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by Michael E. Salla, PhD
May 4, 2005

from GalacticDiplomacy Website

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One of the most difficult areas for those researching the extraterrestrial phenomenon is the various versions of galactic history that appear in the testimonies of a variety of whistleblowers/contactees/abductees and other sources.


Understanding the parameters of Galactic History in terms of the various extraterrestrial races, conflicts and migrations is essential for all wanting to fully comprehend the extraterrestrial phenomenon.


What follows are extracts from the writing of Alex Collier who had numerous contact experiences by an extraterrestrial race allegedly from the constellation of Andromeda.

The extracts concerning galactic history is drawn from either Alex Colliers book Defending Sacred Ground or from Letters from Andromeda.


In what follows, I will cite the source for the extract and give an URL for its location at the time of publication. Minor editorial changes have been done in consultation with Alex Collier who kindly gave his permission for what follows.

Based on my own exopolitical research, my analysis of Alex Collier’s writing, a personal interview, follow up communications with him, and corroborating witness testimony of a UFO sighting over Alex’s home, my evaluation is that he is a genuine contactee, and offers credible and accurate information based on his direct face to face experiences with an extraterrestrial race known as the Andromedans.


I believe understanding the political implications of Alex Collier’s information is vital for developing a comprehensive understanding of exopolitics and for the conduct of any citizen diplomacy initiatives with extraterrestrial races.


An excellent interview of Alex Collier by prominent UFO investigative journalist, Paola Harris who found him to be credible, gives much background information on him and can be found HERE

Our Ancient Heritage [DSG, Ch 1]:

AC: I want to talk to you about Lyrae and how the human race colonized our galaxy. Based on the age of the Suns and the planets in our galaxy, it was decided that the human life form was to be created in the Lyran system. The human race lived there for approximately 40 million years, evolving. The orientation of the human race in Lyrae was agricultural in nature. Apparently, we were very plentiful and abundant, and lived in peace.

Then, one day, huge craft appeared in the sky.

A large ship came out of the huge craft and approached the planet Bila, and reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians and the Lyrans were afraid of each other. I told you before that the Alpha Draconians were apparently the first race in our galaxy to have interstellar space travel, and have had this capability for 4 billion years. Well, when the Draconians came and saw Bila, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Draconians wanted to control it.

There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Draconians and Lyran humans. The Lyrans wanted to know more about the Draconians before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The Draconians mistook the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three out of 14 planets in the Lyran system. The Lyrans were basically defenseless. The planets Bila, Teka and Merck were destroyed.

Over 50 million Lyran humans were killed. It is at this point in history that the Draconians began to look at humans as a food source. This is how old the struggle is between the reptilian and human races. Now, I must make the point that not all the reptilian or human races are “dark”. There is a mix. When we start meeting these races, you are going to have to trust your gut instinct.

But, they are coming. Hale Bopp is on its way here. It is not a comet.

The Draconians

AC: The Draconians are the force behind the repression of human populations everywhere in this galaxy instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies.

I asked Morenae about them, and he said,

“the Draconian race is probably the most understood race of beings. I have witnessed a deep respect for this race.”

The Andromedans consider the Draconians the “ultimate warriors,” in a negative sense.

Moranae continues,

“the Draconians are the oldest reptilian race in our universe. Their forefathers came to our universe from another separate universe or reality system.

When this occurred, no one really knows. The Draconians themselves are not really clear on when they got here. The Draconians teach their masses that they were here in this universe first, before humans, and as such they are heirs to the universe and should be considered royalty. They find disgust in the fact that humans do not recognize this as a truth. They have conquered many star systems and have genetically altered many of the life forms they have encountered.

The area of the galaxy most densely populated with Draconian sub-races is in the Orion system, which is a huge system, and systems in Rigel and Capella. The mind set or consciousness of the majority of races in these systems is Service-to-Self, and as such they are always invading, subverting and manipulating less advanced races, and using their technology for control and domination. This is a very old and ancient war, and the peace that does not exist is always being tested by these beings, who believe that fear rules, and love is weak.

They believe that those they perceive to be less fortunate, in comparison to them, are meant to be slaves. This belief system is promoted at birth in the reptilian races, wherein the mother, after giving birth, will abandon the offspring to fend for themselves. If they survive they are cared for by a warrior class that uses these children for games of combat and amusement.”

So, you can see that the reptilians are forever stuck in survival mode. This means they have no boundaries in what they will do to other beings.

Morenae continues,

“it is engrained in them never to trust a human. They are taught the Draconian version of the history of the ‘Great Galactic War’, which teaches that humans are at fault for invading the universe, and that humans selfishly wanted the Draconian society to starve and struggle for the basic materials that would allow them to exist.”

AC: Now, there are some real similarities there. The expression ‘Draconian thought’ is an expression on our world. I would suggest you research that.

The Hierarchy in Our Galaxy [DSG, Ch 1]:

There are two schools of thought in our galaxy. There are the regressives, who are races that carry fear and because of that want to control others. The hierarchy of the regressives starts with a group from Alpha Draconis. The Andromedans have no idea where the Alpha Draconians came from, but what they have learned through interaction with other dimensional races is that somebody brought the Draconians to this universe and “dumped” them in the Alpha Draconis system, where they had the highest probability of survival.

According to the Andromedans, the Alpha Draconians have had space travel for 4 billion years. They are an incredible race and have achieved great things, but they are bullies. They are jerks, and that’s a judgment – I’m taking that judgment myself. That’s my judgment based on what I know about them. The Draconians do not like human beings. The Andromedans say that Draconians believe that this universe was here for them – that their history teaches them that they were left here to rule it. But, when they started traveling, they ran across other races. They were able to conquer many of those races through genetic manipulation.

Now, our government, the United States government, the New World Order – whatever you want to call it – wants to implant everybody. From the Andromedan perspective that means ownership. Extraterrestrial don’t want to bother with that stuff, since that is not permanent. Extraterrestrials value genetics. What they do is they come in, conquer a race and genetically alter it. From that moment on, that race is genetically altered. The genetic changes alter the frequency, sound and thought patterns of the race if they move into a physical form. Does everyone understand this?

Q: Could you give us an example of this?

AC: The best example I could give you concerns the Greys. Apparently, the Greys were much more human-looking at one time. What happened was that they, as a race, were captured 891,000 years ago while leaving Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 to go off and do their own thing. This is very common, and it is how Earth became colonized. What happened is that they got captured by a group in Orion that was already genetically altered and under control of the Alpha Draconians.

 According to Morenae, the first thing this Draconian- altered Orion group did was slaughter almost all of the females of the captured race in order to control the birth process. They then genetically altered the remaining females, so that all the children born after that were genetically altered. The males were enslaved, made to work in mines and slaughtered by the Draconian-controlled Orion group, who had absolutely no regard for life. What we know now as the Greys became a natural resource.

General Trends of Humanoid Races in the Universe [DSG, Ch 4]:

Val: How about humanoid races and societies, in comparison to us? The society on Earth has a manipulative base historically grounded in the Orion system. What about things on the opposite side of the coin? What is the “norm” in space societies, insofar as you are aware of?

AC: Well, the “norm” is definitely “light”. You know, self-rule and self-responsibility. The thing in that is going on in our particular part of the galaxy, which includes 21 systems, concerns the idea of tyranny. What is interesting about this is that the area in which this tyranny is occurring is a very very old area. It has been colonized for a long time, and it has been under control of some of the oldest races, like the Alpha Draconians. They were the first race to have space travel in our galaxy and were remarkable builders, but their species multiplied so rapidly that they decided to conquer other races to make room for them. Our race, the Earth human race, was literally created by a group that came down from a dimensional realm, and these were the Paa Tal. This verbal expression called Paa Tal is actually of Draconian origin.

Val: So in actuality the genetics comprising the human body are a composite from around the galaxy, but the spiritual entities occupying human bodies are literally the Paa Tal?

AC: Right.

Val: So, are there any Paa Tal occupying reptilian bodies?

AC: I don’t know.

Val: That would be an interesting twist on events. If there is a huge time-loop, maybe the reptilians actually came from “now”, and swung back 4 billion years and started something there.

AC: Interesting. Anything is certainly possible. So, anyway, how the humans in this galaxy apparently found out about the Paa Tal was that somehow they were able to get hold of ancient Draconian records. Now, the Draconians are apparently extremely private about their lineage and their history. Everything is “a secret”. They have family “houses” of lineage they are very proud of.

Val: Sort of like the Klingons on Star Trek.

AC: Probably similar. Anyway, they found out about the Draconian legends which speak of a time where a group of beings came out of “nowhere” and created a race to war against and challenge the Draconian sovereignty.

Val: Of the universe?

AC: Well, no. We only see a small part of the universe. Even if you look at the part of the universe we can see physically, they say there are 100 trillion galaxies. So, the Draconians are not everywhere. There are a lot of them here, and this is one of the areas that is causing a problem.

More on the history of the Zenetaen Civilization [DSG, Ch 6]:

Alex: Let me answer that question this way. I have that question written down to ask them, because you gave me a question like that before to ask them. But, they did tell me that there was a time when they first left the Lyrae system, after about 21 generations had gone by, where they found themselves hiding. Again, I don’t know all the details, but they were being hunted by another race. They were living in hollowed-out asteroids and moons. They were moving all the time.

Val: This is the whole Zenetaen civilization.

Alex: That’s correct, and I do not know how many there were. They were basically living on craft and having to move around all the time, looking for a place that was safe. Well, there were beings from the Casseopian system that helped them, and apparently at that point in time the Zenetaens were under a kind of imposed dictatorship, because they were in survival mode and one person took control of their civilization. I can remember Morenae saying that it was imperative that they receive help, because they may not have evolved out of that , had it gone on any longer.

What happened was that they were taken to two solar systems in the Andromedan constellation. We know them as “star 42” and “star 44”. Star 42 is Zenetae, which is now their star system. Star 44 is Tishtae. Star 42 has 27 planets around the binary stars. Star 44 has nine planets, but all of the planets are equal to or greater than the size of Jupiter. They at this point were all terraformed.

Val: These beings from the Casseopian system interacted with them approximately how long ago in our terms?

Alex: About 2.5 million years ago, but perhaps a little longer.

Val: Has the Zenetaen skin color always been blue?

Alex: No. It was red at one time. Their original forefathers were red-skinned, and I am told that the Lyraens and Vegans were red-skinned at that time.

Val: How did the progression begin to where the skin color changed to blue?

Alex: Apparently it had to do with a pigmentation change caused by the ingestion of certain minerals…

Val: Copper based minerals.

Alex: It was in the food and everything they ate, and the double sun had an effect on this too. You have to remember something here. We are talking about fifth density beings, not third density, so you have the additional three color spectrums. I always try to take that into account when comparing them to us. They do literally live in another frequency.

Val: So, were they ever in third density?

Alex: I am not sure about that.

Val: There seems to be a prevalent assumption among humans that things “start” at a level of third density existence. But, that’s a misnomer, because…

Alex: No all the races have been or are third density.

Val: So, since the period approximately 2.5 million years go, do you have any idea of how their civilization has grown and changed since then?

Alex: No, I don’t know. All I know is where they are now because that’s the only way I know them. That would be a question I would have to ask them.

The Nature of Nibiru [DSG, Ch 6]:

Val: Here’s another question that was submitted to me: “You mentioned that the Lemurians and Atlanteans were extraterrestrials and you also mentioned Nibiru. Tell us about Nibiru and its role and relationship to us in this solar system.”

Alex: This is what I have been told about who those connected with Nibiru are. A very long time ago, colonies on Sirius B and the Orion Group were having trouble with each other. In order to bring peace, there was a marriage between two members of each group. The woman came from the Orion Group, where the hierarchy includes a queen – the matriarchal paradigm.

 The male was from Sirius B. Both members were considered royalty of their respective line. When these two came together in marriage, their offspring had the genetics from both lines. Because of these genetics, the new race that was created was given the name “Nibiru”, which I am told by Morenae in the Orion tongue means “divided amongst two”. This is who they literally are – a cross between those from Sirius B and a race from the Orion system. They formed a new “tribe” which has continued to flourish for at least hundreds of thousands of years.

 So, they are a tribe that has become a race.

Thoughts on the Nature of the Universe [LFA v 2, n.2, 1996]

In the beginning, Earth was colonized by 22 E.T. races – 17 human, the rest insectual, botanical and reptilian.

 Land continents first supporting white race colonies were Mu and Poseidia. Atlantis sank 23,712 years ago. E.T.’s came fro mineral and natural resources, especially gold and borax.

Terrians – Earth
Sitchin‘s 5,000 – 6,000 years cataclysmic events – lost record. Our Universe is approximately 21 trillion years old. Earth is 7-1/2 billion years old. The conception that we have regarding the age of physicalness is not how more advanced beings or civilizations think or measure material that makes up our Universe, so I will explain to your the reader the concepts that I’ve been taught by the beings that have contacted me from the constellation of Andromeda.

Our Universe consists of eleven primary dimensional levels or belts. Within these levels are 11 different levels or frequencies of sound and color. This is important to state because that which we perceive as the Universe is the last level of creation that is occurring i our present. In other words 4th density is our next level and within that vibration is 11 levels of matter and creation, and so on with all the other levels until we reach the 11th density and the last level of that density.

 Now in the creation of this Universe the more advanced civilizations state that the true beginning of this Universe starts with the thought conception of it. First there was the idea and then the word and then it became manifest into the many levels moving down the scale into physical matter that we call 3rd density. It is here that we, with our still limited sciences try to measure. Time and space to equal or validate our belief systems that focus most of the time on the physical realm.

Accordingly, the sciences of some of the extraterrestrial civilizations state that our Universe is 21 trillion years old as we measure time which is not how they measure time. But, for the sake of all the readers I will state all measurements of time in Earth years. Using this conception or truth we are being asked to look at our home and ourselves in a different light. The beings which I shall refer to from this moment on as the 11, have stated that not all of the civilizations in space explain the truths the same way so I leave it to the reader to absorb and feel the information and trust your own wisdom.

The physical creation of our Universe accordingly was 21 billion years ago. If this is the true nature of what our Universe is and how it works then we must come to realize that there is more to us also since we are connected to this process as well, on most levels if not all of them.
It has been explained to me that our conception of the big bang theory is correct in its simplicity and that the idea of creation and evolution are correct also, so everyone is right and all of our present theories and evaluations are incomplete.

The creation of our physical Universe occurred quite suddenly if we could have all been watching it. The 11 have said that on the 1st level of 4th density it was agreed to by the power of our thoughts to create a lower vibration of density. We were in fact very successful. In 4th density as this idea was given power 3 huge pockets were created and as soon as these pockets of energy could not hold any more light and all that we wanted to create was manifested, then these pockets of matter exploded into a void of space and time thus creating the magnificents that we see as our present home physical Universe.

 This is also the same process that we used to create the last level of the 11th density. This also explains why our science sees this Universe as a closed Universe. Because we have not created any levels of density below or lower than 3rd density. This is they lowest level of the dimensional ladder. From here everyone evolves up. The black holes are the windows from which the big bang explosions originally came from. They are portals to another dimension of Universe the Andromedans think.

We the creators and the infants of the Isness, we all as a collective consciousness created it. All thought from all forms of spirits, both individually and those that are collective created this particular Universe. We all come from another Universe and/or thought dimensional plane. This dimensional plane is said to be on the 45th plane. Here we all joined to create another separate, but very different physical and spiritual density, as well as other density bodies that accompany any pure energy. Three large groups of souls, totaling on the trillions decided that they were going to leave the source and create.

 The Isness set up the rules for the experiment and we all had to agree to play by the rules. Not one soul was kidnapped or forced. Free will overrode any and all decisions. We gathered at our respective portal or black h***. Each portal had a significant position or path of evolution. The paths were different as per each soul.

We all chose a different journey, we were separated into three groups.

  1. Those that were to remain in 4th density and evolve up.

  2. The 2nd group were those souls that were to be planets, moons, stars, suns, planets, animals, and other forms.

  3. The 3rd density group were those that were to be true carriers of the spirit in physical forms. This group had to begin, with the 2nd group and evolve to the 3rd density and up.

This is not to be misunderstood with the idea that human beings or other conscious physical life forms are better than any other evolved life forms. Mankind could not exist if it were not for the efforts of the 1st and 2nd kingdoms. Each Universe is a living organism.

 Each Universe is in the mind of God (Isness) one living soul. The shaping of our Universe of history is unique in the vastness of time. Creational love and advancement, technology and happiness are second to none. But, because of our other polarity of fear which we agreed to experience, we also have gone to the extreme of war, hate, destruction and self-punishment.

Fear is almost as powerful a creational force as love. Even though it is not real, real in the sense that your are truly threatened, you’re not; not the real you. However, fear in its creational form is not free. It is very restrictive, controlling and destructive.

 I will begin to give some historic examples of this in our Universe.

The Lyrans are the original white Aryan Race and what is left of the Aryans is the Pleaidians and Andromedans.

 Birth of the humanoid race has all of the genetic DNA from this area. Ancient Lyrans were the Titans. The giants Bigfoot also descended from Lyrans. All life destroyed on Lyra and the ring Nebula eye Og God. Lyra consists of 14 inhabited planets, three planets were destroyed during the wars Bila, Teka and Merok. 50 million were slaughtered. Lyrans started the Black League. The Black Dragon.

Lyrans grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, Cassiopia, all human evolution. Based upon genetically human forms in higher realms and very highly evolved Universes, it was decided that many forms of life would be created here in Lyra because it appeared to be ideal as far as the age of the Suns and Planets and the length of probable stability.

 The human race would have time to evolve and create space exploration and gravitate by means of energy and spiritual recognition into planetary civilizations and that those races would in turn create there own root races and life. It was also important that these races be allowed to manifest and create different aspects of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thus we would be creating diversity and expressing our own need to create.

As the human race fragmented, the races moved, traveled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved. The human became aware of other planetary civilizations in theses systems. Different cultures meet and grew. Belief systems clashed or spread. New thoughts of Philosophy or technologies came into being. Mankind was evolving. A very strong social community developed between all in the Lyra System. The Lyrans were a very peaceful race on the whole.

 There were disagreements and light conflicts, but much was always cleared and resolved. The Lyrans learned to adapt to virtually all of the planetary environments that they settled. They learned to live in complete harmony with their respective planets. They developed agricultural communities that were literally awesome. They were not only efficient and could feed billions of beings, but it was actually enhancing the planet itself and creating an even wealthier environment.

 All aspects of life seem to benefit from the Lyran’s commitment to be at one with their home planets. At the same time, the life expectancy was between 300 – 425 years on the average. This was to increase by 3 times later, but everyone worked as a community.

 They were not in service of self, but were a race that beat as one heart, and shared and moved in the same direction as a whole and would try to make sure that none of their race would lag or fall too far behind the whole. In other words,

“The needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few.”

They were an incredible role model for all humanity that followed to this present moment.

The human race is history. the works of the mind are a record of that history, for the whole record of the human race is in one man. If you read these words then you are a part of Lyran heritage and a part of your carries this history within.

The Pleaidians – The Seven Sisters
The human species of Pleaidians evolved from Lyra. And they did develop effective weapons of war that helped sustain them through the Orion Wars and beyond. It has been said that the Pleaidians as we know then were Lyrans that came to Earth and then went to the Pleaides. Although some of the Lyrans that colonized her and our Earth for a time, a larger group of Lyrans went to the seven sisters and to other star systems during the Orion Wars.

The Pleaidians are our far distant first cousins and ancestral forefathers of some of our races. The Pleaidians are also descendants of the Lyrans who came from Lyra in space stations or arks because of the your star systems and the potential for stable longevity. The Lyrans would send down scout teams consisting of scientists and engineers and agricultural specialists to explore the surface of possible habitable planets and to explore them and return data and information to the mothership.

 Each planet is explored and based upon its unique nature, the is developed and colonies are then sent down to settle. It is in this way that the Pleaidians are so interested in our world and our races here. They have been visiting Earth for at least 79,743 years, with many large settlements. They’ve just come and gone throughout our planets history. We are very similar in many ways to them, however, they are emotionally and spiritually more evolved than we at this time.

 But they too have gone through their growing pains, as we are going through them right now. They have made attempts to share with us the benefits of their experience. So we ourselves don’t have to experience the same kinds of setback and possible destructions, but at present, not enough people are listening.

The Pleaides is an open star cluster consisting of 254 stars and many times that planetary bodies. Many of the stars are very young. This is located in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleaidians and the alphabets of Earth are both very similar. This was noted as of about 11,157 years ago that the script form was developed here on Earth and carried back to the seven sisters. This script form is the parent of most of our present day alphabets.

Three of the star systems have human life as we know it, the most advance is the system of Taygeta. And the other is the system of Taro which circles Alcyone. Most of the Pleaidians look like us in both size and stature, build, color of hair, etc.

They are also very affluent and articulate when speaking any of our languages, or discussing our sciences, history, etc. We have inherited our aggressiveness towards each other from them. Their life spans far exceed our own by at least 10 times what is our norm. Their technology has made it possible to travel anywhere in our Universe at speeds faster than the speed of light.

 They are capable of using the oceans for undersea operations. They are very concerned about our misuse for our sciences today and that we have completely lost our spiritual center or harmony with our sciences. They have no use for money, politics and religions, clearly stating that the later two-politics and religions are really the same. The Pleaidians are worried as our most benevolent races visit, that we will destroy our planet and ourselves.

All Earths languages are derived from a ancient Pre-Sumerian language called Tamil which was spoken in Lyra and in the Pleaides. The Pleaidians as well as other groups have left descendants on the Earth in the past. They have said they are willing to help us but not to the point of changing our own evolution and then therefore becoming responsible for us as a race.

 They say we create our own future as we go that we need to correct our own mistakes ourselves or suffer because of them.

The Arcturians
This group of beings settled in the constellation of Arcturius. These races of humanity are very private, and for very specific reasons do they get involved with Earth. They think of themselves as healers. They carry a strong pride of technology in the arts of physical healing, and emotional and spiritual bodies.

 They have been known to intervene in the ancient past to help resolve very serious conflicts in our area of the Universe by sharing their unique ability to show others how to integrate their belief systems and feelings to resolve conflict. They can be very silent, and can and will keep very much to themselves. They as a group, have done much to help raise the overall levels of consciousness in our Universe.

 At this time the Andromedans have added little more than this.

Communications with Ashtar Sheran – The Landings Are Coming – C2CAM

UFOTubeChannel – “Sign of the Times”


Galactic Family – Lightship Footage Compilation – James Gilliland’s Expansive, Sacred Understanding of Our Universe



Suzanne Lie – Through The Portal, Part 2 – Galactic Earth – 4-2-14



Through the Portal Part 2

Galactic Earth
JASON SPEAKS: I would first like to talk about our experience of walking through what I now realize was an inter-dimensional portal. Sandy and I had no idea of the range of sensations we would experience as we walked through what appeared to be a “hole” in the fabric of our vision of the battleground.
Since Mytrian did not prepare us for the experience of morphing into a higher frequency, we naively stepped into the portal. Suddenly we had the sensation of every cell in our body being recalibrated to a higher resonance. The experience was not unpleasant. In fact, it was quite euphoric. It was as if our entire body was experiencing a psychic orgasm, but it was not sexual.
The feeling was more mental and emotional, but also we felt it in our body. I know that I am not making much sense when I describe this experience, but it is difficult to find words to fit this occurrence. It was as if we were disassembled cell by cell.
Some of these cells made the transition through the portal, but the cells of our third and fourth dimensional expressions were stored within the portal for us to re-integrate on our return to our physical reality.
“You are quite correct,” said Mytrian responding to my thoughts. Only then did I realize that I was thinking rather than talking.
“Your thoughts are audible to me, just as mine are audible to you. We are speaking telepathically,” Mytrian thought.
“Did you hear that?” I thought to Sandy. She smiled and thought, “Yes.” I realized then the responsibility it was to have your every thought heard by others.
“In the reality that you are entering, humanity is just discovering that their thoughts are projected for all to hear. However, only those whose consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension can consciously perceive this reality.”
While Mytrian was telepathically communicating with us, we stepped through the portal to find ourselves in the reality that briefly experienced before. Our small airport with the mysterious building nearby had return to a modern inter-dimensional, galactic airport. We saw many small scout ships on the ground and larger ships parked in the sky.
The twelfth floor of the building, which was once such a mystery, was now a transitional floor between the denser floors of one through eleven and the higher floors. The thirteenth floor and beyond resonated to a sparkling light.
We were not sure how many floors there were, as some of them may have been beyond our perception. However, we could easily see that the building was totally modern with a stream of humans and galactics entering and leaving it.
“Can we enter this building again to see what it really looks like inside,” asked Sandy.
In a flash, we were in the very busy parking lot. I think Mytrian brought us there first so that we could see all the cool, modern forms of transportation.
“You brought your selves there,” said Mytrian. “From here on, YOU are guiding our journey.”
Sandy and I looked as each other and thought “WOW.” We were both amazed that we had come this far in our journey. We decided to walk through the parking lot to better see all the different modes of transportation. Just as we came to a car that appeared to be just like the ones in our 3D life, a non-human galactic being entered it and it took off into the air. As we looked around the busy parking lot we saw many non-earthlings who we had seen on our visits to the Mothership.
“Mytrian is this fine couple a component of your human expression?” Sandy and I both turned to see a somewhat humanoid being embracing Mytrian. Actually, they were not embracing; they were merging briefly into one being. Sandy and I watched as Mytrian and the galactic being phased into Oness for a second then returned to two beings again.
Since Sandy and I were a component of Mytrian, we also experienced the merging. Thus, we knew that this being was from a planet that I could not say in human language. From that short embrace Sandy and I understood their entire conversion.
Actually it was a very long conversation, but because it was outside of time a great deal of information was shared within that very short merging. After Sandy and I watched this gentle being enter its “car” and fly off, we headed for the lobby. To our surprise, “heading for the lobby” brought us instantly into the center of the lobby.
When we instantly beamed into the Lobby, we realized that there were simultaneously experiencing two realities. One reality, I will call the “transitional reality,” seemed to be the very beginnings of contact with our galactic family. In this version of the Lobby there were any people, but all were human. Since we were now fully telepathic, we knew that they were preparing for a special even. They called this event “the landings.” We correctly assumed that it was the Galactic Starships that would soon be landing.
The Lobby was remodeled from the last time we had seen it, but it only had third-dimensional equipment and human people. There was also a great deal of military personnel. Every one seemed calm and excited for the “landing,” and we felt no fear at all. Perhaps that is why we could also see the other reality.
Overlaid on the transitional reality was the higher frequency in which Earth’s transition into a galactic world was “normal.” Both of these realities were in what we would have called our “future,” but we could not determine the timeline. The transitional reality was very modern, but it was clearly of a third/fourth dimensional resonance. On the other hand “Galactic Earth,” which I will call the higher frequency world, was a half octave up from the transitional reality.
It appeared that none of the members of the transitional reality could see us, but all of the members of Galactic Earth appeared to know us, and kindly greeted us in a fashion that was consistent with their world. It was as if Sandy and I have come into our own surprise birthday party. With that thought, many of our new friends gathered around us to welcome us and congratulate us for finding our way into their world.
On very tall Galactic who was about ten feel tall and dressed in along white robe came forward as the voice for the group gathered around us. “I am Laternia. We have been waiting for you to join us here. We are pleased that you have found your way to this frequency of your world. We are all members of your Oversoul.
“We knew that you were coming to join us and have created this vision to assist you to understand that time and space is an illusion. Hence, you do not need to take time to move through the expanding frequencies of space to interact with your Oversoul.
ALL is ONE within the NOW. Therefore, all you need to “do” to travel inter-dimensionally is to set your intention on your destination and feel unconditional love. Do you understand what I am saying?”
Sandy and I both instinctively said, “Yes!” Simultaneously we felt the confusion of our denser, “transitional self.”
“Welcome to being multidimensional,” said our new friend Laturnius. “As you now know, once you have opened your portal through your third/fourth dimensional realities you can return to the Oneness of your Multidimensional SELF. Do you recognize me now?”
“Yes,” Sandy and I said as one being. You are the higher frequency of the Lemurian leader that we met via our Mytrian expression.
“Good multidimensional thinking. Do you also remember your assignment?”
“Yes,” I said. “We were to join our Oversoul SELF to regain our multidimensional wisdom, power and love. We were to remember what we learned in our myriad incarnations on Gaia so that we could best assist with the recalibration of Her core and cornerstone crystals.”
In a flash, we returned to Inner Lemuria in our complete form of Mytrian. Our Mytrian expression was greatly disoriented when we first met Laturnius in its Lemurian form. Sandy and I had merged with Mytria, Mytre and the Arcturian to become our multidimensional SELF, Mytrian.
We were chasing after the infant Gaia, who led us to the core of Gaia. While in the Gaia’s core Laturnius, in It’s Lemurian form, gave us the instructions to recalibrate Gaia’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. Since then there have been many adventures and are ready to return to Gaia’s core to fulfill our Mission.
Message from Sue,
I recommend that you read the Epilogue of book 3 and First Chapter of Book 4, The Landing Party before you continue with the conclusion of this book.
Recently, I have been feeling a deep sense of urgency. I am not yet sure what that urgency is about, but I have decided to release all the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension books as FREE PDF books. The books are all available at on my NEW site. Please check out the site. I think it is really cool and getting better all the time.


Ashira – Host Steve Beckow – Malaysian Flight 370 – Ukraine – Tsunami of Love – 3-11-14

Cigar-shaped UFO

On Heavenly Blessings today, Suzi Maresca asked Ashira, Commander of the Neptune, what caused the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Ashira replied:

“It was not interdimensional slippage and they were not taken by us. So let us be very clear. We would not do that. Not at this point because from our perspective that would be seen as an act of war or an act of terrorism. We would not break that many hearts.

“So what happened was that there was an explosion and the ship went down. Could we have saved it? There are certain things that we are not permitted to interfere with. But let us also …. now this is what we can say … on that ship [everyone?] was taken care of. …

“There were many upon that ship who as a collective had agreed to leave together … and this is something that often happens … there is a group soul, whether you believe it or not. Now those who did not want to pass from their form were beamed up.”

Have the Russians been providing the open door for Disclosure and First Contact?

“The Russian people have been given historically and currently enormous openings and opportunity to be a point of contact and a point of opening between the various fleets and humanity.

“We have intervened as much as we possibly can, not because we are acting in ways that are making contact with the Russian people but in ways to prevent brutality. What is going on with Russia, the Ukraine, the Crimea, and we cannot leave China out of this mix, and the United States of America for that mater, what is going is ego and it is the flexing of ego muscles, national ego muscles. There is not a sacred cause behind this.  …

“Now one of the things we keep saying and one of the reasons we have not, as you would say, landed on the White House lawn is that we are not going engage in drama.  (There will be enough drama). We will not engage in warlike behavior.

“So we are not going to make what you have termed Disclosure, or arrival, or our presence known other than in ways of protection or intervention, we are not going to do that as a reward for war. So this is not about Russia making way for us, We are quite capable of making way for ourselves. … This situation that is going on right now is a clearing of old, very old, almost archetypal behavior on the part of human beings.”

Suzi asked about the cigar-shaped ship and he replied:

“That is us. That is one of our ships. And as we say we are intervening and we are making our presence known. We have been very clear that we will not allow violence to escalate beyond a certain level. Now we know that humanity is working out collectively many issues, many false grids, paradigms, vasanas, you have a million terms for one thing. But that is good and that is fine. That is like a rebellious teenager trying to find their center and their sense of self.

“But we are simply giving a very gentle reminder that there is a greater force to be reckoned with and we do not mean in any way, shape or form, by violence. We don’t use violence. What we have found after thousands of years is that violence does not work.”

Editor Mary contributes this transcript of the part of the interview on the Tsunami of Love.

Ashira: You are the new leadership.

Suzanne: We want to get on with it!

Ashira: And you are getting on with it. First, the tiredness, the weariness of war, and we think of war as all types of conflict or confrontation, had to happen because if that was not present, what would happen with the Tsunami is that it would mostly short-circuit people and they would die. The energy is that strong.

So they are ready and might I suggest, we are ready. You are ready and the Mother has already begun opening the floodgates.

Suzanne: What significance does the coming Equinox have and what can we expect in the second half of March?

Ashira: Miracles!

Suzanne: Yay!

Ashira: Yes! Now miracles to you is everyday to us! And I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. I mean expect the unexpected and expect the fulfillment of what you have been waiting for on many, many fronts, political, societal, financial, cultural.

Does it all happen in one day, one of your days where all of a sudden everything ceases? No but it does happen like a domino and the good news is that the dominoes have already started falling. You are already in that catalytic conversion process and it won’t be stopped.

It would take, well the Mother could always stop it but She has no intention of it. She, Her design of which we are also a part of is for this to increase, not to halt. So what you are looking at and you do tend to look to things like the Equinox and the time of Revitalization, of Rebirth, of Spring.

There is nothing more exciting than Springtime on Gaia! It is a miracle of regeneration, of rebirth. It is the reminder to each and every human being that recovery, rediscovery, regeneration, rejuvenation is the way of this planet.

Steve Beckow – Still More Meetings with Remarkable Galactics – 2-25-14

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn

Cdr. Hatonn of the Galactic Federation

Your stories of actual or possible contact continue to flow in. Here are more accounts. First a clarification from Anne on her previous post.


Allow me to clarify my previous post. Where I spoke of my “conversation” with my guides, I feel I was not specific enough about what the message was that they had for me.

They appeared as a group, although not in form, but rather as a “feeling.” I was seated on my back porch, albeit, winter and cold and snowy, I feel compelled to be on Gaia as much as possible, it is my calling.

The first words they spoke were” RELAX YOUR TONGUE’ relax your tongue (I have a loose tooth, and at this moment in time am unable to see a dentist, awaiting the reval to do so) and as we all do with a tooth problem we worry it with our tongue.

I immediately stopped my tongue movement. They told me a tongue is used to speak, eat, or drink. They said I would ” grow new teeth” and not to bother myself with the loose tooth, I still needed it.

They then said, not to be so concerned with world peace, it was already here!!. World peace has been my plea for a very long time. Then they asked how I could see myself embracing the entire collective in my green heart of pure Love, when I am not able to embrace that same feeling with my husband. That was a real wake up call!!!

Then they told me ” not to be concerned about the global reset of currencies, when AAMichael already said it was to come to pass “within the Sources Plan” Just let it go Anne, they said, and move on along your journey, with BELIEF in the One and the Mother.

Thank you for allowing me to be more specific, for I feel I may have left my first post with the impression that our guides are not caring, nurturing and LOVING us along the way, as they have been from the beginning of our journey a millenium ago.

In Love and Light and Service to The ONE,


I believe I met a galactic being at a birthday party for a friends father one summer day 6-7 years ago. He was never with this group of people before and I had a brief encounter with him that I found very strange.

He was somewhat short and slim with oddly colored yellowish blonde hair and very pale skin and was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt as if he was from the 1950′s. He was of average looks but had a very bright smile. We were introduced and when he spoke to me everything around me seemed to disappear.

I don’t remember what he said but I had the impression he was speaking in riddles. I do remember that he asked me if I ever saw anyone like him before but oddly enough I don’t know what my reply was. Shortly after he left and I immediately thought I had an encounter with an alien being. I had no fear whatsoever and have not seen him with these people since.

Thank you for letting me share this story.


Dear Steve,

A couple of weeks ago I had a very vivid part of my dream where I met some galactics. I have been reading other peoples’ experiences through your site, thinking ‘I wish I could meet some’ – then I remembered :) I told my friend at the time (who was silent).

I was on a train and it suddenly diverted into a dark tunnel and travelled a bit further, and I remember thinking and feeling that I was being taken somewhere off the expected route. This was one of those dreams where I was more or less awake, and quite calm.

After a minute or two of letting the train take me through this dark tunnel, I turned to notice a group of silent, but very thoughtful, people standing to my right. One guy was the ‘leader’, and he had both men and women around him – I think 7 in all, to either side and behind.

Their facial expression was dead blank, and did not speak. They looked mostly human, but had greyish skin and hair, and their hair was short and straight, thinnish, brushed straight down to the middle of their foreheads like Frankenstein and short around the ears and back. The top of their heads were kind of flattened, not rectangular, just like ours but flattened at the crown.

Their eyes were dark and their face was more or less like an Earth human, except devoid of expression. Their clothes were very plain and again, grey and white. I had the strong impression they were ‘feeling’ me – all their attention was on me, otherwise alone in the train carriage, they stood still and we just looked at each other.

But there was some kind of mental communication, and my feeling that I was not afraid was conveyed, and I told them telepathically ‘I know you are aliens’. They said they were taking me somewhere (I think they said that? I’m sorry I don’t recall – but they did communicate something to me. It was a group thought, coming through the lead male and his thought was more prominent).

The scene changed and we had entered a living room, where the group’s ‘leader’ was seated on a couch in front of a TV. I knew he was the group’s superior in some way. He had a female with him (who seemed a bit wary of me??). I walked up quite boldly with my hand out, saying ‘I’m not afraid’ and ‘Nice to meet you’ telepathically at the same time.

He was a bit taken aback at my boldness and even stepped back half a step. The dream changed from then – I don’t recall anything else, except I sat down with the group at a table and I think we talked a bit, but the atmosphere was like playing cards. (Sorry, but it was a couple of weeks back and this was the end of the awake part of my dream).

These people had quiet minds, deep intellects, not emotionally ‘labile’ as we on Earth, and they were interested in my emotional response to their presence. I knew in the dream they were galactics who had come to visit me in order to test my reaction, and I recall feeling pleased with myself that I was totally fearless and happy to ‘show myself’ if that makes sense. I felt glad I had made contact.

Thank you so much for everything you and the crew do for us,

Andrew from Sydney

In November of 2012, I was living in my home in Dewey, AZ and preparing for the December 2012 experience along with others in the Lightworker community. One night I was called to awaken from a deep sleep.

“SUSAN. SUSAN. WAKE UP,” the voice called out in my bedroom.

I wokw up and saw a hole in my ceiling to one side of my room that was approximately 2’ x 3’ large. Strips of paper, like ticker tape, were silently streaming through it. I got out of bed, walked to the spot and walked around and around it, examining the strips of paper that seemed to have strange calculations on them. I kept thinking, “What is this? What is this?”

After a few minutes I seemed to have the answer in my mind. “This represents the downloads taking place in the mass human consciousness at this time.”

Satisfied with the answer, the “vision” of the ticker tape went away but was replaced by ships coming and going out of the hole that I was told was actually a portal that had been opened for my benefit, in order that I could be a part of the “mission” of the Galactics in my conscious, waking mind.

Each night I would awaken and look at the portal to see ships of all sizes coming and leaving through the portal. I never “asked” to go on board because I knew, that at some level, I was already part of the crew.

Life changed over a year and a half and I had to give up my home and move. I felt sad about having to leave my home and the portal experiences. Before I moved I was awakened again by the sound of my name being spoken aloud. I woke up and saw a vision in a far corner of the room of the Earth, gleaming and beautiful, with millions of ships of all shapes and sizes moving toward her.

I was told that my experiences were mine and that even with my move, experiences would continue to find me, I was connected to and with them.


I have had a few dream experiences where I met galactics that have occurred over the last few years. In one I remember it being night time, seeing people outside holding candles, it being peaceful, and then I think I walked to a ship of galactics, went inside, shook their hands as I was introduced to them.

They looked just like us in that they were slender, had dark blue bodysuits on, the men had short brown hair, the one woman I saw to my left had light brown, blonde hair, put something in my left arm. One of the males asked me if I was scared and I said, “scared no, excited yes.”

Another dream I had I was face to face with what appeared to be the grey aliens but they were blue. I was a little scared because they don’t look like us. They sensed that and said, “It’s ok we are not going to hurt you.” They kept their word and then disappeared from view, which must prove that the negative ones aren’t allowed to be around Earth anymore.

In both of the above examples I was talking telepathically to them because I don’t recall ever seeing their mouths move.

I also had another dream where I was in a total white surrounding and having a conversation with a higher dimensional female. Maybe she was galactic. I don’t know but I remember saying to her very sincerely from the heart, “you are so beautiful” and then looking at her and she was higher dimensional because while I could see her face smiling very lovingly.

She appeared a very bright golden light and had like orange hair or something like that. I don’t remember much of the conversation except she said something to do that was good for my stomach. Obviously we must have been communicating telepathically since it was in a dream state, higher dimensional environment.

When I met the blue ones that otherwise looked like the greys I was in a dark, black environment and could really only see them. I felt at total peace when I was with the higher dimensional female in the total white environment.

Much love,


Hello, Golden Age of Gaia Team! I bow to You in appreciation of what You do for all the souls upon Earth. My name is Sandra and I live in Poland.

I’m a regular visitor to this website, it helps me to gain hope, strength and balance in my everyday life, so for all your good work and good hearts I thank you. This series of articles about meetings with our galactic friends encouraged me to tell you my story as well:) So here we go…

My hyper, turbo, fast awakening started around September 2011. I started my studies in England thinking that I finally have my life in my hands, when peculiar things started to happen.

The keyword for my process of awakening was “Global Awakening”.  I just spotted it somewhere on the internet but the feelings and sensations in my mind, in my heart and in my body were pushing me further and further to get to KNOW what is this all about.

I started to be like a sponge, just absorbing information, more and more, all I could find on every topic that caught my attention.

Extraordinary dreams about missions, and people and places I didn’t know and not long later, the sightings of ships and blinks in the skies. I knew it was them, because it was always a specific situation that they would appear. For example, when I was going through the doors and something ‘clicked’ in my head to look up.

And when I did, just in this moment there was a bright light which disappeared a second later, or a blink and they are gone and just a trail of them going warp speed left for another 2 seconds. It was happening daily for many months.

But there are two situations that were serious and I remember them very well. The first person-to-person meeting happened around November 2011. That’s when i met the ‘bad guys’. Yes, I first met the black hats before the white hats. ;) and it went like this:

I went to bed around 11pm. Fell asleep really fast. I woke up suddenly. I didn’t know what time it was. I felt like I was out of time, but ,just when I regained my consiousness, I noticed that I’m not in my bed, but hovering above the floor! (in a standing position – watching my feet).

That surprised me, but I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t able to move my body, felt like I was paralysed, except my head so I decided to look around.

When I turned my head left I saw a big Reptilian Guy (he was really big and tall. I still ponder HOW he fit into my tiny room.  🙂  He was looking at me intensely.

His eyes were yellowish-red. Then I decided to turn my head right, towards the window, and right in the window there was a Grey alien guy also looking at me intensely with his black eyes. I started to grasp the seriousness of the situation and I could feel that they want me very much. It was somehow important, and that it was supposed to be a piece of cake for them, so they were not careful at all.

I started to get really frustrated but in very CALM, unusual way. I was looking straight into the eye of the Grey guy and I just said one sentence “Leave me alone, now.”

After this everything happened really fast, like in a millisecond. I saw a smile, but not a nice smile on the face of Reptilian. Then I felt huge energy pouring out of my heart which was hidden behind the simple words “Leave me alone, now” towards them.

It felt like my free will was fully present giving them a hard time for trying to break the rules and hurting me. I think in this millisecond, they just perished in this amazing powerful energy. I woke up a second later in my bed.

I couldn’t even say it was a dream, everything was clear and sharp, just like reality. I felt pulses of energy in my heart and around the room. They never tried to get so close and bold ever again.

Second big meeting happened at exactly 17.06.2012 – I have it written in my dreambook, and yes it happened during sleeptime. Here it goes:

There was some kind of excitement going on among people. I was doing something around my house when someone directed my attention towards a huge spaceship hovering above the forest. I was jumping and laughing with happiness.

I saw a smaller shuttle landing on the field so I ran there. A man came out of the shuttle, who said that he just wanted to recharge his vehicle and he will be going.

There was a lot of people gathering around him, and I didn’t wanted to nag him so I just said ‘hello’ and went my way.

A bit later, the same man came out of nowhere and stood right in front of me. He was wearing a silver-blue suit. His hair was short brown, but his eyes were blue.

But there was something about his eyes, a calmness, stillness, like no emotions, but at the same time full of wonder and shiny.

He was just looking into my eyes and he asked me if I’m ready to see something. I said with smile that I’m ready, and there was really no fear, just excitement.

He showed something that looked like a small waterfall, like the one you put in your garden, but it was like a small copy of real, natural waterfall, full of colors and crystal water.

We went through this waterfall and I felt a change in pressure, my ears popped, colours changed. Literally we went through the veil.

I found myself in a small city, full of small people, satyrs (half man, half goat) and many other small creatures who happily came out to greet me, happy and joyful.

In the sky I saw a blue sun, some little clouds. The temperature was just perfect. A while later, after greetings and laughs, those kind and lovely creatures asked me to sit down around a big wooden table.

I saw a man, who came out of a wooden house, who also greeted me very respectively, I guess he was the “chief” in this city, but not in the way we understand that.

Anyway, while I was sitting there, the ‘chief’ and many little creatures gathered around started to ask me questions, many questions, about Earth, about what’s going on on Earth, what is she like, etc.

I was telling them about Earth, about humans. We were discussing happily. There was a lot of laughing, but in one moment I started to cry. I told them that the Earth suffers, how much pain and lack of love is to be found upon Earth, and how hard is to have peace here.

When they saw my sadness they became kind of sad too, but I knew that they didn’t understand what suffering really is. They didn’t experience any lack. They didn’t get it or grasp the idea of ‘not being happy’, because they were, fully happy, completely filled with love, peace and simplicity.

I asked one of them, how do I know that it is not just a dream, and he became sad again, because he didn’t understood my question, my way of thinking. But then in one second after this question I understood that till now I was the one who didn’t know what a dream really was!

I regained consciousness fully and understood that it is my will to remember,. If that’s what I want, it shall be that way. I walked back to the border. We exchanged goodbyes, smiles and hugs and I went through a dark tube, where pressure, colors changed again and I woke up in my bed. Right after waking up a asked where I was.

First I got the feeling of this place. I can recall it even now and then the feeling changed into words in my heart – it was Agartha [in the Hollow Earth].

There were many more adventures, but I wanted to share with you just those which were most important to me during past months and years. These gave confirmation of what I felt my whole life but just recently had the courage and will to acknowledge and live as my path of life.

Thank you, and may the force of light and love be with all of You, my beautiful friends. See you all soon in these new and different circumstances.



Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West – 12-27-13


Click  Here  To  Listen

Anna Merkaba – Update from Galactics – Happy Times Ahead – 12-24-13


Anna Merkaba Channel

Dearly beloved children of the universe,

We come to you today in celebration of the new beginnings unfolding on your GAIA. Many of you have been waiting this moment of eons, those of you who are first timers on earth and the ones that have come to liberate this planet from the veil of forgetfulness who are the first wave to arrive on this planet, understand the preciousness of this moment quite well. For this is indeed that which you have been striving for, for so long, finally it is to unfold before you.

What you are about to see is the unconditional love that all of you have been harmonizing within your hearts, spread to many finally all at once. For you are to see the acts of kindness of humans to one another and to their nature brothers and sisters (animals), unfolding daily before you. Many a stories are to be published in your journals, many a stories are to appear on your Internet and in the news announcing this and that se experience, of humans being kind and understanding to one another.

The holidays that you are about to experience, are unlike any other you have ever dreamt of, for not only your beloved GAIA but many distant stars and galaxies are to be affected from what’s to occur here , in the present moment of NOIW right before your very eyes.

Yes indeed the ISONic energies will herald the birthing of the new beginnings, truly as it was meant to be eons prior.

And so , we ask you to celebrate this holiday in the next few days with fervor, cheerfulness, and pure magic of love and light, for the year ahead is going to be a turning point for humanity, a turning point from which humanity will arise from its ashes of forgetfulness, and finally fully and truly begin the journey back home, home to their true selves.
Much awaits you dearly beloveds in the coming months, much of what you have anticipated will indeed come to pass. Watch as your brothers and sisters of the human kind, begin to share more and more miraculous news with each and every one of you. Watch as the news unfolds of new discoveries, new understanding of spirituality, new understanding of YOURSELVES.

We are standing by you, celebrating the new beginning together in unison with all of humanity.
WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

Galactics– Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Hatonn through Marc Gamma – Introduction to Sirian Space Ships

Ashtar Command Crew

Hatonn[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans here, this is I, HATONN, speaking to you.

It is the first time that I speak to you through this very channel and certainly it won’t be the last time.

As from now I shall return to you in regular intervals with some new and interesting message since I’ll be elaborating with this channel some very new and inexhaustible subject to be conveyed to you.

We shall go on a journey to the spaceships of the Galactic Federation.

This my channel is a great lover of the famous series of Science Fiction and cinema films and always did he sucked in any information with all his possible attention desiring to be able to come on board of these ships.

I cannot fulfill this wish for the time being and neither am I able to do so for all of you since until now you have not evolved that far in order to make such experience.

Still I want to mention hereby that many of you are resuming their place onboard of spaceships when their souls are journeying during their sleep at night.

And this concerns many of you doing this repeatedly at night. Unfortunately, no-one of you is able to recall this experience but this fact too will change soon in due time.

Thus we shall start with the series about spaceships, the technology of these and how life is lived on board of such a spaceship.

You will become cognizant about various types of spaceships and their pertaining races of extraterrestic beings.

We also shall explain to you respective technologies being used therein. Much of it is – from your viewpoint – Science Fiction but for us these are actual facts of Science.

Let us begin today this series with spaceships of our Sirian Fleet. And this on grounds of our channel being some Sirian himself too and moreover being my very channel in future we are granting him here some sort of priority.

Sirian Motherships moving in orbit or immediate neighborhood to planet Earth are mostly very big ships.

This type of ships will not be able to touchdown on any planet as they do not have the appropriate layout for it. Moving the crew from board of such sizeable ships to some planet is being done by the use of so called shuttles.

The latter ones are being used on most of the spaceships particularly when e.g. some delegation is to be conveyed from ship to another.

Sirian Spaceships – as already mentioned – are of immense size and likewise powerful. Being equipped with latest technologies that are being revised always to the newest standards of research and technical developments.

Sirian technology is some far progressed one whereby there are still other races with their special spaceships applying even more modern technologies than being presently done by Sirian technicians.

This is being closely connected to levels of consciousness of Galactic people belonging to the respective model of spaceship.

You may also assume that some highly evolved race may possess likewise a sort of spaceship with equal highly developed technology while those with minor evolved consciousness will always make use of ships with minor levels of technology.

Thus it always will be secured that appropriate technologies are being applied strictly in accordance to the actual level of evolutionary consciousness of the respective races.

Just imagine we were to give some folks of minor evolution meaning consciousness e.g., on planet earth – some weapons to make use of and this folk is not cognizant and conscious enough how to apply this very technology …. do you imagine what amount of pain and deterioration might be created by any unduly application of it?

Thus, we – meaning the Galactic Federation of Planets – ensure that there never will be any race provided with any technology not being accorded to its prevailing condition of evolution nor consciousness.

This is the sole way to ensure that all technology is being dealt with and used in its very right way.

Returning to the subject of Sirian Spaceships. Much has been written already about spaceships of the Federation and much about it is quite correct.

Nevertheless there are humans on earth who have added thereto some things created by their phantasies.

And it is these latter ones which we are trying to muck out a little – since such false pieces of information may only create some sort of confusion about it.

Sirian Spaceships are being categorized according to various classes. This is done in order to classify all spaceships into some order because of their particular function and affiliation.

This sequence of order is being continuously be reviewed and brought to the latest update as there are always new arising functions and possibilities to be found by research.

Developing spaceships will never cease and there are always new ideas and new concepts turning up and being applied too.

This also will lead to the necessity – also with other races resp. folks of the Galactic Federation – that those have to review and update this classification for their ships too.

The classification of Sirian Spaceships and their location is as follows:

Big sizeable Mother-Ships – being located remotely and far away from Earth – are those guarding entire and whole sectors.

They will never be located in direct neighborhoods of planets as they may damage planets and their electric fields considerably.

This is another reason too that these motherships are located for service far far away from any planet.

Minor motherships may come into orbit of some planets. And these are those motherships which you may watch from time to time too.

Such observation is made possible in case we have been permitted beforehand to become visible for some certain time.

Being visible has its own advantages and disadvantages either. In order to become visible we first have to adapt our frequencies to those of your planet and its human inhabitants on it.

This may be compared with some spaceship which may be seen by you but simultaneously is non-existent or vice versa.

What do I want to express in this way? It is the actual fact that we always are here and being visible too yet only for those wanting it dearly and thus will then may be able to see us in your sky.

There are many facts playing here within too and to explain these would fill a whole library and we are in lack of time either – moreover you would not be much pleased having to learn about all these details attached thereto.

Still, of course there are some exemptions of the rule (chuckling).

A lot of minor spaceships are being garaged too in Sirian motherships. And those again are being classified into differing categories.

They also are being used for Short-and-Medium-Flights whereby such distances may not be compared in any way to yours.

We are speaking about “light-years” here and you about kilometres! Details hereto will follow at some later time too.

Let’s concentrate on the most essential facts and characteristics now and later we shall supply further details too.

All above mentioned spaceships are being equipped differently according to the very application. They have to be configured for each and every mission and special task. This also may considered like a very complex kitchen tool.

According to each application purpose the appropriate tools have to be added to the suitable sockets of it and thus the machine is being made prepared to be applied to some special use.

With ships of the minor kind they are functioning in somewhat similar way. Each ships may be equipped with any installations so wanted or even in some order of combination.

Such procedure will enable us to prepare any ship for its particular service to the optimum. Configurations always is done on board of motherships since all the necessary components are to be stored there.

We are being assisted always by ships escorting us which carry components of exchange so to enable us to change configurations of our ships even without returning to any mothership.

This now has been a minor excursion to motherships and to minor ships of the Sirian Fleet stationed in your very surrounding and near Gaia for any mission to be called upon.

There are still many other types of spaceships of various other and differing races, resp. folks of the Galaxy. Ships are foremost of similar looks or equipment since all races stationed here around Gaia belong to the Galactic Federation.

Consequently thereof we are making use of quite some similar technologies and ships since we are also similar in our levels of consciousness and related thereto we maintain similar technological developments as explained already above.

I am to conclude this introduction now – still, this will be continued as I am being left here with even more items to report to you. I should recommend to you to pose your questions yourselves which may be of interest to you.

Don’t turn to this channel with any question of yours – just ask yourselves! We shall hear you and will give you the answer thereto. This is to become a project of our community! You will ask and we shall respond to you!

This will lead to some essential knowledge i.e. that you, humans here, will be prepared in due course which is some inevitable fact namely that you will be seeing this technology with your very own eyes.

You will be capable – with your eyes and hands – to look upon – to grasp with your very hands – all this technology.

Quite soon you will be on board of spaceships yourselves and you will be of great assistance to planet earth with all your activities.

However, this will become the very topics of further channelings by which matters will be explained to you stepwise as this is nessary for you to come into the right feeling what will expect you when time and you are mature for it too.

I am now – really – concluding this message, my dear humans here on earth, and forward to you my best greetings ….

Until next time …!

Yours HATONN, Fleet-Commander and Captain of Spaceship Phoenix


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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Galactic Historian AndewBartzis – Soul Expressions w JayP – March, 2013

Andrew Bartzis·7 videos

Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – You’re helping raise the Consciousness of your Planet – Ascension

newearth3-Image Source   –   Universal Angelic View


Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love and joy for the continual progress being made by each of you, we express that you’ve only reached the beginning of your enactment of widespread change and your fashioning of unity for all to enjoy and be a part of.

We note the efforts being made by an increasing number of souls to establish unity amongst themselves and those around them, and while our scribe seeks guidance about his own involvement in such things we can say that similar unity-based movements are being started all across your planet.

You’ve always been meant to come together and establish widespread unity and harmony, and we’ve long looked toward the dear Lightworkers and conscious souls to pave the road for unity by becoming examples of it in play.

We’ve given this idea to our dear scribe when he’s chosen to write about it, and needless to say, the process of writing can be very similar to that of channeling if the writer is opened up to inspiration from the spiritual realms.

Everything is Spirit

Every one of you is a Divine spiritual being existing in a realm comprised of physicality and spirituality, and it would of course be incorrect to state that your physical realm isn’t also spiritual.

Everything is spirit, and as humanity continues to come together and breed unity so will your oneness with every facet of consciousness around you be understood.

We can anticipate the awakening humanity taking the first steps toward establishing peace and harmony and presenting such concepts to the rest of your planet in a way that can be picked up on and accepted by everybody, and we’ll forever support every soul who decides to be a part of anything aimed at bringing forth unity and harmony because they’ve always been intended to come about.

Individuals and entire groups have always been meant to understand and act upon the need to unify and build a paradigm far away from your current, as the manner in which your current paradigm functions is one of keeping oneself ahead and letting everyone else fall if necessary.

You’re meant to share and Create everything together, dear souls. If you desire an economic system, in the eyes of Source it’d be based in abundance and prosperity for all instead of any “rat race” to get to the top of the financial pyramid.

Wealth and status aren’t as prevalent on other planets, even lower-dimensional planets, as they are on the Earth because it’s generally understood that all are One and are meant to respect and Love one another.

We applaud you dear awakening souls for the progress you’re making in every endeavor you undergo, and we encourage your continual expansion and addressing of everything holding your populace back from the full bloom of enlightenment waiting to be felt by all.

Those of you who are awakening and beginning to feel the energies of your descending heavenly reality can take the inspiration you’re being given and work to motivate and activate as many awakening souls around you as possible, and we encourage you to encourage others without pushing your belief or ideology onto them.

Sewing Awareness and Spreading Enlightenment

Every soul is awakening in their own way, which has been mentioned plentifully, and those who you can identify as “awakening” could always use encouragement and support amidst their process.

Every one of you is accessing the blissful vibrations that can be felt when opening yourselves up to the idea that something exists beyond your current perception, and the aforementioned illusion of limitation is being broken as more souls see beyond your purposefully instated, limited reality.

Your cabal has only been able to keep your general public ensnared in states of physical and spiritual limitation because of the non-understanding of the reality of the spiritual realms they’ve had a strong hand in breeding amongst the populace.

A philosophy of your cabal has been that as long as the masses can remain distracted and convinced that the reality they experience is the only one in existence, they’re malleable and controllable to enact the cabal’s wills and agendas.

The cabal has indeed thrived off of the unawareness of the general public, and those of you who feel yourselves on a mission to awaken the planet can work as actively as anyone else in sewing awareness and spreading enlightenment to every soul around you who’s becoming aware.

We encourage any attempt to pick up on and bring the energies of the spiritual realms through, because in doing so you’re helping raise the consciousness of your planet exponentially.

The entire collective benefits when you can situate yourselves on a good vibration and bring through the resulting pure energies, and the energies you’re bringing through are being given to those around you who may otherwise seem as if they could never awaken to all you’re coming to feel and understand within.

They certainly can and will in the manner that suits them best, and the energies you’re bringing through are accelerating this process and helping them and everyone else be a part of the awakening of your planet and the widespread establishment of the Divine qualities.

Allowing the Expression of the Divine Qualities

The Divine qualities can become much more prevalent and expressed in the Lives and experiences of each of you if you allow them and the understandings that can come with enacting them into your Lives.

You’re meant to enjoy your experiences and tap into the greatest Love imaginable from the realms of the lower-dimensional Earth, for in doing so you’re achieving the goal you set out to achieve when making your incarnations on the Earth.

The ultimate goal of many of you in incarnating on the Earth was to anchor the Light from a place that’s been a hub for darkness and service to self-oriented entities who’ve used your planet and your many species for their own benefit.

Humanity will come to understand the actions of corruption and tyranny on your planet and just how far your cabal has gone to keep your awareness of the reality of your existence suppressed, and as more people on your world find geopolitical awakenings so do more find spiritual awakenings, which can result from understanding the actions of the cabal.

It’s been mentioned before that understanding the distraction and illusory limitation prevalent and enforced on your planet will help plenty of dear souls to see past the illusion and glimpse the spiritual realms in clear and pure ways, and you each have the potential to break away from the illusion as it’s fed and enforced and tap into something much greater.

Not only do you have the ability to do so, you’re encouraged to do so in this and every moment. We ask you to recognize and honor your abilities, dear souls, because you have so much to Create and so much Love to sew and spread from the position you currently find yourselves in.

The level of Love and brimming joy you can now express and feel is growing in every moment as more awakening souls expand and take in the pure energies you’re being given, which are leading many of you to the perceptions you’re now uncovering.

You’re being led back to the understanding that Love and bliss are meant to be constant driving factors of your individual and collective experience, and unity amongst every facet of consciousness is a big aspect of feeling and expressing constant Love and bliss.

Disclosure and Free Energy Technology

The temporary difficulty and pain of the Earthly experience will matter little when one realizes their infinite nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, and if we haven’t stressed it enough in the past we’ll happily reiterate that you are much more than your bodies and the third-dimensional stresses that can come with them.

As long as you can allow yourselves to believe you’re deeply rooted in realms far beyond your physical wherein your spiritual potential and ability is infinite, you can break free from the matrix of control and spiritual enslavement and you can make real progress toward a new paradigm wherein every person has a say in the decisions that are made.

We’ve long thrown out general ideas for as many as possible to absorb and potentially act upon in regards to establishing a new paradigm on your planet, but ultimately, the work is yours to be done and while we have and will continue to assist you, we recommend understanding the power and ability you each possess and aptly getting to work.

If we could only express how much good your united populace is going to do and how much change and Love you’re going to Create and spread everywhere, then you’d understand our positive perspective when discussing your future and the work you’ll all be involved in doing.

As has been mentioned in the past, the free energy-based technology you’ll utilize when it’s been disclosed and put into production in a widespread manner will be brought to your planet before open landings of your star family and a collective understanding of our existence on and around your planet for longer than your history has been recorded.

Much has been suppressed concerning our existence and the assistance we’ve always offered your developing societies, and we’ve offered telepathic and physical contact to various civilizations in your past who found themselves ready to take the next step in their physical and spiritual evolution.

Indeed, people have ascended from the Earth in every time period of your history, even those that haven’t been recorded or disclosed to humanity, and your history in general is much different than you’ve been told.

Souls with the aim of keeping humanity uninformed and distracted about the reality of your existence and your true history have suppressed much information that’s vital for all of humanity to understand, and we’ll have a hand in introducing free energy technology and a plethora of other things that’ll see your current paradigm, however technologically advanced, vastly outdated.

Free Energy Tech has Various Purposes

The clean, free energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains fed in your current moment.

Gaia experiences much pollution of Her surface, waterways and atmosphere every day, and beyond the awakening public’s active involvement in projects and things of a similar nature designed to put an end to the most destructive pollution being allowed, you can send your positive energy to Gaia and offer healing and cleansing to Her water and Her atmosphere.

As awakening energy workers who are discovering your potential to sew vast amounts of pure energy unto your planet, there’s much you can do in every moment in the way of utilizing an ability many of you are just beginning to remember you possess.

You’ve possessed the ability to perform Lightwork for your planet and collective consciousness all throughout your Earthly experience, but it’s remained dormant as it awaited your understanding of its prevalence within you when you reached the stage in your individual growth you’re now reaching.

We understand that we’re speaking to a host of different Earthly souls at once when delivering this communication, and we wish to address those of you who don’t feel as if your spiritual abilities are clearly in your reach or are developing for you.

We can reiterate with Love that you’re only beginning to understand and re-access the abilities we speak of, and your very desire for these abilities to reach you has bred and is breeding such a rediscovery for many of you.

Allow any preconceptions about yourselves as human or spiritual beings to fall by the wayside as you embrace your infinity and the Love and bliss you can feel and express, for it’s here for you in abundance.

Allow the pain, strife and disharmony to integrate and dissolve away from you now as you embrace infinity and constantly-replenished bliss and joy, because this is the reality of your existence.

Difficulty = Catalyst

What humanity perceives as darkness or difficulty can, in many cases, act as a catalyst for the greater growth and development of your personal Light, and each of you holds pure troths of Light within that can be constantly accessed and felt.

Embrace your developing roles as Lightworkers and as conscious souls who can Create endless physical change in your outward reality, and understand that there truly is no separation between you and the higher dimensions any longer.

You’ve come from the higher dimensions to help uplift the Earth and Her collective, and in doing so you allowed yourselves to get lost in the illusion and the Earthly dramas that played out before you in each Life.

You’ve learned so much, grown so much and experienced more than most of us who are speaking with you during your time in the lower vibrations.

We’ve had our lower-dimensional experiences of course, but the extremes of the Earth have tested you and helped you gain the greatest understandings of lower-dimensional existence and of anchoring the Light from such existence.

Anchoring the Light from the Earth, a planet formerly shrouded in darkness, has been your ultimate task all along and now that you’re awakening out of the illusion, you’re remembering this task and anchoring exponential Light in preparation for your planetary ascension and remembrance of who you truly are.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we thank our ground crew in Love and appreciation for all of the trials, all of the conflict and pain you’ve willingly and Lovingly experienced for the good of your planet and the good of Creation.

Feel our Love spilling through this communication to each of you, and feel our presence around you as we bid you adieu and welcome you to connect with our lingering energies, which can now be felt and accessed.

We maintain constant links with those of you who are interested in connecting with us, and even when you decide to connect with us yet can’t feel our presence, trust that we’re with you and offering a plethora of Loving energy for your absorption.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

The Long Conversation – Julien Wells, Chris Hales, Guests – 5D Media – 2/3 Oct 2013

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Amazing Stories!

Listen to how Pleiadians version of Co-creation.

Talking about Pleadians, Silver Legion, Planets, Lifestyles, Learning Experiences.

The Galactic Historian – ( 16 – 20 ) – Andrew Barzis – Interviewer Lance White

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Dr Steven Greer – 2012 – How To Make Contact With ET’s/Star People

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update – Announcements Being Prepared – Resstoring Gaia – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation of Light

Selamat Jarin! We come at this time in joy! Much is happening across your planet that is paving the way to a new world, a world of freedom, filled with prosperity. We come to give you notice that these developments are a sign that a new epoch for humanity is beginning! The new era of openness will start with a series of special government announcements which mark the end of your long association with the forces of darkness. We can finally inform you that the cabal, made up of those who have controlled your world for so long, is to surrender its power to new groups which stand for universal freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity. These groups are preparing to broadcast a series of official announcements which will inform you of what the swathe of new governmental policies are to be. A result of these beneficent policies is that your time and energies will be freed up, enabling you to tackle an urgent priority: cleaning up your planet’s air, water, and ground pollution. In this way you will be graduating to a wholly new relationship with your living home world, one which will see you becoming a capable and loving guardian and monitoring the harmonious proliferation of all that is now to happen throughout your globe. Here, it will be a great pleasure to assist you in your many new endeavors.

As your world moves out of galactic isolation, you can reestablish connections with your Agarthan cousins. For millennia the dark cabal blocked your interaction with them by presenting you with geophysical ‘facts’ that were totally false and which ‘proved’ that a hollow Earth was impossible. This deduction will be shown to be a fallacy and you will be free to be reunited with those who have kept the galactic society of Lemuria intact and flourishing since its demise on the surface world. Together with Lemurian Council members, your Ascended Masters will demonstrate how the dark cabal used the erroneous beliefs you were fed to instill fear, suspicion, separation, and never-ending chaos in your lives. As harmony and peace spreads throughout the land, your focus will turn naturally to redressing the damage done to Gaia and her ecosystems. Once you possess the technology that obviates the need to disturb her land, air, and water, you can joyously rethink how to re-create your societies on all fronts. You will comprehend that every advanced society honors its total dependence on its home world, including the wider sphere of the solar system. You will rediscover the living Oneness of all life.

Long ago we reached a set of general principles which we applied in every world that we were permitted by Spirit to settle. These basic premises for living demonstrated their validity time and again, and so we wish to introduce you to these criteria so that you can use them as you see fit. The Agarthans also desire to share their experience by showing you their society as a living example of these principles. Inner Earth is an extension of the surface realm that is already familiar to you, so the Agarthans will logically be the first ones to show you their version of galactic society when they take you on a tour of the inner realms. These stunning inner preserves evoke a deep sense of Loving awe for this beautiful blue-green orb. Here, the land radiates her Love and the Agarthans return this veneration many times over. Once you too experience Gaia’s luminous presence, all that the cabal taught you about her and about ‘reality’ will simply evaporate. By then, Light technologies will have removed any need to farm, fish, or manufacture anything, and your fully prosperous and upgraded living environment will have moved far beyond the level of your present practices of slaughter and pollution.

As you can begin to see, your understanding of many things is about to make a most welcome change of course. Until now, your society has existed on the edge of potential disaster: one bad miscue in farming or livestock production, or an interruption in your energy resources can bring on widespread hardship. This will now change. Eking out a living at the expense of your planet will no longer be necessary as new technologies will end your dependence on exploiting Gaia’s ecologies, thus allowing you to experience true abundance, sovereignty, and freedom. This opens the door wide to wholly new approaches and possibilities that you can barely at present envision. At long last your rapid rise in consciousness will be able to burst into bloom as you begin to feel the need to tend Gaia, not misuse her. And this caring will extend to every living entity on your planet. At your side will be the Agarthans and your Ascended Masters whose teachings will be geared to furthering your ever-expanding consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We return this day with more good news! Events that are to free you from bondage are ready to manifest and our blessed associates are prepared to put a series of processes in motion, the first of which is the release of the monies which are to bring prosperity to our globe. A grand monetary reset of the world’s currencies is ready to begin, along with the worldwide distribution of our various prosperity funds. Taken together, these two actions will complete the legal operation to swiftly bring down the once-mighty clutch of your illegal governments which have so long browbeaten your world. This feat will result in the termination of global debt enslavement which underpinned your fiat-currency financial system. The new hard currency, prosperity-based system will ensure your freedom and guarantee you your personal sovereignty. Now the bumpy road to full consciousness becomes a clear and open highway! We say, Hallelujah!

This first flurry of blessed activity sets the stage for our contribution to global change, including the formal recognition of our Galactic Federation family and the sacred inner province of Agartha. Indeed, Inner Earth has been our blessed sanctuary for millennia. Now you are to learn about and see these glorious lands for yourselves. You will also learn about the full-conscious inhabitants of these lands who, you were told, were instruments of the dark or else did not exist at all. These untruths will be exposed along with so many other fictions about your reality. We will be giving you a series of very special lessons about the nature of your most sacredly held beliefs and we ask only that you listen with open ears and see with open eyes. The facts and truths that we shall place before you may be shocking for some of you, but if you let them, they will speak for themselves. We ask only that you realize who we are, and ponder on why it is that we are telling you these things at this time.

To become fully conscious requires you to let go of the illusory realm you know and all that is of it, and this includes all the ‘beliefs’ that you were taught as truth. You were exhorted to reject everything except a very narrow view of what was claimed to be real. Now you must free your minds! Since childhood you were plied with half-truths and fear-twisted notions in order to keep you hostile in a variety of ways to each other and we long to remove these alienating blinkers! We intend to introduce you to ideas and principles that may astound you. Many secrets are to be exposed and long-hidden knowledge revealed. These will address the true nature of Life, the way of Heaven in physicality, and the truth about of those who originally came among you to keep some basic teachings alive. You need to know the Buddha. You need to know Yeshua. You need to know Mohammed. And many, many others. Exposed to such wisdom you will be truly blessed and ready for full consciousness.

Today, we spoke about what is ready to happen and about some of the things that are about to become part of your history. You live in a world that is rapidly transforming. Everyone is feeling the energy behind this! Be ready for some astonishing events to happen. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
Voicemail: 530-327-9432 | E-mail: | Website address:

The Galactic Historian – ( 11 – 15 ) – Andrew Barzis – Interviewer Lance White

Creating5D·26 videos

Galactic History – ( 1 – 5 ) Andrew Batzis – Interviewer Lance White

Galactic History – ( 6 – 10 ) – Andrew Bartzis – Interviewer Lance White

Sheldan Nidle Update – Brilliant and Abundant World About to be Created for all Humanity – 9-10-13 – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation of Light

Sheldan Nidle Update – September 10, 2013

4 Akbal, 6 Zip, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come bearing good news! Those working diligently to bring change to this reality have finished their special tasks, so that now a new epoch stands ready to manifest. A brilliant and abundant world is about to be created for all humanity! There is but a very brief time remaining before all this takes shape in front of you. As you look around, you perceive a world that appears to be on the brink of new levels of violence, with a monetary system that continues to keep most of you toiling unremittingly in an effort to escape the alternative: lives of hardscrabble poverty. All the while you also perceive the arrogant few who enjoy lifestyles of prosperity, glamor, and power. This dichotomy is now to cease. The sphere of humanity’s basic well-being is to be leveled out by a new financial system which will put an end to such inequality. A state of worldwide prosperity will prepare the ground for a planet whose societies will be redirected and revamped by the divine works of your Ascended Masters, aided by the immense resources of Agartha (Inner Earth) and the magnificent technology and sacred goals of Heaven. The times are changing!

The coming segue to the new system was to a large extent facilitated by the nature of the self-styled groups that run your world from behind the scenes, in that their greed, hubris, and tunnel vision laid them open to situations which were eventually to ‘hoist them on their own petard.’ These groups largely brought the present predicaments on themselves by making decisions that defy all logic. This left openings for our allies to make inroads against their huge, dark control structure and then take advantage of the inevitable fall of what has become a house of cards. As is plain now to all, the world you grew up in no longer works, and careful observers can only wonder why this realm has not yet collapsed. For our part, we are doing what is necessary to allow each of you to move into lives that you truly deserve. This includes your return to full consciousness as your life contracts all have provisions for this magnificent opportunity to be afforded you in the time ahead. The Divine decreed for you a sacred destiny in which you are to consolidate galactic peace and transform former dark societies into ones of Light.

Our fleet is keeping a close watch on Gaia and reports that she is most anxious to begin her surface alterations. Likewise, your Ascended Masters are more than ready to begin a global program that will teach you about the Light and generally prepare you for full consciousness. We, also, dearly wish to end the silly ‘UFO’ cover-up and start a series of special broadcasts which, admittedly, may be shocking to those who cling to the strange beliefs planted into your society a while ago by the Anunnaki’s minions. All is in readiness and this interim period will be brief. While it lasts, be aware of the palpable ‘something big in the air’ as the approaching wonders make themselves increasingly felt. It is easy to see that the outgoing order is slipping quickly into the ‘dustbin of the ages’ and that the center barely holds. These facts are everywhere more and more obvious, despite the determined protestations to the contrary of your controlled news media. The debit-based economies of your globe are engulfed in a gargantuan sea of debt created by the ever-expanding networks of a now-blatantly rogue financial system.

You are watching the death-throes of a system that is succumbing to the burden of its mountainous debt and the over-reaching of its local and national governance. In addition, the legalities which long held this construct together is fraying, allowing our supporters, with our help, to defeat the system at its own game. So, step by hard-won step, your world has been brought to the brink that we have long forecast. Now the secret societies of this world and the many ancient families of great power and wealth have finally achieved a position which allows them a complete victory over the cabal and which has taken decades to bring about. The dark power is like an old toothless dog that wishes to bark ferociously to guard its territory but can only whimper and cough. Thus the end of this once-mighty creature is guaranteed, and with it, a time to roll out a wide panorama of new knowledge and truth for you to absorb. Value these last moments and realize that divine grace is about to shower you with wonderful, transformative gifts. Take them and rejoice! The age of miracles and heavenly wonder is upon you!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this glorious day to inform you that a marvelous lineup of events is set to happen. Our associates, with the help of our Spiritual and Space families, are ready to transform the way your reality functions. Until recently the dark cabal’s power was all but omnipotent, but now the point has been reached where it can no longer deny you your sacred destiny! A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event is the clarion call which will expel the old governance from power and influence. It will liberate you from your many illegal debt obligations by instigating universal debt forgiveness and this includes your release from any incurred indebtedness to this old governance. You are about to inherit not only this divine gift of freedom but also a never-ending supply of prosperity.

This is a sacred process founded upon the divine decrees of Lord Surea. These proclaim your freedom and a return to your innate sovereignty and right to full consciousness. The dark repeatedly placed illegal blocks before you and even invented outright lies to continue to deny you these sacred rights. Their unholy obstacles are being removed, and you are once again to be on a path which includes not only prosperity but also a return to full consciousness. You are to have your state of amnesia removed and to be given the sacred truths which will prepare you for what now lies ahead. We have come to teach you; you will be afforded a new discipleship which will wash away all the lies and misconceptions administered by the dark to control and manipulate you. You will also learn about the true nature of this solar system and the divine nature of your grand guardianship role.

We, the Ascended Masters, are honored to serve you selflessly and teach you about the nature of this universe. We will guide you Lovingly and supervise you while you learn about and use your new universal Truths. Each of you possesses a special life contract which at the proper moment needs to be explained to you. Moreover, as you gain access to your Akashic records you will learn how you, as a fully conscious Being, can put this knowledge to use in a sagacious and constructive way. In short, you are to be prepared to join a universal community which includes every human that exists throughout this universe. You will also discover how extensive and varied are the life forms created in physicality by the Creator. You are to find joy in interacting widely with this vast and wonderful parade of sentient Beings. Can you begin to see what an incredible array of divine experiences awaits you?

Today, we brought you another message. The time we have so long wait for is upon us. We rejoice in our freedom and celebrate the prosperity that this moment contains. You are shortly to meet your various spiritual and space families and learn Lovingly that you are not alone! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Krista Raisa – High Council Of Orion – 16 July 2013

SaLuSa – Light Continues to Shine – Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean


Courage at this time is much needed as many of you feel much fear in your heart. Fear is very much present now: fear of uncertainty, of paying the bills, of fitting into a society that they can no longer relate to or understand.

The usual mechanism of the system is still into place for now, however, there are many changes on the way, regardless of the cabal’s efforts to keep the old paradigm in place. The truth is that they know that humanity is destined to awaken, and are making all the effort to keep humans asleep and under control.

No matter how hard they try, and try to control the younger generations, they know that they are not going in the direction of the divine’s will. Many of you feel discouraged and impatient to see the collapse of the cabal’s control over your own freedom, however, it is important to understand that the reason it is still into place at this stage, is because of many among your brothers and sisters are afraid of letting go of the old paradigm, as they cannot imagine a better system, nor did they ever dream of a better system, a more inclusive one and a peaceful one.

The elite are working hard to maintain the war path on many fronts, of engineering economic failure, in order to maintain the vibrations of the collective in fear.

The new generation has been exposed to a very individualistic way of thinking, and they have no idea of how to think outside of the box. They are accustomed to fear and competition, they grew up without having a spirit of community and of solidarity. They need to be shown what it means to give love without expecting something in exchange, and also to accept the differences in others.

A generation wall has been built between the younger generations and their parents in many respects. The awakening will be difficult for everybody, but particularly difficult for the people in their early twenties living in the western world.

There has been a split between generations but also a split within the generations themselves: the wealthy against the poor, the ones who want to keep the system in place against the ones who wish the planet to ascend, and also a split between what some of you are thinking, while others wish to better themselves while living in 3D.

During these tumultuous times, it is important that many of you remain grounded and rooted onto Gaia. If you feel anxiety and stress, we encourage you seeing it, and letting go of it, by engaging in more practical work and more outdoor activities during the summer.

The truth is that you are all divine beings, in great need of love and understanding. Many of you have blockages on the emotional level, from past hurts. Any hurt and disappointment can be taken so personally by lightworkers.

We wish to remind you that you are all loved and admired for your light work upon the planet at this time. The greater ability that many of you have, is the ability to see yourself, so please do not shut your eyes to what you see, do not dismiss it, do not block it, but try to remain open to all possibilities and to remain in a space of love and compassion.

The times you have volunteered for are taking place now, you will need all the courage and resolve in order to remain grounded and of service to others at this time. Many changes are ahead of you, dear light worker communities, please remain united and open minded to others ideas, open your heart to one another in joy and compassion.

We send all our love as always.

Thank you, SaLuSa

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean


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Valerie Donner – Message From Mira – Ascension Update – Pleiadian High Council

ValerieDonnerNew / link to original article

Greetings, I am Mira.

I am happy to be speaking with you today. At this juncture on the Earth and around the Earth there is a lot of turmoil. It can not only be seen but also experienced. Many people are choosing to leave their incarnations and this will continue. I am a part of the Earth Council. We are working diligently to assist all parties with their choices and to keep a watchful eye on the progress of the Earth and the ascension.

The Earth is changing. She is cleansing negative energy like where there was war and where there is pollution and other energies that are unsuitable in the higher dimensions. This is why some of you are placed in strategic locations to be buffers for some of the cleansings or to balance energies that could be disruptive. Do not be surprised if some of you are guided to move in the next couple of years. Know that you are divinely protected and divinely directed. Some of you will guide others away from unsafe areas. This cannot be stopped because the Earth has to survive.

You could be asked to adjust your life styles and to form community. You will find creative new ways of being that will become satisfying and protective. Adjustment will be the name of the game.

In various areas we have begun to display our galactic family in the open daylight and more in the evenings. Keep your eyes in the sky and know that these events are progressing until it is the right time for our full contact with you. We want this to occur in love, joy and truth far away from fear.  We are your space family and we are a part of you. The days of separation are on their way to an end.

We participate in important events as a part of the Earth Council when major decisions need to be made. We can offer help and technology along with experience from previous ascensions on other planets.

We only offer peace and wellbeing as a part of your rising consciousness. You are in for an uplifting and favorable experience as you are beginning to explore the unlimited aspects of your beingness.

We welcome you into the fold and hold you in our hearts with love and gratitude.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. / link to original article / link to original article

GAIA Portal – Consolidation of Energetic Grid Patterns has led to Openings of Formerly Restricted Portals…


Gaia Portal

Consolidation of numerous Energetic Grid Patterns has led to openings of formerly restricted Portals of Apocalypse (Portals of Unveiling). Light from the New Grids is now available to, and being sensed, at some level, by all upon Gaia.

Crossings of barriers is no longer required for Ascension pathways to be reached. Energetics now favor mass ascension of the inner Spirit.

Dark intentions are no longer veil-able, as the grid pattern consolidation enables complete Higher Light transmission throughout, and within, the planet.

All paradigms of domination and non-Higher-Self-reliance are dissolved.

Illumination of Higher Self now occurs within all, for all.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – June 4, 2013



Selamat Jarin! We return with important things to discuss. The most important is about first contact. In the past, we decided to rely heavily on a formal disclosure announcement from your new governments. Now, what we intend to do is increase the present level of daytime sightings to supplement the general disclosure policy of the new governance. It is of course simple to sit back and let the current scenario play out. However, we intend to create a more conducive environment for these announcements by more actively preparing the ground for them. We are committed to demonstrating that we are both benevolent and dedicated to a full disclosure. We are aware that many of you do not comprehend what these flyovers are leading up to: namely, the global mass landing of our craft and the formal introduction to each of you of your own personal mentor. Each dearly wishes to meet you and begin the teachings which prepare you for your wondrous shift into full consciousness. There is much for you to learn: an entire new history of your branch of humanity; a new understanding of physicality; and a working knowledge of how Heaven operates.The Light has certain operating procedures that you need to know about because it is what our galactic societies are founded upon. Each of these procedures brings you closer to a better understanding of the Four Laws, and once we arrive, we will all need time for you to get a good grip on, and feel comfortable with, all that is changing in your lives. Boredom will be a thing of the past! Just about everything you think you know will shift. In short, the amount of change you are being asked to absorb is staggering! As an example: all of you will be brought to a realization of how badly you have treated your home world; Gaia graciously acknowledges the nearly complete ignorance of these matters that most of you possess and so the first order of the day will be to realign your society’s basic priorities. We will then explain how the new principles and their accompanying technologies work within the structure of your daily lives. This is an example of the pivotal role that your new prosperity can play in furthering all that must be done to uplift your societies. So much of your lives, and indeed the lives of all living things on your surface world, need to be healed, lightened, and reformed.

This transformation is just the first of many that you will move through. You reside on a very special world, and she is dying. Gaia’s diversity is severely threatened and you are swiftly approaching the start of a deadly syndrome which is capable of becoming a mass extinction cycle. We are waiting to implement an operation which can quickly reverse all of this, but you need to know that the dark cabal has come up with a most sinister plot to extinguish life on your surface realm. To stop this, we require your assistance as your energies are to help us reverse this dark contingency. All that is to be done we will do together. For millennia you have unwittingly given away your powers to whatever scheme the cabal so desired; now comes the opportunity for you to step up and reclaim responsibility for what you wish to see accomplished in your world. Demonstrating your acceptance of this responsibility, and of the ways of the Light, moves you swiftly along your path to full consciousness. Our mission goal is most assuredly to assist you as quickly and seamlessly as possible to return to full consciousness.

This prophesied leap in planetary consciousness is the reason we are here. Heaven has a divine timetable for all this and our mission is therefore contingent upon this same schedule. We dearly wish you to have access to all the information that you need in order to grasp to some extent the significance of what has been divinely decreed for you. Recently, Heaven mandated a period of delay, but the time for picking up the schedule again has now arrived and so we intend to take some historic actions. A prime requisite is for you to see that we are real, and committed to you and your return to full consciousness. We have planned some events with the Agarthans to assure you that you are not alone. We will not announce these many events in advance, but they will be done in such a way as to leave no doubt in your minds that we are here! The dark cabal has run this reality for too long without any option for you to escape its tyranny. It is our intention to provide you with the ability to do so!

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with good news! Our secret sacred society members are in the last stages of preparing your funds for delivery. When completed, the activation of these funds will trigger the new governance, the series of formal announcements, and a massive change in how your world operates. All this will produce an environment favorable to disclosure and the opportunity for us to begin our many sacred teachings on a global scale. Our manifestation among you will transform your present notions of your origins and what your future holds. You are sacred Beings, who have spent the past 13 millennia wandering around in a dense fog with no memory or understanding of how you got there. We have come to put you in the picture again and present you with a cogent account of what is going on in your world. You will then be reliably prepared for what will happen after first contact.

Your now-suppressed spiritual abilities will be much emphasized by your new mentors, who will also focus on a lot of new history, new spiritual philosophies, and even the nature of your upcoming missions on Heaven’s behalf. The framework you will be given will be in stark contrast to the grim and gloomy pack of lies and manipulation force-fed to you since the fall of Atlantis. Our own successful efforts to return to immortality and to the true Wisdom of the Ages were a feat of unbelievable focus and sheer willpower, and we are so pleased that you will not have to undertake such strenuous procedures as well. This crucible is to be replaced with a living and Loving Light Chamber, individually tailored to each one’s specific needs, thus allowing you to be healed and restored to the splendor of your original design! This glorious, reconstituted Being can then conjoin with the Agarthans and us, your Ascended Masters, as we prepare to reunite with our spiritual and space families!

Your transformation into a fully conscious Being of Light is something that the dark and its ilk have dreaded for millennia and, as you know to your cost, have done all in its power to prevent. Now Heaven has put in place the optimum course to bring about her sacred edict-your return to full consciousness. Once you emerge from your Light Chamber, you are a changed individual, with little vestige remaining of what you were. You are returning to your original template and capable of expressing the full gamut of your original blueprint. Our work with you will then change as we show you and your personal mentors the nuances of galactic society. We will also explore how to maximize your new potential as you create your own, unique galactic society, which is quite quickly to become the foundation of your new star-nation. Heaven intends to ‘smile’ on us and bestow on us many marvelous spiritual gifts. This will further ensure us a special place in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Today, we continued with our series of updates. Be advised that the time arrives for what we have so long been waiting for: namely, the long-talked-of changes which will allow us to meet you and begin the proceedings to return you to full consciousness. This is a most auspicious time in our joint histories! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
Voicemail: 530-327-9432 | E-mail: | Website address:

James Gilliland Interviews Hugh Newman – Earth Mysteries – Esoteric Sciences

EroSeninka·144 videos

*I do not own this work, it belongs to James Gilliland, the world puja network and the great artists who took part in all aspects of it. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.*

Earth Mysteries:

• Giants Skeletons / Annunaki / Biblical References
• Scientific Paradigm Shift?
• Megalithomania Update

Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries and esoteric science researcher. He organizes the Megalithomania Conferences, tours and expeditions and coordinates talks, films and workshops at numerous summer festivals. He has researched the Indigo child phenomenon and published a book on the subject. His most recent book, ‘Earth Grids’ has been published by Wooden Books. He is an honorary member of The Antiquarian Society and has spoken at conferences in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Bosnia, and North America. As well as being producer at Pentos Television (UK), he has appeared on BBC TV, Sky TV & on Ancient Aliens Series 3 in October 2011 and 4 episodes of series 4 in 2012. He currently resides in a 16th century cottage on the Essex/Suffolk border and is co-hosting a tour to Peru and Easter Island in November 2012 with Dr. Robert Schoch and Brien Foerster.

For more information have a look here:…

UFO World Sightings – April 2013 – Video Compilation

TheCosmosNews·244 videos


David Wilcock – UFO Interventions

NOTE:   This video was created in 2012   –  just before Dec 21   –   Information still current.

DiscloseTruthTV2·311 videos

Intuitive researcher and filmmaker, David Wilcock, discussed how UFO intervention is thwarting efforts to start WWIII and how this interference is part of an organized movement toward a golden age of humanity. He dubbed these actions “divine intervention,” since it appears that when the UFOs make their presence known it seems to be for benevolent reasons. To that end, he specifically cited craft shutting down nuclear weapons as an example of their positive intent. Given the ephemeral and surreptitious work of these positive UFO events, Wilcock surmised that they are beholden to a “prime directive” to not overtly interfere in human events unless it is absolutely necessary, such as curtailing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Eventually, he said, this conflict between the benevolent ETs and the dark will reach a crescendo as the planet shifts into a “golden age” as prophesied by religions and myths around the world. Based on his research, Wilcock explained that the shift into a “golden age” is not simply an overnight change for the human race but one that “requires a spiritual evolution to occur.” This evolution, he said, will give the human race a greater understanding of its role in the universe as a whole. Wilcock expressed great optimism that the metamorphosis of the human race, coupled with the intervention of the ETs, will ultimately lead to the crumbling of the nefarious Luciferian cabal.


David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the Convergence series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on the Earth and throughout the solar system.

Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” now available in bookstores nationwide, and a summary of his latest scientific work appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled. David is also an accomplished musician and composer within a variety of styles, including jazz-fusion, meditative and world music.

Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

Visor435·10 videos

Pleiadian message

Best UFO Sightings – April 2013 – AFO

TheAFOFiles·25 videos

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Iv put a lot of effort into researching each case in this video, however nobody’s perfect, and there are bound to be a few videos in here that have been debunked or proven fake. But I ask you, to always keep your mind open. Just because someone has told you the video is fake, or there’s a video out there explaining in minute detail why it is, don’t let that change your mind about it. Until there is good solid evidence out there that explains why and how the video is a fake stand by your own opinion. Don’t let somebody else’s opinion overshadow your own.

I have contacted every video owners channel and asked for permission to use each of the sightings presented in the video, however I am aware that the channels providing the videos may not own them. If you have noticed your footage in the video please private message me or email me at to resolve the issue. If you have a problem with your sighting being part of this footage, I would be more than happy to remove and re upload the video with your footage taken out.

Videos used listed below

Music Used – Arrival of the Birds & Transformation By The Cinematic Orchestra…

Triangular Shaped Craft Flies Over Myrtle Beach South Carolina…

UFO Speeds Past Shenzhou-8 Whilst Undocking…

Colour Changing UFO Recorded Over Louisiana, USA…

Triangle UFO Recorded Over Las Vegas Nevada, USA…

Bright UFOs Fly In Formation Over Cork, Ireland…

NASA Tether UFO Recorded Next To The Moon…

Disc UFO Recorded Flying Over Zitácuaro, Mexico…

UFO Inspects Laser On Filterd Cam Over Melbourne, Australia…

Flying Saucer Caught On Camera Over Khakassia, Russia…

Triangle UFO Sighting Over Lake Erie…

Strange UFO Flying Over Oregon, USA…

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Suzanne Lie – Galactic/Earth Alliance – Landing Party Remembers: Part 3


Reblogged from  Suzanne Lie Blog


I am very concerned about Mytria. She is, indeed, awakening to some of her experiences on the Ship. But, it appears that as Mytria is remembering more about the Ship, she is actually forgetting more about me. I know that it is selfish of me, but I am afraid that I have lost her.

When she comes aboard the Ship at night now, she appears to be fully human. She no longer interacts with her friends from the Ship and stays with the other humans who believe they are having a dream. I am happy that her human guise has awakened to the Mission. However, it appears that the more she fulfills her Mission, the less she remembers her real SELF.

It is as if she has gone so far into her human earth vessel that she can no longer remember me, her Divine Complement, or her true SELF. My deepest concern is that she is working her earth vessel too much. I can see that she falls into bed exhausted each night because she is doing too much during the day.

I fear she is overcompensating for some inner reason that I cannot determine. Clearly, she is lost in her human and perceives her visits Home to our Ship as interesting dreams. However, she is doing so many things with her Blog and her meetings with others that she is greatly depleting her human earth vessel.

She seems to have forgotten the warning we received that if we “died” while in our earth vessel, we may not remember our true SELF even then. In that case, we would enter the Wheel of Birth and Death that surrounds that planet rather than return to our true expression here on the Ship or on our Homeworld.

Mytria is actually sharing the earth vessel of the human. This agreement was made before the human’s birth. The Mytria on the Ship has been in deep meditation and holding the energy so that she can continue her bi-location, and I have been checking her life-signs that are displayed outside of the cubicle.

In fact, this human is a component of Mytria’s myriad expressions of her Multidimensional SELF. But, the human has all the limitations of a third dimensional being. We were also warned before we took this Mission that human limitations are very infectious. Hence, we could begin to believe human illusions while we wore that form. I am concerned that this has occurred with Mytria.

So far her life signs are consistent with her Pleiadian self. However, if they become consistent with her human earth vessel, then she could become trapped in the illusion of her humanity. I must speak with the Arcturian about my concerns. I am so happy that the Arcturian decided to join us on this Mission, as “becoming human” is very dangerous. Mytria so wanted to perform her duty that she has put her SELF in great danger of forgetting who she really is.

Suddenly the Arcturian appeared in front of me as if IT had been listening.

“Mytre, we are aware of your concerns. In fact, we share them with you. Mytria entered very deeply into the consciousness of the parallel reality of her human expression. Through her Mytria SELF, she has been communicating with this human for many decades. However, the human could not bring that information into her conscious mind.

“Hence, all of the human’s communications with Mytria have been stored in her deepest subconscious. Now that the higher light is entering the human’s form, which is now shared by Mytria, there is a growing perceptual awareness and an expanding state of consciousness.

“However, the human consciousness (in which Mytria is becoming increasingly intertwined) cannot directly experience this shift yet, as it is occurring within her DNA. Nonetheless, these changes are shifting the perceptual field of the earth vessel that Mytria is sharing with the human. Even though the process of perceptual shift is still unconscious to the human’s daily thinking it is creating many uncomfortable emotions.

“You are correct in your concern that Mytria has become lost within the consciousness she is sharing with the human. Mytria has indeed forgotten much about her true SELF aboard this Ship and perceives herself as the human form she is wearing.”

At this point, I became extremely agitated, which the Arcturian instantly sensed.

“Mytre, your concern is not helpful to Mytria nor to the Mission. You are to be Mytria’s anchor in the higher planes, and whether or not she is aware of it, she does feel all your emotions just as she has always done. Therefore, a part of her uncomfortable emotions are because she can unconsciously feel your concern.”

This statement made me quite disturbed. Thus, I knew that I would have to dedicate myself to having more faith in Mytria’s abilities. She was a Keeper of the Violet Flame on our planet, thus I must trust her innate power.

“Yes, Mytre,” the Arcturian said in response to my thoughts. “It is vital that you remain calm and confident, so that she can find her own calm confidence. If she is to assist the humans, she must experience what they are experiencing. Mytria is becoming the human that she is wearing in order to fully understand how to transmute that form into its higher expression. She is very brave to do this and needs you to be confident and supportive.”

I thanked my Arcturian friend. I did understand how my concerns could easily bleed into Mytria’s consciousness. On the other hand, I also understood how a growing shift in her perceptions of reality could be quite disturbing to the third dimensional thinking which had temporarily taken hold of Mytria’s consciousness.

In order to shift her perceptual field into the higher frequencies of her reality, she must first become aware of the lower frequency fear-based emotions that tie her attention to that frequency of perception, and thus that frequency of reality. Mytria’s challenge was to show the humans that the reality they live is the reality they perceive.

I must remember that within the NOW of the reality Mytria is visiting much of humanity is experiencing extreme emotional shifts within a short period of time. Furthermore, time itself is shifting in nature. As the frequency of Earth reality continues to shift into the higher dimensions, third dimensional time changes into fourth dimensional time, which is much faster. A more gradual shift in their perception of time is very helpful to diminish humanity’s fear of change.

“Yes,” thought the Arcturian as It joined in with my thinking. “Becoming the master of ones fear is the greatest challenge in the Now that Mytria is living. Her human expression with whom she has merged had battled fear for most of her life. It was the unconscious influence of Mytria within her human form that initiated a great shift in the human’s consciousness.

“However, we do agree that we must watch the life signs of our Mytria on the Ship. We are fully aware that you are doing so on a regular, somewhat obsessive basis. When you go to check on her, stay there for a while and talk to her Pleiadian SELF. In this manner you will assist her to remember her SELF more than you may think.”

I was very happy to receive that information from the Arcturian and tried not to run to Mytria’s meditation cubicle. Because she was in a very deep trance, she was fed intravenously and constantly monitored. I had not considered the component of Mytria that was aware of my concern and how much I may have been harming her. I wanted to instantly run to Mytria’s cubical, but my duties made it impossible to visit her until much later.


Because of my deep connection with Mytre I can feel his thoughts. That is, when I am not too absorbed in my human life. I have to admit that it is getting easier and easier to become lost in the turmoil of my human life. There, do you see? I just owned that human vessel as “my life.” Mytre is correct to be concerned. I am of no use to anyone if I become lost in this human vessel.

In the briefing for this Mission we were warned regarding the power of illusion on this world. Now I must admit to the arrogance I had that illusion would never fool me. Becoming lost in this vessel greatly concerns me, as well. Perhaps, it would be good if just I, without my human consciousness, visited the Ship. All right, I will admit it.  It is not the Ship I wish to visit, but Mytre.

If I could be with Mytre again and feel his body around mine, it may be easier to maintain my SELF in the midst of wearing this earth vessel and living this challenging Earth life. There is a growing hope on Earth that I can feel, even though there are still so many that are totally asleep and completely unaware of what is most important.

So many humans are so stuck on surviving. Others are having glimpses of a new reality, but they cannot maintain that vision. Some of them can remember that possible reality while in their night-body such as I am doing now. But, I must not judge them, for my sense of self is becoming more and more human and less and less Pleiadian.

I have had to move very deeply into the consciousness of the human to assist her to awaken and to act upon her awakening. I am very happy that her Blog is well read and she is doing a great deal of research about multidimensional realities and higher expressions of SELF.

However, she is still unable to own the fact that SHE is multidimensional and SHE is her own higher expression. Actually, that SHE is ME because she is one of my myriad earth expressions. However, when she is unconscious about my living within her, it makes it very difficult for ME to remain conscious inside of HER.

Oh, she is waking up now. I will think of Mytre and Ship so that I can better remember my SELF.


I had a very interesting dream last night in which I was a very tall and quite beautiful alien. I will have to search the Internet to find where this being is from. I think it was a female, but she looked so different from me. I mean, she looked like a human, but she was very tall, with light skin and long blond hair. I knew she was not human by her eyes.

They looked much like human eyes, but the centers of the eyes were not black like human eyes. The centers of her eyes were white, as in white light. Her eyes were very hypnotizing, and she appeared to be looking into my Soul at the same time that I was looking into her face. It was a very unusual and somewhat upsetting experience.

I do not understand what is going on with me. I enjoy my Blog and love my new Internet friends. But I still feel like something is missing. No, actually, I feel like some ONE is missing. I know that this alien has a mate. I can feel it just as I can feel it when someone is in a happy relationship. Yes, this alien is in a relationship, but her happiness seems a bit tainted by sorrow. What does sorrow have to do with an alien?

If she really wants to feel what sorrow is, she should come to Earth! / link to original article

Sheldan Nidle Update – April 30, 2013 – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation


SheldanSelamat Balik! We come again! Everywhere, your world is shifting quietly toward its divine transformation. Heaven continues to prepare for the sacred moment when a new reality is to be proclaimed, officially. Agartha is also preparing for this moment by reminding its numerous surface operatives to get ready to reveal publicly who they truly are. Our many liaison teams, as well, are preparing to disclose the work they are doing to bring your new reality into existence. We are also working with the many Ascended Masters to bring each of their secret sacred societies into public view. A unique moment is approaching when you will be able to learn how it was that your entire globe was able to switch so quickly into a new mode of local, regional, and national governance. This changeover will be followed swiftly by a series of special official announcements, and soon thereafter by the instigation of several unprecedented social services, helmed by these same sacred society spokespersons. These programs will be your first official glimpse of what is to come. A new reality is to be born which will include formal announcements about first contact and our benevolent presence.

   We are presently placing more liaison personnel on your world and they will be working closely with the Agarthans. It is important to bring out the fact that the geophysical constitution of your home world is actually far different than is believed by most of you. As you absorb these new facts and the accompanying new relationships they bring, the relevance to your lives of the activities of the sacred societies will become much clearer to you. Beginning to understand the makeup of your reality and the presence of the Agarthans can prepare you for what is to follow. We of the Galactic Federation are here primarily to get you ready for your return to full consciousness, and thus it is important that our introduction to your world be not only official but in conformation with the precepts of divine law. Your trust in us is paramount! Once we have your trust, we will be able to set the scene to prepare you on all levels for your three days of metamorphosis in your individual Light chambers. We possess many teaching modalities which will allow you to understand all aspects of what is involved in your return to full consciousness, and we are ready to go over everything with you, step by step, and to answer all of your questions and doubts.

   Your return to full consciousness is something that Heaven has mandated for you all. The surface population of Gaia has always been destined to return to this blessed state of Being as soon as your reality is given the green light to lift out of the present darkness. Your unusual state of limitation was only granted on a temporary basis after Atlantis sank and its fully conscious residents fled to the stars. The resulting rapid change in the energy makeup of the surface forced Mother Earth to alter her everyday reality. On top of this, the Anunnaki decided to take up residence in your solar system and negotiated with Heaven for a divine dispensation. This was granted, and a timetable and conditions were set up for the duration. You were then appointed by your Heavenly Administrators to be prototypes for limited consciousness with a view to then being capable of helping Anchara’s children at a future date to also achieve the same divine state of Being. This is how you began a long sojourn through the shadow lands and now it is coming to its predestined end.
   Your reemergence as fully conscious Beings provides a way for us to turn this immense galaxy to the Light. Your first tasks in this endeavor will be to arrange an ongoing liaison with the former star-nations of the Anchara Alliance as well as to use your good offices to help many fully conscious Beings, who are now Galactic Federation members, to interact harmoniously with one another. The goal here is eventually to produce a fully conscious realm which emits a most exquisite Light. As this new realm takes shape, you will shine and be most honored for accomplishing your grand and sacred task! Your home world will become a center for the movement that has already spread to over 50,000 galaxies?and this is just the beginning. You will be fêted and your accomplishments rejoiced in by both Heaven and physicality. Your name is to be proclaimed throughout physicality and your glorious history made known to every Being in service to the Light. Truly, you are about to catapult into the Light to create a most remarkable time for your new star-nation.
   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a blessed message of Love, Light, and Truth! Your realm is now moving away from the darkness that has gripped it for the last 13 millennia. During this time each of us passed successfully through the various trials and tribulations that brought us to the very portal of Ascension. Once we crossed this threshold we ascended into the realm of Heaven and into the absolute joy that is divine service. What is so exceptional is that Heaven has given each of you a divine dispensation, a holy means for achieving quickly and easily what took us so long to achieve: namely, your specially created Light chambers. This work of the Most Divine is to provide you with a unique path to Immortality. In this way you can return to physical Angelhood and your vital service to the divine plan. We bless you and cry Hosannas to the Highest for the Grace and Mercy that you have been shown.
   The moment has come when Heaven can lead you to a sacred, physical life full of joy, miracles, and blessings for each of you. We, too, prepare for our divine service, which is to explain the misjudgments that the dark foisted upon you those many millennia ago. The dispensation for your return to full consciousness is another indication of who you were truly created to be. Inside each of you sits the divine master appointed by the Supreme Creator to morally guide you in the holy truths of Heaven and Earth. This inner guidance was externalized by your need for an outside leader when you fell into limited consciousness and thus lost your connection to the Divine. Now the time comes for the resurrection within you of this sacred mentor. Some call it the Higher Self, while others refer to the I Am Presence. In either case, look within, blessed Hearts. What you will find is a master of Truth and integrity, who can provide you, day by day, with unerring guidance for all situations.
   The coming days will be marked by a series of unusual events which are to manifest your new realm. In these messages we have been providing you with the context to enable you to understand that what is to happen is not some sort of salvation but a natural progression of events prophesied to lead you to a new land filled with prosperity and Love! Too long you have dwelled in a world of falsehoods, suspicion, and alienation. Now a wholly opposite reality is to unfold before you! Do not be in disbelief or mistrust at receiving the basics of a natural life. Your freedom and personal sovereignty are divine gifts bestowed on you when you were first conceived. Be once more the blessed children who are open to receive their divine bounty, and be willing to help your fellows as this prosperity spreads across the world. Use your talents and your Love to create a new realm gifted to you by the Heavenly Hosts. A time of great joy has arrived!
   Today we talked about what is happening around your globe. We also reminded you that first contact is almost upon you. Each day we fly missions around your world which prepare us for the moment of our landings. As your inner Spirit advises you about full consciousness, so too do we remind you about what our mentoring is to provide. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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