OffPlanet TV – Chris Kehler, Chris Holly, Randy Maughans – Interdimensional Travel, Energies – Live Quantum Healing Session – 10-21-15

The Arcturians – The Lighthouses are Fully Anchored – 10-22-15

imageThe Arcturians   –   The Lighthouses are Fully Anchored   –   10-22-15

The Arcturians-The Lighthouses are Fully Anchored-October 22,2015

The Waves from the latest cosmic energetic punch have dissipated and are balanced across all grids.

All forerunners are now fully anchored to the higher vibrational grids in the Heart Collective, lower vibrational grids in the service to Self Collective.
There is no going back and forth, no wavering between timelines.

The Lighthouses have fully anchored.

Energy travels in waves,peaks and valleys, for every up spike there follows a down time.
After each massive upgrade the energies have to be anchored across the grids and need to level up and hold at the highest vibrational peak.

After the intense energies shake everything up, there is down time for everything to settle and assimilate once again, until the following incoming wave.

This is time in the Void, recovery time.The inability to be around many others as your own expanded energy is not mastered yet and feels unsettled.

It is in this void where one releases expectations of outcomes.
Where massive inner shifts occur.
Where one realigns with the flow of Source.
It is a time of assimilation for the DNA to slowly return to its divine blueprint, and continue to activate.
For evolution to occur.
For consciousness to expand.

Many forerunners find themselves in this place right now.
In The Void, awaiting their latest creation, experiencing BEing.

After this past huge energetic wave, chakra unbalance is felt deeply for each forerunner within the Heart Collective.
It cannot continue, must be seen, forgiven, healed and released.
Must be balanced.
Feeling off the Flow of Source is felt deeply and forcefully,being out of alignment is very unpleasant.Finding inner balance is quick due to many individual remembered tools for mastering energy.

The anchoring of the energies by the forerunners was beyond what was expected by many on your earth, non incarnated souls included, yet the outcome was exactly as YOU were seeking, which was for each individual soul to ground in as much of the Light as humanly possible into all the grids, expanding to All timelines, and accessible to All.

All timelines ascended and anchored, yes even descending timelines.                                               Service to self timelines expanded into more “lack of” timelines.
Service to others timelines expanded into more “abundant” timelines.
The two are continuing the opposite expansion, moving away from each other in a spiraling fashion, yet within the same spiral of dual timelines.

Many forerunners are being relocated to new anchoring points around the world to anchor new Pillars of Light and to continue to fully ground the higher vibrational grids and timelines.
As each soul awakens they become conscious Pillars of Light, and the Heart Collective expands to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Expansion comes from Within by going Within.

At the moment of the highest vibrational peak by the huge cosmic impact of the latest evolutionary wave, all beings on your planet peaked at the highest possible SELF vibration in this NOW moment, across all dimensions and realities.

ALL Beings and Collectives.

The Wave hit YOU physically and energetically on this earth, AND also hit ALL off world Selves of YOU, Angelic and Galactic, ALL your Dimensional Selves, all universal aspects of who you are, as ALL are connected.

This also shook the lower densities to Light, which had not been “seen” for millennia on your planet.    Light is information, therefore as “secrets” are revealed they no longer hold the same frequency, they must be released once seen.
It is in the act of secrecy that the frequency of the information is lowered.

It used to be, while caught in the lower densities of the karmic cycle, the only way to shift your vibration was to physically die and be reborn once again into a “new” life,”forgetting” your other selves.

This is no longer the way for the Heart Collective.

All timelines can be accessed.
All souls have the capacity to experience life on your planet with full knowledge of all aspects of Self.
You are a multidimensional being, remembering how to be multidimensional.
When fully prepared to access the information, by your frequencysignature, you will.

It is your FREQUENCY which reaches higher,or lower vibrational timelines.
In those “aha” moments, those “aha”thoughts, it is YOU who has cleared enough inner density to access those truths, those thoughts, by raising your vibration.                                                                               They are literally sitting at a frequency which you can raise to, and when YOU reach that frequency, YOU unlock that level of consciousness.
You remember that Truth.
You control your expansion as you remember who you are.

You are the elevator, everything sits at a frequency awaiting YOU to reach it.

And as you expand beyond your human consciousness, you begin to access your OTHER levels of YOUR consciousness beyond this planet.
You connect to all your galactic Selfs, other aspects of YOU working at different dimensions to assist in THIS third dimension, in this magnificent shift of consciousness.

This magnificent expansion of Love of All Life.

In the higher vibrational collectives all are connected through their Hearts, therefore as you connect to the individual aspect of YOU in another realm,maybe your archangel self for instance,you connect to the archangel collective through your own Angelic Self.

Through your Heart.

Connecting to your self ensures that channeled energies are clear and concise and direct from Source, without any energy being given to any outside agenda from a duality entity.
Being fully connected to one’s Heart ensures one to be as clear a channel as consciously possible while walking in the Law of One.
Following complete inner guidance from Source through the Heart.

As each forerunner connects deeper into their Heart with Source, and becomes One in the Heart Collective, the ability to “see” multidimensionally also greatly increases, as senses expand beyond 3d limits.                                                                                                                                            Expansion occurs across all bodies, all selves.

Empaths function 100% sensing the world from their hearts, while fully understanding divine concepts and truths with their Divine Mind.
Mastering their energy, being balanced between light and dark.

They “feel” their way into high vibrational timelines and co creations, for the Heart Feels Truth.

For the Heart Collective, all masks are off, and ALL beings are felt through the Heart for the truth of WHO they are energetically, and wether or not, it is for the highest good of all to have them in one’s life.

This is the ascending timelines’ way to navigate dimensions by feeling them through the Heart Center, and choosing the ones that “feel” from the Heart to be grounded in love and peace.
The highest vibrational timelines.
This is the beginning of manifesting, the initial intent must be from the heart, for the highest good of all.
All outcome as to how the manifestation will occur must be released.

Once the intent is anchored, then the initial steps to the experience begin to manifest.
Look for synchronicities.
Following your Heart will lead to more synchronicities which will open more doors and put you closer to the abundance,experience you seek.
Along the path, stay in your Heart and be fully in each Now, using your laughter and peacefulness as a measure of your progress.                                                                                                                      Live transparently in the Light, like the Lighthouses You have become.

We are the Arcturians.                                                                                                                            Call upon us if you are guided to do so from within.                                                                               We are One Within Your Heart.
You are us, we are you in The Heart of Source.
Our love for you is endless, boundless, limitless.

And so it is.

Follow Your Heart❤️Shine YourLight.

In deep and humble gratitude.
In service from my Heart, for the Highest Good of All.

Michelle Walling @ – How Transmuting Dark Energies Will Heal The Universe – 9-15-15


by Michelle Walling, CHLC   –   Staff writer,


If you think about everything that is happening in the world, doesn’t it seem like you attract more of the dark as you raise your vibration? Perhaps that is because the negative energy yearns for healing just as much as we do.

That doesn’t include ALL negative beings. As we know, we are dealing with a few psychopathic beings that are still running the negative harvest matrix program. Some people have said that the big bosses (the Archons) have actually left and all that is left is the middle men and they left them here to throw them under the bus.

All ultimately comes from the same Source. Some of Source’s children have been very naughty and have not played by the rules of the game. These naughty beings are being forced into a corner and are being given a choice of changing polarity through healing or healing by being recycled back through the Great Central Sun.

Is it possible that some of us volunteered to help some of the negative beings heal that choose it? We know that most of our family and friends who are not awake yet are simply running their negative programs, and when the program gets dismantled, they will be ready for some healing and re-direction of their thoughts and belief systems. Their soul is probably not negative, it is just their hypnotic trance that allows for negative thought forms that is the problem.

Some of the truly negative souls of the upper middle management of the dark are quickly finding out that they were used and will not get the eternal life that they were promised by their bosses. They are having to figure out their best possible scenario at this time, and they are becoming desperate.


We can help to dismantle the hypnotic trance negative thoughtform program by clearing ourselves and connecting with the collective consciousness in order to send high vibrations in to transmute all of the negative thoughtforms. As we heal ourselves, we help to heal other humans, the planet, the galaxy, the Universe, and so on.

Here is a video that puts some things into perspective on healing the dark:

Click here for more articles by Michelle Walling!

About the author:
Michelle Walling 2

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

Blossom Goodchild – Live Channels: White Cloud and Galactic Federation Of Light – Pillars of Light – The New Wave Energy – You will be filled with Blissful Love – Gifts are Coming to You – You will find yourself Manifesting – Sharing Wno You Are with Each Other – You look into Each Others Eyes; You See Only Love! – The beating of your Heart, will be Resonating with these Pillars of Light and Rainbows – This Deep Love within your Soul will Radiate outward to Others – Be Aware of Yourselves and Who You Are! – 9-15-15

Galactic Federation of Light Announcement ~ Cosmic Waves of Energy Hitting Now – Mother God and The First Contact Ground Crew Team –


Published on Sep 7, 2015

~By Serving the Love I Am, I am Serving the One, Equal The All, Equal All of US. By Serving the Love I AM, I am Trusting Love in ALL Moments of My Experience. When I Am Trusting Love, Love Serves Me. There is nothing for me to do and Everything to BE in All Moments.

As I Serve Love and Love Serves Me, the More Joy, Happiness, and Wholeness of Being, I Feel and Experience in All My Present Moments of NOW.

The True Reality of Who I Really Am, Love, is Now Being Born from My Being in Every Present Moment of Now. I Am Becoming The Unique God I Am Incarnate on Planet Earth=Heart. As this Occurs, My Soul Begins Expanding and I Marry with Creation and Love. Stepping into the Unknowable, I Become a Bright New Star of Brilliance. And So It is On Earth, as it Is in Heaven. EARTH=HEAVEN. I AM Love, and I Am God~

Sandra Walter – Divine Harmony Revealing Divine Completion – 9-3-15

Sandra Walter…

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

These ever-increasing levels of light are truly Divine. The waves of Divine harmony are such a very natural, peaceful energy.

It is easy to dissolve right into them now; an indication of our vibrational match. Geometric patterns and frequencies within your energy fields match or *catch* the incoming light rays, and your consciousness expands with their pure presence. Amazing.

Alignment with the vibration of Divine Self, and the ability to hold that vibration in your energy fields attracts more, more, more. Those of you who are initiated and prepared for embodiment have unique patterns of the Cosmic Christ within your energy fields. It has become part of you, integrated, and now you are experiencing the reorganization of your consciousness to complement the Divine choice and Divine service at this level.

More on the Cosmic Template

Many of the stages and symbols of how-to-tell if you are embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ template/I AM template were shared last week in a conversation with Lauren Galey. Listen to the video version if you are interested in that material. Half of my notes didn’t make it into the broadcast, however we did well in the allotted timeframe.

This powerful energy coming in right now, the force of Source, feels comforting and expansive, blissful and strong, ecstatic and still all at once. This is why we did so much work on clearing out the lower levels of Self.

When the Higher Self – which is also merging with higher beingness (as above so below) – takes command of the journey, what is complementary to the Higher true Self will be rewritten to align with the sacred patternings of the Christ consciousness, and that which does not complement the higher state of consciousness dissolves.

This is a natural part of this kind of Ascension process, and you have experienced this to a limited degree. As the Team said last year, You haven’t seen anything yet. Now we understand what that was about. Things are getting very different, very quickly on the Path.

The final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway is in motion. You are capable of moving into an accelerated phase which unifies you with all layers of the I AM Templates, set in place for this phase of Ascension, and fully activated for use upon Gaia.

The more Lightservers engaging with them, in a path of harmony, balance and Divine Love, the faster the Shift in external systems will unfold for all. There are (not surprisingly) many anxieties being used to distract the collective; remember your higher service, beloveds.

While there are opportunities beyond the cosmic oversoul of the Divine HUman, the focus for this particular passage of global Ascension is embodiment. This is why you are experiencing radical new sensations in your consciousness, skills, and awareness right now. Higher wisdom flows, inner knowing is ignited, and the great cosmic merge is on.

Initiates and Transcendence

The classical steps of the initiate are a path of engaging with cosmic templates. This spiritual path has been anchored by thousands. Anchoring means active, conscious, lucid awareness of the energies, the journey and its purpose.

As mentioned in the discussion last week on Mystery School parallels, these cosmic templates need to be lived out in people’s lifestreams in order to serve the Galactic purpose of this experiment of separation and reunification with Source. The Divine qualities of the HUman genome are now ready to be revealed on a very large scale.

In addition to the Mystery School parallels shared last week regarding the final stages of Ascension/Resurrection, it may be good to note the levels of initiation in classic study. Some of you will find the reflection in your own lifestreams, or the lives of those walking the path with you. For those unfamiliar with these principles, it may assist in understanding what is about to be accomplished. I find them akin to Wayshower and Gatekeeper roles.

In (very) brief summation, the traditional stages of an Initiate’s path are:

1. Entering into a deep state of self-examination and observation

2. Spiritual study and passionate engagement with a spiritual path

3. Service work: Getting out and respectfully, humbly sharing with the collective what you learn

4. Heart center illumination, higher sense evolution

5. Become a representative of the collective

6. Sun God: Connect to the forces of the SUN as a conduit, receiving knowledge from/through the SUN, as a fractalized representation of the Source consciousness represented in the Solar light, the Christed state

7. Source unification: Connecting with all of creation, merging with pure Source Light beingness

Again these are steps anchored over thousands of years, with different terms and belief systems in many schools of spiritual study, which we utilize as stepping stones to full Self-realization.

Our modern-day Ascension may feel different from our attempts at embodiment in the past, because we have so many factors involved at a Galactic level. We were practicing, training for the Shift all this time. Setting our acquired wisdom into texts, teachings, and the collective mind – in order to arrive here at the Shift, engage with the intel and ultimately transcend it.

Many of the classical phases may feel familiar – or quite direct for Masters – and you may recognize the memory of your past journeys welling up to the surface. (Litmus test: Tears of gratitude are a clear sign of revelation). Cellular memory activates codes within your blood and bones during this phase of Ascension.

It is best to observe the memories and not cling to them as they come up. They are holographic imprints to assist the Higher Self in stepping forth, unifying all of the journeys here in order to transform them. As always, this is on behalf of the collective project of Ascension.

Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual expression is unique. This may be challenging through the Equinox when various levels of consciousness upgrades are taken into the physical form. Regardless of external judgment or perceptions, we embody the True Self. There is tremendous support available for this transformation.

Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway

An overview for those catching up with this two-year project:

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 15: 25 day Gateway
Equinox September 22 – Blood Moon Eclipse October 8: 16 day Gateway

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4: 15 day Gateway
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 27: 5 day Gateway

For your grounded calendars:

Equinox: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:22 AM PT (Pacific Time)

The September Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, a point in space above the Earth’s equator equidistant from North to South poles.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 7:47pm PT – the eclipse peaks from 7:11pmPT – 8:23pmPT

The Moon appears to have a red glow due to Gaia’s shadow, lending the term Blood Moon. This eclipse is the last in a tetrad, a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses through 2014-2015, which align just after the Equinoxes to create a powerful acceleration in the Shift in Consciousness.

A lunar tetrad of eclipses is unique. For our Ascension purposes, they have aligned with Equinox Gateways to create a syphoning effect of growing intensity. It has been a two-year project for Gatekeepers and Lightservers, full of revelation, activation and keen awareness of the cosmic service involved.

Ascension Path Connection Call

Our monthly call is Wednesday, September 2 at 6pmPT. Please join us for a suggested September preparedness protocol. Details in the call module.

Golden In-Carnate Anniversary

This Saturday marks my Golden In-Carnate Anniversary, and I admit to feeling quite Golden at the moment. I AM infinitely blessed to be here, right now, doing what I AM doing, experiencing, serving and embodying my Creator Self. Feel free to join me in spirit as I celebrate the miracle of BEing here in the body to participate in the Ascension. It is an honor to share this journey with all of you!

In Love, Light and Service,

Source:“Divine Harmony revealing Divine Completion,” by Sandra Walter, September 1, 2015, at…

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: September 1, 2015

THE HUMAN LIGHT BODY – Kate A. Spreckley @ Spiritual Pathways – – 8-24-15

Light Body

by Kate A. Spreckley, SpiritualPathways

Found at:


As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being. Our being is linked to all existence through our body of light.

Our body of light is far greater in size than our physical body and is not limited nor constrained by our physical world. This body is able to move through time and space connecting us to other dimensions of reality and other life forms that exist throughout Creation.

Our Light Body holds the essence of our multidimensional self and in shifting our consciousness and accessing our Light Body we are able to move through different dimensions and to view other realities. Through our Light Body we have the ability to access and to communicate with different dimensions for the purpose of our growth, learning and development.

For the most part this process of communication happens unconsciously or during our dream time. But part of our evolutionary process involves building and integrating our Light Body into our Human forms. In integrating our Human Light Body it will become possible for us to consciously access and communicate with other dimensions, gathering knowledge, wisdom and guidance. By being conscious of the guidance and wisdom available to us, we will then be able to apply this knowledge within our own lives, healing ourselves, our world, and enabling us to progress further along the path of our Soul evolution.

For many thousands of centuries, our lives have been controlled by the belief systems held within our societies and cultures. These belief systems have become the blue print by which we create our own lives and our own realities. We buy into the beliefs of others and recreate their reality thereby replicating the damage and destruction of humanity and our Earth. All this recreating and replicating has created an energy pattern that has been grounded into the energy field of our Earth through us.

The original blue print for the Earth was one of peace, love and harmony between all living things. That blue print still exists beneath the energy patterns and structures that we as human beings have initiated.

At some point in our history we allowed ourselves to think we were superior to all other life forms on this planet. We allowed these thoughts to become the basis of our belief patterns and thus began our journey of separation and the grounding of these patterns into the energy field of our Earth.


Our Earth is a living, breathing energy field and as we walk upon Her body an energetic connection is formed between us and the Earth. It is through this energetic connection that all our thoughts, feelings and creations are transferred, grounded and held in the energy field of the Earth. It is this energy field that assists us in creating our physical reality.

In creating our physical reality we tap into these energetic patterns of memory. If these memories are of old, outdated and negative patterns we will have a very difficult time trying to create a life of love, peace and harmony. We are all here on this Earth because we need to heal and to evolve and in order for us to do that we are required to change our patterns of belief, structure and behavior.

As we evolve, grow and develop we begin to access our inner truth, held in the deeper aspects of ourselves. As we uncover our inner truth we realize that our material world does not define who or what we are and our search for a deeper meaning to our life begins. On this journey we discover that it is only through the Spirit that we can gain any understanding of what is occurring in our world. With this understanding we are able to begin a process of healing; releasing old patterns of belief and behavior and allowing our Spirit to guide our day to day life.

As our connection to our Spirit strengthens we are able to tap into the true essence of ourselves, which at its core is an essence of love. It is only through healing ourselves that we are able to tap into our essence of love and it is only through the love of self that we are able to pull light into our physical bodies, thereby activating, building and integrating our Light Body into our physical beings.

In connecting with our true essence of love and allowing that energy to be channeled through us, we are able to begin transforming the energy patterns held with in the Earth, allowing for the original blue print of love, peace and harmony to arise.

Accessing our true essence of love initiates changes in our molecular structure enabling us to begin building our Light Body. As we build our Light Body we allow the healed aspects of ourselves to merge and combine with the love of our true essence thus allowing our physical body to hold more and more of our Light Body.

Our task is to heal ourselves and merge all aspects of ourselves with our true essence, as we do so our challenges will gather force and our unhealed aspects will be brought to light, assisting us in healing any separations that we continue to carry. This in turn will transform the energy patterns held within our Earth Mother enabling us to build and integrate our Light Body ultimately becoming the light and love of our true essence in Human form.

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Judith Kusel – The Shift In Consciousness – Escalated by the Return of the 7th Sun – Reconnection to the Central Sun’s Energies – 7-29-15

Universal Service of Light's photo.

Judith Kusel

In the last years I was called upon to work intensively with certain earth energy grids of what has lain dormant for many millions of years, and is now being reactivated and rising to the fore.  As I was made more and more aware, of what it is that is being reactivated and released, the more I became conscious of how this will be shifting humanity into much higher gears of life and living.

Massive earth upheavals and earth changes are upon us – not to be feared, but rather to be welcomed, as this is the New Earth truly rising to the fore.

The new cannot rise with the old still in place, and therefore the old is making way for the new.  All of life forms part of the spiraling dance of life, where in order for new life to rise, the old has to disintegrate, dissolves, so that the new can form on the destruction of the old.

We cannot go through this massive shift without also experiencing an INNER shift.  In order for the Old Adam to die, the New Adam is emerging out the ashes of the old – in other words, the Old Adam Kadmon (prototype) body is not making way for a much higher frequency body, more crystalline in nature, and therefore more able to hold the higher vibrational frequency bands of the New Earth.

One of the reasons why so many people have had a total disintegration of their old lives and the proverbial carpet being pulled from under them, had to do with this total paradigm shift, and most, like me, have felt the old life totally disintegrating and new still forming in so many ways.

With the rising to the fore, we cannot take the old emotional baggage, the trauma, the pain, the scars, with us into the new and higher way of life.  Therefore we will be cleaved open to the very core so that all the old puss can be released, so that the old ways of acting, living, being, can disintegrate, be released, so that we become so light in body, mind, and spirit, that we can make that shift, without being weighed down with excess emotional baggage.

Just like our personal lives are disintegrating on so many levels, the relationships, the social, the governance structures, indeed all of life and the way we interact with others will start feeling this disintegration on many levels.  The old structures too no longer serve our highest soul growth and good – indeed, they do not serve the collective anymore, and the collective consciousness is therefore now moving into the higher octaves of being and so the old structures have to be reinvented.  It is like reinventing the wheel, but the cosmic wheels of life, and not the earthly ones, for we are stepping into our cosmic citizenship.

We have essentially been prepared for this since the Second World War and it we look back in just these last few years how we have moved into a much higher technologically advanced society, with wonderful tools like the Internet, Cyberspace, and etc. being developed and returned to the planet, then imagine how much will shift in the next few years?

The New Children have the inherent genius programmed into them to truly lift humanity into the higher octaves of consciousness and Being, and they will truly bring about a revolution in technology and consciousness, which will make this massive shift we are currently going through, look like child’s play.

To try and hang onto the old life and lifestyles is futile.  In as much as we are willing to allow ourselves to be transformed, to be guided, to be revamped and rejuvenated, in as much will we are able to make it through this immense shift with all the tools to assist us and help us through this all.

However, we have to let go of the old ways.  We have to let go of all that no longer serves our highest soul growth and good and that of the collective.  We cannot move into this New Earth being created now, with all the old ways of thinking, acting, relating, And Being.

Therefore the best is to do that daily cleansing, and clearing, and to be open to change.  No more clinging onto that which is disintegrating and rather welcoming in the changes.  When our mindset and heart-set change from deep within, we focus on truly being ready to shift with the incoming massive energy tides, we will find that we are being lifted by this mighty force and it comes almost effortlessly.

However if we resist at some level, there will be pain and great feelings of intense loss, of being lost at sea.

It is best to remember that no changes can occur, without something giving way to create a void.  Once the void or vacuum is created, the higher energies can move in.

Such is the wave of change now upon us.

2015, truly is a year of paradigm shifts in consciousness – yet it only paves the way for more and more intense changes coming in, for the next 50 to 100 years.

In a thousand years a space traveler will hardly recognize this planet – such has been the massive revamping, reforming, and reinvention of the planet and the human species.


Lisa Gawlas – Living and Experiencing the Energy Called July – 7-2-15


Lisa Gawlas

The morning of the 30th did not unfold the way I had planned it to.  Hell, the whole day didn’t.  I didn’t sleep at all that night, much to my surprise, not because I was so excited to leave to see my son and grandson the next day, but it was more of a deep worry about my youngest daughter.  She had one of two hearings set for July 1st, that, if convicted, could have put her in jail for at least a year.  I used to think that might be the best thing for her, for her to really see the reality of her choices and to make other choices.  That is, until I watched the 3rd season of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix…. gulp!!!

I barely slept for 2 hours, with bouts of waking up with knots in my stomach.  I finally gave up on sleep at 3am and sat down to my computer, doing all I can to switch my focus on something I can do… write about the amazing finale of readings on the 29th.  I got three paragraphs in and that knot in my stomach got tighter, bigger, and drew my entire focus onto it.  This is something I have not experienced in such a long time, well over a decade…. that thing we call, deep worry.  Obviously ignoring it was not an option, so I gave up trying to write my blog and decided to deep clean the house.  Maybe that will help to clear out my solar plexus.

My daughter is not one to share her deepest feelings with anyone, I knew I was feeling what she was feeling deep inside.  I took to my house and my daughter all at the same time, cleaning and feeling that knot slowly move up my spine and sit just between my heart and high heart.

Not even every single favorite song that came on my Pandora mix while I cleaned could put that wiggle in my step, nope I was knee deep in something unfamiliar and had to just ride it out, or ride it in, however that worked out.

I decided to take a look at the weather channel to see what the flying weather was as well as the weekend forcast for the 4th of July since me and my boys will be in a tent.  Tons of rain and thunderstorms.  Holy cow!!  I really don’t like to ride the roller coaster in the sky and with all that turbulent weather, I surely would be!!  Not to mention it was calling for thunderstorms at my brothers place for the 4th of july… hey!!!

So I did the only thing I knew how to do, had a talk with the clouds and air.  I know you need to do what you need to do, but if it is ok, can we please have nice weather on my travels and while I am at my sons and brothers.

I got to the airport and Untied had overbooked my flight and as I checked in, they asked if I would consider taking another flight, I said no, checked my luggage, got my boarding pass and headed to the flight gate.  There, the flight attendants were in a tizzy, they said they needed to drop 3000 pounds from the plane before they could take off and would be willing to give a $150 flight voucher to anyone that volunteered to take another flight.  Something in me instantly got my butt up and over to the counter and so I asked when would the next flight get me into Boston.  I was supposed to arrive at 12:03am and the lady checking every available airline said we can get you there an our later on American.  Really???  Sign me up, I arrive an hour later and get $150 off mt Christmas travels… works for me.

As I was standing in the American airlines line to check in, the other people that volunteered were talking about what was really happening.  There was a severe storm happening in Houston, the place our layover was to be, and that they had to adjust the weight on the plane so they can make a shorter landing (or something like that.)  Yikes!!  I instantly became even more grateful I volunteered.  Then I found out, they canceled that flight all together until the weather eased up in Houston.  So not only did the other people not get to where they were going on time, they also didn’t get $150 because they wouldn’t let go of what they had in their hand.

My flight to Dallas then to Boston was perfect and clear and no turbulence.  We arrived in Boston 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Yesterday was my daughters hearing, and when I talked to her later in the day, she said it had to be continued until Sept 28th because the video tape that could have put her in jail would not play at all at court.  Not only that, she had been fighting the last several days with the place she bought her car from (only 4 months ago) to fix the clutch on her car, it completely blew out and left her stranded on the highway the other day.  They refused.  …at least, until yesterday.  They called her and said they will fix her car completely and for free.

Plus, to add a bonus on her day, she had been trying to get picked to be a “Rock Girl” for a local radio station that comes with tons of fun and cash, prizes and what no over the summer, they picked her yesterday to be a part of the 30  girls competing for the annual coveted event.

I realized the moment I woke up, having had a full nights sleep (instead of 5 broken hours over the last 48) that the energy in my solar plexus on the 30th was processing what she could not.  Clearing and cleaning the energy in her field so that her best outcome could happen.

Equally, the weather here in Boston yesterday called for all day rain with severe thunderstorms.  It rained for an hour and then suddenly, the day completely cleared up and no rain at all.  Equally, the weather that was called for at my brothers turned to clear too!!

Until this morning, and the playing out of the last two days, I really had no idea the enormity spirit kept putting our eyes towards with the full on energy spectrum called July was going to look like for us.  I learn/understand by participating myself, like we all do and these last two days were HUGE in revelation for me.

We are the energy generators for ourselves and those around us.  Obviously, transmuting energy that others may not know how to do themselves.  I am going to end with this quote “What we do for others, we equally do for ourselves.”

I am now heading to my brothers campground in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania today and will be off line until Sunday or Monday when we head back to Boston.  But I did want to get this sharing out before hand, because we are now working in ways like never before and we are so accustomed to “clearing: our selves instead of processing what may be needed for others!!  Always remember, the universe gives back abundantly… right down to clearing weather patterns if that is desired!!

I love you all and appreciate you more than my words will ever put into print.  Thank you for loving me and most especially, allowing/accepting my love for you too!!!

I am going to leave my vacation special ongoing, because my team told me to do so.  Who am I to argue!!  lol

May you have the most extraordinary, unexpected abundance of everything for ever more!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of clear skies and intense joy to All!!  May your independence be celebrated thru all the universe!!

Lisa Gawlas

Georgi Stankov – A Short Energy Update – 6-29-15


Georgi Stankov


This is indeed a very short and joyful report. The best news are always short, the bad news need more elaboration.

Since three-four days the quality of the energies has dramatically improved. At least this is what I sense now constantly and the leap in better life quality is so dramatic that I am afraid to rejoice as in the past such short moments of respite were immediately followed by most severe and debilitating waves. That is why I waited for four days in a row to make this announcement.

The quality of the energies has improved incredibly, in particular in the night and the vibrations feel like bathing in champagne with the bubbles caressing and uplifting the body ( I must admit that I haven’t had this kind of experience yet, but this is how I imagine physical pleasure of the more lascivious kind on this planet). Another comparison of the more prosaic kind: There is an all-encompassing somatic feeling of well-being as if bathing in a wellness bath, associated with profound optimism as if the whole atmosphere is imbued with this sentiment and you can breathe it. And all this is very, very uplifting. It feels very much as if we have almost moved to New Lemuria and are now basking in 5D energies all the time.

There is a promise in the air about the coming bliss and the more the dark cabal and their stooges descend into the hell of their despair, the better it feels for us. This dichotomy is a manifestation of the dialectics of ascension which now engulfs this uppermost mother planet.

I have personally never felt my LBP energies so pleasant as in the last three days, notwithstanding several very powerful alchemical reactions of global cleansing of dark human patterns. Today there was another huge ID shift after we descended to a very low timeline and the weather deteriorated significantly contrary to all weather forecasts. Both Carla and I were immersed in the most powerful ascension vortex, similar to the one we once experienced in Burns Bog last year. We were retrieved from this reality for several hours and the third chakra was in huge pain due to the quick bilocations.

The ID move to New Lemuria has now reached a new level of intensity parallel to the dissolution of the Orion matrix on the ground and the next month promises huge surprises. Watch carefully for the full moon portal in July 2nd and then the new moon on July 16th which is a potential date for our ascension and move to New Lemuria.

Archangels and Devas – Integrating the Solstice Energy – Energy of Upcoming Full Moon – 6-26-15

Integrating the SOLSTICE energy and the energy of the upcoming FULL MOON

Image “Love Mother Earth” from New Heaven New Earth (

From Archangels and Devas, June 25, 2015

We are still in the process this week of integrating the most powerful Solstice energy so far experienced on Planet Earth. Because of the integration still taking place within your energy body, you will most likely be feeling very tired and needing to rest often. Honor these feelings, as your honor your Body, you honor your Self.

You will also be feeling a lot of negative emotions coming to the surface for release. This is happening within you and also within the Collective, so be prepared to feel these negative feelings and know that all you’re needing to do here is to hold the intention of releasing them.

The best way to do this is to go within and sit in meditation with your Higher Self to regain your sense of balance, and sense of peace and harmony within.

Your Higher Self is always helping you integrate the incoming energy and helping you to release anything that rises to the surface for release, so by being in PARTNERSHIP with this part of yourself, you are in a sense making LIGHT work. You are easing the load so to speak, and learning to CO-CREATE by working together towards a common goal and outcome.

Note that you will also most likely be sensitive to the negative energy being released by the Collective, so hold the intention of using the Violet Flame to clear these unwanted and uncomfortable energies. You can do this quite easily whilst sitting in meditation with your Higher Self.

A powerful Full Moon is expected next week and she will be bringing up more uncomfortable negative emotional energy waiting to be released. This Divine Feminine energy is also helping you to integrate a greater sense of Self Love and Divine Compassion towards yourself and towards the Collective. Remember you are ALL ONE!

During each of these powerful phases you are becoming more LOVE and therefore the need to EXPRESS LOVE is becoming more important. Energy needs to FLOW Beloveds! It is in the GIVING and RECEIVING of this great COSMIC FORCE OF CREATION that you will begin to experience higher dimensions or levels of consciousness, and therefore experience the ABUNDANCE OF LIFE and of LIVING in this NEW EARTH REALITY and the ‘Heaven on Earth’ you have been so eagerly awaiting.

It is ALL ways LOVE Beloveds.

As you’re integrating this powerful LOVE energy, you’re experiencing a greater sense of MERGING with your True Self, your Twin Flame AND the SOURCE energy of All That Is,  in and around you. Therefore, you’re merging not only with your SOUL Self, but with Gaia and the Elementals and ALL of LIFE here on Planet Earth.

And with this you will FEEL a greater SENSE OF ONENESS with Everything and ALL LIFE.

OPEN YOUR HEARTS further to the giving and receiving of more Love Beloveds. You are returning HOME to LOVE, for Love is the heart. The Heart is Love.

We wish you LOVE Beloveds and a magical NEW Day!


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thebridgeoftruth – Encoding the Divine Rays – 7th Ray (Violet) – Accelerating Your Ascension, – The Energies of Creation Meditation Series


The Focus of “Embracing Universal Impulse”

Integrating the 7th Ray (perceived by the senses as the color VIOLET) into your daily meditation or practice, can serve to stimulate an openness to the “WE” and not just the “I”, and to both celebrate and accept the diversity in all of Creation, in all of Its wonderment and miraculous aspect. Aligning with the 7th Ray can also assist in alleviating personal karma, thus encouraging conscious service to the “other” (person, country, ideal, etc.), here at the forefront of the New Paradigm, The Golden Age of Light.

In this 12 part video series, spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro assists the viewer in allowing an easy access and open connection with the 12 Divine Rays of Creation that are operating in our physical universe. The Rays represent the essential “streams” of Divine Consciousness (Undifferentiated Source) which are disseminated forth to form and expand all of Creation on every level. To achieve personal ascension, Humanity is tasked with mastering a level of 51% of each of the Rays energies within one’s being. Consciously aligning with the individual Rays enable the spiritual seeker to accelerate their ascension process and self-realization in this regard. You may meditate on the image of the Ray with eyes open or listen with eyes closed, seated or lying down.

“The Energies of Creation Meditation Series” serves as a powerful and potent tool for self-improvement, ascension and spiritual enrichment. Please feel free to share and disseminate this video to anyone whom you feel may benefit. They are created with Love and in service to the Light.

To contact Mr. Citro, please visit his website at or email him at

Divine Ray images by artist Ariel Churnin.

Music accompanying the meditation is “Start of a New Day” by Deep Sky Divers, provided royalty-free at:…

Recorded, produced and edited by Al Leone for “The Bridge of Truth” on YouTube.

© 2012 The Bridge of Truth, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Message from Saint Germain – How to Use the Pink Flame of Love – by Carla Thomson – 3-28-15

Carla Thompson, March 28, 2015

by Georgi Stankov Posted on


As we have moved through this vast and very powerful portal of March 21st, where we have removed dense attachments to past challenges and life events, we are now in a position to fully transmute and heal all vestiges of chaos that have arisen before us.

Saint Germain came to me today with a message that discusses our role as “Light Warrior – Healers” and specific information that is a somewhat different approach to using the flames than what I have adopted.  I am sharing it here for all who feel they are Healers and who may find this description of interest and perhaps a better way to heal with the Sacred Flames.

With love,




” Greetings dearly beloved, I AM Saint Germain and I come to you today to bring forth the understanding of the perfection of the Violet Flame within the context of the sacred Pink Flame of Cosmic Love.

Together, the Violet Flame of transmutation and the Pink Flame of divine love, both created together in one braided energy stream shall firstly transmute any and all human miscreation and through its alchemy within the context of the pink flame, shall then heal all discord, all emotional, mental and physical hurt, all shame, all misunderstandings that have plagued the world for centuries.

As an energy is transmuted by the Violet Flame, the newly created element that remains now needs the alchemical reaction of the Pink flame of divine love.

First the Violet flame is flooded into a body, or a thought, or a difficulty, and then the luscious pink flame is brought in to engulf the issue in order to heal with love, the disconnection.

The Violet Flame then floods the situation again, in order to fully re-set back to the wishes of God-Source.

A full clearing (Violet Flame), healing (Violet and Pink Flame) and re-set (Violet Flame) is a powerful combination of actions.

As you prepare for the many up-coming healing sessions, you must know this truth:

Pure healing stems from the conscious recognition and activation of the electronic (prana) tube of light that enters your body through the Pineal Gland (or through left brain portal in ascended light warriors,note George) and moves directly into your heart space.

Invoke this light and weave the violet and pink flames [and any other flames that we intuit as necessary for a particular healing] into it, to begin a complete healing of lower vibrational and dysfunctional situations creating imbalance within all of the four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and etheric.

Know in advance of your healing session: What is it that you wish to achieve? Of course, any conscious desire for the highest good of all involved is perhaps the most gracious approach and realizes a most desirable outcome, and leaves great allowance for the divine to solve any issues in a most dynamic and fruitful way.

I will attend all healings with you, you only need to invite my presence.  I thank you for your service and for the Service of those joining you in this sacred endeavour.

There are great shifts now occurring and much is coming up for clearing and healing. It is to be remembered that the human collective is now processing great past tragedy and the implications upon the Ascension are potent. While many issues seem to be centred around an individual problem, these issues are always representative of collective karmic healing.

Great strength to each of you!  Great Strength!

I Am Saint Germain and I look forward to working with All!”

Lisa Gawlas – The Energy Corridor Leading To April – Dreams Come True – 3-28-15

make_your_dreams_come_true_by_lostgfxBy Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, March 27, 2015

For weeks prior to the equinox, I did my damnedest to sneak a peak at the energy field post equinox, namely, the very moment we are in now, leading into April.

Try as I might, all I could see was pure energy, now that we are in it, I can so see and feel why.  I am just going to call this week one of the most intense energy corridors I have ever seen in the field and even in my body.  

Of course, the readings themselves are reflecting all that, but I am really challenged to put it all into an understanding in the moment, hell, even the day after.  So what I am going to do today, is take the collection of readings from the last few days and share what I understand collectively.

A very consistent image now thru every reading is what is left of that big old oval that had been so prevalent thru February and March.  The oval, representing all the humans aligned together (called a collective) holding the Christed energy, or Shambhala energies at the ground level for us and realignment within the creative field of earth, is now a big black hole.  Looking very much like this:


What I understand this to represent now is what we have set out to do, we have done.  We have made deep impact in the earth with the energies I call Shambhala.  Embedded, encrusted, fresh (hence the black scarring.)  So we no longer need to hold the energy’s on earth, we need to use them from the ground level up into creation, thru ourselves.

The black is showing how high we raised the vibration on earth.  When the frequencies get higher it produces heat, hence the black showing like fire scarring.

This oval is now behind those showing up on the field, the energy of April, still in front of them and the present moment, pure energy potential.  I think the closest way I can really understand what this means to all of us was the last reading I had yesterday, altho, in her moments, I had no clue what I was seeing and what it meant to her.  She was suspended in the air on a swing, swinging rhythmically back and forth.

The chains holding the swing were attached to nothing I could see and the swing bottom was about 10 feet above the ground.  Just at the swings bottom was this beautiful energy of violet and blue, very cloud like and as my lady swung back and forth on her swing, her legs and feet moved this energy.  This was all I could see.  There was nothing in front of her, behind her, below her and other than the chains attached to the air itself, nothing above her.  I was confused.

My audio is leaving a lot to be desired these days and until the very end of her reading, I got zero audio, zero understanding and was pretty sure my audio antenna’s were in the garage, until I heard one of hear spiritual team members say “it’s good,” as I am desperately saying out loud, “but I don’t know what this means to you.”  Hey!!!  I can hear!!!  But thats all she got about that, at least, until this morning.

Suspended in air, moving the energy with her legs, her path in life, kinda like an alchemist stirring the pot of their intended creation.  She had just moved out of her home into a new one and is now applying for jobs to allow her to sustain her new life.  That is the energy movement being shown… movement of any sort is crucial at this point.  The rhythmic swinging back and forth is showing the rythym of new life and the patience of its arrival, the building of energies as we move into April.

I am also finding many are finding their new footing from having transmuted many of their own energies and energies from their soul group as well, digging deep into the collective past.  It has been one hellofa transition.  But here we are.

I have found myself pondering what it is I would like to experience in our next phase of evolution… a lot.  One ET connection hangs in the forefront of my mind from earlier this week.  It seems to be the key workout for those of us wanting to experience all the things we were easily able to experience in meditation, in our physical life with our physical bodies.

This ET connection was about entering the dimensions and sub-dimensions that are constantly surrounding us.  This information must have sat on my heart strongly, because one night I was even given a dream experience to really understand the dimensions themselves.  I was shown it like a hard covered book standing up on it’s spine, the pages within the back and front cover were the subdimensions and the hard covers themselves were what we think of as dimensions.  All containing universes of their own.

Her ET kept telling her, the challenge before her (all of us really) now is reprogramming the mind itself.  It is deeply programmed to see everything as solid, impenetrable and yet, we know everything is energy vibrating rapidly in and out of physical creation.  As he was explaining all of this to her, my mind went to a new born baby and science saying that when a baby is first born, their eyesight is very poor, very blurry and it takes weeks for it to adjust.  I started wondering if it really is blurry or are the newborns seeing life as it really is… particles of energy creating the world around them??

My lady received her homework, that again, hangs at the forefront of my mind every day.  To go into meditation and see herself as she really is, trillions of molecules vibrating at various rates that make up her body.  Equally, to see the first layer of dimensional energy in the same way, then to lean into the dimension, creating an emergence of her body into that dimension.

I know from first hand experience, the more we experience in meditation, the less the mind doubts its reality and allows it to be a part of our physical reality.  More plainly said, the mind begins to believe what is true… what it is now experiencing in the deeper realms of creation (meditation.)

Now, I am going to switch to yesterdays ET session, done in the depths of silence.  I felt like I was playing charades with his beautiful Pleiadian lady because not a word was heard, not a package of information transported into “knowing” and yet, things were still being seen, shared and experienced.  Can I just say, it was a very silent, bizarre day in the realm of connected energies!!

The first thing I had seen in his ET connection was the emergence of what looked like a large silver/violet lightning bolt emerging from the deep horizon and coming out parallel to the earth.  As this lightning thing stretched about 10 feet long then held it’s place in my field of vision, it started to look like a pole… a lightning pole??  No audio at all… to the right of this pole emerged his lady, again not one word spoken that I could hear at all, and she was doing this finger thing that kept me thinking…. “shame on you,”  which made no sense and didn’t feel right at all, but without audio, I am into guess work!


Thank goodness my man was connected to his beautiful Pleiadian lady, cuz he started to feel it was her charging this energy pole thingie, now that felt perfect!!

As she was repetitively doing the same motion with her fingers and I am squinting to see if her lips are moving to talk to me (they never were) and I am desperately trying to figure out what all this means for him, a sudden surge of energy went straight into the right side of my forehead and dripped into the center of my right eyeball.  It was a rather unpleasant feeling, creating an intense pressure and what I can only describe as an energy bulge from forehead into my eye… not a headache, but close.  This sensation lasted longer than I expected, minutes even.

At least I could understand what this means to him.  Right eye, spiritual vision, so this energy rod and her magic fingers are increasing the frequency within his neural network to expand and enhance his spiritual vision.  As I explained this to him, she finally made a different movement, as if she had an energy accordion in her hand, she made the motion of expanding the accordion and I knew instantly she was saying, much more than just that, but that the expanded sight is part of it.

My bigger question is… why the hell are we playing charades???  Why am I not hearing nuttin at all this crazy day??  It’s only this morning that I am given more understanding (and I say understanding quite loosely) and I will quote what I hear “the energy of lightning comes before the release of thunder.”  With that statement, I once again googled thunder:

As lightning connects to the ground from the clouds, a second stroke of lightning will return from the ground to the clouds, following the same channel as the first strike. The heat from the electricity of this return stroke raises the temperature of the surrounding air to around 27,000 C° (48,632 F°). Since the lightning takes so little time to go from point A to point B, the heated air has no time to expand. The heated air is compressed, raising the air from 10 to 100 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The compressed air explodes outward from the channel, forming a shock wave of compressed particles in every direction. Like an explosion, the rapidly expanding waves of compressed air create a loud, booming burst of noise.

I had no idea lightning traveled back upwards, so what if yesterdays silent readings and ET connection was to feed the collective itself??

My ET man was my last connection for the day and OMG did the incoming energy from his lady expand for the next several hours in my head.  It did not just stay on my right side, but crept over to my left side,  bulging and creating a strange pressure within my head.  I was experiencing the oddest dizzy sensation sitting or standing, not your normal dizzy… weird and very different that I have no real way of describing.  None of it was painful, but it was intensely uncomfortable.

Many hours later, as this energy started to subside, something from the beginning of my day started to hang in my memory.  I set up an new account online to get my daughter some money and to verify who I was this website asked a series of confirmation questions dating back easily close to 20 years ago.

Things like “which street did you live on, what finance company did you use…”  then there was one that just took me so much by surprise, “what company were you associated with?”  There, hanging in front of my eyes was a dating service I created just because I could “Dreams Come True, Inc.”  This was a short lived corp I put together, one of 4 in my lifetime…. why that one, one I had long forgotten about as well.

Last evening, the words hung in my head… Dreams Come True.  Was it because earlier in the day I started to feel like a solo martian on this earth, desiring a partner to open and experience the energies as I see and understand them and their potential, but getting pretty damn sure he must live on another planet… or is it the deeper desire to truly start experiencing what so many ET’s are saying is possible… or both??  Dreams Come True started to feel less like remembering a corporate name and started to feel matter of fact.

Before I close todays sharing, I do want to bring up one of the readings from the other day as well because my team is making sure I do (smile.)  My lady showed up in a very strange position, as opposed to the others I was seeing and trying to orient myself to the new expression of the field with.  She was in a row boat on the west side of the oval creator with this amazing blue body of water just beneath her boat.

She had one ore in her hand and was paddling as one would with a single ore, right side of the boat, left side, right side, left side.  Altho there was a little motion forward, then back, then forward, then back… I never seen her move from that spot in a big way.  Now given the readings prior to her and everyone I had seen so far being in the place I call present moment, with the oval to their back and the energy platform of April to their front… I was struggling to understand her position and why.

I did understand that the beautiful blue water represented the source energy (god, creator, whatever) supporting her row boat, there to take her where ever she desired to go… yet… other than little movements back and forth, I had no clue where she was trying to go.  So, I had to ask her… what is your desire in this next version of yourself.  She said she surrendered everything to source… her issues, her challenges and even the desires within her.  OK, this made sense of the visual.

It wasn’t until I hung up with her and went potty (that crazy holy toilet we all seem to have lol) did I suddenly hear and understand that the significance of this time we are now in is TO BE the creator made manifest.  So if you surrender anything and everything, you are truly surrendering to yourSelf which puts you afloat in the sea of potential.  Activating your heart of desires and moving thru with wherever that energy takes you, even if it is on a swing above the earth, is the only true way to create your dreams made manifest.

Surrender only to the rapid movement of the currents of life, but never the will and desires of the human heart!!

So what are you desires in this next unrestricted version of yourSelf???

With ohhhhh so much love, joy and pure excitement wrapped in never ending (((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude for your lightning bolts upon my own heart of creation!!  Have I told you how much I love you lately???  Hear the thunder booming from my heart!!  ❤

Lisa Gawlas

Aisha North – A short update on the energies – 3-24-15

Aisha North series 10 - 3

As you have perhaps already noticed, this ongoing redistribution of the energetic masses is not about to subside anytime soon. For this is not something temporary, this is a permanent shift away from the old and into the very new spheres, the ones that are far more lofty than what you have experienced so far. And so, this shift will make the very ground beneath your feet appear as impermanent as everything else, and rightly so, for this is not about changing merely the appearance of something, but a transformation that goes all the way to the core.

For this is a dramatic shift that is under way in your entire energetic environment, and that is something that is far more profound than anything you can see from an outward perspective. And as such, it will be as if the very ground upon which you walk will feel less secure because your physical vehicle has yet to fine tune itself to these new ground currents that are being reinstated on your planet. And these are currents that covers it all, not just on the surface, but all the way to the very core of your inhabited sphere.

For this planet you live upon has now changed her frequency in such a way, it will affect all. And the ones that will notice this the most, will be those that will fall into tune with it most easily and those who fall furthest from this new frequency. In other words, this shift will be hugely beneficial to all those who have chosen to align themselves with the new energetic landscape around them by electing to take in these new frequencies from the very beginning. For all of you heeded the preliminary calls that came, and as such, you all stand poised to ride the highest crest of the wave that will be arriving on your shores in a very short time from now. While for those who chose to literally turn a deaf ear to the call to awaken from the slumber, the dissonance that will be engendered because of the discrepancy between their base frequency and the one that your planet is vibrating to now will be a powerful on indeed.

So once again we say expect the unexpected to arise, and know that the unexpected comes in all shapes and forms, and in every single nuance of the bandwidth of energies that currently prevail on this little sphere of yours. For now, as the frequency is being changed from the ground up so to speak, the number of different frequencies may seem to be interfering with each other in such a way, it can be difficult to keep a steady outlook on it all. So know when to seek shelter from the storm, and know when to stand fast, and know that at all times, you will find that slow and steady rhythm that will show you the true beat to follow whenever you take the time to go within.

For that is where the true north will be found at all times when this wildly fluctuating array of frequencies you may be exposed to at any given time will seem to blow you off course. For as long as you stay tethered to that inner course, you will never lose your bearings, and you will never lose your momentum either. For there will be instances in the time ahead when you will all at one stage or the other feel as if you are merely threading water without any form of forward propulsion whatsoever. But know that this is not the case, it is merely an understandable outcome of this overlapping of frequential layers.

So stay focused and stay calm, and know that you are fully connected to this very new frequency at all times. And know that any confusion and disruption that may arise in your personal field is merely a temporary one, caused by the swells of the old frequencies dying out around you. So heed the call from that new beat, and you will find your feet and indeed the entirety of your being not just picking up more speed, but also picking out a very new way forwards. For these incoming winds will fill your sails up so that you will be lifted aloft out of the still churning waters that others will try their hardest to stay afloat in.

But also know that if you venture to try to hold out against these new prevailing winds, your journey will be one fraught with some unnecessary challenges indeed, for this will be more than trying to go against the wind. For by now, you have all been elevated to a level of energetic vibration that is so finely balanced, any voluntary downsizing to the denser vibrations will be like putting a spanner in the finely tuned workings of a clock. So do what you are here to do; allow the incoming flood of light to lift you ever higher, and then, you will succeed in what your true task here on this planet really is, elevating ALL by elevating yourself as swiftly as possible by renouncing on any ideas of holding on to the old. For only a total surrender of the old will help you to fulfill this task, and so, we ask you all to stay focused on the horizon that awaits you, not on the remnants of the old that is already fading away in your wake.

For know this: you can go out into the world carrying with you this very new vibration, and no matter where you go, you will find a reciprocal energetic boost coming your way from the Earth herself at all times. That is, as long as you do not insist on trying to step your own energy down to match the one that others may be carrying with them. For you are not here to be a chameleon, one who changes his or her energetic appearance the better to blend in amongst the masses. No, you are here to stand out clear and bright within the full powers of your light. Yes, this will attract attention, and yes, you might find that somewhat intimidating at first, but still, this is why you are here. So stand tall and stand clear of the old ideas of diminishing yourself to make others feel better about their own stature, for even if the idea may seem tempting, any actions defined by such ideas will not benefit you nor anyone else. Rather, it will be detrimental to all.

So once again we say know that your light is of the highest importance, and now, you have for the very first time a new energetic environment that will support you at every single step of the way, and as such, you no longer need to lack of anything at all on your continued journey. But know also that this energetic support will only act as a boost if you continue to keep your own energetic tune true and do not try to tamper with it in any way. For then, you will also begin to feel the dissonance between you and this new and prevailing tune that your planet has begun to hum to. So if you at any time feel at odds with anything, the advice will once again be to go within. Then, you will know if it is merely a superficial reaction to all of the colliding energetic movement that is going on, or if it is a deeper reaction to any decision to try to step down from your new elevated stature. For the difference is indeed loud and clear, and even if you will all feel more than a little flummoxed by these conflicting movements from time to time, you will have no problem in separating between the reaction and the causes at any given time, for by now, you are all well tuned to your own inner voice.

So listen well, and this new phase of the journey will be a less strenuous one than if you choose to disregard the inner calling and step across the lines that have been set up as a guidance to you and to everyone else who have the task of being the forerunners in this process. For you are the ones who will need it most at this time, for you are the ones who must keep a clear eye on the proceedings, and the only way to do that, is to ignore the outer confusion and seek the inner guidance at any time any disruption seems to arise. That way, you will all be sure to navigate these by now more than choppy waters, and that way, you will all find more than ample reasons to rejoice. For then, you will all feel the increased momentum these incoming waves will give you, and you will all feel how you are being supported in every single step you take so that every single decision you make will be a divinely inspired one. For then, it is your inner knowing who will set the course, and so, you will all do what is yours to do; you will choose what will benefit the most, not just for a short time, but in the long run, and then, it will all come about as it has been planned for eternity.

So allow that inner light to light your way, and know that you will be going in the right direction at all times when you do just that. For when you heed that inner calling, every step will be the right step, even when it takes you in a very surprising direction. For surprises will arise for all, but if you listen well, they do not hold any surprises at all, for then, you will just know what to do, for it will all come naturally. After all, that is your gift to All, the ability to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with an inner knowing that defies any attempts at being waylaid.

So go forth fully knowing that you already know who you are and what to do, and know that you have even more support at your disposal at any given time now, should it be so needed. But even so, you will all find it all within you. For you are already complete, and now, you will complete what it is you came here to do, and you will do it in a way that will defy any speculation. For you have already proven your prowess, and you have already proven your steadfastness, and now, you will begin upon the lap of honour, the last part of this monumental task of righting what has been wrong, and of lighting what has been dimmed down for such a long time. And for that, no words are enough, but still, we offer you this on behalf of All of creation; thank you.

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