Ute Posegga-Rudel – ANDROMEDA GALAXY – Communication With Source – Messages from the Realms of Light – 6-20-15

Ute Posegga-Rudel   –   6-17-15


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We are now at the point where change becomes are real possibility – if not a must.

We: this is you, humanity, your friends from the realms of light and all those who are involved in this evolutionary process which is bringing about a major shift in consciousness for all beings of light.

Never forget that the light of your true Divinity is ALWAYS victorious.

Even though darkness seems to be moving forward, it is one of the great illusions that test your mind and strength to unite with the Divine Law under all circumstances, even when darkness prevails.

Truth cannot be avoided, whatever a fallen mind tries to create! Truth can never be destroyed, because even falsehood and error live like a mirage on the grounds of Eternal Divine Reality.

We are here to confirm our friendship and our love for you, always holding the splendor of the Realm of the Divine Love-Light for you open to invite you into your true Home.

In your True Home not only the illusions of the subtle realms, but all the delusions of the world of suffering are void, and they are recognized as mere fabrications of the senses of your subtle or your dense body-mind, if you are identified with it.

The body-mind of the lower dimensions is created to host a low vibrating consciousness. It is naturally attracting  the characteristics of a lower mind. Therefore you experience separation and gross emotions that create the karmas of suffering.

Only when you are able to remember your Divine Heritage, these low vibrations don´t have exclusive power over you anymore.

It is you who remember, who communicate with us, the higher dimensional Light-Forces, and in the most fortunate occasions, with the Divine Source Itself.

The communication with the Source is primarily not verbal, but is – via feeling-attention – the recognition of a transparent Purity and Freedom that is Absolute, and which is beyond all the appearances of the  conditional realms.

You are communicating with the Source beyond your body-mind, while no world exists in that moment of communication. This is so because mind does not exist when the Source-Condition is Revealing Itself to your awareness.

It is the Eternal Divine Substance of Which all creation is made by creator beings with the means of the mind. Therefore all creation is mind.

When you communicate with us, know, that we are not Source and that we are not Ultimate Light. Both, your and our races, and every race,  are emerging from that Source. Therefore it is your right, as it is ours, to directly relate to the Source, without mediators in between.

However the structure of your body-mind that you utilize, – if you are not used to go beyond the lower and subtle vibrations – is not allowing you to directly communicate with the Source, because the veil and limitation of your mind´s vibration is an almost  insurmountable obstacle. You can only go so far as listening to your intuition.

The capacity of your direct communication with the Source has been taken from you many eons ago. However it is being returned to you in your lifetime by Divine Grace. That is why we remind you of this Great Event.

Because it is this Great Event that has Enlightened the fallen worlds and opened the door for the Recognition of non-changing Truth That is not hidden by diversity, but is felt as the Source of all diversity.

It is the Root-Power That allows for recognition what darkness really is: a mortal phantom that now can be understood as a temporary error of the fallen or unenlightened mind, with only the power that you are willing to give it.

And this growing clarity in the hearts of mankind makes possible the fundamental shift you all are waiting for. Because Real Shift needs the eternal and un-changing Divine Reality to depend on. Otherwise it would be just about another little moving of stones and dimensional point of views.

Dearest brothers and sisters, we are One in That One Eternity of Blissful Source! Lets embrace one another in the Radiance of That Source and let It Be your Inspiration!

Let It Be your Certainty that you are always safe where your Home is, and that nothing can separate you from It, never ever. Even not in your temporary experience of seeming separation and therefore suffering!

While you communicate with us, remember your Real Home and trust the Divine Truth of It.

This will add momentum to the long awaited Great Shift!

We Are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute



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Wes Annac – God and Source: What’s the Difference? – 2-6-15


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (1)

I was asked by a reader to give my opinion on the difference between ‘God’ and ‘Source’. I tend to use both labels, but I usually say ‘Source’ when I talk about our creator.

The reader pointed out that depending on who we talk to, there are different meanings for both labels. ‘Source’ is meant to describe our infinite creator, whereas ‘God’ describes a creator entity who’s extended from Source, like we all are, and watches over our universe.

Maybe this ‘God’ created the universe and that’s why he/she watches over it, but regardless, ‘God’ is believed to be an overseer of this universe – not all of creation. I didn’t know there was a difference between the two labels, but it makes sense that some people would want to define them differently.

I do think there are spiritually evolved creator entities who oversee our planet, our galaxy, our universe, etc., and in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what we call them. It also doesn’t matter what we call our inner voice (some people call it the ‘higher self’) our spiritual guides, or even Source itself.

Understandably, the rational mind wants to label and identify every concept it becomes aware of – even spiritual ones. Spirituality encourages us to transcend the mind’s overbearing influence (while still using it the way it’s meant to be used), but while we’re on earth, we’ll always meet concepts we want to rigidly define so we (and others) can understand them better.

We’ll want to use certain terminologies to define certain things, because it helps us get a better grasp on what we’re trying to identify. This seems to be the case with Source and the creator entities who oversee our galaxy and universe, and as we continue to evolve, we’ll learn that specific entities oversee every aspect of creation.

Taken from Trumanfalkner.com

There are probably entities who oversee each dimension, including our current. For all we know, we could connect with them in meditation and receive valuable information about them and the dimensions beyond, but if we do, we won’t have to focus as much on what we should call them as the information and advice they give us.

I’m sure any creator entity has a lot to offer, but we might keep ourselves from receiving a clear stream of energy or guidance if we focus too heavily on identifying them. It’s good to have the facts and know for sure, but the endless desire to know, define and understand can actually keep us from that connection.

We can call our creator and various other entities whatever we want, but we’ll want to prepare for differences in belief from one person to the next. We’re all unique and we’ll call our creator different names, so we’ll have to respect our different interpretations if we want to come together.

“Expression, to a great extent, is a matter of terms, and terms are anyone’s. The meaning of ‘God’ may have a billion interpretations if there be that many souls in the world.” – Charles Ives (2)

With that said, it is sometimes helpful to have concrete terms and definitions we can rely on, and it’s also helpful to discern the difference between our creator and the various other entities who are believed to oversee certain aspects of creation.

From my perspective, we have an infinite creator from which we’ve all sprung, and we’ll eventually return to him/her by traveling deeper and deeper into our consciousness.

All of creation rippled out from Source, on the highest and lowest level, and the creation of universes, galaxies, planets, etc. was the partial responsibility of creator entities who descended from Source to manifest realms to play around, grow and learn lessons in.

Source continued to ripple out and divide itself into various realms and accompanying creator entities until he/she reached the lowest level in its self-created existence. We aren’t at that lowest level here in the third dimension, but we’re close.

Taken from Fanpop.com

Now that we’re raising our vibration and preparing to greet higher dimensions, we’re realizing that Source isn’t just split into the people or things we’re familiar with – our creator embodies everything, and everything embodies our creator.

This includes the entities who oversee various planets, galaxies and universes, and now that we’re remembering they exist, we can give them whatever label best suits our understanding. Or, we can give them no labels and let them simply be, free of any attempts to understand exactly what they are.

It’s safe to say that when most people pray to (or meditate on) God, they connect with our creator – the ntity I call Source. Their intention probably isn’t to connect with an entity who oversees the universe, but other people choose to see God in this light and there’s nothing wrong with that.

All it is, is a difference in interpretation that we’ll want to accept and flow with.

As we come together, we’ll find that we all have different, unique viewpoints on our existence and our spiritual evolution, and it’s possible to meditate on ‘God’ and connect with our creator instead of the overseer of the universe.

“Everyone in a complex system has a slightly different interpretation. The more interpretations we gather, the easier it becomes to gain a sense of the whole.” – Margaret J. Wheatley (3)

It’s also possible to connect with that overseer instead of Source, and our intention matters more than any label. If we want to connect with Source, we will. If we want to connect with the universal creator some people call ‘God’, we will. It’s that simple, and we don’t need to let the mind overcomplicate things by trying to rigidly define them.

I’m glad our reader asked this question, because it encourages us to see that different people use different terms to define our creator.

All our terminologies matter little in the big picture, and we’ll find when we’re in a higher state of consciousness that all of our mind-driven perceptions fade. We’ll all perceive and define our existence differently while we’re still in the lower realms, however, and for all we know, this uniqueness could continue in the higher spheres.

Our uniqueness is one of many things that can bring us together, and we can really learn a thing or two from one another if we embrace and celebrate our different interpretations. I learned something new from our reader today, and my understanding of God and our universal creator has definitely changed.

I’ll probably continue to use the words ‘God’ and ‘Source’ (and ‘Jah’) when I talk about our creator, because all of these terms work for me. They feel right to me, but I accept that other people use them differently.

As long as we maintain a lasting connection with our creator, who we can all connect with and receive valuable advice and guidance from, how we define that connection doesn’t matter as much as what we do with it.


Wes Annac – Empty the Mind to Perceive Source – 11-3-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness –

In our society, the mind’s generally seen as a good thing. Gaining knowledge is very important, and what other way to do so than to use the mind and its practically infinite capabilities?

I have nothing against the mind, and neither do the spiritual teachers we’ll hear from here. Like them, I recognize that the mind can be and is a very important instrument for the expression of consciousness and the gaining of knowledge, and it can take us very far if we know how to use it.

However, amidst our quest for answers to the secrets of our existence, humanity has mistakenly filled our heads with so much knowledge of our physical reality that we’ve forgotten about the greater reality that exists beyond our surface perception.

In our mad dash for answers, we’ve overlooked the greatest truths and secrets that we can discover by exploring our inner perception. Everything changes when our minds are open and we’re attuned to the love that forms and permeates every aspect of our existence.

Our desire for concrete, physical answers ceases, and it’s replaced with a desire to stay open and receptive to the influence of spirit, which, if we let it, will fill our heads and hearts with its omnipotent glory and help us see that something real and pure exists beyond the physical reality we’ve ceaselessly studied.

Only when the mind’s open and we’re freed of empty or meaningless physical knowledge can we perceive the greater spiritual forces at work constructing and sustaining our reality, and the good news is that we have the opportunity to empty our minds and perceive the Source of all existence in a much realer and purer way.

All it takes is the willingness to see that the mind’s incomplete if it isn’t open to the energies and perceptions of the heart, and our spiritual teachers have told us a lot about the importance of emptying the mind of the knowledge that won’t help us spiritually excel.

In order to perceive spirit, the senses have to be transcended in favor of the greater, more powerful inner senses that help us open our third eye. We’ve been given a lot of advice about transcending our seemingly constant drive for outer knowledge and opening up to our sacred inner knowledge, and we’re going to explore some of that material here.

An anonymous teacher describes the ‘darkness’ of unawareness, which we’re currently enmeshed in.

“Do not think that because I call it a ‘darkness’ or a ‘cloud’ it is the sort of cloud you see in the sky, or the kind of darkness you know at home when the light is out. That kind of darkness you can picture in your mind’s eye…. I do not mean this at all.

“By ‘darkness’ I mean ‘a lack of knowing’ — just as anything that you do not know or may have forgotten may be said to be ‘dark’ to you, for you cannot see it with your inward eye. For this reason it is called ‘a cloud’, not of the sky, of course, but ‘of unknowing’, a cloud of unknowing between you and your God.” (1)

Krishnamurti tells us that our endless desire for knowledge tends to stop us from perceiving spirit or Source.

“Our minds are stuffed with so much knowledge that it is almost impossible to experience directly.” (2)

Knowledge alone, he tells us, won’t solve the problems we face or help us create a new world.

“Mere knowledge, however wide and cunningly put together, will not resolve our human problems; to assume that it will is to invite frustration and misery. Something much more profound is needed. One may know that hate is futile, but to be free of hate is quite another matter. Love is not a question of knowledge.” (3)

A lot of seekers are more fixated on ideas than direct spiritual experience, he points out.

“The idea is more important than the fact; the concept of what one should be has more significance than what one is. The future is always more alluring than the present.

“The image, the symbol, is of greater worth than the actual; and on the actual we try to superimpose the idea, the pattern. So we create a contradiction between what is and what should be. … In this conflict between the so-called real and the so-called false we are caught.” (4)

I can attest that a lot of seekers are very attached to certain beliefs and ideas. Understandably, we want to know and learn as much as we can about the spiritual concepts we’ve come to discover and empower, and this tends to lead us on an endless search for answers; for a greater understanding.

This actually distracts us from the bigger picture we could be enjoying, and instead of following ideals and beliefs, we can turn our attention inward and embrace our greater perception instead of finding belief after belief that reminds us of it.

If we try hard enough, we’ll find plenty of beliefs that advocate spirit, and we’ll find that they’re ultimately unsatisfying. The only thing that can really satisfy our hunger for spirit is our direct perception of spirit, and we’ll continue to go on a philosophical merry-go-round until we realize this.

As Krishnamurti also tells us, the desire for mental and physical security can cut us off from our inner perception.

“There can be freedom from knowledge only when the process of gathering, the motive of accumulation, is understood. The desire to store up is the desire to be secure, to be certain. This desire for certainty through identification, through condemnation and justification, is the cause of fear, which destroys all communion.” (5)

We can transcend this desire by keeping in mind that we’re already exactly where we intend to be. This is an idea I’ve been struggling with lately, and it can be difficult to open our eyes and see that we already have everything we could ever hope for, physically and spiritually.

Source is revealed to us to the degree that we’re willing to open up and attempt to perceive him/her, so if you think about it, we already have everything we could ever need. We can clear away the cloud of darkness that separates us from Source in any moment if we’re particularly dedicated, but we don’t realize we have this freedom.

We don’t see that we can deprogram the matrix and step away from all of this mess at any time by taking an inner journey via meditation or various other tools, so we endlessly search for things in our physical reality that validate the inner knowledge we can already access.

It’s quite a contradiction, and by searching and striving so hard to find Source or a greater inner perception, we actually cut ourselves off from both.

Krishnamurti then tells us that knowledge is a means to an end, but it can never be solely used to reach the conclusion we intend to reach: spiritual enlightenment.

“Knowledge is a flash of light between two darknesses; but knowledge cannot go above and beyond that darkness. Knowledge is essential to technique, as coal is to the engine; but it cannot reach out into the unknown.

“The unknown is not to be caught in the web of the known. Knowledge must be set aside for the unknown to be; but how difficult that is!” (6)

He and various other spiritual teachers don’t intend to attack knowledge, he tells us, but to communicate that focusing wholly on accumulating it can surround us in illusion and keep us from our goal.

“We are not attacking or defending knowledge, but trying to understand the whole problem.

“Knowledge is only a part of life, not the totality, and when that part assumes all-consuming importance, as it is threatening to do now, then life becomes superficial, a dull routine from which man seeks to escape through every form of diversion and superstition, with disastrous consequences.” (7)

In our final quote, Krishnamurti tells us that fear and physical knowledge must be transcended if we want to perceive Source.

“Fear exists only in the relationship between the known and the unknown. The known is ever trying to capture the unknown; but it can capture only that which is already known. The unknown can never be experienced by the known; the known, the experienced must cease for the unknown to be.” (8)

Clearly, we have to forget every outdated notion we have about experiencing spirit, because even experiencing it is an apparent illusion when compared to truly perceiving it. I think this quote intends to communicate that we’ll need to transcend our limited, human version of ‘experience’ to perceive spirit, along with all of our human concepts and perceptions.

I think it’s important to remember that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and the human aspect of our consciousness is infinitely tiny compared to the rest of us. Our consciousness travels far beyond the finite human vessels we’re incarnate in, and our limited physical perception just isn’t sufficient enough for us to really perceive spirit.

This is why transcendence is so important, and to reach our destination, we’ll have to give up any preconceived concepts of what reaching it will be like. We’ll have to empty ourselves of anything that constitutes finiteness or an inability to be open to spirit, and only when we’re open and our perception is blanked will we find what we’ve been looking for.

‘Zero point’ consciousness is necessary to perceive our inner realms, but beyond this blanked perception, a whole new realm of glorious, blissful vibrations awaits our delight. We just have to be willing to give up everything that’d keep us from attaining this inner heaven, and keeping in mind that we’re already there will help quite a lot.


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Archangel Michael – The Flowering of Source – via Daniel Scranton

Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by Daniel Scranton




Archangel Michael




 The Flowering of Source – Archangel Michael  –  Channeler Daniel Scranton

“The creation that you are is a flowering of Source. You are not just created by Source. You are Source, and you are reaching out from that which is Source. You and Source are becoming together. You are stretching Source beyond where It has been before.

We appreciate that which you are doing, and we know that Source does as well. One of the ways in which you can acknowledge yourselves for the gift that you are and the gifts that you give is by doing something you have never done before. By taking an action, you operate as Source and you give Source a new experience of Itself.

So if you are not feeling your Divinity, and if you are having a hard time even acknowledging that your Divinity exists, then simply do something you have never done before. And feel the way you come to that activity as more than what you knew yourself as. Feel the blossoming of the flower that you are.

What you do is never as important as what you bring to what you do. So do not agonize over what you should do, because that will stall you ever time. And you will deny yourself and Source what you came here to do and experience. You came here to have a physical experience as Source. So begin to see every action you take as an opportunity to know yourselves as Source and to give Source more of what it came here for.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”


Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Belonging in Source


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my Ascension update with a message from the Divine Mother. There is no light without the shadow, and no shadow without the light. In between the two, the eternal Light of the One always holds everything together. All Life in Creation reflects this Beauty and it’s how Souls experience and expand. There are so many who wish to deny the aspect of Divine Creation, which is the Art of the Divine Mother, and only believe in the Divine Father. There is no Light without Love, and no Love without Love. The eternal and infinite nature of our Source intertwine and dance together like a beautiful Cosmic play. When we grow into our Source consciousness, we stand in the middle of shadow and light. We walk the Way of the One, which encompasses everything as it Is and reflects the true nature of Divinity, whether on “Heaven” or on “Earth.” When we remember our Source on all levels, we value both the Creator and Creation itself, as we know there is simply no separation between the two.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Wes Annac – Source and the Company of Heaven – A Flame of Inspiration and Action – 8-8-14



Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Source Speaks:

Open your minds and hearts to me, and you will find me. Let yourselves believe you can connect with me in a real and pure way, and you’ll find that you’re easily able to. Embrace me if the idea of making a connection resonates with you, and if it doesn’t, let yourselves wait to connect.

It will resonate eventually, because in time, you’ll hunger for me as much as your society hungers for material things.

I have so much to offer you, dearest children, but the assistance I intend to provide can only be accessed if it’s enthusiastically requested. You wanted to separate from me and experience the lower vibration you’d created for yourselves, and at any time, you can reconnect with me by venturing as far into your center as possible.

In doing so, you’ll be able to transmit a wealth of advice and guidance from various higher-dimensional entities and collectives, and while you can spend all day chatting with them, when you’re finished, you can feel free to convene with me.

Do You Remember?

Can you feel, somewhere in the creation-wide databank of knowledge and information you can each access, the memories of existing in my pure and undistorted realms? Of course, none of you will be able to consciously recall them right now, but as your vibration continues to rise, you’ll find that you’re eventually flooded with memories of previous higher-vibrational travels and adventures.

Your memories will continue to flood your perspective as you traverse the various dimensions that’ll eventually lead you back to me.

The more of an effort you make to reconnect with the higher realms and use this connection to help yourselves and the planet around you become aware that something exists beyond the limitations of your third-dimensional reality, the quicker your higher-vibrational memories will come flooding in and the more enthusiastically you’ll remember and embrace them.

Your missions are very important, and if you could only feel the appreciation I have for each of you, you’d understand that you’re infinitely and eternally loved by me and every facet of consciousness in the higher realms.

Your higher selves and guides seek to assist you along your growth and development, and the love I and all of my higher-vibrational creations feel for you goes deeper than we could express through any channel. Some of you may find it difficult to believe that you can actually connect with me, but it becomes much easier when you realize that you’re one with me.

You’re each sparks of my omnipotent consciousness, and you’ve each funneled yourselves down from my realms to exist in lower, distorted realms for the purpose of creation and enjoyment. You each contain a spark of my essence, and this spark can never burn out.

Many souls have turned this spark into a full-on flame of inspiration and action, and they’re growing closer with me than those who continue to remain unaware of their inner spark or the magnificent burning flame that can result from it.

Given that you contain my essence within your physical temples, connecting with me can be a breeze if you let it. The same can be said for the various other higher-dimensional souls who seek to connect with you, and before I make my final expressions for this communication, I’d like to allow another group of souls to come through and speak.

This group has been referred to as the ‘Company of Heaven’, and with my assistance, they watch and assist you whenever and wherever possible.

The Company of Heaven Speaks:

With loving appreciation to the Source of existence, we are the Company of Heaven. We too note that it’s difficult for many souls to believe they can connect with us, and your ability to connect with the higher realms is as infinite as you’re coming to discover you are.

You can pick up on the energies and impressions of every higher-dimensional soul you’re willing to believe you can connect with, and you’re the only ones who can limit yourselves.

Connecting With Specific Guides and Teachers

No soul in the higher realms or on earth can tell you who you can or can’t connect with, and as long as you’re willing to believe you’re capable of making the sacred connections you’re starting to make, everything else will flow gracefully. If you want to connect with us, you can.

It really is this simple, but it’s easy to complicate by overthinking or striving too hard. However impossible channeling various entities and collectives might seem, you’ve been capable of it for longer than we can express.

Your abilities as channels go much deeper than you’ve let yourselves believe, and while connecting with your higher selves will always be the most important and beneficial thing you can do with your channeling abilities, many of you will benefit from connecting with specific guides and teachers who have a lot to offer you.

Of course, you aren’t inherently required to connect with us, or even your higher selves and guides, if channeling doesn’t resonate with you. Not everyone will agree on the same routes back to Source, but no matter which route you use, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for and you’ll be very glad you sought it in the first place.

Whether you channel the energies and impressions of the higher realms, write beautiful poetry or music, or do anything else creative and spiritually inspired, it’ll help you find your way back into the loving arms of Source.

You’re making your way out of the dense and immeasurably challenging lower vibrations, and as you do, you rediscover something so far outside of your current perception that it requires adjustment and the ability to lay down the wants and demands of the ego.

In laying the ego down, you’ll connect with unfathomably pure realms of energy, insight and understanding, and you’ll find that you’re infinitely able to connect with a wide range of ascended beings who, for the most part, you’ve just started to realize you can contact and communicate with.

However difficult it might be for some to believe, we’re doing everything we can to communicate with you.

We want to help you become aware of spirit and the necessity to follow your heart and intuition in everything you do, but we don’t necessarily want you to fixate yourselves on us or our communications as if we’re the only genuine source of spiritual information available.

We aren’t, and in fact, some souls won’t find our communications any more genuine than others.

This is okay, because again, reading channeled messages (or bringing them through yourself) isn’t inherently required to traverse the ascension path. All that’s required is love and the willingness to open up to the divine bounties that await your perception, and if you’re willing to do this, everything else will fall in line.

The beliefs you advocate and empower along the way, such as the belief that we (The Company of Heaven) exist and actively seek to communicate with you, don’t matter as much as the clear, focused, heart-centered effort you make to use these beliefs for good.

Whether or not others believe the same things you do doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to do the work that springs from your beliefs, and as long as you find and act on this willingness, little else will matter. You can empower every belief under the sun, or you can cease empowering any beliefs altogether.

Humanity has become attached to belief systems because you want to define and understand your external reality, but the era of labeling and focusing on the external is quickly drawing to a close.

In its place will be an era of widespread spiritual understanding, and when consciousness and awareness grow to new heights, all of humanity will be awake and willing to do the inner work that’s required to bring your planet into the light.

Some souls will take up channeling; others will take up general lightwork; some won’t believe in either concept, but they’ll still spiritually excel as much as anyone else.

No matter what you believe or empower, your work to bring humanity into the light is very important, and we watch you do this work with love in our one heart and appreciation for the nearly tireless labor you continue to perform.


We’ll make our final expressions for this communication, together with Source, with encouragement to expand your understanding of what you’re capable of.

Those of you who resonate with channeling are encouraged to understand that you can connect with far more beings and collectives than your higher selves, and those of you who advocate other concepts are equally encouraged to expand your perspective of them.

In regards to channeling, we encourage connecting primarily with the higher self before connecting with other entities and collectives, but after you maintain this connection for so long, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your ability and seeing who else you can connect with.

If you’re open and receptive enough, you’ll find the willing communication of a plethora of beings and collectives who’ve been waiting for humanity to connect with us so we can offer our advice and guidance in an effort to assist you along your difficult ascension journey.

You don’t have to believe in us or our communications, and if you don’t, we’ll gladly remain outside of your sphere of perception because we don’t want to violate your freewill.

When you’re ready, however, you can delve deeper into the channeling ‘pool’ than you would’ve thought possible and connect with multitudes of souls who are ready to offer our perspective and, hopefully, help waves of fellow seekers in the process.

Keep expanding your perception and your abilities, and know that it’s all for a very important and very, very necessary purpose.

Thank you to Source and the Company of Heaven.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Near Death Experience – This was a Sea of nothing but Love Energy – This was Heaven – Everyone is Connected to the Source


Image Credit: Head Like an Orange

AngelicView: Here is the NDE (Near Death Experience) of a woman who – before this happened to her – had not believed in an afterlife at all. Perhaps consequently, it is very non-religious, but no less fascinating and profound than any of them. It changed her life and as she puts it, “My higher entity…she has been putting up with my crap for lifetimes.” 

This experience established her belief in God. Her explanation: “God is everything. Energy. The fabric of everything.” But still – religion was not her thing. She says, “I do not get wrapped up in organized religion. God is the fabric of existence, the rest does not matter.”

Take a trip with Sue to her place in “heaven”, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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