Belinda Pate-Macdonald – A Global Shift in Teaching Light – Cosmic Earth Blog – 1-2-14

Crystal Teachers downloading codes at Rainbow Beach

Hello beautiful Earth Angels

Love, joy and abundance to you all for the year to come, and beyond. 2015 resonates with a freedom that we haven’t felt for some years. It feels like our creativity will be heightened, as well as our ability to manifest with more ease, as the year flows on.

Today I have a message from the Star Ancestors, in unison with ancient Earth Guardians, about a new teaching vibration that is opening right now. This came through last Tuesday, 30 December 2014, whilst I was on the sacred grounds of Rainbow Beach – a place very close to my heart. The Star Ancestors asked that I share this as soon as I can, and I feel honoured and humbled to be the messenger. As always, please take from this what you need and let go of the rest. It is shared with love and deep respect.

Shifting to a Cellular Light Exchange

“It is time for a new teaching light to birth through those lightworkers who carry it. The global energy of teaching, across all levels of consciousness, has shifted to a cellular light exchange. Whilst this is a Divine truth and has been in action through many teachers for some time, a conscious shift into the new vibration is necessary now. It is a delineation point that marks the transition into a new frequency on Earth and an inter-dimensional understanding on the sharing of knowledge.

Communication on a physical level is no longer required for the learning to occur. You understand that you have all been learning by osmosis. There will now be a new understanding by all – not just the light workers, that embraces learning through cellular light exchange. But the understanding and integration needs to occur with the teachers first.

As the teaching light opens, it becomes available for those who need to access it. Each teacher needs to BE the resonance of the wisdom they need to share with light workers and others now.

It’s time for open sharing of knowledge as a vibration.

The guards and barriers between teachers are old and worn. They were placed there as a false protection for knowledge, and this has been tightly held by some for a long time. As this is a time of connection and collaboration, those separations are naturally dissolving. Competition is being replaced with co-operation. Teachers are needed now to support each other: to listen, learn and transmit teaching simultaneously. As teachers meet, a spark of recognition will set in motion an awakening of codes that contain wisdom to be shared and exchanged amongst teachers.

This will form the basis of a new way of knowledge sharing, and is being created as a higher resonance by the teachers of this time. These teachers are not necessarily publicly known. It is their vibration that’s needed, not their title. They are wisdom keepers, but hold a vibration of teaching.This energy is simply a completion of karmic circles: learning must be followed by teaching to complete the cycle. The sharing of codes that recalibrate the holograms of all involved, is a new way of teaching.

The teacher is not above the knowledge seeker.

Just like a record-keeper crystal, the teacher will attract the seeker and the codes are shared in Divine Order. The seeker will access the teacher, as they would a crystal. The teacher responds vibrationally to the seeker’s request for knowledge. A silent energy exchange signals the codes to be shared and the teaching light flows into the seeker so they may integrate the knowledge they need at that moment.

As each teacher freely radiates this teaching light and keeps it open for others to access, the knowledge that’s needed by the evolving mass will be easily passed on. This light will connect around the world and create a wave of teaching light that will also seed the liberation and expansion of knowledge held by religions and philosophies. The new resonance will be connective and empowering.

The Earth will also call these teachers to open their codes and align with matching frequencies in sacred sites, high energy and portal areas on the planet. This is different to the job of the code activators, who stimulate a shift of codes in others based on what they have uploaded from the Earth core. The wisdom keepers will download holograms into the Earth where needed, so the Divine Mother Crystal and her resonant crystalline assistants, can distribute the holograms in that area. They will be shared from here with the seekers who may not go directly to the wisdom keepers. The holograms will form in alignment with Divine Order. They need not be created or contrived, and to do so will create misalignment.

When you are in sacred places, tune in to the core of the Earth. Open your teaching light and BECOME the resonance that’s needed in that area. Let the light holograms form themselves, then open and release them from your teaching light into the Earth.

The new teaching light brings pure crystal consciousness through all who hold the role of wisdom keeper.

Sensing the whole…
Becoming the whole…
Returning to love.”

Opening to our teaching light

This all seemed so clear to me, but I did ask how we are to access this new teaching light. The answer was very simple: just intend to open it from within you. If it is in your soul agreement to be a wisdom keeper, it will open and flood your subtle energy field with crystal clear white light. The light is soft and radiant, like a quartz crystal. As you open, it will recalibrate your holographic body and shift your vibration like a kaleidoscope. Your subtle energy bodies will naturally begin to respond to wisdom seekers with an answering code. You may feel or see light holograms moving through in the form of mandalas or symbols.

We are all learning this together. It feels very expansive, free and equal. It releases all responsibility carried by teachers and frees them from demands the personality places on this role. And most importantly, it allows the teaching to be shared with ease. The resistance to receiving is shifting and a willingness to learn from the light is returning. We will now just teach in conscious alignment with Divine Order.

I would love to hear your experiences in opening to this new energy.

Much love to all
~ Belinda



Journey into the Divine Source – TheTwinFlames

TheTwinflames·29 videos

My favorite teacher “Abraham” says: Alignment first, action after.” Aligning with the Source is a powerful tool. It is a way of being, a way of living a fulfilled life. There is nothing we could not be, do or have once we are aligned with the Source. Use the Force- you are a Divine child who emanated from it.

See Energy in the Air – Higher Balance Institute

Higher Balance Institute·59 videos

For more info on seeing and working with spiritual energy, developing your sixth sense – esp – telepathy – astral projection – manifestation – the paranormal and other cool mind/reality hacks check out:

Learn a simple technique will have you actually seeing energy that makes up the world around you within minutes. The more you work with this technique, the more you will realize that life really is an illusion…

Eric Robison author of Bending God: A Memoir, walks you through how to see energy in the air.

Watch the video on how to see energy in the air:

Pillar of Light – A Meditation

occupythebook·14 videos

This is a video to help people ascend from the third dimension up towards the fifth. It will raise your vibration and attune you to aspects of the world similar to Reiki. You should cleanse your chakras first. You should cleanse your space and only invite the highest of love, light and wisdom to be with you as you partake in this. Please share it and help spread the message.

Laura Pieratt – Gifts Of The Elohim – Light Frequency Alignments

Laura Pieratt·5 videos


Shiva Lingam

Alice Clagett·89 videos

Dear Ones,
Looks like someone placed this shiva lingam in the mountains. It reminds me a little of a granite shiva lingam at the meditation place I go to in Durango. Look what the sunlight does!

I think of the shiva lingam as the creative principle of the universe. If we use our will to shut off the flow of energy from our heads and hearts to our sacral and basal chakras, we can never access our Divine right as co-creators of reality. So, let us accept all our energy, as a gift from the Divine, and unite it in our pranic tube. And through that tube, may we unite sky and Earth. We are One! All is One!
In love, light and laughter,

Jamye Price – Light Language – How life supports us – Interview from Wisdom from North

MsOinaes·77 videos

To watch more interviews from Wisdom from North visit

The summer of 2013, I went on a trip with Wisdom From North around the USA to interview inspiring thought leaders and visionaries. This is the eight interview of the total of 11 interviews from this trip. I visited NYC, Sedona, Boulder Creek, Ojai and LA. Check the website to see more interviews from the tour. This time I am in Sedona and meeting Jamye Price, an energy healer who uses Light Language in her healing. This is part 1 of the interview.

To be a Co-Creator and support Wisdom From North please visit

With light from Jannecke Øinæs, Norway

Ms Oinaes Production (c)

Gaia Portal – Higher D Blue Sphere of Light Surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe


4 Oct 2013

Higher D Blue Sphere of Light surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe. Sparkles of point crystals shimmer in this High Atmosphere.

Standardized protocols have now faded completely from Gaia intention space.

Gaia grids have been cleansed of shadow web structures and are now free to operate as intended, without obstructions or restriction.

Global resonance at hu-being levels is felt by all residing there.

Hue-Beings now find application in Higher Realms.

Inner Strength at individual consciousness points coalesces to the “Global Gaia”.

3MIN News – Suspicious Observers – 10-2-13 – CME Impact – Magnetic Storm

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Lucia Rene, Victoria More, Inelia Benz – Energetic Update – Battle Between Light and Dark

AwakenAcademy·2 videos Lucia Rene, Victoria More and Inelia Benz discuss the latest energy on the planet and interpret what many of us have been feeling the past few months.

Soul 4 Free – Inspirations from my Higher Self – Nr. 15


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Light – it is much more than is generally thought 

…and there will be light … Who does not know this phrase? Everybody knows that there is no shadow without light and no darkness may exist without light.

Please very consciously ask yourself: what is light in its true sense and what may light do at all?

Nobody and not at last science may know about all the answers to such question. Science exists in a scope of limited perception resulting that the most important part is missing in scientific view. Only those capable to understand that light is much more – surpassing all our today’s assumptions will be given some possible understanding that our horizon may be too near to our eyes.

Please try to widen and increase your horizon and you will be given the possibility to become aware that behind your horizon there is still much more.

There are matters waiting behind the horizon which still have to be discovered – formed into some structure and wrapped into lingual expression.

This is a journey to discover light. Light is not to be considered outside only but also inside of yourselves. It is the light of the Creator, that special light enlightening the universe and keeping it going. It is light which is the final end and the beginning too i.e. the Alpha and Omega.

Whoever starts this journey will eventually become aware that it is light taking you on its very journey – some journey without any end neither any start since where there is no beginning – the end will be missing likewise.

Whoever may grasp this with his/her understanding will have truly made it. What? Recognizing the secret of all creation – the particular secret which is one of the basic foundation stones of building the creative blueprint and scheme of All-There-Is.

This is one of the universal secrets known already long ago but thrown away as disregarded and invaluable into some remote corner by science and religion since they both institutions were not able to understand.

Be prepared to put off all limitations – set to do what religion and science were not able to do until now. Setting limits to oneself equally means to give oneself up – accepting one’s own limitations means to cut down and reducing oneself also to whatever experience is to come.


Introduction to “Inspirations from my Higher Self” <Link>


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Universe – Source of Infinite Love and Light

kwisital·76 videos

Universal source of Infinite Love and Light!
text written by Néo

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, made of molecules and atoms of this universe.

We are the children of Mother-Father-God.

The universe which is a multiverse frequencies of Light, Love, Peace and Harmony everywhere and forever.

We follow the path of Universal Love and Understanding. This awakening brings us into the most powerful state of unity, bliss and consciousness.We are One with the universe because we live in, it is simply a fact!

We are One connected by Light and Love with the creation,with the creator. And all-together united with our higher-self, we are overcoming the limits and boundaries placed in our mind and subconscious-mind just to control us in fear,darkness,separateness,slavery,pain, suffering…

All the lower vibrations of illusion created by Humankind to serve an egoistic system led by a few power-hungry people.

All this system is falling down because it doesn’t respect the divine nature of Life itself, of mother Earth and her children. Yet with our eyes we can observe that the Universe is something divine, without limit.

So when We elevate our thoughts, our life in Love, Light, Freedom and Peace, we Unite by heart and spirit with all beings of Light, our universal brothers and sisters, the stars and the galaxies.

Then we change the human destiny to a better world, more and more quickly and it is wonderful!!!

So let the illusion, and break the chains of lower vibrations. Do it and find that we are all participants in this heavenly becoming.

Just by being who you truly are.

Magnificent beings of Light and Love!

With your Grace and presence you enlighten the Life, the Future and the Now moment.

The Source flows in you, you are the Source and we are One in this divine evolution.

This is the Universal Love revolution with its frequencies and magnetic fields of light’s achievements!

Be all illuminated in the core of your being, and shine with Light, Peace and Love, wherever you are!

The Light Will Absorb the Darkness – Nova Era Blog


Re-blogged from Monique Mathieu Blog     /    Nova Era Blog

“There have been eras where human beings of this planet had Knowledge, and since they misused it they are obliged to understand their errors: they are coming back therefore until they have understood the suffering they have caused due to a knowledge that they did not know how to guard preciously.

There is also another parameter: there have been some extraordinary civilizations and some extraordinary beings who, after accomplishing all that they had to accomplish in this world of the third dimension, went into other worlds to continue to help; they did, however, leave some markers, some visible and invisible traces that must serve you now or will serve you in a short period of time.

Some of the beings who have Knowledge and who used it well have returned at this end of cycle and in this new cycle to reactivate some markers that they installed hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Human beings always astonish us! They have the impression that life began in this world twelve thousand years ago, some would say fifty thousand years. But fifty or a hundred thousand years are nothing on the scale of life and on the scale of a planet! In your world there are traces that date over four thousand years but you do not realize this because you date them at twelve thousand years.

In your world there are cycles: there have been ‘star wars’ because some beings wanted to take over this marvelous little planet that has always been a jewel in relation to what is on it and in it. It is the same right now but you are not aware of it because those who would like to take it over have done so in another way while also taking over the energy of humanity and sometimes even its suffering. The appropriation is the same except that the means are totally different.

However, the Higher Hierarchies, the managers of this world, have decided that all this must end. Your planet Earth has been an extraordinary laboratory that not only contains the life of all the species, but also a laboratory of physical, psychic, spiritual, and emotional experiences. Your world is therefore precious to evolution.

There are in this world, humans, non-humans, the various kingdoms, and then there is what many humans forget, the consciousness of the planet Earth. Dominant humans forget that despite all of their technology, planet Earth has an immense power that is allied with the elements, the Sun, and with all the other planets of the solar system.

This planetary and solar power is such that no human, no matter how evolved the technology, will never win out!

Some human beings are very pretentious but they understand their mistakes because in your world there will be very great transformations. They thought that these transformations would take place at the end of 2012; the end of 2012 opened the door to the new cycle where the Light will reign and will absorb the darkness.

Up until now and for several thousands of years, the darkness was dominant and was the one to have the power in this world, and now the Light is going to absorb it little by little because this world is no longer going to be a world where duality, suffering, and ignorance reign as masters.

Everything will take place in a very short time, but before that happens, the darkness will try to react. It is not going to give up easily and will fight against the Light that will absorb it little by little; when it realizes that it has no chance, two choices will be presented to it; either allow itself to be absorbed by the Light that will transform it, or be destroyed.

However, there is generally not destruction but transformation. It is only when there is too great a resistance to transformation and to absorption into the Light that the forces of darkness are destroyed and dissolved into the All, because nothing is ever lost, neither energy nor consciousness.”

You can replicate this text and give copies under the following conditions :
  • that it is not cut
  • that there isn’t any modification of its content
  • that you refer to our web site
  • that you mention Monique Mathieu’s name

Reconnecting With Your Higher Self – Awakening The Lightbody

justbernard·360 videos

The official “Awakening the Lightbody” Series by Bernard Alvarez
In this free series from the Global Illumination Council learn about:
– Awakening the Lightbody
– Grounding Meditation
– Learning to go between the thoughts and contact your Higher Self
– What are energy/chi blockages?
– Identifying energy/chi blockages
– The root cause of these energy/chi blockages
– Removing energy/chi blockages
– Activating the Lightbody
– Expanding the Lightbody to create an healing energy grid around the planet

KyronaUnityHope – Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul

KyronaUnityHope·46 videos

Kyrona offers you this divine and nurturing language of light healing transmission, to support you to bring harmony and balance to your physical/etheric body. JOurney with this transmission 3 times daily for at least 7 days or until your energy has re-balanced. It is a great tool to have in your self-healing collection.
With Love Kyrona xx

Mind Science Documentary

anom01y·73 videos


Universal Energy Forecast – Wednesday March 27 2013 – Full Technicolor Moon

Edward Ragosta·80 videos

New Service
Personal Energy Forecast Videos:…

Aisha North – Update On Energies – March 26


Dear friends! It is difficult to describe how I have experienced myself these last few days, it is a sort of mixture of just floating serenely in the Pond, while at the same time barreling fast forward down rapids shouting with joy. But today, there is this strange feeling of “pause”, like the stillness between an exhalation and inhalation.

So I checked in with the CCs as usual and this is what they said: ” You are correct in surmising that you are in a sort of suspension at the moment, between the ebb and flow of these great cycles or waves of energy that are coming your way. It will not be long now before you feel a new surge of energy coming in, but this time it will not come crashing in, rather, you will feel how the momentum starts to build ever so slowly, before it comes higher and higher, rushing in way past the marks left by the old waves. It will come more slowly this time, so it may not feel like your legs will be knocked away under you, but still, it is indeed best to stay centered, lest you should lose balance once again.” I feel myself slowing down, connecting with myself, spending time in solitude, out in Mother Nature. My body still have these strange shifts between lightness and an almost foglike heaviness, where I cannot even think.

But underneath it all I feel the new vibrations as this very solid foundation, giving me so much assurance that I have in some ways “arrived” after all. As always, reading all that you share in this space brings me much joy, and it has been so beautiful to read the descriptions from those of you who took part in the group mediation. Philip, thank you for setting up this “special edition” of your weekly meditation and inviting all Uniponders to take part. I have been “disconnecting” myself lately to better be able to flow through all that is happening to me now, but I have been told that I am to invite you all to a “Gathering around the Pond” as soon as “the dust settles” as The CCs put it. I think you all have felt how the energy in this space has grown so much lately, and judging from the images you shared from your meditations, it will be a very, very powerful experience once we can all sit down and connect.

Until then, I send you all my love and light, and I thank you all for your presence here. You have all poured your light into this beautiful Pond, and it will continue to increase in clarity, brilliance and size as we all let the light continue to flow through us.


Celebrating 2013 – YES with Jasmuheen

jasmuheen·517 videos

New flavors and flows! Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace celebrating, with poetic insight, these wonderful 2013 energies that are now flowing in!


Clearer flows, enlightened being,
opening up, now, sensing, feeling,
rhythms sweet here, so revealing,
pure nourishment, forever feeding.

I say yes, it’s from my soul,
I say yes to feel life’s gold,
I say open, play with me,
As, Being Essence, now we see.

I feel currents flowing wide,
around me, in me, sweeter tides.
On my knees, it’s true am I,
we’ve tuned right in, to paradise!

On my word, I can’t believe,
all the things we now perceive,
all these currents, how they weave,
opening to the vaster me.

We say yes now, yes, yes, yes!
We say peace now, yes, yes, yes!
We say joy now, yes, yes, yes!
Brighter ways now, yes, yes, yes!

All is so brilliant, so are you,
yes, we shine, we do, it’s true,
we’re all lit up, in forms of light,
plugged right in, to wisdom’s sight!

There’s endless Being, on and on,
with Golden light, a special song,
we can sense it, beaming here,
it feels so good, how all are dear.

We let love flow, it sets us free,
it’s making an enlightened ‘we’,
strengthened, sweeter, wiser still,
more at peace, pure love it thrills.

Grace supports all … like a vine,
opens us … to true love’s rhyme,
where we can … all feel sublime,
knowing now … this perfect time.

We said yes now, yes, yes, yes.
We said peace now, yes, yes, yes.
We said joy now, yes, yes, yes.
Brighter plays now, yes, yes, yes.

It’s awe inspiring yet gentle too,
it’s so beguiling, with subtle hues,
Can you can sense it? It’s all around,
flooding our earth, it’s so profound …

We say yes now, yes, yes, yes ….
to love, to peace now, yes, yes, yes!
Just say yes now, yes, yes, yes!
Yes to goodness, yes, yes, yes!

In the Kindness of Sleep – WingMakers

angelicstarseed·12 videos

A guided visualisation taking you to a beautiful Aquamarine Pool of Light to receive a blessing of Love from the Dolphins for healing, spiritual nourishment and relaxation. Take a comfortable position sitting or lying down, close your eyes and relax. Let the Dolphins and the Aquamarine energy soothe your soul!

The Aquamarine Ray and Dolphin Blessing will also help to activate your Higher Heart chakra. The Blessing and attunement of Love, given in the divine language of love, has the meaning of ‘May Divine Light surround you and fill your heart with Love”.

A big thank you to Crystalai and aDolphino’s kind permission to use the music of the Spheres. Please visit their website at and Cosmic Magic School of the Omniverse.

Artwork and meditation by Elaraia Angelstar

(DISCLAIMER: Please only do this meditation if you are comfortable with being in or near water. Please ensure you are fully grounded after the meditation and that you feel fully aware and awake before you pursue any activities afterwards, especially such as driving or operating any kind of machinery. This meditation does not suggest it can heal or cure, and is not intended to replace professional care or help in any way. If you are unwell please always seek medical assistance in the first instance. This video is for entertainment purposes only. The creator of this visualisation takes no responsibility or liability for any outcome of watching or listening to this video ~ all participants partake at their own risk

Galactic Telepathic Expansion – Light Within

rysa5·297 videos

Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance:

Gold Ring High Resolution DVD’s now available at:

Humans and the sentient beings of earth respond to the light and oscillate or vibrate in accord with the energy in the fields of the earth. The brain begins to entrain to the emotional body developed from the heart earth synergy and opens up the mental body of air. The vibration is like the wind stimulating the oceans of water and the corresponding cerebral spinal fluid of the ventricles and the third ventricle harbors the reception of spiritual receptivity. The higher emotional body awakens through the vibratory entrainment the Pineal, Septum Lucidium and Sensory Cortex involving the frontal, occipital and parietal lobes and both hemispheres. This fires the energy of the Light Body and creates the auric envelope or egg shaped magnetic fields that produce manifestations from emotionally empowered thought forms.

Telepathic esp pineal chakra yoga intuition ventricle 2012 mayan calendar dna pleiadian wayshowers sensory mind dreamer

Science of Human Spirit – Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina – Psychology, Body Energy Fields

psychetruth·1,669 videos

Science of the Human Spirit? Energy Fields, Mind Control, Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

Psychetruth News Correspondent, Corrina Rachel, interviews psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross about his research on energy fields of the human body, particularly the eyes. He discusses how electromagnetic energy emitted from the eyes can be measured.

Visit Dr. Ross’ websites at:

Sacred Beings of the Earth

Apostle Pau E Jones·78 videos

We were created in a loving atmosphere, loving care, and with lots of grace. We are sacred, we are blessed, but many have lost their way. Lets tale a journey back home

Ascension User Manual with Almine – Part 1

Almine Wisdom·174 videos

In this first episode of the Ascension User Manual, Almine talks about the road to spiritual mastery. What are the different stages one goes through and what might you expect to encounter? She also talks about:

The spiritualizing of the cells. God-mind, expression and evolution of consciousness and the broader aspects of turning the unknown into the known. The ongoing journey of enlightenment of all of life. The Ascended Mastery Realms. Contrasting resurrection and death. The song of the body. The changes of ascended masters remaining in the flesh. Recapitulation, grids and fields, identity consciousness, beyond the God Kingdom, and silence of the mind. Levels of the spirit realms.

If you’ve enjoyed this first part of the Ascension User Manual, check out all the other parts at

Aleta St. James: Valentine’s Day Love Meditation

aletastjames·29 videos

Renowned energy healer and success coach Aleta St. James guides you through a meditation that will help you celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day.

Patricia Cota Robles – Activation of solar light bodies

PatriciaCotaRobles·9 videos

Precious Hearts,

This is the Cosmic Moment for which we have all been longing. This video is an Activity of Light the Company of Heaven has given to Humanity to help us assimilate the monumental influx of Light we are receiving during the December Solstice, December 20-23, 2012, and it will expand throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Each time we view the video and participate in this Activity of Light, we will accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is taking place in our Earthly Bodies. Day by day we will gently transform our carbon-based planetary bodies into Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies of Infinite Perfection.

God Bless You for the Light you are adding to the world, and God Bless You for being instrumental in lifting this Blessed Planet and ALL her Life into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Patricia Cota-Robles

Magic meets spirituality at Jerusalem’s Festival of Light

The magic of light meets the spirituality of Jerusalem’s Old City at the fourth annual Light Festival.

A quarter million tourists and Israelis were greeted by “Welcome to the Holy City” signs as the sky grew dark and the lights came up on the Jerusalem Light Festival ( in June.

The fourth annual festival was the biggest yet, featuring a dozen Israeli light artists as well as others from France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, England, Holland, Britain and Estonia. They displayed breathtaking light sculptures, interactive video presentations, musical exhibits, street performances, fire shows and large projections, as well as music and movement throughout the Jewish Quarter, Moslem Quarter and Armenian Quarter in the Old City.

Among the performers was William Close, who played a giant Earth Harp. “There are only 20 of them in the world, and to bring this instrument to Jerusalem and to share this art with the people here has been really uplifting and very powerful,” says the musician.
“Light is something very magical, very spiritual, [and] then when you think about Jerusalem, of course there is a lot of symbolic and religious meanings in the city,” says one visitor.
Please credit the MFA for any use of this video.