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The Violet Heart Flame of the New Paradigm – DreamtimeFrequencyChannel

dreamtimefrequencies’s channel…
What is the Violet Heart Flame?
What is spiritual energy? How do these impact our perception
of reality?
How can all of this be woven into an integrated, multidimensional spiritual
This video is a creative expression for a basic spiritual technology. Through
powerful sound and images, it illustrates the path toward yet another higher
level of ascension energy.
This is a thought-provoking and heart-felt journey into the soon-to-be manifested reality of

Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson – You Are A Powerful Center of Energy – Your Own Personal Wave Signature – Transmute Undesireable Thoughts, Emotions Using Violet Flame – Golden Light Chanel – 5-31-14

Archangel Zadkiel

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Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today we wish to discuss the powerful center of energy that you are and how you can use this for highest good.

You are a powerful center of energy. You have within your Being a great force of energetic potential. You radiate waves of energetic vibration out from you in concentric circles wherever you are. You are radiating this energy when you are sitting still as well as when you are walking around in a crowd.

You are a constant source of flowing energy that reflects your internal state of being.

Your internal Being acts as a transformer that harnesses the waves of energy and imprints them with your own personal signature before these energetic waves flow out from you wherever you go.

Therefore, you act as the operator of your own personal power plant. The energy in itself is neutral, and you determine its quality as it flows out from you. Whatever you have in your heart and mind will determine what you send out. The vibrations that flow out from you are constantly changing depending on your own internal state of being.

It is similar to the waves that radiate out from a pebble thrown into a pond. If the pebble is thrown with anger and great force, the waves will be taller and more violent. However, if the pebble is dropped gently into the water, the waves will ripple out in a slow and peaceful manner.

The same principle applies to the vibrations that you create with your own internal energy. When you feel love in heart, you imprint the energy with your love. However, if you are angry or upset, your energy will carry this vibration.

Therefore, you have the choice as to the type of energy that you radiate.

Many times you may have built up an energetic pattern through repeated thoughts or emotions of a certain type. These thoughts and emotions may have become so ingrained that they are like a default pattern of energy that you tap into very easily.

This can be very useful when you have consciously worked to imprint your energy with what you wish to radiate.
For example, if wish to carry and radiate a vibration of love and peace, this can be established by thinking about your many blessings and feeling gratitude for them. You may feel love as you think about family, friends, or pets. You may appreciate a beautiful sunrise or the sounds of nature and feel grateful that you are able to experience the beauty around you. These feelings of love and gratitude can lead to a peaceful state within your center of energy.

As you think about these things and feel gratitude, the love in your heart center grows. Each time you feel love and gratitude, you are making an energetic deposit into this type of vibration within your Being. Therefore, you are able to determine the quality, quantity, and strength of your energetic account of love and peace.

The more you can pay attention to what you are feeling in the moment, the more you are able to imprint your energy with the type of vibration you wish to experience. What you focus on expands.

By being present in the moment, you can more easily build and maintain the type of energetic signature that you want to radiate. You are able to notice any thoughts or feelings that are not consistent with your desired vibration of love and peace. Then you can transmute them with the Violet Flame and transform the energy by focusing on something that gives you peace.

For example, you may focus on your Divine Spark within and feel the love. You can extend this focus to the Divine Spark within another person as a reminder that you both came from the same Creator and feel the connectedness and oneness of all of humanity.

Each time you transmute and transform any discordant thoughts and feelings into love and peace, you are establishing a pattern for this process, and it becomes automatic. You no longer let discordant energy develop into anything large because your new pattern is to notice anything discordant and transmute it immediately. You are able to control your own center of energy. You determine what it will be and what you will allow to remain in it.

When you maintain a focus on love, peace, and highest good, you radiate this vibration out wherever you are. You are peaceful within your own Being, and this flows out to humanity, the planet, the solar system, the universe, and beyond.

Beloveds, we are partners with you in radiating love and peace for highest good, and we honor you for using your powerful center of energy for love, peace, and highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.


WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst


…and We surround you with love
And so it is.


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Commander Ashtar – Call on Violet Flame Every Day – 4-11-14


Commander Ashtar Speaks:

My dear friends and colleagues, Children of the Light and Love that emanate eternally from the Creator, I bring you a message of Peace. This message is to remind you that you are being constantly bathed in the ever increasing Light and Love that is now infusing your planet.

This Light that fills and surrounds each and every one of you has a two-fold purpose. It reveals all that no longer serves you and it strengthens and protects all that you deem worthy of keeping.

Remember to call on the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom each morning as you arise to clear all that can be cleared before it can affect your day and in the evening as you retire to cleanse and purify your field as you soul returns to Source for that time of Oneness and communion that is to replenish you for the next day’s activities.

We further remind you that all the God Rays are being strengthened and enhanced at this time. And that while each ray from Source is stepped down as it enters this universe and again stepped down through the heavenly hierarchy of consciousness through the galaxy, the solar system and finally to the planet, there is still that portal that now has opened fully to the Galactic Core and will soon be open to the full penetration from the Great Central Sun of the Universe, you can call on the higher frequencies and intensities of the Violet Flame from these levels when that level is what is needed or desired for clearing, cleansing and transmuting certain of the densities that have contaminated this planet and certain of its inhabitants.

We encourage you to search the internet for more information and help about working with the Violet Flame if you are interested or curious. We especially recommend the work of the Hearts Center to be found at or the specific violet flame teachings on this page: which offers several descriptions and videos.  Another website offering teachings, prayers and opportunities for deepening your connection with the Divine is

Dear Ones, you have been reminded before and we will remind you again, place your attention on that which is your highest vision for the future for Earth. For what you think about is magnified and energizes the soul powers of creation to bring into form. With the extremely heightened energies at this time, it is even more important. Perhaps you might read this again.

Know that God/Goddess is with you throughout this process of Planetary Ascension.
Know that you are deeply and perfectly loved.
Know that Divine Will chooses only that which is highest and best for you in all ways.
Know that your life, your choices are a vitally important part of the whole.
Remember to dedicate yourself to your highest purpose, to align with Divine Will, to ask to be a focal point for Divine Love to pour forth from you and through you to assist and uplift each one you meet and each step you take.

The return of the Space Fleet will not be an act of a superior group coming to rescue an inferior group. It will be an activity of equals being reunited. Be patient as this process will soon reach is point of fruition.

May the Eternal Peace of God/Goddess be with you all.

I Am Commander Ashtar and I bring you the blessings of all who serve the Light and the Love of the Creator.


Magenta Pixie – Dreaming the Rainbow – Violet Flame

Magenta Pixie·318 videos

“There is an antidote for all things. It may not be tangible but it is there and you will find it.”

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.
Images c/o Stock.Xchng, graphics c/o motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod. Video edited by Catzmagick.

Who Is Saint Germain – 5D LifePath Blog

Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

Summit House Teachings


Hierarch of the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray. Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom’s flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

Each two-thousand-year cycle comes under one of the seven rays. Jesus, as chohan of the sixth ray, held the office of hierarch of the age during the last 2000 years.

On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain and Portia were crowned as directors for the coming cycle of the seventh ray. Freedom and justice are the yin and yang of the seventh ray of Aquarius, and together with mercy, they provide the foundation for all other attributes of God to be outpictured in this seventh dispensation.


Age of the Violet Flame

Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.

As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. He is the seventh angel prophesied in Revelation 10:7 who comes to sponsor the finishing of the mystery of God “as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Saint Germain on Choosing Spiritual Freedom

“I am an ascended being, but it has not ever been thus. Not once or twice but for many incarnations I walked the earth as you now do, confined to mortal frame and the limitations of dimensional existence. I was on Lemuria and I was on Atlantis. I have seen civilizations rise and fall. I have seen the undulations of consciousness as mankind have cycled from golden ages to primitive societies. I have seen the choices, and I have seen mankind by wrong choices squander the energies of a hundred thousand years of scientific advancement and even degrees of cosmic consciousness that transcend that which is attained by members of the most advanced religions of the day.

“Yes, I have seen the choices, and I have chosen. By right choices man and woman establish their position in hierarchy. By choosing to be free in the magnificent will of God, I won my freedom from that mortal round of incarnations and justifications of an existence outside the One. I won my freedom by that flame, that keynote of the Aquarian cycle traced by alchemists of old, that purple elixir the saints do hold…

“You are mortal. I am immortal. The only difference between us is that I have chosen to be free, and you have yet to make the choice. We have the same potential, the same resources, the same connection to the One. I have taken mine to forge a God-identity. For long ago, the still small voice within spoke the fiat of Alpha and the living God: ‘Children of the One, forge your God-identity.’ And in the stillness of the night, I heard the call and I answered, ‘I will!’ And when I said, ‘I will,’ all of cosmos echoed, ‘I will!’ The will to be summons the vastness of the potential of being…


… I am on the path of freedom. Take that path, and you will find me there. I am your teacher if you will have me.1

Saint Germain is known as a diplomat, expressing the godly qualities of dignity, grace, gentility, poise and true statesmanship through all who will invoke the seventh ray. He is a member of the House of Rakoczy, founded by the Great Divine Director, in whose Transylvanian mansion the violet flame of freedom is presently enshrined.

Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe

Desiring above all else to liberate God’s people, Saint Germain sought and was granted a dispensation from the Lords of Karma to return to earth in a physical body. He appeared as “le Comte de Saint Germain,” a “miraculous” gentleman who dazzled the courts of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe, where they called him “The Wonderman.”


He was an alchemist, scholar, linguist, poet, musician, artist, raconteur and diplomat admired throughout the courts of Europe for his adeptship. He was known for such feats as removing the flaws in diamonds and other precious stones and composing simultaneously a letter with one hand and poetry with the other.

Voltaire described him as the “man who never dies and who knows everything.” The count is mentioned in the letters of Frederick the Great, Voltaire, Horace Walpole and Casanova, and in newspapers of the day.

Working behind the scenes, Saint Germain attempted to effect a smooth transition from monarchy to representative government and to prevent the bloodshed of the French Revolution. But his counsel was ignored. In a final attempt to unite Europe, he backed Napoleon, who misused the master’s power to his own demise.

But even prior to this, Saint Germain had turned his attention to the New World. He became the sponsoring master of the United States of America and of her first president, inspiring the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He also inspired many of the labor-saving devices of the twentieth century to further his goal of liberating mankind from drudgery that they might devote themselves to the pursuit of God-realization.14

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Saint Germain Sponsors Spiritual Organizations

In the latter part of the eighteenth century, Saint Germain received from the lady master Kuan Yin her office as chohan of the seventh ray—the ray of mercy and forgiveness and of sacred ceremony. And in the twentieth century, Saint Germain stepped forth once again to sponsor an outer activity of the Great White Brotherhood.

In the early 1930s, he contacted his “general in the field,” the re-embodied George Washington, whom he trained as a messenger and who, under the pen name of Godfré Ray King, released the foundation of Saint Germain’s instruction for the New Age in the books Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence and The “I AM” Discourses. In the late 1930s, the Goddess of Justice and other cosmic beings came forth from the Great Silence to assist Saint Germain in his work of bringing the teachings of the sacred fire to mankind and ushering in the golden age.

Master of the Aquarian Age

On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain received from Sanat Kumara the scepter of power and from the Master Jesus the crown of authority to direct the consciousness of mankind for this two-thousand-year period. This does not mean that the influence of the ascended master Jesus has receded. Rather, as World Teacher from the ascended level, his instruction and his radiation of the Christ consciousness to all mankind will be even more powerful and all-pervading than before, for it is the nature of the Divine continually to transcend itself. We live in an expanding universe—a universe that expands from the center of each individualized son (sun) of God.


This dispensation means that we are now entering a two-thousand-year period when, by invoking into our beings and worlds the violet transmuting flame, the God-energy that the human race has misqualified for thousands of years may now be purified and all mankind cut free from fear, lack, sin, sickness and death, and all may now walk in the light as God-free beings.

At this dawn of the age of Aquarius, Saint Germain has gone before the Lords of Karma and received the opportunity to release the knowledge of the violet flame outside of the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, outside of the mystery schools. Saint Germain tells us of the benefits of invoking the violet flame:

“In some of you a hearty amount of karma has been balanced, in others hardness of heart has truly melted around the heart chakra. There has come a new love and a new softening, a new compassion, a new sensitivity to life, a new freedom and a new joy in pursuing that freedom. There has come about a holiness as you have contacted through my flame the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. There has come a melting and dissolving of certain momentums of ignorance and mental density and a turning toward a dietary path more conducive to your own God-mastery.


“The violet flame has assisted in relationships within families. It has served to liberate some to balance old karmas and old hurts and to set individuals on their courses according to their vibration. It must be remembered that the violet flame does contain the flame of God-justice, and God-justice, of course, does contain the flame of the judgment; and thus the violet flame always comes as a two-edged sword to separate the Real from the unreal…

“Blessed ones, it is impossible to enumerate exhaustively all of the benefits of the violet flame but there is indeed an alchemy that does take place within the personality. The violet flame goes after the schisms that cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and previous incarnations and that have established such deep grooves within the consciousness that, in fact, they have been difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime.”15

Violet Flame Mantra By Saint Germain

This violet flame mantra for the Aquarian age is for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in thought, feeling and action.

I AM a being of violet fire,

I AM the purity God desires.

Pleiades High Council – Violet Flame Portal Upgrade Next 3 Days – 3-11-14

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Crystalai – Violet Flame of Frequency Specific to Mid Brain – 3-6-14

violet flame 2

The ability to tune in to the frequencies of the higher dimensions and the full spectrum of light of Source Consciousness is a direct manifestation of being tuned in to your Mid Brain. This means that deep within your genetic memory, you are free from the veils that most on Earth still have. The veil would prevent them from ever accessing their  Frequency Specific Mid Brain. Even though we are in a time now when the Seals can melt away from the Pineal Gland faster than ever before, there will be billions of people who never allow that to happen.
Those are the people who listen to my music and then tell me that they don’t feel anything, or it just sounds like a lot of noise. Those are the people who will never buy my music. It will only be the tiny little one percent of the one percent who even perceives a reality outside of the third dimension who will be attracted to this website.
I decided that was a pretty dismal future, so I decided to start manifesting the Versions of the People within the multidimensional reality field who are definitely in tune with this Ascension Science. You may have the same names, and you may be the same people; but, I am manifesting a new dimensional holographic reality of you, so that you will truly understand the significance of what I am doing.

It is possible as the frequencies on Earth get high enough that a few more million people wake up to their Frequency Specific Realities.
What does frequency specific mean? It means that you can feel frequencies of  a high tingling light singing through your neurological nets and within your cells. It means your true cellular memory is being turned back on. It means you are re-uniting the anti-particles of your spiritual self back into your particle body.
The more of the anti-particles that turn on, the more DNA is activated. We are activating the 7th DNA through those of us who hold the Violet Flame and Blue Flame Morphogenetic Fields of Energy and connect them into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This is the project that I have been assigned to. I completed the activation of the Blue Flame with the Dolphins and other Cetacean members in 2008. That activation allowed the completion of the Blue Flame in 2012.
Now, it is time for the Violet Flame to activate within and through the Morphogenetic Field of the Earth. Those who connect their consciousness into this Violet Flame activation have helped to begin the process of the final alignment of Earth, Terra and Gaia back into Attunement. This is what the local Music of the Spheres is, the musical or light and sound phenomena that realigns this harmonic alignment.
We are simultaneously working on Parallel Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Alignments. The team that I work on is called the Crystalai Council. They are one of the Teams of the Cosmaya. Meaning we create the Music of the Spheres at the Cosmic Level and between the Multitudes of Cosmos.

I used to get a negative response to my music quite often. More often was the comment that they couldn’t hear it at all.
There is a scientific reason for that. The upper cerebellum of the brain is the part of the brain that we use to think from. It is the area where all of the ideas and images from the world beliefs and all of the worlds before this one are stored. The mid brain, where the pineal gland is the Lord, is a different mechanism. It functions through Frequencies only. It hears and feels the frequencies of the Mind of God and all of the dimensional realities in between, if it is turned on.
Those who are still only using the Thinking Brain and have not yet turned on their Mid Brain, cannot possibly hear my music, because it is totally frequency music. It is created far beyond the HERTZIAN SPECTRUM. Hertzian means sound that can be heard. That means it is only in the Thinking Brain. Hertizian Music, which is what Solfege is all about, can only be heard by the thinking brain.
There is a reason why so few people want to go beyond the science of the Solfege, which is actually just the same science that is taught in all Music Schools. It is the physics of music, which says each not has a name or a tone and it resonates at such and such a vibration. Anyone who has ever played in a band knows that we always use the 440 Hz resonance to tune up the band into a harmonious resonance. So, we are talking music theory and music physics.
That is not what Music of the Spheres Technology is. The music of the spheres is the made from the sounds that are not heard. The light and sound that is light years beyond the hertzian sound fields. It can only be tuned in to in Consciousness. And the Consciousness that connects into the field of infinite energy that is ten thousand times the speed of light is called Love.
When we use the Animating Principle of Love, we can spin our Merkabas, which are held within the Sphere or band of Energy called the Mind of God and become ATTUNED to the At One Ment with the Frequencies of Source Consciousness. This is how my music is created. The Crystal Star Light Vehicle Merkaba can be ridden into any dimensional field of reality in our Universe. The distance is very close when we travel ten thousand times the speed of light and when we learn that the entire Mind of God is smaller than the tip of our finger nail. These realities are very close to us, when we learn the new Ascension Science of Manifestation and Transformation.
Now, when we try to move in to the mid brain where the Frequencies can be heard and felt as the alignment into the higher dimensions, there is actually a guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum.
Many of you have reported some pain in the center of your head and between your ears. That pain is coming from that guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum. The thinking brain does not want that new information to enter in, especially something so dramatic that it will put him out of business forever.
Once we learn to use the mid brain frequency specific knowing, we will know everything that the Mind of God knows. We will not need a thinking brain. The thinking brain is not a part of our NORMAL REALITY SYSTEM. It is a Third Dimensional Mechanism that is not a part of our new Fifth Dimensional Reality.

When NEW information is felt coming in to the Thinking Brain, it actually Shoots poisons into the body. It does not react well to new information, and especially NEW FREQUENCIES.

So, the negative reaction of people is actually a biological and neurological response of their bodies. So, the fact is, they are in need of healing. And that can’t happen until they are ready for it and ask for it.

However, you can have your own version of these people appear in your Reality. There are millions of versions of every person on different dimensions with different agendas. We need to manifest the version that already has their upper cerebellum brain turned off and are completely plugged in to their Mid Brain.

This is the same version of entities that I must magnetize to my website.

Many of you have this old belief in your thinking brain about the old hertzian technology. You believe that the Hz of a note in a scale has some sort of frequency that helps you.

Any idea or note in the hertzian range of light and sound is the lowest, most dense form of reality. We must rise into the complete range of all frequencies of light and sound, which contains the Plasma and White Light. These frequencies are beyond hertizian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, uv light, and gamma light and sound.

This is the range of frequencies that we must raise consciousness into in order to turn on our BLUE BODY of the fifth dimension. The reason that the Fifth Dimension is considered the hub of all multidimensionality is because we must go into the Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound, or Source Consciousness before the Ultra Violet Blue Hue of our reality is turned on.

A few days ago a scientist took a picture of a Blue Aurora Borealis with gold lining. The entire scientific community said that they had never seen a Blue Solar Wind wave before.

That was a sign of our atmosphere being woven into the morphogenetic field of the entire spectrum of the Plasma and the White Light of the Mind of God and then translated into the Blue Hue of reality. This is absolute proof that the atmosphere of Earth is now Fifth Dimensional.
So, we have this Blue Fifth dimensional frequency in our atmosphere. It is the divine commission of all Indigos and Star seeds on Earth to use their biological field to interact with this Frequency that is now in our Atmosphere to bring that consciousness that is also in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth into the complete Morphogenetic Field of the Entire Earth, Urtha, Terra and Gaia. The Frequencies must be woven into the Crystal Hearts of everyone on Earth and into the Crystal Hearts of Tara and Gaia. The Essence of all of our Divine Reality is already in Urtha. She is the star essence that is the rainbow bridge connecting us into the Frequencies that are allowing us to experience the transformation into becoming a star with Mother Earth as she returns to the Star Form of Gaia.

Next year, we will receive a Purple Aurora Borealis that will show that we have obtained the hue of the Violet Flame of Gaia. The Blue Flame is our connection into the morphogenetic field of Terra and the Violet Flame is the morphogenetic field of Gaia.

2014 is also the year that the Violet Flame holders activate their D7 Arcturian Earth Core activation. They have completed activation of their seventh DNA strand and begun activation of their 8th DNA strand.

Those who are Violet Flame holders can now activate the 7th strand in others who come to them for Frequency activations. That means that anyone who has been using my Frequency music will be activated as a natural result of the work that I did on your Morphogenetic Field in relation to Arcturian and Andromeda and the Aquarius Parallel Spiritual into the Aquafarian Morphogenetic Field through the Cetacean Nation.
Our Future Selves have already told us that by the end of 2015, the mass consciousness of our planet will know that space ships and extraterrestrials are real, and they will know them as their friends. This is not going to be a result of a space ship landing on the White House and some green people shaking the hand of the President. It will be the activation of the Mid Brain into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound.
When our Starry Families look down at us, they see a mandalla with colors. This year they are seeing the mandalla with the Blue hue. Next year they will see our morphogenetic field has turned violet. The Violet Flame of Transformation means that our minds of attuned into the light and sound spectrum or the music of the spheres of multidimensional reality.
That doesn’t mean that every person on Earth will have the same exact Belief about what has been made known to him, just like they don’t now. There are many different levels of belief about things that are known. These differences come from cultural belief systems. There will still be some of those belief systems defining the new realities that are known. There will be those who like the fact that extraterrestrials are real and that space ships are landing and there will be those who think they are here to destroy us and eat us.
The important fact is that the Blue Hue and Violet Hue means our Mid Brain is tuning in to the complete morphogenetic field of the Music of the Spheres and becoming Frequency Specific.
That means that we can telecommunicate with Dolphins and with Sirians and Arcturians and even with each other. The more we learn to use our Frequency Specific Hearing and stop using our Hertzian Specific Hearing, the sooner we will have the complete Knowing of all that is to be known.
The Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit is a result of these new seventh strand activations, the new activations in the Blue Flame Holders, and our wonderful Whale Family and Cetacean Nation.
I have waited all of these years to add the voices of the Dolphins to my recordings because the Dolphins were always fifth dimensional; but, the humans weren’t fifth dimensional yet. I waited until their Fifth Dimensional Voices could be woven in to the new Music of the Spheres that they created together with the Blue Flame Holders and Violet Flame Holders.
Now, is the time for a new and more correct understanding of the voice of the Cetacean and that there is a frequency specific meaning in every note they speak. However, the notes are not hertzian, they are of a much higher frequency that is woven into the hertzian so that we can enjoy their reality as the Lords of our Seas. They are the kings of this Frequency Specific Language, and now is our time to learn from them.
They don’t want us to practice making squeaking noises. Those are just the connectors from the etheric sounds of the Spiritual Matrix into the New Harmonic Resonance that is created from the three parallel realities that are now woven into the atmosphere and the water. The new H202HE3 spiritual crystal liquid light hydrolaise energy being woven into our atmosphere is the beginning of our new reality.
Learn more about Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit, and other Frequency Kits at
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Magenta Pixie – Dreaming the Rainbow – Poetic Creations – Violet Flame – Meditation

Magenta Pixie·317 videos

“There is an antidote for all things. It may not be tangible but it is there and you will find it.”

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.
Images c/o Stock.Xchng, graphics c/o motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod. Video edited by Catzmagick.

Violet Flame Meditation – melchizedek144

melchizedek144 .·50 videos
Violet Flame Meditation
Narration by Emanuehl aka melchizedek144

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – How to Use the Violet Flame Daily – Saint Germain’s Mantra

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Saint Germain’s violet flame mantra for the Aquarian Age: I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires. Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains and demonstrates how to use the violet flame in practical daily application and personal transformation.

The Violet Flame – by Archangel Zadkiel

violet flame 2

Beloved Ones    –     The Violet Flame is a magnificent energy of transmutation and transformation.

The Violet Flame was created for the masses, only the masses did not know how to use it. They were still living in darkness. Their lives were ruled by fear, doubt, anger, rage, and mistrust. Used in the wrong way, the Violet Flame could have been harmful. Therefore, it was withheld until we felt the masses were beginning to awaken.

The work done by my beloved brother Sananda in his incarnation as Jeshua had helped to overcome some of the misguided thinking of the masses. The fear, doubt, and hate were replaced with love, compassion, and understanding. Those who responded were rewarded with an abundance of joy, peace, and harmony even when outer circumstances indicated otherwise. The aliveness of their Spirit was flourishing.

When the Great Divine Dispensation was granted in the 1930s, my brother St. Germain began to appear to those who were ready to work with the Violet Flame. Because of its transformative power, at first it was revealed only to a select few – those who had cleared enough karma to understand the implications of working with it. They knew and understood the layers upon layers of power of the Violet Flame and were in reverence and awe of its power. They were careful only to use it for the highest and greatest good of all. They recognized that it was a gift from the Great Supreme Creator and was meant to benefit all and the many rather than the few. Only those persons who had advanced to this level of understanding were allowed the awareness of the Violet Flame at that time in order to protect and preserve the pureness and sanctity of its use. We worked with those messengers diligently to bring about a great understanding of the magnificent power of the Violet Flame.

Gradually the Light of these messengers began to attract others of like mind, purity, and vibration. They gathered first in small groups to study and learn about the Violet Flame. Later, as more persons had balanced their vibrational fields, the groups grew and became larger.

Through the years more and more of you in humanity have balanced your vibrational field in order to be ready to use the Violet Flame. As you have become ready, books and teachers have been placed before you to introduce you to the Violet Flame and its proper use. Now, many are ready to use this marvelous Violet Flame for the greatest good of all.

To begin to use it in this way, a pure heart and mind are required. When you realize that All Is One, this purity of mind and heart are apparent, for what you wish for yourself is really what you wish for others. What you wish for others is really what you wish for yourself. It is an expanded understanding of The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – that was taught by my brother Jeshua.

When you begin with the understanding that All Is One, your understanding of the proper use of the Violet Flame originates with a desire to help all of humanity.

You know and realize that the best place to help all of humanity is within yourself. You realize that by using the Violet Flame to transmute and transform your energy field, your Light can shine brighter. Your vibration can be stronger. Your qualities of love, compassion, and caring can grow and expand to higher levels. Your desire to be of service to humanity as a beacon of Light is apparent to all.

Beloved Ones, first, tune in to your Divine heart center to see and feel whether using the Violet Flame to transform yourself into a beacon of Living Light is a practice that resonates with you and is right for you. As with any practice, using the Violet Flame is very personal and should only be used if it feels right for you. There is no shame in discarding a technique that does not feel right for you. You are an individual with free will, and you exercise your freedom by doing only what is right for you.

If using the Violet Flame resonates with you and feels right for you, begin to use it as you are prompted by your inner guidance. Daily, or as you are prompted, surround yourself with the gentle energy of the Violet Flame for a few minutes. Feel its coolness take away and transmute any fears, hurts, doubts, or misqualified energy in your auric field. Release any misqualified thoughts, deeds, and actions, and forgive yourself and all others involved. See these misqualifications of energy transmuted by the Violet Flame. After the energy is transmuted, the Violet Flame subsides. Then see yourself transformed with sparkles of pure white brilliant particles of Creator Light. Feel the love permeate every part of you. Feel this love grow and grow until it fills you to overflowing. Then radiate this Light out to all of humanity and to Mother Earth. See your Light radiate out as a beacon of hope to all. Those who are ready will receive it.

As you practice this daily or whatever time is right for you, you will find yourself progressing to levels you had previously thought unimaginable. Soar and become the beautiful Light Beings that you are.

You are greatly loved, and I rejoice in working with you.

I Am Archangel Zadkiel

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson /

Ashtar – Viole t Flame

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Galactic Federation of Light

Dear Hearts, take charge of yourself and be your Creator, having your Magic I AM Presence. And now, with the understanding of it, think of it daily and use that power, Dear Ones, to transmute (change) with the use of the Violet Flame and transmute all disease, illness, anger and all discord from your selves… and guarding your bodies with the Protection of All Protections, the Pillar of Light … transmuting, then, into perfection … transmute of all transmuting.

Love you all unconditionally,

Your Galactic Brother,

Lord Ashtar

Channel:Ashtar/Athena July 14 2013

Heal Your Life – The Violet Flame of Saint Germain

Benefits of Using The Violet Flame

Violet Flame For You

For More Violet Flame on this site

Violet Flame – Karmic Release Transmission

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“A transformative & liberating Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Transmission that invokes the healing frequencies of the Violet Flame, while connecting you to your Cosmic & Earth Gateways, to access Celestial frequencies, keys & codes for karmic release, re-calibration, alignment, freedom and new beginnings!

This transmission was birthed on 14th July 2011 in the building energies of the full moon, the celestial being of Saturn was deeply connecting to me during this time and his frequencies can be experienced, along with St Germaine and Sirian energies who are also weaved into this transmission.

Of course this light language technology ensures that your experience while listening to this transmission will be unique to you, and will vary each time you listen. You will be connected through your DNA to exactly the earth and cosmic gridpoints you require for your highest good in each listening moment. Clearing and releasing what is perfect for you.

I recommend that you listen to this transmission every day for 14 days to gain the maximum benefit. There are however no rules and you will know when your journey with it is complete.

Andy Bojarski – How to Invoke and Use the Violet Flame – Awakening To Higher Love –

Violet Flame


Awakening To Hgher Love

Hello Everyone.  I have made a short video on how to invoke the violet flame.  This was shown to me by Saint Germain a while back during one of my energy healings.  Please scroll down to view it.

It is very effective and it can help you transmute and transform anything that does not serve your highest and best good or anything that is not of the highest and purest white light.  I am sending all of you lots of love and many blessings as always…

Also, please feel free to add your name to the love bomb meditation list.  You can do this by leaving your name and where you are from in a comment below.  Click HERE to read about the love bomb meditation and to view the list of participants.

Andy  –   I am an Usui Reiki Master energy healer offering energy healings to anyone that is interested.

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Violet Flame Primal Life Currents Healing

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How to gain access to the most powerful force in the Universe.

AkashaAsun – Invocation to the Violet Flame

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Help Is On The Way – Sacred Ascension Merkaba Blog


vSacred Ascension Merkaba Blog

Greetings dear ones, greetings dearly beloved children of light and love and the universal energies of this delightful reality. I am here to speak with you now about a new chapter a new beginning for all of you, a new beginning for the planet of GAIA and the universe as a whole.

Ready be children of light for the help is on the way, help is on the way in the form of radiant energies of light and love, in the form of the violet light and etheric blue healing energies of love and light.

Yes indeed dear children of light, I have come to you to assist you, to assist you in the grand event that is about to occur on your planet, I am that which you all have been waiting for,  I return, I return as the star in the night sky that brightly shines above you as you gaze into the night. I return as your neighbor, I return as your friend, I return as your lover, for I live within each and every one of you, for I am, your – I AM PRESENCE. And I am here to assist you your mission of bringing the children back home to me, back home to themselves, back home to their true selves and their true identities.

For there is no separation between you and me, for there is no separation between us, and there have never been , for we are all one , one and the same, and yet you are each a spark of infinite blessings, a spark of infinite universal knowledge. I am your guardian angel, I am your guide, I am your companion. For when you look into your own eyes, and when you look into your own being, you see me. For I am you and you are me. I am your creation as you are mine. I am the ascended master that has walked this earth and will continue to do so, but this time through all of you, for I am your universal presence, I am the source.

I send to you now the help the assistance that you all have been waiting for  in the form light, and love, and I ask your other self – AA Raphael to guide you through the next 56 hours of your earthly times in order to illuminate the way for you to find your I AM PRESENCE and to help those around you to do the same.

Call upon AA Raphael, call upon a deity of your choice, call upon the presence of your being, for it matters not, for we are all one and the same, the same and one. And once you call upon the higher powers that be, You will instantly be encompassed and uplifted by the loving energies of the Violet & Blue radiant healing frequencies of eternal health and well being. I ask you now to call upon Raphael, for he will come to your assistance, and he will illuminate the way for your further progression on the journey of your IA M presence and the journey of all children of planet GAIA. For when this energy enters your being you shall carry this frequency with you wherever you go and spread this healing energy to one and all, to all and one.

I am the source. I am your Mother/Father god. I am your “I am presence”.  I love you. I am with you. Never goodbye, for I am with you always!

Personal Note: In order to get the new energies, you do not need to do anything, simply think that you wish for this upgrade to take place, and ask whomever you feel most comfortable with. IT doesn’t have to be AA Raphael, it can be anyone you feel most close to. But you must have the intention of receiving this upgrade, you need to just put this into the universe that you are ready to receive this healing energy. THAT IS ALL!e,


Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. Visit the blog for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery. Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –