SUZANNE LIE – The Sylphs – Gaia Air Elementals Speak – 10-23-15

2SylphsSUZANNE LIE   –   The Sylphs  –   Gaia  Air Elementals  Speak   –   10-23-15

Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have come to speak with you this day. We are so honored to be able to have a voice for the ears of humanity. Always, we have floated past humans without you ever knowing we are with you. We have often whispered in your ear, and some of you even heard us. Unfortunately, very few could understand what you heard.

What we have been saying all these millennia is that we feel your breath within our sky. When you breathe out your sorrow, we feel sad and concerned. When you are frightened or angry we feel these emotions and wish to comfort you. Wonderfully, when you breathe out happiness we feel joy and wish to join you in your play.

However, our lives are at a different frequency. Therefore, all we can do is express the emotion and intention of your breath. We glow with your singing and wither with your tears. Do you know how much of your essence you release into the atmosphere with your every breath, your every thought, your every smile and every sorrow?

As Elementals we are bound to express our creations in alignment with your breath. We Sylphs are vital to the life of all Beings, as we bring oxygen to the mammals and light to the plants. Our plant friends are aware of our service and sway back and forth with the power of our movement. Our animal friends are aware of and acknowledge us.

Humans have called us Faeries or bugs. Some have batted us away, and others, especially children, want to play with us. Many stories are written about us, which makes us quite glad. However, few humans are aware that we serve to clear Mother Gaia’s atmosphere and raise its frequency whenever possible.

We love to do our work in the wilderness or where there are few humans, as the air over many of your cities is almost intolerable. We take turns working over these cities, as many of us have actually perished from your air pollution.

There was a time when humans honored us and tried to keep their air clean, but then they withdrew much of their assistance. We wondered if it was our fault, or if the humans had gotten lost again in their greed. Our needs are simple. All we need is more love breathed into the air to assist us as we transmute the polluted skies.

For a while, there was great disruption from a machine that pushed our ionosphere away and caused it to collapse. Our supervisors, the Devas, tell us that humans are stopping that activity. If this is so, we are very grateful.

Many of our friends were lost due to that horrid machine. In fact, we Sylphs do not care much for any machines and wonder why humans can’t make them quiet and clean like the big Starships that fill our sky. The Beings on the ships can see us and even communicate with us.

The Star Beings on the Ships have told us to be patient a bit longer, as things are going to get better. Actually, many humans are trying to protect Gaia’s beautiful places, which will clear the sky and fill it with the harmonious thoughts of the plants and animals. Then we can get on with our plan to transmute Gaia’s atmosphere into its higher expression.

Our favorite places are over oceans and forests. We can relax there because the water and the trees feed us with their life force. However, to be fair, we must say that more humans are looking into our sky with gratitude for its clarity and beauty.

When we feel their appreciation, our energy is renewed to continue with our work. These humans are our friends. They know what we do for them, and help as much as possible. They may not be able to control much of the pollution, yet, but they can send us their Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, which is very much appreciated.

Even though you humans do not see us, we can see you clearly. Also, we can instantly feel your intentions and know the humans with whom we can share our Silent Knowing. We have much Silent Knowing because we are everywhere and can feel information as it resonates throughout our skies.

We absorb the many thoughts from all of Gaia’s life forms. Yes, all of Gaia’s Beings have thoughts! Animals think. Birds think. Even plants think. It is just that most of the members of the animal kingdom, and all of the plant kingdom, think in a feeling, vibrational manner.

In fact, non-humans think in vibrational patterns. Most humans cannot read these vibrational patterns, but we Sylphs can easily understand them. These thought patterns in our sky are how birds can migrate and animals can find water or each other.

These patterns also influence the weather. Humans are unaware of how much they contribute to the vibrational patterns of the sky. However, many children can feel them. Unfortunately, the children forget this ability when they become adults.

In many other “primitive” or “ancient” societies it was quite common to read these patterns to better navigate the land and sea, determine the weather, and gather information from the NOW of the ONE. If you will listen to the sky, you will learn a great deal. Also, if you call us, we will assist you in learning to read these energy patterns.

However, with the chemtrails in the sky, no one can read them as they once did. We have tried to tell humans that these white streaks are not natural. In fact, they are laced with chemicals that are very hazardous for humans, plants, animals, and us, the Sylphs. Why would humans want to harm the sky?

The humans who can talk to us say they are trying to stop this problem, but they do not have any more control over the “destructive Ones” than we do. Fortunately, we can see that there are new patterns of a very high vibration entering the sky.

We can see these patterns and love to rest within them because they are filled with Love and Joy. Our friends on the Starships and our Deva supervisors tell us that more and more of these new frequencies of Light are coming into our atmosphere. We are quite excited about this information. We are ready for a change.

We don’t want to complain, but we are ready to pull our Beingness into the higher sky. By higher sky we mean the sky that is of the new Light. We have looked forward to this new Light for millennia and eagerly welcome it.

It appears that some humans can also see the new sky, and when they can see it, they can almost see us. We think it would be wonderful if humans could see us. However, some humans are very difficult for us to understand.

On the other hand, there are other humans who are our best friends. They talk to us and listen to what we are saying. Do you think that there will be more of these kinds of humans soon?

We really hope so, as we could use some help. The frightened humans are very messy and release the exhaust from their machines out into our sky to choke our plant friends and make the birds and other animals and insects sick.

If any of you want to help us, we would surely appreciate it. All you have to do is look up into our sky as often as possible and say,

“Thank you dear Sylphs,
You are doing a good job, and we send you Love and Gratitude.”

I would also be very helpful if you could assist us to clear the pesky chemtrails, and please remember that your EVERY thought and emotion comes into our sky for us to clear. Therefore, could you also remember to send us some Unconditional Love and Violet Fire?

Do you think you could remember to do that for us?


The word “sylpe” originated in 1650s, from Modern Latin sylphes (plural), coined by Paracelsus (1493-1541), originally referring to any race of Spirits inhabiting the air, described as being mortal but lacking a soul.

Paracelsus’ word seems to be an arbitrary coinage, but perhaps it holds a suggestion of Latin sylva and Greek nymph. The meaning “slender, graceful girl” first recorded 1838, on the notion of “light, airy movements.” Silphid (1670s) are the younger or smaller variety, from French sylphide (1670s).

One of the names for the “sky” is what humans have called the “atmosphere.” The levels of the atmosphere, starting at the highest level down to the lowest level is:

Exosphere – Atmosphere-like Volume

The exosphere is a thin, atmosphere-like volume surrounding a planetary body where molecules are gravitationally bound to that body, but where the density is too low for them to behave as a gas by colliding with each other.

Ionosphere – Upper Atmosphere

Earth’s upper atmosphere, from about 60 km (37 mi) to 1,000 km (620 mi) altitude, and includes the thermosphere and parts of the mesosphere and exosphere. It is distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. It plays an important part in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere.

Mesosphere – Third Level Atmosphere

In the mesosphere temperature decreases as the altitude increases and extends from about 20–50 miles (32–80 km) above the surface of the Earth.

Stratosphere – Second Level Atmosphere

The second major layer in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers further down. This is in contrast to the troposphere near the Earth’s surface, which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down.

Troposphere – Lowest Atmosphere

The troposphere is the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere. It contains approximately 75% of the atmosphere’s mass and 99% of its water vapor and aerosols. The average depth of the troposphere is approximately 17 km (11 mi) in the middle latitudes.

Biosphere – Ecosystems

The biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It can also be termed as the zone of life on Earth, a closed system (apart from solar and cosmic radiator and heat from the interior of the Earth), and largely self-regulating.

Hydrosphere – Water

The hydrosphere in physical geography describes the combined mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of a planet. Via United Nations world inventory of water resources, it is estimated that there are 1386 million cubic kilometers of water on Earth.

Lithosphere – Foundations

A lithosphere is the rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite that is defined by its rigid mechanical properties. On Earth, it comprises the crust and the portion of the upper mantle that behaves elastically on time scales of thousands of years or greater.


Thank you so for your wonderful comments.

The Sylphs, Gaia’s Air Elementals, Speak. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 21, 2015.

The Dolphin Essence via Natalie Glasson – Light Strand Synthesis – 7-18-15

dolphin-203875_1280The Dolphin Essence via Natalie Glasson: Light Strand Synthesis   –   7-18-15

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Dolphin essence, come forth to lend our energy and support. We collectively reside [in] and herald from Sirius; this is not the same for all aspects of the Dolphin Essence.

We bring forth to you a wise and powerful consciousness, a synthesis of the Dolphin Essence and vibrations of Sirius. Greetings and love are expressed to all.

Synthesis of light is a powerful and essential aspect of ascension. It is something you are contemplating and experiencing all the time, and yet synthesis of light has become prominent in the current processes of ascension.

The presence of the Crystalline Kingdom Light, anchoring in full flow into the Earth and humanity, signifies a deeper awakening and activation of light synthesis within all. The Crystalline vibrations bring spirit, light, love, and the divine into manifestation as material and physical aspects of the Earthly world.

More than ever before, the Earth and humanity are merging with the Creator. Souls are opening up to experience light synthesis. This is calling many old, present, and new energies to the Earth to experience their necessary integration.

All that is the Creator, and wishes to be a part of the Era of Love, is being called forth to build a new network of light within the Earth and each physical being. This will create a beautiful outcome of united, integrated, powerful, loving energies. The journey to the outcome of beauty will require great acceptance and a focus upon one’s divine intuition.

As all of humanity and Mother Earth mostly unconsciously rebuild the networks of light within the Earth and humanity, this will mean that numerous different aspects of the Creator are exposed. You may discover that each person you connect with, or groups of people you are aware of, have different concepts concerning the Creator. They are moving along a very diverse pathway to the Creator, compared to you.

It will be akin to the many different faces of the Creator, and pathways to the Creator residing upon the Earth, and maybe even simultaneously demonstrated through your being.

All pathways of the Creator will be shown to you, as the networks of light are reformed for the new Era of Love to more fully anchor and an outcome of beauty to take place.

This is where the energy of acceptance is required, encouraging you to consciously and lovingly respect each aspect and pathway of the Creator. This process is all the appropriate energies of the universe merging to create a new reality and stage of ascension upon the Earth.

An additional purpose is to increase your focus and dedication to your own pathway of integration to the Creator. You may see, sense, and acknowledge so many diverse aspects of the Creator, and pathways of ascension, and yet you will be asked to merge with all, while holding focus of your own truth and knowledge of your own pathway to synthesis with the Creator.

Imagine yourself existing in a crowd of people. You are telepathically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally linked to each person, experiencing deep oneness, connection, and unison. The exchange of energy and expression of the Creator is powerful within you, and moves through you.

With this in mind, also imagine that you have your own purpose, your own inner knowledge and focus, your own expression of the Creator, and your own pathway you are invited to walk upon the Earth, yet you remain in unison with all.

This, in many ways, is occurring on the Earth now as the light synthesis taking place within all builds new networks of light, which enhance humanity’s and the Earth’s natural unison.

Prepare yourself now, for over the coming years your oneness with all will enhance, as will your own inner devotion and pathway of acceptance of the Creator develop.

Be aware of synthesis of light occurring within you, and especially around you. Let yourself contemplate and observe that everything is merging. This means that even energies which you do not associate with the Creator are merging with powerful loving aspects of the Creator thus creating a reaction.

It is akin to chemical reactions taking place upon the Earth, and within your being, constantly; great explosions of light. We invite you to be aware of the reactions that manifest. By this we mean the energy created through the synthesis of light, especially misaligned energies and aligned energies; we could label this a reaction or a response.

These reactions and responses are very powerful, as they are higher frequencies and vibrations of light, born from misaligned and aligned energies merging.

We could also label the reactions and responses of energy as a healing balm, untangling all energies which no longer support ascension, to bring forth truth. This healing balm can be accepted, embodied, and distributed far and wide.

We share this with you so you may be more observant of what is occurring on an expansive scale of the Earth and humanity. In your coming days, let yourself observe and acknowledge that everything is integrating and merging within and around you.

Allow yourself to sense the chemical reactions taking place, as misaligned and aligned energies merge. To support your ascension, you may wish to invoke us, the Dolphin Essence, to encourage appropriate synthesis of light to be anchored and experienced within your being.

Numerous energies from the inner planes are anchoring into the Earth for synthesis. When accepted by you, they will reform and awaken a deeper remembrance of the Creator within you.

We, the Dolphin Essence, can support the appropriate synthesis of light to take place within your being and reality, thus boosting your light vibration and light consciousness.

These are focuses you can bring to your daily life. With patience and acceptance, you will recognise yourself connected in unison with the higher consciousness and energy of the humanity and the Earth, while also being your unique and beautiful self.

We, the Dolphin Essence, wish to share energetically with you our light consciousness, which, as light beings without form, is akin to our DNA.

We wish to anchor strands of light holding consciousness into your being, especially your mental and emotional bodies, with the purpose of enhancing your ability to acknowledge, and sense with awareness, the somewhat dramatic shifts taking place within the universe of the Creator, with understanding of how this impacts humanity and the Earth.

In truth, we wish to reawaken a more expansive awareness within you, which encourages you to understand and perceive beyond the boundaries and limitations of the Earth.

Our stands of light hold the consciousness of the Dolphin essence and the wisdom of Sirius, as well as a potent awakening energy. This is a process of light synthesis supporting reactions and responses; in truth, higher frequencies of the Creator.

‘Dolphin Essence, I call you forth to anchor your light strands of consciousness and awakening into my emotional and mental bodies.

‘Support me in synthesising and merging your light strands with my own consciousness and soul vibrations, creating unique and beautiful outcomes, with the emergence of light and truth from within my being.

‘May I more easily comprehend the shifts and alterations taking place within the universe of the Creator, as well as understanding how these influence the Earth, humanity, and my own being. Thank you and let it be so.’

Simply sit peacefully, focusing on your breathing, allowing your body to relax. Imagine our light, the Dolphin Essence, surrounding you. Take a few deep breaths to become accustomed to our vibration.

First, bring your focus to your emotional body, and imagine, sense, or acknowledge that we are anchoring several strands of light into your emotional body. Breathe deeply to aid the integration.

When you are ready bring your focus to your mental body, imagine, sense, or acknowledge that we are anchoring several strands of light into your mental body. Breathe deeply to aid integration.

You may wish to take some time to meditate or rest to allow the process to take place, and any insights or vibrations to rise, connecting with your being. This practice of integration can be achieved as often as you feel guided.

Please know that we are a source of comfort, wisdom, and understanding for you to call upon whenever you require assistance.

Enjoy the journey of integration. It is magnificent and will create a most beautiful outcome. Always place your faith in a beautiful outcome as this will align you to the frequency of a beautiful outcome, thus aiding manifestation and experience.

In the mission of light synthesis,
The Dolphin Essence

“The Dolphin Essence: Light Strand Synthesis” channeled by Natalie Glasson, July 17, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

The Crystalline Kingdom via Natalie Glasson – Crystalline Support – 7-11-15

The Crystalline Kingdom via Natalie Glasson   –   Crystalline Support   –   7-11-15

Shimmering crystalline vibrations are bestowed upon you from the core of our beings; we are the Crystalline Beings from the Crystalline Kingdom on the inner planes.

We exist within all that is the Creator in a similar way to the essence of creation; we seek to magnify the Creator while ensuring the greater download of the Creator into all.

Our purpose is to demonstrate to you the purity, truth, essence and expansiveness of your sacred existence, while also demonstrating supreme harmony and harmonisation with the Creator. We are the spirits and essence that download and is embodied within all physical crystals on the Earth.

We, the Crystalline Beings, come forth to communicate and connect with you now as our energy signifies a powerful shift in your awakening and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

At this time, the Crystalline vibration is anchoring to magnify all that you are, hold onto, and emanate at this time. It is akin to power being placed behind you to accelerate your physical, emotional and mental bodies, and realities.

Everything you are becomes heightened, more available to you, and visible. When one exists from a place of pure love, reacting and expressing from this core, then our magnification acts as a powerful surge, accelerating you into a state of greater harmony with yourself and the Creator.

If one does not exist from a space of pure love, then our empowerment will cause a deep upheaval of all which doesn’t align with love. Any energy misaligned with love will be brought to the surface to be recognised more fully, offering you the option to choose whether you wish for these energies to be present in your creation of your reality of love.

The purest love of your being will also be magnified, demonstrating to you the states of sacred bliss you have the ability to maintain and exist as, through all aspects of your reality.

This process of crystalline empowerment may create a feeling of unbalance, as you move from states of bliss and love to that of lower vibrational emotions.

Everything within you is coming to the surface. It is your divine purpose to bring all that is the Creator to the surface, to express and expand the vibrations of the Creator. Your reality reminds you of this each day, as you move back and forth through an inner and outer reality.

One of the purposes of your existence is to align your inner and outer reality, so balance, love, and harmony of the same frequency are experienced.

It is for you to discover the divine subtle ability to align your inner reality and self with the harmonious energy of the Creator while fully expressing this into your outer reality.

You are already aware of this magical process and achieve it with every moment of your reality, and yet there is a need for conscious awareness of the process so you can consciously access and consciously express the divine.

Rather than accessing a high vibration which diminishes as you merge it with your reality, there is need to empower that vibration so it amplifies in power and frequency as it integrates into your reality. We, the Crystalline Beings are present to support this process, encouraging you to live a more consciously Creator-attuned reality.

Do not fear or become disillusioned by the seesaw nature of your emotions, vibration, or mind. Simply rejoice in the awareness that the Creator is coming to the surface and you are becoming more equipped in bringing the Creator to the surface.

It also symbolises that you are remembering your eternal infinity with the Creator, consciously bringing forth the Creator for you to view.

In many ways, you are always projecting the Creator onto a screen for you to acknowledge and see, akin to painting a portrait of the Creator. In the past, this portrait may have been tainted with lower vibrations and emotions. Now you can paint a portrait with truth, accessing supreme frequencies. As you express the Creator so you become the Creator.

It is your purpose to be consciously aware of what has always been present. In order to achieve this you will move through the habits and behaviours with false identities to supreme pools of truth. Enjoy the journey and feelings of imbalance as they will give way to behaviours of the divine.

Our magnification will mean that your manifestations skills are doubled in power, and your realisation enhanced. This may denote that many energies from the inner planes, such as Ascended Masters, Wave of Ascension from the Creator, or Cosmic Shifts, will wish to connect and co-create with you.

Their energies will flow to you to be merged and transmitted through your being. This is a wonderful gift, as it allows you to remember the Creator more fully, be of service, and enhance your awareness of the inner planes.

Downloading and co-creating with the inner planes signifies a major step of evolution within your ascension, allowing for continued expansion to take place.

As you further your co-creation with the inner planes, you create yourself as a bridge of light. The more you choose to allow to flow through you from the Creator, the more will be drawn to be downloaded. Thus all that you are expands, as you evolve into your divine state.

We encourage you to be aware of the energies and beings from the inner planes wishing to co-create with you and anchor energy through you. Know that this is a powerful service you can embody, and yet you have the option to accept or decline.

When you are consciously aware, you are in your power and aligned with your inner guidance. Know, however, that these energies are filtered through your soul and always carry an aspect of your soul energy.

The other influence of our magnification is that you will be required to observe, more obediently, your thoughts and creations, as they will manifest with greater speed and vivacity into your reality.

As the Crystalline Kingdom, we access the perfection of the Creator, demonstrating it can be brought into matter and physical form. This isn’t perfection as you know it; rather the excellence of the Creator.

In order to recognise the perfection of the Creator, there is a need to shift the perspective of your mind; this can be achieved with our assistance, for we can download our Crystalline light into your mind and mental body, moving the molecular structure of information within your mind and mental body into harmony to be more easily accessed.

Then you will be able to recognise the thoughts you wish to discard, thus you will create more space and expansion within your mind, which allows for the perfection of the Creator to be contemplated.

Please do not be fearful if you feel your mind becoming blank or information within your mind [becomes] unavailable to you. This is because space and expansion is being created within your mind so you may recognise the perfection of the Creator with precision. Simply call upon us,

‘Crystalline Beings of love, peace and harmony, I call upon your healing, magnifying, and awakening vibrations to download and flow into my mind and mental body.

‘Please assist me in perceiving,with greater ease, the perfection of the Creator so I may easily acknowledge, express, and experience the perfection of the Creator within my being and within my reality.

‘Please also bring healing, awakening, and rejuvenating to my entire being. Let it be so.’

Please sit or lie down, imagining shimmering multi-coloured crystalline vibrations flowing into your mind, mental body, and entire being.

Know that you are preparing yourself to live a reality of love. To do so is such a precious experience which has only been experienced by certain individuals upon the Earth.

You are preparing yourself to support all of humanity in living a reality of love. Every step you take in your spiritual evolution enhances the foundation being formed for humanity to ascend as well.

The magnificence and potential of your being is endless; you are divine in matter and spirit. We are present to amplify your divinity, to soothe and smooth your journey of accessing your divinity.

Call upon us, let us be present within your reality as our physical and energetic form. You will notice the impact our expression creates within your reality.

We are one,
The Crystalline Beings

Source:“The Crystalline Kingdom: Crystalline Support” channeled by Natalie Glasson, July 10, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

Jack and the Watchers – Through Jean Rockefeller

img 5791jack's corner new pic


Although at least one of the Watchers that lives with me always lends their energy to each message, William wanted it made clear for this message.
Here’s William:


“It is now time for humanity to truly open their Hearts as well as their eyes because there recently came an immense energy wave that is now creating palpable change in our reality. The energy wave will continue to move in synchronous rhythm with the Gaia from now until the end of September.

A flow of positive change is now on the brink of breaking through the darkness. Although our true Dawn came on 12/21/12, we are just now witnessing the effects of that moment. Change initially occurs slowly but as it gains momentum, it becomes an unstoppable force. Having almost reached a critical mass point, we cannot stop now. We must feed the flow with Loving thoughts, Loving words and Loving deeds. It is vital now to not fall prey to fear. I will continue to offer my energy and assistance to any and All whom request it. Specifically, I assist in releasing detrimental energy from the physical layer of the Heart. Blessed Be You Are. William, the Watcher.”

Here’s Jack…

The Unicorn energy was introduced into our realm on June 20, 2015 and during this time, Gaia experienced a time shift.

I am pleased to report that The Unicorn energy is here to stay.

The Unicorn represents and embodies Magic. Magic is nothing more than the realization that the manipulation of energy is not only possible but real. No longer subjugated to realm of the imaginary and far from reach, Magic is now at our fingertips. I have previously mentioned and William echoed, that one must be mindful of their thoughts, words, actions and feelings but now this must be grasped more closely and taken more seriously. Connections are opening and the knowing, realization and understanding that we All are connected is now being forged. To not only stand in this Light but be one with this Light with integrity, honor and willingness must also be present.

The Unicorn energy is far different from anything that we have experienced in the recent past and will require much time to adjust and acclimate to.

For the individual, they may experience physical, emotional and mental undulations as well as clumsiness. Fleeting feelings of disconnection and being out of sync with the outside world will also be pervasive this month. During this time, the Unicorn energy is being uploaded and assimilated. For those who are carrying the Unicorn energy signature, July will be unsettling as they and those around them adjust to this higher frequency energy.

The Unicorn energy is, for all intents and purposes, “new energy” as the likes of which we have not witnessed for millennia. To say it is a powerful energy would be a misnomer, it is merely far different than anything we have experienced in the recent past and our physical bodies need much time to assimilate and adjust to it. It is not just humans that are grounding, acclimating and assimilating this energy; all Kingdoms of Creation are participating.


The Dawn of a New Era

sunrise MW

photo courtesy of Michael Welby

This month of July offers a far ranging experience for the individual but for All it marks the Dawn of a New Time. In the years to come, one will look back on the Now as being pivotal, meaning July 2015 was one of the moments in Time’s History that signaled true and lasting change.

During this month some will experience July as a tumultuous period as energetic, emotional and physical clearing will be ongoing.

The digestive system will be targeted as anger is being released from the depths of the soul ( Gaia too is releasing energy from deep within). Just as Gaia is constructed of layers of Rock, Earth, Minerals and Waters and each must be systematically cleansed, so must the layers of the individual be cleared. Keep in mind that some layers are more dense than others, containing deeply guarded talents, wisdom and abilities that were once too out of alignment with the outside world to share. In previous lifetimes, one was subjected to unspeakable means for sharing their healing capabilities. These memories have been embedded within your cellular memory, along with the dread connected and imposed upon your Light. Being different from the rest and the accompanying recollections of imprisonment, or worse, have coated your Light and muddied your waters in fear.

Although the Tethers of Service were released earlier this year, The Legion of Light still has obligations connected to the Greater Good. “Clearing on behalf of the Collective” has now taken on new meaning. The long awakened have now reached a state to which clearing is now almost self perpetuating. They are now working on behalf of the Greater Good as a whole, no longer shackled by redundant individual cords and contracts of the newly awakened.


It is important to realize that for the last multiple decades, there have been many beings who have come into this realm to assist with Ascension, encompassing all Kingdoms of Creation. Their numbers, the awakened, have now reached multiple 10’s of thousands and this is vital for our evolution. The more beings on board the ship, the smoother the waters are to sail.

For the last multiple decades (10-20+ years), many Lightworkers have been cloaked by the old Matrix (Good guys finish last…. No good deed goes unpunished, etc…) arguably, for their own protection. This would explain why life seems to have forgotten many of you. You may have perceived this time as though life was punishing you or passing you by but you carried on, nonetheless, with integrity and honor. Having worked diligently, tirelessly and honorably-holding true to your heart-is now coming full circle.

If you were born in the mid part of the last century (1940’s to 1070), now is your time of validation and connection. Those who are in alignment with your work, your voice and your message have now awakened and are now looking to mature souls to light their way. Your gifts, talents and wisdom are now ready to be dusted off and used again having been left in the darkness for much too long.

What is Right an True will now begin to flourish and what has not been in alignment with your Heart will now begin to fade into oblivion. Rejoice, my friends. A Dawn of a New Age is upon us. Continue to fuel its creation with Love, Compassion and Kindness. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, the ultimate statement of empathy, is now coming into being.

In Summation:


I express my deepest and most heartfelt Love to All of You. You have allowed an outlet for the Watchers to not only speak but most importantly, to be heard.

Jean is now thinking of Helen Keller and I agree, this is a perfect analogy.

Born Blind and deaf, Helen Keller was a highly intelligent being trapped within a body that was unable communicate by conventional human expectations. Therefore, she was labeled “dumb” and initially viewed by her family and most of humanity, as being a lesser being. Until she learned to communicate by their rules, was she heard.

I am getting off track…

Gratitude, Blessings and Love to All. For without YOU, the Watchers and all the silent beings who have a voice, would not be heard. Gratitude reigns supreme in our Hearts and Souls to You.

Namaste, Peace, Love
Jack and the Watchers, through Jean Rockefeller

To schedule a personal healing session with Jean and the Watchers:
email me directly at: or visit my website for more information
Jean Rockefeller

Ashwini Chubé – Unicorns and Reiki – 5-10-15

Unicorns and Reiki

Article by Ashwini Chubé, Reiki Rays

Unicorns are beautiful loving creatures said to be of the 7th and 9th dimension. They are pure and loving and just like angels they have a divine energy.

Since they have extremely high vibrations, they are attracted only to light and purity. They know your soul purpose and can help you in seeking it, if and when you ask them for help. On the other hand, drama, fear and negativity can repel them. So stay away from all these if you wish to connect to unicorns.

How can Unicorns help us:

1. To connect to our soul purpose and pursue it.
2. To open our third eye. The unicorn horn is actually an extended third eye energy, which is extremely pure ray of white light.
3. To open our heart chakra to giving and receiving unconditional love.
4. To heal issues of the soul which are carried forward from previous lifetimes.
5. To realign the higher dimensional chakras like earth star, stellar gateway, causal and soul star.

Quick steps to connect to Unicorns using Reiki

1. Sit in a comfortable place where you would not be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax all your muscles.
2. Take divine help from Archangel Michael to protect you from any negativity. I always do this before any meditation as Michael is a very powerful angel and shields you against any negativity known or unknown.
3. You may further do grounding if needed as this meditation will take you to higher dimensions.
4. Now imagine yourself in a ball of white light, full of divinity, love, peace, gentleness, and blessings. Let this surround your body; it will grow bigger and bigger.
5. Now draw the Usui Master Reiki symbol followed by the distance symbol. And connect to your unicorn.
6. You may simply say, “Dear Reiki energy please connect me to my unicorn”
You may see a very tall white horse like unicorn with your mind’s eye. He is full of love; be open to accept it.
7. You can further say, “Dear Unicorn, please heal me for any issues across lifetimes and make me whole again”.

8. You may receive some additional guidance messages; be open to receiving.
9. You may further use the Reiki healing symbol and seal the experience with the Reiki power symbol.
10. Once you feel you are done, slowly and gradually return to your consciousness.
11. Express gratitude to the Unicorns, Reiki Masters and all the Archangels and send them love.

This meditation will relax you and give you higher vibrations. At times, you may also feel hot flushes going out of your body. Know that it is a normal way of releasing toxins and you are being healed.

Stay blessed!