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Alexandia @ The Spirit Science – How To Access Past Life Memories – Grow from the Mistakes of the Past – Make a Future that Everyone wants to Live In – 7-20-15



by Alexandria   –

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The idea of past lives have become increasingly popular over the past few decades; and for good reason! Many are wanting to know what they did in a life before; to better understand their life now.

This gets a little confusing when we understand that our consciousness is a fractal of the all, which encompasses everyone else’s consciousness as well. We are all one, we are all each other, yet we have our own separate consciousness. It seems the higher we go in dimension or frequency, the more ‘One’ everything is. Everything is understood from a much wider perspective.

Meditate on A Question

Everyone is already at the level to access this information, and if anyone tells you other wise, check if their intention is actually pure. Meditate on a very specific question rather than an open ended one.

Ask exactly what you are wanting to know. Understand you are asking yourself, not an external, supreme being.

And allow the answers to come in different forms. If you are asking to have your past lives shown, it might not be visual.

Pay attention, extremely close attention to how your body feels and what thoughts and sensations come about. Sometimes we are shown the answer so subtly that we miss it. A lot of people experience how they died in their last past life, and sometimes injuries or problems we experience in this life time are left over from the last.

Sometimes the answer will come after a few attempts, especially if you don’t meditate regularly. It is a process of quieting the mind enough to hear the subtle answers of wisdom we all hold. It’s the quiet voice that we overlook that is trying to tell you what you want to know.

Talk about it

One time I was talking to a friend and I asked if she could ‘see’ any of my past lives. I actually asked as a sort of joke or at least I wasn’t expecting her to know anything. After asking, I got a flash of an image in my head of a sort of warrior woman with blue and red feathers, outfit and face paint. 7f24d-6a00e54efab950883301127918178a28a4-500wi

When I expressed this vision to my friend she instantly gasped with surprise as she saw the exact same thing. Without me even describing this woman, my friend said she was holding a curved hook type weapon and I almost started crying.

I saw that exact image too. We completely tapped into one of my past lives and weren’t even ‘trying’. It’s incredibly simple when you’re open to it.

Talk to your friends and family, allow yourself to be open about topics like this. You might be amazed as to where it leads you…

Understand That You Are Everyone

Past-Life-Regression-Therapy-w270This can be a bit tricky when exploring the concepts within the mind. The mind does not exist in the higher realms; that eternal energy exists outside of concept. See that, when tapping into YOUR past lives, they are also everyone else’s.

Imagine source energy as a ball with a bunch of extensions extending down from it. Those distinct extensions are each of our consciousness which seem separate, but as you go back to source, it is all from the same place.

So imagine that you can go back up into source, then back down into someone else’s consciousness.

We are all each other so our past lives, future lives and everything are all one. You are the same energy that made up Hilter, Mother Theresa, the presidents and that person you just passed on the street.

You can go in and experience everyone’s life because they are also yours. Learn to grow from them. Grow from the mistakes of the past to make a future that everyone wants to live in.

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Jen Eramith – An Akashic Perspective on Self-Love – 3-14-15

An Akashic Perspective on Self-Love: by Jen Eramith
How can we best release negative aspects of experience or the baggage that holds us back?  How can we use the Chakras to become better aligned with ourselves and to achieve greater self-love? 

How can we best release negative aspects of experience or the baggage that holds us back?

The answers to this are so numerous.  There are so many ways that you can release the baggage that holds you back and there is not a single right way for any one of you because each of you is so different and your baggage is so different.  As you change over time, the ways that will work best for you will also change over time.  The things we can say about this now are that there are some key features to this work that all of you will need to include in your healing process.  One of them is forgiveness.  It is necessary if you are going to truly release your baggage.  It is necessary that you open a space to forgive yourself for having that baggage and to forgive everyone involved for helping create that baggage.  And that can be easy or not, but whether you have reached the point of being able to feel that forgiveness, it is important that you continue to open the space for it so that even if you are furiously angry with whomever hurt you in the past and caused you to have this baggage or even if you continually slip into the habit of criticizing yourself saying that there is something wrong with you for having the baggage.  Despite those patterns or those tendencies, keep drawing yourself back to the idea or the possibility, just maybe you were totally innocent and just maybe the people around you were trying their best and yet damage occurred and patterns developed.  Baggage was acquired.  Keep opening that space and eventually over time the forgiveness will occur.  You will not need to force it — it just takes time.  But the time has to be filled with that space of considering their forgiveness as possible.  It is especially important to forgive yourself.

This is the entire purpose of grace in this world, is grace exists so that you can forgive yourselves because the truest form of baggage; the core of every piece of emotional baggage that you carry is self-blame and self-hatred.  It is any time you feel anything other than love and respect for yourself, you have fallen into your baggage.  When we say it that way, you probably recognize that you fall into your baggage quite a lot; most of you do.  But the key here is just to continually consider the idea that perhaps you were innocent, perhaps despite your mistakes, despite your confusion, you still are just as good and just as divine as you ever could be.  That is a key component to releasing your baggage.  Then as far as the best way, there are so many methodologies so the second thing is vitally important that you retain a sense of curiosity about different healing endeavors, different practices, curiosity and flexibility.  For most of you will find that you feel drawn to certain techniques or certain practitioners and as you work through the baggage that is available when you begin that process, you will find that as new baggage arises, as new issues, patterns or wounds come to the surface, you may very well need to change to a different form of practice.  You may need to change to a new technique or a new practitioner.  It is important that you retain a sense of curiosity continually noticing if you feel like things are moving or not.  If you do not feel that things are moving, if you feel as if it is stuck then try something new.  Go to a workshop, read a self-help book, ask someone for help, take a class, go to a healer.  There are endless possibilities but try something new even if you are not sure it will hit the mark.  The only time you are truly stuck is when you stop trying new techniques, when you stop trying something new.  Those are the two key features or components will give you for releasing your emotional baggage.

How can we use the Chakras to become better aligned with ourselves and to achieve greater self-love?

For those of you who work with the Chakras, the best way you can use them to facilitate self-love is to love each one of the Chakras.  The Chakra system is just one model that describes all of the different ways that the human energy form is set in motion.  Every human being has Chakras but they are not the only energy points in your body’s field.  If you are working with the Chakras, consider how the human model for the Chakras describes each of them as having individual meaning, individual kinds of energy and motion.  Therefore each of you, as you read about the Chakras and tune into your own Chakra energy, you are likely to find that you have preferences.  You might feel like very attached to your heart Chakra but kind of ambivalent about your lower Chakras, like you are not sure what to think of those.  You might feel a little guilty about your higher Chakras thinking they should be more open than they are.  Often, without even realizing it, you impose your judgments about yourself onto your definition or relationship with the idea of your Chakras…

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The Hall of Records – DNA

hall of records med


Andromedan Perspectives on The Hall of Records

There is a Vast Interspecies Alliance of Guardians that exists within this Galaxy. One of the Main Governing bodies is composed of various segments of the Andromedan, O’rion, and Draconian species. There are many secrets which lay enshrouded, awaiting the oppurtune moment to be beheld within your minds eye. As the future unfolds, the Human Species will slowly begin to completely reconceive of every single concept which you hold dear within your hearts. Those of you who disbelieve that monumentous energetic shifts are underway upon your planet are in denial of information which is rising to the forefront of your conscious minds. You would be surprised to know there is a scientifically correlatable relationship in between changes in the suns chronospheric activity/solar flare eruptions and electromagnetic field fluctuations that does affect Earths Living Systems processes. The Human Species has the oppurtunity to re-acknowlege your inherent potential Divinity.


The dawning into the awareness of your stellar ancestral heritage is underway.

Now is the time to acknowledge the intricate design and true story contained within your DnA Structure.

You exist upon a living planetary homeworld.

This is an awesome gift, given to you by those species who conceived of the original creational design patern for the template or image you are molded within.

Woven inside every single cell within your beings, there exists a semi-visible matrix {The ‘Master Key Template of Divinity’ -of which the ‘Original Intended 12 DNA Strand Blueprint’ is an aspect}.

These parameters serve the function of creating an interface in between the chemio-electromagnetic chromosonal genetic structure and processes within your dna {that are responsible for the animation, form, functioning, and stasis of your physiological vehicles} and your souls.

The yearning human species has much to learn about the true functioning parameters and operational directives housed within the design specifications of your beings.

This is your introduction to realms of conscious awareness that utilize full alignment and embodyment on all levels of your divine presence {using both hemispheres of your brains simultaneously – with a heart lock focus}.

It is important to establish a Sacred Space Inside your Heart, and the presence of mind with a focus on allowing unfoldment.

In this space the full presence of the Original Creational Patterns can become apparent.

There is a sense of both Urgency and Excitement within the vibrational amplitude we are intending to bring forth through these communications.

Within the intricately designed sophistication latent inside your genetic code there exists volumious amounts of information.

A good majority of this information is of integral importance through this evolutionary process your species is within.

You are here to awaken within yourself and anchor into your conceptualizations an understanding of what shall unfold and become known as ‘Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality’.

Your Species is on the Fulcrum Point leaning towards the verge of unlocking the shackling binds of your solely linear analytical geocentric based consensus notions of reality.

We feel it is time to more formally introduce ourselves, the energy which you will become familiarated with through these upcoming transmissions is that of the ‘Andromedans’.

First of all we would like to create a feeling tone within you that engenders a sense of compassion for all life forms along the entire spectrum from light to darkness and from within creation until completion {all forms being various strands within the grand orchestra of creation within this vast universe}.

Your species is in an introductory familiarization process with thoughtforms and concepts that have the capability to extend the world view currently held onto.

This should awaken within you a slight sense of excitement.

Your Earth, this planetary homeworld has been overseen since its creation and original development many many great cycles ago.

Upon this planet and within the unfolding times a grand process of re-calibration, attunement, and synthesis is underway.

Certain encodements within your Genetic Code that have lain dormant or out of reach to individualized human are unfolding.

Those of you who find a level of resonance with this information should sense through internal reflection a vibration of truth in that which we speak.

Individuals who have awakened these levels of cogniscience and heart felt embodyment and expression of your inherent Divine Potential are Seeds.

Part of your purpose is to plant into the masses consciousness concepts which are in many ways unfamiliar to your conscious mind but have a level of resonanct vibration within your subconscious and superconscious sensitivity levels.

Many of your curious brethren are having visions of the near or distant future and the Ancient Past.

You are finding that your consciousness has more fluidlike characteristics and an uncanny ability to shapeshift.

This is your introduction to fuller more complete embodyment of your Inherent Divine Presence.

Upon your inner visual field in a state of quietude and meditation the rotational capacity of the gyrospectrum instrument that your consciousness is begins to surface.

Upon this inner visual field information can be projected with 3-dimensional and holographic like qualities.

There is a mode or functioning level within the individualized human being where this is a potential.

Inside states like this is where the other abilities which have lain hidden for so long will be revealed.

You posess dormant functional paramenters far exceeding capabilities such as extended sensory perception.

As the shifts in the masses collective consciousness continue to increase in amplitude, you can guarantee yourself that the world will be a very different place in 10 years, 5 years, even 2 years.

There are a multitude of Urgent, Critical and Crucial issues which your species and the Governing Structures of your Planet must confront.

It is time for this species to really get down to putting some thought into what your continued behavior will manifest as the future unfolds.

If you allow yourself to run rampant and continue along the pathways we see you headed, you will short circuit this process and completely annihilate your entire developed level of civilization.

It is now time for you to begin to come together and put everything out into the open and on the table.

We urge your Worlds Governments and the Leaders within your Spiritual Community to begin to utilize the tendriling energy which seeks to bridge the chasm of seperation.

We are here to assist you in addressing potential solutions to the many challenging obstacles you are all facing.

We are also here to assist you in reformulating your internal conceptualizations as they relate to your deepest core notions of life, death, the universe, creation, completion, your ancestry and sentience itself.

Every single belief system you now hold will be overlaid and woven around.

To you who are within this process it will appear as if the sheath or veil of the semi permeable membrane dividing all opposing pole will be breached.

It is our hope that these communications assist you in changing the shape, amplitude and vibrational pitch of your resonant attunement.

This is a process of aligment of your individual heartbeat pulse with the planetary heartbeat pulse. The planetary heartbeat pulse is in the process of being adjusted through regulatory mechanisms within your stars functioning. There are processes within processes interlinked like the flower of life matrix.

It really and truly is a reconceptualization of who or what ‘GOD’ is.

Throughout all of your mythologies, religious belief systems, and mystery school teachings there are always references to the heavens and those who came from the stars.

We the Andromedans would suggest that if you are in the United States; please view the television program which will be aired on March 2 about the Pyramids in Egypt.

It is being brought into the mainstream’s attention that the potential for the monuments on the Giza Plateau may be much older than your Academic Egyptologists have accepted.

There is so much that your species is being given, literally the torchlight of wisdom and harmony handed down from generation to generation.

Those Original Core Concepts around the Universal Laws that procured and shaped the evolution of social groupings, up until the levels the human species has reached today.

We would like to see your species completely overlay from within outwards;the ancoring of a new perceptual framework.

This perceptual framework shall allow your species to re-orient your sense of direction on many levels and bring into alignment your internal gryospectrum inner visual lens scope/consciousness/mind-energy field. This is where you must begin to understand electromagnetic fields…

An understanding of elctromagnetism is an integral aspect and one of the most important contributing factors towards comprehending the entire scenario that is underway upon Planet Earth.

An understanding of electromagnetic fields opens up doorways within your consciousness that lead into the quantum and gravitational realms.

Earth based physicists have discerned these main operational forces: Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Quantum and Nuclear Strong & Nuclear Weak.

Your Einstein searched to understand and mathematically prove the existence of of Unified Field of Creation and Completion.

Your species is now in the position to reconceive of things on a multitude of levels.

There are many master geniuses awakening upon your world.

They are the ones who will serve as wayshowers, holding the torchlight of your illumined core.

There are many of you who are in the process of assisting the masses in navigating your perceptual frameworks into a clearer lens scope.

The process you are within is designed to bring into alignment not only your individualized conceptualizations and energy fields, but also this species collective consciousness – the opening of the individuated self into the species level ancestral oversoul.

We the Andromedans speak to you of the Truth that their exists a higher order of creational procedures, rules and regulations which are responsible and oversee the operational functioning of planetary worlds with living systems… and especially ones such as the earth which have been seeded and attended to throughout so many regions of space and vast distances of time.

We have so much to share with you all, if this one is allowing we will seek to bring these communications through as readily as available, as Daniel is realizing his ability to tune into these higher levels of cognitive functioning that shall in their own time be open up within every single individual who is going through an awakening process… some times can bring the opposing polarities of both extremes…

These are truly unusual times you will find yourself within… where the seemingness of paradox becomes co-incidental and synchronicity appears “as if by design”

A basic beginning understanding of Electromagnetic fields can help you to understand how the nucleo-synthesis process occurs inside of human DNA..

Those with a base level understanding know that human DNA currently contains within it four base chemical compnents Lysiene, Glucene, Cytosene, and Adenine …

So if you can understand that there exists a quantum level within your human being with which functions exist {Deepok Chopra Talks about this}.

You can understand that there is an electromagnetic field which is woven through some unknown mechanism with the physiological chemical combinents of the DNA…

This is where an understanding of Sacred Geometry, the Phi Ratio and how consciousness has a shapeshifting ability arises… your human perception has so much potential to be completely transformed on every single level…

Imagine a Magnetic Field… you all have seen them… A Magnet has a Noth and South Pole, and there is a torus shaped energy field that is created surrounded the iron-magnetic core.

Imagine will you now for a moment your being.

Feel your being… Take a couple of minutes and fully tune into your physiological structure…

Feel this being… The is the vehicle which your soul inhabits through its extensional experiences into expression within the levels of physical dimensionality.

As Daniel has over the past recent years been working towards forming a new perceptual framework, we have been working with him through these times. The experiences he has had in his life have been intentional in altering the direction and structures of his consciousness however harsh some of these experiences may have been…

With this Visualization of the Torus Shaped Magnetic Field, one Can begin to understand how the mechanism of the changes and shifts that are truly underway are occurring.

If you understand that electromagnetic fields are in part responsible for the cohesion and interweaving of the of the opposing yet complimentary polarities – one can holographically visualize all of this.

Just imagine that Your Ancestors, those who came from the Stars and whose “Wisdom” is “Purported” to be stored in the “Hall of Records” did leave their knowledge somewhere.

Pharoah Akhenaten {Amenhotep IV} was a Representative of some of the Highest Councils which Exist.

It should be quite clear to you that so much of the Egyptian Religious beliefs and symbolism was representative of a very keen higher knowledge that for many thousands of years was lost.

There were individuals who incarnated at strategic times throughout the historical timeline to anchor certain vibrations into the hearts and minds of Men…

Jesus Christ and Pharoah Akhenaten are only two of these individuals among innumerous others.

These individuals who have been the humans who incarnated into physiological structures with a specific purpose to perform.

There is a reason why Pharoah Akhenaten sought to Institute a Monotheistic Solar Deity Based Religion.

This was because the role of the Pharoah was to serve as the Representatives of the Gods Themselves on the Physical Dimensional Levels of The Planet.

Literally these Lineages were passed down through Thousands and thousands of years.

We would like you to understand that as the 21st Century unfolds and the challenging obstacles your species is facing are dealt with, integrated and transcended your current conceptualizations and belief systems in regards to your concepts of those who created you will be significantly shifted.

Also your understanding is beginning to dawn in regards to the larger solar galactic orbital cycles of time, and how all the inter-relationships of the mechanism of this spatial time wave energy band shift into a higher octave of space.

This is all related to the Solar Galactic Orbital Cycle and why our Calendars were created in the first place.

There are larger cycles of time that affect the rotational velocity of our star.

This is due to our star system shifting in space in relationship to other star systems.

You all know that there are significant and active changes occurring to your Sun…

with an Understanding of Electromagnetism and some basic Astrophysics things lock into place.

You can see how everything is truly connected.

There is a Diamond Light Crystalline Core of True Knowledge and Wisdom that Underlies all of the Mystery Shool Teachings, Religious Belief Systems, and Stories of the Omni-Science of the Gods.

This is unfolding and being re-awakened within these times with what shall become called Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality, and it does involve the Human Species Stellar Ancestry.

There is a Connection here…

The Ancient God Kings who held onto the Highest Esteemed Positions of Leadership, Showmanship, Rulership and Guidance of the People of Egypt still held onto bits and pieces of the Original Core Teachings that Existed before the flood.

The Pre-Flood Civilizations were real, this is why there is this overwhelming sense of Deja Vu encompassing the Collective Consciousness of the Masses today.

The Ancestral Memories is what the this is all about.

This will allow the Universal-Galactic-Solar-Earth-Human Circuit to be completed and the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom of the Law of One to be Completely Anchored and Remembered.


We the Andromedans are representatives of Some of the Most Important and Significant Seats Within Solar and Galactic Councils, Dear Luminous Fires…Beautiful Humans… The knowledge which we bring to your world these times, much of which did not even originate within this milky way galaxy {although it has been seeded here previously}… Your human species has a long ways to go towards fully and truly conceiving the awesome truth and gift you have been given through your physiological beings… This is the times for those of you who are healers… those of you who hold onto these visions of the future… and those of you who have a soul embraced and expressed through their hearts must take the lead and become forerunners and wayshowers as the dawning unfolds within this great beginning you are being offered… A completely new direction to re-orient your individual selves and the structures of your civilization…


Those of you who Seek to Open the Hall of Records must first come to understand that the true hall of records exists within these quantum levels of your DNA. As you begin to slowly unfold and rotate your energy fields as your understanding of Harmonics, Sound, Dimensionality and Human Consciousness expand. The unseen abilities which lay unaccessed will unfold, and This Ancient Future Perceptual Framework of the Original Template shall Be Anchored. This is truly what the opening of the Hall of Records is about and It Truly is Underway. This is when the human species will see what planetary existence, life in the cosmos, and the processes that operate and maintain the functioing of the universe is all about.




Literally This Communication is Coming through at these Times as a Co-Incidence beyond Synchronicity that beyond matter based illusory perceptions should appear to you “as if by design”. You know that what you are seeking to understand is what is contained within the deepest regions of your memories. Those memories which are stored and imprinted within you that hold onto the awareness of all the knowledge of that which existed before the Global Occurrence of Catastrophic Worldwide Flood. Those of you who are following the research of Individuals like Graham Hancock, Dan Winter, Amargi Hillier, Jose Arguelles, Drunvalo Melchizadek, Greg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Zecharia Sitchin and all the other not so well known researchers and sources of Channeled, Inspired Material or Prophetic Visionary Divining {Including Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Terrence McKenna} all point to the times the inhabitants of your world find themself within today as being the most significant with energies unfolding in the direction of this awakening.
Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids point to The Heart of O’rion?

We The Andromedans would like to thank you for this opportunity to share our perspective. We wish for you to be aware that we hold your species in esteem within the highest ranks of beings that have been created. We see you for who you truly are and the potential which you truly have the capability to once again become. We have much more to share, and you will come to understand the true importance of the Andromeda Galaxy. As the knowledge of the Giza Pyramids Alignment’s with the Belt Stars of O’rion, and how when the Fibonacci Spiral is Overlaid on top of the Pyramids the location on the ground relationally corresponds to the Heart of O’rion. Understanding of this is what brings forward this Andromedan Perspective on The Opening of The Hall of Records.


We Wish You The Most Pristine Stellar Ancestral Memories and Dreams… on Behalf of The Elders and the Solar & Galactic Councils..

We Are of The Andromedan-O’rion-Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems & Civilized Worlds



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Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Akashic Records – Healer

Galactic Historian – the Trail of Tears

The Secrets inside your DNA – Linda Cosmos and Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian

Adventures into Reality – Veronica Keen – Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis

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Galactic Historian·16 videos

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen first round on deep subjects about our past, present and future.


Brad Johnson – The Thought Matrix – Accessing the Akashic Records

Brad Johnson·245 videos

Brad Johnson speaks on what the Akashic Records is, how one can access it and the nature behind thought as well as how our own innovations and ideas manifest within reality.

Luminance River – How To Teach Yourself To Read Your Own Akashic Record

Akasha Records

“You can learn to read your own akashic records, tapping into your soul’s knowing with a higher perspective that can help you on your journey. What it takes is the desire to do it, the practice of meditating to let it come in, and a ritual that will open up the records for you. Ask for a messenger to show up, like a guide or spiritual teacher. You might be surprised that a guide can be an object,  a color or a waterfall, not just a person, as all of the imagery you receive has meaning and purpose. Ask for a message while in receptivity to whatever way the message comes in. Be sure to ask questions that are open ended and see what shows up. Record your experience, and enjoy the process of learning and discovering. The science of reading your akashic records is vast, and I will give you some tips to get you started in accessing information for yourself from your soul and higher self. The same method for your own record reading will apply to reading the records of others when you are ready.

First things First: Practice Meditation

“The first step toward reading your records is to practice meditation. I suggest breaking the rules about how meditation is supposed to be so that you find a way that is fun for you. Try different ways of meditation, and there is likely to be one for you. There are so many ways of meditating from guided meditations to simply being quiet. You can lie down or sit up. I find the time between waking and sleeping to be really great for receiving information, so try to meditate first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. Otherwise, setting a positive tone for your day can is created if you meditate sometime in the morning.

Three Possibilities that I Love for Meditation

“1. You can imagine being in your own heart space and ask to meet your guide. Make yourself small and imagine going down physically into your heart chamber, and then the high heart area. I imagine a little spiral staircase upward from the heart chakra to the high heart. See your inner world as a room and ask to see it, feel it, and experience it. Ask to connect with your guides who are aligned with unconditional love to do so, and ask one to show up for you. See if the form of the guide is a message in itself. Ask if there is a message for you. You may see imagery that you can then decode, or you may hear words or just know something. Be sure to write down what you experience so you can build this skill, kind of like keeping a dream journal. Spirit speaks in metaphor and symbols, especially designed for you. And if you get anything you want to share, I would love to hear how you are doing and what you are discovering.

“2. You can connect to the earth and bring up earth energies to your heart and then you can mix them with celestial energies coming in through your crown chakra. You can feel yourself in column of light, connected to the earth, as if the core of yourself extends to the earth and there was spiral flow up into your body from the ground. I see Mother Earth’s energies as feminine, and landing in my heart. They mix with the father’s energies that are celestial coming from the heavens and there is also a spiral flow through my crown and core. In the heart, the feminine and masculine energies mix and balance inside. It sounds complicated but for me it is something I see and also feel in a short amount of time. Change the visualizing to your own preference by adding or subtracting what you want. This meditation is to get started and then you can see where it goes from there. Being in the heart space and feeling the vibration or tingle there is always something that I find useful as a focal point of awareness.

“3.  Meet your teacher or guide inside, and ask questions. Use automatic writing to get answers. Once you imagine your guide is with you, you can start. It takes going into the heart, or calling forward the connection with all spiritual guides and teachers aligned with unconditional love. It is perfectly okay if at first you don’t see or hear or get much, but keep going and celebrate something small. It will grow as you practice this. Once the presence of your guide is there, you can ask questions. Imagine they are across a table from you and writing on a piece of paper. You write a question and they answer. You can do this on a real paper, or you can do it with a computer. It is likely to help if you have your eyes semi-closed. You ask to see answers written down for you in your imagination if you prefer. I start by asking “Are you there?” to my guide. I get a yes, or a feeling that they are there. In automatic writing, it is like text chatting on the internet. You type or write a question, then receive an answer which you type out from them. Ask open ended or yes/no questions. For example, you might ask if they have a message for you. With yes/no questions you can either feel yes and no that is kinesthetic in your body, use a pendulum, or try this idea. Ask to see yes or no written in the air in your mind’s eye. I see it in gold writing in script but it can be anyway your subconscious wants to show you.

“Keep playing with meditation and do it regularly, and enjoy it.  Doing this is for the fun of it, not for some outcome until you are more skilled, will yield better results. It will deepen your connection to yourself.

Starting places for the Akashic Records

“The starting places things you do to get ready to read the records, and ask to see them,; all  to get you in sacred space of meditation. Make sure you are alone, comfortable, and it is quiet. Do some meditation on your own, perhaps taking ten mindful breaths as you relax and settle in. Usually I have silence, but sometimes I use music. For me, it has to be without words as they distract from what message I am receiving. I listen to singing bowl music and today I found a good toning harmonic YouTube Video to listen to while meditating. It has an earthy energy as it is C# The Resonant Tone of the Earth

“1. Start by say the prayer, such as The Pathway Prayer for entering the records. Linda Howe shares this in her book on Akashic Record Reading and you can find it on the web. See midway down this page, the Opening Prayer. It is an invocation to open the records of a certain person (you use your own name when you speak it or read it silently to yourself).

“2. Imagine and feel yourself in your heart space, in meditation like I mentioned before. Once there see where you go, or end up. For me it happens spontaneously, but you can imagine either of  the places below as a place to start if you don’t see anything or go anywhere (yet.)

“3. See yourself in a record room with files or books. I see a light above as I sit on a wooden stool, opening up a file that has my name on it. Open up the file and see what you discover. Ask questions like I mentioned before. Maybe you will see words, or you will see images or hear words or feel something. Another place to go to read the records is a crystal cave. The crystals store the information. Reading akashic records can include text, symbols, and imagery. You can hear stuff as if it were being conveyed to you from source, or you can experience a place as if you are in it. If you are shown a picture of something or a scene, ask what it means. Think about what that thing means to you!

“As an Akashic Reader, I see the Akashic Records as the source field of us, and all that is, and everyone who reads sees it differently. You can learn to do this by practicing. To do so is accessing the non-physical and non-linear information with your intention, and asking being open to what comes in. Your soul wants to speak to you and guide you. You will discover your magnificence on a soul level that you can tap into and bring forth, with a feeling of guidance and knowing.

“Wishing all the best in discovering and exploring!

“Thank you for reading…. Shannon Luminance River”


Andrew Bartzis Guest – Walking In Energy Show #23

Dilek Dildar·432 videos

Walking in Energy (2nd show 26th may 2014 )Topic Guest Andrew Bartzis continues the discussion from last week on Galactic history and the ascension of mankind

Answers From The Akashic Record – 11 – Ohanu Ohanu

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Answers from the Akashic Records about Denial, DNA, Easter Island, ETs, Inner Earth, Judgment, Lemuria, OWO, Self-Mastery, Stonehenge and more. So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality (

Tiarak – Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force – 2-8-14

Greater Akashic Force

Audio Support: Repolarize your Akashic Records

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force
A Call to Action!


From eruptions and protests to historical weather and genius discoveries, our world headlines certainly capture the essence of our changing polarity and its ability to rip some things asunder.

Adding to this is a massive repolarization occurring in the planetary memory base, which holds the records of humanity. Certain ethereal imprints are being purged to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the Earth, propelling a karmic driven slate.

The intensity is not going to let up. We are called into action NOW to initiate a mass clearing of our personal etheric records. By doing this as a collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning while elevating our group consciousness to the next level of its ascending frequency.

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force

The crystallization of our new avatar hologram requires us to change the way we think so that the dual awareness can go multi-dimensional.

A great hindrance to achieving this comes from our distorted sensory filters created by unpleasant prior experiences. It is a fact that memory greatly alters perception. It often sets us up into sabotaging feedback loops where the same information from the past influences the same phenomenon to occur in the present.

The other obstacle to breaking free from the perceptual prison is a deeply embedded imprint of doubt. Despite the desire, devotion and sincere efforts to purify the self, many of us are still dragging around a heavy ball and chain to the limiting human enigma.

Ye are Gods! Intellectually, we can understand what this might mean. What is it, though, that prevents us from truly actualizing this omni-Presence in its fully embodied radiating glory?

One of the biggest reasons is foreboding and doubt, which lurks in the deep dark crevices of our impressionable energy matrix. No matter how tight or loose these threads of doubt are twined, it is the swift ticket of assurance to remain in the stifling jailhouse of limitation.

Oh where, oh where does this wobble of doubt arise? 

The Memory Field of Ether 

In our process of morphogenesis, we are discovering that the constricting memory fields must de-polarize in order to release the distorted ways in which reality is perceived.

This is assisted by our departure from the defining fields of mass consciousness that are operating from a time-coded matrix of cumulative memory, which sustains the degenerative bodily script.

Many of us are making extra effort to release the morphogenetic stress web to help override the body’s internal memory defaults. We are upgrading our communication feedback system and taking care to give clear signals to our body by adhering to a new collective resonance that is not swayed by the pull of matter-bound consciousness.

Whew!  If this is not enough, we are going even further.

There is yet another memory field that greatly influences us. Everything that exists comes from this quantum field, which seems to be the foundation from which our physical reality is molded.

It is described as an ethereal container that holds the vibrational imprint of every thought, feeling, word and action by every individual Soul that has ever incarnated upon the Earth. Many people have named this space, the ‘Akashic’, likened to a sort of informational energy database that can even be read by the more astute.
For those of you who are not familiar with this term, ‘akasha’ is a sanskrit word meaning primordial substance from which all things are formed. It is another way to say ‘ether’ as universal life force.Mention of the Akashic Records, is traceable to many ancient cultures and religions including the Egyptians, Greek oracles, Mayans, the sages of the Himalaya, the Christian bible, Tibetan Buddhists, Sufi mystics and psychic personalities such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Dion Fortune, Manly P. Hall, and Alice Bailey, amongst so many others.

It is from this vault of imprinted ether that a growing number of ‘seers’ today are tapping into to give assistance to seekers who want to understand life challenges more thoroughly. Oftentimes, the records reveal specific areas of past association that is still repeating itself in the present, undermining desired Soul advancement.

Ervin Laszlo, scientist and author of the book, Science and the Akashic Field, says,

“Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field that underlies space itself. This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings, and even consciousness. This zero-point Akashic Field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.”

As Ervin indicates, these imprints not only embody past records but also hold clues to the future, drawing to us our evolving potentials. They are the inspiration for creativity and forward thinking.

Many of our spiritual guides and Ascended Masters have inscribed their consciousness signatures into the Akashic substance as living imprints for guidance, accessible by all.

Repolarization of the Akashic Vault

As redevelopment of Earth’s energy architecture continues, the electromagnetic polarity is changing to accommodate a dramatic upshift in planetary frequency. The grids that are upholding vulnerable third dimensional construct are collapsing allowing ethereal substance to have a more pronounced effect.

This is paving the way for humanity’s transition into a harmonic resonance that is fueled by a new morphogenetic instruction template for multidimensional living and where ‘paranormal’ becomes the status quo.

It also contributes to a grand unlocking occurring within the fields that hold the planetary records, including many sacred places that have been purposely sealed until such a time that their held codes and related knowledge could safely benefit the human race.

These large repositories and global Halls of Records are now unveiling, both physically and through the portals of our expanding group consciousness.

All of this unlocking and subsequent recalibration of energy fields is setting into momentum a massive repolarization of the planetary Recorder Cell, where the akashic substance holds all of the etheric records from human thought-feeling impressions.

These imprints are seen as etheric bands within and around the planet and even our personal body matrix that ripple out as a holographic overlay of information. The electromagnetic and gravitational fields are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information.

For eons, Earth has been, in a sense, quarantined from the rest of the galactic system due to its density and collective laggard mentality. As part of our reintegration as an evolved celestial body, a split is occurring in its main recording and storage interface. This involves a grandiose sifting of the bands of ethereal substance that ensoul the planet in order to filter out and remove the live discord coming from built up toxic imprinting. This is being assisted through star nation technology.

Just like it takes a long time to boot up a computer when so many files are on the desktop, so it is the same for the Earth body as it juxtaposes dimensions. It requires much lighter data fields in which to empower multi level convergence.

While the impressions are indelibly etched, certain records of humanity are being repolarized to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the planet, propelling a karmic driven reality. This will eventually bring an end to karma and the core implant of suffering.

This is affecting the entire time space continuum including past timelines and parallel realities that do not serve Earth’s forward momentum. It is going to get really intense as these records are being cleaned. We are already seeing such huge levels of extreme scenarios from conflicts and abuse to record breaking storms on all levels of the polarity barometer.

Now, apply all of this to your own personal energy hologram. Things may be rearing up that do not make sense or that you thought was dissolved from your life. Plus, many of us are used as transmuting channels for the collective. Maneuvering through this exposing energy is part of our mastery in being simply the witness while holding our center stable. Equanimity is a critical skill to have at this time.

For Simplicity’s Sake…

To summarize in metaphorical terms, the main planetary recorder and its cloistered library are receiving a substantial upgrade. (This also means that YOU are too.) This delicate renovation is completely removing the core cause, record and memory that keep the extremes of dual perception in perpetual motion.

All of the library’s beneficial records will be cataloged as one with the Greater Akasha and the recording crystals of the Universe, a realm qualified by and through universal love and accessible by those Souls advancing into multi-dimensional ‘New Earth’ consciousness.

All of its outdated records will be taken completely out of circulation and placed in quarantine to prevent the further spread of dis-ease. This eradicates the karma plug-in.

It is star nation technology that is assisting in this sensitive project of ‘auditing and refiling’ the records.

Gaia, as an ascending Earth body, is only keeping in circulation that which vibrates to love, benevolence and brings support to evolving humanity. While we can only imagine the humongous immensity of what this really means including the timing of it all, this is such colossal news.

This is releasing us from the archaic ball and chain that mysteriously follows us, keeping us bound to an unexplained quandary of limitation. We are indeed moving through the veil as the Greater Akashic force comes to meet us in the field of pure Divine Love.

A Message from the Council of Light at Shamballa…

“Repolarize your Akashic Records as a Collective Forcefield”

The Council of Light at Shamballa, one of the main groupings guiding Earth ascension, is letting us know that now would be a very opportune time to assist in this momentous repolarization of the akashic substance.

We are called into action to enact a massive clearing of our own personal etheric records. By doing this for the self and as a unified collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning.

It is important to acknowledge the consciousness fields that we refer to as, the Ascended Masters, and with the aid of many lightworkers, have for years been cleaning out certain etheric imprints to specifically remove the active charge contained in the original records.This has concerned large-scale world events such as previous cataclysms, wars, massacres, genocides and inhumane, barbaric imprints. Their impressions still stand but they no longer give off a vibration of pain and discord. It was how we were able to shift Earth off of a destructive timeline plus be granted new divine dispensation for our continued evolution as a race consciousness.

These previous efforts by so many have made it possible for the great repolarizing efforts that are taking place today as Gaia shifts into hyper-dimensional construct.

Altering your Records is a Divine Birthright

It is within your entitlement as a liberated, sovereign being to request that alterations be made in your Soul’s impressions, especially those that no longer serve your forward evolution. As always, this is in accordance to your highest good at this time.

As a vast memory field, our personal records have an interactive influence upon our everyday lives and the realities that we manifest. It is certain that patterns still exist that are hindrances to fully realizing our greater potential.

These types of active impressions include:

*  Root causes of life struggles stemming from past lives and planetary timelines
*  Negative imprints from previous trauma
*  Discord that keeps perpetual karmic experiences in outplay
*  Unending patterns of fear and doubt
*  Continuous health and physical body challenges
*  The ceaseless reflection of lack, big or small
*  Mental feedback loops and self sabotaging patterns
*  Emotional issues that never get healed
and so on.

Let’s join together and remove the active discord from our living records so that we can elevate the awakened group consciousness to the next level of ascending frequency.

Discharging Doubt

This is a really big one to get completely cleared out of our evolving system. In order for our Greater Self to reveal more and more into our lives, we must abolish any and all charge from Soul imprints that are the root cause of DOUBT.

These are the replaying scenarios coming from the dubious nature including faithlessness, mistrust, perplexity, confusion, suspicion, apprehension, worry and skepticism that keeps us locked within a faltering human identity.

These impressions are being surrendered and laid on the divine altar to be repolarized so that they no longer serve as active living records reflecting in our lives today. This is another level of the great ‘renunciation’ as we make our return to Source.

Accessing Your Records 

Everyone one of us can access our personal Soul records. It takes sincere intention, practice and the art of listening within. This etheric field can be most easily accessed through intent as you are in deep meditation and prayer. It also spontaneously comes in as intuition or flashes of insight.

Just like the planetary body, we also have a personal Recorder Cell that receives and encodes communication from spirit and hooks us up to multidimensional mind. As we raise our vibration, our Soul’s records begin downloading into us on a regular basis, especially when a certain piece of knowledge or skill is needed.

The Recorder Cell is a crystalline interface that generally sits on either side of the head, just above the ears. It is usually on one side or the other and sometimes both. It is linked to other areas of the brain, especially the pineal gland.

It is through this receiving faculty that we take in and decode higher dimensional frequencies in the form of light language. Often, downloads come in the form of geometries and tones. They are usually encoded within our energetic framework until the appropriate time when the information is to be translated and used.

When the Recorder Cell is in beginning stages of activation, you will often suddenly just know things or spontaneously express great wisdom, and then later, wonder where it all came from.

You will know when you are receiving a download when a high-pitched tone comes in, lasting for only a brief while. It is very soothing and makes you want to stop doing everything to allow it to be gracefully integrated. (If you have sustained ringing in the ears that does not stop, this is not the Recorder Cell.)

During the moment of download, it is not necessary to understand exactly what it is that you are receiving. When you are to know and to use the information, it will “bubble up” to be revealed just as all other encodement held within us.

Cell phone EMFs are known to interfere with Recorder Cell function!

We are transitioning to become a divine tuning rod, a walking body of advanced light technology. It is imperative that we protect and take care of our evolving forms!

The Recorder Cell is made up of crystalline particulates. Its location near the ears is highly sensitive as you can imagine.

This is why cell phone EMFs, (electromagnetic field radiation) are known to be harmful to this higher dimensional sense faculty, not to mention other damaging conditions that can potentially happen in the brain as a result of cell phone use.

For those of you who are dependent upon higher messaging, it is wise to consider this message due to the critical importance of maintaining optimal functioning of this receiving faculty. You can communicate through other means versus always having a cell phone constantly up against the ear.

For those who cannot do without a cell phone, at least consider ear phones or getting good EMF shielding devices that truly work.

with all my love,
Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

Reality – Profundities from the Akashic Records – Aingeal Rose, AHONU

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

These pointers are a tiny extract from the summaries (or profundities as we call them) of the Group Akashic Records sessions between Aingeal Rose and God Source through the medium of the Akashic Records. Aingeal Rose’s book “A Time of Change” is the first in a series of books under the “Honest-to-God” series that transcribes all of these sessions. Here we only touch the surface on a variety of topics on Spirituality, the World, Healing, God, Love, Miracles, ancient civilizations and more. You can find out more here –

Answers from the Akashic Records, Part 13 – Ohanu Ohanu

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Answers from the Akashic Records about America, HAARP, Harmony, Indigo Children, Love, Nostradamus, The Moon, The Vatican and more! So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality (

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Akashic Records – Earth, Mankind, Alien Races

Matrix TV·1 video

Teal Scott – What are The Akashic Records – Amazing New Information

TheSpiritualCatalyst·141 videos

English & French Subtitles/Captions Available – use the CC option at the bottom of the video screen.

Ask Teal Website –
Teal explains that the Akashic records is the human way of understanding that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. Therefore, one aspect of collective consciousness is a vibrational “record” of every soul and its journey throughout all universes that ever have been before now and all future potentials originating from now.

She describes the Akasha as being like a library, where the levels (or floors) of that library in the universe are dimensions. The information in each dimension corresponds to the frequency of that specific dimension. So to access specific information in the Akashic Records, one must first become the same vibration as the dimension which contains that specific information.

Teal then explains a bit about what information is contained in each dimension.

Animation by Jordan Duchnycz

Music: Diamond by Cora Flora

Unlocking The Secrets To Your Akashic Records – Ashtar Command – 2-21-14

love energy

I  had a question about the Akashic records from a reader and decided to write my thoughts in this article. I hope it helps you!

The Akashic Records is a power field of energy within the cosmos that can store and give out information or data. The Akasha is part of the Divine.

This valuable and sacred place contains within it every thought, action, feeling, emotion for everything that exists, ever existed AND will come to exist.

Our bodies also store much hidden information through our DNA.

When we access the sacred information via the LIVE cells in our body we are continually transforming and reshaping realities.

The Akasha is not to be used as a way of predicting the future

although it can highlight potential realities.

PROOF of The Akashic Records:

The Akashic has been known to many ancient cultures (under different names) around the world.

Many spiritual one’s on Earth have accessed the akasha at some point to understand deeper meanings about their life and soul on a higher level. This helped them to integrate the higher energies, higher vibrations of love and peace onto this planet.


Scientists have also spoken and written about it.

In the Fabric of the Cosmos, physicist Brian Greene reveals a deeper reality beneath the surface of our everyday world. He explores physics to see how scientists are piecing together the complete picture of our space, time, universe.

Beneath the surface of our everyday reality he found, lies another world and that much of what we thought we knew about our universe (—that the past has already happened and the future is yet to come about, that space is just an empty void, that our universe is the only universe in existence)—potentially can be wrong!

The Philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo also wrote a book SCIENCE AND THE AKASHIC FIELD, which shows that recent discoveries in vacuum physics show this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field. This field consists of subtle energies in which all things arise: atoms, galaxies, stars,planets, beings, and consciousness. It is the memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to come about -the Akasha.

Can I access it?

The Akashic Records can be accessed anytime and from anyplace. Everyone has the ability to access it because everyone has the power of INTUITION. However how they process and understand the information depends on their own spiritual, awareness and maturity level.

How to access it?

The Akashic records are best accessed in a deep state of love, relaxation, higher vibration and bliss.

Holding an light-filled intention to connect to the Akasha will also help.

Use The Akasha Visual Technique:

Find a peaceful, safe, comfortable place and light a candle…

Close your eyes and gently breath in and out.

Think about the akasha and allow your thoughts

to connect via your pineal gland to show you sensual or visual imagery.

Feel yourself there, the place where much knowledge and wisdom resides.

Stay as long as you wish too.

Do you see colours? a storehouse? symbols? words? a library? a book ? who is there?

Remember what you see and write them down. This will enhance your connection capabilities!!!

What can I learn from accessing my akasha?

You can learn many things!

The only criteria is that you must be open to receive and be ~ heart focused ~within.

Also the following will happen:

You will Meet and access wisdom from wise teachers or loved ones

Gain clarity and wisdom

Explore and gain insight to let go of negative habits and life patterns effecting your life NOW

Gain greater understanding of the deeper meaning of your life

Transform your difficult issues and solve them

Learn to attract more abundance into your life

learn to live in peace, joy and prosperity


Understand Mother Earth

Accessing the Akasha can have a wondrous effect in your life because it leads to you connecting to a wondrous source of sacred, ancient wisdoms AND fulfilling your own deeper sense of empowerment.

Read more:
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Answers From The Akashic Records, Part 10 – AHONU-AHONU

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Answers from the Akashic Records about the Brain, Cloning, Consciousness, Education, Evolution, the Mind, Reincarnation, Robots, Walk-ins and more. So, if you need answers to these kinds of big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality ( So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Answers From The Akashic Records – 8 – AHONU – AHONU

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Questions about Atlantis, Dogmas, God, I AM, Karma, Love, Prosperity, Soul Contracts, Spirits and Nicola Tesla were all asked and answered in this session. So, if you need answers to these kinds of big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality ( So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Answers From The Akashic Records – 7

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality ( So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Answers From The Akashic Records – 2

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Answers from the Akashic Records about Autism, Amelia Earhart, Area 51, the Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs, Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus, Reptiles, Soul Levels, Uprisings and the US Economy. So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality (

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Answers From The Akashic Records, Part 1

AHONU – AHONU·43 videos

Summary of Answers from the Akashic Records about Chemtrails, Drugs, EMFs, Entities, Healing, Paradise Earth, Pulsing, Suicide and Time. The full Kindle Book is here –…

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records.

Aingeal Rose’s work with the Akashic Records (East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book ‘Honest-to-God Series’; ‘A Time of Change’ ( and The Nature of Reality ( So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Be a part of our worldwide Akashic Records Online family, participating (or just listening) to our free weekly Akashic Records sessions. Past sessions are available to listen or download in the archives here…

Anna Merkaba – 4 Gates of Consciousness – Akashic Records – 12-27-13

gattoaladino·5,989 videos

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I was doing a channeling for someone recently and she asked me a question about being a keeper of the 4th gate and what it meant. I went to her guides to ask and this is the answer that I have received: 

From the third parallel of the third kind, there lays a doorway into the unknown territory of the human psyche, the human psyche that carries the secrets to the ether world. Therein lay the secrets of the human kind.

And so to access the doorway into another parallel of the human psyche and the existence of the truth therein, lays a key, the key which belongs to the one that is gaiting the fourth parallel of the human psyche.

The 4th parallel of the human psyche is not what you consider it to be, but rather a brain wave, and an activity and octave, an octave which exists in the fourth parallel of the human psyche.

And so where you to look at the GigaHertz (HZ) of your known world, you would then discover that the HZ and psyche are linked, and interchangeable, what we are trying to say is that the wavelength upon which the human brain operates separates into 4 equal parts, and yet unilaterally distant parts, akin to the fabionachi sequence and yet different, whereby the second part is then duplicated and enlarged by its first part, and so forth and so on.

Albeit the seeming difference in length, of the these parallels the octaves and the gigahertz arise evenly, and so we must say that  from point zero to point four hundred and thirty two  (432) lays the first door of the human consciousness. From four hundred thirty to (432) to sixteen hundred and thirty six (1636) lays another, from 1636hz to 3216hz yet another and so on until infinity, yet the infinity is where the souls true conciseness dwells.

The fourth corridor is where the magic happens, the fourth corridor is where the true soul and identity arises. And so the on in question is a keeper of the fourth gate of the human conciseness, the human GigaHertz wavelength if you will.

Through her voice, she brings forth the magic, through the establishment of her voice she sends out the waves of the fourth dimensional parallel decree, whereby the gigahertz are expanded into the fourth gate, and the gate thereby opens up. They then proceeded to tell her that she can do so with her own voice and can bring it up high enough to have access to people’s 4th gates of consciousness and by speaking with them, or signing to them she would be able to open up that gateway and awaken each and everyone who hears that pitch. Just like dolphins activate our subconsciousness so too can she do the same but in a different way. 

After I have received the channeling I went looking online for any further information I could find on this topic and found this very interesting article that I thought I’d share with all of you…

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And here’s a Video/Audio of this channeling in case you’d much rather listen to it:

The 4 Levels of Consciousness 

To establish a better understanding of consciousness, we need to have a clearer concept of the levels of man’s mind.  It is easy to observe man’s waking conscious mind. The mind is always conscious on some level, though man is not always consciously aware of it.  He usually is only aware of the waking conscious portion – but this is a shallow concept of consciousness.

The study of the mind’s levels — the waking conscious, the subconscious, the superconscious and the Wisdom Mind — will require careful consideration.  It will be of benefit to separate the information into segments so that the eye can more easily “see” what the conscious mind is attempting to comprehend.

1.  The waking conscious mind is the mind we use in
our daily living.  It perceives the incidents of passing
time as marked by our everyday lives.2.  The subconscious mind is a portion of the
Superconscious.  This subconscious substance
is divided in its function:
(a)  it automatically controls the functions of the
physical form.
(b)  It is the portion of the superconscious which
stores memories of fears and phobias, and
brings them into the the waking conscious mind.3.  The Superconscious mind holds life’s entire library
of experience.  It is man’s book of life and judgment
in one.  It is divided into three aspects:
(a)  The waking conscious mind
(b)  The subconsious mind
(c)  The causal force field4.  The Wisdom Mind sometimes called Adi-budha,
the Supreme Wisdom, is the field of consciousness
which, overshadowing each individual, is the home
of the Monad, the seat of incomparable bliss where
truth abides.

The Waking Conscious Mind

The seat of the waking conscious mind is the pineal gland which houses the mental seed atom.  The pineal is also the terminal point of the consciousness cord which extends between the brain and the causal superconscious force field above the head.

The nadis, or etheric nerve threads which project into the mental field, flow into cells located in the posterior and central part of the cerebral cortex where we discover all the sense centers — the sight center in the occipital lobe, the hearing center in the temporal lobe, the speech center, the sleep center, etc,

The waking conscious mind operates through the cerebrospinal nervous system.  This mind, experiencing some incident affecting the senses — those of seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling — registers a mental impulse which strikes a cell of the brain and travels into the superconscious force field via the nadis.  There it is relegated to its proper file –the causal force field, the subconscious or the waking conscious force field, according to its emotional vibration.

To bring the memory of the incident again into the waking conscious mind from the memory storehouse in the superconscious, a mental impulse, triggered by sense sensations, strikes the mind substance in the superconscious force field setting up a responding vibration.  The impulse travels down the etheric cord of the nadis to strike a specific brain cell or center to which the etheric cord is attached.  The vibration in the superconscious sets up the same vibration in the brain center.  The brain center responds to the vibration in the mental substance — and man remembers.

It is like tones on the musical scale – A tone is sounded in the mind substance which sends its vibratory impulse down through the etheric thread, connecting it to the brain center.  The responsive neuron in turn vibrates to and echoes the tone.

The brain has no power in or of itself to think or to remember.  Memories are not stored in the brain cells but these cells react to impulses reaching them from both the upper reaches of the superconscious mind and from the world around you.  The brain is only a way station through which memories or impulses flow.

Karma  – – Past and PresentThe Subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious field into the frontal lobe to  converge into the pituitary.  The pituitary controls the subconscious operations but only as directed by the heart seed atom releasing picture images of past karma and the solar plexus atom releasing karmic images being presently created.

The Mind and Karma

The question now arises: from where do the dark phobias of the mind come from? — The unexplained complexes?

The answer itself is complex. It can be explain better by using an example:  Some neurotics suffer, let us say, from an unexplainable and constantly returning fear, which reaction builds a brain center in a particular brain cell or neuron.  These obsessions rise out of the subconscious force field and flow into the brain cells of the frontal lobe, but only as the heart seed atom sends impulses into the brain cells to activate the flow of these memories.  Remember, the subconscious actually is a part of the superconscious force field — that portion where all the fears and phobias are stored.

The picture images flow out of the heart seed atom and, carried by the blood, strike the brain cells which contain the etheric thread upon which is recorded this particular fear.  The impact stimulates this brain center to discharge electrical impulses, activating a flow of mental ether out of the subconscious where the fear is recorded as a memory.  The “fear” image flows downward from the subconscious field to strike the brain center and the personality “remembers” the “fear” episode.  If the fear is recalled often enough to create a permanent brain center, a phobia or an obsession results.  It would seem that man is caught in a self- created mental hell.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is divided in its operations:

1. That which operates through the sympathetic nervous system, automatically controlling the
functions of the physical form — the heartbeat, breathing, etc –

2. That which operates through the cerebrospinal, bringing the memories of fears and phobias
into the waking conscious mind.

Superconscious mind substance flows through the subconscious force field into the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain to converge in the pituitary gland.  The pituitary, possessing two lobes, is also divided in its operation:

a. The frontal or anterior lobe is connected with the sympathetic nervous system.  This anterior
pituitary, operating through the sympathetic, automatically controls the functions of the
physical form — but only as directed by the heart seed atom, releasing picture images of
past karma.

b- The rear lobe, called the post-lobe, is connected with the cerebrospinal and the waking
conscious mind, and also with the solar plexus atom which constantly releases karmic
images being presently created through man’s carnal desires.

Thus man’s subconscious activities are definitely controlled by his past karma and by the karma he creates daily.

Let us consider first that portion of the subconscious which causes the functions of the physical form to operate automatically without any conscious thought – respiration, circulation, digestion, etc.  This aspect of the subconscious is completely under the dominion of the life cord which extends from the Monad to the heart.

Prom the anterior lobe of pituitary, the subconscious mind substance travels downward through the sympathetic system which converges in the solar plexus brain, and again in the root brain.

Both lobes of pituitary and the root brain in the reproductive center are, at man’s present stage of evolution, subject to influence by the subconscious mind operating through the sympathetic nervous system.  The pituitary releases the flow of chemical substances which cause the entire glandular system to release the proper hormones throughout the physical form.

Let us now consider the second aspect of the subconscious.  We have already said that the subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious force field of which it is a part, into the frontal lobe of the brain to converge in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland – We have said, too, that the subconscious is that portion of the superconscious which is the “filing cabinet” of all man’s fears and phobias.

Let us say that the heart seed atom releases picture images of a fear episode.  The impulse travels to the frontal lobe of the brain.  There the impulse strikes a brain cell through which passes a thread of mental reflecting ether upon which is “recorded” this same fear episode.  The stimulated brain cell projects the picture of the episode into the force field of the subconscious via the nadis thread of ether and the memory of the episode pours into the consciousness,

It would seem, then, that man has two “files” of memories; that which is stored in the superconscious force field and that which is recorded in the heart seed atom. It is well to explain that they are duplicate records. That which is recorded in the heart seed atom simply reflects that which is recorded in the akashic record of the superconscious.

It is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into the blood stream to be carried through man’s physical form. Thus it is through the seed atom that recorded karma is dissipated. “Erasing” the karmic record from the heart atom also  erases it from the cells  in  the  frontal, lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain, seat of the subconscious — or rather, from the nadis which contain a record of the memory and which is “coiled” in the cells of the frontal lobe.

It is well to remember that as man’s fears and phobias are gradually removed from these cells, more and more superconscious mind power can strike them until this frontal lobe, aligning with the Third Eye, ultimately becomes the seat of the superconscious.

Also, with the dissolution of the etheric web which now divides the post-lobe of pituitary from the anterior lobe, superconscious impulses and impressions can flow into the frontal lobe of the brain.

With the dissolution of this web, the force of the superconscious will pour more of its power directly into the entire pituitary.  Future man then will experience little influence from this aspect of the subconscious — the fears and the phobias — they being dissolved with the purification of the heart seed atom.

The Superconscious, Subconscious and Waking conscious mind
The Superconscious is the seat of the Akashic records, which means it is the memory storehouse.  In this capactiy it holds a record of both good and evil. Only the pure essences enter the causal force field to build man’s eternal causal form. The undesirable sifts into the subconscious to become man’s fears, phobias, complexes.  The frontal lobe presently is victim of the subconscious flow but once the subconscious is cleared of its undesirable karma, this lobe will unite with the Third Eye to become a brain center fo the superconscious.The superconscious mind finds its seat of contact through the entire Third Eye area, including the optic thalamus, the third ventricle, the post-lobe of pituitary, and the pineal gland.Although the superconscious embraces the  subconscious and waking conscious mental fields, it also extends above and  beyond these levels.  This higher aspect of the superconscious contains the causal field. Over and above this  superconscious field lies the mind we call  the  Wisdom Mind.  It extends upward to embrace the Monad, man’s individual “share of God.”

The superconscious holds life’s entire library, of experiences in its imperishable substance. In it is recorded every desire and every act of man. It is indeed his book of life and book of judgment in one, for it has recorded everything that he has ever thought or done, said or heard.

This record is reflected in the physical  seed  atom of the heart and it is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into  the blood stream.

The superconscious is divided into three principal aspects:

1.  The causal force field is that aspect which lies in the heart of the superconscious.This causal
field  absorbs into its substance only the pure and altruistic experiences of the individual soul.

2. The  subconscious  mind is  that  portion of  the superconscious which absorbs into its
substance  the  phobias, fears, anxieties, depressions,  obsessions , compulsions,
neuroses, schizophrenic  tendencies and all the mysterious enigmatical  emotions which
become mental blockages, stagnant pools of darksome forebodings .

3. The Waking conscious mind is the mind we use in our daily living – the surface mind
operating through the cerebrospinal nervous system which sees, hears, tastes, feels and
smells the incidents of passing time.

As daily events are experienced they are noted by the waking conscious mind and pass from it into the superconscious. There events are filed as memories according to their vibrations. The memory of undesirable events is filed in the  subconscious force field, the pure are absorbed into the causal, while the general events are filed  in the waking conscious sensory area,

Some  may be  confused that  the superconscious as the seat of memories, which would cause  it  also  to house man’s evils as well as his nobility and wisdom. But it must be clearly understood that if a  superconscious field is to contain the complete akashic  record, it must file away a record of all of man’s actions  and reactions, both good and evil. Since the superconscious  does contain the akashic record, then every thought, action,  emotion and experience becomes a memory filed in its proper category according to the nature of the experience — whether it is pure evil or general. Thus we have three different “memory files,” in the superconscious mind:

1 .  The Causal Force Field into which pass thoughts which  are pure, untinged with carnality,
selfishness, hate,   greed, there to become the “bricks”  with which you build your “house
not made with hands, eternal in the  heavens” – your causal body. Only altruistic thoughts
tinged with divine Love will enter this field.     Once you have completely built this celestial
form by your own spiritual efforts, you need not  again incarnate in the world of matter.

2.   The subconscious force field into which carnal thoughts are absorbed to become your fears,
phobias, obsessions, and to create your kama rupa  the lower desire  body.

3.   The Waking Conscious force field into which flow thoughts neither pure nor evil – only those
which are the fruit of “common knowledge.”  This field contains your general store” of
information, and accumulated  knowledge as experienced  “’through every day” living, thus
becoming” your  immediate finite memory reference.

Your Third Eye – Superconscious Contact

It should be noted that the pineal gland is not only  the seat of the conscious mind but also a part of the  superconscious point of contact since it is a part of the  Third Eye, and since the Third Eye in its entirety is the seat of the superconscious in the physical brain.

The superconscious also embraces the post-lobe of pituitary which, when spiritualized to any degree, exerts its influence upon the anterior lobe – the seat of the subconscious mind.  The superconscious does not “extend downward into the physical form.  However, it can be  reached  through the vagus nerve and the spinal cord by the  fires of kundalini so that, once man’s desires become  tinged with aspirations, there is a constant upreaching  toward the superconscious state.

This, then, clarifies how both the conscious mind and  the subconscious mind have a connection with the superconscious mind, although at man’s present level of consciousness the waking conscious connection is almost imperceptible.

With his future spiritual development, the anterior lobe of pituitary will be influenced by pituitrin, the “love” hormone released by the post-lobe – and man will automatically begin to express good will in general through the subconscious.

The pineal gland, under future stimulation, will allow more definite and controlled contact between the conscious and  superconscious  minds. The tiny pineal antenna makes the pineal gland not only a receiving set for the superconscious, but a sending set as well, as It attempts  to relay to the brain inspiration received from the Oversoul.

The Wisdom Mind – Adi-budha
The wisdom mind, called the Adi-budha, extends above the superconscious and embraces the Monad.  It is the field of supreme consciousness.  It is the center of bliss; the realm of the Word; the region of the Divine Life stream of the Holy Nahd; the home of the Christ Substance overshadowng each  individual.The Wisdom Mind is a heritage of every individual: the mind which is the God-mind of the individual – his own portion of the Universal Divine Mind of God.The Wisdom Mind of each man, called the Adi-budha, extends above his superconscious and embraces his divine Monad; it is that mind which becomes the seat of wisdom permeating his mental aura.  It is the field of the supreme consciousness of man – an estate of rare quality of which he is almost completely ignorant. It is the seat of supreme bliss, the realm of the Word, the field of the Christ Substance, the region of Divinity overshadowing each individual.  Adi means supreme, budha interprets to mean wisdom.Adi-budha is in possession of pure truth while all other aspects of the mind are hampered by their imprisonment of the obscurity of life in the physical form. Even the superconscious, an intermediate force operating between the waking conscious and the Wisdom Mind, is tinged with the ignorance, the maya, the illusion of physical life.

Since there exists what mystics call  the  universal Mind of  God, or the Divine Mind, how then did the consciousness of man become  separated from it?

Throughout the ethers of space we know that, pervading every atom, is a mental substance — a substance of the Mind of God, a quality of the Divine Mind.  We know that pervading the aura of man is also a quality of mental substance- We know that the atomic particles of this substance permeate the cells of man’s brain, yet its quality does not seem to bear the stamp of divinity which is contained in the Divine Substance.  We know that the mental aura of the individual contains some portion of the Divine Mind and some quality of the Divine Spirit,

Yet there seems to be a gulf between that innate Divinity and the manifesting consciousness of the individual.  Man seems only dimly aware of the presence of the Higher Quality.  Even so, he perpetually gropes to unite with it. His life seems to be a constant chasing after shadows, which could equally be described as a search for light.

Man’s consciousness seems to be limited to a certain octave of sounds and colors.  He is unable to distinguish that which is above that scale or that which is below it.  The range of sound above and below it is inaudible to him and the colors above and below his range of perception are invisible to him.

So is his mind also tuned to a certain octave of awareness, and he seems unable to soar above his personal range of perception.  His only means of communicating with the animal kingdom is through vocal tone and the quality of his emotions.  The animal thus feels his love or his hatred, not through words but through intuitive feeling.  The same is true at the other end of the scale. Man can only communicate with God through intuitive feeling.

Man can no more deny the presence of the Higher Mind than he could deny the presence of animal devotion, even though the animal cannot say the words, “I love you.” The qualities of the Higher Mind are there, but must be perceived by the normal consciousness through Intuitive perceptions.  Man must know the love of God just as he must know the love of the animal.

This knowing we call intuition.  The rare flashes of communication between the normal mind and the Adi-budha result in our inspiration, our visions, our intuitive discernments, our moments of genius.,. more, rarely yet, the spiritual ecstasies the mystics experi-ence when the veils of consciousness are momentarily parted.

Every mystic, every genius, every scientist, every inventor is aware of temporary penetrations of his consciousness by the Wisdom Mind,  He is aware of the action of intuition which darts like a lightning flash piercing his ignorance with knowledge, with understanding and with mental power.

The light of this superior consciousness must act within narrow limits; must subdue and adapt its force to the normal mind substance of the individual; must modify or diminish its dynamo until the original divine luminosity becomes the quality of inspiration rather than pure wisdom.  Still the receiver, the mystic, is quite aware of the source of his revelatory vision or his intuitive perception.

One road to attainment of this superior estate lies through the practice of meditation, the inward movement of the mind in constant and ceaseless effort to pierce the web between his external and his super-Self.  Breaking this consciousness barrier causes a double action of the cosmic forces of consciousness an upward sweeping of the normal mind into the immutable status beyond and embracing the universal and, at the same time, a descent of light and bliss which, pouring into the lower consciousness, illumines its mental energies.

Only the mystic who has experienced this union of consciousness can be truly aware of the existing gulf between his potential wisdom and his everyday mental level.  And yet, the disciple also becomes aware that his higher mind seems to be a reservoir of truth, and that he need not go from his present environment to find the whole of it.  He need only unite consciously with his Oversoul in order to find the hidden secrets of the universe.

Receiving the downpour of Wisdom, he is aware of an automatic and spontaneous knowledge flowing in from the higher mind.  He is aware of a difference in the process of thinking.  There is no need for speculation or for attempting to find answers — the answers are simply there, for the Wisdom Mind is in possession of full truth, remitting vast degrees of knowledge in a single moment.  The mystic is aware of the stream of knowledge – energy pouring in like a ray of sunshine, bringing with it true vision, true thinking and true feeling which, for want of a better word, we call intuition,

In this expanded state of awareness the mystic is conscious  of  the  presence  of  the Adi-budha  lying  above his  normal  consciousness  like  great outspread wings  of light. He is aware that the veil of  the  superconscious, which usually hides the Wisdom from him, has parted.

The  mystic is aware,  then,  of the presence of not only  the superconscious  but  the Wisdom consciousness that  lies  above  it —  the  seat of  the  supreme  cosmic power of which  the  superconscious  is  only an  ambassador. The mystic  realizes  that  the  superconscious  is  only an intermediate  force between  the waking  conscious  mind and the  seat of  the wisdom Mind,   acting  as  a protective screen  to shield the waking conscious   from an  unbearable  light;   for indeed,   the  conscious  mind is  engulfed in  a darkness which  could not receive  the  direct
impact of the  supreme  light,  except  as  it pours  down through the  shield of the  superconscious.

.The Difference between  the Wisdom Mind and the superconsciousness is that in the field of the Wisdom there is supreme all-knowing truth existing without any method of thought or action. The superconscious, being subject to the world of Maya, or illusion, is aware of the essential truth of things but must attempt to make this truth operable  in the world of matter; must find some method of production,  some means  of  taking  the  absolute  truth  and making  it  amenable  to  the  narrow  concepts of  the conscious  mind.

It must find some process of transforming the dynamic power of the Wisdom light so that it will illumine and not destroy the limited field of the conscious mind. It must, in other words, convert the Wisdom into the ignorance, the light into the darkness, releasing only that portion of Wisdom that the conscious mind can contain.

In our separative normal consciousness, for example,  all religions, all philosophies, all political theories exist as opposites. Each of these opposites claims to possess that which is right, to be superior in all ways. Each  blames  the other with falsehood.  Each feels a destiny to destroy the other so that its own truth might survive.  Each claims to be in exclusive possession of the true  path.

The light of the superconscious, if permitted to pierce the ignorance, would refute this claim to exclusiveness. Reflecting the light of the Wisdom Mind, it would permeate the conscious mind with the knowledge that all are necessary to the whole, and it would assign  each to its field of endeavor in order to fulfill its rightful place and attain its own realization.

The superconscious, being in some possession of truth, would destroy the concept that all is false except one’s own affirmations.  But the superconscious, being only a delegate of the Wisdom, cannot cause a change in the concepts of the  conscious mind.  Only a down pouring of the bliss from the Wisdom Mind, only an attunement with the stream of the divine Word pouring down from Adi-budha, can bring an immediate dissolution of the ignorance and darkness, and a complete surrender to truth and right understanding.

Thus we can say that the conscious mind is the mind of  ignorance, of illusion.  The super conscious is the possessor of partial truth, harmony and knowledge, the “Home” of the waking conscious, the subconscious, and the causal force field.  The Wisdom Mind is the possessor of pure wisdom, bliss and delight…the Word not yet made manifest in the world of form, the place of the hidden Mysteries where the divinity of the individual resides, reposing in splendid patience awaiting the Becoming of the transient soul.

It is “the Father which art in heaven” of which the soul — groping its way through the depths of Maya, the world of form and matter — is so completely unaware.  When he attains the ultimate awareness, man will no longer be “a god in ruins.” He will no longer beg alms from a universe of which he is master and king.


And also I read this article…


Perdido Bay, Alabama—A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico has “miraculously” cleared test samples of the deadly petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.

According to John Hutchinson, an electro-magnetic energy expert from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, a selection of “music” has helped purify poisoned water. The frequencies included the “sound of Jupiter,” recently recorded by NASA, vibrating close to 528Hz frequency.

That sound energy has been determined to match the color greenish-yellow–the heart of the rainbow, the electromagnetic color spectrum, celebrated by the botanical world, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who has published most on that pure tone. Nature obviously celebrates that shade, the pigment chlorophyll, to produce oxygen and energy needed for life.

According to Dr. Horowitz, Hutchinson’s study results are most promising, as they were certified by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama, and are consistent with studies and predictions based on the most advanced discoveries in mathematics, physics, and biophysics.

528Hz frequency, the “Miracle” note of original Solfeggio musical scale, is only one of nine “core creative frequencies” in a “Perfect Circle of Sound” that animates physical reality, like atomic energy technology, using spinning electrons vibrating with electro-resonance.

This is an image of one of the most perfect, detailed, pure water crystals ever photographed. It formed to reflect the sound of the sun

In 2009, researcher David Sereda sent Dr. Horowitz NASA recordings of the sun along with this crystallograph produced by researchers in Russia. Later, Dr. Horowitz compared the sound of the sun, and jupiter to the pure tones of “The Perfect Circle of Sound” frequencies, including 528Hz. The Harvard trained public health expert noted 528Hz was most obviously harmonic to both recordings.

Dr. Horowitz believes 528Hz is also fundamental to “LOVE”—the “Universal Healer;” and he recommends combining the frequency of “LOVE/528,” with the “Universal Solvent”—Water—to advance “the future of medicine”—LOVE Hydrosonics. To this end, the award winning author and film-maker publishes two online journals Hydrosonics, that discusses the powerful impacts of sounds on water, and Medical Veritas, heralding advances in natural ways to end pollution and advance healing.

John Hutchison, is a well known scientist best known for examining The Bermuda Triangle, and explaining strange occurrences in this infamous area of the Atlantic ocean, called the “Hutchison-Effect,” all associated with electromagnetic disturbances of unknown origin. The Canadian Government has persecuted Hutchinson heavily over the years, the last time for supposedly causing his neighbor to levitate without consent.

Hutchinson’s partner, Nancy Lazaryan, a journalist from Minnesota, said their research was “intuited” to include the 528Hz sound that they observed causing oxygen to bubble up heavily from the bottom of the oil soaked Gulf  and Perdido Bay, between Florida and Alabama.

The couple started their research requesting samples of polluted Gulf water be sent to Hutchison’s lab in Vancouver.  There, Hutchison and Lazaryan experimented using ancient Solfeggio sounds and Gregorian chant frequences that have been traditionally used for healing. The frequencies were applied to several polluted water samples using audio and radio waves, with wonderful results.

So Hutchison and Lazaryan packed up their lab equipment, borrowed a trailer, and farm truck, and traveled from Canada to the Gulf. Their chemical analysis from their first “open air frequencies” experiments in Perdido Bay proved to them that, “the Gulf water can be healed.”

To date, the federal government has relied on the deadly oil dispersant, Corexit, a Goldman Sach/Boots & Coots chemical causing a lot of people, and wildlife, to get sick and die.

Alternatively, Hutchinson and Lazaryan recommend a harmonic “stream of sound” to completely purify the polluted water. The couple claims the inspiration for these harmonics came from the Essenes, a sect of Israel where Jesus was a member. The Essenes “inner circle” taught the “stream of sound” as part of the Creator’s power to create.

The 528 hz tone is known by the ancients to be a “healing frequency,” and many people believe it can be used to repair damaged DNA. Most recently, Dr. Horowitz, working with mathematician Marko Rodin, advanced the mathematical relationship to genetic structuring, as DNA segments reflect Rodin’s “infinity pattern,” that others predict will revolutionize everything. (CLICK HERE for a YouTube presentation on this knowledge.)

In 2009, Dr. Horowitz produced Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water , in which groups from 72 countries participated by singing and chanting in 528Hz, praying for all polluted water to be blessed worldwide.

One of the honorees at LIVE H2O was Dr. Masaru Emoto who conducted years of research sending purifying intentions and “LOVE/528Hz frequency vibrations into water with astonishing results published in dozens of languages and two New York Times bestselling books.  Dr. Emoto actually filmed the molecular structure of the water changing from disorganized arrays of crystals in polluted water, into beautiful snowflake formations included visible “messages” as through the water was actually “conscious.”

Dr. Horowitz, among Dr. Emoto’s leading scientific supporters, explains this metaphysically by relating the power of LOVE in human hearts to the power of the Creator to respond to prayer and heart-felt loving intentions to heal the world and be helpful to one another.

Hutchison and Lazaryan, likewise, are hoping to bless the planet with their new discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We declare PEACE,” says Lazaryan, “the war upon the Gulf is over.”

– See more at:

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Teal explains that the Akashic records is the human way of understanding that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. Therefore, one aspect of collective consciousness is a vibrational “record” of every soul and its journey throughout all universes that ever have been before now and all future potentials originating from now.

She describes the Akasha as being like a library, where the levels (or floors) of that library in the universe are dimensions. The information in each dimension corresponds to the frequency of that specific dimension. So to access specific information in the Akashic Records, one must first become the same vibration as the dimension which contains that specific information.

Teal then explains a bit about what information is contained in each dimension.

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Kryon, of Magnetic Service – The Elusive Akash – Channeler Lee Caroll

Kryon: The Elusive Akash

Channeler: Lee and Kryon
Saturday, 10 August, 2013
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps away from his consciousness in a move that has been practiced for years. This is not an easy Human attribute, for yet again the Human wants to be in complete and total control over those things that are most pertinent to their survival.
One of them would be their consciousness, so the channelling that you see with him is a bit different than that of the past. We have said this before, that there is no takeover of the Human Being during this process. There is instead a meld, a partnership, and that is what you see. So as my partner steps aside, he is looking and watching everything that is taking place. He is even able to write it down later if need be. This is because we have a Human Being who is able to work with that sacred part of himself that is new and different. It’s a participation instead of a takeover.
What you see in this new way gives the ability for humanity to then participate intellectually and emotionally as the messages are given. This enhances the messages, for the Human who is in this channelled state is a translator. He is translator using the language he has and moving through a system that is located in the portal of the pineal.
The system is a multidimensional communication through a source that is in 3D [the pineal gland]. All of this is to say that what comes next, like so many other channels that we have given, is a combination of new information combined with things that we have stated before, but that have been spread over many channels. So now we coalesce these things into one message in order to bring forward a new concept.
The Human Akash
We want to speak more about the Human Being’s Akash. Now, you will notice that we seldom use the word Akashic Record. This is because the very semantics of the word record gives you a linear feeling of some kind of list, and we don’t want you to think that way. Not only that, but the Human Akash contains far more than a record of lifetimes. So this is where we are going to start today. We will go slowly so that any new concepts given will be explained correctly and well, so that you might understand them in their completeness.
What do you think about when we say Akash? We have named this channel The Elusive Akash, so we already make the statement of the attribute we are going to talk about. The Akash of the Human Being is a history of everything the Human Being has experienced on planet Earth. Now, there are more Akashic attributes inside you that go beyond humanism, but they are very well hidden and not the subject of tonight.
So you might say that most of what you have as we define the Human Akash is your direct experience on Earth. This Akash is also well hidden and it is elusive, but it shows itself all the time in ways that you don’t recognize. So we start here by describing how it can actually be inside you, yet you would not be unaware of it at all.
The Akashic Puzzle
Most Human Beings have no concept that they deal with the Akash every day. Most Humans aredriven by it, yet they never know it. So I want to set the stage by telling you right now that the Akash is not something that communicates with you in a traditional way. It’s not what you would expect. Let’s back up a moment and look at the overview.
The Akash is a system, dear ones, and it is beautiful. I sit in front of you knowing who is in the room and knowing about your lives, all of them. I know the puzzles you carry around today. I sit here as an advisor who has never been Human, watching you work a Human puzzle, which is amazing to me.
You are what you might call a soul group who are all specialists in biological being expression[Kryon’s description of a group who specializes in walking through multiple Human lifetimes]. The creative source, which is God, who has made the Universe, the galaxies and all that is has an elite grouping of specialists, and it’s you! You are part of the soup that is God who specializes in doing what you’re doing. It’s a difficult role, so only a few trillion are selected to do it.
If you want to know what’s at the core of your soul as a specialist, it’s love and compassion. That’s the core. It’s not always seen that way, but it’s there, and when you come into the earth, your mission is to give it away – to share it with the very energy of the planet. The Akash is a system that helps to drive Humans into situations of learning and solution.
The attribute of the piece of God that you are, stays on my side of the veil. You come into the planet as a biological being and hidden from you is who you really are as you try to make your way through a dark earth. Hidden from you is how you are trying to find the light that’s inside of your own cellular structure. You’ve got the hard work. All the masters who walked this earth tried to show you this Human God part and told you it was there. But it must be discovered.
Kryon has been here a long time. I’ve been here with you when we watched the grids being set when the earth was being formed. It was just like before, when we watched other planets in other places being formed, knowing that someday you’d be doing what you’re doing now, over and over and over. Certain group of you come in first, and then others of you come later. That’s the system. In this system, there is a real attribute of structure that honors consciousness, free choice and the concepts that we’re going to talk about right now. All this is to say that the Akash is not a mistake or a mystery or a system of chance. It’s a design, and it’s designed to help you.
The Akash is intrinsic. It’s there at the beginning and it came with you in your biology during your “awareness creation”. It is a part of you that can never go away, can never be erased, and you live with it every day. It is part of the system you’re born with, but it can be enhanced, understood, and changed to create your evolutionary process.
The Elusive Akash
Now, here is what makes this Akash elusive, dear ones. This system, this beautiful system, wants to be in your pocket as a help through your life all the time. But it responds almost completely to the Human free will attribute on the planet. If Humans decide that the planet should go backwards into darkness, the Akash behaves differently. If Humans decide that humanity will increase in Human consciousness, the light will begin to take over, and the Akash responds differently. So now you see that it’s dynamic, and not “set at birth”. It changes as you change. So the first thing is that it’s always moving.
It is so elusive! If I ask any of you, “Tell me about your past lives,” the chances are that even the most enlightened of you would say, “I’m not really sure. I may or may not have been here or there. I cannot seem to pick a separate lifetime out of the soup that is my consciousness. I have some strange memories, but I’m not positive that I might or might not have been this or that.” You’d be correct! So, why is the Akash to elusive?
The reason is this – listen carefully, for this is new information. The Akash is not a brain function. It is not where the synapse of memory occurs, so when you are trying to answer the Akashic question above, you are searching for these things in a structure of consciousness that works with common memory and synaptic attributes of the Human brain. The Akash is not in your brain, so you won’t get the memories you are looking for. Instead, the Akash is in your DNA. So, suddenly we have a situation where Akashic communication is very different. It’s not linear, and it’s not able to be remembered like your brain remembers anything. It won’t give you facts. It’s elusive! So how does itget to you?
DNA communicates to you and your consciousness in a different way than your brain does. We have described this in the past, and it is complex. But I’ll say it anyway: Information carried in your DNA has to get to your brain eventually in order for you to cognize it [become aware and believe it]. It then arrives in your consciousness and works a certain way, which we will describe next. It does so with what we call overlapping multidimensional fields. This is not a mystery of science, for in your electronics you have this type of communication all the time. DNA doesn’t talk to you in memory, synapse, structure or linearity. It talks to you in emotional concepts.
The process of overlapping multidimensional fields has a name in electronics, and it’s called inductance. It’s also the way that the sun transmits information and even astrological attributes through the sun’s heliosphere, into the magnetic grid of the planet through overlapping multidimensional fields. So this is natural, it’s happening all the time, and it’s fractal [has many repeating parts]. But it all happens at the basic DNA level. You have a field around your DNA that interacts with your consciousness through something we have called the “smart  body” or innate. So don’t over complicate this. Just know that the Akash is elusive because it does not allow you to remember as you normally remember things. It’s not traditional. It’s part of DNA communication.
How Does the Akashic System Affect a Human?
Let us speak of how it works, what the energy of it is today, and where it is headed. The Akash has what we would call drivers. Drivers are what communicate certain feelings about the Akash into your brain, and it allows you to sense something. It does not come as memory as we said and the Akashic system does not necessarily feature the communication of an individual past life. [That may come later with DNA awakening and processing]. Normal Akashic drivers do not broadcast to the brain who you were, where you were, or when you were. There are no names and no genders, even though you think you may know. What it does instead is to give you experiential, emotional concepts.
The Akashic drivers for humanity, at the moment, are the same ones that have existed for eons. The things that you will sense first from your Akash, that drive themselves into your consciousness, are survival instincts. They are about past experiences that created fear, drama and unfinished business. You know I’m right. What is it you sense, old soul? It’s what you’re afraid of. The Akash will deliver this to your consciousness, not as a remembrance of what happened, but as a survivalemotion of what happened.
These Akashic attributes are called drivers because they drive you into action, or in many cases, non-action. You feel something, and you won’t go there or do something because of what you feel. Is it intuition or Akashic remembrance? The concepts you receive are at the DNA level and they radiate to your brain and drive you through this exposure to the emotional part of your thinking. Why are these things such low energy? Why fear and drama? Why unfinished business and, yes, let’s call it what it is – guilt. Why? You are an old soul!
Don’t you deserve something better than this? We have given you the information before. The energy of what you have created on the planet drives Gaia’s consciousness and the efficiency of your DNA and the future of humanity. It represents your free will up to this point, and that’s changing.
The Recalibration of Personal Akash
Imagine an Akash that is realigning its drivers. What if instead of fear, drama and unfinished business, the Akash started to present something else to you? It will, dear ones, for this comes with new energy and the recalibration that is going on right now. It represents a change in Akash communication, because you are increasing your vibration. All of the cells in your body know what is going on in this a new era. You might ask right now, “Well, Kryon, does that mean that everyone’s Akash knows?” The answer is yes! The difference is whether the brain will allow it to be felt or not. Now, here is where the pineal comes in.
The brain also has its drivers, and some are spiritual drivers. You call them filters. Others call themfilters of belief. The brain allows things to be cognized [believed] or not, based upon past experience and commitment of “the way things work”. You are creating a new consciousness, and part of that is the allowance of the Akash to talk to it. Those in this room who are listening to this message and others who are listening and reading later may start to understand that as they increase the light of their awareness, they let in truth. It starts to change the communication of the Akash. The pineal works better, the filters are clearer, and the Akashic drivers start to change.
Much of humanity has filters that will not allow new spiritual thought. They are committed to their own box of belief and, therefore, the DNA may broadcast new information, but they are not “tuned to the station”. But humanity is enabled for the shift, even though they may not receive it yet. This is the beauty of the system of the old soul, for you have created a worldwide enablement that can be “seen” by each and every Human if they wish. Free choice is like that.
Now, in a moment, we’ll talk about one of the most powerful and common drivers and how it works. But first I want to tell you there are always exceptions to the rules, because these things I am telling you are not absolute for every single Human Being. There are always those who are different.
The reason is because your life’s path, what you came for and what you are doing on the planet in service to humanity is unique to you. It’s not generic to every soul. So as I give this information, it’s an overview, and that’s all I give you. So let’s talk about one of the profound exceptions to the common Akashic drivers, and this is where you’re going to start realizing what I’m saying is accurate, since you can actually see it.
The child prodigy is not driven by fear, drama or unfinished business. The child prodigy who plays the piano like a master when he is four is driven solely and completely by his craft. The painter who paints like a master when she is eight is being driven by her craft, and that’s all! The prodigy could care less about survival as long as they have their craft. It’s all consuming, very linear, and all they can think about.
This creates a puzzle in psychology where you will have a Human Being without the possibility of having any remembrance of a complex talent they never could have experienced in this life, yet it’s there. The puzzle for psychologists is: How could this be where it is not part of the brain’s remembrance? DNA is pushing it to the brain as fast as the brain will receive it. It’s the craft of many lives. Where do your hands go? How do you hold the brush? What are the notes on the keyboard? Do you remember the music?
These are special cases, dear ones, but you see it often enough for you to know that it doesn’t fit with synapse and memory. That is the Akash at a multidimensional level, pushing something to the child that’s conceptual – art, music, poetry and sculpture. It takes lifetimes to make a master artist, and they will be born over and over, continuing with the craft that they had before. All they want to do is keep going with it.
That’s very different from your process, and the possibilities of all the things that I’ve talked about are reduced to one thing for them, the one focus for them, and you get to see it in a child prodigy. By the way, this is why so many artists are dysfunctional, for this continues and they are oblivious to survival reality, others around them, and are only interested in themselves and their craft.
The thing that drives most of humanity is one of the drivers you have labeled karma. Now, karma is much more than unfinished business. Karma is not punishment for past deeds, dear ones. That’s an attribute of judgment, which is not of God. Karma is sensing past experience and having an emotional response so that you will either do it again or stay away from it. Karma is powerful and most Humans feel it, but have no idea they are receiving a specific driver from the DNA’s Akash.
Karma doesn’t often even feature completion! Sometimes it’s a policeman becoming a policeman, or military men becoming military men again, or mothers becoming mothers. It’s a driver of remembrance of things both positive and negative. Sometimes it’s just emotion. Sometimes it drives someone into a classic mindset that is problematic.
You want to know that classic? It’s a classic issue that psychologists really have a hard time with. It’s hard to describe, but you know it exists when I describe it. Sometimes things that you sense from the DNA are not pleasant, but you remember them as who you are – and you can’t live without them. That’s karma.
There are Human Beings who come into life and who are convinced they don’t deserve to be here. If that is their consciousness, the DNA tries to cooperate with it. You knew that, right? Cellular structure takes cues from Human thought. Lack of self-worth will manifest itself with problems that create, you guessed it, more lack of self-worth. It also creates drama, and some people just can’t seem to get away from it.
The Human who is abused early in life has many choices. They probably created the puzzle to see if they can break the pattern (karma at its best). Sometimes, however, it just validates what they feel, that they shouldn’t be here. So that Human will often get out of one abusive relationship and move into another and another! Friends will look around and say, “What’s wrong with you? You keep making the same mistake!” At the Akashic level, they are responding to the same instructions over and over. It’s a victim comfort zone. Do you see this?
This is what the Akash does. It presents to you concepts of existence. It will make you afraid if you’ve been afraid before. If I told you, dear ones, that you had been killed because of your belief, you’d probably believe me. Old souls have been – most of them. If I asked you how many times it happened or where it happened, you’d be guessing. See what I’m saying? The Akash deals in concepts, not factual memories. It also gives you concepts that are invitations to change.
Past Lives in the Akash
Some interesting concepts are transmitted through the Akash. Let’s talk about past lives. Past lives carry the concepts into the Akash that are inherited [Akashic inheritance]. So, if you were a warrior and were killed in the battlefield, you may not like the smell of gun smoke. These things are passed to you in unusual ways. Some of you can stand in a battlefield and smell it! Some of you like it, since it’s the smell of victory and release – more concepts. But you know there’s something there and, dear ones, that’s a concept. It goes into your central sensory perception. That’s the Akash at its best. You’re not remembering as much as you are feeling something that exists to this day inside you.
The past life reader has to sort all this out. They have to linearize something that is not linear. It’s elusive, you see. Past life readers can sense the quantum field around you created by the DNA [The Merkabah]. This is where a good reader can help pull out individual lives in that “soup of concepts” that you would never be able to do. This explains how a good reader can help you with blocks and past experiences that you can’t seem to get yourself.
Now, the old soul has an added Akashic attribute. The old soul, the one who has been here by definition for thousands of years and lifetime after lifetime, has experienced just about everything there is to experience. So what do you think is in your Akash, old soul? I will tell you: It’s the same as everyone else’s – drama, fear and unfinished business, until now. The old soul has a storehouse of awakening lifetimes and that’s the difference. In the new energy, that is what the old soul is going to start remembering. So being an old soul up to this point didn’t hold near as much weight in the Akashic way as it does now.
Things are recalibrating. This is a recalibration of the Akash as well. It’s how you feel, what you do with it, and how it drives you to do things. The most interesting attribute within the old soul is that old souls feel they have things all figured out. Been there, done that. There’s nothing new and in that they have cognized and committed to a way of life, or what they think is a way of life, on planet Earth. It’s so interesting, and often totally wrong.
The Atlantis Syndrome
I gave the scenario before and I want to give it again just to preview this to you. I know it’s controversial to many of you. How many of you were on Atlantis? As the many hands go up, I say to you, “Really? Which Atlantis were you on?” You would then say, “Well, I was unaware that there was more than one!” There were far more than one, dear Human. Let me ask you, “What happened there?” Then you might say, “We had this advanced society and we were terminated because we did something wrong. This stays in our Akash and we know it.”
There are some concepts that you bring into your Akash that are extremely Human. I’m going to call one of them, “God, Gaia, and creative source of the Universe with a Human brain”. Humans apply their own intellectual process to everything that is God. The Greeks did it very well. They created their Gods to be above Humans, but their Gods were totally dysfunctional! They had all kinds of problems, complete with jealousy, hatred, vindictiveness and even incest! Their Gods didn’t like each other very much, just like Human families. They toyed with the Humans below just to irritate other Gods. There was judgment, anger and rage. That’s the mythology of the Greeks. They created Gods with Human attributes.
Well, of course, you’re way above that today. Instead, you’ve got one God who is love. But then somehow there was a war in heaven, and a fallen angel and anger and judgment and grief. The fallen angel is after your soul, of course, and so on and so on. Mythology continues. Dear ones, your societies have simply done the same thing the Greeks did, only it’s a little more modern. This all comes from the Akash, believe it or not. It’s a conceptual belief that consciousness is the same all over the Universe and, of course, its Human consciousness. You are really not aware of anything more intelligent than you are, so you don’t have any other concept for God.
In addition, you have the beautiful entity Gaia getting angry and striking you with lightning or drying up the ground so you can’t have crops for food. Do you see what I’m saying? How much energy goes into ceremony to help make Gaia content? Centuries of Humans did that. This comes, literally, from the old soul. The longer you’ve lived on the planet, the more you associate your consciousness of humanism with any other consciousness that you see in the Universe.
So why the Atlantis issue? Alright, I’ll explain it yet again, Lemurian. You got off that large mountain of Hawaii when it started to sink. It was your home for thousands of years – the highest mountain on Earth. It started to recede or sink as the bubble of magma began to vent itself through several of the volcanoes and release the pressure that had pushed it up. You had no idea if the whole mountain was going to disappear or perhaps even explode! So over many years, most of you took to the sea and escaped. When it stopped sinking, some stayed, and the peaks of the mountains became your current islands.
Do you know what Lemurians love to do and what is in their Akash to this day? Lemurians look for other islands to live on. It’s in the concepts of what they have in their DNA, which tell them that this is the way to live. It’s a concept of being and many Lemurians over history ended up on other islands. It felt like home. However, many islands are also volcanoes. Often, through the natural recourse of geology, volcanic activity and earthquakes would take place and the islands would go under. Did you know that was in your Akash, old soul?
So what do you think you did next, Lemurian, after another island sank? Most of you would escape – and look for another island! The next lifetime, you would look for still another island! It’s interesting, but it’s extremely Human, that when bad things happen, you blame something or someone somehow – usually yourself. That’s the old soul’s lack of self-worth that we have spoken of so often. So now you are guilty about it, and now you’ve got another consciousness going on that says the island did something to you. That’s the negative Gaia Effect that supposedly Gaia is angry. The real Gaia Effect is actually a beautiful cooperation with Human consciousness! But your Akash, which is very elusive, will give you a totally different concept.
So the old soul remembers Atlantis incorrectly. Atlantis is simply a generic name for any island you lived on that destroyed itself while you were on it. Most islands had a good reason why they were surrounded by water. As we said, many were volcanic. Sometimes they were in vulnerable places, easily covered by water through earthquake and flood. Sometimes it would be cyclical with the water cycle every 1500 to 2000 years. Count on a Lemurian to be there! Did you ever think of that? This is not to discount Atlantis itself, but to tell you that there were many of them and it sticks in your conceptual DNA as one big event.
As far as advanced technology, let me tell you what you “remember” as advanced technology. It’s not what you have today. It’s high-minded conscious thinking. That’s your high tech, because on an island you can get together like you did in Lemuria and raise the vibration of the land that you’re on. It’s not about machinery and blinking lights. It’s about a consciousness that could change physics.
The New Akashic Drivers
Turn the page with me for a minute. I now want to tell you about the new drivers of the Akash. They are compassionate action, love and finished business. These are going to be the ones that are going to be broadcast from the old soul DNA to old soul brains. This will start a process of helping them think out of the box of traditional thought. Old souls will start to see that they are not victims of life. They belong here! Self-worth will increase, for it will know that Humans deserves to be here. It’s time!
This process will allow the Akash to speak to the brain and the innate body in higher concepts, those of compassion. Ask a surgeon about how Human Beings often keep themselves alive in a hospital for months just to see a grandchild graduate. Ask a doctor if he’s ever seen mind over matter. A doctor who works closely with death and dying will have amazing stories about how Human Beings can get up from their death beds when some of them decide they are worthy of being here. What do you think of spontaneous remission? This is the Human changing course.
The Results of New Consciousness and a Changing Akash
The Akash speaks to you through concepts. The new energy carries different survival drivers for the old soul. Into your brain will be delivered concepts where there is no more karma. It has been voided, as we told you more than 20 years ago [Kryon Book One]. We told you to drop karma, for it is not needed anymore. Go forward with Akashic energy that you create yourself for your future instead of a concept from the past.
Some of you are mystified and feel odd, because without the driver of karma you seem empty. Well, let me tell you, it’s time to understand what that feeling is. It means that you control your life! It means you’re not a victim of the circumstances that push and pull you around. You’ve dropped the old energy driver of karma and so now it’s time to create! That’s conceptual, and Human Beings who don’t get that message think there’s something wrong. Some liked the other feeling and equated it to “being normal”. It’s a recalibration. No more karma.
Past lives will not have the influence that they used to and the things that you used to remember about the past are starting to recalibrate. Now you will begin to remember success, love, compassion and results that come through high thinking. You are going to want these things again. Do you see where this is going? Imagine a Human Being who is driven only by positive things. Imagine a Human Being who is driven so completely by positive things that he/she will develop books and television shows and movies about positive things. Imagine how that might change what others see and feel. Imagine how the few can show something to the many, which might change the planet! Imagine the funding for these things being easy, because old souls with money see it, too!
Dear ones, you are going to start remembering, not old mythology, but the reality of God. You are part of the puzzle, and you now carry the solution. You deserve to be here and the more you awaken, the longer you are going to live. Consciousness awareness of a compassionate mind will extend life. You will never see an angry God in your compassionate mindset. You will never see the mythology of a creator who has judgment.
That never existed! It’s a Human thought placed upon God. Gaia will become your partner on Earth, not a frightening force you have to give offerings to any more than you would a Human partner. You will fall in love with Gaia. Do you see the differences? This is the elusive Akash, which is recalibrating itself to become a lot less elusive. This pushes Human Beings into a whole other consciousness of being. Then you start realizing that the masters of the planet all had it.
In closing, we ask you yet again: Who is your favorite master? Who? Put yourself with him or her right now. How do you feel? Your answer will be, “Relaxed, peaceful, safe, so good!” So I ask you again, what did they have that would allow you to feel this way? The answer is what you are learning to have for yourself; it’s peace where there is no 3D reason to have peace, calmness where there is no 3D reason for calmness, an awareness of beautiful, esoteric things that are out of the sight of those who only trust what their eyes can see.
It’s the love of God that becomes prominent in your life and completely voids the lies of victimization and fear. You are relaxed and treat others differently. The Akashic concepts of mastery are manifested in your daily life, and things that used to be a problem simply become parts of the challenge of Human living and not a survival issue felt at the core level or pushing your “buttons” of fear.
Some of you in this room and those reading needed to hear that last part and you know what I’m talking about. Isn’t it time to get rid of that old process? Why are you letting these things drive you into frustration? It’s making you older. You can let it go now. Say it out loud if you want to. Let your cells hear it! The catalyst to an enlightened planet is sitting in front of me. It’s the old soul who will allow these things to take place in their lives and live longer because of it.
There are those in the audience who have come for a healing. Let it be. Let it start now. Allow yourselves to get up from where you are knowing that it has begun. I want to tell you something that you may not be aware of: Every cell in your body knows what I’m talking about. They are all listening and cheering, if you’ll allow them to. You’re in charge of it all.
The brain is the great central station of the transit of consciousness energy. You are in control of what you will, and will not, allow into it. It’s time to allow a new Akash to speak to you of the glory and the majesty of the system that you helped create.
That is the message for the day. I am Kryon, in love with humanity –  and for good reason.
And so it is.
The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher. 
Lee Carroll

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Energy healer Mona Wind described the kind of information that is found in the Akashic Records, and how she uses it to help individual clients. The Akashic Records take their name from the Sanskrit word akasha, which means the primordial substance from which everything comes from, she explained, adding that the Records represent the soul’s journey. An Akashic Records reader “basically looks at your whole journey and helps you understand at this point in time what you’re about,” and what your specific gifts are, she continued, noting that the Records contain the histories of a person’s past, present, and future incarnations. Interestingly, only certain past lives affect a person at any given time, she said.

Wind pointed out that there are Akashic Records for everything not just people, including animals and houses (she does readings for John DeSalvo, who sends pictures of objects to her as part of his investigations). People can peer into their own Akashic Records via a meditative state, and be reminded of their personal destiny, Wind noted. Looking into George’s Records, she determined that he has only three more lives to go, and in dreams he sends data to another galaxy in a kind of teaching project. Wind also detailed how she works with clients to help clear them from past karmic situations that can impact their financial and personal relationships, and performed a live entity cleansing for a caller.


Mona Wind is an accomplished energy healer, teacher and Akashic record reader with many happy clients and students. She is known by her clients as the accelerator because of her unique gift to see the core issue almost immediately. She is trained as a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Hypnotist, Certified Practitioner of the Akashic Records, Tibetan energy healing and Raw foods teacher. She has a Masters in Human Resource Management. Her hobbies are traveling (34 countries so far), hiking, biking, studying different energy modalities and growing orchids.

The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”) is a term used in theosophy (and anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.


The akashic records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a “universal supercomputer” and the “Mind of God”. People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection[1] or under deep hypnosis. The concept was popularized in the theosophical movements of the 19th century and is derived from Hindu philosophy of Samkhya. It is promulgated in the Samkhya philosophy that the Akashic records are automatically recorded in the elements of akasha one of the five types of elements visualized as existing in the elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. In the Mahabharata mention is made of Chitragupta (lit. “hidden picture”). He is the son of Brahma and a minister of Dharma and his duty is to examine a list of the good and evil actions of men (the Agrasamdhani) after their death. “Nothing is lost of either piety or sin that is committed by creatures. On days of the full moon and the new moon, those acts are conveyed to the Sun where they rest. When a mortal goes into the region of the dead, the deity of the Sun bears witness to all his acts. He that is righteous acquires the fruits of his righteousness there.” (Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva, Section 130, Ganguli trans.) The term akashic records is frequently used in New Age discourse.

Accounts of purported akashic access

C.W. Leadbeater, who claimed to be clairvoyant, conducted research into the akashic records. He said he inspected them at the Theosophical Society headquarters in Adyar (Tamil Nadu), India in 1910 and recorded the results in his book Man: How, Whence, and Whither? The book reputes to record the history of Atlantis and other civilizations as well as the future society of Earth in the 28th century.[

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