Meline Lafont – As Clarity comes in on all Perspectives – Awaken Spirit from Within – 4-11-15

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Méline Portia Lafont

The Lunar Eclipse Portal and Blood Moon has been intense so far. A real emotional roller coaster filled with happy, beautiful things as well as with sorrow. It started out for me personally, with some serious and profound tangible shifts in my physical vessel and all my energy fields being upgraded as to their speed of spinning. Which instigated a vibrational expansion in those areas. I wrote this brief explanation and personal sharing to my good friend and soul Brother Bill Ballard a few days ago:

“so much body changes and energy fields are spinning at a much faster pace. I love this shift! the only thing is that I AM SOOOO exhausted over nothing! But body is coping well, emotional body is being triggered for sure and old decisions which have been made previously are being affirmed and clear as to why they were made. There is no way of being in that old place anymore; it is just not possible as your body reacts to this very clearly. I love how I am starting to feel every cell of my body spinning and vibrating at times. Kind of a buzzing experience and having goosebumps all over. The ascension chakra is very open and pulsating big time. On we go!!!!”

And that is the thing which has become clear to me in the last days going up to a week: that for every personal reality and collective reality, things are becoming clear to each and everyone of us! Hence clarity is in the mix! On a personal level you are being showed in a very stern and clear way what does not work for you anymore, what still does and where you will have to draw the line as to how far you wish to go into some area and reality. Your bodies are responding intensively to the energies that are entering and leaving your plane, as well as to the energies of others. The past decisions which you may have made a while ago are being affirmed that indeed you made the necessary ones and if you still are inclined to not perceive this nor see that certain energies and thoughts are not serving you anymore and are part of the old world of being, it is being shown to you firmly and this as in RIGHT NOW. It even has become more than a sign in this case but something you may have to experience in all fibers of your being.

You may feel very grumpy lately, unable to cope with others’ energy, tired, fed up with things and especially short tempered. There is not much needed to leave you triggered, affected and touched. This is because you are releasing much of the old and the emotional body is being triggered at this time, especially since the Lunar Eclipse. It all boils down to unleashing old settled emotions which are leaving the bodily fields to enable a full expansion of the Higher Heart magnetic field that you can merge with and can settle within your emotional body. On the other hand because of this clarity that is being shown and therefore experienced by you, you will reset your values instantly to likely set up new ones so as to feel comfortable again, as this is what we tend to do to again feel familiar in a new comfort zone. In the end, we will be left with no set of values but only with the instant knowing of all ~ which is our Higher expansion and Higher expression of Being.

On the same note, we are seeing it also happening for the collective consciousness. When you look around it becomes clear as well. The clarity is showing us that the stability of this foundation we call society is not working anymore nor is it able to be implemented in our lives as a collective group. It is clear to all of us ~ even the ones who are still asleep ~ that this is not working anymore for human beings and that the foundation of its energy is unable to sustain itself as it used to. That is why you see so many being grumpy and having mood swings: all that was so comfortable to them is slipping away through their fingers and the instinct is to fight this and to hold on to it. There will be a critical point reached within no time where even this will not be possible anymore ~ to fight a fight that is not even real. There is nothing to fight against in the first place for you are just fighting yourself.

Change is underway indeed and it is happening now. Fighting for this and moving all your power into this form of society ~ thought forms ~ is just something we cannot do anymore. It is tiring and it is not working at all. Clarity comes in and all are feeling it, now it is to find the way ~ and that is different for each unique being ~ to go on from this point of clarity and to navigate yourself through this all. We know this, but how to move from here and bring the change in this all personally and collectively?

Clarity says: BE the change from within as there is no place else to BE than within your own heart.

Everywhere you look and cross paths you can see within yourself as within others that the same is happening: things are clear and being felt. Yet not all might surrender to this knowing nor show it to others but I can assure you that all are feeling it. There is therefore a long period underway that will be all about going inward in your own Temple of Being. The collective needs this and so do we, so we are being helped with this passage that may already have started as we speak. It will be about surrendering to the Self and trusting all that you are. Now is the part of the embodying and ability to Self Love coming in handy as without it there is no way you can trust nor surrender to your SELF. We and the Masters of the Light have not been repeating the same thing all over and over again (Self Love) for teasing or pleasure, as we always have felt compelled to stress this fact as strong as possible for the times to come. And now this time has been marked. You are underway in this notion.

So get used to and be comfortable in that state of knowing and being ~ with an inward focus ~ while sharing this moment with others who are doing the same and who are another part of you. You do a great deal for the Earth and the Collective that way as you feed the SELF which is the I AM and the I AM is the Oneness of ALL. It is thus all of us as the I AM is the I AM of ALL and not just One soul. There are many misperceptions of feeding your I AM or SELF to be only feeding you in an ego way. This is not the case as the I AM is the SELF of ALL. So you feed the SELF of ALL being ALL in Oneness.

All in all my personal sharing in this story of this Lunar Eclipse energy is that I AM experiencing extraordinary connections and Light body activations. I AM aware of so much more as a sort of melting with Multidimensional realities. Simultaneously as I am burning the bridges behind me and going on in the world I embark upon, old contracts are ending once more and new ones come in. On April 8, 2015 I had to say goodbye to my precious companion “Laika”. She was a Golden Retriever of almost 11 years old. This was very unexpected which made the impact even bigger on an emotional level. Because I have contact with her soul, it makes it easier for me to know what is going on and what has happened. It was a very special experience, which makes it so emotional for me. I’ve been crying non-stop, giving way to a paralyzed feeling of being numb for a bit. Even though I know she lives on and is not gone, the experience of a physical death transition has never been beautiful to me. I have seen and guided many and every time I see the body fighting and falling out which I personally experience as a harsh and ugly thing. I am aware this is my personal issue and something living inside me from past experiences. Again the emotional body is being experienced and worked through intensely. My children now know about reincarnation because of this transition as during such events, the soul is really open and innocent to receive. You can read that short story here.

Honor and appreciate ALL life, all consciousness, as ALL is such a unique and exceptional form of life. All life is an expression of the Divine I AM, and so are you! I invite you to enjoy life more and refrain from uttering harsh words and passing on judgment on all your companions, although this is so easily done to each other. Remember that what you think about and do to another, you ultimately think about and do to yourself.

I Love You

Méline Portia


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The Ascended Masters on Addiction, Exercise and Clarity

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(Note, in this message a soul known as Solara An-Ra is discussed. Initially when Solara An-Ra was mentioned, I assumed they were speaking of an ascended being. As it turns out, they were, but they were speaking of an ascended being currently incarnate on Earth, who on the internet is known as Solara An-Ra. I will link to her youtube page)

-Hello friends. While normally I scribe what our ascended friends have to say, I have decided to go a different way and ask them questions. It was agreed unanimously that this was the best way for me to communicate with our ascended friends, and we give this message to all in Love.-

Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I call upon you now in these late hours. I wish to have a discussion with you, and connect to your brilliant and Divine energy.

Ascended Masters: Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! Dear Wesley, we are happy to be speaking with you in this format, that of you communicating actively. While we enjoy relaying messages through you, as you have discovered we much prefer you be an active participant, rather than a scribe. We are here at all times, and offer our Love, support and guidance to all who wish it. Now, what would you like to discuss dear soul?

Wes: My dear friends, I would like to know some of the many things that could be done to make this process of ascension easier.

AMs: Well, you have been putting in place many of the disciplines and thorough patterns that will lead you to an easy victory. There is so much that can be done to assist in this transition, to make it easier. The most important thing is to take some quiet time, in any way that is most comfortable to you. Whether it is going out and taking a walk in the beautiful night air, or simply turning off the tv or other forms of illusory distraction that keep your mind too busy and occupied to simply slow down and let Divinty take form in you once again. Exercise is always a good thing to do, as it keeps your blood flowing and it gets your body going, also it helps you to gain clarity. Drinking plenty of water will be of great assistance to you, as water is a creation of Love that is meant to not only heal the body, but to heal the Mind and Spirit as well. Another one of the best things to do is to stay away from destructive habits, and as you have come to learn there is a fine line between regular controlled use of something, and random uncontrolled use that suggests addiction. Any addiction to anything is unhealthy, and keeps your energy in a sort of knotted state, unable to flow through because of this boundary that has been put up, known as the addiction. The biggest factor is simply realizing if an addiction has gotten too out of hand, and being able to surpass one’s ego self and move past said issue. Obvioulsy, staying centered or at least making the effort to stay centered at all times is the absolute best thing one can do for oneself. When one becomes centered after being out of balance, they begin to realize the true illusion they had been immersing themselves in. Once balance is attained, true spirutal clarity comes back, and it becomes much easier to enact disciplines that will ultimitely lead to a greater happiness and clarity.

Wes: Ok, I understand. Some people may feel distant when it comes to enacting certain disciplines, or like they would never be able to attain such levels of control over themselves. Would you care to elaborate on this?

AMs: Dear one, think of what you just said to us. If you could understand this matter from our perspective, you would see how alien it is to us that anybody would think they could not control themselves, or their own actions. It is much easier than you think to control your ego voice, as you have learned lately. While these challenges feel very real at the moment, once you have ascended past these lessons you will realize how hollow the illusions you put up really were. To any out there who feel these disciplines are too big for them, know that you will get there on your own, in your own time. It is not expected to occur overnight, but the progress you have achieved already is enough to marvel at, and enough to reassure you that you are a very powerful divine being who is now whisking through these lessons at a faster speed than ever before!

Wes: Ok, understood. Truly deep down there is nothing too big for us to achieve, as we are beings of creation at a level past that of the illusion.

AMs: Exactly dear one!

Wes: Ok. Now, a good friend of mine has been speaking with his guides about celebration. I have to say that those particular messages have really hit home for me, and I have been inspired by this friend and his guides to celebrate as much as I can. Would you care to elaborate on the subject of celebration and being thankful for Life?

AMs: Dear one, you already have (elaborated) quite a bit, now havent you?

Wes: Yes, I suppose I have. Still, it is something I feel needs to get out in these times, to simply be happy and celebrate. I would like to know your collective perspective on it, if you would.

AMs: Absolutely friend. First off, we can say that many if not all of your friends guides, guide you every day as well, even though you only recognize them by name rarely. As you have found out, we can tell you that you have close ties with Solara An-Ra, and have been drawn to many on this Earth that are from the social memory complex that is RA. You are actually speaking with many of us from RA at present. Now, on the subject of celebration. Your friend and his guides are very correct on this, every day, every moment is a reason to be in celebration! Even moreso for those on Earth and every planet in Earth’s solar system, as this is such a joyus time to be in with your universal ascension in acceleration mode! In everything you do, find the good. Even if you find yourself in what you would label a bad situation, make the point of going out of your way to remedy the situation by discovering every little thing about it that is good. For example, say you are stuck at a red light, and it’s very hot and you are growing impatient. We use this as an example as we know you have been in this situation many times, dear Wesley. Now, instead of focusing on how hot it is out, or how long it seems to take for your light to change, look up into the sky, at the beautiful clouds and rays of Light healing energy. Notice some of the bulkier, yet more round clouds that are so big in your sky, and wonder if there is anything to their genetic form other than water vapor. Questioning everything for the fun of it will find you discovering much and will set you on a course of questioning, which will of course bring you more and more knowledge. After being so caught up in this wonderful thinking, you may have not even noticed that your light turned green seconds ago!

Wes: Thank you dearly for the information friends.  Having all of this knowledge and knowing the Joy of Life for what it is has saved my soul. I thank you all so dearly, and I have to say I have quite enjoyed this new method of communication between us.

AMs: We have enjoyed it very dearly as well. It is noticed by many up here that with this format you are getting much clearer messages from us, though this also has much to do with the time of day. The evening, night and early morning hours are the best for making telepathic contact, as the deeper you go into night the more unawakened that are in their beds, and not influencing the collective consciouness enough to cause the ‘blur’ that is sometimes felt by those wishing to channel us and other beings in the middle of the day. You will come to find that the transitions that you refer to as night and day are very important in your cycles of growth.

Wes: I see. That is very interesting to know. Thank you dearly for communicating with me, I am now to read this message a few times in a row to really ‘soak it in’.

AMs: Absolutely dear one! It is best to get the full grasp of our messages, and this is best attained by reading the message over a couple times, as the one you call SaLuSa has told your friend. Just know that we are always here and ever ready to communicate, even when you think we are not with you, you would be surprised as to the actual number of angelic beings surrounding you at all times.

-I would like to thank our ascended friends for sharing their advanced perspectives. Much Love, Wes-

Solara An-Ra:

Djwhal Khul via Terri Newlon – Clarity – 2-7-14


(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Today I want to talk about clarity. Clarity on all levels or all dimensions.

We have Mercury going retrograde in psychic Pisces, as I call it, so there’s going to be a lot of mind chatter, a lot of mixed messages and signals. People misinterpreting a look on your face, you know like you might have a dull headache and they might think you don’t like them. That kind of thing. So there’ll be a lot of miscommunication and it’s important to clarify things and use as much clarity as possible.

I want to also say clarity of the soul is something that you can bring through your personality and through the ego function so “My clarity comes from my soul. I know my own soul. I understand myself. My clarity is soul-based.”

Work with statements like that and I think that it will be helpful for you. And of course as always promptly clean up any miscommunications or hurt feelings because that is important. You don’t want the negative energy coming from it.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

Download the PDF Here

Sandra Walter – Tracking The Shift – Clarity On Light Waves – 1-23-14


Blessings Dear Light Tribe. After much deliberation, energetic adjustments and clarity from my Cosmic Team, I have accepted my changing role in this unfoldment of New Light of 2014. As always, we have to fully accept missions of service in order to activate them. Divine Will is Free Will when you choose higher levels of Ascension. Surrender is much. less. painful. than resistance to the Divine Plan.

Ancient roots of the Divine Plan are blooming in this New Light

Some of the intel has been on hold while I went through a series of energetic changes. I feel it is important to be clear and direct in my delivery. There is such joy, both personally and on a galactic level. I love how it is all coming together for the 2014 Shifts.

It will take me a few articles to share what is occurring, along with the whys and hows, which is part of my role as an Interdimensional Liaison. I may share what is happening in my personal journey as well, for those on the path to Transcendence.

This series will include the New Light Waves of 2014; Side-effects of the New Light; Levels of Awakening, Ascension and Transcendence; and Telepathy/Interdimensional Teleportation. Stay open, beloveds. Here we go.

The New Light Waves of 2014

An overview of the New Light waves coming into our planet and consciousness in the first half of 2014.

What the Waves are

Surges of highly charged particles of encoded photonic light.

How the waves get here

For energies directed at Gaia, the chain looks like this:

Source -> Multiverse center -> Universal Center -> Galactic Center – > Star Systems (Sirius, Big Bear, Alcyone (Pleiades), and others involved in the Galactic Shift -> our Sun -> our Solar System -> Earth.

It is the waves of light themselves which trigger our Sun, not the other way around. The Sun serves as an interpreter and filter, directing encodements and photonic rays toward areas of the solar system which are up for an activation. Some Solar activity is intended for our neighbors; let us remember that all planets in our system are going through the Shift.

Heightened Activation

The Photon belt is an area of space which creates evolutionary changes. When our Solar System passes through a highly charged area of the Photon Belt, the energy is stepped-down by our Sun. It is a Solar Interpretation of Photonic Light. On a visible, linear, trackable level the Sun creates a Flare, CME or accelerated Solar Wind stream.

This is an immediate activation for those on the Ascension Path. You are feeling the flares when they happen, not when the waves of energy hit our magnetosphere. A day or so after a flare or CME (used to be 36-48 hours, that is getting shorter now), the energetic waves hit the planet in linear time for integration into the grid systems.

Gaia takes the activation from Solar activity as immediately as we do

If you are one of the folks feeling the flares or CMEs at the instant they happen, or precognitively, you understand that Gaia is receiving the same intel in the same way. Unity consciousness is connection with all of creation, so your connection to our immediate neighborhood (Sun, other planets) will become stronger.

Activations happen upon the flare or CME in accordance with Cosmic timing. If you are precognitvely sensing the incoming waves prior to a flare, CME or Solar wind stream, it means your higher levels are part of the Galactic teams assisting with the waves.

Integration of the New Light Teams

Electro-Magnetic affects are balanced and assisted by grounded Gatekeepers and lightships flying over grid lines and energy vortexes. Grid systems and vortex areas are used to balance the incoming waves for optimum affect and minimal damage.

This is why you may see lightships flying similar patterns. It is also why places like Shasta and Sedona look like busy space-ports; many grid lines, both Earth grids and Crystalline Grids, cross at sacred sites and vortexes. Lightships are working the grid lines and energy flows from above. Lightships tend to signal (hail, flash, send energy through) Gatekeepers on the ground as part of a multidimensional operation – the Integration of the New Light teams.

Integration means permanent change

Integration happens quickly now. Primarily because the buffer between cause and effect is disappearing, so our perception is moving into Zero Point. Secondly, we – both on and off-planet teams – are getting much better at all of this.

We are being trained to live day by day, moment by moment. If you surrender to the not-knowing, truly dropping all of the baggage of past beliefs, emotions, habits and systems, then the wisdom of this New Light can come into your lifestream.

Complimentary material from last Spring on letting go and light codes:

For those who want comprehensive, foundational assistance with their Ascension Process, please register and complete the Ascension Course. It creates a platform for a bigger experience.

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Karen Doonan – Achieving Mental Clarity within the Storm of Chage – 1-23-14

Karen Doonan

At any one point within this the “ascension” process you may have gone through what can only be described as a “mental fog”. This is due to the over stimulation of your logical mind by the teachings of the old 3d earth.  For within the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT how to tie your logical mind in knots and this was deliberate.  A logical mind that is focused only on “solving a puzzle” will begin to filter out and ignore even the most obvious signs that things are other than they are.  The human logical mind LOVES a puzzle, it is no surprise that video games and electronic devices are created to be like puzzles, the more complex the better for many on planet earth who see the challenge and filter out WHY the challenge is presented to them in the first place.

At this moment upon and within planet earth many of you may be in confusion, many of you may be trying to “work out” what is going to happen, switching between “what if” and “same old, same old”, both concepts  are created within the human logical mind and are nothing to do with the HEART space where you will find KNOWing.  I blog continually about moving into the HEART space and this is not necessarily only in relation to the LOVE that IS. The LOVE that IS of course being the frequency of the fabric of the UNIVERSE of 3, the highest vibration that exists.  Many may be mistaken for believing that I am attempting to make the world “pink and fluffy” and nothing could be further from TRUTH. I fully understand that a world in which ALL suffer at some level of their BEing cannot be created “pink and fluffy” overnight, in fact the very concept of pink and fluffy is misleading in the extreme and many filter out the LOVE that IS due to this misconception.

The New Earth is a REALITY in which ALL ARE EQUAL, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. It is not  everyone sitting about smiling and sitting cross legged in the middle of the floor, this is distortion.  Moving into the HEART space allows for a connection that cannot be made from anywhere else within the human vehicle. You would not try to work out what was wrong with your car by looking in the trunk of your car and ignoring the engine and yet many do just this with their human vehicle. For the HEART space IS the engine of your human vehicle.

As the chaos begins to unfold over the coming linear days at a very human conscious waking mind level the need to be in the HEART space will grow and expand. From this space the chaos can be explained and SEEN CLEARLY, it is only the human logical mind that cannot work it out as it has no reference points, ALL reference points are within the HEART space. Many believe that the ascension process is all about moving ONLY into the HEART space and detaching from the logical mind and this is distortion. The human vehicle COMES WITH a brain for a reason, the brain being the reference centre for the human life experience. So the HEART creates and understands and aligns with the CREATION in TRUTH and then the human brain references the information, a bit like downloading from the internet onto your pc. In this analogy the internet is YOUr SOUL and the pc is your human brain.

At no point in this process will there be reference points available within the old 3d earth paradigms, ALL is disinformation at this level and this is why guidance is clear with regard to moving into the HEART space and aligning with YOUr SOUL.  How do you KNOW TRUTH? YOU will FEEL it within YOUr BEing. This saves hours if not days/weeks of trying to work something out using your logical mind only. Many people ask me at various levels if something is TRUTH and my response is always to FEEL and then respond. I dont need to look something up on the internet or reference from a book, I check in with my SOUL. This option is ALWAYS available to YOU and as this process now begins to unfold rapidly it is VITAL that you begin to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF and be guided by how YOU FEEL.

This may be a rather strange space to move into if you have allowed yourself to be guided by how others around you are reacting, remember many who share the planet with you have no idea what is unfolding, that does not mean they will not be involved in the unfolding for ALL ARE ONE, it is not only those who are what is termed “awake” that are part of this process, ALL of humanity is connected at ALL times. The more people who wake to new levels of frequency then the faster this will unfold but it WILL unfold, it is driven by the New Earth frequencies, akin to a snowball that is moving downhill it WILL gather momentum. How much momentum is a personal decision for there is always the option and choice to disconnect from the conscious creation of your human life experience but I would ask why you would wish to choose this option, this is what you have lived over and over for aeons under the guise of karmic dimensional timelines and which is often referred to as “past lives”. ALL is NOW and ALL is overlaid upon the NOW.

As the residue of the old 3d earth frequencies is dissolved from within and upon planet earth then the connection to YOUr SOUL will become clearer, again using the analogy of a radio station and bandwidths, for all is frequency in the UNIVERSE, there is less “interference” from the old 3d earth frequencies. Connections will rapidly expand, it is vital you are consciously aware that ALL ARE ONE and that ALL ARE CONNECTED for the ability to manifest is expanding at all times.  You can create and uncreate at will and this is something that you may begin to play with, you may be having very clear and precise dreamtime scenarios where you have people/beings speak with you and relay information to you.  It is a choice of whether to dismiss this as the “dream” the old 3d earth teaches you or to begin to work with the information. CHOICE is a responsibility and this will be shown in TRUTH as this process now unfolds rapidly.

There is much disinformation that is being promoted in relation to what is being termed an “event” and I would draw your attention to the 7 billion INDIVIDUAL REALITIES that exist on this planet, that is each human vehicle creates its own personal reality. Expectation is a tool of the old 3d earth, to build expectation affects the frequency of those who participate in said expectation, TRUTH JUST IS and requires no build up and no defense, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.  The responsibility of achieving mental clarity at a moment when all APPEARS to be in chaos is a personal choice, the tools are within each one of you, it is a personal choice as to whether to run with the crowd or stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and connect to YOUr SOUL and understand the process that the human race now enter at this time.  That choice is YOUrs at ALL moments of ALL moments.


The Divine Mother – The Role of Clarity – Golden Age of

There is not one of you — and I mean this not only of humanity, but your star brothers and sisters, all the kingdoms that are involved in this unfoldment — none of you came to have an incomplete mission. Not a one. You have brought your mastery, and I have been adding to that since the day you were born. And I add to it again.

Now, why do I choose this period of time for the gift of clarity? Because it is a precursor to many events, physical events. The difficult times that you have experienced, through health, through poverty, through feeling that you have not been seen, that you are isolated and alone, is over if you choose.

When you are in clarity, when you are in truth, then you are in unity with us and with each other, and what previously may have been befuddling is no longer. (3) And because of that you are able to send your love and your clarity to the elements, or the pieces that need the infusion of energy to be unblocked, to be transformed, transmuted, brought into alignment, not only with my plan, but with my law.

So I ask you, yes, as your Mother, to receive, to share, to receive, and to anchor, and to allow this new awareness, to simply be who you are. Now, I know you have some questions.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Well, before I ask you a question, let me remind listeners on the east coast of North America that you’ll be listening to this at 8 o’clock p.m. tonight, and so it’s appropriate at the end of the program simply to go into meditation because that will be 9 o’clock in your local time zone.

Mother, my first question to you is I know there will be listeners who will want to know how this energy download, this tremendous transformational light that’s coming to us at the present time, and which has been predicted by many channels, fits with Ascension. There will be some people saying, “Is this Ascension?” Where does it fit in our progress towards Ascension, please?

DM: It is a precursor to the fullness of your Ascension. Now, you have been in your Ascension, oh, for close to a year, some of you for 10! Some of you for much longer. But this clarity, this removal — because what the clarity does is it removes the doubt, the fear, the confusion, the turmoil; it prepares you to simply fly through the portal.

Many of you, if you think of Ascension as a hallway, most of you came through the initial doorway back last December, even those who aren’t aware of it. But there has been a great deal of milling around. Now, the milling around has been useful, and you have been guided — by pillars, by Michael, by Gabrielle, by wayshowers — and often you have approached the gatekeepers for the fullness of the Ascension portal and you have been turned away. And they have said to you, on my behalf, “Go back and do a little more.”

And when I have said this, it has not always been that you had more to do, but perhaps you wanted to offer a little more help! Because you decided [to help] the collective. So, think of this clarity as if you have all been in this waiting hall, this doorway, this hallway, and it has become smoky, and the air has been stale, and there is debris on the floor, and the clarity is cleaning it up so that you all make the final rush through the portal. It is the immediate precursor.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Next question for you. One of our listeners has said that the energies right now are impacting her to the extent that she feels — and I’m using these words suggestively, not literally — that she’s losing her mind. Can the energies have disorienting effects on people? And how can we reduce those effects?

DM: Yes, they can. And that is one of the things that your channel has said … she is my channel as well! … that you are not here. (4) It is important that you not only connect in an esoteric manner with Gaia, but in a very literal manner.

And if you live in a city, still, go out and breathe the air. You cannot, right now, drink too much of my water. My water. Gaia’s water. The pure water. It will help the electric energy to not short circuit you. Your brain is being expanded. Your physicality has shifted.

Bring your attention, dear heart, to small things. When you have this clarity, and you are still feeling — yes! — like you are losing your mind, and I would suggest that what you value as your mind has been a very, very minute portion of who you truly are — but make [things] even smaller.

So perhaps you are picking up a needle and thread and mending something. Perhaps you are making a meal. Food is important at this time as well. The action of making food will help you ground. Touching, holding, Gaia, animals and each other, will assist you as well.

And then, if you are still confused, come to me. My heart, as you would think of it, has room for all of you. (5) It always has and it always will.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I can’t helping noticing the synchronicity of this energetic outpouring with the first significant opportunity being presented to lightworkers, which we call the Reval. There are no accidents, so I don’t really think this synchronicity is an accident. But if not, what is the relationship between the two?

DM: You cannot have a recreation of Gaia, of community, of society, of government, of financial systems, without the clarity.

It is not a coincidence. No, I did not come to speak of physical currencies this day, but I again will emphasize your spiritual currency. Throughout the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse is growing. Check your accounts, sweet angels.

So is there such a thing as coincidence? No. But in order to truly proceed according to your plan and ours, this gift will assist you because we don’t want you scurrying about or becoming entrapped in the old allures. That will not be acceptable.

So there are many of you who are involved in this, and you think, “Oh, I will invest in this or that,” and you are looking to the old Third! Look forward, my friends. Look forward to the seventh. Look what you have, the potential and the clarity and the direction to create! That is the purpose of the gift. I cannot be strong enough on this point.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Mother, if we could look behind the scenes, we know this is coming directly from you. But it’s also being passed down, I imagine, by many. If we could look behind the scenes, perhaps we could see all the beings who are involved in passing this energy down. Can you tell us a little bit about how this energy, which emerges from you, passes down through levels of beings and at last arrives to us, please?

DM: I will tell you two things because this infusion is in some ways an exception to the rule. Now, when I have begun this outpouring from my infinite being — and yes, our infinite being — (6) it is moving directly from me to you. Very few can stop anything what I send directly, (7) but when I begin such an outpouring, all come to my side! (8)

Just as you all have outer form and have said, “Mother, let us assist, let us help” so the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters – in this gift, they are all acting as transmitters.

Normally, it would come from me to my realms, to the dominions, to the serraphim, to the archangels, et cetera, (9) to the masters, to your guardians, and then to you. But that is why each of you is shining like a star with many facets. You are being bombarded by all of us. You see, there is no shortage of what I have to share.

Because of my plan, I am doing it in this way. So if you feel, sweet angels, a little unsteady at moments, then sit down and catch your breath. But keep saying, “I allow, I receive, and I am grateful,” because you are being transformed.

This is a group effort by all who serve, and is even being brought in in physical signals by your star brothers and sisters, both above Earth and on the ground. Receive. So this is an exception in terms of how we penetrate.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Three or four centuries ago, a lone initiate might receive a tremendous outpouring like this from his or her master, or from an angel, but at this time we’re all receiving it. Is that a correct statement?

DM: That is a very correct statement, because in many ways, consciously and unconsciously, which are becoming increasingly united, you have declared yourself as a single unit. Each element in your unit of humanity is unique, desirable, cherished. But yes, you are receiving this as one.

SB: Thank you, Mother. At the same time, we on Earth are the first to experience this current Ascension. What special responsibilities does that assign to us, in this case in relation to the outpouring of energy? And, as we go further into Ascension, what special responsibiligies does being first give to us?

DM: You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility — I am glad that you have brought this up — the responsibility is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.

This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.

If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Mother. Now, there could be some lightworkers who may be waiting before they step out as way-showers. They may be saying, “Well, I’m too far in debt,” or “I don’t know what to do,” or “Am I really a way-shower? Is that really true?” What would your counsel to them be?

DM: You can be a way-shower in your bedroom. What you mention is part of the turmoil, the uncertainty, the pain. And I say this with the understanding, so you do not do what I demand, because I do not demand, I request, I ask. I ask you to stretch, yes. I ask you to step forward, yes.

But perhaps you are one in such a position. And so how you are acting as the way-shower is exactly what I have asked you to do. It is to receive and then send.

This is the request and the partnership. So your clarity will grow. But I am asking you to send it, not just to be in a public forum speaking of it, not to go to your place of work where they will fire you because they think you are insane, and speak of it, but to energetically share it, hold it, be it. And people will follow you because their heart is yearning for more.

There is not one being on your planet at this time, even those who have been worked with and put in containment. They all yearn for a clear sense of how and direction.

So, be the way-shower in your room. Then step out into the living room, perhaps, and share the energy with your children. You do not need to say a word. Then walk down the street and look at everybody you meet, in the eye, and smile.

The Divine Mother: The Role of Clarity « Golden Age of Gaia

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