Christina Sarich – City Goes Fluoride-Free for Christmas – 12-18-14


waterWritten by Christina Sarich, Natural Society, December 17, 2014 –

As of December 31, the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada will be fluoride-free for the first time since October 4, 1954 – finally escaping from municipal water fluoridation toxicity in 60 years.

A vote to end fluoridation took place in November of this year, and it was unanimously accepted by the new Mayor and Council, expressing the wishes of Prince George residents.

The unanimous decision to end fluoridation comes with the dismantling and removal of all fluoridation equipment and hazardous waste storage tanks. This also means that as a province, British Columbia is now close to 98% FLUORIDE FREE – by choice.

Just to clarify, and to dispel the propaganda which states that fluoride is safe – calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. But it is not nearly as toxic, nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries.

This is why so many communities who look into water fluoridation ultimately end up discontinuing the practice. Actually, Most developed nations in the world have rejected fluoridation, including 97% of western Europe. This, while the United States fluoridates more than 70% of its water supplies. According to the British Fluoridation Society, there are more people drinking artificially fluoridated water in the United States than all other countries combined. But as mentioned fluoridation is ending in more US communities every day.

Rejection: 5 Fluoride Victories of 2014

As numerous scientists have explained – fluoride is not a benign substance, and the dental community “has no idea of the toxicology behind fluoride.” It is a neuro-toxin that can calcify the pineal gland and cause numerous other health issues.

For more information on the true harm that fluoride can do to human health, you can watch some well-informed experts here.

This is a huge success for any city, and a shining example for the many places in the world that still expose their communities to toxic fluoride via the water supply.


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Kathleen W – Global Meditation for California Rain – 11-7-14

Cal droughtOn October 29th, Steve and I asked Archangel Michael, in Steve’s personal reading, why California is currently suffering drought, and has been for several years. Below is information as to why and also a recommendation from Archangel Michael that we do a meditation for rain, with gratitude to the Galactics for their apparent infusions of moisture.

We here at the Golden Age of Gaia would like to invite you to join us daily, individually, to pray for rain for California, as well as the elimination of the false grids, belief systems of lack and limitation, not only for California but for the entire planet, that appear to have caused the predicament.

And also we ask that we all come together a week from today.

Saturday, November 15th, at 15:15, local time, wherever you are on the planet, join us for a 15-minute Global Group Meditation for California Rain — the Elimination of Lack, Limitation and Scarcity — and to express Gratitude to the Galactics, who are assisting Californians at this time.

So 15 minutes at 15:15 on the 15th. Local time.

Here’s the Oct. 29th discussion with Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon.

Steve: Regarding the drought in California, should we do a meditation for rain?

AAM: Yes.

S: What is creating the drought?

AAM: It is the human collective’s belief in lack.

S: Hmm. Scarcity, lack.

AAM: Scarcity, lack, limitation…. And we want you to focus on or to understand, shall we say, the duality of this situation. California is a beautiful, golden state. And it is a state not only of healing but of richness, diversity and wealth, in every sense of that word “wealth.”

So this place, this segment of Gaia, but also the human souls, the elementals, the kingdoms, have taken on the responsibility of eliminating scarcity, as you put it. So that is what it is truly about.

Kathleen: And the homelessness and poverty?

AAM: It is creating the evidence of that belief system.

S: So the Californians themselves are creating homelessness through their belief systems?

AAM: Yes. And they are being assisted by Gaia to clear this issue.

S: Okay. Aren’t the galactics helping in some way? Because many of the places are still green after years of drought.

AAM: The galactics are showering the plants and animals.

S: Oh? How? What do you mean by showering?

AAM: Energetically infusing them with enough — what you would think of as dampness, even a substance, what you would think of as chlorophyll – to maintain much of the life. It is not intended that everything die, or that it revert back to desert. What it is intended to do is to eliminate this issue.

K: Thank you.  Please convey our gratitude.

S: Yes, our gratitude to the galactics for that.

K: For everything they do.

AAM: Your galactic brothers and sisters are more busy and more involved in their soul mission and purpose collectively than you have any idea of.

Please join us at 15:15, local time, on the 15th for 15 minutes, to meditate for rain, the elimination of the belief in lack, limitation and scarcity, and the expression of gratitude to the galactics for their assistance.

Poor Man’s Water Purifier

Barbara Gregory·83 videos

If you read the “Consumer Confidence Report” that comes from your water company…. it may have the following information on it:

“Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immune-compromised persons such as persons with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly, and infants can be particularly at risk from infection. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers.”

I’d say that we have a problem. We start out with water that “immune-compromised” persons and babies should not drink and the water becomes acidic as it flows through the city’s pipes. Acidic water flowing through pipes picks up lead and other contaminants directly from the pipes it runs through. So the water that we started with might have been adequately safe for the general public, but now what about the water that actually comes out of the faucet?

The following cheap, home treatment that improves the taste. I cannot prove that it does anything else. I think it may be healthier based on the following:

“Dr. Earp-Thomas added a handful of wheatgrass to fluoridated water for several minutes. When the grass was removed and the water tested, no fluorine was traceable. Later, an official of the Water Department of New York City tested fluoridated water in which a small sprig of wheatgrass had been swished. He could find no trace of fluorine. Evidently, the presence of wheat grass in fluoridated water renders the inorganic chemicals harmless. Dr. Earp-Thomas found that an ounce of grass in a gallon of fluoridated water would turn the fluorine into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compounds. Alfalfa seeds will not grow in treated water [means city-treated water not wheatgrass-treated water- bfg] but will merely rot in treated tap water. One-half ounce of wheatgrass, added each morning to ordinary tap water, softens it and makes it positive….

“Dr. Earp-Thomas further discovered that fruits and vegetables contaminated by sprays were thoroughly cleansed and the negative food transformed by wash water with a wisp of wheatgrass placed in the water. In pasteurized milk, baby foods, pet foods, etc. wheatgrass changes the toxic orbit of electrons to positive. Wheatgrass placed in the drinking water of pets and cut up over their food helps prevent ailments in your pets.”

From pages 43-45 Be Your Own Doctor by Ann Wigmore, D.D., N.D.

I keep a quart jar of sprouts on my kitchen sink. I have either alfalfa sprouts or wheat sprouts. Whenever I need water, I take the quart jar with sprouts, fill it with water, swish it around slightly and pour the water into a glass or other container. The water tastes much better! In order to always have sprouts, I keep two jars going. Sometimes I also add baking soda to make the water more alkaline and use a “stirwand” to break up the water molecules.

Abby Martin, – World Bank’s Takeover of Water

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Abby Martin reports on the World Bank’s absurd plans to address the global water crisis through privatizing this valuable resource.
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Ashtar – The Nature Of Water

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Laura Bruno – Water Has Memory – 29 July 2013


Those people familiar with Dr. Emoto’s “The Secret Life of Water” won’t be surprised by this independent study, but imagine the implications! This is why, for years, I have charged my water with Reiki, Runes, and intentions. It’s also why when we select our rain barrels, I plan to paint them with ancient symbols and protection and purification Runes.

People worry so much about chemtrails and radiation. I’m not saying these are not concerns — just that there are multiple ways around a problem. Why not place an energetic filter that Aluminum becomes the perfect organic fertilizer for your plants? Barium becomes love incarnate. Humans are 98% water. Again, imagine the possibilities! Want to change the world? Change your awareness of who and what you are, and your appreciation of who and what that “world” is.

There’s a lovely chant, which I’ve had stuck in my head for weeks:
“We all come from the Goddess,
and to her we shall return –
like a drop of rain,
flowing to the ocean.”

The sense of interconnectedness this brings feels incredible … and now, is backed by science:

Baby – Love – Womb Immersion

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Mahakumbh Mela 2013 | Moksha Ki Kamna – Massive Spiritual Gathering To Cleanse Karma

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Watch this Full Movie – Kumbh Mela (Mahakumbh) 2013 only on Saregama Devotional Channel.

The Kumbh Mela, believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth is held every 12 years on the banks of the ‘Sangam’- the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. The Mela alternates between Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar every three years. The one celebrated at the Holy Sangam in Allahabad is the largest and holiest of them. The Mela is attended by millions of devotees including Sadhus. A holy dip in the sacred waters is believed to cleanse the soul. The Sangam comes alive during Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh with an enormous temporary township springing up on the vacant land on the Allahabad side of the river.

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Love Your Body By Drinking Distilled Water!

by because it’s time to Wake Up!
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“As some of you may know, your pineal gland (also called the third eye by some) is responsible for producing Melatonin, melatonin is a hormone which as its primary function regulates the humans sleep-wake cycle, which inevitably also impacts your mood and emotions.  Now as you grow older and consume bad stuff (tap or bottled water, pop drinks, fluoride etc…) that will reduce the functionality of this pineal gland as it calcifies it so to say. When referring to the pineal gland as the third eye, well, a calcified eye will not see much.  Distilled water will help you clear and flush it out.  Not mentioning all the other things it will help you clean, detox and flush out of you!”

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