In The Place Beyond All Things – by Mother and Father God – 12-1-15

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In The Place Beyond All Things   –  by Mother and Father God
Mother God:
Dear Children, it is I, Mother God speaking to you. Both Father and I wish to talk with you today.

We are very happy about the mastery you have gained in recent days. As you know, we are used to watching our children evolve over centuries, even eons, but this recent brilliant Light show on Earth has dazzled us beyond anything we could have anticipated. In Galactic terms, your rise in Light quotient during these past weeks is truly “off the charts,” you might say. Your response to the sporadic “terrorist” threats has been mature, realistic, and steady. You have learned to see these upheavals as temporary blips on the radar, merely small disturbances in the great flow of Light and hope that is washing across the planet.

We are increasing that flow of Light daily now, because of the agreements we have had with you since this great project – the Earth Ascension Project – began. You, humankind, asked us long ago to hold you to your agreements and your individual contracts, to remain true to your spirit of adventure and to your confidence in your abilities to rise up when the time came, to transcend all darkness and come Home to our Light. In the interim, there have been many difficulties that were not completely foreseen, because of course we do not foresee every small detail of your lives.

We must modify some of the beliefs you have carried about our powers to determine your fates, Beloveds. We could not have provided the conditions for your free will while also pre-determining all things, and so we too must deal with the surprises that billions of humans can create. Sometimes we chuckle when we see how like the pinball games at the arcade you all seem to be at times, bumping and careening off one another. But of course each bump, carom and stumble provides opportunities for further learning and experiencing. We must also help your Higher Selves adhere closely to the basic conditions you set out for yourselves before you came, so this is why each of you required a large team to help you.

You have not been aware, most of you, that there has always been a devoted medical team and a team of overlighting angels in addition to your ever-attentive Higher Self and your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, all of whom are coordinating the complex trajectory of your current lifetime. Life in this human body is not the lonely or isolated existence you have sometimes imagined. You are never alone. You could never be left alone to stumble through this life without the help of your dear Guides. How else could we possibly coordinate all the important events that are now transpiring on Earth?

Each one of you has been an integral part of the great tapestry that is life in this Universe. I was going to say “life on Earth,” but I decided to add the element of Universal energy too, because you are learning to think bigger, are you not? Yes, you are an integral part of your Solar System, your Galaxy, and the entire Universe. It could not be otherwise, My Children. You are not like the grain of sand you have heard yourself compared to. You are mobile, intelligent, embodying great Life force, and your energies are far-reaching because of your power to co-create – your ability to make your dreams come true.

This is what we intended for you, our gift to you as the Creator Race. You carry within you the spark of your Creator, do you not? You are growing and expanding by the moment, fanning that spark into a great flame of determination, resolve, hope and great Love. At last you are beginning to know the meaning of love toward yourselves first, and the great benefit it brings. When you truly look upon yourself with affection and tolerance, compassion and humor, you are able to grow like a beansprout in the spring, reaching for the Light, stretching yourselves in new directions with every breath, and with each breath you are able to love more, understand more about our interconnectedness and glorious potential.

In some ways you have just begun, my Dearest Ones. Many of you truly are as old as the hills, but in this human body, all things are new. You are souls first, of course, but this body you now inhabit offers you unique opportunities for deep feeling, creative exploration, and the expansion of your spirit. For these reasons, both your Father God and I have incarnated here on Earth at times, sending the energy of our selves directly into a human body or other creatures. (Yes, the indigenous people are very right in their stories about eagles and bears being visitors from Higher Dimensions). Just yesterday, I sent my energy to accompany a small fly who mysteriously appeared in the wrong season in Kathryn’s room, to sit close to her, to caress her face, and to remind her we are there with her, as she moves steadily through her Earthly assignments.

Now, many of you are aware that you are multi-dimensional Beings, but do you have a picture of what those other dimensional facets of yourself, your soul, are doing? Of course it depends upon your standing as a soul, your evolution and your own preferences and gifts, but I can assure every one of you who are reading this, you have been very busy in recent months as this Earth Project has really heated up.

Have you ever awoken in the morning after what seemed like a deep sleep feeling exhausted, as if you had been working all night? It is because you have been. Many of you are working on this Project on both sides of the Veil, meeting in the Councils, planning your “interventions” with those on the ground, talking with your Higher Self about the most effective strategies to accomplish what you need to accomplish, and helping your Twin Flame and the Higher Selves of others to fulfill their Missions. Like the artist or songwriter who awakens with a new image or a new melody, you are co-creating your life with your loving Soul Family in other dimensions, even as you live it out here on Surface Earth.

We are here with you, listening to your observations and your suggestions, recording and documenting your feelings, and admiring your pluck and your imaginative approach to all things, as we all feel our way, moment by exhilarating moment, through this labyrinth on our way toward the Glory, Glory Hallelujah celebration we are planning together.

Now I touch your faces and kiss you with my loving breath, lingering to admire and dote on you as I listen to your dear Father God giving you his message.

I am your Mother God, in service to the Ascension of all Beings on Earth.

Father God:
Hello, my dear children. You know, listening to your Mother God speak with you, my heart overflows with tenderness for all of you there, working hard, many of you toiling into the late hours to fulfill the tasks you have set out for yourselves. We too are here with our beloved Company of Heaven, all of whom are working at maximum capacity. Yes, there is such a thing for them. They are not limited in any sense as you know it, since their energy is enormous and can be sent out through infinite numbers of channels at once, and yet, they are concentrating the way you would concentrate and focus on the most challenging final exam. It is that intense for them, this endeavor they are sharing with you now.
And we, Mother and I, are in the thick of it too, you know. Here I am dictating this message through our beloved Kathryn, while we also oversee the beehive of activity across your planet – more in the daylight areas, of course, while observing all the threads of energies going out with this message to those who will be receiving it tomorrow, next week, next year. This is why we have so many “right-hand” Ascended Masters and Angels, to keep tabs on absolutely everything going on in the Universe and beyond.   You might say that Mother and I, along with our brilliant team, are the communications center, the heartbeat at the center of operations, and at this time, all eyes are focused on Planet Earth.

It is exciting, is it not, to be in such a pivotal place at such a momentous time? You will always remember with fondness these relationships, the deep friendships you have developed in this lifetime. Look deeply into the eyes and hearts of your loved ones, as we do. You will be fascinated with what you see, for the complexities of human beings reflect all the lifetimes, the struggles and triumphs, the hopes and dreams they have fulfilled or left behind. They are all like you, my Dear Ones, more than you have ever acknowledged, and more like us than you have known. We are One, my sons and daughters, because we have woven you from the same threads – the living energy of our Source.

I say this to you now because I want you to know what I know, to feel what I feel about every one of you, every human, animal, rock and bush. Look around you and SEE how precious is every living being – our creations all.As humankind, you have been given special privileges and special responsibilities. It was your wish to see yourselves as independent, free to live your lives as close to us as you wished, or as distant and separate as you imagined. Of course, we can never really be separated, because you are us. Our life force, our essence, lives inside you whether you recognize it or not. It was the reason you all believed you could not possibly stray far, or denounce your connection to us, but you did not envision the dreadful impact that evil and other dark energies could have on your psyche.

For this reason, your Mother and I advised in the Councils at the outset that we set an inviolable end point, a time beyond which no further experiments with evil would be permitted on Planet Earth. Our dear Terra, the mighty soul of your beautiful blue planet, has known this end point was near, and it helped her to withstand the onslaught of toxic chemicals, nuclear testing, and deep drilling she has endured in the past century. Without our interventions, many of which you are yet unaware, the life of your planet would not have continued. This too – the very survival of your planet – was foretold in our prophesies for this Earth experience with duality and darkness.
There was a deep hope in all of you who devised this Experience that it would raise everyone, increase your profound feelings of closeness with each other and with us, and give all the opportunity to move closer to being the God-beings you really are. It is the deepest impulse within every soul to Ascend, to Co-create, to advance in your soul growth. It is no different from the wish of every human child to grow up to be like the parents they love, even when the parents may have been cruel or abusive. This was not part of our plan or yours, but it was an inevitable outcome of the “free-for-all” (notice those words) that has been life on Earth.

I, your Father God, tell you unequivocally, I have never intentionally caused my children suffering for any reason; never have I deliberately punished or plagued a son or daughter, in any sense of the word, to try to “teach them a lesson” or cause them pain, no matter what their behavior might have been. There have been times in your history when your Mother and I had to support Terra in certain efforts to avoid even worse suffering and mayhem, when it was planned by the dark ones to conquer and enslave the entire planet. It is such a time now, and it is also the time of our prophesied end to the Dark Ages on Earth.

You have heard the misinterpretations of our End Times, redefined as if it would be the end of Earth and all upon her, or a massive invasion from outside your Solar System. It is ironic, is it not, how changing just a few words can distort the entire meaning of what we foresaw as relief, prosperity, abundance, and freedom for all. Help will come from beyond your planet, but not in the form of invasion. Such would be against Universal Law and would never be tolerated unless the planet in question had agreed to it in their own Council.

All that has transpired on Earth, including the introduction of the Anunnaki and their minions you now call the cabal, was originally agreed upon as part of the experience of free will on Terra. Of course, as with many well-laid plans, it turned out to be far more difficult to extract yourselves than you originally envisioned.

We have loved you throughout these turbulent eons, as you struggled to regain what was slipping away – the Light and Love of Brotherhood, tolerance and compassion for one another. As some among you slid deeper and deeper into the darkness – often through well intentioned efforts to rescue your loved ones from evil – your definition of duality evolved into a seemingly hard and fast expression of “Us against Them.”

I ask you now, Beloved Children, to find it in your hearts to see the truth.  Turn away from all thoughts of punishment, anger and revenge. There has never been a “Them” any more than there has been an angry God punishing you. The ones who now stand as champions of evil were once your allies, your Brothers and Sisters who got caught up in the traumas and injuries and who turned to darkness as an alternative to their own suffering.

There is no one among you – from the greatest Lightworker to the youngest soul – who has not fallen into the trap of turning to darkness rather than Light in your search for freedom and relief from pain. Revenge, vindication of insults inflicted, and the insanity of being torn apart from your own mind and heart – all have combined in this life or others to push you over the brink into the kind of bitterness and terrorism you now see in the violent ones in your midst. Had the experiment ended while you were in one of those lives, you too would be caught in the spotlight, struggling to survive and to defend what you believed was your only hope for “salvation.”

This is my plea to you, Precious Ones, on this, the threshold of your New Earth. Go forward with purpose, with passionate enthusiasm, but be guided always by compassion, for you are not judges, nor are you to be judged. You are all equal in our eyes, whether you stand on the right or the left bank of the river where you happen to find your feet.All is a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, and all the souls now inhabiting human bodies must be saved. This is our agreement, our solemn promise to you and the vow you made to each other before you began this journey together. There are no interlopers, no aliens, and no strangers in your midst. You were all Brothers and Sisters, the Children of God before you began this, and you are still.

Open your hearts, and expand your minds to allow for these great Truths to enter your consciousness now: The ones who send out these painful frequencies to muddle your thinking and disturb your peace are your children too. The ones who designed the nuclear warheads to destroy your cities are your family members, and the ones who created chemtrails, pesticides, carcinogenic foods, pharmaceutical poisons and devious mind control practices are the brothers and sisters who fought beside you with honor in former wars.
It has all come full circle now, Dear Humankind. You will at last achieve abundance and peace on Earth, but the peace of mind you truly desire will come only in the place beyond forgiveness, beyond even compassion and Love. It comes in the heart space where you carry the deepest knowing-beyond-knowing, that WE ARE ONE.

I am your Father God, in the place beyond all things, where Mother and I await all of you with outstretched arms. Come.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, December 1, 2015

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NATALIE GLASSON – Reflections of the Creator – Goddess Moon – 11-14-15

Full MoonNatalie Glasson
Immense pure love flows from my being and consciousness into all aspects of the Earth. The Earth and yourself are designed to reflect the love I share with you back into the universe of the Creator to distribute love far and wide. You may absorb and draw my love deep into your being in any moment, day or night. My love is free flowing always requiring movement and greater projection. When you connect into my energies you will discover your light shifts become more flowing with the ability to be enhanced and reflected to wherever needed and required. We become one, a mirror of each other and a reminder of the Creator when we connect in unison and acceptance.

I am the Goddess Moon, I am the feminine consciousness, spirit and light of the moon. When you see the light of the moon beaming upon the Earth know that within the light you physically see is my consciousness, light and spirit. You could say I am a similar soul and consciousness to Mother Earth, inhabiting embodiment of a physical body with the purpose of expressing the Creator. Mother Earth has a purpose of nurturing, nourishing, loving unconditionally and allowing for deep inner experiences of self to be experienced fully. My purpose as the Goddess Moon is to reflect the light of the Creator, encourage others to recognise that they mirror the light of the Creator, to bring attention to the cleansing and pure vibrations of the Creator, develop clarity, luminosity of one’s light and expansion of energy as well as promoting calmness and serenity. Mother Earth nurtures your presence while it is my purpose to support you in truly seeing the Creator within you with clarity and an expanded accepting mind. We hold different qualities and yet we have a united purpose of awakening remembrance of the Creator from within your being.

Drawing forth with my energies are immense energetic fields and waves of activations and remembrance. The energies I distribute have strong magnetic vibrations of numerous levels which when received support diverse level of remembrance of the Creator. The magnetic energy of the Creator supports you in retaining information within your mental body, this means that it can awaken and maintain sacred wisdom from your soul within your mind as well as sharing new wisdom from the Creator ensuring your embodiment and integration of the inspiration. Along with these magnetic light vibrations of remembrance I, Goddess Moon, am also distributing Planetary, Solar and Galactic rays of light into the Earth and your being at this time. The Planetary rays which are being emanated into my consciousness by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, are to support the process of adjustment within the physical body, mind, emotions and reality to the current period of Ascension and light anchoring. The Solar level shared through my being from Solar Logos Helios and Vesta is to support a gentle heat generating within the body which allows the body to cleanse and purify itself releasing unneeded toxins both physically and energetically. The Galactic light flowing through my being from Galactic Logos Melchior is to promote healing within the extremities of your being, meaning the edge of your auric field, the levels of yourself beyond the Earth and the aspects of yourself waiting to be embodied within your physical form and reality. This is to bring a wholeness, completeness and embodiment of one’s full self at a physical level through the process of self-realisation. These three energy waves along with the magnetic energy which I naturally emanate through my being from the universe of the Creator create a powerful and potent supportive energy for you at this time of ascension which truly allows you to engage with the sacred energies of the Creator within the depths of your being and soul.

When the Era of Remembrance more fully anchors into the Earth then the magnetic energy of the my being, Mother Earth and your own magnetic field will enhance to support you in awakening, accepting and retaining sacred wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual understanding. The energies, I, Goddess Moon, am anchoring now into the Earth is to support you in your current stage of ascension as well as creating foundations for the Era of Remembrance which will slowly integrate with your being and reality often without you realising.

‘I call upon my guides and angels to create a strong shield of protection and love around me. I now invite the loving consciousness of Goddess Moon to send the appropriate energies of the appropriate frequency for me into my being to support my current ascension, evolution and self/ Creator awakening. I invite Goddess Moon to create remembrance within my being with the ability to retain sacred inspiration and enlightenment to promote clarity and deep understanding of myself. I invite the Planetary Light Goddess Moon is distributing to support adjustments within my physical body, mental, emotional and physical reality to take place with ease and perfection, encouraging me to move with the flow of ascension perfectly. I invite the Solar Light being distributed by Goddess Moon to anchor into my being promoting a healthy purification and cleansing to aid the release of all forms of toxins, physical and energetic. I invite the Galactic Light shared through Goddess Moon to promote healing within all the extremities of my being on all levels of my being to bring forth a wholeness and completeness of myself and the Creator within my being. May this healing, regenerating and enhancing process begin now supported by Goddess Moon’s sacred soothing energies and gentleness with divine perfection. Thank you.’

Inviting my energy, Goddess Moon, to flow to you to support your ascension will allow a new process of inner self-realisation to occur. It will be as if my energy presents to you a mirror which you can view in three ways to support the emergence of truth from within your being. My mirror like energy will demonstrate and show to you the beauty and love of your being, in truth the essence of the Creator which is eternally present within you whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes. My energy may also reflect to you that which is blocking or hindering you in recognising or connecting with the Creator in your current ascension, thus presenting to you opportunities for healing and regeneration. The third reflection my energy may bring forth to you is a view into the inner planes and dimensions of the Creator, sharing with you new insights, understanding and perspectives of the Creator, inner planes, the Earth and your own existence.

When you invoke my energy you are working with my energetic and spirit form rather than my physical form. You can connect with my energies day or night, sitting peacefully or meditating, inviting my energy to surround you. Simply breathe my energy into your being, you may recognise it as a pure white light with hints of yellow, blue and silver. With each breath my energy will begin its process of reflection projecting to you in the way that is easiest for you to understanding anything your soul and the Creator wish for you to accept, acknowledge or focus upon. Achieving this process daily may allow you to realise areas which require healing, to recognise the beauty of your being or to awaken a greater contemplation on the divine in energetic or physical forms upon the Earth or the inner planes. My energy will support contemplation and a greater acceptance of yourself in numerous ways and forms which are appropriate for you. When working with my energy you may discover there is a need to be confident and hold belief in your own abilities while realising that I will support and assist you as you open your energies to my light and consciousness.

I wish to also invite you to call upon my energies to increase the luminosity, vibrancy, expansion and strength of your light.

‘Goddess Moon, with your vibrant light I invite you to increase, amplify and strengthen the luminosity of the light of my soul and entire being. Support me in shining, emanating and projecting my pure, healing and loving light like a beacon delivering the truth of the Creator to all while realising the Creator powerfully within my being. Assist me in shinning my light expansively and lovingly upon the Earth. Thank you Goddess Moon.’

Please be at peace with my light and we will discover the Creator together.

In gentleness and the reflection of your truth in manifestation,

Goddess Moon

Heavenletter #5468 – Gloria Wendroff – Look for the Diamond – 11-14-15

Gloria WendroffGloria Wendroff

God said:

What you see is what you get. You may see that you are surrounded with challenges. That’s how you see it. I do not ask you to kid yourself. Life in the world is not always easy. Sometimes My children find life very difficult.

You can rearrange your thoughts and come from a vaster vision. At present, you can see only so far.

What I am suggesting is that you be open to the possibility that even on the hardest days of the drama you play a part in, life is a blessing. Certainly life on Earth is strewn with blessings. Life is a gift you are given. Even what you would undo if you could has the earmarks of a blessing within it. When the blessings are hidden, you can look for them.

Nothing is the undoing of you unless you kowtow to that idea and hold yourself up as forlorn. Naturally, you focus on your life, yet there are other lives out there, and you can get your mind off yourself and become your own blessing. It is inadvisable for you to look for fault. It is inadvisable for you to be on the look-out for anything you don’t desire.

Yet My children seem to be in waiting for misfortune of one kind or another to drop at their feet. Instead, anticipate good fortune, health, and sunshine. You can do it. Have you been waiting for the doldrums? Have you been waiting for an axe to fall? Have you been currying the favor of what you call mistakes?

Make way for happiness. Encourage happiness. Bet on it.

Misfortune is that which you name misfortune. Why not look forward to something wonderful being strewn in your path? Get rid of tension. You don’t have to have it. Get out of the past. Do not let the past foretell your life. You have a lot to choose from. Choose that which you would like. Choose to go in the direction. Otherwise, you throw rocks before you.

When rocks get in your way, you can perhaps remove them, or you may remove some of them, or you can go around them. Perhaps you can build a rock-garden and fill it with flowers.

This is not just talk. I am not saying all this to hear myself talk. There is something of value for you here. I am suggesting that you stop chewing your nails. You can only be defeated when you say you are. In any case, you are to move on. There is no percentage in getting yourself stuck.

What sense does it make for you not to be your own cheerleader? Discomfort is not the end of the world. Even with discomfort, you move on.

All of life does not appear as a white-glove affair.

As you accept life as it comes, you also let go of it. It is not for you to immerse yourself in mud. Even within the mud, you could find a diamond. Might as well look for a diamond rather than a shard of glass to cut yourself on.

Life is an adventure, one adventure after the other. The world is seen as opposites. Whatever roughness you may be experiencing now also has its opposite. If you are sad, you can be happy. If you are ill, you can be well. There isn’t anything you cannot be. You have choice.

Accepting life as it comes is a starting point. You go on from there. There is a horizon before you, and you can walk right up to it. You can reach it. If you can’t reach it today, you can reach it tomorrow. Tomorrow could bring you great blessings. No need to convince yourself otherwise.

Relish life. It’s yours to love.

Heavenly Sunny Blue SkyHeavenly Sunny Blue Sky
 Heavenletter #5467  via  Gloria Wendroff   –  So Much Depends Upon How You Read Occurrences in Life   –   11-12-15

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff    –   Thanks to Cosmic Gaia

November 12, 2015

God said:

Life in the world, as you see it, is a mixed bag.

You could be a saint, and your house or cave could still be over-ridden with ants who bite you.

Did you perhaps think that saints always have it easy? Did you think you are the only one on Earth whose life seems to do a number on you? Do you think everyone else is spared from annoyance and woe except for you?

Life also bestows blessings. It behooves you to accept everything life hands you and not read too much into it and be laid low. Hidden within every what you see as a set-back lies the hand of God, and God gives only blessings no matter what you make of life and what you say about it.

A blessing does not have to be a wish of yours come true. A blessing can also be a hard-time. From what you see as adversity, you may grow amazingly. Some day you may even see the blessing in it.

There is a story about a boy who was lame. The world considered this inability to run as an adversity. Yet the lame boy who couldn’t run away learned to face everything.

I have said this before, and I will undoubtedly say it again. You may see Me up in Heaven where everything is wonderful, and you may see Me as I sit on My mountain-top plotting what well-chosen difficulties I can make for you. Disregard these thoughts. I don’t plot at all. My aim is always directed at more than you. There is a whole configuration of life. I will make no apologies for how something seems to look like to you in your perception of the world. You and I both wish you would immediately see as I do.

Dear Ones, don’t think that I don’t understand how you feel. I understand very well how you feel.

But, look, if anyone of Us is going to have to expand his or her perception, it won’t be Me. Did you really think that I have to switch what happens in life? When something that occurs in life that makes you happy, you are ready to accept what you see as My plan and fruitful for you. When something occurs in life that seems punitive to you, naturally you don’t want it and would erase it. You would banish it, and you might want to re-educate Me, or even want to banish Me from your thoughts, as if you could.

When you despair at My ever learning from you, it’s very possible that I am in your thoughts more than those who stick with Me through thick and thin. Does this make any sense to you? Those who purport not to believe in Me, sure focus on Me a lot.

Would that those who love Me focus on Me as much!

So much depends upon how you read occurrences in life. Whatever you may think, you do play a part in your life. A big part. Your life is your doing, beloveds. You are not without responsibility for your life no matter what. At the same time, how innocent you may be of your responsibility.

Naturally, when your life is what you call good and is just the way you like it, sometimes you don’t mind taking credit, yet you disallow responsibility when you are sure no one in his right mind would ever call such an experience to himself or herself. You are part of what may be a grand experience. You are not really an umpire of a baseball game where you can cry, “Foul,” and your Will be done.

Please remember, you do well not to interpret Me as if I am blaming you. Blame does not exist in My heart. I do not follow a track of blame. There is no way My heart can get itself around the concept of guilt and blame. Nor could I or would I heap blame and guilt upon you. Of course, I understand your innocence.

Whether you believe it or not, I am a God of Love, and you can see only so far as you can see.

Mother/Source – Our Programming – How She’ll Help Us Break Free – by Dr. Kathryn May – 6-10-15