Alexandra Meadors interviews Tory Smith – Galactic Connection – Cleansing and Clearing of The Whole Galaxy is Underway! – 2-3-15

Tory Smith

Tory Smith


Alexandra Meadors interviews Tory Smith   –  

Galactic Connection   –  

Cleansing and Clearing of The Whole Galaxy is Underway!


Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra Meadors

LoneWolf Sager – Milky Way Galaxy finds home in Laniakea Supercluster

LoneWolf Sager

Galaxy superclusters are the biggest structures in the universe. Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa discovered a new technique that maps the universe by redrawing boundaries. Our home supercluster is named Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian. – LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies “Please…. Remember Our Homeless, Hospitalized & Disabled Veterans & Fallen Heroes! Thank You….America!” “WATCH OUT….(◑_◑)
LoneWolf Is On The Loose!”

Father God / Zorra – Big Changes For Your Earth, Galaxy and Beyond – Your recovery from control of invading colonizers ( Reptilians, Greys, Draconians ) – Codes of your DNA strands Now Being Activated by Cosmic Plasma Waves and Prime Creator – Channeler, Dr. Kathryn E May


Part 200, Father God Tells of Earth, Galaxy and Beyond I would like to offer one more message to complete the book which is “When God Pinched My Toe” – the collaboration between Kathryn/Lady Portia and the Company of Heaven. We ask that it then be made available to the world in e-book form on her website.

It is time now to close this chapter of the story of the descent and final ascension of Planet Earth. Humankind has triumphed over the darkness which has kept them in the grip of unhappiness, suffering, illness and poverty for thousands of years. It is a story that goes back millions of years; it will be available and thoroughly understood once the planet and her beloved inhabitants have ascended to fulfill their destiny, which is to live in harmony and peace in the Paradise which is to be Mother Earth in her renewed state.

The Library of Porthologos is the depository of all records and information concerning the creation and history of all the Universe. It was one of the reasons Earth was created in this area of the Milky Way Galaxy. Humankind are the natural bearers of the knowledge of Creation; this is part of what is held in the codes of the DNA strands which are now being activated by the cosmic plasma waves and high vibrational energies from Prime Creator. It is an important part of what Earth will have to offer the world when she restores herself to the Light of Oneness.

The Library is located in Hollow Earth. It is available for the edification of all beings of the Light, and is currently under the care of the Agarthans who have been the protectors of all that is of the Light within Planet Earth. They are descendants of the high priests of Lemuria who have maintained a high dimensional civilization, waiting for the time when they could finally reveal themselves to offer their help, in league with all the Star Brothers and Sisters who have come from other galaxies and even other Universes. They have come via the use of “wormholes” – portals in the time/space fabric of the Multiverse which allow space travel across millions of light years.

Many travelers from afar are eager to take part in the learning available in Porthologos, and to establish links with other libraries across the Multiverse, in order to create a network of information resources which will be available to all. It will require the cooperation of humankind and their ability to organize and make available all that is within their soul memories – experiences, feelings, creative thinking and all forms of knowledge which they carry as a result of numerous incarnations here on Earth. This individual and shared knowledge will become available in holographic form for everyone who wishes to understand the creation and development of the human species and the planet which has harbored them through the phases of descent into Darkness and return to the Light.

You are now in the final phases of your recovery from having been under the control of invading colonizers – those you have known as the Reptilians, Greys and Draconians. Their grip has been loosened; their leaders have either turned to the Light to be restored or have been removed under the direction of Prime Creator. What remains now of their influence is the amalgam of thought patterns and residue of dark energy which was their legacy for thousands of years. This will be understood and addressed in a complete way when the Landings begin, and each human on the planet will be offered a mentor to help them recover and regain their balance. The goal will be to help every conscious being, including all the Kingdoms of Earth, from human to animal, vegetable and mineral, to raise their vibrations so that they can ascend to the level of the New Earth.

Now I will tell you about the changes which are to take place in the Hierarchy of Heaven when all of you have completed your Ascension. Mother God and I will be completing our assignment as the Creators and Stewards of the Milky Way Galaxy, just as you will eventually be completing your assignments as the Creators of the New Earth. It is part of our own ascension. We will be moving to a higher plane in order to take part in the creation of a new Universe – one which will offer expanded experiences for souls who have ascended in their work in this multidimensional universe and wish to experience new and previously unimagined challenges and pleasures.

As we move into other responsibilities, the Ascended Masters of your Earth along with those from other planets in your galaxy and beyond have been asked to step up to serve in our place. It will not surprise you to learn that your Sananda and Lady Nada have been asked to serve in our place. It will be an arrangement which will include a greater sharing of responsibilities, made possible because your Masters have worked together seamlessly and so effectively in the long process which has been the rescue and restoration of Planet Earth to the Light.

A new form of governance will be established in your galaxy which will rely more on the Council of One where all will combine their gifts and talents for the Greater Good, rather than the more hierarchical system which saw Us as your Omniscient and Omnipresent Masters.

The extensive talents and unique abilities of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, Archangel Michael and Celeste, Ashtar and Athena, Maitreya, Lanto, Metatron, Tartus and others will serve in capacities of responsibility in order to establish the Milky Way as a center of communications and training for the ascension of the entire Universe. Zaraya and Quazar will return to Hollow Earth to fulfill yet-to-be fully defined responsibilities.

St. Germain and Lady Portia, who are now acting as the Regents of Planet Earth, will be succeeded by Lucifer and Gabriella, whose dedication to the Earth Project has yet to be fully revealed.

St. Germain/Portia will serve side by side with Sananda/Nada as they do now, in an arrangement which might be compared to the Parliamentary Prime Minister/President assignments. You have learned of some of their exquisitely coordinated accomplishments in the past, as participants in the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Project, as virtual Chairman and CEO of ancient and present assignments, or teamed up as Advisors and Implementers, as Nada and Portia have done so well in this lifetime.

Of course, in the Spirit realms, the work is always in the service of increasing Light. All activities are designed to allow the growth of the soul in ascension toward Pure Light and Pure Love. All responsibilities, all work is directed toward this end; there is no other goal but to take part in the expansion and ascension toward the glorious merging as One with the great original energy we call Prime Creator.

In the coming weeks, you will be learning a great deal about what it means to ascend. Those of you who still have some work to do will be given all the help and encouragement you need to learn how to raise you vibration to the 100% level. In doing so, you will allow yourself the great pleasure of being completely without fear, completely at peace, and absolutely resolved to join your Ascended Masters in the glorious celebration which will mark the graduation day for each one of you.

It is an entirely individual matter, one which will be determined by, for and with yourself alone. No one can raise you up, any more than anyone can breathe or think for you. It will be entirely up to you how quickly or how slowly you decide to rise above this 3-dimensional plane to begin your life in a 5th dimensional form. It will be very different, yes, but there will be nothing about the transition that is painful or regrettable. All those who are dear to you in this life will be given the same chance for growth, and they will proceed at their own pace. No one will be left behind.

These mysteries will become clear to you when you leave this lower dimensional experience to raise yourself, with your present body, to the higher dimensional healing chambers, where you will be able to choose how you will represent yourself should you wish to use your body to once again descend to a lower vibration, to assist in the completion of the Earth project or for similar purposes elsewhere.

After you complete your Ascension, you will have the option to go wherever you wish in the Universe. The 5th dimension is the portal to other dimensions, other realities. Some of you who have come from distant planets to share this experience with us will be able to return home with your brothers and sisters; there are mother ships here from many planets to pick up their beloved ones. Others will decide to remain here with us until the entire project is completed. You have learned a great deal in your time here on Earth, and your service to your fellow humans will be greatly appreciated.

Every soul must be saved. No one, even those who have played the roles of the darkest of the dark cabal members, will be denied their chance to learn to Love again. It may take some time for them to grasp the truth that they no longer have the choice to continue with thoughts and actions which bring suffering to others. They will be taught to see the world as we do, in its entirety, including the intricate interactions which make it impossible to act in a vacuum. They will be educated with our powerful methods which include being able to experience holographically the lives and feelings of others. Denial becomes nearly impossible when the events which had been whitewashed and reinterpreted to suit one’s greed or arrogance are revealed and felt viscerally, in perfectly accurate detail.

You were each created with the capacity for love and empathy. It is in your make-up, even if one has been completely brainwashed into an ego state of suspicion, hatred, viciousness and violence. Healing for those individuals who have suffered excruciating physical abuse and sadistic psychological torture – and there are many – may require patience on the part of the student who must learn first to love him/herself before they can begin to love others. We are dedicated to providing gentle guidance, endless compassion, and if necessary, a bit of tough love, to convince each soul that it is not possible to simply opt out of Love and Light without uncomfortable consequences.

We have told you before, but we will reiterate now: we do not punish. No soul will be cast into Hell. There is no such place, and no action on our part which would resemble punishment. Each individual will choose their own path, with full preparation and knowledge of what they are to expect. All are invited to ascend with their brothers and sisters. Should anyone choose not to ascend, they will be provided another place in which to learn their further soul lessons, for this is the way of the Universe. All souls are born to a path of ascension; whether quickly or slowly, all beings in the Universe grow and expand. Just as the children around you grow into adults, and saplings grow into mature trees, so souls grow and evolve along their eternal path.

This path of Ascension has been granted to you by special agreement between humankind and your Creators. You are now at the end of a four million year cycle which will be complete when the last Earth soul accomplishes his/her ascension to the 5th dimension. At that time, Mother Earth will be granted her long-awaited opportunity to cleanse herself completely of the residue of this current civilization and will return to her original pristine state.

Once Gaia has completely recovered from the toxins and misuse of her resources, humankind in their new state of enlightenment and harmony will be able to return to live in the 5th dimensional Paradise which has been promised. Earth will then become a glorious center of Golden Age learning, a model of Ascension Completed for the whole Multiverse. And humankind will continue on its ambitious path to Create wonders for all the cosmos to enjoy and benefit from.

Many will choose to remain in Hollow Earth among the friends and loved ones who have traveled with them over long lifetimes; others will adventure far and wide across the cosmos; still others will join with us to help in the creation of the New Universe. All talents and abilities will be used in the fulfillment of each soul, without restriction by any oppressive structures or institutions. Little governance will be needed; 5th dimensional planets are governed by Universal Law – a fundamental understanding of the Cosmic Golden Rule.

Mother God speaks as one with me when I express the deep and endless Love we feel for each and every soul on our dear Planet Earth. We have tended to your aches and pains and wept tears of joy for your triumphs. We have shared in your feelings and your thoughts; we know your births and deaths and rebirths, and we have loved you every step along the path we have shared. Your triumphs lift us up; your expansion is ours as well. All the Universe shares in your magnificent achievement, for it is the catalyst which will drive the expansion of the entire Multiverse into a New Golden Age.

We share this historic moment with you, our beloved children, in great Joy. We wish you Peace, Harmony, Joy, Laughter, Abundance and much, much Love.

We are now and forever, yours in service, Mother and Father God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 24, 2014, 1 am, New York

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,



Crystalai – Responsibilities – Becoming Galactic Citizens – 1-19-14



All of you should deeply employ yourselves to extract the best of you, and this implies an introspection and personal commitment with your Essential Being that is the guide and councilor of your evolutionary journey.  It requires a profound spiritual integrity, sincerity and dignity that not all are willing to develop and to shape, because still you are trapped in processes of restriction and karmic balance.  But even that is not an obstacle if humbly and meekly it is invoked the Primordial Frequency of Divine Love that always is willing to pour down its grace over those who yearn for and are in need of it.

We must now be willing to transform far beyond a better Earthly Consciousness into a Galactic Consciousness and a Cosmic Consciousness. The people of this Earth barely know how to get along with a person with different colored skin. Now it is time to be willing to unite harmoniously with millions of levels of Consciousness, entities from all of the Galaxies that were seeded in the original Aquarian Galaxy. Now it is time for a huge family reunion. Only those who have expanded their Consciousness to the Infinite, only those who have allowed the Cosmic Transformation of Consciousness into the Etheric Knowing, the Cellular remembering, Harmonic Resonation with the entire Music of the Spheres. This will happen for all in time; but why wait? The spaceships are landing now. Only those with their minds aligned harmonically will step into the Islands of Light containing the new Galactic Brotherhood.

We are the angelic incarnates on Earth. We are the vehicles of the breaths of consciousness of our galactic archetypes. We are the representatives on Earth who choose to exhale the magic from the co-creative realm. We sing the cosmic symphony of evolution through our breaths of consciousness. As we harmonically align with the Cosmic Breaths of Consciousness our entire cellular structure sings in harmony, and becomes completely transmuted into this Cosmic Symphony. We each contain a melody of fraternal essence and our angelic co-creative consciousness. The light streams and sound of the breaths of angelic consciousness are streaming through our minds, our cells, our atoms, our molecules. All of the Suns of all of the Galaxies are singing in magnificent rhythmic streams of crystal light energy of aqualene texture. Our crystal heart glows and dances as it wraps the stars beyond this matrix into the zero point of the spark of source. The ignition of Oneness takes place and it feels like the tone of home, the stardust energy, the radiance of omnipresent Divine Love.

The more we soak up the Galactic, Cosmic and Stellar Frequencies through the Breath of Consciousness, the more aligned into the harmony and rhythm of the Evolutionary Transformation. We must share frequencies and rhythms until we align into a brand new rhythmic texture and a Galactic Tone of Home. As I invite hundreds of Cosmic and Stellar Entities, Family members and Friends to share their Breaths on my recordings, I find a harmonic alignment. It doesn’t require any music theory, or what key resonates with what key.

When the angels sing they all resonate in harmony. In order to resonate with Mother Earth as she becomes a Star, those who desire this great transmutation must first completely transmute their frequencies into the Cosmic Realm and allow the highest frequencies of the Cosmos to exhale as they breathe and sing. This doesn’t mean that quantity is greater than quality. It means the quality of the highest frequency is the only frequency that will have any significant impact on the transition of the individual’s island of light or in the entire ascension process of the mass. Those who think they are making an impact by breathing heavily or singing loudly will only find themselves surrounded by more of the same. It does help to sing the magic words such as Kaharasatahala or MaharatamuAva because these are sincere desires to only be greated by those in the True Christic and Cosmic Realms.

This is what is significantly different about this music created through the Music of the Spheres. The teachings of Kuthumi as Pythagoras and as many other teachers in the Mystery Schools. I learned this art form through one on one instruction from Kuthumi. Mary Magdalene was the student of Kuthumi’s Music of the Spheres school who most completely understood the alignment into the Cosmic Frequencies. It was her breath who could bring the highest frequency to Earth 2000 years ago. I came from a team of co-creative angels. I was sent by Zadkiel in 1954. I was realigned as a walk in thirteen years later. From that moment on I knew my reason for living was singing the voice of the angels on Earth.

The standing wave pattern that one places their Consciousness into is the one that the body will realign to. If we continuously focus our Consciousness into a higher realm of frequencies that we can clearly feel penetrating through our cells, our blood stream, our atoms, our air, our water, we can complete shift into this parallel reality of a higher consciousness. The law is the same as the law required for defining your home of residence on Earth. Your true home is the one you spend the most time in. When we can truly find the time to stay in the harmonic frequencies of the fifth dimension, or galactic consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness continuously, that is where our bodies will shift to.

We must begin implementing the Aquarian program of Evolutionary Transformation. We must start transmuting our frequencies into this grand new cosmic symphony. We must begin to return to the Perfect Man in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution. We must live in a state of harmony and balance and beauty–but not from the Earthly standpoint. The state of harmony and balance and beauty comes from the alignment of our breaths of consciousness into the music of the spheres. Once we spend more time aligning our frequencies into that orchestra and less into the rock and roll band of the Earth’s definitions, we become lifted into a vibrational frequency of our Higher Being who continuously and perfectly directs and guides and magnetizes harmony, balance and beauty. This causes the entire physical body to transform and merge into the higher frequency of love and abundance.

As the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness penetrate the listener’s physical temple, the vibrations lift the structure into a magnetic field that only allows those elements of the equal frequency level to enter in. It allows a higher more elevated vibrational experience that turns life into one event of bliss and joy after another.
The entire Evolutionary Process involves refining the frequencies of Consciousness into the memory and realignment with Cosmic Consciousness. We were completely removed from our perfect spiritual self, and now we are being completely realigned into our spiritual self. This doesn’t happen automatically. Each individual has shadows that need to be removed to allow the light to shine through. The more light that is streaming from the galactic suns into those shadows, the harder it will be for the shadows to cover the light energy. This is why it is imperative to keep the body saturated in light energy day and night. There is no more wonderful way to do this than to listen to angels breathing and singing all night long. Please join us on Valentines Day listening to the recorded breaths of all of our Co-Creative Starry Families, collect these frequencies deep into your cells and then breathe to exhale their magic out into your Island where you desire to transform your world into the Starry Kingdom.

Perfection, in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution, is a state of being in which is experienced that feeling of harmony, beauty, peace and love that is capable of balancing and harmonizing circumstances and antagonistic elements, producing an atmosphere of infinite Light, tolerance and compassion.  It is the state in which the all that configures your physical structure is transformed to merge into the vibratory frequency of your Higher Being, as an entity of spiritual service and plenitude.  It is the most elevated state of vibration that allows us experience what it means to be part of the Infinite where the limitations of matter are replaced by the re-creative dynamics of Divine Love and impersonal service towards life and evolution.
Parents must be willing to allow their children the divine right to participate in the world under the new planetary – galactic terms. Children must be allowed to begin preparing their new golden galaxy. We must prepare to return to our Kumara Form of immortal Man. Children need to allowed to learn the truth about our galaxy, our starry brothers, our immortal self hood. They need to learn that they are a grand creation from the Spark of Source that has created stars and galaxies themselves. They must be encouraged to remember who they really are. Children on Earth are Starry Children, Golden Beings, the original Kumara of the Aquarian Galaxy.

Children need to be allowed to remember that they came from the Planes of Immortal Light where Divine Harmony was the key to existence, and creating with the Divine Activity of Divine Love was the desired profession. It is time for children to know about their real genetic structure that is engraved in the DNA of our cosmic consciousness. It is the breath of Cosmic Consciousness from the co-creative angels that is recorded on these ASCENSION KIT CD’s This is the breath that re-activates the memory of the 12 DNA, 24 DNA, 48 DNA. Cosmic DNA is 48 DNA. This is the memory of all we really are. We have even recorded 96 DNA into ULTRA MAGIC SUN through the Stellar Frequencies braiding with all of the Galactic Stars. This is a true power booster.
Children need a combination of remembering their magic as well as their galactic identities. They need to learn that the co-creative elementals, fairies, devas really are out playing in the backyard. They are the entities who created the flowers and the trees in perfect alignment with the breath of Source. This is the true meaning of being a co-creator. All creation is done through and in perfect alignment with Source.
All of the breaths of angels on the recordings are lined with the breath of Source Consciousness Breath, Divine Love Breath, Divine Father Mother God Breath. Each CD album is created within the formula of the Divine Plan. Each CD is an Island of Light. It contains all of the Entities of the entire Cosmos who created these Symphonies of Breaths of Love in alignment with the structure of the Music of the Spheres.
The magic waits in the listeners own consciousness. The listener must listen, absorb and learn to exhale the magic that is absorbed from the cosmic breaths. This light energy must be exhaled into the body and into the environment. This is how Islands of Light can be created on Earth. We can actually transfer the magnificent cities of light from Atlantis into our present reality through our breaths of consciousness.

From now on we suggest you start to think in planetary-galactic terms because this is the start and primordial step of your transformation, abdicating completely all concepts that foment dissention and desegregation.  Do not think that this is not possible, because you all and each one of you come from from the Planes of Immortal Light where the fraternal synergetic collaboration and the harmonic and solidary cohesion are the dominant tonic and the reason for Being and Existing.  You do not have to integrate it from foreign sources to yourselves because it forms part of your spiritual genetics that is engraved in your cosmic consciousness.  Your Higher Self plainly vibrates in this situation and is waiting for the moment all of you invoke its help and collaboration so that it can experience the Cosmic Unification with the Unified All from which we all come from.

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Mother Father God – Many Beings you share this Galaxy with


Mother Father God   –  

This week the Angels have decided to do something very different than usual.  As many of you already know there are many beings who exist within this universe; we are by no means alone.  Though I have always felt most drawn to connecting with the Angelic Realm I am able to connect with all sorts of wonderful beings.  As I always tell the Learn to Channel students, once you relearn how to channel you have the opportunity to channel whom ever you prefer.  With that being said I still was a tiny bit reluctant to share a channeling such as this because I didn’t want to scare those of you who are still unsure of the existence of other beings and civilizations; however the Angels thought it would be a good idea and so I have agreed to share this with you.  It really is amazing how many wonderful and interesting beings are really “out there”.   I hope you enjoy this message as much as I did.

Much love,


Today we would like to do something a little different.  As we have touched upon briefly in other messages; your Universe is as diverse as the souls who incarnate into it.  A question that has plagued the human collective for thousands of years is whether or not you are alone in this universe.  We smile at the innocence of this question that so many have had for so very long.  There are of course many of you who are well aware of the existence of other civilizations which exist along side you within this universe.  We have spoken about many different topics for quite sometime and we would like to do something a little different in this message.  We would like to now step aside and allow for some other collectives to step forward and introduce themselves so that you may have a moment to hear what they would like to share with you.

~ Celius- Feline Humaniod

I wish to extend my greatest gratitude for this extraordinary opportunity to connect with you.  You may refer to me as Celius and I am of the Feline Humanoid race.  The feline humanoids can be found in many star systems, however I myself exist within the Lyran star system.  I exist within your future, in a sense it can be considered 2500 years in your future.  I resonate within the 5th dimension and I live within a physical world just as you.  Our planet is called Sierka, we are located 4th from our suns.  Our years are much longer than your own.  Each year consists of 792 days which is just over 2 of your years.  Our life expectancy is also considerably longer, as we live approximately 400 of your years, or close to 200 of our own.  I myself am at the age of 272 in your years.

Our bodies are sleeker than your own and we are approximately 7ft tall.  We have fur that covers our entire body, though we have the body frame like your own.  We walk upright on two legs.  Our faces resemble your lions though our eyes are bigger and our noses are smaller.  We have ears that stand upon our head much like the felines which you know on your planet.  We do have long tails.  Within each of you, you hold some genetic lineage to our race.  We share 70% of your DNA as there is a long line of lineage that dates back many eons ago.  We have families much like your own; we live within small dwellings to provide shelter and a place to rest though we prefer to explore our beautiful landscape for much of our day.

We live on a very peaceful planet, one in which we encourage each other to grow and evolve to their own potential.  We do not have actual jobs or professions as you do on your planet though we each provide a service to others.  I am what you would refer to as a teacher or professor.  It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  Our planet is quite a bit colder than your own, however our coats keep us comfortable.  We have 2 moons which remain high in our heavens that appear to take on a purple and pink hugh.

Our civilization is connected to your own as we are your future selves for some of you.  In other words some of you within your civilization are our past incarnations.  We hold a very near and dear attachment to your growth and progress and eagerly await the opportunity to reconnect on a conscious level.  Those of you who are upon your Planet at this time are known around the galaxy as the “legends”, the courageous souls who helped Earth to ascend when others said it could not be done.  I know this is difficult for you to understand because I am speaking from a “future” perspective and linear time can be so very limiting however this is the perspective that our civilization has of your own.  I have taken up as much time as I have been allotted and for that I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.  I do hope that I have provided you with insightful knowledge upon yet another diverse perspective from one of the infinite souls who share this existence with you.  I thank you and wish you well.

~ Sirians of the 5th dimension

Hello and good day, we are the Sirians of the 5th dimension.  We are a collective of what you might call hybrid humanoids.  There are beings within our collective whom look quite similar to you, and there are others who are quite different in appearance.  We are a diverse group of beings.  Our home world is located within the Sirius star system, Sirius A to be exact; though we are most often aboard our starships as we prefer to explore our galaxy which we share with you.  We seek to learn as much as we can about the wide variety of beings that co-inhabit this universe with us.  We do not wish to intrude upon another, we are peaceful beings who are lead by the joy we receive from exploring.  Though we only connect with beings when we are invited and welcome to do so.  We seek to learn more about All that is.

Our civilization has gone through its own form of ascension many moons ago.  We were enveloped within the service to self mind set and our selfish ways were almost responsible for our demise.  However, much like your own civilization, we chose to change our ways.  This was over 700 of your years ago.  Much has changed since our time of awakening and we have learned a great deal from the experience.  Though our ascension process was not quite like your own because we did not choose to awaken while still remaining within our physical bodies, those who wanted to awaken had a physical death and reincarnated once again with a new mind set, one of service to others.

Your ascension process is far more challenging than our own because many of you have chosen to remain in your physical bodies and awaken consciously through nothing less than your sheer will and intent to do so.  This is quite commendable and we eagerly await the coming times when we can openly communicate with your civilization to learn more about all that you have gained in the process.

We consider our starships to be our home.  The vessel which we speak to you from at this time is our command ship, it is where we spend most of our time, however we do have smaller vessels that are more practical for short explorations.  Our starships name is Athena and she is a conscious and sentient being.  Our technology is one with us as it is a direct reflection of us.  Aboard our starship we have over 3200 beings.  It would seem more like a town or city rather than a spaceship if you were to board Athena.  We have meditation temples in which we are able to balance and harmonize our beings, rest areas, exploration chambers which allow us to bio-locate to any place of our choosing; we also have a school and nursery for our children upon our starship.  All that we desire and require is aboard this vessel, which is why we are able to spend most of our time upon this starship instead of on our home world.

There are many Sirians who choose to remain on our home planet as it is where they find the most joy.  We are encouraged from birth to follow our joy and it has made for a very loving existence as all are providing a service to others while doing what they enjoy most.  Our intention is to never intrude, only peacefully explore and so it is with grate gratitude that we say thank you to you for this opportunity.  We will be sending you our love and gratitude to your civilization until we meet again.

~ 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Ahhhhh yes hello dears, we are the 9th dimensional Pleiadian collective and it is a pleasure and an honor to connect with you at this time.  We would like to thank you for your time this day.  We are a collective of 3,567 beings who resonate within the 9th dimension.   We do not exist within a physical body such as your selves, however we create our reality with our thoughts and intentions just as you do.   This may seem a bit strange to some of you who are connecting with us for the very first time, however many of you have your own connections with our civilization.  We are located in the Pleiades star system and we are one of many collectives from the Pleiadian star system.

We have generously been given this opportunity to connect with all of you and it is our desire to be of service to you.  We have prepared a short narrative about the power of your thoughts in hopes that we bring a simple reminder to you as our offering to you.  We do realize that this is not a new subject for many of you though we wish to share with you our perspective.  What you focus on expands.  Though you are now conscious of this truth, many of you still find it quite difficult to create the experiences you desire most.  We will tell you why that is.  The fear and dread that you feel about the possibility of the experience which you do not want to manifest is stronger than your wish and expectation that you desire to manifest.

The universe which we exist within is neutral, it doesn’t matter if you are in the 3rd dimension or the 50th dimension, the universe will only bring to you more of what you focus upon.  So, when you are feeling that dread, anxiety and worry well up in your being, it is a sign that you are putting an incredible amount of energy towards creating that experience.  The reality that you exist within is so very unique because there is a perceived delay before your thoughts manifest.  What a wonderful opportunity this allows you; you have the ability to feel how something will feel before it manifests in your physical reality.

We do not experience a delay, which is why we must always be so very conscious of our thoughts.  What we focus upon is instantaneously manifested.  You have the ability to change your mind before it manifests.  When you feel the excitement and anticipation of experiencing something you truly desire you have the opportunity to feel what joy you will create by manifesting that experience.  Your feelings of fear and worry are just as important as your feelings of excitement and anticipation, it is the pre-curser of what’s to come.  So take note of what you are feeling in the moment, it will show you exactly what you are manifesting.  Because of the perceived delay you can always change your mind and focus on creating something new if you are not happy with how you are feeling.

You direct your future experiences only by being present in the now moment.

We thank you for this opportunity to connect with you and we encourage you to connect with us, it would be our pleasure to do so, but until then we will be watching and waiting and sending many well wishes to you dears. We are the 9th dimensional Pleiadian collective.

We hope this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian – Missy Hill Show

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Galactic Historian AndewBartzis – Soul Expressions w JayP – March, 2013

Andrew Bartzis·7 videos

Rysa5 – Intelligent Light Being – Galactic Oneness

rysa5·488 videos

You are the creators of your being by the thoughts that you entertain and enjoy. This adds energy to the thought which will manifest the experiences. There is no further authority beyond you, as the gods you speak of are illusions of your own reflections. It is time to trust who you are and understand how to move through the illusions of the coming times, disconnect the left brain demand to limit meaning of existence and know what it is to be in clarity and knowledge.The Guardians of Light created new designs around the human template. You are the Wayshowers of this light and represent the Guardians as an aspect of your being. The movement to unity and oneness is the initial step of the plan. The great awakening is coming from within and the knowledge and manifestation of this world is always being recreated new along the momentum of the positive stream.

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic History Show – Guests: Nickie Thetsy, Chris Hales, Lance White

Please Click the Links Below To Listen to Each Show.

Show One  /  Show two

A detailed discussion of suppression of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on this planet. Includes details on the physical and energetic methodology used including the ritual mutilation of male and female sexual organs, the supression of information regarding true sexual intimacy between humans, the use of vaccines and the birth control pill to damage and control female reproduction and energetics and much more.
Nickie Thetsy, Andrew Bartzis, Chris Hales and Lance White


Please listen to these previous  interviews to familiarise yourself with the overall picture:

2013 – A Message of Realization to Humanity

chemlin·223 videos

Explosion in consiousness is happening on planet Earth this very moment. Right now. Expanding like ripples in the ocean, where everyone are affected. This ripple is the earthquake of energies in the collective grid of consciousness to wake up from the slumber of experience in duality’s matrix of illusions and into oneness.

FACEBOOK Chemlin Production :…

Do you remember, FEEL, that you’re part of all that is?

Abraham : “Let’s start by saying. That matter, or manifestation is advanced thought. In other words. There’s thought, then there’s thought form, then there’s manifestation. Of course there are millions of incrementale steps inbetween all of that. But thats the general process. There’s thought, and thoughtform, which you call illusion, or even dreamstate. Then there’s manifestation. And all manifestation is, is energy thats being translated from many perceivers at the same time, who concur about what they’re perceiving.”

You’re a soul inhabiting a physical body and have for eons experienced all the limitations that’s possible to experience. The limitations set by the collective of humanity has ended. Expand, be, and know, litterally know that there’s no limits what so ever, unless you create them to be with your own mind. Unless you create that belief within you, so feels real, yet its an illusion, which many call blockage of your on thought programming. YOU create and chose what you want to think, feel, see, hear, taste and touch. YOU create the experience you want to, what you focus upon. The vibration of your energy makes the experience and perception of your choosing. BE in center of the vortex within you, and focus on living in the now of to be, for you are simply just so.

Travel the Galaxy – Three Intuitives Live Astral Travel – Radio Broadcast

Sam Mugzzi·5 videos

Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Jernigan

Special show to discuss what is going on, where we are headed and how the galactic (councils, families, and designers) are helping to free our world and place us in the positive timeline.

This show will bend your imagination, stretch your mind, and promote a new window of consciousness.

Most of us have been buried from the veil of consciousness, and on a “need to know” basis. There are many reasons for this but the most important is protection.

This veil is about to be lifted and now you can see what has happened, the genius behind the clean up phase and get a glimpse of where we are headed.

Andrew. Rebecca and Mugzzi are going to put their intuition to work and combine information so we call can enjoy the makings of our new world.

Andrew has already seen the remaking of the matrix and what is about to transpire. This subject is rather new to Mugzzi but the glimpse of material will be combined with the information that Andrew has been shown.

Rebecca Jernigan, long time experienced intuitive and radio host. She has seen some of the pieces to the puzzle that we are attempting to bring together to create a tapestry of knowledge.

Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Our objective is to leave you with a “happy thought” of our new world and open your consciousness to new horizons. Feel free to open your own intuition and see what you get!

The Helical Model – Our Galaxy is a Vortex

DjSadhu·29 videos

Full info and ongoing research:…

Download the sound track for personal use:…

Notes & comments on this video

The Milky Way

– The Milky Way itself travels through space at appr. 600 km/s
– The image used for texturing the Milky Way is NOT a picture of the Milky Way. There are no pictures of the outside of the Milky Way.
– There could either be a black hole or a central sun in the center of the Milky Way. I went with the texture image and made it shine.
– A complete revolution around the galaxy takes 226 million years
– Do not confuse the Galactic Plane with the Galactic Equator: the Sun never “crosses” the Galactic Equator because the Sun is always on the Galactic Equator, by definition.

Precession cycle

– One precession cycle takes 25,920 years
– Since one revolution takes 226 mln years, this would mean that there are appr. 8692 precessional cycles in one revolution. In this animation there are only 60.

Scale & distance

– the Sun is 109 times bigger than the Earth. If this animation was to scale, the planets would be invisible.
– Our Solar System should be a gazillion times smaller compared to the Milky Way. If this animation was to scale, you could not see the Solar System, the Sun or any of the planets.
– The software used to create this animation is unable to work with extreme sizes and distances.

Sound & music

– The sound track is called “Enter The Stream” and I created it specifically for this animation.
You can listen to it on my website:…

More info & reserach at…

Rupert Sheldrake – Morphic Fields and Cosmic Consciousness

mandalanature·4 videos

Rupert Sheldrake discusses his concept of Morphic Fields. In this conversation he makes reference to the morphic fields of the planets, the solar system and the galaxy! He also mentions the value of gratitude, explains his journey from standard western athiesm through india, psychedelics all the way to christianity. He is for me one of the worlds greatest minds and listening to him is absolutly inspiring. I hope you enjoy!

Stargate Geomancy – Chico California – New Clairvaux Monastery

Cort Lindahl·50 videos

For book sales of my new book “Axis Mundi” on secure seller click:

Also available at Lyon’s Books in Chico. This video was one of the first ones I made. It is about my hometown. I made it in 2009. Please see the update about the Chico Labyrinth.

This small California town shares all of the geomantic alignments and history of much larger cities. Chico has a classic Axis Mundi design established by the city’s founder John Bidwell. Chico is but one of several significant points along the latitude of the Mason Dixon Line. Chico is also aligned with the octagon of the International Peace Garden

Best UFO Sightings – April 2013 – AFO

TheAFOFiles·25 videos

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Iv put a lot of effort into researching each case in this video, however nobody’s perfect, and there are bound to be a few videos in here that have been debunked or proven fake. But I ask you, to always keep your mind open. Just because someone has told you the video is fake, or there’s a video out there explaining in minute detail why it is, don’t let that change your mind about it. Until there is good solid evidence out there that explains why and how the video is a fake stand by your own opinion. Don’t let somebody else’s opinion overshadow your own.

I have contacted every video owners channel and asked for permission to use each of the sightings presented in the video, however I am aware that the channels providing the videos may not own them. If you have noticed your footage in the video please private message me or email me at to resolve the issue. If you have a problem with your sighting being part of this footage, I would be more than happy to remove and re upload the video with your footage taken out.

Videos used listed below

Music Used – Arrival of the Birds & Transformation By The Cinematic Orchestra…

Triangular Shaped Craft Flies Over Myrtle Beach South Carolina…

UFO Speeds Past Shenzhou-8 Whilst Undocking…

Colour Changing UFO Recorded Over Louisiana, USA…

Triangle UFO Recorded Over Las Vegas Nevada, USA…

Bright UFOs Fly In Formation Over Cork, Ireland…

NASA Tether UFO Recorded Next To The Moon…

Disc UFO Recorded Flying Over Zitácuaro, Mexico…

UFO Inspects Laser On Filterd Cam Over Melbourne, Australia…

Flying Saucer Caught On Camera Over Khakassia, Russia…

Triangle UFO Sighting Over Lake Erie…

Strange UFO Flying Over Oregon, USA…

Do yo have a UFO video that you would like to share with the world?

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Sheldan Nidle Update – April 30, 2013 – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation


SheldanSelamat Balik! We come again! Everywhere, your world is shifting quietly toward its divine transformation. Heaven continues to prepare for the sacred moment when a new reality is to be proclaimed, officially. Agartha is also preparing for this moment by reminding its numerous surface operatives to get ready to reveal publicly who they truly are. Our many liaison teams, as well, are preparing to disclose the work they are doing to bring your new reality into existence. We are also working with the many Ascended Masters to bring each of their secret sacred societies into public view. A unique moment is approaching when you will be able to learn how it was that your entire globe was able to switch so quickly into a new mode of local, regional, and national governance. This changeover will be followed swiftly by a series of special official announcements, and soon thereafter by the instigation of several unprecedented social services, helmed by these same sacred society spokespersons. These programs will be your first official glimpse of what is to come. A new reality is to be born which will include formal announcements about first contact and our benevolent presence.

   We are presently placing more liaison personnel on your world and they will be working closely with the Agarthans. It is important to bring out the fact that the geophysical constitution of your home world is actually far different than is believed by most of you. As you absorb these new facts and the accompanying new relationships they bring, the relevance to your lives of the activities of the sacred societies will become much clearer to you. Beginning to understand the makeup of your reality and the presence of the Agarthans can prepare you for what is to follow. We of the Galactic Federation are here primarily to get you ready for your return to full consciousness, and thus it is important that our introduction to your world be not only official but in conformation with the precepts of divine law. Your trust in us is paramount! Once we have your trust, we will be able to set the scene to prepare you on all levels for your three days of metamorphosis in your individual Light chambers. We possess many teaching modalities which will allow you to understand all aspects of what is involved in your return to full consciousness, and we are ready to go over everything with you, step by step, and to answer all of your questions and doubts.

   Your return to full consciousness is something that Heaven has mandated for you all. The surface population of Gaia has always been destined to return to this blessed state of Being as soon as your reality is given the green light to lift out of the present darkness. Your unusual state of limitation was only granted on a temporary basis after Atlantis sank and its fully conscious residents fled to the stars. The resulting rapid change in the energy makeup of the surface forced Mother Earth to alter her everyday reality. On top of this, the Anunnaki decided to take up residence in your solar system and negotiated with Heaven for a divine dispensation. This was granted, and a timetable and conditions were set up for the duration. You were then appointed by your Heavenly Administrators to be prototypes for limited consciousness with a view to then being capable of helping Anchara’s children at a future date to also achieve the same divine state of Being. This is how you began a long sojourn through the shadow lands and now it is coming to its predestined end.
   Your reemergence as fully conscious Beings provides a way for us to turn this immense galaxy to the Light. Your first tasks in this endeavor will be to arrange an ongoing liaison with the former star-nations of the Anchara Alliance as well as to use your good offices to help many fully conscious Beings, who are now Galactic Federation members, to interact harmoniously with one another. The goal here is eventually to produce a fully conscious realm which emits a most exquisite Light. As this new realm takes shape, you will shine and be most honored for accomplishing your grand and sacred task! Your home world will become a center for the movement that has already spread to over 50,000 galaxies?and this is just the beginning. You will be fêted and your accomplishments rejoiced in by both Heaven and physicality. Your name is to be proclaimed throughout physicality and your glorious history made known to every Being in service to the Light. Truly, you are about to catapult into the Light to create a most remarkable time for your new star-nation.
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a blessed message of Love, Light, and Truth! Your realm is now moving away from the darkness that has gripped it for the last 13 millennia. During this time each of us passed successfully through the various trials and tribulations that brought us to the very portal of Ascension. Once we crossed this threshold we ascended into the realm of Heaven and into the absolute joy that is divine service. What is so exceptional is that Heaven has given each of you a divine dispensation, a holy means for achieving quickly and easily what took us so long to achieve: namely, your specially created Light chambers. This work of the Most Divine is to provide you with a unique path to Immortality. In this way you can return to physical Angelhood and your vital service to the divine plan. We bless you and cry Hosannas to the Highest for the Grace and Mercy that you have been shown.
   The moment has come when Heaven can lead you to a sacred, physical life full of joy, miracles, and blessings for each of you. We, too, prepare for our divine service, which is to explain the misjudgments that the dark foisted upon you those many millennia ago. The dispensation for your return to full consciousness is another indication of who you were truly created to be. Inside each of you sits the divine master appointed by the Supreme Creator to morally guide you in the holy truths of Heaven and Earth. This inner guidance was externalized by your need for an outside leader when you fell into limited consciousness and thus lost your connection to the Divine. Now the time comes for the resurrection within you of this sacred mentor. Some call it the Higher Self, while others refer to the I Am Presence. In either case, look within, blessed Hearts. What you will find is a master of Truth and integrity, who can provide you, day by day, with unerring guidance for all situations.
   The coming days will be marked by a series of unusual events which are to manifest your new realm. In these messages we have been providing you with the context to enable you to understand that what is to happen is not some sort of salvation but a natural progression of events prophesied to lead you to a new land filled with prosperity and Love! Too long you have dwelled in a world of falsehoods, suspicion, and alienation. Now a wholly opposite reality is to unfold before you! Do not be in disbelief or mistrust at receiving the basics of a natural life. Your freedom and personal sovereignty are divine gifts bestowed on you when you were first conceived. Be once more the blessed children who are open to receive their divine bounty, and be willing to help your fellows as this prosperity spreads across the world. Use your talents and your Love to create a new realm gifted to you by the Heavenly Hosts. A time of great joy has arrived!
   Today we talked about what is happening around your globe. We also reminded you that first contact is almost upon you. Each day we fly missions around your world which prepare us for the moment of our landings. As your inner Spirit advises you about full consciousness, so too do we remind you about what our mentoring is to provide. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Voyager Journey To The Stars

SpaceRip·279 videos

Cosmic Journeys examines the great promise of the Voyager mission and where it will lead us in our grand ambition to move out beyond our home planet. The two Voyager spacecraft are part of an ancient quest to push beyond our boundaries… to see what lies beyond the horizon. Now tens of billions of kilometers from Earth, two spacecraft are streaking out into the void. What will we learn about the Galaxy, the Universe, and ourselves from Voyager’s epic Journey to the stars?

December 19, 1972… the splashdown of the Apollo 17 crew capsule marked the end of the golden age of manned spaceflight. The Mercury…. Gemini… and Apollo programs had proven that we could send people into space… To orbit the Earth…. Fly out beyond our planet… Then land on the moon and walk among its ancient crater.

The collective will to send people beyond our planet faded in times of economic uncertainty, war, and shifting priorities. And yet, just five years after Apollo ended, scientists launched a new vision that was just as profound and even more far-reaching.

It didn’t all go smoothly. Early computer problems threatened to doom Voyager 2. Then its radio receiver failed, forcing engineers to use a back up. Now, after more than three and a half decades of successful operations, the twin spacecraft are sending back information on their flight into interstellar space. Along the way, they have revealed a solar system rich beyond our imagining.

The journey was made possible by a rare alignment of the planets, a configuration that occurs only once every 176 years. That enabled the craft to go from planet to planet, accelerating as they entered the gravitational field of one, then flying out to the next. The Voyagers carried a battery of scientific equipment to collect data on the unknown worlds in their path. That included a pair of vidicom cameras, and a data transfer rate slower than a dialup modem.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – by Pablo Arellano

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Pablo Arellano·151 videos

Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one, The Mayan Ouroboros. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world.

He has been on television and the Internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world.

Having left the United States over 280 times, Drunvalo is a world traveler helping people understand their intimate connection to God.

Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba.

He is a consultant for the international Internet magazine, Spirit of Maat, with over 1 million viewers each year.

He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries.

He has now founded his newest (and complete) teaching in a facility called School of Remembering with the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teachers who are beginning their global work. Recently the school exceeded 1000 live workshops held worldwide with an average of almost 3 a day added to the calendar.

Drunvalo graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in fine arts. He also has a minor in physics and math with only one quarter to finish his degree.

He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his loving wife Claudette. He has six grandchildren.

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy – April 2, 2013





Dratzo! We arrive! Your world is advancing toward the dawn of a new epoch for all of Gaia’s surface humanity. The specific good works of Heaven are ushering this positive movement in! We come here to verify this and give you a better knowledge of what is happening. The dark is thoroughly enjoying its last moments of power. Their arrogance is so high that they collectively have decided to ignore the consequences of their final actions. The key target point remains any trumped up situation that can lead to a global conflict. Our Agarthan cousins are at the forefront of our liaisons that are working relentlessly to prevent this from happening. This effort is to be a successful one since the dark does not realize how we can continue to prevent them from achieving their most heinous goal. We comprehend the nature of what the dark is doing and understand the best ways to prevent this from occurring. Besides these serious efforts, we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you. This is something that now requires your attention.

Changing the type of governance is something that runs counter to what is occurring throughout your world. Normally your globe’s governance is influenced by the actions of your branch of the dark cabal. This group follows the agreement made among themselves globally on how your coming history is to unfold. There is no provision for any interference in this ongoing system of intolerance, extreme wealth and a continual feeling that they remain omnipotent. What we are doing is not only going to disrupt this process, but more importantly to transform it. We have supported groups that are challenging this system and using many legal proceedings to bring it down. Thus, a network of subtle victories proved the facts that this governance outstepped its bounds and became blatantly illegal. Our friends have thus given us the weapons to push this governance from power and replace it with a temporary one that can set the stage for what are indeed fair elections, and governance that is true to your real needs!

Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West. These immense financial organizations intend to release funds that are to permit the setting up of a new financial system. This system has been secretly hammered out by a group of individuals tied to policies that are to bring an end to the present illegal banking system and allow for a permanent prosperity to manifest across your globe. This new reality is to be enforced by a world-wide disclosure that is to lead to the arrest and detention of the leaders and minions of this dark cabal. The trials that follow are mainly done to emphasize that this new reality is here and that it cannot be so easily set aside by the dark. Our point here is simply that once Heaven so directs us, the reality that you have lived under is most dramatically to go away. A different history based upon the ways and decrees of the Light is to be established upon this realm.

This new realm is to be the Loving environment that is to set the stage for your final journey back to full consciousness. This path is to be traveled by you with mentors who are to instruct you in the wonders of full consciousness. This operation is to take only a few months and then you are to go through the grand metamorphosis that makes you a “physical Angel” Then you are to be trained in the day-to-day etiquette that socially governs this most heavenly realm. Heaven has set aside a series of special tasks as your first divine service. The Light is to embrace this galaxy and forge a grand set of sacred alliances that are be the forerunner of expanding the Light throughout physicality. You are to remember why you are here in the solar system and how this new star nation is to permit a permanent peace to become part and parcel of your new reality. This is something that you sense and realize. All of us are part of the Creator’s divine plan! As physical Angels we are here to co-create this new wondrous realm!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with some signs that sit in the Heavens and are harbingers of your new realm. The Sun has recently increased its hyperactivity. These large ejections of solar plasma are a sign by the Light that something extraordinary is shortly to happen! The stars in your night sky are moving in ways that point to the very edge of your galaxy. This direction is where an amazing event is occurring. Your stargazers and others who follow the paths of these multitudes of stars know that a new set of stars is preparing to reveal itself and add to the collection of sacred ones that nightly ply the heavens. Within these changes are others that we cannot yet reveal. They are forging the symbol of a grand harbinger who promises to terminate the dark’s rule on your world. These odd things are largely unknown to you. Yet they are a way by which Heaven is showing us in physicality that a new epoch is indeed on the horizon for Earth’s humanity. This new epoch is Heaven-sent and is already starting to manifest physically! The grand shift is quite near!

The blessings that we refer to are ones that promise to alter this realm forever. Inside you, you daily feel the aches, pains and signs of a new body. These alterations are simply another indication of the numerous changes that are the forerunner of your new reality. We sit here in joy and watch as you change like some unknown butterfly into something that is truly magnificent! There is to come a time shortly when our various space and heavenly families are to manifest and permit the divine Will to become known to you. When each of us chose to Ascend and put your well-being into our hearts, we took on a path that is to take all of humanity to its destined salvation. Your blessed hearts have endured vast discomfitures along with great disappointments for untold generations. This is now to stop! Heaven has a plan and this plan is to manifest the pushing of the dark from its perch of insult, arrogance and punishment. Their point is to be challenged by those who are greater than them. This time is now!

You are on a sacred path that we daily use our prayers and energy to maintain. This path can no longer be delayed or have irreverent obstacles put in place by the dark. They have a final grand moment that is simply permitting them to display the total disregard they inwardly possess for each of you. This last show of power is written on the Creator’s “blackboard” and demonstrates why they are to be thrown en masse into the dustbins of history. These final acts are in reality pushing the proverbial noose around their respective necks! They are thus to be found guilty of these various heinous acts and are to be incarcerated within a special series of energies that are to be a means for showing them what they have done and provide them a way to make a needed forgiveness to all. We are all one and there is a need to secure such an acknowledgement from those who so swiftly used their advantages to rule in such an unforgiving and unkempt manner. Humanity is soon to come together and share the wonders that are full consciousness!

Today, we have shown you what is happening in the Heavens and on this world to shift us all from the tyranny of a dark realm to the joys of one forged by the Light! We rejoice and wait for the Light to manifest its wonder upon this realm. As Masters of the Light, we wait in joy for this new day! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
Voicemail: 530-327-9432 | E-mail: | Website address:

Galactic Pillar of Golden Light

rysa5·297 videos

The Galactic Corona expresses the Gold Ring. Your purpose is to build the Antahkarana, the bridge or pillar of light which is contributed to by all the chakras and so it is layered with the frequencies of emotion and color. It is first build upon the mental plane by choosing emotions, thoughts, forms and manifestations that assist in raising the vibrations of each of the colors within the chakras. The vibratory fields of each of the chakras are to be raised as close to white light and in concordance higher intelligence and the divine plan. As this is done there will begin to be seen around the being a gold aura which is the Golden Ring.
GoldRing DVD’s Now available at + Higher Resolution versions of each segment of the Game of Enlightenment at Game of Enlightenment _^_