Erle Frayne D. Argonza – Inner Earth Peoples – Nearing Ascension – Await Outer Earthlings – 11-7-15

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza   –   Inner Earth Peoples   –   Nearing Ascension   –   Await Outer Earthlings   –   11-7-15


Peace & Solidarity from this Initiate!

For this note, the messenger Ra, teacher & volunteer in Mahatma El Morya’s ashram, will continue on the theme of humanity’s readiness for ascension. As tackled in the previous article, the ascension will lead to humanity becoming a Center of Spirit in the distant future. An ‘other half’ of humanity, the Inner Earthlings, are all set for that as they await the Outer Earthlings to build Right Relations in practice.

I already wrote reportorials about the Inner Earth peoples, who I labeled as Underground Cities peoples. I will revise the terminology, by adjusting to the evolving term ‘inner Earth’ to refer to the Agarthans plus the underground cities’ peoples. I did some more research on the Inner Earthlings, and confirmed that those who reside on the surface of the inner segment of the planet actually comprise the larger populations, whereas the UG cities’ peoples are merely satellite of the same clustering of populations.

It did take me some time to digest the information about the Inner Earth peoples. Mystical writings, such as Trevor Ravenscroft in his book Spear of Destiny, did touch on the subject. The perceptions about Agarthans and Shamballah the Lesser peoples were negative for the likes of Ravenscroft, while those coming from actual observers such as Admiral Byrd are positive.

Besides, I was still enamored to the geological contention about Earth being dense matter deep to its core, so I can only accept for a time the Underground Cities peoples as the acceptable hypotheses. Recent review of the literature finally convinced me that the Agarthans do exist in the inner Earth surface which likewise exists.

I am very much in contact with Master Adama, as we sit together at another level in a council (guardianship) comprising of aides to Lord Kalki, the world leader avatar for the Golden Age. Beyond that, I have no knowledge passed on down to my lower mind about meetings or consultations with the Agarthans’ Elders, though I did have visions of the Inner Earth including segments of Shamballah the Lesser.

Albeit, I do am convinced that the Agarthans are of the Light, as they are more balanced and evolved than the average humanity on the Outer Earth. At another level, in the mothership of the Guardian Ra, among the subordinate commanders are Brothers of Light from Agartha & satellite UGs, so that’s where I do some interactions with the Inner Earth peoples through brief, spot goodwill chats with them.

The situation is like this: the Inner Earth peoples are already very much prepared for the ascension to 5th Density Earth. They’ve done their respective Inner Balance works individually while concretizing balanced social relations across cities, ethnicities, and communities, across many millenia. They’ve risen above their own differences, which they did by building Right Relations at the same time as they expelled to the Outer Earth those ethnicities that keep on engaging in conflicts or exhibit mal-adaptive behaviors on a collective level.

They already underwent alliance-building across the millennia of mutual existence, the concrete result of which is a confederation similar to the United Nations of the Outer Earthlings. Their confederation successfully integrated into the Galactic Command or GC, thus representing Earth on partial basis in the GC.

However, they cannot ascend en masse to 5th Density Earth without forging a sublime unity with the Outer Earthlings. Considering the phlegmatic pace of ‘Outerians’ (to shorten ‘Outer Earthlings’) whose violence, conflicts, and demonisms stubbornly resist change, the Agarthans’ ascension is being delayed with seemingly no visible time frame worth the wait for the ‘Outerians’ to finally unite in Universal Brotherhood.

Needless to say, a united ‘Outerians’ must recognize the Agarthans & UGs as their very own brothers, as co-inheritors of Earth. As of this writing, there is nary a whimper of exhibition of such a recognition, not even in the shadows of the grapevines as some ‘secret agenda’. The United Nations and world powers are very busy with the same old agenda of ending wars, solving mass poverty globally, and asserting the rule of law on an international scale, so the recognition of the Agarthans by them is too remote to be considered on the agenda for consultations.

So much can be done to speed up the solutions to mass poverty if only the ‘Outerians’ will recognize the Agarthans and concur collaborative engagements with the latter. Not only did the Agarthans & UGs solve poverty too long ago, they also possess large amounts of gold and treasures that can aid ‘Outerians’ in bankrolling social development pursuits to redistribute wealth, make everyone productive, and end mass poverty.

The economic, political, and cultural life of the Agarthans can be observed and documented by scholars and experts from the Outer Earth. Agarthans & UGs are the nearest sources of role models for the ‘Outerians’ to emulate, their cities are easily accessible, and they are easy to relate to as they are of our own kind: Terrans. ‘Outerians’ therefore need not belabor to fly to some other star systems in order to observe and emulate success cases of living in all of its aspects.

It is best that ‘Outerian’ scholars, scientists, and experts are the ones to document as the studies will be more systematized than the impressionistic anecdotes of Admiral Byrd et al that fail to show the totality of life ‘inside there’. Anecdotes are good only insofar as they whet the appetites of controversial topic enthusiasts, but they are narrowly delimited by the observational limits of the writers concerned.

So how can ‘Outerians’ ever send collaborative teams of observers to go ‘inside there’ when there isn’t an iota of formal, official, unconditional recognition by the concerned authorities and institutions on Outer Earth? Certain luminary minds have expressed their opinions on the subject, but such minds are considered eccentric who border the fringe, not worth the attention of the broader community of luminary minds.

Patience is the best option of the Inner Earthlings in that regard. Meanwhile, they continue to do their task of helping to keep Earth secured against negative alien intruders, as their forces are spread out across the atmosphere as part of the consolidated Terran Command formally constituted inside Shamballah in recent times. Their Elders of Light form a part of the Ascended Masters of Earth who all report for work in Shamballah under the lordship of Ancient of Days.

We can at most do our part by recognizing them down here, and acting out in prayers and invocations for a final reunion between both peoples of Inner Earth and Outer Earth. This, aside from our very own petitions for the unification of Outer Earth peoples in an ethos of Universal Brotherhood, thus finally reuniting all the ‘Outerians’ in one whole family under the aegis of the Ascended Host or God.

[05 November 2015]


DIANNE ROBBINS – Trees are Living Libraries – 10-5-15

Dianne Robbins is recognized throughout the globe as the foremost authority on the civilizations in Inner and Hollow Earth.


By Mikos, Head Librarian of  The Library of Porthologos located inside the Center of our Earth

Our Dear Readers:
I am Mikos, introducing you to the
Tree People living among you.

The Tree People are very Lighted Beings, and you can see how their auras fill the sky in towers of light waves radiating from their inner essences. They are tubes of light, carrying vast amounts of information and folklore to disseminate to humans on Earth, if only humans would tune into their frequency and connect with them on their wavelength. This is easy to do. You just call on the Trees and invoke their presence, and ask them to transfer their library to your vast vault inside yourself. Your vault is practically empty, so you have much storage room inside, just waiting to be filled with documents containing the mysteries of life – all the mysteries you haven’t as yet been able to unravel in your closed states of existence.

The Trees are “open” to all, and not closed in their belief systems or ways of thinking. They are open to the Universe and to all life around them, and welcome information coming in from all sources and all places.

They have a cataloging system built right into them that filters and sorts all the information into categories, and then files these categories away for easy retrieval—just like in the most modern of your libraries—only the Trees do it themselves, automatically, without any help from manmade technology. Yes, the Trees are most magnificent Beings, just waiting for you to retrieve all the information and knowledge of the Earth that they have stored over the millennia for you.

Between the Trees and the Cetaceans, you humans have more knowledge at your fingertips than you could ever read through, so we suggest you don’t read it—just  imbibe it in your souls and it will filter up to you just when you need it. It is that easy. Information at your fingertips—and no need to read your books anymore, unless you want to read them just for the pure enjoyment; but books are not really necessary, for all the stories of the Earth and the Universe are already written and bound
and found in the library rooms inside the Trees—just waiting for you to check them out. They will even give you a library card—encoded with your very own DNA library number on it, so that you can check out information anytime you desire—and there is no need to return it when you are done reading the records—you just keep it stored within you for future use, to retrieve when necessary. Such an easy system—isn’t it? Way beyond anything your technology could dream up.

Only the Creator can dream systems like this, so we suggest you tap into it and start retrieving all the information that is just waiting for you to check out and use for your survival. For survival is now the point where Earth Humans are in their evolution, and you need the information to survive these times of impending cataclysms. This information is crucial for you to have, for it can change the world in an instant by giving you the understanding you need to avert dire possibilities looming on the horizon caused by mankind’s ignorance and gross misdeeds.

So tune into the Trees, and also the Cetaceans, for the guidance, information, and training you need to continue your life as a species dedicated to the Earth and not warring with the Earth. For the Earth is not at war—it is only humans who are at war with themselves, taking it out on others who they see as separate from themselves, rather than part of themselves. It is only your closed vision that keeps you in slavery—so reach out to the Trees who will open your eyesight to the gateway leading to the Stars. All you need to see clearly is just a “blink” away.

I am Mikos, your fellow traveler to the Stars. We bid you to travel with us—it is not a rocky road as you perceive it, but a well paved and smooth highway if you but connect to all the other life forms who are waving to you to join them along the road to unity with all. For it is in unity that we thrive, whereas in separateness we dive. So lift with us in consciousness, for all Earth is about to embark on a trip of great heights leading to the Stars. You call it “ascension”; we call it time travel leading to other time zones and dimensions, way beyond your current comprehension.

So open your doors to the Living Libraries all around you, and take advantage of their accumulation and wealth of knowledge that you so desperately need in your lives, so that you can fulfill your missions here on Earth in ease and grace. It is all waiting for you to plug into—and oh, so easy to do. Just intend it, and it is so. Intention is always the first step, and then consciously connecting and communing with the Trees is the second step, and walking among them, touching them, sitting with them is the third step, and voila, it will happen—you will be privy to their information and will find yourselves able to tap into their vast storage system with no effort—the words and thoughts will just appear to you as if you are reading them from a script on a movie screen. It is that easy.

So now that you know how to break the code and enter the Trees’ library, we will leave you here, as we ourselves walk into the Library of Porthologos for our morning of further enlightenment as we access the vast vaults of knowledge in our own library’s retrieval system that we have gleaned from the Stars.

I am Mikos, and I bid you a good day.

More messages from Mikos can be found in my book:
Messages from the Hollow Earth
Copyright © Dianne Robbis

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Michael Salla Update – Agartha Network – Ancient Network of Underground Cities – by Ascension With Earth – 10-8-15

Agartha influencing humanity
Michael Salla Update  –   10-8-15

An ancient network of underground cities, tens of thousands of years old, has exerted a powerful influence over human society and religion for millennia according to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode. More recently, he claims this network of cities has been negotiating with major nations that have developed secret space programs.
On September 23, Goode released a report describing a diplomatic meeting with members of seven ancient underground civilizations that recently had to come together to form an alliance due to political and technological changes on the Earth’s surface.  In the latest episode of Cosmic Disclosure on GaiamTV, Goode reveals his knowledge of these underground civilizations that are described as the “Agartha Network” – a coalition of underground cities described in “smart glass pads” he had access to during his secret space program service from 1987-2007.
Goode says that the Agartha Network was created over time by successive cataclysms on the Earth’s surface that led to different civilizations establishing underground refuges for their elites, along with their most advanced technologies. As the number of ancient underground cities expanded over the ages, many joined to form the Agartha Network, which possessed advanced spacecraft called the “Silver Fleet”.
The Agartha Network and the other breakaway ancient civilizations were not alone in establishing refuges in underground locations throughout Earth’s turbulent surface history. Non-human races that include ‘Raptors’ (a hybrid Reptilian and Avian race), were also present, and played significant roles in Earth’s cataclysmic history.
Continue Reading at ….

ZORRA SPEAKS FROM HOLLOW EARTH – WAVE X stalled over Earth – Awakening your inbred powers – You will become enlghtened beings – Change this world with your God Power – Hidden Technologies to be brought to Earth for the People – Prime Creator is preparing Glorious event – Your DNA Codes are awakening – Massive number of Dreams, often Lucid – You are becoming more crystalline, lighter in your bodies! – 10-3-15


TOPIC SUMMARY:    Letting go of all Lower Density Thoughts   –   Wave X stalled over Earth   –  New abilities being realized: Telekinesis,Telepathy, Psycho-kinesis, Clairvoyance, Awakening your inbred powers,    –   We are more sensitive to Energy   –   New Gov resignations coming   –   New Governance taking shape   –   Media being freed up   –   Revaluation moving along   –   Dinar, Dong large exchanges taking place   –   You are an unlimited force   –   You do not die – You Ascend   –   You will become enlghtened beings   –   Change this world with your God Power   –   6 Major Nations share a base on the dark side of the Moon   –   We have colonies inside some of the Planets and Moons   –   There is no separation between our governments   –   Tesla Projects working full force many years   –   Hidden Technologies to be brought to Earth for the People   –   New Inventions Coming   –   Prime Creator is preparing Glorious event in coming weeks for Humanity   –   Look forward to seein your media change, more factual   –   Watch Gov Officials they are changing their attitudes   –   Wistleblowers bring forth the Truth   –   Time to take off the Masks   –   Disclosure coming, but must not alarm the People   –   Your DNA Codes are awakening   –   Key Code being activated  – will create  AHA, epiphany of all that you have been missing   –   You will see, feel things you have not felt before   –   Licid Visions   –   Massive number of dreams which you shall remember upon awakening  –   Everything we are giving to you is for your benefit  –   Reclaim your Godhood, your healing power   –   You are becoming more crystalline, lighter in your bodies


hollow earth


Click here to listen to the Broadcast

And how be you, Beloved Masters?

We are resuming our every-other-Saturday 2-hour shows with Zorra, from Hollow Earth!

We are in our fifth year, interacting with Zorra – and now, also Zorra’s other half, Saryya, from Hollow Earth.

Also, please enjoy our archived shows.

Telephone conference calls from April 2 2011 until July 13, 2013 can be found on our   Click on the page:  *** RECORDED CALLS

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May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and great, great love be with you and may you have a wondrous, glorious, loving day!


ZORRA SPEAKS FROM HOLLOW EARTH WITH ASCENSION NEWS – Over 100, 000 in USA Have Ascended – Many Have Vanished in a Flash Of Light! – Very Exciting News! – Photon Belt – NOT going to be Pole Shift – Transitional Period of Ups and Downs – You are All of Higher Frequency now – Healing Technique, Raising Vibration, Building God Power – All things Are Possible with God! – When we enter Photon Belt, all of Earth is Light (No Night-time) – The Beams (Columns) of Light are transporting your Mentors – Nuclear Weapons will be Neutralized – ET Craft above all nuclear plants – Radiational Poisoning not allowed – Yellowstone Very Protected – Earth is under Protection of Galactic Federation – Debt Jubilee Unfolding – Pope is Head of UN – He will do Disclosure – He will have Shocking Surprises – You are all Healers – Wave X, The Awakening Wave, Bringing Pure Love to our Planet – 3rd Eye is Awakening, Will Stay Open – You will see the Ships – Good News Coming from Combined Dragon Family in China – Many Daytime UFO Sightings Coming – Cameras Ready? Craft wil drop down very close to you – SIGNS OF YOUR ASCENSION – Your Body will Light Up, Glowing, Children With You – Complete Knowingness of Who You Are – Fully Using Your God Power – Info on Moon – 9-19-15

hollow earth



And how be you, Beloved Masters?

Today we will be discussing the Pillars of Light and… your upcoming Mentors!

We are resuming our every-other-Saturday 2-hour shows with Zorra, from Hollow Earth!

We are in our fifth year, interacting with Zorra – and now, also Zorra’s other half, Saryya, from Hollow Earth.


Also, please enjoy our archived shows.

Telephone conference calls from April 2 2011 until July 13, 2013 can be found on our   Click on the page:  *** RECORDED CALLS

Then, our Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013. Please learn how this all began by listening to our Featured Episode listed on our Blot Talk Radio page..

Our global family meets, daily, on our website: –

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May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and great, great love be with you and may you have a wondrous, glorious, loving day!


Life In Hollow Earth – Hollow Earth Network

hollow earth

Life In Hollow Earth   –   Hollow Earth Network .com


We live inside Cavern Homes from which we can look out onto our green world outside

Mikos: Now that you are somewhat familiar with the Hollow Earth, we can “dig” further into your credibility and introduce another factor of our living arrangements underground.

Underground, we do not live out in the open spaces the way you do on the surface. Our Hollow Earth cavity is pristine because we don’t tread upon her inner surface nor build upon her. We don’t have shopping malls and expanses of highways nor towering buildings. We live inside caverns, with openings facing outward towards the open, wide spaces of the Hollow cavity inside the Earth. Sure, we travel inside the cavity on our electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above the ground, never touching the ground. We walk softly on the earthen paths and run along the streams, rivers and oceans, and climb the towering mountains. But that is the extent of our foot contact with the terrain. The rest we leave to Nature’s Devas and Elementals, as it is their land, too.

All our living activity takes place within our inner caverns, which are vast and wide and high and composed of crystalline rocks and gemstones and crystal arches radiating full-spectrum colored rainbows of sparkling light into our cavern atmosphere. Our walls are lined with natural rainbow-hued waterfalls, humidifying the air with the vibrancy and song of its water cascading down. Yes, our water “sings” – and its chorus brings our body cells into harmony, so that our bodies are always vibrating to our water and crystalline surroundings that keep us energized and vibrant all day long. We need little sleep, because our cells are always tuned and in harmony to the natural rhythm of Mother Earth herself. When you are tuned like a tuning fork, then you carry the full life force of our Mother, and your battery never runs down. Hence, there is little need for the long hours of sleep such as you experience it. You are drained and run-down after a day in your “sweatshops”, but we are always as vibrant at the end of our days as we are when we begin them. We live “in” and “with” the Earth, whereas you live “outside” and “separate” from her. Hence, you are “cut off”, while we are a “part” of her. This is the big difference.

Your Spiritual Hierarchy has been preparing housing for you inside these vast, uninhabited caverns in Earth’s interior, and when the external “Earth Changes” come, many of you will be moved en masse into them to continue your present incarnation inside Earth, not “on” her. You will encounter a “whole” new way of living that is wholesome and rich and perfect in every way. It will expand your consciousness and expand your horizon, and your horizon will be an inner horizon vaster than when you walk outdoors on the surface. A whole new horizon is waiting for you to experience.

Events will start happening fast now, as time is speeding up even faster as world karma is playing itself out. Just ride with the tide and know you are safe wherever you are. You are all being directed and guided from within, and you are all being provided for. What you witness through your media is only a “play”, a drama that they want you to believe is real, just because the actors are real. But the actors are just “playing out their part” in the world’s drama, and this is the biggest “hit” yet of the new Millennium, playing on your TV and movie theater screens everywhere. Just turn the knob off, go within yourself, and feel and focus on World Peace. Peace is the real movie, and the only “reel” to watch.

Soon, you will see us, and soon you, too, will be living perfectly suited to your new way of life.

ZORRA SPEAKS – FROM HOLLOW EARTH – ReValuation Underway – BROADCAST SUMMARY BELOW – Practice 5D Skills of Manifestation – Prime Creator Prevents Nuclear Exchanges Anywhere – No Death; Your Being Ascends – Get Your Answers from Mother Nature – Bible Influenced by Annunaki – 7-4-15

hollow earth


And how be you, Beloved Masters?

Today’s Call Notes: Zaraya reads post WWII U-Boat 209 handwritten letter confirming “Hollow Earth exists.” – ZORRA: RV underway w/some US Int’l Rate exchanges – Must we wait for New Republic? – Dragon Families update – Where is Cass Elliott today? –  The F-16 over Washington DC – Corley Goode/David Wilcocks series coming – Spiritual view of suicide – ZAP’s Fukushima predictions? – Can we help Lyme Disease? Others? – HEALTH PROGRAMS  Mothers! NO Inoculations! – Arthritic Pain/Pulse/Gone!  Powers of Headband / Ships – Mosquitoes/fleas? – Can help Bell’s Palsy? – Poison Ivy, sunburn, shingles? – Sun / cancer? – Vessels entering Sun – Soon 2 Suns! – Sun is a planet! –  Is Nibiru a danger to us? – Why star people love Planet Earth – Abductions?? – SARYYA: Why you volunteered!  – Have we been “implanted?” –  1st time listener not able to walk UNTIL Zorra’s live healing on this call! –

Telephone conference calls from April 2 2011 until July 13, 2013 can be found on our   Click on the page:  *** RECORDED CALLS

Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013.

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ZORRA BRINGS CURRENT PLANETARY UPDATES – Summary below – Zorra’s new spaceship: blast away Near Earth Objects – Force field surrounds Earth – No www 3 – No Nibiru catastrophe – SoCal earthquakes – Attitude changes weather – Become peace and harmony, no fear – Calm coming storms – Your power is in Mother Nature – Ascension is Coming! – Abundance comes from your Hearts! – Share what you have – Raise your Vibration – 6-27-15

hollow earth


Here is a call FILLED with current planetary information we will not find any place else!

Zorra’s new 2,000 ft aero ship! And this video shows what he did with a 450-ft vessel!  Thank you Zorra for protecting our planet! – Will Nibiru crash into Earth this November? – World War III? — Zorra: “We can “re-create” the movie ‘When the Earth Stood Still.” — Where does Free Will stop?? –  Sink holes?” –  Earth changes? –  A “zipper?” – HAARP? – RV? Yes! Don’t let others’ “answers” draw your energies down! —  Pleiadian vessel just materialized over ISIS! –  Home mortgages? — “Survival mode?” —  Blue crystal skulls? —  Chinese Dragon Families –  Prime Creator met the Iraqi Parliament – the UN – WHAT did they SEE?? —  CERN? — Does ISIS have an A-bomb?  —  WHO said “dinar is of the dark?” – Wrong!! —  Some are in lack – some have over-abundance…  —  Surface Collective’s current frequency? — Headbands – Healing rods – Summer Sale.  —  Can Switzerland Particle Accelerator create “black hole?” —  FLEAS? Energetic non-toxic removal!!  Recipe for solution THAT WORKS! — New owner,  Wells Fargo??! — How Chinese contract will happen —  Handling autism energetically – Orgone Healing Machine? — Healing Pulse



As described in June 27 2015 Blog Talk Radio Show – this 2013 video shows Zorra’s ship coming in from behind, his ship’s force field set to match that of the asteroid.  This allows Zorra to enter the asteroid.  Once in – Zorra increases his ship’s force field far above that of the asteroid – and explodes the incoming missile.

You can see Zorra’s ship, on same trajectory, emerging on the other side and flying away just before the asteroid explodes. This was done in 2013 with Zorra’s 450-foot ship. On the June 27 2015 BTR Show, it was announced that Zorra now has a ship 2,000 feet in diameter and his primary purpose is to protect Planet Earth from any near-Earth meteors, asteroids, etc.  And with a 2,000 foot diameter ship with which to do this – those on Planet Earth need have no fear of ANY incoming, harmful space objects.

2-Minutes with narration (he just didn’t “know!”)

ZORRA from HOLLOW EARTH RETURNS – Every Child Is Born with Paranormal Powers – Speak Directly To God – Listen To Your Inner Knowingness – You will have Healing Hands – You Are NOt Limited Beings! – 6-13-15

 hollow earth

ZORRA  from HOLLOW EARTH RETURNS   –   6-13-15–from-hollow-earth-1

Yes, we have fulfilled our Mission to introduce ourselves and your connection with our civilization in Hollow Earth. Please enjoy our archived radio shows.  We have been meeting with you for over four years now.  Telephone conference calls from April 2 2011 until July 13, 2013 can be found on our website:

Click on the page:  *** RECORDED CALLS

Our Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013. Please learn how this all began by listening to our Featured Episode listed above.

I now meet with you, here on BTR, approximately once per month as well as give timely updates by telephone, posted on – BREAKING NEWS 

Things are happening as we speak. Who knows where we will be on June 13th?

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and great, great love be with you and may you have a wondrous, glorious, loving day!


ZORRA BIDS US FAREWELL – Christmas Ascension Stories – You All Have The Tools – It Is Time To Use Them – You Have To Live Love – Unconditional Forgiveness – Galactics Have Surrounded Earth With Protective Force Field – Nuclear Weapons on Earth are Inert, Neutralized – Use Clearing In Front of Mirror – Most Civilizations live in Interior of their Planets – There will be a Great Gathering – Earth Surface will be Reformed – Our Population will live in Inner Earth – Emotions, Duality, Free Will – Account of How Earth’s Surface got to be Populated – Beings of the Dark took over Earth – They created Duality on Earth – Prime Creator decision / Creation of the Veil – Now The Veil Has Been Lifted – Be the Galactic Beings You Are Meant To Be – Feel the Endless Love We Have For You – You have the Ultimate power of Prime Creator – Let The Joy Flow! – 1-7-15

hollow earth

Click here to hear the Broadcast

Recomend that you begin at  30: 00

Zorra comes in at  1:42:05



This broadcast was sabotaged for the first 2 hours of the Show.

We got to listen to the last hour.

Hollow Earth Network had 4 guests talking about health remedies and information about the Revalued Currencies and how to trade them in.

Then Zorra comes for the last half hour.  The headline above tells  Zorra’s Message.

A download link will be provided shortly.


Zorra has agreed to return TOMORROW, Jan 8th.


It will be a 2 hour program.  It will be a Great Program. Try the link above to find him.




As we enter the fourth quarter of our fourth year with Zorra, we learn that Zorra and Prime Creator have determined that Zorra’s scheduled shows shall end.

Zorra briefly commented on this possible decision on last Saturday’s show and said he would update us. We have now learned that it has been decided, and on Wednesday, January 7 2015, Zorra himself shall gently awaken us to our new reality –  the wisdom that we shall recognize and implement the Power we have always had, but did not acknowledge.

Zorra concludes his almost four-year Mission, awakening the surface population to the existance of this advanced, benevolent and loving civilization living within our Hollow Earth and soon to emerge on the surface and walk amongst us.  Through Zorra, we have also grown to know the Galactics and learn that they, too, will soon be here amongst us… mentoring us … a long-awaited reunion with our Star Families.

Hollow Earth Network Show – Zorra, Nancy Tate, Kathryn E May – 12-27-14

hollow earth

Click Here To Listen To The Broadcast

What is everyone asking? — And Zorra’s answers?  Here is a brief outline…

Invocation. – Nancy Tate channels HORUS, from the Porthologos Library in Hollow and Inner Earth who tells how we have changed our future, set in place for Eternity. Our choices, as a group caused…??.  Are Agarthans coming to the surface? Will we go into Hollow/Inner Earth?  And does Gaia support us? — GAIA SPEAKS of her feelings about the surface people. — ZARAYA speaks of current RV status / today’s window. —  Zorra strongly reprimands us!  Why? — Tools given, and should be in use! – “Prime Creator and myself: making a decision regarding you… ” Q & A:  Deb: Where did I go wrong? –  Barbara and how these calls saved her life. Don’t leave us!  –  Tartus (Peter) has shown you the Quantum Beings you Are! – Christine: on dog and cat planets… carniverous? – Vivian: Jesus’ “second coming?” Zorra:  He is here now, seated on throne in New Jerusalem (the ship) and will soon walk among you, but not as Jesus, as Himself, SANANDA. – William: We can’t see the stars… can you help? – Malvin: Is Buddha incarnate in Japan? – She wrote Santa and received her Blessing –  Headband instructions –  Alice’s three testimonials!

It Is I , Zorra – From Hollow Earth – Information re: RV, etc – Very Heartwarming Ending – The Gathering – Sun-size Ship parked in front of the Sun – Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Acturians, etc offering to bring Incarnates on Earth back to their Home Planets – We will be Blissfully in 5th Dimension – Living Life of Constant Love and become Creator Gods – 12-10-14


Click Here to Listen to the Broadcast

Adama from Telos – Message from the Subterranian City


Stephen Sindoni shares a narration read from a book entitled “Telos Original Transmissions From The Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta” in the video “Telos.”

Zorra, Father God – Visions of 5D Manifestation – Telepathic Communication – Multi Extra-Sensory Perception – Knowing Everything – Remembering Who You Are – Coming Back To Magic – Prime Creator has sent forth Archangel Michael, in Human Form, to Oversee the UN, New Governance – New Inventions Coming – Medical Breakthroughs – Live Your Higher Dimensional Consciousness – Cures Coming for Cancer, AIDS – Missing Limbs Restored from your DNA – 12-3-14

hollow earthHollow Earth


It is I, Zorra – from Hollow Earth. And how be you, Beloved Masters?  Tonight’s show will be for one hour.

Tonight, I will, once again, speak to you from my son, Zaraya’s body which I will inhabit, as we trade bodies. I can then speak to you over your telephone system.

Tonight we shall get together with a look at upcoming events. As you know, although I and Saryya, live in Hollow Earth, we have aero ships and often orbit your surface, overlooking areas of intense activity. We not only witness today’s historic events, but have also witnessed major past historical events, like the great flood – the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria… even saw WHO started WWII..

We also interact with the Galactic Fleets and the Ashtar Command, as well as the many visitors from not only your galaxy, but other galaxies and universes. We interact with the huge motherships, also in orbit – hiding in clear sight: Elenin, the huge mothership from Sirius is hiding right in front of your Sun. At the point of Disclosure, she will move away from the Sun and you will see “two Suns.”

And The New Jerusalem, home of Sananda/Jesus, Commander in Chief of the Galactic Federation of Light, is usually hiding right in front of Venus. The light we know as the Evening or Morning Star, is actually the light of The New Jerusalem, which assumed its place in Earth’s skies when it arrived as “The Star of Bethlehem.”

We invite you to join us tonight as we discuss your future events. We also hope to answer your written and voiced questions.

I’ll be speaking with you soon.  Zorra

Zorra – Hollow Earth Network – HUGE NEWS COMING! – Topic Summary Below – 11-12-14

hollow earth

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Tonight’s call was extremely informative. 

Opening with Invocation: Violet Flame and Pillar of White Light of Protection. – ZARAYA tells of shape-shifting into Mer body, swimming with cruise ships; saw Ashtar’s crew vacuuming ocean of pollution. QUAZAR tells of huge portal just opening. ZORRA: About dark’s intrusion into last week’s call by four warlocks – What IS a warlock?  A witch? What is Magic? Druids? Merlin? The Titans?  SARYYA: Maganificent things beginning to happen! Portals! Being trained in our sleep. Hollow Earth commonly uses magic as shape-shifting, manifesting; anything is possible. Use of Containment to stop cabal? “Yes, and…” – ANNE: Interim President of New Republic is now in Oval Office?  ZORRA: Coming Announcements: NESARA; No IRS; No DEBTS – Republic Interim President, St Germain, Ashtar, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters all in 48-hour meeting in White House AS WE SPEAK. Area 51 now “owned” by New Republic Militrary. A-51 tunnels reopened to Hollow Earth. Tunnels to surface now opened by forest fires allowing Emergence.. All International borders: check points coming down – people will just walk from couintry to counmtry in US and Europe – A peek at things to come; worldwide changes – On Mars, joint civilization since 50’s: : American, Russian, Chinese. Coming Announcement from White House: “Republic is restored.” – At end of 48-hour meeting? Prime Creator’s Announcement. – HEALING PULSE, joined by Arcturians, mass healings. Releases from prisons, asylums. Captors awaken, aware: “This is wrong!”

Dianne Robbins – Messages from the Hollow Earth – 10-29-14

hollow earth

“Messages from the Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins

Introduction by Dianne:

Not just our Earth, but all planets are hollow! Planets are formed by hot gases thrown from a sun into an orbit, and the shell of planets is created by gravity and centrifugal forces and the POLES REMAIN OPEN and lead to a hollow interior. This process forms a hollow sphere with an Inner Sun, smoky in color, which gives off soft and pleasant full spectrum sunlight, making the inside surface highly conducive to growth of vegetation and Human life, with only a long-long day and no nights.

The HOLLOW EARTH BEINGS are very spiritually evolved and technologically advanced, and live inside the interior core of our Hollow Earth. These advanced civilizations live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state.

The Hollow Earth cavity is still in its pristine state because they don’t walk or build upon their land. There are no buildings, shopping malls or highways. They travel in electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above ground. They walk along streams, rivers, and oceans and climb mountains – but that’s the extent of their foot contact with the ground. They leave the rest of their land to nature, because it’s nature’s land too.

The governing city within the Hollow Earth is called Shamballa. It is located inside the very center of the planet, and can be accessed through the holes at either the North or South poles. The Northern and Southern Lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections from our Hollow Earth’s Inner Central Sun, which emanates from her hollow core.

They use free energy to light up their cities, homes, and tunnels. They use crystals, coupled with electromagnetism, which generates a small sun with full-spectrum lighting that lasts for half a million years, and gives them all the power they need.

The Earth’s crust is approximately 800 miles from the outer to the inner surface. Because our Earth is hollow, and not a solid sphere, the center of gravity is not in the center of the Earth, but in the center of its crust, which is 400 miles below the surface. The force of gravity in the Inner Earth is half that of the outer surface, which may be one explanation for the greater height of the people, plants and the trees; some of their Redwoods reach over a thousand feet in height.

The source of Earth’s magnetic field has been a mystery. The Inner Sun at the center of Earth is the mysterious power source behind the Earth’s magnetic field.

There are entry caverns all over the Earth, where interactions can take place. Only some are currently open. Nikola Tesla, the genius inventor of electrical technology, is now living inside the Hollow Earth. He began to receive information in the latter part of the 1800’s and discovered that: “electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels”. In the 1930’s the tunnel entrances and passageways were closed off by the Hollow Earth civilizations because “corporations” at that time were misusing Tesla’s technology to gain entrance into the Inner Earth. The Hollow Earth’s two main Portals are at the Holes at the Poles, which were closed off in the year 2000 because our governments were setting detonations at the Poles to blow open entrances into their world. They have installed a magnetic force field around Earth’s polar openings to further camouflage the entrances. This way, the openings are protected from air and land sightings. In the past there were entrances to the Library of Porthologos on the surface. One such entrance was the Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed by fire in A.D. 642.

There is more landmass inside (3/4 land and 1/4 water) and the land is more condensed than ours. Everything in the Hollow Earth is very carefully maintained to balance the ecological system of all life forms that reside there.

There are several million Catharians/Agharthians currently residing in the Hollow Earth. There are Catharians who have incarnated as Humans on the surface. There are also Catharians that live on the planet Jupiter. The average Catharian is 15 feet tall, rising to 23 feet for certain of the Masters. There are also 36,000 Humans from our outer surface who now live inside the Earth. Over the last 200 years approximately 50 surface Humans went inside to live; however, during the last 20 years only 8 have gone inside to live there.

Adama of Telos – Life Artery of Ascension – via Jahn J Kassl, – 10-4-14




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Telos, Agartha

October 4, 2014


Publication from the new Book by Jahn J Kassl:

Telos – Welcome to Agartha

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4:

Life Artery of Ascension—welcome-to-agartha/index.php


I welcome you to today’s gathering in the divine Light and in the All-that-Is consciousness!

A great process takes its course and a new wind blows over the surface of the Earth.

All is subjected to great changes; and the old system, the structures of the world, as it has been until now, breaks apart. Nothing can oppose these natural processes whereby conditions reshape or enter into a new form of Being.

The wheel of time also comes to a halt on the surface of the earth and so worlds merge and galaxies flow together into new covenants.

The Enlightened Ones of Telos

Today I talk to you about the tasks for this ascension process, which were taken over by the citizens of Telos; and the steadfastness that is characteristic of us. I speak of deep empathy that always surrounds us; a fine quality of light and love.

The city of Telos, my home city, is, in physical form, anchored under and around the sacred mountain Mount Shasta and in a subtle form rises from this location into this world and far into the cosmos. Telos has 1,5 million inhabitants and is besides Agartha, the capital city of our nation, and besides Shamballa, the spiritual center and the home of the King of the World, SANAT KUMARA, one of the largest cities of inner earth.

The Beings of this city have fundamentally a stature of 2,40 to 2,80 meters. As we show up on the surface of the earth or appear to human Beings, we like to adjust our frame to the one of human Beings on the surface, so that an encounter is more easily facilitated on «eye level». The enlightened Beings of Telos have very lite almost translucent skin and eyes, which bring forth an inner radiance, a brilliance, which would appear as «unnatural» to human Beings on the surface and a human Being could rarely withstand it.

As with all Agarthans, one can obviously recognize the universal dignity and the empathy of an awakened divine Being and no being, may it even have the darkest intentions, can withdraw from this presence forever.

The citizens of Telos for the most part are represented by Beings from the sunken continent of Lemuria and as such we, as generations before us, have taken on the responsibility to remain in these etheric realms until the transformation on the surface of the earth and the ascension of Mankind are completed. Everything has been aligned in that direction during the last 20,000 years, especially during the last 12,000 years of our calendar and since the downfall of Lemuria. So in these days, also for us, a very long time of preparations comes to an end.

Therefore Telos forms the center, the life artery of transformation and we are the driving force for the reversal of human Beings on the surface of the Earth and their return to God.

Today in Telos everything is dedicated to the arrival of our earth siblings. All homes are ready for occupation and wait to be claimed by you.

Emissaries from Telos to Kings and Presidents

Until this timeline, whereon we find ourselves today, we have tried everything to include the leaders of upper earth in the events of the upcoming universal, galactic and planetary transformation and to attune them to it. For that purpose we sent emissaries from Agartha, once a decade over a long period, to the surface of the earth since the downfall of Atlantis. With the goal to solicit the actual leaders for a change to let them participate in the specific planetary developments, and thereby create a need for truth that would bring a change in politics…


translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Sample Reading – Telos Welcome to Agartha:—sample-reading-jahn-j-kassl.pdf

Subscription Messages from – All-That-Is:

Adama Of Telos – Welcome To Agartha, Middle Earth – 9-13-14


Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian – Brattleboro Community Radio – Reincarnation Process, Meeting Our Soul Families, Accessing More of our Brain, Hollow Earth and More

Galactic Historian

Audio recorded on Aug-26-2014
On this episode, Andrew shares his childhood, information on the reincarnation process, How we meet our Soul Families, Who was William Shakespeare?, How can we access more of our brain?, Hollow Earth, open calls and a lot more!

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Hollow Earth, Part 1 – Sacha Stone, Andrew Bartzis and Guests – Science and Spirit make Feisty Interplay of Acutely Creative Minds – Roundtable on Google+ – Suggest Frequent (stop/start) to Allow Instant Research – 7-13-14

Galactic Historian

Join Sacha Stone, Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian and physicists Dan Winter, Bill Donovan, Dr Brooks Agnew in on this expansive and mind-bending topic.

Kristopher Love – Harvard Scientists – There May Be an Ancient Earth Inside Earth – – Galactic Connection .com – 6-17-14

A team of Harvard scientists believe the remnants of an ancient Earth, dating to the time another planet collided with ours to produce the moon, may still be lodged deep within the Earth’s mantle

If you thought it was a trip to see the Earth from space, then wait until you get a load of this: A team of scientists from Harvard University believe that have found evidence that an ancient Earth exists inside the Earth.

The team believes that a previously unexplained isotopic ratio from deep within the Earth might be a signal from material from before the Earth collided with another planet-sized body, which led to the creation of the Moon. This might be an echo of an ancient Earth that existed 4.5 billion years ago, prior to the proposed collision.

The current favored theory says that the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the Earth collided with a mass the size of Mars, dubbed “Theia.” This theory states that the heat generated by the collision would have melted the whole planet before some of the debris spun off to create the Moon.

But now, the team at Harvard, led by Associate Professor Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, believe that they’ve found evidence to support that only part of the Earth melted, and that an ancient part still exists within the Earth’s mantle.

According to Professor Mukhopadhyay: “The energy released by the impact between the Earth and Theia would have been huge, certainly enough to melt the whole planet. But we believe that the impact energy was not evenly distributed throughout the ancient Earth. This means that a major part of the impacted hemisphere would probably have been completely vaporized, but the opposite hemisphere would have been partly shielded, and would not have undergone complete melting.”

The team analyzed the ratios of noble gas isotopes from deep within the Earth’s mantle and compared the results to isotope ratios closer to the surface. They found that 3He to 22Ne ratio from the shallow mantle is significantly higher than the equivalent ratio deep within the mantle.

Professor Mukhopadhyay remarked: “This implies that the last giant impact did not completely mix the mantle and there was not a whole mantle magma ocean.”

Further evidence comes from analysis of the 129-Xenon to 120-Xenon ratio. Material brought to the surface from the deep mantle has a lower ratio than what’s normally found near the surface. Because 129-Xenon is produced by the radioactive decay of 129-Iodine, the isotopes place the formation age of the ancient section of mantle to within the first 100 million years of Earth’s history.

“The geochemistry indicates that there are differences between the noble gas isotope ratios in different parts of the Earth, and these need to be explained. The idea that a very disruptive collision of the Earth with another planet-sized body, the biggest event in Earth’s geological history, did not completely melt and homogenize the Earth challenges some of our notions on planet formation and the energetics of giant impacts. If the theory is proven correct, then we may be seeing echoes of the ancient Earth, from a time before the collision,” said Professor Mukhopadhyay.

Professor Richard Carlson of the Carnegie Institution Department of Terrestrial Magnetism stated: “This exciting result is adding to the observational evidence that important aspects of Earth’s composition were established during the violent birth of the planet and is providing a new look at the physical processes by which this can occur.”

The findings of the team at Harvard coincide with a German team’s findings supporting the theory that the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago after a catastrophic collision with a planet-sized mass.

Both the Harvard and German teams presented their findings to the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in California this week.



Judith Kusel – The Inner Earth – The Crystalline Web of Light – Vortex Energy Centers of the Earth – 6-16-14


When the Intergalactic fleet first sought to have a type of satellite station between the stormy navigational electro-magnetic fields, which at that stage, millions of years ago were unstable, it sought to create satellite stations in the outreaches of certain solar systems, or where things were in a state of flux.  That is how Earth was born, first as a satellite station, and thus the inner core earth and its civilization is still the satellite station (Agartha the inner world),  which forms the nucleus of their inner command.


The outer earth was formed only millions of years later, when gaseous substances formed around the satellite and the scientists started to create the elements and then the first land mass formed.

It was then that the Web of Light was anchored into the earth grid, and another one outside the earth, so that the two crystalline grids could then form a communication grid which consisted of electro- magnetic energy flowing through it.  It also held certain data within its energy fields (which in since Atlantis has been de-activated).


I will not go in details here about what else what laid down, just to say that in the beginning the grid was so laid down, that it carefully worked in conjunction with certain vortex energy points on the earth, which first was pin-pointed by the 12 Crystal Pyramids which were massive and created from sheer crystal, which acted as a type of prototype conduit and transmitter for these vortex energy points.

However, these massive conduit Pyramids never worked on their own.  They always had other smaller pyramids, aligned with these biggest one, in which were the Pyramid Temples and administrative centers.


At that time there was no need for written language in any form, as all worked with energies, with telepathy, with teleportation, telekinesis, etc.  As all information was stored in energy fields and all could tap into these fields, which constantly transmitted information – cosmically so, there was no need for books,  nor scrolls, nor any primitive form of writing as we know it. (Those came only much later when man had already sunk into the sea of forgetfulness and primitiveness).

A lot of those soul who have incarnated since 1950, know this to be true.  One reason why a lot of people have dyslexia for instance, is because their brain or rather their soul energy is more geared towards receiving transmission through their brain, rather than having to struggle with such primitive forms of communication as writing and language.

In the Intergalactic core, there is no need for written forms – all is transmitted via energy fields and thus there cannot be misunderstanding and communications which get mis-interpreted.  You can either tap into these energy fields, or you cannot.

A lot of energy fields are encoded – and some come in a highly sophisticated type of geometrical crystalline energy form or forms and in multiple relays of such.  The more evolved you are the more your ability rises to instantly tab into such multiple level energy fields and immediately have the energy fields transmitting information into your brain.

At the moment most human brains would short-circuit because we are not using the full capacity of our brains as yet.

Interestingly it was women who were able to be used as the most efficient transmitters for these energy fields, as they are more intuitive and less inclined to block information via their minds, as men are apt to do.

As the earth energy fields are rising, the web of light and the true vortex energy centers of the earth will be activated.  However these centers have been carefully hidden and are constantly being monitored.

As our own consciousness rises, we will be able to find that information just comes to us in forms which we will at last be able to understand, as our own crystalline bodies move more and more into form.

There is then quite a vast shift going on at the moment, within the earth and these first energy centers, the web of light and the vortex energy centers.

We are as yet far too primitive to even try to understand this type of advanced technology, which has been here all along – the only thing is we fell into the sleep of forgetfulness and are slowly waking up.

(Judith Kusel)



Telos, Lemurians in Mount Shasta – Gateway To Inner Earth, 5th Dimension

MountShastaLight’s channel·1 video

An informative interview about the the ancient Lemurian city of light, Telos, beneath Mount Shasta, Ca.

Telos, Lemurians in Mount Shasta – Gateway To Inner Earth, 5th Dimension

MountShastaLight’s channel·1 video

An informative interview about the the ancient Lemurian city of light, Telos, beneath Mount Shasta, Ca.

Rodney Cluff – Our Earth is Hollow – RainMalingTime Radio Show

ItsRainmakingTime·2,017 videos

Listen or download at…

Rodney Cluff, author of Our Earth Is Hollow, joins us to discuss the scientific basis and the evidence that supports this important discovery. In 1947, Admiral Byrd discovered polar openings that are 90 miles in diameter, beyond which lie a central sun and an inner-earth civilization. This information is known by arctic pilots and our military, but remains classified. Tune in and learn why pilots and satellites are barred from flying over the North and South Poles.


Hollow Earth – Our Inner Sun

Rev. Melissa Smith·302 videos

For my fellow Hollow Earth enthusiasts, I give to you our Inner Sun.

Please note that the slide of the North Pole opening is very interesting. Not only do you see the Aurora Borealis but you also see the SMOKY RAYS from the INNER SUN.