past lives together. Now, that may be in various ways and forms, not always is this in a romantic involvement, but the knowing of each other is very palpable. You can be soul mates, twin souls or even Twin Flames. Each level of connection has its own depth, energy signature and function.

In such relationship involvements, the souls have decided to reconnect in this lifetime and to play a role in each other’s evolution and Ascension process. It can go from supporting the growth in strength and love, to the assistance of releasing karma. This goes through mirroring and seducing that what lingers inside of you at that particular time, to come out and play or to be experienced by you in order to transcend this and to see it is a part of you in the first place.

So whatever role is taken upon you and by the other half of your relationship, it is all a part of this holographic reality you both agreed to create in order for you both to experience what Love is on the various levels that are possible. It is in Divine order to get you to that knowing that you are Love, and to embrace yourself with that Love. So that is why relationships are here in the first place, to teach you who you are and to bring you back to that natural sense of what Love truly is.

It is so that when one yearns for a relationship, one yearns for oneself in truth for there is a feeling of missing something in oneself.. Although that is what one erroneously believes to be true, for on the other hand it is actually already within you and always has been. So you send out the request to be reminded of that particular knowing, this through experience and that is where relationships are best for. The perfect mirror with the perfect person on that moment and in resonance with each other.

Relationships can be beautiful to share and to experience, especially when the bond is soul connected and deeply related to one another as to where you can start to experience yourself in another form. When both are awakened, in resonance and start to understand, grasp and see that the other one is simply another form and expression of the Self there is so much to be seen in yourself through the other. You can start to consciously play and experience the varieties of yourself and the different levels of Love and mergings as well as powerful co-creations. It is as it were a profound change and a reawakening to your own higher level of being that is embraced by you.

At one point you might come to that crucial moment where you realise and feel that you actually do not need any relationship anymore when it comes to pointing out what you still need to see, as you start to live more in yourself ~ the expanded state of yourself. The feeling of being complete within yourself is the result of the merging with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the Twin Flame reunion. You have a relationship with yourself through being Love. You go within and face what you need to see and to shift which is possible as you embrace and acknowledge that fact.

Nevertheless a need for companionship is what might still linger within you, so you send out to the Universe what kind of relationship you need or seek and it will be presented to you on a plate by the Universe as a result of your own creation. Mankind has been feeling alone and separated for far too long to just simply jump into that sudden point of being and feeling complete within itself. Although it is where you all are getting to in due time when you are ready and willing for this.

When being in a state of knowing that in fact all is already within you and that your companion is another expression of you on various levels, you can share, create and have wondrous moments in resonance where much creation, inspiration and Love will flow from that relationship as to where respect and freedom is pivotal. It is lingering in a sense and an awareness of the power of co-creation when you unite as one Source and bundle your energies. When all is vibrating in Love from the heart, anything is truly possible and this type of relationship is what marks the new world of being and living. In the new world, relationships, if any, are based on resonance and co-creation instead of being based on mirroring of karma and the sense of lacking something.

My friends, have a good one if you choose to participate in this hologram of relationships but always keep in mind that it is yourself that you are dating in a way. How does that knowing feel to you all? Marvelous isn’t it? If you had come to that understanding sooner, would you have journeyed in relationships anyway?! I most certainly would, as relationships are a world on their own that is truly a Mastery and school on itself. They are the best teachers but this too will eventually be transcended at a certain time and on a certain level. All in due time as Mastery is a whole creation and process on its own, that also needs to be done step by step in order to get you to that point of enlightenment.

Blessings upon all of you from my heart in eternity
I AM Saint Germain

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Laura Bruno – Recent Relationship Patterns as Realities Split – 6-26-14

Laura BrunoI’ve alluded many times to a splitting of realities/timelines and what I call the “Cosmic ‘Are You Sure?!’” but wanted to share today about how I see these two factors affecting relationships. Many clients and loved ones have experienced simultaneous breakthroughs in stuck areas of their lives, only to find breakdowns of long-term relationships. This pattern often occurs anyway, because as we shift our own restricted energies into new, expansive directions, those who felt comfortable with the lesser version of us can feel threatened by the change. That dynamic just seems majorly magnified right now, so I wanted to assure people that if you’re experiencing it, you’re not alone. Entire swaths of our culture are choosing either perpetual victimization, fear and ignorance or liberation, love and joy.

Fence sitting continues to become uncomfortable and borderline impossible, which can result in fence sitters lashing out at people who represent the side they’re afraid to leap into. Aggressive rejection or the icy shoulder and silent treatment seem to be the most common manifestations of these splits, although I prefer to recognize the concept of vibrational matching rather than flat out rejections. A split of energies doesn’t need to mean one person’s right and the other wrong, although there may, in fact, be quite moral grounds for the split. Practically, though, it doesn’t matter: for whatever reason, the two participants are simply “not a match.” Attempting to glue together radically incompatible energies strains both sides.

Multiply this dynamic exponentially, and we can see how recent relationship challenges really exist as a microcosm of what’s happening in our macro world. We shift as individuals, but with 7 billion individuals receiving a megaphoned, Cosmic “Are You Sure?!” that macro world feels disjointed, surreal and yes, sometimes painful.

In addition to their own bewildered hurt feelings after a preemptive rejection by people afraid to be left behind, I also hear people undergoing profound positive transformation express such heartfelt sorrow when someone close to them chooses to wallow in the same old dysfunctions and excuses. This grief isn’t some kind of condescending way to feel superior, but rather a recognition of what kinds of miraculous opportunities are being rejected and discarded. We cannot choose for others, though, especially not at this time. The Hopi prophecies make clear that every living being will need to decide for themselves. To do our part, we must live in our own integrity, listening to intuition, heart and soul, feeling our way through the maelstrom and allowing ourselves to experience the blessings that we ourselves have chosen. Refusing to honor the joy of our own choices alters our own chosen timeline.

Everyone is receiving ample opportunities to choose differently than they have before. The differences between realities have become so stark that no one can honestly claim they cannot tell the difference between options. Ultimately, those on a transmutation or ascension path need to live the commitment to be in the world but not of it. Our world is changing, and blessings abound for those with eyes to see and hearts to receive.

The following Chatauqua article provides more background on the current energies and choices. The greater our understanding of the timeline options, the more clearly we can respond to the Cosmic “Are You Sure?!” Thanks, G!

Chautauqua ~ Shifting Timelines, Free Will & The Power Of Choice

Have you been feeling of late that someone turned up the treadmill on the rat race? Perhaps the world has begun feeling a bit like an accelerating merry-go-round threatening to toss you off if your grip fails. Does it feel as if insanity gains more ground every day while decency and morality continue to be given the Rodney King treatment? Have ya noticed that we’re not in Kansasanymore? I don’t know what is worse; the fact that there are now school shootings nearly every week – or that we’re getting used to it; accepting it much as the slave endures yet another lash from the walking boss.

These are just a few of the symptoms of the spiritual evolution currently well underway; and although it gets very little mainstream news coverage it is an irresistible wave of change, happening all around us right now. We can try to surf the crest of these changes, or be pummeled &pounded by them. The tired old paradigms of the Piscean age are crumbling now because they have to; they have no choice in the matter, their time on the stage is over, and thus we have the two opposite and divergent timelines separating from one another. One timeline remains in 4th dimensional frequency resonance, the other simply moves uphill an octave on the evolutionary scale, to 5th dimensional frequency resonance. This shifting of the timelines is rather like an election in the realm of spirit. Decide which frequency you wish to express in, and vote for it by giving it all your mental energy and focus…and it will become your reality.

Energy follows thought. If you focus primarily on the hateful and negative side of life, and always feel like a victim; that is what you will attract, and vice versa. Understanding this is key to resolving which timeline you will embrace. How much change are you willing to accept in order to raise your frequency resonance? We are witnessing the shifting of the timelines more every day now; as each day brings even more reports of high strangeness, crumbling paradigms, and a visible, growing rift throughout civilized society. Even as the warmongers are wringing their claws in glee at sending “Advisors” back into Iraqas if we’ve never heard the term and never lost a war there. You see it isn’t about changing the people in control, or “good” overcoming “evil” or even changing society: it’s not about that at all. It’s about individual transformation, and spiritual growth from childhood, into adolescence.

It’s about free will, and the power of choice. It’s about taking responsibility for our own spiritual destiny, before someone else does it for us by consensual proxy. It’s about taking our power back and consciously choosing the reality we wish to exist in. The 4th dimensional world will continue on as it is essentially unchanged, for those who are not yet ready to make the transition, and still need it. For others the way is now open to make that transition into higher vibration, and higher consciousness, but ya gotta leave the baggage behind, lighten the load. I know it is much harder than I make it sound; but then if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You could say it’s kind of a rite of passage, I suppose. The key here is in your intention! Whatever your intention is, focus on that, because by so doing you are essentially programming your uplink to the Unified Quantum Field. If your heart’s desire is to stick around and see how this all plays out, then by all means, keep obsessing about the current state of world politics, wars, and rumors of wars; and your wish will be granted. If however you desire a more refined, more spiritual environment; now is the time to place your order, as the veils are lifting, the timelines are diverging. Wherever your thoughts & intent are focused the strongest & longest, that is where your energy will flow to. It has to. It doesn’t have a choice~but we do.

Free Will vs Fate

My personal belief is that this is not a dimension of pre-determined, immutable fate, but rather one where we have each been endowed by Source with free will, to choose our own path, and destiny. I have seen far too many people overcome having life stack the deck against them, and emerge whole, happy and successful people, to believe any other way. When life gets hard, and knocks people down time and again; it’s easy to take the view that it’s fate, and there is no escaping it no matter how hard you try. When ‘the rules’ change without notice and the futures of millions are decided by a select few behind locked doors; it’s only human to become discouraged, then jaded in one’s world view. But, there is always more to it than just that, of course, it goes much deeper and farther back than most people realize. All too often folks use the unfairness of life and the harshness of reality to kinda shut down, give in, and quit trying. It becomes just too hard to make sense of the madness, so we just work around it the best we can and try to find some meaningful happiness.

Peoples belief systems are a lot like setting a long string of dominoes on end, with each one representing a certain belief. Great care is then taken to ensure that nothing be allowed to topple this chain of beliefs, especially the first ones, the foundational beliefs upon which all subsequent beliefs are structured. If something is allowed to topple those first few beliefs, the entire system comes cascading down, one after another. Our ego’s cannot tolerate that, so we protect and defend our belief systems against all comers, including logic. Logic and facts are a dangerous threat to belief systems founded upon illogical presumption.

Belief systems are also a lot like a life preserver at sea. If the one you have barely keeps you afloat in calm waters, it is likely to fail you all together when the winds of change whip up a storm. Isn’t it more appealing to believe in the power of free will, which permits you to overcome nearly any obstacle, than to limp along with the crutch of “fate” being responsible for all your woes? I think so! Another nice aspect of free will is that it doesn’t require others to validate your belief system with their agreement. On the other hand, proponents of fate often feel they must insist on such agreement for their views to have merit; all the while rejecting all contrary views out of hand.

These diverging timelines are a great stressor on simply everything, especially us frail and flighty humans. We have moved out beyond the reach of history into uncharted waters with no landmarks to guide us onward. Our comfort zones are being squeezed & stretched with each new assault on our decency and dignity; and all we have to cling to are our belief systems, most of which are firmly rooted in the now-dying paradigm. Not such a great flotation device after all. As the dichotomy & duality of life we’ve always accepted become more distorted; and society seems to be leaning more each day toward Bat Shit Crazy, our souls become a bit restless as our egos try to maintain our outward composure. Pretending to those around us, and those who depend on us that we have it all figured out adds a tremendous amount of stress to everything else stressing us out.

Now the owners of this crumbling paradigm are frantically pulling out all the stops; in a desperate effort to prop up the facade a little longer so they can milk it for every last possible dollar. Unfortunately for us average folks, one of their nastiest tricks is to keep us distracted by setting us against each other with a mine field of controversial “hot button issues” which only serve to divide us further than we already are. They are succeeding. No matter what the issue, abortion, gay marriage, global warming, chemtrails or unicorns; these days nobody wants to debate the actual issue, instead they unleash a pack of feral ankle biters attacking the character of those who believe differently with a litany of subterfuge and linguistic tricks; and they fill up every “news cycle” with exactly that. Because a citizenry capable of critical thought is “their” worst threat, those in power are waging an astonishingly effective war against science; seeking to not just dumb us down but to drive us back into the dark ages. They know that energy follows thought, and that if they can keep our thoughts & minds focused here rather than on the 5th dimensional frequency resonance, our energy will trap us here as the timelines complete their separation, and the opportunity to choose is lost to us. Its working.

One good reason why it is working is because with the nature and pace of modern life, nobody makes the time to do the necessary reading & research to be well versed on so many different topics. They just repeat the last thing they heard that sounded intellectual, and once repeated a few times, it becomes belief. Even with the internet on your smart phone, who takes the time? Let’s walk thru this a minute: Today’s advanced state of technical, medical and computer wizardry with all the modern conveniences we depend upon and enjoy – is a product of science. Now suddenly this cult of science deniers has sprung up to dispute everything that is already established fact. It does no good to argue with these people because all they do is deny and attack. Anything they have no answer for is simply ignored, like the issues themselves. They’re like telemarketers, and have a snappy but hollow comeback for whatever you may say, and like telemarketers, they operate from a script. I cannot help but think of how very difficult it must be to believe in anythingwhen your knowledge is so very limited. The locked room.

The Power of Choice

I don’t think many of us could get thru the day, much less function efficiently without making choices; we make a multitude of them every day, many of them on the fly, so to speak: without having much time for analysis or contemplation. We make some choices so subconsciously as to be hardly aware of them until afterwards, in hind sight. Life is all about choices, because its about free will, the freedom to pick one thing or way over another, and we do it constantly.

There are basically three types, or levels of choice we humans make; and they follow along these lines: The first level of choice includes the multitude of relatively small decisions we tend to make on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the stuff of everyday life. The second level of choice is represented by the fundamental choices we make around which our life will operate, and determines our comfort zone. The third level of choiceinvolves mid-to-long range plans and the decisions necessary to guide us there. Now, on the surface this all seems straight forward enough, but as life so often teaches us; there is a hitch, and its not small. The hitchis that no choice or decision can exceed the parameters of the second level of choice. By example, if one of your second level choices is to have only a minimum of responsibility in life; then your third level choice to become president will never become your reality. Energy follows thought!

The thing that makes this so critical is that the vast majority of us form the core of our second level choices while still adolescents…teenagers. Society places a tremendous amount of pressure upon teens to compete, do your best, beat the other guy and be a winner! Parents and peers are little help in this case, as they also encourage the same things in us, it’s even said to be a healthy thing. Well, maybe. Now factor in all the other pressures bearing down upon the average teenager in western culture, echoing the mantra of success thru competition; acceptance, rejection and beauty…and then try to relate! All too often this cumulative pressure becomes too overbearing; a nagging thing from which there seems no escape, and in an instant the choice is made. Being a winner is too much hard work, too much competition and way too much stress – and being a loser is unacceptable for a whole raft of reasons. The choice is then made to be neither a winner or a loser, but rather to seek the middle ground between those extremes, and it nearly always is made in the grips of pain, angst, confusion &low self esteem; during a dark night of the soul.

When you argue in favor of your limitations, you get to keep ‘em

This decision; this choice to be neither a winner or a loser in life becomes a core directive because in it there is safety, and insulation from the abuses of this world. Being a second level choice it automatically trumps any other or subsequent choices that would exceed the built in parameters, and limitations. Because life becomes somewhat easier after making the choice to not be a winner, it hangs around long enough to become habit; and long after that dark night of the soul, our tendency is to forget the pain that caused us to cripple our entire future with failure. We forget making the choice, but that does nothing to limit its powerful effect. Years later when full of potential and passion to achieve, we cannot understand why we just never seem able to grab the brass ring no matter how hard we try. We forget that night we chose not to be a winner because we simply cannot believe choices made by tormented teens can be so powerful, but indeed they are!

Now, if the choice made by a confused teenager in pain can be that powerful for that long a time: Imagine the power of a choice made by a spiritually conscious & aware soul with a focused intention! Just imagine that! Remember that hitch in the three levels of choice? I said that no subsequent choice can overturn a second level choice…but I never said you cannot go back into the system and update the firmware, because you can! If this scenario sounds familiar to you, and you now wish to break the cycle by changing that cornerstone choice to a better one, there’ll never be a better time than right now. The power to do this all rests within you. Indeed, avail yourself of whatever technique or tactic that will help; (as long as it harms no one) but the power is all within you. Once you understand that; and that energy follows thought, the rest is a piece of cake, or easy as pie if you’re a cake hater.

One thing is certain, those who keep on sleepwalking thru this life by refusing to face the harsher realities of it, are most likely destined to remain in 4D frequency resonance until they figure it out. Spiritual growth doesn’t arise from defending a belief system inconsistent with evidence to the contrary because one is too afraid of change, or truth. It, in fact is exactly oppositeof what most folks embrace. It isn’t about believing it after you see it. Its about seeing it when you believe it. When Columbus landed in the new world, those who were already here saw only white puffy clouds approaching just above the water because they had no concept of a “ship” in their belief system. Therefore they were unable to see the wooden ships, just the white canvas sails. Within a very short time those who greeted Columbus could all see the ships just fine, once they had a concept of it. In the exact same way, we are blind to those things we don’t make room for in our perceptions of this world.

It doesn’t help that we are programmed and conditioned from birth to conform, fit in, don’t rock the boat and most of all; to be good consumers who never question authority. As the old saying goes, “the nail that stands up gets hammered back down.” Generation after generation just keep accepting the imposed structure of the 40 hour work week (once upon a time) and whatever benefits the employer feels like giving. With things being as they are economically a great many people feel lucky to even have a job; so they silently endure whatever draconian measures the employer may now impose that allow him to exploit the situation for more loot. Once signed on to the grist mill of earning a living by building other peoples dreams; we automatically give up a whole lot of choice in the way our personal & collective futures will unfold. Slavery was never abolished, it was just expanded to include everyone; your smart phone & smart meter are your newest manacles.

Modern life and those who call the shots have an abrasive way of grinding the human spirit down gradually over time; to maximize productivity & minimize problems. They’ve been at it a very long time now and gotten it down to a real art form of sorts. We call it the Rat Race because there literally is no way out other than the grave. At least that’s what they want us to believe; that we have no options, when in fact we have several at any given time. We just don’t know how to recognize them anymore, being that we’re out here beyond the reach of history, in uncharted waters and all.

So, yeah, if your getting the feeling lately that the world is a runaway train headed for a washed-out bridge with no one at the controls; and everyone is fighting over seating arrangements; that’s actually fairly accurate, and if you aren’t concerned now, you really should be. Maybe it’s time to quietly get up, leave the baggage, and find your way to the nearest exit. This train is gonna crash whether you are on it or not, whether you believe it or not; so why stick around? There is still time to make a hasty transfer to that train on the next track over, headed for 5D, but at this late date you may have to jump for it.

May the Source be With You!
SF Source AugureyeExpress June 23 2014


Tania Kotsos – Everyone Is Your Mirror – The Greatest Relationship Secret – 6-17-14

By Tania Kotsos

 Everyone is your mirror. This is the greatest of all relationships secrets and the only one you really need to understand to transform all your relationships. Here it is again – every single person in your life is your mirror.

What this means is that others are simply reflecting parts of your own consciousness back to you, giving you an opportunity to really see yourself and ultimately to grow. The qualities you most admire in others are your own and the same goes for those qualities you dislike. To change anything in your relationships, be the change you want to see.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall..

Learn to recognise yourself in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person’s actions or words. There is only room for real love based on understanding and gratitude. Compromise comes easy, forgiveness is a given and growth is inevitable. While this truth applies to all of your relationships, from your family, to your friends and colleagues, and even to those you deem your “enemy”, it is your relationship with your significant other that enables you to take the closest, most accurate look at who you are.


When Only the Face Seems to Change

It is certainly no secret that all your intimate relationships tend to be similar. Surely you have noticed how the fundamentals seem to remain the same while only the face changes. The repetition of the same problems, the same feelings and the same insecurities often leave you despondent and even reluctant to try again. You surrender yourself to the belief that relationships are difficult and require much compromise and that the only relationship secret out there is luck, timing or even Divine Will. You can’t help but notice how what starts off with such hope often ends with no hope at all.


There is One Common Denominator

What you perhaps haven’t noticed though, is that in all these repetitive relationships there has always only been one common denominator – YOU. Whoever the person is that you have next to you, no matter how many times you change him or her, the fundamentals of your relationship will remain unchanged (albeit to varying degrees) because they are simply mirroring you. It can be no other way. This realisation may frustrate you at first and you may even reject the truth that everyone is your mirror. However, you will quickly come to see it as great news because it means that you too can enjoy those loving relationships that previously seemed out of reach. To do so, the only person you need to influence is yourself.


What Are You Really Seeing in the Mirror

To internalise this truth, that everyone is your mirror, you must first understand it. Your relationships with others are your opportunity to experience yourself and grow. They are a perfect mirror of your inner relationship with yourself and the beliefs you have acquired about life and love. Everything you admire in another person belongs to you and the same goes for all that which you dislike. In order for you to recognise a certain quality in another, then it must be part of your consciousness. You could not see it otherwise. Essentially, the bottom-line cause of break-ups and divorce, is when one or both of the partners can no longer stand to see themselves in the other person. To best understand how everyone is your mirror, think in terms of these three categories: your beliefs, your qualities, and your actions.

            1. Your Beliefs are Staring You in the Face: Your beliefs about relationships, about men, about women, about    love and life in general are all there for you to see in your relationships. We have all acquired certain beliefs throughout our lifetime that cause us to react and act in certain habitual ways that either support us or don’t. This is most notable in our relationships because in order to experience anything or anyone you must first relate to it. For instance, if you believe that men or women are not to be trusted (no matter how trustworthy you are), or if you yourself have been willing to be the “other woman” or “other man” in the past, then by the Law of Attraction you will attract relationships in which a lack of trust is a major issue because that is where you have chosen to vibrate. Even if your partner is being faithful to you, you will look for reasons to prove otherwise and, as the saying goes, you always find what you are looking for.


Where Did Your Beliefs Come From? The problem is that you did not consciously choose many (if not any) of those beliefs that govern your experiences and relationships at the subconscious level. Instead, your beliefs were, unbeknown to you, handed to you by society, the media, your parents and your friends. There are also those beliefs that came part and parcel with your culture and upbringing, and the stricter your culture in the area of relationships, the more ingrained those specific beliefs. Since your relationships are based on those beliefs, your experiences only prove to re-enforce them for you, thereby creating something of a virtuous or vicious cycle depending on whether your beliefs support a healthy and balanced relationship or not.

            2. Owning Up to Your Qualities: Every quality that you see in your partner, whether you admire it or not, is your mirror – it is showing you who you are. The more you dislike a certain quality, the more it is showing you a part of your consciousness that you are not acknowledging. For instance, if you dislike your partner’s jealous nature, you will find that you too are jealous perhaps not of him or her but of others. If your partner’s competitiveness annoys you, you will find that you too are competitive. If your partner’s negativity or insecurities get you down, you will find that you too have a negative nature and the same insecurities. The only reason that these qualities are annoying you is because they are also yours. As long as you do not acknowledge them as your own they will continue to frustrate you, while owning up to them provides you with the chance to grow.


When Positive Qualities Annoy You: Interestingly, you may find that even some positive qualities annoy you. For example, if your partner’s overly kind and giving nature frustrates you, it is showing you that you too want to become more kind and giving but are resisting doing so. Alternatively, your partners’ ability to forgive may make you uneasy. Instead of becoming frustrated, see it as an opportunity to learn forgiveness. This ties into why opposites appear to attract as explained later in this article.

            3. Your Actions – How Do You Treat Yourself and Others? When your partner acts in a particular way that upsets you, you will find that you too act in the same way, most likely not towards him or her but towards yourself and probably others. The more a particular action frustrates you, the more it reflects a part of you that you are not owning. If your partner treats you with disrespect, look within yourself and see who you treat with similar disrespect, whether it be a friend, a family member or yourself. If your partner criticises you, you will find that you are critical of yourself and most probably of others. If your partner ignores your needs, you will find that you too ignore your own needs or those of others. Ultimately, you teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.


Reconciling Opposites Attract with Like Attracts Like: You may have heard that opposites attract and indeed this often appears to be the case. So how can relationships always be your mirror if opposites attract? The answer lies in the Law of Polarity that states that “everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree”. In other words, qualities that appear to be opposites are in fact two extremes of the same quality. For instance hot and cold may appear to be opposite but are varying degrees of that which we call temperature. The same applies to all human qualities and emotions.


You may find that the quality you see in your partner appears to be the opposite of your own quality, but in fact it is the same quality expressed in a different way. It is still your mirror. For example, the introvert attracts the extrovert, the weak attracts the strong, the giving attracts the taking. Such seemingly opposite partners attract each other so that they can learn from each other and bring their own extreme quality into balance. In order to attract your opposite, you yourself have to be at the other end of the spectrum and so are unbalanced as far as that quality is concerned. Simply put, opposites attract in search of balance. When none of your qualities are at either extreme of the spectrum, then you can no longer attract its opposite.


Abusive Relationships are No Exception

This advice is aimed at healing and transforming your relationships. Emotionally and physically abusive relationships are no exception. Their reflection is no less accurate than that of any other relationship. At the root of abusive relationships you will usually find a severe lack of self-worth in the abused partner, which is re-iterated by their refusal to leave the abuser. The only way to rise above such relationships is through the power of self-love. In fact, it is the foundation of this great secret that everyone is your mirror.


To Change Your Relationships, Be the Change

To change your relationships you must understand that your relationships mirror you, your beliefs and your actions back to yourself. This is the key to transformation. We all have our so-called buttons which, when pushed, cause us to act or think in negative ways beyond our normal day-to-day selves. Get to know your buttons. Instead of becoming frustrated, know that your buttons are the keys to your growth. Instead of asking for them not to be pushed, examine the belief behind the trigger and resolve to change it. See your buttons as the red-alert alarms that bring to your attention those parts of your consciousness that are begging to be changed.


Self-Love as the Foundation

The truth that your relationships mirror your inner world re-enforces the greatest relationship advice you can ever receive, that of loving yourself. In a relationship in which your partner treats you with love and support, you will find that the basis for his or her love is the love you have towards yourself and so towards others. When you trust yourself and hence others, you will attract a trustworthy partner. When you believe in yourself and hence in others, you will attract a partner that believes in you. When you are kind to yourself and hence to others, you will attract a partner that is kind to you. When you love yourself and hence others, you will attract a loving partner and so on. Ultimately, a balanced and healthy love for oneself is the foundation of all successful relationships for it is truly the greatest love of all.


There is No Need to Blame Yourself

To change your relationship by recognising yourself in others, is not about blaming yourself or playing the victim. Instead, knowing that your relationships mirror you is about taking your own power back to create your reality and the relationships of your choice. It is about getting to know yourself and gaining new personal insights you never thought possible. In other words, it is about putting the ball back in your court to transform your relationships into the magic they are meant to be. It is your chance to grow. Do not fall into the trap of blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. Rather, be grateful for the knowledge that you can change anything in your life without having to change anyone else; just yourself.


The Law of Gender

That our relationships mirror our inner world is underpinned by the Law of Gender. According to this Universal Law, everything and everyone contains both masculine and feminine elements. Know that despite your physical attributes, you are not your body. You have within yourself a feminine and a masculine you. The you that is beyond your body is both male and female. These two Principles within you have an ongoing relationship based on your beliefs. When you create a loving relationship between your masculine and your feminine selves it will be reflected back to you in your relationships with others in the physical world. This is what is meant by the advice to be the love you want to experience. When you stop searching for “the one”, you will find that the one you have been looking for all along is yourself. You are the one.


Be the Change You Want to See

To change your relationships, you must change. Not others. This exercise is aimed at enabling you to see your relationships as a mirror. Make a list of all those things that you dislike in your partner and in your relationship. All those things you wish were different whether it be your partner’s specific actions or qualities or things that are “wrong” with your relationship. Put your ego aside and do an honest audit of that list. Next to each unwanted action find examples of how you also act in that way, whether toward your partner, someone else or towards yourself. Next to all those unwanted qualities, write down examples of when you also display that quality, whether it is in your family environment, at your work, with your friends or with yourself. Next to all those things that are “wrong” with the relationship, write down your underlying belief about yourself, relationships or life that is being reflected by the specific unwanted part of your relationship.


In order to change your relationships, you must learn to see your relationships mirroring you. Be honest with yourself. There is no need to show your results to anyone else. This exercise is meant for you to learn about you. When you have completed your list and matched it up with your actions, qualities and beliefs, you are ready for change. Using meditation, creative visualization and repetitive affirmations you can shift your beliefs and habitual thoughts such that they empower rather than disempower your relationships. Once you see that the actions for which you criticise your partner are also your own, then resolve to change those negative actions on your part. Ultimately, learning to see all your relationships as a mirror enables you to transform and create relationships based on love rather than on fear and need.


What Will Happen Once You Change?

Once you change so will your relationships mirror that change. You will find that as you begin to shift those habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions that your relationships will begin to transform before your very eyes. If you commit yourself to changing with persistence, you will find that the results you want to see are very quick to come. Your partner will become more loving and all those negative qualities which you once disliked will, as if by magic, start to disappear. This is the only way you can change your relationships short of pleading, bargaining or manipulating your partner, all of which have very short lived results and only serve to exacerbate the unwanted elements of your relationship.


Alternatively, you may also find that the role of your current partner finishes in your life causing him or her to leave effortlessly and amicably with relatively little or even no pain, thus making room for you to attract a new relationship into your life that mirrors your new-found beliefs, qualities and actions. The great spin-off is that you will see miraculous transformation not only in your relationship with your significant other but in all your relationships. You may even find that you no longer see your “enemies” as enemies but rather as your greatest teachers.


Self-Transformation is Real Magic

To see the behaviour of others transform in direct response to your transformation will astound you. This is real magic as at no time do you have to attempt to influence your partner to change, whether mentally, verbally or physically. This is what it really means to change your relationships. In fact, any attempt at changing someone else without first changing yourself will at best yield temporary results because the image being reflected back to you will not have changed. Remember, your relationships mirror you not your partner.


The Two-Fold Path to Change Your Relationships

There are only ever two paths to true change in life. The first path is pain, which is the most common. Many people have seen their relationships and lives change through much pain. As their experiences become more and more painful, to the point that they can no longer bear the suffering that is brought on by their own beliefs, they are forced to shift. The second path is knowledge. It is the path less travelled. When you learn a new truth and apply it in your life, you will effortlessly enjoy the changes you would otherwise only come to know through pain. The application of knowledge is the key that unlocks its power. Resolve to make knowledge the path you walk down on the road to changing your relationships into the loving experience it is meant to be.


“Endeavour to learn the lesson before you change the teacher.”


In a nutshell, to change your relationship you must learn to see all your relationships as your mirror, reflecting parts of your Consciousness back to you. When you learn to recognise all those qualities that you both like and dislike in your partner as your own, you will have learnt the great secret that the only path to change is through yourself. You will no longer have to hope or wish that your partner changes or be frustrated with his or her actions or constantly feel that you are compromising yourself to keep a relationship alive. Once you change yourself and your beliefs, you will find your relationships transforming in ways you never dreamt possible. Ultimately, when you find true love within yourself you will create and attract it effortlessly in your outer world.


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Daniella Breen – Transitional Awareness – Start Connecting with Multi Realm Friendships

Daniella Breen·63 videos

Being present in human form comes with many different types of support – in this video I talk about some of the different realms that are waiting for us to reconnect with them. I also mention that I am running 2 hour teleconference training workshops to help with that process. Here’s the link:…

Jessica and Diego – Sharing Tips on Relationships

Jessica Schab·265 videos


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Michelle Walling, CHLC

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.


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Jenny Griffin – Relationships in the New Paradigm – 4-6-14



Relationships in the New Paradigm

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As we continue to shift into the incoming energies, one of the biggest changes taking place is to underlying structures.

This is affecting a broad spectrum of our existence in this dimension, and relationships are coming into clearer focus at the moment.

There are several layers to the idea of ‘relationship’ as it exists, and to the changes that are taking place at the root of these structures that have been in place for millennia.

Relationships vary from person to person, that is known; and yet there is a structure that underlies the concept behind the word that reaches across human experience, whether we have conscious awareness of it or not.

The shifting that’s taking place across so many levels of our human experience is raising deeply-rooted discordance that’s asking to be healed.

One place that this affects many human being is in the realm of relationships.

Under the rapidly deteriorating old paradigm, the underlying energy of these interactions was based on the distortions at play across the different aspects of human existence.

This means anything with structures (whether tangible or not) is affected by the disappearance of the old constructs.

As the new paradigm has not yet developed ‘structures’ of its own, this is a very shaky time for humanity.

Here’s how it can affect individuals:

Some of those in relationships that have adhered to habitual or accepted definitions of relationship and the roles within them will be finding the new energy confusing and even frightening.

(Think of the opposition to same-sex marriage or families as defined by each individual for themselves.)

This shift represents a complete undermining of long-established safety barriers, designed to define a ‘normal’ to which we ‘must’ adhere.

As people fight to claim their right to define relationships by their own standards, the distortions are brought to light and feel even more discordant. In these cases, most people will resist the changes by fiercely protecting and defending their ‘reality.’

There are others within relationships that have experienced huge growth in themselves, while their partner has not undergone the same shift.

This triggers a deep redefining of roles, which were accepted (whether consciously or not) when the relationship began.

This can create a gap as the one ‘left behind’ feels pressure to change in order to meet the other person where they are.

If they’re not ready to take that step, relationships can end, or in some cases, the person who has experienced huge growth makes compromises and holds themselves back to remain in the relationship.

In yet other cases, both parties in a relationship will experience major growth, and yet the structure under which the relationship was established cannot withstand the necessary adjustments.

Sometimes without knowing it, we adhere to habitual limits established by our past behaviour/patterning (at the time the relationship was established).

This third example most closely reflects the shift that is happening on a broader scale, as we shift into the new paradigm.

Relationships in the old paradigm have grown to encompass distortions of the Divine Masculine energy such as power over, possession, domination and destruction.

Relationships have, through the millennia, taken on these distortions as inherent to the concept of relationship.

What this means is that sometimes, despite people’s attempts to ‘define relationships on their own terms,’ with the underlying limitations connected to these old distortions, while individuals can grow, the relationship cannot.

This is because it’s impossible to imagine a structure that enables that within the existing energetic framework.

Most relationships begin with love – a mother gives birth to a baby; two people meet for the first time and share a deep connection; a child gets a kitten for a pet. It is amazing how quickly these can shift into something that looks very different from love, based on the way each party aligns themselves to the structures that arise.

Take the new mother, imagining her new baby arriving, overcome with love.

Three weeks later, after sleepless nights, endless crying and bouts of vomiting, the relationship has shifted.

There is no less love, it has simply taken on a different quality; it has shifted into an accepted dependency that means the mother has had to redefine herself and her role in this person’s life. Unless there is constant awareness of the potential to continuously redefine the roles we choose to take on, a structure is established.

Under the old paradigm, dominance, ownership and leader/follower roles were prevalent in relationship structures.

There is the assumption that one party has some authority over another, up to and including what they do with their bodies. It was not that long ago that a woman required her husband’s or father’s permission to have her wisdom teeth removed if she was under the age of 21.

This is not to say that it is impossible to live outside of these pre-existing structures – it is.

Some people discovered aeons ago that limitations are only as real as we allow them to be, and live their lives by their own design.

Even they have structures, just of their own making; and quite often they find it difficult to form other relationships because of their insistence on separation from the constructs that ‘define’ relationships. It’s cyclical.

Think about certain accepted ‘truths’ that are sometimes used as a way to excuse or justify the behaviours of others.

How often do we hear, ‘boys will be boys,’ or ‘that’s just how girls are’? Each of these represents a seed upon which a structure has been built.

So, based upon these deeply-rooted definitions of ‘normal,’ the broader concept of relationship was also built. Interactions sprang up around these distortions of normalcy and they became established as the new normal.

Every time someone accepted the truth of the new normal, it became more firmly established. This is why the distortions were then so widespread.

With the pre-existing and long-established adherence to roles and structures, human relationships became far more complicated.

Those whose energy didn’t resonate with the structures may have found themselves struggling to fit in with others, or denying their own truth in order to feel accepted.

This means that even as people try to define relationship on their own terms, because of the old paradigm energies that exist around the concept itself, it is difficult if not impossible to see the potential of what could be, as it doesn’t yet exist.

This is why releasing is vital.

There is potential for huge transformation if we as a collective, can agree to release the current form that relationship takes.

As we do, the structures will dissolve, and the new energies will have a place to land and establish themselves.

For many, this will mean letting go of a current relationship.

This is not the end, but the beginning of something much more harmonious and resonant with the incoming feminine energy.

Trust that in letting go of the current forms the relationships take, we are making space for miracles and for a shift so dynamic that we’ll forget what we ever thought we knew.

This feels no different to the death of a loved one, and it is not easy.

Think, though, about how relationships have the capacity to completely transform through the process of death, as those left behind can reassess and redefine their bond with those who’ve gone beyond.

For some, it will mean letting go of pursuing or seeking out relationships until the new energies are established. It is very difficult to envision the concept of a formless entity within the configurations of the current paradigm.

We must be patient, and continue to focus on knowing and loving ourselves, and releasing the ties to the distortions (possession, dominance, etc) around relationship.

Huge growth is available right now and if we can hold space for this transformation, we contribute to change on a universal level.

It’s time to relinquish the illusion of control and allow for this shift to happen.

Source wants for us to experience bliss and joy like we’ve never thought possible, and it’s right there, waiting for us to claim it.

About the Author

Also known as ‘The Catharsis Coach,’ Jenny is a high-level intuitive guide, empath and channel.

Her journey through catharsis, a deep, deep letting go of ingrained patterns and beliefs, resulted in a feeling of connectedness, with the world around her and with that wise and wonderful voice within.

Jenny has learned to engage with her life and experiences in ways that allow her to use the knowledge gained through them to serve others.

When she’s not writing, she’s coming up with new ways to help people move through change with grace and ease.


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Guy Finley – OM Times – 10 Steps to Stop Secret Self-Sabotage – 3-31-14


By Guy Finley


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It’s a little known – yet much denied fact – that people treat you the way you secretly ask to be treated. Your unspoken request that determines how others behave toward you is extended to -and received by – everyone you meet.

What is your invisible inner life? It’s the way you actually feel – as opposed to the way you’re trying to appear – when meeting any person or event.

In other words, your invisible inner life is your real inner condition. It’s this state of internal affairs that communicates with others long before any words are exchanged. These silent signals from your inner self are what a person receives first upon meeting you. The reading of them determines from that point forward, the basis of your relationship. This unseen dialogue that goes on behind the scenes whenever two people meet is commonly understood as “sizing one another up.” But here’s the point of this introduction.

We’re often led to act against ourselves by an undetected weakness that goes before us – trying to pass itself off to others – as strength. This is secret self-sabotage. It sinks us in our personal and business relationships as surely as a torpedo wrecks the ship it strikes.

Anyone you feel the need to control so that he or she will treat you as you think you should be treated will always be in control of you and treat you accordingly. Why? Because anyone from whom you want something, psychologically speaking, is always in secret command of you.

Any action we take to appear strong before another person is actually read by that person as a weakness. If you doubt this finding, review the past interactions and results of your own relationships. The general rule of thumb is that the more you demand or crave the respect of others, the less likely you are to receive it.

So it makes no sense to try and change the way others treat you by learning calculated behaviors or attitude techniques in order to appear in charge. Stop trying to be strong. Instead, start catching yourself about to act from weakness. Don’t be too surprised by this unusual instruction. A brief examination reveals its wisdom. Following are ten examples of where you may be secretly sabotaging yourself while wrongly assuming you’re strengthening your position with others.

  1. Fawning before people to win their favor.
  2. Expressing contrived concern for someone’s wellbeing.
  3. Making small talk to smooth out the edges.
  4. Hanging onto someone’s every word.
  5. Looking for someone’s approval.
  6. Asking if someone is angry with you.
  7. Fishing for a kind word.
  8. Trying to impress someone.
  9. Gossiping.
  10. Explaining yourself to others. 

The next time you feel yourself about to give into any of the above behaviors, give yourself a simple internal test. This test will help you check for and cancel any undetected weakness that’s about to make you sabotage yourself.

Here’s what to do: Run a pressure check.

Here’s how: Come wide awake, relax, and run a quick inner scan within yourself to see if that remark you’re about to make, or the answer you’re about to give without having been asked for it, is something you really want to do. Are you about to speak because you’re afraid of some as yet undisclosed consequence if you don’t?

Your awareness of any pressure building within you is proof that it’s some form of fear – and not you – that wants to do the explaining, fawning, impressing, blabbing, or whatever the self-sabotaging act the inner pressure is pushing you to commit.

Each time you feel this pressurized urge to give yourself away, silently but solidly refuse to release this pressure by giving in to its demands. It may help you to succeed sooner if you know that fear has no voice unless it tricks you into giving it one. So stay silent. Your conscious silence stops self-sabotage.

Special Summary: In any and every moment of your life, you are either in command of yourself, or you are being commanded by unconscious conditions within yourself.

About the Author

Guy Finley is one of today’s brightest voices in the field of self-realization, showing men and women everywhere how to find a life of freedom, enduring fulfillment, and true purpose.  Director of the non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, Guy is the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-transformation and higher success.

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You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the bottom of the article.

Dana Mrkich – Conscious Uncoupling – 3-28-14

Dana Colour Pic New

Gwyneth Paltrow has received a lot of ridicule and triggered anger within people about her ‘conscious uncoupling’ statement. I think that it’s fantastic that this concept is being talked about today in the mainstream. I’m seeing more of it happening among friends and family, and that’s a good thing that is teaching us all about new possibilities in the world of relationship endings, especially where children are involved.

Being ‘conscious’ about an ending doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, and that there isn’t sadness there. Among other things it means addressing your own inner child issues and wounds instead of projecting blame on the other, dealing with things as a healthy, whole, adult and taking responsibility for how you choose to live your life. Sometimes one partner does want to separate consciously, and another doesn’t, so of course it isn’t always possible to have combined harmony. But good on the couples, and parents, who can do it. 

The fact is, parents need to continue to co-parent their children after divorce and all power to them if they can do that in a conscious, healthy way. I think this would take tremendous inner strength, and we should surely be encouraging this not attacking it! Bitterness toward each other is felt by the children, and affects so much of who the children are and become, including affecting their blueprint for relationships. 

My parents divorced when I was 7 in the days when the judge told my dad it was best to emotionally separate from us, and even though we continued to see each other it affected him and us – which we’ve done a lot of work on since! (I’ll never forget the day Dad watched an episode of Oprah on this topic, called me up, and said “Oh, I get it!!”) Thank goodness we are evolving from those days!! 

Divorce isn’t easy on anyone, but I have to give my parents credit for never talking badly about each other to us and doing it the best way they knew how. Okay, we didn’t all continue to go away on happy family trips such as the one Gwyneth and fam are apparently on right now, but if they are all able to do that and they feel peaceful about it, good for them. 

As a kid I knew divorce was tough, but I have a deeper understanding of how difficult it must be in every way, since becoming a parent myself and watching close friends navigate it every day. Sending love, respect and admiration to all you parents out there who are co-parenting after divorce the best way you can!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014



Jesus through John Smallman – Whenever you experience an event, interaction, or interchange that is loving, acknowledge it and the person who caused it – 3-24-14


As you observe the news being reported on the mainstream media you cannot help but be aware of the enormous changes that are occurring across the world. In many countries people are refusing to continue accepting the authoritarian control and repression that their “so-called” democratic governments are attempting to enforce on them through the police and military, so that the reasonable demands of the governed to be heard, acknowledged, and discussed can be suppressed and ignored.

The days of directing and controlling the populace are over. People will be heard, they will no longer allow themselves to be fobbed off by calls to wait patiently until the present almost insurmountable problems that their governments are facing have been satisfactorily dealt with because they see that these excuses – economic crises, terrorist threats, extreme weather, unruly unions, etc. – are the same old excuses that are reissued every time that the people demand to have the real issues that concern them discussed and resolved.

Politicians by their very nature seek only to retain their positions of power and authority, as do owners and managers in industry, and civil servants employed by governments. Those with power and influence are always attempting to increase it, and their claims that they are acting in the best interests of those who elected them or who work under their authority are very seldom valid. The illusion encourages individuals to take advantage of every situation to better themselves by strengthening their precarious grip on power and influence, regardless of the consequences for those over whom they rule or have authority. And that grip on power and authority is extremely precarious, needing constant support and buffering.

All governments are authoritarian and aim to set one section of the population against another so that they can justify authoritarian practices and behaviors, it’s just that some are far more blatant about it than others thus setting themselves up to be judged, and often condemned, by their less indiscreet neighbors. Politics, as you experience it in the illusion, is about blame and shame in order to distract attention from the issues that truly need to be addressed for the benefit of every human. And, of course, you all experience the governments that align with your own attitudes and beliefs.

However, the Love flood is changing that rapidly, and awareness of the need for compassionate change to the way humanity lives on the planet and how it treats its billions of members and the planet herself is growing daily. If you could see the results that you are achieving by your loving intentions you would be truly amazed. But of course in your severely limited state of consciousness it is extremely difficult for you to fully appreciate what is actually happening all across the world, as the mainstream media, as usual, focus on strife, conflict, and disaster because for eons that has been what has interested humanity.

The New Age that has just dawned is an age in which care for others is equal in importance to care for oneself, and it is this new attitude which is driving the changes that so many of you have come to Earth to put into effect, and for which you have been praying most intensely all your lives. You will not be disappointed!

Make a point of focusing on the good things that are occurring all around you, often seemingly small, insignificant things, and remind yourselves that nothing is insignificant, and that every loving thought, word, or action has extremely far reaching effects, always. Then continue to intend to be loving in every moment as you bring in the essential changes for which you have been waiting, and which you chose to be on Earth to assist in implementing. You are all having an absolutely enormous impact on the attitudes of humanity by your ongoing demonstrations of love in action, and there is no way that the clock can be turned back. Love is flooding the planet and nowhere can be closed off to it. The collective intent of humanity is for love to replace fear, and the collective intent is always brought to fruition.

During these last hours of strife, conflict, and suffering continue holding your individual lights on high, they are becoming ever brighter and more intense. Whenever you experience an event, interaction, or interchange that is loving (and this will happen with increasing frequency), acknowledge it and the person who caused it, honor it, and then rejoice that the changes that you came on Earth to assist in implementing are occurring right in front of you, moment to moment, and are unstoppable and irreversible.

Every thought, word, or action that each individual takes to further strengthen and establish this new era is enormously intensified by the divine field of Love that supports you in every moment of your existence. The field of Love is like an enormous magnet to which all are drawn because you were created from it and are being drawn back into its loving embrace. The closer you get to it, and you are constantly moving closer to it, the stronger becomes its pull, the more irresistible its attraction, because you and it are one and the same, and you are coming Home!
Your loving brother, Jesus.


Manly P. Hall – Dispositional Factors in Human Relationships

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The Love Connection—The 7 Levels of Attraction!
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Jesus Sananda About Relationships – An Hour with an Angel – Transcription – Channel Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow

Ellen has again rushed us a transcript of last night’s Hour with an Angel, in which Jesus shared about his lost years.

In this interview, Jesus has shared that he he was “in-filled” by the Holy Ghost at age 5 or 5 1/2 and that his baptism by John with the descent of the dove was symbolic.

He discussed his travels around the spiritual circuit of his days, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, and his daughter Sarah and the fact that she is what is referred to by the term “holy grail.” He made many more revelations in this interview. Next week he returns to continue the story.

To listen to this show and past shows, click on the link below:

An Hour with an Angel, January 9, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with channeler Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, along with Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario.

Tonight Linda will channel Jesus and Steve will ask him questions. So without further ado, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And thank you, Lord, for revisiting us today. I mentioned last time we spoke that it seemed better to reserve a time after Christmas to discuss some of the details of what have come to be called “the lost years,” and also other matters relating to your ministry on Earth. Our purpose is not to cause any heartache to your followers, but simply to iron out some of the mysteries that surround your life. Is that satisfactory to you?

Jesus: Yes, it is. Although I would not say that there are any lost years! But I welcome you, Steve, and I welcome all of you. And you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua. But I am pleased to be here with you this evening.

S: Thank you. Gee, I don’t think I can call you anything but Lord, Lord! It just comes naturally, and I’d feel a little strange. I’ll try.

Before going on to the lost years, Linda herself has asked me to ask you a question, and so maybe I can ask that first. And that is: what can we do for people who are in despair? And by despair, she means, “Is Ascension really going to happen? Am I going to make it?” She reports that a lot of people are feeling somewhat despondent. Can you discuss that with us first, please?

J: Yes, I would be happy to. For we have all known a dark night of the soul. We have all known a time when there does not seem to be any light that creeps in, either with the dawn or under the doorway, when we forget the light that is our inner light and our inner guidance.

And what is transpiring for many during this time is not simply the concern, or the fear, or the despair, or the lack of hope around the Ascension or around the events of 2012, but also around the issue of their lives, around the meaning of their mission, the fulfillment of their mission, the feeling of love in their hearts, or the lack thereof.

Our Mother [the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit] has said often, where there is no hope there is no life. And I know that many of my followers had fallen into this place, now and then, and even I at times had had feelings of despondency, though I never had the occasion to live without hope.

But this situation is often a residue of what has gone on in the individual’s life, or in the collective’s lives, or even in earlier lifetimes, that is coming to the surface now for complete elimination, for cleansing, for letting go, for whatever you choose to call it. (1)

Now, that does not always help, to know that it is something that you are letting go of once and for all. The ironic thing about what many feel is the lack of hope is not because there is no solution, from above or below or from the inner being, from the soul or from the higher self; often what the yearning is is for contact, for communion, for union, for unity, community, for reaffirmation from the human race, from friends, from neighbors, from family – sometimes even from strangers.

It is the time we have talked about, for action and for standing up and for sharing what you know to be truth, and the truth of your own individual journey. But part of that action is also reaching out to those fellow light-holders, light-bearers, and light-workers who are finding themselves in this predicament, in this place where they do not know how loved and valued they are.

They have forgotten their own inner worth and their own sense of hope. The thing that I recommend, the action that I recommend and ask of you, is to reach out to those, not simply by sending healing, or by sending light and love, but in a physical way as well, by a chat on the phone, by a conversation – in person or [by] other media.

Let the individual know that you are there holding the hope for them until they are ready to resume their place in this unfoldment. It is to reassure one another that you are not alone in this journey, that it is a journey of the collective. And of course that goes not only for light-holders, [but] for those that you think do not understand that they have not understood what this unfoldment, or what 2012 or Ascension or any of this business that we are so keen to talk about, is about, for these are people who also need greater hope.

So have the conversation with them, too. And if they do not understand, it does not always matter. What matters is that you’re communicating caring and love. That is the only thing that is necessary. So this is what I ask for you to do. Extend yourself, and in extending yourself you are giving the gift of hope, you are reinstalling it within your friend’s heart, whether they are family or stranger.

S: Thank you, Lord. Perhaps a subsidiary question to this is that some people – I think of Matthew Ward, particularly – have said that your followers who fall into the category of Fundamentalists will have a great deal of trouble accepting the Ascension, and in fact they may choose not to Ascend, and may choose to leave. Can you speak any words of encouragement to them at this moment around Ascension?

J: Of course I can. And there are many, many who fall into this group. And perhaps it is also with what many have come to understand as Ascension. It is the word, it is the phraseology. And we have run into this for centuries! But it is the word that frightens them, first and foremost. But it is also an issue of self-worth and self-love. But they think in terms of my Ascension, for example, but there have been other examples as well, as you well know.

But we are not talking about taking your corporal or even astral or spiritual body and ascending into the oneness of all, into what they would think of as heaven. We are talking about ascending in a trans-dimensional way. We are talking about movement, and for this reason we have often had this channel use the word shift. But the key to Ascension is not fully, intellectually, just understanding it, or not understanding it. It is the holding of love in your heart. This has always been the case. And it has always been the message.

The Fundamentalists have carved a path – we do not say this in judgment – but rather than carving it with flowers, grass, and moveable sand, they have carved it out of stone, out of rock. And they believe that this foundation is firm. And that is reassuring to them. And of course we always want people to feel reassured, but the difficulty with that is that too much of these beliefs that are human-made, not divinely directed, have become entrenched, and that they think that their path is proscribed. They do not think that there is any flexibility.

They think in terms of reward and punishment. And of course that is of duality. It is of polarity, and at its worst it is of judgment. It is very sad, and sad in the fullest sense of the word, as in disheartening, but also as in pathetic, to feel that we would judge in that way, that some are welcome and some are not, that some are lost and some are found. That there is only a chosen few. That is simply not the case.

Now, when the time comes they will see this. They will be given their own signs and their own revelations, and this will give them the opportunity to move, or not. Many will come. Many will choose at the last moment to ascend and to accompany the rest of the collective in this new adventure. And for them to let go of this yoke that has really been self imposed will be so freeing. And then they will truly know what it is to bask in my love, to walk with us, to share with us – for that has always been the plan. We do not save some and condemn others. That is not the way of love.

Graham Dewyea: Hi, Jesus, this is Graham. We seem to have dropped Steve’s call, so I’m going to monitor the panel here so that when he comes in I can bring him back on. And I invite you, if you’d like, to use this time to speak further of Ascension or any other comments you’d like to share. Thank you.

J: I would like to begin with what Steve has asked me about my early years, about my life as a child and as a young man, as an adult coming of age. And I want to begin by telling you, I had an incredible life as Jesus, as Yeshua. I had an incredible family. Yes, both above and below. And that is where so much confusion often occurs.

But I and my human family, and my beloved mother and my beloved father, and yes, my siblings, my extended family, they were so supportive since the day I was conceived. And yes, of course, it was known, although it was kept in many ways quiet – although it could not be kept that quiet, because I was quite adventurous. They supported my journey, and of course that is why I had been sent to this family in such exceptional circumstances.

At a very early age, around five, five and a half, I was completely, can I say, reunited or filled with the Holy Spirit. That full reconnection to Father-Mother One, what you think of as God or Source, what I think of as Mother-Holy Spirit, took place.(2)

And so that awareness and that connection, that knowing, and what you would think of as information, was available to me from the start, or from the very early age.

But I was also of a very educated family, and one that placed great value – not just my mother or father, but my entire family – who placed value on the learning, and what you can think of as the sacred learnings, of both Hebrew, certainly of the Laws, the Laws as a Jew, but also the universal laws. So I learned not just the languages of Greek, and I travelled.

There is – and I have spoken in other situations about my learning to assist my father in this, what you would now think of as construction business. He was far more than just a humble carpenter, although that is the job that he took or assumed when we first returned to Nazareth. But through these family ties I was brought to study and exposed to many scholars and many different points of view, including the Eastern philosophies.

My cousin, my beloved cousin John, who I loved as a brother, with him we studied and became familiar with the Essenes. So the exposure was brought. The difficulty was very often that I would correct my teachers, or I would challenge my teachers, not in a way that was offensive, for I was a very polite boy, and even a more polite young man. I did not ever wish really to draw great attention to myself. But what I could not understand sometimes was when there was a point of law or a point of philosophy that I knew was either incomplete or not rounded or even incorrect, I would ask about it.

And it was wonderful.  This is the gift of being trained in a true scholastic environment: it is not just about obeying or obedience or adherence – and that is also the message that I would give to our fundamentalist friends, or any -ism – it is about exploring.

But it is about exploring from the inner knowing, and from your connection, because there is no being – no being – on Earth that is not touched or gifted with the wisdom, the energy, of the Holy Spirit. It is available, and it is truly gifted to many. Yes, you can turn away and say no, but that has never been understood – not while I was in human form, and not really now. It always comes back to this situation of self-loathing or self-worth, the lack of self-worth.

Now, you would say to me, Yeshua, if you were filled with the connection and the knowing, why was it necessary for you to be prepared in this way? My parents – particularly my mother, a very astute woman – it wasn’t just the value of education and culture. She knew that I would move in and amongst the people, in and amongst the cultures, and that in order to have credibility in my teachings, as I entered my more public life, that there would need to be a full understanding and an acculturation into these belief systems, even those that I did not completely agree with.

And that would be necessary in order for me to be accepted amongst my people. Because, although my message was universal, and always has been, it was to the people of the Jewish faith, those who had been promised and who were looking for a savior, a messiah, for a leader to take them out of this bondage, to make them what they thought would be leaders of the world.

But of course it is not of this world that I lead you. Yes, I teach you, I guide you, I help you. I help you every single day, whether you know it or not. I help you to maneuver and to deal with this world that you live in. Whether you feel that you are on top of the world, on top of your journey, on top of your game, or whether you are lost, I am still with you, and I am guiding you. And I have many voices, and even many faces, but they have always been the same message.

So, now, Steve?

S: Yes, I’m back –

J: We welcome you back.

S: Thank you. Graham, could you just orient me to where we are in the questions?

G: Absolutely. Welcome back.

S: Well, thank you.

G: Jesus was just talking about his upbringing and childhood, and just continued on your original question around Ascension.

S: Okay. So have we asked you, Lord, about the manner of your birth yet?

J: What do you want to know about my birth?

S: I take it we haven’t asked that question. Well, the problem is that some people say you weren’t born in a manger or a stable, that you in fact didn’t come from parents of a humble and poor background – humble obviously – but that instead you came from a well established family. They weren’t poor by any means. Which version is correct, Lord?

J: We have known good times and bad. I was of a very well-established family. Let me make that very clear. And the establishment of our family was in the lineage, and yes, position, not just in terms of wealth, but in terms of heritage, of respect. Were my parents humble? Absolutely. For they could not have brought me forward if they were not. But as I was saying, in my family there was a tradition, and a deep respect, and yes, in your society you would say an expectation, of what an upbringing would be, and what that would be entailing in terms of training and scholarship, education, exposure, acculturation.

Now, when I was born, when I took form, let us put it that way, upon this beautiful Earth, it was during a time of mass migration and confusion. And it wasn’t what you would think of, has been romanticized as, a stable, a manger, but it was in a very humble situation, where there was a back room, yes, where animals were close by.

But that was not unusual, you know. So yes, in that situation, because of the requirements of government, I was born as [laughs] somewhat of a displaced person. But my family, my family was what you would think of as a very well-placed lineage.

S: Well, that’s very helpful. When your parents left Israel, where exactly did they go? What part of Egypt – I think it was Egypt – did they go to?

J: We went to a small village just outside what you would think of now as Alexandria. It was very humble. But then again there was family. So you have to understand, in our society, as in many of yours, the family took care of us. So it was not that I was in any way, or that our family was in any way, deprived. That simply was not the case at all. We had comfort.

My mother tended, in the beginning – well, always, really, but – to be what I would say would be very protective. She did not want to have me exposed to too many people in a strange and foreign place. She often feared that, should people know of the promise of my being, that it would place me in harm’s way. And so I was kept very close in the early, early years, not that I would wish to go anywhere anyway. But she kept me very close by her side within the family compound.

S: All right. And the Aquarian Gospel describes you as coming into contact with the Egyptian hierophants. Did you in fact take a course of study with the Egyptian priests while in Egypt?

J: Yes, I did. As I have said –

S: Like the description?

J: Yes, we have. But understand what I say, because I came into my knowing, into the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit, at a very, very early age. And so yes, I studied with the high priests and was exposed to their belief systems. The Egyptians, later the Greeks, the Romans to some extent, although that did not really have great impact at all, but the early times, and the understandings of the workings of the universe, the role of a priest in society was embedded from those early teachings in Egypt.

But it was – also there were studies with the Hebrew scholars as well. I learned Greek. I studied many cultures, and especially from the East, from that tradition, which was common, not unusual, in my family. But it did not – it did not cause contradiction, because there is no contradiction. Yes, you may ask your question.

S: Thank you. When you say that, “I studied with Greeks and Romans,” are you saying that you studied with them in Alexandria, or did you go on the same philosopher’s circuit that Apollonius of Tyana did, namely to Delphi, Egypt, Persia, India?

J: Yes, I travelled a great deal in my early years, as a young man – as an adolescent, and as a young man. My family felt that it was very important. My mother in particular knew the universality of the messages that I would come to share with many, and she wanted me to be fully prepared. Now, she did not always understand when I would challenge or debate, shall we say, some of my teachers.

But they always understood. They welcomed the conversations and different insights. There was no restriction. You see, this is what has been misunderstood. There has always been a feeling that the belief system was very constricted, and it was not. So yes, I was exposed and studied and went on many pilgrimages.

S: Apollonius of Tyana describes a circuit that many people followed almost as if it was well known in those days –

J: [ ? ] sequential.

S: Sequential. Did you actually set out to follow that same circuit?

J: Not step by step by step. But through exposure, yes, we did. And when I say we, I mostly mean that I was always accompanied by someone from my family.

S: All right. I know that we have many listeners in India, and I’m sure they would be most interested to know where you went in India at this time, whom you studied with, what lineage they were or what path they followed.

J: What you would think of is it would be the path of Hinduism. It is the path of the Masters, of the Teachers, of the Yogis.

S: Would you have made a distinction between, say, Vedanta [the non-dual path] or karma yogis [the path of service], or bhakti [the path of devotion], at that time?

J: At that time, no, we did not. There was very little. It was more preferential, but it would be more bhakti [devotion than anything, if you were to look at it in terms of today’s. But it was also very rigorous in terms of also physical discipline and training as well.

S: And where did you go in India to study?

J: Everywhere.

S: I passed a marker outside of Pondicherry that celebrated the passage of Matsya, the fish prophet. Was that you?

J: Yes. Yes, it was.

S: That’s very, very interesting. What else should we know about these years before you started your ministry? What else would be relevant to us appreciating you as you began your ministry? What was important?

J: What I would want people to know – yes, in India, in Africa, in the Himalayas, certainly, in what you think of now as the Middle East – was the universality. My family obviously was in the Judaic tradition. But the level of sophistication – and yes, because I had the privilege to travel, to study, but also to work along side many fellow travelers, I was not alone. And I never thought of myself as the only voice, or the only teacher, or the only way. I was one. I was one where the Word, because of the Holy Spirit, was in flesh. But I certainly was not the only one.

So there are those who have said oh, yes, Jesus, another prophet. And then there are those who take great offense at that. I do not. Because each tradition that I have studied, whether it was in India or Egypt or in the temples, or at home, whether it was with the philosophers or the rabbis, they all were really telling me and teaching me the same thing.

And it was ironic in many ways. Yes, I understood – and it was rigorous! Do not think that I got to go on tour and live in the lap of luxury, because there was none of that. Yes, I was attended to. But it was far from luxurious. And there were times when my family depended on the extended family, always, for support. But it was considered important – because everyone knew that I was being prepared so that I know all paths.

So this is not meant in any way to say that what I taught came from here or there. And, yes, I have traveled, even further than most think. As I travel these days, amongst your star brothers and sisters. But it is the universality, it is the community spirit that I would wish to emphasize, it is the community of love.

And that was the message I received. I received it from the high priests. I received it from the yogis, I received it from the teachers and the masters, from the rabbis. They all had valuable teachings, and they taught me also not to be arrogant or conceited, to bring humility to my work, and to know that I was simply honored to be in service, as are each of you.

S: Well, you have mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, so I’m going to turn at this moment to another line of questioning. I’m quite sure we’re not going to get finished with our discussion today, so if you’d be so kind as to return next week, we can continue and I won’t try and rush through this, if that’s satisfactory to you.

J: Yes, and why do you think I have turned it in this direction, dear friend?

S: Very good. Thank you. I know I can rely on you to guide me. You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry? Sri Ramakrishna says….

J: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. (3) Let me put it that way.

S: All right.

J: There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher.

S: Okay. Well, maybe we could creep up on it then from another route. Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form. But –

J: Yes.

S: – Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit descended into your form. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim.

S: Okay.

J: Yes, I will accept it. You know there was so much controversy, when I did walk the Earth, not only about my family’s position but about the politics of the “King of the Jews” and wanting leadership and political intrigue. So I am always very hesitant to give myself or to accept designations.

S: I accept that.

J: And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then! [laugh]

S: Yes, Lord.

J: And I want you to accept, each one of you, I have often teased this channel that you are M-in-Ms, masters-in-the-making, but now we will call you A-in-Ms, avatars-in-the-making.

S: [chuckles] All right. I had another question for you, but it’s entirely slipped my mind.  Were you in fact married to Mary Magdalene?

J: Let me put it this way. Yes.

S: All right. Formally married? I don’t know the customs of that age, so forgive me if I’ve asked an indelicate question, but married according to –

J: She was not my mistress, dear heart, so yes, we were formally married. She was my beloved wife. She was my sacred other. She was my divine other. She was my partner, that made my walk on Earth full with joy – and more human. It was anticipated, you know, that a young man would marry. But it was not simply because of custom, or because I wished to be part of or separate, it was because I wished to be in sacred union with my Magdalena.

The love that we have shared was deep and profound. And there have been many who have naysayed and made up many myths and stories about her. But she was my support as I was hers. She was my sounding board. It was a very difficult.

When we came together, she knew. We discussed very fully what the future held and the road that we would walk together. She was one who always prepared ritual, and helped to put ceremony, often, around our situations.

Now, as you well know from the Egyptians, and from the travels to India, I had learned about ritual and ceremony and the importance of it. But in many ways, even from the family that I was raised in, I was a very relaxed and casual person. I wanted to move amongst the people.

And often she would say, yes, we will move amongst the people, and we will have the joining and the teaching, but let us put some ceremony and ritual, for she had also been trained in this way. So yes, not only was I married, we had a family as well.

S:  Why would the gospel writers neglect to mention that?

J: It was not considered particularly important, but it was also considered protection and reverence for her.

S: All right. Okay. So you actually had children, did you not?

J: Yes.

S: How many?

J: We had two children.

S: Two children? A girl and a boy, or – ?

J: Yes, we had a son. A son and a daughter.

S: Could you tell us about –

J: Our son died very young. It was very hard. But our daughter lived.

S: And is she the Holy Grail?

J: That is correct. Our Sarah is the Holy Grail.

S: Sarah. Where did she go after you left the Earth? France?

J: She went to the south of France.

S: And was she that which was revered by the Cathars?

J: That is correct.

S: Oh, it takes my breath way to hear you say this, Lord. I actually notice that the time is getting close to our ending, but again, I’m just going to continue next week, if you’ll permit me. So perhaps this could be a wind-up question. Did you teach reincarnation during your ministry?

J: Yes, I did. Now, is that not a radical statement for many to hear?

S: Yes.

J: But yes, I did. Because this was a very common understanding – not always agreed to by the rabbis, but in many of the other cultures. The continuity of life, the continuity of the flame of the soul. How could I teach that you did not die and not talk about reincarnation? How could I raise the dead and not talk about reincarnation?

S: Yes.

J: So yes.

S: But you also – you also say – you also speak about enlightenment conferring immortality. But I take it that by that you mean that someone would not need to be born again, not need to leave the temple and go more out. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: All right. So we are immortal?

J: Yes, you are immortal. Every single one of you. And we will talk about karma and the requirements for reincarnation when next we meet, because this has need to be clarified.

S: And I’m looking forward to that immensely, Lord. Thank you for visiting with us tonight.

J: It is my pleasure. And I bless you, and I thank you. And I give you my love.

S: Thank you. Farewell.


Nefertiti Speaks of Relationships – Through Méline Lafont


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Note from Méline: Hi everyone, I felt compelled to share this excerpt of a reading that I did for someone as it speaks of relationships in general. I find this very helpful and this might be the case for you too, this is why I asked persmission to share this with you all. Note that this resonance field might differ from consciousness state to consciousness state as we all do need reflections in our evolution till a certain point is reached where all the needed is within and that you become aware of that.  Than the outer reflections are not so much needed anymore when you become that understanding.  This is what Nefertiti refers to.  Much love , Méline ♥

Nefertiti speaks:


I am here to speak to you of such. The message that one must hear is that by all means and in all hearts, gratitude for every being and level has to be obtained and revealed. As such, that level of gratitude allows the welfare and benefits of harmonious relationships to stay steadfast in whatever way they are here to stay.

Your beloved relationship with another you, for all is an eternal reflection of the you that you are in another, is merely here to bring forth the understanding of who you truly are to yourself and to others. It brings forth the acceptance and the embracing of your true Divine Self. This is where this road will lead you to, so when one comes to understand that all this which is seen, felt and experienced in a relationship is actually the you mirroring to you of what you need to know, than an understanding of a renewed relationship shall be upon you.

Relationships are simply here because humankind created them to be mirrored in their own understanding and level of consciousness. It helps to become one with themselves in Grace and infinity. Often no relationship is needed anymore, nor created when one reaches the understanding of what and who you truly are as a multidimensional being of Light, Love and energy. One finds it all within and then does not need the mirror anymore for their understanding of it and of themselves.

Nevertheless, one can create a most perfect understanding with one another in total freedom of existence, where the term “relationship” shifts into a whole new understanding and consciousness where all is in freedom, abundance and respect for its existence. All flows then in grace and infinity and so do those hearts. There will be understanding then and a match in vibrations where you chose to share that moment of experience and vibration as one for that moment of Now in the form of a connection.

So in order to help you understand of what is going on within, I can only tell you this.. When your beloved husband shares pain or anger with you, or any emotion /attachment that makes you feel triggered and uncomfortable, search for what is going on within you to reach an understanding of what truly is causing all of this to be reflected upon you. There is always a reason and an understanding for it.

You shall be the one that gives the answers to it as I want you to be more confident about your Self. All those precious moments you have with one another are always moments where you both are in alignment with one another, and where happiness and joy are experienced because you accept yourself and allow yourself in that moment of truth.

You see, all flows in the infinite moment of your Self in true joy and abundance of radiance within your heart. You are to reflect on this, my beloved one.

Nefertiti through Méline Lafont

(excerpt of a personal reading)

Maria Khalife – Listening in Relationships

Listening to Show Attention and Love

Maria Khalife   –   Listening to Show Attention and Love

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Are you so busy with the things you merely do, that you find yourself not actively listening to the folks around you? Have there been communication breakdowns between you and them? If you’d like to increase the fluidity of the relationship between you, have you ever thought that paying attention to them through listening could be one of the best methods? 

Listening is Different than Hearing

When you hear something, it’s merely the passing through your ear’s receptors and requires nothing from you to occur. Listening on the other hand, requires your focus and that makes it very different from hearing.

Everyone leads busy lives, and part of each one’s day involves the inter juggling of all the tasks they want to accomplish in a day. When that mental juggling is taking place, and the demands of the job, plus the kids tugging at you, it’s hard to release what you are doing internally and point your complete attention to them. Unless you’ve specifically asked them not to disturb you, they deserve your focused attention.

Being alive involves a lot of giving, so, setting aside what you want to do to give the people in your life unconditional focus through listening comes along with simply being alive.

5D Media Radio – RevolutionShips – Navigating Relationships in 5D – 1-12-14

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Presented by: Crystal Walker, Julien Wells

As we step over the threshold into the energies of the New Earth 5th Dimensional awareness, the changes are rippling out into every facet of life.  As we begin to step forward and claim our personal sovereignty on the heels of our awakening, old limiting structures and definitions of how life was lived in 3D are being rapidly replaced with our new understanding of who we really are.  One of the more limiting constructs of the old society was in the realm of romantic relationships.  Romantic relationships are growing and evolving as are all aspects of life as we know it.  A lot of us are asking what it means to be truly free within a relationship?  Can we only love one person?  One gender?  These, and many more, are the questions we’ll be exploring as we figure out how to integrate partnership with freewill.

The first episode will introduce myself, Crystal, with a bit of background as to how I collaborated with Julien Wells, and our first guest will be a mutual best friend of ours, Sheri Rogers Gordon.

Polona Aurea Dawn – Energy, Opportunities of 2014 – 1-4-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

This is my video about the energy and opportunities for expansion in 2014 and beyond. As You know, it is all about Self mastery and attainment, and I AM merely sharing some key points for our Ascension and Soul embodiment in the Now!


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my last video in 2013 and it’s all about enlightened relationships. Why this topic? Now is a perfect time for reflecting on our relationships, and the gifts of awareness which they brought us … as Divine triggers that they were for us in 2013 … and the purpose that they will continue to serve in 2014 and beyond. We can ask ourselves about true relationship harmony and what it means for us … and then reflect on it. As You know, I love sharing about communication and pure awareness through relations with others, and I will continue to. My guidance always comes through personal experiences as well, because it’s most authentic this way. And now is a perfect time to write about this subject, since Venus went retrograde in Capricorn, and Venus holds our values and all that is dear and important to us. What is also interesting is the fact that Mars (the planet reflecting our actions, drive and ambition) went into Libra for much longer than usual, and so our focus will continue to be in relationships and how we truly grow, expand and evolve through them. With the assistance of personal relationships and the triggers for awareness that they bring us, we can focus on becoming more aware than if there were no such external mirrors. They are a key point of our Earthly experiences and our path of Soul expansion.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

MahaChohan Ragoczy – Alchemy – Earth Shift, Consciousness – Méline Lafont – 11-29-13

Universal ConsciousnessImage Source

MahaChohan Ragoczy through Méline Lafont and

Greetings, I am the one that goes by the name of the MahaChohan Ragoczy and I am here representing the will and the law of Unconditional Love for all of you. Let’s blend all of our hearts together in the function of the unconditional and the eternal. God be with you in the heart, for you are God in heart.

I am present in order to provide a message, to give you an insight concerning all the tumultuous matters taking place these days upon your world. What is taking place in your reality concerns the striking and unmistakable evolutions which are trying to find a place in your minds and in your environment in order to be understood and accepted as an element of the Ascension process.

The more ‘dark’ sides of yourself are most specifically those distinctive parts of your Being that request to be heard and that clutch to you to get your attention. They want to be seen, accepted and acknowledged as an intrinsic part of your Being for they have always been repelled and denied, even pushed off as if they were something that is not you. Those distinctly ‘lower’ parts of you are not to be repelled, they only have to be accepted as you, as a functional part of your Being that functions and assists through this polarity which in itself is an expression of the duality.

That’s why it is important to recognize those ‘dark’ parts of yourself and to accept them as yourself as this is the only way to bring everything again into a state of balance and to love yourself unconditionally. All those ‘dark’ aspects in incarnation as well as in the etheric realms contribute to your spiritual growth and evolution by showing you all the facets of your versatile self, your multidimensional Self. This is important in order to let you play and experience the game in duality, so it’s far much better to use them in other/loving ways and to cooperate with them rather than to repel them and see them as something outside of you,

The only difference now will be that your ‘darker’ aspects will no longer be the leading force as they have been in your previous lives; on the contrary, now those ‘darker’ aspects are changing their roles and are contributing in the background and no more on the forefront. What will emerge now are the more ‘lighted’ aspects and your Higher Self with who you are now in the process of forming a close connection and hence this part of your Being will completely take on the task of experiencing and expressing this other side of your Self.

You find yourselves now in the equilibrium point of this polarization and you are aspiring to reach that equilibrium, that point of neutrality after which you can expand again into any form of the Light. This happens not only on an etheric level but also in the physical embodiment and that’s the reason there is talk of a noticeable change of the physical vessel changing more and more into a lightbody which will be tangible for the naked eye.

This is the transformation, it is the Alchemical process of the polarization to unity and in unity, The expansion of the lightbody from your inner heart moving through the dense physical body is an Alchemical process in which the physical body, itself comprised of matter and dense energy, again starts to assimilate itself into the physical aspect that it carries and executes, whereafter it multiplies itself with the energetic values of the completion and immediately dispenses and splits into a form of light that carries the values and charges of your energetic expression, your blueprint or rather, your essential Self in the expression of Light,

The Alchemical process is beyond the power of the existing words used by common folk to give an adequate explanation as it rather is a process of Being or more specifically a process of doing by Being. It is that ; nothing more, nothing less. You don’t need to do anything but being your Self, the being you truly are from your heart and not from your mind through what you think you are.

That’s why the Masters keep on stressing the value of your Self, of Love, of Self-acceptance and of Self-worth, It is a very important concept in the process of Ascension to truly appreciate the physical aspect in all of this. It is not easy, it certainly isn’t a child’s play to perform this Alchemical process under the constant pressure of the inflow of energies while living in a physical, dense embodiment that cannot withstand much pressure.

Master Saint Germain is one of the few and He is a most famous Ascended Master who has been able to accomplish this process with his physical vessel. That’s why he contributes largely to this process of Ascension and why he is essential in this Golden Age of Aquarius. It is certainly not a coincidence that he represents this golden Age and that he is in service to all of you as he knows as no other how to regularly change a physical body into a lightbody and vice versa with and through the physical aspect.

For years Saint Germain was an apprentice of mine in my Holy Retreat, right on time to be prepared for this moment of NOW. And together we will proceed on behalf of all of you, both of our energies connected into One. We have shared incarnations as One and the same, a fact that is not readily known on your world, but is known now by telling you this.

The Alchemical process will ensure many mergers which will take place on deep and still unknown levels with other aspects of your Being, that you can also find in others. That’s the reason why all of a sudden many soulmates are finding each other in this life and even more than one soulmate because each of you has multiple soulmates. Also included is the connection with the one and only Twin Flame because firstly connections will be made with the parts of the joint aspects that someone shares with a soul mate as it functions as a kind of merger in consciousness by coming together one way or the other in your current incarnation.

Don’t be afraid when multiple soulmates enter your life rather than just one as you have many soul aspects of yourself and your Twin Flame, that are hiding, as it were, in those soulmates. The connection with those aspects ensures that you recognize yourself in them and that brings an acceptance and self-love in its wake and contributes to the completion of the mergers and the reunion with your Twin Flame. This pertains also to the Alchemical process as everything is a reflection of energy and charges, discharges and creations.

Your masculinity will increasingly give way to your femininity, entailing some distresses as this occurs with every new birth. You are now smack dab in those distresses which will intensify ever more and will occur ever faster, like contractions function during a labor of giving birth. That is the signal of how close the birth of the New World with Gaia and humanity becomes reality. Take deep breaths between shifts, they now follow in rapid succession so keep your focus and your strength intact by way of meditation and a healthy lifestyle so even your physical aspect can enjoy it and can switch without any complications.

Each process that completes itself now is a result of old energies that have to depart and are becoming obsolete in this timeframe. It concerns karmic or discordant energies which have been depleted and misused in such a way that they can no longer function in this reality nor in yourself. Let it be, let it find its way out, let it become aware it is dysfunctional so it again can be incorporated in the source whereafter it can manifest again in necessary energies on Earth.

 I Am MahaChohan Ragozcy and my Being is always with you.


 Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Dr. Cha~zay – In Twin Flame Relationships – Who Knows First – Masculine or the Feminine?

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Jessica & Diego – How to Take Your Relationships from 3D to 5D

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When a partnership needs no confirmations, that’s a relationship. So happens in nature, so should happen among men. The sexual urge is ‘legalized’ by marriage in most of the human traditions. Then we have the fact in which the society we collectively create requires the protection of children. Then we have the fact that marriage takes place because of psychological needs aimed to find out a companion, a person to possess, to dominate, so to get a psychological and physical comfort and to match a social value too.
On that way, by following traditions, a person dominates and tends to make the other person as a slave. Sexual possession, economic possession & possession created by social values… creates illusory gratifications and those gratifications seems to be so real and so is what the many call ‘love’ or ‘comprehension’ or ‘so is the life we should do’… while those sick tendencies are no more but the violent manifestation of the own traditions translated into actual values. This convolute life path destroys all possibilities to understand perceptively by
cultivating the own emotionality. When and where possession becomes important in all relationships.. whether communitarian ones, family relationships or between man and woman and even between men and nature,… when possession becomes important.. this leads to a constant agony, to a perpetual suspicion, to the glorification of the modern human tribalism manifested in competition, in stupidity, in lack of emotions, in controlled routine, and, at the end, in a slow devastation… being everything fear based. Where there is possessiveness and gratification, there can be no psychological security nor perceptive peace. How can there be communication & consciousness if we conceive our relationships as a business making contracts, planning structures on what’s right and what’s wrong and all the other forms of competitive blindness ? Consciousness cannot match any psychological tradition ’cause psychological traditions promotes psychological violence being an indication of fear… while consciousness promotes freedom

The Healing Vortex, Release of Old Wounds – Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – The Intuition Physician

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Dr. Laura Koniver, MD takes us into the flow of effortless healing by introducing step 2 of the Healing Vortex… releasing old wounds, anger and/or resentments.