Kauilapele Morning Message – 11-27-15



This is going to be a rather free flow type of message, as I felt it was time for this.

The energies of the planet are being jostled all around right now, as different levels of consciousness “react” (or don’t react) to what is occurring on the planet, as a result of the incoming Cosmic High Vibrations.

I’m kind of in a type of quandary what my next steps are to be. So what I would tell myself is what I would tell anyone else… “Just BE and LIVE in this one moment… That’s all there is, anyway.”

The whole Middle Eastern soap opera is playing itself out, and there’s really nothing I need to report on any more about that. It is simply a series of steps to the next brighter phase for planet Earth.

The only “thing” I feel is mine to do is to stay in the Light, and remain free from attachments to anyone and anything.

And, yes, there’s Mauna Kea and the Kingdom of Hawai’i, but even those are not my responsibility. As before, about that, “The only “thing” I feel is mine to do is to stay in the Light, and remain free from attachments to anyone and anything.”

Once again, as I write, I am reminded that my primary function here on this planet, at this moment, is energetic… working with energies, and helping to direct in those energies to where they are called for. Maybe transmuting a thing or two. Using the tools that are mine, and doing what I’m called to do.

I’m working primarily for the planet. Yes, the Cosmos is there, too, but my primary mission is to assist this planet in going through whatever it needs to go through to rise up.

So there’s not much more for me to share here right now. There’s a lot of us, working (I trust) in harmony for this planetary uprising.

Aloha all, Kp

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Events within the Now of the Spring Equinox – 3-6-15


Suzanne Lie

It is the NOW of Amazing Energy Fields are Entering our Life

Questions and Answers with the Arcturians


Question: I feel like there is something really big coming. Is that correct?

Arcturians: You are very correct that there is a major activation that is coming into Beingness around, during and after what you would call the “time” of the Spring Equinox. There are two reasons why this activation energy field is being released around that moment of the NOW.


One reason is because it is the Spring Equinox, which signals the end of the long winter and the beginning of Spring. Hence, it is a Now in which people are more happy than usual. People who have suffered through long winters, just as with the winter in the Northeast of the United States, are happy to welcome the return of Spring.

Winter represents the season in which whatever is too old or has reached the end of it cycle is released form the 3D Matrix. On the other hand, Spring is a time of birth and rebirth. New animals are born and plants that slept through the long winter blossom into the “flowers” of Spring.

During this Spring Equinox many of the old ways of thinking and perceiving must be “let go” as they will not fit the new paradigm. Spring of 2015 will welcome new way of thinking so that you can perceive the higher dimensions.

Of course, your thoughts influence your perceptions – AND your perceptions influence your thoughts. When your thoughts are, “Okay, NOW we are going into the next phase” they influence your perceptions to be aware of what they will discover in the new season. Then, as more and more people perceive a shift, it makes it safer for others to allow their new hopes and desires to manifest.

Hence, as the Winter ends and Spring begins there is an opportunity for new thoughts and new expectations to enter your consciousness. Once you expect something new, you will look for signs of something new and fresh to enter your reality. Therefore, Spring is a perfect moment of the NOW to bring in energy fields that are filled with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.


Along with that beginning of Spring is the Solar Eclipse that is occurring within the same NOW. A Solar Eclipse represents a reset. You are all aware that sometimes your computers will get confused, and you have to turn them off to reset the system. Then turn them on again.

When you reset the Sun with an eclipse it is very different than when you reset the Moon. However, the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse are close to each other within your time zone. The Solar, male, Sun, represents the initiation of the shift from the current energy field into a higher frequency energy field.

The Lunar Eclipse, female, brings in and absorbs the energy fields that you have been living in from the time between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse. In that “in between” you have a chance to integrate the energy into your body, your consciousness, your perceptions and your daily life.


Another very important influence on this incoming energy field is that Uranus and Pluto in the sky are finally completing their dance of squaring each other by being 90 degrees apart from each other in the sky. In order to best explain the meaning of “Pluto square Uranus”, we will look at the two planets individually.

Pluto represents an extreme transmutation of a given energy field. We say “extreme” because with Pluto transmutation something often needs to “die.” In other words, some component of the old energy field will need to be completely released and cross over into the next dimension. Uranus represents “do it NOW.”

Therefore the release of certain energy patterns will be released within the NOW of the end of the Winter cycle and beginning of the Spring cycle of the Solar Eclipse.


Now, let us look at the sign in which each of these planets are currently residing. The sign of a planet is the “energy field” which is constantly influencing that planet.

Both Pluto and Uranus have been in their “signs” for half of the cycle of that sign. (15 degrees of the 30 degrees of each sign.) Pluto is in Capricorn. Among other things, Capricorn represents world governments. Pluto is half way through its process of the transmutation process of world governments.

Uranus is in Aries, which among other things represents new beginnings, new births. Uranus is half way through the process of “new birth.” Therefore, the signs of the planets say, “Transmutation of world governments is occurring NOW.”


A square, 90 degrees apart, represents potential power. Each aspect can be represented like rivers. A conjunction, 10 degrees, is like two rivers travelling side by side. A trine, 120 degrees, is the best way for two rivers to merge into one river and a square, 90 degrees, is much like a waterfall. If you try to ignore that you are coming to a waterfall, you could easily drown. However, if you build a dam at the base of the waterfall, you will gain great power.

To summarize, Uranus is ready to bring in the transit NOW to begin a NEW way of thinking and perceiving reality. The energy of Uranus cannot be ignored, as it WILL influence your life whether or not you are ready. The energy of Pluto, on the other hand, is very quiet, but moves into your deepest and highest states of consciousness to transmute your experiences and reactions to life

Uranus says, “It is the NOW. Personally you don’t get a choice. You are part of a bigger system and this bigger system says this is the Now.” Pluto says, “I am here NOW to transmute world government.”

When you put Pluto and Uranus 90 degrees apart they say, “Great transmutations of world government are occurring NOW. If you are not aware of this fact you may be ‘cast about’ by the process of change. However, if you can openly embrace this change, you can connect with the power you have within.”

Uranus says, “There is not choice. It is the NOW,” and Pluto says, “Whatever cannot be transmuted must be released.” Therefore, the combination of these many, simultaneous energy fields represent a radical reboot to transmute the structure of personal, governmental and planetary consciousness.

Question/Comment: This is the last square of the seven. The Pluto/Uranus square – this is the last of the seven.

Arcturian Answer: Seven, of course, is a very powerful number. The number 7 often represents the seeker of the truth (Uranus), and is willing to overturn every rock to find that truth (Pluto). Seven is a metaphysical, and hence a Multidimensional, number.

Much like Plutonian energy, the number 7 often represents alchemical changes. There are great alchemical changes that will begin to occur on a cellular level. In fact the changes will begin at the level of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as these 3D elements transmute into 5D Elementals.

Therefore, as reality begins to shift, it shifts at the very beginnings of ALL life. Everything on Planet Earth is a member of the Elemental Kingdom, thus everything is shifting. Those who are aware and prepared for the re-boot will shift as quickly as their physical bodies and psychological brain waves are able to embrace. Then it will be their assignment to assist others with their re-boot.

The re-boot will move through states of consciousness, which is why we instructed Suzille to write the long series on “States of Consciousness,”which began in January of 2015 on this blog. We want people to realize that different states of consciousness activate different perceptions.

Humans, even our own Emissaries to Earth of whom you have spoken, will not be able to perceive these shifts unless they are in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which would be at Delta or preferably and Gamma Wave Consciousness.

During this process it will be helpful if you allow your body to rest. Remember, when your computer is re-booting you are unable to use it. It may feel similar with your human form. Do not fight the feeling. Instead, meditate, relax, laugh with friends, eat sparsely and get a lot of sleep.

In other words, the elements of your body will need to be still. Then you can meditate to expand your consciousness into a higher frequency of awareness. The energies will enter your form via your Pineal Gland, but the process will occur in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind will better grasp the situation as it resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Once the perception of your re-boot is stored in your Multidimensional Mind it can later be downloaded into your third-dimensional brain. Your Multidimensional Mind can accept the entire hit at once because it will come in as a blast of the Now.

Your 3D brain or the 3D body could be harmed by that sudden download. Therefore, the energy will first go into the Multidimensional Mind where it is all stored in your personal “external hard drive.” Then your physical brain, the computer for the third-dimensional vehicle, can gradually download what your state of consciousness and physical form can safely accept.

Each of you will download what is in alignment with your personal mission first and then move on to Gaia’s planetary mission. It is important that you all hold your own pieces of the picture. Then you will be called on to connect in Planetary Consciousness in order to gain the entire energy package. Only while you are in “Planetary Unity Consciousness,” will you be able to put together the pieces of this huge, planetary “jigsaw puzzle.”

Finishing this jigsaw puzzle will take what you as humans perceive as time, but we as Arcturians and we as Galactics all perceive as “The Now.” Those that are in communion with their fifth dimensional – and beyond – expressions of SELF, will also receive the energy within the Now.

Those of you who are consciously connected with your Multidimensional SELF will be able to experience a unique experience of feeling this energetic download in the Now. But you will also recognize that it will take “time” for this translation of energy to be shared on the third and fourth dimension.

Question: Is there a danger we need to prepare for?

Arcturians: We do not feel danger. If you are afraid, your consciousness will drop and you will miss the entire experience. However, if you embrace the energy filed of Unconditional Love and encircle yourself in the Violet Fire, your transmutation will feel like infinite Love and transmutation – which it IS!

To assure a calmer experience, practice holding Unconditional Love while you encircle yourself with Violet Fire. The Violet Fire encircling you allows you to step down any transmutation process in a manner that does not damage your physical form, frighten your emotional body and/or confuse your mental body.

Also, focus on your Multidimensional Mind so that your 3D brain doesn’t get upset trying to take in an energy field that is beyond time and try to place it into your 3D brain, which is prepared to accept that frequency of energy.

There are certain protections and firewalls that occur at certain levels of initiation. As we have said, we have downloaded a fragment of our Multidimensional Essence into the physical bodies of our “Volunteers to Ascending Earth.” This download is more than just DNA. We/YOU have actually sent a percentage of the essence of your higher dimensional SELF into the Earth vessel you are currently wearing.

Therefore, our “Volunteers to Earth” have two sets of DNA. One is in the third and fourth dimension and the other is fifth-dimension. These two frequencies of DNA are intertwined, but your third dimensional machines can only view the 3D strands DNA.

You, our Volunteers, will be among the initial holders of these new energy fields because you have already spent your entire life holding two different frequencies of DNA. The component of your DNA that will contain this energy is what has been called “Junk DNA.” This DNA, erroneously labeled as junk, is actually 97% of your DNA, which contains small, Multidimensional wormholes that are the foundation of your Lightbody.

It is through these wormholes that you will integrate the energy field of the Eclipse, as well as all the other marvelous energies stored in your Multidimensional Mind. When you are ready, you will slowly release your fifth dimensional essence into your 3D brain, and then into your 3D body via the “wormholes” of your Junk DNA.

Question: Is it true that our process begins when we merge our thoughts and emotions to create thoughtforms of Ascension?

Arcturians: Yes, Because of the transmutational energy fields you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness. Then your fifth-dimensional consciousness will greatly accelerate your powers of manifestation. However, you will need to BE the master of your thoughts and emotions because “What you think about, you will bring about.”

Also, when you couple your thoughts with your emotions, you create thoughtforms that precede you through your life. In this manner you can remember how to be the Creator of your own life. Do you remember how often your fell when your learned to walk or how difficult it was to learn to talk? In a manner, you are going through that same process NOW.

You are remembering how to walk into and communicate with a higher frequency of reality that you have largely forgotten. Therefore, you will likely become confused or doubt yourself, which is when you call in Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire.

The Unconditional Love will allow you to “make mistakes” without any judgment, and the Violet Fire will aid you with your transmutation back to your true Lightbody. Many of our dear Volunteers to Ascending Earth are remembering that time is an illusion and that living in the NOW greatly assists their conscious reconnection with their true, Multidimensional SELF in the higher frequencies of reality.

Blessings Dear Ascending ONES

The Arcturians

The Arcturians – Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 3, 2015. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

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Irene Chung – What Is Energy

Irene Chung

A discussion of what Energy is, what is positive, negative, good or bad energy, and how energy affects our lives.


Lisa Gawles – The Building of Your New Energy Field – Bubble of Creation – 8-26-14

 Snow globe

Not sharing for three days gives me a lot to catch up on and sadly it will be the short version of it all.  I am going to start with one of the most important factors I have been seeing the last couple days.  That pool of thick honey like liquid that represents the overlapping of August and September energies is now starting to form into your new reality.  Now what I mean by that, if you can imagine every single person lives within their own created reality.  Kind of like being in a snow globe where everything is alive and appears and disappears at your command (core energy frequency.)  The texture and frequency of the globe itself resonates to your core energy and brings to life all that is radiating from within you, even to the point of bringing other snow globes to come join you and then releases them when they no longer hold your frequency.  This is what I refer to as you field of life and your bubble of created reality.

Let me explain this one as clearly as I can and I am going to back it up to the first super moon of July.  With the first of the three super moons in July, it started the melting point.  The melting of the snow globe itself.  A complete change in frequency, some went higher, some went lower, all perfect for the individual and collective experience at hand.

As the outer globe was starting to melt, many things came to the forefront.  Unrealized desires started to come back around seeking expression.  Old unexpressed emotions started to bubble back up, new skills and understandings started to just be there and so much more.  What we started to apply even in the smallest of ways, melted down even further.  What we cleared as unwanted or unneeded experience, recycled itself back into the vat of life energy.  As we moved to the middle super moon of August, all that will be a part of your next great adventure was a pool of thick energy to my viewing eyes.  Most people had like these bubbles inside the thick honey (but not everyone) and it is only today that I do understand those bubbles are things that have yet to be tapped into, but when you put your body, your mind in the right place, each bubble suddenly opens and becomes a part of your energy field.  Its funny, I keep seeing the video game Mario brothers and the power up mushrooms.

Now, with the pull of this final super moon in this 40 year cycle, the energy of the honey looking liquid is now forming a new bubble, or a new snow globe shell.  I have been explaining it like this:  As we moved into July the house we were living in was torn down, then liquified so that the new materials could rebuild the new house that you will live in.  All the while, we never moved out, it all is happening while we still are in it.

Keeping all the above in mind, we are also seeing the earth do the very same thing.  The largest of snow globes, that houses every one of our own individual snow globes is equally undergoing this process too.  How could it be any other way.  This is the new earth I am seeing and have been seeing for most of this year, that is October.  As within, so without and vise versa.

September is going to serve much like the straining process.  Funny, I see it like everyone gets into their own colander, where all the excess falls away and what is left is the core energy that we will experience in this next cycle (within a cycle, within a cycle.)

What is important to realize is the new earth emerging in October is even more pristine than the one we moved into January 2013.  It is a more rarefied living environment of true Source energy and we can only jump from this earth to that earth if we meet that frequency.  Which means we must be clearer and more confident than we are even now.  Out loud in full truth of our Self’s.

I had to go for a CT scan yesterday morning and I popped in my “25 Core Messages From God” (by Neale Donald Walsch) audio book.  Many of the things I was hearing felt so relevant for this moment in time we are all in.  Maybe less relevant and more ESSENTIAL to apply and really understand as a living expression of Source.   Sadly, while driving in a car I cannot just take notes, and god bless my memory bank.  The one thing that stands out right now is something he said that reminded me of a reading I did a week ago.

“What flows thru you, sticks to you.”

The sticky outer snow globe substance.  The moment you put something out, its reflection is already stuck onto your snow globe of experienced reality.  Anything that is stuck on the outer side of your snow globe, changes its energy construct with its energy.  This is extraordinarily exciting, as much as it demands caution too.  Before I expand on this understanding, I want to couple it with another semi-quote from this book, because it is floating in eyes balls to share here lol.

‘What you desire, cause someone else to experience.’  (Not sure if that is word for word accurate.)

Let’s start with the intangible meaning of this.  Flowing down thru you is the pure energy of Love, divine, unconditional love.  You feel it in your core and breathe it out as your breath of life.  Your desire to have that kind of relationship(s) in your life becomes stronger.  Suddenly, something is sticking to your snow globe.  Something or someone that equally (but most likely not consciously) desires the same thing.  Lets make it easy and call it a person.  A person suddenly shows up in your life  that is filled with judgement and condemnation for their lot in life.  The first thing you think, this is NOT what I wanted and maybe you might be trying to find a way to avoid this person when in reality, the true reality, your job is to fill this person with unconditional love, divine love and assistance as you help them release their perceptions and change their own world.  Cause someone else to have what you desire.

Now let’s take this to the tangible.  Many people seek financial security, especially in doing what they love to do, instead of doing what they feel they have to do.  So with this, lets say your finances are thin and suddenly, in your desire for more abundance in your world of money, someone suddenly shows up who is more in need than you are.  Do you choose to help them feel more financially supported, or do you hang on to every penny because you just don’t know where your extra pennies are coming from?

The more you ARE the pure abundant living energy of Source, the more that must come back to you as well.  Give a dollar find a hundred. This is true for every single aspect of life itself.

You take someone like me, on this path, I started sharing long before I realized I had something significant to share.  I just shared hoping someone would help me understand what I was experiencing and truthfully, have not stopped sharing since.  Much has been given to me in the true understandings of life and spirit.

Give more than you think you have and be open to receive the abundance of all there IS.

There is a tale of caution here too, one that is becoming my own experience.  Sometimes, we spend more time giving than we do taking in the joy and wonder of life itself and we become depleted.  This is where I am emerging from.  I have been exhausted every day.  I am waking up more tired than I went to sleep consistently.  I realized, yesterday in my car ride and even a bit in the conversation I had with George.  I work all the time.  10-13 hours every single day.  I have not been very good at taking days off either.  By the time I am done, I overly done.  So for now, I am suspending the Soul Gym for the next couple of months.  We will finish August together and then pick up another time down the road.  I am sorry to be so sudden with this choice, but if you seen my visual yesterday, you would understand why.  I Am Changing lol.

Well, this sure didn’t go in the direction I thought it would, but I supposed, it went where it was needed to go.  On that note, there is so much more to share and (maybe) that will be tomorrows sharing.

I love you all and celebrate where you and we brought ourselves in this most amazing time upon earth!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and magnetic fields of wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S.  “Lisa’s Bailout Plan” lol with the BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):  https://lisagawlas.simplifyaccounts.com/index.html?page=package&showHeader=0&version=v2




Judith Kusel – Energy Fields of the Earth – 7-3-14

Mario Gattoaladino


8-year-old Boy – Builds Crystal Grids to clear Negative Energy – Explains how it works

Kristopher Love // & SOUL Spot TV Family·59 videos

8 year old Adam introduces his latest crystal grid, which he calls a “web” grid. It pulls in dark energy and transmutes it to the light.

You can find Adam at http://www.crystalgridmaker.com/ it has nothing on it as of yet but I am sure he will have a method for speaking with soon enough.

It took Adam about 10 minutes to build this grid which is full of various crystals – Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestial Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz points, Vogels, and several Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Adam didn’t pull the pattern of the grid out of a book or research it on the internet. Instead he chose to listen to the guidance of the stones themselves.

Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton – Morphic Resonance

Peter Muttenthaler·15 videos