Why are you here? What are you here for? What should you be doing?

These are the questions you always, always ask us. Do you ask because you are truly lost? No, you ask because, deep in your heart, you know. You know that you came here for a reason.

“But I don’t know the reason” you say. Well, actually you do. And what is popping up before you in your life is what you have decided to work on. It is there for one or more of several possible reasons. It may be the principle reason for your being here. It may be something that you have agreed to clear before you begin working on your principle goal. It may something you have agreed to work on for mankind’s benefit. It may include aspects of all of these.

The one thing that is invariably true is that it will continue to appear before you in various guises until you have handled it. It is also true that once you have awakened to your purpose, agreed to do what is before you today, and simply set out to move forward on this path, you will discover that it gives you a happy feeling of satisfaction. You begin to draw into your life things that bring you more and more joy and satisfaction. You begin to see possibilities that never occurred to you before.

So here is the apparently ‘hidden’ truth. Your path, that elusive thing that you have searched and searched for, is the path you are on. It is only hidden because you have hidden it. And you have hidden it so that you could ‘find’ it. There is an aspect of you, the very largest part of who you are, that never forgets, that never doesn’t know, and that always works with us to see that you are exactly where you need to be, for yourself and for the ALL. And you have a self-correcting guidance system. Did you know that?

Your guidance system is not in your pocket and you can’t leave home without it. Most of you still don’t know about it, or know about it and forget to use it all too often. We tell you this over and over again. We tell you many things over and over again. We find infinite ways to dress up simple truths in order to keep you on track and to inform those of you who are just awakening. That’s our job. So where is this guidance system?

It’s in your heart. That is not news, is it? News flash! Just do what feels good and right for you. Notice we did not say to do what anyone else says is right for you. We did not say to find it in a book. You will know because you know. You will know because you know. You will know because you know. But you will not know if you do not value what you know. You will not know if you doubt what you know. You will not know if you do not listen to what you know.

So what to do now? We suggest that you may want to begin with a game of ‘what if?’ What if all of the things that councils and guides and angels and teachers have been telling me over and over are true? What if I really am a divine being? What if I really do know? What if I really can? What if I always have been? What if the time really is now? What will I do today if I know it really will matter?

Because, dearest friend, they are, you are, you do, you can, and you always have. It is. And we promise you, what you do really does matter. You can suffer that or you can have fun with that. You choose. That’s another thing that is unavoidably true. You choose. Spend some time watching a toddler choose. Then go out and have fun with that. Because you can.

Good day.


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