Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message To Lightworkers – 8-30-15

Caroline Oceana Ryan   –   A Message To Lightworkers   –   8-30-15

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you today.
In this empowering month of August, you have seen many changes, and they are not over yet.
They are building in their intensity so that the changes in energetic climate that will occur in September will not come as such as a shock to your systems.

One might say, that all of the energy shifts and activations occurring in human bodies and consciousness now, come in preparation for the next step up—the next step toward creating your Light bodies, toward building the New Earth, toward embracing your freedom and sovereignty as independent beings and intergalactic citizens.
You may have noticed a change in your thoughts and feelings lately.

Old issues that had seemed solved or resolved have suddenly surfaced, requiring a whole new level of attention.

It is no longer sufficient to say, “I have dealt with that issue—I am no longer angry at that person,” or “I am all right with that situation—I can’t expect it to get much better.”

For there is now a whole new energy of expectation happening in and around you.

You are having to look at old issues and realize that a deeper healing is required, one that stretches back to the events of past lives, as well as this one.

You are in fact settling the karma or old third dimensional density that is yours to solve in this life, and that must be settled before you can make the move to fifth dimensional living.


We will address far more of this in our next Ascension Manual book, which will be out later this year.
But for now, let us say that the Light upon the planet has reached a level that proves that nothing and no one can hide from it.

Certainly, you have lived under great deceptions for many centuries.
Workers have been paid and treated poorly in most parts of the world.
Animals have suffered ill treatment, as have many vulnerable persons who were either not powerful enough to ensure their own protection, or not protected by others.

Those termed “vulnerable persons” are in fact the majority of the human race.
They are women, elderly, children, adolescents, and LGBTQ.
They are workers, slaves, trafficked persons, addicts, and illiterates.
They are immigrants, members of numerous religions, indigenous persons, nonwhites, and those living with disabilities.

The insistence that all persons be treated with dignity and respect began to gather momentum in the nineteenth century, when it was still a new idea for most, building to a crescendo in the twentieth century, into your current century.

You have been asked to accept these inequalities for thousands of years, as if they were normal and needn’t be righted.

Great teachers such as Yeshua and Gautama Buddha appeared upon the Earth to teach the opposite—that we are here to care for and respect one another, and ourselves, and that no one should be trampled on the way to creating or sustaining someone’s empire, or someone’s survival.
For many, this is still a new idea.


The notion that some persons do not deserve to live in the United States, whether or not they were originally born in that country, is being touted by one presidential hopeful, and many are unthinkingly agreeing, though more with his angry, demanding tone than with the idea itself.

You will see now, that there is a separation in thought and behavior amongst Earth’s peoples.
Some groups and individuals will, in the unprecedented power and Light of these current energies, demand that nothing on the Earth change, and that the current system snap shut tightly to ensure that what little empire remains under the dark ones’ control stay exactly as it is.

Other groups and individuals will see that everything is now up for renewal, for transformation, for transmutation, and for healing.

They will openly admit in conversations and inner realizations where they have not loved, not allowed another their path, and not been their true and genuine selves. In the midst of this astounding Light, they will come to see what must change before they go on, and they will seek to make those changes.

And will these changes occur because they are grounded in the old paradigm of shame and self-criticism, of feeling small and helpless before a great and angry god?

No, for those walking in this higher Light understand that they are themselves Creators.
Millions are now seeing that they have within them the entire expanse of the Universe, with its endless possibilities and infinite dreams of joy and renewal.

This is Ascension—the change of heart that puts the heart in charge, and seeks to purify that heart with Love, self-Love, openness, acceptance, and desire for growth.

We are aware that your media is still on the path of speaking mainly or only of the negative, charting these rough seas and high winds as if they were foretelling disaster, and yet we tell you, it is not disaster that you are creating now.


We would say, for those of you who are becoming Light Itself, that it is time to clean house now, and to allow yourselves to feel what you must in order to allow the renewal and rebirth that is occurring. Much of that will involve facing the old pain—the old shock of what has occurred in this and other Earth lives you have lived.
Allow your anger, and allow your tears, and love both into a place of acceptance for all that has transpired in your families, your communities, your classes, your races, your countries, and belief systems.

Understand that as Earth moves to Her rightful place in the Universe, nothing is to be hidden now.
And so there is both a celebration and a realization that September’s energies are the energies of the New Earth.

As citizens of that New Earth, you are the ones to not only celebrate its coming, as if you were being gifted with it or led to it, but to consciously create it.

And so, in this New Earth, will there be joy, good will, and acceptance of all?
Will there be fairness, equality, respectful treatment of all, provision of the essentials of life for all?
Or will you delay its creation, spending more time in division, in deciding who “deserves” acceptance, abundance, equality, respect?

You would not be here at this time if you had not already decided the path you wish to take.
And yet we would ask that you look within, and find those quiet and not so quiet parts of your own heart and psyche that are desperate for your Love and acceptance, and decide now that you will offer those gifts, in very great abundance.


For in this New Earth you are fast creating, there is only honesty and clarity, and all things reverting to the right thing—to their highest form.

And so again we welcome you!

We celebrate with you all that you are creating, and we say, “Walk your path, friends and fellow Light warriors! You came here to learn to Love, and now the way is made clear. And so, begin. The abundance you seek, the freedoms and equality you seek are finally here, because you have required them. And you are paving that path with the same Love you have sought for yourself and your children.”

For it is so, that Love is all there is.
And all of you, as Creators, have made it thus.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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Call to ALL Lightworkers – Meditation August 15, 2015 to join Global focus on Positive while attempt re-starting CERN – Pleiade Dolphin Infos Blog – 8-15-15

Pleiade Dolphin Infos Blog
Hi Everyone,

A quick announcement that applies to us.  We have had the experience of strengthening the Positive Timeline for Earth in our weekly Time Travel gatherings, and now we hear that the Cabal is planning to use the Cern Particle Collider to enforce their own agenda for the future onto humanity.  This is planned for August 15th, coming right up on Saturday.  According to Simon Parkes, the ‘powers-that-have-been’ in control are making a last ditch attempt to re-instate their negative plan for Earth.  This date relates to the Biorhythms of Earth that amplify the thoughts and energies and feelings and intentions of Earth people on August 15th.  ( Similar to the occasion of the Philadelphia experiment in August, 1943.)  They intend to amplify the negative aspects of people’s psyche using the Collider technology.

We, as Quantum, Time Traveling, Experiencers  know how to surround the Earth with love and compassion and higher consciousness.  So I suggest we do that at this time.  If we want to join the time when Simon and his group in Britain are having a powerful meditation to ensure the continuation of the Positive, the clock time in Hawaii time it would be 1:00 AM on August 15th  (oh no!!)   But we can interact with time and be there when they are meeting….. as we have learned to enter the future.  Or set your alarm for 1:00 AM.

Here is Simon’s website to read about it.  (he seems to say to send healing thoughts to the Cern Collider facility, but I would rather send it to the Earth and humanity.)  Up to you  and  THANK YOU

WITH GROUP LOVE, more powerful than anything that exists,

Thank you Deenya for the Heads Up about this……..

Dolphin Connection International

ASHTAR – First Wave Of Ascension – Preparation And Insights For The 144,000 Lightworkers – by Rose Rambles Blog – 8-11-15


ASHTAR: 144,000

Rose Rambles Blog

The Ashtar Command have predicted that those who ascend in the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to the Earth in the ascended state, to awaken the rest of humanity to the ascension opportunity. The Keys of Enoch support this prediction by speaking of the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on the Earth, who will transform the world and push back the clouds of darkness and despair. The appearance of 144,000 masters is also predicted in the Native American prophecies. In April 1983, the Medicine Teacher, Harley Swiftdeer declared that, “144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream mindbodies. They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels(Merkabah) and become a major force of light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake.” This would also provide an explanation for the 144,000, spoken of in the Book of Revelation.Chapter 7, of Revelations, refers to an uncountable number from everynation clad in what John perceived to be white robes. This could have been his perception of the light bodies adorning the multitude, who follow in the wake of the 144,000, to rise in the second and third waves of ascension. John also said that these were the ones who had been cleansed by the time of great distress, a seven year period of great tribulation. This would correspond to the natural disasters that have been predicted as necessary in order for the Earth to cleanse herself of industrial civilisation and pollution prior to her own ascension.

Preparing for ascension

Ascension is the goal of all the self-transformation processing that humans beings undertake in physical life on Earth. It corresponds to the final resurrection from death which is an integral part of the belief structure of a number of World religions. Ascension would appear to be available to anyone who acknowledges and respects the Creator – who can be known only as love and life – and surrenders to this, which is their own innate reality.The suggested way to prepare for ascension is the practice ‘inner quiet’ for which the stilling of the mind by focussing on the breath, is strongly recommended. Sananda has outlined that either ascension, or physical evacuation, will occur for all innocents, children, and adults, of the right disposition, who will allow it to happen to them. He stressed that people do not have to be religious in order to ascend, but rather they need to be trusting, loving and fearless.

Sananda on Ascension

From the book the Crystal Stair by Eric KleinINTRODUCTION TO ASCENSION by SanandaHello. Nice to be here with you this evening on this auspicious occasion. I am Sananda here to introduce you to a great adventure in your lives. I might say to re-introduce you to something you have known on some level of yourselves for a very long time. So please make yourselves comfortable and be relaxed. We will be introducing you to the ascension process this evening. The first class is always the most challenging for us. There is so much to discuss that it is difficult to know where to begin. But with your help in the form of questions, we generally end up taking care of most of the information you need to know regarding the ascension and these times that you are living in.These times are quite extraordinary What is occurring now has not occurred on this world before. It is a transformation. There is an incredible amount of growth available. The opportunity to take a quantum leap into higher consciousness is now here for you. You may have a certain awareness of this in your lives. You may be in your own ways experiencing a quickening of growth, a heart opening, more light and love in your life, more desire to know the truth. This is a result of this increased energy that is occurring. What I am here to talk about, as well as the others who will speak to you in this series of classes, is the completion, or goal, of all of this transformation. You are not here on this planet to endlessly grow and process your emotions. This is part of a larger picture. This is just part of a growth towards a completion. And now at this time, through a special dispensation of the Father/Creator of the universe and all the universes, we are putting out the call to those beings such as yourselves, those Light Workers and Starseeds, who will be the first to learn about this opportunity to return to their true states of awareness, their true identities. This will culminate in the ascension process.What is ascension? It is a great leap of experience on every level of your being. In general, you could say it is a leap from third-dimensional reality into a fifth-dimensional or higher state of consciousness, third-dimensional reality being what you now see and hear and taste and experience with your senses, all that appears to be solid or having this dimensionality of solidness. I would like to include in this definition (though they are more fourth-dimensional manifestations: thoughts and ideas, emotions, etc.) all of that which is existing in this planetary realm. You might say that the fifth dimension or higher, the ascended state, is a state of increased frequency of vibration. It is as if you have a prism and you shine white light through the prism, breaking it into many various colors, various wavelengths of light. You could say that the third-dimensional existence as you know it relates to that visible spectrum of light that you can see with your eyes, from the violet through the other colors. Ascension is a matter of going beyond this limited spectrum of experience. The nature of the universe does not change so much. The laws of physics do not change so much. But you expand and increase your frequency of vibration and your consciousness to a point where you can see those colors and move into those realms that are now invisible to you. So part of the process is an awakening to your potentials, your hidden potentials. They have been hidden quite well, have they not? You have been using a certain percentage of your grey matter. Some of you are more aware through meditations and psychic powers, but nevertheless you have been existing within a certain limited framework of consciousness. So another difference between an ascended being and yourselves is that we have a one hundred percent mental capacity fully operating in our consciousness. And you have much less. I would say you use only ten to fifteen percent. Maybe I will give some of you the benefit of the doubt and say that you have used up to twenty percent. Congratulations. But you see, there is a great deal more for youto be aware of, a great deal more for you to experience. And it is very enjoyable to do so. It is very blissful and peaceful to be surrounded by this loving presence of the Father continually to feel at one with the Creator. So an ascended being is one who has made that leap, who has at least attained to the level of awareness of the fifth dimension, who has gone beyond birth and death, who has attained that state of immortality wherein consciousness will no longer be broken by the sleep you know as death. Neither is there aging. You have seen pictures of Ascended Masters and they look the same pretty much all the time. If you have seen photographs of me (there are a few in existence), I have not changed much in 2,000 years or for even longer than that. So again, an aspect of ascension is that you will be free of birth and death. You will be free of all of the limitations of third-dimensional reality.

This transformation is not something that is intended to be selective for a very few individuals. It is something which is now occurring on a planetary scale. It is something that is going to be available to all human beings in this lifetime, in a very short time. You are hearing about it. You are in the first wave of those who have heard about it, of those who are interested. So this is not something that is an option. For you, only the timing is optional. This is not a new automobile I am selling you that you can decide whether to purchase or not. I am telling you something that isgoing to occur and is going to happen one way or the other. And it is for you to align yourselves and to open to the transformation if you wish to be among the first to take that leap of consciousness.

So why are you the first? Why are there so few who are ready to hear about this at this time? Why are you so different, you might ask. Why are your hearts a little bit more open? Why are your minds a little bit more open tothis possibility? It is because you have somewhat higher origins. Those of you who are in this room with me now are what I would classify as LightWorkers or Starseeds. You are, believe it or not, very evolved beings. You are very beautiful and courageous beings. You are among those who chose to leave the ascended state, to come here, to take third-dimensional incarnations many thousands of years ago in order that you might assist humanity in order that you might assist in the transformation of this planet. It is time for you to realize your origins to some extent, and to begin to appreciate yourselves for who you are beyond your minds and your personalities, beyond your limited concepts of yourselves. This is why you are among the first to hear of this. This is why you are awake to the possibility Many have heard these descriptions of the ascension and for some reason they do not awaken to that. For some reason they are somewhat sleepy or disbelieving. Their time will come. Now it is your time. So part of what we will be working on together in this series of classes, for those of you who choose to continue onwards, is the unveiling of your own higher Selves, the increased awareness of who you really are beyond your personalities and individual life experiences. You will begin to experience an expansion of your self concept. You will begin to feel a great deal more of your true presence, your higher Self, as we do our best to connect you more strongly with that aspect of yourself We are going to work on integrating you with that higher Self so that you do not feel separate from God or from your true self, so that you do not feel disempowered or helpless or lost here in this third-dimensional quagmire you call “planet Earth experience.” There are many benefits to this process. Indeed, it is aprocess. So I congratulate you for your openness this evening, for having the courage and openness to come and hear about this. I encourage you to ask whatever questions you have about this. This is not an ordinary class that you are taking. This is not a workshop that will assist you in manifesting more money exclusively. This is a class that is cutting straight to the very essence of your beings. It is very transformational.

So what is occurring now that is different? Why is this time more powerful and intense? It is because the Earth itself is undergoing the initial phases of its transformation to the ascended state. The Earth as a third-dimensional manifestation has a, very short time to continue. There will be incredible transformations of this planet and this solar system that you are inhabiting. All of the atoms and molecules of the Earth, of the solar system, and of every being in existence on the Earth are transforming towards a higher frequency and will soon be in the fifth dimension experience. This is why this is not an optional experience for you. If you are inhabiting the planet Earth, know that you are here at this time for a purpose, You are Light Workers and you have been awaiting this time. A great deal has happened to you in your Earth lives, a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of lifetimes where you were trying our best to be ordinary citizens. Sometimes you were persecuted for being extraordinary citizens, Sometimes you were great teachers. Sometimes you were yogis and meditators in your caves. Sometimes you were white witches or my other sort of manifestation, trying your best to do your missions here, to channel the energy of God into the desert like consciousness of the world. You have done a lot. You have been rather successful individually. Yet collectively I would say the change that is intended for this planet has not been proceeding as smoothly or as rapidly as we had hoped when this choice was made by you to incarnate here. So the original plan requires a little bit of a boost at this time. What has happened is that most of the Starseeds have fallen asleep themselves. This is why the world is so sleepy and why even the Starseeds are sleepy Because there is an aura of sleep and confusion which surrounds the planet. The light has not broken through fully yet. But it is making great strides to do so.

So I ask you to open to the possibility of your higher Selves, your own divinity and open to the possibility that you are ascended beings who descended at a certain time in history to do the work that you have been doing. And now it is time; your internal alarm clock has gone off and awakened you. You heard the word “ascension,” or perhaps read some information about it, and your internal alarm clock went off. Something in you said, “This is for me.” It is because you are programmed to awaken. You are programmed for this time, for you knew that no matter what occurred in your third-dimensional lifetimes you would not be left behind when the Hierarchy came to elevate the consciousness and to lift and transform.So now it is time, and you are receiving your wake up calls. You are waking up quite beautifully. There is more to do and experience. You willexperience it. I will speak a little bit about the ascension process. Next week Ashtar will be here to speak in more detail within his area ofexpertise. You see, there is a great deal of involvement by the Ashtar Command and the extraterrestrial masters. There are many ships surrounding the Earth. They are not visible to you because they are in higher dimensions. They are not visible to your earthly radar. They are not visible to the space shuttles. But let me say the skies are swarming with ascended beings at this time who have been assisting with this work. So what is the process? You have grown accustomed to reincarnational experience – that is, having your soul incarnate into a body and going through a lifetime of a certain number of years, experiencing death, and leaving your body to return again to the Earth. You have gone to some fourth-dimensional areas. There are heavens and hells galore, with many experiences. Yet always you return to the body for this body is the platform from which your launch will take place into the fifth dimension.This is the intention, let me say of having a physical body at this time especially I would say that your ascension will be all but identical to my own. You will not leave your bodies behind and go to a high state of consciousness. Your bodies will be transformed also. The molecules and atoms, your sub-atomic particles, all that you are, will be transformed and accelerated into the fifth dimension. So you do not have to die. Well,that’s some good news. Despite the fact that human beings have grown so accustomed to dying that it has become a common awareness or common belief, I am telling you now: you do not have to die. And you will not.

The actual experience of ascension involves the lifting of your vibrational frequencies, which culminates in the physical lifting of your body in ahigh state of consciousness from the planet’s surface into the waiting light vehicles. And yes, when I attained my ascension, I was lifted into the light vehicles also. You could say that I went up into the spaceships, if you prefer to view them as spaceships. So your experience will be the same as mine, although your requirements will be somewhat less than mine were. Fortunately you do not have to go through the trials and tests that I did. What I went through was for all of you and all of humanity You could say that I paved the way for this process. And I have been waiting for you for a long time. So I am very excited to see thefruition of all the work we have been doing here for thousands of years. For thousands of years the Ashtar Command and ascended brotherhood have been working. For thousands of years we have been waiting for this time. And we are very happy and excited that our wait is all but over and that we will be reunited with those of our family I am speaking of you now and that we will have the opportunity to do some very vital work with the mass of humanity also. So you will be lifted. You may call it evacuation or youmay call it ascension. These terms are related, but the evacuation refers to the lifting of your physical forms. The ascension refers to the experience of making the shift into the fifth dimension and beyond. This occurs shortly after the lifting. It is one process with two phases, you might say. So this is available to you. We are making this available. It is above all available due to the love of the Father for his creation and forall of the innocent beings who are here, who have been here in this world,whose hearts are calling out for more love, truth and light, who have been influenced by darkness and confusion. So my recommendations to you, if you are interested in this process, and this is sounding and feeling like truth to you – prepare yourselves. Open your hearts and investigate this.Take this course. We will work with you on many levels. We will work with you intellectually and do our best to explain within the limitations of speech the information about the ascension. We will also work with you in your hearts, in your chakras, in your awakening, opening, balancing; in preparing you. If it is your desire to be among the first, we will do this.

The current plan calls for, and I might say that it is quite a brilliant plan in my opinion, three waves of ascension. The goal of course, asdifficult as it may sound, is to have every human being on this planet experience the ascension in this lifetime. It is doubtful this will occur. We are going to do our best to harvest as many as we can who are ready Therefore, we will have three waves of ascension. The first two waves being, for the most part, the returning of the Starseeds to their true states, the reascending of you who are originally ascended beings who have come here. It is our hope that many of those Light Workers who will awaken will avail themselves of the opportunity to be lifted in the first or second waves of ascension. The first wave is imminent. It is our hopethat it will occur very soon. The sooner the better, in my opinion. Those who ascend within the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to Earth as Ascended Masters, to walk among humanity teaching and performing “miracles,” sharing this incredible message, and assisting in the transformation of human beings. This is ultimately the purpose that you came here for It is time for you to open to the possibility that you can complete your Earth missions and do this work from a higher perspective quite a bit more effectively than you have been, being as you have been enmeshed in third-dimensional life and its limitations.

So upon the ascension of the first wave there is an opportunity for choice. Many choices will be given to you. You can choose to return as an Ascended Master in a light body, having a body that is immortal, having the ability to matierialize and de-materialize at will, to zip back and forth between the ships and the planet, to perform miracles, to create spontaneously out of the etheric substance, to heal, to do many wonderful things. In short, this is to attract a lot of attention. You haven’t been attracting very much attention, have you? In all of your work, all of your mediations and your sharing has done some good. But for the most part it has only assisted in gathering the Starseeds back together again. It has not had a great deal of effect on humanity as a whole. It is a bit more profound of an effect we are hoping to have, as you return as Ascended Masters and create quite a ruckus and a stir. Being in the ascended state you will not be affected by negativity, doubt, fear, money, these sort of limitations. You will be able to be as radical and outrageous as you truly are and as you were before you took on the veils. The veils will be lifted from you. This is one choice. This is the choice that we are hoping many will accept. It is not mandatory to do so. If you as a Starseed choose to ascend in the first wave and to do some other service in another area with the Ashtar Command, or to return to your origins, this will he perfectly acceptable. As ascended beings you are always doing some form of service simply by being and showering your presence wherever you are. You have come from very many different places, different levels of consciousness, differeat angelic realms, different states, and you will have the opportunity to return to your soul families and points of origin. If you have not felt comfortable and entirely at home on Earth there is a very good reason for this. And it is good and it is a blessing that you have not. For it has kept you a little bit more awake and a hit more hopeful of something more. So here is the something more. It is coming your way on a silver platter with all of our light and all of our love.

I think I will speak about the Great White Brotherhood and the hierarchy of beings that are working at this time. You have heard of the Great White Brotherhood, perhaps. It is a service organization of beings who have ascended. You may have heard of the Ashtar Command or the extraterrestrial Ascended Masters, as you might call them. There is little difference between them. The Great White Brotherhood tends to he made up of many beings who have had Earth incarnations, but not exclusively But those who are working most closely with you have generally had some Earth experience and have committed themselves to this particular sphere of activity the Earth, this beautiful planet which is in need of so much assistance. So there is an organizational structure, you might say to the work that we are doing. There is a chaln of command proceeding from the Father/Creator through all of the angelic hosts and creator-gods, spirits, beings. Within this Earth sphere of activity I am the supreme commander over all of the Ashtar Command and its activities, and over the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. This is my service. You might say that I am acoordinator of love. There is also a great deal of activity by the angelic hosts at this time. Archangel Michael and his legions are here for the protection and the transformation, and for the dispatching of those dark forces which have taken control of the Earth.

So you see there is a great deal about to occur. It has been occurring, but it is going to become much more physical and much more evident. As the Earth undergoes its transformation into the fifth dimension there will be much more of cataclysmic experience. The shaking and quaking and volcanic activities of the Earth will occur. Many of the transformations have begun; much flooding has occurred as you know and earthquakes, etc. This will continue and it will increase in intensity It is part of the process of the Earth’s transformation. It is inevitable. It must occur One of the by-products of this is that human beings will be shaken into another state of awareness. They will begin to question their lives and will begin to be a bit more open. Many of them will. Many of them will resort to a state of fear and panic. We are here to “save” as many as we can from the death experience and complete the cycle of this planet. It is a very incredible experience to be a part of. So tonight I am inviting each of you to take part in this, to take part in a big way not as an innocent bystander but as an active participant, to return to your masterhood, to return to your God-nature, to take back the powers you have given away by being third-dimensionalized, to reawaken the other eighty-five percent of your brain, to accelerate your atoms, to ascend and to return to that full consciousness you have longed for many lifetimes.

I will speak about the requirements for this. Yes, we have requirements. I use the word rather facetiously for compared to the requirements for those who have already ascended before this time, they are really rather easy requirements. First of all it is necessary to have some understanding of God, or some experience of God, to have an open heart towards that aspect of your higher Self. It does not matter so much how you philosophize orview this or label it, but to have an awareness of your Creator your higher Self. You need to have an openness within your heart, to have an open heart and as best you can to love yourself unconditionally for this is where it begins, and then to love unconditionally all that you see, all that you meet. In fact, to be a love radiator. Many of you are so beautiful it is redundant for me to speak of this. But nevertheless it is a requirement. It is not necessary for you to understand scientifically all that will occur in the ascension process. In fact, I do not think that anyone in this room could grasp it without a great deal of education. But there is some information you can study if you wish to understand intellectually how this occurs. I will recommend The Keys of Enoch book as a more scientific treatise on the Earth transformations, the ascension process and the role of the Hierarchy and extraterrestrial masters. However it is not necessary for you to understand any more than the limited explanation I have already given you. It is more of an awareness, more of an expression of love inyour heart, an openness to the process, and above all a desire, a longing to return, a longing to know your true completion and to complete your spiritual growth here on Earth. That’s it. You see, it is not very difficult, is it? In fact, when the first wave of ascension occurs, if you are giving yourself to this process and desiring the ascension, you can have the experience of ascension even in your sleep. You do not need to become a great saint or yogi. If you are not meditating now, I would encourage you to begin. If you are, I would encourage you to continue and to focus a little bit more on this. It is not necessary for any of you to attain perfect self-mastery I don’t think that it is going to be possible within the time that is left, anyway. Know that you are already saints. Maybe that will make it easier for you. Know that you are returning to who you truly are, rather than developing a new aspect of yourselves. Truly you are going to see the veils removed around your own hearts and consciousness. I guarantee it. It will occur very soon in your lifetimes. We will take a great stnde forward in our classes. Hopefully we can share this information and enough of the experience that you will go through any doubts or confusions. Of course your doubts will arise. You would not be human if you heard this information and did not have some skepticism about it. I encourage you to ask your questions. Know that there is part of you, your rational mind or your skeptical natures, which may never believe in this.We will be giving you a great deal of information and experience regarding the validity of this, though there will always be a part of you which has alittle guawing doubt that it will ever be occurring or that it is even possible. Know that you do not need to banish this part of your consciousness in order to have this experience. This is the part of you which will experience it when it happens. And then you will know. Above all, love yourselves. Read the Eagle’s Wings material, as this is very beneficial.

So let me open the floor to questions at this time. Please feel free to be yourselves and ask me whatever you desire to ask. This does not mean I can answer all of your questions. Within this framework of communication there are certain limitations, but I will do the best that I can.

“I don’t have an understanding of what a Starseed or a Light Worker is, nor do I know how to find out whether I might be one or not.”

I will tell you. You are one. There are many manifestations of Light Workers and many experiences. There are many Starseeds, or Light Workers as I call them, who are completely unaware of anything relating to spirituality or meditation or ascension. You might say they are in a state of varying degrees of sleep. This is not a criticism of them as individuals. It is merely a statement of the power and density that exists on planet Earth. The veils are very thick here. If you are not clear whether you are a Starseed or Light Worker it is not an indication that you are not one, nor is it an indication that you are not going to have the opportunity to be an ascended being. You will have that opportunity One ofthe aspects of unconditional love that is a requirement for this path is that we stop criticizing ourselves. We all carry within us ways of criticizing or judging our behaviors and levels of success. It is time for you to all love yourselves unconditionally as well as you can, regardless of how well you are performing against your ideal goals and expected ways of being. So for you as an individual I would say if you can do some meditation and continue to come to these classes, we will work with you. If you continue through this course you will have quite an experience of awakening, quite an experience of your higher Self much more than you have yet experienced. This is our intent and this is our promise to you. There is some exploration that needs to be done. It is the wisest course of action for any of you who are not quite certain about this, not quite sure of the truth of this. It is wise for you to continue to pursue this, to ask your questions and to make a full and thorough investigation. If what I am saying is true you have a lot to gain by doing this. And what I am saying is true.

“Could you comment on the term ‘twin flame’?”

A twin flame is your equal and opposite double, or another aspect of your higher Self a being which is completely connected with you. Or shall I say a being who had their origins at the same time as you did. You might say that you were manifested at a certain point into individuality You came from a twin flame combination. So if you are the feminine aspect of yourself there is a masculine aspect, for lack of a better terminology. There is a being that is your ideal mate. One aspect of ascension is that generally you are reconnected with your twin flame at once. It is quite beautiful. The longing to be reconnected with the twin flame – to have the ideal relationship, the ideal love expression, is a very strong drive in human beings. It is the origin of your drive for relationship. At some level you are aware that somewhere there must be an ideal relationship because it feels so natural to you. So the twin flame is the perfect relationship for you, the being that is most completely aligned with you and is in fact part of you on some level. Many of your twin flame essences are not in physical form at this time. They are working from the ascended state. In fact I think some of you have twin flames whom you will be reuniting with upon your ascension. So if you are having trouble with finding the perfect mate for yourself there maybe a very good reason: he/she may not be here. As you grow spiritually there is something like a magnetic attraction which begins to occur between the twin flames. As they grow spiritually the magnetic attraction between them draws them together at a certain point. If they are not both in physical incarnation, the attraction will be completed when the ascension occurs. That is a book in itself. That is a little overview of the situation with regard to twin flames. It is quite a beautiful experience.

You also have soul families. You will be more and more reconnected with them as you grow and especially after your ascension. There are beings who were created at the same time you were, in the same space and in the same way who have the same characteristics as yourselves. And it is a very family type of feeling to be reunited with these. Most of your families are not in third-dimensional reality Most of your connections are waiting for you to ascend, and then you will have a reunification with them. Upon your ascension you will be aware once again of who you really are and of these connections. It will be like waking up from a dream and remembering who you are. When you wake up in the morning you may be aware that you have just had a strange dream. And yet within thirty seconds you are awake and fully present in your normal consciousness and your normal personality This is some-what like the ascension process – that is, you awake from this third-dimensional experience to be reunited and reacquainted with your own higher Self your own real personality and then this life will be the dream.

“Sananda, those people who have been our parents in this lifetime or our children in this lifetime, is there a tendency for them to be part of our soul family?”

Not necessarily It is possible, and there is a slight tendency but it is a stronger relationship or connection than you might have in your ordinary relationships with your parents or children. Although if you are Starseeds or Light Workers chances are very good that your children are also. So there is an increased possibility that they are in your soul family It is not necessarily the case that your parents are Light Workers. Some are, most are not.

“You said ascension would happen very quickly, and I realize the time element is difficult to translate, but what do you mean by ‘quickly’?”

You are referring to when the first wave of ascension will occur? I would say that it is imminent. Imminent to us may seem like a long time to you. Sometimes a day can seem like a long time to you in your reality I would say give yourselves a time frame from between three weeks from now to five years from now. It must occur by then in my opinion. There are many variables which dictate the timing of this event. It is not in our control, even my own control. I wish that it were. But it is only from the highest source that the final word will come. We are hoping to collect as many Starseeds as we can in the first wave. In fact, we are calling the first wave the “leap of faith.” For those of you who go in the first wave will have little to go on except our channeled messages, your own spiritual experience of our presence, and your own belief and faith. Those who come in the second and third wave will have some visible experience that it is possible because they will be face to face with someone who has done it already. So it is impossible to give you an exact time, but let me say it islikely that it could occur even this year. I would suggest that your proper attitude would be that you are ready to go at any time, but you are maintaining your responsibilities in your lives and are prepared to stay for as long as is required. I do not think that it will be more than five years. I think it will be much less than that. My opinion of what the Creator has in mind is that He is waiting until the last possible moment to gather as many Starseeds as possible into the first wave, so that there are the maximum number of Ascended Masters returning to do the maximum amount of good, to cover the Earth with Christs. So if it takes a little bit longer than you hope, it is because, in my opinion, He is waiting until that last moment. The more who come on the first wave, the more can be saved in subsequent waves, and more will experience this. Again, the first and second waves are primarily going to be made up of Starseeds. The first wave will undoubtedly be Starseeds, and only the small percentage of Starseeds who are awake to this. The second wave will most likely be the majority of Starseeds. Hopefully there will be some humanswho are not of that category who will be prepared to go. The third wave will occur at the last moment, before and during the major transformations and cataclysms, as you might view them. I will call it the transformation of the Earth’s surface. At that point it will most likely not be possible to sustain life on this planet. All this will likely occur within this decade. I think Ashtar can give you more scientific and specific information about that. Know that our goal is to lift as many beings as possible from this world into their higher state of awareness within these three waves. The Earth will undergo its transformation. It will become a fifth-dimensional entity and afterwards there will be a repopulation of the Earth by beings who are compatible with fifth-dimensional reality. So you might say that no one will be able to be earthlings unless they have ascended.

“It has come to my attention that a great deal of self healing needs to be done. I’m having trouble reconciling in my mind how a process like ascension can occur before the self healing is done.”

This is an excellent question. The self-healing that you are speaking of is something we are going to be addressing dramatically within this very course. Let me say that you have an emotional body that has been with you for many lifetimes. It has borne the brunt of a lot of negativity and fear and confusion. You are all to some extent scarred by this in your emotional bodies. If you have been working on yourselves, doing your healing and meditations, you have processed a great deal of it. If you are more new to this, then you may have a bit more work to do. Yet I would say that the transformation that is necessary is not something that will take a greatdeal of time. You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally or spiritually in order to ascend. It makes it easier for youto go through the process. It makes it more enjoyable perhaps, but there is nevertheless the opportunity for you to do so. We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention. There were people from the first and second classes who did not necessarily meditate very much, but through the course of the class they began to meditate and feel a connection with their guidance, and by the end they were channeling Ascended Masters themselves. This is something that can occur as a result of your interactions with us. We will be working with you – especially if you choose this ascension path as your goal – quite directly and dramatically and showering you with our love and healing. We will be assisting you to release those limitations that you have accepted around yourselves – all the pain and suffering that each of you has absorbed – that to some extent still clings to your emotional bodies and beings. This can be surrendered and released. And it does not need to be painful. It does not need to be overly difficult. Though it will be challenging.

Source: Galactic2

Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe – Inhabitant of Two Worlds – The Lightworker’s Mission – You are such a great and vast being – “I accept my greatness, I am different, I am here to bring in a new consciousness – 7-4-15

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: Inhabitant of Two Worlds – The Lightworker’s Mission

Dear friends, I am Jeshua; I love you all deeply. I respect who you are, both your light and your dark sides.

I call upon you, you who are the carriers of today’s new consciousness. In my life, I carried a torch of light and wanted to share it with humanity. I was a very human being, just like you.

I had anger and despair, just like you, but there also were moments of deep connection with my soul.

I was growing on the inner level, just like you. It is important that you stop seeing me as a perfect being, a master high above you. I am your brother, your friend, and I am not here to judge or to preach. I want to share my feelings of companionship with you, so please feel my respect for you.

I would like to say “hello” to you all, individually; please feel my presence in your heart. You are ready to change, ready to admit who you really are.

You are an eternal being who has traveled throughout the universe for many, many lifetimes, but you have become used to making yourself small and to measuring yourself by the standards of society. You think of yourself as a woman or a man, rich or poor, healthy or sick, and you define yourself in those terms, but you are so much more than that.

You are so free, and the biggest tragedy of becoming human in present day society is that you lose your sense of freedom. For so many ages, Earth has been enshrouded in an atmosphere of fear, and people have become disconnected from their original power and creativity. When you feel separated from your own essence, you start to behave in the ‘accepted’ manner and so you become out of balance.

When you are disconnected from your soul, you basically feel lost, continually, and there is emptiness, a hole in your heart, which you then start to try to fill with things from outside you.

You want to fill the hole with possessions, or power, or you lose yourself in visions of a perfect romantic relationship, and so you may become addicted to specific kinds of behavior or things. But the basic problem is that you feel disconnected from your own essence, from your soul.

A lightworker is a person who can no longer bear to live separated from their soul. They feel a kind of longing, a kind of homesickness in their heart, and as they become more mature, they start to realize that nothing coming from outside can fill that hole, which is why lightworkers become very interested in spirituality; they become seekers on the spiritual path.

They start their search because they feel wounded inside, but their wounds are not just their wounds. The wound of separation is shared by all humanity, although a large part of humanity is still seeking solutions outside themselves.

Lightworker souls are aware that the answer lies within, and because of that awareness they are meant to be teachers and healers, but a lot of lightworkers are struggling with a very low self-image. When they grow up as a child, they take in a lot of the judgments of their family and society.

Maybe they feel they cannot be as ambitious as their parents would like them to be. They are often very sensitive and need to withdraw and to experience quiet times to remain centered. They are often idealistic and many of them have artistic talents.

It is part of a lightworker soul’s mission to introduce a new kind of consciousness on Earth, but to be able to do that you need to firmly believe in yourself. You have to trust the voice of your own intuition and your feelings, not in an ego-based way, such as: “I am farther ahead of other people”, but in a heart-based way: by appreciating and respecting yourself, because that is how your heart can speak to you.

The pitfall for many lightworkers is that they lose themselves in feelings of inferiority, dismissing their true needs and desires. You need a strong personality to be able to disconnect from society’s ideas and to be yourself.

And that is what I would like to emphasize today: the importance of being strong and self-aware, which is a message about the male energy inside you.

When I was living on Earth over two thousand years ago, I needed to often isolate myself in order to remember who I was.

There were a lot of confusing energies around me, especially from the expectations of the people close to me. I needed to protect myself from that to remain connected to my higher self. Often, I would go to the desert alone to feel really close to God, to Spirit, and to keep my confidence.

It is the same for you. You are inhabitants of two worlds: you have one foot in today’s human society and the other foot in your soul’s dimension, the realm you come from.

You need to firmly keep your foot in that dimension, otherwise you become bogged down and fearful because of society’s pressure. You need your male energy to firmly say, “no” to demands and expectations that do not feel right for you.

So, in that sense, you must be a warrior, although not a warrior who is fighting and struggling with other people. To be a warrior means to be true to yourself, to disconnect often from the world around you, and to listen to what you feel, to what you sense, to trust your inner guidance.

I ask you to now travel with me in your imagination to the desert and to go there at night time. The temperature has cooled down and you see a sky above you full of brilliant stars. Imagine that you are there with me, and feel the mystery of the huge space around you – feel the mystery of life.

You find a place to sit down and you relax and go inside yourself. The desert is like an external gateway to your own inner temple into which you now enter. Inside that temple you feel connected to the fullness of the Earth and to all the stars in the Heavens.

You are such a great and vast being, and you tell yourself: “I accept my greatness; I am different; I am here to bring in a new consciousness.”

Remember where you come from: a place of quiet wisdom from which you have been called to come down to Earth at this time. You are here to heal your inner wounds and to also provide an example to other people. I ask you to take yourselves seriously.

When you are inside your inner temple, there is a guide there who wants to offer you some help or advice. Remember your guides are your friends – really. You are very much soulmates, but because they are on the other side they see some things more clearly than you do with your human eyes.

When you allow your guides to come closer, recognize them as your friends and feel a sense of familiarity. Now ask your guides what it is you need to know right now. If you feel upset, or down about something in your life, you can tell them. Feel that there is a lot of help and guidance from this side, from this dimension.

You are so much appreciated for what you do, and your guides are there only to remind you of things that you already know.

Before you descended to Earth and incarnated in this body, you were a very aware being, so feel connected with your guides, for they are the representatives of the dimension of your soul.

Now imagine you leave this temple and you bring its energy with you down to Earth. As you are sitting here in this chair, in this room, allow the energy of your greater self, your soul, to be fully with you inside your body, and be aware that the world needs you; the world needs the particular energy of your soul.

I would like to thank you for your courage and perseverance. I honor you deeply, and even if you feel confused, or you are in pain, I can still see your light shining brightly. I am here to remind you of that light and to convince you of my trust in you.

© Pamela Kribbe

“Jeshua: Inhabitant of Two Worlds: The Lightworker’s Mission,” channeled by Pamela Kribbe, July, 2015, at

Source Link: The Jeshua Channelings

CRYSTALAI – LIGHTWORKER FORMULA TO ACTIVATE CRYSTALLINE GRIDS – The old energy in the Crystalline Grids still contains the emotions of the world – 6-30-15




Crystal Magic

The old energy in the Crystalline Grids still containns the EMOTIONS of the world. All of the EMOTIONS of the world must be turned into light. That light within the Crystal Heart needs to be aligned into the Crystalline Grids. The Light is here. It is already in the Grids. But, it requires enough Light Workers to work with that light and to bring it out into the Biosphere.


The Biosphere is still thick with the EMOTIONS that cause the Crazy people to become more and more crazy. The purpose of all of the Frequency Music is to allow more and more people to participate in the activation of these Light Frequencies of the Sun Alcyone Consciousness which returned our Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, the Andromena Consciousness, the Lyran Consciousness, the Orion Consciousness and all of the other sets of the 12 Stargate Consciousness which contain the Light Energy that turns on the Crystalline Grids and lets that Light shine out into the Biosphere. The Light in the atmosphere will melt away the emotions little by little. The only reason that it is so little is because so few people are participating in streaming their Light into the Grids and bringing that Light into the atmosphere. This is an actual procedure in Consciousness.


We need to allow the 12 dimensional Frequencies from the Earth’s crust to come into our feet. We must connect consciousness down into the Heart of Earth where the 13th dimensional Cosmic Core connects the Ascension Vortex to all 12 stargates. We need to send our merkaba vehicle down to the Core of Earth collect the Cosmic Frequencies and then spin the merkaba into the Earth’s Crust to bring the Cosmic Light into the Crystalline Grids.


We can spin together the Christic and Cosmic Frequencies to activate the light and then inhale those frequencies into our bodies and into our heart chakra. Finally Exhale the Light energy into the atmosphere. There are many entities from other Starry Race Lines here assisting us with this project right now. The are bringing their frequencies into our consciousness in order to help with this alignment into the Light. Once there is enough Light coming out of the Grids as a result of our Light Work, the EMOTIONS will disappear little by little.


The difference will be seen in 2017 when the old emotions of fear and war no longer affect the Mass Consciousness because there is so much Light coming out of the Grids. Eventually the emotions will loose their programming completely. That is when there will be no more insanity on Earth. How soon do we want this to happen?


Well, I have provided the Light Frequencies and the formula. The purpose of all of the Frequency Music is to allow more and more people to participate in the activation of these Light Frequencies of the Sun Alcyone Consciousness which returned our Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, the Andromena Consciousness, the Lyran Consciousness, the Orion Consciousness and all of the other sets of the 12 Stargate Consciousness which containe the Light Energy that turns on the Crystalline Grids and lets that Light shine out into the Biosphere. The more people who work on it, the faster it will happen. Many of the friends from the Shalanaya and from Inner Earth are already here on Earth arranging meetings with our governments. I explained that in another post.


They can’t land until our frequencies are high enough to send so much light through the Grids that there is no more emotion that could start a war. They are planning on this becoming a part of the Universal Consciousness by about 2020. This is when the Earth will be invited to enter the Galactic Covenant of the Christic Alliance. The New Light Energy will Melt the Dark Energy on Earth In the year of the catalyst, 2016, the light energy will evaporate all of the dark energy. There will be no more old energy to push against.


That which has caused feeling of lack of self worth for many millions of generations will be disolved from the planet. The old energy will not push back. The light will push right through all of it. The new reality that will awaken in 2016 will be the light removing all of the gate keepers, the hidden secrets, the cover ups. There will be nothing to hide behind. The old energy is dying. There won’t be an energy to block to light and the truth. Human consciousness will clean itself up. Wisdom will replace the old. Evolution of the human soul was like children being bullies who always had to push their way through life. Now children will grow up with wisdom of behavior with no more pushing.


The old energy of the bully will disappear. It will be replaced with a new tool. We are going to have help from the wind of the spirit. Everything will work. There will be no blockage. There will be no failure. The old energy where no body listens, nobody cares will disappear. The old reality where we thought it was a waste of time to try to achieve my dreams. That reality will disappear. The time capsules will pour into the grids and it will make us feel better about ourselves. The crystalline grids will open up the Cosmic Consciousness that we really are. This will allow us to awaken to remember who we really are. The time capsules will be come very active. We will have a supreme lucky streak. We will create whatever we desire. Whatever we came to Earth to create. We will no longer be sick. There will be no distress. There will be no more cellular disfunction.


Your inner self will be listening to you. Start talking to the cells in your body with affirmation of beauty. I am Beautiful. Now we will feel support. It will be you with the help of the Wind of Change blowing you forward. We can live a long time now and we have help from the Crystalline Grids who have released the Time Capsules of our new Grand Reality. We have help from the Wind. We have help from all of our multi dimensional selves on this side and the other side of the veil. Things that were fought against will be accepted with compassion and consideration. There will be a greater acceptance of things that were not considered correct by the masses. Doors will open that never opened before. Signals will be given from around you by spirit. You will be given direction to push on energy in order to see if the resistance leaves. Keep pushing and watch the energy change every day. More and more doors will open. The energies will open us into a new reality that will begin a new structure to form in 2017. 2016 will bring the frequencies that shift reality. There will be a mass awakening in the fall of 2016. The ascension will take place at that moment with those who have prepared for the ascension. The rest of the world will have an awakening.


The world will completely restructure itself in 2017. To become a part of the Light that removes the Emotions visit and PARTICIPATE. There will be a new consciousness on Earth. There will be truths revealed by the government that were kept secrets from us. We will be told the truth about money that was taken from us and how we have been fooled by our governments.


These methods will no longer be able to survive because the people will be awake. All of the lives that we have lived for the past millions of years are coming to a full compilation of a new wisdom. We are in the second year of our new reality. We grow into the awareness of this new reality by Fall of 2016. Governments will no longer be able to fund their darkness because the people will be awakened. There will be no more pushing needed to move through the dark energies. Each person will move into their own reality field. They will no longer be controlled by the realities of others. Recalibration of the human is a new spirit. We need to move into the Mid Brain which is the Innate Knowing, the Frequency Specific Brain that allows us to be directed through Divine Mind rather than being directed by the Mortal Mind of World Beliefs.

Max and Lana – 21 Tips for Light Workers – Understand, Minimize, Avoid Depression – 5-13-15


Max and Lana

21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression

When molecules of water are subjected to higher frequencies in order to raise their own, they become a higher or more intense expression of themselves in both structure and behavior.

Since water comprises over 80% of the human body, the same is true for people of higher frequency, including Empaths, Crystals, Indigos, First Wavers, etc. People with innately higher personal frequencies become “super-charged” humans with emotions even more intense than the majority of the population.

For this reason, they are often prone to bouts of intense sadness, “lows,” and even periods of potentially debilitating depression.  While we all have our ebbs and flows as we attempt to navigate the 3d world, it is possible to help prevent and/or minimize these profoundly uncomfortable periods of depression.

  1. Keep in mind that the sadness, hopelessness, powerlessness, and/or apathy that you feel may not be all “yours” or even yours at all! People of high frequency take in and absorb almost everything that is around them—from other people’s emotions and illnesses; to Mother Nature’s pains and natural events; to the pollutants and toxins in our air, water, and frequency ranges. So, it is quite likely that the negative feelings you have are either exacerbated by what’s around you or perhaps primarily from what’s around you. If you can determine the contributing factors from earthquakes to a coworker’s headaches, you can learn to understand, avoid, or even counteract them before they compromise your own mood and system on a more permanent basis.
  2. USE and expend the energy that you have and that you take in both consciously and unconsciously. Depression is negative energy turned inward. If you do not find ways to physically use your intense energies in sports, walking, swimming, martial arts, etc., the energy is likely to be internalized and build up to the point of hindering your mind, body, and spirit. So, get moving!
  3. Check your thyroid and adrenal glands to see if they have been overly taxed by the stress in your life, including the frequencies you pick up. If so, they very likely contribute to your depression. The human body was not built to withstand all of the frequencies and toxins in today’s world that high frequency people tend to receive and take in. The thyroid and adrenal glands often suffer first and become under-active– which very negatively impacts your mood swings, energy, weight, and hormone levels. Fortunately, there are many holistic ways to rehabilitate and protect the adrenals, thyroid, and hormone levels so that your mind and body function more optimally.
  4. Examine your diet and supplement routine to make sure that what you eat or drink isn’t what’s agitating your system and making you more depressed. GMO’s, sugars, dairy, wheat/gluten, too many supplements (even of great quality), synthetic supplements (not of whole food origin), and mercury-laden seafood can cause health, skin, and mood issues, sensitivities, and reactions. Depending on your blood type and frequency, you may require a more diverse or higher protein diet to stay balanced. So, make sure that you are not forcing yourself to follow a diet that doesn’t fit your particular body’s needs. Listen to your body and take notice when you feel and function best– because as a high frequency person, you’ll find that it’s most likely NOT what works for the rest of the population.
  5. Listen to and honor your cravings. For example, sometimes the body does need to sleep for up to a day in order to recover and heal mentally and physically. In addition, many people crave spicy foods when they are depressed, probably because spices assist healing and metabolic processes. In other words, your body is trying to tell you what it needs for balance. So, allow yourself moderate indulgences in food, rest, and activities in order to achieve that balance.
  6. Find alternatives to pharmaceuticals– which usually are not effective for high frequency individuals anyway. For example, taking amino acid therapies appropriate to your neurotransmitter imbalances and body, tapping (EFT), and energy work can be faster, more cost-efficient, and more effective alternatives to anti-depressants—without the side effects! Even pharmaceutical labels warn that anti-depressants and a wide variety of other medications tax the body and can often cause or exacerbate depressed moods and/or feeling suicidal. Working with a health professional to wean yourself off different medications or to find alternatives can work wonders.
  7. Rebalance with water and/or a few leaves. Baths, swimming, and even immersing your hands in a sink or bowl can be very therapeutic, especially for people of higher frequency. Spending time with nature and just carrying around a few leaves from a tree in your pocket can also prevent and alleviate illness and depression in very measurable ways.
  8. Express yourself in writing, art, music, and/or dancing. Finding a creative outlet will help you channel and/or even distract you from your pain– as well as prevent the internalization of that discomfort. In addition, you are likely to create some very inspiring pieces for others to enjoy, relate to, and share with even more of the world. Some of the most successful songs and books were written when the writer was upset!
  9. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and to anyone or everyone who has done you wrong.  Anger and regret turned inward are tremendous sources of depression. If you can write down  what you and others have done to hurt you and then forgive, you will release numerous blocks inside of you that are created by repressed negativity —and which inhibit your joy and successes. It is unnecessary for you to actually mail the letter or share it with anyone, as long as your forgiveness is heartfelt and genuine.
  10. Communicate with like-minded people who can validate your experiences, offer insight, and share unconditional support and love for you. Since less than 1% of the population truly is of higher frequency, it can feel very lonely being surrounded by relatives, coworkers, and friends who just don’t “get it” yet. Please know that you are not alone and that there are others. Find them online, in groups, or through other people you know so that you can connect and have the support team that we all need to function optimally.
  11. Ask for strength, guidance, and signs from the Universe, Source, Mother Nature, your guides, or whatever term you use for your connection to the Divine. You will feel stronger and be reminded that you are connected to Divine light and extra power at all times. You’ll also see comforting and encouraging signs all around you, such as in number sequences, song lyrics, road signs, and other synchronicities.
  12. Remind yourself that just as day turns to night and night turns to day, you will see the light again—and most likely brighter and longer when it returns again too. Your body is simply a vessel or conductor of currents and cycles that flow in and out. Your body reflects everything you “pick up” in the universe, including the light which is always there and which will dominate your perspective again with each new sunrise.
  13.  Don’t do something permanently damaging to address a very temporary circumstance.  Make a pact with yourself to have a 2 week, 2 month, or 2 year “waiting period” before making any life-altering choices, moves, or decisions when you are in a depressed state. Making the same deal with someone else who has “been there” or is prone to those depths too is also very comforting and effective.
  14. Peak into the future using Tarot cards, your own intuition, and/or consulting a psychic. The future is never as bad as you fear and getting confirmation that good times are ahead can be extremely helpful. Having a road map for any challenges in the present or future can also prove very comforting and uplifting.
  15. Touch. As much as isolating and recoiling may be on the radar, touch can be extremely helpful—particularly if the other person is not depressed. A hug, kiss, touch of the hand, manicure, massage, energy work, or other modality can work beautifully— if the practitioner is at least at your frequency level or higher. If the practitioner feels a “mutual exchange of energy” or is more energized from the process, find someone else so that you are not unintentionally “leeched” or drained of your own energies when you are supposed to be the client or recipient of the therapeutic work.
  16. Offer to help someone else with his or her task or dilemma. Nothing helps you reframe or see your own “baggage” as more of a valuable “tool belt” than when you throw yourself into helping others. Your painful experiences, lessons, and missteps make you sincere, compassionate, and insightful. So, offer what you have. Doing so boosts your confidence and satisfaction—and sets your good deeds up for a boomerang effect because we are all connected. Taking action to help another person or even an animal’s situation, rather than wallowing in your own, will quite literally do a world of good.
  17. Adopt the attitude of gratitude with a daily list. Make a list each morning of at least 15 people, places, things, creations, or experiences for which you are grateful. They can be as mundane as running water and your toothbrush or as monumental as Mother Nature and the Universe. The frequency of gratitude will shift your personal frequency and you’ll attract even more people, places, things, emotions, and experiences for which to be grateful.
  18. Give the gift of asking others for help.  As light workers who are here to help move this planet forward, people of high frequency tend to be uncomfortable asking for help and receiving it. Please keep in mind that giving a person or people the opportunity to help you is one of the best gifts that you can give them. If you allow their help to move you forward– so that you can help others– everyone wins!
  19. Make a vision board or collage of what your life would look like in 2 years if you could wave a magic wand and make it happen. The more specific your descriptions are and the more areas of your life you depict, the more excited you will get—and the more surprised you will be when you see it all unfold like magic in the months ahead. There’s a reason why different psychologists and life coaches say “write it down and make it happen.” It can, does, and will happen for you too!
  20. Do whatever raises your frequency, not what works for others. Whether it’s working out, listening to certain music, getting lost in movies, being around others of higher frequency, going to the country or beach, exploring healing modalities…simply do it.  Depending on your nervous system and frequency, mediation and “quiet time” may not put you in your zone as easily. So, do whatever does put you in that empowering and happy place. Remind yourself how it feels. The more time that you spend there, the more that feeling will be contagious both to others and to yourself, even when you are doing other things.
  21. Look back at all of the cycles, synchronicities, pleasant surprises, signs, miracles, and blessings in your life. Know that they continue and will continue to be there for you. Being a light worker is not always easy or happy, but you can find joy in what’s around you, in the beautiful day, and in the promising future. After all, the human form is very temporary. So, enjoy the human experience while you can–and know that “the best is yet to come!”

“21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression,” by Max and Lana, May 4, 2015 at


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Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message to Lightworkers – Pick up your tools: your Visualizations, Declarations, Evocations – 5-8-15

A Message to Lightworkers – May 8, 2015

Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:


We bring the perhaps difficult-to-believe news that all is moving forward as it must, in order for Divine government and human sovereignty to once more reign upon the Earth.

It may appear often that nothing new is happening—certainly, you will not see it in your news stories and television reports, except in a difficult to recognize way

And yet, major obstacles are being dissolved, and new agreements and structures being put into place, so that the provisions of NESARA law may become a reality, and not merely a “someday” pipe dream.

Understand that when you dream—when you envision something, long enough or with enough emphasis, joy, and expectation—that you are not merely “dreaming” in the sense that so many mean it.

You are not wasting your time, nor is it true that because you picture and desire something that has not yet outwardly appeared, it is very unlikely to occur.

Visualizing a thing joyfully or with great certainty is, in fact, how all things occur.

That is how you create constantly, beautifully, powerfully—and often, unconsciously.

This is why we say so often, that if you wish NESARA and all its provisions to be fully enacted, including complete debt dissolution, the end of banking fraud, Divine government built on equality and justice, free energy and replicator devices, travel throughout the Universe, abundance for all (need we go on?), that you must believe it already to be yours, and to rejoice and give thanks for it, every day.

Certainly it will occur now—all the “players” are doing their part, some quite bravely and positively, and others reluctantly.

But “when” depends on several things.

It in part depends on the astrological movements in the sky. In part it depends upon the new structures being put into place, so that the old structures can no longer function (and because they can no longer function).

Disclosure of our Galactic presence is also a part of the plan.

Opening Leading to Inner Earth as Viewed from Space Station

A great deal also depends up your own creation of that moment when humankind establishes its own freedom, once and for all.

No free will planet can be guided fully to one place or another, without the compliance and willing participation of its majority.

Your planet has cried out for aid, and it has been answered. Humanity’s soul has likewise cried out, and that has been answered.

In part it was answered several hundred years ago, when St Germain attempted to bring forth a New Atlantis on the shores of what is now the United States.

But we wish you to realize fully that you have been taught an utterly disempowering amount of passivity, in your schools, homes, workplaces, governments, hospitals, businesses.

Life is too often considered something that happens to you, rather than something you consciously create.

And so we come to you in these Messages to beg you to remember that you are co-Creators with this Universe, no less than the powerful higher beings who have created suns and stars, and brought forth miracles such as your ancient texts speak of.

Grandmother & the Cosmos

We are aware of all that weighs upon you. We are aware of the escalating violence in some parts of the world, and the seeming miracles occurring in other parts.

We are aware that much sadness, fear, belief in lack, illness, humanmade and natural disaster, and violence is now erupting on your streets and in your towns and villages.

We know you struggle to release not only the reactions to these events, but to release the energy of eons of these lower vibrations, as your planet Herself expels them from her aura and from Her very fiber.

And yet, yes—we would ask you to remember that you are powerful, that you are Gods and Goddesses.

That you had a sacred desire to come to this Earth now, to assist in the very creations that you shrink back from.

And that those creations are a great part of your soul mission for this Earth life.

Crop Circle

Therefore, Lightworkers: Pick up your tools—your visualizations, your declarations and evocations.

Declare I AM, and mean it. For you are.

You are creating new communities, new modes of work, new projects that will heal the Earth, or Her children, or Her crops, or Her schools.

You are creating new forms of living that are utterly sustainable and utterly respectful of the planet and of your fellow creatures.

You are here to do what in the past would be considered a miracle—to birth your highest intention, and not merely to react and to live as you have been instructed to.

This is the essence of NESARA.

It is not your “ticket to freedom” at all, friends!

It is the expression of that freedom which you have already created.

It is the outcome of your I AM declaration, drawing you constantly into that higher dimension that you so desire to be part of, and that you clearly remember, in your heart of hearts.

And so we would say, begin now to recall your power and your soul identity, merely by declaring that you are doing so.

Tell your guides and Angelic guardians that you desire to know what your mission is for the New Earth.

And begin to create it now, however you are able, with joy, fully knowing that whatever resources you require to complete that project, task, or community are already on their way to you.

For they are. Behold! All is made new again.

Namaste, Creators! All of us here in the Galactic and higher realms salute your presence, and your invaluable creations within the New Earth.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.