Sananda – Healing through God’s Grace – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 9-30-14

sananda2   /  /I am SANANDA

Today, we direct the Light of Heaven to where it is needed, so that the path from knowledge to the inner confidence can be fulfilled. Many Human Beings still have certain reservations as to  events of the changes is concerned and the change itself. Insecurity and a deeply troubling doubt spread out and destroy the strength, which is necessary in order to pursue one’s own and the planetary ascension.

In many light warriors, despite the immense knowledge about the contexts and the course of this time, the sureness that the ascension is now, that the change is now, that the end of time is happening, is still not or not deeply enough anchored. Is it really as such like the prophets of this time proclaim and does ascension also apply to me? Really?

At the end of the day incertitude very often gains the upper hand and now it is necessary to eliminate this condition, like dandruff needs to be removed, in order to bring forth the evenly skin underneath it.

I say to you: The only truth and reality of this time is the end of its existence! I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the ascension of this world and the ascension of this galaxy. I say to you:The only truth and reality of this time is the transformation of all Life. Human Beings transform themselves into Gods and human Beings remain prisoners of time. I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the arrival of the light warriors in the Light and the staying behind of many human children in light-starved space-time.

And I say to you: The transformation is now, the uplifting is now, and it is now necessary to step out of the illusion that all of this is only a dream! Therefore, we will now attend to this still existing illusion, so that out of the path of knowledge and confidence a path of the all-eternal confidence in God develops.

Reasons for Doubt

What stokes the incertitude, the doubts? It is the outer influences of the electromagnetic energy fields and the effective manipulations, which reach you despite the fundamental knowledge, which you possess about the ascension, and thereby create the doubts in you.

Redemption of Doubt

I ask you now to look inside. Accept the doubt there, where it arises, there, where it encounters you, and let it go. Look at it very carefully and know precisely what you are redeeming in you right now. Do not think, instead allow that thoughts arise in you and images appear, which are connected with this issue. Let the doubt come and again let it go, yet be completely aware that this one must be recognized, accepted and removed, before you are capable to serve as an unflinching light tower of this time.

Always access, as you are undetermined on the inside and insecure, the method of inner contemplation and allow what appears to you. Accept everything, because the greatest blockages only appear, once you are willing to let them go also, then when they feel accepted by you.

Ask us Masters or the Archangels for assistance, and we are with you, before you even finished thinking about your request or have finished pronouncing it. Ask for the redemption, the severance of all energetic structures related to these inner images of incertitude, the doubts and false assumptions. Using this method remove the blockages and you will greet the new day already in this and not until in the other world.


After you have liberated yourself from the actual doubts, it is necessary to seed confidence, to bring forth a new seed, meaning to recognize and accept the only truth of your Being on this level of time. There is only one reason, which has brought together all light warriors of the first and last hours to this earth in this NOW-time and whereby all are connected with each other: The planetary and individual ascension into the Light! (This statement is particularly true for the PAT members, who aligned around this website in 2011 when the final, most critical phase of the ascension process began. Go one more time to the first publications and feel the excitement and owe of the PAT members when they discovered this website in various miraculous ways and knew with an inner confidence that that they have come home. Note, George)

Anchoring of Your Reality

Now it is necessary to deeply anchor this truth. This occurs due to two processes:

1.) Devotion to your own divine assignments.

2.) Devotion to God.

Fully accept your own assignments and link all events of this time with your specific assignments. What do I have to fulfill in the here and now? In the answer to this eternal and only question lies the happiness of every human Being. As soon as this question has been answered, confidence sets in and all knowledge steps back in humility and turn the broad field for enlightenment over to certitude.

Preoccupy yourself with this existential question until you have attained absolute clarity in this area, because to be in ignorance about it means not to know the world, which once again attracts alien energy fields and whereby you are open also for that, which damages your life. Ask for this insight and trust that it will be given to you; yet never let go of the aim for it. Thereby dedicate yourself, like in everything, totally to God.

But what is meant by devotion to God and how can it be attained?

Devotion to God

Devotion means the constant link to God, means that any providence in life is accepted as a welcome gift from God and means to bring forth every thought, each word and every deed out of this fulfillment. Devotion means neither blind submission nor letting fall oneself in ignorance of the height of the fall! Devotion means to fully consciously decide for a life in God, with God and through God; means to know the height of the fall and to jump without any instance of hesitation.

Capable for true devotion is the one, who has attained knowledge and has anchored certitude. Who, out of this inner link to the Source of all sources, develops certainty, when a human being awakens; immovable and clear, radiant and not to be overlooked, such a being is a true miracle work of kindness and the Light. And this “miracle in a human Being” is coming alive based on this awareness.

Method of Purification

Now proceed as follows:

1) Look at your doubts, accept them and let go of them.

2) Ask for knowledge of your unique divine assignments. Never give up and be willing to do anything for this insight, because before a human Being is able to fulfill his assignments, he must have obtained the quality of persistence and endurance. Meaning: The manner of the search determines how the seeker manages what he has found.

3) Devote to God in full awareness of the significance of this decision. Let yourself fall, sink into His Grace. After this step, everything ceases to exist – except God! Then it is easy to accept life as it is. Then it is easy to recognize the many turns of life as a hint from God to recognize and interpret it correctly. Then it is easy to understand that a human Being is not complete solely through knowledge, because a human Being is complete based on inner certitude in the correctness of all things, even if the knowledge in some areas is lacking.

Meditate about it, follow the instructions given here, do as I ask you; and you will never again fight with doubts, because they were removed based on your will and in our presence. Whoever is sure, is no slave of knowledge, instead knowledge serves him. Whoever is aware of self, lives in the certainty of all Life, in the omnipresent reality, which is: The All-That-Is reality in God. Meditate about it and heal yourself in God’s Grace. Do it now, because until tomorrow your unrecognized doubts of today will have vanished, in order to meet you again the day after tomorrow and put you into unrest. Break through this cycle and you will find redemption still today – now.

I am

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – Let us have Discourse on the Quality of Love known as Grace – 6-20-14



Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as grace. This quality is present in an individual who realizes that their life here on Earth is a gift, and they seek to live in harmony with the supreme power that creates everything in the universe which brings spiritual, emotional and mental freedom and profound feelings of happiness. They realize that the universe contains infinite blessings which support them with abundant life, joy and prosperity. There is a recognition that there is always a flow of good into their lives, even though they feel that they have not done anything to deserve it.  When a person lives in alignment with reality rather than struggling with illusions, they are living in a state of grace and their expanded awareness inevitably leads to intense gratitude and actions motivated by compassion towards others. Grace frees an individual from the impulse to act on feelings that serve anything less that the highest good.

Giving service to others is a natural expression of grace, and its associated feelings of kindness, love, compassion, radiance, joy and serenity. Grace gives from a sense of abundance. When one is in the state of grace, service to others never feels obligatory or has any trace of resentment in its expression. By maintaining balance and equilibrium in the face of challenges and obstacles upon their path through life, a person lives in a state of grace.  Grace is a process of enlightenment and gives one the ability to discern priorities from the countless distractions that clamour for one’s attention. In the grace of unity with the ultimate source, one is able to let love flow through them, allowing for a deeper intimacy with others. Grace allows one to see their connections to those beyond their biological family so that even as they see flaws, one can also see their divinity.

Grace is the warmth in one’s heart that gives the courage to carry the knowledge that love will prevail in the face of seemingly impossible predicaments. It is having so much love in one’s heart that giving up is not an option. This expanded awareness leads to intense gratitude and actions that are motivated by compassion and the realization that the power that creates the universe, (Creator, Source, God) supports the individual and that if they align with these forces, they can co-create a life of abundance and joy by effortlessly surrendering to living in harmony with reality. When one has developed the ability to thrive with grace under challenging conditions, one develops faith that one can attain grace at any time, knowing this individual is certain that their thoughts, feelings and actions will always be in harmony within them, no matter the uncertainty about the outcome of a situation.

Grace is feeling gratitude for all that is. It is feeling gratitude for one’s blessings, despite the circumstances. It is the individual’s realization that trillions of cells in one’s body all coordinate to give them life and they become aware of all the events, synchronicities, and coincidences that must happen to support them in their life. Grace is a state of mind in an individual in which they freely acknowledge the adversities in their experiences and which they transcend by rising above them. As an individual moves in unison with all beings, all things and all events, it leads to a deep sense of belonging and connection, which is a state of divine love. A person living in grace realizes the interdependence of all existence and depends upon no one person or thing. The individual experiences the realization that self and the other ultimately arose from the same place and are thereby not separate, but are connected as part of the whole. Grace is when one is at peace with themselves, their communities and the world. The state of mind in grace is pleasing to the Creator and such ineffable power enables one to maintain this state.

Grace is the sense one feels that the forces in the universe are conspiring on one’s behalf as they realize that they are being supported by something beyond their own individual power. Grace is all around each person like the energy of the universe. As a spiritual strength, grace allows a person to realize their convictions, to do the right thing even when it is difficult to do so, and it is cultivated by exercising right actions each day, nourishing one’s spirit, and taking breaks from the challenges of life in order to replenish one’s vitality and life force. All living things wish to survive and thrive. When humanity experiences grace, they know they are thriving in harmony with themselves, with all others and with the universe. Grace is a benevolent transformation into greater wisdom, compassion and joy as a result of communion and connection with the Source of the universe. All people, regardless of religion, personal history or ability have access to grace.

I leave you now with the thought that your hearts and minds be opened and filled with grace from above in the realization that everything is working for you and that the entire universe is conspiring on your behalf.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.