Blossom Goodchild – Fight for the Light – 1-28-14

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Anthony Morrison: It’s not often Blossom writes as herself. I’m sure many of us can relate to this stirring’ light call to arms’, so to speak.

By Blossom Goodchild –  January 24, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come’ … as the hymn goes! And it looks like we shall continue on through those many dangers toils and snares, because


That is not to say that at times … we FEEL like throwing in the towel. Yesterday, I heard a very good interview by a man named Chris Thomas. It was very enlightening. Yet my jaw dropped open when he explained that the WiFi was designed to destroy our brain cells within two to three years (depending on usage) which in turn will then transform them into cancer! Now, of course I KNOW that mobile phones and computers are bad for us … yet I naively had not put two and two together of WIFI being the ‘killer’ AND … I use it a lot. How else would I get my messages out and answer emails?

Part of me wanted to just give up. I thought ‘Oh, what’s the point! They’ve got us over a barrel.’ Because sometimes I just feel that way.

Yet the other side of me … the BLOSSOM THAT I AM HERE TO BE, decided that although that may well be the case … I would carry on doing all I can do to Be/Share my Light, and what happens within that ‘doing’, is as it should be . (All the while of course, whilst on the computer, putting my protection up. For is it not the intent within anything that gives it purpose?) If it be so that the dreaded WiFi kills me off, then SO BE IT!

It has got to the point where there seems very little left that isn’t tainted by the dark one’s ploys to eradicate us from the system. We seem pretty helpless in some ways … against odds such as they have delivered. Yet … within me … deep inside me … there is a FEELING THAT WE CAN AND WE WILL make it through their deviant mastery … and at the end of the day … I was brought up to believe that LOVE CONQUERS ALL .

Whenever I am made aware of matters that shadow the soul … I am learning more and more to switch it off and switch on my LOVE BUG!

By continually reminding the soulself that LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS, it somehow allows me to ‘get back in the zone’ where smiling comes naturally … instead of the hunched shoulders and downhearted persona that one can so very easily adopt … without even realising .



We DO need to pull our socks up every now and then and stride forth in our KNOWING.

We DO NEED to accept that we do not KNOW on a conscious level, what that KNOWING is.

Yet one thing I DO KNOW … That KNOWING is a FEELING that I cannot put into words. It just FEELS RIGHT when I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and connect up with my heart. It tells me nothing in words … yet relates ‘everything’ I need in one enormous FEELING of KNOWING that this LOVE thing … is the ultimate.


So, throughout all that one may read or hear, to do with creations of universes by ET races and matters that blow your head off … by just ‘acknowledging’ these things and allowing them to be taken away by the breeze … we can then focus on what we KNOW is important … BEING LOVE … NO MATTER WHAT!

So, what if many of these ‘awkward tales’, these ‘uncomfortable eye openers’ are for real … SO WHAT!!!???

What difference does it really make to you NOW? So you’ve discovered another possibility of how we came here … You’ve discovered that maybe Jesus wasn’t crucified … or was he? WHO KNOWS? …

And I say this … please understand … I say this in respect … in order to get my point across … WHO CARES!?!?  It’s not about the ‘then’ … It’s about the NOW … For NOW is the only time we have the opportunity TO BE LOVE … NOW IN THIS VERY MOMENT.

So we have to let go off what has been … and of what maybe … and concentrate only on BEING LOVE AS YOU BREATH IN LIFE ITSELF!

And that, my friends … surely is enough to keep us busy FOR NOW , instead of wavering off course and being sucked under by that which so obviously does not serve , yet we read it or listen to it anyway.

Yes, it is good to be informed about certain things. Yet there is so much that is shoved in your face constantly as a reminder that life is crap and there is nothing but more of the same coming to you day after day after day.

Recognise THAT at least … and switch off from the humdrum influences that ‘put us out’ in order to ‘put us under’.

FIGHT FOR THE LIGHT that is ours to enjoy on this planet.

FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT that is ours to BE on this planet.

I KNOW … I JUST KNOW inside me that we have the opportunity to SEE THIS EARTH through into its NEW phase. The One we came here to assist and achieve in doing so.


Are you with me brothers and sisters?


In Love, Light, Laughter &Golden Rays

Blossom G. xxx


Archangel Gabriel – Creating A Matrix For Sacred Light – Channeler: Shanta Gabriel – 1-24-14

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listering video and reading: http://federazionegalatticadiluce.blo…

Shanta Gabriel

Elizabeth Ayres Escher – The Light Collective – On Waves of Light We Come – 1-20-14

Granite Peak

The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

We are the Light Collective and we come to you upon waves of light. Feel the love within your heart that resonates with the frequency of this transmission. Feel the love that you are.

With much eagerness we come to you today, in celebration and recognition of the masses of humanity who are now coming awake. Like the princess locked in her deserted castle, these people are stirring from a long sleep as they have been kissed awake by the cosmic rays penetrating the thorny forest of the matrix surrounding them.

As the frequency of the planet increases, your frequency also rises. If there is resistance, there will be souls who choose to leave. There is no judgment for each soul has its own lessons and own timing.

Have you begun to hear the voiceless voice within your own being, your divine guide that will lead you through the doubts and fears that you might still carry within? Do you trust your body, your intuition, your inner guidance? Do you listen to yourself and the conversations that you experience within? Do you doubt your abilities to discern for yourself as to what to do, what direction you should proceed? Do you still require a plan before you will proceed?

When the limits of your world are expanding, how do you respond? Do you attack those who present new ideas of how to do things? Do you envy those who seem to be more in touch with their center than you are at the moment? Let these things go, dear ones, and allow yourself to be fully where you are now.

Even if you believe in all sincerity that you have just started your journey, we now lovingly remind you that for all of you this is a process of reiteration that you are now embarking upon. All of those who are incarnated upon the planet are masters. We do not share this information as a jest or impossibility, but as a truth that you will begin to recognize for yourself as you proceed to open yourself up to the energies of your higher self and full multidimensionality.

All humans are starseeds. The human race is the creation of many galactic races and as such you carry the seeds of divinity within. All of you are ambassadors for other worlds and dimensions and even Universes, as part of the Multiverse. Your presence here is a sacred journey, even if you do not yet deem it as such.

Whether or not that seed has been activated depends on the frequency levels attained by the individual during any particular lifetime. Each life is a process of moving closer to the Path of Mastery. Some lifetimes are spent learning lessons and undergoing challenges.

As you proceed towards self-awareness and awareness of Self, as the I AM Presence or Christic consciousness that resides within your heart flame, you anchor all the attainment and gifts that you have won through previous incarnations, whether on GAIA or other worlds and dimensions. You are truly the sum of your Wholeness.

Allow yourself to open to the possibility that you are more than a housewife, a mother, a brother, a co-worker and at the same time revel in the revelation that even the most humble soul embodied here carries a divine seed within. Through simplicity, sincerity and humility you can approach the throne of Mother / Father God. It resides within you.

You will find your Mother, as a lovely woman who in a dream graciously hands you a plate of seeds. As you gaze upon her face in wonder, you will see your face reflected in her dark eyes. In the face of your Father, you will see compassion and strength, the protective spirit that guides and informs, yet allows you to grow in your own season.

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of spirit, light beings, ascended masters, angelic beings and elementals, all of whom desire to be of assistance to those who are feeling the first stirrings of growth within, to those who desire to be filled with the transmuting flame of the 7th Ray, with the fullness of the compassion and love of the 3rd of Active Intelligence, with all the Rays of God.

We ask you to sit with self in a quiet place and allow yourself to open up to the 122 rays of God as they stream forth from your Higher Self, and fill your four bodies. Feel the union of masculine mental body and feminine emotional bodies take place as the rays swirl and spiral through your being. Allow the masters and elementals, the healing masters and light beings to work their magic within your temple of living light.

Do you realize that as your frequency rises up so will your understanding grow? This understanding will not always translate into words, but you will suddenly know that you know. It is not necessary to understand from where this wisdom emerges precisely, but know that the knowledge will be there when you are in need and open yourself up to the possibility that you deserve to receive that which you need.

Be open to the awareness that you are more than you seem, as a solitary human living in an unkind world. This is not truth as you are never alone. Even during those darkest moments of isolation and despair, if you but reach out and call upon the angels to assist you, you will discover immediate assistance in the form of a sense of well-being and nurturance. Even if you cannot see the arms that embrace you in compassion, you will feel them.

We are ever with you and wish you to call on us. Surround yourself with the protective energies of Archangel Michael and then call upon the highest energies of heaven to assist you in your endeavors. Know that you are worthy of receiving guidance, and that if though you may not yet be aware of it, you have been receiving guidance before ever you stepped into embodiment.

As you proceed along your journey, you will receive and be able to receive more by being willing to open, to explore and to move beyond the limitations that have been artificially created in the old world paradigm, designed to keep you within bounds and confined in a mental / emotional and sometimes physically enslavement. You have been freed from those binders; now it is up to you to move beyond the walls of fear and anger and step into the love that you are.

Become aware that within each of you exists a unique guidance system. As you connect to that inner beacon, you will find yourself moving and changing in unexpected ways. Allow for flow and abundance to enter your life. Allow for the love that is carried by the cosmic winds to scour your energetic bodies of all astral and karmic debris. Step forth into the light of the new dawn as an entirely new creation, a divine being capable of walking between the worlds and dimensions.

This journey proceeds step by step, as your frequency levels are increased slowly to allow your physical vessel, the temple in which you reside, to adjust and adapt. You will feel, to various degrees, the aches and pains as the body protests and then realigns to the higher frequency levels. You will find yourself craving different foods, experiences and states of awareness. Allow for the changes to occur and know whatever presents to you in your daily life is there for a reason. Understand that you are not here to be punished but tested to see if you have truly incorporated (brought into your body) all the energies to which you have been exposed.

If you continue to dwell in a place filled with anger, resentment and hate, the Universe will continue to present more of the same to you. We are not advising you to not see what presently exists in your world in the form of suffering, despair, destitution, destruction and division, but know that those things are not what your Mother / Father God desire for you.

However, you are the only one who can decide to lift yourself up out of the pit of despair and to embrace the at-one-ment that God desires for all of His children. You must reach out and allow spirit to enter within to activate the fire on the altar. You must realize that you are co-Creator with your own divine flame and have come here to overcome all previous timelines when you thought that you were not worthy of love and turned away from those who love you unconditionally.

You have not been forgotten or abandoned. You chose to come here, to experience all the extremes of duality on a free-will planet. You have come here so that your soul could grow faster than would ever be possible on a planet where all exist in harmony and Oneness. You have come here to be challenged and stretched beyond anything that you ever imagined possible and so it has come about. You have succeeded in educating your home worlds of the possibilities that exist when there is some duality in experience. And now some of you are ready to return to your worlds as teachers and leaders and so it will be but not before humanity as a whole ascends, here and now.

Ascension is really de-ascension, where the energies of the Higher Self are downloaded and allowed to be incorporated into the four lower bodies, which in turn, become one activated light body of great power and beauty. This is not a process that can occur overnight. And for some, it is not a process that will be completed in this lifetime or even the next. However, there are those who are the frontrunners of humanity who will lead human awareness to greater heights in this lifetime and those who will return in bodies more suitable to carry the higher vibrations, who will return in future lives.

Whatever you have been promised, know that you are the one who will do the work of grounding heaven on earth. Ascension will not just “happen” to you; mastery is a course of many lifetimes. Some of those who are embodied now, have been preparing for these times for many incarnations. Not all are prepared to let go of their daily existence and leave all that they know behind them. However, those who hear the call within will be prepared and will respond because they must; it is their will to do so and they respond to the call of their own Soul.

Do not despair if you do not hear the inner music of the soul reverberating through your heartstrings. It is there nonetheless; it is real and you will hear it when you are ready and open. Do what you can to release fear and the expectations placed upon you by others. Do what you can to respond to your intuition. Become aware of the beauty that surrounds you. A world of great beauty, abundance and grace already exists, even on this planet.

Are you ready to embrace the possibility that you deserve love and are capable of sharing that love with all that you see and experience in life. Can you love the darkest part of yourself that you can imagine within? Can you love the lost child that each adult has left behind? Can you love the homeless man who sleeps on the grate in the cold night? Can you embrace those who seek to destroy you and your world? Are you ready to step into the light and be shown by the angels what you have been and have done? Are you willing to let go of self-judgment and the judgment of others and to embrace your connection to all life? Are you willing to love yourself? Are you willing to feel that you are capable of great things?

Step forth into the light of your Higher Self and know that you are love. Know that you will continue to experience challenges and tests along the way. It is how you choose to react or not to those challenges that will determine whether or not you are capable of carrying and holding more light. And as you accept the challenges as opportunities so shall your light expand so that you become a beacon for those who come behind you.

Ascension is not a race, so it is wise not to compare yourself to others. Each of you will approach your path in your own unique fashion. Some of you will want to use others as guides. Still others will prefer to undergo the testing and steps on their own, seeking the guidance that resides within. As you open to the energies and fiery tests of ascension you will naturally come into resonance with those who are at a similar level. Never expect your journey to match that of another; it will never be so as you are a unique, one of a kind facet of the Diamond Mind of God, and as such your journey is your own, but you can share and come together with those who also feel the fires grow within.

And you will eventually or all in a moment of revelation come into an awareness of the sacred and interconnectedness of all life, whether human or animal, plant or the planet itself. Whether the stars, the moon, the sun and the galaxy beyond, all is connected by the great quantum Web of Life; the dark matter that is the Mother binds all together, and you will feel it when you are ready.

Our words that emerge from the braiding of our energies with that of our scribe are simply meant to be guideposts on the path to your mastery. You will be the one to walk that Path. You are all at different levels of awareness; it is as you all agreed it would be before you came into this plane of existence. You all know each other and at some point you will know this in your heart.

We know all of you by name and by your frequency signature. You are followed by your guides and angels. Call upon them in need and even in those moments that you deem less than sublime, when you are washing the dishes, working in the garden, doing the laundry; we are with you as your constant companions, along for the journey. And some day we will walk together under the shining rays of your solar body, side by side, laughing and sharing our companionship with you all.

We end this now, but know that we are ever present on the edge of your awareness. We wait upon you to invite us in so that we might become better acquainted in the now moment.

Our blessings and our love go with you always.


Copyright© Elizabeth Ayres Escher – All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material on this website without express and written permission from its author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Elizabeth Ayres Escher and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Photo: Granite Peak, Central Cascades (

Shiva Lingam

Alice Clagett·89 videos

Dear Ones,
Looks like someone placed this shiva lingam in the mountains. It reminds me a little of a granite shiva lingam at the meditation place I go to in Durango. Look what the sunlight does!

I think of the shiva lingam as the creative principle of the universe. If we use our will to shut off the flow of energy from our heads and hearts to our sacral and basal chakras, we can never access our Divine right as co-creators of reality. So, let us accept all our energy, as a gift from the Divine, and unite it in our pranic tube. And through that tube, may we unite sky and Earth. We are One! All is One!
In love, light and laughter,

Lincoln Gergar – Unblock the Flow of Divine Light from Your Heart – Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self·1,705 videos

Satsang with the Self
video series by Channel Higher Self.

July 3, 2010

Unblock the Flow of Divine Light from Your Heart

Welcome to the Satsang with the Self video series. To learn more about Satsang with the Self, visit: or

Sandra Walter – Deep Ascension Guidance – New Light Waves – The Silence – Pure Light – Pure Conduits

Ascension Integration with Sandra Walter·38 videos

There are incoming waves of light which support an acceleration of the merge. This is an audio of my two latest articles: *The Silence, the Stream, the Fractal* and *Pure Light for Pure Conduits* ~ with footage of the Sunset from atop Mount Shasta. This video is light-encoded to assist your progress if you choose to receive it.

During my time away the Ascension eCourse is $222 (a $111 discount). Visit to sign up or explore more articles and Ascension tools.

Sacred Cosmic Fire of Perfection

Anrita Melchizedek·65 videos

The Sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta ~ The Cosmic Fire of Perfection
Mp3 download
Elders Channeling…

On December 21st, 2012, we entered into a new Golden Age of Light as One Awakened Unified Cosmic Heart through the energy of Divine Love pouring forth from the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. In this Galactic Alignment of Light, all Life moved up an octave, and in this Cosmic In-Breath of Divine Grace, as all planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies drew closer into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, a deeper level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness was activated within the hearts and minds of all Humanity. This unparalleled activity of Light took us into Solar Christ Consciousness through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, our Divine Parents and Twin Flames to this Solar System.

As our Sun becomes the Central Sun and Mother Earth, the Spiritual Sun for this Solar System, Helios and Vesta imbue us in the radiance of their Divine Causal Body of Light and the new Earth Templates through the Cosmic ray of Solar Service, a combination of all twelve rays with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

In the initial creation of our Solar System, Helios and Vesta directed the Light rays of Absolute Consciousness into this Solar system to maintain the planets in a particular orbital position, and to sustain Life thereon. Upon passing this initiation, the Divine Blueprint and Immaculate Conception of our Solar System came into being with the assistance of the Silent Watchers, the Might Elohim, builders of form, and Nature Intelligence.

And now, as the Patterns of Perfection are again being re-experienced through the new Earth Templates in this Golden Age of Light, we are offered an opportunity to experience the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta through their great Spiritual Sun Temple of Light, within the etheric Sun behind the physical Sun. These sacred Cosmic Fires are the Light ray qualities of the Ray of Solar Christ Consciousness, and spiral forth in beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames.

Additionally, as we are drawn into the Divine Causal Body of Helios and Vesta, we are surrounded in an Electronic Ring of Fire, a shield of pure God essence, further activated by our Beloved I Am Presence and sustained by the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta. This highly charged Electronic Ring of Fire is a collective atmospheric space of tremendous radiation that expands exponentially, from the Solar Grid of One Unity Consciousness, and from here, into the Planetary Unity Grid of Divine Love. This further assists the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light directive in the focus of the creation of Heaven on Earth, and our ability to maintain and increase our Light Quotient and affect and create change within our realities.

Read More:…

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek
Co-Created by Adi’El
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Music by Michael Hammer

James Fielden – Invisible Forces Abound

Invisible Forces Abound

James Fielden .com

We move in a world where gravity, magnetism, electrical force and sunlight hold our lives together. Vast, unseen powers sustain the ability of each earthling to live and move, work and play. These universal forces are fundamental to our existence yet are so steady that we are unable to separate them from our ordinary awareness.

Just think about what immense, transparent forces course through us while we read, shop, eat and talk. Beyond the reach of our senses we are saturated with radio waves, x-rays, infrared, and radiation from billions of stars that dance and decay across the Cosmos. Vast levels of influence are all around us; invisible forces abound.

In a similar way, could it be that we are unable to discern the Source of all life, that most basic fabric of ourselves, until we are quiet and centered in pure thought?

It is natural for us to want to know more, and since wisdom and knowledge is the result of life and its experience, we can say with confidence that each of us is guided to unfold this awareness. Indeed, the more we contemplate what vast forces play around us, the more we may become amazed at how our own marvelous insignificance is encouraged to advance.


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Intense Solar Activity – Profound Effects Upon Earth, People, All Living Things – Removing The Shackles Blog


From:  Sol Update   –   D.  of   Removing The Shackles Blog


Ok I know you’re all getting bored with my constant Solar updates….. But I’ve got one more (for today, lol), and then I would like to discuss WHY I’m posting them.

After reporting on the X Class flare in yesterday mornings update, yesterday afternoon and evening we had another X Class flare, 2.1,  and M Class 1.9, and a M 2.3.  And this morning so far we’ve had another M1.9  All four were from spot 1882 (which I mistakenly called 1862 yesterday- my bad).  When 1882 started to swing in around the western limb of Sol, it was a smallish, simple Beta class spot.  After reviewing all the charts last night I pointed out to my captive audience (Heather, Caleb and Nick- who were held captive around the dinner table, lol) (who, by the way, are also probably sick of my constant solar updates)(at least you can choose not to read them, they’re stuck with me, hahahah), that spot 1882, while being classified as a simple Beta, was definitely on the verge of getting broody…. I awoke this morning to see that they had upgraded the classification to Beta Gamma Delta.

I strongly suspect that we’ll continue to see action from 1882 and 1877.  1875 has had a couple of C  and M class flares in the last 48 hours, but has quieted down and is now beginning to rotate away from direct Earth view.

We are currently experiencing the reflections of 4 separate CMEs that have hit in the past 24 hours.

Oh and after 12 Mclass and 2 X class flares in the last 72 hours, they upgraded the risks to M 65% and X 35%.  Thanx for finally waking up guys.

Down below I’ll post a copy of SolarHams excellent review of the last 10 Flares and the current active Sun spots.   *note there is one discrepancy: in the top 10 flares list, it states that the X 2.1 is attributed to 1877- this is a mistake and was corrected by NOAA to be 1882, which they DO list further down in the summary.  I’ve tried to resize the page view to no avail, so I’m sorry if there are issues reading it accurately- you can go the original link HERE.

If you like looking at all the pictures and graphs from Solarham, you can also visit this nifty link from the NASA site:     some of the filter shots of SOL are quite beautiful.  Unfortunately NASA sucks at keeping it up to date. One would almost think they are hiding something…… lol.

Now to the “WHY”.

Back in November 2012 I posted THIS ARTICLE which gives a good basis for my thoughts on the importance of our Sun’s energetic activity:

I have always thought that solar energy is one of the greatest factors in our evolution of consciousness- hence my intense interest in Sol’s endless dance of light.  Reading Daniel’s paper on “Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines & Ascension”  really gave me a boost of “Eureka!!” as he directly linked the activity on and in our sun to the energetic changes happening to us, our planet, and our solar system.

This article also gives a simple explanation (although not quite accurate) of these effects:

A Renaissance in Consciousness

Solar cycles and their activity play an intimate part in the unfoldment of human consciousness. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), all human and animal behavior and all psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.

Solar flares can cause some people to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, irritable, lethargic, to have short term memory loss, to feel nauseous, queasy, and have prolonged head pressure or head aches. They can also cause trouble with the radio, phone, Internet, computers, and all forms of communication–both human and technological.

Solar activity can also be stimulating, invigorating, illuminating, and create a heightened sense of awareness, and it can enhance vision and creativity tremendously. It especially stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which is our center of vision and creativity. The pineal gland is a “neuroendocrine transducer” that converts gravitational-magnetic signals into chemical hormonal responses that control, via the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master control center of the brain that governs the rest of the neurological system. This information expresses into the cellular structure of the individual–essentially into the molecular matrix of the cell in a “DNA Illumination Sequence” that is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. The pituitary is the administrative seat controlling cellular memory, and hence, the remembrance / emergence of our true selves.

How a person experiences enhanced solar activity is a function of the resonance of their physical neurology. If a person is crystalized with mental, emotional and physical blockages, then increase solar activity may seem uncomfortable. It is like trying to get something to improve in vibrational resonance that has resistance to do so. It a person has a more refined neurological resonance, that is for people that have done the inner work to clear mental, emotional and physical crystallizations, then enhanced solar activity is enlivening, and gives one a heightened perceptual awareness. In addition, if a person’s pineal gland is severely calcified, which is common amongst most humans and generally occurs at age six, partly due to the stifling of extra-sensory awareness and creativity when very young, then the pineal is not able to respond (vibrate) to increase “light” solar activity as it should.

Solar activity, although dramatic, catalyzes, and is essential for our evolutionary process by stimulating radical change and transformation in the organizational foundation of matter, energy and consciousness. Solar activity plays an intimate role along with the dynamic transition in Earth’s precessional cycle, and the erect precessional cross which occurred around 1998-2000 A.D. and which began the “time of change” in Earth’s ~25,000-year “Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul.” Solar flare activity and other stellar explosions (supernovas) are the primary catalysts that stimulate a renaissance in consciousness. They provide cosmic impulses that supports the evolutionary maturation of the incarnate soul–the illumination of consciousness that we all seek.

Remember, solar activity illuminates consciousness, dissolving duality’s paradox – the fear and judgment based monsters within are consumed in Light – old patterns of behavior vanish, while true elegance and majesty of self emerges.

Unconditional Love banishes Fear – a choice.
Choose a new octave of participation in harmony and beauty,
above the raging tempest of the old world.

So as I’ve said before, if you’re feeling the physical effects of  all this amazing solar energy, slow down, take it easy and rest as much as possible.  One of my favourite things to do is to go outside and sit back and close my eyes and feel the sun on my face. Imagining it bathing me in positive energy, feeling it flow into me, energizing me.

….. and a little Vitamin D never hurts either!


Since writing this article, almost a year ago, I’ve sent quite a bit of time studying our Sun, and tying together the dots of information here and there that have further solidified my opinion that SOL is definitely triggering changes in us and our planet and is/will be one of the prime catalysts in awakening our latent DNA and re-opening that 90% of our brain that is currently pretending to be nothing more than grey squishy stuff.  I’m not going to get into all the details that I’ve been studying and researching- that would make this article at least 50 pages long and would take probably well over a week just to organize it all.  But I will outline some of the various aspects to the research that I’ve done that has been literally mind blowing when you start to connect the dots.

One of the very blatant dots that has been reinforced over and over is that the world “Governments” are completely aware of ALL of this and doing everything in their power to Stop or at least slow down what is happening.  Their biggest weapons in their arsenal:  Chemtrails and Vaccines.  Followed by Fuoride and the usage of mind numbing medications to dumb down the population and make them more complacent, and of course the Main Stream Media and their mega team of paid shills. Oh and the skin cancer scare and sun screen….. you’ll understand that last one in a minute.

Years ago I watched a video by David Wilcock talking about the effects of solar radiation/particles/waves on seeds that had been sent into space. (sorry I can’t remember which one it was).  David outlined that the difference between the NASA experiment and the one done by the Chinese was that the US based NASA space vehicles are heavily insulated with Aluminum – and their seeds showed no effect from their trip into space.  The Chinese space vehicles on the other hand are NOT heavily insulated with Aluminum and their seeds produced incredible results when planted back on Earth after spending time in space.  The contrast of the outcome was night and day.

….there have also been many articles that talk about the “space euphoria” that astronauts experience while outside of the planet’s atmosphere…. hence the reason they so heavily insulate the ships with Aluminum.

When I listened to this the very first thing that hit me was usage of Aluminum in Vaccines- what better way to “insulate” humans from solar particles/rays than to flood their systems with particulate Aluminum?  Many people who have discovered the toxicity of vaccines get side tracked by the “Mercury” debate, and over look the Aluminum factor.  I had a conversation with Dr. William Sears (a leading pediatrician in the US and outspoken about vaccines and their questionability) about Aluminum, and he outlined that many babies receive several HUNDRED times the recommended daily amount of Aluminum for ADULTS in a single batch of regularly scheduled vaccines!  Just think about that for a moment.

Next we have Chemtrails. One of the main ingredients in chemtrails is …. Aluminum!  Why?  Well, it’s nice and shiny so it bounces back the sun’s light before it reaches Earth, it also forms a physical barrier for light to get through, AND….. it’s a natural insulation that they KNOW blocks the Solar rays.

Handy eh?

Scientist have knows for a long while that the Suns “radiation” can cause “mutations” and physical changes to living organisms, but recently, in the stream of transparency that is flooding across our planet (and universe), there have been several articles that prove not only that we really ARE Beacons of Light, but that light is also a vital component to communication- on the macro and microcosmic levels- healing our bodies and “upgrading” ourselves.

This article “Is DNA the next internet?” is one that every person should read at least once.  It touches on a vast assortment of amazing discoveries on the topics of Cels, DNA, cellular communication, light, frequencies- everyone will find something that resonates intensely  in this article, trust me!

“There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon… Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.”


“Traditionally viewed as the cell’s ‘bone-like’ scaffolding, microtubules and other cytoskeletal structures now appear to fill communicative and information processing roles. Theoretical models suggest how conformational states of tubulins within microtubule lattices can interact with neighboring tubulins to represent, propagate and process information as in molecular-level ‘cellular automata’ computing systems.” — Hameroff and Watt, 1982; Rasmussen et al, 1990; Hameroff et al, 1992

In their paper, Hameroff and Penrose present a model linking microtubules to consciousness using quantum theory. In their model, quantum coherence emerges, and is isolated in brain microtubules until a threshold related to quantum gravity is reached. The resultant self-collapse creates an instantaneous “now” event. Sequences of such events create a flow of time, and consciousness.
Don’t worry if you can’t understand this. It’s heavy reading but it does show that the existence of internal photons — inner light — is very real and is the basis of virtually all human cellular and systemic function.

VERY Interesting!!!

When we look at sunlight and the body’s functions that are directly influenced by that light, I can see the dots that tie together so many aspects of our body’s functions in healing and protection and the direct lines to what has been done by those who’ve tried to interfere with  these processes.

As I said, I cannot possibly go into all the detailed research here, but a few pieces that I’ll put out for you to look at at your leisure are:

Melanin:  We all know that this is the stuff that gives us a golden tan in the sun, but it’s not just a pretty colourant that gives us a healthy glow.

For many dominant animals, melanin pigments are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine. There are three basic types, namely eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin.
… Neuromelanin is present in the brain, but its function remains obscure. The production of melanin in human skin is called melanogenesis. This occurs by means of a process called “ultrafast internal conversion“, which enables melanin to dissipate more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation as heat[


Neuromelanin (NM) is a dark polymer pigment produced in specific populations of catecholaminergic neurons in the brain. Humans have the most number of NM, while they are in lesser amount in other non-human primates, and totally absent in lower species.[7] However, the biological function remains unknown, although human NM has been shown to efficiently bind transition metals such as iron, as well as other potentially toxic molecules.


Neuromelanin also binds to Aluminum.    ….also damn interesting eh?

Although the functional nature of neuromelanin is unknown in the brain, the pigment is made from oxyradical metabolites of monoamine neurotransmitters including dopamine and norepinephrine.

Dopamine: In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells..

Neurotransmitters….. kinda like “scaffolding, microtubules and other cytoskeletal structures now appear to fill communicative and information processing roles.”….as in the super highway of the brain and nervous system.

So we have Neuromelanin, which is a sub group of Melanin, which is triggered by sunlight, that binds Aluminum (among other things) and works with dopamine- which is a neurotransmitter and plays a vital role in several aspects of health- physical and mental (and spiritual?) – I highly recommend looking at the further information on dopamine as it’s a very very interesting subject- you can start HERE.

The Pineal gland secretes melatonin which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) it is in the melanocytes that melanin is produced.  The Pineal gland is directly linked to the pituitary gland and the hypothalmus, which are all inter-connected to the photosensitive cells of the human eye, which relay “sunlight” to the deepest inner parts of the brain, ie: to the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus.

That is a lot to take in, I know, and it goes a hell of a lot deeper than all that.  Now….. let’s get back to where we started with all of this:  The effects of the Sun on humans.  and of course, what the PTW are trying to do to stop those effects. The Powers That Were have spent ginormous amounts of money, time and effort to not only get us out of the sun (think: spf sunblock in everything and the skin cancer fear porn, sunglasses that block the rays from the brain centers, etc..), to physically blocking that sun light through the use of chemtrails,  to “insulating” our bodies with vaccines containing aluminum…..

My opinion- based on what research I can do (without being a neuroscientist or astrophysicist) and what resonates with me- is that our Sun’s rays are an integral part of our human health- mental, physical and on a deeper level, spiritual (for lack of a better term).  I believe that the sun is/will play a very active role in our “waking up”, turning on the rest of our “useless” DNA strands, and activating the sleeping part of our brains that have been dormant for so so long.

Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, Solar winds and tsunamis and storms, all effect humans (and all biological systems) on all levels – this is scientific fact.   I truly believe there is no such thing as coincidence with what is happening with Sol, the solar maxim and it’s very strange behavior this cycle.

And so….I write these articles to let people know what’s happening around us and the physical effects of the incoming flares and CMEs and geomagnetic storms. I tried to not write a book, but it’s turned into a bit of an epic article after all, lol.

Pay attention to the sky my friends….. what we have been taught about our Sun in school and through the media, isn’t the truth.  Our Sun is expanding and we are growing with it.

ps: there was another M Class 1.8  while I was writing this.

Homework link:

“Magicial” DNA: Quantum Fields and Communications

From:  Sol Update   –   D.  of Removing The Shackles Blog

Polona – The Beloved Energy – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Do You know your Beloved? A better question to be asked here, would probably be: “Do You know your own Self?” There are many who will tell You, that we are all One, and that there is no Beloved, because Source Love is all about Being One. But then let me ask You this: “Why are we each so unique?” There are those who will say, that we are our own Beloved, and that there is nothing else. Yes, a part of this is true. We truly are, indeed. But there is a deeper Truth here, one that is only felt by those who know the experience of it. How can You know about something, if You have no experience of it? Wisdom is only born out of knowledge that is sealed through direct experience. And many have forgotten, and they do not know. But everyone does know in their deepest Truth of the Source Self. So in order to know that You also do have a Beloved, You need to remember it through your own Soul. It needs to come through You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Higher Light – Higher Light Physical Evolution DVD

rysa5·511 videos

The physical brain has limits of awareness as the mind’s capacity is layered in densities and the fourth dimensional matrix. Grounded on the foundational base plane of sub-atomic quantum structure the first level consciousness is founded in connective core centrism. Microcosmic singularity provides the central anchor for the foundation upon which all being is tethered. The primal corner stone and functional negative ground is the gravitational component holding existence and that which establishes condensed mass.

Archangel Michael – Channeller Marc Gamma – Humans becoming aware of their Inner Space of Heart and its Powerful Creation – 10-16-13

Archangel Michael

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans here on earth – this is your Archangel Michael speaking to you again.

After some short break I am here with you again in order to submit to you new matters, new insights and all that which will bring you forward.

Much has happened recently and great progress has been made by human mankind. Thus there was such a great leap forward also within the consciousness of all humans.

By saying this above it is meant that humans have to acknowledge all the more that it is solely they who have to be concerned with ascension and consequently have to engage themselves for it. It is upon all humans solely to prepare for more favourable pre-requisites in order to achieve later the final successful results.

We are proud about what you all have achieved so far. More and more humans wake up to what we call “Ascension”. More and more acknowledge now that the so called “Elitary Society” is no longer of any service and that there have to appear something new instead. By the latter we of course mean all the changes happening in and around you in your surroundings.

We do enjoy very much observing from our side everything changing in human life on earth. Again and again we repeatedly have submitted to you matter which are so important – repeating and explaining always those matters pertaining to ascension. Slowly but steadily all our endeavours are influencing you since you now have acknowledged and fully and wholly accepted everything which we attempted so long to submit to you!

Shall we now proceed to the next topic which will manifest itself shortly into your timeline. All changes in broad front – until now – have taken place foremost on backgrounded levels. Yet more and more all these matters will step forward to the forefront and will become to be seen – all of which what could only have been told you until now. All potentials having appeared so strong lately – they have grown so immensely meanwhile – so that they ceased to be only mere potentials. They are about to grow into some state of being where they are upgraded in their existence if there is enough strong belief in them and dedicated work on them. If eventually it is being understood that it is the very you solely, my beloved humans, which are in fact “The Change Itself” bringing about all further change around you!

During the next days to come there will still be more matters rising to the surface which the old elitists always had attempted to hush up or to manipulate humans in order to make them dance at their very own music.

These times have more and more come to their end now and human mankind lost all desire to follow sequence to those always serving solely themselves. This elitary society now has to acknowledge all the more that their followers are breaking away one by one and in the end there will remain no one again supporting them. This is quite a difficult time for them and they are at a loss to understand that all which had functioned so well during past centuries – now all of a sudden will not work any longer.

Believe in yourselves and all your possibilities. Go down into your heart continuously since there is all your powerful strength and the truth of everything. These your abilities will show you which route to take. It is the very best and safest place on earth where you may dwell. The absolute force and power of your heart that is the matter the Elitary Society is afraid of. For a long time they have made all attempts to hush it up to you. They tried everything that human mankind would never discover this great secret – still this has ended now and is gone. More and more humans are about to discover now the inner space of their heart and become aware of the huge power hidden in there!

Call upon us and we are in your inner space of your heart with you. Mutually we shall show you where to go through! Mutually we shall reach all targets and mutually we shall be able to proceed on the road to the portals of ascension.

It is no more so far away at this point. The Finish Line could be seen already for quite some time. Impediments hindering your way are decreasing by and by and there will be some time soon when there will be no more anyone of them. Impediments of now are only due to the attempts of the elitary society to blockade your way.  Still, this will cease in the eventual run of matters since light with its huge impact will dissolve all of them in due course.

Go henceforth, my beloved humans, and become aware of your very power which you are possessing. It is in the inner space of your heart! This is the very power which makes the elitists tremble with fear since they all know this power will turn them into loosers as soon as always more humans will become aware of it.

Please, enjoy deeply all the power of your heart since it is the power of creation as well as of your divinity being stored in you too.

Yours Archangel Michael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Biophotons – Human Body – Emits, Communicates with, Is made from Light – 2012 The Awakening Blog

From:  2012 Awakening Blog

Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience: we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well. Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA.

Nothing is more amazing than the highly improbable fact that we exist. We often ignore this fact, oblivious to the reality that instead of something there could be nothing at all, i.e. why is there a universe (poignantly aware of itself through us) and not some void completely unconscious of itself?

Consider that from light, air, water, basic minerals within the crust of the earth, and the at least 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell, the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.

Given the sheer insanity of our existential condition, and bodily incarnation as a whole, and considering that our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food, it may not sound so farfetched that our body emits light.

Indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation.[1],[2]

The Physical and “Mental” Eye Emits Light

The eye itself, which is continually exposed to ambient powerful photons that pass through various ocular tissues, emit spontaneous and visible light-induced ultraweak photon emissions.[3] It has even been hypothesized that visible light induces delayed bioluminescence within the exposed eye tissue, providing an explanation for the origin of the negative afterimage.[4]

These light emissions have also been correlated with cerebral energy metabolism and oxidative stress within the mammalian brain.[5] [6] And yet, biophoton emissions are not necessarily epiphenomenal. Bókkon’s hypothesis suggests that photons released from chemical processes within the brain produce biophysical pictures during visual imagery, and a recent study found that when subjects actively imagined light in a very dark environment their intention produced significant increases in ultraweak photo emissions.[7] This is consistent with an emerging view that biophotons are not solely cellular metabolic by-products, but rather, because biophoton intensity can be considerably higher inside cells than outside, it is possible for the mind to access this energy gradient to create intrinsic biophysical pictures during visual perception and imagery.[8]

Our Cells and DNA Use Biophotons To Store and Communicate Information

Apparently biophotons are used by the cells of many living organisms to communicate, which facilitates energy/information transfer that is several orders of magnitude faster than chemical diffusion. According to a 2010 study, “Cell to cell communication by biophotons have been demonstrated in plants, bacteria, animal neutriophil granulocytes and kidney cells.”[9] Researchers were able to demonstrate that “…different spectral light stimulation (infrared, red, yellow, blue, green and white) at one end of the spinal sensory or motor nerve roots resulted in a significant increase in the biophotonic activity at the other end.” Researchers interpreted their finding to suggest that “…light stimulation can generate biophotons that conduct along the neural fibers, probably as neural communication signals.”

Even when we go down to the molecular level of our genome, DNA can be identified to be a source of biophoton emissions as well. One author proposes that DNA is so biophoton dependent that is has excimer laser-like properties, enabling it to exist in a stable state far from thermal equilibrium at threshold.[10]

Technically speaking a biophoton is an elementary particle or quantum of light of non-thermal origin in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum emitted from a biological system. They are generally believed to be produced as a result of energy metabolism within our cells, or more formally as a “…by-product of biochemical reactions in which excited molecules are produced from bioenergetic processes that involves active oxygen species,” [11]

The Body’s Circadian Biophoton Output

Because the metabolism of the body changes in a circadian fashion, biophoton emissions also variate along the axis of diurnal time. [12] Research has mapped out distinct anatomical locations within the body where biophoton emissions are stronger and weaker, depending on the time of the day:

Generally, the fluctuation in photon counts over the body was lower in the morning than in the afternoon. The thorax-abdomen region emitted lowest and most constantly. The upper extremities and the head region emitted most and increasingly over the day. Spectral analysis of low, intermediate and high emission from the superior frontal part of the right leg, the forehead and the palms in the sensitivity range of the photomultiplier showed the major spontaneous emission at 470-570 nm. The central palm area of hand emission showed a larger contribution of the 420-470 nm range in the spectrum of spontaneous emission from the hand in autumn/winter. The spectrum of delayed luminescence from the hand showed major emission in the same range as spontaneous emission.

The researchers concluded that “The spectral data suggest that measurements might well provide quantitative data on the individual pattern of peroxidative and anti-oxidative processes in vivo.”

Meditation and Herbs Affect Biophoton Output

Research has found an oxidative stress-mediated difference in biophoton emission among mediators versus non-meditators. Those who meditate regularly tend to have lower ultra-weak photon emission (UPE, biophoton emission), which is believed to result from the lower level of free radical reactions occurring in their bodies. In one clinical study involving practitioners of transcendental meditation (TM) researchers found:

The lowest UPE intensities were observed in two subjects who regularly meditate. Spectral analysis of human UPE has suggested that ultra-weak emission is probably, at least in part, a reflection of free radical reactions in a living system. It has been documented that various physiologic and biochemical shifts follow the long-term practice of meditation and it is inferred that meditation may impact free radical activity.[13]

Interestingly, an herb well-known for its use in stress reduction (including inducing measurable declines in cortisol), and associated heightened oxidative stress, has been tested clinically in reducing the level of biophotons emitted in human subjects. Known as rhodiola, a study published in 2009 in the journal Phytotherapeutic Research found that those who took the herb for 1 week has a significant decrease in photon emission in comparison with the placebo group.[14]

Human Skin May Capture Energy and Information from Sunlight

Perhaps most extraordinary of all is the possibility that our bodily surface contains cells capable of efficiently trapping the energy and information from ultraviolet radiation. A study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in 1993, titled, “Artificial sunlight irradiation induces ultraweak photon emission in human skin fibroblasts,” discovered that when light from an artificial sunlight source was applied to fibroblasts from either normal subjects or with the condition xeroderma pigmentosum, characterized by deficient DNA repair mechanisms, it induced far higher emissions of ultraweak photons (10-20 times) in the xeroderma pigmentosum group. The researchers concluded from this experiment that “These data suggest that xeroderma pigmentosum cells tend to lose the capacity of efficient storage of ultraweak photons, indicating the existence of an efficient intracellular photon trapping system within human cells.“[15] More recent research has also identified measurable differences in biophoton emission between normal and melanoma cells.[16]

In a previous article, Does Skin Pigment Act Like A Natural Solar-Panel, we explored the role of melanin in converting ultraviolet light into metabolic energy:

Melanin is capable of transforming ultraviolet light energy into heat in a process known as “ultrafast internal conversion”; more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation is transformed from potentially genotoxic (DNA-damaging) ultraviolet light into harmless heat.

If melanin can convert light into heat, could it not also transform UV radiation into other biologically/metabolically useful forms of energy? This may not seem so farfetched when one considers that even gamma radiation, which is highly toxic to most forms of life, is a source of sustenance for certain types of fungi and bacteria.

The Body’s Biophoton Outputs Are Governed by Solar and Lunar Forces

It appears that modern science is only now coming to recognize the ability of the human body to receive and emit energy and information directly from the light given off from the Sun. [17]

There is also a growing realization that the Sun and Moon affect biophoton emissions through gravitational influences. Recently, biophoton emissions from wheat seedlings in Germany and Brazil were found to be synchronized transcontinentally according to rhythms associated with the lunisolar tide.[18] In fact, the lunisolar tidal force, to which the Sun contributes 30 % and the Moon 60 % of the combined gravitational acceleration, has been found to regulate a number of features of plant growth upon Earth.[19]

Intention Is a Living Force of Physiology

Even human intention itself, the so-called ghost in the machine, may have an empirical basis in biophotons.

A recent commentary published in the journal Investigacion clinica titled “Evidence about the power of intention” addressed this connection:

Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicellular organisms to human beings. The emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects. All living organisms emit a constant current of photons as a mean to direct instantaneous nonlocal signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world. Biophotons are stored in the intracellular DNA. When the organism is sick changes in biophotons emissions are produced. Direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered flux of photons. Our intentions seem to operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. For the intention to be effective it is necessary to choose the appropriate time. In fact, living beings are mutually synchronized and to the earth and its constant changes of magnetic energy. It has been shown that the energy of thought can also alter the environment. Hypnosis, stigmata phenomena and the placebo effect can also be considered as types of intention, as instructions to the brain during a particular state of consciousness. Cases of spontaneous cures or of remote healing of extremely ill patients represent instances of an exceedingly great intention to control diseases menacing our lives. The intention to heal as well as the beliefs of the sick person on the efficacy of the healing influences promote his healing. In conclusion, studies on thought and consciousness are emerging as fundamental aspects and not as mere epiphenomena that are rapidly leading to a profound change in the paradigms of Biology and Medicine.

So there you have it. Science increasingly agrees with direct human experience: we are more than the atoms and molecules of which we are composed, but beings that emit, communicate with, and are formed from light.

From:  2012 Awakening Blog

Liora – Unity Consciousness – Ascension Message

Lioraharmonics·85 videos Liora speaking regarding the awakening of the 7th Golden Age and the power of each human being’s energetic field of balance…the teachings of the twin flame sacred keys give you the tools to balance the etheric energetic body creating this higher frequency of unconditional Love

Patricia Cota Robles – Releasing the Human Ego – Expanding I AM Presence

PatriciaCotaRobles·11 videos

Releasing the Human Ego
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Music by Aeoliah: from The Liquid Light of Healing:

Art – with Gratitude!

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Galactic Free Press – All Atoms Win – You Are Being Prepared For Full Consciousness

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Love always give Love back to itself~This is Creation

The Lights have been turned ON. Like a darkened stage that is Liting up and all the players being revealed on Planet Earth=Heart. We continue right now to see the last “dramas” play out that were required within the Divine Plan to expose the Truth with Grace and Forgiveness. This is a Process which is unfolding and will now be speeding Up. You can recognize these events through synchronicity.

Mother Earth, A True Living Breathing Conscious Entity, is in True Reality, Heaven on Earth. She has been called by Love to Return to the Love that Created Her, back to the ONE, and she is taking everyone and everything else with her as well. This is all of Our Home, Within the Light.

In The Present Moment of Now, Heaven, you are Free and Sovereign beings. We are all ONE, as well as ONE Family. Creation becomes a Co-Creation of Cooperation. Together we each have a Unique “God Spark” that contributes to the whole.

Once You awaken, You then assume your roles within the Divine Plan and together Co-Create Heaven on Earth, living in Peace, Joy, Abundance and Harmony.

Each of You, Unique, Grand, and ALL parts of the Whole, Have a Brilliant Light to share with this Planet, once YOU awaken from out of the Dream.

The Present Moment Of Now is Heaven, a Pure Consciousness Energy [the Ethics Train], a Love Vibration that is being carried through the Winds. Within each Breath you take, breathe in breathe out, and you are breathing in the Divine. Just to Re-heart you, you are of the Divine.

Creation has Created all of You out of Love, this is your Natural state. This is Your Birthright, Your Divine Inheritance and all Inherit this Planet. All Prayers answered, as decreed by the Company of Heaven, and US, Father~Mother God.

It’s All of US NOW. Experience the Miracles as they are Now going to occur in faster rates than ever witnessed on this Planet before. There are going to be some rather shocking events. Soon all will come to the True meaning of “We are not alone” as You Reunite with all of Your Brothers and Sisters, from Throughout Creation.

We are in Magical and Miraculous Moments on this Planet. Many Messengers have been sharing these Truths for quite some time. We are Going Vertical within a New Paradigm in Reality. Humanity is about to experience this Monumental Auspicious Moment of a Transformation into the True Understanding of Unconditional Love and the very Truth of their Existence.

Time has run out!! Love is in Charge.…

Join us on the higher grid at


Right Now all of Humanity is in the Process into Full Consciousness, this is an Inevitable Event Mandated from Heaven. Humanity’s Destiny is Full Consciousness, where Joy and Love are Overflowing abundantly. Full Consciousness is not a dream or wishful thinking, but Humanity’s Natural State of Living and Being. These moments have been destined since Humanity fell into the lower vibrations of illusion. We are here and not concerned about the illusion, because everyone is going into Now, because everybody is already there.

Love is the Highest and Deepest Understanding of Energy and is the Huge Paradigm Shift for Humanity’s Consciousness in which is underway. Through the Equinox a specific energy has entered the Planet. It is A Field of Light containing Significant amounts of High Energy of Love to be released, which will spiral everyone who is ready upwards into the next Vibrational Frequency. This is a Huge Shift for everyone’s energetic systems and moves them deeper within the understanding of True Love, the Real Truth. This Energy is Penetrating to the very core of Mother Earth=Heart which is Connected to All Human Beings. This Divine Energy seeded here By Us, is Pure Love Energy to Awaken Each Being on This Planet. This Was Set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for the Release of this Energy.

Right Now, the Planet is Pinging Everyone at the deepest parts of their Hearts. This is to connect them further with the Planet and With Each Other. Love is Here, and Love will Always Be Here for ever and for ever more. These Energies are here to Facilitate the Awakening Process, and bring in Unity! There is no where to Hide from Love and no where to go except within.

For 13,000 Years, Humanity has been in complete distraction. They have been living in diversion. To Live in diversion, one must quickly learn to be unconscious, because if they are not unconscious, then they are not distracted, therefore, their Life Force Energy is going to Serve Love and they are in True Reality. In This Energy, You are Creation, which is Who You Really Are. If One is in Reality, they understand this Truth as Fact, those in unconsciousness can only see the distraction. This is the year, we end all distractions.…

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The Arcturian Group – Light of new and higher frequencies is now streaming in – Channeler Marilyn Raffaele – September 15, 2013  /  Fran Heal Blog
Greetings dear ones from the Arcturian Group.  All is proceeding nicely in the evolution of your world.  The Light of new and higher frequencies  is now streaming in, strengthening your ability to see through current events and revaluate your priorities in new and higher ways.  You are doing a fine job.  When a soul chooses to spiritually evolve,  that person’s Higher Self is then enabled to  draw to them whatever necessary spiritual lessons or awareness the individual is ready for.
Allowing yourselves to  listen and be guided by your intuition  is a step most of you would not of taken even a few years ago.  Examine who you were 1, 5, or even 10 years back and you will see how your beliefs and understandings of truth have changed.  You may think; “This is just experience and age”.  No, this is evolution dear ones, for there are  many who have been on earth a long time but still choose to live  locked in self made boxes of unawareness, refusing to even peek out a bit.   Self examination  will demonstrate how you have unfolded (through intention)  into new awareness  without even realizing it.  The world  often holds ignorant concepts of what spiritual awakening is–imagining it as a shaft of bright light accompanied by a sudden  powerful energy that knocks and individual  to the ground and they are then awakened. This is the stuff of fairy  tales and “saints” lives–not the reality.  Spiritual evolution is  a gradual unfolding process as an unprepared physical body could not survive an intense sudden intake of higher frequency energy, they would be  incapable of handling it.   The profound experiences that some indeed may have, are the fruitage of an attained state of consciousness–hard work done in previous lifetimes.
Spiritual evolution starts with a sense of  dissatisfaction–those things that once seemed important and loved, simply no longer resonate in the same way.   This in turn, leads to an intellectual pursuit of knowledge, much pondering and re-examination of one’s belief system, and an interest and participation in whatever books and classes resonate with the students new interests.  Classes may consist of simple bible study or metaphysics (whatever is necessary to draw a seeker to his next level).  This phase is usually very intense–groups may be joined with like minded people for discussion and every heretofore unknown idea seems new and exciting.   After whatever length of time is necessary (different with every individual),  the student will  shift  once again  to a new level and  begin to realize that he must integrate what he has learned and so begins practices such as  meditation, and the working with metaphysical tools such as crystals, oils, sound etc.  .  He begins to recognize and let go of whatever erroneous concepts and beliefs he may still hold and starts to live  the new and higher ways he has discovered.  At first  practice and change  may be a struggle as old habits tend to die hard.  He will still interpret truth in the only way he  knows at this time–the third dimensional level– and so begins to  practice the ideas of  universal love in  “hands on” ways. With time, loving service  becomes his state of consciousness and he works hard to fix the errors he sees.
A good example of how consciousness unfolds it to examine a simple topic like honesty.  At this point most of you would not even consider stealing from another.  However, in lifetimes past, stealing  was considered a right and the  only way to survive.  You see, honesty is simply a facet of an attained consciousness  of oneness even if you do not consciously understand it as this.
Metaphysics  is usually as far as most choose to evolve in one lifetime, but present times are so energetically powerful, that many have chosen to  move through any remaining stages of their evolution and move into the next and most profound level of spiritual awareness–mysticism.  In the mystical state of consciousness there is nothing that needs fixing or changing for the realization comes  that I  ALREADY AM.  Evolution now becomes ever an ever deepening journey into an  awareness of  what I AM means and is.
All truth embodied within the I AM will and must eventually be your state of consciousness because it is who and what you really are.  The releasing and clearing old physical, emotional, and mental energies is intense at this time because you have chosen to move into the higher dimensional energies and cannot take the lower ones with you.
We wish to speak of how this new wave of energy  is effecting the thinking of so many with regard to Syria.  So much of your past and present is about an “eye for an eye”,  words from the old testament of the Christian bible.  The Master Jesus some 2000 years ago, brought in a “new” testament and taught the people the truths of this new testament.  However, many still choose to follow the often mistranslated teachings of the old testament (as well as the misinterpreted teachings of many other religions), even while loudly declaring themselves to be “Christians”.  In the past, power, violence, and dominance were acceptable  solutions between differing countries… war.  As you have seen, the majority of people are no longer resonating with solutions that consist of war and violence.  People are beginning to awaken to the realization that they have for too long witnessed one fruitless war after another initiated by those who stood to enrich themselves in some way without regard to those actually doing the fighting and under the guise of freedom and security.
Mankind is waking up dear ones, and this is how it appears.  The world is discovering  that it no longer resonates with ideas born of energies represent duality and separation regardless of how these ideas are promoted–you have  evolved.  This how it works  and it often takes a great deal of  courage to step out and be separate, but always remember–you are never alone.
Send unconditional  Light to those people and places that suffer.  Activate  and flow the transmuting energy  of the violet flame and  know absolutely that–I AM  the dictator, I AM the CEO of unenlightened and self serving corporations,  I AM the  abuser and all those choosing to  live in and of the shadow.  Your recognition of another’s innate Divinity even when they do not,  helps to  awaken them if they are in any way receptive and even when they are not, helps to lift the world.
Many experiences that appear outwardly  to be  horrendous for some individual or group, are actually  experiences chosen on a soul level  by those individuals or groups in order to bring about a final closure to some karmic debt and at the same time serve the world through  bringing about more awareness and hopefully change of some sort.  This can be observed with what is happening with regard to the sexual violence upon and disregard of women in general.  Much of this was allowed under the banner of tradition and  was considered acceptable behavior. However,  world view, even in many “un-evolved societies”  is  no longer tolerating these unenlightened behaviors and is demanding change.
Be gentle with yourselves dear ones, spend time in nature, spend time quietly within your own Silence, and know that your journey is well underway. Once an individual decides to evolve, there is nothing you need to do.  Your job is to BE.   There comes a time when the  major and often painful clearings are finished and you can begin to live, move, and be,  within the silent awareness and confidence of love and joy.
State the intention that from now on you choose that your spiritual lessons come easily and gently. Intentions carry the weight of your creative power as Divine Beings of Light having human experiences within a veil of forgetfulness.
We are the Arcturian Group.

God’s Light Is Shining Upon This Child – Let Us All Feel Her Love Energy

11-year-old South African poet Botlhale Boikanyo won SA Got Talent 2012

Ashtar – Nature Of Love – August 10 2013

Gary Lite·72 videos

Reconnecting the Light Grid of Gaia

SolaraAnRa·108 videos

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One of the core jobs we have incarnated to do at this time of rebirth on Terra is to reconnect the Light Grid which was put in place by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis aeons ago – through reconnecting the sacred sites of our planet.

As we birth into the new age of Unity Consciousness, this Higher Consciousness Grid – which assists the masses on Earth to awaken – is being reconnected through our healing and activating work in the sacred sites, large and small, across the planet.

The process being taught here is how to activate our One-Hearts, and then use the combination of visualisation, sound and crystals to reignite the interface points of the Light Grid accross the planet. This is an amazing thing to do on the December solstice of 2012 – but equally valuable all through 2013, as we enter the Golden Age.

And So It Is!

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light

Jose y Maria – Divine Power Moves Through Me – DNA Activation to Awaken Divinity Within

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“Jose y Maria : Divine Power Moves Through Me”

~*Meditation for Activating DNA Template Codes to Awaken Divinity Within and Enliven One’s Connection to the Infinite Source*~

Diva Light – The Divine Flame

Jaswinder Challi·14 videos

Jaswinder Challi shares her journey through the Light.
Awakening To Consciousness Programme.
Ignite the Diva ~ Honouring the Divine Flame Workshop

Pleiadian High Council – 3 Day Emerald Green Heart Code Upgrade – Important For Ascension! – 7/16 – 7/19

Dear children of light, we come to you yet again with another upgrade for the heart center of your being. We ask you allow the emerald green energies to enter you hear center. You do no need to call upon anyone, but simply allow these energies to float to you.. to help you better equip yourself. We ask you to simply say “I now allow the emerald/green energies and vibrations to enter my sphere and clean “house” form within” that is all. You need not do more.We wish to tell you at the present moment you are going to be bathed with the green emerald light for the next seventy two hours. When you go into your meditative state you will begin to see the green, emerald light that surrounds you and your heart chakra and everything that is linked to your heart center will be cleansed out.The next 72 hours of your linear time dear children, for you must allow your heart o completely and fully connect with the galactic center of your being, with your higher selves. And in order to do so, you must , and we repeat must begin to forgive and allow the release of the pain and suffering that you have experienced, and have been put through by your own selves, and others, and have accumulated in your heart center.This is a MUST for you to continue with your ascension process. Allow the green emerald light into your heart, and allow it to clean everything out, do not block this energy for you must release all of your struggles.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye For now.

Personal Note: This is an excerpt from a long message I received last night from the Pleiades and I will be posting the rest soon.

I also want to share another experience with you from a friend of mine AIKA. At the very same time that I have received this information Aika has experienced the following which I only found out about the next morning :

“I had observed UFO several times. I was half asleep and suddenly felt yellow green lights around me and heard supersonic sounds, which are ten score times louder than rigging in ears, and high pressure around me, that made me wake up and wondered what they were, shinning objects.

They whispered me with supersonic sounds so hundreds times rapidly like birds or dolphins, I could not understand what they said. They had flown to the balcony and I saw their yellow green shining bodies and large eyes, and blinked several times like signals and had disappeared

The yellow green lights bodies were just we saw at stage shows illuminations I was not scared at all. I had not been in good health for 2 weeks but had encountered great purification and other spiritual experiments, I was bit nervous and could not communicate even I wish I could with them through hearts and souls.

I just thought they said “It is all right, we are supporting your purification, devote into inner of yourself, make your way which you believe”

So as you can all see this is all VERY real. Please allow the green emerald light into your heart to assist you with your purification process.

Much love & light to all of you!!!!!

Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. Visit the blog for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery. Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Sandra Walter – Guardians Of The New Light – 26 June 2013


SandraWalter /link to original article

Blessings dear Light Tribe ~ I AM deep in an ongoing experience which is intensifying and clarifying as we receive these new light signatures. Hopefully it is clear that these new frequencies are deeply transformative – and for some of us they are creating transcendence. So much is coming in at the moment, let me break down a few key points which are presenting.

Holding the New Light by Letting Go

There is a point in Mastery when we must surrender to complete transformation – to the unknown outcome, and the possibility of becoming something unrecognizable. I spoke of this last year. It presented in September and I was steered away by the (insistent) direction to create the eCourse, to teach and guide through the March Equinox. Flawless timing had me begin 9 weeks of Gatekeeper work April 4, and I returned to Shasta just days before the June 16 wave hit. My Higher Levels placed me on the mountain for a myriad of reasons; I need to be up there, out there, where the reception is clear and where I may hold some of these specific frequencies as they come in.

Sometimes it takes one boots-on-the-ground Light Server to anchor a new light signature into a location. Sometimes it takes many. A lot of us are called in bizarre ways to go here and there, do this or that for unknown reasons. We trust, we are willing, and that is why we get direction like pack the car and head toward Lake Tahoe, or please drive to the manzanita grove beneath McBride Springs and put your hands on the ground. It doesn’t matter what is occurring in your lifestream, those in service say yes because we understand that the complexity of creating a New Paradigm includes a lot of multidimensional coordination.

Please remember to honor all of our Missions of Service. It does not matter what size the task is or what others are doing; all that matters is the integrity of your heart. Sometimes it requires relocation or travel, sometimes it involves very simple acts, sometimes it calls for days of solitude bringing in a light stream. Know that a clear heart existing in integrity – in the highest interests of all concerned – is a powerful conduit during this passage of the Shift. I send love to all who are involved in these endeavors.

There is an incredible amount of remembering going on – remembering the pre-agreements we set up in the future, remembering points on this ascension timeline as they present in our lifesream – past skill sets and future agreements seamlessly reunite in the Now.

A message has been coming through for a few weeks, and clarified during the Solstice/Full Moon. There is a collective of those in Service who are becoming Guardians of the New Light. It has nothing to do with past titles or roles, past service or missions, hierarchy or chosen-ones nonsense, nor is it related to the Guardians of the last cycle. I’ll have more on this soon, as it relates to the Solar Cosmic Christed state.


There are higher light signatures coming in right now – vivid patterns, new complex geometries which vibrate, spin, change shape as they enter density to transform particles of consciousness into something new. The doors were opened for higher levels of photonic-magnetic light during the triple eclipse gateway, and we are receiving light signatures of such brilliance that transcendence is upon us.

Transcendence is typically described as the ability to choose a higher frequency existence and hold it; it is one of the goals of the Ascension process. In this application here, Transcendence is aligning with pure Source, pure consciousness. Some experience this as the Godhead; I experience Source as pure stillness – no agenda, no duality, no intent, no judgement, no separation of any kind. Source is so no-thing that it is everything; taking in information, delivering information in such purity that there is an absence of premeditation – just pure light intelligence. There are three experiences unfolding: Unity Consciousness (Galactic), Christed Consciousness (Universal), and Transcendence (Source). They are not hierarchical levels, just different accelerations which may arrive all at once.

My current state is bizarre and beautiful. I understand I AM in transcendence, or at least that is what I AM being told. It is intense and I cannot question it – the vibration demands hands-off silence, peace, honor and surrender. It is the Mastery decision unfolding, the becoming unrecognizable phase. It feels vast, huge: of all of the incredible changes we have experienced, this is the most powerful for me so far. Thank goodness there were others around me during the Solstice who felt a similar sensation, or at least could see it in me.

It’s been over a week of feeling holographic, a mere projection of what my signature used to create on 4D Gaia. Apparently the rest of me is merging into something new. The unity is so strong, I do feel like I AM interacting with my own creation – talking to projections of myself which appear as friends, colleagues, trees, a mountain … perhaps I AM approaching the point on the Ascension timeline when the future decision to step back and the present collide. I AM sleepy yet clearer than ever; deep in the 5D walk-through practice and walking in the rain on Shasta; interacting with the ghost of linear time and dissolving into the heart of all that is. Each dreamlike moment is executed with surrender – I wake up in the morning or climb into my sleeping bag at night with the agreement to let it be and see what happens.

The Perfect Storm of Ascension

All of the factors for the perfect storm are coming together. Individual preparation of the body, clearing of the mind/ego/emotional constructs, light quotient, activation of the Heart, connection with the Higher Self, surrender to the Now, service to the Highest Interests, pursuit of creative intelligence  … this is the personal part of the equation. The planetary frequency, photon belt, cosmic timing and awakened collective create the external factor; when internal and external align it opens our lifestream to the miraculous.

More people are reporting walk-through portal experiences, or at least perceiving the portals themselves. The rings-within-rings spiral shape is popping up everywhere. This is an eyes-open experience. The spinning areas presenting right before us are the walk-through practice that I mentioned in my last video. One of the Mystic siSTARs grabbed a camera when she saw one, and amazingly enough it turned up in the photo! It looks just like what I have seen and used in dimensional-shift conditioning for the body vehicle.

You might see overlapping spirals. The overlapping rings create a vesica piscis portal, and my experiences include a diamond-shaped octahedron in the center. (One of my light signatures is golden octahedrons). The spirals overlapping is the moment before the geometry creates a double tube torus. Our energy fields are already in the torus state, but the symbolism here is the merge of Higher Self/Lower Self, birthing a gateway of infinite cosmic energy.

Unique to your expression

We will all integrate or use this light in a unique way which serves our journey. The new light comes in many colors, however the geometries/fractals have been gold patterns on a magenta background for me, very much like my gatekeeper initiation back in 2012. When the new geometries or frequencies (blindingly bright light patterns) begin to present for you, it is up to you to interpret them, use them or ignore them.

My personal guidance is receive, accept, listen, observe, be still. I feel I AM a pure conduit for whatever is needed, so I AM not making any assumptions about what is going on. It feels very different, very new. More like witnessing the extragalactic fractals of a new dimensional structure coming in. I did get a glimpse of true HUman DNA, a core spiral with different geometries branching off of it, and again there is movement. It is all very exciting, surreal and still at once.

There is more to share, but this is a good stopping point for now. I AM not guided to be a moment-by-moment Shift reporter during this passage, however writing about it grounds me a bit during this very un-grounded experience. Infinite blessings to all of the brave souls surrendering to the unknown.


Note: I will share a great hour of conversation with Helane Lipson on her In 5D radio show next Wednesday, July 3rd. /link to original article

Abraham Hicks – The Secret Behind The Secret

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The greatest thing to ever happen to you is YOU! The greatest thing to ever happen to the world is YOU!! You ARE the GREATEST! Yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day… you are always the GREATEST!

Physics, Light & God with Fred Alan Wolf

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Physicist, writer and lecturer, Fred Alan Wolf, aka Dr. Quantum, discussed how physics is finally understanding the profound implications of God’s command: “Let there be light,” as science and spirituality merge. He outlined three important discoveries in quantum physics: The universe is not made of solid stuff, but is composed of the acts of consciousness that observe and recognize it; there is a mind-field that must be present in order for there to be a universe; and everything in the universe is made of light. He referred to various types of light as “luxon,” which not only includes light we see around us, but electrons, quarks, and other subatomic matter.

Describing the mind-field, he noted that the mind is not contained in the body, but rather the body is contained in the mind, and we are all of this one mind, and not separated from one another. The purpose of life stems from “God wanting to have this experience…we all sense the desire to have life…and as soon as we stop desiring these kinds of cycles, these kinds of dreams, the dream will change,” he stated.

Time loops as demonstrated in the Higgs Field, where particles interact and go backward in time and turn into a loop, fascinatingly hint that time isn’t only a one-way street, he detailed. He spoke about the concepts of deja vu, and the more exciting phenomenon of Jamais vu– “a sudden recognition that something new has just occurred.” Wolf also suggested people become more aware of what is happening in their lives, and by steering away from strictly material goals, they can gain more insight into the mind.


Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist, writer, and lecturer who earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at UCLA in 1963. He continues to write and lecture throughout the world, and conduct research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness.

Dr. Wolf has taught at the University of London, the University of Paris, the Hahn-Meitner Institute for Nuclear Physics in Berlin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and San Diego State University in the United States. His work in quantum physics and consciousness is well known through his popular and scientific writing.

Quantum mechanics (QM — also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant. Quantum mechanics departs from classical mechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomic and subatomic length scales. Quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter.

The earliest versions of quantum mechanics were formulated in the first decade of the 20th century. At around the same time, the atomic theory and the corpuscular theory of light (as updated by Einstein) first came to be widely accepted as scientific fact; these latter theories can be viewed as quantum theories of matter and electromagnetic radiation, respectively. Early quantum theory was significantly reformulated in the mid-1920s by Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Pascual Jordan, who created matrix mechanics; Louis de Broglie and Erwin Schrodinger (Wave Mechanics); and Wolfgang Pauli and Satyendra Nath Bose (statistics of subatomic particles). And the Copenhagen interpretation of Niels Bohr became widely accepted. By 1930, quantum mechanics had been further unified and formalized by the work of David Hilbert, Paul Dirac and John von Neumann, with a greater emphasis placed on measurement in quantum mechanics, the statistical nature of our knowledge of reality, and philosophical speculation about the role of the observer. Quantum mechanics has since branched out into almost every aspect of 20th century physics and other disciplines, such as quantum chemistry, quantum electronics, quantum optics, and quantum information science. Much 19th century physics has been re-evaluated as the “classical limit” of quantum mechanics, and its more advanced developments in terms of quantum field theory, string theory, and speculative quantum gravity theories.

Shanta Gabriel – Messages From Archangel Gabriel – Initation Into Light

shanta-gabriel-teacher-guide / link to original article

Dear Ones,You did it! You made it through the wormhole into the Light. There is great rejoicing in the celestial realms as you now enter the new time of Awakening Light. Revel in it. Rejoice in the Light! This is the time when those in the northern hemispheres are basking in more Light than you have ever experienced. Those in the southern hemisphere are also basking in waves of Divine Light streaming from the spiritual realms, even though it is less apparent in their outer world.So rejoice and again we say rejoice! Use this time! “Make hay while the sun shines!” so says the old farmer’s expression, and it applies to this time in which you live as well. Forward movement is at last upon you and there is great expansiveness in the planetary realms that support your ascension.

Like racehorses at the starting gate, you have been gathering energy all year for this time of movement. With very few exceptions, all are feeling the momentum of great change. Those of you who have been diligently applying yourself to new visions, clarifying your dreams and creating the framework for the new foundations you want in your life, will find your efforts rewarded in this coming time period. The next season, from the Solstice on June 21 to the Equinox on September 21, will give you a preview of the new realities you have been creating on an inner level.

Like the proverbial stars that you are, some of you will be bursting like comets through the skies, blazing the trails for those that follow. Many are feeling a calling within your hearts for new work that fulfills the stirrings of your Soul. This will be your time to bring it forward. You will find your pathways have been opened so your momentum will feel more graceful.

Great gratitude abounds in the heavenly realms for the power of the work that you have already accomplished. Of course there is more, yet know that since the Solstice on December 21, 2012, you have alleviated many old patterns from the way you will now be working. Be very clear about the fact that the energies in which you are now living are very different from those before the end of the infamous 2012 year. There is no need to bring any of the control issues, doubts or past history into your new foundations. They are no longer relevant and will only serve to release those chaotic monkeys into the works of your new life. Much of the extreme chaos you perceive comes from dragging those old patterns of thinking, doing and relating into the new reality that is here for you.

Initiation into New Life Awakening

As we have said many times, and the masters of the ages have encouraged, there is only the present moment in which to immerse your true being and manifest the reality you desire. As the power from the Realms of Awakening continues to escalate, you are in an Initiation of Light that will be activated on the Solstice, June 21. This is your time to become aware of the deepest impressions from your Soul where your gifts, talents and the skills you were born with have been housed. On the Solstice activate and empower them, then release these offerings from your Soul to the pure expansive Light of God, Goddess, All That Is.

Imagine that you are holding these dreams, the purest desires of your Soul, in the power of this light activation and raising them up to be Beacons of Light. These are the beacons by which the Universal Presence is attracted: the strength of your empowered desires, the love that enriched the longings of your soul and the pure joy in which you fling them out of your heart to the embrace of the Beloved. The exuberance and purity of this action allows a new form of Light Radiation to act on your behalf. You are creating this Beacon of Light to remind and inspire you of your true desires so they can attract the support of a loving Universe. Know that there is a Divine Presence that adores you and is willing to give to you whatever you have focused on and brought forth from the deepest recesses of your heart to be fulfilled. It is the power of your attention that activates your Beacon of Light.

You Are the Visionaries of the New World

This is a Visionary Practice and you, Dear Ones, are the visionaries of a new world. You are the ones who are clearing the way for others to not only follow, but to be inspired to the heights of their greatest expression as well. When you let this Divine Light, so expansive and radiant now, permeate through you into every cell and fiber of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, you are setting free the true expression of your Soul into action. All your activity now is to be inspired from this place. There is nothing to figure out or to think into dull boringness, when it is pure heart-soaring inspiration from within you that is being called into action.

As we move toward the Solstice, let the power of this Divine Light, the greatest manifestation of Light that you have ever experienced, expand and fill you to the fullest capacity of your being — and then beyond that into your greatest imaginings. Perhaps then you will have the tiniest inkling of the sweetest Love and empowering Light being offered to you from the Realms of Awakening.

These Realms of Awakening Light are responding to the call of your Soul. You are loved beyond the greatest understandings of your mind. Only a clear willingness and the opening of your heart will allow it into your being so the fullest expression of who you are can be present now in this new world.

Experience the Light. Breathe in Light. Be Light. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel
through Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: June 9, 2013

Permission to use this post is given as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s)with the website name.

New Awakening and Anchoring Light Meditation

Awakening LightExperience the fullness of your being and a deep abiding connection to your most Divine Self through this guided meditation with Shanta Gabriel.When you open to receive Divine Light within and through you, it allows a powerful force of energy to be anchored in the Earth for your own evolution and for your world.

This meditation is an activation that floods your being with Divine Light, which carries the intelligence and love of God, to spark every cell in your body with higher frequencies. As you experience a connection to your most Divine Self, you are surrounded in a protective cocoon of Light that you can reactivate throughout the day.

In a soothing grace-filled way, Shanta creates a high vibrational space and a process that you can use again and again to activate your next steps, and empower your life. This meditation, with background music by Thaddeus, is 18 minutes.

To help support your evolution during this powerful time, we are making this meditation available for listening online for free.

Go to the original article link below and listen online or purchase the meditation on the website.

May you be blessed! / link to original article

Messages From: Saul & Archangel Michael – June-06-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

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Saul via John Smallman: The Remaining Skeins Of The Illusion Are Turning To Dust
Thanks to Wes Annac:…

Any earnest effort on your part must now meet with success. — channeled by Ron Head…

Sophia Love – Let There Be Light

Picture link to original article

There’s only one way to create.  “Let there be light”, and light IS.  The story is simple, straightforward and clear.

It did not go – “Let there be light, and let it show up on Saturday, at 2:00 PM GMT, until precisely Midnight GMT, at only these places, while these 11 people are doing these 7 things, NOT these other things, or with these other people, or on this other day or in this other way.”

We are Masters, becoming conscious of that fact.  We’ve recently been made aware of our value, our ability, our power and the truth of our multi-dimensional existence.  It is not that we are sometimes here and sometimes elsewhere, we are always all places.  It is not that we are creators some days and not others, we are and have always been Master creators.  The difference now is that we are doing so on purpose.

Like any new skill, it is gradually assimilated.  Through trial and error, we hone the craft.  It is brilliant in its simplicity and surprising in its reach.  Each moment, every thought, all words are creative.  Our wishes, frustrations, joys and disappointments send out a vibe.  From there, our life is made manifest.

Rather than worry over the multitude of thoughts we hold, we can remember just one; focus trumps all.

It is not a person, date, group or method that will grant your wish.  It is your intent, belief and focus.

If I decide to lose ten pounds and spend my days angry at the numbers on the scale or the image in the mirror, I will end up no closer to my goal at the end of them.  My weight will be unchanged most likely, only I’ll be a bit more angry, discouraged and frustrated. If instead I spend time doing things I enjoy and I am active; while dressing to feel good about myself, then I will (feel good).  A by product of the increased activity and positive emotion could very well be a loss of weight.  In any case, I will be happier, which will attract more of what I enjoy.

We’ve been trained as slaves.  Slaves expect all things to come from their masters.  As we remove the shackles from our own limbs, it’s time to also cut them from those we’ve decided hold the key.  The I/UV or any other prosperity/freedom package out there is not the controller of your destiny.  You are.

Remove your focus on who, how and when and place it solely on what.  FREEDOM.  ABUNDANCE.  UNITY.  TRUTH.  LOVE.  VALUE.  ABSOLUTE AWARENESS.    These are the attributes of a Master.  This is what your life is.  Not because Caleb released a piece of software, St. Germaine released the gold or of any other specific event.  Because this is what you are.

You are not becoming anything new.  You are realizing your very own truth.  A caterpillar has always held the makings of a butterfly, albeit unaware.  You have within the attributes of Mastery.  The controllers have effectively convinced you of your need for something outside yourself.  You have no need, you are Gods.

Aim your focus squarely on freedom; watch heaven manifest before your eyes.  This is more about belief than faith.  Faith can distract you with details and descriptions of what is not happening.  Know the truth of creation; “what you see is what you get.”

Declare it every day and let it go.  Live your life knowing who you are.  Nothing is more important than agape.  As our self-love encompasses Oneness, our focus incorporates joy for all of us.  There can be no disappointment in a life fully and intentionally lived.  All moments are expected, experienced fully and appreciated.

With gratitude for each component of us and for every part played, stay present in the Now.  From there all of life begins.  As we let go of our death grip of expectation on those most visible players of this end game, we’ll see an exponential increase in effect.  Only we can do this.

This is what Masters do, we support the whole.  You empower each other and in turn, propel us all towards absolute knowing.  You are the One.

~Sophia link to original article