Christine Day – Pleiadian Light Initiations on Healing – Conversations with Lauren Galey


Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn – Book

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Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media-free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words “should” and “try” from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our “gods” are.

Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious — and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become “bringers of the dawn,” consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.

Colleen Thomas – Pleiadian Disclosure – History of the World, ET Connection – 2010

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Colleen Thomas stated, “The slavery of this planet is over with, the Dracs trusted the Anunnaki and they were let down. The Federation way outnumbers the enemy in raw numbers and outguns them in technology. Those like me do not even need technology any longer and folks, I and those like are just an older version of most of you (we have many plants among your numbers), sorry we could not be more public sooner. Our lives would have been lost had we not all come to at about the same time though, blindness was essential.”

Colleen recently received a “galactic download” in which she completely understood physics, literally, over night!. She also connected to her higher self in a previous lifetime as a Pleiadian warrior who is currently on a mission of disclosing the mysteries behind zero point energy and much more!

From Colleen’s Facebook page: Divine love entered me on Jan 31st 2010, on Valentine’s day two weeks later I awoke knowing antimatter physics intimately and am now about the business of being a theoretical physicist and inventor of several key technologies that will make all humans equal with abundant riches, free energy, health and ease of transportation issues with anti-gravity. It’s all in acoustics my friends, phonon power.


Pleiadian Delegate – Twin Soul Frequency Transmission

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The Pleiadian Delegate “Twin Soul” Frequency Transmission is a commissioned Light Frequency Transmission from the Central Sun to You.

This is a commissioned Dispensation for Humanity, from The Central Sun, through The Divine Feminine; The Queen of Light for Humanity.

There is nothing you need to do, Simply Receive the Frequencies of this Transmission. Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness will be bathed in Frequencies of Light through this Transmission of Grace.

Your merging in Union at Soul level with Your Twin Soul is The Activation of the Light Codes Held within Your Original Blueprint, Soul Level.

Whether your Twin is On Earth or Not, this Union will Be activated within You, within Your Cells and DNA, within Your Original Blueprint.

This is Grace, From The Central Sun, Through The Queen of Light.

From the Central Sun, Through The Divine Feminine; Queen of Light, you Receive the Grace of this Dispensation for you and your Alchemical Transfiguration to Light.

You are The New Human of Light and You are Now Entering The New Era of Light.

Holding you in Divine Sacred Love, Union, and Harmony,
The Queen of Light.

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The Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak – Understanding Junk DNA – Creation Through the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (2013)

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The Pleiadians “Staying Conscious” 2013 Winter Solstice channeling by Barbara Marciniak. Topics include 2014 predictions, ancient history, DNA activation, Anunnaki, astrology, revelations, auras, mass awakening, and more!

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension via Suzanne Lie – Changing Realities – Another Trip to the Airport – 4-26-14

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Suzanne Lie

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension: Changing Realities – Another Trip to the Airport. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. April 22, 2014.

Jason Speaks:

I woke up with a start to find Sandy just awakening next to me.

“WOW, I had an amazing dream,” I said as soon as Sandy opened her eyes.

“Yes me too! But, I am thinking that it was NOT a dream,” Sandy said in her groggy morning voice.

“Yes,” I replied. “Do you think we were on another journey?”

“I am not sure. Let me get us some coffee and we can swap dreams. In fact, maybe we should write them down while we drink our coffee and then share them. If we come up with the same, or very similar dreams, we will know we were on another adventure.”

“Great idea,” I said as I pulled myself from the bed in search of something to wear.

When Sandy came in with my coffee I was dressed and fully awake. “Let’s go sit at the kitchen table and write while we sip our coffee.”

“Yes, you go ahead. I am going to get dressed too. Then I will get my coffee and join you.”

We wrote our dreams by hand as it is too cumbersome to type and drink coffee, and neither one of us wanted to surrender our coffee. When I began to write, I realized that I had no sense of time. I had to get my phone to check the date and time. Was it really one day later? It seemed like so much had happened, but I could not remember what.

The last thing I could remember was Sandy and I going outside to check for Starships. No, then I remembered our friends coming over, but was that a different day? I could see from Sandy’s face that she was as confused as I. We had decided to not talk until we had written our story, but I was not sure what to write.

It seemed like many different things were all happening at the same time, and my human brain was struggling to put these events in some form of time line. Finally, I gave up and just wrote the events as they came into my memory. However, there is no way that all those things could have happened in one night. We must have lost a lot of time.

I checked the calendar again to see that, yes, only one night had passed. I was just thinking that it was if we had left time when Sandy said, “I am so confused. There is no way that all of this could have happened in one day!”

We laughed together when we realized that we had both had the same idea. We knew that the Arcturian had talked quite a bit about living in the no-time, but we thought that could only happen on the Ship. However, we were right here on planet Earth, at least until…

“Mytrian,” shouted Sandy in excitement.

“There is only NOW,” we both said laughingly as we began to remember.

Sandy got up to get us some more coffee. When she returned we drank the coffee and shared our notes. It was very interesting to see how we experienced the same events from our own personal experience. Sandy remembered more of the feelings and communications, whereas I remember more of the details and the sequence of events.

“Together, we created a pretty precise account of our experience,” I said as I shook Sandy’s hand. But, she was not as excited.

“No,” she said. “There is something more. Something that we have not done yet, but we promised we would do.”

“Can we take a day off first,” I said in a teasing manner, but I did mean it. I was exhausted and needed to rest and recreate before I took on the next assignment. Hmm, I thought, it was an assignment.

“It seems that there is something that we volunteered to do,” said Sandy, again responding to my thoughts. “But I agree, I need some ‘NOW’ to relax and regroup. Can we go to the meadow and have a picnic?”

“I am on it,” I said. “You take a shower first and I will make the sandwiches.”

Before I finished my sentence, Sandy was off to the shower. I knew I would have some time to make the food as Sandy looked like she needed a long shower.

– – – – – * * * * * – – – – –

It turned out that I, too, needed a long shower. Hence, it was almost lunch time before we got to the meadow. It was a beautiful day, so after we ate we laid on the blanket, relaxed and catnapped. We stayed there most of the day, only the cool breeze before sunset made us pack up the car to go home.

We were not ready to go home and decided to go by the airport to see what version of reality we would find. We had not turned on the news, opened our computers or read a newspaper, so we had no idea if we were the only ones to have our experience. However, we had finally gone beyond doubt, especially since we each wrote the same events from our own different perspectives.

As we drove down the hill toward the airport, we could feel the expectation in the car. We had no idea what we would find, as the airport seemed to be some kind of vortex in which time slipped back and forth into what we would call the future or the past.

We knew that there is only NOW and that both future and past are illusions. On the other hand, while we in our physical Self, we had to fight thinking that our higher dimensional experiences were the illusion. How long would it take for us to resolve this paradox? OOPS, that is thinking in time.

One thing that Sandy and I did figure out while we were relaxing, dozing and talking in the meadow was that when we thought in terms of “time,” we experienced only the physical world.

On the other hand, when we thought in terms of “NOW” we began to experience our Multidimensional world. Since we had spent the day lounging in the NOW of the meadow, perhaps we could experience the higher dimensional airport.

“I hope we get to see the future Galactic airport instead of the beat up one that we have now,” said Sandy. She had also slipped into thinking in terms of time. Just ahead was a turnout and I pulled the car into it. We could not see the airport form this location, but it would soon come into view.

“Sandy,” I said before she could ask why I had pulled the car over. “We are both thinking in time again. We know that if we think in time we only see the third dimension.”

“Yes, yes, you are right,” she exclaimed. “Did you park here so that we can return to the NOW we had in the meadow?”

“You read my mind again Dear,” I replied. “ Let’s meditate for a bit so that we can focus on the NOW. Also, it appears that Mytrian is a big part of all this. Perhaps we should both focus on Mytrian.”

“Yes, that would give us a joint focus. How should we start?” asked Sandy.

“Is that really Mytrian sitting on the front of our car, or is that just an illusion?” I said.

“All the physical world is an illusion,” Mytrian said as he levitated just above the car.

Suddenly Sandy and I were in a deep meditation. At first all we saw was a void, then gradually a Starship coming into our awareness.

“Which reality do you choose to perceive?” we heard Mytrian speaking with the usual lilt he had in his voice. Our eyes flew open, we looked at each other and simultaneously said, “I choose a Galactic reality.”

Without a word, I started the engine, turned onto the road and drove around the curve towards the airport. Before I rounded the second curve Sandy and I heard Mytrian telepathically say, “Every thing that expresses itself fits into the overall picture which creates the conditions of the event experienced by everyone.”

Since the road was quite steep and curving in this section of the road I had to focus on driving and allow Mytrian’s words to sink into my consciousness. However, I could feel that Sandy was having an extreme reaction to Mytrian’s statement, so I went into the next turnout of the road to talk to her.

“Sandy,” I said with a concerned voice. “Are you OK?”

All she could do was shake her head now while she waved me to continue to the bottom of the mountain where the road became flat and straight. I decided to trust her and continued to carefully drive down to the highway where I pulled to the nearby rest area. Sandy had closed her eyes and gone into a meditative state, likely to contain the energy she was feeling.

“Please talk to me now,” I said. “I am at the bottom of the hill in the rest area.”

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me. “I didn’t want to say anything as you had to drive us down the hill. But, when Mytrian made his last statement I was suddenly engulfed, and still am, with myriad realities all at the same time. I knew if I told you, you would have the same experience and not be able to drive.”

With her last words, I began to share her experience. I was seeing multiple possible realities all at once. Sandy was correct. I could not have driven down the hill in this condition. We were becoming increasingly dizzy when Sandy said, “We have to focus on the same reality.”

“But which one,” I replied. “There are so many all at once and intermingled with each other.”

“What reality do you want to see?” Mytrian asked.

“We want to see the Galactic reality of New Earth,” I said knowing Sandy would agree.

I could feel our joint consciousness searching through all the moving pictures in our minds to find a reality in which the Earth had become a Galactic reality. Since Sandy had recently been in that reality, she found it first and verbally explained it to me so that I could join her.

Finally, the myriad moving pictures congealed into one picture of the modern version of the airport building with Starships parked in the air and Scoutships and shuttlecraft landing in the airport. Sandy explained how all the people were very calm about this experience as they were totally accustomed to this reality.

“Yes, yes,” I proclaimed. “I can see it all now. The people are very calm even though there are Galactics that are not humanoids. “I am going to open my eyes now. I think I am ready to drive.”

“I will continue to tell you about this version of reality so we can stay in in sync until we reach the airport.”

I shook my head ‘yes’ and continued to focus on her words as I drove to the airport.

Note from Sue:

Don’t we all wish we could have Sandy and Jason’s adventures? Don’t we wish that we could find someone with whom we could openly share these adventures? That is the difference from a “story” and our reality. However, if we do go inside our Self we find that WE, too, are changing. But, the outside world seems to be the same. Fortunately, because we are changing inside, our perception of what appears to be the “outside world” is slowly altering.

I have been having an ongoing lesson about “letting go.” Three times in the last months I have had experienced where I was devastated because I lost some “thing” that was important to me. However, somehow that “thing” was replaced with something better. I guess when our hands are full we have to drop something in order to pick up something new.


Pleiadian Prophecy – Instruction Manual on Becoming the New Human – The Great Changeover – Flowering of Consciousness – 2013 – 2027

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The Pleiadians predict the future from 2013 to 2027, channeled by Barbara Marciniak 03/17/13. The Anunnaki, chemtrails, autism, and other topics are also discussed.