Forgive Your Past – by Vera Daroga – 8-28-15

An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross
An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross

Forgive Your Past   –   by  Vera Daroga   –   8-28-15

Forgiveness energy is powerful enough to cut you free from all negative bonds and helps restore peace and love in your being and world. The negative bonds crumble away when the energy of forgiveness comes into play. The memories of the past cannot be erased until you forgive every situation and person, which is the cause of your inner restlessness, hurt and pain. These memories are the result of the bonds, which you are not willing to snap. Surrender your past to the Light of Peace and Love. Meditation and prayers help to restore inner peace and balance.

As you begin to increase your light you will find yourself being released from all negative bonds, and likewise all that is not of the Light will be repelled even as the ego-selves of the people are directing negative energy at you. People who serve no spiritual purpose will be eliminated from your life. They will no longer have the power to affect you adversely anymore; they will be removed from your life altogether if they continue to bear malice towards you. Yours, at the same time is to remain anchored in the Light of Love and peace. For this, you need to live every waking moment with conscious awareness of the Light. This prevents you from being caught off-guard by any unprecedented situation that is likely to overwhelm you.

The Light is your Saviour and Guardian against all negativity. You must not let go of your inner peace at any time, regardless of all the chaos and confusion that goes on around you. Nothing in the world of matter is powerful enough to shatter your peace when you are anchored into it. It is only when you feed the negative energies with your emotions of fear, anger, hatred, hurt and pain that the situations will gain power to knock you down, and throw you out of sync with the cosmic energies of peace and harmony. It is only you, and not any outside power, that is responsible for all your difficulties and miseries. Let go the desire to control others around you. Accept all without judgment. It is not possible to change people to live by your standards for each one comes with his own agenda in this world. It is your assertive behaviour that is leading to needless frustration and despair in your life.

Nothing in the matter world is worth fretting and crying over. All situations are lessons of Love and Peace. They are for you to learn and master the lessons of Unconditional Love, and your difficulties are here to stay until your lessons are learnt. The sooner you learn the better for you. Remember, the ordeals of life are not permanent or real. They are chapters in your life that you have asked for before you entered the Earth plane for the sake of your own spiritual progress. They are here to test your spiritual muscles. You come armed with the spiritual tools to help you plough your way through the wilderness of life. Unfortunately these are lying somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being, forgotten and neglected, as you joined hands with the dark forces that charmed you with sweet lies, convincing you of the power of anger and violence. And so somewhere along the way you strayed away from the sun-lit Path, and found yourself in a terrible maze of nettles and thorns, fumbling desperately to find your freedom.

Remember, God is waiting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for your call. He has never left you, even when you turned your back to Him. He cannot interfere with your free-will until you call to Him. It is easy; just call out to Him and He will be by your side in a flash. With His Help you will be able to retrieve His gifts that will help you to fight the forces of darkness. He will teach you to be kind, patient and a loving person with all in life. You are created in the likeness of His Image so do not doubt the divine powers that are lying inert within you. Reclaim your power and live life fearlessly with love and compassion in the face of all adversities. It is the only way you can triumph over the evil. Be Light. Be Love.

Sanat Kumara and Sananda/Jesus – The Dark Ones Leave – BEWARE Who You Blame for Earth’s Troubles – 2-10-15

SanatKumara2Sanat Kumara:

I am contacting you from my position as participant observer in the affairs of Planet Earth. I am at an Inner Earth meeting of the Intergalactic Council of One.

It is a large gathering of representatives from all the cosmos who are intimately involved in the preparations for the final removal of the cabal from Planet Earth. This solemn ceremony will occur on Wednesday evening at 8 EST, at which time all remaining dark cabal forces will be removed from the planet to be rehabilitated or dissolved, as they choose.

Sananda is speaking. He is appealing for a carefully coordinated effort from all parts of the Universe Nebadon (yours) to orchestrate the follow-up actions once the removal of the cabal is complete. We do not want a repeat of what happened following the removal of the Reptilians, when so many dark minions stepped up to take their places, in spades.

We have set a limit on the overall Light/Dark quotient which will be permitted within each individual before they are automatically removed from life on Planet Earth. However, should many more humans turn away from the Light to take the place of the departing dark ones, it would create havoc, and set us back many years, even if they did not become as murderous and vicious as the departing souls.

Should they rise to new levels of darkness, as their predecessors did, they will be immediately removed. This edict from Source will remain in place forever.

It is a crucial time in the development of the New Golden Age. It is intended to bring prosperity to all, relief from oppression, and the comfort of knowing all are safe to live their lives in peace. We cannot allow a proliferation of petty criminals and playground bullies to counteract the marvelous events we have in store for all of you.

There are many exciting events in store for you in the coming months. Your Intergalactic Federation is on the move. They are coordinating a careful approach to Earth.

There are many considerations in carrying out a massive operation like this, including (to put it in Earthly terms) the cosmic equivalent of weather, turbulent energy patterns, gravity, and approved air traffic control routes. Separate meetings under the guidance of Commander Ashtar will be moving forward during these coming days.

At the same time, the focus of your Ascended Masters turns to the conditions on the ground, and what we can expect to occur in the aftermath of the removal of the leaders of most of the world’s banks, corporations, media organizations and political entities.

The most obvious for the U.S. will be the cessation of all activities of the secret government, providing those of you on the ground can maintain a high level of Light energy.

I will explain how important your role is now and why. Removing the leaders, the darkest of the dark leaders, will still leave the shadow structure of the organizations they put in place.

This will be felt in a similar way to what you have experienced with the removal of the dark sleeper cell. The cell is gone, but the memory of its vibration is still present within your brain and body. This too must be eliminated through careful focus and determination.

We are now at a similar point in the evolution of the planet. Removal of the “dark cell” of leaders will leave in place the dark thought forms you are used to and many of their minions.

These beings, like all of you, have been spared for the time being because they carry within them a promising proportion of Light in spite of their past involvement with darkness.

God is merciful, as we have told you, and will make every effort to help those who wish to help themselves. This is not a free ride, we assure you, or preferential treatment for those who have lived destructive lives.

Many of these border-of-darkness beings are your neighbors, lovers, relatives and friends. Many of you reading this message may have gone through periods in your lives where you were attracted to schemes that promised wealth and power, or addictive substances that promised relief from pain. As Jesus taught, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Of course, we do not speak in terms of sin, but humankind uses this language to describe destructive behavior.

We prefer to see human behavior on a spectrum from dark to Light. At this time, there are still a large number of humans who fall into the range of 60% to 70% darkness.

They are the polluters, the oblivious racists, the animal abusers, the arrogant executives, the punitive parents, the cruel teachers and the extremely religious of all stripes. Many of this enormous group have aligned themselves with darkness because they felt powerless, or because they could not have sustained themselves and their families economically otherwise.

Do we condemn someone who flips poisoned burgers for a living? Of course not. We remove the burger-meisters. (I could not resist that small pun.) Then we must find ways for those left adrift to fill their days with productive work, and teach compassion and forgiveness for those who have been compromised by having lived in an impossibly difficult world system.

Everyone has been enslaved in one way or another, you see. No one has been spared the bite of having to “fit in” to an environment that encouraged soul-destroying behavior, while ingesting mind-control substances daily.

This is why so many Masters are here at this time – because a young soul could not have maintained a connection to her heart under such crushing psychological and physical abuses. You are realizing, as you have struggled to clear darkness from your own beings, just how difficult this process is.

Know that I do not tell you these things to alarm or discourage you. No, rather, we wish to encourage and inspire you to join with us now, find your place in the Army of Light, and help us to make the world over anew! All are needed!

When you align yourself with our intentions to calm and shift the vibrations on Planet Earth, we will accomplish the miracle of seeing the atmosphere clearing, the Light dawning all across the planet.

You have already accomplished the heroic lifting of energies that has made this current transition possible. All of you must be aware of the tremendous change in the alignment of energies since December of 2012.

It may not be what you expected, but it is clearly a separation between Light and Dark, a massive schism that now makes it clear what is Light and what is not.

What was once a blurred thin line between good and evil, as you call it, is now blatantly obvious to more people every day. For instance, a popular newscaster is disgraced for having said that his helicopter was attacked in Iraq, when it was not true.

A few months ago, this story would have been buried as a footnote, shrugged off as a “slip of tongue” or an understandable exaggeration from one who may have been anxious at the time.

No! The public now sees a contrived piece of propaganda when it is dangled before them. A journalist is not an entertainment figure. He is expected to hold to a standard of truth-telling that transcends mere sensationalism, or worse yet, acting as a puppet for his cabal handlers.

This same standard of truth-telling is now being held up for your political leaders, sports figures, and all others in the public eye, including us, your overlighting Masters of the Higher Dimensions.

You have demanded more information, and more of the whole story, rather than the bits and pieces we have given in the past to introduce you slowly to the mind-expanding truths of life in the cosmos.

I have assured you in the past that we truly did not lie to you when we thought the prosperity programs would be released. Our plans were that this should happen, and our view of what was happening on the ground led us to conclude that it would transpire as planned.

I will give you another bit of truth that may surprise you. We, your Ascended Masters, are much like you, in that we are not omniscient – all-knowing – and we are not all-powerful.

We are Gods, yes, in our abilities to create and expand, but we do not have absolute control over what happens on Earth, or within our Universe. Even Prime Creator cannot make a unilateral decision to create or destroy on a large scale.

Just as I have revealed to you that I, Sanat Kumara, was filling the job description of “Father God,” the Creator of your Milky Way Galaxy, Prime Creator was one of our Archangel pairs – twin flames who generally work together to fill these important positions.

In Higher Dimensions, we all work with each other, and sometimes move up or down the hierarchy to fill the positions that are needed at the time. At this moment of Now, the Multiverse is expanding at a rapid rate because Source has created new Universes, which he does because it is what he does – Create.

As the great cosmos expands, the complexity expands logarithmically, you might say. We are now in a time of great expansion, and the responsibilities have expanded simultaneously.

Where a “laissez-faire” management style was previously appropriate, given the Universal Law of nonintervention, it is now more crucial than ever that we remain in constant communication with each other and with Source.

Only Source has the say about what will be done in the final analysis, but he depends upon us, his/her “boots on the ground” to carry out all programs and to keep everyone involved informed of all complications or problems, within their local area and beyond.

Now, I represent the Company of Heaven when I offer you the following apology, offered from the depths of our hearts to yours.

We regret that during the period after the removal of the Reptilians in August of 2013, we turned our attention to the development of the New Universe and the opportunities it would create for all of us, because we truly expected that humankind would fill with Light the void left by the Reptilian overlords.

Instead, the cabal – whose humanity has been compromised by eons of cooperation with the dark forces – took over with a vengeance.

It was not that we were completely ignorant of their power and determination, but we were blindsided by the speed with which they took control. At the same time, of course, the Light quotient was increasing because of the courageous Lighworkers’ efforts.

This is when the great gulf between Light and darkness expanded so suddenly. In cosmic terms, the shift was a moment, but a huge moment in terms of the effect it has had on you, our dear children.

These recent months of struggle and conflict were not intended to get so out of hand so suddenly. It was complicated for us by the fact that the sudden shift that created a huge warp in the electromagnetic field around Earth also obscured our ability to see what was happening. Things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

You may remember that it was during this time that we asked Kathryn to begin sending you a message every day, in hopes of awakening more Lightworkers and keeping the hard-working ones energized.

Unfortunately, it did not help, since some of our information turned out to be inaccurate, given the prevailing timeline, which kept changing from day to day. We can tell you now – we were heart-broken to see how ineffectual our efforts were, and how discouraged and angry many of you were.

We too were in a dilemma. Source wants us to learn, to grow into the skilled managing directors who will be needed at every level in the present and new Universes to come.

He will not step in to rescue us – whether incarnated or in lightbodies – unless our actions cause a threat to others in the Universe. The suffering caused by the recent complications was heart-breaking and regrettable, but it was a part of the original understanding of how difficult this incarnation would be.

We must pull ourselves out of our own messes, with his profound Love and guidance. This is the True Way. It is how we grow, and in the long run, we are always glad for the opportunity to stretch ourselves.

This failure on our part was a tremendous wake-up call to us as well. Fortunately, in spite of the dense energies, we were able to maintain contact with some of our Lightworkers and channels on the ground, and so the long climb back to order and calm has proceeded, under different leadership and with renewed focus.

We acknowledge that, like you, we were stretched thin, trying to keep up with the shifting phenomena we could barely detect through the thick fog of swirling, chaotic energies around your planet.

We turned from our planning and projecting and instead began to rely on our human counterparts to lead us through the quagmire.

We acknowledge with great humility and gratitude that our twin flames and soul incarnation aspects have been the ones whose knowledge and great determination have turned the course of events here on Earth.

The energy of Source, our Central Sun as we sometimes call him, has ignited the imagination and creative genius in those who knew what steps would have to be taken to turn this Titanic around, as you have so aptly quipped.

Your clear demands for fairness and truth, and your willingness to take responsibility for helping to “clean up” the problem on the ground has made all the difference.

As you have gained in power and Light, especially after the removal of the dark cell in your brains, your connection with us has solidified, and we can now work as a well-oiled machine, with you, our beloved Earthbound souls in the lead.

You are brilliant managers and executives, and your deep understanding of the moment-to-moment feelings of your fellow humans surpasses ours. We humbly reach across the great divide that has separated us to clasp your outreached hands, and we share with you the power of Light from our Great One.

We honor you with all our hearts, Beloved Human Ones. Together, we are magnificent, and together we will finish this job.

This is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine. You have noticed how many of the most powerful Lightworkers are women.

Even in positions of power in politics and finance and in spiritual leadership, women have stepped forward in spite of the odds against them. Look to your women, Beloved Humankind, for they are the first to absorb and put to use the great crystalline power that will lead you into the Light.

My dear brother Sananda is here. They have just adjourned the Council meeting for today. Let us let him share his news with you.


Thank you, Sanat, you are truly everywhere helping all of us. We are grateful, Dear Brother.

Beloved Ones, we are resolved to put our energies into moving forward immediately following the removal of the last members of the Earth cabal.

We will be “on it” as you say, to avoid any rushing in to fill the void on the part of the lower level minions who are now teetering on the Great Divide between Light and dark.

Now, this week, this day, is the crucial time when you must all be ready to open your minds to grasp the truth of the history of Planet Earth and open your hearts to be filled with forgiveness, mercy and compassion. There must be no revenge, no witch-hunts, no punitive or bitter recriminations.

The consequences for everyone’s behavior while on Earth is well investigated and understood when a soul returns to higher dimensions to meet with their Creator and their Guides. This is a process the cabal members have avoided for centuries, and it will no longer be permitted. Their free reign has been completely curtailed, and will never – I say NEVER – be restored.

You must work hard to understand, Beloved Ones. Forgiveness does not mean permissiveness or weakness.

These are cabal ideas. The consequences of all actions, destructive or Light-filled, are taken into account when a soul review is undertaken.

In the case of cabal members whose Higher Selves have been damaged, this will require additional healing, but this does not mean they will not be held accountable for their dark deeds. I remind you here – before their review is done, they must witness first-hand the atrocities and cruelty they inflicted on others.

They will experience those atrocities themselves, from the point of view of those they abused, in real time.

You see, after each lifetime we gain more knowledge and most importantly, more empathy. This will be the process of rehabilitation those damaged souls will have to undergo if they are to return in their bodies.

When they go to higher dimensions there is no time limit to how much work they must do or how long it should take, because there is no time.

They will return when they are done, not before, and as you learned from the movie, “Interstellar,” it may have been only a heart-beat in Earth time.

Now it is to be your work, Dear Ones, to ease the transition for others, to hold the bar high, to teach a new kind of forgiveness based in knowledge and wisdom. It is vital to our Great Plan that Earth not sink into a phase of indignant rage, vengeance and cruelty in the name of Justice. This would destroy everything we have worked for.

Begin with capital punishment. No one must be killed for a crime committed in the past. It only creates more darkness.

You must learn to make a convincing case for the importance of keeping a high standard of ethics, which includes allowing for a person to “work off” the penance for their crimes if it would be for the greater good of humankind. Community service is a time-honored way to provide for both atonement and reparations to society.

Truth and Reconciliation must be kept in Divine balance in the months to come. Do not allow yourselves to be swept up in rabble-rousing or propagandizing for any side. This was the way of the cabal, and it must not be reestablished as the order of the day after they are gone.

Now is not the time for lynch-mobs or character assassination. The worst danger is that the wrong people would be persecuted as a result of the passionate and ill-formed opinions of “experts” about who was right and who was wrong in the intricate web of the past.

You were told this week that Lucifer was portrayed by Archangel Gabriel. This does not mean that Gabriel “fell” or turned dark. He portrayed Lucifer, the Dark One, in order to infiltrate the dark forces.

The idea of “fallen angel” was his cover story to allow him entrance to the inner workings of Archon (4th dimensional) darkness.

They saw him as their leader, Satan, even though he was simultaneously carrying out undercover operations for the Great One.

Given the current misunderstandings, Gabriel would be sent to the guillotine or the death chair for crimes against humanity, when in fact he was your greatest “asset.” The same could be said for Barack Obama.

BEWARE WHO YOU BLAME for the past travesties. Look instead to understand more deeply, and then more deeply yet. The Truth will reveal itself in waves, as you search your intuition, consult with your HIgher Self, and converse with us at length on every issue.

Use our invitation to speak with you on the radio show at every Wednesday evening. We will answer your questions and offer support gladly. Click “follow” near Kathryn’s picture on the BlogTalk internet page to be informed of upcoming shows.

Please, we beg you to pass this information on now. We must reach larger numbers of people, and we must teach the removal of the dark sleeper cell to help all move into the new era with grace, in a state of inner peace.

Be resourceful and daring. Reach out to others who are still asleep. Connect with each other, and stay balanced as you step into your leadership positions in preparation for the challenges to come.

In the name of the Company of Heaven, I am your Sananda/Jesus. I love you without end, and I will be with you to the end of this road.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, February 9, 2015, New York

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David J. Abbott M.D. – Forgiveness Is A Package Deal – 1-20-15

Written by Dr. David Abbott

Sin and resentment are two sides of the same coin. On one side of the coin, sin consists of things you have done that violate the laws of the moral universe. On the other side, resentment consists of your negative feelings toward those who have wronged you.

Sin and resentment are like a giant octopus with one thousand arms securely wrapped around your heart and mind. These unwanted visitors from another world are not polite guests. They send their tentacles into every part of your life. Nothing is safe from their grasp. They invade your relationships with your family and friends. They choke your emotions and distort your thinking. These malignant invaders come to dominate and destroy you.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot dislodge them from your mind. They have too many arms in too many places and will not let go. Your situation would be hopeless except for two things. The thousand-armed octopus of sin and resentment cannot stand up to the power of God’s forgiveness and love.

Sin and resentment make you sick if you don’t do anything about them. You don’t have the power to send these predators on their way without God’s help. This is a job for the two most powerful forces in the universe, God’s forgiveness and love.


God’s Law of Forgiveness makes it possible to drive these malevolent monsters out. What is this law?

The Law of Forgiveness states: The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart. This powerful law is like God’s Law of Love. What goes around comes around. The forgiveness you send to others comes multiplied back to you.

When God created you, He knew that you needed to forgive other people as much as you need to receive forgiveness from him. The reason is simple. When you have a heart full of resentment and are unwilling to forgive, you become sick inside.

It’s impossible to be free from the inner cancer of sin and resentment unless you are willing to forgive. Until you forgive others, the inner sickness will dominate you, and, if left untreated, will eventually destroy you. You need to forgive other people so you can become whole.


For you to feel the full impact of the forgiveness that comes from God, you must forgive other people first. The big lump of resentment you hold toward others blocks the forgiveness coming from God.

It’s not that God is unwilling to forgive. God’s forgiveness is always there in principle, but it’s not there in practice until you forgive others. In the world of forgiveness, what goes around comes around. If you want to have God’s forgiveness roll through your life, you must send your forgiveness to everyone else. God will unleash the power of his forgiveness the instant you forgive everyone who has done you wrong. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart.

If you can’t forgive other people, you will block the forgiveness that comes from God, and you will never escape from the octopus of sin and resentment controlling your life.


If your heart is hard, and you carry heavy burdens, there is only one way to lift the load. Every ounce of forgiveness you dispense to others lifts a ton off the burden you must bear. Others don’t need your forgiveness nearly as much as you need it yourself.

As the years pass, you accumulate a mountain of trash and toxic waste in your mind. Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. If you let them accumulate for a lifetime, your burden becomes unbearable.

When you forgive your enemies, your burdens instantly disappear. Forgiveness is better than magic, because it’s not a trick. It’s the real thing. It does everything it’s advertised to do. It sends the octopus of sin and resentment packing and frees your heart and mind. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.” The forgiveness you send to others makes you free at last.

When you look at people who have carried burdens of resentment and blame for fifty years, you see the price they pay for ignoring this law. They grow into bitter hardhearted people. They aren’t rugged individualists with a smile on their face. They are worn out and broken down from carrying unnecessary burdens.


There is a universal need to be forgiven for the wrong things you have done. But until you forgive others, you will not find forgiveness for yourself. It’s that simple. God made the moral universe work in that fashion in order to force you to forgive other people. If He had not done it that way, you would try to get forgiveness from God without passing it on to others. You would be left with a heart full of resentment, and forgiveness would have done only half its job. God didn’t want forgiveness to go only half way. He said it must go all the way or not at all.

Many people engage in a spiritual delusion trying to get forgiveness from God while they harbor resentment toward others. This never works, because God’s forgiveness cannot do its cleansing work until you forgive the people who have done wrong to you. God will never let you do an end run around the resentment that you harbor in your heart and mind.


There isn’t enough room in your heart for both resentment and God’s forgiveness. It’s one or the other, and you decide which it will be. Forgiveness is a package deal. If you don’t forgive others, then your resentment will block the healing power of God’s love and forgiveness.

Jesus said it this way, “If you forgive others the wrong they have done, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, then the wrongs you have done will not be forgiven by your Father.” Jesus did not pull his punches or sugarcoat his message when he was talking about God’s forgiveness. Jesus understood the inner workings of the moral universe and how God’s love and forgiveness work inside your heart and mind. He knew that the resentful heart would block God’s forgiveness and love from doing its miraculous work. That’s why he told us we had to forgive other people if we wanted to experience the forgiveness that comes from him.


If you want to have the power of forgiveness roll through your life, you can’t just talk about forgiving other people. You must do it.

There is no better way to start your day than with forgiveness. The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to forgive everyone. You simply take a minute to look inside and see if there is a seed of resentment taking root or actively growing in your heart. If you discover resentment, then forgive.

If you wipe out resentment the first thing in the morning, you will have the power of God’s forgiveness and love rolling through your life all day long. From the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night, God will be doing a miracle in your heart and mind. It will be one of the smartest things you ever do.

It’s impossible to have fellowship with God when your heart is full of resentment, and sin controls your life. If you want to have a strong relationship with God, let forgiveness reign supreme. Unleash the power of God’s forgiveness by forgiving everyone. The Law of forgiveness can set you free. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart.

Affirmation: In the world of forgiveness, what goes around comes around. The forgiveness I send to others comes multiplied back to me. If my heart is hard, and I carry heavy burdens, there is only one way to lift the load. Every ounce of forgiveness I dispense to others lifts a ton off the burden I must bear. Others don’t need my forgiveness nearly as much as I need it myself. Forgiveness washes the pollution of resentment and ill-will from my mind. It’s better than magic because it’s not a trick. It’s the real thing. Forgiveness does everything it’s advertised to do, and it’s free. I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and years in therapy to get a fresh start. A forgiving heart is a forgiven heart. All I need to do is forgive.

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Sananda – It’s Time to Forgive Yourselves – Channeler Jenny Schiltz – 1-12-15





I want to take a moment today and talk to you about forgiveness. As many of you are aware, you have received an energetic upgrade since the New Year. This upgrade can be very powerful if you allow it to assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you.

Many of you are entering the place of neutrality, where you see the beauty in all things, even those things that are deemed negative. You are beginning to grasp the truth behind the words “All is in your highest good.”. Many of you have known of the concept, struggled to fully understand it but now you are actually able to feel the truth int he words. This is not an easy thing and you should feel very proud of your accomplishment, especially when surrounded by others that are still entrenched in duality. To keep your neutrality and not fall into judgement is not easy. As you practice this new way to be, you may lapse into judgement, even horror at the current events of the world. We understand and ask that you bring yourself back to center as quickly as possible. You will find that anything less will feel very uncomfortable in the body. Eventually you will feel that to leave neutrality is so unnatural that you will recognized the slightest slip, the slightest thought that moves you from center. Do not be concerned that others are not in this space, they will arrive when it is their time.

You have done incredible work to arrive at this place that has been called the zero point. You have forgiven those that hurt you and even are able to see the purpose behind events in your life. You are able to glimpse the grand design behind tragedies while feeling compassion and understanding for those living through and affected by such events. It is beautiful to be able to view things from a grander perspective but respond on a very human level with caring and compassion. This is how you will change the world. This is how you can heal those around you, by simply caring and having compassion for all involved while not getting entrenched in right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We are very proud of the work you have done and how much you have achieved. Every day more light is held by your world, every day more connections are made to the higher grids and to the earth herself. As the grids are being created in higher dimension, the ones in the 5th & 6th dimensions are becoming fortified, widened and strengthened to allow the masses to move forward. We are aware of the work all of you have done to hold the light within, to be a beacon, and a pillar of peace in chaos. So many of you are able to forgive others very easily. However, many of you are not extending this grace to yourselves. You can not fully embrace neutrality until you are able to completely forgive yourselves for perceived wrongs. You need to acknowledge that every wrong turn, everything you did to another, has led you to this place, this time. We have asked that you reconnect with your inner child and many of you are doing that. Now we ask that you fully forgive yourself for all things that have caused you guilt & shame. Guilt, regret and shame weigh heavy on the heart and will keep you from rising to your potential. We ask that you forgive yourself, release yourself, and love yourself as you have done for others. It is time to extend neutrality to yourself.

So many of you are very hard on yourselves and don’t acknowledge all the good things you have done and the work you have completed. . We ask that you forgive yourselves and see yourself as we see you, as beautiful, shining souls.

Love yourself as I love you,



Wisdom With Wes – More on Forgiving the Corrupt Elite – 12-28-14

Snapshot_20140731_2(Note: I’ve written about forgiving the elite in previous columns, but I felt like it needed to be said again.)

I write a lot about the ‘cabal’; the ‘elite’; the ‘planetary controllers’; whatever you want to call them, and I always try to remind people that even though they’re corrupt and it’s time for their ‘reign’ to end, they’re still us in a different form.

It’s easy (and almost preferable) to rebel against them for the awful things they continue to do, but in doing so, we fail to recognize the inherent oneness of every conscious being, which includes them.

We erect a border between our greater understanding and that part of us that just wants to rebel, and we keep ourselves from spiritually evolving or cultivating the inner peace that’ll bring the world together with ease.

We hurt ourselves (and, subsequently, the rest of the world) when we try to fight the elite, and little do we know that our rebellion plays right into their hands. We give them exactly what they want, because we maintain a divided condition within that feeds the negativity that enables them to get away with their crimes.

Sending love to the elite is a great way to ‘fight’ them, however ‘new agey’ it sounds, and in time, more seekers will realize that the best way to create peace and unity is to stop fighting. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how hard it can be – even for the conscious community.

Will you express love and forgiveness today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

Susan Suehr – Overcoming the Fear of Being Judged for Your Mistakes –

Sad Woman


Susan Suehr


“Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected, or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker

For years I struggled with a nagging feeling of guilt. This was not for actual things I did, but just a feeling that anytime something went wrong in my life, it was somehow my fault.

I came from a religious family of eleven kids. My dear mom, bless her heart, occasionally punished us all because she just didn’t have the time in her busy day to find the perpetrator.

My older brother, the perpetrator of most of our punishments, found this all to be quite humorous. The rest of us did not.

Was it our desperate appeals to him to be better behaved, or our mom’s reaction whenever she learned of his latest subterfuge that he found humorous? Such are the trials of growing up in a big family.

It didn’t help that the nuns in school reinforced the necessity of admitting guilt and the importance of being in need of exoneration. If something bad happened to you, like skinning your knee, well it was just God punishing you for something you hadn’t been caught at.

One would normally think that guilt stemmed from believing you might have hurt someone. It took me some time to figure out the reasons for my feelings I hadn’t hurt anyone, but I felt guilty.

How Do We Untangle This Web of Guilty Feelings?

I wanted to know why I was hanging on to these guilty feelings. Self-awareness is about setting aside things that others have said about you and paying attention instead to what you know about yourself to be true.

I figured my guilt was very much attached to what I believed others might think of me.

I was using guilt as a defense mechanism. I would blame myself first, hoping to find and correct my mistakes before anyone else found out. I hoped that extra alertness might allow me to avoid criticism and judgments from others.

My true nemesis was the fear of being criticized. Keeping a ledger of past mistakes was my way of being vigilant to crush any mistakes before anyone found out.

My ledger of mistakes: the things that I did or said because it was easy and convenient, what I did not do or say when I could have, blaming others in my thoughts or not showing kindness when I could have. I even kept track of my embarrassing moments so I would never do them again.

I worried that if my mistakes were exposed, I would be judged, rejected, or disliked for them. And so I punished myself for them before anyone else could.

This fear of being exposed led me to walk through life feeling guilty for who I was and for all the mistakes I’d made. These fears were controlling my life.

I believed and feared that these mistakes were who I was, and if they were exposed, I would be exposed.

So How Did We Conquer Those Fears?

Fears are challenges that put us out of our comfort zone, and they are opportunities for real growth.

I found my growth happening when I mustered up the courage to experiment. What would happen if I lived my day the way I wanted? What if I stopped worrying about others judging me?

I started just doing my best.

I sought out new skills when I wanted my work to be better, just to make it pleasing to me. I stopped trying to impress others and hide my faults. I let them see me so I could understand and get to know them better and learn from their experiences.

Most of the time, I wasn’t judged or disapproved by others. Guess who was the biggest judge? Me!

By facing my fears, I reduced them significantly and could live with them. Knowing that others didn’t criticize me was not enough. I still had to resolve the negative self-judgments I still thought about myself if I was going to really accept myself and be free of the guilt.

So How Does One Get to Self-Acceptance?

Accepting ourselves is about recognizing that we’ve done things that we are not proud of, and this is part of being human. There is a process for dealing with regrets: sorrow with compassion, remorse, then leading to forgiveness.

That same process works for resolving those nagging guilty feelings for doing or not doing things that don’t have apparent negative impact on others. I’m talking about those times when I had negative thoughts or opinions about others, yet didn’t express them, or when I didn’t take a higher road when I could have.

Our guilt becomes this reservoir of mistakes we made in life. Mistakes are part of being human. Sometimes we are just not prepared for situations.

Having compassion for my humanity, I forgave myself for my mistakes. This opened me up to genuine acceptance for the human that I am, and that we all are.

I got to know my real self. The real me was that person who took the risk of being judged by others.

I was not my mistakes. I started getting to like me.

Then something unexpected….

I can still remember this moment. I had this feeling of love for me—faults and all. I am talking about the kind of love that you feel for someone you love deeply. I had never before felt this way about myself.

You can do this too.

Time to Be Done With Feeling Guilty

If guilty feelings are nagging at you, there is a way out. Be self-aware by knowing what is true about you. Get out of your comfort zone and face those fears of exposure.

You can change and make it better. Forgive and accept yourself inside, for who you really are. Be free of guilt and be yourself. One day you’ll find yourself loving you.

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About Susan Suehr

Susan Suehr is a blogger and has a web site and a blog about Changing Beliefs. She also is the creator of Miracle Grid Products, clearing tools to live a free passionate life How to Change Beliefs & Be Inspired, which she sells on Amazon.

Saint Germain – Call on the Law of Forgiveness

st_germainVolume 3 – Discourse #9


  1. Thou Mighty, All-Powerful, Active Presence—God!

  2. We ever grow in deeper praise, thanks and gratitude to Thee for Thy Life, Thy Light, and Thy Intelligent Power manifest everywhere in the Universe; for Thy Active Presence manifest in the mind, body, home, world and affairs of everyone.

  3. Enable us to understand and feel Thy Radiant Power, always active in our world, affairs, and business—knowing no single activity can go wrong; for Thou dost govern all action in Thy Love and Justice, guiding and regulating all.

  4. Thou Mighty Supreme Ruler of the Universe! whose Law is Justice, whose Power is Invincible! protect America in Thy Great, Blazing, Loving Presence.

  5. Reveal to the authorities of the United States of America any wrong activities.

  6. “I AM” the Mighty Channel of Justice , claiming all now and for all time, that they serve only the cause of America and the Light of God.

  7. No human thought shall enter in.

  8. No human hand shall be raised against her, for she is sealed within the Love of the “Great Ascended Host of Light” forever.

  9. Mighty God of the Universe! Thy Love, Light, Wisdom, Intelligence and Justice shall fill every office in the land; all political graft shall be wiped out forever, and Thou shalt reign through Thy Creation, through Thy Children, in Perfect Justice to all.

  10. I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, ever watching over and ministering through Their Divine Radiation—to heal, bless, enlighten and prosper all who will accept.


  11. One of the great needs of individuals, and even of sincere students today, is to feel the necessity of giving time morning and evening to sincere meditation: to the stilling of the outer activity that the Inner Presence may come forth unobstructed.

  12. Meditation really means—feeling—the Active Presence of God.

  13. Therefore, when one attempts to enter meditation, he cannot drag all the disturbance that has beset him during the day along with him.

  14. Therefore, consciously remove from the feeling and attention every disturbing thing, enter into your meditation to feel the “Presence of God,” and do not revolve your troubles.

  15. When the Statement was given: “Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free,” it meant the recognition, acceptance and Activity of the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

  16. First, know: “I AM” is the First Principle and absolute certainty of Freedom now.

  17. Second, know: “I AM” the active Presence, governing all manifestation in my Life and world perfectly.

  18. Then I have entered into the Truth which shall bring all Freedom.

  19. I must relate a thing that would be most laughable, if it were not really serious.

  20. You would chastise it and rebel considerably if your little pet dog continued to carry bones from the alley into your living room.

  21. You would think he were doing that which is very much out of place.

  22. Do you know, Beloved Students of Truth, that when you allow your minds to dwell upon disturbing things or experiences, you are doing a great deal worse than bringing bones into the living room?

  23. The unfortunate thing with students and individuals which seems so difficult for them to understand is: never under any circumstances try to hold the water that has gone over the wheel.

  24. In other words, the unpleasant experiences, losses, or any imperfection that has passed over your wheel of experience to the present time should never be held close to you.

  25. They have gone over the wheel—forgive and forget them.

  26. To give and forgive is Godlike indeed.

  27. For illustration: if an individual or group of individuals has gone into a business undertaking, and through lack of understanding, it has failed or gone to pieces, it is always because of inharmony in the mental attitude and feelings.

  28. If every individual in such an association would take his stand—and hold it—that there was only God in Action, only the most perfect success would come out of it.

  29. Since the individual has free will, if he will not control his own thought and feeling, he will wreck things for himself and others.

  30. Such is the Great Law, unless every individual corrects his own thought and feeling, and keeps it so.

  31. Everyone who manifests in the physical form today has made plenty of mistakes—sometime, somewhere—so let no one take the attitude, “‘I AM’ more holy than thou,” but each one’s first attitude should be to call on the Law of Forgiveness; and if he be feeling or sending criticism, condemnation, or hate to another of God’s children, a brother or sister, he can never have enlightenment or success until he calls on the Law of Forgiveness.

  32. Further than this, he must say to that person to whom he was feeling disturbed in any way—silently: “I send to you the fullness of the Divine Love of my Being to bless and prosper you.”

  33. This attitude is the only release and Freedom from the seeming failures of the outer activity.

  34. For individuals to continually revolve in their minds and discussion a business or project that has disintegrated will surely in the end destroy themselves—if they do not face about, and through calling on the Law of Forgiveness find complete conscious release from the entire situation.

  35. For an individual to hold an attitude of revenge for any seeming wrong, imaginary or otherwise, can only bring upon himself incapacity of mind and body.

  36. The old, yet wondrous Statement brought down to us through the ages: “Unless you are willing to forgive, how can you be forgiven,” is one of the Mightiest Laws for use in human experience.

  37. Oh that individuals and many students could only see how they hold to themselves the things they do not want by allowing the mind to revolve upon the discordant things which have passed and cannot be helped through the outer senses!

  38. The greatest thing that all mankind is seeking in reality is Peace and Freedom, which is always the doorway to happiness.

  39. There is only one possible way to receive this, which is to know God—the “I AM Presence”—and that this Presence is the only acting Intelligence in your Life and world at all times.

  40. Then stand by this and live it.

  41. One of the most amazing things that it has been My experience to witness—since coming into the Ascended State—is the distorted idea of Freedom, financially and otherwise.

  42. There is but one sure, certain rock upon which to build your eternal financial freedom, and that is to know and feel with every fiber of your Being: “‘I AM’ the wealth, the opulence, the substance, already perfected in my world, of every constructive thing that I can possibly conceive of or desire.”

  43. This is true financial freedom and will bring it as surely as it is maintained—and it will not get away, I assure you.

  44. On the other hand, man may use—knowingly or unknowingly—enough of this “God I AM Presence” or God-Energy to accumulate through the outer activity millions of dollars; but wherein is his certainty of keeping it?

  45. I assure you, it is impossible for any Being in the physical world to keep wealth that is accumulated without his being aware that God is the Power producing and sustaining it.

  46. You see before you constant illustrations of great wealth taking wings overnight, as it were.

  47. Thousands within the past four years have met this experience.

  48. Even after the seeming loss had occurred, had they been able to take their firm, conscious stand: “‘I AM’ the wealth—God in Action—now manifest in my Life, my world,” the way, the door, would have immediately opened for them to have again received abundance.

  49. Why do I say, “Again to have received abundance”?

  50. Because they had built the momentum and had attained great confidence.

  51. Therefore all requirements were at hand ready for further use; but in most instances, they allowed great discouragement—often hatred and condemnation—to enter in, which shut and locked the door to further progress.

  52. Now let me assure you, Beloved Children of God, there is no outer condition ever existed in this world so bad, so disastrous, but that there is the “I AM,” the Active Presence of God with the Eternal Strength and Courage of the Universe, to again rebuild you into Freedom and independence, financially and every way.

  53. I especially want the students who come under this Radiation to understand this, because in this day of falling thrones and governments, individual fortunes and otherwise, they need to know and understand if their wealth has flown away through ignorance of understanding, then the “I AM Presence” in them, God in Action, is the sure Rebuilder of their faith, confidence, wealth, or to whatever they wish to direct their conscious attention.

  54. Thus they allow this Mighty Inner Energy to flow into their desire—which is the only Power that ever accomplished anything.

  55. Every individual who has seemingly expressed a loss of wealth to any degree should immediately use the marvelous Statement of Jesus: “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life of my business, my understanding, or whatever thing I wish to focus my attention on.”

  56. I tell you frankly, Beloved Students and individuals, there is not the slightest hope for you in heaven or earth so long as you persist in holding within your consciousness thoughts and feelings of criticism, condemnation, or hate of any description, and that includes mild dislike.

  57. This leads us to the very vital point that you are concerned only with your own activity and your world.

  58. It is not your province to judge another, for you do not know the forces playing upon another or the conditions.

  59. You know only the angle that you see of it, and I tell you that if an individual should be entirely innocent of any intent to wrong another, the individuals who send criticism, condemnation or hate to such a one are doing worse than committing physical murder.

  60. Why is this so?

  61. Because thought and feeling are the only Creative Power; and while such thoughts and feelings may not touch or harm their objective, they must return and bring with them the conditions sent out by the individual who sent them forth—and always with accumulated energy.

  62. So after all, the one who holds vicious thoughts to another is in reality but destroying himself, his business and his affairs.

  63. There is no possible way of averting it, except for the individual to awaken and consciously reverse the currents.

  64. Let us go one step further.

  65. Throughout all ages, there have been business associations in which there were one or possibly two with the deliberate intent to do wrong, and through this association, a number of individuals absolutely innocent of any wrong intent have been imprisoned.

  66. I now tell you, as an Unfailing Law that cannot be changed, that the individual or individuals who cause innocent persons to be incarcerated—thus depriving them of their Freedom of action as God intended—will bring that exact experience which they have desired for another into their own experience, even unto the third and fourth embodiment following.

  67. For Myself, I would rather a thousand times be deliberately shot down than to be the instrument of depriving any of God’s Children of their liberty.

  68. There is no greater crime reigning in human experience today than the prevailing use of circumstantial evidence, for in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it is afterwards found to be entirely wrong.

  69. Sometimes the Truth is never known to the outer senses.

  70. So Beloved Students, let no one seeking the “Light” ever set himself up in judgment on another of God’s Children.

  71. Again, supposing someone we love very much seems to be going all awry.

  72. What is the first thing the outer would do?

  73. As a rule, to begin sitting in judgment and criticism.

  74. The most powerful thing that can and should be done for such an individual by everyone who knows anything of the circumstances is to pour out all their Love and to silently know: “‘I AM,’ God in Action, is the only controlling Intelligence and Activity within this brother or sister.”

  75. To keep silently speaking to that one’s consciousness is the greatest help possible to be given.

  76. Many times to remonstrate verbally with an individual sets up a condition of antagonism, intensifying rather than erasing the activity which the silent work would be absolutely certain to accomplish.

  77. No one in the outer consciousness can possibly know what the “I AM God Presence” in the other individual wishes to do.

  78. These are vital Truths that, if maintained, would bring very great peace into the lives of individuals.

  79. Many lives with their attendant business efforts are ruined because there is lurking within the consciousness of the individual judgment, condemnation, or a feeling of some degree of hatred toward another.

  80. The student or individual who wants to leap ahead in the progress of the Light should never enter sleep until he has consciously sent Love to every individual whom he feels has harmed him at any time.

  81. This thought of Love will go straight as an arrow into the consciousness of the other individual—because it cannot be stopped—there generating its Quality and Power which will as surely come back to you as you send it out.

  82. There is perhaps no single element responsible for so many diseased conditions of body and mind as the feeling of hate sent out to another individual.

  83. There is no telling how this will react upon the mind and body of the sender.

  84. In one, it will produce one effect; in another, still a different effect.

  85. Let it be here understood that resentment is but another form of hate, only of a milder degree.

  86. A very wonderful thought to live in always is: “‘I AM’ the Perfect Creative Thought and Feeling everywhere present in the minds and hearts of individuals.”

  87. It is a most marvelous thing.

  88. It not only brings rest and peace to yourself, but releases limitless Gifts from the “Presence.”

  89. Another is: “‘I AM’ the Mighty Law of Divine Justice and Protection acting in the minds and hearts of individuals everywhere.”

  90. You can apply and use this with enormous force and power in every way.

  91. Another is: “‘I AM’ Divine Love, filling the minds and hearts of individuals everywhere.”

  92. As you think on this, you will understand what was done when this home was made a Radiating Center of the “Active Presence of God.”

  93. You will suddenly come into a realization of the gigantic application of this.

  94. Everything in the Life experience of humanity can be governed by the “I AM Presence.”

  95. The use of the “I AM Presence” is the Highest Activity that can be given.

  96. When you say “I AM,” you set God into action; but there is a lot more to it which you will come to realize—when you feel and know the enormity of the use of this Expression.

  97. Realize the Enormous Power of the “I AM” to act in things of this kind.

  98. “‘I AM’ the God Power Almighty.”

  99. There is no other power that can act.

  100. When you say and feel this, then you liberate and loose the Full Activity of God.

  101. Another Statement: “‘I AM’ the conscious memory of these things.”

  102. Also: “‘I AM’ the conscious memory, use and understanding in the use of these things.”

  103. When you say: “The Presence that ‘I AM’ clothes me in my Eternal Transcendent Garment of Light,” it actually does take place that moment.

  104. “The Secret Place of the Most High” is this “I AM Presence.”

  105. The Sacred Things that are revealed to you are not to be cast forth, for they are as pearls.

  106. Know always: “‘I AM’ the perfect poise of speech and action at all times.”

  107. Then the guard is always up, for: “‘I AM’ the Protecting Presence.”

  108. God’s Energy is always waiting to be directed.

  109. Inherent within the expression of the “I AM” is the Self-sustaining Activity.

  110. Then you know there is no time.

  111. This brings you to the instantaneous action, and your precipitation will soon take place.

  112. Always preceding a manifestation you will feel that absolute stillness.


  113. We give thanks, “O Mighty I AM Presence,” for having entered into Thy Secret Place.

  114. Let Thy Wisdom govern at all times the dispensation of Thy Light.

  115. Let Thy Wisdom guard and direct our minds and bodies at all times, that they always act in perfect accord with Thee.

  116. As Thou art called forth into action—“O Mighty I AM Presence”—we know we are always charged at all times with Thy Mighty Energy, and that It accomplishes all perfectly wherever it is sent.


  117. Legal affirmations: For the one not in the midst of the case, take this Statement:

  118. “‘I AM’ the Law.”

  119. “‘I AM’ the Justice.”

  120. “‘I AM’ the Judge.”

  121. “‘I AM’ the Jury.”

  122. Knowing that: “‘I AM’ All-Powerful,” then I know that only Divine Justice can be done here.

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Carmen Allgood – Download Forgiveness – Upload Happiness – 11-14-14

carmen allgoodBeing happy is effortless; it is embedded in our DNA and completely natural. The Constitution of the United States insures us that individuals ‘have the right to pursue happiness.’ But the truth is, we don’t want to pursue happiness – we want to be happy. And because of the power of our mind we’re guaranteed success in that if we want it, and if we are willing to unify our thoughts and release ourselves from conflict.

With happiness as our goal, let’s focus on the fact that our real desires are invisible, for peace and love cannot be seen but can be experienced. Therefore, let’s toss out the notion that anything in the material world is capable of making us permanently happy, simply because the world is not the Source of Love.

There are just a couple of small changes that need to be made in our thought process so we can remember joy. There is no difference between love and happiness, or peace and joy. They are one and the same and part and parcel of the fabric of our lives.

The first obstacle is our desire to get rid of peace. This sounds nuts in theory but evidence of this preferred practice is reflected all over the world. If anyone casts blame, judges, accuses someone else of making them unhappy, or justifies their anger, bitterness, anxiety or guilt, then let us admit – we do not see value in being at peace. It takes very little time to heal this split thinking, but keeping agony in our mind can seem like an eternity with no escape in sight.

The second obstacle, which is just an extension of the first, is holding grievances. They have no value except to keep the person who is suffering from them convinced that they are unworthy of love, and justified in holding anger in their heart. How has this served us?

Obstacles are simply errors in perception that revolve around the false belief that one person can deprive another of love. How can this be if love, peace, and happiness are our natural inheritance?

What is utterly exhausting, debilitating, and completely depressing, is carrying the burden of unloving thoughts in our mind. Without exception, all of the suffering we think we see in this world is the catastrophic result of our refusal to love one another.

We don’t have to buy into this insane consequence. There is another wholly benign vision set aside for those who are willing to see the reality and value of being happy and at peace. This decision will release each of us to another state of mind that no longer sees the suffering, because the reality of love has come to take its place. Let us proceed…

Download Forgiveness

Here is our ‘Get out of Jail Free Card.’ Forgiveness isn’t inherent in the mind because our concepts of sin are completely false and nothing more than a shabby substitute for our reality, which is totally loving and totally at peace.

Forgiveness needs to be practiced in this world because very few of us are willing to offer complete forgiveness to the entire world all at once. Still, each step and effort we make in this direction leaves a direct trace on our heart and in our mind. Every time we truly forgive we have just increased our happiness.

This is not a fantasy, but reflects the real world of love reaching out to offer us our own completion because all it does is extend love to everyone. We will all benefit endlessly when we learn to copy and paste the energy of love.

Forgiveness rests upon the one offering it because giving and receiving are one and the same. No one can extend or give something they have not already accepted for themselves. Give and we will receive. This step will bring us peace.

Apologizing for Spiritual Impurities

If sin = lacks of love, then we are not miserable sinners because nothing in Perfect Love could possibly be lacking in love.The real benefit of being willing to say we are sorry for our unloving thoughts is in recognizing that they hold no value and we do not want their result, which is conflict.

To say we are sorry is to release the error and allow the truth to take its place. This is a small price to pay for helping us exchange sorrow for joy. Once the impurities are dissolved, and the desire to see only love has resurfaced, peace of mind is the only possible outcome.

Gratitude and the End of Fear

Love is approached through sincere gratitude. To give thanks for every situation, without allowing the ego to judge against it, is the goal. This is what we are striving for as we reach out with love through all the fear and illusions of the world.

Here is the call to share since love is an act of sharing. Without impurities, grievances, or fear, we can only feel gratitude as we fully recognize and accept the fact that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © August 2014

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Saint Germain: About Forgiveness – Ashtar On The Road – 11-8-14

St Germain: “Now is the Time for Forgiveness!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – October 28, 2014
“Greetings, Beloved Ones! I am Saint Germain, and I am honored and absolutely de-Lighted to be here before you! This is a most sacred Gathering. And it is that we have mission and purpose together. And whether you are in the realization of this or not, this was ordained! It may seem as though this is a last minute decision on your part to be here, but let me assure you, it has been ordained.
“And so it is that I would like to address a part of the foundations of which we have been speaking all these years in your time. Because, in your time, there isn’t much of it left before you will be called upon to exercise your most Divine and sacred radiances of the Love you are.
“I am speaking of Forgiveness. You already have a lot of information about what’s really been going on. You’re going to get a lot more. And, furthermore, you are going to witness confusion, anger, desires for revenge – a lot of fear-based kinds of emotions and thoughts are going to be stirred up.
“Now we have said that consciousness of Planet Earth is ready for the changes and for the ultimate Ascension, first entering into the Golden Age. The Golden Age is where the dark hats are no longer. However, the news of their, shall we say, their activities will still be in evidence, at least at the very beginning.
“It will not be easy, even for those of you who are quite familiar with what they have been doing. I will cite as an example their treatment of many of the children of the world. That will be the hardest. And yet, in the higher realms of Light and Love, we ask that you love them – those who have perpetrated these deeds as well as, of course, the innocent ones. Again, think of the children and it is so easy to offer them Love and Compassion. It is not so easy to afford the same compassionate, loving Forgiveness to those who have hurt the children.
“And yet, we absolutely assure you that this Forgiveness must be Worldwide. And who is to lead the way but you, the ones who carry the Light? For that has been, for all of you here gathered, a life’s mission and purpose, time and time again. And time and time again you have witnessed various forms of behaviors and attitudes which have been very difficult to observe. And time and time again, you have striven to be in complete Forgiveness, most especially when the actions of violent thoughts, words, or deeds were directed at you, Beloved Ones! It is not so easy to be a parent, a teacher, a grandparent or someone who loves children and see a child mistreated.
“And so it is, that we offer that only as an example. Now, a way of assisting in this mission of Forgiveness is to start it now. We know that you all have done so in many ways, whether it be Ho’oponopono or some other thought or word or Heart-felt statement of loving Compassion and understanding. You have had many, many opportunities throughout all of your lifetimes to practice Forgiveness. And we will say this – it is to love yourself even if you, yourself might have worn a dark hat or perhaps a shade of gray in one or more of your lifetimes!
“It was all for the purpose of learning. There are those who overstepped, but it was done with your permission on a level that is so difficult to understand. And, Beloved Ones, if you have difficulty understanding this, how will the people who are just waking up, how are they going to understand all of this?
“And so it is that we ask you to lead the way, to share your Lights of Love, to offer Forgiveness on a grand scale, to come together in your Gatherings even, on the Higher Levels of Dimensionality. Just call this Family group back into being, this Family of Ashtar.Most of you are Ashtar commanders in ground crew, volunteer service. A few of you are angels and fairies. All of you are in service!
“And so it is to come together in singular purpose and to bring Hearts of Love opened! Call in the Lights of Love. Join with the Higher Dimensions. See yourself as a wondrous Light body in a Universe full of Light and Love. And bring this forward, sharing it with all dwellers, all living beings on Planet Earth – below, on and above – so that everyone can move up and out of the fear-based situations and dramas that they’re in! And so that they receive whatever information is for them still to receive, with their own Divine Lights shining and in the true light of Love, which is the only reality!!!
“Let fear be totally transformed and transmuted by this grand Light and let Forgiveness become the voice and the action, the gift to all of the Universe – Planet Earth and beyond! Gifts coming from Love – actions, words and attitudes only based in Love. This is how Planet Earth can move from the third dimension up into the Golden Age and beyond! This is how Peace on Earth can be truly the way of life for everyone!!!
“Forgiveness is defined in The Course In Miracles by my Beloved Brother, Sananda as the absence of judgment. And you know the words of Yeshua, ‘Judge not that ye be not judged.’ Well, when there is judgment it is hard to see Divinity. It is hard to feel Divinity. It is hard even to feel forgiving, compassionate Love.And so we ask that you make this a requirement of your own Hearts. Let it start there, and let it move throughout your beings, and radiate out across the World and beyond. Let the Universe know that the bright Lights of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Gratitude, are shining even brighter!!!
“This, Beloved Ones, is how we see you! Take a moment. Look into your own Hearts and see yourselves as we do. And know the Truth of which I speak. Give yourselves the Feedom to forgive.And you shall not only move further along your own paths of Ascension, but you shall help countless millions to do the same, to join you. And even those who will not come into the Light, know that there is a place that is absolutely perfect for them and they will go there, and you will be in The Golden Age on Planet Earth!
“And so we thank you for your attendance, for your commitment, for all that you have accomplished and for all the bright Lights you have been shining, that you have been shining in this moment, and that you have yet to shine as you continue along your paths. We love you beyond all words and we thank you for being with us in this, the greatest accomplishment ever for Planet Earth! And so it is.Namaste!”
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, October 28, 2014.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2014. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Elohim Master Arcturus via Julie Miller – Liberation Through Forgiveness – 10-25-14

Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by: Julie Miller






Steve Beckow – The Arcturians on Unconditional Love and Forgiveness – 9-17-14

ArcturiansI once asked the Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie, to explain to me how so many enlightened teachers could misbehave through sex or money and their answer, which went into many more matters than just that, is very informative.

Steve Beckow:   I wonder why so many teachers have become enlightened, at least to seventh-chakra level, what we call Brahmajnana, and yet have behaved so poorly, especially in the area of sexuality.  But with money as well.

I thought to myself that our vasanas, archaic negative energy patterns derived from earlier traumatic incidents, survive until Fifth-Dimensional reality and Sahaja Samadhi. Even if that explanation is correct, which I hope you will comment on, it still doesn’t help.  How can we avoid perpetrating or misbehaving if enlightenment itself does not remove those vasanas?

Arcturians:   As long as you are wearing a physical form there will be certain neuropathways that will become activated.  And certain lower emotions, sensations and desires that will move into your consciousness. That is the great challenge.

SB:  But the question becomes what to do about that?  Could you advise me on that please?

A:   The challenge is really one of unconditional love.  And in order to give unconditional love to the beings and the planet that you have come to serve, you have to give unconditional love to yourself.  And in order to give unconditional love to yourself, you will have to do, feel, think or be something that it is difficult to love unconditionally.  Are you with us?

SB:   No, the last sentence, I could not follow.

A:   Unconditional love means that you love a being’s darkness as much as you love their Light.  You love their confusion as much as you love their illumination.  And in order to give unconditional love away, you must have it within your consciousness.  You must hold it for yourself.  However, unconditional love does not even adhere to the frequency of an Earth vessel, does it?

Therefore, the Earth vessel needs to be allowed to do what it does.  And what the Earth vessel does is it expresses its polarity.  And as the frequency emanation within that Earth vessel expands, the frequency of the Earth vessel into a resonance that is immensely uncomfortable but only on the edge of transmutation, for it is not yet your time to leave.

Therefore you will come to the point of transmutation into Light Body and you will stop because it is not your time. You have not yet fulfilled which you came to do.  You understand that, do you not?

Therefore you have put your physical body into quite a spin.  For within the physical world, what goes up comes down.  Does it not?  And so when you go down, you are going to go down into your own darkness, are you not?  And when you go into your darkness, you have the wonderful opportunity to unconditionally love yourself.

And when you unconditionally love yourself, then you can unconditionally love everyone.

SB:   Can you help me understand why, given what you just said, these enlightened masters go off into behavior that is not accepted publicly?

A:  They do not remember to love themselves unconditionally.  And the unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse.

When you love yourself unconditionally, the molecules of unconditional love, which is the highest frequency of Light, move into the psychic scar tissue of your lower Fourth-Dimensional areas that are holding the scar of being stretched beyond that which it can contain.  And that scar becomes presented into the Third-Dimensional world as a behavior, as a thought, as an action, and as you know from one who has experienced the glory of the kundalini, the energy is very sexual, is it not?

And so therefore one, who has felt the full flow of kundalini, so that the alpha and omega can blur into the oneness, fall down and are not able to use this beautiful opportunity to practice unconditional love for the unconditional love will move into the scar tissue of the aura, into the scar tissue of the etheric body, into the scar tissue of the chakras, into the scar tissue of the habitual habits of behavior.  And it will replace those Third-Dimensional wounds with as high a frequency of Light as that body can tolerate.

For unconditional love is the bonding force.  It can take away the scar and close the wound and this must happen many times for the physical body is very dense and of a very, very low frequency.

Therefore there has to be an ongoing repetitive process of moving up and falling down, and unconditionally loving, and healing the part that was wounded.  And so that with each repetition of the unconditional loving of the healing the body gradually adapts to higher and higher frequencies of Light.

In the same manner, you are also downloading the higher frequencies of light.  And the higher frequencies of light as you know are activating the DNA that was shut off from the Annanuki and that was shut off after Atlantis, for we realized that that much power would be very dangerous in the frequency to which your Gaia had fallen.

And so that ability had to be lost and now it is being regained by us that have taken the form and because we are able to detach from the form, because we are able to feel the bliss on the other end of the spectrum, we have the power to go through this immensely painful process of wounding, healing, wounding, healing, wounding, healing, adapting, adapting, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving.

In fact the wounding is not the greatest challenge for our grounded ones.  The greatest challenge is the forgiving. The forgiving of the behavior.

But you see in forgiving of the behavior of the body that you are wearing – does that not teach the one who is wearing that body to release any remnants of arrogance that might have adhered to the higher state of consciousness?

SB:   This process of forgiving, wounding, forgiving, and wounding – I’ve been through that in enlightenment intensives.  In fact going to enlightenment intensives is a voluntary acceptance of that process.  I know what you are speaking about there.  I have said in the past that it is bliss that heals the scars rather than love.  Am I incorrect in that?

A:  Unconditional love and bliss are absolutely the same.  Unconditional love is the mental condition of the matrices that arise from the frequencies of unconditional love.  Bliss and euphoria is the sensation of the clairsentience that fills the matrix to create.  They are the same. There is no difference.

It is only within Third-Dimensional thinking that thoughts and emotions are separate. Thoughts and emotions are not separate.  Thoughts and emotions are the same. Thoughts and emotions are creativity in motion.  The thought is the matrix; the emotion is that which fills the matrix.  But they are one.

With the thought of believing that you and all of our brave ones who have entered a form at this time believing and knowing with every shred of your consciousness that you are Arcturian, you have just released the greatest trap of the Third Dimension – and that is the trap of forgetfulness.

It is the forgetfulness that traps those that have achieved great states of consciousness for they forget that they are not their body. They forget that they are wearing their body and then they begin to think that they are their body.  And then they start listening to the primal urges of their body – the guilt, the fear, the anger and of course the most primitive and the most basic is the urge for procreation, sexuality.

Ascended Master Mother Mary – Channeler Kim Michaels – Freeing Yourself and Democratic Nations from Opposing Spirits – 9-4-14


TOPICS: A prophecy about the Middle East – Why man-made problems have no solutions – How the West furthers the conflict in the Middle East – Why people are willing to kill each other – You are not responsible for how people outplay their minds – You cannot be indiscriminately compassionate – What you must do in order to ascend – Internal spirits are formed and react in pairs – People are trapped between two spirits – A pattern that you can apply to yourself – One spirit can see the faults of its opposite – Don’t be attached to a certain outer result – Transcending the reactionary pattern of internal spirits – Use the tools to free yourself and the world – Logical questions about the situation in Ukraine – The downing of Flight MH-17 over Ukraine – Be free from the illusory world of opposing spirits.



Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 19, 2014 through Kim Michaels



My beloved hearts, I am Mother Mary, the ascended

master who holds the office of the Divine Mother for earth. It is possible for me to attune my consciousness to the pain and suffering that is happening all over the earth. This is not something I do often. It is not something I encourage you to do, for you might easily be overwhelmed by the cries of pain that are rising from human beings in embodiment, from elemental life, and even from the body of the earth Mother.

Yet, it is necessary, once in a while, to take a look at the world and see where there are situations that cause more pain than normal. It is necessary, once in a while, to allow your attention to focus on the issues that need your calls, your invocations, your decrees, your visualization of a divine solution to a man-made problem that has no man-made solution.

A prophecy about the Middle East

Thus, I will begin this discourse by focusing on the situation in the Middle East, where you have seen the civil war in Syria going on for years, and now you see something that is beginning to approach a civil war in Iraq. My beloved, I would draw your attention to a prophecy I made on the first of January 2008, and therefore, I ask the messenger to read from that dictation:

“Unless the moderate people in Islam finally rise up and take a stand against extremism, well then, it will be impossible to stop an escalating conflict that will literally tear the Islamic world apart. And you might think that this will lead to a war against the West, but I tell you, it will not be a war against the West. For once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, there will be so much infighting amongst the Islamic nations that they will have very little energy, weapons, and attention left over for fighting against the West, being so concerned about first killing their own brothers. I can assure you that there will be a great fracturing of the Islamic world where entire nations could potentially disappear and dissolve into smaller areas, each ruled by their certain chieftain or warlord who is against all others. Such an upheaval is the potential in the Islamic world that it will literally be like the scorched earth, where entire cities can be destroyed; entire cultures can be almost wiped away.”

My beloved, what you are seeing right now is the beginning of this prophecy unfolding. Entire cities have been wiped away; entire cultures have been forced to flee out of where people have lived for centuries. There is no joy in a prophecy being fulfilled, but there is a certain sense of realism that needs to dawn upon the nations of the world.

I have said it before that it is impossible to impose a Western-style democracy on the Middle East. But what needs to dawn on the Western nations, and which has not dawned until this moment, is the realization that you cannot treat people in the Middle East the same way you treat each other in the Western world or in the modern, developed world. The entire ideal that you can solve conflict through peaceful negotiations is simply not applicable to the people in the Middle East. What, then, should the Western nations do? What, indeed?

Why man-made problems have no solutions

This is a man-made problem. It is not a problem made in modern times. It is not a problem made by the Western nations, even though there are people in the Islamic nations who are always pointing the finger at the West. The Western nations somehow feel responsible for this situation, but this is a false sense of responsibility.

I am not in any way denying that the Western nations have always, at least in the recent century, attempted to influence events in the Middle East. I am not denying that there are huge, international, world corporations that have attempted to influence nations. I am not denying that Western nations want to maintain a steady supply of oil from the Middle East. What I am saying is that the Western, democratic nations need to stop feeling responsible for stopping a conflict that they have not created, regardless of the rhetoric coming out of certain Islamist extremists. The Western nations are not responsible for the current misery in the Middle East.

As I have talked about before, no people on the face of this earth are more divided amongst themselves than the Arab people and the people in the Middle East in general. This is the problem that Islam was meant to address: to stop the fighting amongst the Arab people. But this has not happened. As you can clearly see, Islam has been used to divide Sunni and Shi’a but also other factions. How many other factions are there, my beloved? I can of course count this, but there are so many that, for most human beings in embodiment, it is impossible to even keep track of them, for they morph all the time and change their names and do this and do that.

This division is the problem, this division where you are willing to kill your brothers and sisters indiscriminately in order to further what you see as a desirable end. You may say that it is God’s Will to establish an Islamic state based on Sharia law. You may say that because this end is so important, any means that you deem necessary to accomplish that end are automatically justifiable. You may believe that they are justifiable in the eyes of God and that he will reward you for doing his work on earth, but you are mistaken. And because you are completely mistaken, you become a tool for the forces who oppose God. There is no other way to state this from a sense of realism.

How the West furthers the conflict in the Middle East

What I said in 2008 was that the moderate people in Arab nations needed to awaken and make their voices heard. Have they done so? They have attempted to do so, but have they yet done so to the point where it has had a major impact on the region? No, they have not, my beloved. What needs to be questioned is the entire mentality that the ends can justify the means. Then it needs to be seen honestly that Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions and political philosophies have been used to define an end that justifies the means of killing your own brothers and sisters.

This is the very consciousness that needs to be acknowledged and addressed. My beloved, it is the overcoming of this very consciousness that is the foundation for Western-style democracies. This consciousness has been overcome to a critical degree, or democracies could not have been established and have survived for as long as they have. What the Western world will not recognize is that the progress made in their part of the world has not been made in Islamic nations in the Middle East, and that is why there can be no negotiation on equal terms with such people. What, then, can the West do? Clearly, we are not encouraging a military intervention like the invasion of Iraq, but what they can do is stop supplying the arms and the credit that enables this fighting to start and to go on, and to go on, and to go on.

My beloved, how is it possible that a small group of people in a nation like Syria and Iraq suddenly have such an abundant supply of weapons that they can wage a war against an established and well-equipped government with a trained and fairly large army? How is this possible unless they received those weapons from some source outside their own country? This, my beloved, is something that the Western world has not been willing to address openly and honestly.

It is partly because the Western world itself is engaged in supplying arms to various groups around the world because they still have remnants of the consciousness that there are certain ends which justify killing and justifies the supply of weapons to those who are willing to kill. This must end, and I look to you who are the spiritual people to make the calls and hold the vision that there will be a major exposure of arms dealing around the world, how it is tied to governments even in the West.

Have you not seen in the last few years how even the American nation has been embarrassed by the leak of information? Do you think, my beloved, that there is no more information that could be leaked? I tell you, there are mountains of information that could be leaked, and that potentially need to be leaked. The governments themselves are not willing to do the necessary house cleaning and recognize that you cannot, on the one hand, claim to have a free nation with a democratic form of government and at the same time, under the table, be supplying arms to various groups who are not loyal to democratic ideals, but are simply seeking a temporary advantage, and are willing to kill in order to accomplish it.

What has happened time and time again is that democratic nations have made severe karma – and, quite frankly, none have made more severe karma in the democratic world than the United States – by supplying weapons to various groups that have no reverence for life. How long can a democratic government, a democratic form of government, survive if it loses reverence for life, if it sets aside reverence for life in order to achieve some temporary goal?

Why people are willing to kill each other

What is this willingness to kill in order to further some kind of end? It is, my beloved, a perversion of both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. What you see is, of course, that the Mother is the physical realm. This is where things manifest as physical events. So what human beings do is that they look at the situation, as it is right now in the physical octave. Based on what they are experiencing right now, they define a goal. In many cases, there are unpleasant circumstances that cause them pain or other inconveniences, and they want to get away from the pain. Therefore, they formulate a goal based on the temporary circumstances they see right now. This is a perversion of the Mother because the Mother should be in complete alignment with the long-term, timeless goals of the Father. What is the long-term goal of the Father? It is that all human beings on earth are raised in consciousness.

It is not the long-term goal of the Father to establish an Islamic state that covers the entire world, nor is it the long-term goal of God to establish a Christian state that takes over the world. It is the long-term goal of the Father that any circumstance on earth serves the purpose that is the only purpose on earth, namely the raising of consciousness. This is the goal.

God does not have a specific physical outcome that is his supreme will. Throughout history, both religions and political philosophies have been used to come up with a definition that says: “This is the overall, supreme, absolute goal for what should or should not happen on earth.” This is the perversion of the Father where you take this idea of an absolute goal and you say: “The establishment of an Islamic State, of a Communist world, of a Christian nation, or even of democratic and free nations around the world is so important that it sets aside the reverence for life.” The Father’s overall, absolute goal for planet earth is that people are allowed to exercise their free will until they have had enough of a certain experience and say: “We want more.”

It is now possible to say, as many people have said over the centuries: “Well then, should we not allow people to do whatever they want without interfering?” This, my beloved, is exactly what you should do; you should not interfere with the internal affairs of a country or a group of people. Of course, in the present situation on earth, it is necessary for you to defend yourself against those other people interfering with you and your nation. Therefore, it is, unfortunately, necessary to have a certain form of defense. I am not saying that this is ultimately justified. I am saying it is necessary in order to prevent a greater calamity, but this is a double-edged sword. It is a very delicate balance, and that is exactly what I am seeking to point out.

You are not responsible for how people outplay their minds

It is not that we are sitting here as the ascended masters having a black-and-white judgment of the nations of the earth. There is, again, a long-standing tendency of wanting to have this black-and-white view where you can look at any situation and say: “This is right. This is wrong. Those people are wrong, and we are right. Because we are right, it is justified that we do what is needed to stop those who are wrong.”

My beloved, it is God’s will that free will on earth is allowed to outplay itself. There are certain times where you must stand by and watch while there is such fighting in a nation that it literally tears that nation apart. I know that you can come up with humanitarian concerns and say: “When does it become the international community’s responsibility to go in and stop, for example, the massacres and the torture you have seen in Syria and Iraq?” But you see, again, there are times when the international community must allow these events to outplay themselves, but they should do everything possible to stop the flow of arms into these nations.

This, of course, is not a simple issue. I am, again, not saying there is an easy solution. What I am saying is that there needs to be a raising of awareness where you recognize that the ends cannot justify the means. This means that, for a modern, democratic nation, it is necessary to recognize that when you have dedicated your nation to a peaceful resolution of conflict, you cannot go in and use force and violence in a nation or an area that has not reached your level of consciousness.

You must stop feeling responsible for those people who are still living in a medieval state of mind and have not yet outplayed it to the point where they have had enough of it and want more. This is the test that the modern nations are facing right now and will be facing potentially for one to two decades. Hopefully, they will rise above this test before it, but if they do not, you will see more and more of these man-made conflicts, problems, and atrocities that will seemingly defy any solution.

You see, my beloved, a perversion of the Mother is to be willing to kill in the name of some superior goal. This is one perversion of the Mother, but the other perversion of the Mother is where you take sympathy so far that you try to prevent any kind of suffering. Both of these perversions of the Mother spring from a failure to understand the absolute nature of the Law of Free Will. You do not, according to the Law of Free Will, have the right to forcefully stop other people from exercising their free will. The Omega aspect is that you are not responsible for mitigating or alleviating the suffering caused by people exercising their free will. This is a very difficult test that all of us who have ascended have had to face.

You cannot be indiscriminately compassionate

Jesus himself faced it because he did come to a state of consciousness, a level of Christ attainment, where he had the ability to heal the physical ailments of any person he encountered. There was not a single person among the tens of thousands of people that Jesus met during his three-year mission that he could not have healed. Jesus was many times moved by compassion of seeing the suffering of other people, wanting to alleviate that suffering by healing the person.

In the beginning of his mission, he did, in several instances, heal people out of pure compassion. It was only later – and again, I had some role in helping him see this – that he came to the realization that there were people who, regardless of how much they were suffering, needed to not be healed. Because only by experiencing the suffering, would they eventually come to the point where they had had enough of experiencing life through this filter of being a victim that is constantly suffering. Only then would they be willing to start taking responsibility for themselves, look at themselves and say: “What is it that I can change in myself?”

So many people who are suffering are constantly looking outside themselves for solutions or alleviation from their suffering. In a universe where free will reigns supreme, your suffering is never caused exclusively by other people. Now, be careful to use discernment here.

In a universe where free will reigns supreme, there are many times where you are not in control of the actions of other people, where they come in and use force against you. Nevertheless, what you need to ask yourself is: “What is it in my consciousness that caused me to be magnetized to this situation? There are people in the world who are not being forced by others. So why have I magnetized myself to a situation where I am being forced? What is it I need to learn from this situation? What is it I need to see in myself that is keeping me trapped in these reactionary patterns of reacting against others who are using force against me? What is it in me that is preventing me from being free to live without this oppression?”

What you must do in order to ascend

My beloved, how do you ascend? You ascend by realizing that the prince of this world cannot force you to stay in this world. The prince of this world cannot keep you out of the kingdom of the ascended state. How do you come to the point where the prince of this world has nothing in you? Only by being willing to look at yourself and ask yourself: “What is it that the prince in this world has in me that gives him an inroad into my consciousness, that makes me think there is something I cannot let go off? And precisely because I cannot let go of this, I am not free to ascend.”

You see, my beloved, those of you who have the potential to ascend after this lifetime need to look at the life of Jesus and his words. You need to look beyond what I have talked about earlier this year of feel-good spirituality and realize that Jesus’ form of spirituality was not radical, not extremist; it was simply realistic. Jesus was realistic in realizing that when it is your last embodiment and you are seeking to qualify for your ascension, you have to take some steps that will seem extremist to ordinary people in the feel-good consciousness. That is why he told you to forgive seventy times seven, to be willing to lose your life for the sake of following Christ, in other words, to be willing to give up any attachment to anything in this world in order to follow Christ. This is the only way that you can personally qualify for your ascension.

It is also the only way that the nations of the world, who are the more developed nations, can move out of the quagmire of seeking to solve man-made problems with man-made means. Do you not see that if the more developed democratic nations are to get out of this pattern of feeling that they have to react to everything that is going on in the Middle East and elsewhere, they have to ascend in consciousness? They have to ascend to a higher level where they are not pulled into any of these conflicts that are going on around the world. Otherwise, you will bind yourself to doing what the United States did with the invasion in Iraq, which I think has been generally recognized was a mistake. You cannot continue to do this because there are too many nations that are so far back that there is no way the democratic world has the means or the money to fight all of these battles.

What can you do? You can raise yourself, regardless of what others do. This is the step you can take when you personally are ready to go beyond what I have called feel-good spirituality where you think: “It’s all good.” What you do is that you look at the situation in the world, and then you look at your reaction to it, and then you make a very critical assessment.

As I said in the beginning, it is necessary for you to see what is going on in the world so that you know where to make your calls. This may also apply to your personal situation concerning the people you meet. You see that there are certain people that are trapped in a certain pattern. You make the calls for them to be cut free or be healed. You may take action in the form of talking to them about this but always by respecting their free will and not seeking to force their choices. If you find yourself being attached to producing a certain result in terms of changing other people, then you know here is the hook that the prince of this world is using to tie you to this world.

Internal spirits are formed and react in pairs

My beloved, let me give you a deeper teaching on how this works and why this is so critical. We have talked about many things over the years that can help you understand the patterns in yourself that keep you trapped, imprisoned in this world. We have talked about the ego. We have, in the last few years, talked about the creation of internal spirits. In previous dispensations, we talked about something called the dweller on the threshold, which can be seen as an internal spirit that is waiting on the threshold where you rise to a new level of awareness.

Before you can rise, you must deal with that dweller, with that spirit that seeks to keep you at the existing level. Until you see that dweller and resolve the belief that gives it a hook in your consciousness, you cannot rise. This is just another word for the internal spirits. What I would like to draw your attention to is that we have actually now given a higher teaching than the teaching on the dweller because the dweller was presented as if it was one being, one entity, one spirit. What we have said with the creation of internal spirits is that they are always created in pairs. This is an essential teaching to contemplate, and here is why.

Let us say that you observe your own reactions to certain other people or to what is going on in the world. Let us say, for example, to keep this impersonal, that you look at the Islamic extremists who are massacring people deliberately to instil terror. Let us say that you become very upset over this and you say: “This is absolutely wrong! Our government should send in troops or planes to stop this. These people should be killed because they obviously will not stop killing other people.” I am here deliberately not talking about the outer situation. I am only talking about your reaction. What I want you to see here is how this relates to the creation of spirits in pairs.

People are trapped between two spirits

There is a worldwide spirit that causes people to believe the ends can justify the means, and therefore it is justifiable that they use force in order to achieve an end. This is what you see with the people in Iraq. They have completely surrendered their free will to this worldwide spirit. They are feeding their energy into the spirit, and the energy released when they massacre and torture other people is also fed into the spirit. They feel a temporary sense of empowerment by doing what they are doing, but in the end, it depletes them of energy, and they end up feeling lower and lower.

Nevertheless, my point here is this: This is one spirit. It does not exist in isolation. It was created along with another spirit. The one spirit says it is okay to use force and to kill other people to achieve a goal. What does the opposite spirit say, my beloved? It says that the first spirit is wrong. The opposite spirit says that the people who are embodying the first spirit must be stopped even with force, if necessary.

Can you not see, or at least begin to see, how human beings on the individual level and even on the national level, even on the worldly level, have been trapped in the interplay between those two spirits? Some people have become completely blinded and overtaken by the first spirit, and then others have seen the atrocities committed by those people. They have felt the compassion of how wrong this is. I am not saying it is not wrong. But these people have then reacted by saying: “It is justifiable for us to kill those people who are doing what is wrong.” Can you not see that by doing this, by reacting this way, they simply opened themselves up so they are taken over by the opposite spirit of the first spirit? Now both sides in this conflict are feeding their energies into these spirits.

A pattern that you can apply to yourself

Now let me take this to a personal level, and let me make it personal to this messenger, who since 2009 has been exposed to a very direct attack on his person and character by certain people. In the beginning, he reacted exactly as most people do. He realized it was wrong what they were doing. He felt it was wrong, and he wanted it to stop. What he did not do was take action, forceful action, to stop it. He could have engaged in a fight against these people, trying to prove them wrong, but he was able to stop himself from doing this. But he was not able to stop himself from reacting to it, and this is the point that I want to bring out. What was it that caused his reaction? It was the opposite spirit of the spirit that was causing the other people to attack him.

My beloved, this is a pattern you can apply to yourself. Remember, your goal is: “I want to qualify for my ascension. In order to qualify for my ascension, I have to overcome all internal spirits in my being. In order to overcome an internal spirit, I have to see it. What is the most effective way to see my internal spirits? It is to see how I react to other people. If I am disturbed by other people doing something, if I am attached, if I go over this again and again, feeling these people should be stopped, these people should change, they should be made to see what they are doing, and I need to try to make them see this.” My beloved, whenever you see this reaction, this is your internal spirit that is reacting against the spirit you see in the other people.

One spirit can see the faults of its opposite

It has been said that it is so easy to see the faults of others. Jesus talked about seeing the splinter in the eyes of your brother but not seeing the beam in your own eye. Well, what you could actually say is that you are seeing the spirit in the eye of your brother, but you are not seeing the spirit in yourself. Why not?

The reason you see the spirit in your brother is that you are seeing through the perception filter of the spirit in yourself. Because you are seeing through the filter, you cannot see that it is a filter. Therefore, you cannot see the spirit, which can hide behind the filter. Do you not see, my beloved, how this works? Be willing to look at yourself. How many times have you been so good at seeing what other people are doing wrong? How many times have you found yourself come up with arguments: “They are doing this wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this. They should be made to see this, and they should be made to change.”

My beloved, when you approach other people from this state of mind that they should be made to see what they are doing, how many times have you been successful in changing them? Here is the reason why, as we have already given some teachings about, but I want to bring it up again. Why is it you cannot convince them that you are right?

It is because they are looking at the situation and their own behavior through the perception filter of their internal spirit. You are thinking that you are looking at it neutrally, that you have the right vision, that you are seeing reality, but you are not. You are looking at the situation through the perception filter of your spirit. Your spirit is not better than the other spirit. They were both created at the same time because they were created as a pair. The reason you can see the faults in the other people is precisely that there is no one who is better at seeing the fault in the opposite spirit than the spirit that you have.

When you have two spirits that were created as a pair, is it not logical that the one spirit can see all the faults in the other spirit and vice versa? You are looking at the situation through the perception filter of one spirit that sees all the faults in the spirit that the other person has. Of course, the other person is looking at the situation through the perception filter of that spirit and that spirit can see all the faults in your spirit and the arguments raised by your spirit. Will there ever be a meeting of the minds, my beloved?

No, because two opposing spirits can never meet. You never have, in the entire history of the universe, seen two opposing spirits who got together and said: “You know what? I think we got this all wrong. Let’s just sit down and agree.” This, my beloved, never happens. But two human beings can do this if each of them – each of them – is willing to transcend their internal spirit. If both transcend their spirit, then there can be a meeting of the minds of the people. Spirits will never meet, but people can because people are more than the spirits. This, my beloved, I trust you can see.

Don’t be attached to a certain outer result

What is it that you need to do? You need to look at your reaction and say: “What is my spirit?” And then you need to make the calls to me, to any ascended master who is close to your heart, to your Christ self, to your I AM Presence: “Show me the spirit!” Then, you need to decide honestly: “I want to see the spirit! Even if it causes me some temporary pain and embarrassment, I want to see the spirit because I want to move on.” Why do you want to move on? Because you are dedicated to life.

Do you remember Jesus said: “Let the dead bury their dead,” “Unless you partake of the body and blood of Christ, you have no life in you,” and “I am come that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” What is life? Life is a process, my beloved.

Life is an ongoing process of the transcendence of consciousness. This is the Father’s supreme will—ongoing transcendence of consciousness through free will. That is why I said: “It is not God’s will that a specific physical result be achieved on earth.” Do you see that, in the process of life, there can be no absolute or final outcome? Any outcome is just a step in the ongoing process of self-transcendence. Therefore, life never stops. It is only the ego and the spirits who want to stop life. It is only they who want to focus on a result.

Do you not see that one spirit is created to achieve a specific result on earth, and the opposing spirit is created to prevent the manifestation of that choice? Therefore, they will never agree, and the people who are trapped by them will never make peace. You may have people who are attacking you. They may never change. They may stay trapped in that attacking spirit for the rest of this embodiment. But that is not your concern because the Law of Free Will is set up to make sure that they will receive what they are sending out. That same law will also make sure that you are receiving what you are sending out. If you are sending out something through a spirit that opposes the spirits of other people, then you are producing a force-based impulse and this will come back to you.

Transcending the reactionary pattern of internal spirits

What you need to do – if you want to ascend – is to stop sending out any force-based impulses. You need to stop sending out anything through the filter of these spirits, and therefore, you need to stop opposing anything. You are not here, my beloved, to oppose anyone or anything through force. You are not here to produce a specific physical result.

My beloved, this messenger recently had a discussion with a person who advocated the idea that you can instantly change your consciousness and then your problems will go away. This is part of what I call “feel-good spirituality.” Now, it is perfectly valid that you do need to change your consciousness. You do need to become more heart-centered. There is no question about it. But what I want to point out is that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit.

There are many, many people on earth who cannot instantly change their consciousness because, as this messenger pointed out, they have so much misqualified energy in their energy fields that it keeps pulling them into the old patterns. Unless they do the work to transmute that energy, they will not be free. Unless they do the work to look for the spirits that cause them to maintain self-destructive beliefs, they will not be free.

What happens is that when you come and say: “Oh, just change your consciousness. Be positive. Be heart-centered.” And then, people cannot do this, they feel: “Well, if other people can do it, and if these people are right, and this is all I need to do, there must be something wrong with me.” Then, they become discouraged, and they might give up on the Path, or they might simply continue, but still they feel inside that they are deficient.

This, my beloved, is another spirit. There is a spirit that says: “Oh you should be able to just walk away from everything and pretend like you never did anything wrong. You never misqualified any energy, and you don’t need to transmute it.” Then there is an opposite spirit that says: “If you can’t do this, there is something wrong with you, or there is something wrong with the path, or there is something wrong with this guru or that guru.”

You see, again, how these spirits are created deliberately to oppose each other so that if you are not trapped in the one spirit, you will be trapped in the other, and you will be damned if you do or damned if you don’t. My beloved, it is time to rise above this reactionary pattern, to look at these spirits and say: “Get thee behind me, Satan. I will have none of you in my being, neither this one or the opposing one or the third one and its opposing spirit and so on.”

Use the tools to free yourself and the world

It is time, and we have prepared you by giving you all the teachings and the tools we have given you, that you can make that step if you are willing. My beloved, we have, since 2002, released sufficient teachings and sufficient tools through this messenger that anyone who applies them with a willingness to change will experience lasting results.

I cannot guarantee you that, if you follow the outer teachings and use the tools, you will automatically make a shift in consciousness. What I can guarantee you is that if you apply the teachings and the tools, you will come to the point where there will be absolute minimum resistance to you making the necessary choice, the necessary shift in consciousness. You can suddenly see this menagerie of spirits and start saying: “Oh, I don’t want you anymore. And I don’t want the opposite one either. You are both gone from my being.” This, my beloved, is your personal potential to be free. It is also the best way you can help the overall situation on earth and help the more evolved nations transcend this same pattern of reacting against something else. Can you not see this happening again and again?

Logical questions about the situation in Ukraine

Look at the situation in Ukraine. The Russian-speaking people and the people in Russia have surrendered and are blinded by one spirit, but most people in Ukraine are blinded by another. They are opposing each other, instead of being able to find a different solution that transcends the old patterns. My beloved, as much as we do not encourage, in any way, that Russia interferes in Ukraine, it must also be stated why Ukraine has attracted this situation. It is, again, because there is not enough of a willingness to transcend the old.

It simply, my beloved, cannot be logical that a nation as large as Ukraine – with the potential it has, given its natural resources – cannot have a sustainable economy. This is not logical. It can only be because there is an elitist tendency where certain people are seeking to exploit the population. The population has been allowing this because they are not willing to take responsibility for themselves and for their nation. They are not willing to transcend, as I have talked about before and as we have talked about several times, the consciousness of the Soviet era, the consciousness of being oppressed by an outside force.

The downing of Flight MH-17 over Ukraine

My beloved, let me briefly comment on the event of the downing of the airliner in Ukraine. This should be an event that would shock everybody to realize that this entire situation needs to be reassessed and approached from a higher perspective.

How can it be that there is the availability of a weapon that can shoot down a plane flying so high in the sky that it could not – in any way, shape, or form – be a threat to the two factions in Ukraine? There is no way you can construe that this plane was seen as a military threat to someone on the ground and, as a defensive measure, they shot down this airplane flying at thirtythousand feet.

Therefore, you can only reason that someone deliberately shot down that plane, knowing what they were doing, that this was not a military aircraft, and therefore, it had to be a civilian aircraft. Now then, it needs to be asked why someone would do this? What is the state of mind of the people who did this, the people who supplied the weapons, and the people who supplied the experts and the training that allowed them to operate this fairly complex weapons system?

It also needs to be asked why certain forces in Ukraine would not allow the international community to come in and investigate the crash site and recover the bodies of the civilians who had been brutally and unnecessarily murdered. If you claim that it was the others who did this, why are you then resisting an international investigation to establish the cause? If you know you are not the cause, why would you resist the investigation? Why indeed, my beloved?

Be free from the illusory world of opposing spirits

I have given you more than enough in one installment, and I shall return at some future time to give you, perhaps, a more uplifting message. But then again, if you do not see this message as uplifting, I would submit to you that it is because you are experiencing this message through a particular spirit.

Truly, anything that comes from the ascended masters is an expression of realism, and realism is always uplifting. Reality sets you free from the illusory world of opposing spirits.

I am a Spirit, a free, ascended Spirit. There is no opposing spirit, for we of the ascended masters have no opposition, regardless of what certain spirits in the lower realms might claim. We are God-free Beings, and we have become God-free by transcending all opposing spirits.

This is the vision I hold for you, and I am willing to help you hold it for yourself. You only need ask. Mother Mary, I AM.

Copyright © 2014 Kim Michaels


Luminita Saviuc – Why Forgiveness Is Power – WakingTimes – 7-31-14

Luminita Saviuc Purpose Fairy  /  Waking Times.
To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”
~ Robert Muller
Do you consider yourself to be a forgiving or resentful person? If somebody has hurt you in the past or did something to make you suffer, would you hold on to those past events, thoughts and feelings, or would you just let them go?I always say that where there is anger, hate, revenge, bitterness, there is also a lot of pain underneath, and I really believe that to be true. A person who is blissful and content with herself and the world around, no matter how many mean people she will encounter and no matter how much pain those people may cause her to feel, she will always respond with love, kindness and compassion instead of anger, hate and resentment. Loving people know that an eye for an eye would only leave the whole world blind, like Gandhi said it, and they choose to do no harm to the world around them.

“If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives: Be kind anyway. If you are successful you will win some false friends and true enemies: Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank people will try to cheat you: Be honest anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight: Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous of you: Be happy anyway. The good you do today, will often be forgotten by tomorrow: Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough: Give your best anyway.”
~ Mother Teresa

I know it’s a lot easier to give back exactly what you receive, and in this case, a lot of negativity, but we don’t want to do what’s easier, but rather what is best for our health, our well being and that of those around us. I know that people can be really mean sometimes, and that they can do horrible things to those they come in contact with, to those they love and care about, but I also believe that people can change, and this is why it’s so important to give up on your personal history that you might have had with those people, and allow them to show you just that.

If you keep an inner record of what this/that person did to you, and what they said to you, and how they made you feel, how much pain they may have caused you, etc. , every time you will come into contact with them, you will be reminded of all those things, and you will never be able to forgive and forget, nor to allow them to show you how sorry they are for what happened. No matter if they did all of those things on purpose or not, by holding on to grudge, anger or whatever it is that you are holding on to, you will bring even more pain upon your shoulders.
Just think about it. How is it possible to affect them with your hate, or whatever feelings you have towards them? You sit at home, ruminating about all the times they have mistreated you; and all the times they have hurt you; and all the many horrible things they did to you; making all kind of scenarios in your head about the things you want to tell them, and about the many ways you could get even… You spend most of your time doing just that, when the people you hate so much are probably having the time of their lives, not being affected by your feelings at all. It just doesn’t make any sense. Your ego might tell you that it does, but deep down in your heart you know that what you are doing is pretty crazy and disturbing.
guess it’s time for you to stop, don’t you think? Forgive and forget, not for them, but for your own sake. Why spend your time thinking about something that would only attract more anger and drain you of your emotional, physical, and mental energy, ignoring all the beauty that is present in and all around you…? What’s done is done. Let it go. Detach yourself from it.
For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the many mistakes people make in this case, I would say, is that they choose to hold on to something that is not healthy for them, just because they aren’t willing to let go of some past resentments. Why won’t you let go of something that is causing you so much pain?

Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten.


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Deanna Lupinacci – Forgiveness – For you to Give yourself peacefulness – 6-21-14


Written by Deanna Lupinacci, The Master Shift, June 23, 2014 – | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I once read “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other to die”. -Buddha

The opposite of forgiveness is resentment. Resentment is very seductive. It looks good on the outside,  even irresistible at most times, but it’s trouble.

You believe it will make you feel better to have this feeling towards someone because they deserve it– after all, they were wrong in your eyes… they hurt you. So, they deserve to be punished. However, in reality, you’re punishing yourself by making yourself a victim. It takes A LOT more work to have hatred then to have peace.

Sometimes being right doesn’t always mean that you’ll feel right. Perhaps, we should take the high road and choose being happy over being right. This doesn’t mean to approve anyone’s behavior, it just means to accept it happened. You can’t change the situation. You can’t change them– AND DON’T TRY TO! Instead, change yourself. Change that hatred into healing. By forgiving, you’ll heal. By letting go, you’ll grow. Cut ties with them before you cut your self-peace. It’s ok to walk away from people who no longer serve you. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it just means you value yourself.

”Don’t keep adding to someone’s life when they keep subtracting from yours”. -Deanna Lupinacci

It wasn’t until recently, I learned how to forgive. I always thought to forgive is to allow someone to stay in your life or to basically say “what you did wasn’t wrong”. It’s not about that though. It’s something deeper– literally. Inner-peace. To have resentment is very unhealthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. Why put your health at risk because of someone else’s actions? Think about this theory: You are locked up in a prison. Only four walls to look at and they all have names; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. Days turn into months turn into years.

”How we spend our days is how we spend our lives”. -anonymous

Why live this way? You don’t deserve this bind. Don’t be at the mercy of someone else.

The key to this freedom is forgiveness. Again, I can’t stress enough how this forgiveness isn’t for them– it’s for you! Therefore, you don’t need to speak to them or tell them you forgive them. Do this exercise alone. Dive deep. What got me through this is to “surrender”. To let go of what I can’t control.

Who is holding the key to your emotional freedom? Who are you giving authority to control your feelings? Who do you need to release in order to release yourself from these chains?

-I recommend the exercise “cord cutting”. This will cut emotional ties. You can find this exercise on

-Forgiveness meditation when needed. After  “cord cutting”, you may need to do this step a few times to rejuvenate yourself– give yourself an extra push. Light a candle and release this toxic feeling whenever you feel this poison of resentment flowing through your veins. Say “I accept this, but I don’t approve this. I am not a hurt victim, I am a healed survivor”.

-Even for non-readers, I guarantee you won’t be able to put down the book “A return to love” by Marianne Williamson once you start. This book is perfect for the soul, teaching you how to forgive, love and trust again– starting with yourself.

-Seek spiritual guidance if you need assistance.

Never wish bad upon anyone -even those who have hurt you- because hurt people hurt people. After all, they are fighting a battle. It was never about you. This battle is within themselves. Always wish them well during these emotional exercises. You must release all negative emotions in order to make room for the positive. For those of you who are waiting for “closure”. Do not wait.

”If someone doesn’t give you piece of mind, give yourself PEACE of mind”. -Deanna Lupinacci

We only have two hands. Let go of the things that make you sad, so that you can grab on to what makes you happy.

Release resentment with love– to love. You deserve that– love.


Photo via: (No Copyright Infringement Intended.)

About the Author:

Deanna Lupinacci is a Holistic Practitioner certified from The New York International Reiki Center in New York City. She puts her belief in new-age, modern therapies healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically with reiki and life coaching. She holds support groups, wellness workshops, positive programs and healing circles.

Her wellness therapy is all natural which involves chakra balancing, realm reading, meditation and breathwork. Deanna uses a customized approach in creating and running all of her programs. She sees clients in Port Jefferson Station and Smithtown, New York and also holds sessions via phone and online for out-of-state clients.

She specializes in stress management (which can create anxiety), relationships (communication and codependency), bereavement and soul searching (for young teens  and adults to not only find themselves, but create themselves).




Rise Earth – Healing Power of Forgiveness – Anne Hartley OM Times

  I consider myself to be a nice person. I spend a lot of my life – giving to others and teaching positive life skills. However, what I like about myself sometimes makes it hard for me to accept other people when they are inconsiderate, selfish and downright hurtful towards others. You see I have a lot of rules about the way people should treat each other and these rules, when I am not living consciously, make my life harder than it needs to be because I have no control over other people’s behaviour. As a way of remaining conscious and making my own life easier, I have established the habit of forgiving daily and I generally do this each night just before I go to sleep.

This simple habit has made my life so much easier.

Now it’s very easy to tell someone else to forgive, and there is no denying that it’s hard to do when you have been really hurt or betrayed. But the fact is that forgiveness is never ever about the other person-it is only ever about you. You may be right, your anger may be justified, someone may have done something to you that you feel is unforgivable, but holding onto those feelings only hurts you and gives the other person power over you.
A study on forgiveness, carried out in 2006, showed the influence that forgiveness had on emotionally abused women. The findings showed women undergoing forgiveness therapy experienced significantly greater improvements in feelings of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and improved self-esteem. Another study which researched the benefits of mindfulness and forgiveness in reducing stress found that the when meditation was combined with forgiveness the participants experienced less stress.

Forgiveness is never about the other person; it is always about you. The Hawaiians have a code of forgiveness, which they call Ho’oponopono, which means to make right. The teachers of this method believe that when we forgive others, we forgive ourselves, and that empowers us. Now you may think that you don’t have anything to forgive yourself for but think about it. You may need to forgive yourself for staying so long in a relationship, for allowing another person to treat you the way they did. You may need to forgive yourself for not speaking up, or taking action sooner, for missing the signs, for allowing someone else’s needs to be more important than your own.

Here are some of the things that forgiveness is and is not.


Can be a decision to let go of the desire for revenge.

Is not the same as condoning or reconciliation.

Is not about forgetting or making excuses.

Is not about trusting people who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.

Forgiveness is always about self-empowerment. All you need to do to forgive is to be willing, that is the first step, even when you don’t feel you can forgive.

This is my version of the Ho’oponopono technique.

1. Bring to mind anyone with whom you feel annoyed, hurt, angry or irritated.

2. In your mind’s eye, imagine a white light, which is a source of love, flowing down through the crown of your head and exiting through your heart and surrounding the person/people you need to forgive. Include yourself in this white light as well.

3. Silently state to yourself ‘I forgive you’. If you find that too difficult, say, “I am willing to forgive you”.

4. Then imagine a huge weight dropping off your shoulders as you let go.

I have used this exercise myself and taught it to so many of my clients and it always works. When you surround people in love even the most hostile change the way they treat you. Continue this exercise daily until you can think about the other person without any feelings of anger, irritation, annoyance or hurt. This simple exercise helps you to let go of the past so that you can love the life you live today.

About the Author
Anne Hartley is a life coach and author of several books. She trains life coaches in her unique Heart Process via teleconferencing. If you would like to receive her free newsletter you can visit Anne’s website at or write to Anne at

Jonathan Parker – 3 Painless Ways to Become Clear of Negative Karma

Jonathan Parker·36 videos – Jonathan Parker shares 3 ways to become clear of negative karma. Clearing karma begins with understanding the pattern, releasing the beliefs that perpetuate the pattern through self forgiveness and finally using affirmations to imprint new positive emotions which help clear the old patterns.

Wes Annec – When The Time Comes … – 5-6-14

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

There’ll come a time when the cabal’s unable to escape justice, and they’ll be forced to answer for their crimes against humanity. A time when our collective forgiveness will be tested more than it’s ever been, and our ability to accept each other will grow as much as our political and spiritual awareness.

A time when the darkest deeds that have been hidden from the public will be illuminated by the light of Source, and the people who’ve perpetrated these deeds will be forced to answer for what they’ve done in front of all of humanity.

A time when, to quote Peter Tosh, “[They’re] gonna run to the sea, but the sea will be boiling.

“[They’re] gonna run to the rocks, but the rocks will be melting.

“[They’re] gonna run to Jah, begging Him to hide them”.

But their begging will be of no use, because they won’t be able to hide their worst crimes any longer.

All of humanity will be awake and aware of what the cabal’s done to keep us in lower, pacified states of unconsciousness and poor health, and try as they might, they can’t and won’t stop their inevitable exposure or the emergence of a new society that’s built without their input or influence.

Try as they might, they can only stall the inevitable for so long, and they certainly can’t stop what’s already happening. I don’t bring this up to encourage an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, but to remind as many of you as I can that the cabal’s exposure is not only inevitable, but is already happening.

I bring this up to offer the reminder that when this time comes and the cabal’s no longer in the upper rungs of power, humanity’s willingness to enter the light will be tested. I’ve begun to recognize that justice is essential to obtaining peace and freedom, but forgiveness is just as essential.

Once the cabal’s exposed and brought to a higher form of justice for their crimes, we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and collectively running this society in a way that takes everyone’s needs into account. Like others have said, the cabal hasn’t caused all of our problems, and in a world where their influence is no more, our actions and the things we do to move into the light will be essential.

The spotlight will move from what the cabal’s done to what humanity has and continues to do.

Our daily habits and routines will come into question, as will the manner in which we treat each other. The new world we want to build has to be built by everyone stepping up and being prime examples of change, and needless to say, if we have a guillotine mindset at the time of the cabal’s exposure, nothing will change.

How can we expect to build a new world rooted in peace, love, and general positivity if we can’t express higher qualities when it comes to holding the cabal accountable? They certainly need to be held accountable, but what comes after that accountability is most important.

The things we do once the cabal’s out of the way will be of absolute importance, and it goes without saying that we won’t want to waste any of our precious time. Instead, we’ll want to get to work creating the society of our dreams, and the first step to creating this society is forgiving the cabal when light’s shone on them and their crimes.

In my view, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal and move beyond an issue that could otherwise hold us back, and it could be pretty easy for the things the cabal’s done to bring us down when we initially learn about them. However easy it could be, we’ll be tasked with challenging ourselves by forgiving them and each other for whatever injustice or division has kept us apart.

I don’t think a lot of people who talk about bringing down the cabal understand what it’ll be like when they’re actually out of the way. How many of you out there have pondered what the next step will be when they aren’t in any positions of power?

I’ve thought about this more than once, and for me, the answer continues to be that we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and coming together to achieve feats we would’ve never thought possible. A lot of things seem impossible, but as we’ll learn soon enough, we’re capable of being and doing anything we want.

With this in mind, I think we should forgive the cabal when they’re inevitably exposed and brought to justice. They’ve done a lot to hurt humanity, and some of the things they’ve done will be sickening when we first find them out, which is why forgiveness will be the most difficult and revolutionary thing we’ll ever collectively do.

Forgiving a force whose hurt humanity so badly will wipe out much of our collective karma, in my opinion, because we’ll be forgiving the greatest source of evil on this planet. Think about what that’ll do for us individually!

Can you imagine the weight that’ll be lifted from our shoulders when we forgive the cabal, and subsequently, everyone we’ve ever perceived has hurt us? The collective consciousness will lighten exponentially, and humanity will have a much easier time coming together to create all of the wonderful changes we’re destined to create.

In my developing opinion, the future we want to build starts with our forgiveness of the planetary ‘elite’ and our recognition that a next step will need to be taken after they’re exposed to create the world of our dreams in joy and unity.

Fighting against the cabal by writing or speaking up about them can only go so far, and when the time comes, our readiness and willingness to build a new world will be put to the test in a lot of ways – one of which being our willingness to forgive.

The sea and the rocks certainly won’t be there to offer the cabal solitude, and even though Jah is a loving and forgiving God, He/She won’t stop their exposure.

Ready yourselves for a future that’s unlike anything any of us have envisioned, and expect for it to start with the exposure and eventual forgiveness of the cabal. They certainly won’t be making any more big decisions that affect our lives, but they’ll still be around and, after a long, long time, maybe they’ll have something positive to offer our evolution.

Wes Annac – Promoting the divine qualities in a time of chaos and ‘elite’ exposure.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.


I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.


Mary W – Trust, Forgiveness, Love – Our Triflame and Chakras – 2-23-14

Triflame 22

Written by Mary W, the Golden Age of Gaia,

The Divine Mother said through Linda Dillon:

“Long ago we have told you the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love. Open this doorway with your keys and step into your new life.” (1)

And Steve speculated in his article, “Love, Trust and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova Earth,” that “forgiveness relates to the past, love relates to the present, and trust relates to the future.” (2)

My meditations often feature visions, downloads, and messages.   Yesterday in meditation I was shown something I regard as significant about our Tri-flames.

Sanat Kumara and the archangels often ask us to ignite and balance the Tri-flame in our hearts. We ignite our blue, gold and pink flames and then we balance and entwine them. But the Company of Heaven also asks us to go deeper.

Today I was shown how the Blue flame represents the trust that the Mother speaks of, the Gold flame represents the forgiveness and the Pink flame represents the Love: the keys to our new life.

Furthermore, these divine qualities are also associated with our chakras.  Forgiveness and Joy reside in our solar plexus;  Love spins in our hearts; and Trust and Peace spin in our throat chakras.  We are ourselves the keys to our new life.

I write this today as the Tsunami of Love gently washes away debris from this lifetime of mine and all of us and many, many lifetimes, moving us all closer and closer to what the Mother called “the time of cosmetic repair, the birthing of Nova Earth.” (3)

We are the Love. We are a reflection of it. We can see it in our triflame and in our chakras. As within, so without. As above, so below.

Do You Have The Courage To Forgive – Truth Warrior Blog

The Truth Warrior

I think many of us already know of the power of forgiveness however how many of us really practice it in our daily lives? Many times we choose to hang on to the hurt, the anger, the guilt and the pain rather than let it go and forgive the person who has wronged us. I know that it can be easier said than done however when we choose to forgive, we are doing it for ourselves.

If for example somebody wrongs us in some way and we choose to hold anger and hatred towards that person, we are really the ones who are suffering and hurting in the situation. This anger and resentment that we feel has been known to turn into disease in certain people’s lives. I know in my experience that when I had anger towards a person, I thought in my own head that I was hurting that person by feeling this way. The reality was that I was only hurting myself.

In my own experience the person I have found hardest to forgive has been myself. I can see in my life that when I failed in certain areas in my life such as relationships, jobs etc. that I was angry with myself for not succeeding and I found it hard to show myself forgiveness and compassion. I can see in hindsight that by treating myself this way, I was doing myself no favours in moving on and letting go.

Often times we don’t choose to forgive the person or people because we believe in some way that we are justified. We believe that we are right to feel this anger or hatred towards this person or people because of what they have done. Usually we are coming from the ego and we don’t fully see the truth of the situation we are in. We may say ” how dare that this person do this to me” or “they have no right to treat me this way” . When we choose not to forgive somebody, usually it is because it is serving us in someway to stay in this place of non-forgiveness.

When we learn or choose to forgive somebody or some people, we are ultimately choosing to let go of what the person has said and done and choosing not to allow your peace and happiness be affected. It is very easy to love somebody when they are nice to us or treat us well however it takes a more evolved person to choose to have compassion and love for somebody when they are not this way. As a result of practicing forgiveness, we will have more love and compassion for ourselves and those around us. We will have greater peace of mind and happiness also.

Here are a few ways in how we can forgive somebody…

* Write out 100 times “I fully and freely forgive “name of the person” for “whatever wrong they did to you” and then for the following 6 days write out 100 times “I fully and freely forgive (name of the person) “

* How is it serving me to feel this anger, hatred or resentment towards this person?

* What is stopping me from choosing peace and happiness now?

* If I had a choice in this situation, would I prefer to be right or be happy?

* What would love do now?

* Write a letter to the person who hurt you outlining to them what they did and that you are now choosing to forgive them for what they did. (Don’t post or email the letter)

As always I would love to hear your words of wisdom, feedback or any comments you may have…




Forgiveness – Freedom of Letting Go

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Forgiveness is the mental, emotional and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution

Anrita Melchizedek – Invocation of Forgiveness and Love

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Invocation of Forgiveness and Love

By Anrita Melchizedek
Music by Mike Hammer
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Through the Overlighting of Mother Father God,
I experience my Self within the Unity Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.
Through the radiance of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation,
I now connect with my Beloved I Am Presence and the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.
I now invoke the presence of all the Enlightened Masters and Beings of Light from On High,
to bring tranquility and peace into my Life, those of my loved ones and all Life on this earth plane.

I now surround myself in the Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
the Pink-Orange Flame of Divine Love
and now the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness.

As I forgive and Love,
finding compassion and gentleness within my heart for all those that I perceive have caused me an injustice,
I know that the way forward is trusting and surrendering to the Divine,
having a determined outcome and yet not determining the outcome,
understanding my pre-birth agreements and karmic contracts,
creating win-win situations within my Life,
and truly understanding the Divine Perfection within the seemingly imperfection.

I now bring a focus to my personal relationships,
with my parents, my partner, my children, friends and family,
releasing any issues of resentment, anger and separation,
miscommunication, betrayal and lack of Love.
I communicate clearly and lovingly,
cutting old cords and creating new cords of compassion, appreciation and Love,
knowing that my Beloved I Am Presence is center stage,
guiding and directing me in my everyday Life.

I now bring a focus to the children of the world,
that need Love and nurturing,
that have been abandoned, abused, traumatized or homeless.
I send my Love and the combined Love of All Creation,
touching the heart and Soul of each child in the Illuminating Light rays of Divine Love,
sharing my Love and receiving this back tenfold through the power of magnetized thought and Divine Love.

There is only Love, and this is my guiding Light.
I Am Love,
I Am Light,
I am compassionate and loving,
breathing hope into all situations that seem challenging and heartbreaking.
In my strength and courage,
in my wisdom, power and illuminating intelligence,
I create change within my Life,
and upon this earth plane.

For I am co-creating heaven on earth,
and my heart’s dreaming,
and the knowing that all paths before me are pathways of Divine Love;
And so it is.

And now, my precious friends and family take a few minutes to send your Love to all those you know are going through challenging times and would truly appreciate your Love and support.

A global prayer vigil will be held every day at 9pm your local time should you wish to link-in.

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek

Jesus – Channeler John Smallman – There is no sin – Forgiving Yourself For Errors


September 28, 2013 by John Smallman

Many of you are experiencing emotional turmoil as your unaddressed issues keep bursting into your awareness in ways that seriously unsettle you but which do not seem to have any identifiable cause.  All you need to do is acknowledge them.  There is absolutely no need at all to identify a cause or a lesson that they might be presenting to you which requires you to offer restitution or self-abasement.  By simply accepting them and letting them be – letting them, as it were, rest in your conscious awareness – you release your attachment to them so that they can pass through, as they will, rather like the weather.

It is a case of allowing yourselves to forgive yourselves for any and all errors and mistakes, including any belief that some of your deeply buried and unrecognized thoughts, words, or actions may have seriously harmed others.  Your discomfort arises from unacknowledged issues that you have denied because you fear that you have done things and taken part in activities that are unforgivable.  But all that is part of the illusion and in truth never happened – because it is illusory, unreal.  You are all beings of Love, and although you have at times apparently “misbehaved,” it is now time for you to release any guilt, shame, or emotional suffering by allowing it to pass through your minds without engaging with it.  Love is reasserting Itself as your true Essence and dissolving every remaining unreal and unloving aspect of yourselves that you have clung to, along with the illusion itself.

There is no sin.  All consciousness is one with God, Who is infinite Love in infinite abundance, and therefore every conscious entity is and always has been pure Love – and nothing else.  That is difficult for you to grasp as you observe the conflicts on Earth, both present and from your long history, and the immense amounts of suffering that they have caused.  In the illusion there is and has been much suffering that humanity has experienced as very, very real, but you are all on your paths out of the illusion and home to Reality where your true presence has always been, and where you remain, eternally present.  Love is your nature, and at the depths of your essence, as you experience it in the illusion, you have no desire and never have had the desire or intent to hurt or offend anyone, even though you have engaged in a game of doing so.  Love – you, as you truly are – could never intend anything that is in the slightest way unloving because there is nothing that is unloving.

Within the illusion that incontrovertible truth seems impossible to believe or accept, and that is why you find it so difficult to forgive, unless and until you have seen the guilty one – yourself or another – discovered, judged, blamed, shamed, and punished.  This is the biggest stumbling-block on your path to awakening: non-forgiveness.  The absolute essentiality of forgiving, if personal peace and self-acceptance is to be achieved, is now recognized by mainstream psychology.  It is a very recent recognition.  Previously, and for eons, all that is unforgiving was believed to be normal because even the gods you had invented would not forgive. In the last one hundred years enormous progress has been made by humanity on its spiritual path of evolution, as shown just by your recognition of this one momentous but long-denied truth.

Nevertheless, there are still many on Earth who, because of the pain and suffering they have undergone in their present lives or in past ones, are unable and unwilling to accept that forgiveness is a loving balm that heals all wounds.  Those of you reading or listening to this know this is the truth, but some of you also have difficulty with it because of your own personal and very intense suffering, or, more likely, due to your awareness of and involvement in the apparently utterly unjustifiable suffering that others are undergoing.

So when you go within to that quiet and inviolate inner space to which each of you has access, ask those in the spiritual realms on whom you call for help to assist you in understanding and then accepting that forgiveness is the balm that heals all wounds.  Then practice forgiving.  Not conditional forgiving: “Only if that person acknowledges their error, apologizes, or promises never again to make it, will I forgive them!”  But unconditional forgiving. . . forgiving without any conditions at all. By doing so you release the charge you have on the one you are forgiving, and the words or actions which caused you pain no longer fester in your mind, demanding restitution or an apology which may never be forthcoming.  By holding on to offenses committed against you, you deny yourselves healing and cause yourselves further pain.  By forgiving, you free yourselves; your stress levels fall, and you start to live in the now moment where you can enjoy smelling the roses.

Keep reminding yourselves: “Forgiveness is the loving balm that heals all wounds.” Deep within, you know this is the truth, so practice it until it becomes automatic, and enjoy the peace, the calm, and the freedom it brings you.  And when you have forgiven, a most amazing thing will happen.  Because, Love having filled your heart, you will realize that in truth there was never anything to forgive. . . because there is only Love. . . which can never be hurt, offended, or angered.  It can only Love!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Thomas Newman – Hauntingly Beautiful Music

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Michael Forrester – Mathematical Proof That Cooperative, Forgiving and Generous Populations Succeed In The Long-Term While Selfish Ones Fail

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September 5, 2013 BY MICHAEL FORRESTER
War is the epitome of a selfish and power hungry mentality that destroys the true spirit of humanity. University of Pennsylvania biologists offer a mathematically based explanation for why cooperation, forgiveness, altruism and generosity succeed in the long-term benefit of populations where selfish and disharmonious intentions fail.

Their work builds upon the seminal findings of economist John Nash, who advanced the field of game theory in the 1950s, as well as those of computational biologist William Press and physicist-mathematician Freeman Dyson, who last year identified a new class of strategies for succeeding in the classical game theory match-up known as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma.”

Postdoctoral researcher Alexander J. Stewart and associate professor Joshua B. Plotkin, both of Penn’s Department of Biology in the School of Arts and Sciences, examined the outcome of the Prisoner’s Dilemma as played repeatedly by a large, evolving population of players. While other researchers have previously suggested that cooperative strategies can be successful in such a scenario, Stewart and Plotkin offer mathematical proof that the only strategies that succeed in the long term are generous ones. They report their findings in this week’s issue in PNAS.

Dr. David De Cremer of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and New York University in New York previously found that leaders can inspire cooperation in group members if they simply treat everyone fairly, and give group members a voice in decision making.

“These types of leader characteristics are able to influence people’s motives in such a way that they no longer care only about their self-interests, but also the goals of the group and the organization,” a transition that is crucial to the success of the entire group, de Cremer stated.

Understanding Why Cooperation and Generosity Win

“Ever since Darwin,” Plotkin said, “biologists have been puzzled about why there is so much apparent cooperation, and even flat-out generosity and altruism, in nature. The literature on game theory has worked to explain why generosity arises. Our paper provides such an explanation for why we see so much generosity in front of us.”

“Last year William Press and I proposed the ‘extortion strategy’ in the game of Prisoner’s Dilemma, enabling one player to maintain a dominant position over the other,” said Dyson, who is retired as a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, N.J. “One year later, Stewart and Plotkin turned our strategy upside down and showed that it enables one player to coax the other gently toward collaboration. They understood our strategy better than we did. They reached by rigorous mathematics the happy conclusion that, in a game between ruthless antagonists, generosity wins.”

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a way of studying how individuals choose whether or not to cooperate. In the game, if both players cooperate, they both receive a payoff. If one cooperates and the other does not, the cooperating player receives the smallest possible payoff, and the defecting player the largest. If both players do not cooperate, they receive a payoff, but it is less than what they would gain if both had cooperated. In other words, it pays to cooperate, but it can pay even more to be selfish.

In the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma, two players repeatedly face off against one another and can employ different strategies to beat their opponent. In 2012, Press and Dyson “shocked the world of game theory,” Plotkin said, by identifying a group of strategies for playing this version of the game. They called this class of approaches “zero determinant” strategies because the score of one player is related linearly to the other. What’s more, they focused on a subset of zero determinant approaches they deemed to be extortion strategies. If a player employed an extortion strategy against an unwitting opponent, that player could force the opponent into receiving a lower score or payoff.

Stewart and Plotkin became intrigued with this finding, and last year wrote a commentary in PNAS about the Press and Dyson work. They began to explore a different approach to the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Instead of a head-to-head competition, they envisioned a population of players matching up against one another, as might occur in a human or animal society in nature. The most successful players would get to “reproduce” more, passing on their strategies to the next generation of players.

It quickly became clear to the Penn biologists that extortion strategies wouldn’t do well if played within a large, evolving population because an extortion strategy doesn’t succeed if played against itself.

“The fact that there are extortion strategies immediately suggests that, at the other end of the scale, there might also be generous strategies,” Stewart said. “You might think being generous would be a stupid thing to do, and it is if there are only two players in the game, but, if there are many players and they all play generously, they all benefit from each other’s generosity.”

In generous strategies, which are essentially the opposite of extortion strategies, players tend to cooperate with their opponents, but, if they don’t, they suffer more than their opponents do over the long term. “Forgiveness” is also a feature of these strategies. A player who encounters a defector may punish the defector a bit but after a time may cooperate with the defector again.

Selfish Strategies Never Succeed In Benefiting Long-Term Populations

Stewart noticed the first of these generous approaches among the zero determinant strategies that Press and Dyson had defined. After simulating how some generous strategies would fare in an evolving population, he and Plotkin crafted a mathematical proof showing that, not only can generous strategies succeed in the evolutionary version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, in fact these are the only approaches that resist defectors over the long term.

“Our paper shows that no selfish strategies will succeed in evolution,” Plotkin said. “The only strategies that are evolutionarily robust are generous ones.”

The discovery, while abstract, helps explain the presence of generosity in nature, an inclination that can sometimes seem counter to the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest.

A leader who uses his or her personality to instill people with a personal motivation to cooperate can be more successful than one who relies on so-called “extrinsic” motivations, such as denying them a promotion or raise if they don’t work for the group. In these situations, they are just motivated to get around all these negative things and once the penalties are lifted for not cooperating, people are often no longer inspired to do so.

“When people act generously they feel it is almost instinctual, and indeed a large literature in evolutionary psychology shows that people derive happiness from being generous,” Plotkin said. “It’s not just in humans. Of course social insects behave this way, but even bacteria and viruses share gene products and behave in ways that can’t be described as anything but generous.”

Previous Cooperative Experience is Key

A study by researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de Zaragoza has determined that when deciding whether to cooperate with others, people do not act thinking in their own reward, as had been previously believed, but rather individuals are more influenced by their own mood at the time and by the number of individuals with whom they have cooperated before.

After analyzing the information, the main conclusion drawn by the researchers is that in a situation where cooperating with others is beneficial, the way the individuals involved are organized into one social structure or another is irrelevant. A first analysis contradicts what many researchers have held based on theoretical studies.

“A population that encourages cooperation does well,” Stewart said. “To maintain cooperation over the long term, it is best to be generous.”

Ruling out that network organization influences in the cooperation of people, and having discovered that what is important is reciprocity, that is, cooperating according to cooperation received, will radically change the focus of a significant number of researchers who are developing theories on the emergence of cooperation among individuals.

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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Gary Renard on Forgiveness and Enlightenment

It’s a common belief amongst many spiritual students that in order to
find enlightenment one has to engage in many years of contemplation,
which will hopefully lead to the great mystical experience that has been
described by the Masters of history. While it’s true that under the
direction of a great teacher this may be possible, it is not necessary.

There is a certain phrase spoken in the modern metaphysical
masterpiece, ‘A Course in Miracles’, which will be discussed during my
2012 workshop. Although misinterpreted by many, this realization, if
properly understood, can lead to miracles. As the Course puts it,

Jesus via John Smallman – Blame, Judgment Inflames Situation



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To awaken is humanity’s destiny. It is inevitable and unavoidable, and that is a very good reason to be happy and joyful.

I cannot impress upon you strongly enough how much God, our Father, loves you all in every moment of your existence. There is nothing that any of you has ever done, or could ever do, that would cause him to withdraw His Love from you – absolutely nothing! There are some among you who doubt this, but it is a doubt, a worry that you need to release.

You are all God’s beloved children – children whom He loves without reservation, always. Whenever you feel down, depressed, shameful, worthless, guilty, or angry, just remind yourselves of this divine truth – “God loves me and will always love me regardless of what I or anyone else might think, say, or do.”

This does not mean, as you well know, that you can behave thinkingly or unthinkingly in an unloving manner. To behave in a manner that hurts another hurts you more! It may not seem like that, but someone who has been hurt can forgive, whereas someone who is doing the hurting cannot. You cannot forgive anyone as long as you are inflicting pain on them – and that includes yourself because to hurt another is to hurt yourself. To forgive, you have to stop inflicting pain, and to bear a grudge or carry resentment of any kind is to inflict pain on yourself, a pain that frequently drives you to project it outwards on to others whom you then see as the cause of your misery or unhappiness.

In the illusion, where there is so much pain and suffering, it seems that pain and suffering are imposed on some by others, often very vindictively, and in a sense this is correct. But those behaving so unconscionably are themselves crying out for love. If you attack them their pain intensifies – and a common response to that suggestion might be “A good thing too, they deserve it.” But attacking conflict with conflict only leads to further conflict. Those who could and would cause suffering can only be disarmed by love and forgiveness. And if their pain is intense, as is very likely, disarming them is a slow process that requires love and forgiveness in abundance.

All of you who are presently on Earth as wayshowers and Light-bearers have learnt forgiveness and are here now to teach it. Yes, many of you have suffered severely in your present lives and have issues with forgiving, perhaps feeling that you have not learnt to forgive and that you have no desire to do so. Nevertheless, you have to admit to yourselves that you do know that love is the only answer, whatever the problem. You are aware that forgiveness is the way forwards, and you are working on engaging with forgiveness to release all your own anger, bitterness, and resentment.

You know that you need to do this, you know that this is the path you chose to follow, despite the pain, even though you are often struggling with it as you recall the unconscionable experiences that you have undergone personally, but you have sought spiritual assistance and you are receiving it. Keep asking for help, and keep holding the intention to forgive or to learn to forgive, and with the spiritual assistance you are receiving you will succeed. Then you will demonstrate forgiveness, and by doing so, teach it to others.

That lesson is the major one that all are in the process of learning and putting into effect. And the best teachers are those who are closest to their own experiences of personal pain and suffering, because they can relate the most compassionately to those who are suffering, while at the same time being open to the awareness in themselves of the pain that those inflicting suffering are undergoing. They can see and understand both perspectives. No one who is not in pain imposes pain intentionally on anyone else.

Accidents occur through thoughtlessness or unawareness, and pain is inflicted. But those who cause those situations are filled with as much or sometimes more grief than those who got hurt. It could well be that a person’s first lesson in forgiveness happens when they get involved in a situation where an accident occurs and they are given the opportunity to offer compassion and forgiveness to the one who caused the injury, as well as to those who were injured.

Rushing to blame and judgment only inflames a situation that is already causing much pain to all involved. In your quiet times, your times that you set aside to be alone, dwell on forgiveness, remember instances when you were unexpectedly forgiven, and set the intention to be ready to forgive should something occur to upset, offend, or cause injury – physical or psychological – to you or to a loved one. Your awakening process involves opening to love and forgiveness, and an essential part of that process is to set the intention to do so every day. Remember that to forgive and to be forgiven brings acceptance and love in a most disarming fashion. Practice it, demonstrate it, and be the fine teachers that you truly are.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Power Of Forgiveness

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A Minneapolis mother, whose son was murdered, now lives next door to — and is friends with — her son’s murderer. Steve Hartman reports on the power of forgiveness.

Understanding Forgiveness – Forgiveness – Self Transformation Tool

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Free Spirit of speaks about what Forgiveness is and what Forgiveness is not. Forgiveness as a releasing of a negative emotional attachment within – rather than being an acceptance of external actions. How forgiving external actions does nothing to release one from the cycle of the drama. How in the end – there is only self-forgiveness. Everything else takes care of itself.

Violet Flame Invocation

Violet Flame and the Seven Chakras – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Violet Flame..St Germain..4th to 5th Dimension

Violet Flame Invocation

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