Laurie Barraco – 7 Effective Ways to Keep Yourself Grounded, Present – 4-28-15

Laurie Barraco

One of the keys to living a healthy, balanced, joyful, abundant and content life is to check in with yourself frequently and make sure that you are grounded. I have listed 7 effective ways to keep yourself grounded that you can use as often as you wish.

When we are grounded, we are able to merge our spiritual self with our physical self. Being grounded essential means you are focused, in the present moment and giving full undivided attention to what is happening in the here and now.

What are some of the signs of being ungrounded?
You have a hard time focusing and concentrating.
You are constantly unable to complete tasks in a timely manner.
You have a hard time remembering details.
Others are unable to understand you.
You become clumsier and are bumping into things.
You have a hard time distinguishing between reality and daydreaming.
7 Effective Ways To Ground Yourself
Drumming is a quick and easy way to bring you back into your body either by participating in a drum circle, playing a drum for yourself or listen to a drumming cd. The vibration of the drum connects you to the heartbeat of mother earth which will reconnect you to your physical body in a nurturing and healing way.
The use of essential oils such as; sandalwood, cedarwood, peppermint, patchouli, vetiver and angelica can help you get back into your body and help with staying connected to your physical body.
Integrate an exercise practice such as yoga, martial arts, running or riding a bicycle.
Eating foods such as dark chocolate, root vegetables, protein, and nuts help ground us instantly.
You can clear and balance your root chakra (the area from your hips down to your feet) by visualizing the color red, dancing, and or toning LAM. A strong root chakra keeps us anchored in our body.
Tree exercises such as hugging a tree or visualizing yourself as a tree with roots that extend from your feet into the earth are excellent for you.
Carry with your or wear crystals such as tiger’s eye, garnet, hematite, onyx and or copper.
Although leaving the body can be a blissful spiritual experience, there is a time an place for connecting with our non-physical self. If we are connected to the heavens and the earth at the same time, our lives will flow more smoothly and will be more enjoyable.

I am sure many of you can relate to the feeling of not being grounded, please save yourself some time and energy and utilize my suggestions to help you ground yourself. You will be glad you did!

Blessings and Light,


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Wisdom With Wes – Physical and Spiritual Balance – 12-16-14

Snapshot_20140731_2What comes to mind when you think about serving spirit and contributing to our conscious revolution? Do you imagine yourself working away tirelessly to help raise awareness, or doing something that’s rooted more in the physical and spiritual realms?

Steve Beckow’s article today about Lightworkers and Lightholders led me to consider that our work should be done in conjunction with our exploration of our consciousness.

If we want to contribute to our collective spiritual evolution with an added perceptual boost, we might want to embrace meditation and similar practices that root us in the spiritual realms.

At the same time, let’s do work we enjoy; work that utilizes our creativity and spirituality, and respectfully step away from the things that seem to hold us back or hinder our greater perception.

One of the reasons we came here is to work hard, but if the hard work starts to become a drag, we might want to decrease it and/or invite spirit into our lives to a greater degree than we have been.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready to embrace consistent meditation and work that aligns me with spirit and helps me find a higher vibration. The world would change quickly if everyone embraced meditation and the work that comes with bringing our civilization into the light, and we can make some changes now by practicing hard work in conjunction with our spiritual exploration.

Will you explore your consciousness today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂



Lady Nada via Julie Miller – It’s All About Balance – 12-6-14

Lady Nada


Lady Nada   –   It’s All About Balance

received by Julie Miller
December 4, 2014


Have you ever met someone who has an attractive presence, where being in their presence is felt as nourishing and calming? Such individuals can be described as being charismatic.

Those on the spiritual path that have been gifted with charisma have been gifted with an extra amount of grace that filters into all their abilities making them much more unique and captivating. Charisma can easily be described as a power, as the more appealing a person is, the more willing the people around them will be drawn to him or her regardless of their outward appearance.

Just like any gift you realize Beautiful Bright Hearts, charisma when understood can be used negatively or positively. By choosing to bring forth the positive side of charisma, you choose to manifest the nurturing of the truth, brought about in a way that feels safe.

And this manifestation can only truly occur when a dear soul is matured in both the masculine and feminine polarities that exist within them. Allowing their true and authentic person to live and be free, to be able to express their creativeness through their passion for life that stems from the life force of God. When this balance of inner maturity occurs, you and your charismatic ways are a gift not only to the world but to yourself as well.

It is well determined that each of you are unique and possess unique gifts, talents and skills. What urges your creative side comes from your unique spirit and passion to bring that spirit to life in your own special way. Even the very DNA in your cells can affirm this.

Even if you are a twin, there will be something that will be unique to your twin brother or sister and it is your uniqueness that we encourage you to embrace, instead of ignoring it…explore your uniqueness and discover how you can utilize this specialness in a positive and constructive way, that demonstrates your mature inner self and creative side.

In order for you to develop your charismatic personality, there must be certain conditions present in order for such a divine gift to be gestated, to be grown and revealed to the rest of the world.

It is the coming together of your masculine and feminine polarities that provides this birth to occur. As you continue to live your life true through this balancing connection, this gift of grace will grow and it will become known by those around you and be felt through all you do.

It is important Beautiful Bright Hearts to understand the importance of moving beyond any limiting thoughts and perceptions and to raise your confidence in such a way that your mind no longer can impose any kind of doubt that could possibly derail whatever goal your mission you decide to commit to.

If your mind is still clouded with doubt and uncertainty, you can still try to bring forth a charismatic personality, but you will be unable to demonstrate your whole authentic self completely. It would be something similar to trying to grow a tree where there isn’t adequate sunlight or nourishing soil.

Yes, the tree may try to grow, but it may be dwarfed, or it may not produce the fruit it was meant to which indicates the tree’s matured state. We encourage you that when you begin to demonstrate your charismatic side, to make sure your mind is settled, that you have control over your emotional impulses that are often governed by the ego in order to produce and cultivate the most nourishing of fruit.

When you free your creative side Beautiful Bright Hearts, you are able to make use of any previous talents and gifts in new and exciting ways. It is your inner feminine side that helps you to nurture this dynamic energy into wakefulness.

Yet it is the balance of your inner masculine that helps you to demonstrate this graceful side of your being as you make your way in the world along the path that is meant just for you.

If you look within yourself, using the seed as a metaphor you will quickly comprehend the planting of the seed of thought, how that seed is to be fertilized, cultivated, nourished and grown.

What you grow, develop and nourish from inside and from the love and attention you apply will in time come forth and be felt by all. That is because of the union of the masculine and feminine polarities joining in order for such a balance of inner energy to occur that has the ability of producing charisma.

It is important to point out Beautiful Bright Hearts that before your charismatic nature can be successfully born, your inner masculine and feminine sides must reach balanced maturity in order fertilize that precious seed. What is also required dear ones, is the understanding to focus inward.

That any external focus you turn to for reflection or inspiration for cultivating your inner masculine and feminine sides will be thwarted because it is necessary to gain what you need from the attention you apply to your inner person, not from anything external.

Don’t become trapped by external distractions and relationships trying to address the inner work you need to fulfill in order for the maturity of your polarities of the masculine and feminine to occur.

Sexuality plays a big picture on your ability to develop your charisma in a healthy and positive way. The understanding of your sexual nature becomes your doorway.

As you grow from child to adolescence then to adult, within the body certain maturities are going on and your sexual nature rises and falls depending on the situation, conditions, and your place and presence.

Sexuality can become an issue to develop for the life of the individual charismatic nature to be revealed and to help cultivate the life meant to be lived. If certain masculine and feminine concepts were not established as a child, the individual will have a much more difficult time cultivating charisma as the inner masculine and feminine will not be matured.

We understand that for some dear souls, you were taught to not to nurture your truth and to follow a certain rule or way of living, therefore not understanding your whole self, including your sexual nature. Without knowing your whole self and understanding what that implies, you cannot begin to fathom the revealing of your charismatic nature.

It is vital to know how to make contact with your inner nurturing feminine, creative energy before you think about thrusting this dynamic energy from your masculine side onto the world…all needs to be in balance. You need to understand what needs to be fulfilled from the within and work on bringing both polarities together in a peaceful union.

Regardless if you are male or female, if you have not learned to nurture your authentic truth, you will find yourself turning towards your feminine energy to further develop and nurture what you could not due to a lack of inner knowing and balance.

We are positive that either yourself or someone you know occasionally lacks the ability to thrust themselves into the world or into a new direction with full confidence and trust of their own inner person, they find themselves seeking an authority-type figure that will provide them with truth and direct them on what they are to do next.

So many Beautiful Bright Hearts have been emasculated early in life which minimizes the growth of their inner masculine side causing a difficulty to grow and mature in a balanced, truthful way…such individuals find themselves being led by others that consider themselves better.

But the moment you learn to make contact with your feminine, creative side, you are able to bring the nurturing energy to your own truth and be able to positively thrust yourself out into the world with their inner masculine found within your authentic truth, you become a brilliant light made by the maturing inner polarities of your masculine and feminine energies.

The depth of your charismatic self will become enhanced as you go through life and meet challenges that require you to rebirth or recreate.

It is understood Beautiful Bright Hearts, that it is your sexuality that can either keep your body captive or free it depending on conditions being met that are correct or incorrect.

Sexuality under prime conditions will give way to what already exists within your body and release gifts, talents and skills that may have been unknown. With the prime conditions nurturing the inner masculine and feminine into balanced life, you become a glorious, light of grace and have the ability and capability to function quite well from your own inner compass of intuitive prowess.

You will have little need of external references for your source of direction or nourishment of your whole, authentic self for you have trust of your own inner energy and your focus is on your creative effort that is a balanced combination of your masculine and feminine working harmoniously together.

It is essential to remember Beautiful Bright Hearts that charisma is a multidimensional phenomenon that you have the ability to manifest depending on the balance of your life force which is your feminine and masculine becoming joined in an internal marriage of prime dynamic energy working as one.

Understand that the more energy you have, the greater your charismatic ways will become. The potential coming from such energy in endless just as are the opportunities that greet you each and every day. Only you can choose to live your life fully and completely in all its many aspects, but first it starts from looking within.

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…
…through Julie Miller

Wes Annac – Balance is Found When we Transcend the Ego

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

In order to feel any degree of lasting spirituality or wholeness, I think we’ll have to be willing to give up the mortal, ego-driven self and allow Source to express itself through us.

This isn’t because Source is somehow ‘holier’ or more lighted than our physical personalities – it’s because the ego, if we let it, will take complete control of our thoughts and emotions. The result could be that we sputter into depression and myriad other symptoms of an overactive ego that, speaking from experience, don’t feel very great.

I’ve probably written a hundred times that we need to transcend the ego and allow Source to take the perceptual wheel and steer if we want to find true wholeness, but I’ve had trouble with it.

I’m realizing that it’s easy to say something, but actually doing it can be a lot harder. Completely transcending the ego sounds doable, but we might have trouble if we don’t stay diligent.

Lately, I’ve woken up in the morning and struggled to balance my thoughts and emotions.

Only after the hours of unbroken depression I experienced yesterday have I finally realized what my issue (and maybe the issue of those of you out there who’ve also struggled with depressive thoughts or feelings) really is: I care too much about the ego self and I haven’t put as much of my energy into Source or spirituality in general.

I know some seekers don’t think we should look to a higher spiritual source beyond ourselves for inspiration, clarity or general positivity, but I think there’s value in focusing on spiritual concerns over egotistical, however dualistic it sounds. I’m learning that the more we feed the ego and its rigid mindsets, judgments and expectations, the unhappier we’ll be.

Deep inside, most of us are hurting in one way or another.

We’ve all accumulated pain, which, in some cases, we just don’t feel like we can surface or release, and our pain can come to the surface when we vest ourselves too much in the ego. It won’t heal – it’ll express itself through us so strongly that it overtakes us.

I don’t know about the rest of you who struggle, but I’m realizing that I need to get the finite ego out of the way and become an unbroken conduit for the expression of my latent Christ consciousness. Just like we’ve all felt hurt before, we can all tap into our inner Christ consciousness, which can alleviate our identity-based stresses, worries and concerns.

Like reggae artist Matisyahu has said, “You got to give yourself up and then you become whole.

“You’re a slave to yourself and you don’t even know. You want to live the fast life but your brain moves slow. If you’re trying to stay high, then you’re bound to stay low, you want God but you can’t deflate your ego. If you’re already there, then there’s nowhere to go. If your cup’s already full, then it’s bound to overflow”.

It took hours and hours of depression for me to finally call on Source to give me some kind of sign that I wasn’t losing myself. Shortly after I made this call, my depressive haze gradually turned into a meditation, and it was in this meditation that I received what I feel was important intuitive guidance about steering clear of the ego.

I intuited that if I continue to fret over matters that involve my mortal self, I’ll be unhappy forever.

I’ve experienced plenty of things in life that could cause me to embrace depression, and it’s because of this that I’ve been advised to let my identity-based perception go and let myself become an unhindered conduit for Source and its energies and expressions.

Let your finite physical concerns go, I was advised. Let your ego die, even though it’ll fight very hard against it, and rebirth yourself into meditation; creativity; sharing your love with everyone around you, free of conditions. Let the ego’s influence fade, and you’ll find the bliss you seek.

I asked Source for a sign, and instead, I was given a direct intuitive message.

It seems that the message will always be to let our ego-driven grip on our reality not only fade, but completely die. Ego death might sound like kind of a dark thing, and to our egos, it’s the absolute worst thing that could happen.

I’m reminded of the story of a spiritual seeker who meditated under a famous teacher. After meditating for quite a few months, he suddenly found that he was gripped with intense fear when he’d get into his zone.

He told his teacher about it, and his teacher’s perspective was that he was reaching the threshold of complete and total ego death and his identity-based self was responding with as much fear as it could express.

His mortal self was afraid of the ego death that’d eventually result from his diligent meditations, and it made this fear known in its exact, raw form. I feel like I’m going through something similar, only instead of intense and unbearable fear, I’m feeling a range of emotions that all lead back to the ego self feeling hurt, fractured or damaged in some way.

We all face unique inner battles, and my biggest woes come from feeling like nobody cares about me; nobody appreciates the things I do or the love I strive to give. Only now do I see that striving for attention or recognition is the polar opposite of unconditional love, but I’ve struggled with feeling like the people in my life only care on a surface level.

My ego’s constantly concerned that it isn’t receiving the love, attention or nurturance it feels like it offers others, and this can cause depressive thoughts and feelings that are essentially like a mental/emotional tar pit.

These thoughts and feelings will trap us in their confines and make us feel like we just can’t escape if we let them, but the good news is that we can. It isn’t easy, and some people might have to struggle for months and even years before they can make any progress or find the light at the end of the tunnel, but it isn’t it isn’t impossible.

I’m starting to see that letting my ego’s influence fade from my consciousness and allowing Source to continuously express its meditative energies and expressions through me is the best thing I can do if I want to save myself from myself.

I write this in hopes that it helps those of you out there who may be struggling with similar issues, and the best advice I can offer right now is the same advice I’ve offered all along, which I’m just starting to truly understand: transcend the low emotions of the ego and open up to Source – not on a surface level, but on the deepest level imaginable.

Let’s allow ourselves to become unhindered conduits for the expression of our inner Christ consciousness, and let’s keep in mind that we will be challenged along the way. I’ve certainly been challenged recently, and I’ll admit that again, every morning has been a struggle to find any sort love, positivity or balance, but I think I’m starting to take my first steps.

We’ll reach the next, purer phase of our growth and evolution when we can transcend the ego to a certain degree, and it always helps to remember that life’s a constant journey. We won’t perfect our paths overnight, but we can stop worrying so much about ourselves, how others perceive us, or if we’re receiving the love or praise we feel like we should be.

I can only say this because I’ve been to my own self-created hell and back. I’ve struggled with thinking that nobody really cares; that people take advantage of a kind and loving heart; that the love people express is only artificial.

I’ve struggled with feeling like I was being taken advantage of, and looking back, I see that every one of these concerns are rooted in a perception of myself as a mortal being instead of a spiritual being; a conduit for a greater spiritual energy and perception.

I don’t want to be Wes Annac the frazzled mortal anymore. I want to be a constant conduit for the expression of the innate spirituality we can all tap into.

I want to let my mortal concerns cease as I consistently embrace meditation, creativity, music, and unconditional love for the people I my life, instead of taking from them or convincing myself they should live up to my expectations simply because I strive to offer them love that’s supposed to be unconditional.

True bliss is found when we can finally stop thinking about ourselves and embrace spirit, free of any worries and concerns about how it’ll affect the ego.

If we embrace spirituality, meditation, etc. but find that we still descend into unhappiness or depression, then we haven’t fully transcended the ego. We might still have some inner searching to do, and only when we’re willing to give up any worries or concerns about our mortal selves can we find happiness or centeredness.

Love is the way; the worries, concerns and demands of the ego aren’t. I’m sure some seeker somewhere will find flaws with this viewpoint (spiritual seekers seem to be great at pointing out philosophical flaws), but I write it from the experience my struggles have given me. It might be difficult, but I strive to live as much in alignment as I can.

If we could all do this, we might put an end to our struggles with depression, lowness, and every other feeling that convinces us we’re less than the divine, spiritual beings we truly are.

Let’s allow spirit to fill our perception instead of the same old mind-driven concerns that have held us back from exploring our consciousness, enjoying our lives, and giving love to a world that desperately needs it. We aren’t here to take from the world; we’re here to offer it and everyone on it the unconditional love of Source.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf; to create a new day where everyone can feel comfortable exploring spirit and the higher vibration descending onto our minds and hearts. We have to embrace this vibration to feel it, but once we have a pure grasp on it, all we need to do is give up the rigid judgments and expectations of our finite selves.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s very attainable.

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Karen Dover – Balancing the Male/Female Within – 9-18-14

Karen Dover

For many of you the past few linear days may have seemed like a roller coaster, with your emotions moving and shifting so much that you may wonder what on earth is going on.  Add to this the moving and shifting in those around you and you may have spent the last few linear days in much chaos and confusion.   The balancing of the male /female energies in TRUTH have begun in earnest and they move and shift all that is not TRUTH to the very surface of your BEing.


It is to be noted that in order to move into a New Earth the requirement is to let go and therefore release ALL paradigms that have prevented the balancing of the male/female in TRUTH. For those of you who managed to access tonight’s Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show, you will have heard me explain the release that is occurring within the human vehicle are the teachings that have sat at an unconscious mind level and play out through your human life experience.   It is to be remembered that ALL that occurs within the human life experience within the old 3D earth created reality is a MIRROR image of that which was created OFF PLANET.


Many of you may be continually releasing residue only for it to re-occur within your waking life experience, this is due to the ORIGIN point being OFF PLANET.  View it  like brushing your hair in the mirror, to release the frequency only on planet earth is akin to trying to brush the hair of your reflection only. It is not possible, you have to release the frequency at its POINT OF ORIGIN.  It is very easy indeed to only reference this human life experience, after all your human logical mind only has this life time to reference, it believes only what it sees through the eyes of your human vehicle and has NO reference points for that which is playing out AT POINT OF ORIGIN.   Therefore only by moving into your heart space can you illuminate that which is playing out, for your SOUL can reference ALL life times no matter their origin.




Movement into the New Earth frequency reality of your choice (choice is made at SOUL level) is determined by your frequency.  As you approach the frequency required to move to the portal your SOUL will begin to illuminate that which is preventing the manifestation of your DREAM in TRUTH, it is NOT POSSIBLE to move through the portal to the New Earth frequencies whilst carrying any of the teachings of the old 3D earth created reality.  You will find yourself stuck in loops of behaviour/patterns of creation which ignite much frustration and possibly feelings of grief, abandonment and betrayal within you.  Indeed many of you may be playing these out in your human life through the actions of those around you.   These are illuminating in order that you SEE the patterns clearly and take action to disconnect and release the patterns, this must be done by releasing from the POINT OF ORIGIN of these patterns.

It is also to be noted that just because you cannot see a frequency does not negate said frequency, the patterns are there to HELP YOU, you can only release that which YOU can SEE, until that moment it remains hidden within you.   The lead up to the EQUINOX will now intensify in order to move you into place at a very physical human level. For many of you this may take you to what you interpret as breaking point, only in breaking the hard shell that you have been taught to place around your heart space can you allow the expansion and evolution that your SOUL is now crying out for. You did not come here to remain contained and suppressed, you came here to experience expansion and take part in the evolution of the human race in TRUTH.

For those of you who align with the portal of 528 mhz of the New Earth I provide various tools to help you align and achieve the necessary alignment including personal recoding sessions. (For more information please visit

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.


The Group via Channeler Steve Rother – The Golden Key – The Balance of Power – 7-17-14



Found At  –


 “. . . you are creator beings. You are walking, conscious creators on planet Earth, and the beauty of it is you have the ability to create everything in front of you.” The Group


A Higher Vision

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time. I have moved forward into what you call the group because today I will speak of where you are at this junction of time and space, which is so beautiful. You have been here before to experience very similar energies. Now is a unique time, because many of these challenges on Earth have come from the junctions where realities cross and leave permanent imprints. Let us explain.

Your Multidimensional Nature

You are multidimensional in nature. You look at yourself and see only one being, though of course you are not just one being. You are multiples; you are 11, let’s say for the sake of argument. With all of these beings going on at one time it is actually a grand torus. almost as if you had 11 different rays of light all moving together. Although you see time as linear on your planet, it is actually in the form of a torus. We will just call it ‘linear,’ because with your limited perceptions that is how you view time.

You see it as past, present and future only because you see a line. Well, we will use your illustration for this. Of course, with the past, present and future, only one of those is real; the present You can remember when you were three years old. You can also imagine what it is going to be like when you get much older than you are right now, so you prepare yourself and move accordingly. Do you know why you age in your physical body? Because you expect to, dear ones. Not too long ago the Keeper heard someone on TV say, “I am 70 years old but, of course, 70 is the new 50—is it not?” You are re-defining everything in your world and this is perfect, as it should be. Understand that where you are right now is very unique. Let us explain why.

Crossing of Dimensional Lines

Go back to the concept of a line for just a moment, and imagine a linear line. Your other 10 dimensions of time and space are next to yours and on similar lines. Dear ones, where those lines have crossed and when they cross, they leave permanent imprints on each other. These are very unique moments and greatest stories in your history you share.. These stories, such as the one about your Garden of Eden, never change and continue throughout all of humanity Although many of you have greatly misinterpreted that one, it is true and how it evolved was beautiful indeed. It was the story of your first exercise in density, and you have had many of these throughout your history. Your greatest teachers on Earth, those whom you call masters, are simply lines that have crossed each other at different moments. These multidimensional lines, which have always been separate until now, are starting to cross. So you are currently seeing a tremendous amount of this in your lifetimes; this was the greatest hope of all that you could be here at this time.

Many of you on the other side of the veil stood in a long line so you could come here to experience the possibility of multiple lines crossing at the same time. We have described the multidimensional nature of humanity before; we have also told you that the veil between them, the walls between your dimensions, are thinning. You are starting to have this bleed through where you’re feeling things that are not quite yours. As this has happened you have lost a bit of your security or sureness of yourselves, because those walls provided you structure that is no longer there in the same way. However, it does mean that you can start perfecting yourselves in new ways. Although none of these individual lines carry all of the truth, together you are a perfect being. It could very easily be said that you had to divide your perfection in order to be here on planet Earth, to play this game of pretending to be a human. You are doing rather well. In fact, you have some very unique opportunities.

Three Steps Forward

There have been waves on planet Earth before where you have gone through similar exercises; sometimes they turned into what you have called very negative experiences. Know, dear ones, that you are in charge. That is the message we want you to have today. No matter what you see coming, no matter any difficulties we share with you in upcoming messages, know that you are in charge. How does one take charge of their lives? You have been trying since you were born with somewhat limited success, or so you might think.

No, that is not true. The reality is that you are exactly where you wanted to be. Now you measure yourselves in different ways so you might say, “Oh, I wanted more money. I wanted more excitement in my job. I wanted a relationship that could actually be on the same level as me.” You have all these ideas of your success but we tell you, dear ones, you are in the perfect place. You are in the space that you wanted to be when you came down to Earth in this incarnation. So, how do you take charge of that? How does one bring joy back into their lives?

Well, dear ones, at many times it is seeing things from a different perspective and re-evaluating. There is a trick in this which we have spoken of many times: you are creator beings. You are walking, conscious creators on planet Earth, and the beauty of it is you have the ability to create everything in front of you. Most of you have tried very hard to prove us wrong when we say that. “Oh, I have done everything that you said. I have done every part of it, read the books and followed the ABCs of creation. I have taken the courses and have the credentials.” You have done all the things that you thought you needed to step forward with the exception of one: responsibility. How do you take responsibility for where you are?

When you are in a situation that you do not cherish or are not happy with, the first thing to understand is that you purposely put yourself there. The second thing to understand is that you can change it. Now if you say, “Okay, I am going to sit down and change this whole thing. I do not like where I am. I am going to shift the energy this day, then, I will turn around and teach it to other people.” Most of you are wired that way, for you have come to Earth many lifetimes. Most of you are teachers at heart, yet you do not completely learn the lessons until you turn around and teach them to someone else. That is the way you think, which is very beautiful. You are part of each other.

The challenge comes when you put yourself on a higher or lower level than the people that you teach. You are all part of one another, so how does one assume a level? The first thing to do, dear ones, is to ask yourself: “What was I trying to accomplish to get here?” You may know the actions and mistakes it took to get here and have vowed not to make those mistakes again. However, the reality is that your spirit led you there intentionally. The fact that many of you are in challenging situations right now would seem that there is a difficult energy on Earth, but you asked for this. You not only asked for the energies, changes, and shifts to place you here, but you asked to be one of the very few here in a physical form to experience this moment.

The Golden Key

There are many ways that you can change your reality. The first is to take responsibility for it, and to know that your spirit placed you there for a reason; the second is to change your perspective on it. Do you understand how many beings on Earth have a job that they dislike? They say, “Oh, if only I were wealthy I did not have to work at all. , then I could really make a difference on Earth.

I could really teach what I came to teach.” Perhaps you have a contract at work? Perhaps there are people you agreed to meet and they are just waiting for you to speak the words you promised to. But you think you have to get another job before you can speak your truth. The key is to first find the joy in wherever you are now. Yes, if you take an inventory, joy may be a small portion and discontent may be the larger piece. You may say you still want to change but you cannot change, dear ones, until you find that spark of light. That is the piece we want to share with you today.

First take responsibility for where you are, knowing that you are in the perfect place. Oh, some of you do not like that and would much rather be in a gentler place, an easier spot where the energy used to flow like in the olden days. We will tell you that the olden days were not quite as joyous as you think. You had to carry a very low vibration, for sometimes ignorance is truly bliss, and. Although you may have been in a blissful state, you were also very ignorant and it was difficult to understand what the energy was.

All of humanity has risen in recent years and months. As a result, many of you are disjointed; you feel as if you lost your magic, wondering where to go from here. You do not quite know what is next, but you are closer than you think. There is a golden key and until you find it, you will not move your circumstances or change. Take responsibility and know that you can only find the golden key by experiencing all that you have just gone through. You may not be happy with the circumstances and you still may wish to change, but that is perfect. Look for the key.

How do you find the golden key? These are the crystals you have placed on your path. Sometimes they jump out at you and other times you have to become good at acceptance in order to receive them. You tend to look at something and say, “Oh, this is not going to do me any good. I need something over here, not over there.” Until you find the light in the moment and live in the now moment, you will repeat the same situation over and over again because that is the cycle. When we tell you about the grand torus and the way it moves together in all 11 dimensions of your time and space, you must understand that each part is made up of a circle. Time is truly circular, dear ones, not linear. Therefore, when you experience something difficult, we guarantee you it will repeat until you find that golden key. When you are able to change your perception of it and find that one glimmer of hope then use it. These are the ways of the new world; these are the ways of the empowered humans, for you are making space on your planet, dear ones.

A New Balance

There is a balance arriving of masculine and feminine in an entirely new way. It has come in before because all the energies have, in waves. Previously you had such a low vibration that you were not able to use it, for it completely overwhelmed you. You ended up in a grand war, which was very difficult. That does not have to happen or work in the same way this time. You are the creator beings; you are the ones creating every moment of your lives through your perception and an individual part of this grand torus, which is yours. Together you are complete and perfect, living on the planet of imperfection.

It is not possible for you to carry that, so you hid it in different parts of yourself. Now is a beautiful time, because many of these energies can finally cross each other. So what happens when one of your energies cross and you meet another you or another part of yourself? You become aware of some of your perfection in the most beautiful ways. This is what is ahead and what many of you will be teaching. If you believe you are lacking something in your life then you feel, “Oh, I am not good at this aspect of being a human. I am very good at this part but this part over here is very difficult, because it has always been an enigma for me. I have never been able to figure this one out.” You can know that there is another part of you that has already mastered that part, when you come to these beautiful junctions where these lines cross as they are just starting to do.

You will see the signs in many ways including astrological. And you will see many of the imprints of this opening, for it is starting a new energy on planet Earth. It will be a time when you can fully awaken from the dream. Even if you were awake today, what would you do with it? That is the question. Why wait? Play in your mastery now. Claim it by taking responsibility for exactly where you are and knowing that you are here for a reason. Even in this junction of time and space, though this density seems to have taken over your cares and your worries on planet Earth, know that you are here on purpose.

Look around you, dear ones. There may only be one person that you are here to meet in this particular moment. Make that connection. Pass on that ray of light, or receive that gift from them and it will change everything. How do you direct it? You will learn that through every aspect of yourselves, because you are becoming perfect. You are starting to cross dimensions within yourself in every moment, dear ones, especially during those things that you call challenges. Now is the time to look for that golden key; search for that one aspect that you can only reach by placing yourself in that position. Even if it does not seem all that beautiful to you, find another way of looking upon it.

Are you aware that you create something every time you open your eyes and focus? The universe does not exist in the way you think it does. Look around you. I am looking at some of the things on the Keeper’s desk right now; I see pens, letter openers, and what he calls mice. The truth is, that those atoms are scattered in a random pattern. They are moving around all the time, but it is only when he looks at them and expects to see something that they jump together to make those items that he perceives. So, what would it take for you to expect something different? Expect a miracle. It means changing your thought patterns, changing the way you think about time.

Creator Beings that Age

The only reason you age in your physical bodies, dear ones, is because you expect to. You think that is what is necessary. You will find this very soon, for these are the gifts that many of your own parental races have had in the 8-12 foot range on planet Earth. Many of them are re-turning, dear ones. Does that mean you will have a space ship landing on CNN? Well, we really do not think so. But what it means is that you will start to re-member some of the magic in you. You will start to understand your true nature. Look at yourselves in the mirror and you see a limited aging being moving down a linear timeframe.

Start to understand that time is circular, which is the reason you repeat things in your lives. So, if you missed it and you made a mistake, do not judge yourself. God does not judge himself/herself, for that is insanity. Leave it go and know that it will repeat through the natural, circular time and you will have many opportunities to do it if you take the pressure off. You will start seeing things from a different perspective. You will dare to go out and make lots of good mistakes. Now you will start to see your truth then you will start to understand who you truly are and in those moments, we will turn around and offer it to each other.

This is the Age of Empowerment, dear ones. It is here in a very clear way. It is here for all humans, most of which are confused by it at this moment. It came in during an incredible wave that we spoke of it 11 years before it came in. You knew it was coming in this lifetime, which is why you placed yourself here. Welcome Home. Welcome to the New Earth. We will help you understand not by teaching you or by giving you new pieces, but by simply helping you re-member what you wanted to do when you first came here.

Those are the golden keys that each of you carry. Some of you brought them into the clan that you were a part of, while others brought specific rays of light to planet Earth. Many of you are from the Family of E, the Family of truth and empowerment, here to help all of humanity take this next step into empowerment and create the new world. It has already begun, which is why you are here. Celebrate it! Celebrate the situations which you believe are difficult, and doing so will help you change your perspective. It may confuse some people in the beginning, but once you are able to see it from the viewpoint of a conscious creator then it changes right before your eyes. This is the magic that all of you hold.

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. We applaud you, dear ones. You have no idea how very special you are. You have made a veil of forgetfulness. Many of you wear it proudly, and we tell you it is starting to fade. We applaud you and are here with big smiles on our faces as you start to awaken from the dream, wiping the sleep from your eyes. You are taking charge, for a new world is here. Welcome Home. Look for those beautiful keys, those golden keys to help you create a life of your choosing. Celebrate Home, dear ones, and celebrate who you are in this now moment.

Espavo. I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”






Lincoln Gergar – Living in Balance with Life, Spiritual Selves

To honor the Spring Solstice, the Higher Self will teach us how to create balance in our lives by living with a deeper spiritual connection. Understand the changes and challenges in your life in a new way. Find peace, clarity and freedom.

There are many teachings on creating balance and living in balance, but this Higher Self teaching is unique. Most other teachings will tell you to do something to create balance, such as imagining some colors, lights or imaginary scenes from your life, but the Higher Self guidance is deeper and more effective. Instead of using the mind or body to force balance onto the external world, we will learn how to truly cooperate with life by allowing our higher consciousness to guide us.

This Higher Self video examines the human experience in relation to the ever-changing world of forms. Often the forms of the world, our possessions, money, other people, our jobs, our families and life situations cause us to feel imbalanced and in stress. Most people try to create balance by two fundamental behaviors: detachment (solitary meditation, avoidance, denial, isolation, escape, etc.) or attachment (action, force, speech, argument, anger, imagination exercises, energy healing, etc.). These two actions of “moving away from” and “moving towards” form the foundation of free will choice and human life. These movements will create changes in our lives, but often they are not fully effective.

There is a third way that involves expanded consciousness, unconditional love, acceptance, clarity and wisdom. It is this third way that is rarely taught, yet the most effective way to create balance in our lives. This Higher Self video teaches you this third way to balance.

For those viewers who have studied ancient spirituality, you may find that some of the themes in this Higher Self video are similar to areas of Taoism, Native American and indigenous spiritual teachings. These concepts of natural harmony and living in balance are taught by the most ancient spiritual teachers in humanity. However in modern times, much of these teachings are ignored or unknown. Modern man lives in a state of constant externalization and action. This video will help you to connect deeper within to find your state of freedom, and then from this place allow life to guide you into balance. This is the path of wisdom and cooperation that leads to harmony, peace and balance.

Blessings and Love.

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

March 20, 2014

Spring Solstice: Living in Balance with Life and Spiritual Selves

The Higher Self Teachings are presented by Lincoln Gergar, the channel for Higher Self. Since 2007 Lincoln has shared nearly 2,000 free spiritual teachings to help human beings evolve on their spiritual paths. The Higher Self Teachings provide a direct spiritual path that will connect you to your Higher Self, increase your experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power. The Higher Self is our Inner Guru, our connection to God Within.

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LIORA – Balance and Neutrality – Angelic Attunement Message

LIORA·84 videos
Angelic Ascension Message & Attunement by Liora. Activating Light codes attune your etheric body as Liora harmonically chants..the name of AA Jophiel…with angelic ascension message. Alchemy sessions to embody the pure vibrational balance..all details @

Your True Nature – Your Ascension Process – dero7

dero7·161 videos

Activating your DNA directly effects your Reality and what you perceive as Real. In understanding your true potential all Doubts and false beliefs are cast aside. The Greatest Gift one can receive is one that comes from within. “Your Heart” 🙂

Wes Annac – Heightened Energy – A Balanced Ego – 11-22-13


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The recommended audio version of this article can be found here.

Vibrant spiritual energy is in the air right now, and we can make an effort to attune to it and feel its amazing effects because we’re unlimited vessels for it.

I have a feeling that we’ve always been meant to access and benefit from the pure energy we have the full ability to absorb, and I can say from personal experience that tapping into it not only feels wonderful, but provides numerous benefits for us along our journey.

Can you feel the good vibration in the air? Has it been as brimming and blatant for you as it has been for me? I feel like this vibration we’re being given is becoming purer by the day, and this goes along with what we’ve been told by our higher-dimensional sources.

For me, one of the biggest effects this increasingly pure energy is having is on my expression. Thoughts, ideas and feelings are flowing through me quite effortlessly, and as I’ve said in the past, I’d almost feel selfish not to share this overflow of positive energy and resulting clear-headedness with you all.

I’ve been enjoying articulating myself more with each day that passes, and as is probably clear, I’ve felt led to expand this articulation by recording audio clips and things of that nature much more. It feels great to say the least to be a part of this growing movement of conscious people looking to establish a new paradigm, and it feels even better to be able to contribute as directly as I’m blessed to be able to.

The energy being delivered to our planet from the higher dimensions seems to be getting purer as humanity subsequently rises in consciousness, and I have a feeling that I’m not the only one being vastly affected, for better or worse, by the latest round of it.

I couldn’t talk about this energy without mentioning that it has and will continue to test us immensely, and for me, this testing is coming about in a way that’s intended to see me release the final vestiges of ego that desire control over my experience.

As we’re beginning to learn, ego and some of its derivatives, such as materiality, aren’t necessarily “bad” things. The ego is the mind, which comes from a place of identity, and seems necessary for us to Live under and utilize as we go about this experience.

It’s the extent to which we let ego or materialistic desires overpower and run us that determine their potential malevolence, but they can be appreciated and worked with in a healthy and balanced manner to produce an enjoyable Life.

If we Live from a constant place of ego and self-service, we’ll only make our Lives harder until we learn the reality and importance of acting from the sacred heart space and utilizing ego in the healthy and balanced manner it’s intended to be utilized in.

Letting materiality consume us only turns us into consumerist zombies, but consumerism itself doesn’t have to be all-out rejected. My objective isn’t to argue in favor of consumerism here, but to offer a different perspective of it that I’m certainly not the first to offer (thanks to comedian Russell Brand for the inspiration).

Technically, you’re “consuming” this article as you read these words. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

I think that this heightened energy is leading us to see different concepts, such as ego and materiality, in a newer and perhaps more balanced light. You’re encouraged not to let yourself be consumed by material things or desires, but I don’t think we’re intended to deny ourselves certain aspects of our Earthly experience that simply come with the territory.

The heightened energy is also leading the aforementioned growing number of conscious people to step up and proclaim our dissatisfaction with the old paradigm in the various forms it’s come about, as displayed by the recent global protest against the mainstream media (though it’s certainly not the only thing displaying this).

Geopolitical and spiritual awareness are growing as we’re led to understand various things in a new light, and as always, I look forward to seeing where this interesting time takes us.

Wes Annac – Blessed to be here with you all.

MahaChohan Ragoczy – Soul-mates, Alchemy, Dark Aspects – Labor Shift of Earth, Consciousness – Channeled by Méline Lafont



MahaChohan Ragoczy through Méline Lafont


For dutch/nederlands:


Greetings, I am the one that goes by the name of the MahaChohan Ragoczy and I am here representing the will and the law of Unconditional Love for all of you. Let’s blend all of our hearts together in the function of the unconditional and the eternal. God be with you in the heart, for you are God in heart.


I am present in order to provide a message, to give you an insight concerning all the tumultuous matters taking place these days upon your world. What is taking place in your reality concerns the striking and unmistakable evolutions which are trying to find a place in your minds and in your environment in order to be understood and accepted as an element of the Ascension process.


The more ‘dark’ sides of yourself are most specifically those distinctive parts of your Being that request to be heard and that clutch to you to get your attention. They want to be seen, accepted and acknowledged as an intrinsic part of your Being for they have always been repelled and denied, even pushed off as if they were something that is not you. Those distinctly ‘lower’ parts of you are not to be repelled, they only have to be accepted as you, as a functional part of your Being that functions and assists through this polarity which in itself is an expression of the duality.


That’s why it is important to recognize those ‘dark’ parts of yourself and to accept them as yourself as this is the only way to bring everything again into a state of balance and to love yourself unconditionally. All those ‘dark’ aspects in incarnation as well as in the etheric realms contribute to your spiritual growth and evolution by showing you all the facets of your versatile self, your multidimensional Self. This is important in order to let you play and experience the game in duality, so it’s far much better to use them in other/loving ways and to cooperate with them rather than to repel them and see them as something outside of you,


The only difference now will be that your ‘darker’ aspects will no longer be the leading force as they have been in your previous lives; on the contrary, now those ‘darker’ aspects are changing their roles and are contributing in the background and no more on the forefront. What will emerge now are the more ‘lighted’ aspects and your Higher Self with who you are now in the process of forming a close connection and hence this part of your Being will completely take on the task of experiencing and expressing this other side of your Self.


You find yourselves now in the equilibrium point of this polarization and you are aspiring to reach that equilibrium, that point of neutrality after which you can expand again into any form of the Light. This happens not only on an etheric level but also in the physical embodiment and that’s the reason there is talk of a noticeable change of the physical vessel changing more and more into a lightbody which will be tangible for the naked eye.


This is the transformation, it is the Alchemical process of the polarization to unity and in unity, The expansion of the lightbody from your inner heart moving through the dense physical body is an Alchemical process in which the physical body, itself comprised of matter and dense energy, again starts to assimilate itself into the physical aspect that it carries and executes, whereafter it multiplies itself with the energetic values of the completion and immediately dispenses and splits into a form of light that carries the values and charges of your energetic expression, your blueprint or rather, your essential Self in the expression of Light,


The Alchemical process is beyond the power of the existing words used by common folk to give an adequate explanation as it rather is a process of Being or more specifically a process of doing by Being. It is that ; nothing more, nothing less. You don’t need to do anything but being your Self, the being you truly are from your heart and not from your mind through what you think you are.


That’s why the Masters keep on stressing the value of your Self, of Love, of Self-acceptance and of Self-worth, It is a very important concept in the process of Ascension to truly appreciate the physical aspect in all of this. It is not easy, it certainly isn’t a child’s play to perform this Alchemical process under the constant pressure of the inflow of energies while living in a physical, dense embodiment that cannot withstand much pressure.


Master Saint Germain is one of the few and He is a most famous Ascended Master who has been able to accomplish this process with his physical vessel. That’s why he contributes largely to this process of Ascension and why he is essential in this Golden Age of Aquarius. It is certainly not a coincidence that he represents this golden Age and that he is in service to all of you as he knows as no other how to regularly change a physical body into a lightbody and vice versa with and through the physical aspect.


For years Saint Germain was an apprentice of mine in my Holy Retreat, right on time to be prepared for this moment of NOW. And together we will proceed on behalf of all of you, both of our energies connected into One. We have shared incarnations as One and the same, a fact that is not readily known on your world, but is known now by telling you this.


The Alchemical process will ensure many mergers which will take place on deep and still unknown levels with other aspects of your Being, that you can also find in others. That’s the reason why all of a sudden many soulmates are finding each other in this life and even more than one soulmate because each of you has multiple soulmates. Also included is the connection with the one and only Twin Flame because firstly connections will be made with the parts of the joint aspects that someone shares with a soul mate as it functions as a kind of merger in consciousness by coming together one way or the other in your current incarnation.


Don’t be afraid when multiple soulmates enter your life rather than just one as you have many soul aspects of yourself and your Twin Flame, that are hiding, as it were, in those soulmates. The connection with those aspects ensures that you recognize yourself in them and that brings an acceptance and self-love in its wake and contributes to the completion of the mergers and the reunion with your Twin Flame. This pertains also to the Alchemical process as everything is a reflection of energy and charges, discharges and creations.


Your masculinity will increasingly give way to your femininity, entailing some distresses as this occurs with every new birth. You are now smack dab in those distresses which will intensify ever more and will occur ever faster, like contractions function during a labor of giving birth. That is the signal of how close the birth of the New World with Gaia and humanity becomes reality. Take deep breaths between shifts, they now follow in rapid succession so keep your focus and your strength intact by way of meditation and a healthy lifestyle so even your physical aspect can enjoy it and can switch without any complications.


Each process that completes itself now is a result of old energies that have to depart and are becoming obsolete in this timeframe. It concerns karmic or discordant energies which have been depleted and misused in such a way that they can no longer function in this reality nor in yourself. Let it be, let it find its way out, let it become aware it is dysfunctional so it again can be incorporated in the source whereafter it can manifest again in necessary energies on Earth.


I Am MahaChohan Ragozcy and my Being is always with you.



 Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

The Hathors – Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes – How You can



Found at Pleiadiaans Love Blog

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

*Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events.  As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.

By their very nature all Chaotic Nodes are challenging to biological systems. This particular Chaotic Node is especially challenging due to numerous factors we have mentioned in previous Planetary Messages. While the challenges to your eco-system, financial systems and cultural institutions are increasing, in this message we will focus on one specific area—memory and cognitive function.

The accelerated escalation of this current Chaotic Node is being driven by a shift in your Sun’s magnetic field—a reversal of its magnetic poles to be precise. This is a cyclic occurrence and takes place approximately every 11 years. The next shifting of your Sun’s magnetic fields is close at hand, and this will set off a series of significant energetics.

Due to an intimate relationship between your Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields, you are caught in a type of cosmic vice. This is due to the fact that memory is a function of magnetic fields—both internal magnetic fields as generated by your nervous system and external magnetic fields such as that of Earth. Furthermore human memory is greatly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field.

Due to the fact that the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Sun are fluctuating, you may be experiencing cognitive challenges. These challenges may show up as temporary glitches in short term memory, an inability to sequence tasks in the ways you are used to, and a tendency to emotional volatility or instability, especially during periods of high fluctuations in the Earth’s and/or the Sun’s magnetic fields.

The energetic relationship between the Sun’s magnetic field and that of your Earth is a truly complex and fascinating area of inquiry. But for the purpose of this message, which is practical in nature, we will not go into the details of this relationship. But let us summarize this complex relationship between the Sun and the Earth this way—your Sun is affected by the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in truth, a black hole. This black hole ejects various forms of energy into your galaxy, which then passes through your solar system and directly affects your Sun. There is then a cascade of energy from your Sun to your Earth, and so from our perspective, the fluctuations of your Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields are catalyzed by the Central Sun of your galaxy.  As human beings, as biological organisms, you are very much affected by this cosmic process.

As your current Chaotic Node further escalates, many of you will experience more cognitive disturbances and emotional volatility or confusion. These states of dis-equilibrium can last for a few moments, a few hours, or in the case of major fluctuations, it can last for days. These are indeed trying times for embodied beings upon your Earth.

What we wish to share with you in this message is a simple, practical and highly effective technique for re-establishing balance and equilibrium within the neural pathways of your brain. Think of it as a counter-force to chaos. This method only requires three minutes of your time. If you engage this technique a few times a day, you will find that it imparts a kind of balance. You can repeat this technique throughout the day whenever you wish, especially when you feel imbalanced or cognitively challenged. We do not suggest that you engage this method before going to sleep as it tends to enliven your mental processes, and this could make sleep problematic.

The Method

This method engages your pranic tube, which extends from the crown of your head down through the center of your body to your perineum, which is located midway between your anus and your genitals. This channel (i.e., the pranic tube) follows the central axis of your body’s magnetic field.

If you put your thumb and first or second finger together and form a circle, this is approximately the size of your pranic tube. This energy channel is a conduit for connecting celestial and terrestrial energies.

Another part of the method engages a platonic solid called the octahedron. An octahedron is an eight-sided solid that is essentially two square-based pyramids that are joined at their bases. Octahedrons naturally occur in many crystalline and molecular structures.   We have referred to octahedrons in previous messages especially when we discussed the Holon of Balance. At a subtle energy level octahedrons impart balance.

In this method you imagine an octahedron in the center of your head. It is about one inch (or two centimeters) in height. This imagined octahedron is in the center of your head, and interestingly this is also the location of your pineal gland. The octahedron and your pineal gland also sit within your pranic tube.


The method involves drawing subtle energies from Earth’s magnetic field into the pranic tube via your perineum, and then drawing this subtle energy upward into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. At the same time, subtle energies from the Sun’s magnetic field enter through the crown of your head and descend into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. When these two subtle energies meet within the octahedron, they create an alchemical reaction. Through the structure of the octahedron, the energy released is balancing in nature, and this balancing effect extends throughout your entire nervous system. It is a very simple yet highly effective and elegant method.

At first it may seem cumbersome but once you get the feel of it the method will be as natural as breathing. There are five steps to the method.

Step One: Get a sense of your pranic tube that runs from the crown at the top of your head through the center of your body down to your perineum. Then extend the tube into the Earth. Some of you may find it entering into the Earth just a few inches while some of you may find it descending to the very center of the Earth. It does not matter how far into the Earth your pranic tube descends so long as it makes contact with the Earth.

Step Two: You then extend the upper portion of your pranic tube past your crown to your BA point (a cosmic portal or stargate), which is located above your head in the region where your fingers would touch were you to raise your arms directly above your head. (Note: Raising your hands above your head is for reference purposes only. You do not keep your hands raised when engaging the method.)

Step Three: You imagine an octahedron, which is about one inch (or two centimeters) tall, in the center of your head. This will be the primary focus of your attention during the method.

Step Four: This action is done solely through intention. It may help to silently say this phrase, “Through my own volition I set my worlds in motion.” You then inhale naturally, allowing subtle energy from the Earth to move up your pranic tube into the octahedron while simultaneously allowing subtle energy to descend from the top of your pranic tube via the BA point into the octahedron. Understand that you are drawing in subtle energies related to Earth’s magnetic field and the Sun’s magnetic field.

Step Five: As these two energies meet in the octahedron, which is located in the center of your head, let yourself feel the pulse or the merging of these two subtle energies. When you exhale allow this combined energy to flow outward into your brain and into your nervous system according to its own nature. By this we mean it has an innate intelligence and will flow where it needs to go if you allow it.

Depending upon your level of sensitivity you might feel a sensation of energy in the center of your head. You might experience this as a palpable energy moving through your brain. You might very well sense pulses of light emitted from the octahedron. And, in some cases, the octahedron might begin to spin or rotate. These are all positive signs. If your octahedron begins to move, spin or rotate, keep it localized in the center of your head. While it is possible to travel into other dimensions using the octahedron, in this method you keep the octahedron localized in the center of your head. This is so that the energies built within the octahedron will flow into your brain and nervous system. This will impart balancing energies and enliven the neural networks of your brain, helping to strengthen your cognitive processes, memory and emotional stability.

This simple method can be a great ally to you as you pass through the next phase of this Chaotic Node. From our perspective this Chaotic Node is increasing in a geometric progression, meaning that it is getting ever more intense. The levels of chaos upon your Earth (i.e., social unrest, political conflict, ecological stress, monetary insecurity, scarcity of resources, etc.,) are all escalating at an ever-faster rate. This will put undue stress upon your biological systems.

We strongly suggest you make this simple method part of your day-to-day life. It is better to pass through the portals of chaos with your mental and emotional abilities intact.

The Hathors
October 14, 2013


Spirit Man, Spirit Woman – Inner Technology


Heartflow 2013 Blog  /   October 11, 2013 by

One way to be spirit man/spirit woman is to open up the present moment. The present moment opens up to us and takes us into a different world when we allow the daily fluff to dissipate. The daily fluff consists of the myriad thoughts that make up the human conditioned thought-stream. There is a certain way of looking at this thought-stream without being immersed in it.

This is the inner technology: I have stopped. I am now in the middle of the stream, standing knee-deep in the flow and I am facing the current. It is significant that I am knee-deep in the stream. This means that I am no longer a tiny particle being swept along downstream toward the destination, which is death. I have stood up in the middle of the stream and am now able to look at the stream of thoughts/emotions flowing along all around me. I have stood up means that I am sovereign – no longer at the mercy of the flow. Feel this sovereignty and how it feels to be the True Person, the one you were one hundred years before you were born.

I am facing the current means that I am not being driven by this thought-current. I am facing it in my sovereignty, calm and resolute, free of all fear and doubt. Thoughts are still flowing in their normal way but I am not flowing with them as I did while I was in the trance state. I am not moving; the mind is moving. This sensation of being in the mind stream but not caught by the thought-flow dynamic is deeply freeing. I can now observe the stream.

So many people say that they have difficulty stopping the mind, stopping thinking. This experience radically changes that perspective. First of all I now have taken the perspective that there is a mental/emotional stream that has its own existence, one could say, that is independent of mine. This is not absolutely true, but to take this perspective at this time is an important step in the inner technology.  I see that stream as the flow of human consciousness, not the flow of a single human individual, although it does feel personal when one is immersed in it.

Secondly, I have now taken my stance as that First Principle Energy, which calls itself “I”. This “I” is the substratum of energy that is the foundation and the source of all transient forms. When I stand in the middle of the thought-stream as “I”, then I am not moved by the turbulences of the current in the stream. Now I can move up the stream, against the current, so to speak, or human conditioning. I move against the flow towards its source.

The source is where the first thought-form springs when I leave the deep-sleep state and enter the manifest world of forms. The first thought-form is the “I” thought, and initially it is pure, without attachments. However, upon opening our eyes to the forms around us, this “I” thought very quickly Velcro’s on to the next sub-thought, which is something like, “I am this” or “I am that”. Then its energy is co-opted and is no longer the First Principle energy in purity. Standing up in the middle of the stream allows us to detach ourselves from the impurities and stand as the pure energy of Spirit Man/Spirit Woman.


Heartflow 2013 Blog

Leija Turunen – Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Through Balancing Your Male/ Female Energies

LeijaTurunen·164 videos

I have so much to say on the topic of male/ female energies (yin & yang), so I will be making more videos on this topic in the future. =) For now I wanted to make a quick video sharing some of my thoughts on the importance of balancing male/ female energies if one has a desire to manifest a more balanced, harmonic, joyful, love-filled, abundant life! 🙂

Now let me clarify that just because I talk about how important it is to strive for balance, it doesn’t mean that if, for example, you’re a married female, that you have to do everything that your husband does. Say your husband prefers to do all the repairs around the house & fixing of broken technology… well, there’s nothing wrong with that. I know a lot of men who love that stuff. I’m not trying to be sexist here- I’m simply stating this as a fact. It’s ok to have roles in a relationship to a certain degree, as long as both parties are happy and balanced. If you are a female and prefer to do all the fixing of stuff around the house, that’s great! These things shouldn’t be made out to be a big deal. Whatever makes you happy! 😉

The balance of male to female energies is going to be different for everyone, and generally women are going to be more on the feminine side than men, and men more on the masculine side. But within those two genders, striving for more balance is important. Both men & women have male & female energies and need both energies within to create & stay healthy. 🙂

One of my next videos on the topic of male/ females will be on the importance of recognizing the conditioning a lot of us have received in terms of what is generally considered acceptable male/ female emotions. Ie. Recognizing the stereotype in our society that says it’s ok for men to express anger, but to express sadness or sensitivity is a sign of weakness… but it’s ok for women to express sadness or sensitivity. Of course this is nonsense, but very prevalent in our world today. I want to touch upon this topic and share my advice on how to bring about more balance in these areas. I will be making a video on this when I have the time. FYI: I’m super busy these days, so I’m not sure when that will be.

Overall, our planet is way too male energy dominated (obviously many parts of the world aren’t) but unfortunately it’s the overall male energies that have been ruling the planet for a long time & that have had so much power over this planet as a whole. (A lot of these male energies have been mixed in with a lot of fear and have created a lot of destruction.) However, I feel that things are beginning to shift as more of us these days are realizing the importance of connecting to our spiritual, loving side of ourselves.

I felt inspired to talk a little bit about male/ female energies after my wonderful husband Felipe made a video on the topic-…

BTW, the music in this video is by Cora Flora. 🙂…

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Balance your male/ female energies with the 528 Hz Golden Om Fractal 🙂…

Dr. Rajwant Singh – Finding Balance – Becoming Fearless

spiritthon·29 videos

Dr. Rajwant Singh, Washington, DC, USA, presenting the Sikh perspective on life’s problems and their solutions. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Guru of the Sikhs, points towards a life which can be lived in a balanced manner and not being swayed by polarities in life. One becomes fearless and becomes capable of handling all challenges. Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru shows the way of becoming an inner yogi, an inner Sadhu, who does not run away from life but struggles and shows the way to others.

Florida Aerialist Nik Wallenda – Tightrope Walk – Grand Canyon

Ashtanga Yoga – Maria Villella – Finding the Balance on your Hands and in Your Life

findayogateacher·47 videos

In this short clip, Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella talks about the importance of proper technique and finding the balance on your hands and in your life. Maria is seen floating her feet to her hands (in Surya Namaskar), lifting up to jump back from Utkatasana and pressing up into a handstand.

Divine Feminine Vs. Divine Masculine

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Ask Teal Website –

The restoration of balance within the human race is not about decreasing masculine power while increasing feminine power; as if we were sitting on some kind of cosmic scale. Instead, it is about both rising to power simultaneously.

Now you’re probably thinking… “Wait, men have been in power for thousands of years.” What if I told you that this perceptions isn’t true? The truth is that men have not been in power for thousands of years; far from it. Instead, they’ve been stripping power from women for thousands of years.

There is a big difference between gaining power in and of yourself and stripping power from another. When you strip power from someone else by brute force or by manipulative subjugation, you do not increase your power one bit. Instead, your power stays at the same level while you diminish the power of another.

You are not powerful because someone else is weak. It is true that all people, whether they be physically male or physically female have both male and female aspects present within them; this is why from an energetic standpoint, gender is inconsequential. It is also true that one day, our race will have no gender.

But as of now, this polarity actually serves our expansion. We cannot resist what we are and where we are and find balance. Most of us (men) are trying to embrace femininity within ourselves because we resist our masculinity. And most of us (women) are trying to embrace masculinity because we resist our femininity.

So how do we get out of this cycle? We embrace the very thing we’re resisting. The human race is not ready to come into a place of individual androgyny. We must first learn how to embrace the polar expression of ourselves as women and as men.

When both sexes rise to power, one cannot triumph over the other because neither is more powerful than the other. There will be balance.

Cirque du Soleil – Quidam – 2 As One Consciousness

Temudzhin72·3 videos


Miyoko Shida Rigolo – Goddess Manifestation Of Perfect Being

NOTE:  Please give this life moment your total devotion.   Her gift is to You!

José Antonio Hurtado Alcázar·15 videos


System Healing Humanity – Purpose On Earth – Self Education

plsanguinetti10·2 videos

“The full spectrum creation frequencies broadcast through a multitude of reactivated units of human circuitry will subvert
corrupt archetypal references and facilitate the redefintion of God in the human psyque…”

Ave Maria – Ashana

Naraya999·69 videos

The Angelic Salutation ~ Sung by Ashana and the resonant, pure-tone frequencies of her crystal bowls ~ Enjoy the celestial beauty ~ A truly harmonious, healing experience of peace, wellbeing and balance

Adronis – Balancing Positive Negative Energy

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Information Key To Any Reality’s

Brad Johnson Channeling Adronis Star System Sirius
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Bashar Website:

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Awaken The Spirit!

Quiksilver·1,081 videos

At the roots of Quiksilver, whether it’s dropping in to the best surf, shredding on the sickest snow or throwing down the craziest tricks, legends were born and limits were smashed.

World champs Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore along with icons, Tony Hawk, Travis Rice and more from the Quiksilver family are shaping the world of board sports over and over again.

None of this would be worth doing without being able to share the fun, passion, victories and challenges with all our fans, young and old and that’s the way it’s gonna stay! 

The spirit of over 2 million fans already awakened… Follow your passion and join the ride!

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Amy – Natural Living – Costa Rica


MissEcoGlam·50 videos Amy is a truly amazing woman. She has chosen to leave ‘normal’ life behind to move to a beautiful mountain area in Costa Rica where she lives on her own. She sleeps outside underneath her rancho and spends most of her time naked and only eats food that is on her property. She is so fascinating and shares so much knowledge, each time people visit her. You will be inspired after watching and hearing Amy speak and seeing where she lives!
If you stay at you can go visit her!

Unknown Force – Beyond the Limits of Body, Mind and Spirit – UFOTV® Presents


UFOTVstudios·275 videos

From the dawn of time, mystics, shamans and saints have proclaimed that we as human beings have unlimited power at our fingertips but fail to perceive its existence because it is beyond our five senses.

This amazing program presents the early scientists who developing the first technology to measure untapped life force energy that is available to all of human kind, which can revolutionize and improve the quality of our lives in dramatic ways.

This classic filmed paranormal investigation includes stunning extrasensory evidence that can no longer be denied, epic proof of spectacular human potential and amazing demonstrations of life force energy that defy scientific explanation, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers, and the best-known, most credible paranormal authorities in the world during the early days of Paranormal Research.

This Para-Classic presentation is hosted by Jack Palance

Unknown Force – Testing the Limits of Body, Mind and Spirit – NOW on DVD – Cat# K581 – Go to

Acknowledgements: This classic filmed paranormal investigation includes stunning extrasensory evidence that can no longer be denied, epic proof of spectacular human potential and amazing demonstrations of life force energy that defy scientific explanation, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers, and the best-known, most credible paranormal authorities in the world during the early days of Paranormal Research. There early pioneering research stands as a testimony and as an inspiration for future generations of Paranormal Researchers.

A Meditation by Almine: Coming Home to Yourself – Living from the Core of Authenticity

Almine Wisdom·176 videos

This meditation, originally created to work with the Haaraknit, can be used to find your center. Living from your center is the key to authentic living.