Belinda Pate-Macdonald – A Global Shift in Teaching Light – Cosmic Earth Blog – 1-2-14

Crystal Teachers downloading codes at Rainbow Beach

Hello beautiful Earth Angels

Love, joy and abundance to you all for the year to come, and beyond. 2015 resonates with a freedom that we haven’t felt for some years. It feels like our creativity will be heightened, as well as our ability to manifest with more ease, as the year flows on.

Today I have a message from the Star Ancestors, in unison with ancient Earth Guardians, about a new teaching vibration that is opening right now. This came through last Tuesday, 30 December 2014, whilst I was on the sacred grounds of Rainbow Beach – a place very close to my heart. The Star Ancestors asked that I share this as soon as I can, and I feel honoured and humbled to be the messenger. As always, please take from this what you need and let go of the rest. It is shared with love and deep respect.

Shifting to a Cellular Light Exchange

“It is time for a new teaching light to birth through those lightworkers who carry it. The global energy of teaching, across all levels of consciousness, has shifted to a cellular light exchange. Whilst this is a Divine truth and has been in action through many teachers for some time, a conscious shift into the new vibration is necessary now. It is a delineation point that marks the transition into a new frequency on Earth and an inter-dimensional understanding on the sharing of knowledge.

Communication on a physical level is no longer required for the learning to occur. You understand that you have all been learning by osmosis. There will now be a new understanding by all – not just the light workers, that embraces learning through cellular light exchange. But the understanding and integration needs to occur with the teachers first.

As the teaching light opens, it becomes available for those who need to access it. Each teacher needs to BE the resonance of the wisdom they need to share with light workers and others now.

It’s time for open sharing of knowledge as a vibration.

The guards and barriers between teachers are old and worn. They were placed there as a false protection for knowledge, and this has been tightly held by some for a long time. As this is a time of connection and collaboration, those separations are naturally dissolving. Competition is being replaced with co-operation. Teachers are needed now to support each other: to listen, learn and transmit teaching simultaneously. As teachers meet, a spark of recognition will set in motion an awakening of codes that contain wisdom to be shared and exchanged amongst teachers.

This will form the basis of a new way of knowledge sharing, and is being created as a higher resonance by the teachers of this time. These teachers are not necessarily publicly known. It is their vibration that’s needed, not their title. They are wisdom keepers, but hold a vibration of teaching.This energy is simply a completion of karmic circles: learning must be followed by teaching to complete the cycle. The sharing of codes that recalibrate the holograms of all involved, is a new way of teaching.

The teacher is not above the knowledge seeker.

Just like a record-keeper crystal, the teacher will attract the seeker and the codes are shared in Divine Order. The seeker will access the teacher, as they would a crystal. The teacher responds vibrationally to the seeker’s request for knowledge. A silent energy exchange signals the codes to be shared and the teaching light flows into the seeker so they may integrate the knowledge they need at that moment.

As each teacher freely radiates this teaching light and keeps it open for others to access, the knowledge that’s needed by the evolving mass will be easily passed on. This light will connect around the world and create a wave of teaching light that will also seed the liberation and expansion of knowledge held by religions and philosophies. The new resonance will be connective and empowering.

The Earth will also call these teachers to open their codes and align with matching frequencies in sacred sites, high energy and portal areas on the planet. This is different to the job of the code activators, who stimulate a shift of codes in others based on what they have uploaded from the Earth core. The wisdom keepers will download holograms into the Earth where needed, so the Divine Mother Crystal and her resonant crystalline assistants, can distribute the holograms in that area. They will be shared from here with the seekers who may not go directly to the wisdom keepers. The holograms will form in alignment with Divine Order. They need not be created or contrived, and to do so will create misalignment.

When you are in sacred places, tune in to the core of the Earth. Open your teaching light and BECOME the resonance that’s needed in that area. Let the light holograms form themselves, then open and release them from your teaching light into the Earth.

The new teaching light brings pure crystal consciousness through all who hold the role of wisdom keeper.

Sensing the whole…
Becoming the whole…
Returning to love.”

Opening to our teaching light

This all seemed so clear to me, but I did ask how we are to access this new teaching light. The answer was very simple: just intend to open it from within you. If it is in your soul agreement to be a wisdom keeper, it will open and flood your subtle energy field with crystal clear white light. The light is soft and radiant, like a quartz crystal. As you open, it will recalibrate your holographic body and shift your vibration like a kaleidoscope. Your subtle energy bodies will naturally begin to respond to wisdom seekers with an answering code. You may feel or see light holograms moving through in the form of mandalas or symbols.

We are all learning this together. It feels very expansive, free and equal. It releases all responsibility carried by teachers and frees them from demands the personality places on this role. And most importantly, it allows the teaching to be shared with ease. The resistance to receiving is shifting and a willingness to learn from the light is returning. We will now just teach in conscious alignment with Divine Order.

I would love to hear your experiences in opening to this new energy.

Much love to all
~ Belinda



Journey into the Divine Source – TheTwinFlames

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My favorite teacher “Abraham” says: Alignment first, action after.” Aligning with the Source is a powerful tool. It is a way of being, a way of living a fulfilled life. There is nothing we could not be, do or have once we are aligned with the Source. Use the Force- you are a Divine child who emanated from it.

Douglas Cottrell PhD – Predicted Medical Ddvances – Light, Frequency, Vibration

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This is an audio Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) session by Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas’ work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information.

This has been posted with permission; I upload additional vids like this (with channeled information) periodically, so if you found this interesting, click the ‘subscribe’ tab. Thanks for watching

Saul – See only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others – Channel John Smallman

01/01/2014 by John Smallman

The New Year of 2014 has arrived bringing with it an abundance of blessings for all of humanity as you approach ever more closely to the moment of your awakening into Reality.  Let go of your doubts about this and any you may have about God, even about whether He truly exists or not, for they only disconcert you.  Deep within you know that you are forever held in His loving embrace and are shortly to awaken. Focus on the truth of that, the Reality of that, and allow His Love to flow through you to all of humanity uplifting and inspiring you as It does so.

We are all One.  There is no separation.  God is All that there is.  He is His creation and therefore we are all, every one of us without exception, eternally part of or aspects of God.

You, humanity, lost sight of this eternal Truth as you engaged with the illusion and chose to experience an imaginary and unreal separation from your ever-loving Source.  Well, the time has come for you to cease having that unreal and extremely discouraging experience.  You were created to live as One with Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love in action, and until you return to that state you can never be truly happy.  Within the illusion you always feel driven to seek out something better, something more, and each time you find something it very quickly loses its appeal, its charm.  What you are truly seeking, but scarcely recognize, is a return to Reality, only you cannot remember It, and therefore you settle for extremely unsatisfactory substitutes that can only add to your unhappiness as they constantly disappoint you, failing utterly to fill the enormous gap in your hearts that only God’s Love can satisfy.

It is always there for you, waiting for you to open to It, but distrust and disbelief have become endemic for you because you have been hurt so often and have suffered so much.  To be separated from Source is to suffer, because your natural state is to be one with It, and even though the separation is unreal – if it were real you would instantly cease to exist – the pain it causes you is intense.  You long to belong, to be One with, and you seek out lovers and friends but to no avail because the only true satisfaction is to be One with your Source.  When you open yourselves to that Love once more, fully open yourselves to It, all suffering ceases, and that is your awakening.

To move forwards towards that state cease all judgment and intend to see only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others.  When you do that you become a loving presence and the energy field surrounding you glows, and it warms all those with whom you connect in any manner at all.  They then resonate with that warmth and their own energy fields light up with joy.  There are very few among you who have not had at least a slight experience of the warmth of another’s love, and therefore you know how uplifting and inspiring it can be.

As you have been told time and time again “Love is the answer, always.”  It is no good waiting for others to behave lovingly first, it just does not work like that, because that is withholding love until you receive it, and so your energy field remains cool and uninviting to others.  When you offer a heartfelt loving presence others feel it, relax into it, and then respond in like manner.  The trick is to always be loving even when you feel coldness, rejection, or attack.  If you automatically erect your own defenses in a situation like that no progress is possible as is demonstrated very clearly as unsuccessful attempts are made all over the world to replace conflict with peace while maintaining impregnable defenses.

Loving openness works, but very few have the courage to try it.  Those that have are highly praised and honored, but are almost always thought to be exceptional people operating in exceptional circumstances that have little or no bearing elsewhere.  This is most definitely not the case, so learn from those who show that Love works, follow their examples, and take courage from the results that you achieve, initially probably quite small, but startling enough to encourage you to continue.

Love starts with you.  It is as simple as that.  But nearly all of your cultures have taught you to be cautious, to withhold love until it can be safely offered to one who will honor it and return it.  That just builds an impasse, an uncrossable barrier demonstrating hostility and distrust.  Love offers itself without barriers or defenses of any kind, and continues to do so even when it encounters blocking barriers and defenses thus dissolving them, or at least bypassing them and allowing trust to grow.

In this New Year of 2014 make it your resolution and intent to offer only love, regardless of any barriers or defenses you may encounter, and help to awaken humanity, as has always been your intent from the moment that you incarnated as humans.  You have limitless support and encouragement from all in the spiritual realms that will assure your success.

With so very much love, Saul.

Sandra Walter – Collective Shift in Reality – Early 2014

Beloved Light Tribe, the moment of revelation has presented. Gaia is taking off the mask to reveal her 4D shift in early 2014. Awakened or not, here she comes. At long last, mass awakening is about to begin.

The photonic light waves penetrating the planet will continue to increase in intensity. By the end of December, the Ascending to 5D tribe will experience deep shifts in consciousness, with major amplifications from January through March equinox. These are unique to your level of light and willingness to engage with the unknown.

The unawakened collective will (finally) see unusual changes – and start questioning their reality. I sense most will be distracted by Earth changes or personal phenomena before they realize Unity is the goal of this evolutionary passage, however great waves of awakening are expected in early 2014.

Mass Awakening to Light
Photonic evolution targets our perception, dissolving the self-imposed veils. At this juncture, Unity is best served by collective experience. It is up to the Ascending collective to demonstrate that the Shift is about Love, Compassion and Oneness.

Wayshowers, we must focus on Love. Heightened emotional states triggered in the collective will require balance on our part. Hold and radiate LOVE to all life on this planet. Be gentle, kind and patient. Be a pure conduit of Source Light Intelligence; generate a flow of Light from the God spark within. Keep the Heart center open and flowing through the internal Source-Point as the external aligns with the highest interests of all concerned.

Magnetic Harmony
Magnetic balancing is busy during this passage. Sensitives may feel it in the body as vertigo, dizziness or nausea. Gaia experiences shifts in her plates and grid systems, and the elementals respond with weather intended to balance. Multiple magnetic balancing points were created by many light teams throughout 2012-2013. They provide options for erratic electro-magnetic flows; multiple points for magnetic surges to gravitate to, rather than a limited choice of North and South poles. The sacred sites, vortexes, and portals on the surface of the planet will assist in directing the new light to these new magnetic balancing points. Some sites are already serving as balancing points themselves.

The intention with this system – and many other systems which were implemented for this passage – is to provide as smooth a journey as possible for Gaia, HUmanity and the Kingdoms. While it would be beautiful to sail through the photon belt without Earth changes altogether, shifts must occur. They may appear dramatic to those unaware of these compassionate efforts.

Weep with Joy, Dear Light Tribe
As powerful as the last three months have been for the Ascension tribe, we are in for a whole lot more. Accelerations of this magnitude take conscious choice from moment to moment. Beyond being present, be Presence. The grace and power of your true self is being revealed; integrate it as it presents for you. True integration means a permanent change.

Denial of the truth is no longer tolerated on both personal and planetary levels. Don’t let your lower levels torture you if they cling to what was; surrender to who you truly are as it is revealed. Expansion of consciousness can get overwhelming as these new levels of light turn up the volume. Breathe, know all is well, find the love (not the drama) in these upgrades.

One-way Departure
The Ascending tribe is experiencing deep revelations, dimensional bleed-through phenomena, profound stillness and sensations of departure. Remember this is a permanent departure from the past. The Collective intuition senses that the 3D platform is no longer there, which triggers stability issues. Keep the personal and collective psychological affects in balance by breathing in acceptance of change, staying open to the flow of the Shift and focusing on heart intelligence. This light can be overwhelming; simplify wherever you can.

The December – March Shift will be brilliant and challenging.  Remain calm and centered in your Heart-stream. Anchor love, peace and compassion with every conversation, every action, every thought. Let us unite as shining examples of what Ascension is all about. Guide everyone around you to the Light by demonstrating how beautiful it is to embody the highest Love.

Saul – Humanity has Collectively made the Choice to Open to the Light – 12-8-13

John Smallmna Blog

As the Christmas and New Year holiday season approaches really focus on being peaceful, being compassionate, and being loving, as Jesus always was. He is your guiding Light, the Way, and the Path, and he demonstrated to you by his attitude and behavior how to follow It. Yes, all paths are individualized because you all have your own lessons to learn, no two are the same. Nevertheless, when you intend to live lovingly as Jesus did, and as you focus your attention on being loving like him much of the energy that you channel and share will be similar to his, and that is what is healing humanity and preparing it for the great shift in awareness, in consciousness, and in intent. That is why you are on Earth at this time, to enable humanity to shift away from conflict and mistrust and move towards Love. Remember every single one of you without exception channels energy constantly because you are all, always, conduits directly connected to the Source! Make it positive loving energy by holding only that intent.

Do not forget that spiritual energy is like electricity, it is abundantly available and powerful, but what you do with it, what you use it for is up to you. When you are unaware of your origins, of your spiritual heritage, it is very easy to choose to use it to serve your own egoic agendas. However, as all your egoic agendas are self-serving, its power becomes very diffused and misaligned when you do this, and it loses its effectiveness.

You have all forgotten or have lost access to the knowledge of the immense power that is yours, given to you by your Father so that, like Him, you can create, beautifully, wisely, intelligently, and perfectly! You are in the process of re-discovering your power and the knowledge of who You really are as you move towards the moment of your shift into Love. You are, as you have so often been told, Love incarnate. You cannot and could not be anything other than That because It is the ground of your being, the Essence from which you were created, It is your real Identity as sons and daughters of God, One with Him always. You are each individual aspects of His divine Perfection. To know and experience this is your destiny, your inescapable destiny, and that alone is reason for you to spend your lives rejoicing.

But of course, within the illusion, where that knowledge remains temporarily hidden from you, it is very difficult for you be aware of and accept the truth that your origin, that from which you were created is God Himself, and nothing less. You are of God, you are Aspects of His divine and indivisible Self, eternally One with Him, even though it seems to you that this could not be the case. While your awareness, your ability to understand and experience your existence as divine beings remains severely restricted by your human embodiment, it also remains practically impossible for you to accept emotionally or intellectually the reality of this eternal truth.

When you go within, to that quiet inner space from which you can access the spiritual realms, you do find some peace, some relief from the constant ongoing struggles with which the illusion seems to present you at all times. All those struggles are egoic delusions as you imagine yourselves individuated beings, separated from your divine Source, and in need of protection from the dangers that you believe threaten your very existence. Your egos encourage this belief, and then encourage you to defend yourselves by attacking others. You have been doing this for eons, but finally the truth has dawned, “defense and attack do not bring peace and safety,” they just escalate the sense of insecurity that envelops so many of you.

More and more of you are learning this daily, either by operating in war zones, or through dealing with police forces, security organizations, and even prison authorities. Whether you are on the side of authority or subjected to that authority it has become apparent that taking sides is divisive, and either leads to distrust or reinforces the distrust that is already present, and prevents peace from being established. It has become impossible to honestly deny the truth of that, and consequently many are now moving to change the rules so that opposing sides in disputes whether political, law enforcement, or even religious are being brought together in neutral environments where neither feels threatened so that new rules of engagement or disengagement can be formulated, tried, and, if found to be effective, be put into practice. Until you cease to deal violently with violence, violence will always remain an insoluble issue for you.

Amazing progress has been made in the last few decades of Earth time as growing numbers of intelligent people have come to the conclusion that for your continued survival on Earth new rules are essential. Their desire to bring peace and abundance to all on Earth has been welcomed in the spiritual realms, and we are “pulling out all the stops” to ensure that this developing wisdom is neither bypassed nor discarded.

Humanity has collectively made the choice and the decision to open to the Light that surrounds you, and to be guided by It instead of attempting to argue, by reason and logic of a very egoic nature, that to go with the Light will leave you open to destruction by those who would take your freedom from you. Non resistance has been tried many times on Earth in the last few decades to overcome oppression, and each time it has become even more successful. It is apparent to all that it works and that there is indeed no satisfactory alternative as all other methods to bring in essential change have failed because forcible enforcement always leads to violence and suffering that then demands restitution.

In spite of the violence that is being reported by your main stream media I can honestly tell you that across the world violence, that for eons has been endemic, is no longer the first choice of those who seek change and release from oppression. Change is occurring peacefully in many areas because the power of the field of Love enveloping you all is intensifying. Keep holding the intent for Love to enter all hearts, and keep intending that you yourselves always offer love regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves. By doing so you are most effectively creating Peace on Earth, and this is the season in which many of you intend to offer peace to your friends and loved ones – now make a point of including any enemies you may have in that intent, and change them into beloved friends.

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallmna Blog

Global Meditation to Trigger a Revolution of Light & a New Renaissance! (Aion Portal Activation)

EU Times – German Scientists Freeze Light for a Minute



German Scientists Freeze Light for a Minute

It turns out that the fastest known thing in the universe, light, can in fact be stopped. A German team of scientists have successfully stopped light from traveling for a whole minute. The record-breaking event could be a major breakthrough in the field of quantum memory storage.

So how did scientists freeze light for a whole minute, knowing that the speed of this electromagnetic radiation is 300 million meters per second? In one minute, light can actually travel 18 million kilometers (11 million miles), which makes the research team’s feat even more impressive.

The team at University of Darmstadt, led by George Heinze, pulled it off by using a process named electromagnetically induced transparency or EIT. More specifically, they used a quantum interference effect to turn an opaque medium transparent.

During the experiment, the German scientists shot a laser beam through the crystal, sending the atoms into a quantum superimposition of states and making it transparent. A second laser beam was then shot into the crystal, and the first beam was turned off, which consequently switched off the transparency. The result was that the second beam of light was trapped in the crystal for a whole minute.

The researchers also used the opportunity to successfully store and retrieve information from the light beam: a 100 micrometer picture of three horizontal stripes. This further proves that it is possible to imprint information on light beams, an essential step for quantum information processing.

Time of storage however depends on the superposition of the crystal, which can be extended with a magnetic field, but this also complicates the laser configuration. In order to trap light for one minute, the German team designed a specific algorithm to find the best laser and magnet combination for their experiment.

This is not the first time scientists freeze light successfully. The first experiment was conducted in 1999, when physicists slowed light down to 17 meters per second. In 2001, the University of Darmstadt team froze light for a fraction of a second and earlier this year, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers managed to keep it still for a total of 16 seconds, with the help of cold atoms.






MaNithyaSudev – Guided Meditation – You Are a Source of Love and Light

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Buddha Maitreya Explains Etheric Weavers

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Buddha Maitreya explains the benefits and effects of meditation and healing with the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools and how they help awaken and integrate the Soul and evolve the Planet in a more spiritual or heavenly way – Shambhala.

The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools are Metatronics – a form of energetic, vibrational medicine that radiate the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya, the reincarnation of Buddha. Simply used in meditation and for healing, the tools provide a transmission of Buddha Maitreya’s love and wisdom, a healing force that strengthens a person in their virtues and soulful energy. This heals the Etheric Field – providing the blessings of a peaceful mind, calm emotions and a vital, more healthy physical body

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