Saint Germain – Lords of the 7 Rays – by Claire Prophet

Rainbow of Lights Dispensation

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Greetings from Mel and Mike of The Rainbow of Lights Dispensation represents a frequency of light being emanated from the Elders Surrounding The Throne of Grace. These beautiful beings represent the 12 Rays of God who direct the Spectrum of Light to be infused within Gaia through the Ray Chohans. They are making their presence more known on a personal level.

This activation occurs every New Moon in Rainbows of Colors to each person on this planet representing each of the 12 Rays of God:

Blue – Will & Power
Golden Yellow – Love and Wisdom
Deep Pink – Active Intelligence
Crystalline – Harmony & Balance
White with Green & Gold – Science of Knowledge of God
Ruby with Gold – Inner Devotion
Purple with Violet – Ceremonial Magic
Seafoam Green – Higher Cleansing & Resurrection
Blue-Green – Attraction to the Body of Light
Pearlescent – Masculine & Feminine Coming into Balance
Pink-Orange – Bridge to the New World
Gold – Activating the Christ Consciousness

Enjoy integrating the Rainbow of Lights..

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Guided Meditation – Activating Chakras Through Light Rays

NOTE:  Guide asks for 90 minutes of your time.

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