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For more info on seeing and working with spiritual energy, developing your sixth sense – esp – telepathy – astral projection – manifestation – the paranormal and other cool mind/reality hacks check out:

Learn a simple technique will have you actually seeing energy that makes up the world around you within minutes. The more you work with this technique, the more you will realize that life really is an illusion…

Eric Robison author of Bending God: A Memoir, walks you through how to see energy in the air.

Watch the video on how to see energy in the air:

Andrew Bojarski – How to View Your Aura from a Picture – Aura Color Meanings – 3-12-14


Andy Bojarski

A lot of people have been asking me how I got my picture to show my violet aura color and what do different aura colors mean. This post will tell you where to go to upload a picture that you have to show your aura.

This post will also explain what the different colors mean. This way, you may be better able to understand a little bit more about yourself. There is a web site that I use where you can upload your picture to it from your desktop or laptop. Once you upload the picture, it takes a few seconds and that same picture is displayed showing your aura from the picture.

If you are going to do this, it is best to have a most recent picture of yourself as your aura can change based on how you feel. Also, make sure that the picture is not too high of a resolution picture as this may take a while to upload.  This web site is in German. However, it is very easy to understand.

Click HERE to go to the web site. Once you are there, just scroll down to the bottom. In the middle you will see a box where you upload your photo (step #1) and then you click on the button in step #2 and wait a few seconds and your photo with your aura will be displayed above the box.

You can then right click on the photo with your mouse and save it on your desktop or laptop. In addition, please scroll down a bit in this posting and you will see pictures of what the different colors mean. Find your color based on the aura picture and see if that accurately describes you. Have fun with this and see if you can change your colors based on how you are feeling.

There are also mantras there at the bottom of the picture to help you get to that aura color level. So anyways, have fun with this web site as you view your aura. Scroll down to see the aura meanings.  You can click on the pictures below and it will take you to the Facebook page where I got the pictures.  Sending all of you lots of love and many blessings…



Meditation – Clearing Negativity – Strengthening Your Aura

Download for just $1.99:… please listen through stereo headphones.

This composition is designed to clear the bodies chakras and cleanse the aura of all negativity that we store up from everyday life.

Using root grounding solfeggio frequencies to help connect with the earth to strengthen our roots, whilst expanding that energy into the eather to release all negativity.

Aura Colours Explained – Platinum Mind University


Platinum Mind University 

Our auras are a true representation of our inner state – our passions, emotions and preferred activities, as well as our current health.

Depending on our lifestyle and inclinations, we naturally tend to use some chakras more than others; therefore many people usually have a few dominant colours, rather than a balanced scale.

This article explains what the colours in our auras mean.

Mostly red – it’s a colour of basic life energy, people with this colour dominating in their auras are usually physically strong, have a high level of vitality and regeneration – if this colour prevails the most suitable career path will be sport, army or any job which requires physical strength. An orange tint indicates sexual energy, creativity and the ability to enjoy life.

Yellow – shows inner power and personal strength. Yellow manifests the energy related to willpower, purpose and self-confidence.

Green – emotional strength, this colour is usually the clearest in children’s auras. It can also indicate healing abilities. Green with a yellow-gold glow shows well balanced and considerate people – they are great doing a job which requires regular, dosed everyday effort – office, customer service, kindergarten, beauty salon.

Light Blue – a high level of intellectual activity, may indicate a well developed logical thinking and mentality. Light blue is a colour of speakers, teachers and singers – all people who use oratory skills in their work.

Dark blue – the colour of inner peace. Such colour often shows in people who are following the path of self-discovery and self-improvement through meditation. People who have this colour prevailing in their auras are often teachers or spiritual teachers; they can achieve understanding on the deeper level. Often the best job for them will be in the scientific filed, everywhere where patience and logic are required the most. Such people prefer to work on their own, rather than in a group and are not afraid of responsibility.

Purple – dominates with people who are extremely spiritual or religious; often with paranormal abilities. This colour indicates highly developed intuition. The higher level of consciousness transforms this colour into bright white light, which is characteristic for a high level healers, clairvoyants and magi. Purple surrounded by a golden lining indicates extremely creative people. They can’t stand routine, monotonous everyday work is killing them. They can in one stroke have done an incredible amount of work, working for many days with no breaks and forgetting about everything else, but then they enter a period of stillness, worn out by the creative outburst.

No living beings in this world have black aura.

A darkened, thinned or distorted aura with dark inclusions is always a warning sign. Such an aura may indicate a looking physical illness, an extreme level of physical/emotional exhaustion or an energy attack. Such cases should be referred to a specialist, which will then be able to detect the source of the unhealthy state and help restore the balance.

Platinum Mind University 

RT – BioPhotons – Mind over Matter – Secrets of Human Aura – Revealed By Russian Scientists

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original upload is russia today.check this on the news round the world.talking bout manifesting and healing showing pics of chakras great

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Vortex Aura – 24 May 2013


Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. The first thing that I am going to do is suggest that you wear your aura as a very large vortex. You could essentially match the solar winds and the solar energies and the storm patterns and what not by wearing a similar pattern in the auric field. It is a way of synchronizing with nature and Creation, all of Creation really. So make the aura a very large vortex.

Now this week we have the Full Moon of Humanity combined with the Vesak Eastern Buddhist Birthday celebration, which to me is not the same date as the esoteric Wesak, which is the Great White Brotherhood teachings. That was the last Full Moon.

However we do have with the Full Moon a very powerful eclipse and it is the third eclipse in a one month period. So on this one I am going to say it is “leap and the net will appear”.

And as a lightworker, your best choice of that particular eclipse would be to pick one positive change you’re ready to make in your life and declare it boldly during that eclipse.

With that Moon in Sagittarius, it’s like shooting the arrow directly at the bull’s eye. It carries the power of fire with it to create change and purify the way and will be a very good result for you.

Choose only one change please because if you get it too muddled, it stirs up the aura in a negative way. Then you get something that looks like debris flying around in the aura. And you want a clean clear very large vortex aura.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Pleiadian Alaje – Advanced Lightwork – Part 20

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The meaning of Life is to have Cosmic Love in your Heart and develop the consciousness****
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Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth.
Use my Meditations from parts 4, 6, 10 and 18 of my Videos.