Teal Scott – Spiritual Bypassing – Facing Your Pains – Integration of All Aspects of Your Life – Living the Authentic Life

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Spiritual bypassing (or whitewashing) is the act of using spiritual beliefs to avoid facing or healing one’s painful feelings, unresolved wounds and unmet needs. It is a state of avoidance. Because it is a state of avoidance, it is a state of resistance. I personally, consider Spiritual bypassing to be the shadow side of spirituality.
The spiritual beliefs of any spiritual tradition, be it Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Islamic, or even Self Help, can provide ample justification for living in a state of inauthenticity. They can all provide justification for avoiding the unwanted aspects of one’s own feelings and state of being in favor of what is considered to be “a more enlightened state”. In this episode, Teal Swan gives examples of spiritual bypassing and suggests ways that we can avoid doing it.

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Dr. Stephen Cowan – 11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew – Parent-Child –

Parent Child


11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew   –   Parent  –  Child


Source: “11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew,” from mindbodygreen.com, by Dr. Stephen Cowan
– See more at: http://theunboundedspirit.com/11-things-i-wish-every-parent-knew/#sthash.ny0fIpNV.dpuf


After 25 years practicing pediatrics, and caring for thousands of children, I’ve noticed some patterns that offer me a deeper vision of health. Here are some of those invaluable lessons:
1. Growth and development are not a race.

These days we’re in such a rush to grow up. In our mechanized, post-industrialized world of speed and efficiency, we’ve forgotten that life is a process of ripening. To get good fruit, you need to nourish strong roots. Pay attention to the ground that supports your child’s life: Go for a walk with your child, eat with your child, play together, tell him a story about your experience as a child.

2. Creating family traditions encourages strong roots and a healthy life.

This takes time and practice. Personal traditions are sacred because they promote exchanges that strengthen bonds of love and intimacy and build the kind of confidence that will carry your child through this world.
3. We grow in cycles.

There is a rhythm and pulse to each child’s life – sometimes fast and intense, sometimes slow and quiet. Just as each spring brings a renewed sense of appreciation for life, each stage of a child’s life is a time of new discovery and wonder. After all, learning is not just a process of accruing information. It’s the process of transforming our ideas, and sometimes this requires forgetting in order to see with fresh eyes. Some children will take a step backward before making a giant leap forward.

Growing in cycles means that we don’t get just one chance to learn something. The same lesson will offer itself up to us again and again as we pass through the seasons of our life. There is deep forgiveness in this way of understanding childhood, which I find takes the pressure off parents to “get it right” the first time.
4. Encouragement is not the same as indulgence.

We are not in the business of raising little kings and queens. Kings don’t do well in our society. Recent studies have shown that indulgence actually weakens your child’s powers to survive, deflating motivation and diminishing feelings of success.

Encouragement means putting courage in your child, not doing things for him. Create a supportive context that will open up a path without pushing your child down it. Unconditional love is the scaffolding that encourages your child to take chances, to experiment, and to fail without judgment. Sometimes being an encouraging presence in your child’s life means standing a little off in the background, there to offer a compassionate hand when circumstances call for it, but trusting in his innate ingenuity.

There is spaciousness in encouragement. Indulgence, on the other hand, limits freedom by inflating a child’s sense of entitlement and reducing the patience needed to work through obstacles when he doesn’t instantly get his way. Indulgence leads to small-minded thinking.
5. Pushing your buttons is a spiritual practice, and children are our spiritual teachers.

You don’t need an expensive spiritual retreat to become enlightened. Your little sage-teacher is right in front of you, offering you true wisdom free of charge!

Children watch our every move when they’re little, studying our inconsistencies as they try to figure out this crazy world. And they will call you on it. When a child pushes your buttons, remember: they are your buttons, not hers. Take the time to listen to what your child is trying to teach you. One of the secrets of parenthood is our willingness to transform ourselves out of love for our child. When you’re willing to look at your buttons, you open up a deeper self-awareness that is transformative for both you and your child.
6. A symptom is the body’s way of letting us know something has to change.

Good medicine asks what is the symptom trying to accomplish? rather than simply suppressing it. Our body has its own intelligence and yet so much of pharmaceutical advertising tries to convince us that there is something wrong with feeling symptoms. Much of my medical training was focused on stopping symptoms as if they were the problem. (This is like telling the body to shut up. It’s rude!) We don’t trust the body’s intelligence. We think too much and tend to be afraid of feelings in our body.

But children have taught me that a symptom like fever is actually not the problem. Whatever is causing the fever may be a problem, but the temperature is simply the body’s way of trying to deal with what’s happening.

Take, for example, the child with a fever. What other symptoms does the child have? If he is playful, you may not need to suppress the fever. It means the body is trying to make metabolic heat to mobilize the immune system. To help it do this, you can give warm (not cold) fluids so it doesn’t dry out and nourishing foods like soups to fuel the fire.
7. Be prepared.

The one phrase from the Eagle Scout motto that stuck with me since I was a boy was Be prepared. This is a state of readiness that can be fueled by confidence or fear.

These days I practice what I call “preparatory medicine” rather than preventive medicine, so that getting sick is not seen as a failure. Being healthy does not mean never getting sick. Life is a journey of ups and downs and the growing child lives in a constant state of flux. A resilient immune system is one that learns how to get sick and get better. Living too clean a life robs us of the information necessary to be fully prepared to recover.

Rather than living in fear of illness, there are natural ways we can support our children to recovery from illness quickly and efficiently: good nutrition, hydration, probiotics, rest and exercise. But the most important? Rather than focusing on how often your child gets sick, celebrate how often she gets better.
8. Healing takes time.

The most alternative medicine I practice these days is taking time. As a society, we’re addicted to quick fixes because we have no time to be sick anymore. As a doctor, I was trained as a kind of glorified fireman, looking to put out emergencies quickly and efficiently.

In emergencies, strong medicine is often necessary to save lives but most health problems in childhood are not emergencies. In those instances it takes more than strong medicine to get better; it takes time. I realize that taking another day off from work because a child has been sent home from school with a runny nose can add real stress to our already stressful lives. But children have taught me that healing is a kind of developmental process that has its own stages too.

When we don’t take time to recover, we rob our children of the necessary stages they need to learn from if they are to develop long-lasting health. When we take time to recover, illness becomes a journey of discovery, not just a destination; we begin to see our health and illness as two sides of the same coin.
9. The secret of life is letting go.

Life is a process of constantly giving way. Things pushed past their prime transform into something else. Just as spring gives way to summer, so is each stage of development a process of letting go. Crawling gives way to walking. Babbling gives way to speaking. Childhood gives way to adolescence. By breathing in, you breathe out. By eating, you poop.

Each season, each stage, each little rhythm of our life is a matter of letting go. This allows us to get rid of what we don’t need to make room in our lives for new information. Learning to let go is not always easy and each child has his own adaptive style and timing. Nature favors diversity. Remember to honor your child’s unique nature. This is what my book Fire Child Water Child is all about.

Perhaps the most important way children teach me how to let go is in the way they play. Playing means letting go of our inhibitions; it frees us up and allows us not to take ourselves too seriously.
10. Trust yourself: You’re the expert on your child.

One of the most important things I teach new parents is how to trust themselves. Nowhere is this more daunting than when a new baby comes into our life. We’re expected to know everything and yet we feel like we know nothing. But children have taught me that this knowing-nothing can be a real opportunity to open our powers of intuition.

Mindful parenting begins by listening with an open heart to your child’s life without fear or panic. Studies have shown that a mother’s intuition is more powerful than any lab test in picking up problems. Unfortunately today we are flooded with so much scary information that it interferes with our ability to listen to our own intuition. (Just think of the arrogance of a doctor who acts like he knows your child better than you do!)

Take a tip from your baby. Look into your baby’s eyes. Imagine what it feels like to be conscious of the world before you have language, before all those labels that scare us and divide things into good and bad, right and wrong. Babies have no enemies. This is seeing from the source. It is what Zen Buddhists call “beginner’s mind.” Watch closely how your baby breathes with his belly. This is Qigong breathing. Stop thinking for a moment and try breathing this way. You may just find the answers you need waiting for you there.
11. Take the long view. (Because it’s easy to get caught in the immediacy of a problem, especially at 2am.)

Having watched thousands of children grow into adulthood, what sometimes seems like a big deal at four-months old or 14-years old may be no more than a small bump in the road. Children have taught me how to take the long view of life. When we step back and see the big picture of our lives, we discover wisdom and compassion.

Source: “11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew,” from mindbodygreen.com, by Dr. Stephen Cowan
– See more at: http://theunboundedspirit.com/11-things-i-wish-every-parent-knew/#sthash.ny0fIpNV.dpuf

Grand Cardinal Cross – Make Decisions About Your Life Now – Conversation with Jim Self, Barbara Hand Clow – 4-24-14

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You are in for a treat. Author, teacher and astrologer Barbara Hand Clow not only understands a wide range of information important to the ascension process, but she also knows how to organize and present this information in ways that amaze. This special episode marks the fourth time Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*The planetary and personal impact of the upcoming fifth of seven astrological alignments between Pluto and Uranus, which occurs on April 20-22

*How the previous alignments offer a compelling backdrop for what we can expect as this fifth alignment occurs

*How all that is hidden is coming to the surface

*Returning to balance in all ways

*The effects the shift is having on your physicality, and how to make a smoother transition

*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of 3D time and space

*Why the position of these planets will bring the “Shift” into dramatic awareness for each person on the Planet

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Teal Scott – False Self – Real Self – 2-19-14

man vs society

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A child is born.  Shortly thereafter, it is molded by society into something that is needed by society.  The child becomes a utility, more like a part of a machine.  Our society is a society of ignorance and cowardice.  It is a society of ignorance because it fails to see that every person is born with a destiny and that by molding him or her into something, we prevent that destiny.

Our society is cowardice because it does not want to take the risk of seeing what people would turn into and what society itself would turn into, if people were allowed to let that destiny unfold within them with no external interference.

You were born to be an expression of your soul in the physical dimension.  You were not born to use this life to refine or improve yourself.  You were born to use this life as a canvass to paint yourself across.  You cannot be certified to do this.  You do not need a college degree to do this.  You were qualified from the day you first drew breath.  We do not understand that we came into this life qualified to live it.  We wait for society to put us where it wants us to be, just like our parents did and our grandparents did and our great grandparents did.

And it will put you exactly where it wants you.  It will create for you a false identity; a false identity so thick that you won’t recognize that the deep emptiness you feel is the feeling of missing your own soul.  This is why the junkie shoots up.  This is why we must stay busy.  In the emptiness of solitude, there is no one to reinforce the false identity and so cracks appear in it’s foundation and the soul begins to leak through.  Who am I?  We start to ask.  It makes us feel crazy, being alone starts to feed an identity crisis.  There is no one there to project an idea of who you are…onto you.

The dark night of the soul is nothing more than the space between the false self and the real self.  It is a groundless space.  It is a space where you learn that to find yourself, you must first be lost.  You cannot be who you have believed yourself to be.  But you also are not yet aware of who you really are.  There is nothing to hold on to.  You are “being”, but that being is void of meaning.


Other people have given you this identity that you have owned and identified yourself by.  This is why in the absence of other people, you feel like you start to lose yourself.  If we let ourselves sink onto the blackness of the dark night of the soul, what we will find is that the pure, unpolluted true self (which is the direct manifestation of your soul) will arise on it’s own with no help whatsoever.  You cannot DO anything to become your true self.  Rather, you must simply step out of the way of your true self.  Stop restricting it.  All that has to happen for something real to surface is for that which is false to be taken away.  But do not worry, the only things you can lose, are things that are meant to be lost. The only things you can lose are things that you have to lose in order to find something infinitely more valuable.

Society scares you into maintaining the false identity.  It threatens you with pain and death.  Pain and death if you don’t pay your taxes, pain and death if you do not buy a certain product, pain and death if you do not follow instructions.  But if you heed those threats, you will die before you ever experience your authentic being.  A life lived out behind the mask of the false self is no life at all.  It is the shell of a life.  Anyone who has been able to live in authenticity and die in authenticity knows that pain is temporary and death is fiction.  It cannot be.

Today’s blog entry is brief.  But it is crucial.  There are a great many people who are feeling lost today.  I can feel you as you consider returning to the false identity because of how scary it is to be in that dark transition between false and real.  I can feel you wanting to return to the solid shore you came from because of the fear of forging forward to new shores.

I am urging you to keep going forward and not return to what is familiar.  That familiarity is a poison you’ve grown used to.  And within these words, is the voice of your suppressed soul.  A dark night of the soul is not a defeat.  Everyone should be so lucky as to have one, or many of them in their lifetime.  Everyone should hope to get lost enough to find themselves.  And there is only one way to put this… If you aren’t asking yourself “who the f**k am I?” you will never find out.

With love always,


The Spiritual Catalyst


Eva Soul Talk – Our Authentic Selves and Awareness


Our authentic selves and awareness
Many people tend to believe that authenticity is something we have to achieve and being authentic means being unique. But, we are all unique! This planet and reality is a giant free will playground for all of us to play out and manifest our own individual soul plans.Therefore, in any given moment, we are indeed unique and authentic as we are following and fulfilling our soul plans and soul contracts.When we don’t judge or label others and simply observe them, we realize how complex and magnificent we all are.And in fact, we cannot be anything else but our true, authentic selves.
However, as we are evolving and changing, our truth and understanding can shift significantly, as much as we allow it.We are going through and experiencing different phases in our ascension process and it can be amazingly beautiful and confusing at the same time.As we are removing and releasing old identities, labels, beliefs, layers of ourselves, we might often wonder who we are.We might feel confused, because our old roles don’t fit us any longer and we don’t wish to hold on to them, but we are uncertain how to move forward.
This feeling occurs when we are positioning and settling on a new level of awareness. And therefore everything feels new, strange and we may feel that we cannot find footing in this new state of awareness.
But, as we settle on our new level and a new kind of clarity takes over within our consciousness, we ones again feel as if we find our new true, authentic selves.We wish to speak our new mind, our new truth, thus we want to express ourselves in very new ways. We want to share our truth with others to inspire them to grow and evolve as we are excited about our new level of consciousness and we wish them to experience the same.
Regardless of how many people are actually listening to our truth, many of us feel a constant and strong inner guidance to share with others.We express our true selves in countless different ways as we are all unique and authentic in our own ways.People around us may or may not resonate with what we represent, nevertheless we are constantly stimulating, shifting and raising the level of awareness on this planet as we ourselves are evolving.
We offer our love, our services, our help and assistance to others and even when the effect of our offerings might not be visible and tangible to us, we know and feel that we are fulfilling our purposes, thus our soul plans and contracts.And for this reason we are always our true, authentic selves, as we are experiencing ourselves on different levels of consciousness throughout this ascension process.
When will this process reach the end? We all wish to know that, as we often feel tired, confused and challenged in this seemingly endless expansion process.Many people say it will never end as our ascension is infinite and I believe that to be true.However, I also believe that each of us incarnated with an individual soul plan, thus our soul planned already the certain levels of awareness we are here to experience in this life time.
Therefore it cannot be a general answer to that question as each of us is in the process of unfolding our unique soul plans.
We are all expressing ourselves based on our current level of awareness at any time.And we might all be on different levels of understanding, nonetheless we can speak our truth and express our true selves every single moment of our lives.
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Polona – Ascension Update – Purification – Infinite Expansion – Lift Off


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my another Ascension update in Nature. It is a very spontaneous one, so be prepared for that free flow! Please remember that Nature is neutral as all Creation is, and that it serves as our utmost mirror. I rejoice every single time that I get to be myself in Nature, all alone … in my sacred Silence … communing with Spirit … the Beloved I AM! Know that the greatest Masters always live a life of pure simplicity, and they see what many others do not … in the tiniest of things and in the deepest of feelings being felt … in the eternal silence of the sacred breath! All pulsates … all is alive with pure awareness!

We are purifying so much lately! Remember that Ascension is simplicity. When we are ascending and raising in our vibration, we simply loose interest in all things complicated and we are interested only in organic and beautiful things, like spending time in Nature and deeply communing with Spirit. We are no longer interested in drama, crowded and noisy places, being in large groups, drinking, partying and smoking, eating low vibrational foods, sharing energy with negative people and waste our time in situations that don’t match our unique authenticity. We are only interested in our Ascension journey … from head to toe and from within to without! Life suddenly becomes so simple, but so deep and magical … like mine is … every single day!

My only desire is to share it all with all of You and help the collective to raise in awareness by remembering who we truly are as Divine Love.

Within Divine Love, Polona

Bashar – How do We Design Our Reality

NOTE:  Very intense channeling of Bashar  –  Very high – purpose lesson.  Volume down.

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The life is meaningless. In other words it is for you to give it meaning. But the meaning you give it ultimately determines what effect you get out of it.

Developing Awareness – Journey To The Authentic Self – Consious Life News – 11 May 2013

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Authentic Self Meditation

Authentic Self Meditation

How many times a day do you catch yourself talking to yourself? None, you say? Then here’s a little test. The next time you are in the shower, bring your attention to your feet and hold your focus there. How long can you do it before your thoughts intrude? I really need to give Mom a call. We haven’t spoken since last Wednesday, and she’ll think I don’t love her….Why did Frank ask me to stop at the cleaners after work? Doesn’t he remember Dale’s soccer game starts at five? I’ll barely make it there as it is….I hope the boss is in a better mood today. He was really out of it yesterday….I have a paper due tomorrow. Why did I put off working on it? And the guys are getting together tonight to watch the game.  I really need the extra credit. If I don’t turn that paper in on time, I’m screwed. If you are not talking to yourself, who is talking to you?

When meditation was suggested to me several years ago as a way of helping my body to heal while I was in treatment for exposure to toxic chemicals, I had only a foggy notion of what meditation is. Coming of age in the 60s and 70s, I recalled reading about college students who smoked pot or ingested LSD and claimed to meditate, thus linking meditation for me with the use of a mind-altering substance. Faced, however, with the bizarre symptoms brought on by toxic exposure, I was ready to try anything.

I started my meditation practice in the environmentally safe apartment I occupied while I was in treatment. I had been advised to sit quietly in the early morning hours and still my mind. How hard could that be? you might think. What if I told you it was next to impossible? I would sit there in silence, and within seconds the internal chatter would start. Who is in control here? I remember thinking. It isn’t I. That’s for sure. I’m sitting here listening to all this internal chatter while all I wanted was to be quiet. Totally frustrating!

It took months of frustration to understand that I had taken the first step toward discovering my authentic or higher self through these early attempts at meditation. Coupled with the energy balancing treatments I was receiving, meditation was teaching me to observe myself from a new perspective, the perspective of a conscious being in a flesh and blood body. In addition to being crucial in helping my body to heal, not only from the toxic exposure but also from the many chronic illnesses that had made life difficult for me, that change in perception altered how I see the world and everything on it and in it. It led me down a path of ever expanding consciousness that changed me forever.

Who has time for meditation? If you think you need to climb to the top of a mountain and seek solitude to meditate, think again. Meditation can be as simple as taking a deep breath and, when you exhale, sending your breath to your feet. You can take quick meditation breaks at work—never, of course, while you are operating machinery and needing to stay focused on what you are doing for safety sake or if you are responsible for the safety of other people. In those cases when you cannot change focus for a brief moment, then it is better to wait for your rest or coffee break. If, however, you work in an office, then a 20-second meditation break once or twice a day is all you will need to strengthen awareness and refresh your bodymindspirit. And there is an added bonus for your employer. You will think more clearly afterwards.

Let’s learn a few basics. We inhabit bodies that are animated by energies within us and around us. Those energies respond to metabolic changes as well as, for instance, emotional states, food, drink, prescription or other drugs, exercise, thoughts, and breathing. The simple act of taking a deep breath with the intention to clear your mind and be aware of your body is a powerful tool for change.



The energies within and around us form the human energy system. The major components of the energy system include vortices of energy called “chakras,” a Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel.” The major chakras that we generally teach include the root or base (first chakra, dominant color: red), the sacrum (second chakra, dominant color: orange), the solar plexus (third, dominant color: yellow), the heart chakra (fourth chakra, dominant color: green), throat chakra (fifth chakra, dominant color: sky blue), third eye (sixth chakra, dominant color: indigo), and crown (seventh, dominant color: transparent white or lavender). Minor vortices dot the body and number twenty-one.

Energy flows through and around the body in major and minor pathways. The flow that is usually learned first is the simplest. It begins just above your head, flows through the head, down the spine, and exits through the perineum and into the earth. When I first learned to use this flow, I think of it as the primary flow, to ground or “earth” myself, I felt tingling in my feet. That is desirable because, in fact, this major flow moves also through the legs and feet.

Now that you know the basics, let’s try a twenty-second awareness meditation. Visualize, or imagine, the primary flow in your body. Picture the light above your head. As you inhale, see the light move into and through your head and down your spine. As you exhale, see the light move into the earth and send it down deeply. You may feel tingling in your feet, or you may feel nothing at all. Either way, stay in the moment briefly and then let it go. You have just grounded your energies, the first step in supporting the health of your bodymindspirit. Bring your attention back to what you were doing before you started and go on with your day.

You can practice these twenty-second meditations until you are drawn to a longer session. Then, at home or in another comfortable environment, instead of jumping into a more difficult stillness meditation, try this visualization exercise. Sit comfortably in a chair. Remove your shoes. Wiggle your toes and feel the bottoms of your feet. Ground yourself, as described above, that is, complete a twenty-second meditation. Next, set the intention to be peaceful and relaxed. Begin breathing slowly and deeply. With your eyes closed think of a place that appeals to you—a mountain top, a garden, a path in the woods, a beach. See yourself there and allow the scene to unfold in your imagination.

For example, if you chose a mountain top, you can begin by hiking a path to the top. Observe what you see during the hike. Animals, birds of a certain size and color, plants or flowers, waterfalls, any or all of these might come into view. Choose an animal, bird, plant or flower to bring to the mountain top. Sit down and allow your companion to communicate with you. You may see images or experience certain feelings. Don’t analyze. Just experience. When you are ready, make your way back to the bottom of the mountain. Return your breathing to normal. Wiggle your toes. Allow impressions of your experience to come forward. Did a certain color dominate? If red was dominant, you may need to strengthen your root chakra. If yellow, then your solar plexus may need support. Were there feelings you need to explore? The best way to explore these feelings is with a counselor, preferably a holistic counselor, who will see you in wholeness.

You can practice these visualizations several times before you attempt a stillness meditation, or you can alternate between the two types. For a stillness meditation, you need a quiet environment where you can focus inward without interruption. Early in the morning before anyone else has risen is generally a good time. Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor. Ground yourself, that is, visualize a cone or column of light above your head. As you inhale, imagine you are drawing in the light and see it move through your body and into your feet. See your feet as pools of light. Imagine the light creating ever widening circles of light around your feet.

As you exhale, send the light into the earth. Thought and breath are your body awareness tools. Send the light down deeply into the earth until you reach a place of light in the earth. Light exists everywhere and predominates over darkness. Connect your light with the light you visualize in the earth. You are grounded. Focus on your breathing.  Picture your abdomen as a balloon. As you inhale, see the balloon fill with air, allowing your abdomen to expand. As you exhale, see the balloon deflate. Do this several times.

Then set your intention to sit in stillness. You can use your own words, or these: “I sit in stillness to connect with my authentic self.” Then observe what happens. Thoughts will start to intrude. Observe what they are. Understand that they originate in the persona you have created and through which you experience and interact with the world. Surround each thought with light and send it into the earth. Then repeat your intention to sit in stillness. Sit quietly for as long as you can, continuing to surround each thought with light and sending it into the earth. You can time your session for twenty minutes.

Then end your session with closing thoughts: “I am grateful for this opportunity to observe myself. I close myself to all but my highest truth.” Then go about your day.

If you are curious about the intersection between developing awareness and higher consciousness, then check back for future visualizations and meditations. To learn more about the voice that talks to you, I recommend you read the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself by Michael A. Singer. You will not be disappointed. It is the best discussion of levels of consciousness I have ever read.

About Jennie Sherwin:

Jennie has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in counseling. She is the author of Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses. She has been an educator, as well as a writer and editor in the field of public health. She is certified in Reiki I and II and has studied energy therapies at A Healing Place in Richardson, Texas, working under the direction of Deborah Singleton and her healing team. Jennie also acknowledges the guidance of Christine Gregg, Australian spirit reader and healer, and Maya Page, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, and VortexHealing® practitioner. In Baltimore, Maryland, where she lives with her husband, Roger, Jennie writes about healing and consciousness. Her son, Colin, lives and works in New York City.

Visit Jennie’s website at http://www.jenniesherwin.com/.  Follow her at Books by Jennie Sherwin on Facebook, Networked Blogs, or Goodreads.com.

Disclaimer: All healing paths, while they share certain things in common, are unique to the individual. Nothing I write in my blogs or post on this website should be construed as medical advice. All decisions about physical and mental health should be made in consultation with your physician or other licensed or certified health care practitioner.

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Abraham-Hicks – Negative Entities On The Other Side?

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2012 Atlanta The gentleman in the hotseat is asking Abe about negative entities on the other side. Abe’s explanation is deep and clear. As always love and appreciation to Abe and Jerry and Esther and Crew and To Friends here on YouTube thank you thank you thank you I love the co-creative experience. Peace and love to all xox

Amy – Natural Living – Costa Rica


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blog.missecoglam.com Amy is a truly amazing woman. She has chosen to leave ‘normal’ life behind to move to a beautiful mountain area in Costa Rica where she lives on her own. She sleeps outside underneath her rancho and spends most of her time naked and only eats food that is on her property. She is so fascinating and shares so much knowledge, each time people visit her. You will be inspired after watching and hearing Amy speak and seeing where she lives!
If you stay at Farmoflifecr.com you can go visit her!

A Meditation by Almine: Coming Home to Yourself – Living from the Core of Authenticity

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This meditation, originally created to work with the Haaraknit, can be used to find your center. Living from your center is the key to authentic living.