Body language & confidence: Are you timid, confident or aggressive? By confidence coach Rachel Green

Poor self confidence can be reflected in your body language. Ditch poor self confidence and learn how to look confident, sound confident and appear confident by the way you sit and have eye contact.

Confidence coach, and Founding Director of Confident Woman Australia, Rachel Green and confident woman, orthodontist Shelley Greenway, demonstrate the body language of confidence. They show you the clear difference between being timid, being assertive and confident, and being aggressive.

What do people read into your body language? Do you sound timid, confident or aggressive? When people see you in a meeting do you look ready for action or passive? How does the way you sit influence whether you appear confident or not?

Shelley and Rachel will unlock the secrets of the body language of confidence for you so you don’t appear timid or get ignored in meetings again. Let poor self-confidence be a thing of the past.

Random Subconscious Beliefs vs. Altruistic Detachment (SDA Vlog #3)

CAUTION:  these videos are meant to shake you up a bit.  Try not to judge or take anything personally.

Please explore the wisdom and awareness challenges  on Reese Leysen’s  Channel.

Everything You Know is Wrong (SDA Vlog #1)

From Reactive to Pro-active: Short-Term Memory Management (SDA Vlog #2)

Athene’s Theory of Everything

Personal Light Pillars

Reiki Masters assembled to create a Pillar of Light.  These are among the first of lightworkers to realize the Ascension Process of Dec 21, 2012.   This a partial reposting  of that experience at a private gathering.  Please read the entire post at American Kabuki.


When we started we had five people that were pillared.  By the time the party was over the day after New Year’s Eve we had three Pillared Reiki Masters in the house,   two Pillared Reiki 2s, two pillared Reiki 1s, four Reiki 1s, and one observer.  I don’t know why this spread was important to have in the house, but I felt like the various energy work that we did either attuning, meditating, or just playing set a pretty big stage for the house, the space, and the real work that was about to take place.

So, we started doing a little experiment to show some of the newer folks what they could do now that they have their Reiki attunement and/or Pillar.  I got a giant bowl of water, cleaned off a few quartz crystals and placed them in the water bowl.  The six of us tasted the water.  It tasted like water.  Our well is pretty clean, and I could taste what I think of as a little quartzy taste.  Ok, then we set the intention to let Reiki flow into the bowl and set positive intentions for the next year.  People were filling it with connections to family members, dreams for work they wish they could do, sheer love for their kids and positivity.  After 10-20 minutes of doing that we tasted the water.  It felt exceptionally cold and crisp.  It was rejuvenating.  Despite a raging fire in the house and a very warm temperature the quartz crystals felt ice cold. 

There was one member left in that final group of six who hadn’t been Pillared yet, so we asked if she wanted to be.  She said yes, and so we all got in a circle.  I wanted to have an out of body experience, so I got on a message table and the rest of the group formed around me.  This was the single most powerful session of Reiki I’ve ever felt and I could barely speak the words of the attunement because I felt so uplifted from my body. 

We set it up so that I lead the attunement and after it was done the newest Reiki Master would finish from there.  So, we go through connecting mother earth energy to father sky energy passing through the grid to do it and there is a surge.  When the attunement takes hold and we have a solid connection I let myself elevate, I let the other Master take over the circle.  My arms go limp by my sides, and I start climbing.  Now, I’m not a very good astral projector, but I had a good circle around me, so I was able to get up there and check out the energy from outer space.  What I saw was amazing.  I could see the consciousness grid activated.  I could see it sparking and different parts lighting up.  What I thought I would find was a part of the grid not in tact or not completely on board yet, but I was amazed that the whole thing seemed pretty good to go.  Light was still flickering a little over what I think was Australia, but even there my gut didn’t tell me anything was wrong.  So, I start wandering around trying to feel energetic connections so I could lend a healing hand, and followed a very deep and rich connection down to meet a child that introduced herself as Gaia. 

After I introduced myself she turned more into the lightbody of a normal youngish woman.  In retrospect her youth seemed more born of innocence then of soul age.  I asked if I could give her Reiki and she said yes.  So, I started sending out my best intentions to help heal her, and as I did that my chakras opened up and so did hers.  A beam from each of my Chakras connected mine to hers, and slowly they crept together and the two of us merged as one.  When that happened the people around the table changed from standing above me to actually laying hands.  I didn’t feel like the energy work wasn’t going to heal me so much as it was going to help heal Gaia directly.  This went on for what felt like both seconds and ages simultaneously as I felt our combined energy shifting.  And for just the second time of my entire life I felt the presence of what I consider the divine feminine aspect in that room helping as well.  It felt like she offered her blessing to Gaia through this healing circle and that a cleansing and healing of Gaia had taken place. 
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Life In A Day

Life In A Day


Director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) and producer Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) team up to offer this candid snapshot of a single day on planet Earth. Compiled from over 80,000 YouTube submissions by contributors in 192 countries, Life in a Day presents a microcosmic view of our daily experiences as a global society. From the mundane to the profound, everything has its place as we spend 90 minutes gaining greater insight into the lives of people who may be more like us than we ever suspected, despite the fact that we’re separated by incredible distances.



THRIVE Theme Song

Introduction to “The Code” – Foster Gamble

The Secret Of Mind Over Matter

The Secret Of Mind Over Matter


Reviewed by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

This is a MUST SEE video!

Many people do not realize that our minds are much more powerful than we can possibly imagine. Do not think for one minute that your thoughts are unable to change the world. When powerful thoughts are magnified, it also magnifies global consciousness but it all begins with YOU.

The biggest secret is the suppression of how powerful our minds truly are. Those in power right now have manipulated our thought frequencies by constantly bombarding our minds with negative stimuli through literal programming on TV, video games, movies, etc…

“The greatest mind control experiment the government has ever done on us is to tell us that our minds are not powerful.”

Our minds are also responsible for diseases and ailments through stress on the brain which is discharged throughout various parts of the body and may manifest as back pains, ulcers or a plethora of other illnesses and pain.

This is why we don’t see a lot of positive programs on television and why there are more video games that incite and promote violence and killing than anything else.

Kryon – Quantum Healing

Here is a very complex message about quantum healing, and how Spirit sees it as opposed to the way we see it.  

Arcturian Council : On December 21 2012

Master Sha’s Soul Healing Power

Experience the power of Soul to heal your soul, mind and body with Dr. and Master Sha:

You have the power to heal yourself, together we have the power to heal the world! ~ Dr. and Master Sha

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. Trained as an MD in China and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China and Canada, he created Power Healing and Soul Mind Body Medicine to combine the essence of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine with ancient energy and spiritual healing secrets from China.

The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, Dr. Sha is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui, and the I Ching. He was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong. An inspired guide in his Soul Power Series of best-selling books, TV programs, and other teachings and services, Dr. Sha says, “Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow”. In 2006, Dr. Sha was granted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.

I consider Master Sha’s healing path to be a universal spiritual practice, a journey into genuine transformation.
~ Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center

Drunvalo Melchizedek 2012 & Beyond

Multidimensional Creation

Published on Aug 16, 2012

In this continuing video journal, Graham Dewyea shares thoughts and personal reflections about the Ascension process

In this journal entry, Graham talks about how we are all creating the new earth and our current realities, and how he has put a creation formula to the test with very positive results!

Will Smith on the Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Forum   –

Mayan Explanation of What Will Happen on December 21, 2012 – CERN Event Coincides

Published on Nov 6, 2012

Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it’s significance to the world. His heritage is authentic. Check out his website for lots more information and to see the work Ac Tah and a lot of other dedicated people are doing….

The Gift of Forgiveness

AA Michael – Our 3D Linear Time Continuum Is Ending


Greetings from the Council of Angels and Archangel Michael.

Courtesy of The Golden Light Channel

We wish to speak to you this day of the time-space continuum and how this is shifting and crystallizing into a new paradign….as you know time does not exist in the higher dimensions; time as you have known it is a creation of the earth plane and the 3rd dimensional paradigm. The “time space continuum” as you have heretofore known it is collapsing yet at the same time expanding and merging with a larger energetic influx of these higher dimensional energies. Your realities of the third dimension and time are disappearing. This is why time has been accelerating in every NOW moment; as you have noticed in your perceptions, “time” continues to speed up and this has been accelerating in each “day” of your “now” moment. What is happening on a universal level is this 3d time holographic plane is now disappearing and merging into the higher dimensional 5th dimensional reality matrixes which are intersecting with your realities, your world, your earth, your bodies, and your life. Time has been speeding up quickly so that your now moment will begin to match the higher vibrational frequencies of these 5th and 6th dimensional energies which are influxing into your realities now. We are soon reaching the apex of the crescendoing of these two vortexing energies; that of “speeding up time” which is simply an accelerating of the vibration of your reality – merging and blending with the higher vibrational frequencies of the 5th and 6th dimensions. Time as you know it is disappearing from your realities and consciousness (even to those who are “unaware” this is happening and unfortunately causing some disorientation which can be dissolved with an increased awareness).

As time continues to “accelerate” at faster and faster “speeds” or VIBRATIONS, it begins then to match the vibration or “frequency” of the higher dimensions. As planned by the Creator Source, this has been happening slowly over time, and is now increasing in acceleration…….the time period between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 are portals and gateways for the merging of these energies – of that which was formerly your reality of “time” and “3rd dimension” with the NOW reality of the 5th and 6th dimensions – it is during this time that these energies will dance their final dance with each other, crescendoing into an alignment of the 5th and 6th dimensional energy frequencies and vibrations into your now apparent realities – this is the time for your bodies minds and souls to be attuning thoroughly and completely to these frequencies – the method for this is to connect into your higher self with intention, free yourself of the lower vibrations of anger, fear, resentment, hostility and rage, forgive everyone of everything, and align with your higher purpose of integrating within these new dimensional frequencies within your “world”. Everything will be occurring for you with intention, awareness, and focus, so that you will completely attune with these new vibrations. Your soul essence does originally come from vibrations even higher than these, although your physical human body and mind may not remember it – your true essence is of the highest vibrational source – it is now a remembering of this which will take you on the path home, for this ascending into the higher dimensions is one form of leading yourself back to your true Origins to Source and to your true Home. Know, then, that your source essence is of the highest vibrational frequency, and now connecting in with your Higher Self with help you to FEEL this and to remember this and to naturally tune into these 5th and 6th higher dimensional frequencies which are in fact even lower in vibration than your true source. So you see to tune into these will be of the utmost ease once you are connected back in with Your Higher Self, as it is natural for your soul essence to resonate with the Higher Vibrations.

We wish you much love, light, beauty, and peace as you continue to attune yourselves to these beautiful higher frequencies of love, light, and universal harmony.

Until next time, sending you soft light and much love.

– Council of Angels and Archangel Michael.

Remembering Who you Are – Open Your Third Eye

A Third Eye Meditation  –  To Open Your Psychic Ability

By on January 09, 2012  Posted in Meditation   –

The third eye is also known as the sixth chakra and is located between the eyebrows and a little higher than the bridge of the nose. Through utilizing a third eye meditation you can open your subtle senses to perceive higher-dimensional worlds and energies. The third eye is the center of what is called clairvoyant sight which is a word derived from the French, meaning “clear vision,” and refers to the higher-sense ability to intuitively see or perceive subtle energies. Sometimes this is referred to as a sixth sense which means a capability to access impressions that lie beyond the recognized five physical senses.

You’ll Never View Things the Same Again

It is not necessary to be clairvoyant to be spiritually enlightened, but it does expand your perceptions of the energies around you, and this can be quite useful in clearing blocks, issues, and limitations, releasing karma, discovering information from your past, and exploring new and higher levels of consciousness. What you see with clairvoyant sight can be colors, pictures, visions, auras, chakras, and inspirational and spiritual dimensions. For instance, a clairvoyant can often perceive the chakras and aura energies around people, plants, and animals. Sometimes they also have the ability to see non-physical realms including angels and other dimensional beings and objects.

The third eye does not have understanding any more than your physical eyes do. It is merely an instrument that gives access to refined energies and since essentially everyone has a third eye, much like nearly everyone has physical eyes, with practice, utilizing third eye meditations anyone can learn to open it and refine the ability to utilize what it offers.

To fully understand what is being received by the third eye one must utilize the crown chakra. So in a sense, you take the energy coming in through the third eye and reference it through the crown chakra at the top of the head. This connection also enables you to see color.

Have You Wondered What the Third Eye is Like?

Inside the head behind the center of the eyebrows (about 2″) there is a small ball of light, and the degree of openness of that ball of light determines the level of clairvoyance that a person has. Many people see something, but because of blockages do not see clearly or understand what they are seeing.

When the third eye is opened it radiates light, often with multiple colors coming out of it. There can also be rays of golden, silver, or white streams of light coming into it as it receives information. This forms the pictures, and inspiration that is perceived. As the third eye opens more and more the light emanating from the third eye grows stronger and stronger, and wider and wider. Soon the person’s forehead appears bright and shining. In more advanced uses the more the third eye opens the more the energy rays expand to look like wings or like peacock feathers spread out.

What You Can Expect to See

In the beginning stages of third eye meditation practices, as the third eye begins to open, colors are seen, and indistinct images are perceived like looking through a steamed window, or like looking at something through heat rays on a hot summer’s day. With experience these images become more and more clear, and the energies underlying physical reality can be perceived. Some clairvoyants say that what they see with their clairvoyance is more clear and vivid than what they see with their physical eyes.

As the clairvoyant sight opens more, you will see energy fields like clouds surrounding a person 10 or 15 feet from the person’s body. These colorful layers of energy are what make up the biofield or aura around a person and they carry a lot of information. One of the aura layers is known as the mental body which carries the beliefs and conclusions from life experiences, while the aura layer known as the emotional body carries pictures and emotional energies of the experiences.

Why People’s Third Eye is Usually Blocked

Because the third eye is connected to the first, second, and third chakras through subtle energy cords, if there are blockages there they usually cause a contraction in the third eye. With most people there are blockages usually in the form of fears or disbelief. Depending on where the blockage is, determines the difficulty of understanding what is seen. So you will want to utilize third eye meditations to clear the blockages.

It is very important to realize that opening the third eye and developing a skill in utilizing it generally takes a lot of practice and patience over a period of months and even years. While some are born with a more open third eye, most are not, but everyone can learn to do it.

How to Do a Third Eye Meditation

As with most meditations it is generally easier to eliminate distractions with your eyes closed, but many people are able to do this with their eyes open. Since you are reading this you will obviously have your eyes open, but you can periodically close them to enhance the process.

2012 Awakening Supernatural Abilities

Spiritual Awakening, Growth, and Enlightenment   –   Help me recover my suppressed spiritual/supernatural abilities.

Expert: – 7/20/2012   –
First I would like to thank God I found a website like this and I’m hoping you would lend me a hand. I believe that everyone in life has their own unique journey either spiritually or physically.No two individuals share the same moment thus God communicates to us in different ways (e.g bible,religon,nature,direct communication) because man himself is different.

I feel as though I have turned my back on God’s calling.Unlike now as a child I was truely happy even though I had wierd abilities. Maybe I was ‘truely’ happy because I accepted my abilities unlike now.Here is a rough idea of the abilities ; seeing into the future, seeing paranormal entities, feeling the presence of the ‘unseen’,crossing into other ‘dimensions’,hearing voices or peoples thoughts not sure which?

Let me add there is no family history of mental illness in my family and I am fit as a fiddle.I don’t have wierd brain tumours or schitzophrenia lol. As a child traumatic experiences happened concerning my abilities,I ended up suppressing and denying my abilities until finally one day they just disappeared.I realise my abilities are apart of myself and denying them is like sliting my own wrists.

I’m ready to accept myself now,and I hopefully ask : How does one recover previously suppressed/lost abilities????

Thank you for this interesting question, Kevin. First of all, some experts say that everyone has – or once had – those abilities to some degree. Most of us suppress or forget them, possibly because we don’t trust they are real, or because we are afraid of them.

If everyone has them, such abilities cannot be a sign of an enhanced spirituality, or being closer to God, or whatever you want to call it. Experts say that people of all levels of spiritual development have them, but those at the less evolved levels put a label on them “Jesus spoke to me,” while the more evolved ones welcome the mystery involved in not really knowing where the messages or visions or whatever came from.

I believe the real key to an enhanced spirituality is TRUST. First of all, we must TRUST that wherever such abilities come from, it is something good, that there is a purpose to the knowledge we receive through those abilities, and that they are not a sign of mental illness and do not come from an evil source. Secondly, we must TRUST that we ourselves can be reliable recipients of messages that come from “wherever,” and trust in our ability to put the knowledge we receive to good use. As you noted in your younger years, this type of trust is not easy to come by. Other people will discourage you from trusting your experiences because such experiences are not real to them. So you have to be your own authority on what those experiences are supposed to mean. Only when you can trust yourself, can you welcome those messages openly.

But further, it is not the fact of HAVING those abilities that should matter to you. Rather it should: be WHAT CAN YOU DO with the information to enhance some aspect of our existence on earth? Whether that should take the form of becoming a source of strength for those in need, creating art that inspires others, or just developing our own maximum potential for the glory of “whatever” our ultimate reality is, some greater good should come of our life. That can happen whether we have those “abilities” or whether we don’t.  

I suggest you go about figuring a way to enhance or maximize your existence, and that of others. If the experiences come, so much the better. If not, at least you will not have wasted time and energy trying to create something over which you have no control.

Best wishes coming to a place of peace about this issue.

Ten Signs that You Are Moving to New Earth

Dolores Cannon  –  –  Moving Into The New Earth    –  Summary Below: 

The Earth frequencies are changing
As our bodies are changing to the new frequencies, our cells are receiving new instructions. (This may explain why many people ar hearing high pitched frequencies).

People who go to the source (people who die), return to Earth with a purpose
“They” told Cannon that the earth is calling and is in trouble and that they need to return. When she brings them forward in time, the client will tell her, “I’m here to help. There’s something I’m supposed to do.”

Our purpose on this planet is to help each other
While under hypnosis, none of Cannon’s clients tell her that they’re there to have a good time, to get married, to make a lot of money, etc.. They tell her they’re here to help each other because we’re going to go through some really bad times (our current state).

Many come back as healers.

While under hypnosis, some clients will not go back to their past lives anymore
When Cannon asks them why, they tell her, “It’s not important anymore.”

People keep coming back to this incarnation over and over again because they keep making the same mistakes
Karma is like molasses, you get stuck in it easily. Did you ever make the same mistakes over and over again? (eg relationships, finances, etc…) It’s time to release the negative karma.

We need to get rid of our negative karma
Cannon says the best way to do this is to forgive.

You can write a new contract
If you’re unhappy with your current life, you can tell yourself, “I don’t want this contract anymore.” Cannon suggests to write up your old contract, then rip it up. Essentially, you’re forgiving yourself.

This is the first incarnation on Earth for many people
While it may be their first incarnation here, they have led many, many lives on different planets but chose to reincarnate here to help with the ascension process.

“There will be many left behind”
…because they can’t change their frequency and vibration and quick enough to move with it. The new earth will not accept people who live in negativity (who are at least 51% negative). You have to work on this NOW or you’ll be stuck with the old Earth. Our vibrations are changing and some will get left behind because they can’t change quick enough.

“Don’t get caught up in the illusion of what’s happening”
In other words, don’t let the economy, politics, etc.. control you.

Our DNA is being changed
We’re gonna be at the point where we will never be sick anymore and will never die.

Those who are stuck deep in negativity…
will be allowed to live out their lives on the old earth. When they die, they won’t come back to the new Earth because the new Earth will not have any negativity. They’ll be sent to another planet that is still experiencing negativity to work it out.

There is no hope for some people
Some people are so loaded down with negativity that there is no hope for them to go to the new Earth.

“You really don’t want to be here when the worst happens”
That’s why many people incarnated here right now, so they can be the “calm in the storm”. This is the evolution of the Earth. You can’t stop it. (in other words, TPTB will lose in the end no matter what they do to us)

We have to get rid of fear
’nuff said

One world will not be aware of the other after ascension
People who get left behind will think, “It’s too bad _______ died believing what he (or she) believed.” They won’t be aware that anything has happened. The old earth will still be here, vibrating at it’s lower frequency with terrible things happening to it, but the new Earth moves into another dimension vibrating so fast that it becomes invisible to those on 3d Earth.

Dolores Cannon

For more information or to order DVDs, please visit

Keys to Ascension

How I Envision My Personal Ascension   –   And  Official Appearance of the PAT as Ascended Masters

Athene’s Theory of Everything

Athene’s Theory of Everything

Uploaded on Jan 23, 2011

Professor of Communication Studies Corey Anton at Grand Valley State University reviews AToE:
Rocket Engineer Evie Marom’s review:

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(much higher quality than YouTube’s 1080P)
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Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing    –

The bio-energy field of a human consists of subtle bodies with their energetic potentials, and which give strength and power to the biological field. Energetic potential depends on the conditions of physical and psychic health, and, perhaps, astrological factors. For example, experienced psychics can feel human energy fields with their hands without touching a body, and, sometimes, even see a glowing aura around individuals.

Many views and hypotheses about bio-energy exist nowadays, and some many researchers call it psi-energy. Special experiments in the laboratories enabled researchers to discover waves of energy emitted by humans. With mental activities the waves changed with speed of thought: the thought was followed by energy. Electric charges in the human’s head change on different levels of consciousness. The electric field of a human is the unity of positive (+) and negative (-) electric zones. In order to be healthy, the energetic balance must be maintained in the bio-energy system. Energetic balance and constant freely flowing of energy are important factors in your health and well-being.

Bio-energy can be explained as bio-electromagnetic energy surrounding us. You may hear about terms of positive and negative energy in bio-energy healing. The term of bio-positive energy means pure healing energy coming from God. Positive energy flows freely in energy systems bringing vitality and health. Whereas definition of bio-negative energy is trapped, disharmonious, stale, or stagnant energy that blocking pathways and prevent vital energy from freely flowing in energy systems. Negative energy brings imbalances into energetic systems, and it is connected to illnesses and emotional trauma.

There is an undiscovered ability of bio-energy flowing through your hands. Your hands may be “energetic”, and you may make everyday use of it. You can develop an ability to feel bio-energy fields with your hands. You can also develop an ability to “regulate” and modulate energy fields around you or other people with your hands, thus influence your physical and subtle energetic bodies with healing energy relieving imbalances in energy fields and bringing health and energetic balance. Everyone possesses a more or less powerful bio-energy field which interacts with fields of others. Human energy fields of different people may interact with each other also bringing energetic imbalance or discomfort. Nevertheless, you may fix any imbalance energetically. You may also learn how to manage life situations with your bio-energy. The vital energy can be transferred from person to person. With developed bio-energetic ability, you will be able to perform bio-energy healing or energetic management, control any condition, event, or situation in your life energetically. If you choose to help yourself, your loved ones and your pets with the life-supporting energy in your hands, you will maintain an energetic balance in their energy fields which bring them health and vitality.

The idea of human energy transfer for healing is not new. People performed healing by human energy for thousands of years. The knowledge of the energetic method of healing came from ancient India to Egypt, Greece, China, Israel and other countries. Jesus Christ used laying-on of hands as a method of healing. Some healers name the method “ethereal healing,” and consider it healing of the ether body, which penetrates the physical body. And some healers consider it as pranic healing because a vital energy is Prana.

Vital cosmic energy is called Prana in Sanskrit, and it acts in the transfer of human energy. Prana is breath of life. Healthy people have this energy in abundance. Freely flowing Prana in the human energy systems brings vitality and vivacity into organisms. However, ill people have deficits in this energy. They have gray constricted energy fields with blocked and stagnant energy. Such a condition of the energy fields affects people’s health, bringing energetic imbalances and illnesses on the physical level. Old people have deficits of prana. We cannot see prana, only its manifestations. This vital energy penetrates everywhere coming from Great Unknown. Prana submits to human consciousness, and it can be creative as well. Once you learn how to accumulate this energy, manipulate it, control, and transfer it, you will become an energy healer or bio-energy master. You will enjoy using creative prana for all purposes in your life.

Healing with bio-energy requires spending some bio-energy at act of healing. As open energetic system, you may receive our energy from the cosmos, not only with food or sleep. You will especially need to receive extra energy from cosmos, if you perform bio-energetic work. You may refill your bio-energy receiving it from cosmos, and accumulate it in an energetic reservoir – your bio-energy field.

We think bio-energy of healer’s hands to bring healing and benefits to the whole energy system – the physical body, the ether body and other human subtle energetic bodies. In the book “Health by Bio-Energy and Mind,” you will learn unique techniques and exercises, which will allow you to possess the bio-energy healing method and special techniques in order to maintain health and widely use it in everyday life for all purposes. We would like to offer you valuable information about how to develop an ability of energetic healing and manage yourself, your relatives, pets, and your environment on the energetic level. We state that human health is a summary of physical, psychic (mental), emotional, spiritual and energetic conditions of person. And people have to live in balance and in energetic unity with all things around. We had developed and systemized classical forms of energy transfer and hands-on healing and, moreover, created our own bio-energy method which may be used as a m! ethod of energetic management and balancing in everyday life. Sensitive people with healthy energetic systems can feel biological fields of others. They “activate” hands energetically, bring their hands close to the body surface at a certain distance, examine the field, and feel all characteristics of a person’s energetic field. They may experience heat, cold, some density, pressure, shock, tingling, or pulsation. To recognize an illness or an energetic imbalance of a healee, healers use their knowledge of all these sensational feelings, strong memory and their mastery of the art. And, by their bio-energy and mind, healers can normalize energetic imbalances or free stagnant energy from the healee’s energy field. Thereafter, they can prevent an illness on the physical level, comfort ill persons, eliminate pain, accelerate the physical body’s healing, heal an illness, improve a physical condition, and maintain a positive emotional and mental state of a healee. The most interesting fact is that everyone can perform healing by energy, not ju! st people with extrasensory perceptions (ESP).

Healing by energy requires from healers the development of abilities to control their own energy consciously, calm the mind at will, breathe correctly, gather energy by breathing exercises, have a strong bio-energy field, high level of energy in energetic centers (chakras), have strong and capacious memory, visualize, feel and estimate work of own body, listen to the inner-self, estimate own feeling, and be practically healthy. People become energy healers when they change the consciousness, a world view, and mental and physical attitude of themselves. We possess incredible strength – our bio-energy. If we employ it consciously, it give us tremendous power, and ability to heal ourselves and others from physical, spiritual and mental problems. It is possible to learn how to control energy consciously and perform energy healing. With power of your own bio-energetic field, and energy in your hands, you can become a healer. Even if you use bio-energetic ability for yourself and your loved ones, you will see how your life will be happier, energetic, and fulfilling.

Author’s Bio: 

Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are energy healing
specialists and authors of “Health by Bio-Energy and Mind” and “21st Century’s New Chakra Healing,” immediately available at Bio-Energy System Services:  – your place for healing and balance.

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Hope is a Gift from The Spirit

Wikipedia    –   Hope is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. Despair is the opposite of hope.[1] Hope is the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” or the act of “look[ing] forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence” or “feel[ing] that something desired may happen”.[2] Other definitions are “to cherish a desire with anticipation”; “to desire with expectation of obtainment”; or “to expect with confidence”.[3] In the English language the word can be used as either a noun or a verb, although hope as a concept has a similar meaning in either use.[4]

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Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective – By Kent Healy

The Power Of Intention   –   4 Steps  For Setting An Intention   –   by Marcia Wieder   –

It’s time to change the way we think and speak about our dreams. Transforming a conversation, just like manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention. Your intentions will assist you in taking greater control of your life.

A working definition for intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. But with it, all the forces of the universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible. My intention is to transform the conversation around dreams from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by action and results.

Some might say this is not the right time to dream. The media and masses say, “It’s time to be realistic.” Consider this. Without our dreams all we have is our present reality. Reality is not a bad thing. We have to know where we are so we can design the appropriate strategy for getting to where we want to be. The challenge is our attitude around “reality” and being “realistic” and what being realistic has cost us. Often that’s our passion and joy, our hopes and dreams.

Given the unknowns and sometimes craziness of life, there’s never been a more important time to dream and setting your intention is the first step. When should you set an intention? You could set an intention every day. Your intention could be to work less and make more, or to find a new career that you are passionate about. It could be to get healthy and physically fit, or to spend more quality time with loved ones or alone. It can be specific and about something in particular or more like a quality, such as to be more relaxed or involved with life.

At seventy, Bessie set an intention to become a world famous photographer. Although many thought she was too old, she didn’t. She entered a photo contest where she won the first prize of $10,000. Her prize-winning photo toured around the world with a Kodak exhibit. She told me, “We’re never too old to make a dream come true.”

People set intentions on all kinds of dreams; to get married or have children, to get a job or make a career change, to write a book, lose weight, or move to a foreign country. When you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, amazing things occur. Intention can also give us fortitude for dealing with tough times. I am currently rebuilding my home. I simply wanted to add on a new bathroom, but with all the surprises an old (and charming) house can offer, every turn has been a shock, sometimes even a nightmare. It looks like the entire building may need to be rebuilt. My intention is to live through this process with dignity and grace. I am tested daily. It’s often not easy, but this intention has helped me maintain composure, sanity, and on a good day, a sense of humor. Intention can be used for community or social issues, global events or (literally) in your own backyard.

For example:

  • Before you get out of bed, you can intend to have a fun or productive day.
  • Before you leave the house, you can intend to have quality time with your family or roommate.
  • Before you start your car, you can intend to have a safe ride to work.
  • Before you enter your workplace, you can intend to learn something new or be helpful.
  • Before the meeting begins, you can intend to be brilliant or calm.

First Steps:

1. Get clear about something you want and write it down.

2. Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable to taking action.

3. Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you would and then, take the next step.

By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself and others, just what you plan to do. Set an intention to redefine what it means to be serious about your dreams.