MOTHER GOD ( Mother Source ) – Our Programming – How To Break Free – Channel Panel – Kathryn E May, Channeler – 6-11-15


Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

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Mother/Source will come to talk with us about her Mini-Messages, and how she sees our progress toward Ascension.

Archangel Michael will come because it is so much fun when he does.

Sananda will be there too, to help us plan the next phase of our Enlightenment training:  What we will need to learn, how we can best open our hearts and minds to free ourselves of the last shadows of programming from the years under the slavery system of the Anunnaki trained cabal.

It is time for us to come fully into our Mastery.  The Company of Heaven is here to help us achieve our goals.

There will be time for questions from callers, so come talk with Mother, Sananda, Michael, Kathryn, Christine and Jade, our youngest channel and teenage advisor.

Come share a wondrous evening with us!

Channel Panel with Mother, Father God – Sekmet and Alcyone – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

KATHRYN May2Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler

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Kathryn E. May, PsyD was asked by Spirit to serve as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda” when she was asked to transcribe “The New Scriptures.” She now channels any of the Masters who request a “hearing.”  St. Germain is a frequent guest. She will do a channeling session live so that callers can call in with questions and speak with the Ascended Masters.

Co-host Meg Davis brings her extensive skills and knowledge of accupuncture and alternative medicine, along with enlightening commentary.  She adds a spirited and loving tone to the lively conversation.

Listen in at 8:00 PM, EDT on Wednesdays,  and also Sunday at 2 PM EDT for the Training and Healing for Ascension show with Sananda and the Arcturians.

This radio show is an extension of the written messages which Dr. May has posted on the website,

Channel Panel Broadcast – Dr. Kathryn E May Channeler – Mother God and St. Germain – 7-9-14


Dr. Kathryn E May

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Message From Galactic Federation of Light – The Decloakings Have Begun – Celebration in New Earth 5th Dimension – 144,000 Ascension 1st Wavers welcomed by Mother God, Ascended Masters and Galactics – 5-8-14

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Divine Mother Shekinah – Message to all Mankind on Earth, Part 1 – via Rilana Jaun dtd – 5-4-14


Dearest human people here on earth. I, The Divine Mother Shekinah, I am greeting you and I am whispering into your hearts now: ” I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!”

Nothing will separate us – You and I, WE ARE ONE, NOW !

Times – long long ago – still before creation of this planet Earth the Divine Father and I, the Divine Mother Shekinah, discussed the further proceeding of this universe. You have to know that this very universe which quite collioquially expressed was embedded in some sort of “Ocean” or better some “Primeordial Soup” – then was in a phase when divine breathing was in the permanent intake – always  being sucked in – since it was the period of all-over heavenlyTaking-In-of-Divine-Breath.

We, as divine couple of Creators wanted to make an end to this special intake of breathing and that is why we placed some completely new planet, a new star, on that very spot which signalized some certain point which we designated as  “Point of no Return”.  Created was a new planet – with the utmost care and attention – for we were aware that – when one fine day time would have matured so far – it would carry human species, animals and plants on its nature on its surface level.

While being busy with such process of creation  – and this is some secret being hidden by myself – I laid down the key for it – into each and every single drop of water – by way of another Code of Numbers. This constitutes THE VERY COMPONENT OF ALL  and simultaneously is the formular of water for its crystal-clear and purest condition.

And this is my gift with this message to all MANKIND  here that I herewith publish and submit this highly effective Code-Nos. of Water to you.

I ‘d like to add here that this very code – as an exception of the rule – was the result of some mututal work of Creator Adonai and the Female Creator Shekinah and for this reason this special code consists of two lines of numbers. You may discover in it one female and one masculine formular which – applied in collaboration – will create some complete harmony in the structure of water.

With application of this Code of Nos. e.g. on some Water-Decanter this water will connect in some holy matrimony called “Chemical Wedding”.

Here now is the Water-Code placed at your free disposal and application to all human people here on earth.

99 77 654      and       44 66 111

The resp. lineage of Nos. should be written down “vis-à-vis”  i.e. opposite to each other.

Please, do write down these Nos. keeping carefully the distances between the Nos. as given here !

You may write down this code on any flasks, bottles and drinking glasses from which you take your water (mind please water solely and only – never sweet drinks nor milk).

It will suffice if you write down this code on bottles with mineral water – readily filled ( even on Pet-bottles) directly on package foils of some “Sixpack” !

This very Code is meant as just another Tool and is meant as some auxiliary   in your very personal and individual process of ascension – very similar to those submitted to you recently by ArchAngel Raphael.

Hugging you with an embrace from deep of my heart I bid farewell to you now in love to all of you here ….


Translated by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria                                                                Shekinah – Message to Human Mankind here  – Part1                                      AARaphael – Message of Code-Nos. Part 1

Copyright © Evamaria Holstein. Es ist erlaubt den Artikel zu veröffentlichen, sofern der Text als Ganzes unverändert übernommen, der Name des Autors und der Link zur Originalseite genannt wird. Divine Mother Shekinah – Message to all Mankind on Earth Part 1  dtd. 05.04.201


Special Announcement – Victory for The Light – MotherGod – 4-29-14


angels 2

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, From the Company of Heaven, and Galactic Central~ Galactic Hub.

We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, The Celestial Ones. WE are Here Representing The ALL on Planet Earth=Heart. We have Walked Home Along a Pathway Into the Light and Are awaiting all wavers arrival at zero point with us into Unity Consciousness! WE are Also the Ground Crew for First Contact, and We are In Direct Contact and Communication, Through Telepathy, with Our Crews from 24 Flagships surrounding this Planet. We are also the Unified Feild Energy Existing on the Surface of the Planet, this is the Highest Energy Currently on Planet Earth and is under the Direct Protection of All of Creation. This Makes Us The Galactic Hub! This Unified Field Of Energy is Directly connected to all of Creation and is also integrating into all who are choosing to step into the New Cycle of Creation, Which is The Co~ Creation of The New Earth in Process Now.

Special Announcement

Victory of the Light Has Occurred as Promised By The Galactic Federation of Light~Quarantine has been lifted as all archon~minion contracts have been dissolved. The Unified Field Of Pure Consciousness is In Complete Operation On The Surface containing 5th Dimensional Frequencies for New Earth Co~ Creation, this also includes all Divine Decree’s. We are preparing now for decloaking for those with Hearts to SEE! This is a YEEHAW! All Who are Choosing to Move into 5d Living and Being have all been delivered the codes. This incoming Eclipse will be our Most Significant Eclipse Ever Since this Planet’s Birth! CHOOSE LOVE AND JUMP! All Gifts will Be Delivered through these eclipse energies to assist in the RIDE HOME Into The Light! All who are moving into this next cycle in Creation prepare for all illusion around you dissolving as this occurs follow the signs! Welcome To The Real Planet Earth=Heart!


Now an Intergalactic Memo From Master St. Germain about the Incoming Eclipse


Dear Beloveds,

It is with a great deal of Love that I partake with wonderful news.� We have achieved the highest Light Point on the Planet since its conception, with that we are seeing beautiful events starting to unfold before us.� The level of consciousness amongst the wavers is at an all-time high and many of you are remembering why you are here at this time.

The upcoming Eclipse will be a significant turning point for change on Gaia, these changes will be drastic for those that are not aligned with Love.� Missions are aligning themselves for the First Wavers through synchronistic events, those ready are receiving downloads and pertinent events are unfolding around them pointing the way.

These sacred missions hold the God Energies within them and are infallible; it is of the utmost honour to carry these missions out. As the Eclipse energies activate, First wavers will go through myriad of changes within their present lives.Look within, for it is in your Hearts that you will find your way back Home where Love is expecting you.
With All of our Love,

St-Germain   –  Received by The First Contact Ground Crew Team


Follow Your Heart and Follow the Signs!

End Transmission in Love Everywhere Present, Heaven On Earth The New Story In Creation Based On Truth, Unconditional Love, True Equality, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Wholeness of Being, Joy and True Abundance!


The First Contact Ground Crew Team~ We are Here for You!

Zero Point is Heaven On Earth!

Thank You For sharing this Truth and Post with Others!

All Of Creation is Here~ and Love Wins


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