Teal Scott – False Self vs Real Self

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Most of us have no idea who we really are because we are shamed out of our true selves as children growing up in dysfunctional families in this dysfunctional human society. In order to adapt to our families and to society, we have created false selves. We have created false selves that are so good at what they do; even we have mistaken them for ourselves. We have a major problem differentiating between our false self and our real self. In this episode, Teal Swan explores the topic of the ‘false self’ in depth and gives suggestions for how we can begin to drop the façade and live as our true selves.

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Neale Donald Walsch – Fear & Transformation

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Neale Donald Walsch Author of the popular books “Conversations with GOD” reveals how we can harness these emotions in a way that furthers our personal growth.

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Ron Van Dyke – Expanding The Box Of Possibilities

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Alright, I had another flying dream; and this time I was showing others that they could fly too. I laid in bed for over an hour before getting up and going into the mediation room. As I shared in other videos, flying dreams have been occurring throughout my life. There I was, embodied yet flying. I saw it again and again; yet when I return to this reality, I convince myself that that was only a dream and this is the box I live in now, one where I cannot fly. As I am challenged to reprogram the hologram that I talked about yesterday, I am feeling that the angelic or Higher Self part of me is trying to get me to at least get a bigger box of possibilities. Is this part of what Jesus promised when he said: “greater things than these shall you do…?”

Equinox Gateway Light – Is Here

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A new form of light is coming in through interdimensional portals and increasing steadily. It is PURE SOURCE LIGHT INTELLIGENCE. This is the activation of Solar Cosmic consciousness that provides the resurrection of our DNA, and moves us into 5D ascension.

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Joseph Campbell – Hero With A Thousand Faces

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Author: Michael Brown – Spiritual Awakening – Defining Moment TV

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Interview with Michael Brown, Author of “The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness.” Hosted by Bret Moss. 

11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

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11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening, explanations, & solutions

1. Major setbacks in life
2. Unexplained aches & pains
3. Weight out of control
4. Anxiety symptoms & panic attacks
5. Emotional roller coaster
6. Persistent choked feeling/ “lump in throat”
7. Exhaustion/ can’t sleep
8. Feeling lost or something is missing
9. Seeing/ Sensing non-physical entities
10.Lack of concentration & forgetfulness
11.Flu-like symptoms