Wisdom Warrior – Attuning to Oneness – The Harmonic Ascension – Paradiso Turturici

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Album “Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension
Release Date: March 5th, 2013
From 5th Element Music

Attuning to Oneness is the latest album from
best-selling, multi-award winning New Age Artists,
master didjeridoo player Paradiso and chanteuse /
singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi. The duo’s debut
collaboration 3rd Eye Rising took the world by storm with
top 5 international radio chart performance, an award for the best
New Age Album of the Year (Independent Music Awards),
and among the year’s best World albums (Coalition of
Visionary Resources) and Meditation/Relaxation albums
(Zone Music Reporter).

The prior four albums composed and produced by Paradiso
also topped the New Age Radio charts: Healing Vibes,
Shaman’s Trance, Middle Path and Himalayan Chakra Healing.
Didjeridoo virtuoso Paradiso has performed at Carnegie Hall and
his and Rasamayi’s music has been featured in events and projects
with spiritual and musical greats including Deepak Chopra,
Michael Bernard Beckwith, Stephen Halpern, Gregg Braden, Dr.
Masaru Emoto and Neale Donald Walsch.

Attuning to Oneness is instrumental new age music featuring
Paradiso on didjeridoo, keyboards, theremin and gong and Rasamayi’s
soothing chants, crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls.
This album is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other
healing modalities. Each song was recorded with the intention
to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing
power of sound. Soulmates Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the wellness
and evolution of listeners worldwide through their music and
partnership in sound healing.

Composer Marco Missinato – Unfolding Secrets – Symphony of the Heart Documentary

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Unfolding Secrets — A Symphony of the Heart http://youtu.be/yzKR4ezFjVI
Experience now, Unfolding Secrets—A Symphony of the Heart. Marco Missinato, Composer and Kristin Hoffmann, Soprano Vocalist share with you this beautifully orchestrated world premiere event launched in Cuenca, Ecuador. You will feel the powerful transformative energy brought forth through the music, Kristin’s voice, the musicians, the audience and the grandeur of the Cuenca venues. Marco and Kristin share their innermost passionate feelings and vision about music and how Unfolding Secrets will inspire audiences around the world to awaken in their hearts and live in love, joy, peace, passion and oneness. Enjoy this emotional and joyful journey throughout Marco and Kristin’s Cuenca experience.

Produced by Ashley Rogers

Music of the Heart (1999) – Music and Trailer

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Kit Watkins – Thought Tones – Feel the Flow of Consciousness

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Attracting Chi – Feng Shui Music, Midori – Bird Songs

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Attract and strengthen positive energy, balance your yin yang forces with sights and sounds of nature and relaxing music. Title Attracting Chi from album Feng Shui Music by Midori

Thomas Newman – Hauntingly Beautiful Music

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More Thomas Newman   –

Dawn – Piano Solo – Masako, Composer

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Download one FREE MP3 here:

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CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/masako2

Official Website: http://www.masako-music.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MasakoMusic

Though her music may be categorized as “new age,” “smooth jazz,” or “easy listening,” Masako’s piano style is uniquely her own, as Will Ackerman (producer, guitarist, founder of Windham Hill Records) describes it: “Every single song sounds to be uniquely hers. I think that the greatest compliment I can give any artist is that their voice is so persuasive that it’s no one else. And I’ve come to know her music in that way.”

Masako plays her composition “Dawn.”

Deep Theta Mediation 5.5Hz Isochronic Tones With Metal Crystal Bowls

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Alternative background sounds also available: water stream, thunderstorm, underwater sounds, outerspace.

This is a deep Theta brain entrainment session, using Isochronic Tones with a metal crystal bowls background track. It is designed to make it easier to experience a deeper state of meditation, usually only acheived after many years of practice.

The session begins at the top of the high Alpha range (12 Hz), and guides you down to high Theta in about 7 minutes. Then gently down to deep Theta (5.5 Hz) by the 14 minutes mark, where it holds you for just over half an hour.

Not designed for sleep

As you close in on the end of the session (after 46 minutes), you are gradually taken out of the deep Theta state and back into a more aware but still relaxed state in high Alpha.


Headphones are not required for this particular session, as long as you can clearly hear the Isochronic Tones behind the music track. But, if you can use headphones, I always recommend it. When you use headphones it helps to block out any peripheral sound in the room, and I personally find the entrainment experience to be more powerful when using them.

Metal Crystal Bowls

I also have another video of metal crystal bowls without the Isochronic tones here:


Sonicaid – Music To Inspire Positive Thinking

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These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state. I take zero claim or responsibility for anything – positive or negative, direct or indirect, accidental or purposeful – that may come to you or occur within your life and health as a result of these tracks.

Llewellyn – The Dreamweavers

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The Dreamweavers Llewellyn, from the albumThe Healing Pool
by Juliana
All media used in this video belong to their rightful owners.PIAS
No copyright infringement intended.

Healing Tone 141.27 Hz – Benefits Throat Chakra – – Supports Throat Chakra(Mercury

RECCOMENDATION:   Try listening to this while reading some articles.

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141.27 HZ – Frequency associated with the orbit of Mercury: intellectuality, mobility.

Binaural beat : Schumann Resonance 7.83 HZ “the earth’s natural brainwave”
Headphones Recommended  /  Background audio: Deep Sea.

Mercury is the planet nexte the sun, its rotation around the sun lasts about 88 day. Its tone oscillates in the 30th octave with 141.27 Hz. This tone is a C#. The corresponding colour is a blue with a wavelength of about 480 Nanometers.

Of all planets only the both inner planets (between sun and earth) can be associated to a chakra. Mercury, which is, according to astrological and hermetic tradition, the morning star of Gemini and the evening star of Virgo, stand for communivation and cleverness.

The tones of the planets are heliocentric tones and so they have by far less meaning for the beginning of life on the earth than the oscillation of our own planet and that of the moon.


Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the center of higher creative energy. Like the Sex Chakra it governs self expression, creativity, self esteem and communication. Its creative energies are strongly linked with the Sex Chakra and if one is blocked it is very likely that the other will also have problems. While the Sex Chakra governs the self expression of the Lower Self which is a more physical and sensual type of expression such as with movement and connecting with nature and other people etc, the Throat governs the expression of the Higher Self which is more involved with mental and emotional expression through thought, speech and writing.

Being the center of creativity, the throat has immense powers of creation. In its fully active and awakened state this chakra would give you amazing powers over your reality and your future. If it was fully activated, when you spoke it would come true and so indeed you would speak the truth. In fact the inter-dimensional forces that connect with this chakra have the power to create anything and are the forces from which the Universe is created. Unfortunately we cannot access these deeper powers of the throat because in our current state these types of powers would destroy us very quickly. If what you said came true you would want to be very careful what you said as you could cause immense havoc very quickly while in a negative emotional state. Until we have transcended negativity and gained control of our desires and thoughts, the full powers of the throat will never be ours. This could be a long way off but even in our current state with very little creative power the Throat Chakra can be cultivated to give us more power over our lives. The throat also contains powers of healing, transformation and change that we all are in need of.

If the throat is especially blocked or unbalanced, it will often lead to feeling timid, quiet, weak, inhibited and unable to express thoughts clearly. In the physical body the Throat Chakra relates to the throat, lungs, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.

Continue at  Alchemy Realm

Echoes of Creation – Most Sacred Art – David Arkenstone

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As seen on Public Television and available on DVD and Blu-ray at http://www.EchoesofCreationMovie.com, an excerpt from “Echoes of Creation” movie by Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman. Featuring Grammy nominated composer David Arkenstone and spoken word by Karen Hutton.

New Age Consciousness – Yurima – Golden Collection

(00:00:00) (01) River Flows in You
(00:03:03) (02) I
(00:07:08) (03) May Be
(00:11:04) (04) Love Me
(00:15:05) (05) It’s Your Day
(00:18:43) (06) Do You?
(00:22:47) (07) As You Wish
(00:25:38) (08) Chaconne
(00:29:28) (09) Indigo
(00:32:31) (10) Sometimes…Someone
(00:36:48) (11) The Sunbeams… They Scatter
(00:40:39) (12) Destiny Of Love
(00:45:24) (13) -korean title 1-
(00:48:50) (14) -korean title 2-
(00:52:15) (15) One Day Diary
(00:59:47) (16) Ribbonized
(01:05:12) (17) What Beautiful Stars
(01:08:00) (18) Sky
(01:11:46) (19) Journey
(01:15:38) (20) Hope

Pictures from ‘Plastic Days’ Exhibition, Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, March 10-May 20 (2012).

Gaia’s Garden – Beauty We Have Lost

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“Extracts from my new CD ‘Gaia’s Garden’, released by New Earth Records in October 2011. The music plays to illustrations of some of the beautiful creatures that have been wiped from the face of the Earth by mankind’s actions.
There is a message of hope too for some of the creatures shown that are not yet extinct but are critically endangered. They are in our hands.
The CD features performances some of my greatest musical friends; Karunesh, Govi, Yair Dalal, Manish Vyas, Anand Richa and many more. My gratitude to them! ”
To download the CD: http://www.newearthrecords.com/music-…

Robert Slap – Eternal OM – Mandala of Golden Buddha

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Hero – Mariah Carey

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Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All

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Music video by Whitney Houston performing Greatest Love Of All. (C) 1985 Arista Records, Inc.

Love Heals

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A song about the Healing Love of Jesus, by Tony Yu, sung by the MLCC & BPCC choirs.

Colors of Music – Classical Oriental Music

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No matter how you see music, you can’t deny its power to communicate. Now with Ebru TV, witness the Colors of Music–a series of evocative musical performances.

Colors of Music features renown soloists in choice sessions of their best work. Listen as these virtuosos play classical guitar, rebec, oud, and kemenche– accordion, qanun, saz, and zurna– duduk, clarinet, violin and more. On this program, you’ll hear rare and traditional instruments, soothing folk melodies, sophisticated classical interpretations, spiritual and devotional music, as well as stirring avant-garde compositions.

Colors of Music spends lavish care bringing each concert to screen. Breathtaking camerawork captures the subtle techniques and passionate intensity of every artist. It’s the kind of cinematic detail seldom seen in filmed performances, and one that will make your home viewing experience come alive. Some say its entertainment. For others, it’s an expression of the soul. With Colors of Music, enjoy a whole new spectrum of music television.

Quantum Physics: Music and Consciousness

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Quantum physics, music, consciousness, and our attunement to the vibrations of the universe

Throat Chakra Music

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Music is from the German CD “Hals-Chakra-Meditation”. Concept: Marianne Uhl / Hanne Grym. Composers are: Bernd and Achim Bauer.

“The Throat Chakra is a transmitter of truth, freedom, and clarity. It is located in the throat and neck region of the body and extends upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex. This area of the physical body holds the communication center, and the gateway to inner and outer worlds. What does your Throat Chakra need so you can fully express who you are?”

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/your…

David Arkenstone – Magic Forest

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David Arkenstones Magic Forest, Really relaxing song of one of the best celtic artists ever lived. With pics from forest’s around the world…

Ethereal Gateway

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Music by Jonn Serrie – Deep Mystery

Song of Ascension

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To read more and to download the free Song of Ascension Meditation, visit: http://humanityhealing.net/2010/11/so…

Video Information
©2010 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved.

Music: Charlotte Church, “Just Wave Hello” (Ford Global Album)

Images: Google / Photobucket
We Honor the Unknown Artists

Sacred Earth – Mojave Pueblo Flute

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I played this song on a Mojave Pueblo Flute made by Michael Graham Allan from Coyote Oldman Flutes.
The song is to honour and celebrate our sacred mother earth. I love her beauty. She feeds us, and gives us shelter, we really need to take better care for her.