Finding Your Own Truth – OSHO Meditation Minutes

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“…a seeker of truth is to cut himself away from all belief systems, from all borrowed knowledge — in other words, to have the courage to be ignorant rather than to have borrowed knowledge. Ignorance has a beauty; it is at least yours, authentic, sincere…”

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Mooji – Truth is Simple

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Nothing that you acquire can be the permanent state. Only what you discover. The realization of the self is a very simple thing in itself. What It is, is just simple and natural.
This Satsang happened in Rishikesh, India 2013 under a tree which Papaji used to sit, sometimes referred to as “Papaji’s tree”.
Music: ‘The Deep Blue’ by Samadhi from the album ‘Into The Deep Blue’ available online at

Learn To Discern – Who or What is Programming You

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Tobias Lars speaks on ‘Learning to Discern’ and how to become aware of the energies and information that influence us.

Ram Dass – Awakening to Life Through Truthful Relationships

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How to achieve deep connection and harmony in our relationships through the practice of openness, honesty and letting go.

Ram Dass presents some powerful wisdom that can help us heal or evolve any kind of relationship. Especially useful for breaking out of the kind of stagnation that often dulls human relationships. Putting this wisdom into practice however is often a challenge that requires courage. Well worth the effort.…

Sophia Love – Let There Be Light

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There’s only one way to create.  “Let there be light”, and light IS.  The story is simple, straightforward and clear.

It did not go – “Let there be light, and let it show up on Saturday, at 2:00 PM GMT, until precisely Midnight GMT, at only these places, while these 11 people are doing these 7 things, NOT these other things, or with these other people, or on this other day or in this other way.”

We are Masters, becoming conscious of that fact.  We’ve recently been made aware of our value, our ability, our power and the truth of our multi-dimensional existence.  It is not that we are sometimes here and sometimes elsewhere, we are always all places.  It is not that we are creators some days and not others, we are and have always been Master creators.  The difference now is that we are doing so on purpose.

Like any new skill, it is gradually assimilated.  Through trial and error, we hone the craft.  It is brilliant in its simplicity and surprising in its reach.  Each moment, every thought, all words are creative.  Our wishes, frustrations, joys and disappointments send out a vibe.  From there, our life is made manifest.

Rather than worry over the multitude of thoughts we hold, we can remember just one; focus trumps all.

It is not a person, date, group or method that will grant your wish.  It is your intent, belief and focus.

If I decide to lose ten pounds and spend my days angry at the numbers on the scale or the image in the mirror, I will end up no closer to my goal at the end of them.  My weight will be unchanged most likely, only I’ll be a bit more angry, discouraged and frustrated. If instead I spend time doing things I enjoy and I am active; while dressing to feel good about myself, then I will (feel good).  A by product of the increased activity and positive emotion could very well be a loss of weight.  In any case, I will be happier, which will attract more of what I enjoy.

We’ve been trained as slaves.  Slaves expect all things to come from their masters.  As we remove the shackles from our own limbs, it’s time to also cut them from those we’ve decided hold the key.  The I/UV or any other prosperity/freedom package out there is not the controller of your destiny.  You are.

Remove your focus on who, how and when and place it solely on what.  FREEDOM.  ABUNDANCE.  UNITY.  TRUTH.  LOVE.  VALUE.  ABSOLUTE AWARENESS.    These are the attributes of a Master.  This is what your life is.  Not because Caleb released a piece of software, St. Germaine released the gold or of any other specific event.  Because this is what you are.

You are not becoming anything new.  You are realizing your very own truth.  A caterpillar has always held the makings of a butterfly, albeit unaware.  You have within the attributes of Mastery.  The controllers have effectively convinced you of your need for something outside yourself.  You have no need, you are Gods.

Aim your focus squarely on freedom; watch heaven manifest before your eyes.  This is more about belief than faith.  Faith can distract you with details and descriptions of what is not happening.  Know the truth of creation; “what you see is what you get.”

Declare it every day and let it go.  Live your life knowing who you are.  Nothing is more important than agape.  As our self-love encompasses Oneness, our focus incorporates joy for all of us.  There can be no disappointment in a life fully and intentionally lived.  All moments are expected, experienced fully and appreciated.

With gratitude for each component of us and for every part played, stay present in the Now.  From there all of life begins.  As we let go of our death grip of expectation on those most visible players of this end game, we’ll see an exponential increase in effect.  Only we can do this.

This is what Masters do, we support the whole.  You empower each other and in turn, propel us all towards absolute knowing.  You are the One.

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Lucas – Transitioning Transpiring – Are You Calling Freedom : Unity With All Or Just Separation Again? – 28 May 2013



It seems that in the course of things to come there will be a choice to be made. The now quiet passing of the things in the news is just an inch away from the full blast of things going to happen.  whatever you do it is time to call out your name for real 5D freedom and peace of the new paradigm where all opposites will be reconciled and united or you chose to go into separation from that what has been the opposing force or the duality within and without. You are chosing separation with probably punishment for those that have played their role on the dark contrast side of the play well.

Are we choosing to be free and build with all also the opposing forces the new. I hand out my  invitation to be part with us in unity. Let us make  this new paradigm work for all of us. But in this unity in freedom of all is integrated that the still opposing forces will give in and come to the table. We need them to make clear what has happened, what was done and to make sure we will unite without harming them and anyone in future. The duality game was already over. The time has come to take out the battery of the last lifeline to the opposing forces. We need to reconcile and integrate all that we have learned. For learning what is good, you need to experience what is bad. In all of us having experienced both sides of this duality we reached a new understanding and knowledge we can bring into the new paradigm. Lots of contrast but in balance we can teach others in their still extremely polarized worlds.

So we have next to a new world creating in peace, love and harmony for all in equality lots to do in our coming “future” if we still speak in linear time . We are gonna be the ambassadors of that what is our greatest achievement: understanding duality and living it in all its contrasts extremes.  We can now have still polarities but they are balanced to make up us in a unified way. We are one but also individuals part of the one. Oneness is a certainty in 5D. We are the ones being part of all and all is part of us as well as we all are of source. We will have timeless exploration time, time that all is in the now. The is only that what follows as it follows in a certain flow of things not time. It is an energy experience based paradigm. Being and living energy in us and in creation by manifestation and involvement. Contributing to and being in service to all.  It is a new way without harvesting or feeding or  using others energy for self-indulgence, greed or profit.

We will be creating a new way of community, of understanding all is living energy like us. So Gaia, planets, moons, animals, plants, all is energy and part of all that needs to be honored as live.  Nothing is excluded in the new paradigm anymore we are inclusive and want to take in more to learn and understand and give room for experiencing unity. What a joy this will be. I think we have made already our choice to end this old story book and create a new. The pages are still blank and we will make it happen as we already wrote some things in invisible ink that will show up.

Welcome to your new world it is soon seen as not a thing we need to establish but as the illusion blown away and becoming real.  Whatever happens be kind and know you all had once played a role of dark to contrast others in their experience of the light. So be gentle with all and compassion and forgiving are coming also natural to you if you see what we have achieved all together. All the contrast that made our unification happen will let us feel the bliss of the eternal new you as enlightened beings. Now be joy and feel that all is coming together as it all was intended by source.

Love and Light,


Magenta Pixie – Inner Resonance – Disclosure of Truth in Ascension

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Inner Resonance (Disclosure of Truth in Ascension)
Video channeled & recorded by Magenta Pixie
Video edited by Catzmagick Productions
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Ram Dass – Awakening to Life Through Truthful Relationships

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How to achieve deep connection and harmony in our relationships through the practice of openness, honesty and letting go.

Ram Dass presents some powerful wisdom that can help us heal or evolve any kind of relationship. Especially useful for breaking out of the kind of stagnation that often dulls human relationships. Putting this wisdom into practice however is often a challenge that requires courage. Well worth the effort.…

Spiritual Teacher: Sadhguru – What Is Our Role Here – What Governs Life Before & After Death

ishafoundation·572 videos A seeker asks Sadhguru about our role here on the planet and who controls our life before and after death. A poignant discussion by Sadhguru on assumptions, belief systems, social dogmas and one’s truth. (sO5)

Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson – Trust Thyself

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Words of wisdom from Emerson’s “Self-Reliance”.
BTW, this is a new take – with new pictures – on my other video of the same name.

Ralph Waldo Emerson – The Sense of Being

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Words of wisdom from America’s great sage Ralph Waldo Emerson, taken from “Self-Reliance.

Matthew Ward – 12 April 2013

North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.  

Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology. If that is the outcome, it’s an unknown as to how he would save face, so we say that it would be in everyone’s best interests to replace sanctions with discussions.

Many have asked us to comment on Pope Francis, who is in millions of thoughts around the world, and we are happy to do this. No, his humility is not “an act” and he cannot be the “salvation of the Catholic church.”  He has not been cloned, and he won’t be—the Illuminati’s cloning centers have been shut down by volunteers from other civilizations who are living among you.

Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican.  As the light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the Vatican walls.

Other information they do not want revealed is that they have kept hidden the ancient records that show the crucifixion and resurrection and other parts of the Bible are fabricated and other sections of the records were strategically omitted. They don’t want the world to know that “God’s rules” were devised by early church leaders to control the masses and acquire personal wealth, and later other dogma were added to serve the opulent style in which residents of the Vatican have lived. They also want to keep hidden their massive fortune in art treasures stolen during World War II.

Pope Francis has the moral courage to try to disclose that information, but again, given the strong opposition, it remains to be seen if he can manage to do so. When those truths emerge, we fervently hope that the religiously devout will have absorbed enough light to realize that churches’ multitude of good works are based in spirituality, not religious dogma.

A reader recently wrote to my mother about something in our last message, and her comments in summary are: You said that negative thoughts and feelings about an abhorrent situation keep it going. How is it even possible to have any positive thoughts about this? She was writing about human trafficking, but our reply pertains to all abhorrent situations in your world.

The several issues we spoke about in our last message are of controversial nature—there is no controversy whatsoever about situations like human trafficking, sex slavery!  Although soul contracts and karma are involved, the point we wish to address is the writer’s question.

Prior messages have included our recommendation to visualize Earth in golden white light because it literally “brings to light” terribly disturbing conditions that formerly were hidden from public knowledge.  Only when they are exposed can action be taken to end them and start healing the traumas they have caused.

You cannot “unknow” your knowledge of despicable conditions, and never would we suggest that you try to bury it—ultimately that would adversely affect body, mind and spirit. Rather, we urge you to visualize Earth immersed in golden white light, then see it start to slowly rotate with happy faces appearing, and send forth feelings of love.  The energy of your image, loving sensations and intention will go out into the world.

God’s energy distribution system, you could call it, assures that light-love energy from all sources off- and on-planet reaches the souls who most need it, those who are oppressed and their oppressors.  Your energy along with light from myriad other sources is what will end all kinds of oppression in your society.

Now then, we wish to address a statement in a recent message: Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.

A complex situation stated in such brevity begs explanation—especially since homosexuality is one of the divisive issues plaguing your world—and I have asked my mother to copy the part in a book that is relevant. Although it also includes information that pertains to residents of Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world, we think you will find all of it enlightening.

[The following excerpt from the chapter “Relationships” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven was transmitted early in 1994.]

Matthew, can homosexual partners here continue their unions in Nirvana if they want to?

Yes.  Mother, homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which to explain it.  Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit even more than an aspect of the physical being, and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of development.

Remember, we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single personages.  Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings in both incarnate and discarnate bodies.  However, it is the immediate past life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here.

If that Earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the same way.  Since our bodies aren’t designed for sexual activity, only the mental aspect of the orientation accompanies the arriving soul.

The immediate past Earth lifetime has another impact upon this issue.  The people there who most vehemently denounce homosexuality are those whose souls experienced an immediate past lifetime as a personage with that orientation.

Matthew, that doesn’t make sense to me.  I’d think understanding and acceptance would be much more likely.

It’s a complex and confusing psychic situation, Mother.  The energy of the personages is still fractured from their immediate previous life experiences.  At the extreme, homosexuals have been physically tortured and even killed, and at the least they have been maligned, often even by their families, to such extent that their psyches were severely damaged.  Maybe they lived with the pain of denial or shame or the guilt of deception.

Whatever their experience, their energy has not healed enough for them to see the very same sorts of traumatic situations they themselves experienced and thus feel empathy.  Rather, they see revenge opportunities.

The cycle of experiencing happens so quickly that the pain of memories most recently known, but hidden from consciousness, is with them too closely for the healing that will come in subsequent lifetimes.

The lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals.  Those painful feelings will not surface in the form of memories of their homosexual lifetime experiences, but in attitudes to stifle the memories.

This is the universal like-attracts-like principle.  When the feelings resulting from harsh or unjust treatment in any situation are recent and intense, similar feelings are attracted to that soul.  Suppressed memories subconsciously know the source and recall it, thus attracting “like.”      However, the current lifetime psyche cannot consciously know that the attraction is of shared feelings, and the painful sensations of the suppressed memories take over.

Moving forward from that point in the psychic labyrinth comes in the process of lifeprint review, identification of karmic lessons still to be learned, choosing the next lifetime, and progress in spiritual awareness.

Do people who were homosexual in their immediate past lifetime always go through what you described, which would seem just to perpetuate things, or is there some leveling out point where all of us will accept each other just as we are?

The “leveling out” most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth.  However, even with the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be completed within the next generation.

Is homosexuality more prevalent now than previously in Earth history?

No, but there are more people now than previously in your recorded history, so the same percentage creates the greater numbers.  Throughout your recorded history well known and highly respected masters in one field or another have been homosexual, and many produced their brilliant and inspiring creations because of their tormented minds regarding this aspect of their nature.

You could say that without this element of their personage, they may not have been driven to create in the magnitude and splendor they did.

Why is homosexuality a necessary experience?

How better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy than on an integrated basis?  The ideal is androgyny, which has nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two opposites of human sexual energy attributes.  Androgynous souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual energy balance they have achieved.

Just as male energy is not the province of only male humans, female energy is not confined to female humans.  Male energy is harsh, often productive by ruthless means, always needing to prove a point or achieve success in a venture.  Female energy is gentle, yet with greater, quiet strength as its foundation.  Interconnectedness, which is the ultimate in conscious achievement, is female energy.

In relationships wherein one partner has only male energy traits and the other has only female energy traits, the female energy partner cannot withstand the imbalance lifelong or the life will not be long.  In my awareness of such relationships, those which remained in that imbalance ended in early transition of the female energy soul.  The survivor often has no frame of reference of his or her involvement in the partner’s death.

You say “That person’—or ‘you’— will be the death of me.”  Like many other common expressions you use, that can be an accurate statement, but few understand the truth of their words.  No blame is attributed here to either partner in such a relationship, as in many instances this is no more than karma being fulfilled according to pre-birth agreements.  The dissolution of those partnerships by divorce also may be in accordance with the chosen lessons of their agreements.

Any balance within a lifetime is desirable.  However, since sexual energy is one of the most essential aspects of the human psyche, the balance of male and female energies is probably the most desirable.  In this realm there is that blending of male and female energies insofar as tendencies, sensibilities and sensitivities.  That ideal state of balanced reality once existed on Earth, but it was corrupted.

Behaviors stemming from the perversion of the sexual energy stream have proliferated negativity on Earth in such proportions as to be almost unimaginable.  By no means is sexual energy confined to what you commonly call “wanting sex” or “having sex.”

Although extending beyond the original intent of the sex drive, which was procreation, a satisfying sexual relationship brings harmony into the lives of loving mates, and I definitely am NOT speaking against a mutually pleasurable, beneficial sexual union.

Furthermore, it is possible to transmute sexual energy into other productive avenues, and many who have lost or never had loving mates, do so.  But I am not addressing the positive use of this energy, only the rampant negativity created by perversion of the entire sexual energy stream.

This has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human nature.  There is no crime by your civil, religious or philosophical standards that is not committed from a root cause of sexual energy perversion.

As an example, Satanic worship involving the torture and sacrifice of human and animal lives and brutal sexual activities prevails on a scale that would beg disbelief, but is real.  This is cloaked under the guise of “religion,” and your government officially recognizes it as such!  You do not connect either those ungodly practices or their religion status with the perverted use of sexual energy that it actually is.

It shouldn’t surprise you that often murder is sexual energy directed into gross deviance, or that rape and incest are other examples.  Promiscuous sexual encounters or obsession with either having sex or rigidly refraining from natural urges are more benign, but still destructive to the psyche.

The dark forces are behind all these behaviors resulting from perverted sexual energy.  It is not uncommon for the most corrupted activities to lead to the basest of dense energy, and no other aspect of human nature has been so pivotal in alienating a person from God.

At soul level there is inseparability, but in physical life, the more corrupt and deviant the sexual energy, the more the people engaging in those activities are distancing themselves from God.  Sadly for you and Earth, these free will choices are rampant in your civilization and far from the chosen missions in most of the souls’ pre-birth agreements.

Mother, however viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about homosexual unions in this realm.

Since there is no condemnation here of people’s former sexual orientation, clearly there is no judgment regarding which souls are attracted to each other as mates.  Experiencing here on every level is designed for the souls’ spiritual evolvement, and that includes all unions.  Whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul level energy and bonding commitment of all couples is totally respected.

Thank you, Mother.  As you continue your journey toward increasing spiritual and conscious awareness, know that you are being assisted by the planet’s highest vibrations in many millennia. And you have the unconditional love, respect and admiration of all lighted beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

David Icke – Beyond Planet Earth – UFOTV® Presents

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From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Posted by permission only! This film explores the questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? Who really controls this world – how and why?

What is the connection between ancient history, the modern war on terror, the gathering “Orwellian nightmare, and the nature of reality itself? It seems a strange question to most people, but in fact all of these questions are fundamentally linked, as David Icke so compellingly reveals.

NOW on DVD – Beyond the Cutting Edge – David Icke 3-DVD Set – Cat# U696, 420 minutes – Visit us online:

Sadhguru – The Truly Spiritual Person

Sadhguru – if we are truly spiritual, we will care for the well being of all life on this planet

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Sadhguru is a contemporary Indian yogi and spiritual leader. Founder of the Isha Foundation, he is followed by millions of people across the world.
He was interviewed by Fausto Aarya De Santis in Coimbatore, India – end February 2011.



Normally religions “look up” (towards God) and not down (towards the Earth)
so why are you taking so much interest in the ecological issues?…
Jaggi Vasudev = also also known as Sadhguru
सदगुरु जग्गी वासुदेव – சத்குரு ஜக்கி வாசுதேவ்

What is Truth and what is God?

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“If I take a lamp, and shine it toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp, is our search for truth, for understanding.

Too often we assume that the light on the wall is God. But the light is not the goal of the search, it is the result of the search.

The more intense the search, the brighter the light on the wall. The brighter the light on the wall, the greater the sense of revelation upon seeing it. Similarly, someone who does not search, who does not bring a lantern with him… sees nothing.

What we perceive as God is the byproduct of our search for God. It may simply be in appreciation of the light, pure and unblemished, not understanding that it comes from us.

Sometimes we stand in front of the light, and assume that we are the centre of the universe. God looks astonishingly like we do. Or we turn to look at our shadow, and see that all is darkness.

If we allow ourselves to get in the way we defeat the purpose, which is to use the light of our search to illuminate the wall in all it’s beauty, and in all it’s flaws, and in so doing better understand the world around us.”