Alana Fairchild – The Meaning of Life and Feeling Drunk in Love – – 4-20-15

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Alana Fairchild

The Meaning of Life is what you choose it to be. Life is generous and willing. It listens unconditionally and responds to your every intention, thought and action without judgement. It’s a sort of mirror combined with a personal trainer for your soul.

At some point we are curious about experiencing life more directly, without trying to understand it or give everything that happens a meaning. That can seem frightening to the mind, to drop philosophies and interpretations and just be with what is, incomprehensible as it often seems to be. Yet its profoundly freeing. Living like that invites joy without reason to bubble up from within. You’ll feel drunk in love with Life and you can’t explain it, and you don’t have any need to try and do so. Those are the moments where you and Life have nothing between you, no ideas, no meaning, no words, and all you can do is feel beyond what you can understand. It’s the good kind of crazy, the kind of crazy that frees your mind and soul from fear and empowers you to simply be a presence of love on this planet.

~Alana Fairchild, the singing, dancing spiritual teacher from Australia

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