STEVEN HALPERN – Cymatic Imagery of Sacred Chant – Recorded Inside the Great Pyramid

Steven Halpern


Cymatics is the study of the effects of sound vibrations on physical matter. When I was introduced to the pioneering work of Dr. Hans Jenny in 1977, it provided the visual evidence that proved the physical power of sound and music. This study has always been a featured part of my lectures and workshops. Now, with ‘sound made visible,’ it was possible to demonstrate astonishing effects on solids, liquids and gases.

John Stuart Reid and Erik Larson improved upon Dr Jenny’s tonoscope with their new CymaScope (TM) When we met at a Cymatics Therapy Conference, John offered to see what images the recording I made in 1981 while I chanted Inside the Great Pyramid would produce.

As you will see, and hear, the results were simply amazing. Note: I filmed the events on my hand-held digital video camera. The sound quality was not nearly as good as the CD, so we overdubbed as much of the pure CD sound as possible in post-production.

I highly recommend visiting John and Erik’s website as well as for the actual DVDs and books by Dr. Hans Jenny.

If you have technical questions about the device itself, best to go to the developer attn: John Reid

To experience the majestic power of the King’s Chamber acoustics and subtle energy fields, the highest quality sound is available on my CD, INITIATION. A special bonus is the ‘silent meditation’ that truly holds powerful quantum field energy. This CD is available from

By Michelle Walling, CHLC – How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved – – 1-8-14

sound energy

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

In the recent Global Energy Breakthrough Conference in Boulder, Colorado, Michael Tellinger shared his theory that sound is one of the most abundant forms of free energy on the planet. He said that sound is the primordial source of all things and is the common denominator of all creation. With that being said, if an extraterrestrial race wanted to harvest energy from the planet, it could create such energy with sound.

There is evidence that the ancients used sound as energy

Michael Tellinger is a South African scientist, explorer, and founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement. His interests in ancient archaeology started with the study of ancient stone circle sites near his home in South Africa. In the video of his speech at the conference, which is attached at the end of this article, Michael explains the basics of the ancient artifacts that How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved | In5D.comhave been found that were used to generate sound. He further explains how sound was used as energy to levitate objects in order to create the monuments that opened vortices which allowed spacecraft to come and go.

Smaller round circles in the shape of donuts or toruses and ice cream shaped stones were found all over the landscape in South Africa and across the world. At one time, these beads or donut shaped crystalline stones had a higher trade value than gold because of their ability to generate energy through sound. The Ice cream cone shaped stones properties which ring and reverberate with the harmonic frequencies of sound when struck. Stone columns serve as antennae and are found in many of the ancient sites.

The Annunaki are energy harvesters

The race of beings that dominate and control the planet today as the Illuminati are speculated by many sources to be a race of ET’s called the Annunaki. The story is that Annunaki came to Earth to create a human being that they could enslave and mine gold for them. The gold was needed to repair their plant’s atmosphere (presumed to be Niburu).

Michael estimates that there were more than 10 million stone circle ruins in South Africa that were used to presumably connect and form sound energy grids that would allow the Annunaki spaceships to come and get shipments of gold. This was in the time of Enki, or of the time of the legend of Adam and Eve.

With the discovery that most all ancient sites with monolithic structures are located along the gridlines of earth, the bigger picture comes into play. The Annunaki scientists built these first energy conductors like the circular stone ruins in South Africa and then began to build more powerful monuments along Earth’s ley lines. Stonehenge and the pyramids at Giza are basic examples, but they continued to get more powerful and complex with each generation. Aerial views of these silica based grids all over the planet show the similarity to today’s computer board circuits.

Humans are also energy conductors

Along with stones made of crystalline properties, humans are energy conductors as well. Humans vibrate at a resonance that generates sound and human emotion is simply energy in motion. The human voice is a powerful energy generator. A shocking discovery came out of Michael’s How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved | In5D.cominvestigation of most ancient site energy grids on the ley lines of the planet. Many of the ancient energy grid sites contained amphitheaters or coliseums. One can surmise that these structures were similar to coliseums of Roman times or the football stadiums of today. When many humans gather, they create an enormous amount of energy that can be harvested through emotion, excitement, fear, and the sound of the human voice.

This principle can be applied to the layout of churches and the steeples used as antennas in order to harvest the singing and praising of God. Most temples are templates of computer circuit boards. The complete layout of all large cities is based on energy harvesting in the form of a circuit board with an energy source of sound from humans gathered together in carefully planned out places.

Another interesting fact about these energy sites

Here is a tidbit of exciting information that Michael brought up in this presentation:

The stones of the ancient sites hold the records of everything that happened at those sites. One day soon, humanity will remember how to access this information and will use this knowledge to live the way they were intended.

How can we use this information now?

This article has just touched on the key points of Michael Tellinger’s video with the intention to give humanity a few more clues on how to crush the energy harvesters. It encourages you to do the research and to think about how things can be changed now. Coupled with everything else involved with the raising of human consciousness, we now have more ammunition with which to play a fair game.

Can we end the sound energy harvesting in order to in essence “kill” the ancient Annunaki controllers or drive them off of the planet? In theory they will kill themselves if they stay on Mother Earth as she continues to raise her frequency because they will never be able to resonate with her without becoming aligned with light. Who knows how long that would take. The Annunaki/Illuminati know this and are on a fast paced destruction of the planet and everything on her. The knowledge of free energy in sound and other free energy devices eliminates the need for money, which would also be the end of energy management and harvesting. The knowledge that is being uncovered about the human body’s ability is allowing more people to begin to remember how we can stop giving our power away.

Here is Michael Tellinger’s video on sound as free energy with a more detailed description of how humans have been energy conductors for the Annunaki/Illuminati:


David Icke – Sound Vibration Equals Form

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David Icke explains how sound frequency and vibration creates form.

Scientists observe sound traveling faster than the speed of light.

This video is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Share it freely. Frequency x Wavelength = Velocity (Vibration) = Form (Our Matrix manifestations)!

Tiny particles of sand are subjected to vibrations being passed into the surface and they take form and arrange into various geometric forms. Some vibrations create known geometric patterns such as hexagons (honeycombs), pentagrams, crosses, spirals, and many other combinations.

AMAZING patterns found on animals and insect wings are easily explained in this simple experiment. Sound and vibration give birth to form. In one particular vibratory sequence, opposite oscillations were resonated though the disk – the sand particles then condensed upon other, rolling into spheres, and then the smaller of the spheres began to revolve around the larger spheres. This is the portrait of OUR UNIVERSE…our cellular and atomic structure!

This is a clip from David Icke’s documentary Freedom Road.

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If we want peace in our soul, then why would we put trauma of another in or on our body? Thank you for BEing or becoming Vegan so ALL may LIVE!……

Phonemic Sounds – How Power Sounds Create Consciousness and Matter

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Phonemic Sounds: How Power Sounds Create Consciousness & Matter Part 2
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Dr. Pillai talks about how and why the yogis attained Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence. Once you master these sounds, you can create matter.

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Hanna Ehlers – Ascension, Atlantis Memories, Gaia Project, Sound Healing

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Hanna has dedicated her life to Ascension, personal enlightenment, with knowledge in many spiritual disciplines, methods and therapies. As well as being a competent psychic and channel for intergalactic beings, Ascended Masters and other deities, and different forms of healing, teaching and counselling.

In the show we discussed the following topics:

Memories from Home and The Gaia Project
After awakening abruptly onto her spiritual pathway in Japan, Hanna became aware of lost memories from a life on a different home planet. A much more peaceful existence with beings operating on a much higher level of consciousness, Hanna remembers offering her services to help with the Gaia project, part of an increasing influx of beautiful souls coming in to help push the humanity to a more loving way of being. Many brave souls have come in to help conquer the darkness that has plagued this world since the fall of Atlantis.

Hanna discusses her memories of a voluntary incarnation into Atlantis where her intended purpose was to freely come and go as she pleased back to her home planet once that life time ended. However because of the fall and ensuing control by the dark elite (AKA the New World Order) many souls were trapped here within the Earth grid system.

Ascension – 2012
Hanna discusses her thoughts on Ascension and how it’s a process that has to happen internally to us, not by external beings coming in to save us. Hanna has a pure connection to her cosmic team of helpers, ascended masters and members of the Galactic Federation. Hanna agreed that we have to be cautious of some channelled material that suggests our space brothers are going to save us and do the Ascension work for us, or worse, whisked us off to another dimension, this simply isn’t the case. There are many loving beings watching and helping us at this time but we have to do the inner work ourselves. Ascension comes from within.

Sound Healing
Hanna discussed her awakening memories from her home planet where they used Sound Healing to bring harmony back into their aura’s and energy fields. Through the guidance of Sound Healer Tom Kenyon, Hanna has now remembered and brought her latent sound healing gifts to the surface. Hanna now regularly provides workshops and therapy sessions using this wonderful and very powerful technique. Hanna gives us a taster at the end of the show.

About Hanna:
Hanna Ehlers is the creator of She is a metaphysical and spiritual teacher. She has dedicated her life to ascension and personal enlightenment and has been training in many spiritual disciplines, methods and thera

pies for almost five years. Hanna is a competent psychic and channel for intergalactic beings, ascended masters and other deities, additionally she has a background in healing, teaching and counselling. Her approaches, thoughts and beliefs have been learned via teachings from around the globe with many incarnate guides and from her personal journey with oneness and the family of light outside of 3D. Hanna is a qualified healer trained via two institutions, both the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and The Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing. Furthermore she has had the opportunity to undergo training to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner in Hawaii, certified by Doreen Virtue PhD, in addition, Hanna has under gone Sound Healing Training with Tom Kenyon in Seattle under the auspices of Psycho-acoustic Brain Research.

This is a 16 minute snippet taken from the the full radio interview found here:…

Tom Kenyon – The Effects of Sound On Your Innate Genius


Image Source

The use of sound and music to generate “healing” has a long history stretching back to the virtual beginnings of man.

Indigenous shamans and healers using instruments such as the human voice, drums, flutes and percussive instruments have been documented to alter brain states (i.e. the neural activity within the brain itself). These studies have shown, for instance, that certain drumming patterns can increase theta activity in the cerebral cortex, a brain state known to be connected with hypnagogic states of awareness, dream-like states of mind as well as states of unusual mental creativity.

Research studies conducted on the neurological effects of sound have shown that the human brain responds to pure tone in highly specific ways. PET Scans, which measure glucose consumption at the cellular level, show that pure sound or music (without words) stimulate an increase of cellular activity in the right hemisphere.

Although both cerebral hemispheres of the brain process many different kinds of information, a simple division in tasking can be made.

While there are unique differences between the brains of individual humans, generally speaking, the left hemisphere processes language and logic.

The right hemisphere, on the other hand, does not “comprehend” language as such. However, the right hemisphere processes spatial information, paradox, novelty and non-verbal information in ways that the left hemisphere is incapable of.

While our ability to understand and create language are vital components of our human experience, there are other valuable aspects of our intelligence that are not generally recognized by our culture as having intrinsic value.

The irony, here, is that history is full of instances where scientific breakthroughs occurred when scientists engaged right hemispheric abilities to “see” situations and opportunities in novel ways.

One of my favorite stories in this regard concerns the German chemist Kekule who was struggling with the structure of the benzene ring.

One night, exasperated from not having been able to determine the structure of this particular molecule, he had a truly strange dream in which he saw a snake swallowing its own tail.

There are several things I find interesting here. One is that his dream of a snake swallowing its tail was actually an ancient alchemical symbol called the Uroborus (or Ouroborus), sometimes associated with self-reflexivity as in the sense of something re-creating itself.

Kekule awoke from his dream and “knew” that this was the structure of benzene. What made Kekule a genius rather than someone who simply had an unusual dream was his ability to “translate” the spatial images from his intuitive right hemisphere into the language of his left hemisphere, i.e. logic and mathematics.

As an interesting side note, at least one historian has noted that Kekule was not the first person to have discovered the benzene ring. However, who discovered what and when does not really have much bearing on Kekule’s dream itself. Kekule maintained that the dream-born image was unquestionably instrumental in his creative problem solving process.

When the right cerebral hemisphere is stimulated, as in the use of pure sound or tone, there is often an increase in non-ordinary states of awareness. This occurs because the right hemisphere engages the spatial and intuitive aspects of our intelligence. In these neurological states, our perception of reality (both internal and external) can be very different from our everyday experience. Our senses may become heightened or sensitive, more vivid or refined. It is not uncommon to have a more immediate experience of our inner mental and emotional life through the direct perception of our psychic drivers (i.e., our deeply seated emotions, fantasies and archetypal conflicts or dramas) during these types of altered states. In such instances, our unconscious mental/emotional material may present itself as internal imagery (dream-like images) or even internal dialogues.

While our Western culture is generally unconcerned with these deep emotional and mental states, numerous anecdotal reports from the lives of great scientists and artists indicate that these states of mind are gateways to our innate genius.

Neuro-psychology has clearly demonstrated that we use only a small portion of our brain/mind’s potential. One reason for this has to do with the simple fact that our brains only build new neurological networks when they are challenged in new ways.

In 1983, I began my work in psycho-acoustics with Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) to study the effects of sound and music on the brain as a means to enhance human potential in the areas of creativity and high genius.

Based upon this research and my own experiences with sound-based technology, I am convinced that altered states of consciousness are a powerful key for unlocking much of our unused potential. And as a technology to assist us, sound and music are unparalleled.

Hearing is believing, and I invite you to experience the power of sound and music to affect altered states of consciousness for yourself.

By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to the Listening Page of the website ( Here you can listen to and/or download many types of sound pieces to alter awareness. The website also has a section on my work with Acoustic Brain Research. All of this information, as well as the mp3 audio files, are offered for your own personal exploration free of charge.

@2006 Tom Kenyon   All Rights Reserved

Andrea Sullivan – 6 Healing Sounds


Michael Tellinger – Ancient Sound Technologies

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Michael did a presentation at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in 2012. In this session, he describes free energy system from ancient civilisations, and finishes off with his model for a society based on contributionism, or UBUNTU.

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Music of Silence – Sound of Light

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Music of Silence from the album ‘Agua-Fogo-Ar-Terra’ by Sound of Light


Music of silence
Music beyond words
Children of the Ocean that’s what we are

Love is the most shining star
In the inner sky of your being
Love is the most shining star inside you

from Agua​-​Fogo​-​Ar​-​Terra, released 21 June 2012
SOL Girls: Vocals Amrit Vismay , sound engineer and musician who has produced and compiled this album over 10 years , was once a dj at parties and when called by the Medicine received soundscapes from other galaxies that retuned his being to his ancestral roots. This album has manifested through his devotion and love to the Circle and the Eternal Fountain of Divine Inspiration


released 21 June 2012
Amrit Vismay, Neta-ya Nicole, Emaya Shahaf , Avshalom Tubali, Asi Rose, Noa Chandra, Mynah, Manju, Veeren, Dave, Oran, Sheer Sofer and many more from within the Circle…thank you All
special thanks for astral teachers…BabaJi ,Osho ,Carioca,Chandra,Maurillio and Juan
may all Beings be free, peace for all the Earth

Alan Watts – OM – Sound of Love

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Alan Watts- OM: Reading from Hindu Scriptures. All Credits to; Alan Watts and to his Son


Phil Thornton – Tibetan Meditation

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Phil Thornton masterfully mixed traditional Tibetan chants with the wonders of modern sound in this breathtaking CD. You can find more of Mr. Phil’s work here:

Sound of Gratitude

ResonantHarmony·5 videos

A group toning the Intention of Gratitude with visuals of all the things we can be grateful for. Gratitude is the easiest “higher emotion” to get to when you are down. The music also includes Binaural Beats in Theta to entrain your brain into a deeper state of Gratitude (even more effective when listened to on headphones).

You can download the song for free at You can also purchase the entire CD, “Holding Frequency” of groups toning specific healing intentions with 100% focus.

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute offers a Certificate and Associates Degree in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy in San Francisco or online with live instructors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sound of Sacred Geometry – Alexander Lauterwasser

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