TANAATH MESSAGE – Are Spiritual Warriors Truly Spiritual? – 5-16-15

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I asked her “Can you explain how you balance spirituality with war? When is carnage a justified spiritual practice? Isn’t spiritual warrior an oxymoron?” This is what she replied with:
“It is a very long and complicated story that goes back to before this universe was born. But I’ll do my best to tell it.

First off, it helps to explain a bit about how universes work. I’ve spent a lot of work over the last three years consciously in this life re-learning this information, though it’s part of the reason why I exist in this universe in the first place. The first principle that you should understand is that a Source is a universe, is the creator of that universe, and is simultaneously everything, everyone, every energy, every matter, every possibility, and everything that isn’t yet in existence, within that universe. Sources are literally ‘The Creator’ to every being that is native to a particular universe. Beings themselves choose to be created by a Source and may have multiple expressions within other universes simultaneously. Every Source initially started as a being in someone else’s universe. This is an infinitely recursive process – there is no first Source, there is no ‘prime universe’, there is no ultimate authority or ultimate creator. We are all capable of becoming a Source if this is what we choose, though that particular path is very very very long (multiple universes long).

When this universe was being created by our Source, like other universes created by other Sources before it, this universe was intended to be a place where Source could explore its own self through the creation of independent beings who could then go forth and have whatever experiences they intended to have. In other words, it was to be a completely free willed universe, one in which a natural balancing system would occur to ensure that beings in existence would attract and experience only those experiences which they intended to attract and experience. A universe in which there was room for those who wanted to have only good experiences, and those who wanted to experience the intensity of negative orientations, without requiring that the two orientations ever overlap or come into conflict. This is where the original idea of the ‘Law of Attraction’ comes from. Part of the natural system that keeps those of negative orientation from overgrowing (like a candida infection) and overrunning those who do not wish to have those negative experiences is the type of being known as a warrior. Warriors do not start wars. They interpose themselves between those who want to attack others, and those who want to be left alone. This suits the warriors, who get the thrill of being heroes. It suits the negatives, who get to play out their aggressive urges on something they can’t dominate and win against, and it suits the positives who want to be left alone, because they have a shield between them and those who would harm them. This kind of interplay tends to occur in the mid and lower ranges of a universe’s densities. In higher densities, negatives are polarized into realities that cannot touch those of positives in any way and there is no need for a warrior type of being to provide a barrier. Negative beings have as much right to exist as positive beings. They do not have a right to force negative experiences on those who do not choose that orientation. Warriors exist as a kind of immune system to make sure that negatives can’t force their way into the experiences of positives.

That is what things look like in a healthy universe that is working as intended.All things have a place, all options are available somewhere, and the system stays in balance. Everyone gets what they want. It’s wonderful.

This universe is not working as intended.

When a Source becomes a Source and creates a universe, it gets a copy of the base fractal of creation to help get it started, which it can then customize to better suit its creative potential and drive. A fractal is an infinitely repeating, recursive pattern that is self-similar at all levels. Universe fractals are incredibly complex things, spreading over multiple dimensions and spiritual realms. A very small change can result in fantastically incredible differences between universes. Sometimes an inexperienced Source makes an error in modifying its base fractal and creates something that eventually becomes unsustainable. A small error can compound over the centillions of years and multiple dimensions that a Universe goes through and become a kind of ‘fatal exception’ or ‘blue screen of death’ that renders the universe ultimately unable to survive. The expression of the fractal eventually drives the beings within the universe to act in ways that are fundamentally self destructive and unsustainable, until the universe itself reaches a point where it cannot sustain its own existence and collapses. This is rare, but it happens.

Our universe was born with an error. It was assumed at first that this error was the result of an honest mistake by an inexperienced Source, as mentioned above. However, this was not the case. It turns out that the base fractal our Source received was subtly corrupted from the start. The Source that our Source got the fractal from also received a corrupted fractal from its Source. There were three layers of corrupted fractal iterations. The nature of the corruption was such that the first two universe iteration levels would not suffer a fatal error, but by the time it got to the third iteration, those levels would. This was done deliberately, in a kind of universe incubation project. A project had been created dedicated to preparing Sources to go out and create a lot of different universes. In order to be a living universe attached to the universe tree (the collection of all other living universes in existence), a Source must agree to two conditions. The first condition is that the creation is to contain Free Will for all sentient beings. The second condition is that the Source cannot simultaneously be the Creator of the universe and the Authority over it, or a personalized, individual singular or group being within it separate from the rest of the beings within it. In other words, no creator godkings ruling over creation, because it is a violation of free will. Sources can create universes like this, but they MUST be finite things that are not attached to the tree of life. A universe that is attached to the Tree of Life can potentially have an infinite lifespan, growing infinitely. A universe whose Source disobeys these two requirements is not attached to the tree and will eventually run out of energy and die. This limits the suffering of any sentient beings and allows for those beings to be removed back to the Tree to live again in another universe.
Ok, back to the universe incubator project. A small group of corrupt individuals wanted to violate those rules. They wanted to live like kings over their own universe, and they wanted to do it forever. They realized right off the bat that they couldn’t be directly attached to the tree, so therefore they were continually going to be faced with a situation in which they were always using energy and never replenishing it, unless they found a way to replace what they used up. They came up with the idea of altering the incubation project to groom universes that would be easy to harvest. Universes that were grown to contain tiny little flaws in the fractals, unbeknownst to the participants (who fully expected that they were going to get the usual free will law of attraction type experience), that were sabotaged in just such a way to make it look like the Sources involved fucked things up. Then, when the victim universes inevitably collapsed – or reached a point where they could easily be collapsed with the right bit of nudging from the right people at the right time, it would be dismissed by the tenders of the Tree of Life as inexperience rather than sabotage. The Tree of Life can only see that which is attached to it. It cannot see that which is not. It cannot see the ‘dead’ universes of the renegade Sources until those universes finish dying and their potentiae return to the whole. Therefore if these thieves did their work correctly, they would be able to harvest universes for a long time, feeding their tyranny in perpetuity, or until they got caught. They thought they would never get caught. They killed many universes this way, the siblings and cousins of our own universe.

Like I said, our universe was born with this error in the fractal code which our Source used to create itself. It was well hidden. Our Source and everything within the universe believed, like most universes, that we were getting the usual free will experience. The problems that started to arise from the very beginning of this universe were dismissed as isolated events. Errors, selfish people creating selfish events and their victims assumed to be somehow desiring of the victimhood. The widespread strife and pain, the dramas of domination and tyranny, were thought to be happening because the people involved must want that. A funny thing occurred. It didn’t keep itself isolated to the lower and mid level densities of the universe. The tyranny dramas were occuring at alllevels, including the top creation-level densities (10th, 11th, and 12th density) which were usually immune to that kind of backbiting and drama. Again, these things were swept under the rug and assumed to be an anomaly that would resolve itself. Many beings in many densities went on living their lives undisturbed, which enabled them to believe that there was no problem. In the meantime, there was a HUGE problem, and it was actively and aggressively encroaching on those who did not choose to experience negative tyranny oriented experiences. This was dismissed by the unaffected as a factor of the ‘law of attraction’. In fact, all of it, including the passivity and the dismissal by the unaffected, and the virulence of the negatives, were created by the error in the fractal.

Our Source kept encountering a ‘critical error’. It ran a number of timeline simulations to try to isolate where it made mistakes in order to fix its fractal and survive, only to keep encountering the problem over and over and over again. Almost every time, the error came to a peak at a little no-count 3D planet – the planet we’re currently living on. Our Source asked the tree for help. Beings who were willing to help troubleshoot the error and find the source of the problem joined this universe as creations within it, and positioned their experiences to attempt to isolate the cause. Many of these beings were warriors, who had performed that mid level ‘immune system’ role in other universes. Many of these beings were also beings who had been affected by mysterious universe death and wanted to get to the bottom of this.

We’ve gotten to the bottom of the error. The cause of the error was this third party who introduced the disease. We’ve alerted the tree tenders to the fact. They’re going to be taken care of. The error is being fixed. Our Source has a copy of the ‘good’ fractal, and is getting a chance to survive. But just like a worm infection leaves a body full of holes that has to heal after the worms themselves are killed, our Source has a bunch of stuff that needs healing. And though the worm medicine has been administered, it takes ‘time’ to kill all the worms and their eggs (or, since the concept of time isn’t the same in all dimensions and spirit realms, you can consider this to mean that a lot of particular events have to occur in the right places in the right sequence before the healing is complete. All over the universe. Not just on this planet, but DEFINITELY here as well, since we were the kill shot).

Many beings, as I mentioned before, were operating under the assumption that things were working as intended. They found this universe and took it for simply some kind of unenlightened slum, and brought their wisdom and teachings here, hoping to help enlighten humanity and bring about positive growth. They didn’t realize that they were mistaken. They didn’t realize that they had been altered from what they were supposed to be, and they didn’t realize that this planet had been altered from what it was supposed to be. They operated based on assumptions that weren’t true, but were believed to be true, because in their isolation they hadn’t encountered the problem and those that had were dismissed as somehow deserving what they got. This is where we got a lot of our basic positive religious ideas, such as Buddhism. Buddhist ideals are pretty accurate in higher densities in universes that are not infected. They are not particularly useful here, where the situation is very obviously not the case. Because of the widespread encroachement of negatives at all levels, this universe still has a need for warriors. It will need warriors even at very high spiritual levels for quite some time, until all the events have occurred that result in healing. After that point, the warriors will cease being warriors (except at the mid range experiences where those things are necessary and part of ‘working as intended’), and simply become a bunch of playful goofballs, until or unless they are somehow called again to serve. The flaw that caused warriors to ‘go rogue’ and become part of the drive of war will also be healed and will cease to exist, because it was part of that little corruption in the fractal. The Buddhist ideals will once again be accurate for this universe. This planet will get a chance to go through the usual stages of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Life will be pretty good. And I will put down my spear, hang out with my former warrior friends, and engage in all the wacky ‘hold my beer and watch this’ hijinx that retired warriors are known for. If I’m never called to fight and defend again, I’ll just continue to goof off and play around for the rest of my existence and have whatever experiences I want to have. My job will be done.

Still with me? I hope so. It’s a very long explanation, but it encompasses the discoveries that I have spent the last three years of my human incarnation learning, and the last few universes of my existence trying to get to the bottom of. I’m one of the troubleshooters that was called in to figure out the problem. This information is VERY new, to the whole universe. The Silver Legion and others like us were part of how it was discovered, and in particular the experiences of us incarnates on this planet directly led to the discovery. Many beings still haven’t ‘gotten the memo’, so to speak. But the good news is that the root cause has been discovered and is being fixed, now it’s up to each and every one of us to make a future in which we all thrive and go back to being free willed, free beings unhampered by any authorities save those we consciously and willingly choose for ourselves.

In the meantime, we still have to deal with the dying worms, the corpses of the dead worms, and the massive holes that have been left all over. Part of that is the old misapprehensions that anyone who suffers ‘asked for it’. Part of that is realizing that many of our previously held beliefs were not reflective of the reality of this universe – they were reflections of an ideal that was supposed to be real but never got the chance. An ideal that will now have an opportunity to exist, provided we all do our job to contribute to the healing process. That includes efforts on the part of 3D humans on this planet, it also includes efforts on the part of ETs, EDs and spirit beings at ALL levels of existence and spiritual development, including those beings known as ‘gods’ who helped assist Source in creating this universe, the natives of the 10th to 12th dimensional densities. Everyone is going to have to do their part – however large or small, whatever that part may be. The most important thing is that whatever part you do, that it be as self-guided by your free will as possible, not by the directions, demands, authority, or tyranny of another. If we all, or as many of us as can be, do our thing, whatever that is, of our own free will and desire, we repair the free-willed aspect of the fractal of this universe. The fractal is repaired not by some kind of top-down imposition, but by all aspects of creation up and enacting the repair. And no one can do it for us, we have to do it ourselves.

You are confusing ‘spiritual’ for a kind of basic assumption of what many people consider to be ‘good’ in the good/evil dichotomy. All beings have a right to exist. They have a right to choose experiences that they desire. They have a right to free will. Free will does not mean *free of consequences*. If a being chooses to limit the free will of others in order to benefit itself, a natural consequence of this choice is that beings will appear that desire to oppose the tyrant and restore the balance. The notion that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ is absolutely accurate when dealing with free will choices that harm others. Free will choices that help others provoke a reaction as well, but it tends to be one of mutual increase. The universe permits unlimited beneficial growth. It’s part of how a universe stays alive. But negative entropy is checked through synchronistic matching – when an entropic or free will limiting society emerges, in a healthy universe it will self limit. If it should overgrow, resistance and opposition will spontaneously and synchronistically appear to check it.

Good beings and evil beings both have a right to exist. They are both capable of being ‘spiritual’. Spirituality is not limited to the passive, stereotypical ‘good’ beings. All beings are capable of being spiritual. They just express it in different ways. A very high density warrior might choose instead to deflect an aggressor or offer them a lesson rather than destroying them outright. A lower density warrior will be more limited in powers and perspective and may only have to option of brute force opposition. And a high density warrior may also conclude that a specific individual or group has pushed the bounds to the point where removal is the only healthy option. The more the offending being or group resists gentle measures and persists in attempting to harm others who didn’t desire this experience, the harder the warrior will push back. In a healthy universe, ‘pruning’ only tends to occur with extremely stubborn beings and groups that leave the warriors no other alternative – they push and push and keep pushing until they grind themselves into nothing against the wall the warriors construct. In this universe due to the error, we have had a lot of instances of warriors going rogue or taking up excessive force. This is something that will also be healed in time and will not be a factor forever.
Healthy warriors tend to be deeply spiritual. They are devoted to the *balance*, and see balance and protection of the innocent as the highest good. They live as a form of service to others. The universe creates beings that find all different kinds of things *fun*. If you don’t want to do it, there will be someone who exists that thinks it’s the greatest shit ever, whether it’s washing dishes, knitting shawls, planting gardens, healing injuries, or making a tyrant sputter and froth and destroy themselves. This way no one is ever forced to do something they hate. *The universe runs on matching people with their desires and enjoyed activities and experiences*. That, in my mind, is very good. The activities one enjoys do not dictate whether one is spiritual or not. That is a corrupted notion based on judgement of others due to lack of understanding of balance and free will. The fact that it is a common notion in some circles doesn’t make it right. That corruption of the idea of what is or is not spiritual was part of the damage done to this planet through manipulated and altered religious programming. It is a control mechanism, designed to reduce free will, by suggesting to people that spirituality can only look like one particular passive, servile expression. Resistance, and self defence, which are healthy natural mechanisms, become reviled as ‘non spiritual’ which makes you easy to control and manipulate and abuse.

Remember in order for a Source to truly experience itself, it must contain within its creation the potential for ALL THINGS that beings may wish to experience. This includes the bad with the good. The problem arises when the balance is disrupted and one part overgrows and reduces the free will of another part. Source is ultimately *neutral* but loving and accepting of all. The only thing Source is *not* neutral on is things that threaten the existence of the whole or large portions of creation.

Very few Service to Others types are in it for carnage. Being in it for carnage is more of a negative orientation expression than a positive orientation expression. Positives tend to be in it because they want to help others, because they are masters at certain skills and enjoy being able to practice that mastery (did you hear about the 3rd Dan karate master that was mugged in the Dominican some years ago? The thugs *quickly* discovered they had made a mistake. I don’t think he killed them either. Warriors love that kind of thing), because they find challenge to be invigorating, because they cannot stand injustice, etc.. There’s other motivations for engaging in resistance, opposition and combat besides a lust for carnage or a desire to harm others.

Here’s a little example of what things are like in the Silver Legion. We love to goof off. If we are not active on particular missions, we spend our free time engaging in hobbies and training, or playing games or are a sparring, not looking for a new fight. Silver Legionnaires are famous for our arena sparring. The arenas allow people to match up against each other for fun. It allows warriors to hone their skills, enjoy the thrill of a challenge, and maybe even show off a little. It’s also an opportunity for people to solve disputes without actually harming each other, for those times when people argue and want to kick the shit out of each other. But no one goes into the arena simply because they want to engage in carnage. If we had no war to fight, we’d spend all our time playing in the arena and playing other games (some Earth games are huge up there, like dungeons and dragons if you can believe it). We wouldn’t be going out looking for trouble. We have no need to seek trouble. Distress calls and jobs make their way to us synchronistically and we can get a mission and ask who wants to take it and all the people who enjoy that work will start waving and yelling ‘pick me, pick me!’

The warrior mentality off planet among positives is very different from examples you might see on this planet. The people involved in the war machine on this planet are generally either negatives or under the control of negatives. The cabal has made active use of earth’s militaries, particularly the US military and secret projects. The warhawk mentality which gleefully sacrifices the eager young and innocent civilians for the benefit of old rich men is not a trait found in positive warriors. If you’ve used this as your example through which to conceptualize warriorhood then I can understand where your misapprehensions regarding warriors might have stemmed. You’d get a better idea of what positive warriors are like looking at examples of things like legendary master martial artists (and there are Buddhist and Zen examples of these as well).


Jeshua via John Smallman – Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance – 6-18-14

Jesus postingJeshua: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance. Channelled by John Smallman, June 18, 2014. http://wp.me/p1B8dY-iP | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are in the final phases of your awakening process. As all the channels keep telling you, your awakening is imminent!

Let your deep inner faith shine through and intensify your will to wake up. God wants it to happen, here in the spiritual realms so do we, and so most certainly do all of you, and, as we keep telling you, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and Divinely decreed.

Some of you are having difficulty keeping your Light clear and undimmed as you get caught up in compassionate anxiety, even fear, for all who are presently suffering grievously in the many zones of conflict and abject poverty around the world.

That is why you must keep your Light burning brightly. It is the brightness of your collective Light that is bringing in the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will dissolve within all all that is in any way unloving.

Your presence on Earth at this time is not fortuitous, accidental, or just plain chance, it is as a direct result of your holy will aligning with God’s to bring your Light to every corner of Earth to scatter and dispel the dark that has been occluding the Light for so long.

Look to the alternate and independent media channels to find reports of the increasing brightness of the Light among humanity that is spreading, inspiring, and uplifting those who had nearly lost hope.

The Light of God’s eternal and infinite Love for you all can no longer be dimmed or hidden, there just is not enough darkness available, and what remains is shrinking daily. This is an issue on which the mainstream media constantly misleads you, as it focuses always on doom and gloom.

Engage daily with your own extremely powerful Light, and look for and see the same Light shining in others regardless of any egoic masks they may be still using to shield themselves from the Light of Love that envelops them and all of humanity.

There is no possibility of escape from It, and all are in the process of learning this as they see that all that the dark would keep hidden is being bathed in the brilliance of Its ever-present illumination. The dark has nowhere to hide as the Light bursts through every chink, crack, and cleft in the fortress it is fruitlessly attempting to repair and rebuild as it crumbles irretrievably away.

So, to repeat, you are all eternal and invincible Beings of Light. You always have been and you always will be because that is how you were created – to live in eternal joy as inseparable aspects of the Oneness that is All That Is, God, the Source of all that now exists and will forever exist.

Acknowledge the Light within you. It is eternally present there awaiting your acknowledgment and acceptance through your individual free will choice. When you chose to engage in the game of separation you chose to veil your Light to make the game seem more enthralling, more real.

When you choose once more to acknowledge your brilliant inner Light, your personal sense of worth, of value, of your right to exist will be enormously enhanced and you will begin to recognize yourselves once more as you truly are, namely inseparable and infinitely loved aspects of God, fully entitled by Him to an eternal and joy-filled life.

All your Earthly cultures and religions have been fabricated by those who chose to be members of an “elite” among you, so that they could establish a hierarchy that would answer to them and which they could then use to control you by convincing you that you were valueless and inadequate beings whose duty was to serve them.

And you still have those controlled hierarchies established by the “elite” – the police, the military, the politicians, the religions, the corporations – where people are still trained to walk on or intimidate those “below” them in the hierarchy in order to obtain their unquestioning obedience, and at the same time to fawn admiringly on those “above” them, but their days are numbered.

By acknowledging your Light, and by allowing It to shine forth through you as you behave and intend to behave lovingly at all times and in every situation, It will dispel the darkness in which you have been enveloped for eons.

Enlightenment, your awakening, will not be prevented because it is impossible to make the unreal real, let alone have it last interminably to hide from you your true nature. The nightmare is now ending, as always Divinely intended, because you have at last chosen to release yourselves from it and once more experience your true and Divine nature in eternal bliss with God.

Make a point of acknowledging the Light in everyone with whom you interact in any way at all by being open, trusting, accepting, compassionate, and, of course, loving.

This does not mean telling people this, or proselytizing, it just means that you quietly and determinedly be yourself, your true Divine and loving Self, and allow the intense energy of that state to flow freely through you and out into your immediate environment.

As you become more accustomed to living like this your immediate environment will expand and so will the effect you have upon it. This is how the dark is being dispelled, and it is all of you who are dispelling it.

Light is all that exists! The dark is illusory, conceived of and then envisaged into being to add interest, fear, excitement, and an apparent reality to the illusion that you built to experience the thrill of separation from God, whom you momentarily thought was unnecessary, a Being superior to you from Whom you wanted to free yourselves.

Of course it could not work because there is only the One, and because of His eternal Love for you, and because He sees your pain and suffering, He constantly calls lovingly to you to assist in your inevitable awakening.

Listen to His Call to you, that quiet inner Voice that reminds you that life should be a far more exhilarating and enjoyable experience than the one you are currently undergoing. Respond enthusiastically to It, then feel His constant Love for you, and intend to share It indiscriminately with all of humankind, regardless of any evil it appears to you that anyone of them or any group of them may have caused or still be instigating for this simple reason: You are all eternally One in God!

Your loving brother, Jesus.




Light Being Activation – Human Harmonics – Erica Boersma

Erica Boersma·59 videos

As Light workers we know OUR personal vibration affects all those around us always, so lets radiate our light in a meaningful and loving way. The time is now to shine brightly from within. As we naturally start to release the things that hold us back… it is time to be our highest purpose and be of service to the collective. We are at a crossroads between the material and spiritual worlds. The shift in vibration is upon us and is the fulfillment of our desire for transformation,.. it is what we asked for . It is the ending of one aspect of our spiritual journey and the beginning of another.

As a collective we are experiencing a multi levelled release of the dualistic nature. When we feel fear this is a dualistic energy, which darkens our reality. It is simply what we created so we could experience something other than light, but in the past we forgot our truth, and fear took over our life. As light workers we know Fear cannot exist in the same mind where love resides. Every time we stop, drop, and shift into love instead of fear we are returning to our original true nature where our eternal freedom resides.

The structures of our lives as well as the beliefs they represent are being changed from the inside out and are opening us to new insights and possibilities. Reality, as we know it, is breaking up with the new energies present on the planet. The old foundations are crumbling and many feel helpless… but we are creating new foundations in community spirit for humanity, opening new opportunity to fully establish the Light upon Earth. Lets be the change we came here to be and shine our light on all that we see including our own fearful dualistic thoughts. Your power is in this now moment.

Music By James Newhouse (Zake): https://www.facebook.com/newhousemusi…

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Who Are Light Warriors – Michael Logony

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Invitation for Light Warriors: http://www.rainbowlights.org/lightwar…
Everyone has some aspects of a light warrior inside them. People who pursue their dreams, who flow like a river through their life to fulfill their purpose, are in a sense light warriors. When they do good things, when they are persistent, when they seek the truth, their meaning of life, and their true self, they are the warriors of light (another term for light warriors).

Light Warriors are those that seek the truth. They are in touch with their true self, love and joy, they are good and open-minded. They want to fulfill their mission in the most positive way. And, because they are open-minded, they use all good tools that are available to them including love, joy, faith, hope, science, spirituality, their own impressions and experiences, different knowledge, etc.

There is another term that relates to light warriors and that is the warriors of the rainbow (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2013/12/…). We can see more rainbows now than ever before. Children are being born with a special connection to rainbow colors. The warriors of the rainbow will rise and protect the Mother Earth again. They will bring a new society (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2013/12/…). They will bring love and light.

Light Warriors are not part of any movement, they have always been here. Being a light warrior means that you start from the inside. It is your choice and effort depending on your true excitement about it. Light Warriors were torn apart in the past by poisoned people. The unity, the real power, was poisoned. But we will rise again. We are here to help and protect.

There are also New Age definitions of the light warrior. Lightworkers are people who see everything as positive, they are gentle and sensitive and they have a pleasing personality. Their main value is love. Love is also the main value of lightwarriors. Lightwarriors are balancers, they are very open-minded yet they protect the truth. As I see it now from my perspective, the true light warriors are between these New Age definitions. They are something between lightworkers and lightwarriors.

Our tactics changed. We no longer fight from the outside, but from within the system. Our strongest weapon is love. Our strongest shield is light. We apply the ancient ways of warriors, they ways of sword, bow, and arrows. Not in the literal sense, but the teachings and knowledge. We should heal ourselves, we should heal our unity (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2014/03/…), and eventually we should heal this world.

Please share!

Rainbow Lights
Michael Logony

Lisa Gawles – You Are The Light of the New World and Soooooo Powerful Too – 1-9-14



Holy wonderland batman, what an amazing slide in the 2014 I have had!!  Of course, it all started just before midnight on New Years Eve.  My son had a wonderful New Years Eve party here at the house, Indie Pro-Wrestlers everywhere!  I do believe I got myself a full helping of pure testosterone to last me all year long!! (smile)  Something strange started to happen in my body that I knew couldn’t be blamed on the one, over sized margarita I was enjoying…

Everything within me was becoming hyper sensitive to, well, everything.  The music suddenly seemed soooo much louder, the pinging of all the laughter and energy was starting to feel like hail against my skin.  I tapped out and went upstairs to just chill out until midnight.  I laid down and something was going thru me, starting at my feet and eventually covering every inch of my body.  It kind of felt like new circuits being flipped on and the surges was weird to my inners!!  I decided to sleep instead.

I woke up New Years day with a tinge of a headache that pretty much hung out all day long.  It wasn’t unbearable, just kinda there.  I did have one reading on my New Years agenda and was sooooo excited to see whatever we were going to see this day.  It almost felt like Christmas and I get to unwrap something never before seen to our eyes!!

The first thing that surprised me, I couldn’t open a window of connection from the room in Virginia that I was in, to save my life.  So, like the first connection the week prior, I took myself back to my kitchen on the Mesa and thought I would be able to pull it into the room, nope… I had to actually keep our energy on the Mesa, which kind felt like reading on my tippy toes.  As I settled into my kitchen and streamed my antenna out my back door, the first thing I really noticed was the ground that literally is my backyard, OMG, it was as if I was literally seeing it all.  The plants, the dirt, rocks and stuff were almost as if they were hyper-real.  Clearer and more visible than if I was really sitting in my chair in my kitchen.  It wasn’t until many days later as I reflected on all I had seen January 1st and 2nd, that what we were experiencing was the new luminosity of the field of life.  Every thing ascended, every rock, blade of grass, molecule of air…. everything!!

However, as I stretched my antenna to what I call the middle of the field, or the core area of where your life begins and ends (deep center) I was really caught by surprise.  There was a shield of energy that looked and felt different than anything I had never connected to before.  A cross between a silvery white light that emanated blue hues.  It stretched as far as my vision could see left to right, up and down and there was no way of seeing thru it or moving around it.  I couldn’t even orient myself to her biology and I had no clue what it could possibly mean to her.  I rescheduled her to the last reading slot of the next day.

What a day the 2nd was!!  Mostly, I didn’t understand a darn thing I was seeing, well, not in a whole picture sort of way.  Everyone was so bizarre and so unique and yet, so simple imagery wise.  Everyone except the lady I had already connected to the day prior had this amazing light field emanating thru their entire center.  It finally dawned on me with my first precious man of the morning what I was seeing/experiencing…

The first person I connected to was a young man I just started reading for earlier in December, in that connection he had told me he is really head for a job change.  His current job is delivering pizza’s and now wants to do more to serve the understanding of light flooding him this year.  …But wanting a new job and actually putting energy into getting a new one, especially when you aren’t really sure what you want to do in it’s stead, usually has us dragging our heals.  When I talked to him on the 2nd he told me he was in a car accident and now, his car is unable to do what it has been doing, delivering pizza’s.

Powerful energy there!!

So, there he is, in his field of light stretching from left to right, top to bottom and I am starting to realize, this light is only focused in the center of a persons field and then my own light bulb finally goes on about what I am witnessing…

For eons of time we had two mixtures of light in play at all times, our inner light (or lack there of) and the surrounding light of life which we could mix with our own inner light for creation and wellness.  This is where so many external things became so important in helping us “manifest,” right down to the act of visualization.

Now, however, we ARE that complete light energy.  The full spectrum of light is being emitted from our core outwards.  I knew this was a game changer and would take me close to a week to fully understand what the hell it means to us now.

Everyone’s light field aside, if I was able to see any aspect of his (or anyone’s) biology, which I wasn’t, three energized golden circles were on the ground in the position of his forward movement.  One just to his right foot, one just to his left foot and one about a foot away in the center of the two near his feet, forming a triangle.  The circles were not just circles, they had energy cracking constantly.  Think of a sparkler that is round and gold, that is what each circle felt and looked like.  His team called them choice points of energy.  Not one choice over another, but a series of chain reactions when one is ignited.

Step into the one on the right, that creates an emotional charge, which sparks the one on the left into action, physical life charge, and the top one is the outcome,  However, at the time of our connection, they were just choice points without any light energy infused into their outcome.

Let’s leave him there for a moment and go to my second precious lady on the field.  She was emitting that vast white-silver-blueish light that I am now realizing feels more like a film that stretches from each persons core, which is why I could see the ground I call the east field so clearly, beyond clearly even.

We are now standing on an earth that connects to the wholeness of our spiritual-biology, kind of like a plug into a socket.  The pure current of Gaia runs up thru us and charges all the energy within us, the full spectrum of light that we now are.  This lady however, she had a larger golden sparkler ring around where her body was (even tho, I could not see her body thru the light spectrum.)  It kind of reminded me of my young man just prior, only hers was around her and much larger.  As I was melting down just trying to understand, finally her team threw out a few words “her ring of power.”   Ohhhhhhhhh….  I think I get this now.

Gold, in my world, is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is (silver, the highest vibration of earth energy) it also represents a very strong magnetic field of creation/attraction that now is as close to you as your feet.  If you never put a foot forward for anything, it remains as unused energy until you use it.  My lady just finished up some major projects in her life and we could call her in a state of rest at the time of our connection.  Unlike my young man before her who, by virtue of desire and pushing of his light field, was in a power point of using his magnetic field of attraction/manifestation.

To put this more clearly from my own personal experience…  On December 31st T-Mobile stopped my hot-spot connection, my ability to use the internet via my phones signal.  I had used up the alotted 500 mb that came with my phone plan.  They sent me a text message telling me to upgrade my hot spot plan to 2.5 gigs for an extra $20 a month,   when I pushed the link, T=Mobile declined me.  I knew why, I didn’t pay last months bill and this months just billed out so my bill looks ginormous and over my credit limit with them.  Dammit.  I tried several more times during the day, each time, they declined my upgrade.  Just shit.

Not wanting to start the year feeling rejected, I didn’t even try to upgrade my hot spot usage, until something overcame me the morning of the 2nd.  There was no worry, no feeling of being rejected, not even a moment of prayer, just pure desire to get back online and be able to use my computer again.  I pushed, they upgraded me instantly.  WOW!!

My third reading of the day, man oh man, I just barely got a handle of sparkly golden rings and here she comes being all kinds of different.  Instead of any kind of a golden ring, she had this wooden wheelbarrow planter painted red.


Only the wheel was wooden and red and the box part was closed not open in the back.  I could feel the texture of the wood as I pondered what the hell is that!!  It was set up across her forward path, the handles towards the southeast, the wheel towards the north west and I knew she could not go forward, but had to use this thing in her reading, in her path.  But what the hell is it?  Especially in relationship to the previous two readings???

Today, and only today, I finally get it!!  It is not enough for us to “change” our reality with desire, we must plant it, nurture it, grow it into existence…. give it roots to grow, so to speak.

Other than giving her a meditation exercise of connecting with this planter, I had no idea what else it could possibly mean, again, given the prior two readings.  The beauty of what I do, even giving her a meditation exercise, put me directly into doing it as the direction was coming out of my mouth, not even realizing as I said “I want one!!” that indeed, we all have one and becoming familiar with the planting of our own seeds is really important, and I got to do it by helping her.  Thank you so much for that!!

I will get back to this too, in a moment.

My fourth lady, the very lady I peeped at the day prior, well she created an absolute melt down in me.  The bizarre just got really flipping bizarre.  I didn’t even realize I was not seeing her silvery-white-blueish light spectrum like I had the day prior, or even all the others upon this day, nope, my focus went to what I was seeing inside the Mesa itself.  Holy shit even…

For those unfamiliar with the Mesa that is literally part of my back yard, I am going to just share a picture so you can try and follow along:

mornign light

Where the dome at the top in this picture is and all the way down to the ground level, was…. shit, not there.  Instead it was a strange silo of bizarre energy, well, bizarre to me!  From the ground up about 25% of the way were what looked like gel rings, maybe the size of a half dollar, all of them emitting this various colored energy in them, tons and tons of them stacked on top of each other, like I said, filling about 25% of this silo looking thingie.  Then it is as if the energy changed into massive waves moving upwards to about 25% from the top.  What the hell!!????????

All her team kept repeating was think nuclear reactor.  Sure, I can think it, but I have no flipping clue what a nuclear reactor does and why is it only in her reading.  And from the waves I see, what does it change into, it felt like that part was missing….

The next thing I know, she has 6 animals, that at first I thought were dogs, but then I started to hear the words wolves” quite clearly, all connected to each other by this silver harness thingie.  I also understood they will help her understand her greater role in what we are seeing together.  All 6 as a team, but also, to understand each one individually too.  Again, a meditation exercise was presented to her.

Have I mentioned just how important meditation is??  I can liken it to entering a quantum physics class and each one is assigned a text book of understanding.  Meditation is that text book!  Even the most advanced whiz kid in class is going to need to refer to their text books eventually!!  …just saying….

OK, off my soap box….

Let me tell you, I am really anal about what I consider a “reading” and even tho we were able to see, I could barely understand what we were seeing, I gave everyone a free pass until I can assimilate what the heck this all means to them and to us.

As I ended my connection with her, I realized thru my own vision that I was seeing everyone up and to the right of my “field of vision.”  There was no longer a way to super impose the energy of the Mesa, the field in which we connect from, in Virginia.

My body was about to be a living example!

About an hour after my final reading of the day, I was sitting downstairs in the back room with my son having a much needed, and might I add, deserved (smile) smoke when we heard this intensely loud rumbling happening.  The sound filled the entire back room and was constant… we realized it was my stomach.  Holy shit, what the hell is happening in there???  There was no discomfort, no bloating, no nothing except this really loud, unheard of noise (that lasted two days.)  All I could think of was my nuclear reactor lady…

Several hours later as my son and I were talking about me being stuck in Virginia (no one had the money to get me back home to New Mexico) my son thought that trying to fly out on the same day would reduce the fares that  are now tipping the scales at $600 one way to a reasonable $200 or so… not even.  The air fares were rocking steady at $500-$600 for the whole week.  What is funny, between us, we didn’t even have $200 if a fare did present itself.  But who cares about that!!  Something started really stirring in the noise maker now called my stomach.

I had internet again, so I got onto priceline.com and realized United airlines had a flight on the 9th for only $244, granted, I had to change planes three times in the 15 hour journey it would take to get me back home, but at least I would get back home.  In that moment, I had two sales come thru, with what I had already sitting in my paypal, I now had $250 to find my way back home.  Of course, I have a car sitting in airport parking that was now going to cost me about $50 to claim, if I went home on the 9th… but who cares about that right now.  One mission at a time.

I decided to do the name your own price gig and see if United would come down a bit, well, I got a flight for $222 and was so surprised when it was via American airlines (on flight 1333 mind you) and only one plane change.  Phew…. I am now going home!!  Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

Well, when I woke up on the 3rd, whatever was brewing in my stomach found an explosive and may I add, quite liquefied way out.  I became married to the toilet.  My energy was depleting with every flush and by the 4th, I was just a shell of myself.  I slept most of the day in between running to the bathroom, when my son started to have the same experience.  We took turns sleeping while the other played a video game with the baby (well, he is going to be 4 next month, not really a baby…)

I realized this was an energetic reaction within ourselves because my grandson never got “it” nor did my sons girlfriend who had just gone home the day prior.  I didn’t have enough energy to even care what the hell this was… I was busy sleeping.  I did realize all color ran out of my, ummmm…. well, bathroom visits.  I have never seen white poop before and had to giggle to myself as I think about how many times I say “holy shit”” and now… it is white.  Gotta find the humor…. right!!?

I woke up on the 5th, still feeling like crap, but now, I swear I had an oversized balloon in my upper abdomen that was slowly releasing itself as gas.  OMG the gas!!  I would have given the best man a run for his money on flatulence!!  It was absolutely constant all day long, if i was burping so loud the neighbors could hear, I was tooting so much I was raising myself off the chair.

To top this all off, we had a 10 hour car ride the next day to bring my grandson back to his mom, no one is going to be able stand to be in the truck with me if this continues.  About 6pm that evening, with a giant toot release, I heard or maybe felt my body say… we’re done.  This is the last of it.

And sure enough… it was!!!

My mind started to engage with my body again, life was returning to my entire system.  The ride to take my grandson to Pennsylvanian (the half way point from Virginia and Massachusetts) started producing understandings from my readings and my own experiences on the 2nd.

To put it simply, you must fire up your magnetic field of energy with desire, plant the outcome into your growth container, move it to its location (hence being in a wheelbarrow) and turn on the nuclear energy and let it flow!!


The trinity… desire, action, outcome.  Period.  No fancy footwork.  No huge prep to get yourself there.  That all got us to here and for the last year spirit has been saying over and over and over again, what got us to here will not get us to there.  Or what once worked so well, will no longer work in that way again.

But we humans are such creatures of habit.  Even in what many would call the new age movement or light worker field, we break out of one box to close us into another.

In a conversation I had with my beautiful architect yesterday, what we now must possess is absolute inner confidence.  Think about it…

We got to here by visualization, which was needed to increase our inner confidence of our abilities to manifest.  Maybe even some did dances, or build alters to channel external energy to the point of creation once desired.  That all got us to here… we are now that singular point of creation flowing outwards.

My own body became a nuclear reactor coming on line.  Taking the particle energy (those gel like thingies in my nuclear ladys reading) and infusing desire into them (get me home) and allow the waves of energy to radiate out (those two blessed souls who purchased readings back to back of each other) and instantly gave me the outcome of desire.

We each do our part… mine for this precious moment, was purging any and all elements of fear out of our systems.  I had a hard time even saying I was “sick” because I knew I wasn’t… I just didn’t know what I was.

I do now!!

There is so much more to what is unfolding… until tomorrow….

May I send a massive wave of gratitude to everyone who has been completely confused in my delay in getting home (speaking of appointments here.)  I think I have a really great way to make it up to you… everyone who had an original appointment scheduled from December 24th thru December 9th, please send me your mailing address, I am going to send you a rock from the Mesa and a quartz crystal that has been chilling in the back yard for the last two years.  You have shared with me in ways I can never repay.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with absolute inner confidence to ALL!!  I love you all so very very much!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html


Elizabeth Ayres Escher – Into the Light We Go Together – 1-1-14

go into the light

Journal Entry 01.01.2014

Into the Light We Go Together

Ah, the start of another year, another day, another life, perhaps. All the messages coming in right now from various channelers and even astrologers indicate great changes and opportunities are now within the grasp of those who are awake and walking with open eyes into the New.

And here I sit listening to the noise outside; I’m not one for fireworks, although I loved them as a child. Anything noisy is trying right now such is my sensitivity to the environment in which I live. So I endure for the time being. A nice cabin in the woods far, far away from the city appeals in these moments, but since I’m here, I’ll let my imagination carry me into my dream world.

What do you want to see come into your world in this new year? It would be a pleasant thing to be able to come together in groups all those of us who have strived so hard to raise up our frequency levels to meet the new. The joining of soul mates and companions… now that is a dream to hold in your heart. And even those around you now who do not seem to be awake, they will be by the end of this new year. So much is to happen that people will be unable to pretend any longer. And many will lay down their burdens more easier due to work done by the frontrunners, the gatekeepers and bridge-builders.

It’s not time to rest on our laurels. In myself I see much I can still release, yet I am not the same person who entered the now past year of 2013. Transparency and honesty, creativity and passion are what drive me forward and upward. There is a burning within that I cannot deny, a desire to express and convey the meaning of beauty, freedom, harmony, grace, healing and serenity…these are the things I long for to manifest fully in my life.

May this new year bring peace, abundance and healing to those who suffer without cause, the children, the lonely widows of war, the poor, the homeless, the mentally estranged, the forgotten ones… and the animals, the blessed animals who can teach us so much about unconditional love by a glance of their brimming eyes.

You are love. You are made of love. Love is the highest vibrational energy in the Universe; it is the stuff that makes up the body in which you, as spirit, now dwell. Can you love yourself fully in this new year.

There is so much to experience and experiment within ourselves, exploring the inner worlds and mastering alchemy. I hope my Sirian friends and mentors will continue to teach me, in my dreams and in my waking moments.

Expansion into the universe that exists within our own heart spaces is an avenue to explore in this new year. Seeking to find and remain in a calm space while the outside world undergoes its throes of turmoil and change. Find the inner smile that will keep your spirit ever buoyant when you are confronted with the last vestiges of shadow; the sun draws nigh and lifts you up into its arms of light.

Be thou hopeful, dear sisters and brothers. My heart expands into the vision of beauty that I have glimpsed recently in my dreams, of an ever green land, filled with wild grasses, high mountains, sparkling waters and joyous people. Join me there, even if in our dreams for a time, until the etheric truly anchors fully into the physical realm.

The Goddess returns to us through us and dances fully with the Divine Masculine, the Solar God, the Sun behind the sun. Think with your Divine Heart and Divine Mind. The language of the poets, musicians and artists will carry you farther than all the words and platitudes you learned at your father’s knees.

Go, beloved, and become again the fullness of your Being, bringing your Higher Self fully into your physical vehicle and offering your gifts to the world so all might strive.

We came here to see that all ascend and we will do it, together.

My love to all in this coming year and forever.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara and Eliza, too.


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher and http://www.bluedragonjournal.com.

Steve Beckow – Incarnated Angels – Composite Beings

Mandella 22

Aquarius Paradigm

Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/12/incarnated-angels-and-composite-beings/

Photo: Mandela graphic thanks to Ann

Archangel Michael seldom uses a word that he doesn’t mean. So when he twice called Nelson Mandela an “angel,” that definitely catches my attention.

And his pauses are also significant. After calling Nelson Mandela an angel the second time, he paused, almost as if he were seeing whether I was awake or giving me a chance to intervene. I notice these things, well, I suppose, because it’s my job to do so.

If he had described Nelson as a “bright light,” I might expect that he was hinting at an ascended master.  He has described President Obama this way: “Why would I throw my brother out the door when he has endured as much as any of you? Yes, he is a lightworker, a star being.”

The use of the term “brother” or “sister” may very well be significant and indicate either an angel or archangel.

It’s not inconsistent to speak of an angel or archangel in one breath and a star being in another. How’s that?

Because even an angel or archangel can “borrow” parts of another being, at which point Archangel Michael would describe that being as a “composite” or a “hybrid.”

Merlin, for instance, was a composite, as was John the Baptist.

In a reading I had on Dec. 11,  he was explaining an “emanation” to me by giving the example of Lord Arcturus joining with an archangel to form a composite being or hybrid.

AAM said that I could imagine Lord Arcturus as having billions of atoms of energy (these may be the “adamantine particles” he talks about through Ronna Herman) and so he has “cash” to spare. He gives some of those atoms to the archangel for use. But each atom is a hologram or fractal of Lord Arcturus and so contains all his qualities.

I asked him if the example of Swami Vivekananda was a good comparison.  Here is the story of how Sri Ramakrishna, in the formless realm, came to the sage that Swami Vivekananda was and asked him to come down to Earth with him on his avataric mission. I use this example only to illustrate the fractal aspect of Vivekananda vis-a-vis the sage, not the composite aspect of the hybrid that AAM was originally discussing.

“Absorbed one day in samadhi, Ramakrishna had found that his mind was soaring high, going beyond the physical universe of the sub, moon, and stars, and passing into the subtle region of ideas. As it continued to ascend, the forms of gods and goddesses were left behind, and it cross the luminous barrier separating the phenomenal universe from the Absolute, entering finally the transcendental realm.

“There Ramakrishna saw seven venerable sages absorbed in meditation. These, he thought, must have surpassed even the gods and goddesses in wisdom and holiness, and as he was admiring their unique spirituality he saw a portion of the undifferentiated Absolute become congealed, as it were, and take the form of a Divine Child.

“Clambering upon the lap of one of the sages and gently clasping his neck with His soft arms, the Child whispered something in his ear, and at this magic touch the sage awoke from meditation. He fixed his half-open eyes upon the wondrous Child, who said in great joy: ‘I am going down to earth. Won’t you come with me?’

“With a benign look the sage expressed assent and returned into deep spiritual ecstasy. Ramakrishna was amazed to observe that a tiny portion of the sage, however, descended to earth, taking the form of light, which struck the house in Calcutta where Narendra’s family lived, and when he saw Narendra for the first time, he at once recognized him as the incarnation of that sage. He also admitted that the Divine Child who brought about the descent of the rishi [or sage] was none other than himself.” (1)

AAM agreed that the spark descending on Earth was similar to a fractal of the galactic being being used by the archangel to add needed qualities to the hybrid.

Interestingly, Sri Ramakrishna predicted that the day Swami Vivekananda knew who he was he would leave: “Among other things, he came to know that Narendra was a sage who had already attained perfection, and that the day he learnt his real nature he would give up his body in yoga, by an act of will.” (2)

By the same token, AAM also told me that, if he were to utter the spiritual name of the individual he was using as an illustration, who does not want to be known, that individual too would instantly return home.

You saw that President Kennedy did not want his past lives known, in the November 2013 Hour with an Angel program in which AAM paid tribute to him. (3)  I once asked AAM a question about George Bush Sr. and AAM replied that that soul did not want the information discussed. And he also told me that Jesus did not want us to focus on his past lives.  So this reticence is not at all uncommon.

I anticipate that, if word were to get out that Nelson Mandela was an incarnated angel, there would be scorn heaped on everyone asserting such a thing. And that will give rise to a moment of truth. Do we abandon our assertion as Mandela’s sign interpreter felt obliged to do? Or do we face into the upholders of an outmoded paradigm of empirical materialism and stand our ground, as Nelson Mandela did?

Many angels are incarnated at this point on planet Earth. I could open Skype and speak with perhaps ten or fifteen of them today. And angels can join with star beings to create a hybrid or composite being. In addition, many angels live on higher-dimensional planets in the Arcturian, Pleiadian, and other star systems.

Our knowledge of kingdoms like the angelic is almost non-existent and comes from stylized sources like the Bible. It can only grow in the years ahead.

We also need to remember that the assumption of a third-dimensional human body places a thick veil of forgetfulness over one that is hard to penetrate. I’ve often compared the human body to a lacrosse ball compared to the astral body being like the soft down at the base of a feather.

The human body does not conduct the emotions of the astral body very well at all. It muffles them, as I learned in an out-of-body experience.  And apparently it stifles remembrance too.

Even an angel, nay, even a seraphim or an elohim, can lose touch with their original magnificence when they assume the veil. It happens much more often than we suspect and is in fact supposed to happen, as AAM made plain to me in my recent reading (I’ll post that extract as soon as I’ve transcribed it). (4)

So I do accept that Nelson Mandela was an incarnated angel and having done the research and interviewing work I’ve done, and having met and worked with many incarnated angels in this lifetime, I’m not at all surprised to hear AAM name him as such.

Hopefully some day it won’t be a surprise to the greater part of Earth’s population to consider the matter as well.

Aquarius Paradigm

Atona Areyus – Interviewer Ari Kopel – ETs of Light, Archangels, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening , Walking Between Realities

Ari Kopel·37 videos

Atona Areyus joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” for an amazing in-depth discussion of how to walk in between realities and how to make the “Paradigm Shift”. This information will help us see through this illusion and embrace the Higher Vibrational Worlds that are simultaneously present and experienced, as we increase our vibration, expand our conscious awareness and pierce the veil.

In this episode, Atona discusses how she was transformed from a mundane, non-spiritual person to one that was highly sensitive to the Higher Realms. She tells how she was chosen by those Beings of Light to facilitate the Star Link 88 event in Los Angeles. Atona shares her candid, heart-felt story about her journey in awakening and involvement in being an instrument for the Higher Realms. This story is “Magical” and “Inspiring”. It will resonate with most of us on this journey to self-mastery.

Atona works with Students all over the world as a teacher, and works “under-the-radar”. Her stories will re-kindle hope and that “Sense of Magic” & Innocence in all of us. The story is told from the purity of her heart, revealing experiences with Beings of Light that are here to help Humanity. Atona will help us reconnect with that part of ourselves that allows us to break free from the illusion of limitation, and join the Beings from The Illumined Worlds in creating this Glorious New World!

Join our website at: http://2012Emergence.com

Illuminations Now Blog – It is time! Can you feel it?

Pink Rose


Illuminations Now Blog

Have you been feeling the energies recently, once high, then low, then tumultuous, then gentle?

It is time!  What you are feeling is not just an energy for the earth and the souls, the divine children here but it is much greater.   It is a universal pulse of joy, love and peace that effects everything, everywhere.   Can you feel it?

It modulates itself to each individual soul, to their level, to their understanding, to their choice.  So it affects all, everywhere, but is unique to each soul.  Embrace it, love it, share it.  It is time!  The time you have been waiting for, but unique to your understanding, to  your situation.

It is what you have been waiting for, but maybe not what you were expecting.  It is time!  Can you feel it?   Embrace it, love it, share it.  Then shine it from  your heart back out to all the earth, and all the universe and revel in the glory, joy and love when it returns to you multiplied infinitely.


Ari Kopel – ET Light Beings – Effortless Creation

Ari Kopel·36 videos

Expect Wonderful .com – Living as Light Transforms Your Relationships

As you tune to the New Harmonics of Consciousness your relationships will be transformed. More and more you will find yourself being able to access a nonchalant attitude toward others. This will bring more humor into your lives and more fun.

One of the most incredible gifts of stepping into the New Reality is the lightness of interactions happening at higher vibrations. We notice how much you enjoy when we are playful with you. There has been a serious absence of humor in many human lives for a long time. Humor, is, one of the most wonderful experiences of awareness and one we expect you to have more fun with as you open your hearts more fully and find your way into neutral perspectives.

So much on your Earth is delightful! Dogs chasing birds, flowers opening so brightly next to dark green leaves, so much of life comes up out of nowhere and surprising you, nature itself is dancing dancing dancing with you all the time. You dear ones, might consider joining in the fun!

We see you so serious, so determined about things, so much time spent thinking, fixing, working, on, understanding, what if you for today, let all of this go? What if you just today, showed up fully present open to what presents, taking none of it personally and seeing what you can smile about?

When was the last time you laughed out loud? The kind of laugh that you cannot hold back. Not just a smile, but an outright laugh? When was the last time you spontaneously hugged someone? When was the last time you played flirtatiously with another beautiful being on the Earth…not for the purpose of romance, but for the playful joy of getting them to smile, to loosen up, to laugh?

When was the last time you let yourself put aside something you are working on and just let go and do nothing? When was the last time you laid down underneath a tree on the grass and spent at least 20 minutes just noticing the sky? When was the last time you took a nap? Not because you were exhausted, but because it was delicious to sleep in the middle of the day?

When was the last time you had ice cream for dinner? When was the last time you let yourself dance in the shower and played music while you bathed? When was the last time you turned out all the lights and lit candles — just for you? When was the last time you spent the whole day reading an amazing story? When was the last time you let yourself learn to make something? When was the last time you sang out loud, with enthusiasm and playfulness?

When was the last time you played with a dog or a cat and really let go, feeling their energy, their physicality, their joy in being with you and fully joining them in the game?

Such moments of sweetness are available to all of you each and every moment! Life is meant to be joyful and as you re-acclimate yourself to soaring, as you condition yourself to LOVE, as you open your hearts to the True Nature of Your Being being present here and especially, as you invite your higher levels in, you are in for a surprise! Your higher levels?

They want to taste life on Earth. They want to see what things are like. They want to eat pizza, taste salty potato chips, catch a beautiful fish and they grill it outdoors and eat it with lemon. Your higher levels want to make love, to take long baths and jump in lakes, play with kids and dogs, watch light reflecting on water, listen to fountains and wind chimes, watch clouds blow across the sky, look up at the stars and sleep late. Your higher levels want to enjoy being human and enjoy the Earth.

Your higher levels want to know what it’s like to be here AND be in joy. Learning to let yourself live this way, to live in and as the Light you are, is going to transform your relationships. Don’t you just love to be with another human being who knows how to have fun? Who smiles often? Who is willing to let go and relax? Who doesn’t take things seriously, or personally, who is easy going and carefree and happy and fun to be with?

That is going to be YOU as you take off the serious, unworthy, “I’ve got to work hard to ascend and heal myself,” mindset. As you open up to your higher levels you are going to abruptly discover that there isn’t anything wrong with you.

And initially this may make you a little bit sad — so we’re telling you that now. You may initially realize all that you didn’t do that would have been fun, because you thought you ought not to, shouldn’t, couldn’t, because you thought it wasn’t good for you, wasn’t right, was selfish, would make you fat, or was superficial, or wasn’t about “getting ahead” or making more money, or accomplishing things, or wasn’t in service, wasn’t about helping others, wasn’t going to please the people close to you.

But then you’re going to laugh. And you’re going to laugh a lot more often. And you’re going to have a lot more compassion for everyone else, especially everyone else who is still being so hard on themselves. You’re going to find yourself embracing the body your in with an incredible deep love! You’re going to see how silly it is that you have been so hung up on finding fault with yourself, your shape, your looks, your life, your natural inclinations.

So much of what you find fault with is in essence the natural desires that suit you, that you prefer. You have spent so much time at odds with YOU. Being in an ongoing inner battle with your very beautiful perfect self and all it wants to experience.

One person channeled once that when I am on Earth I like to eat corned beef and Meredith read this and always wondered about it, well it’s true. I like to eat and I like corned beef. And I know it comes from a cow and I am grateful for this form of energy and all that goes into it. If I tell you I love to eat coffee ice cream are you going to warn me that it goes right to my hips? Are you going to love me less if I have wrinkles or hips? Of course you think this is funny as you see me as all glowing and perfect. Which naturally I AM.

And naturally so are you. You are going to discover, my beloveds that as you live as the light you are, you treasure your body and your body is radiant and able to create ways for you to feel in this experience and it’s going to be the most precious thing to you to have the means to do this.

And as you lighten up about this and so many things, your relationships are going to be transformed. Your light is going to be like a breath of fresh air to everyone you meet. And you are going to remind everyone you meet at some deep level of the wholeness they are, and of home. And this is going to accelerate the transformation of your reality.

It’s really truly a beautiful day. Go out and have some fun now, would you?

I AM Archangel Michael

Copyright (c) 2009 – 2013 by Meredith Murphy. All rights reserved. You may translate, link to or quote this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website: http://www.expectwonderful.com – Any other use of this article is strictly prohibited.

Light Beings – Carriers Of Love

melchizedek144 .·48 videos

We are light beings- light=information about love and love=creativity so we must first be informed before we can create.
Track ~ Hidden Treasure by Llewellyn


We Are Light Beings – Chris Griscom – Galisteo New Mexico – Interviewer Lilou Mace

liloumace·1,962 videos

Chris Griscom has long been recognized as a spiritual leader and visionary of truly global stature. Her great love for the earth and its peoples has inspired her to travel the world, reminding us all of the sacredness of life. Her teachings about connecting with our Divine Essence and Expanded Consciousness are encapsulated in her many renowned books and tapes.
Chris established The Light Institute in the ancient, pastoral village of Galisteo in 1985. The Light Institute swiftly earned it’s present-day reputation as a ground breaking spiritual center for phenomenal work in facilitating spiritual growth and healing. Ms. Griscom’s innate wisdom, as well as decades of spiritual work and her compassion for the health and vitality of people’s souls has made her the preeminent leader in Spiritual Healing and Multi-Incarnational exploration.

Chris Griscom is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Visionary. She is the author of fourteen books, which have been translated into thirteen languages, and is the world’s leading authority on reincarnation. Ms. Griscom founded The Light Institute of Galisteo, a renowned spiritual healing center located in Galisteo, New Mexico, and The Nizhoni School For Global Consciousness.

Chris Griscom’s work has inspired and touched people across the globe. Chris was instrumental in the passing of the Peace Memorial for the State of New Mexico in 2003. In July of 2002, she was nominated for the prestigious Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion Award by a United States Congressman and Senator. Her humanitarian services and contributions in holistic health and education have been twice recognized by The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta, India. The Board awarded Ms. Griscom with the Sewa Chakra Award on December 2, 1996. Past recipients of the award include the late Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. Ms. Griscom again traveled to Calcutta, India on December 1, 1999 to receive the Lifetime Achievement award from the Board.

Chris Griscom has devoted her life to the development of spiritual technology, the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of the Soul. She travels the world giving talks and seminars, while continuing her work at The Light Institute.

7-3-13 Bill Ballard – Integration of Light Being and Angelic Self – Holding Paradise Energies

pearls2u·196 videos

were brought home to this being, and karmic contracts were voided to become truly sovereign again, I went through another initiation process integrating those higher parts of me.

Many of us are going through this process right now as I see so many talking about their experiences. It brings so much JOY as that means the Duality Experiment IS TRULY OVER! IT IS DONE! Finished and completed!

Now we are integrating the New Earth Energies, the Energies of Paradise, of the Mansion Worlds of this Galaxy. Those new frequencies each of us are channeling into Mother Earth ARE the Coordinates of where Earth (and our local universe) will re position itself through the Anterion Stargate, the Middle Star of Orion’s Belt and in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy…. WE COLLECTIVELY ARE THE COORDINATES OF THE OTHER END OF THAT WORMHOLE GENERATED BY THE PLANETARY MERKABA WHICH WILL BE IN THE STARS AS SEEN IN THE ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS OF 7/29/13! Do ya realize how BIG THIS IS??? Haha!

My message is to stay completely focused on holding those frequencies from now until that time. I see so many others who have also stepped through this doorway and have integrated their higher selves into their physical bodies, which is keys to the coordinates of where Mother Earth is going!

This is what we have always waited for, for millions of years… Here and NOW!

With Such Expanded LOVE for ALL THAT IS!

Bill Ballard

James Gilliland & Mary Rodwell – ETs, Healing Earth and Humanity

EroSeninka·154 videos

I do not own this work, it belongs to James Gilliland, the world puja network and the great artists who took part in all aspects of it. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.*

ACERN Update – Australian Close Encounters

Mary Rodwell RN, midwife, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. Co-founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.) ACERN supports individuals and families with “encounter” experiences. It also provides information to the public and raising awareness in therapeutic/medical and healing professions. ACERN recently featured in the “The Australian Doctors” Journal, (November 2003,) re the Abduction Phenomenon. Author and International speaker Mary has appeared in several television documentaries. She is director and presenter for the EBE award winning documentaries “Expressions of ET Contact…a visual Blueprint?” And Expressions of ET Contact a communication and Healing Blueprint?
Author of the book ‘Awakening” How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.’ Mary is Vice president of the Star Kids Project and official representative of the Star Kids Project Ltd. Australia.

Be aware that James Gilliland’s and Dr. Steven Greer’s opinions do not match regarding all subjects. Both are definetly in contact with ET intelligences and are teaching people how to achieve contact themselves. In the end it’s up to the listeners to make their own informed decisions, upon having established contact themselves. A very important point in ET contact is the emotional litmus test in the CE5 experience, a loving & joyful and respectful experience seems to be the right direction.

For more information have a look here:


Send Your Light – In Unity With All The Other Yous

Oribel Divine·38 videos

* for the French video, please visit:

When you send light to ‘dark’ places you are illuminating these dark places so that:
(1) it creates a more balanced place where everything available may be seen and evaluated
(2) others are given the free choice to discover these hidden ideas that contain solutions for some of the biggest problems on Earth.

— in politics, your light creates solutions that haven’t been seen before.
— in disease-ridden places, your light creates peace and hope
— in scientific places, your light creates ideas and inventions that were ‘hidden’ in the past
— where there is strife, there can be peace
— where there is hatred, there can be understanding
— where there is vengeance, there can be love and compassion

A true master allows all energies to serve him. And what better way than to have the energies of all your life times unify to send your light. When you understand the concept of sending Light, and you begin working with your own higher self you will find solutions to balancing people and places where there are race wars, riots, vengeance, power struggles — remember these are old energies flailing because they die hard.

And it is human nature to want to see the results instantly. You are asked to allow for divine timing to take place and let the highest potential unfold and hold the energy of hope for your future.

Do you have 30 seconds today to send your light dear Lightworkers, Old Souls, Lemurians?

You are very much honored for the light work that you do.
You are very much loved and you are never alone.


For more spirit-inspired videos:

Movie Sound track My Name is Lincoln

Orbs Of Spirit Girl – Worldwide Phenomena

MeditationActivation·42 videos

Music: “Flight of the Orbs” by Kunda Lightspin
You can download all Kunda’s music at http://www.reverbnation.com/kundamusic

Orbs are believed by some to be ghosts, spirits, or even aliens traveling inter dimensionally in the form of energy balls of light/merkabas. They present in a multitude of colours including white, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, purple and in combination, like a rainbow. No one can say for sure if Orbs are 100% real but the phenomenon is spread world wide with thousands of photographers capturing the energy balls with the most convincing ones usually half behind an object or in video. It is said that Orbs are especially attracted by the vibration of love and joy. Generally orbs are found around spiritual places or “high energy” places however some people like Spirit girl have the talent to capture them anytime or place with any camera, flash or no flash and also with the naked eye ~ Enjoy

Lightworkers – Expansion of Consciousness

ireneaura·133 videos

We are each spreading and sharing the Light,which is gaining momentum.
More are joining the Lightworkers and as their light grows ,ascension is made easier as it reaches completion.
Relax for a moment……take some time out.

Pleiadian Alaje – Lightwork-Greece

777ALAJE·172 videos

http://www.youtube.com/user/777ALAJE —-
ALAJE from the Pleiades, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light
(Spiritual Videos since 2007)
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your Heart
Love is the solution for everything
Love is the key****
Be prepared for the Light Energy Transformation on Earth
Now is the opportunity to evolve your consciousness
Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth.
Use my Meditations from parts 4, 6, and 10 of my Videos.

George Kavassilas – March 21, 2013 – Half of Humanity Ascends

George Kavassilas – Half of humanity ascends to the 5th dimension on March 21, 2013

George Kavassilas

Alexey Celtie·724 videos


In the Kindness of Sleep – WingMakers

angelicstarseed·12 videos

A guided visualisation taking you to a beautiful Aquamarine Pool of Light to receive a blessing of Love from the Dolphins for healing, spiritual nourishment and relaxation. Take a comfortable position sitting or lying down, close your eyes and relax. Let the Dolphins and the Aquamarine energy soothe your soul!

The Aquamarine Ray and Dolphin Blessing will also help to activate your Higher Heart chakra. The Blessing and attunement of Love, given in the divine language of love, has the meaning of ‘May Divine Light surround you and fill your heart with Love”.

A big thank you to Crystalai and aDolphino’s kind permission to use the music of the Spheres. Please visit their website at http://www.lunarvisions.com and Cosmic Magic School of the Omniverse.

Artwork and meditation by Elaraia Angelstar

(DISCLAIMER: Please only do this meditation if you are comfortable with being in or near water. Please ensure you are fully grounded after the meditation and that you feel fully aware and awake before you pursue any activities afterwards, especially such as driving or operating any kind of machinery. This meditation does not suggest it can heal or cure, and is not intended to replace professional care or help in any way. If you are unwell please always seek medical assistance in the first instance. This video is for entertainment purposes only. The creator of this visualisation takes no responsibility or liability for any outcome of watching or listening to this video ~ all participants partake at their own risk

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light – 2013

Matt Muckleroy·508 videos

FEB 22 2013
The Pleiadian emissaries of Light ~ We are you in a slightly higher form ~ By Méline Lafont


As channeled by Méline Lafont

Beloved Brethren of Earth, our brothers and sisters of the Light, emissaries of our civilizations. We all welcome you cordially and we thank you for your focus and your energy to read this message. We are the Pleiadians of the Light, hailing from the 7 sisters : Merope, Maia, Alcyone our great central sun, Atlas, Electra, Taygeta and Pleione.

As is generally known, we are tightly connected to your planet Earth and to your civilization. We often recognize ourselves in you and regularly see ourselves reflected in you. We are your future selves, your aspects and your true essence. We are your Divine Self in a somewhat more refined and higher form of Light. That is why the recognition and connection are so striking for both parties.

We are here to help all of you, to support you and to empower what you yourselves are creating and manifesting. We are you in a slightly higher form as we have just stipulated and we reach out our hands to you in order to become one again and to amplify the powers on this Earth. Beloved brethren and sisters, you are about to meet yourselves and that will entail a huge expansion of your consciousness which will be even bigger than the current one. Everything will be turned up a notch and this is an everlasting process called Ascension.

Everything revolves now around the knowledge of your inner self and the acceptance of yourself so to enable us/yourself to meet in the NOW. This requires self-knowledge, acceptance, self-love and a focus on your inner world. No outside force will “redeem” you from all of this, no my beloved ones, you will save yourself out of duality; and the you we are referring to is Us, your Higher Self as the Galactic aspect.

It is also generally accepted that everything is now about to unfold on the Earth; a new mission and a new level have emerged for the global world which comprise a solar as well as a galactic level. That’s why it is very important to know and to accept the fact that everyone is and has a galactic Self in one specific or even in multiple civilizations lest there can be no work done on a Galactic level. It is also necessary to open yourself up to your Galactic essence of Light and the incoming intense galactic energies will help you one by one and step by step in this matter as you will be brought to a ‘confrontation’ and an ‘opening’ with yourself.

And all this is necessary to arrive at a complete integration and a full acceptance before an actual contact can be made. It is of the utmost importance that humanity realises that we are no threat and we are no outsiders but rather that we are you in a higher and more advanced form : you in the future of the NOW! Only then will it be seen and known that there’s nothing outside of you, that everything is inside of you, that you yourself are all of this! Difficult concepts to grasp? Or are these concepts difficult to integrate and accept? Than leave it for the moment, perhaps the time is not yet right for you personally to fully understand this. Give it a rest and immerse yourself in these concepts at a later time in a further attempt to integrate them. We will always be there for you to aid you with these concepts because we are you and are never separated from your Being.

Ascension User Manual with Almine – Part 1

Almine Wisdom·174 videos

In this first episode of the Ascension User Manual, Almine talks about the road to spiritual mastery. What are the different stages one goes through and what might you expect to encounter? She also talks about:

The spiritualizing of the cells. God-mind, expression and evolution of consciousness and the broader aspects of turning the unknown into the known. The ongoing journey of enlightenment of all of life. The Ascended Mastery Realms. Contrasting resurrection and death. The song of the body. The changes of ascended masters remaining in the flesh. Recapitulation, grids and fields, identity consciousness, beyond the God Kingdom, and silence of the mind. Levels of the spirit realms.

If you’ve enjoyed this first part of the Ascension User Manual, check out all the other parts at http://spiritualjourneys.com/ascension

Drunvalo Malchizedek ~ Beams of Light, Hawaiian Kahuna & Mayan Explanation

Omoroseangel·83 videos

Sharing the Love!!

Here Drunvalo Malchizedek during day 3 of the Earth Sky workshop explains what he calls the “Beams of Light”. Which are basically the same thing that comes out of most Jesus’ head when you see a “Holy” portrait of him, there is 3 beams that come out and connect to the halo around his head. This is his explanation of that coming from ancient Hawaiian Kahuna, Mayan and other ancient teachings. This relates to auras, and visible light spectrum that many have the ability to see. One can develop ones ability to see this.

He speaks on the super psychic children in China, psychic abilities, and calcified pineal glands.


Light Beings-Carriers Of Love

melchizedek144·35 videos

We are light beings- light=information about love and love=creativity so we must first be informed before we can create.
Track ~ Hidden Treasure by Llewellyn

Open To Your Light Heart

Jiiva Dhâra·23 videos

Follow your heart lotus.
Fill the world with peace and love.

Pineal Gland: The Transcendental Gateway

The World Servers

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