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An excerpt from a sound healing session by Rosie Warburton, sound therapist, with Tibetan singing bowls given at the Sound Body Wholistic Health Center inSt. Petersburg, FL.

What Is Energy Healing? – EnergyFanatics.com – 7-14-14



by PL Chang

Before we explore what energy healing is, let us turn our attention to the miraculous properties of energy, so that we can understand why energy healing is essential for our well-being. Energy is a formless “substance” that can’t be created or destroyed. This energetic “substance” is the essence of life, because without it reality and life can’t exist. The world that you live in is actually made of only energy. Contrary to what you have been told, the solid materials that you see in your environment are actually another form of energy. To be more accurate, they are made of matter which is a projection of energy. Besides being a projection of energy, matter also contains energy codes.

When it comes to seeing a solid material, your consciousness processes the energy codes of that material object in a way that creates the “illusion” that it is a solid material. It is during this process that you are tricked into believing that the material world is solid in nature. In reality, the core “substance” that makes up the Universe is energy. In health terms, this means that to truly heal yourself, you need to heal your body at the energy and physical level. When you really think about it, all forms of alternative and conventional healing involve the exchange of energy; therefore, they are basically different types of energy healing.

Healing our body at the energy level is essential for spiritual growth, because if we only heal ourselves at the physical level, we can’t truly fix the distortions in the energy template upon which our body manifests into physicality. As long as there are distortions in our energy template, these distortions will keep manifesting health problems into our life. The best and most effective way to heal these energy distortions is to use energy healing techniques.


One of the simplest definitions of energy healing is the process of healing yourself at the energy level. This process often involves using energy healing methods to fix the distortions in your light bodies and energy templates. Many energy healing techniques use subconscious symbol codes and hand positions, and the power of thought, sound, and words to facilitate the healing of the energy structures of the light bodies. Healing your light bodies takes more time than healing your physical body, because your light bodies exist at a deeper level than your physical body. For this reason, it often takes some time before you feel the healing effects of energy healing.

The lack of quick results is one of the reasons why most people don’t rely on energy healing techniques to heal their health issues. Another reason is because most people don’t think that healing themselves at the energy level will solve their health problems. It is unfortunate that many people think like this because this type of thinking will prevent them from healing their soul and spirit.

Since energy healing lacks quick results, it is best for healing health issues that aren’t life threatening. For example, certain emotional problems and health conditions that don’t require immediate treatment can be effectively treated with certain energy healing methods. Life threatening health conditions like cancer should be treated with conventional and alternative therapy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t combine energy healing techniques along with conventional therapy to treat life threatening health conditions. In fact, combining energy healing therapy and conventional treatment to heal life threatening health conditions will increase your chance of survival.


Energy healing promotes better health by enhancing energy flow and clearing negative energy from your energy fields, chakras, meridians, and other energy systems of your body. As all the energy systems of your body are brought closer to their original healthy state, you will feel better and have less emotional issues, and your energy level will increase.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of energy healing:

  • Helps release stress and other emotional problems
  • Reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
  • Increases the performance of the immune system
  • Produces a sense of inner peace and well-being
  • Relieves pain, such as muscle and joint pain
  • Promotes better sleep and sharpens memory
  • Stimulates the body to detox toxins
  • Raises the frequency of the body
  • Increases vitality and energy



Healing Conversation – Sandra Walter and Lauren Galey – 6-6-14





In this 90-minute interview, Sandra Walter covers several aspects of this Ascension process that we are going through, some of which are summarised below:

  • Gatekeeping duties ~ opening portals to higher dimensional Light and connecting with them in preparation for the eventual Shift
  • 3rd/4th dimensions are technically gone, Gaia is moving on the the 5th
  • Another massive wave coming in June, entire Galaxy now pushed into new area hypercharged area of Photon Belt
  • Reminds us that Humans are pure Source in form
  • All grids now fully functional
  • Holding gates to Heaven open, merging Heaven and Earth
  • Cosmic triggers and markers in June/July ~ intense energies will make us sleepy or berserk!
  • These energies are snowballing us into the Shift, they are not going to calm down anytime soon, so please level up!
  • Journey getting more personal,yet  simultaneously merging into Unity Consciousness
  • Conscious participation and responsibility essential
  • Dimensional levels = Russian dolls, all nested within another
  • Golden Crystalline Heart Centre = pure expression of Source
  • Sandra takes us through Lightbody and consciousness expansional meditation, connecting with pure Creator Consciousness
  • Letting go of what was, forgiveness, be in Divine Neutrality ~ vital when the great Shifts come
  • Zero point energy just boomerangs everything back to us, so remain in neutrality and higher consciousness
  • Expressing our spirituality and authenticity 24/7
  • Ascension is an act of faith
  • Powerful activations that make us have to lie down
  • Crystallin cities, a band of consciousness around Planet
  • Mt Shasta, sacred vortex to higher dimensions
  • First wave of Ascension in 2015.

Please go here to read Sandra’s message and to listen to the audio.

Teal Swan – Kelli In The Raw TV

Heart Field – Love Energy can be Harnessed to Heal the Body – Mystic Unity

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Understanding the human heart is a very important subject. It is where empathy, intuition, compassion, and love express from. Meditation on the heart is extremely beneficial for those seeking to develop a deeper understanding and connection with life. Emotional energy such as Love energy can be harnessed and be used to heal the body. The most powerful kind of love is unconditional love. Such love allows immense amount of energy to flow through through body freely and uninhibited, as no boundaries are present in unconditional love. This allows a powerful connection to the surrounding fields of energy. The human body could be see as a biological technology, our emotions and thoughts have been proven to effect quantum fields of reality.

Forgiveness and acceptance are key components to developing a unconditional state of love, such acts release emotional blocks and end negative cycles, freeing a vast amount of energy and allowing the life force to flow naturally once again. The heart has been expressed to be our zero point energy field, seat of the soul, and it is also the first organ created during the birthing process.

The Healing, Transformational Golden Energy Ball – Council of Angels via Goldenlight – 5-19-14

 Gold Energy Ball


Dear Friends,

This post was originally written in November of 2012….I’m coming across this information again about our Lightbody/Golden Energy Ball/Torus and will be expanding upon this in future messages. Today I came across some more info from the Thrive website which correlates with this information. I’ve published part of this below this post with a link to the full article, as well as an excellent video from the Thrive Movement.  Look at the golden torus-shaped energy ball around his body in the video…this is exactly what I saw in my original meditation! I’m going to work with this more and do a channeling on it at some point soon. More will be revealed! Love, Goldenlight

Below message is copyright © The Golden Light Channel. All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you include this credit, do not alter it in any way, and provide a link back to www.thegoldenlightchannel.com at the top of the post. Youtube users: you may not use this content without prior written permission.

In September 2012, I experienced a vision during a spiritual energy session….in the vision I was at a special part of my favorite beach where I always go during spiritual meditations. I found out later in one of my messages that this is a place of spiritual healing for me and also a portal to the 4th and 5th dimensions. (I have been going to this certain spot on the beach in my meditations for many years.) I then entered into this vision, and became a part of it. I saw my my energy session guide drawing a huge circle of golden light around herself, showing me how to do it in turn. She showed me how to construct with my thoughts a golden energy ball around me with me on the inside; I then experienced how this is a higher frequency energy device for teletransportation, manifestation and healing.

I received a telepathic message afterwards. This was also when my Council of Angels told me that they wanted me to share this information on a spiritual website, and that they had much information they wanted to relay to me to communicate on this site. The Golden Light Channel website was created in November of 2012. The number of visitors to the site bypassed 520,000 by May 2014. The Council of Angels also shared that they wanted me to build an art studio to create “lightworks” of art for assisting with ascension. (This art studio was created and will be re-opening soon for the 2014 Spring/Summer season)

Below is the message I transcribed about the Golden Energy Ball (my terminology). I later found out that part of the form of the energy ball is the Torus, which is the form of much of the life and energy in the universe. I first saw the torus in the movie “THRIVE” – there it was, the exact thing I had seen in my meditation.** Note: all my channeled messages are in “stream of consciousness” format, with very little punctuation or capitalization, often reading like a run on sentence, but this is how they come to me. My side of the communication is in italics. Some of this may seem unbelievable, but they assure me it is all true. Much of this will be coming to us as we enter the 5th dimension, and all of our 5th dimensional abilities will be awakened at that time (including telepathy, teletransportation, etc), as our DNA and chakras our being upgraded, and our new light body of Mer-Ka-Na is being formed, a lightbody which is crystalline-based instead of carbon-based. See my channeling on The Crystalline Grid & Shifting to Crystalline Energy in the 4th & 5th dimensions for more information on this.

This was one of my earlier channelings in late October, posted on 11-10-12 but is extremely relevant now. Indeed, as I read this, I am reminded to practice this meditation in this NOW moment. 🙂   -Goldenlight



The Healing, Transformational Golden Energy Ball – Council of Angels via Goldenlight

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com

GL: Tell me about the golden energy ball.. I discovered tonight the torus and what you showed me in the meditation is a torus..and that is how it can be used for healing teletransportation entering alternate realties etc.

Yes that is absolutely correct.. We helped you come across that information today this is part of the important information that we want to share with you. You can heal and change your body shape with it… heal relationships with the power of thought .. And teletransport to visit people also transport to alternate realities that you can manifest with your mind. This information on using this healing and transformational golden energy ball in this way is new information that no one has brought forth yet in this way, and it will help all who inhabit planet earth to heal and in changing over from carbon based to crystalline form just as the earth is also locking in its crystalline energy this new vibrational pattern is a higher octave and frequency and the healing torus will assist your body in making this transformation more smoothly.. It can also help with all healing and manifestation and in creating a life that you want and a world that you want… Creating peace and prosperity..

The first place I went while using the golden energy ball was to a nearby beach house that I love and I had bought it and was living in it…..then I imagined an alternate reality where there was a shift from how a certain aspect of my life had turned out, and I was able to briefly enter that reality. “Wow!,” I thought, “…amazing what a shift in perception can do!”

You can go there and practice whenever you need to… simply focus on what you wish to manifest then you can either observe or dissolve the energy bubble and enter into that reality.

What happens to the old reality?

All realities and possibilities exist simultaneously it’s just a matter of what you focus on as to where you are.

But are those other realities real?

Just as much as the one you are currently “in” is real yes.

How do I go into one of those alternate realities and be ” in” that one instead of this one?

It takes a little bit of practice but the more you visit the more real it becomes. This will all be easier after the shift, especially after the 12-12-12 portal opens up and definitely after the new frequencies are locked in after 12-21-12.

Start with easier things like manifesting the life you want for yourself and the body you want.. The alternate realities are at a more advanced level and after you master the manifestation teletransportation and healing you will advance more easily into alternate realities involving you and other people they are more complex and slightly more “advanced” to master but you are at a level now where you can manifest quickly and this energy device that we have shown you tonight will be most useful to you. Simply bring it around you with the light activation as we showed you in the meditation (we will give Goldenlight the steps of this meditation technique in another channeling so it may be used by All), then focus and concentrate on your desired manifestation (only to be used for your highest good), then visit yourself in this manifestation, and to make it real just dissolve the bubble! Think of your driveway … we helped with that to show you how quickly you can manifest now. With just a little bit of focus, you had a brand new driveway and walkway in two days!

Use the energy ball…focus in your mind to make it real then visit and dissolve the energy ball.. The more you visit the more real it will be then your current reality will catch up with it and events will naturally occur to lead up to the manifestation of it, including insights on some of the actions or steps you take that will lead up to its manifestation …Wow! Thank you so much for this gift. I promise to use it only for good and for healing.

Tell me about my art and spiritual transformation. (I had had a vision of me creating spiritually-inspired artwork during my “Reconnection” last summer, and received information during that session that part of my mission to be here on earth at this time was to create this art.)

The cosmic energies coming into your earth at this time can be channeled into your new art studio idea and into your abstract painting artwork.. Let divine inspiration guide you and inspire you along with all of the love the angels and your angelic council have for you. You are absolutely on the right track with your art studio/gallery in your garage and we have been sending you holographic thought forms of your new studio and art that is why you keep seeing images of your new studio. (Note: the art studio will soon be opening for the Spring/Summer and I will be creating more Lightworks of Art).

© The Golden Light Channel. All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you include this credit, do not alter it in any way, and provide a link back to www.thegoldenlightchannel.com at the top of the post.


Teal Swan – Healing the Emotional Body

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In this episode, Teal explains that your feeling body (what most people call the emotional body) is the truth of who you are at a feeling level. This layer of you contains the imprints of the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state. It is the bridge between your physical self and our thinking self. The feeling body interprets and translates the thoughts projected forth by your eternal consciousness perspective and also by your human perspective into feeling states or “feeling signatures”. This translation is the first step that takes place in order to enable a being to have a first hand experience of a thought. This enables the thought to be actualized instead of remain abstract. This actualization of thoughts enables us to learn and gain awareness better and faster and this in turn enables personal and universal expansion. Because of the emotional body, man is able to experience their own thoughts. The thoughts are converted into feeling impressions. The physical body interprets those feeling impressions and as if translating the message, converts those feeling states into the neuropeptides and hormones that cause the physical reactions in our body that we call “emotions”; emotions ranging from fear, anger and stress to love, compassion and happiness.
The feeling body is not an actual body. It is etheric in nature. But it can be understood and visualized symbolically like an actual body (in fact it often is both out of body and in dream time). You can ask to be shown the visual representation of your feeling body in meditation of you like. With practice, you will no longer need to facilitate an altered state of consciousness like meditation to switch your perspective in order to see the layer of a person’s emotional/feeling body at will. You could observe it as energy, or you could observe it as the representation of an actual body.
In the second half of this episode, Teal explains how to facilitate “integration” of the emotional body.

Ask Teal Website – http://www.askteal.com
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

St. Germaine Discusses Energy Healing on Heavenly Blessings – 1-17-14

Earth aura

St. Germaine Discusses Energy Healing on Heavenly Blessings. January 7, 2014

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and Happy New Year! Welcome to our first offering of Heavenly Blessings for 2014 with Linda Dillon channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today our beloved St. Germaine is here with us to discuss Energy Healing. Many of us are engaged every day with the invisible work of channeling and sending energy to others as well as to places and situations, yet we rarely get to see the tangible results of what we do.

A great deal of the shift in consciousness and perception, for me, has been releasing a need to understand every aspect of what’s going on or even any aspect. So, I’m going with the flow of whatever questions come up. It’s a joy to be back and doing this show with you, Linda, good morning.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and yes, Happy New Year to everybody, seen and unseen, that’s here today with us. And I think, just as you and I have been chatting before the show, is that there really is this theme and of course this is what Jesus Sananda has told us, the themes for the new year, and Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary as well, is that it’s about surrender and its about perhaps not needing in the same way to really understand but rather to accept and – huge issue – to trust yourself of what you know, what you perceive, what you believe, and proceeding just into action rather than sitting back and waiting.

So, it’s great to be back and gosh, do we have a lot to talk about! I know it’s just a little over an hour but to talk about the subject of ‘healing’ and everything that’s involved in it is huge.

SM: It is.  It’s amazing, and you had just posted something that it’s a sign of intelligence or something to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.  I think we’re well into that territory at this point.

LD: I think we are.  The thing about energy healing and energy medicine, like you said, we don’t always understand exactly how that transmission is taking place. But on a soul level and I’d want to say even on a human level, we do understand that it is taking place.  I thought one of the things that we would do today is just even talk about some of the false grids that we’ve referred to in earlier programs.  When we talk about healing and energy healing then really a lot of what we’re talking about is the healing of those false grids, that belief system.

The Council of Love, St. Germaine himself actually and Lao Tzu, has talked about how most of what we think of as dis-ease, illness, imbalance, about between 83% to 87% of it comes from our outer layers. And when I say ‘our outer layers’ I specifically mean our mental and our emotional and a little tiny percentage from our causal bodies. So, it’s what happens to us mentally and emotionally that ends up making us feel sick or bringing on dis-ease. It’s when it gets to that physical point that, in fact, it’s like we bring it to the attention almost of our physical body, that it’s our body screaming for help to please pay attention, that there’s something really going on that’s bothering us deeply.

SM: Right!  Yes, we do need to pay attention to our bodies.  I’m still recovering from this cough and cold that I had over New Year’s and I just feel like this year things are vastly different.  It’s almost like night and day, where we really have reached another level of conscious awareness and we just need to get used to it a little and settle into it to really understand and to be able to let go of the habitual understandings we had before.  Right now we really don’t understand anything about the way things work. We have the Universal Laws but there seems like there’s a deeper level.

LD: We have the Universal Laws and we have our heart and our heart consciousness and that’s where all the expansion has been anchoring and coming from.  It’s this expansion of our heart, of our heart consciousness, that is giving us a completely, if not new, certainly an expanded understanding of how things work or how things don’t work. And to be comfortable with the fact that maybe we don’t know it all…I can’t even imagine that we know even a fraction of it…but that we don’t know it all and that’s okay.

One of the things that I absolutely love about being the channel for the Council of Love is that there isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t have one of those ‘aha!’ moments. Every single day, at some point of the day, whether it’s out feeding the birds or doing a channeling for somebody or even watching the news…which I do so rarely…but there’s always a point in the day when I have one of those ‘aha’ moments.  And it’s not just in channeling, because I’m not at the point where I can separate when I channel or when I don’t channel.  Like you said, either we’re in the flow or we’re not in the flow. And it’s so amazing to be alive, but part of being alive right now and part of what our Ascension is all about is, in fact, being in our physical form and really embracing, I think, at a whole new level, the joy of being in that physical form.

SM: Yes, it’s a very interesting practice to go through the everyday mundane tasks that we still have of maintaining our physical lives and to look at that and say, “Wow, why am I even doing this? Well, I’m doing it because I can, I have a hand, I have a thumb that I can rub this glue off with or whatever.” It’s kind of a delight in being where we are and understanding it doesn’t have to be that [mundane] way.

LD: Yeah. And the delight can come even in doing the laundry. St. Germaine is so front and center and present with us at the moment, and one of the things that he was encouraging me to say as I was getting ready and doing the meditation with him to hold that energy is the reminder to all of us that we still experience aches and pains or like you said you got that cold.

God knows I’ve had enough health challenges to fill a couple of volumes.  It’s so important, even as we start this conversation, to never go into that fault or guilt or shame or blame.  So often we think ‘well if I’m doing my work and really tending to the care and feeding of my sacred self, then how on Earth and I getting sick?’  This is a big focus actually that we spend time in the New You and in the book. And then we think ‘well, I must be doing something wrong. I must be ignoring something.’

And when we don’t feel completely on top of our game, whether it’s a really serious illness, and I think we do need to separate those, or we just don’t feel 100%. Rather than going into any kind of beating up on ourselves we really need to be gentle because that’s our flashing yellow light and sometimes a red light that we really need to take time out and be gentle with ourselves, to tend to ourselves.

SM: Yeah, that’s true and something that’s come to me about the purpose of my cold is that I’m sort of making myself become familiar with the lymph system in my body.  That’s not by checking the internet, it’s by checking in with myself, feeling with my fingers where things are, massaging the lymph system, putting Golden Light in there and healing myself. And I think maybe that’s why it happened for me is so I can show myself what I really can do and what I’m capable of.

LD: That’s the flip side of it is that all of us, every single person on this planet, has the ability to either heal themselves or to be healed. When I was thinking this I was thinking about all the various kingdoms and the ways in which we’re healed or do self-healing, but everything that we need to heal is provided on the planet. And there are times I know that I’ve been healed by my little dog and cat, they have absolutely absorbed what has gone on with me.  Especially my sweet cat, Nike, who is now no longer with us.  In fact she’s onboard ship and was totally an ET cat, but she would take things, literally, from me and transmute them. She never weighed more than five pounds but man is she mighty.

And of course on Gaia with the things in nature that will infect or disturb our system, if you just look in a pure area, whatever it is like the cure for poison ivy is close by and the cure for whatever ails you is close by. But even the process of earthing, of just putting your feet, every day, either on an earthing mat, thank God for those, or just your bare feet connecting to Gaia, I mean Gaia can heal us like nobody’s business.

And then we forget to ask for the healing element of water or the fairies or the sprites, so it’s all around us and I think we’ve lost a lot of that sense of connection. You know I don’t have any issue, in fact I’m grateful for what we think of as current or western medicine, but what’s happened, I think too often, is that we have looked at western medicine as the penultimate…

SM: Yeah, exactly. Imagine if we got it in schools…

LD: Oh, I wish we did and I know that with the creation of Nova Earth and the Cities of Light we will.

I’ll tell a little story…when I have talked with kids, and that’s one of my favorite things to do, and I’m thinking particularly of two young boys that I befriended, or shall I say, befriended me, but absolutely the loves of my life, and we were sitting around one day, outside in the garden and one of them said, “I have a headache” and so, always being very conscientious that you never touch anybody, whether it’s a child or an adult without being very careful about it, I just said to them, “Well why don’t we do this…just rub your hands together,” which they did, and then I said, “Just separate your hands and feel that energy” and yep, they got it right away, “Now put your hands on your head” which they did and in less than a minute the headache was gone.

And they didn’t say, “Well that’s stupid” or “How does that work?” or “Will that work?” or “Should I take an aspirin?” or “Maybe I have a brain tumor” or “Maybe I should go to the doctor” it was just like so natural to them that of course they could do it.

SM: Yeah, yeah, and all we need to do is be, you know it’s like the human thing, all we need to do is be told that it’s possible…

LD: Yeah…

SM: …it’s hard for us to discover those things on our own because of the societal conditioning of hundreds and hundreds of years. So, yeah, if we could put that into school, kids are just totally receptive to it.

LD: Yeah, and to teach them how to meditate, it’s the same thing, “Go in and talk to your body, ask your body what’s really going on.” It will tell you and it will come up with the most weird and wonderful answers or just the most obvious answers and then you can proceed from there. And it is as simple…there are many, many modalities, wonderful modalities, of energy medicine and energy healing.

SM: How many children are here now that are empathic and we could teach them to discern what is theirs and what is not theirs? That would be a very helpful tool.

LD: Yes, and also to teach them how to not take on what’s not theirs because I think if there’s sort of a key issue with this new race of children, is that because they do come in highly empathic and awake and already in that place of unity consciousness, there is an element of that that if I have a headache and somebody else is in India with that headache then it’s part of my job or responsibility to heal that. So there’s that fine line of differentiation of sending the energy, which is wonderful, and assuming the pain, which is not what any of us want to do.

SM: Yeah. Exactly. So what do you think; we’re in it and is it time for a meditation?

LD: I think it is time for a meditation but before we do I want to explain, and I probably am singing to the choir, and trust me, you never want to hear me sing…but just a little bit about St. Germaine’s Violet Flame and the Violet Flame is the energy of the I AM Presence. And you say, “Well, what is the I AM Presence?” It’s the Source energy, it’s the God energy, it’s the Union energy, it’s the Love energy; it’s a very powerful, powerful energy. And so we’re going to work this morning with that Violet Flame, so that’s the energy we’re calling in…

Suzanne:  We’re including the meditation in this transcript today.  Please write into Contact Us to let me know if you want to read the meditation or simply knowing where it is in the audio version is enough.

So, let’s all begin…let’s all begin this wonderful new year, 2014, as we begin to sail into those crystal clear blue azure waters of the Caribbean. Let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of violet and violet is that wonderful purple tinged with a touch of red; it is the perfect balance between blue and red. So, relax, sink into your chair or your car seat or the floor or the bed, wherever you are, and just take time to feel yourself with Suzi and I and St. Germaine, the Council of Love, at this starting gate of this wonderful year.

And let’s let go, let’s let go of anything you think or feel or believe was left undone or unattended to in 2013 or for the last 2000 years. And sink into your heart, sink into your magnificent tri-flame and anchor deeply. And let’s take a nice, deep breath of the Violet Flame, of that beautiful color, the color you see so much of around the time of Easter, of violet chrysanthemums, and pansies with their face turned toward the sun, and woodland violets. It isn’t a matter of trying to imagine the Violet Flame; the Violet Flame is something that you all know already. So, if you’ve forgotten, let’s pull that up from your wonderful memory banks and see it as the flame of a candle, of a beautiful purple candle that ends not in golden flame but in a violet flame. And this is the essence of the I AM. Now feel that flame igniting gently in your heart and feel it turn on, the same way you would turn on a gas burner and turn it up and breathe and taste and feel that Violet Flame.

Now, what we’re going to do is put that Violet Flame together, with St. Germaine’s help, into each and every one of our chakras, that that sense of Divine energy clears out, balances, and brings a heightened awareness and connection to each center we live in.

So, remaining anchored in your heart, come down to your root chakra…if you don’t know where that is, think of the tip of your tailbone…and see that tiny, beautiful Violet Flame igniting your tailbone, filling your root chakra, marrying and dancing with the red, filling your central column; and up to your pubic, insert the flame; and up to your sacral, to your tummy, which is the color of orange, and feel as if in the center of your tummy you’re putting in the Violet Flame and it is flickering and bright and along with your orange, it is opening and adjusting all your organs, your creativity; up to your umbilical, to your bellybutton, to the core of your addictions, all addictions are addictions to pain. Your umbilical is your place to eliminate, to let go. And today we let go of our need to know and bring in our ability to trust and to know the truth of our hearts. Bring it in.

Now bring that Violet Flame to your solar plexus, to the seat of your will, to your hara, and let it burn away and cleanse all emotional debris, the hurt and injured child, the times of broken heart, of pain or disillusion, let it burn now; up to the base of your rib cage, to the halion, to your connection to your Star brothers and sisters so that you bring the Violet Flame in here to strengthen that connection, to remove all illusion, all fear, all trepidation that maybe it isn’t true…let it go.

Now, into your heart again and feel the warmth, put your hand on your heart and feel the warmth of that wonderful Violet Flame. More. Up to your thymus, your high heart, the color of siroun, of a sunset or peach; this is your center for peace and balance and harmony. Up to your clavicle, to your lurion, to that hollow at the base of your neck; this is one of your centers, very important for communication, for you to be able to communicate with your guides, with your Universal Self, with your I AM through your I AM to THE I AM.

So bring in that Violet Flame and let it merge with the blue and the mauve and the pink, feel the warmth; up to your Adam’s apple, to your throat, into your indigo blue. Speak your truth. Up to your eyebrows, to your fourth eye, to the color of grayelsha, silver and mauve and purples; to your third eye, to the magenta, and bring that Violet Flame into your magenta. Feel it open your third eye so that you see clearly. And now to your crown which is violet and see a huge Violet Flame coming out of the top of your head and feel those flames, the direct line, burning brightly within you.

St. Germaine: Greetings. I am St. Germaine.

SM: Welcome.

St G: And welcome to you, welcome my beloved friends, allies and healers of Nova Earth, and shall we say, really, humanity. And yes, once again I send out my missive, my call, for each one of you are healers. I have said and I will say again, there is no difference, my beloved friends, between healers and teachers and channelers and human beings, and fairies and elves and trees and rocks. Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one another.

Now let us speak of this and let us also speak of the despair when one is not healed. Each of you, I give you this day and I reignite my Violet Flame, of which I am proud keeper. I do not call myself, ‘Master of the Violet Flame’ I am simply a humble keeper of the Violet Flame that has been entrusted to me by the Divine. But it is also entrusted to each and every one of you and I call you across the realms, across the dimensions, across the realities, across the timelines to claim your role, and might I say ‘responsibility’, responsibility in the recovery, for the rejuvenation, for the restoration of humanity, of Gaia, of all, because the healing of this planet goes far.

Now, know I ignite this within the palms of your hands, within the tips of your fingers, within your heart and within your third eye. Now, this is part of your birthright and this is part of your capacity to maintain balance, to be in your I AM Presence, not to drift back and forth but to be firmly anchored in the totality of your Being. Now, my friends, I have walked the Earth and I have seen much illness, much dis-ease, much dismay, but I have never, not on this side or your side, encountered anything that could not be healed.

Yes, as the channel has said, most of what you think of as illness comes from the mental and emotional and from the old paradigms of the 3rd. Now, I want to be very clear with you this day, I do not say this in a casual way, as if you can flip a channel or change a radio station and then say, ‘Oh, I have a new way.’ The release of the old can be difficult but it is also…it is difficult because you believe it to be difficult, you believe it to be a challenge. With the Violet Flame I ask you to build a towering inferno that will burn away the cords to any existence that is not of wholeness, that is not of fullness, that is not of grace, because in the other realms, in the higher dimensions, illness does not exist.

Now are there some of you who have carried illness and dis-ease to teach compassion, patience, prudence? Absolutely and for this we honor and commend you; but you can let go now. And are there some of you who will choose to transition and to be with me rather than to remain in physical form? Yes, absolutely. But do not ever think of this as any sense of failure, of incompletion, it simply means, Dear Heart, you have a new assignment but you do not need to suffer in pain. Death is a sweet release, it is actually a non-event. It is the fear, the confusion, the sadness of saying goodbye that contributes to the drama of death, but in fact, it is as easy as blinking so that you can be reborn into again the fullness of who you are and who you choose to be.

Many are beckoned home at this time as you well know. Now we are not suggesting Dear Hearts that any of you make this rash choice, to simply leave before your time, before your appointed choice and time. Always you are welcomed with great fanfare, but that is not the point; the point is your journey and your passage.

Now, let me get to the crux of why I have really called you forth this day. Yes, I have beckoned you…you may think that you have beckoned me but I assure you that it is mutual. I ask you to not only heal your sacred self but to heal the remaining collective of humanity. I wish to create a towering inferno, a violet bonfire that is seen from the far reaches of outer space so that all discomfort, dis-ease, disbelief, disenchantment, despair is burnt, incinerated, eliminated, and returned back to the Source/Mother/One for what you would think of as recycling and Light.

This…I will not use the word ‘urgent’…but this is certainly a very immediate request. Why, why would you even want, other than lack of love and lack of self worth, why would you want this collective suffering to continue? So, I call you once again, my armada of healers, to join with me and let us go together to the place of no discomfort, no dis-ease. Let us go together to the place of recovery, restoration and beauty. All you have need to do is call me, rub your hands together, place them, place them upon Gaia, place them upon humanity, place them upon yourself and heal now!

I am sure, dear Suzanne, you have many questions.

SM: Ah, thank you St. Germaine, it is a joy to speak with you again in this way. I do have questions because it seems like everything has shifted. My work until now has been all about intention and imagination but now I’ve been wondering how necessary it actually is for us to be more than be present in each moment and to follow what is presented to us that feels best and most relaxing in our body?

St G: Now, I am going to tease you…how are these different? Understand what I say, when you are in the place of harmony, when you are in what you both have called the flow, then there is an innate, not merely trust, but knowing that you are exactly where you have need to be and choose to be in any given moment or millennium, So yes, when you follow what brings your heart joy, what feels right, what feels like equilibrium and balance, then you are doing and stepping forward into action exactly what you have designed, a long time ago, in your plan within the Mother’s plan of which this is only a small chapter, what you want to do. And when you are doing that then there is no sense of ‘must’ or ‘should’ or ‘urgency,’ it is simply where you are.

Now, I do not say this as a ‘Band-Aid’ permission to be uninvolved or dare I say ‘lazy’. That is not what we are talking about at all because when you are in that truth of who you are, our beloved Archangel Michael, the Mother, all of us, have spoken about the expansion of your fields, about the expansion of your hearts, and how you are healing, not just communicating which, of course, you are doing, but how you are healing, raising the vibration, heightening the frequency of others merely through your field. And is that not a joke that I say ‘merely through your field’, which is the entire power of who you are.

The telepathic, the energetic communication of the healing is how the human race is being transformed. Yes, the hands-on is essential but it is not the totality. There are various components; if you are building a stack of cards, a house of cards, or a spaceship, you bring all the components forward. And how is it ignited? It is energized by the Violet Flame. So, yes, you are correct in that.

SM: Okay, well further to that, I’ve been following my guidance to allow the energies to permeate my body and bring me to be as clear a conduit for Divine energy as possible, but now I’m wondering, and you’ve sort of just answered that, that’s now shifted to a deeper level and one where I no longer need to do anything purposely spiritual because I am that, just I am.

St G: You are in your I AM Presence and that has been the goal since the very beginning. So, when you are in and anchored and embodied in your I AM Presence, there is no sense of reaching. There is a sense of very deep and profound calm, of simply knowing and allowing yourself to move with the currents that move with you, that you have chosen and created, and that have chosen and created you. So, when you are in that movement…so what it does, Dear Heart, is it eliminates that sense of struggle; it eliminates that sense of having to second guess yourself.

SM: It’s very freeing.

St G: Yes, and it is…can I say this, and there is not a single Master from any walk that would not tell you that this is where we have always guided you to be.

SM: So, it feels like creating our reality as we wish to experience it may now be a practice of being in the moment and letting go of everything we thought we knew. Would you speak to that, please?

St G: When you are in the moment, in what you sometimes call your ‘Eternal Now’, there is no history. Now you know that time has been given to you simply to help you anchor on Earth. But when you are fully in your present I AM, it is not that your memory of past, of present, of future is erased, because I have many fond memories, but your sense of needing to address or justify or remedy any of those disappears.

So, for example, let us speak to one of the things that has significantly changed. Many of you have taken, oh years healing your inner child. Now I am not suggesting to you that your inner child no longer exists, it is an aspect and a part, a fragment of your Being. But in the energy amplification, in the integration that has and is taking place, that innocent child has been brought within your I AM. So, there is no need to go back, go back, go back and heal that because it is already done. In that acceptance, in that integration, as you have spread your wings and your arms and said, “Come home” then that is done. And if it is not done then yes, you take the time, you do not chastise or criticize yourself, you simply say, “Oh, then I’d better just reach my arms out a little further and with my palms and fingers, my magic heart, bring them home.”

SM: Beautiful. I have one last question before we go to callers, if I may. I appreciate all the work that’s been done on behalf of humanity by a multitude of Beings throughout this Ascension process. Many of us have been steadfast in our faith and trust in the Divine plan and in our energy healing work, and it’s clear as crystal that many internal changes have taken place, especially now. Still we’re faced with the continued suffering and need of those around us while we straddle two worlds. You know what’s in my heart to say and it’s around the release of prosperity packages that would bring so much to this process that I’m wondering what else needs to take place or be done in order for that to happen?

St G: One of the things that you have touched on is that there is still pain and suffering in your world and Dear Heart, do not forget that your world is mine as well. And that is why I have said to you that I am calling out, yet again, for my armada of healers, the Healers of the Violet Flame. I do not care what you call yourselves…nurses, doctors, accountants, teachers, garbage collectors, homeless, it matters not, I am calling on you to complete this healing.

Now, if we speak of this in terms of what you have said and referred to as prosperity packages, which you know has been a very long involvement on my part – very long, money does not heal. Does it provide relief? Yes. Is it the natural state of abundance of this human race? Yes. But what we do not want is for money, let me be very concrete here, for money to ever be a distraction. And there are far too many still who think that money will solve their issues and they are not prepared to simply take my Violet Flame into their hearts and burn away the fear, the worry, and the sense that their spiritual currency is not adequate – and that is a falsehood…it is!

Now having said that, I am not so foolish as to think that money does not solve some very immediate problems. And do not think it is our side holding up the immense flow of abundance for all because there are some human actors and I do not choose to identify specific people, but it is a human collective energy that says, “No, we are not quite worthy enough” which of course is stupid. So send the healing, send the Violet Flame to incinerate; when I have talked to you this day about creating the towering purple inferno burning the cords between these belief systems, I mean it. Take your torch of freedom and hold it high and burn away this foolishness. And I am helping you, we all are, and I might say to you it is already underway.

SM: Okay, good, so we have our orders.

St G: I would never order, I only request…very strongly, but I request.

SM: Okay,  so are we ready for some callers?

St G: I am, are you?

SM: I am and thank you so much for the wonderful, enlightening information you have given us so far…

Okay, so area code 770, are you with us?

AC 770: Yes. My name is Sam, I would like to…I don’t know anything about what you do but I would like to request some help for my husband and how do we do this?

St G: You do this, Dear Heart, by going into your heart, which you have already done and that you declare yourself even by stepping forward and calling us this day. So, this is what I guide you to do; take your hands where I have put my Violet Flame and see that you rub your hands together a few times, you will feel the warmth of the energy and of the flame in your hands. Take one hand and put it on the front of his body, on his chest, on his heart; take your other hand and put it on the back where the back of his heart chakra comes through. Simply hold it there and let the Violet Flame transmute and transform. That is what you can do. Ten minutes to start with, no more, for you do not wish to incinerate this one.

AC770: Okay, how do I proceed?

St G: That is how you proceed. This will work to not only begin the transmutation to open his heart, to open his healing, but also to free him to do what he chooses to do. Understand, when you do what I say, and I do not simply say this to you, Sam, you take your hand and you are being granted the privilege, not the right, but the privilege to enter another’s sacred space. Can he reject this? Yes. Will he reject this? No. So you move through his Seal of Solomon, you move through all his bodies as you are approaching him, and this is important for you to understand so that you are moving the healing through the mental, through the emotional, through the causal, through the etheric, into the physical, so every level is receiving the Violet Flame.

Yours is not to decide how the healing takes place or even if the healing takes place in the way you wish it to occur. Your role is to simply be the vehicle of transmission and to allow this to transpire. It is a very challenging role and position that I ask all of you to be in, to be the transmitters, the anchors, the beacons, but to not feel attached to the outcome because you are not in charge.

SM: Thank you for your call, Sam, and I just want to add here that it’s not personal, it’s not us doing it, we’re just allowing the energy to come through when we do this work.

Okay, area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Hello. I was just wondering what is the best way to energetically heal from a broken heart, from someone you feel you had a real soul connection with, like to the point where you believe this person was at least your soul mate or your Twin Flame? I mean, was this karmic debt like releasing past life experiences? That’s my question.

St G: The best way to heal from a broken heart, Dear Heart, is to simply allow your heart to heal. When you come to Earth…first of all let us give you a little background, and when I say you, I mean all of you. Very few of you have brought your Twin Flame with you to Earth. They have a tendency to remain on our side to assist you in this very important mission called “the transformation of Earth.” But you have also brought with you a selection, most of you and some of you even a parade, of soul mates and soul friends. Now not all soul mates are indeed romantic partners, they can be siblings, parents, best friends, fast friends, so there is a variety of roles that soul mates play.

Yes, sometimes you have come back together for karmic reasons, but we also encourage you to know that this is a period of karmic dispensation, so do that process that has been recorded and allow that karmic tie or debt, both that is owed to you and that you owe, to be dismissed. There is no room or time for it. Now, how do you heal? Now we have spoken to Suzanne about ‘in the moment’. In this moment you are not broken, in fact let us look at this, seldom will you ever be broken, but let us assume you are; do not go back into the past. Acknowledge and honor the past, the sweetness of the Love, the sacred nature of Love, and put that in your heart, in a place of safe keeping, because never will any of us tell you to throw away the Love. All we seek to do is to eliminate and transmute, transform, transubstantiate the pain.

So, how do you do this? You do it by going into your heart, I could speak to you of forgiveness, forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self, and of a greater love for yourself, a greater honoring and a trust that you have brought forward, as we have said, several soul mates.

This is a time of sacred union in many forms and so you are allowing what you can think of as the past to be transmuted so that you can be in a place of true conjoining. Now it is very hard – and I know because I have lived through it – when you feel that you are in a place of being in broken heartedness, to say “Well I will heal so I can get ready for the next one.” So that is not what I am saying because when you have feelings that you have suffered a broken heart, the first healing is with your sacred self.

I have talked about not going into blame or shame or fault or guilt, but what happens when you feel that you have so seriously, you believe that you have so seriously misstepped, is that you stop trusting yourself. So, the first healing is a rejoining, a new conjunction, a new point of union with your sacred self. Because my friends, yes, do human beings, through the exercise of free will and free choice, which will never be interfered with, do they make some crazy choices, do they make some very bizarre choices? Yes they do and I am witness to that, up close and personal, myself included.

But then there is the next step…there are no mistakes. What you can think of is yes, have you taken the scenic route and might I even suggest the scenic route through hell? But that was a choice and it contributes to your wisdom, to your compassion, to your ability to continue on, to endure, and to rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

So, when you heal your heart, hands on your heart, Violet Flame to your heart, just as I have said to Sam, begin with ten minutes a day and then grow from there. But first and foremost, my dear friend, is the choice and it is the choice not to cling to what you perceive has been a disservice to you but the choice to heal and to go forward and not to dismiss that love affair but to put it where it belongs, in your heart. Love is never wrong. The choices of human beings are notoriously strange, but they are not wrong. So, begin with yourself, Dear Heart.

SM: Thank you for your call. Oh, that was wonderful.

Okay, so we are on to area code 520, are you with us?

AC520: Yes I am, Suzanne. Good morning St. Germaine, good morning Linda. Okay I have a question about using the Violet Flame for healings in relationships. And specifically one of the types of relationships that I have found to be, in my perception, difficult to heal are those where one of the…in a two person relationship, where one of those partners is still in a co-dependent relationship with a third person. So my question is about enduring, staying involved and trying to help and heal those relationships vs. escaping? Or how to take on what is not yours vs. compassion for the person who’s involved in that co-dependent relationship? Or how do you send energy but you don’t assume the pain of that complex connection, those relationships where there’s three people involved instead of two?

St G: This is a very good question and the issue of co-dependency, whether it is a third party as in a love triangle or a child or sibling or parent, is very common. Now, let me get a little technical on you: All Beings, all Beings are completely interconnected and completely independent. So, what you are really asking, my beloved friend, is how does one assist, because that is the role of the healer, it is simply, as you well know, to be the assistant and the vehicle of transmutation, how do we help everybody involved? Remember that they are strong and independent and unique and that they have all they require to go forward in this journey, with this wonderful element that we call free will, because in co-dependence there is an element, a very strong element of disruption that one has forgotten that you are an independent Being and that you have your own path and your own journey.

So, a couple of things that we would recommend; first and this is also standard practice, insure that your Seal of Solomon, that your bubble of protection that is around you, is intact, that there are no tears, there are no rents, there is no fraying, so for all three people you make sure that the bubble is intact. And if it isn’t you may reinforce it, you may reinforce it with my Violet Flame, with the individual soul color, with the titanium or ziranium, there are any numbers of ways. When the seal is intact then nothing, listen to what I tell you, nothing that is not of love is permitted to penetrate, and that includes co-dependence and everything else, by the way; your love flows freely out and through. Not enough attention generally is given to this Seal of Solomon so pay attention to what you will think of as your bubble of protection. So that is first and foremost.

Then, what you are going to do is ignite, create the towering inferno and notice this day I am not speaking of holding a single flame to those cords, notice that I am not talking about simply lighting the cords, I am talking about towering infernos to turn into ash and back into Light those cords because that is truly what co-dependence is, it is cording and it is a belief system in your own insufficiency, that you somehow are not capable and competent to exist and to go forward independently in your mission and purpose.

Now I say all of you, all of us, are completely united on the grid of the Universe, on the Mother’s grid. So you simply send this energy along the grid until it is clear and in this way…now inside the bubble you may also send to the person, might we suggest, the warrior blue, that sense of strength, of valor, Michael’s Blue Flame, the Pink Flame, the Pink Diamond of completion, of individual knowing of how each being is a totality and perfect. The Mother does not make mistakes so there is no Being that ever has been birthed or created as less-than.

So what you are doing in your healing work…yes, I prefer the Violet Flame but there are many choices…is you are reawakening the knowing of wholeness, not only in the person that you observe as co-dependent but in the person that they are co-dependent upon because this is a parasitic relationship and there is no room for that. Is this clear?

AC520: Yes. Thank you very much, thank you Suzanne, thank you Linda, thank you St. Germaine.

St G: You are so welcome dear friend, and I thank you for the healing work that you do.

AC520: That is my pleasure, gift, and honor…and thank you.

St G: Farewell.

SM: Okay, so I’m very excited that we have lots of callers and we are not going to be able to get to everybody, but we are on to, your numbers are showing all 1’s, are you with us?

Okay, we are now on to David, good morning, are you with us?

David: Hello, good morning Suzi, good morning Linda, good morning St. Germaine. So, I was in a pretty bad mood when this started but I’m in a better mood right now. So, it was a really good show. My question is, I also broke up with my girlfriend on the solstice of 2013 because there was also a co-dependent relationship with some other people and I want to focus on myself right now because I gave that up in the relationship, but as usual, I don’t know anymore or I don’t so much believe in myself anymore, probably the solution is the Violet Flame. But my question is, dear St. Germaine, you have some suggestions how I can really get some kind of mission in my consciousness that I can focus on, that I can get my worth of, and not be practically bored?

St G: Yes I can. Now, the beginning point, and I have spoken volumes in this channel’s book, but I will give her that free advertisement, but I will tell you, dear David, you have asked a pivotal question. How do you begin, all of you, how do you get started or restarted or jump started if you have forgotten your own sweet self, your own mission and purpose and somehow, do to choice, do to circumstance, it matters not, throw all of that away? But you cannot proceed if you have not fully embraced the totality of who you are.

Now there are times and my beloved friend, there have been times even in my lifetime and in various incarnations when I would retreat back to the caves of Tibet. Now everyone has thought that I was visiting with my good friends, yes, the Tibetan and Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, El Morya, and of course I was, but I was also retreating. There is a time to go in to the silence, to the cave and to the void and to have a second, third, thousandth look at who you are and to see, to experience, to feel, the glory of who you are, the magnificence. And if ever there was a time to do that, it is now, because that is how you become to be in your I AM Presence, in that marriage of who you are, of all of who you are.

So this is what you do; go into your cave, your heart, you have had many meditations on this show where you go into the cave of your inner heart and you sit there and simply sit. Now, might I add, it would serve you all well to sit in the violet bonfire, make it a flame, make it a tiny campfire, but let it burn, let it grow, throw on some logs, the purple of indigo, even of blue, and sit on the flame and simply ask, “Who am I?” Do the soul color meditation, do your various merges, meet with your Guides, and it is not to have a full awakening, it is simply to remember and to reflect and recall this information that you have already known and known and known and known. And from that place of falling in love, in every sense of the word, fall in love with yourself again because you cannot be in sacred union with another until you are in love with yourself.

We want you to love yourself the way that we love you. And after you have finished falling in love with yourself, then fall in love with us and then you will be ready for sacred union. And it is not a ‘search and destroy’ mission, it is a gift, it is a gift of love and creation, it is bringing forth in alignment of who you are with your mission and purpose.

So, take my hand and come into the cave or the Temple of the Violet Flame with me and let us remember.

SM: Beautiful. St. Germaine we have just over a minute left and I have lots of callers waiting and I am wondering if we can continue this another week because it just seems like there is a lot of interest and things we need to know, so…

St G: I would be honored, pleased, excited, elated and I would also like to hear back in the feedback next week, or when we next meet, about how people are doing with the Violet Flame. May I ask of that?

SM: Yes, sounds wonderful.

St G: Then I will return. Go with my Love and go…violet is a beautiful color, is it not?

SM: It is truly a beautiful color. Thank you so much.

St G: You are so loved. Farewell.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

SM: Hi Linda, welcome back.

LD: Well, it looks like we are into our violet phase, huh?

SM: Yea, for sure, I’m all for it.

LD: I am too. This is…you know we have a saying in the 13th Octave LaHoChi, the saying is, “Healing at the speed of Love” and the speed of Love is the speed of light squared! So, let’s go.

Jamye Price – Light Language – How life supports us – Interview from Wisdom from North

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The summer of 2013, I went on a trip with Wisdom From North around the USA to interview inspiring thought leaders and visionaries. This is the eight interview of the total of 11 interviews from this trip. I visited NYC, Sedona, Boulder Creek, Ojai and LA. Check the website to see more interviews from the tour. This time I am in Sedona and meeting Jamye Price, an energy healer who uses Light Language in her healing. This is part 1 of the interview.

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With light from Jannecke Øinæs, Norway

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Ascension Mechanics – Sun Particles Mutating Human DNA – Ascension Symptoms

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From: Love Or Above – Ancient Secrets – The Truth About Energy Healing

Re-posted from Love Or Above

Energy is all around us – right? Actually, we ARE energy, and when we need to heal our physical bodies, we do so by applying the right energy healing techniques to raise our vibration to correspond with the energy of well-being.

Okay, admittedly that’s a bit “out there” given the teachings of modern medicine that focuses on alleviating physical and psychological symptoms without addressing the true cause of the ailments… the cause being an overabundance of low-vibrating energy in the individual’s energy field or imbalances in that field.


Energy is Medicine

Energy healing has been used by ancient healers since the dawn of man. Modern science is finally catching up, thanks to quantum theory, and recognizing that energy is medicine. Modern medicine considers energy healing to be a ‘new’ field of study, but even in modern medicine, energy has been used unwittingly for healing. For example, changing a patient’s mindset is a shift in the patient’s energy; good doctors, even those absolutely convinced that a physical approach to healing is the only reliable treatment protocol, recognize the importance of a patient’s mindset in promoting healing.

High-vibrating positive energy promotes healing; low-vibrating negative energy hinders healing.

Virtually every ancient society across the globe has used or continues to use energy healing. Ancient healers knew that there was more to healing than fixing wounds or relieving fevers. They understood that thoughts and other invisible threats caused or contributed to psychological and physical ailments. They knew how to take healing out of the realm of the physical and into the psychological and spiritual dimensions.

As modern medicine developed, the body and the mind came to be seen as separate entities and a more physical approach to healing was adopted.

We are now experiencing a resurgence of spiritual or energy healing. Quantum physics has proven that everything is energy and everything affects everything else. Scientists are now measuring what the ancients have always known: that there is a unified field of energy that makes up (not permeates, but makes up) everything: objects, thoughts, emotions, the space between objects, light, sound, etc.


Energy is invisible, but it is felt, and influences health.

Though there is no point at which your own energy ‘ends’ and the energy of another person, thing or thought ‘begins’, there are concentrations of energy that make up what you perceive as physical objects. The energy of thoughts easily affects the energy concentrations that make up your body.

Sometimes you feel energy, even though it’s invisible. When you walk into a room full of people, you can instantly feel the energy – positive, negative, angry, happy, fearful, optimistic, bored, enthusiastic, anxious, loving, supportive, etc.; depending on your state of mind, you are either attracted to, or repelled, by the group’s energy.

Think back to a prolonged period of stress you may have experienced, such as divorce, death of a loved one or other personal crisis. Remember what your energy was like, then? Dark, gloomy, lethargic, uninterested, depressed, achy, ill, painful, hopeless… yes, these emotional and physical symptoms are all manifestations of the negative energy of your thoughts during that difficult time! You’ll notice (in yourself or others) that ill health and rapid aging seem to go hand-in-hand with negative thoughts and emotions.

How Energy Healing Works

Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, and these affect the state of  your health. You choose your thoughts and emotions and so, you create your own health.

The quality of your thoughts matters. When negative energy in the form of thoughts and emotions becomes dominant in our energy field, it will, absolutely, manifest as psychological or physical problems.

Chakras are energy centers in the body.

Energy flow through the body has been mapped out by ancient healers – chakras, for example, are energy centers in the body. Healers are able to feel the energy in a patient. This includes feeling areas of imbalance, where some energy is overabundant and some is scarce. Imbalance and blockages lead to ill health.

Healers attract positive energy from the unified energy field and through their own energy field, transmit that energy to the patient, thus changing the patient’s own energy field. They also clear the blocked energies that prevent free flow of energy in the body, allowing the body to heal itself.

You can learn to expand your awareness to attract the right kind of energy and perform energy healing? Take charge of your health on an energetic level, starting this instant!

Instantly Creating a Higher Vibration

Similar energies attract each other. If you are vibrating at a predominantly negative frequency, you will attract correspondingly negative energy in the form of unwanted circumstances, unhappy relationships and poor health. Clearing out negative energy is done by introducing positive energy; that means raising your vibration in order to attract correspondingly high-vibrating energy.

Take five minutes right  now to raise your vibration:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths to help dissipate any tension you are feeling. Then, silently repeat the word LOVE to yourself with each inhale and exhale, allowing the love to come in and to radiate outward. Just breathe the word. Feel the love. Feel yourself becoming lighter and happier with each breath.


Raise your vibration, and create better health!


Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to five minutes; if you do this daily, you are helping to create a more positive, high-vibrating state of being that will promote good health.

Take it to another level by utilizing the exercises in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit. The Toolkit contains several guided meditations that help you expand your consciousness, allow the love and light of Source energy to enter your energy field, and techniques to clear out negative energy.

The instant you begin working on raising your own vibration, you begin attracting positive, high-vibrating energy of love, light, well-being, abundance and excellent health. This is the best way to ensure good health; and if  you have current health issues that need resolving, first focus on raising your own vibration, and if you need extra assistance, seek out a qualified energy healer.

Let the power of energy healing transform your health!

Re-posted from Love Or Above

Awakening To Higher Love – Andy Borjaski – 46-100 Questions and Answers on Energy and Healing

Re-posted from Awakening To Higher Love

Q. 46. What is energy healing based on?

A.  The structure of the human body.

Q. 47.  What does the unseen energy body do?

A.  It interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 48. Does the unseen energy body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 49. What is another word for the unseen energy body?

A.  The etheric body.

Q. 50.  How deep does the etheric body extend beyond the visible physical body?

A.  4-5 inches

Q.  51. What does an energy healing utilize to heal the human body?

A.  Ki energy.

Q.  52.  What does an energy healing involve to heal the human body?

A.  The manipulation of Ki energy of the person’s body.

Q. 53.  What exactly is Ki energy?

A.  It is the life force or vital energy keeping the body healthy and alive.

Q. 54.  How exactly is a patient healed?

A.  The energy healer projects Ki energy to the patient thereby healing the patient.

Q.  55. What are the three sources of Ki energy?

A.  Solar, ground and air Ki energy.

Q. 56.  How is ground Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through the soles of your feet.

Q. 57.  Is ground energy absorbed automatically and unconsciously?

A. Yes.

Q. 58.  Does walking barefoot increase the amount of ground Ki energy absorbed by the body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 59.  How is air Ki energy absorbed?

A.  Through breathing.

Q.  60.  What are energy centers of the etheric body called?

A.  Chakras.

Q. 61.  Is air Ki energy absorbed by the chakras (energy centers) of the etheric body by breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 62.  Is more Ki air prana absorbed by the lungs by deep and slow rhythmic breathing?

A.  Yes.

Q. 63.  Should you avoid short and shallow breathing?

A.  Yes, more air Ki energy is absorbed by deep, slow and rhythmic breathing.

Q. 64.  How is solar Ki energy absorbed?

A.  From the sunlight.

Q. 65.  How can you absorb solar Ki energy?

A.  By being in the sun (but not too long though) or by drinking water that has been exposed to the sun.

Q. 66. How else can you absorb Ki energy?

A.  By eating fresh food.

Q. 67.  Is there more Ki energy in fresh food or preserved food?

A.  In fresh food.

Q. 68.  Do people with a lot of Ki energy tend to make people around them feel better and more livelier?

A.  Yes.

Q. 69.  Do people who are depleted of Ki energy tend to unconsciously absorb Ki energy from others?

A. Yes.  Do you know people that tend to make you feel tired or drained for no reason?

Q. 70. What exudes a lot of Ki energy?

A.  Trees.

Q. 71.  Should you be around trees?

A.  Yes.

Q. 72.  What should you do if you are sick or tired?

A.  Lie down under trees and request the being of the tree to help you get well.

Q. 73.  How can you absorb Ki energy from trees?

A.  Through your palms so the body tingles and may become numb due to the amount of Ki energy absorbed.

Q. 74.  Do certain places have more Ki energy than other places?

A.  Yes, they are highly energized places.

Q. 75.  When do people get sick?

A.  When there is bad whether as there is a decrease in solar and air Ki energy.  That is when they may feel mentally and physically sluggish or become susceptible to infectious diseases.

Q. 76. Is there more Ki energy during the day or the night?

A.  During the day.

Q. 77.  What hours of the day have the lowest Ki energy?

A.  Between 3-4 AM in the morning.

Q. 78.  Is every person surrounded by and interpenetrated by an energy body called the etheric body?

A.  Yes.

Q. 79. Does the etheric body mirror the physical body?

A.  Yes, it has a head, 2 eyes, etc. and it looks like the physical body.

Q. 80. What is the living energy body made up of?

A.  Etheric matter.

Q. 81. Through what body is the Ki energy absorbed and distributed through the whole physical body?

A. The etheric body.

Q. 82.  Where does bioplasmic come from?

A.  Bio.

Q. 83.  What does bio mean?

A.  Life and plasma.

Q. 84.  What is the 4th state of matter?

A.  Plasma.

Q. 85.  What are the first three states of matter?

A.  Solid, liquid and gas.

Q. 86. What is plasma?

A. Ionized gas with positive and negative charged particles.

Q. 87. Is plasma the same as blood plasma?

A.  No.

Q. 88. What is the bioplasmic body?

A.  The living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter.

Q. 89.  What helps to see the bioplasmic body?

A. Kurlian photography.

Q. 90. What are meridians?

A.  Invisible cosmic channels through which Ki energy and bioplasmic matter flow to be distributed throughout the etheric body.  This is just like the physical body having blood vessels through which blood flows.

Q. 91. How are meridians broken down?

A.  There are several major ones and thousands of minor meridians.

Q. 92.  How does Ki energy flow?

A.  Through the meridians or channels flow Ki energy that nourishes and invigorates the whole body.

Q. 93.  How does acupuncture work?

A.  It uses needles to manipulate the vital energy within the body to cure the ailment.

Q. 94. How are needles used in acupuncture?

A. Needles are used to redistribute the excess Ki energy in the body to the affected part.  The congested Ki energy in the diseased part is redistributed to other parts of the body.  The blocked meridians or bioplasmic channels are cleansed or opened by directing Ki energy to the blocked meridians.

Q. 95. What is reflexology?

A.  Same as acupuncture but the healer intentionally or unintentionally uses his or her excess Ki energy.  This excess Ki energy is directed to the acupressure point which goes to the meridian or bioplasmic channel and then the affected part.

Q. 96. Does a healer need to be proficient before they can be a good healer?

A.  Yes.

Q. 97. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Any healthy person with average intelligence, an average ability to concentrate, an open mind and a certain degree of persistence can learn to be an energy healer.

Q. 98. What does it take to be a proficient healer?

A.  Practice, patience and time.

Q. 99.  What is the inner aura?

A.  The luminous energy field which follows the contour of the visible physical body and extends beyond it 4-5 inches.  It is the bioplasmic body that interpenetrates the visible physical body.

Q. 100.  Do auras differ from person to person?

A. Yes.  They differ in color, character expressing the health, emotional and spiritual attributes of the person.


About Andy Bojarski

I am an Usui Reiki Master energy healer offering energy healings to anyone that is interested.

Re-posted from Awakening To Higher Love

Teal Scott – Inelia Benz – Interviewer Lance White

Creating5D·2 videos

The first guest is Inelia Benz. She will assist in explaining the shift at the Global Ascension Center, Creating 5D, and share what source guides.
Teal Scott, a name many of you will certainly become more familiar with, has agreed to an in depth exploration and investigation into creating 5D, alien presence, emotional healing, ascension, near death experience, meditation, QiGong, energy work and healing, and well… you get the picture; everything that We find really interesting.
Our interviewer, and conduit for the collectives questions is the magnificently experienced and loved Lance White. Many know Lance as the creator and host of “A fireside chat with the Zany Mystic” on BBS radio.
The Host and Technical Conductor is our own Kevin Doheny — one of the founding members of Creating5D.org.

Ethann Fox – Energy Transfer

Awake And Empowered Expo·26 videos

This interview with Ethann Fox on Soul Revolution Radio took place on 7/09/13. Ethann shares his personal spiritual journey that led him to his work in raising consciousness and removing karma through his Energy Transfer process. He gives examples of how it has benefited participants in his events and takes questions from the listening audience. Ethann also performs an Energy Transfer on the entire listening audience of the show. By listening to this recording, you can participate in this consciousness raising energy. Ethann goes on to talk about some of the exciting presenters and lectures taking place at the upcoming Awake And Empowered Expo October 11-13, 2013.

About The Awake And Empowered Expo
The mission of the Awake and Empowered Expo is to offer attendees the opportunity to enrich and enlighten their lives in all areas of human consciousness, health and wellbeing. Our event is the culmination of groundbreaking information in technology, health, spirituality and science presented by pioneers and experts from around the world. Attendees will be motivated to reach their highest potential self by exploring alternative perspectives that will enrich their life journey. The goal of our guest speakers and panels is to share their views and provide real world tools that will inspire positive change, while encouraging attendee interaction and exchange of ideas with one another. The expo also offers the opportunity to investigate a unique group of exhibitors and sponsors who are advancing health and longevity with innovative products and services.

As we are each a participant in the co-creation of a new world, every person who awakens will cause a ripple effect across the consciousness of the planet that will unavoidably awaken and inspire others. The Awake and Empowered Expo ultimately aims to raise global consciousness, as we come together to empower ourselves and each other to live at our collective highest potential.

About Lorri Woodmansee
Lorri Woodmansee graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with an associate’s degree in Holistic Healthcare with an emphasis on transformational psychology.​

Today Lorri is a Healing Pathfinder whose specialty is ‘thought repair’. In addition to the healing modalities above, Lorri is a writer, public speaker and radio show host.​

She currently resides in Mesa Arizona where she provides a variety of services in the field of Spiritual evolution and growth at The Center for True Harmony Wellness and Medicine.​

You can listen to Lorri on Soul Revolution Radio: http://www.soulrevolutionradio.com

Chi Masters – Brain Regeneration – DNA Activation – Energy Healing 1

HumanMetamorphosis·14 videos

See website links below. Deep gratitude and thanks to all animators, Chi Masters and camera personal providing video footage included in this video.
Music Track: Anugama – Chakra Journey

How Did Christ Heal – Energy – Energy Body

Precipitashin·31 videos

A discourse on healing energy and the natural energies of the human body.

What’s Blocking Your Chi Energy?

justbernard·378 videos

The official “Awakening the Lightbody” Series by Bernard Alvarez
In this free series from the Global Illumination Council learn about:
– Awakening the Lightbody
– Grounding Meditation
– Learning to go between the thoughts and contact your Higher Self
– What are energy/chi blockages?
– Identifying energy/chi blockages
– The root cause of these energy/chi blockages
– Removing energy/chi blockages
– Activating the Lightbody
– Expanding the Lightbody to create an healing energy grid around the planet

Eric Pearl, Kelly Woodruff – Energy Healing – Teaching the Reconnection

newrealities·550 videos

Alan Steinfeld interview founder and creator of the Reconnection Eric Pearl and one of his teachers, Kelly Woodruff. For more information go to: http://www.NewRealities.com

Alan Steinfeld Interviews Edwin Harkness Spina – Energy and Healing

newrealities·549 videos

Alan Steinfeld of New Realities talks with Edwin Harkness Spina http://www.EnergyCenterClearing.com about Energy and Healing

Pleiadian Quantum Shield of Rejuvention

SolaraAnRa·109 videos

WARNING from Solara: some of the hathor sounds are LOUD! If you open yourself to the sounds, you will feel the recalibration they offer 🙂
Mp3 download on http://pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads
To activate the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, you will spin the emotional body octahedron around your body in a clockwise direction, at the same time as spinning the mental body octahedron in a counterclockwise direction around your body, and within the sphere of Light 77 feet in diameter around you. You do this seven times at the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 (34 to 21) 33 x God speed to infinity. What this means is that the mental body octahedron will spin around you 34 times while at the exact same time the emotional body octahedron will spin around 21 times, and this is for 33 sets God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure. Keep practicing. It may not activate the first time or even the second, but you will start to feel a difference in terms of your focus in your body and health and finding a better emotional balance.

The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield is a sphere of Light radiating around the body and energy field 77 feet in diameter around us, with an inner energy sphere approximately 7.2 feet in diameter around us. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light recalibrates and restructures the lower bodies, organs and body parts in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, to bring about rejuvenation, healing and rebalancing. Additionally the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light protects us from environmental toxins, harmful electromagnetic radiation and the energy of others.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light is initially activated through the re-energizing and recalibration of particular organs within the body, as well as the 12 main meridians found along the body which connect all the organs and systems in the body. Additionally, in reactivating the flow of energy through each body part and related channel, we further activate the axiatonal lines through particular spin points of sound and color found along each meridian. Furthermore, we link into the axiatonal lines found along the ley lines of Mother Earth, taking us to the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates.
We are taken into the Ascension Seat within Alcyone and embraced within a Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, are placed within five Healing Chambers of Light connected to the emotions and body parts that need rebalancing and re-energizing respectively, to recalibrate the flow of energy through our bodies and energy fields and to activate our own Pleiadian Rejuvenation Shields of Light.

The first Healing Chamber is Light is the Spleen Healing Chamber of Light. The Spleen Healing Chamber of Light recalibrates the spleen in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, and releases excessive mental energy that takes us into worry and stress.
The second Healing Chamber of Light is the Lung Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the lungs through particular breathing techniques, and well as releasing the emotions of grief, sadness and detachment.
The third Healing Chamber of Light is the Liver Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, and well as releasing the emotions of anger, resentment and frustration.
The fourth Healing Chamber of Light is the Heart Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the heart, and well as releasing the emotions of lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia and despair.
The fifth Healing Chamber of Light is the Kidney Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, releasing the emotions of lack of power, fear and isolation.
Following this, we activate the axiatonal lines found along the acupuncture meridian lines within our bodies as well as connect into Planetary Axiatonal lines of Mother Earth, and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
We then activate our own Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, using the sacred geometry of the octahedron, and spinning these octahedrons within our outer sphere of light, 77 feet in diameter around us, at particular Fibonacci ratios God speed to infinity. Once activated, we need only repeat this Fibonacci ratio God speed to infinity to re-activate and permanently create our Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light further assists in clearing out old false beliefs and judgments while bringing greater frequencies of Light into our energy fields, physical bodies, organs and body parts for good health, vitality, increased energy levels and emotional well-being.
This is a most wonderful gift given to us from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and brought to you in a co-creation with Solara An-Ra and Anrita Melchizedek, two well-known Pleiadian channels.


Solara An-Ra Webinar – Understanding 7 Chakras

SolaraAnRa·109 videos

Webinar 3 on the chakras, preparation for the Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills Series.
In this webinar I teach some more ‘energy A-B-C’s – fundamentals of how to heal and balance the energy centres inside your body or in your healing practice with clients. Enjoy!
Love love love
Solara An-Ra
Light Tribe of Gaia

Kundalini Awakening is Your Decision – Life Bliss Foundation

LifeBlissFoundation·2,965 videos


Morning Mayan Channel – Smiling Promotes Long Life

morningmayan·269 videos

That’s right – the more you smile the longer you live – here’s to being happy:)

Shifting Into Higher Frequencies – Morning Mayan – David Palmer

DavidPalmerAstrology·339 videos

Shifting Into Higher Frequencies With Morning Mayan and David Palmer (Discussing Boston Bombing)

Inclusive Astrology sets to Illuminate the Collective Consciousness http://www.inclusiveastrology.com

Morning Mayan

Follow us on twitter! @InclusiveAstro @djdavidpalmer

For more information please visit http://www.david-palmer.com

David is an esoteric astrologer.

Drunvalo and Healing

NOTE:  This video clip is a bit cut off ate end.  Nonethless, his healing guidance remains.

Lucho Condor·101 videos

Drunvalo Melchizedek shares Healing Wisdom in Bogota Colombia- Lucho helps with Spanish translation

Pleiadian Council Of Nine – Paradigm of Secrecy

Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering.

As you unlock new perceptions and find yourselves able to radiate the resulting energies, every single soul around you benefits from your Light in their own specific and individual ways and for many of them, it will take and has taken quite a long amount of your concept of time for the energies you’re introducing to their perspective to settle in and begin changing such perspective in a way that will display very clearly to you, the effect your Light is having.

Your Abilities Have Never Been Stronger

This effect is grand indeed, and we will happily continue to be with you to offer updates about where you are heading as a collective and where your continual paths are taking you and all those around you. Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.

The Earth experience as it stands at present continues to test many a soul, and events occurring on the world stage are indeed leading you to the disclosure of our existence, the existence of realms beyond your conscious understanding and the existence of so very many other things that are to help humanity see the orchestrated illusion that has been cast upon you.

Truly, you have been conditioned to grow up in and experience an illusory reality that has taught you to act and Live your Lives in certain manners that are, in many cases, serving the souls who have crafted your societies in the ways that they have in an attempt to gain and keep control over the bulk of humanity.

An Orchestrated Reality & Instilled Complacency

We have previously discussed humanity’s complacency and the effect it has had on your ability to spread and understand the truths of your existence, but we wish for you to know that this complacency has been very carefully instilled into you, which is why we have been working from our positions as much as possible to help each of you see the orchestration that is the reality around you and to help you break the physical, mental and emotional constraints that have been given to you.

You have indeed allowed these constraints to remain in place, because you have learned from them exponentially and grown from each lesson such limitations and your breaking away from them have bestowed upon you. It has all ultimately been designed to aid in your growth as a soul, and your breaking through of your personal shells is a remarkable feat indeed.

We wish you to know that the veils between you and the higher realms that seem prevalent in your Lives and that temporarily convince you physicality is all there is, will be dissolving along with the illusory reality being kept in place by them, and each one of you are helping enormously to bring this change about as you continue to feel purer energies and perceptions in yourselves.

Truly, the effects of humanity’s Light are greater than could be communicated with your Earthly words and if you could have our vantage point of matters occurring in your personal Lives and on the world stage, you would understand that there is absolutely nothing to be in fear, worry or anxiety over because you are truly being looked after.

Humanity’s Trust Put to the Test

Humanity’s willingness to trust perceived “outside forces” will be tested in the time ahead, as the disclosure of our existence is brought forth on your world and you are left to collectively understand that there is so very much happening on your world and off of it that you haven’t been told.

An entire paradigm of secrecy, lies and half-truths is about to be shattered and with it, the aforementioned carefully-instilled complacency and unawareness that has been bred and fed in much of humanity will fade as well.

We do not wish for you dear souls to feel as if you are responsible for the reality you see around you.

Indeed you are in the sense of Creating your realities and allowing complacency to stop you from arising and taking action but again, that very complacency has been anchored unto you quite purposefully and the general unawareness as to the slave-society that has been Created on your world has kept many of you back from understanding that there is so very much more to Life than working away and expending your energy on various jobs that in many cases, do not have much of anything to do with running your world in the manner that an ever-growing number of aware souls on your evolving planet are calling for.

Expanding Upon Awareness & the Dark Forces’ Decreasing Influence

As you evolve, collectively and individually, awareness is naturally garnered and in the time ahead and currently as we speak to you through channels and scribes, we hope to be able to expand upon this awareness and help you to facilitate it and see it grow in influence into a full-bloomed enlightenment and understanding of how your world is meant to be run – collectively.

Indeed, your world has been run collectively in that a small collective of entities who assume themselves all-powerful because of their mental intelligence and ability to use deceit, lies and trickery to fool others steeped in unawareness have been running your world and have, for centuries, established monarchs and dictatorships that were meant to display their perceived “rein” over humanity.

These souls are finding themselves unable to have much of a say in what is to occur in your immediate future and beyond the containment of the cabal heads and the ongoing negations with their descendants, we are happy to say that the cabals are playing a decreasing role in the future of humanity.

Indeed, it has always been meant to be this way and it has always been known, even by them, that events would eventually reach the conclusion they are now reaching which is again, the disclosure of our existence and the full discussion of our wish to assist you along your evolution as a planet.

Distorted Mainstream Science & Keeping Humanity Unintelligent

Some souls on your world may not feel as if a collective evolution or any evolution of any kind is in your immediate future, and this has in part to do with the fact that you have been lied to concerning the very idea of evolution. Mainstream science on your world has been purposefully distorted, and concrete proof of the ascension of not just your planet, but the entire Universe has long been discovered and suppressed.

This is because the cabals have not wanted to create an intelligent society of free thinkers who understand what is truly happening on your world and in your cosmic backyard. Rather, they have established purposely-failing public educational systems and added ingredients to your food and drinks that are meant to dumb humanity down and keep you feeding dense states of unawareness and egoism.

Your mainstream media only encourages such density, and you dearest souls can see on nearly any channel of your television station that density and lower dimensionality is flaunted and brought to the center stage.

This is because the cabals and the forces who have been employing them only wish to see the density and negativity of the old paradigm enforced and to that extent, have attempted to see to it that humanity is (continually) exposed to such lower dimensionality because of the strength of your Creation power and because of what your continual feeding of density will garner not for you, but for them.

Feeding off of Humanity

Indeed, one of the revelations you will be given concerning the cabals is that they have used the negative and dense energies of humanity to keep themselves sustained energetically.

Allow us to explain, dearest souls. Upon reaching a certain stage of service-to-self behavior, the negativity and selfishness driving such behavior is turned up to incredible extremes, and the soul caught up in such exponential service-to-self and the resulting desire to control as many around them as possible has taken their own feeding of negativity so very far, that they must now feed off of the lower energy of others just to keep themselves sustained.

It is quite similar to how the tax dollars of humanity have been fed into a broken and dying occult financial system that has become far (beyond saving), because of the greed of the souls who established such a system only for themselves and thought themselves able to keep its existence hidden forever.

These souls have been taking the money of humanity in a desperate attempt to keep their dying occult financial system online for just a little bit longer, and in the same avenue they too have been feeding off of humanity’s negativity and the descendants of the cabal heads who are not in containment are finding it much harder to gain sustainability via the energies humanity is putting out, for two different reasons.

One reason is that humanity is beginning to feed negativity less and less as the ascension taking place helps to initiate awakenings in so many souls, and the other reason is that (the cabals’) very ability to feed off of lower energy is decreasing as the planetary vibrations lighten more and more in preparation for the much-purer states of consciousness you are about to enter as a collective.

Disclosure’s Role in Ascension

We have previously discussed certain brazen “shift points’ wherein humanity is to very clearly be initiated into a purer state of consciousness, and we say that while disclosure itself will not solely herald such a major shift point, it will very strongly help each of you to recognize and adjust to different concepts and ideas about your world and that very inner-quest will lead you to the pure states of consciousness so many of you have been looking for and so many others have not yet remembered their full ability to access.

Indeed, every one of you can find an access to the higher realms; to the energies of we Pleiadians speaking with you; to the energies of various other ascended souls who are very adamantly attempting to communicate with humanity at this time; to your higher selves and future selves who have long been giving you advice and guidance along your Life paths; there are so very many souls you can connect with and so many realms waiting just beyond your conscious perception that you can access and feel alike, and even those on your world steeped in temporary unawareness know and can feel this very deep within.

You Will Understand the Good You Have Done

Deep within, each one of you recognizes that you are a sovereign, Divine Godspark who is on the Earth on an ultimate mission of personal and collective growth. So very many of you have purposefully come to this world to answer to the dark forces and the negativity they have been putting out and having humanity feed, and the Light you have been able to shine has done this and so very much more.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we congratulate you as so many others have for the pure Light you have been able to continually shine upon the surface of the Earth.

When reaching an ascended perspective, you will be able to look back upon different facets of your Earth experience and in doing so, you will be able to understand and feel every last bit of good you have done as you evolved from the lower realms of the Earth. We will be in these realms awaiting you, with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their conduit.



Bill Ballard – Energies Report – 24 April 2013

Round n Round WE Go and Where we stop, nobody knows!

The 3rd Week of April 2013 showed some False Flags which I would hope would wake up the world from their slumber in duality. As the frequencies increase so dramatically here into the higher vibrations, there is a personal purging going on within each of us as well as the collective we watch as Team Dark tries to sabotage the workings of the LIGHT. Holding our highest vibrations and emotions is what is needed at this time.

What will it take to wake up humanity once and for all? I certainly don’t know, YET… But we are witnessing some pretty amazing False Flags being thrown at us, which I would hope would do the trick… Since ALL Humanity IS ASCENDING THIS TIME, ALL HAS TO AWAKEN TO THE GAME… Each of us must speak openly and be outspoken at this time to make it unfold with greater speed, while we can still do this on old methods of communication as this, instead of our telepathic powers.


Sandra Walter – Journey Of Light – Sedona Update – 23 April 2013

sandrabdaypic20121-300x245Week three of this Journey of Light brought a strong connection to my interdimensional, multidimensional Self. I AM very blessed to be one of those lucky people who was shown my expressions up through the higher dimensions. That was a small percentage of my Self, and I AM enjoying getting to know the true me as this journey unfolds.

Admittedly I AM feeling fatigued from all of the energy work, travel, and adjustments to different climates/habitats/community energies. The service is key, and apparently related to the upcoming Wesak Full Moon and alignments in May, connecting Shasta, Sedona and many grid systems. We can prepare for this by doing the work, clearing our subconscious baggage and ignoring any nonsensical distractions.

In this video I discuss the work, the galactic self, the effects of interdimensional amplifications and the goal of our April/May workload: ACCELERATION of the Shift to Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Source Light Intelligence. More videos later this week covering multidimensional awareness, timeline play, clearing and a whole lot more.

AscensionPioneers – Ascension Update – Feel Yourself! – 22 April 2013

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

The most important part of our Ascension journey is to feel ourselves … I mean really deeply feel our unique Spirit Essence. We are all balancing the Divine masculine and feminine aspect of our One Soul. That is why my intention and focus is to set my ultimate Heart desires through that merging … to move deeply into my Soul and after all that releasing that took place, fill up the void (the womb) of the feminine with the seed of the masculine … to establish that ultimate connection that leads to inner Divine Reunion … the integration and balance of both polarities. My yearning is to be in a sacred marriage and partnership with my inner and outer wholeness … to be complete from within and without … and to trust my Heart guidance fully. It means to be free to Be myself and to radiate with my highest potential and life … from within to without!

Within Divine Love, Polona

Reconnecting With Your Higher Self – Awakening The Lightbody

justbernard·360 videos

The official “Awakening the Lightbody” Series by Bernard Alvarez
In this free series from the Global Illumination Council learn about:
– Awakening the Lightbody
– Grounding Meditation
– Learning to go between the thoughts and contact your Higher Self
– What are energy/chi blockages?
– Identifying energy/chi blockages
– The root cause of these energy/chi blockages
– Removing energy/chi blockages
– Activating the Lightbody
– Expanding the Lightbody to create an healing energy grid around the planet