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Creating Joy


Dearly Beloved,

        Whenever I ask people what they really want, the answer is always love. To love and to be loved and to feel love, to be part of it, to be all of it. To be enfolded, to be nurtured by it, to find the Joy in the love that is the essence of existence. Yet so often it seems that love passes us by, that we are in a situation that we believe to be loving, only to find out that it is no more than manipulation and control. Most of us have been there, perhaps all of us.

         I would like to share with you some thoughts about reaching the depths of love that simply has no words. It cannot be analyzed by mind but is reached sometimes through the mind and the thoughts. A love that can be remembered, a love that can be brought into this time, this moment, this now.

         Before you can love another, you must love yourself for you will never find that mirror that you so desire in another if your own space is not true. As children we are rarely taught to love ourselves, to nurture ourselves, but more often to give to others, to be useful, to be of service, to be open and generous. Yet, taking time for yourself is essential, and never more than now during the Shift of the Ages. As you focus more on yourself, you can let go the old beliefs, the old attitudes inherited from those around you and go into your Heart space, for here and only here will you find the Truth, and here and only here will you find the Joy of your own being.

         Do you love yourself first and foremost with an open Heart? If you are reading this without being in Joy, stop right here, right now, and smile into your Heart and consider how you feel. Do this before you proceed so you are hearing all these words from your space of Truth.

         When the illusions of the world are strong, when you believe them, when you do not have the ability to see through them, life is fraught with difficulty. If you believe you have to look a certain way, to act a certain way, or to copy others whose pictures you see so frequently in the press, those who set trends, those who create ways of being that are acceptable in an illusory society.

         None of this matters. Not to the Heart, not to the Soul. It is a case of stepping into your authentic self, the self that knows, the self you can hear from the small quiet voice of your Heart. You came to this planet to bring Joy, and if this is not your goal, if this is not your way of living, then stop, stop right now. Ask your Heart, am I feeling Joy? Am I feeling that wonderful, exuberance of the child that skips and dances for the very sake of it? The passion of it, the feeling of it. Am I smiling?

         Joy is your goal, Joy is your way of being. Yet so few walk and talk such things. When you meet a joyful person, it is like a Light in a darkened room, and you want that, you want it so much, that it becomes the focus of where you are going. And this Joy that bubbles up in your Heart will not be quiet, will not be still, for it is your life, it brings an aliveness so beautiful, so exquisite that every waking moment is a delight. When you wake in the morning and you feel Joy, you may want to greet the dawn as we did so long ago in the Temple of Isis at Philae in Egypt, with our arms outstretched in praise.

        We were part of it all you see, part of creation. We learned to breathe with the rhythm of the Earth, our Beloved Gaia. As small children we were laid gently upon the Earth with our ear against her skin to hear her rhythm, to follow her breath.

        We delighted in so much that has been long forgotten in an age where the mind rules. Perhaps the way to move into a loving, joyful space is to be more with children, to see that they laugh at nothing, but laugh until they roll on the floor clutching their tummies, in such absolute expression of delight. Children when they are very young still have imagination and are free. Where is that child within you? Do they still have a voice? Ask yourself this to the stillness of your Heart.

        In this time of vast change that we are all experiencing it is more important than ever to love yourself, to close the door, to be still, to meditate, to breath, to go into that deep place in the Heart that knows. If you are spending your days at some type of work in which you do not have Joy, consider why you are doing it. Consider the time it takes; consider if this is what you were born to do.      

        You are here on this Earth to emanate Joy, to be that Joy, to feel it in every cell and atom in your body and to know it intimately. This is not a doingness, it is a beingness, a stillness, yet it is alive. You cannot capture it any more than you can hold water in your hands, you cannot bottle it, you cannot contain it, other than in every moment of every second. It is your Essential Self, and is the most precious thing of all.   It will show in your eyes and show in your smile. It will show in your hug.

It will Light up your Life.


© 2015 Isis Beloved.  All Rights Reserved.

So much Love and Joy,

Isis Beloved is a Bringer of Joy, a Healer of Hearts,

A Visionary, a Cosmic Traveller, a Master Healer and Teacher of Healers.

She lives in Joy because her Heart is open to the level of Light.

Only when the Heart is fully open, can Joy be felt and remembered.

In order to move into the new world, Heaven on Earth,

It is your Heart that must lead the way.


         During times of great change we often need support to understand what is going on around us. We also need to raise our consciousness for this understanding. Please contact us if you would like to expand your awareness, open your Heart fully and access your Deep Knowing and levels of Love and Joy that have been waiting for you for so long.


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Michael Davidson – Why People Who Bring Enough to Share Are Happier – Tiny Buddha

Girls Sharing


Joy comes not through possession or ownership but through a wise and loving heart.” ~Buddha


We all have these random little personal philosophies or rules that we live by. Oftentimes, these rules are hidden beneath the surface, not in a form that we are aware of or is easily expressible.

But I do have one particular “random little personal philosophy” that I live by (and am aware of!) and would like to explore further. It is my philosophy of tipping.

This philosophy of tipping was thought up specifically with reference to tipping, say, in restaurants, but can easily be generalized. Here is the original formulation:


I cannot afford to eat at this restaurant if I cannot also afford to give a large tip.

Now, this doesn’t mean I need to give a huge tip each time—I just need to be willing to in advance.

So, if I’m going to a restaurant where I know a decent meal will cost $20, I will commit before going in that I am willing to spend closer to $30. Generally, the tip will be fairly typical—about 20 percent for a good job—but the actual magnitude isn’t the point.

What matters in this case is that I consider a large tip to actually be a part of the cost of the meal already. Of course, the tip is part of the cost of a meal, but I don’t think most people look at it that way.

Rather, most people think of the menu price as the cost, and the tip is this annoying extra that you have to pay at the end. I’ve had friends who go out to eat with me, order whatever they want off the menu, and then find that they don’t have enough cash to pay for a tip at all.

In my case, if I didn’t have the money available to give a sizable tip, I wouldn’t even make it inside the restaurant. After all, that would mean I couldn’t afford it.

This may sound like a very simple life philosophy, and one that hardly seems worth reading about (let alone writing about). But the implications, when the principle is taken to its logical conclusion, are far more significant. Let’s generalize it now:


If I am not willing to share something, I shouldn’t get it in the first place.

Please, do not take this to be a legitimate moral or economic principle—it is pure and simply a life philosophy, or a heuristic for making choices in my own life. Your property is your own and you are certainly not an immoral person if you don’t share, but you may very well be happier if you do.

A major benefit of all this is its fiscal sensibility. While you may end up spending more on tips and getting extras of certain things in order to share, you will ultimately end up being more careful with your finances and use your money less.

This sort of mindset makes you far more likely to have a potluck with friends than to go out to eat, or to save money rather than spend it.


But once you’ve really internalized the idea, you’ll also find yourself experiencing a significant happiness boost. Why? Because giving feels good. Being kind feels good. And sharing positive experiences with others feels good.

Ultimately, it involves spending more time and money on others and less on yourself. You certainly shouldn’t be neglecting your own needs and desires. But when you do nice things for yourself, make sure you have a little extra so somebody else can enjoy it with you.

Okay, great. So how does this work in practice?

As a whiskey lover, I consider it a nice treat to drink a delicious, high quality whiskey. Jameson may be perfectly fine most of the time, but I like to have Johnny Walker Black Label around for special occasions.

Unfortunately, JW Black is pretty expensive—it would be very easy for me to hoard it and not let other people drink any. Instead, I drink it primarily when I have close friends around. It’s a vastly better experience when shared!

The nature of the material possessions that I tend to purchase is similar; I try to buy things that have more sharing potential. Most of my possessions at this point are books and DVDs, both of which I am routinely lending out to others or enjoying with them.


Predictably, this lends itself to a more “simple” lifestyle. I buy a lot less than I could, but the things I do own have a high return on investment with regards to my happiness.

A big part of this philosophy, though, is to share with strangers. If you are going out for a night of drinks in the city, throw an extra few singles in your pocket to give to the homeless people in the area. If you can’t afford $5 to give to five homeless people, then you can’t afford the $50-100 it would take to go out.

It’s not just about money, either. The same principle can apply to the way you use your time.

If you can afford to play video games all day Saturday, then you can spend an hour of that time volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping a friend move. In fact, studies have shown that spending time on others makes you feel as though you have more time available…cool!

As with most areas in life, it is hard to apply a philosophy like this perfectly, but that’s not the point. I’m far from perfect with this, but even so, I’ve derived great benefits from focusing on this principle, and you can too.

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About Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson has written for over a year about finding happiness and health. The keys to his heart are dark chocolate and an encyclopedic knowledge of Simpsons quotes. Get his free 8 day e-course on how to create a healthy lifestyle that makes you happy and follow him on Twitter.

DL Zeta – Joy is the Feeling State of Abundancer – 11-22-14


Joy happens within the moment. Joy activates the soul. True joy comes from following the higher purpose of your soul. Joy is something you experience now. If you feel there are reasons why you can’t experience joy right now, begin to create reasons why you can. If you’re looking to the future to allow joy into your life, it may always remain just out of your reach.

Part of joy is experiencing love and compassion for yourself. Value who you are. Value the gifts you have to offer, value your time. You do not owe anyone your time. Take charge of how you spend your time. Affirm you are a unique and Divine being and this will be your experience.

Much energy is available for those who are on their spiritual path at this time. If you are aligned with your intention and your joy, if you hold the intention to assist with the healing and transformation of the planet, much abundance is available to you now.

There are times when you will need to say no to others. Dependency is not for your highest good; nor is it for the highest good of others’ to validate their choice to live in a state of crisis. This sends the message to others that they can command your attention by creating crises. The way to experience joy in your life is to respect and honor your time. When others respect and honor you, validate this behavior by rewarding them with your attention.

The path of joy involves accepting all that has been in the past. Release the past, never looking back in regret. Open to receive the message of the experiences you created. Release the past by loving it and expressing gratitude for it.

You will not experience true abundance as long as you resist doing the things that bring you joy. Each moment you allow yourself to move along the path of joy is an opportunity to experience greater love and abundance.

As you allow yourself to experience joy and abundance, you will become magnetic to people and circumstances aligned with these frequencies. From this place of alignment, more love and abundance will naturally flow into your life. We offer here some ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life, opening to receive greater love and abundance and blessings.
This is where you begin to act through joy – to choose and do things based on the joy they bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your spiritual purpose. If you’re not sure of your exact purpose, just begin doing what brings you joy and you will soon find it.

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. Hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. This is another day to step into the unlimited abundance of spirit.

Having a goal and purpose for everything you do allows you to examine each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty, meaningless activity void of fulfillment.

Observe if what others are asking of you is for your highest and best and for theirs. Examine if staying at a job that has grown stale is for your highest good. Learn to read the subtext of your life.

By staying at a job where you feel in undervalued and unappreciated, you are affirming it is the same as saying you’re not worthy of anything better, that you are in effect the one doing the undervaluing and under appreciating, and others are simply mirroring this to you.

Ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life:

One) spend time in nature

Two) notice where you place your focus and attention

Three) create a joy list

Four) focus on the blessings in your life

Five) create emotional freedom. End self-sabotage

Six) Value and honor your time and energy and learn how when to say no to others

Seven) cultivate your imagination. This is your doorway to experiencing joy

Eight) be here now

Nine) practice discernment with others

Ten) read the subtext of your actions to learn any ways you are buying into scarcity

Eleven) build a new vision for your life

Twelve) align with your spiritual purpose

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta…/

Ascension Message from the High Council Of Orion – What is it that You are Seeking to Embody? – Joy, Peace, Love, Trust, Understanding – Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood – 5-25-14

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

What is it that you are seeking to embody?


We specifically use these words of “seeking to embody”, rather than what it is that you desire, because, in your world at this time, desiring tends to be more about the things in your world. You desire a better job, a better boss, a different partner, a more loving experience, more money, less stress, happier children, whatever it might be. For in each of those human desires there is an unseen, unspoken understanding that when those things are in place you will have something else: peace of mind, less stress, a greater experience of love. Those higher-level emotions may not be at the forefront of your desires, for you’re looking at the desires from the point of view of changing your life circumstances. Yet we would suggest, beyond that, if we asked you “When those things are in place, what is it that your life will embody that you feel is not embodied at this time?

So, digging behind your human desires, moving deeper past that, to look at those high-level human qualities that you are really craving. That craving is coming from your Soul level; your Soul level of desiring to be expressed as those embodiments of joy, peace, love, trust, understanding. Those are the qualities that your Soul is calling out to infuse in your human experience through your desires, through your human experience. Understanding that your human condition, if you will, will not bring to you that which your Soul is asking you to embody at this time.

We go back to our original question and say “What is it that you wish to embody in your life at this time? What’s beyond your human desires? What’s that end goal of these human desires?” As you begin to work with and identify what those human desires are and then look past the human desires to the Soul level embodiment, connecting with that. What we’re going to ask you to do is first of all, embrace your awareness of what that embodiment might be. Perhaps it is Trust in the goodness of the world or Trust that things are working out the way they are intended to on a Soul level, despite what your human experience is. Perhaps it’s this unending connection, a steadfast awareness, of the constancy of Love in your life, despite outward appearances. Perhaps it’s that effervescent bubbling of Joy that’s always there within you, that you can connect to at a moment’s notice, just by drawing your awareness to it.

Once you identify those qualities that your Soul is asking you to embody, at this point in time, what we ask you to do is just allow that awareness to be present to you at this moment in time. Instead of reaching out and struggling to hope to, in one moment in time, capture Joy for a fleeting moment, Trust for a fleeting moment, Love for a fleeting moment… What if you just feel your way into the awareness of the embodiment of each and every one of those qualities that your Soul is desiring for you to embody right now?

What if you draw your awareness to the essence of Love that always exists at the Soul level, not looking for evidence of it in the world around you? What if you decide to trust in the flow of nature and the universe in a way that defies your human experience? Even when your mind begins to argue with you because it has a very large pile of the “evidence” to the contrary, you steadfastly hold the idea of choosing to Trust, knowing that it’s there despite the evidence in your human existence. As you begin to just draw your awareness to those high-level qualities that your Soul is asking you to embody at this point in time, knowing and trusting that it is a foundational energy within you, you will then begin to see evidence of it popping up in your life. Is this going to happen all at once and all those human experiences that you are wishing would just disappear in a moment, are they can be gone instantaneously? Most likely not. But as you connect with those moments of what your Soul is asking you to embody, they ripple out very quickly and you can find more and more evidence of it.

For understand that at the core of our message today is the understanding that what you are truly seeking has nothing to do with the human experiences that you are having.
Ceasing to look at human experiences as evidence of where you are on a spiritual journey or in a spiritual scale would be helpful. For that which you are seeking to embody is not evidenced always in the human realm first. If you embody it, then it shows up in the human realm, instead of hoping the human realm shows up with it and, therefore then, you can embody it. So we’re turning the tables on this idea that as you connect with the Truth of your Soul’s expression in your human life, just by allowing that it might be true initially, it then flows out to manifest in human experiences.

What if just for even one day you decided not to use the evidence in your human experience as a judgment about your Soul level truth? What if you, on your human level, gave yourself a break and stopped judging your human experiences in terms of your spiritual and Soul level “failure”.

You’ll be surprised at the insights in the shifts that you will feel as you begin to practice this, first one day, and then the next, and then the next. Until you’ve had many days strung together where you have an opportunity to bring your awareness to these truths that exist and are there despite evidence to the contrary in your everyday human life.

We will address this more for this is a very large topic. In the meantime, and as always, ask us for assistance and we will be there in a moment, in the way that is most appropriate for you, always helping you turn the spotlight of who you are on your Soul level truth.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”


George Hahn – Observing the Joy of Riding a Bike

George Hahn·134 videos

… as evidenced by the look on bicyclists’ faces.

Stuart Wilde – Joy of Life – James Wild, Music

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Beautiful slide show with narration from a Stuart Wilde meditation. Music by James Wild. Audio is from the Quiet Earth production Meditations for Inspiration & Affirmation.
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