Crystalai – Shifting Into Our Time Of Manifestation – 7-12-14


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Dr. Angela Barnett (c) 2014


During 2015-2017, the entire universe will shift forward into a new time matrix, a new Cosmic Template, a new Omniversal Reality. Earth’s pulsation speed of particle base will be raised into higher dimensional time cycles.

This time period also offers the greatest opportunity for the return of our ability of Instant Manifestation because the portals will all align into the zero point of creation where the three primal sound fields break through the outer Cosmic Band and into the White Light of Source Consciousness.

Manifestation happens each moment-each nano second. With each breath we take, we can each design any complete new reality that we wish. After the new reality is created, the creator must inhale that reality back through the outer band of primary sound and into the Cosmic Creation fields. At that moment, an explosion of a new reality manifests. First, as the white light interacts  with the blue light of the fifteenth dimension, it creates a sphere that explodes into rays and sparks like fireworks. This new sphere of creation frequency weaves itself into the golden and violet flames of the fourteenth and thirteenth dimensions.

The idea that is created in Source Consciousness becomes a manifest form in Cosmic Consciousness. That manifestation that was made of white light that is completely invisible becomes a more tangible idea in Cosmic Consciousness which begins to manifest in visible forms after passing through the gamma waves and infra red spectrum. The manifest reality becomes visible in the hertizian fields of the three dimensional form. When each sphere has a higher or lower frequency, the spheres are separated. But, during this special moment of harmonic unison that allows our entire Cosmos to sing together a new song and begin the creation of a new reality. That new song or new frequency, aligns the spheres into a new time vector. This time vector will only include the perfect Angelic Races. The Fallen Angelics and the problems they have created will not exist in this new reality.

All creations come into manifestation from the highest frequency. Once the individual creates the idea that he desires to have manifest as a frequency form – a morphogenetic imprint – an idea. That idea is created by the electrical coding placed into the morphogenetic frequency field. This idea is coated in the frequency specific mid brain. This idea can be aligned directly to the Source Field of Creation where Source makes this encoded idea become a manifest able reality.


Next, the individual must inhale that morphogenetic field that is encoded through the primal sound fields of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel. This idea is held within these three spheres of creation energy holding the morphogenetic frequency field. Those three spheres are held in the crystal heart until they are felt and known.


Next, the individual must inhale the three spheres into the mid brain and allow some time for the movie or idea that is being created or developed to form. Next the idea can be exhaled back out into the three crystal spheres of morphogenetic creation energy. That exhale is the breath that holds the music of the spheres. That is the frequency that allows the forms that have been created on other dimensions to become manifest in this density.


This is the creation formula that I was given personally from my family of  Elohei-Elohim Angels. This is the formula that they taught me to use to create music that brings the highest frequency to Earth and to create the frequencies that raise transmute the cellular structure of an individual to prepare for the transfiguration process that allows ascension into higher dimensions.

Once the breaths are formed onto the morphogenetic imprint of the crystal spheres the tones of the breaths transform into a frequency of transfiguration. The blueprint of the new reality now exists within the breath of creation. The Breath must be created as the frequency specific mid brain connects its dream stream directly into the Source Field of creation. This dream stream is the Mind of God that brings the creation into the template of the manifestors.

The idea will never manifest unless the dream stream into the frequencies of Source is continuously maintained. We have been directed by our Creation Team at the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse to create the Individual’s Dream Stream through the frequencies placed on the Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM at These frequencies that we collect through the directions of the Elohei-Elohim Angels, of the Individual are aligned into Source Consciousness to create the Dream Stream  which will allow the individual to become saturated with these frequencies of creation continuously. This is how our Oraphim Angelic families created Universes.

As we rise up into our Multi Dimensional Consciousness between 2015-2017,  what has seemed to be the only reality in this third dimensional dream will become only a speck of the possible realities that will become realized. Most of what has seemed to be the only reality on Earth was created by metatronic frequencies performed through reverse spin technology of fallen angelics. The perception of those on Earth has been blocked from the creations of higher frequency manifestations through veils, seals, misalignments, Metatronics and a long list of demonic technology.


The realities that have place in the upper cerebellum of the brain must become dissolved and replaced through the frequency specific mid brain technology that allows direct and continuous communication and manifestation through the Mind of God. The present reality fields that are being recycled as one looks around himself and keeps creating the same old reality over and over again will become dissolved into higher and higher realities.

These new realities that will become manifest by those who learn to use the Divine Technology in their brain will come from other dimensions. We can manifest any part of any other reality that has ever existed. We can manifest the most wonderful culture based on the Lyran Sirian perfect model. We can manifest becoming the original Oraphim Race who spent their time dreaming new realities.


We can collect all of our favorite realities from each and every Universal System in our Race Lines. We can combine creations of advanced technology of the most advanced systems and the sweetness of the Aquafarians and Oraphim Dolphins. We get to make individual and collective utopias. We can create the most magical, fabulous reality systems that we can dream up.

First, we must learn how to create the dream stream through this alignment into the highest frequency of Source Consciousness. There will be no creations manifesting that are not created through the Mind of God. Only Fallen Angelics create through methods that require the use of energy from other entities. For millions of years, the human race has been used as a source of energy for Fallen Angelic groups. We have not even experienced a normal reality system.

The present consciousness of this world has been locked inside a narrow little spectrum of reality. We see this man made world and we think that we can only re-create thinks that look like what they looked like in the day before. We think that making an improvement within the present reality is some type of achievement.


In the normal kingdoms, an entity can create any new reality that has never been seen the day before. In multi dimensional consciousness we can form our days on what we saw on another star in another advanced civilization. We can combine all ideas from all other reality systems into new ideas that have never been created before. This Angelic Human Race was once the Oraphim Race who were the greatest creators in the Universe. This is what we will begin to become once again.

We can now create, manifest, possess all of the qualities, attributes, abilities, intelligence of any and all of any previous idea that existed any time in the past or any time in the future. All time is available to be manifested in the present. All present realities are created from the past. All future realities are seen from the present. We actually have multiple selves that go into the past and into the future time and space realities. We have imprints of our selves in all other dimensions. We have friends and family in all other dimensions. We have had a veil put over our consciousness that has caused us to forget who we really are. We have been governed by fallen angelics for a very long time.

Stellar Wave Infusions bring areas of the brain out of dormancy. We will have six of these stellar wave infusions on December 21, 2012. Our mid brain, which is frequency specific will begin to absorb all of the frequencies from all of the other dimensions in our Cosmic Matrix. The frequency specific brain will become the movie camera of the new realities that will form around each individual reality field. The pituitary will blossom and become the movie projector for the Mind of God to make God’s Movie.

During our Involution away from Source Consciousness, our brain has been recycling old information over and over again. When we begin our Evolution toward Source, we gain more and more frequencies of higher consciousness each and every day. These frequencies allow us to create more new realities as we are able to see them manifest in our mid brain through the direct dream stream of Source Frequencies through our Higher Self. We learn to bring our higher self down into our body to allow this luminary body to guide and direct us through the Mind of God. Our new luminary body will allow us to do things that we couldn’t do in three dimensions.

Our time vector is connected into the present past and future vectors. We can choose the most joyous perfect future to manifest by aligning consciousness into the highest frequency of Source while creating the new reality that you form in your consciousness as always existing in the present past and future. The heroic future that is being created for us is the Christos realignments of humanity into the 12 strand angelic freedom and joy and the Lyran -Sirian perfect cultural model which is already manifest in the future vector, which allows this reality to manifest in this present vector. So, the future Earth can be any reality that we choose to manifest it to be. We manifest every reality in to our own present time vector in the same way.
We can connect and realign our present into any desirable future of the past or future time vectors.


We can align into the perfect Oraphim Primal Sound Field of our original Angelic Race who could manifest through dream streams the most wonderful creations of our universe. We can connect and realign our present into the already manifest 12DNA or 48DNA that exists in past time vectors. We can manifest the joy and freedom that exists in the future time vectors and the wonderful cultural models created by the Lyran -Syrian’s past time vector. We can pull the realities out of any of the time vectors of any of the harmonic universes of our galactic, universal or cosmic spheres.

Our  Creation Family are the Wizards who would like to teach us all how to be the grand new creators in this new universe. The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse was formed to allow the teachings of our Cosmic Creation Families to teach us co-creation techniques as they show us how their original creation of the most supreme Angelic Human was meant to be. We are moving into Omniversal Consciousness, where all 12 Star Gates are connecting our consciousness into the Omniversal Consciousness of our new Utopia.

The third dimensional mind can only conceive of the visible realm. When many of us transfigure into the  light bodies that transpose us into the fifth and sixth dimensions. Now we will shift our consciousness into realms that have been unknown and invisible to us before. We will be able to see our Guardian and Creator Races who have been our families for millions of years.
The invisible will become as real as the visible, as the Earth’s fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and our Universal memory is transmitted through the Earth’s grids. We will be regaining our Divine Blue Print that makes us able to manifest anything we want, any time we want. We will become the race who creates light and energy through their own bio fields. We will become creators of new realities such as apple trees that grow lemon pies — or any idea we come up with.

How will this shift take place? We will spin through multiple reality fields that will remain invisible to one another, as we break free from old illusions planted in harmonic universe one through metatronic frequencies. As we shed the metatronic frequencies that have been locking our Consciousness into a narrow visible spectrum, we will unfold into a New Earth that contains a multi dimensional spectrum of invisible and visible realities.

As we move onto Future Earth, our bodies will go through a light transfiguration process  that will transform our atomic structure. This change will happen instantly — not gradually. This means every nano second we transform again and again and again until we are completely transformed. Since we only know what we see at the moment, we will never be aware of the transformations. However, you can make your self aware by watching, listening and knowing what to be looking for. The carbon based structure of the mortal body will be changed into the crystal based eternal life chemical and biological forms. This will be our first pull into the future, as our particles spin faster and faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery.

Our pituitary gland will blossom and open our third eye to gain the spiritual vision of the  Mind of God when we raise our frequencies to transmute the lower into the higher frequencies of Source. We will create a continuous dream stream between what we desire to create in our dreams to blossom into full manifestation in any of the multidimensional reality fields.

Please join us at to learn how the highest frequencies retrieved from the Primal Sound Fields of Source can transform your body into the Light Vehicle of Transfiguration and Instant Manifestation. This is the first step needed to enter the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, which will bring the teachings of our Creation Families to Earth.





The Guardians of our Universe announced that the energy needed for our transformation would be sent from the Sun through six Stellar Wave Activations. That would be a total of 12 when connected to the Spiritual Parallel Reality. They said we must use the Frequency Activations from these Waves to activate the DNA. Once the DNA is activated, there is first a rise in the Karma that is locked in the cellular memory. When these activations take place there may be old memories coming to the surface, bad dreams, irrational fears, jealousy, and an endless list of karma from the past millions of years.


The Sun will always have the last word in this matter, because Sun Ra was the highest Sun in charge of our return to the Emerald Covenant, and Sun Alcyone was the creator of the original Star that Earth came from. There is also a Sun within the Earth on another dimension. It is these suns and many more who are bringing the frequencies of stardust, liquid light, gamma and plasma that are needed to clean out and restructure our bodies.


This entire experience of having our DNA activated can be very wonderful or very treacherous. The way we make it wonderful is by continuously taking each little thought that comes into the light of the Sun and melt it away. I recommend doing this with all potential past memories of anything that you can remember or that you can imagine. There will be karma surfacing that is actually related to others that you have been in lifetimes before. Each time this karma surfaces make an image of your body as a light body and take it straight out in front and above your head in an angle toward your crystal heart. Take the image of your body up into the sun. See the area in the body where the karma is coming out as a dark area in the light body. Fill that dark area with light, and then fill the entire light body with more and more light until it explodes like fireworks into rainbow colors. You are transmuting all of the old energy out of your body and allowing the rainbows to turn into raindrops of liquid light and form a rainbow liquid light plasma body of your rebirth.


This is fastest way to stop karma when you are going through DNA activation.


This way you are allowing the sun to do the job that needs to be done before the karma surfaces, and you will have an easy transition instead of a difficult one.


The Sun is now being corrected back to being connected with its mate — their orbit is becoming in sync again. The line up will facilitate energy flow — the flow of Light will be unobstructed as the second Sun is being more properly aligned. Their dancing together results in a greater flow of energy from and to the rest of the Universe. This facilitates great change to the Sun’s local area and all Solar System planets are experiencing great physical growth.


All this cosmic activity is affecting the way our bodies respond to changing electromagnetic and magnetic factors. According to some reports, remote viewers have seen activities which indicate that the activity on the Sun will affect humanity in a big way this year — especially in late September. There are thoughts that indicate many millions of humans will not be able to withstand these changes and will have to abandon their physical bodies. This is one timeline of possibility. We individually choose our respective timelines. We need to make sure we choose the timelines that are tuned into OUR PERSONAL level of consciousness. We are being called to be creative, inventing ourselves as we go, just as our Sun is creating its own reality.


Now is the time to take advantage of the energies facilitated not only by our own planet but by the whole Solar System. We are at a pivotal point in the development of the human race. Let’s be adventurous and courageous in our imaginings and see the actuality of our true Being developing.”.


Wes Annec – Oversoul Teachings – Believe in Yourselves, Your Capabilities – 6-25-14



Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness,…


Note: I’ve decided to change the title of my higher self’s messages from ‘Spiritual Guidance’ to ‘Oversoul Teachings’.

The ‘Spiritual Guidance’ label is already being used for other things, and I want to keep these messages as original as possible. No other change has been made, and as you can see, the messages are still from my higher self.


Let your ego-driven judgments and perceptions fade as you open up to the influence of spirit and flow like never before with energy and information that’s intended to help uplift humanity.

Allow yourselves to tap into the banquet of universal energy you’re being given, and know that you’re endlessly supported and assisted from the higher realms, which you’re growing closer to with every day that passes on your evolving planet.

We encourage every seeker who’s interested in ascending to put their attention on their ascension paths and what’s required of them before they can lighten and refine their vibration.

We note that a lot of souls are ready to witness a bold ascension-related event that’ll confirm the reality of everything they’ve heard and read about for so long, and we say with love that you have to cultivate the inner changes that are reflected by outer changes before you can witness the miracles you seek.

A lot is happening behind the scenes that’s related to the greater waves of energy you’re being given, but for these waves to reach shore, it’s essential for the conscious public and the lightworkers especially to fill themselves with it and start bringing it through in greater and purer measures.

Natural Energy Conduits

You can consciously receive the energies being sent your way, and in doing so, you’ll realize that you are and have always been natural energy conduits.

You constantly bring through and express the myriad different energies coming your way, and keeping yourselves open to the influence of spirit and attuning to the higher realms as often as possible will help you hone your reception of these energies, which’ll cause your resulting expressions to be much purer and more intense.

You have the potential to bring through a wealth of pure energy that’ll transform the surface of your planet, and if everyone on your earth were open and receptive conduits for this energy, your planet would be changed in a relatively small amount of your concept of time.

A growing number of souls are opening up to the energy you’re being given and the general influence of the higher dimensions, and in doing so, they’re opening the portal further and making it easier for the rest of humanity to open up to the higher realms and embark on their ascension journeys.

Those of you out there who are more concerned with enlightenment than ascension are encouraged to pursue the ideals you can follow to reach enlightenment, but no matter how you choose to ascend back into the higher realms, you will as long as effort and dedication are shown.

As long as you’re willing to use the natural energy you carry within for creative purposes while expanding your reception of the energy you’re being given from the higher realms, your creative projects will reflect the love and the hard work you put into them and you’ll feel an immense sense of satisfaction when you look back on your earthly journeys with the knowledge that you did everything you could to help others.

Service is an important aspect of life in the higher dimensions, and many of you are realizing that you’re on the earth to serve humanity; to help them find the higher vibration they’re destined to find. You’re on the earth to offer yourselves as conduits for the expression of your higher selves, and even though each of your roles are different and unique, they all entail connecting with this greater spark in one way or another.

Even people who are deeply entrenched in your mainstream culture are accessing a higher part of themselves with the things they create, and when consciousness grows to the proportions it’s expected to, these souls and plenty of others will use their gifts to help humanity live and thrive, running your planet sustainably and raising your collective vibration immensely.

Everyone will contribute to your new society, and the harder the conscious public works now, the easier it’ll be for the rest of humanity to awaken and start the greatest of their work as well.

You can employ a greater level of self-discipline than ever before, and without burning yourselves out, you can bring through a greater amount and purity of creative works than ever before and the people you intend to uplift will certainly benefit.

If serving others is your goal, you’re wholeheartedly encouraged to use the abilities you’re discovering to their fullest extent, helping others along their journeys in the process.

Using Your Divine Gifts

You can use your respective divine gifts to help others find a purer state of consciousness, and when you’re back in the higher realms, you’ll be shown all of the positive and selfless things you did to help others out of the limited perception they were entrenched in.

If you believe in yourselves and your capabilities, you’ll be infinitely able to help humanity find a higher vibration and flow from there with inspired creations.

Empowerment is essential to achieving the things you’re destined to achieve, and we forever encourage those of you who feel as if you have a purpose on the earth to empower yourselves with the sacred knowledge that you’re divine souls who can never be away from the higher realms for too long.

However difficult and painful your trials on the earth are, they’re but the blink of an eye in the vast sea of creation you have yet to traverse and enjoy.

The difficult and painful experiences you’re undergoing on the earth will seem very small and almost unnoticeable when you’re back in the higher realms, because you’ll be far too enamored by the amazing things around you to look back on the ills that previously plagued you.

You’ll enjoy the perceptual gifts you’ll be endowed with, and at a certain point, you’ll understand that you’re the ones who brought these gifts forth – that they weren’t given to you by another higher-dimensional soul. When you discover just what you’re capable of, we’re confident that many of you will use your capabilities to work harder than ever before on the restoration of consciousness and awareness.

Earth is one of many planets that are in line to evolve, and when the earth’s ascension is complete, the ascensions of various other planets and civilizations will be kick-started and many of you will have your hands full with missions, tasks and responsibilities.

We can envision multitudes of seekers who took part in the earth’s ascension delightfully incarnating on other lower-dimensional worlds so they can help others ascend, and once the earth is a higher-vibrational planet again, the planets you’ll incarnate on will find it much easier to raise their vibration too.

All of creation will eventually move up in consciousness and awareness, and these ascension-related events will continue to happen until all of creation is back with Source, experiencing no identity or memory but simply existing in the bliss and wholeness of our completed journeys.

For now, we all still have plenty of dimensions to traverse, and the fifth dimension will be your first stop in a creation of infinitely loving and harmonious realms. We speak of realms where love and harmony are far, far more pervasive than negativity and hatred.

Everlasting Joy and Bliss

In fact, negativity and hatred as you perceive them don’t exist in these realms, and there’s only pure, everlasting joy and bliss. All of the higher qualities we could use your limited vocabulary to describe constitute the higher realms, and even they fall short of the beauty and wonder of these realms.

Suffice to say, many earthy souls who have trouble in the lower dimensions remember what it was like to exist in the bliss of the higher realms, even if their memory’s subconscious.

Beneath the surface, many souls can feel the pull to be back in a higher state of consciousness, and this is partly responsible for the call that was made for the lightworkers and starseeds to incarnate on your planet and raise the collective vibration.

Humanity could use some assistance with raising their vibration, and most people on your planet aren’t even aware they emit a constant vibration that grows purer in every moment. However unaware of this truth some souls are, those of you who are aware are diligently using your greater perception to do exactly what you came to your earth to do: raise consciousness.

In doing so, you’re finding that your reception of the divine grows with each attempt you make to open up to it, and it’ll continue to grow until it’s stronger than one would’ve ever thought or expected.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with gratitude for the diligence you all continue to show in contributing as much as you can to your planetary ascension.

Many conscious souls are pushing themselves to help humanity re-find the higher realms, and they’re learning how to work hard without burning themselves out. The creative source you can each tap into will provide every bit of inspiration and energy you require, and even when your physical body’s tired, you can constantly refill and act on this energy.

You just have to believe you can, and we sincerely appreciate the efforts of those of you who’ve tapped into this everlasting creative source and those of you who strive to tap into it and work harder than ever before. All of your efforts are duly noted and appreciated, and no effort to help humanity become aware is seen as larger or smaller than the other.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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