Zarathustra – Interviewer Alan Steinfeld – 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing

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Alan Steinfeld of talks to Zarathustra about how he attained his special gifts, how he activates people and how he can help people open their third eye. For part 2 go to:…

About Zarathustra:
Like the ancient prophet Zoroaster (Zarathustra) who appeared in ancient Persia 3000 years ago, Zarathustra comes from the same land. Using a unique blend of Shamanism along with current spiritual techniques, Zarathustra has access to 5th-dimensional quantum space, where he is able to build a bridge to your inner wisdom and connection to Source Energy, removing the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your “self” at a soul level…


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Suzanne Spooner – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – Healing Integration w New Earth

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy: A Soul Healing Integration for the New Earth

Posted by on April 22, 2013   /   Golden Age Of Gaia  / At our request, Suzanne has written a description of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

By: Suzanne Spooner

Moderator of Dolores Cannon’s Professional Forum, Practitioner of QHHT, and Creator of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a process developed by Dolores Cannon. Dolores has been a hypnotherapist for nearly 50 years. She started with her husband Johnny to help people stop smoking and over-eating while he was stationed on a Naval base.

In 1968, while assisting a lady with over-eating, the client spontaneously went into a past-life regression. This was back before reincarnation was well understood in the West. There were no teachings on past-life regression, no New Age Movement, no study of metaphysics. She continued to work with this woman on five of her past lives, documented them and continued to explore this new frontier.

Over the next 50 years, Dolores would continue to expand her work as a hypnotherapist. She’s a true pioneer in learning about and reporting the multi-faceted, multi-layered experience of being human. She’s written over 17 books on some of her thousands of QHHT sessions. The books cover topics of Jesus & the Essenes, Nostradamus, UFO’s, ET’s and life on other planets, a series on The Convoluted Universe and the Three Waves of Volunteers.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a process or technique where a client is guided into a very deep level of hypnosis. We work in the Theta level where we all are naturally at least twice a day; once when we’re just waking up and once when we’re drifting off to sleep. This is where you are in the morning, before you open your eyes and can recall your dreams.

Prior to the actual one-on-one appointment with a QHHT practitioner (sessions must be done in person for a client’s well being), the client has written up a list of questions they want answered.

Typically, the list is divided into health & physical questions and life and personal questions. These questions can deal with physical issues that may be life-threatening or debilitating, family/relationship problems and general questions about life and our world that you have wondered about since you were young!

The ‘tour guide’ into this journey is your High Self (Dolores calls it the Subconscious). It’s the BIGGER you. The part of you that has been with you since the very beginning, when you left Source to experience everything. It has been with you every second of this lifetime, every lifetime and in between. It truly knows you better than you know yourself! It’s the part of you that remembers your completeness, your ability to heal and to understand.

Once in the QHHT session, the client and the practitioner talk for a while, getting to know one another and going over the list of questions the client has brought with them. The process of QHHT and how the day will unfold is explained and questions answered.

After this, the client lies down on a massage table, recliner or wherever they can relax and be comfortable. The practitioner will guide the client into the deep level of relaxation allowing the right brain to fire up and the left brain to recede. Dolores’ process is careful to be mindful of the client’s health, safety and well being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Some clients wonder if they can get their left brain, conscious mind, ego to quiet down and behave. In almost all cases this is possible. Some people may feel like they’re “making it up” as they start to see scenes of a past-life, for example.

I tell my clients that if they feel this to just let go and “make it up”. What I know for certain is when they take the power away from the ego (who wants to derail the session by placing this thought in the mind) and just go for it, the images and pictures get clearer and the information is easily retrieved. Most people will see images that may appear like viewing a movie or like in your dreams. Some people are more ‘aware’ of their surroundings or will have a knowing.

Your High Self is guiding you to the past lives, future lives, or other experiences in order to explain to you why things are the way they’re in your life right now. It’s taking you to where the issue originated from, usually in a past-life. With this understanding, you can have a global view of the issue and in most cases let it go or do what must be done to learn from it so that you can move on in a healthy way.

If we come from Source to experience everything, then you can be anything in a past-life. I’ve had clients who were the opposite gender, androgynous, bears, a horse, an eagle, water, a rock, a fairies, monks with secret knowledge, members of the Egyptian elite and about everything in between.   No, not everyone is royalty or had an exciting life. Sometimes they’re shown a life of ease, to show them the balance of a difficult life this go around.

I’ve had clients be energy, part of an energy grid around Earth, formless, angels, and light. Every time, they’re shown a ‘story’ that helps explain their current life challenges. It’s all shown gently. Even traumatic scenes can be seen from an observer’s point of view, taking the client out of the physical or mental discomfort to ‘see’ it as if they were watching a movie.

One thing I’ve been doing lately, that has been very interesting, is guiding a client to their planning session, just prior to the current incarnation they’re experiencing now. Most people report being in a room, usually at a table. Around them are guides, angels, loved ones, their council. On the table may be scrolls, books, pages and even touch screens!

In this space the client learns what the original lessons and purpose of their life was and if there have been any revisions. They can find out why they picked their parents, partners and friends. They’re shown what they will learn from these people and what they’re teaching in return. I’ve seen decades of  unhappy, unhealthy relationships explained in a way that has allowed the client to truly understand the circumstances and let go of years of debilitating sadness.

Once we get finished looking at the past lives or other experiences their High Self has picked for them, the real magic begins! I call forth the clients High Self to speak through the client, to use their voice to communicate verbally! The energy in the room amplifies and I am sitting next to my client doing a little happy dance for them.

Once the High Self is present in this way, and there is a specific way to know when this has occurred, I start off by asking it to explain why it chose to show the client the certain lives it did. If there were any loose strings in understanding, here’s where they get tied up in a pretty bow. It’s all explained.

I sometimes ask the High Self what It’s like to have the client’s voice to speak with. So many times there will be a long sigh and it will say, “It’s sooo nice! We’ve been trying to tell her this for sooooo long!” This part of you, by the way, is what gives you your feelings in your gut, your nudges, your epiphanies. Now it just has the tool of your voice and language to express itself.

I start asking the High Self to answer the client’s list of questions. We tend to start with the physical/health questions first. The High Self scans the body, explains the root cause of the issue, does repair, dissolves things, removes things.

In just about every case, the client’s physical issue began with a spiritual or energetic issue that was ignored by the client. This is seen with eye issues (what won’t they see or look at), throat issues (not speaking their truth), blood issues (low life force), issues with the knees, ankles and feet (not going forward with their life work) just to name a few. It’s always interesting to me, after hearing a client tell me about their cancer or other ailment, to hear what was going on in their life just prior to the onset of symptoms.

In most cases, the body is happy to repair and heal itself. I, as a practitioner am healing nothing. It’s the client doing the work on their own body. Now,  the body is happy to retain this state of homeostasis as long as the client firmly believes that they’re powerful enough to heal themselves and maintain that health.
We talk a lot about this in their session. Likewise, if a client doesn’t believe they can do this, that they have to have someone else heal them, that they don’t deserve to be healed, well… The body is again happy to support that belief system too. The client’s symptoms will return.

I tell my clients if they’re smart enough to make their bodies sick, they certainly are smart enough to make their bodies healthy and whole. During this time the client might be aware of physical sensations in the body. They may feel warm or chilled, things shifting or energy coming in. The key is to remember how very big you are and how very much you are connected to the ALL.

We next will go though the client’s list of personal/life questions. If we haven’t heard yet, I will ask what the lessons and purpose of this life are. Again, the answers are given and explained so beautifully. Every once in a while the client’s High Self will say,”She KNOWS the answer to that!” And I will say, “I know she knows but it’s important for her to hear YOU explain it!” And they always do.

After we’ve answered their list of questions I ask for a final message for the client. They’re typically short and to the point. They say things like she is so loved and we’re so proud of the work she’s doing. We’re always with her and we hope she listens to us easier now.
And what if the client remembers nothing upon waking up? That can happen. Some people can recall almost everything, others nothing and most people in between. It feels very much like waking up from a lucid dream.

Every session is recorded for them. This actually is a very important element to the session. The client hears his or her own voice (their High Self) explaining why thing are the way they are. Hearing this coming from themselves is infinitely more powerful than hearing someone else tell them what’s wrong with them.
I stress to my clients to listen to their recording soon and often after a session. This allows the conscious mind to accept that the healing and understandings have been given which allows for a better outcome.

I’m sure some clients never listen to their recording. That’s ok. It then becomes an interesting experience. For those that help integrate the knowledge they tapped into though, a QHHT session is life transforming. As a practitioner, that is my hope for everyone that passes through my door.
I truly believe this lovely process of QHHT, developed by Dolores Cannon, is  a way to assist people in remembering their birthright of being Divine, Holy Creators. We (at least until this newest generation gracing our planet) came into this human experience with blinders. Our memory was gone or forgotten of where we really come from.

We can feel like we’re all alone, muddling through this life for no good reason. This tool Of QHHT helps unlock the door to our memories and our individual and collective greatness as a current member of Humanity. It’s a soul healing integration to assist us into the New Earth.
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